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  • I apologize I now see that the database was linked. My point still stand on how to better disseminate this information regularly and with the aim to identify local community contacts to mine for relevant information if you have any thoughts on how to support such an endeavor I am eager to assist in the matter and I will be bringing this matter and the specific site in my state to my fellow members of my local PAIMI council before month’s end.

    *please see my separate comment for context*

    Warmest regards,

  • I am a bit late to the discussion trying to sift through the discourse before nose-diving into airing out a list of concerns based on what I’ve suffered myself in searching through the past 6 months maybe it will just naturally unfold but if not please refer to additional commentary. With that being said, respectfully and with the utmost consideration for conscientiously continuing this discourse….

    *SAMHSA is one of the biggest federal agencies in behavioral health, and of course where a lot of the mental health consumer movement gets its money.*

    I am of the understanding that SAMHSA is the sole federal agency charged with the near if not total entirety of fiduciary responsibility over distributing discretionary funds approved by the legislature and its appropriate appropriations subcommittees who agree upon a budget that is carried out over the term of a 4 year Fiscal Cycle. They are clearly compiling numbers but this is SAMHSA and the Federal Government ergo why it would be expected that they are in possession of the numbers is beyond me since I can safely presume the management of any and all of such information is beyond them ie the responsible parties are clearly going to be seated at the sites of the agencies that have been awarded grantee status.

    May I beg in no uncertain desperation:


    At this moment we are well into FY 2 of the multi-million dollar cross national federally funded series of grant-based demonstration projects that will be assuredly used to adulterate the evidence base to justify the unreasonable yet seemingly unavoidable formalization of systemic programs of court-ordered compliance to ensure community containment, involuntary community commitment, and/or forced drugging for community living.

    This practice is called Assisted Outpatient Treatment and aside from the truly abhorrent funding directed towards early identification and treatment of children in schools (re: project aware, suicide prevention programs, etc) nearly all focus for funding traditionally used in terms of community mental health services for adults has been now placed under fire as the advocates of AOT have successfully convinced congress that such programs do not serve the needs of the seriously mentally ill (if only they realized the same seriously mentally ill deserve the credit for all formerly worth but long since co-opted community based supports) Rather they successfully argue that for those psychiatrized as “seriously mentally ill” “seriously and persistently mentally ill” and my personal favorite “seriously and persistently VIOLENTLY mentally ill,” are a population that require coercion and force due to their lack of insight and alleged likelihood to be violent to themselves or others. Or isn’t everyone familiar with the Treatment Advocacy’s “preventable tragedies database”

    What does this mean? Well it means that money for mental illness is by and large being used in ways that entail forced drugging of adults via court ordered treatment and it would appear children who by way of their child-status are not autonomous and therefore must be considered bereft of their bodily autonomy ergo all child and adolescent treatment is inherently forced drugging when psych is concerned…

    Whatever you’re stand on mad pride the powers at be could give a damn. They’ve decided our label and are effortlessly moving along in order to make sure the related professional experts are emboldened and supported in their curative crusades.

    Sorry but this is where it is and where it’s going and unfortunately

    So, with all respect to and the utmost compassion considering the justified discussion on how one might choose to identify themselves subsequent to being systematically psychiatrized or following the medical opinion that catalogues a psychiatric diagnosis as a qualifier to their personhood at this time, let’s get real about one thing: in the eyes of the sate this demographic—the psychiatrized or whatever best suits your self-determined right to have emancipatory ownership over your identity and preferred language over your sovereign and valid lived experience—is referred to as the mentally ill.

    Furthermore, with consideration to the oversaturation of what constitutes mentally ill or mental health condition broadly (ie adhd, depress, anxiety vs bipolar 1, schizo-affective, schizophrenic, psychosis) it is important to point out that together when combined with the seriously mentally ill, the seriously persistently mentally ill, the seriously persistently violently mentally ill, this demographic now is largely evaluated and grouped in terms of the biggest economic burden to the public welfare state with ranges of 80-90% unemployment. So again that’s how we are being spoken of that is how we are known and I fear that until a vast number of consequential realities are dually rectified this hyperfocus on discussions that render us less aligned than unified towards our shared needs is a bullet to the head.

    Abolition yes. But in the meantime how about the right to informed choice and bodily autonomy broadly. I am not speaking of reform I am rather seeking to secure an entering wedge, one that is takes mindful intention to the actual lives of those who are currently constrained and contained to the orders of their prescriptive treatments or simply the internalized oppression and desperate survival strategy of many of us successfully living in invisibility or rather relative system expiry.

    Moving forward,

    ***“mental health consumers movement” (which was always and remains a ruse designed to undermine the anti-psychiatry movement)…**

    It is unfair to say that it was and remains a ruse as they were quite clear in the time subsequent to their power grab, I want to point out that Judi Chamberlin (shame to her name), in particular did not shy away from this fact as she spoke fiercely and plainly against anti-psychiatry and repeatedly disavowed the movement in the course of her tenure and in the vein of justify and garnering support for the consumer movement which I guess decided that you have the right to choose but not the right to abstain in radical autonomy if that means other people can’t choose to play your bodily sovereignty in jeopardy by choosing to support reform.

    Just saying what may have felt like a ruse, in retrospect reads as a story of in-fighting wherein the victor so to speak made sure to nail the coffin shut on their adversary despite future casualties which unfortunately should have and initially may have existed as their most relevant ally and co-conspirator. At least that is how it comes across in the Academic literature, which is itself not adequately all encompassing but nevertheless plays the role of historic record for those learning about it from the position of institutional knowledge and that matters as their subsequent influence will undoubtedly be informed by it and what it informs is that some of us are more deserving of visibility and voice than other simultaneously revealing we take no hesitations when it comes to serving up our discontents to the slaughter.

    In any case it absolutely played into the division and disunity necessary to ensure a marginalized population would never begin to reach that of relevant constituency let alone fully recognized citizen because full stop if you have a psych diagnosis regardless of what you want to term your individual citizenry and human dignity are inherently under conditionality per the needs of carceral care. The dissolution of this comment thread and many other similar breakdowns in discourse have me fearing little has changed in terms of stalling out on semantics while the wheels of injustice reach warp speed.

    Which leads me to…

    ***Since 2016, SAMHSA, the large US mental health agency, has quietly supported this rise of Involuntary Outpatient Commitment (IOC) through two major grants impacting hundreds of American citizens, and this endorsement can carry a lot of weight throughout the nation.****

    This has not been quiet it has just been well organized and spectacularly executed by a dedicated group of friends and families in cohorts with the vested interests of pharma lobbies and gun rights advocates all working for their own best interest. (Much of it is even available for viewing on youtube). Meanwhile the rest of the relevant stakeholders (ie persons that have been psychiatrized) have been for whatever reason (I have my thoughts but that is a whole different aside) have been unable to successfully disrupt the process to the point that it is noted in testimony to no resolution (ie legislator where are the people with lived experience at this hearing, response: idk probably to sick or something did i mention they murdered this man’s wife, enter the widower and father of currently detained adult with SMI, rinse repeat from 2012-2016)

    If we’re keeping with the slickness of it all it would appear that those most impacted were robbed like a thief in the night if one considers what the “bipartisan” midnight signing of the 21st century cares act was and takes as a literal and metaphorical example the silent dismantling of lived experience stakeholder representation and fortification of medical-models of biologically based justifications that coercion tactics should remain paramount in many cases or all those if one is dealing with a serious and persistent matter.

    Unfortunately and fortunately there are hours upon hours of c-span congressional archives available to review to see that for the broader interests concerned this was done loudly and proudly and with ruthless disregard I’d even wager outright defiance for involving the population at hand. There are patent expirations and rebranding of Bluetooth trackable Abilify to give a little light on the name of just one vested interest in the hundreds of thousands of dollars that were spent on crafting the worst of the Murphy Bill into the bulwark of the Cures Act. The NRA did it’s due diligence in dollars too.

    The unmistakably loaded rhetoric of it all even made it into the annual c-span archive projects on footage from the time wherein the language used was coldly examined in terms of future retrospectives on languages used to effectively sensationalize and enliven the feeling of crisis at hand needed to ensure swift and speedy consensus.

    *As for SAMHSA, what the devil gives he takes away — why should we bargain with it in any form or take its money?*

    Considering the entry way to my rabbit hole was largely over how and why the Alternatives Conference unceremoniously stopped I’d tend to agree except for the caveat that if money is taken it should be done so strategically and with an eye to create community-level sustainability and development of space that intends to become financially independent.

    Best to do better with the money while it’s still around and it is ALWAYS in our interest to know with crystal clarity what money is being used to pollute or detoxify the services and systems of support that provide or at least attempt to provide life saving aid. I’m talking about food and housing and fellowship but then again this has always been an issue of anti-poverty and broader failure to unify under that banner is surely not helping the languishing levels of growing impoverishment. What’s more again circles back to the need for systematic and comprehensive organizing that can center around a goal for abolition (joining up with all other abolitionary groups) and then start to chip away at the reality at hand.

  • This I believe is the publication you are mentioning.

    Some interesting analysis has emerged from broader historical research and analysis that I came across in the American film archives catalogue of videos. It is documentable beyond any reasonable doubt that german psychiatrists were in Breggins words the “entering wedge” the broader refusal to acknowledge this historical legacy of nefarious characters pursuing scientifically justified murder only adds to the murky waters of unscrupulous minds and beliefs that remain preeminent to every inch of the domains resultant knowledge and scientific validity. Rotten to the core is the story of how eugenics remains vibrant and booming in its country of origin to this day.

    I feel like I am going to spend the rest of my life crafting ways to directly and inadvertantly circle all discussion and debate to the eugenics heart of darkness the fact that they continue to funnel billions towards genetic biological research baffles the mind for so many reasons the most salient of which being the fact that they have literally forcible sterilized, and actively prevented our capacity to reproduce with each and at all whether due to chemical or physical castration or outright murder and incarcerations’ during “breeding years” yet there was no benefit to prevalence to the fact that despite their literally life ending operational tactics for nearly a century there now stands a pattern that suggests incidence and prevalence is growing rapidly. I’m trying to not loose my fucking shit over the totality of the cancer because that is no way to keep myself safe let alone sustain to any degree of disruption. There have got to be more fruitful ways in which this information can be shared widely or at least culpability might be pursued formally and to the record of law

  • Sister,

    Do not get rid of your rebellion. Reading this I began with the responses and ended with your original post. I am glad that is how it unfolded. Everything illuminated with your age identifiers that parallel quite similarly with mine although a decade earlier. On one hand we are all unified in the marginalization of being psychiatrized a historical practice of violence and retribution for things not in harmony with the rationale mind that reaches to the emergence of The Enlightenment and the breakdown of community following Industrialization. On the other hand I think that those of us who are emerging from the growing groups of what I am referring to as generation psychiatry 1.0, 2.0 etc. are faced with additional layers and further entanglements of psychiatrized identities that have yet to be adequately articulated in consensus for mutual support and emancipatory group healing. It results in a very entrenched sense of self-blame and inoperability that extends to nearly all sectors of our identity and life existing as a sort of Gordian knot that is further exacerbated by ageism and documentable recorded histories that will be used by families and all professionals and that outside of direct divine intervention I expect to follow me for much of my life.

    I think my hope here is to say that there needs to be a collective space that acknowledges and honors the varied and further complicated lens of experience that emerges from a life marred by mentalhealth service system exposure from early age and under late stage capitalism. That honors and supports in totality the non-normative experiences of all those under the umbrella of neurodiversity and that centers on our goodness and exceptional contributions to the betterment of a rapidly sickened and sickening global society. Further one that retains enough humility to embrace the fact that harm varies from person to person and that historical separation from the entity of oppression means further distance from the range of factors and experiences that emerge from the harm machine. New and younger perspectives can sound the alarm on unidentified threats and consequences. Further they can offer fresh light and critique as to the veritable worth of liberation efforts intending to reclaim human freedoms. Everything you and I experienced in our psychiatrized lives is in someway touched by the historical consequence of the efforts and failures of those like us in times past. We should know of them and they should be informed by all of us. The nature of the systemic and epistemic violence against psychiatrized identities silos and separates our human identities and experiences from society at large and from one another once found to our own peril we are further divided and demarked into consumers, peers, survivors, etc. The impact echoes in the silence of our self-directed cultural identity through all sectors of human record. The murky waters of finding community can result in a range of harms and further alienation. We must at least hold sacred space and open arms to those like us as a sacred bedrock to all activity. You are not wrong my dear the world is wrong. Staying rebellious is not selfish it is selfless. It takes time and you are at a particularly vulnerable time in your life due to your age and self-disclosure and the growing use of involuntary containment. Question everyone and everything. Stay rebellious. Embrace every part of yourself and you will be glad. Stay the best and fuck the rest. You are ahead of schedule, remain vigilante, hopefully I’ll see you out there soon.

  • My heart says here, here! My mind has been mapping points of entry for mad minds to mitigate the inevitable. It is coming but hasn’t yet become. Is there room for madness intentionally centered before bastardization ensues? I am hoping to find out. The University of Michigan has some interesting research although ubiquitous in its lacking. Will the general populous of psychonauts conventional experts included reveal themselves as unlikely allies or is it more of the same just another chamber of horrors in the masters kingdom. They are seriously suggesting and investigating the incorporation of DMT-50 into the theraputic catalogue working to synthesize a trip of up to 30 minutes (my god, I thought recalling a transcendence and fractalization of all time and space over less than 8 minutes of astral escape). Yet these are selective to the depressed or PTSD’d as an identity psychiatrized from 10 on under the harsher nihilistic lens of pediatric bipolar generation 1.0 and later psychotic, bipolar, manic, schizophrenic, et al. the forbidden fruit of mind alerting substances loomed and lingered in the years between my childhood containments and my adult capture they became yet another litmus test of my sanity, stability, and ownership over my own mind. Following carceral care containment they were presented as even more unquestionably dangerous than before and I spent little time lusting for an opportunity to call their bluff once more and eager to reignite pieces of myself that for many years have been forcibly darkened and rendered inaccessible in the course of securing my silent sedation an escape from which remained very difficult to escape from even when compliance was temporarily self-imposed. Psychedelics were integral in so much of my ability to hold onto what was left of my soul in the midst of the shadowy violence of care standards I was still enveloped in. For most of the past decade I’ve affectionately referred to them as my brain games and personal training ground to assuage my lingering doubts in my own ability to autonomously explore my consciousness that remain immutable to this day. They evoked the closest thing I yet found to that of an organic episodic escalation in consciousness and from that hollowed space I overcame my fears of madness returning became comfortable in the trends of thinking that in times of distress became unintelligible when spoken or demonstrated and most of all I found ways of breaking the walls to process the floods of grief that must every once and a while be let out to sea. I found paths to forgiveness and reasons for moving forward. Yet never have I nor would I likely feel safe to mention a word of this to any mental health professionalized person under whom I was being “cared.”

    Is ketamine just Thorazine 2.0? Is the benefit to PTSD from MDMA or the conjunction of 2.5 hours of guided therapy over the course of administered treatment? Will there be acknowledgment and reparations for the violent criminalization of indigenous and sacred earth medicines along with this course of modern appropriation? How about the historical record of human rights violations in relation to the illegal administration of such pharmacological compounds to unwitting mad identities in the course of violent carceral containment?

    On a more personal and somewhat impractical note why isn’t the administration of such burgeoning yet eternally existing compounds not considered an ultimate requirement for all persons who dare seek to assume the role of helper, professionalized mental health purveyor, practitioner, commentator or expert or academic? Their utter absence of alterations in consciousness should constitute an internal influence requiring formal disclosures.

    Alas, I feel we must get to them before they get to us.

  • Sera you are a shining star thank you for using clear terms to shed light on the clear tone of internalized oppression reflected in this piece from top to bottom. My heartbreaks to see the evolution of oppression and epistemic violence in this way and I find it all to common and to easily achieved when survivors are professionalized and sequestered into strictly clinical spheres. When the role demands a degree of complicity into the very mechanisms of violence from which out survivorhood is crafted it is endlessly devastating to see.

  • Considering the right to force is the locus of power upon which psychiatry builds and fortifies itself I’d wager that ending forced treatment is a sound first step to just that.

    I will circle back with links to the statistical breakdown I am referring though I’d suggest that all readings of related material will easily point to such in the breakdown of the study demographics a standard to near all reporting

  • it is sobering to hear freedoms in terms of a privilege we must not give up as I see it freedom is the most basic inherent and inalienable human right of which the state liberated existed is measured from person to person and place to place. The question of freedom to whom and if all are the cogs of racialized colonial hatred that has continued to play roles in placing some human life as more worth than others. Now that Kendra’s law has branched to a federalized and operationalizing systemic method of carceral care it seems like a fool’s game to attempt to disrupt its cost to human life and curation of state violence with the frame that we only have the privilege of freedom that we should try to hold onto. Dark times are certainly on the horizon I hate that it also has been looming in ways that make it easier more bearable even to justify why these assualts on our individual freedom are up for debate.

    in closing based on AOT data it appeast balck male bodies constitute 2/3 majority of those under it’s constraints on community existence. and no data of evidentiary rigor or validity to indicate it does result in any degree of improvement and less degree to which the implications of those involved are truly violent. in fact I have NEVER in my life scene the application of violently-severely mentally ill before this article. I imagine being from NY jaffe homestate that perhaps this WILDLY DANGEROUS AND NEFARIOUS terminology has led to the belief among those of identified to the level of SMI and/or longstanding community removals for “care” might be more willing to fall prey to the epistemic violence that places freedom in terms of privilege. we must united and center ourselves assertively /and actively against coercion. END FORCED TREATMENT NOW

  • i must say with emphasis the validating righteousness this critical analysis (that generously and relentlessly) responds to the unfortunate and willful ignorance of those who maintain dissenting opinion only and exclusively towards all that is not bastardized and biomedicalized to our peril, just seems to gets better upon each revisit. thank you.

  • I am absolutely gobsmacked to hear of Jaffe’s passing. His pervasively poisonous presence felt to me immortal infinite and eternal in it’s force. In honesty my original reaction to the post was the presumption the piece was meant in a figurative sense in a I cast you out of my psyche and thus your death to my sphere of existence in this temporal plane kind of obituary (as if any survivor could ever erraticat his presence and power to promulgate the supreme need to stomp out our life force at all costs and by any means necessary for our own good).

    His legacy and the absolutely ruthless colonial efforts of his and his cohorts efforts are tantamount to an assault on humanity that I fear may be a string that may actively have the potential to ultimately manifest in an existential threat to all lives and specifically result in the violent suppression of non-normatives and normatives alike. My heart is screaming and my soul is grieving for all of ours who’s life was cut short as a result for all of the families well intended or actively abusive who found solace and validation in Jaffe’s words who became complicit partners in the murder of their kin. Who would be destroyed to know that when they had the chance to know they chose to know that knowing our truth was too much a bridge to cross tand that knowing the colonizers truth was safer warmer guiltless in fact it was a comfort because it wasn’t their fault that we were suffering from too much life suffering from spiritual emergence in a world increasingly devoid of the spirit after generations seeking to know the secrets of what we once understood as the creator and the ancestors. That there is so very little hope the damage can be repaired the horrors of these atrocities can be reconciled and healed yet try we must, lower ourselves to the arena of oppressors we might have to but accept our unworthiness to sacrifice our truth and voice we must never.

    Reading that his physical form has expired and thus his spirit has shifted from this plane in a literal sense left me reeling in a visceral panic like response of disbelief veiled in a fear that his death might leave me liable to a poltergeist-like phantom now liable to take to terrorizing all survivors intermittently from the grave. In a very real and utterly devastating sense his ghost will continue to haunt and terrorize all of us who have been so unfortunately designated as a diagnostically determined lunatic. I feel like my entire being is crying and sobbing and screaming but I have yet to shed a tear I’m still expecting to hear and see and feel his vitriol and disempowering delusional diatriabes behind every other than survivor operated and protected space. Is this real…am I dreaming wasn’t he just on C-SPAN isn’t he due for a livestream huffington post to remind us how NAMI doesn’t take SMI seriously so lock them up restrain them hard and for goddamn sake’s don’t let that shit happen in my back yard. I think I just realized my decision to follow his social media and closed groups for the past few years under the guise of keeping up with knowing the devil you know may have been simultaneously served as a self-appropriated punishment and figurative flagellation by way of shame as much as a genuine feeling that at the threat to my life I needed to remain informed and abreast to know what brand of my life must be eradicated by any means necessary were we selling today…but I guess that’s over now.

    I guess this comment is to say I need a timestamp to believe this is real that i have to suit up for the long haul living in the enemy’s camp but this time his voice is little less violent a little less powerful and if nothing else his ability to degrade dehumanize and disempower the peer community’s ongoing efforts isn’t possible at least not in real time and at least we know that he died trying but we haven’t all died yet and despite all their efforts our kind will always emerge in some manner in some way and in some place and maybe one day in this life or the next the lights of our can warm the world the way the universe intended.