Thursday, January 20, 2022

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  • I second this comment. I have avoided “the system” for so long because I feel, like market researchers, they listen just long enough to slot me into a predetermined algorithm , then put me on a predetermined course of “treatment.” I cease to be a person. The last psychiatrist I had literally had a clipboard with boxes he checked off as he asked me the same questions! I have a Ph.D.! I know what answers they want/need to hear. Give me a break! Likewise, I know the things I should *never* say. As a consequence, I cannot be completely honest, and without that, what’s the point?

    “Infantilization” is exactly right!! I understand the legal reasons treatment has gone down this path.. Then again, I understand the need for *some* form of patient protection from outright malpractice. Thirty-odd years ago, i was sexually abused by a “medical professional” and when I told my psychiatrist, he only responded by stating that I was “21 [just] and could say no!” This, after three weeks in the hospital where I received repeated ECT treatments and thereafter released on heavy medication. I was in no position to “just say no.” And this person worked in his office! Oy vey….

    Anyway, I am definitely *not* “just 21” now and have been in and out of contact with “the system” since the 1980s. I have a respectable job, a spouse, a house ;-). I have problems to be sure, but I should not have to give up my person-hood just to received counseling.

    Thanks again, Jill, for your thoughtful article.