Tuesday, October 26, 2021

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  • Leah-Thank you for a truly excellent perspective and support for trauma-healing approaches. It’s one thing to support healing from trauma, and another to point at specific programs or instances that show potential, a way forward outside of the pills-oriented, diagnosis-dependent status quo. I’m glad you’ve pointed out just how much Rep. Murphy’s bill looks at “mental illness” rather than the trauma and life experiences that contribute to what we might call mental illness in the first place.

    I wanted to add that Rep. Murphy’s bill does not just simply endorse IOC as the one way to solve our mental or emotional health issues. In fact, it does much worse when it cuts PAIMI advocacy funding by about 95% I believe, and also severely limits the ability for those abused in hospitals and by other mental health providers. In short, it’s not simply a case of IOC bad, it’s a matter of silencing dissent and removing accountability/creating impunity. This to me stands out as a far more disturbing sign of where Rep. Murphy’s pro-force, pro-pharama, don’t-question-me agenda lies.

  • Wow I had no idea that this was happening in the Bay Area! I knew Laura’s Law was originally passed with a county opt-in section and that only 2 counties had until recently adopted the measure. I know Gov Brown had signed off extending the law and wasn’t sure if some things had changed.

    Ted: I’d love to get into contact with the consumers’ movement around here, I’m a college student in Berkeley and a lot of the “student-led mental health advocacy” tends to be rather naive and misinformed about what’s going wrong with our system and what works, even though I think it tends to be spearheaded by some very kind-hearted and well-intentioned students.