Tuesday, June 22, 2021

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  • “The mental health system conveys a different message. The diagnostic process strips people of personal agency. After being diagnosed, people are often told to lower life expectations and avoid stress. Emotions are viewed as signs of disease to be medicated away. Therapies are often used to try and mold us into people others want us to be”.

    True, this used to be the case, it still is with many treatment programs using the medical model but the situation is changing with advocacy, peer led programs and professionals who are willing to treat people as people and not a disease. This is also the case for addictions which have never been a disease but has been labeled as such by 12 step and the “treatment industry” for monetary gain. What is needed is human interaction, a change in the public perception of psychological issues as “mad and bad” and the pharmaceutical industry’s strangle hold on treatment options and the minds of psychiatrists. We need more social awareness, public education and community involvement with helping others in need.