Monday, August 8, 2022

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  • You have answered with the obvious solution to almost all off the social ills discussed on MIA. Not sarcasm here.. Really. It’s commonly called Community, (although one must avoid the use of “commune”) the Poorhouse, the Work House. Working for room and board, being helpful and useful in supporting your own existence instead of suckling off the teat of whatever govt or 501c3 sow is available, whether we like that idea or think it’s oppressive, is proven in the past and evident in the present day (refs available) to give placement to solitary, homeless, jobless, marginalized, outcast, and I/DD people, convicts.
    Successful county jails and state prisons have proven that they can become self contained facilities. Basically growing food,
    working outside in nature with your hands, have routine, learn responsibility and enjoy comeradery. It doesn’t get any better than that!
    Yes, it might be religious.
    It might not.
    It might have white men leaders
    It might have black women leaders.. Whatever.
    It might appear to the shallow public to be similar to tenant farming or slavery because it involves agriculture
    It might not be financially”profitable”
    It certainly won’t be on the carousel psychiatric loop that gives the ability of people that are well to make their living off the backs of the sick, poor and marginalized as it is done today.

  • In keeping with my psychiatric label of *religiously preoccupied*,
    I’d like to note a relevant situation with the book of Job. He sat mourning, over dead children and covered in ashes with boils head to toe. A wife telling him to “curse God and die” and so called friends who spoke exhausting philosophical dialogue about why he “deserved” this and how his faith wasn’t correct, and “who did he think he was for questioning the God of the universe?” etc. To me this closely reflects the same image of the circles psychiatrist methods take, reasoning away the pain and attempting at mental manipulation of the patients’ reality as He sees it.
    The interesting point is in Job’s compassionate response. The requisite to his healing and restoration was to pray for his friends.
    As if ” bless their hearts, they don’t know what they’re doing”