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  • I don’t quite understand the conclusion “This study cannot rule out the possibility of treatment effect heterogeneity.”

    They had 2 groups (meds & placebo) and they observed these groups wrt TEH i.e. they looked for instance whether severe depression groups (or other preidentified subgroups) benefit more from the medication than placebo. Ok, so the point is because there may be infinitely many subgroups to look for in the vast landscape of behavioral continuity (or just a lot so that you may never be finished) you can never rule out the possibility that there may be a subgroup where TEH may be observed?

  • @Whatuser: What is PTMF and what does it mean? What you try to adress in your second part of the sentence? I.e. cultural, social and environmental context and origin of mental distress?

    1. So you have been forced to take medication for 30 years straight? What drug? What dosage? I can hardly believe this… My brother is an extremer case and the longest he has been forced to take medication is for about a year, while the court had to reconsider the forced drugging approval every few month. So it is hard to believe they have been forcing you for 30 years straight. Maybe you have been taking the drugs voluntarily and believe they help, as you are caught in the same trap known as medical spellbinding… So that doesn’t prove your point!

    2. Yes, people have always taken some sort of “medication”. But these drugs from (more recent) former times either turned out to be quite damaging (what a surprise…) or they were considered “light” medications as of having hardly any effect compared to these drugs nowadays. In an ancient setting of humans living in a tribe, drugs were probably not given for years straight and I claim that the drug itself had more an effect of a placebo reinforcing the intersocial process that eventually leads to a recovery. So again no pro argument for years of drugging! Hence, the (undoubted) effectiveness of modern drugs (s.a. neuroleptics) would be likely contraproductive as this very effect shields you from this intermediate level of social experiences, such that recovery is basically impossible. So I’m not saying you should never give these drugs for say a few days during extreme situations, but what I’m saying is that you should NEVER give these drugs for durations, s.t. neural adaptions start to occur as this in the long run leads to the often encountered very debilitating effects (even) after withdrawl. So after all, when people take these drugs voluntarily, I doubt they are not elligble to argue pro medication as the very effect of medical spellbinding prevents them from being able to ascertain if the drugs actually help them or not. For that, they have to come off it first, because the level of (self) perception necessary becomes incapacitated on the medication.

    3. In my opinion the latter effect is hardly understood by doctors. You say “…there are other reasons why doctors prescribe them…”: The main reason is, because doctors are (mostly) naturally driven by curiosity and they want to “understand” what’s going on here and there if they play around with the drugs. Unfortunately there is not much to understand and it is far from their wholly original intention to help. Being inable to realize this, just speaks for itself, as they should be the first ones (as professionals) to understand this dynamic, but apparently they don’t. Bascially they are caught in their own “psychosis” and don’t notice it.

    Anyway… Whatever the case, when I say I don’t want to take it (in particular not for longer times) there should be nothing that forces me to do so. If these people think drugging against your will for whatever conceived reason they come up with is help, they are ignoring the very foundations of human rights and there should be nothing stopping you from seeking revenge in order to protect yourself, because I’m sick of these idiots twisting reality. This is not help, but a liscence to legally abuse other people and should be handled accordingly by the court of justice that needs to be established with new principles, since at the moment the state is living in a state of psychosis! Apparently humans are again caught in the same delusional state of affairs as the germans were when they wanted to heal humanity from the toxic jewish blood (before the war began!). I hardly see any difference here!

    Again, I’m not talking about people taking these drugs voluntarily. Everyone is welcome to take whatever he wants; let it be cocaine or heroin. There have always been junkies in the world… But people should be warned beforehand. Instead these (medically spellbinded) people are exploited as promoters/evidence to foster the distorted narrative of this pseudo-science which is outright wrong and corrupt!

  • Hello Whatuser, I’m just wondering what stance you actually take on now? Support is fine if it’s within the natural framework like talking and doing activities and alike, but drugging is a no-go? Or drugging is fine?

    In my personal experience of coercive psychiatriy, the typical procedure is as follows: You experience distress to something and you can not work. You are naturally faced with your next best GP who will send you to your next psychiatrist of choice and you will get your sick leave slip so that your insurrance covers the loss of income. In the best case scenario you will have several sessions of talking before anything happens. If by then you have not improved and you don’t want to take medication by choice, what generally follows is the claim of your lack of healthy mental judgement capacity (generally refered to as uncompliance) and you need to be forced for your best interest. That is apparently the standard procedure. As most other variants of help are ok in my oppinion (compatible with your human rights) I’d just like to know what stance you take on this one.

  • @Whatuser: I think you are caught in the same thinking as psychiatrists are… You actually think this way of “helping” is in reality help? That’s the point: It is not! Nobody denies the existence of severe distress, but what you need is time and emotional support. Intersocial dynamics that you need to kind of have in order to acquire practical experience that you can learn from. That might take years, like 10 years or more? Maybe it is so severe that you are not able to work during that time and what you need is the financial support nobody wants to give… Drugging you to a mentally retarded neanderthal is no help for anyone. It might help those people who don’t want to be bothered with it, but these are the last people you should be considerate towards! In fact you make everything worse, because now you are not even capable to think in a higher abstract way; tools you need for your “recovery”.

    I also question the way psychiatrists approach this entire scam. When you are in such a situation you are indeed looking for help; but then you are even more betrayed ontop of your present distress by someone who claimed to help you, but then damages you for life? This can not be real…

    Eventually when you refuse medication you are going to be forced. So the entire point: Nowadays it is not even a matter of choice anymore! Shrinks will drug you against your will, damage you and claim they helped and use their own mental/intellectual capacity to argue these medications do not harm, while you yourself are hindered in proper thinking to argument against it, because you are lacking the strength, will and mental capacity due to the debilitating effect of the drugs. It is a vicious circle and entirely mendacious!

  • @Psychologist: Your comments make raging in hate! Do you actually mean what you are saying there or are you just some provocative troll? Do you want to see how effective these very own drugs actually are that you claim to be ineffective without proper diagnosis by me stuffing your gob with it?

    Now that I’m done raging let me ask you whether you have taken neuroleptics yourself for considerable time and dosage? If not, I guess any further discussion is a waste of time!