Tuesday, May 11, 2021

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  • I did the full 36 sessions of the TMS treatment that my mental health doctor highly recommended me for because I am sensitive to medication that normal people would take. I finished treatment in March 2019. I was fine other than the severe headaches I had accumulated from the treatment and the weird zapping feeling in my head. In August I started feeling “weird” as I would put it. My body felt off and I was having pains all over my body and in places I didn’t know one could hurt even, extreme fatigue, brain fog, etc. I had to keep pushing back with doctors because they keep saying its this or its that… blah blah.. I knew something wasn’t right. I managed to get the right doctor and got the diagnoses, “Fibromyalgia”! So, today I am still wondering is it possible that TMS triggered Fibromyalgia. Or maybe my nervous breakdown I had due to a crazy boss cause it, but symptoms didn’t show up until after TMS because of what it does to the nerves in the brain? Anything is possible with this treatment as there is still not enough evidence. Given what I deal with now on a daily base, I wouldn’t recommend this treatment to anyone unless it is the last resort.