Saturday, May 28, 2022

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  • Thanks for this article, Sera! I hear you, loud and clear. It’s a bit funny to me that this essay, out of all the things we could argue about, would garner so much resistance and pushback. But I guess it is to be expected from a society built on individual exceptionalism, and it’s economic system capitalism, rather than mutuality, collective wellness, and respect. I just wanted to say I HEAR YOU! And I think it’s a very valid point – that we recognize the accomplishments of some people with honorifics and salaries that go beyond what any single person actually needs, while sidelining, belittling, and ignoring the accomplishments of others who worked just as hard in other ways, AND how this leads to the dangerous situation of letting someone’s authority hold more weight than another’s – especially related to psychiatry. I work as a peer support person, and when a person’s prescriber tries to negate their experience by telling them that what they are experiencing could not be an effect of the medication, I like to say to the prescriber, “So when you were taking this medication, what did you experience?” And they can’t answer because they haven’t ever taken it. They have no direct experience. Point being, don’t dismiss someone’s direct experience of something. Listen. Try to understand. Take it in. Don’t immediately start to convince them that they’re wrong because “you’re the doctor/expert/authority.”

    Anyway, thank you again for this thoughtful piece! I appreciated the complexity you brought to it and how you amplify the larger issues at stake even in something that seems small, like calling someone Dr.

  • David, you are a hero to me. I had the honor of seeing you give the keynote at Peerpocalypse this year. I am a new Peer Wellness Specialist in Portland, OR – learning how to support other survivors and peers while plotting the REVOLUTION. Yes, we sure as hell need one. I look to you for the wisdom and experience you have accumulated over the years, and appreciated the history you shared with us at the conference. One of the beautiful things about you is that you bring humor and love into your revolutionary stance. It is appreciated. Thank you so much for your work! May you be well and happy and keep fighting the good fight.