Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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  • This can be seen as a biased article. Although I can agree that the system is completely malfunctioning because money and greed is currently more sought after than ethical treatment of clients. Not every psychiatrist is ethically evil, obsessed with fortune, or only concerned with themselves. The environment that America creates with health insurance determines how the psychiatrist can help the client, it devises the time that could be spent with the client, and it creates the options in treatments available. And then there are of course, some pretty terrible doctors out there… The reason why textbooks happen to fail students and future doctors is because they are books and like theories they can be inherently wrong at times. Same with quantum physics, but can we make the same opinionated statement that Einstein was a moron because he was wrong about something and it was in a textbook? No, he was not and textbooks have the tendency to be disproven like theories.

    Also, if you ask mental health patients how their treatment has been in an inpatient facility or partial program, much of the time an involuntary admission would reflect the negative. Yes the clients are “customers” but they are there for treatment and often for treatment of their mind/brain, which in turn can create conflict and resistance to treatment. If you write an article like this and ignore the concept/aspect of treatment resistance in mental health then you are either stirring the pot, or have not worked in the actual field of working with mental health clients and took a more academic approach. I think the two worlds of applied psychiatry and academia need to start working together again…

  • There are some poignant arguments here, but why argue the biological evidence of severe mental disorders? Have antropologists worked in psychiatric care? Have they found the evidence of white matter deterioration in MRI scans? No, says they just read some research articles.
    Many psychiatrists don’t believe in the DSM either, but you cannot hit delete on a biological cause and generic etiologies of mental illness because you found that the studies you read were false. If you have seen several families with the same or similar disorders then genetic predisposition is highly likely, if you find that a man with psychosis begins to lose higher processing functions then you may realize that their neurons are on overdrive and there are functional mri scans that can show the difference.
    I’m not simply glorifying psychiatry, it has become a corrupt practice because of the medical industry. To deny the existence of thousands of journal articles of evidence and medications that have worked to curb mental illnesses is simply ludicrous. Anthropologists and psychiatry/neurology needs to work together rather than attempt to disassemble each other, many mental diseases are solely human disorders and anthropological studies can help disseminate how the hominid brain evolved and formed complex pathways that could deteriorate.