Friday, May 14, 2021

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  • Hello fellow MAD members!

    I can completely relate to what you are saying regarding these academic papers. I am a PhD applicant and a freelance journalist. Over the years, I have had to summarize a number of academic studies and put them into language the average American can make any sense…and believe me, it is quite a task! (Although, I like to think I am at least a little smarter because of it and I happen to know the answers to more Jeopardy questions than the average bear!)

    Pretty soon, I will be tasked with composing these papers…joy!

    Anyway, there is a website dedicated to simplifying this process and creating easy-to-read articles about very complicated subjects for the purpose of research.

    Here it is: I am a contributor for DugDug and recently wrote an article that relates to the topic of the Resilience Builder Program (RBP), a group-therapy approach to treating children with mental disorders without the use of medication or dehumanizing treatments.

    Unfortunately, there is little documented research published about RBP in the form of these fancily-written papers we are talking about. This is problematic because these papers are what move the medical and psychiatric community forward.

    The article I wrote ( focuses on why so little research is available: because people often drop out of research projects and the outcome can not be measure.

    I know we might think these papers are exhaustive (and often way over our heads!) but thank goodness there are academics out there working to find alternative methods to treatment and collect the research needed to substantiate this treatment!