Saturday, June 19, 2021

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  • I am extremely emotional reading this blog as I too am dealing with severe psychiatric abuse that started at age 10 in 1988 when my parents decided that handing me over to psychiatrist and psychologist ( take note therapist is NOT in there anywhere ) and then allowing them to start horrific testing & then came the adolescent prozac study where I was given 10mg prozac daily then moved to 20mg daily, I had grueling side effects of sadness and anger that cycled so rapidly I just wanted to hide and sleep so I didn’t have to feel the pain of it all! At age 10 I was diagnosed with bipolar and borderline personality disorder with more chance of becoming homicidal than suicidal, I’ll never forget that diagnosis because I was in the room when the Dr was telling my mom and as soon as we reached the door of the office I asked out of curiosity what homicidal was thinking maybe something was good about me only to be told it meant I would have a good chance of becoming insane and killing people, who in the hell tells a 10yr old this & one on a serious mind altering drug at that!! And just when most would think it can’t be much worse than that for a child who yes had a mental issue but had they sat a therapist down with me instead of prozac followed up at age 11 with ECT & EEG and several inpatient hospital abandonments they would have known I was raised sad, told and shown at every chance how worthless and unloved I was and I ruined my sister and parents life just by being born, in middle school my sister which was only 14 months older than me told on me for tricking everyone with taking the prozac.I was spitting it back in my cup and dumping the pill with the remaining water. I began serious behavior problems almost always involving violence and my middle school and parents came up with me not being allowed to eat lunch with the other students I had a desk in the recreational room closet next to the lunch room until I agreed on taking the prozac in the nurses office at school every morning. These people who were in charge completely for my life which affects me to this day at age 42 were legally able to abuse, neglect & harm me taking me away from myself the only person I ever had and once no longer responsible for me being a minor they threw me away to suffer alone like I’m the reason I’m damaged! I think the least we all deserve is answers or responsibility for the abuse to be taken so at the least we can heal before we die the rest of the way, how can you let parents and Dr.s apply all that unnecessary psychiatric abuse to me because they are worried about this child, and then they dumped me off at a mental hospital with no clothes, visit or even phone call for over a month with zero care if I was alive starting at age 12 accountably and awareness need to be made I have so much more to my horrible past to tell & most importantly my beautiful future in order to stop even one more child from the memories I can’t believe I’m so thankful to even have considering the damages from the psychiatric abuse.