Friday, December 2, 2022

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  • This article is from a year ago but thank you for writing it. This idea that news outlets shouldn’t include the suicide method used, that films and shows shouldn’t use any detail, is so insane. 13 Reasons Why, for example. Including the rape, bullying, conflict at home, and other trauma, but not the suicide itself is somehow supposed to be healthy? It’s insane. Although I understand the episode alteration in that case, since kids seem to gravitate towards that show and vulnerable kids will replicate what they see. But in content not consumed by children and teens, it’s ridiculous. I also think the idea that suicide is somehow inherently wrong is extremely harmful and lacking in compassion. In my darkest times, I would seek out and only consume content involving suicide, and it was the only thing that would give me comfort. When I’m in anguish, content involving suicide is calming to me. I wish this was something that more mental health professionals and people could understand.