Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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  • I witnessed the anomaly with my own eyes. When a brain can’t sleep and can’t stop the racing thoughts – this is not a neurotypical brain. I don’t have to be a car mechanic to know that when the engine is racing, something is not working as it should.

    I wish that I would have been able to have my son get an MRI when this anomaly started showing itself.

  • I am glad that this young man has found a way out of an awful chapter in his life. I take issue though with the ‘blame the parent’ in the event of suicide.

    When my son was 16, he got many racing thoughts. His brain was very noisy for days on end. I always encouraged him to stay home from school and take it easy; I thought it was anxiety and stress from school. Taking days off from his routine did not help at all. He soon sought solace in street drugs to quell the noise. Those drugs made it worse – for years.

    Long, long story short (and I’m talking 12 years) — After losing his 3rd job and a wife, my son sought help from a psychiatrist and found medication that kept the noise and the mania and psychosis under control. At long last he is able to hold a job and was able to walk away from street drugs.

    If I had known then what I know now about the very real physiological anomaly in his brain, I would have taken him to a psychiatrist early on and would have supported a plan that included Depakote and lithium. How many pain-filled, anguish-filled years that could have been avoided.

    For Mad in America to say unequivocally that all psych meds are bad is dangerous. Those meds saved my son’s life.

    I’ll tell you something else, when my son was psychotic, I prayed that he was able to seek help on his own. I prayed that he wouldn’t kill himself. I prayed that he wouldn’t be violent. Yes, one of his 3 hospitalizations was because WE – the parents – took him to the hospital for fear of his safety. The others were of his own accord.

    Mad in America posts some good articles, but more often than not anymore, you guys allow some extremely ignorant information. All we need is someone who is psychotic to read that ‘they have to blame the parents’…. are YOU nuts?! Have any of you ever been with someone who is psychotic?!