Saturday, December 3, 2022

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  • Copy_cat usually I would agree with you, and I intensely dislike the trend towards ‘diagnosing normal’, however in this particular instance I think they have got it right. Not that all shift workers suffer from it, but it legitimises a real need that some shift workers will have, especially when shift changes are abrupt and work mandated.The horrors of going from 9am to 5pm to going to 9pm-5am in a few days is a real problem, and people dealing with such may need assistance. Many older doctors or even younger ones have forgotten what shift work is like, and may refuse a much needed prescription, causing suffering to the affected shift worker.
    I don’t think this particular diagnosis is likely to cause problems with followon ‘policing’ by psychiatric servies into forced inpatient admissions or any similar problems, it’s likely that 100% of the patients diagnosed with this will not beome entrenched within the forced mental health system.