Thursday, December 9, 2021

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  • The ongoing stigma is real and very intentional, when given a label that gives the go ahead to stigmatise, abuse and control the subject, which would not be possible without said label. Limitations are then put on their life. When my old psychiatrist dies, I will pop open a bottle of champagne, reserved for only the best occasion’s as I don’t even drink the stuff.

  • It’s great to see some progress. The mental health system in UK badly needs a reform. Starting with community treatment orders, they are not even being used for their supposed intended purpose, but completely abused as a means to control the vunerable or those who even just fall outside of social norms. I had no idea such a disgusting breach of human rights existed until I was subjected to one despite not being ill, the forced medication proposed to keep me well just in case. My crime?disagreeing with my psychiatrist at the time, I was misdiagnosed with schizophrenia, he wanted me to take antipsychotics despite me being completely functional and suffering no hallucinations or hearing voices. I was told my cpn thought I was hearing voices. Sounds like she had a delusion, not me.

    There is no fair trial or safeguards for the patient as they claim, whatever I had written in my statement was said to be “clouded by mental illness” therefore unreliable. The psychiatrist and cpn were said to be reliable witnesses, who had both gone out of their way to lie to secure the cto, even completely fabricating a delusion which I apparantly held, that I heard nothing about until the tribunal. I was never questioned about any beliefs or views by the psychiatrist beforehand, he never asessed me, seeming to come to assumptions that I did absolutely nothing and couldn’t function. He would also receive information from the cpn, who would tend to pathologise every normal human emotion I experienced as psychosis. With absolutely no evidence of a break in reality. When I later questioned her about what psychotic symptoms I had she said worrying about judgement from others indicated psychosis. Only to find out on her cto report that I did not occasionally worry about what people think but apparantly heard their thoughts and believe they can hear mine. I wonder why they can’t just leave someone with trauma alone and instead pathologise their every feeling into a problem, going as far as to lie so that they need medicated into complete disfunction for life instead.

    It was mentioned on my cto report that I was emotionally flat and emotionally unavailable to my children and thought to be incapable of day to day activities, as if antipsychotics has any way to remedy this even if this was the case. Before antipsychotics I was extremely fit and active, managed to engage with my children, have fun and imaginative play daily.
    Afterwards I couldn’t partake in previous interests and completely lost my ability to take care of or interact with my kids, this is the only effect that can come from blocking dopamine receptors. For example I couldn’t still still or focus enough to play a board game or even watch a movie. Antipsychotics were presented as a magical cure all at the tribunal, improving functionality, life, motivation, safety of my children and myself and all sorts of ridiculous things. I’m sure the psychiatrist wasn’t so stupid that he didn’t know that blocking 90% of dopamine creates lesser functioning, loss of independence, loss of interest, flattening and all sorts of other detrimental effects.
    But this is how he get’s away with his abuse and the panel and mho lapped up all the unscientific rubbish. I don’t know how they get away with presenting antipsychotics as having the complete opposite effect to that which they have.

    Although I have been off medication for months thanks to a new psychiatrist actually doing his job correctly. I am traumatised everyday and for life likely by my experience. I know what true mental torture is and can’t get over how many people were complacent in destroying my life and future under the guise of helping. I know these drugs made me extremely ill, the worst I have felt in my life and most disfunctional I have ever been in my life. And when I felt this way, it was even noted that I had improved, I saw no way out apart from killing myself, this was the polar opposite of my previous life and not a life I wanted to live, they backed off and didn’t care when I was suffering the most, or that my children did not have a parent anymore, proving none of this is about helping anyone. Only in dealing with the undesirables like me the only way they see fit.