Wednesday, August 12, 2020

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  • My son is 31 years old and his first undeniable signs of psychosis occurred 8 years ago. His diagnosis is paranoid schizophrenia. This is approximately his 20th hospitalization, almost all of which were involuntary. He never really went voluntarily. He caught on that if he told the police or ambulance driver that he would go voluntarily, he could change his mind later and be discharged.

    After 7 years of cycling in and out of hospitals my husband and I told our son he couldn’t come back to live. When he isn’t taking any medication it isn’t possible to live with him. He constantly hears voices and is completely immersed in his other “world”. He screams and yells all night long, constantly pacing. He sleeps off and on throughout the day. He smokes incessantly and leaves his cigarette butts everywhere. He doesn’t flush the toilet or clean up after himself. He’s left the gas burner on. He never shuts the door at any time of the year and we’ve paid multiple leash law fines because the dog gets out. He’s been beaten up and stolen from. The final straw came about 16 months ago when he moved into the unfinished basement and started urinating in a corner.

    He was homeless for less than a week when the police picked him up and went through the 302 process. It was one of the worst weeks of my life and there have been many in the past 8 years. He spent more than 3 months in the hospital because there was no room at the 6 bed extended acute care facility in our county. When room opened for him there he stayed more than 5 months. He was discharged to a group home where he lived for 7 months, steadily becoming sicker and sicker, until they told him he had to leave in 24 hours for breaking the rules. They found a knife in his drawer and he was smoking in his room.

    Where do I go with this? How can I help him? I don’t know how he can be safe without medication which I know he thinks he doesn’t need. He was on an injectable haldol for a few years before it stopped working altogether and most recently for 3 months intramuscular abilify. To be honest, nothing is really working anymore. I would really appreciate any advice.