Sunday, May 22, 2022

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  • You, quite obviously, are not a person that suffers from intractable pain. Do you know how many other options were tried before a person had to resort to opiate use? No you do not! Tell me one thing. What BETTER option is available to pain sufferers? Nothing! Nothing they haven’t already tried! When they come up with a better option, then perhaps we can talk about the discontinued use of opiates. My pain issues are well documented and I don’t find it necessary to justify myself to you. But I am on a minimal amount of pain medication for the last 3 years. I am not addicted but I am dependent due to my pain issues. I have almost no quality of life now and what do you propose the alternative to opiate use is? You don’t have an answer! People much more intelligent and qualified than you don’t have an answer either! Until someone comes up with an answer, allowing people to suffer, including those WITH cancer, is not humane! Furthermore I don’t have a problem with urine tests, counting my pills, doctor appointments every 3 months or any other hoops they want me to jump through because I do everything right! And still I’m threatened with having what little medication and relief I find in life taken away, because someone else isn’t doing it right! Does THAT make sense?

  • Your posting was so unbelievably similar to my own recent experience that I felt compelled to reply. It is now 2020 and I find myself in this exact situation so apparently nothing has improved. My doctor and PA have now told me that they are going to take me off of my pain medication altogether. They are trying to force me to have procedures such as epidurals and radio frequency ablation, which I have already tried, that were ineffective for me. I felt like the word that came to my mind was “blackmail” and so I could relate when you used that exact word. My PA told me that the ablation can be repeated every 6 months. How laughable! A procedure that did me no good the first time (and costs an arm and a leg) is something they would have me repeat, and often. How ethical is that? I was so mad I could spit, and I filed a complaint with the Iowa Board of Medical Examiners for whatever that’s worth. Isn’t this insurance fraud as well as unethical?