Friday, September 18, 2020

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  • I work with teens and young adults with autism diagnosises. I estimate at least 1/3 of them to be complete bullshit. As in no or barely any autistic traits whatsoever. Often times it is parents who have severe problems themselves, mistreat their kids and then seek a diagnosis, when the kids behavioural problems are actually caused by their own abuse. (Psyhiatrist assesment) ADOS right on the cutoff with a way higher (parental assesment) ADI-R is more common than not. Some of them have done a (self assesment) AQ, none of them qualified for autism on that.

  • They told the judge I might be schizophrenic. They just knew it was bullshit. After they withheld the court order from me, I got hold of it through a lawyer. Confronted with their bullshit they didn’t even try to defend it. They also withheld parts of the documentation from me and still are four years later. Going so far as to have their secretary lying to me about never receiving my request to see the documentation, while taking notes on that very request.
    In Germany there has to be an ICD-10 diagnosis for reimbursement by insurance companies. The diagnosis towards the insurance company was adjustment disorder.
    One of the psychos also gave me that crap about not putting people in boxes when asked for a diagnosis. Pretty insulting considering I was actually locked up in a very real box without a reason given.

  • The imaginary dialogue really hit home. I’ve had basically the same dialogue with a psychiatrist, when I was locked up in a psych ward. As it was never disclosed to me what mental illness I was supposed to have, I made a point of asking every day.

    Me: can I go home now?
    Psycho: no
    Me: so have you made up your mind about what I have?
    Psycho: you’re in crisis.
    Me: that’s no category of icd 10 and the only crisis I’m in is being locked up here.
    Psycho: you aren’t locked up. You are accomodated (orig. german: untergebracht).
    Me: are you an idiot?
    Psycho: ….