Wednesday, October 28, 2020

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  • We should be against Psychiatry, when Psychiatry stands against human rights and the Psychological well being of their patients and when their top priority is to act as a unstoppable legal dispenser for the Pharmaceutical companies.

    We have to rid the misconception that all Psychiatrists are trying to help people because if you have been a victim of psychiatrist’s over diagnosing, you would understand this comment. I believe that one Psychiatrists over diagnosis can lead to several of professions around them taking the same view without re evaluating themselves. This also leads to the patients family being brainwashed into thinking that their loved ones are being cared for by a well established scientific establishment, which is simply incorrect.

    Once the patient is labelled as being mentally ill of some description they are treated as so by everyone around them, this isolates the patient and combined with the psychiatric drugs that make you more compliant, forces you to question whether they are correct in there diagnosis. Even though they provided no evidence for their initial diagnosis and the symptoms they use to meet the requirements of being mentally ill are so vague that anyone can fit their description.

    I think the key to tackling this problem of Psychiatrists abusing their power is to gain acknowledgement by the government and the wider community that there is a huge amount of people suffering from being a victim of over diagnosis and this is solely due to the abusive way Psychiatrists treat their patients and not because they were suffering from a mental illness in the first place.

    I believe the way of achieving this is to give a voice to those who have been victimized. By making public what happens in Psychiatric wards, the side affects experienced from taking psychiatric drugs and the tactics used by Psychiatrists and Pharmaceutical companies in order to commit these acts of crime.
    On Monday, November 4, 2013 The Department of Justice released the case findings that Johnson & Johnson to Pay More Than $2.2 Billion to Resolve Criminal and Civil Investigations Allegations Include Off-label Marketing and Kickbacks to Doctors and Pharmacists. Global health care giant Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and its subsidiaries will pay more than $2.2 billion to resolve criminal and civil liability arising from allegations relating to the prescription drugs Risperdal, Invega and Natrecor, including promotion for uses not approved as safe and effective by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and payment of kickbacks to physicians and to the nation’s largest long-term care pharmacy provider. The global resolution is one of the largest health care fraud settlements in U.S. history, including criminal fines and forfeiture totaling $485 million and civil settlements with the federal government and states totaling $1.72 billion.

    I think websites like these definitely achieve some closure for victims to share their experiences but we must make these issues more widely known by addressing them on TV so the public can be on the victims side and not on the perpetrators (Psychiatrists and Pharmaceutical companies).

    As the climate stands now amongst Psychiatrists, not only are they able to ruin peoples lives and waste billions of dollars in taxpayers money in drugs that have an opposite affect and often loose what patients have to offer to society but they are being congratulated by the wider community and the government. We must change this attitude if we stand any hope of stopping the Pharmaceutical companies having what they want, which is to make it seem normal to be on these drugs.

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