Thursday, October 6, 2022

Comments by Nelson Thomas

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  • I’m not challenging your assertions, Dragon. In fact, I find them to be rather compelling and logically sound. However, I simply want to ask you: the patterns of “symptoms” seen in the “mentally ill” (e.g. in regards to depression: anhedonia, fatigue, problems concentrating, irritability) have been observed for millennia, and because such symptoms so often accompany each other, labels have been assigned to these set of symptoms, hence the diagnoses “OCD,” “schizophrenia,” etc. If those sets of symptoms can’t be labeled as “mental illness,” and if mental illness is entirely fictitious, then what explains them? If you were to speak to a therapy circle with twelve men and women who suffer from “bipolar disorder,” how would you explain their struggles to them? Would you believe them to be lying about their symptoms? Would you attribute those “patterns of symptoms” to a conscious decision to suffer (in other words, their illness is a “choice”)?