Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Comments by Danielkm

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  • Great article! And the timing… I”m starting a position as a therapist in one of those primary care teams with a rapid paced setting. In the interview they mentioned rapid-paced many times! Shorter visits, with a focus on brief, CBT, behavioral, medically-connected interventions. I’m nervous as I’m leaving a place that allowed for full hour and was starting to dabble in psychodynamic and deeper trauma therapy interventions.
    I’m hopeful that the brief, medical model setting still has at least some benefit the less-resourced patients they serve, and that it doesn’t lock me in to approaching problems that way forever!
    I appreciate your framing the responsibility of the APA to include diverse viewpoints. A cynical side of me see s the overreach of greed seeping in to all professions, prioritizing corporate interest over human need. I also wonder if you consider the growing trend of chat-bot AI therapy etc. as something that can add fuel to this fire. (behavioral interventions as gold standard + AI bots that do it amazingly = bills/policies that don’t provide for the good diverse therapy you mention for most people).
    Thanks again, I’ll be coming back to this article to ponder more!