Friday, November 27, 2020

Comments by Joku

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  • I am sorry for the discrimination you have encountered at the university, and for the loss of your sweet cat Klimky. She looks really lovely! I grieved for the death one of my cats for years. It seemed almost impossible to get over it. Especially as I had failed to take him to the vet in time. I still blame myself. And it was 17 years ago.

    One thing that really helped, though, was that I took another cat right away. (He had been my only cat.) I did not really want a new cat yet, and I found difficult at first to attach to the new kitten. However, he has proved to be a perfect friend and spiritual guide for me during the years. He watches over me and I love and respect him very much.

    Another thing that helps continually in getting over the loss of that one cat is that I volunteer in cat rescue. It came to my mind when I read your story, that since you are one of those rare people who really love animals and are able to take responsibility of a pet more than just in the superficial level, perhaps it could be a mission for you too…? To know that I have meant so much to some cats that I rescued from dying in cold and hunger is great medication against grief from losing a pet, and also all other mental problems one might have. At least, in my experience…

    Another comment, about being an introvert. In my country, Finland, in Northern Europe, we are all quite introvert compared to many other nations. We are generally more quiet, and smile is not considered necessary part of polite and friendly behavior in our culture. Here to be called “shy” or “quiet” is not a negative thing at all. Almost in the contrary:)

    Although I must say that extrovert temperament seems to be in fashion in all Western countries, and since we here, especially young people, watch so much American tv-programs, we are starting to act in more extrovert ways… A well-known psychology professor has criticized this trend in her books. She says that introvert people can actually be very social, just in a different way than extroverts. And that introvert temperament has many benefits in the society, work places etc. if given a chance.