Friday, January 15, 2021

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  • H.S.:

    Amen yes change is on the way! Your speaking out is a big part of that process, thank you for writing the article. It really inspired me to keep speaking out myself. I have suffered much damage due to medication over the course of almost 20 yrs and kept exhibiting “psychosis” upon every attempt to get off them which was done unwisely, too quickly and without help. For years I believed I really was “Sick” until I discovered the psychiatric survivor movement several years ago including Mad in America. Cause I’m Mad >:(
    And in America. (Unfortunately in some ways I suppose, not so in others)
    I also discovered my own journal entries and medical records from the time I first exhibited “psychosis” at 25 yrs old. I was upping an antidepressant I had been prescribed slowly, but on my own at a very difficult time in my life. The doctor who had prescribed that antidepressant also labeled me “Bipolar” so I was taking Depakote on and off for a year but decided to stop taking it because it was making me lethargic. I was simply at that time a depressed, confused and disheartened 25 yr old desperately working to get out of her misguided, helicopter parents’ house. I had temporarily moved back in (BIG MISTAKE) after being unable to provide for myself and my abusive boyfriend at the time in a small apartment. Unfortunately being under their roof reignited serious childhood trauma but I suffered through it while working to make a buck enough to get the hell outa there again. Then suddenly I woke up in a confused state which led to odd behaviors and was suddenly shipped to the State Hospital (where they took “patients” who had no health insurance) where my odd behaviors were exacerbated by the stressful hospital environment all the while being medicated with antipsychotic and mood stabilizing drugs. Next thing I know I’m under conservatorship by my (well meaning I suppose) parents and put on Disability which I guess is a blessing because I’m still on it 18 yrs later and bread and butter in this World is no joke. At least I’m not busting my ass working part time anymore (with such said side effects) just to afford car insurance and gas. (Disability is barely enough to subsist on) I’d give it all the hell up though to have my inner sense of Self and cognitive functioning back which is what I’m in the process (AGAIN) of doing now. And it’s showing, including in this writing. I’m fine, no signs of “psychosis” just the old Anita I used to know. Because I’m going about this over the course of several years instead of several months, with supervision.

    I was on a Road twenty years ago. Got detoured by domestic violence and the psychiatric system. I had gone to a top notch college and was ambitious and gifted. Young and naive/stupid, but determined. I can’t get 20 yrs back but I can keep reading writing like yours and so many others’, thus being inspired to move forward. So hard to forgive but the Power that results fuels me ahead at full speed in ways that I couldn’t be otherwise. I still believe and foresee that in the Future a mass lawsuit is going to unfold because this movement isn’t going anywhere, it’s just getting stronger!

    May we all hear each other and Heal ourselves as we press on! There is always Hope!!! <3

  • My comment was directed to the author of the article. The story described in the previous comments about the crimes and abuse (which I now just read and which was posted while my comment was being considered for posting) is atrocious and now I’m literally frightened as a psych survivor myself. Very difficult to completely understand the legal language especially but thank you (to the person who you wrote that lengthy comment) for the enlightenment!
    Didn’t mean to defend the system or offend in any way.
    I still believe the only real solution ever in any Conflict is peaceful exchange and proper negotiation, even if it takes the more spiritually gifted and peaceful types amongst us to voice themselves in that very real process ✌️

    (This was written before I noticed any previous replies to my or his comments)

  • Interesting. Perhaps since psychiatry within the grander field of MEDICINE (a much more solidly and verifiably ACCURATE Arena) is more or less a joke, your doctor and the majority of those like him can only prove themselves (especially TO themselves) with the Almighty Prescription and the big pharma money that entails.
    Makes sense in my humble opinion especially amongst, um, the Masculine. Which is what Modern Medicine has been founded by.
    Regardless, your case should be considered a social crime and a class action lawsuit is what will make that happen. And it’s going to!! ✌️