Friday, December 9, 2022

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  • Ha, that’s funny that you mentioned ISPS meeting, because I was going to comment to Robert Whitaker, not to feel bad that Lieberman hasn’t been in touch with him because he didn’t show up for ISPS either!
    However, I would like to state that Lieberman was never invited to give a keynote address at ISPS. He was asked to be part of a panel during a plenary session with people with quite different viewpoints about psychiatric treatment. Given his interactions with Whitaker and Tanya Luhrmann, I don’t see that he is someone interested in dialoguing about psychiatry, so its for the best that he backed out for reasons he never specified. Its safe to assume that he wanted to be on a panel with people who would challenge him… or even return their phone calls!

  • Thank you for this wonderful summary of a huge sprawling and diverse event! There were many views represented, and I believe that people (with lived experience and mental health professionals) are in different places on their journey of understanding and addressing the complex perceptual/emotional/physical/psychological/spiritual/social experience sometimes referred to as “psychosis”. I believe that holding onto uncertainty is key, it’s what allows and encourages one to learn from others’ experiences with an open mind, not just listening for what we want or expect to hear from others. Thanks for attending the conference and for sharing your experiences here.
    –Jessica Arenella (full disclosure: ISPS-US President)

  • Thank you Noel for being a part of the conference and for sharing your experience of it here,highlighting the strengths and areas for development. It was an incredible undertaking and a lot views were represented, some in tension with each other but, to me at least, all striving for greater understanding and healing. I have been to one prior ISPS meeting and I think 6 ISPS-US meetings and I always leave feeling excited by the ideas and experiences I learned about and the interesting and courageous people I meet.
    -Jessica Arenella (full disclosure: ISPS-US President)