Thursday, December 8, 2022

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  • Well, I read this with great interest, also wondering who would make it all the way through. It’s too bad more people won’t. I’d like to see some of Phil’s stuff serialised in a way that would let folks access it a bit more piecemeal (spelling?). Many years ago, when I still had my license to kill, I studied with an older gentleman, a psychiatrist, a self-identified humanist. He and I made up a presentation about personality disorders, the DSM, and the historical context of same. It was quite interesting. This was when I was studying to be a practitioner of DBT. I was going to save all the bad little borderline girls-interrupted, and let them know they could even be a clinician like me one day if they were really lucky.

    Anyway, Phil’s piece takes me down that road. I think the right thesis isn’t about what does and does not have evidence, but the degree of evidence present. The exact dialectic needed for a concise thesis would discuss the difference between social and physical sciences, and how both of these are verified, investigated, and how they do and do not change with place, time, and culture. In my opinion, the right thesis to argue this most effectively is in that neighbourhood. I am reclaiming the MF dialectic for us, right here, right now. Dialectics are powerful. I want mine back. I’m taking it.

    Bless your works, Phil Hickey.

  • Alright Tina, Your response makes the educator in me question whether an “elevating” action might involve making the process even more easy to access. For example, you mention, “there are formalities to follow”. This may not seem like much of a statement to someone with your level of education and intellect. However, the task of getting an idea into 520 words, for example, is a little intimidating for more people than not.

    Is it possible to get something small and elegant together to support those who want to participate but don’t feel equal to the task? Like a little interactive digital presentation that is easy to follow? The classic 5 paragraph essay comes to mind. I’m aware it’s quite a colonial construction. It’s an example, perhaps not the best form. The form should be at least culturally-competent-adjacent, but I don’t think this is the time to split hairs on offense and identity.

    Because I don’t think there has ever been a better time for action.

  • Well, really, anything, or even nothing, would be preferable to the current state of “activism” in this community. In fact, nothing (literally) might be preferable because it would stop all the “peer” co-optation, the “critical clinician” nonsense, and especially the “dissident practitioner” garbage. It is my understanding there are different flavors of anti psychiatry now, similar to anarchy and coffee I suppose? A proactive suggestion would be to bun the system to the ground, I suppose. This community has been hell bent on its own destruction for years, but god, it is worse than it has ever been. YAWN

  • So let’s summarize what just happened here.

    Members of this community talked to this journalist (who is by no one’s assertion anything close to a content expert in this area) for god know’s what purpose? Promoting some neoliberal non-profit garbage, perhaps.

    And now, Whitaker has spent god knows how much time and effort to show the journalist he knows more than she does about the topic. Because the article made this blog look stupid.

    In the meantime, has anyone noticed it is 1938 Germany-ing outside? Who were the first ones to get the gas? Oh yeah. You all need to buy a clue.