Wednesday, August 5, 2020

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  • My husband and I went through a bumpy transition once I found my voice and my opinions we sought out a marriage counselor to help with the break down in communication. Its hard to have a dialogue with someone who was once just a sideliner with no difference of opinion and then the first time you realize what your voice sounds like you realize you got a lot more to say. Your also taking an active role in decision making and daily run of things which can be disconcerting for someone who has been at the helm of the ship all this time. (your wife) I always wondered why my husband and I didn’t fight more inn the beginning cause my friends were all telling me he was a Leo and I was a Taurus it just wouldn’t work between us. It turned out I was a control freak and I already knew he was but until we adjusted to the fact that I was taking over the running of my house and finances and well I let him decide whats for dinner everyday. lol It was funny cause there for a couple of months he slept on the couch more than he had ever done. Then in therapy one day my therapist asked him if he wasn’t tired of making all the decisions and running everything? Would’nt he enjoy just taking it easy and letting someone he knew he could trust not to sink the ship to take over for awhile? He hasn’t slept on the couch since! Good Luck to the both of you while you reacquaint yourselves and in some cases get to know more about one another!! Its an exciting journey.