Monday, November 28, 2022

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  • WOW! Great reply! I appreciate your insight. I am aware of personal medicine and the like. Been in therapy for 30 years but I still have no desire to really do anything. Thankfully, I’ve been functional for the most part being able to hold down a job etc.. but still no real enjoyment. I appreciate your feedback. I always go back and forth whether I should come off the anti-depressants but there aren’t not too many alternatives(Dr. who could ween me off safely) where I live. Thank you again!

  • So, what is the best treatment for my depression? Suffering for over 30 years. I believe medicine has kept me stable. Although, I often feel like I am just existing and not living. But if it weren’t for the medication I don’t think I would be here. So, I ask you and all the others. If the medication is soo evil then what is the treatment? I’m not being sarcastic or negative towards you or anyone else – I am just desperate to live a more satisfying life. I know you can’t give individual advise. I am just curious as to what everyone on this website thinks the treatment should be for people who suffer if it is not medication.