Saturday, November 27, 2021

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  • Hello All,

    I have enjoyed the topic and appreciate what everyone has shared. Like many of you, I too have struggled with prescription and non-prescription drugs. My struggles began in childhood and continue to this moment as I write this entry. I have experienced opiate and benzo withdrawal, simulatenously and separately over the year. I have been to many different detoxes and rehab facilities. I have experienced sobriety and all the joys in brings, I have been in jail and experienced the humiliation and fear, I have been in the gutter but I have also been on top. I have been more or less clean for about one year, I am participating in a suboxone maintenance program, but because I take it as prescribed and have been so doing for awhile I do not experience euphoria and it has become more medicine than fix, so evaluate that as you will. I wanted to explain that to say thanks to those who have shared their suffering because it is the only thing that kept me from ordering from an online pharmacy today. Drug addiction is a strange thing. I know that it is bad for me, I have more personal examples than I can remember, but after awhile I don’t feel that is is bad for me. I completely forget how miserable I once was and how awful I really felt. On the edge, ready to kill myself, it is so insidious, it permeates your being, and once entrenched it never goes away. But we can heal, it takes daily effort, I believe strongly in the power of plasticity, if I can call it that. For certain, having experienced both, benzo withdrawal is more severe and longer lasting, but you will heal. To anyone that is experiencing symptoms that last longer than 6 months, you seriously need to have things re-evaluated, I am not saying that what you are feeling isn’t real, but there may be other underlying causes that aren’t specifically connnected to your former benzo use. As for the Dr’s responsbility, they are people, that’s it, granted they have tremendous power and responsbility, but when it comes down to it, they are just people who want to go home and live there lives. You (everyone) needs to be accountable and take responsbility for what you have allowed the Dr. to give you. Don’t always just drink the KoolAid because someone says you should do it. There is too much regulation in the world already. We don’t need more laws and more costly regulation. Just be aware, take a part in your own life, do some research, and no that you have the responsiblity to say no that you do not want to take this or that. To summarize:

    1) This thread kept me drug-free for another day.

    2) You will get better, if you abstain.

    3) Take responsibility for what you put in your body.