Tuesday, September 29, 2020

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  • I was fortunate to go to the Esalen conference this year. It was not a simple foray into paradise, though paradise it was. There is an energy there that took hold. Yes, intense dialogue formed upon each of our voices, both enlightening, riveting and gentle. After the first two days I found myself slipping. I found myself in a darkened night that madness knows so well. Here it was different. The Ancient Ones on the horizon, constant, with their haunting drumbeats, led me to behold something sacred. The commingling of my darkest cavern-me in communion with the mountaintop lit-Eye. Beheld by this schism I was able to hold. Alone in this expression I was sheltered by those walking with me. In this space, which has not left me still, I learned to embrace that radical falling-down-rising with every footstep, wave and thought. This was no vacation. It was work in groups. It was listening to the spirits. It was finding agony and bliss yet again playing within the Heartsong that I have learned so well, now different because I can see myself in life entire. I found myself within kinship both validated and corrupt. I am grateful to have found my way to these cliffs knowing that the end of every horizon is a shelter to the storm. Thank you Michael for organizing this event and for everyone who was there boldly walking together. I am challenged by the thought of those who were not with us. I wish that the world could be Esalen for this moment or as many moments as we need. So that you in your home could know that you were not far from it. We are standing together for the times that are forming. May we find each other now.