Saturday, November 27, 2021

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  • I am 52 and have not had a drink since 92, yes the darkness can be overwhelming at times. As I mentioned below in a brief summary of my experience, I am presently using the Ashton Manual am believe that I am being successful and am moving in a ‘healing’ direction. I make sure I have lines of communication with my support system. Living in the isolated community I do, it’s not easy. I had to tell my counsellor that they didn’t need to have a knowledge of prescription drug withdrawal, this was about support. Just listen as I sort through the ‘madness’, if you feel moved to, ask me a question. But DON”T try and fix me, that is the job of myself and my HP.
    Hang in there, maybe you’re in the tunnel already and the light is just around the corner.

  • Thank you for sharing your experience. I can recall being a child of 16 and walking around with a psychiatrist prescribed bottle of 10 mg. valium. 90 pills per prescription. Eating them like candy as I had no idea what I had, the true nature of the poison. Luckily I recall the relationship was maybe 2 refills. I then turned to alcohol and other drugs to feed my addictive nature. Fast forward to age 31, treatment programs and a new life direction. Fortunately or not, the initial ‘driving’ force of the addictions began to surface (childhood abuse). From 1992-2001, lots of counselling, different doctors attempted to get me to take SSRI’s. By late 2001 I acquiesced to the ‘treatment model’. Paxil 20-40 mg and Clonazepam 0.5-1 mg daily, in 2011 I experienced serotonin syndrome due to my physician attempting to help me finish my withdrawal from Paxil 10 mg. to 10 mg. Prozac. Needless to say, the serotonin syndrome necessitated my intake of Clonazepam to 1 mg daily. I have been SSRI free since that time and am now working with the ‘dogs’, trying to get ‘granny’ to reawaken. I am following the Ashton Manual, I had to educate my physician/clinic as they had not heard of it. Although my physician did share (whether conscious of it or thinking out loud) that they had wondered as a team why benzo withdrawal was such a dismal failure for most that attempted it. I am dismayed by some of the comments regarding permanent damage, that is truly frightening. Needless to say I am committed to being prescription drug free. I have transitioned from the clonazepam to the diazepam. 20 mg diazepam for a 1 1/2 months then dropped to 17.5 mg. I’ve been at this level for 3 weeks tomorrow and have been experiencing some of the withdrawal dogs mostly the cramping stomach. I figure I will go another 3 weeks minimum before dropping the next 10%. I have to say though, I find the lack of knowledge held by the medical and pharmacists community, negligent at best and bordering on what should be criminal when it comes to the drugs they so readily push, yet ‘recoil’ at the thought of discontinuing.