Saturday, November 26, 2022

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  • Wow. I usually dont chime into much of anything, but I found these comments stimulating. I am a trained psychiatrist, just finished residency. I think the use of neuroleptics/antipsychotics is obviously not a perfect solution to mood instability, aggression, psychosis, however can be effective. There are side effects and these do need to be weighed.

    I believe what’s most important is caring for a person, listening to what their experience is and helping them through that. Before Thorazine, from my understanding, we had insulin shock therapy, induction of coma, and other treatments that were discarded as ineffective or inhumane. Yes, there is a down-side to medications we have today, like in other aspects of medicine treating cancer, end stage renal disease, et cetra.

    It’s hard. Very hard. I hope that we can continue to understand and develop treatment that is more effective. I agree with all of you in part. I appreciate the passion and would like to continue this conversation. It is these types of conversations that will drive us to a better future. We are in interesting times. Take care.