Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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  • Rosalee,

    Thank you so much for reading my story. I am sorry you fell victim to this epidemic. I actually received Dexamethasone during my surgery which caused a severe reaction due to previous iatrogenic Injury from benzos. Once you are injured by psychotropics, you may always be susceptible to another medications. I wish had known that before!

    I hope your healing is on the right path. Don’t hesitate to reach out in the future!


  • Hi,
    Thank you for your response. I wrote this article under the narrative I was under during my 15 year experience with psychiatry. I have since distanced myself from pathology as I think the DSM is really just a way to sell someone the idea that they are sick and need to be medicated. I think that I experienced a period of high stress that was very normal given the circumstances. I wish I had understood that back then.

  • Kate L I am so happy that this happened to you as well. I knew deep down all along it was the medication but it was difficult to validate because of the many reasons you have mentioned. It is important for the skeptical folks in the crowd to realize that the majority of our horrific symptoms happened after we were exposed to these potent neurotoxins. A original panic attack was difficult for me, yes, but 15 years of debilitating brain damage later? I would take that one panic attack in heartbeat.

  • I am not aware of any other drug class that causes the same level of debilitating side effects that psychiatric drugs do. They are literally harder to get off of than heroin. People are losing their entire livelihoods and we were never given informed consent by our doctors. All my doctor told me that I could expect was “nausea”. Now I have an iatrogenic injury compatible to a TBI. My nerve pain is so extreme that it feels like I’m having a stroke or being shot in the head. Do you have any idea what that is like? I hope that you or anyone you love never does.

  • 30-watt- Thank you for taking the time to read my story. That is quite a cocktail you are one. The fact that a 6 year old can receive such potent neurotoxins is perhaps one of the most disturbing realities of psychiatry. I am glad you did not suffer from the medications in the same way many of us have. I would not wish this type of inhumane level of pain on my worst enemy.

  • James, your story “Too good to be true” in MIA was truly a revolutionary tale. Everyone should read it. You are a very strong force in the survivor community.

    I don’t know how I kept pushing academically despite the gaping hole in my head that psychiatry left me with. I feel lucky to be alive. Thank you for your input and for reading my story!

  • Miranda,

    Thank you for your comment. The “what if” is haunting to me. How would my life have turned out if I had not been iatrogenically harmed?

    Deliberate ignorance is a spot on description of what we are seeing in psychiatry now. I can’t believe that in 2020, the same narrative continues to thrive.

    How many more will fall victim to the pathologizing of normal human behavior? How many like me will face inhumane suffering after taking psychotropic drugs? How many lives will be lost? How many families torn apart? How many kids as young as 5 will receive mind altering medication this year?
    And perhaps, most disturbingly, how many will be told their side effects are “mental illness” and not the mind altering psychiatric medications.

    I encourage everyone to catch a screening of “Medicating Normal”. This is the film the world needs to see. We need to wake up as a society, before it’s too late.


  • I’m so sorry you went through this experience as well. I am quite horrified to see that the industry is manipulating the public during a pandemic to believe their normal reactions are now an illness. I read somewhere that the prescription of benzodiazepines rose to 34% during the pandemic. I am appalled. Thank you reading my story and for commenting.

  • Kate, thank you so much for your thoughtful response. It was difficult to write this story and face the fact that over half my life was stolen by a single visit to a psychiatrist. I stand beside you in solidarity as a fellow psychiatric survivor. Your story is as real and valid as any other. I encourage you to share it one day if you are able to. Thank you for reading my article!

  • Thank you for your thoughtful response and I will absolutely read the links you provided. I am quite confident I will never end up in the hospital like I did 15 years ago. I believe all of us as survivors should write advanced directives so we do not fall on such a fate. I am tapering my last drug, gabapentin, which I had to take to deal with excruciating nerve pain caused by damage from benzos. My pain was so horrific that I felt as though I was having a stroke while being shot in the head. I can only hope I will be pain free one day. Thank you for reading my article!

  • Sam, thank you for reading my article. Your response was quite thoughtful and poignant. I love the imagery of the confession booth. I wanted to hold on to the idea that these doctors may just be “unaware” to what the patients suffer through with these medications, but that was quite naive. They know very well the brain damage that these drugs are causing and continue to prescribe these poisons to kids as young as 18 months. It is an epidemic of mass proportions. Hmm… maybe someone should write a book about it? 😉
    Thanks for reading!