Thursday, December 9, 2021

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  • My daughter then aged 32 had just recovered from a 3 months long depressive episode and was having more difficulty sleeping. She had been taking Ambien for over two years prescribed by her psychiatric PA and he added some Tegretol and Seroquel in the guise of helping her sleep. Well, when those additions didn’t result in more/better sleep my daughter began to panic afraid she would become manic.
    I should have talked her out of seeking a hospital stay on a psych ward. She had been on one of those three times before: her junior year of college, the following year at about the same time (July 4th) as the previous year-both those admissions were involuntary and occurred during so-called manic episodes on campus. Her 3rd admission was voluntary because she wanted to get off her Ativan dependence.
    She thought the psych unit could prevent another manic episode and voluntarily admitted herself. She made the mistake that cost her her life. When the psych resident and staff recognized she wanted a say in her care including whether she be given “meds” they switched her to involuntary commitment. They forced her to take Zyorexa and Lithium, and then took away Zyorexa and replaced that with Risperidone (I told them Risperidone made her zombie-like on her 1st psych admission 10 yrs earlier and I was ignored). I and her dad watched helplessly as she became twitchy and unable to hold eating utensils. This all took place in supposedly the best public hospital in North Carolina. When I begged her physicians to stop the Risperidone and Lithium I was told she’s “not rigid” so she”ll be alright. They also refused to get a cardiac consult for her tachycardia.
    Patients have no rights when they get on the psych unit. Parents who know their children better than anybody are ignored or placated enough to keep quiet.
    Jill died 2 weeks after she admitted herself falsely believing our current in patient mental health system could help her. There were no lawyers willing to help me get her out of the hospital and after her death no lawyers wanted to take the case but one.
    In North Carolina, in cases like Jill’s the lawyers have to find a similar institution willing to review the “psychiatric care” Jill received. The consulting psychiatrist deemed the “care” jill received met the “standard of care”. Therefore there is no justice for my daughter. I had 2 years from the date of her death to seek justice and time ran out.
    I want the in patient psych unit to change. Prisoners are treated better than in patient psych patients. How do I go about bringing change to the psych unit experience for the people who are suffering?