Saturday, November 26, 2022

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  • Mr. Whitaker,

    Thank you. You have succeeded in providing an exceptional defense and critical analysis to the Vice article that is being countered and I sincerely applaud you for taking the high road and citing real references, making a clear argument against and in general demonstrating the poor journalism and incredibly weak material that the Vice’s author so feebly tries to present to her readers. And you did it in a respectful manner without taking personal shots at her character – that must have been difficult but I for one noticed and just want to tip my hat to you for that.

    Coincidentally I did in fact read her article before yours and had spotted some of the same bias/baiting problems and unsubstantiated claims in it that you so eloquently laid out here – Her ‘piece’ disappointed me in so many different ways because it completely failed to capture what the true nature (speaking from personal experience) of what a conventional norm critic of psychiatry is really all about: the patient above all should have a voice and support to get them through what they are struggling with (just like any other patient who presents with something visible like a broken arm for example). One thing that I deplore is how much our (in the US) society stigmatizes those with mental illnesses, trauma, and disabilities – I cannot overstate how systemic and rooted it is yet how disastrous it is for the person and their caregivers to experience. Even if your condition is invisible (as is the case with most psychiatric disorders) it does not mean the impact to your life or your suffering is any less so.

    In navigating each of our own individual struggles as they inevitably occur in each and every one of our lives – I always find it helpful to remember to think of at least one or two or more positive things about anything and everything in our lives that brings us into the present – and with that I would say (as yourself and others have also noted) that its not all bad though – as unpleasant (if I may) an experience this may have been – you have gained another follower and user on your platform, with personal exp and another perspective to share… and you can be sure that I will spread that spark to others as well to keep this movement alive and well.

    I find comfort in knowing you and your team are part of a larger effort to redefine this part of our society – by all counts we will need more and more like yourselves going forwards. The things I have begun to read and encounter on your site almost immediately resonated with me – I can’t begin to describe my joy in finding this not just for myself and my family but for all others who need this community to listen and be heard as well. With content like this, you can be sure that I (and I hope others/we) will be behind you and with you backing you up, be that visibly or not. Thanks again – your dedication and generosity is very much appreciated.