Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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  • Jack it is very brave of you to publicly share your story regarding PSSD. I’m sadly not quite that brave, and very few people know I suffer from the condition. I’ve been suffering from PSSD since 2008 when I quit Zoloft. From 2007-2008 I took Effexor and Zoloft and has sexual dysfunction while I took them. Afterwards things never returned to normal, not even 12 years later. I was 23 when I started the drugs, I’m now 36. It is crushing for a young man to not only lose sexual function but also the desire. For a long time it made me substantially more depressed. I tried supplements, I went to various doctors, most of whom didn’t believe in the condition at all. Even when I found someone who was familiar with it, they couldn’t do much.

    For me Cialis helped some. Also, this was extremely hard for me, but trying to go on with life and have a normal relationship helped. I regained some function, although not all, and not close to what it was like before. It was scary to date with the condition, but it isn’t impossible. The rejection hurts if someone cannot accept your reduced function. However, I think the excitement of a new relationship helped my brain a little bit as I do recall it being worse pre-2012 when I started dating again. Also working out helped. Again, I’m probably at 40% or less of what my pre-SSRI function was, but it used to be 10%, so I’ll take it. I’m still hoping for a cure, but I also decided to just try to live life. I hate that a GP prescribed me SSRIs when I went through a crisis of a breakup and was feeling temporarily depressed and had suicidal thoughts. My mother freaked out when I had those and took me to get the medication. It is the worst decision of my life that I’d take back and will probably always be one of my biggest regrets, but I have found other things in life that bring me at least some meaning. I hope you can too. Maybe someday someone will find something that helps reset us, but who knows.