Friday, January 27, 2023

Comments by Julia Taylor

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  • As I wrote I think Jordan Peterson’s experience (and stance on trauma) says far more about the power of the industry and how he was educated as a psychologist than it does him. Many professionals, even psychiatrists themselves take these neurotoxins. Also he was ionized by the right wing of a sick spectrum and it is difficult in that kind of environment to see the aspects of affects like trauma or even the society he seems to think is great but which has the highest rate of mental illness in the world world. I think Daniel Mackler is correct on trauma, but he tends to remain too focused on that and he doesn’t address societal influences either.

    His daughter was given lorazepam and she says how awful that was. Did you watch their video? She listed references
    for the dangers of benzos.

    I plan to write them too but the chances of getting through are nil. This is exactly why Mad in America should contact him. What an opportunity which is going to be totally waisted and which is unforgivable if not taken! The man has a huge, global following. This is something that could shake the psychiatric industry yet MIA picks on his fanny slapping?! If Mad in America doesn’t take advantage of this I can only surmise that the movement isn’t serious.

  • I wrote above Jordan Peterson’s stance on corporal punishment is not nearly as bad as it is made out to be, and had wanted to mention that the family’s diet before the (to me as drastic as the Russian coma induced benzodiazepine detox) carnivore diet probably had much to do with his own depression and his daughter’s immune problems. His wife also got cancer, perhaps also related. If they had been doing a ketogenic based diet and had not been on SSRIs I don’t think they would have gotten to this place. I was not aware he had been pushing them, and that shows just how powerful the industry is to fool even the greatest minds. Indeed many psychiatrists are on these poisons, killing themselves as they have no clue as to how dangerous they are.

    To his credit, Peterson has said in the last several years he thought now depression had something to do with gut bacteria.

    Thank you for posting. This is another thing Mad in America should be addressing in addition to his near death by benzodiazepines.

    The Peterson family has seen the light on psychiatric medications. Let’s hope their lesson is a lesson for all.

  • Agreed and how utterly hypocritical of Mad in America to focus on Peterson’s “support of corporal punishment” and ignore the fact that the man was nearly killed by the profession and drugs this site is supposed to advocate against. I searched the MIA website for news on Jordan Peterson’s journey to hell and back thinking it would be such a huge boost to the movement to have his story only to find this, yes sealioning, article and a link to Peterson’s daughter’s older update on an obscure news site.

    To focus on Peterson’s supposed support for capital punishment taken totally out of context and ignoring the rest of his work while leaving out the daily truly horrible child abuse which comes from the media, the food industry and stress from parents in broken family systems who are overworked and underpaid in a society, North America, which has an exploiting rate of mental illness on a site which supposedly advocates against psychiatric abuse is more than sealioning, it is despicable and I detect more than a shade of schadenfreude in the tone of the article. I personally know a clinical case of a narcissist whose pathological behavior has sent her daughter into psychiatric hospitals and made her granddaughter a sociopathic little horror while she took “care” of her but yet decries any sort of corporal punishment is. The damage she has done to those girls far outweighs what Jordan Peterson says is should be used as the very last resort, and that would be, as he says, a slap on the bottom.

    The author is making the man out to look like he advocates whipping children whereas anyone with any knowledge of Peterson’s work or elaboration on this topic would know that the man an immense amount of compassion and in fact, until his tragic experience with benzodiazepines he maintained his practice as a clinical psychologist in addition to his college duties.

    If you want to pick on Peterson’s parenting advice, you should have picked on what he said about rewarding good behavior with gifts, but whatever his real or perceived faults the focus by Mad in America should be to highlight this man’s experience as a posterchild for the movement MIA supposedly represents. He and his daughter made a recent podcast FOR THAT VERY PURPOSE and it is nowhere to be seen on this website. What a total failure of advocacy this is by Mad in America.

    For those interested Peterson warning everyone about benzodiazepines: