Saturday, September 18, 2021

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  • Dear Phil, great read mate. ‘Cowboy’ harry bailey – William sargant’s ‘deep sleep therapy’ protégé – founded Chelmsford private hospital in Sydney and was doing MK ULTRA there. This also was the case at Peat island and Milson island in the 50s, 60s and 70s. He (bailey) was part of an entourage of perpetrators who attended The University of Sydney. The entire Chelmsford medical team were previously involved in eugenics forced adoption program at Sydney crown street hospital where babies were taken from ‘unfit’ mothers, who were under hypnotic drugs. (see ‘Origins Victoria’ 2011 – submission by g.a rickarby to senate enquiry into commonwealth contribution to forced adoption policies and practices). Bronwyn Colefax was the first victim to sue bailey. Bronwyn’s lawyer had warned the CIA were involved at Chelmsford and tapped her phone. In the Chelmsford aftermath the CIA’s cult cut-out ‘Church of Scientology’ (founded. Y Lafayette r Hubbard close associate of satanist and o.t.o priest jack parsons – Alistair Crowley’s good friend) was employed to exact damage control and developed advocacy and support service CCHR. All subsequent witnesses forward testimonies and evidence were collected and thus making them targets if they publicly came forward to expose. In 2018 a judge ruled a chapter of an expose on Scientology by an investigative journalist, as defamation! (See- Steve Cannane – ‘fair game: the incredible untold story of Scientology in Australia’ and ‘Michael bachelard – how a zombie case came back to life thanks to Australia defamation law – article Sydney morning herald 2-12-2018). Chelmsford doctors were actually PAID legal costs. Judges conflicting opinions about the case being ‘too old’ or ‘not too old’ belied the abuse of process. Bailey had connections with British military psychologist Alex Sinclair who was in Papua New Guinea studying weaponised poisons and viruses (world heritage encyclopaedia – Chelmsford royal commission) and (Donald denoon:a trial separation, Australia and the decolonisation of Papua New Guinea). The rockerfeller foundation who financed the ‘institute of psychiatry’ enabled exchange of doctors between London’s Maudsley hospital and Nazi germany. Surrounding maudsley was the Julian huxley and Aldous Huxley brothers, involved in mescaline studies. (Paul Robeson jr 2010 ‘the undiscovered Paul Robeson quest for freedom 1939-1976. Wiley.. duncan Campbell, CIA finds research by Eysenck – New statesman 11-5-1979 p. 97). Harry baileys connections are seen by William Sargents involvement at maudsley.