Monday, February 17, 2020

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  • Hi Steven,
    I am currently trying to describe the book Madness and Civilization to the lay people in the psychiatric survivor movement. I understand Foucault in light of Jung and Freud, but still need to read Robert Whitaker’s book. I have read 3 of Foucault’s books and a smattering of Freud and Jung’s collected works. I understand what it means, but it is difficult to condense. I hope to publish future articles on the Mad in America site, in small doses. I appreciate your contributions to the site and would like to strike up a dialogue with you via email. Hopefully you can look up my email address with my login info. since I don’t want to share it publicly in this post. Let me know where I can reach you. Yes, I do understand what Foucault was getting at. It has a bit of magnitude in shedding light on the psychiatric survivor movement and it needs to be said.