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  • You be cursed.

    The CIA literally invented this all to label and kill and discredit citizens so makes sense this guy is talking about the obvious.

    The idea is if you join the MEDINT/spy side at the local hospital, county clinic, or even many other clinics you have clearance and are expected to wield the CIA created DSM to get rid of the poor, kill them, drug them, and steal whatever money they got. Coordination works over multiple cities and states as they the nurses and doctors communicate over the remote view system a highly classified space weapon..

    That way they can kill and lock the targets up in any town even if they relocate they can’t escape.

    They been running this fraud awhile.. think the mortality rates was secret from them? Nope.

  • This letter might help but most judges are corrupt and dont care. They are ok with your death. They approved your civil commitment knowing they were authorizing your murder with drugs.

    The problem is at the hearing they do not listen to none credentialed witnesses usually. They use this as a shield to ignore all the facts. So if your doctor is against you and you have no replacement expert witnesses you will most likely lose. However you may still win if the judge randomly decides the evidence presented by the doctor does not fit the requirements which is rare. They call this lay witness statements when you testify for yourself or bring in family or other non credentialed. You need an expert witness to state what you said to win easier. Judges are swayed by expert witness testimony and will more likely listen to your lay testimony.

    Lay testimony alone is not enough seen countless people try to speak for themselves in court and the judge disregard it all.

  • Doesn’t seem to be capitalism. Capitalism is a system of exchanging money for service.

    These guys want us dead and enslaved. They give us false medicine and mutilate us like clockwork as if there was a eugenics plot to kill everyone but the wealthy elite.

    All the doctors and police are employees of the elite and they keep a classified system of power under their belt. This is kept from the public who then misleadingly claim everything being done is to profit rather than kill and control the population.

    What if all they actually want to do is make weapons and test them on us under the guise of developing medical care and providing it.

    That’s what I am saying: they don’t want to provide medical care they want to use our bodies like we are Guinea pigs and they want to kill 500,000+ a year and damage us in various ways to make us less powerful as a group. Every medical application they test say a hip implant or a brain implant, it’s a failure product but they take the experience to make better weapons on the CIA and DOD side and never provide the technology or experience back to the general public side.

    Don’t for a second think the drugs they prescribe to us aren’t failure by design that maim us, reduce life expectancy and kill 500,000+ annually by design. The military doctors who administer this program in every city and state are keeping their identities secret so when we go to the doctor we don’t even know they secretly work for the military and harm us on purpose.

  • You really have to look at the last 100 years as the whole picture. They just did mkultra / project star gate on this guy and the other experiment victims knowing this type of implant would not help.

    His underlying issue is not depression. Hidden from his diagnosis is his history of brain mutilation with antidepressant medications over 40 different ones. That is probably his main issue. Then he has brain mutilation from ECT. Then he has brain mutilation from mkultra implant. Nothing in his history suggests clear convincing emotional issues like depression. It’s all brain injury. His brain is a rotten mess from prior medical model trickery. His doctor tricked him- selecting him as a patient for brain implant because he knew this guy was a manipulateable dope who kept listening to everything he was told and his brain was sufficiently damaged already to make him a prime mkultra candidate.

    They knew the implants wouldn’t be of benefit too- they implanted so many people in MKULTRA and every known implant episode was a failure. There’s never been a success.

    Something tells me their experiments had nothing to do with depression that’s the way these things go. What did they really use this guy for a guinea pig for. He thinks all they tested was an implant to treat depression that’s never how they work..

  • why take swings at the DSM without understanding who wrote it and why? the Mad In America folks don’t understand there’s something called Medical Intelligence in this country. Medical Intelligence is a gruesome black world underground cult of the medical establishment that has invented or keeps secret many bioweapons. They run the businesses, hospitals, military, universities and colleges in secret. They otherwise are known to have done manhattan project, mkultra, project star gate, obamas brain initiative, etc. they are literally on the level of Resident Evil powers and actually beyond it. they keep all their weapons secret much like the Manhattan Project in fact more secret than that. they never ever show how they can turn a human being into an actual zombie that spits blood at the mouth and which survives bullet shots.

    in order to understand what the DSM is- one has to study this covert black world. many have already. psychiatry has always been a weapon of mass obidience to the world and what I am saying is: they know for a fact the conditions in the DSM are a lie and don’t exist inside of the people receiving diagnosis. they have done this level of fraud many times. believe it or not, all public education is controlled and crafted and before the public receives it they take out the stuff they don’t want the public to know or what may not be obvious to their brain. they insert various lies. they have actually at times crafted entire sciences that are made up in the public realm, but have many secret classified components kept hidden that explain how it really works such. an example very public of how this was done is parapsychology. back in the 1970s they used to have a lot of psychics running around but all of the sudden the core psychics just disappeared. they had the ability to read thoughts and control the environment using satellites and radar. the public was never told about the satellites and radar enabling it. the public science said these people had super natural powers. it was an obvious lie. the DOD, DIA, NSA, FBI and CIA crafted every material for the public to be lied to about it.

    well then there’s the DSM. guess what? the entire thing is a crafted lie. and it has nothing to do per say with industry profits. it has to do with their global domination strategy: their desire to control the population from subconsciously to conciously. well the idea is a psychiatrists can secretly work for the DOD or CIA, diagnose citizens to discredit them and authorize their lock up based on ficticious brain abnormalities they never have a medical scientific test to show which is part of the con, and to then subject the person to harmful biomedical weapons designed to kill and maim the individual. Come on it’s that straight forward. There are people in control of this world who want to make the populous who isn’t them drop dead. They want to be able to lock those individuals up. They want to discredit those people by having alleged doctors come in who never have to perform any medical test to verify what they are saying write up huge reports and testify against the individual in court.

    that’s the entire purpose of the DSM and psychiatry.

    not only that but there’s many other plots to kill us going on. from plots to gut healthcare, housing, welfare etc. there are different ideologies in power- in the Democrat ideology they favor doing all the same crime against citizens but sometimes to lesser degrees. they may believe in killing less citizens, putting more restrictions on liberty violating measures like psychiatry, having free healthcare and housing and welfare etc but they might not always be able to shut it all down by themselves. certain democrats are also pure evil themselves you got to look at each person and find out who they really are.

    yes the true reason you find the DSM loaded with every part of humanity? they want to be able to diagnose any smuck in front of them to discredit them, restraint them of liberty by locking them up in mental hospitals and AOT, and they want to be able to bludgeon these people with deadly drug cocktails. I can confirm that the DSM-5 was designed to prescribe diagnosis receivers drugs and ECT without any protection from it. They now even recommend drugs for personality disorders for Christ sake. The thing is some of the diagnosis receivers are whistleblowers and poor people, diagnosed not because they have symptoms but because this plot is upon them.

  • you also seem to be suffering extreme brain damage from the psych meds. part of your problem is long term brain damage. the symptoms mimic depression, anxiety, ADHD, borderline personality, PTSD, trauma, tearfulness, lack of focus, self mutilation, etc. the doctors never diagnose brain damage so you never focus on it. what I found is the drugs lock your nervous system up preventing it from adjusting beyond the state it gets locked up in and various emotional issues are caused and locked into, you never realize it because the doctors never properly diagnosed you and just keep throwing the standard regime of drugs at you which further make the problem worse. the rigidity seems to effect muscle, memory, mood, consciousness.

    unfortunately doctors are so ill trained if it isn’t provided to them in med school by the for profit powers that be they have no idea. they have trouble breaking free from their miseducation never getting you. you languish in the system for 24 years thinking about what your real problem was: incest and sex abuse. the truth is your brain is so damaged by the drugs you just can’t break out of that thinking pattern. you seek desperately to describe how you are a normal good person really impacted by a problem that started in childhood unable to see the brain damage yourself.

    the treatment i recommend for you may not work as you have been on the brain damaging drugs so long but tapper off them, you will be in a disabled state possibly by the onset of emotional and physical problems, but wait it out and seek Neuro rehab. some of it you might have to pay out of pocket such as for steam room access, whole body vibration, massage, inversion therapy, biking, sky diving, hydro therapy, etc.

    some of the damage may never improve but you will find certain symptoms do improve after a few years of Neuro rehab. you will find perhaps all your short comings in thought was purely from the dystonia, parkinsonism, locked up rigid nervous system. you might start to think more highly and clearly of yourself once your brain and body begins to function again. it turns out your inability to cope and process the world was tied to your messed up body and nervous system and as muscles loosen and begin to recover so does cognitive and emotional function. you will realize you never had an emotional problem at all and were merely preyed on and misdiagnosed and drugged into your emotionally liable and disabled state. the incest and sex abuse won’t matter as much to you but finally you might still feel sad for the great loss of time and even attribute some of it to the incest and sex abuse.

    live your life as is and discuss ongoing with a psychotherapist out patient which may boost your mood by giving you someone to talk to if they aren’t bullshit.

    definitely go on vacations, travel, go to work and school. these things will help your mind develop further and you will find an existence in life besides being a cripple.

    I’m not aware of any doctor who can really diagnose and treat all this. you will have to invent your own physical rehab regime. functional neurology, functional medicine, environmental medicine are usually the most keen on this issue. your problem is long term toxicity and bodily/brain damage from the drugs.

    yes I have found the focus on DSM diagnosis and trauma to usually be the result from brain damage caused by the drugs plus recurrent situations that don’t get better such as continued brainwashing by doctors and even economical distress such as homelessness, lack of money, inadequate disability funding or income from job etc.

    one day at a time to boost cognitive functioning.

    recovery will be slightly harder if poor and homeless, or unable to travel to nice places and purchase rewarding nervous system stimulation to get you by.

    stay on the meds and the damage will simply continue recurrently and progressively developing while old damage can never start to heal.

  • John’s case was dismissed, the appeals court dismissed it as well, the Ohio Supreme Court refused to hear the case, his only option now is US Supreme Court Writ of Certiorari or refiling the lawsuit- however chances are like countless other victims, he’s going to run into the same corruption he’s already faced, and they won’t do a thing to help him.

    But the issue he faces is the corruption and rottenness of the courts. They’re secretly complicit and allowing this all across the country, protecting fraud, corruption, and crime of state actors like public defenders, court officers, police officers, hospital employees, and murderous physicians who work for the state under the color of law.

    Same thing happened to me in Oregon only on a worse level. We had allegations of more serious murder, rape, and torture happening within the state hospital, and evidence of it, and witnesses, but the Oregon Supreme Court dismissed the case without a hearing and permitted the lower courts to do the same.

    The judges are misusing their authority committing what’s known as judicial fraud. The only way to solve the problem is to take away a judges power to decide the case, and force jury trials. Only a jury will ever decide against the state on a case like these, where gross abuse by government is alleged.

    I tried to explain to these guys the national security state secretly endorses the abuses committed against individuals within the courts, prisons, and hospitals, it’s all about population control. Their true decision making processes are classified and kept off the record- the judges are basically CIA operatives. You cannot over power them when they do an abuse and cover it up, and toss out the lawsuits for assistance with the current laws and system in place, because the judges can exercise their discretionary powers and toss your case before a jury can even hear about it. They have done it thousands of times to thousands of victims across the country already.

  • I can totally see your mom killing herself. she worked herself into a life of total brain damage, dystonia, parkinsonism, dyskinisia, secretive memory lapses, cognitive trouble, physical pain, emotional pain etc. she was slowed down by the medications and finally she decided to kill herself as a result of all the problems taking it’s toll to twist her will to do so.

    amazingly somehow you as a child barely made it through yourself. I know many kids who have bad parents inflicted by drug damage and brainwashing, or who are just abusive and neglectful, who put their children on drugs to oppress and destroy their children. one of my close psych movement friends moms used drugs on her to sedate her, using the drugs to kill the child inside of her, and try to detach her from having a relationship or closeness with the mother. now as an adult while she has managed to get a job as a peer support specialist she has permanent scars and brain damage- she notes she has emotional immaturity from brain damage. sad I suppose.

    the entire field of psychiatry really has no place in society. the profits in the trillions keep it around even when science says we should ban it entirely. social money supports and other treatment methods seem like a better way to go. people also need better education so they understand things that effect the brain and nervous system even commercial psychiatric medications hurt people irreversably, and Brain damage is brain damage. you can’t regain lost brain function or material. every person takes a hit from it. some manage to cope and move on with their brain damage, others don’t and have permanent life long disorders from it that never get acknowledges or diagnosed.

    thinking about how destructive it was to my own life because similar happened to me, I was subjected to sexual assault and physical assaults by staff in a mental hospital, the staff who did it went on to have sex with other patients and marry them, even participate in escape plots, covered up my victimization and had drugs used on me as a weapon to erase my memories and incapacitate me. they even had access to classified military mind control technology and surveillance of the national security state and used radiation on my body and brain to hurt me during the cover up, acts my current doctors support happened but while I was in custody was covered up and hidden even though events were caught on security video and audio.

    all the crime the joke psychiatrists have done over the years makes it clear the profession is dangerous and should be banned for human rights protection.

    I have severe lasting brain damage and chronic traumatic encephalopathy now and severe dystonia. I will die young.. I am just 31 years old.. a few years of psychiatry madness did it all after I got age 19 and was abducted into the Oregon State Hospital.

  • There’s a strong chance they aren’t even capable of measuring patients performance or cognition properly.

    I’d also like to see some studies done on normal citizens. There are plenty of normal non schizophrenics who receive these drugs. What do you say we take a group of 200 individuals not diagnosed with any mental disorder, including a group with high IQ of 130 or more, and some average high IQs of 125 with PhD college educations, and find out what these damn murder drugs really do to people. Drugging should go on for 10 years for each group to study long term effects in healthy subjects at high dosage. No longer will they get to claim the subjects mental illness was responsible for the decline in functioning.

    We need a method of testing developed to record real world functioning and performance under stress and demanding conditions to show how daily life and functioning is impaired. There should be batteries of testing done to test memory and cognition over hours of time to see if break downs start happening in those drugged and damaged worse. The reason is I’m already aware that many Neuro psych tests today are so primitive and easy to get through that most people can have a severe disability or impairment (TBI/CTE/concussion) yet get through testing and have it not show up. Working memory, short term memory, long term memory, visual and auditory memory, vocabulary, specific skills all can be wiped out with the drugs but for some reason the studies don’t seem to have any awareness of it which helps them cover up the damage they caused. Using fMRI/interferometry/EEG to make recordings of brain functions before and after drug usage should be done as well to detect changes that can only be observed functionally but hard to detect. You also have all sorts of biophysical issues that arise that all seem to get covered up by research studies and doctors we need carefully trained whistleblower doctors to be involved to help report on the real symptoms along with new medical tests (fMRI/interferometry/EEG/EMG) to record body/neuron/organ/muscle/gland functioning before and after.

  • Biggest sham ever. Its as if the guys who wrote the bill in Congress all have pet projects of manufacturing snake oils for big bucks. They know if they control the law making process they can force their crummy money making schemes down societies throats. The idea of forcing sales down peoples throats is how they essentially create a link from your bank account to theirs, and the feds/state general funds, Medicare and Medicaid tax dollars to their bank accounts against your will.

  • Besides obesity you also have the intense dementia and brain damage. Organ damage is done too: chronic CTE, dystonia, etc. Imagine your heart, anus, vagina, penis, ears, leg muscles, eyes etc all constricting as the pills severe control over your own body and functions resulting in dystonia and other neuromuscular problems. You end up with loss of function in organs, heart and organ dysfunction that never goes away. You have blood flow and oxigination issues. You have blood pressure issues. And it never gets better. The side effect drugs given when patients complain rather than take them off the meds or try other things for future populations at least can’t do anything but numb a person and attempt to kill off other functions in the cells and nervous system but don’t treat or cure the problem.

    Dang. Sure looks like these people got a reason to be dying 25 years sooner on average, and the studies show the drugs didn’t even help them much even without the cost associated.

  • Its obvious hatred- like racism. Blacks get hated on for being poor and powerless, because whites have all the money and got it all before the blacks could. With people in the psychiatric system they tend to be without jobs, poor, bottom feeders expecting hand outs the same as many blacks. So there is a class war and hatred for these people. Society doesn’t want to pay their way or give them handouts.

    At the same time both groups are victimized so much that the victimizers- psychiatry, rich wealthy types, hospitals and even the police get off attacking and discrediting the group.

    Its seen as racism or stigma both the attacks and lasting effects of the attacks.

    Interestng thing is the rich make a ton of money off psychiatric patients who they maim and lock up for forced for profit ‘drugging’ .. The rich invest in the companies that sell the drugs receiving dividends and per stock payouts that are higher for each person falsely drugged and maimed, and get kick back donations (congressman/senators are totally paid off).

    It’s all about the money.

  • NAMI and APA and most groups defend against mental illness stigma not to help people- although it can help the truly disabled in a capitalism world where if you don’t work you get crapped on like we have in America- rich people don’t like to give any class even disabled free money or resources to live unless it makes them money ie sale of psych meds- but to protect profits. If you have people thinking negatively of mental health then you have less customers willing to participate and thus less money to be made. The exhibits were totally wrong: they should have featured dangerous mutilative medical staff harvesting people, their organs and bodies for a profit! Seriously the real danger is the hospitals and so called ‘treatments’ ‘experiments’ ‘brutality’ ‘use of force’ ‘population control’ ‘mind control’ ‘psychological warfare’ ‘lobotomies’ etc that go on in these ‘nut houses’ typically on healthy mostly poor people. After the operation is done you will never be the same living with true disability induced entirely by the staff. 😉

    In fact the hospitals increase suicide risk by 44 times, the places and drugs induce violence, the staff cause violence with forced psychiatric care episodes where people try to self defend, people die from the treatments by the thousands, people are prevented from recovering, etc. I have an actual affidavit by an Astrazeneca big wig MD on the matter in fact. Lol.

  • The psychiatrists are lying .. But without going more into it, this particular article is limited. Brain scans of the right type such as electron spin resonance have already led to tracking of emotions and thought processes that allow auto diagnosis. Also when it comes to brain injuries sustained over ones lifetime that will cause mental disturbances and breakdown of function. Sometimes mental states do cause changes in brain layout.

    The psychiatrists and researchers are generally lying and releasing fake studies to cover up that researchers and military agencies have already fully cracked the brain but none of that information is being made public. We can tell when a patient is hallucinationg or depressed, hungry, or constipated using brain scans in the classified military realm. We can pull out passwords and information, dreams, places you have been, images and sound from the brain.

    But the articles hardly cover it. And no one is publically discussing it because of NDAs and classification.

  • ECT is really old. It’s a method to mutilate and “lobotomize” citizens. It induces “vegetable” states as if the person literally had a bullet put in their brain and it got rid of them mentally. They used it to use it more, then they abandoned it in many hospitals and areas of the United States because it was being used mostly to torture and paralyze citizens.

    It does not treat depression. It’s used to damage the brain and body, which can make it so a persons personality, mental state, and function disappears, in a negative way. They cannot even experience emotions or have thoughts of their own, and their function becomes limited.

    It has applications in mind control to remove memories and history from a person entirely. They will be unable to even remember their past. It’s been used before to reprogram and mind control citizens. Not many citizens have walked away and felt they were cured by it. Many feel upset it was used on them. It was used in such fashion during MKULTRA;

    My neuropsychologist Dr. Purna C Datta told me about the 1980s and 1990s when he came to America. Specifically, he landed in California, and he discovered entire rooms full of patients who’d been tortured and mutilated with ECT and excessive meds. The patients were turned into vegetables and could not walk, talk, eat, or use he bathroom on their own. There were rooms full of these patients who had to wear diapers and sat in chairs all day where staff were forced to change diapers and do various work including feeding and putting the patients to bed. He began and successfully got ECT use ended, and he got medication use greatly reduced. Patients quality of life returned and over about two decades of time, patient quality of care improved.

    A few hospitals he worked in include: NAPA State Hospital, Stockton Developmental Center, and as a senior psychologist for the California Youth Authority managing kids in foster care.

    Since he retired as a senior managing psychologist in 2010 he told me conditions sort of started reverting to going down hill, and several colleagues of his reported as such and either quit their positions or retired to get out what was going on.

    Can you imagine that you have a fully functioning human, then you take them and give them excessive drugs, ECT – they turn into vegetables, cannot speak, function, do work, all their hobbies are done, they can’t use the bathroom normally .. can you tell us why that is what the FDA wants?

    Here’s the specific conditions induced by ECT: chronic traumatic encephalopathy, traumatic brain injury, lobotomy and concussion.

    I saw one patient at least at the Oregon State Hospital who was retaliated against and “done in” by staff who before was completely normal. When I met her she couldn’t speak, rocked back and forth in her chair, mumbled, could not hold a conversation, made all sorts of noise and was in a diaper.. staff had to bath, clothe, and feed her .. But some fellow patients knew her when she came in, and she had family, money, could walk, talk, etc.. staff did it all too her when she was merely rebellious and staff wanted to kill her over it, offering her nothing else treatment wise.. the system is sick…. I do believe they used combo of drugs and ECT on her (ECT not used at OSH any more though- they use drugs exclusively).

    We should be moving to ban all medical-model interventions on citizens as a 1st amendment violation.

    Todd Giffen
    [email protected]

  • I was made homocidal and suicidal by Prozac .. never had a suicidal thought until they started me on the drug, its even documented in my record.

    Another study just came out and concluded Paxil causes only suicidal ideation and violent reactions in adolescence and that previous studies finding a benefit had hidden this risk in order to get doctors prescribing the drugs for children.

    Dr. Peter Breggin actually helped expose that Elly Lilly knew before Prozac was granted FDA approval in the 1980s that it caused a 12 times increase in suicidal ideation and events over other antidepressants alone. The documentation was suppressed from the FDA to get FDA approval. It took years for the data to get out. Even after it was out, no one cared, no one reacted to stop the drugs use, and people continued to get severe TBI and bodily damage from the drugs causing further losses.

  • Also I presume marijuana has some form of tardive profilg, causing breakdowns in memory, attitude, behavior, and increased risk for bipolar disorder. Its definitely permanently mind altering, its just a matter of having the ability to demonstrate and keep track of those changes.

    Even full blown tardive dyskinisia and memory lapses are actually hard to track (side effects of psych drugs), as people are self unaware and cannot sense how badly they’ve been hurt, continuing to think they’re just fine.

  • I see a lot of confused people out there. The type that don’t even know who they are or what they are supposed to be. If a person with true sexual dysfunction had that problem, it would be a part of them, a normalcy for them. The problem is, why don’t they accept themselves for who and what they are, – it could be pressure from the media, their relationships, lack of skills, religious issues, parental issues, trauma, or simple you have a normal lack of sexual interest and need to learn how to integrate it into your life.

    The idea behind this drug here is the fda is letting companies design and market any bodily damaging compounds for whatever they want. They did not start off drsigning this drug to be for depression or sexual issues, but at all cost they want to sell it as such because they know they can get doctors to prescribe it and thus they walk away with bank.

    And this is what is going on today. You have people who are selling snake oils and bodily injurous things. They don’t work, but are causing serious harm.

    Next thing we will hear is how this drug has serious withdraw symptoms, how people experienced memoru loss, mania, depression, and anxiety, electrical zaps, vomitting, tiredness, all of it caused by the drug when they were fine before the drugs use.

    I am so tired of it.

    But I understand people have problems. I just am so afraid and angry that they are being swindled and taken advantage of.

  • Actually wasn’t trying to be sexist. Sexist would mean that I treat girls different from boys. I don’t.

    The comments I was giving in fact indicated I was the opposite of sexist, because I felt girls could enjoy sex and have as much sex as boys. I treat both sexes the same.

    My comments might have seemed ‘hot’ because I was sort of thinking women with problems would benefit most from seeing a sexual therapist, and forcing themselves to have sex. The more sex you have the more you might want to do it. Sort of like brushing your teeth. Its habit forming. Gets easier in time. For those with claimed “sexual dysfunction.”

    The issue is some girls are coming in claiming they aren’t aroused enough and aren’t as into “sex” as they merely think they ought to be. Thats where they could benefit from either helping to realize its ok to be how they are, or teaching them if they so choose how to rev up their engagement in sex. Best way to do it, is do it. 🙂

  • By the way erectal dysfunction is largely iatrogenic. It might be mostly man made, as studies have found the condition is caused or significantly worsened by circumcision. Uncircumcised men have significantly less ED, and when they get it it is not as bad.

    So viagra is mostly being used by circumcised men who had their peters damaged as babies.

    No joke:

    Your chance of getting ED is 3, 4.5, or 5 times greater if you are circumcised. And your ED will be significantly worse.

    So ED is mostly man made, requiring “treatment.”

    Womens on the other hand, there is no underlying injury, no mutilation, no medical problem needing fixing, not one that requires an SSRI anyway.

  • We have really pathetic human rights in America. Thats where big pharma and the state got the ability to wipe out a persons personality and behavior using these stock piled chemical weapons. These drugs are mind/memory/impulse erasers, nothing more. They absolutely should not be legal to use on any person who does not specifically request them. It should be illegal to offer or suggest these drugs, they are that dangerous and abuseable.

  • The United States does not honor the Nuremberg code, sad to say. Check out this documentary on government mind control/human experimentation. Humans have no protections in America, and no one has ever been stopped, punished, or brought to justice. An atrocity can be happening plain as day, like it is, it doesn’t matter to these guys.

    This aired on History Channel. Mind Control – Americas Secret War:

    Here’s another one. This is ABC’s Mission Mind Control:

    Here’s a clip from the testimony by two victims of mkuktra at the Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments:

    Here’s President Bill Clinton’s response to the investigation and history, of the Human Radiation Experiments:

    Here are some modern day victims complaining to Barack Obama’s BioEthics Committee:

    Here’s Barack Obama’s BioEthics Committee cover up response:'toole's%20Documents/PCSBI.pdf

    Want more? Check out this video with CIA operative Mark Phillips, our government has more money going into this than ever and they’ve gotten far more sophisticated and harder to shutdown:


    This link to version not pay walled.

    Um, sad, because I think the jury was duped. This is in fact exactly what they do, they downplay the dangerousness and damage of the drugs, every single person is hurt by them, and yet there’s no recourse after the fact. Meanwhile these treatments are offered above and beyond other ones with all the studies and long term outcomes known to be adverse, and no doctors or hospitals have programs that involve non drug treatment before all else as there should be. So you will get put on one of these drugs and get hurt, incapacitated, and suffer long term even when you don’t really need help that bad (because the bar is so gosh damn low, for what it takes for a doc to prescribe the drug).

    None of this will change because there is no accountability in the industry, and government/FDA regulations are piss poor.

    Stupid ass jury.

  • Some people who are mad, are in fact extremely antisocial, have no intent on getting help, and want to go about life their own broken way. And society doesn’t allow that. The therapist cannot connect to that.

    The person ends up locked up, where only forced drugging to shut the person down occurs. This is why the medical model is prevolent, society is to be shut down and managed, with success – they don’t like to play games.

    Many cases of people who aren’t antisocial get wrapped up in this system, abused, tied down, drugged, locked up, assaulted.. and denied any help or option.

    Also I have been analyzing this from the stand point that the rich / policy makers in our society see everyone besides themselves as a threat in need of this type of “population management” so their policies are skewed in a “them versus us” way, where they have written the laws and policy in a way to save money, where we are disposable and throw awayable. If it hurts us, its actually good for them, because they aren’t typically subjected to the system they made for us.

  • This is a focused lobotomy. The damaged part of the brain, connections between, will never return and they are lying about targeting just OCD, other brain functions and impulses are damaged. They are disabling parts of the brain for good, and the person will have no way to know what is missing or remaining. The brain has no error correction code. The brain continues to function even with a few severe injuries, so they don’t die right after this is done, allowing them to call it a therapy or treatment.

  • Hi there are some treatments but no mainstream doctors use them. Look up functional medicine, and functional neurology. The brain is damaged by meds, you develop TBI and CTE. The solution is the person needs full neurological work up, neurological rehab, and none drug based treatments.

    The point is to repair and stabilize the brain again and the person will have to try hard to regain control. The nervous system and muscles typically will never respond properly again because the drugs severe your control of them.

    I found these treatments tk be helpful:

    Whole body vibration long term losesn up muscles, replumps the body, and assists in gaining control over muscles, and strengthening again.
    Steam room, hot tub, hot/cold therapy (ie, icy shower to get shivering, then steam room to get hot), hydro therapy, inversion therapy, massage therapy (to work on muscles, relax, and reconnect to body), and even activities like sky diving, running, biking and yoga help in stimulating your brain, forcing focus, forcing physiological reactions to occur, and the like.

    WBV is really good to treat dystonia, TB, neuro muscle, etc issues.

    Anyway do a treatment regime daily and for a long period and you can slowly improve brain, CNS, and muscle functions.

    Some benefits will be inmediately noticed.

    Call or email me for more details because its a huge job but you can repair the damage and I know for a fact drugs, ECT, brain stimulation and none functional options will never work and only traumatize body and brain and cell function.

    You can get this type of treatment on your own, just get a ymca membership, and find a gym or wellness place that has wbv memberships on a monthly place. Total cost: $120/mo typical for just ymca and WBV access. Expect to pay more for more advanced physical/functional treatments, ie $60/massage or whatever. Medicaid pays for neuro rehab and neurological exams. Oh, btw, only fmri and diffusion tensor imaging MRI can detect damage in brain from psych drugs (typically only available at major universities), not MRI, CT, etc.

    Look up functional medicine and functional neurologist doctors, but shop around because some have no idea about psychiatric drug injuries but others do, and be careful because most doctors fail to identify your needs so you will likely end up seeking treatment on your own ..

    503 967 5202
    [email protected]

  • Remember just because there is diversity in people, their body, and brain function does not mean there is a problem. Instead a person is unique, and the outside world needs to adapt to that persons unique function to suit them as well as everyone else. What I mean is, the world is full of diversity, there is no normal, and humans are not crafted beings but we have many DNA types and ways of functioning and it isn’t ever going to be the same for each animal. Our random building blocks work differently in each person, animal, and thing.

  • Revised one sentence.

    “The thing is this study might not tell you that serotonin production isn’t actually the cause of social phobia but instead is the fault of underlying functions and cognition that goes on in socially phobic patients, indicating not a cause and effect relationship but a functional relationship. Social phobia the same processes all people are capable of, when you feel the underlying emotions and go through the cognitive difficulties that a socially phobia person experiences. That seems like a fine assessment that I have made.”

    Let the lawsuits fly.

    Brought to you by Prozac. Effexor XR/ER. Lexapro. Celexa. Wellbutrin XL SR. Cymbalta.

  • This study is a farce because they are actually paid by pharma companies to do a study that focuses on the specific chemicals they are looking at to try to tie it into the biomedical model of drug mechanisms.

    Interesting here, you have too much serotonin in social phobia disorders, but they give drugs that dysregulate and amp up the amount of it for the condition ie Paxil or Zoloft.

    The thing is this study might not tell you that serotonin production isn’t actually the cause of social phobia but instead is the fault of underlying functions and cognition that goes on in socially phobic patients, indicating not a cause and effect relationship but a functional relationship. Social phobia is the same process when you feel the underlying emotions and go through the cognitive difficulties that a socially phobia person experiences. That seems like a fine assessment that I have made.

    The idea that too much serotonin causes the problem is a farce debate though. Because these chemicals are a functional part of the brain, they are not responsible by themselves for any conditions.

    The study authors want us to think the conditions are caused by the chemical issue, but in reality they use their limited descriptions in hopes of backing up drug researchers for the next neuro chemical altering drug. The drugs themselves do not correct neuro chemical imbalances but do knock out regulating function or use of specific chemical binding sites, which damages nerve function, destroying the persons emotions and other functions and resulting in something else. People are basically made sick by the drugs and develop new personalities and features while taking them, like a corrupted or damaged program might generate different data from a normally operating one. The brain itself, is a quantum computer, and interfering with signals and matter processes damages the computational results enough to cause something different to show.

    BTW. Pro tip: this article might indicate that all social phobias and anxiety disorders were being mistreated even by psychiatries old models of thinking (lying to the public). The idea that social phobia and anxious peoppe had too low of serotonin and thus had the same problem as depressed people was obviously always a farce, and what we were doing to these people was damaging their brain and not actually fixing any problem. In fact, the people sold these treatments likely never saw a benefit, and like the mass/school shooters might have simply been made manic and sick and forced off into mass/school rampages, suffering memory loss, cognitive loss, personality losses, and even worse anxiety than ever before. Thanks for lying to us all for decades, psychiatry/pharmaceutical companies.

  • You know something. I would hate to have a doctor be able to use this shit on me, to have my brain fucked up at his “compulsion” when later down the road I will be fine naturally.. but the risk, to our brains being fucked up, for no reason. These drugs ought to be banned completely because no one needs them and society got by fine without them.

  • I cannot say at precisely how long it takes for certain damages to set in, it varies from person to person, but a few friends and myself had symptoms after just months. The first time .. after being put on Paxil and Zyprexa, with no real symptoms of mental illness before, I was forced to cry and had intense withdrawal when I stopped taking the drugs for just a few days.

    My other friends had similar symptoms, but their first time trying to stop was after 1 year about. Zyprexa and risperidol jacked them up, causing vomiting and other violence muscle reactions in both, and neither was able to fully recover for some time. My pal on risperidol luckily didn’t get put back on the drug, instead his doctor opted for a stomach/vomit inhibitor drug of some sort..

  • This study is fucking insane. Withdrawal from antipsychotics is strong even after just a month. A few months in, you’re going to have withdrawal symptoms and neurological injuries. All sorts. Like vomiting reflex, muscle tightness, trouble sleeping, scary dreams, uneasiness, ..

    What a dumb way to say the new drug is better than the old, or that it’s anymore safe/effective.

  • The doctots understand the meds to be the most powerful, blocking activation, receptors, inhibiting nerve impulses, memories, personalities, executive function, emotions, sensations.. this can bring out a whole new personality out of the partial signals coming through. Less than 20% of the signals remain to go through with antipsychotics at the starting dose, and more signals are stripped depending on potency and dosage.

    Yes it will wreck a persons brain. No its not effective or safe.

    Also maybe they just don’t care that doing this to people is hurting them and not fixing the underlying cause.

    Profit motive trumps what is best for people.

  • Dr. Peter Breggin has spoken on the issues I faced.

    Psychiatry, and state function are much more complex besides the usual drivel of drugs, psychotherapy, care for people, and all that. People continue to be abused, subjected to mind control, experiments, and high tech forms of torture .. it has went on for 70 years or more now.

    This clip has Peter discussing DARPA and high tech lobotomizing brain implants being developed.

    He talks about wards of citizens being controlled remotely, and Harvard’s involvement ..

  • bout time this came out. I saw a schizophrenic go from fully functional, not having many of the symptoms he had just 7 years later. He had progressed to fully treatment resistive state, the damage like done by the drugs to the point they didn’t have any effect any longer. He started off on Haldol, and went to Clozaril in that time. His new symptoms included uncontrollable yelling and fits of rage that would occur like a tick, a dystonic “Tourette’s” tick they created inside him. He could not help but yell out to his voices. He would be able to control himself only temporarily. He used to be quiet and sedated by the drugs, no longer tho..

    His new diagnosis is likely, “chronic traumatic encephalopathy” from long-term neuroleptic use.

    It’s possible the government started using electronic warfare on him, because it’s impossible to tell who they’re using their weapons on anymore and they seek out new hosts. The weapon is not stoppable with drugs.

  • I happen to know that healthcare workers, police, emergency responders are trained to do whatever it takes for their own shelfish safety and that they all feel they are not supposed to take even a single punch, act of aggression, or anything before they feel deadly force, drugging, and other violent abuse is necessary. I had a psychologist psyd, wife of a DA, worked at sheriffs office before she got her doctorate, she defended their actions and brutality to no end as if it was always right and all that mattered was their safety as the end of the day. With them being trained and feeling like that, the citizens ARE in danger, and they will be getting hurt, and things need to change.

  • People have so much diversity they deserve equal protection under the 14th amendment.

    Its to be expected a citizen will disagree with detainment, mihht not understand detainment, and will act erratically. The police have known it the whole time and have ignored it in favor of brutality and murders of citizens.

    To large degree, failures to listen, understand, comprehend, failure to heed directions, and aggressive moves will happen.

    Police need to be trained to give subjects free space, to back up and move away and to then restrain peacefully during such incidents rather than aggressively emgage or shoot to kill.

    In many of the incidents officers could have acted differently, could have merely backed up and given the suspect some space, could have used more peaceful options .. but repeatedly refuse to do so.

    When a known schizophrenic has a knife but is standing 20 feet away for example with 20 officers surrounding, … why dsdo they all shoot to kill with no negotiation, no attempt to calm him, no attempt to peacefully resolve it, no attempt to try other restraint methods..

    Why when a bipolar guy has a screw driver and the mom calls police informing the cops of his condition, and guy shows up at door with screw driver, do cops shoot to kill rather than back up or give the guy some space rather than to feel threatened, etc?

    The cops bring this on expecting citizens to care aboit them. people really dont have to care about cops at all, and may be off in their own little world, therefore cops do need to take this into how they engage citizens and total strangers with force.

  • My pal a neuro-psychologist, used to work in the state system, has friends from UCLA to UC Davis, uh. He used to train psychiatrists at a major university as a psychologist and specialist in psychopharmacology. He told me DSM-5 is basically a fraud. He works with a team psychiatrists who believe the same. There’s movements around the country to see if DSM-5 can be fixed. DSM-5 is believed by him that, they added so many new diagnosis, and they lifted previous good restrictions on the way drugs should be prescribed. The goal seems to be to prescribe drugs to every condition in the DSM-5, even personality disorders and autism. They’re expecting when DSM-5 officially takes over this year that an uprise in the amount of prescriptions for drugs will take place.

    The team behind the DSM-4 apparently had nothing to do with the DSM-5 is another issue.

    They’ve muddied the waters. Apparently DSM-5 is largely backed by insurance companies and doctors seeking profits.

    There’s a reason this takes place. The more prescriptions, the more care provided, the richer the powers that be get. Precisely the issue is, drugs are patented, and investors are seeking to profit drive the system and get even more returns. They’ve basically pathed the way for this to happen and made investments to make it so.

    W/ insurance companies backing it, the reason behind that is the more care they sell, the more prescriptions, the more money they get. That’s because the Affordable Health Care Act limits profits to a percentage spent on healthcare, so what you’re going to see is health insurance companies pushing to sell treatment to people in order to boost the margin they get to keep as profits. To them, the more prescriptions made, the better. There’s a chance the insurance companies get more kick back from prescriptions than from say prescription of psychotherapy and other treatments, given that the insurance companies act as middle man for drug prescriptions and drug companies are stock based and can kick some of their profits back to other interested parties but psychotherapist actually are just getting paid their agreed to rates and fees with no investors and generally no way to do kickbacks. There’s room for negotiations and kick-backs with the drug companies, “$2000.00/yr of this insurance subscribers health benefits will go to the drug companies,” is actually a goal they have – as the money lands into the drug companies hands, middle men, etc it can be disbursed from there to involved participants. The more people they get doing that. the more money the insurance companies collect on fees with perhaps kickbacks or even investments making returns. Also in the ACA as I said, they created a ratio of patient care to profits, of 80:20. To increase the 20% pie proportionately they have to increase the 80% pie and increasing the amount of people prescribed drugs is a good way to do that.

  • Did you used to head the Oregon State Hospital?

    What are your comments on the issues of patients being murdered and spied on at the facility and even subjected to military police tactics?

    Some of the patients were killed with drugs, like Chris Crawford (drugged during incidents of retaliation by staff, when he reported crime of staff) and Moisez Perez.

    I sent you an email once as you were the administrator of the place and you did respond, but the state covered up all the incidents I reported, targeted me while not saving the security video and audio mentioned, setting me up to look psychotic. To prove I’m truly ill, surely they have the security video and audio showing these events never took place? Or did they destroy it to hide all the events I went through?

    They didn’t want to get caught covering up crime with the states lack of liability insurance. And the scandals if publically exposed, would have resulted in all the staff losing their jobs and the facility would have been shut down. A new facility was built, wasting $400 million in tax payers dollars.

    I’ve faced murder attempts and 7+ years of violent abuse from the state, torture, surveillance, and set ups by these guys.

    BTW: drug wise, they use them more like weapons. Psychiatrists, being weapons of the state, prescribe drugs to tranquilize and damage citizens, to make them disabled, immobile, and unable to fight the staff back for abuse. There’s some patients who appear to be fully functional early on yet spend 20+ years in this place, drugged to death, or killed through other misconduct (suffocations, physical assaults from staff during seclusion and restraint, etc).

  • And they can’t apparently rule it out, because there was no other cause. Ok. Most likely they just don’t want to be the ones to say they’ve fraudulently claimed drugs are safe, and that people are getting hurt by them.

    Most studies show people get severe disability from the drugs, and severe tardive syndromes.

    The AMA’s own study shows 100,000’s die from properly prescribed drugs a year.

    People are apparently dying younger because of psych drugs.

    Severe illnesses and sicknesses are induced.

    This goes with the fact that there’s no record of these drugs being “safe,” “effective,” “boosting IQ” and “improving functionally” to the point of being measurable like a demonstration on how the individual is making more profits and holding down a job they were never able to hold before.

  • Also you are dead wrong. Why? What is improbable to you is reality to others. What everyone believes is improbable is usually because of their own ignorance. In the case of government programs you would think it improbable that every call you make and every packet sent over the internet was saved in an NSA profile on you, or that satellites with body and brain and home scanning abilities were deployed and in use, but all that is actually truth. You might believe the government hasn’t victimized hundreds of thousands in mind control programs and that all the major hospitals and universities and state officials don’t participate, but that is also untrue. Science shows us today that the mind is also fully exploitable and tappable for surveillance. You think its crazy, but its not, it’s just classified and not something the government is willing to share with you.

    You would similarly think, damn, radio frequencies cannot be beamed into a persons home, body, or brain, but that is not only permitted by physics and deployed in satellites but fully patented and backed by schools that teach how to make the technology and whistleblowers plus some actual program information has been disclosed dating back to the 1940s.. 😉

    Just perhaps it is more probable than you think. And it would be far more serious than any low level abuse I went through, actually it helps prove how violent and destructive the state was capable of being and why they would target and try to hurt me on purpose and how they could go about doing so. It is extreme, they are extreme.

  • I’m ok. This site is all about exposing the more serious crimes not the puny advocacy work that never gets anyone anywhere. It takes exposing real stuff like CIA, military crime, and state conspiracy to actually get this place shut down. It takes this type of case to help similar victims nationwide.

    This is the legal case going through the courts. The case is built on the government actually doing this to me. Did you read my attorney’s brief? That’s the case. And professionals are going to be working on it furthermore (I have two attorney’s after all).

  • What happened to me is I was not truly ADHD as a child but went through heavy abuse. They put me on Ritalin despite the signs that I was being raised in an unstable family and may have not truly had any impairment in school. Perhaps the schools were bad, my teachers, and even my parents.

    I was on Ritalin for a year. Upon discontinuing the drug mid-way through fifth grade, I suddenly succumbed to anxiety and depression. I was afraid to be around kids, and my new awkward appearance made me even a target of bullying. I went one more year in school, and while being abused by family and school teachers that year (teachers physically assaulted me in school, pushing me around, telling me to get out of the school), .. I dropped out, I couldn’t go back anymore. I stayed at home where my parents isolated me around in a room alone, with no human contact, no school, no teachers. I attribute it all to Ritalin and the abusive corrupt system set up to care for kids. No one even called social services, and the schools didn’t intervene.. I made it to age 18 like this, not getting any formal education…. Where I’d suddenly be locked up in a mental institution, drugged up, assaulted by staff, sexually abused by staff, and used in military experiments.. Now I’m 29 and suffer chronic traumatic encephalopathy as my diagnosis. I contend that I never once had a true psychiatric illness, and they used these diagnosis to abuse me, and derail my life from start to finish. I want to see it stopped, so that it never happens to anyone else ever again.

    The drugs they used on me as an adult were Zyprexa, Abilify, Rispiridol, Geodon, Seroquel, Effexor, Paxil, Wellbutrin, Adderall, Dexedrine, Ritalin SR, Clozaril, Haldol, etc.. I didn’t even have any of the symptoms they usually use these drugs for such as voices, delusions, depression, flash backs, ADHD, etc. They did me in good, used these drugs like weapons on me, the state versus me as a person who they ruined. If they would have actually cared about me, they would have gotten me into school and offered me a place to live with some support and leisure activities, so I could work toward the goals of fixing my life and ultimately joining the work force and even having a family of my own but instead they didn’t..

    I run a website exposing the crime I went through now.

  • Not only that Ron, but what is the supression mechanisms of drugs. Is it a sabotaging of nerve impulses and prevention of nerve activity that does it, thereby erasing functions from the mind? If voices can be suppressed but aren’t always by it, doesn’t it also suppress normal emotions, memories, sensations, and other signalings as well? The drugs do not disquish betwern healthy brain and ‘defective’ brain now do they? The damage from drugs leads to full blown chronic traunatic encephalopathy, ultimately damaging everything in the brain crucial to its function within time.. Yes… Thr brain sort of ends up functioning even in its new defective state, while some die from it..

  • Abuse and deaths @ Dammash State Hospital, 5 patient deaths, report by OAC – facility closed a few years later.

    US DOJ exposed serious human rights atrocities at Fairview State Hospital in Oregon, closed after they set up a path to shut it down.

    Deaths at Oregon State Hospital are routine due to abuse. Like Chris Crawfords, he died from being medicated improperly as an act of retaliation in 2014:

    They tried to murder me at the Oregon State Hospital in 2006, and many times after, during acts of abuse, which I barely escaped..

  • Terrible doctors at Oregon State Hospital frame each patients ‘side effect’ complaints to be part of mental disorder or ‘faking it’. These cold hearted f***s cover their tracks knowing no outside doctor is skilled enough or even available to patients to contest this barbaric crap before serious mutilation and injury is too late.

    No doctor within the facility will go against another doctor either. One who tried a few years ago was fired and retaliated against. This protects them from liability for such mistakes.

    I saw people get NMS, psychosis, speech disturbances, and dystonia, jaundice and other problems – doctors will never admit they caused it, people have die too. A girl I was told about went from fully functioning to crapping her pants and being unable to even speak, normal once entering, brain dead and incognito once her 10 years was up..

  • Glad to see the dots being connected. In Nazi Germany, they did torture, mind control, and eugenics. The psychiatrists ran the entrainment camps, and at first steralized anyone they could diagnose as a jew, homosexual, or mentally ill. Then it progressed to killing and euthanizing them. The psychiatrists did it all. Adolf Hitler also believed mind control was the secret to control the world (they had something called world view warfare, or weltenshunkrieg (the American version of weltenshunkrieg is psychological warfare)), and psychiatrists are in fact mind control experts, specialists in the mind sciences. It is true the Nazi’s invested heavily in mind control, and this is one reason Project paperclip of the CIA went on, when we imported their best mind science doctors (psychiatrists), and propulsion scientists, we then put them to work at major universities and hospitals and forgave their horrific war crimes. We started mind control programs of our own, project bluebird, artichoke, MKULTRA, and more. We did decades of torture, human experimentation, and more. The programs were never shut down either, and multiple hundreds of thousands of people were hurt up to the seventies. The programs go dark after that period, continuing on under new budgets and titles. The modern stuff involves satellites, radar, and directed energy. Anyway to say the least, the CIA torture program ain’t nothing new and its just the same old thing that’s always went on in this country. A lot of the methods devised are also old school, stuff they developed during MKULTRA, which itself involved the development of interrogation methods and interrogation utilities from drugs to brain computer interfaces and torture tactics. BTW, APA was involved from the start, as even the APA head was a top paid CIA torture doctor in the 1950s, and DSM happens to be heavily influenced by all that nonsense. Top psychiatrists all around the United States participated, goals included creating the conditions listed in the DSM .. Notice how the DSM actually frames victims of such abuses to be mentally ill and is devoid of information to prevent false diagnosis of victims who often receive diagnosis of persecutory delusional disorder, PTSD, schizophrenia, or even multiple personality disorder. APA has never apologized for their involvement in any of these programs or operations to date, and they continue to plow over victims allegations.

    More info on

    important clip on MKULTRA, Germany, Nazi’ ideology, CIA, mind control, Post war efforts to control peoples minds:

  • Glad to see the dots being connected. In Nazi Germany, they did torture, mind control, and eugenics. The psychiatrists ran the entrainment camps, and at first steralized anyone they could diagnose as a jew, homosexual, or mentally ill. Then it progressed to killing and euthanizing them. The psychiatrists did it all. Adolf Hitler also believed mind control was the secret to control the world (they had something called world view warfare, or weltenshunkrieg (the American version of weltenshunkrieg is psychological warfare)), and psychiatrists are in fact mind control experts, specialists in the mind sciences. It is true the Nazi’s invested heavily in mind control, and this is one reason Project paperclip of the CIA went on, when we imported their best mind science doctors (psychiatrists), and propulsion scientists, we then put them to work at major universities and hospitals and forgave their horrific war crimes. We started mind control programs of our own, project bluebird, artichoke, MKULTRA, and more. We did decades of torture, human experimentation, and more. The programs were never shut down either, and multiple hundreds of thousands of people were hurt up to the seventies. The programs go dark after that period, continuing on under new budgets and titles. The modern stuff involves satellites, radar, and directed energy. Anyway to say the least, the CIA torture program ain’t nothing new and its just the same old thing that’s always went on in this country. A lot of the methods devised are also old school, stuff they developed during MKULTRA, which itself involved the development of interrogation methods and interrogation utilities from drugs to brain computer interfaces and torture tactics. BTW, APA was involved from the start, as even the APA head was a top paid CIA torture doctor in the 1950s, and DSM happens to be heavily influenced by all that nonsense. Top psychiatrists all around the United States participated, goals included creating the conditions listed in the DSM .. Notice how the DSM actually frames victims of such abuses to be mentally ill and is devoid of information to prevent false diagnosis of victims who often receive diagnosis of persecutory delusional disorder, PTSD, schizophrenia, or even multiple personality disorder. APA has never apologized for their involvement in any of these programs or operations to date, and they continue to plow over victims allegations.

    More info on

    important clip on MKULTRA, Germany, Nazi’ ideology, CIA, mind control, Post war efforts to control peoples minds:

  • Glad to see the dots being connected. In Nazi Germany, they did torture, mind control, and eugenics. The psychiatrists ran the entrainment camps, and at first steralized anyone they could diagnose as a jew, homosexual, or mentally ill. Then it progressed to killing and euthanizing them. The psychiatrists did it all. Adolf Hitler also believed mind control was the secret to control the world, and psychiatrists are in fact mind control experts, specialists in the mind sciences. It is true the Nazi’s invested heavily in mind control, and this is one reason Project paperclip of the CIA went on, when we imported their best mind science doctors (psychiatrists), and propulsion scientists, we then put them to work at major universities and hospitals and forgave their horrific war crimes. We started mind control programs of our own, project bluebird, artichoke, MKULTRA, and more. We did decades of torture, human experimentation, and more. The programs were never shut down either, and multiple hundreds of thousands of people were hurt up to the seventies. The programs go dark after that period, continuing on under new budgets and titles. The modern stuff involves satellites, radar, and directed energy. Anyway to say the least, the CIA torture program ain’t nothing new and its just the same old thing that’s always went on in this country. A lot of the methods devised are also old school, stuff they developed during MKULTRA, which itself involved the development of interrogation methods and interrogation utilities from drugs to brain computer interfaces and torture tactics. BTW, APA was involved from the start, as even the APA head was a top paid CIA torture doctor in the 1950s, and DSM happens to be heavily influenced by all that nonsense. Top psychiatrists all around the United States participated, goals included creating the conditions listed in the DSM .. Notice how the DSM actually frames victims of such abuses to be mentally ill and is devoid of information to prevent false diagnosis of victims who often receive diagnosis of persecutory delusional disorder, PTSD, schizophrenia, or even multiple personality disorder. APA has never apologized for their involvement in any of these programs or operations to date, and they continue to plow over victims allegations.

    More info on

  • Here is some reason alternatives are under mined. One is, mentally ill people are not seen as people in need of help or support, but society wants to do them in and get rid of them for not living up to standards. Therefore they don’t get medical treatment, they can controlled, drugged, and imprisoned which is also very profitable to the unions who lobby for this type of stuff and the police state and private companies involved. Next up is, pills happen to be patentable, and profit can be had by each person drugged, tax dollars and insurance money can be siphoned off from society into the hands of rich wealthy investors, and everything in America is for profit. Anyway imagine being able to control what people think is treatment, get them to even exclusively prescribe pills, because its far more profitable and easy than letting the money go towards actually creating a solution or paying for psychotherapy, housing etc..

  • Problem is, these hospitals are never used as intended and are mostly to lock these people up, deny them care, force drug and get away with assaults and battery. This is one of the reasons these places are shut down. There is not a safe institution.

    Also if you even give them an inch by thinking it won’t be this way, they will go towards a model that always includes some type of destructive properties, trauma inflicted with drugs, shock therapy, seclusions, restrains, beatings of patients, deprivations, and isolation with no outside checks or legal protections. It will never be like a resort, never be drug free, free of forced drugging, free of voluntary druggings, leading all patients to serious illnesses and injuries. Also the staff who run these places tend to be unskilled lay persons without degrees or education, as the floor staff need nothing more than a training course to become simple nursing aids and this attracts lots of riff raft unions, state employee, correctional and for profit types who just want to make a secure working environment while using the place to make a buck. The patients/clients are always second best in a place like this, and when push come to shove on abuse, they’re framing each patient to look like the most intense schizophrenic to get away with the violence and abusive practices that ensue which also helps them legally justify such violence and abusive practices, meaning with a nod and a wink it’s state and police protected abuse and violence. When a client/patient cannot leave, this requires them to take extordinary measures after years of fuck ups and incidents that cannot get better in such a situation, including even killing of patients out of retaliation and super high doses of drugs to incapacitate and maim. I know, this is how the Oregon State Hospital is ran today and how it’s been ran for decades, and I trace it back to its earliest days including reports I uncovered from the entire 1900s days ..

  • Another study shows that the schizophrenic patient treated without meds had a higher chance of obtaining a job, and was less disabled. See Ron Unger’s previous highlighting of that 20 year study on the site, I think from August.

    The study highlighted how the drugs prevented recovery and prevented symptom remission, as even users who d/c’d their drugs would show signs of improvement. Therefore the drugs are linked to inducing and keeping people’s symptoms going.

    The drugs are also linked to causing severe encephalopathy and dementia.

    Something tells me these studies are being conducted improperly that don’t show this. Probably because they are one sided and incomplete, and are riddenly with marketing propaganda ..

  • Ask the researchers to prove the positive benefit, ie IQ point increases. Bet they can’t do it. They can’t even tell you with certainty that brqin growth wasn’t sign of serious injury, or that it led to any functional improvement. Also other studies showed that the drugs were causing severe damage, swelling of tissue, scar tissue build up, vein swelling, fluid build up, in addition to shrinkage and volume changes.. This includes second gen drugs like Zyprexa and first gen ones like Haldol.

  • Holy brain damaging, irreversible mess, Batman.. Any increase use or decrease ase caused by substance use is brain damage, signs of mutilation.

    It is never a normal trait for brain to grow or decrease in size when this result is not due to active learning and daily functioning and living. Period. Drugs can also cause out of control reactions in the brain, resulting in misgrowths, and total structure changes that are abnormal and not beneficial, and not linked to any normal operation of the brain.

  • Odd, many of the bigger school shootings, happened when the shooter was taking psychotropic medication or discontinuing it, and studies link peoples aggression and suicidal jestures to taking these medications. It would be interesting to find, that, the shooters in some of these cases did not suffer a mental health diagnosis, but were still taking psychotropic drugs. At the very least, we have groups of shootings that don’t make any sense, and seemed to be linked to these drugs if nothing else.

    My buddy in the UK tells me, they don’t have school shootings there. It is something truly USA centric going on. Psychotropic drugs are prescribed less and shootings by police are almost none exist in the UK, as well. What is with America?

  • Wikipedia is censorship prone and basically deletes validly sourced articles and content routinely. It is hard because the editors are not in this to create an unbiased complete article, they push agendas and fight each other, it also seems controlled by special interests and government. In fact government has been caught modifying pages before.

    My guess , drug companies have a very strong voice on Wikipedia and some editor doing their bidding just had to raise his voice to call to question any part of it, such as allegedly violating Wikipedia’s rules which others editors and Admins may not be able to tell wasn’t true typically by making fanciful claims that cited sources were not valid or article seemed like self research, it would be deleted no matter how legit it was after that or you would have a hard time keeping certain information intact. For the drug companies and investors the fear of such article is liability and the truth being made too readily accessible…

    It has happened a lot to pages covering government mind control / weapons tech, the entire article on patented military technology faced an edit war w/ sabotage then was deleted in 2010. The article title was ‘synthetic telepathy’. Other pages that remain are lacking and are tilted towards disproving the technology exists, probably to cover up the governments classified ability to remotely tap and alter peoples brains in electronic warfare and surveillance.. The article that replaced it, called BCI or brain-computer interface article has been void of all the information and until recently references to the Army developing the technology would be deleted.

  • Neuroplasticity unfortunately does not allow healing. Once damaged you are damaged, particles and tissue cannot be put back into place. . You will have brain damage, but the brain can function and you will have a hard time noticing the effects of the damage unless it gets extremely severe and effects may appear later like dementia. Will there be differences, yes, but because the brain is not digital you will have difficulty telling each deficit or flaw .. Its why drug companies get away with f***ing people up , because the brain can withstand damage and the person won’t die immediately. They found in tests for example, in rats, that they can cut rat brain up and put it back in, the rat will still live and memories remain intact. In a human it will destroy intellect, but they will still live. Unfortunately there is hardly a way to accurately measure intellect and memory and function loss, and doctors have been covering up the obviously mutilating long term consequences for decades in favor of protecting their own asses and profits. You can even have loss like differences in learning, color and vision and hearing changes, sensation changes, muscle activation and coordination changes, energy level and efficiency changes and you will try to live w/ them or never even consciously be able to tell they are there thinking its just you or it is passed off as mental or physical illness or personality issues or life problems. Others might even notice the flaws more than you. . once scarred, the brain is scarred, antipsychotics were shown to cause the same level of damage: scar tissue , swelling of brain, vein swelling , fluid build up, brain shrinkage, etc. Yet somehow doctors are still allowed to prescribe these drugs like candy by force and they don’t have to admit to any of it?

  • I will say this. The current mental health defense sucks, I was not defending it. I do feel it should be redone, where you are acquitted and rather held on the basis of dangerousness to self or others based purely on your use of the insanity defense at some point in the past, determine if simply you will immediately reoffend if released. In such case, perhaps the proper venue is civil commitment, but with the stricter constitutional standards of requiring that the person is immediately dangerous to self or others or cannot take care of themselves at all. At least this standard will allow some offenders to go free who did not commit severe acts or did on a one time basis but were found to not likely reoffend or be dangerous enough to civil commit.

    I would have never been sent to OSH if this was the system because I didn’t even really commit a crime, I didn’t do anything significant, but I was held and abused for 5 years, after my attorney coerced me and denied me my right to defend myself (often tines attorneys will refuse to defend a client, and push a mental health plea because it requires nothing more than a psychologists evaluation, and they are usually never true experts at all and facts and evidence get thrown out the window because it doesn’t have to be jury time quality). I didn’t have any symptoms of mental illness either, I had social deficits from being abused by my family and denied access to high school by the state, merely making me unprepared for life without some help.. I never got any help at all.. I am convinced many other people suffer the same fate. 🙁

  • I hate this. There is a compulsion to diagnosis. Then once the diagnosis has been made, the purpose of that diagnosis is usually to get a person on drugs that have been approved for that condition. The only reason there is a consequence to this is because the push is to get people on drugs, which damages and makes condition worse. If they didn’t have a condition before, they will after the drug is administered, type stuff, which necessitates more drugs even if it doesn’t cure the side effects or damage.

    There is another consequence in that legal affairs and life outcomes can be negatively impacted. Because you may be discredited, left out from activities, or never receive help for problems that have been labeled a mental illness.

    Drugs prevent employment, engagement, and usefulness after that, as the person is essentially chemically lobotomized, which makes the people in charge of that, those who set the system up, very rich indeed..

  • There should be a mental health or circumstantial defense though. Imagine this: you have a brain tumor that causes you to set fire to a house,.. Do you seriously think it is just that you spend an eternity in prison especially with today’s mandatory minimums, or should you be acquitted because once the tumor was removed you were perfectly normal again and had full control? The definition of true insanity is one who lacks capacity to conduct their behavior according to law or one who can not recognize their criminality. This tends to be not an excuse but a way to give these people a second chance especially if it were medically induced or out of your control during the time of committance.

    There exists a way that if your attorney doesn’t suck, you can use the GEI defense and receive acquittal and be found not dangerous to self or others and therefore not go to OSH and avoid PSRB jurisdiction. The problem is , judge and defense attorney never bring in the experts to make this determination, and by default send most cases to PSRB or OSH jurisdiction regardless. Where the person will stay until jurisdiction ends or full discharge granted.

    I believe many people to not even be truly mentally ill who use the defense , but they can fabricate nearly any circumstance that they want under the frame work and many of these people are denied opportunity to even determine if they were truly guilty of their crime due to the way this plea is often misused to get the case resolved if even the hint that the person had a mental issue is present. Attorneys love it, DAs love it, it is max sentence and no trial, despite being an acquittal. It lacks many of the protections of a guilty verdict and normally never goes to trial.

  • Cool to see Jan Haaken appear on MIA. This place is shaping up to have all the players in the game. One thing about your film is I was on 50H apparently right before you started filming, and was retaliated against by staff there and sent off.. Possibly not king before you started filming.

    I have GEI and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest HD for viewing on my site. for interested viewers. Also my story of mutilation, crime, and being set up by the state to take the fall so they could build the new hospital is there. Basically I was the center of a criminal conspiracy in the facility between 2006-2008 heavily centered around the US DOJ investigation and Bonita Tucker scandal, and they went to all lengths, to even use a military weapon on me in August 2008 right in my room “setting me up to look psychotic” due to the states lack of liability insurance and other issues and them not wanting anyone to see what had been caught by hospital security cameras and microphones, including the staff caught on camera even discussing illegal remote technology being used on the patients there capable of spying on us all.

    We now host weekly conference call discussions. Patients meet up: 1-855–725-6844, every Tuesday 7pm so far!

  • One of the main issues with microwaves of course are the non thermal biological health effects, including activation of voltage gated calcium channels in cells, which leads to excess release of calcium, super oxide and nitrous oxide production, which leads to brain damage, and other problems. DNA function is also impacted, as is melatonin and hormone production. Cancer increases as does DNA and cellular damage.

    Babies are born with autism from it, people have sleep disturbances, anxiety, headaches, schizophrenia and other conditions result.

  • Another source of autism exists that is still new but white papers exist. They have found conclusively that exposure to microwaves, cellular, WiFi, and other sources of electromagnetism cause autism and other damages. Yay, let’s build another cellular mast above our home, and add another twenty local broadcast wireless devices to our living environment! Got PDFs and movies on this buried in this section on my site: (look for martin pall, or paul dart).

    One problem is you can’t turn off emf exposure, much like second hand smoke, unless we ban and regulate it.

  • Turns out ADHD drugs calm much the same way as antidepressants and antipsychotic drugs. Complete inhibition and dysregulation of peoples brains, knocking out function, preventing functions from occurring, haven’t no specific function on ADHD itself. Same as the other conditions and drugs for those conditions.

    Sad. Now let’s move back to see if functional treatments and psycho therapeutic reltationships help, no more damaging the brain bull!

  • They forget to mention that Elly Lilly had held onto documents, kept them from the FDA to get it approved, that did prove that Prozac increased suicide and homicide risks by 12 times over other antidepressants.

    Breggin is one of the psychiatrists that got those documents released and he has been in over 100 lawsuits testifying for people who were hurt by the drug. Including a man where the judge fully believed a persons murder had been committed because of Prozac, and nothing else.

    We all know Prozac helped f*** society up. Many people have long lasting neurological damage that cannot be treated today as a result. I would love to see the mainstream media document that. This movie doesn’t even mention that they failed at the 1991 hearings which was supposed to bring relief for families who had committed suicide and had tendencies increased by Prozac, they preferred to help cover up the scandal of the damage the antidepressants were doing.

    Now we have a super mega industry built off of damaging people for virtually no pay out, because of bad decisions that went this way.

    Real way Prozac works: by inhibiting nerve function, you feel and function less, and apparently this feels good if it actually helps at all. We also know antidepressants are not significantly better than placebo and that exercise works nearly four times better without need for medical brain mutilation and a fraction the cost to boot.

  • There is no way that children in the USA have true bipolar disorder 100x over UK. These cases have to be misdiagnosis in the USA, probably used to justify a deadly prescription for bipolar medication to control the person and sell them drugs.

    In USA drugs for all conditions is overused, as if it couldn’t possibly have a harmful effect or be a waste of money. Other treatments are also denied, and its easier to see everything as a psychiatric condition which has no treatment besides drugs in the American system rather to not treat non issues or to even track down the real problem. I see parents drugging the heck out of their kids and doctors not even concerned about the side effects all over, as if you cannot overuse these drugs or oversell these treatments at all. WTF!

  • Damn. If a person is diverse and complex enough to want to commit suicide. This gives them the authorization to sell drugs, to remove the diversity, in attempt to make them brain dead so they cannot go through with suicide or even focus enough to conjure the feelings or thoughts required. And its for pure profit, at the persons expense of money and health! 🙁

    I know that suicidal feelings are a sign of insight and complex emotions, and thus health. Remove these things, removes the persons health. They did it to me using Zyprexa and Paxil, even when I was only tearful and like my life was over after landing into the bullies care at the Oregon State Hospital.

  • But the reality is, people are getting very hurt and we act like they aren’t.

    A secret about the brain as a quantum machine: you can’t alter it without there being a difference. The evidence of an injury is that any chance could be seen at all, because you fucked up the brains natural state of existence! It isn’t possible to fix, its too complex, its billions of particles acting together in each neuron alone! Stop tampering with it, and stop calling damaging alterations treatment that couldn’t possibly repair anything in it!

  • The government should divert that money to helping people without a need for mental health care. Help the poor, give: free housing, food, health care, education including college, and guarantee to leisure and base income. This is what poor people need, and it prevents crime , crisis, suffering, delinquency, .. Our government is choosing the paths to imprison the poor in coercive psychiatric facilities and prisons rather than take care of people and provide each citizen the means for them to do so. Seriously the most needy people will be the ones forced into these programs, unable to get help before they got put into a strictly mental health focused system. A life of deprivement and shit struggles leads people down the path to appearing mentally ill, but not truly being mentally ill. .

  • This also means people can get early intervention easier but the real problem is most mental health treatment is ineffective and often a replacement for some other need, like a new house, money, food, protection from abuse, help, which still isn’t covered.

    Next we have the problem that easy access to mental health services will lead to more and more people getting drugged and pushed into consenting to or not having ability to consent to brain damaging treatments (such as will happen to children), which turns out to be a total win for big pharma.

  • What if we just stopped prescribing benzo’s? It is the only way to then study the effects, to see if Alzheimer’s rates drop. Period. We know these drugs cause serious brain injury and memory disturbances so I think we are better off without them any way, restricted to use in people with seizures who have emergencies only. Sure you can knock out brain function with these drugs, which is why they work for people with seizures, .. But is the brain injury for minimal benefit worth it for the deadening of effect , emotions, anxiety, or other problems?

  • I want to explain to the readers that it may in fact be a criminal matter of what is happening but prosecutors rarely take these issues up as criminal even if people get severely hurt as a resul of the violations. Jim probably speaks jursdictionally in that the laws tend to push this issue towards a civil issue and that is generally your only option for help if the police/prosecutors refuse to protect you. And just because the law authorized something or made it look legal, does not in any way shape or form actually make it legal .. Unfortunately having a lack of remedy or way to pursue your case makes it legal.

    We know the state is being allowed to criminally abuse citizens through the law. . this is the only reason it is seen as legal in any way shape or form.

  • The problem you guys face is lack of legally mandated attorney representation during these state sponsored forced treatment procedures.

    It is technically a battery any time a medical treatment of any kind is done without informed consent and without following the laws. Unfortunately the laws do permit forcing of procedures but strict due process applies. I am not sure a forced catheter would ever be considered legal because you have the right to refuse even life saving treatment even if found incompetent . a procedure exists in most states to override only for certain things, usually forced psychiatric care or times of emergency (you cannot even speak and may die without intervention).

  • The laws already establish that forced drugging is a battery. It becomes an assault if they do it with force.

    The only way it is not a battery or assault is if done lawfully by following laws on forced drugging in her resprective state. But because her detention itself was illegal they obviously didn’t follow those rules, making it a crime.

    Regardless of if they followed the rules you can always sue if excessive use of force was used or for the forced drugging. It is always a battery but its a matter of if you can get an attorney or legal argument together to combat it. Injuries from drugs are well established also, so medical negligence is another possible way to get damages.

  • Imagine if no laws or constitution existed. Government could do whatever they wanted to us and set up so many loopholes for private providers, that anything could be done to a person with no way to stop it at all. Imagine that those in the psychiatric system are already living with this problem and are suffering irreparable harm. That could never be undone. This is the way of the current system which focuses on brain mutilation and chemical lobotomies as the exclusive option, where most doctors and judges believe alternatives are not even effective alone without a side prescription for drugs, psychosurgery, or ect (all these treatments induce trauma, which means brain, and function loss, ultimately in pursuit of memory, function, behavior or personality change).

  • She forgot some .. 13 amendment bans forced servitude and enslavement, such as to a system of psychiatric care, without it being part of a sentence after conviction for a crime. The 14th amendment also bans discrimination against the mentally ill, under the equal protection clause. You also have a right to due process so government / institutions cannot touch you without due process oversight (normally judges and ways to appeal must be set up, and representation must be provided before life and limb taken). Not many cases in terms of lawsuits bring all these things up. Also the Americans with Disabilities Act is also powerful, making it illegal to discriminate against the mentally Ill such as through locking them up or putting them in places for care which is inappropriate or requiring them to take certain treatment just because they are disabled (this is a pharma cuticle companies dream, the ability to force treatment under government mandate just based on condition or disability alone). I believe the 8th amendment is applicable to even none prisoners because it implies torture and corporeal punishment (injuries through medical intervention) cannot be inflicted even for conviction of a crime, which protects you certainly even in any day circumstances but most people never argue it applies to non criminal/cases of prisoners . It also means government cannot create laws stripping you of these freedoms or rights without removing these amendments. The way to contest laws which go overboard is to find the law found unconstitutional by a federal judge in a lawsuit. Seek a constitutional law attorney for help or file pro se if you are being effected.

    The whole issue is largely left unchallenged and attorneys and disability rights attorneys and ACLU and lawyers guild has failed us. So has the us department of justice. :'(

  • Right. Disability Rights Oregon is a joke. Not only do they cop out on forced drugging but also let state murder and use military weapons on the patients .. They will not help any of the victims. They were directly involved in the US Department of Justice investigation & helped cover up my abuse because all their advocates & attorneys were involved and didn’t want to get caught.

    They did use my case to sue OSH due to violations of patients due process rights in 2007, which brought the administrative law judge hearings but all the judges do normally is sign off on what the states doctors want, allowing any abuse with drugs to be approved. DRO refuses to correct the mistakes or to come clean.

    Details on

    Some abuse & protection agency for Oregon that evidence & security video and audio of many of these events could exist and DRO advocates would refuse to do anything to check it or expose it, for 6+ years..

  • Damn right it is fague. In Oregon they found that commitments were illegal unless at that very moment they were dangerous to self or others and that any event of the past could not be used against the individual unless it was consistent with current behavior at that moment, limited to previous days and weeks .. If they were fine within days and weeks, they had to be let go. For people all around the country many remedies and protections exist but have never been properly argued. I look at the us constitution and I see that taking of life of limb, torture (forced treatment), enslavement without conviction and all that is banned. So if they cannot convict you of a crime it is technically illegal to enslave you to the psychiatric system and forced treatment would be a form of cruel and unusual punishment .. Also your right to liberty under due process clause essentially guarantees that it is not in your best interest to be locked up/forced drugged and is it a violation to strip ones liberty. It could also be seen as a form of discrimination against disabled people under the equal protection clause to have a law meant to strip liberty from them but not non disabled people, which is how they justify forcing treatment and lock up in the current scheme by discriminating against disabled people (note: none disabled people cannot be forced drugs or treatment on). Finally forced treatment probably violates 1st amendment right to expression and speech and creativity and design, as treatments can destroy and remove ones ability to speak , defend, create, and express ones self. The drugs effect of chemical lobotomy essentially damages a persons brain and thus their control, function, communication ability etc out of them (memories and functions can be completely erased from brain/body, interfering with ones right to remain whole, and communicate and function freely with their wholeness intact without risk of someone being able to modify or disturb it.).

    Previously us supreme Court held that, mostly due to misinformation and lack of proper expert opinions, that there were no harmful effects to drugs and thus people had no right to be free from forced treatment. Part of this changed in the Sell case , now you have rights to due process, but the deadliness and destructiveness of the drugs has still not been established to do anything but guarantee you due process. It is technically possible to have practices banned and heavily curtailed with new arguments that were previously not made. However in the Sell case they do set out a system in which drugs cannot have serious impact of the targets health meaning side effects must be weighed, the problem is that the states and lower court systems are not being trained to recognize this and are currently misinformed on effectiveness and safety. While Justice Kennedy believed forced drugging would mostly be banned under Sell, lower judges are being trained that Sell allows forced drugging.)..

    I have some documents on sell and your constitutional rights here (the forced drugging defense package can also save you, yet I am sure few have used it or even know it exists):

  • Make more hospital beds, take more from peoples lives, make more profits from drugging. Why not give people free housing instead so they can have their own roof over their heads and find new places to live easily and be more independent without need for a hospital bed. And give em outpatient stuff on their terms.

    Warning: people seek profit by mandating psychiatric care. What a shocker that the industry pushes for and conducts these studies to make it happen and information against them such as alternatives is always ignored.

  • It is awesome that this study shows depression isn’t linked to a neuro transmitter. I think we knew this tho, and its evidence of psychiatry and pharma companies lying about the action of the drug. We also knew all along depression did not actually cure itself from taking drugs that tampered with serotonin or other neuro chemicals. A better explanation is that chemicals lobotomize people and can knock out emotions and sensations, we know that serotonin pathway and norepinephrine and dopamine pathways can be made ineffective by using reuptake inhibitors which cause loss of emotions, sensations, hallucinations, movement disorders and brain damage. For whatever reason this is seen as a treatment for people experiencing normal emotions and normal reactions in life, its truly done just to sell something with no real interest in peoples health or well being. The fact that people cannot even understand that this is what doctors do is what makes it hard to ban and stop the practice. People need to realize that to get a chance in anything inside your brain you have to damage and dysrupt normal processes and that this is the sole reason anything can actually be observed happening when on these drugs. You receive a damaged brain, parts of your personality and mood, and all that will in fact be different. All psychiatric treatments are based on this principle.

  • The main thing drugs do well is damage cells. This alters personality, kills bacteria, kills fungus, kills viruses, and kills healthy cells alike. The damage to a persons brain/body is very orofitable yet otherwise is of no benefit. Yes killing bacteria/virus/fungus/parasites good, but peoples brains?

    Time to abandon drugs as treatments for biological function and move to effective alternatives.

  • What do they honestly expect. How can a drug smartly correct or improve functionally a brain made up of billions of separate cells. All they are looking for is if personality changes can be spun and sold as beneficial and not normally if the condition itself is treated, even despite the long term damage. We know drugs will never lead to anything serious besides the occasional profit boost and they keep wasting time and money and people on this, what the ****.

  • We do know that major tranquilizers only have an affect because 80% or greater of connections are severed through blockade on various pathways, normally dopamine. This prevents nerve communication and thoughts, memories, voices, delusions, emotions, and other things are erased or blocked. Dr. Grace E Jackson put that in the affidavit psychrights has for people to use in defense of forced drugging. Now that is a chemical lobotomy by definition, getting rid of brain, getting rid of problem.. Other drugs work similarly by knocking out functionality of nerve pathways and receptors.

    Dr. Jackson’s affidavit is on my site that I previously mentioned ..

  • What if psychosis was never really treated w/ antipsychotics, and the drugs just severed connections in the brain, leaving people with less of their memory, less function, less chance for any part of a so called voice or report of psychosis to make it through the brain. The damage being done makes people a new type of psychotic, unable to tell who they are, unable to communicate, defend themselves, they become zombies with the body and voice of the old person but the old personality is wiped out. Their reliability and executive function gone, but they won’t ever admit/realize it and we won’t call em out for fear of calling out a dead moose with family that might defend him. They share some memory too, but aren’t the same person, making people unable to tell he’s been affected. Over time the damage gets real bad, and drugs don’t have effect, and new illnesses from this chemical damage emerge. The person dies 25 years early.. We know that severing the connections does not stop a voice or delusion from trying to get through, it doesn’t correct any brain function. Tell me why we consider this “effective” even in short term.. We don’t even measure this damage or include the long term disability in measuring effectiveness. We also don’t expect peoples brains to actually functionally improve or grow, or get better like a plant does from water and nourishment after planting

    Once a patient gets full blown encephalopathy and dementia from it we don’t even acknowledge it. We don’t call is tardive dysphrenia, or dyskinisia, we call it worsening schizophrenia or schizoaffective.. We don’t even call it a complication from the drug, and no mention is made on the Axis in chart notes.

    We also cause peoples diagnosis and symptoms to spiral out of control leading to new diagnosis of worsening conditions. We create bipolar people, chronic depressives, borderline personality disorder, and schizophrenics in people and never acknowledge it.

  • Also what if those CBT users get trained to feel or think or report they have more problems due to too much focusing on the problem as an issue such as happens to people in treatment. They might even think they are better reporters because they have learned to take their experience and make it their problem due to all the time spent learning skills and getting treatment for it which never seem to be of any help most of the time, solidifyingthe issue and distracting them from other more healthy activities like just living and learning and reshaping their world through moving forward. (Thereby letting neuroplasticity do it’s thing, learning to live normally comes naturally.)

  • This is a terrible study as it did not even compare the differences between types of treatment like medication and if they were allowed to use other treatments during the course of CBT and if those treatments had an impact on the outcome of non CBT and CBT using patients.

    We know drug using patients tend to get worse and worse and non drug using patients fair better than users. Non drug using patients end up healthier and live higher quality lives without having to suffer brain damage aka side effects. If you consider brain damaging effects a positive ever then you got a problem..

    I think psychotherapy is way better or having exposure therapy and leisure therapy than not getting anything at all. We really need to actually fix the root cause of a problem tho, whatever it is like poverty or busted public system, poor childhood social welfare system which leads to being stuck with bad parents, etc/whatever. Thus reducing damaging experiences..

    Focus should be less on pathology and awareness of a problem and more on living by experience and guidance an active normal life and engaging in activity to over come the problem. Actually practicing being less anxious rather than merely talking about it and learning about the problem. Fear of going out? Time to go on a paid for vacation to the Bahamas and have money available to do so.

  • Most hospitals are crazy tho. Inside you have chronically abused patients who are forced to fight each other and themselves just because that is the type of environment they’re in w/o separation from one another, and you got violence from staff storing things up plus some legit mental illness. Next up come the doctors who are paid to control the patients through any means necessary even if they engineer situations and make the clients act out; they perform deadly chemical lobotomies and mutilate people, creating some peoples mental illness from scratch. And finally CIA and government experimentation (weapons testing, illegal operations to sabotage individuals, etc) continues on today, it never ended, and patients fall victim to conspiracies amongst unionized workers, doctors, and judges who simply think these people have no worth. Details on modern CIA programs at .. I am a modern CIA mind control victim, set up and abused originally at the Oregon State Hospital. Began in 2004.

  • Users who report drugs helpful sometimes like being impaired. Also cannot even tell they have been hurt, like a TBI patient who can’t tell all of what they’ve lost..

    It is one of those weird things where there doesn’t even have to be real improvement but both sides will say there is and generally there is no significant benefit long term. Patient is also normally confused by drugs effects and nerve damaging effects. Later they might complain of side effects and symptoms they never had until after starting drug treatment, though, .. Its sad because many people I know didn’t even realize they’d get hurt by taking the drug, and only did so to wait out court ordered treatment, or were trying to be social and compliant, but then it was too late.

  • Lol. It is OK though because these employees do suffer from some limitation and limitations are wide spread. All it amounts to is each employee getting customized work support because each person is different and has unique challenges/difficulties.

    Same as trying to train a fleet of dogs to do the same tricks they each behave and respond differently.

    It is a sham though that this has to be worked into a classification of mental disorders just to have the right to some type of accomidation and work place customization.

    The law could be rewrote to not focus on disability rights and more in the rights in each individual regardless… Since everyone can basically claim some mental disability with all the new expanded criteria.

  • Nice program of education, too. I think treatment like this should be the standard for the people who actually need help, instead of drugs, and drugs shouldn’t even be an option for treatment. Just my insightful opinion. Psychodynamic psychotherapy is good, too. Leisure and extreme sports activity and outdoor fun is another thing people need more of, too, just to stay focused in non mental health stuff.

  • Lovely article Ron, but in the past the CIA did put implants in peoples brains such as a hard wired transceiver/transmitter that CIA operative Mark Phillips described in various testimony including his books and on TV interviews about it. It allowed voices to be sent into a persons head that only they could hear. Also DARPA has poured lots of money recently into developing new chip implants to control peoples emotions and thoughts, which is being worked on all around the country including at UCSF (one use will be to treat mental illness but the other to control people, to restrain targets perhaps to torture them). The CIA also literally kidnapped children and had them raped and abused, drugged, kept in cages, electroshocked, dosed with radiation, and programmed as spy assassins and prostitutes in the past, and there are confirmed more than 100,000 adult and child victims of military mind control programs in the past. And those are just the ones prove able from FOIA documentation, and everything since the 1970s remains classified but apparently continued. There are some legit targets who have been in mind control programs their whole lives so by definition those types of things are not necessarily delusion or psychotic in nature.

    People who want to learn more about military mind control can visit my website, which Ron is familiar with,

    Modern mind control tends to use signals intelligence to imping peoples bodies with signals and radiation, hurting targets of government abuse, allowing heterodyning of signals into a persons brain and nerves to alter function, which is often misdiagnosed as paranoia and psychotic symptoms even when its real. Whistleblower Dr. Robert Duncan who designed the systems to do it has been prominent reporting these abuses, that the government is doing this to people. His audio and video interviews and the backing patents and articles on NSA can be found at

    It is possible a legit target could be messed up so badly from the attacks that he truly sounds like he has schizophrenia and psychosis but this is why they invented the weapon because it was so easy to hide its use when they wanted to be able to fuck citizens up. It is very concerning to think about.

  • Generally you cannot undo physical damage to the brain that is why no one can expect to be whole after a drug has been administered. The tardive symptoms are forms of chronic traumatic encephalopathy and the whole structure and function of the brain has been modified.

    People often cannot even tell they have been hurt because there is no error correction or checksum code in the brain to point it out, all you get is disturbed existence and memories that soon make sense or might never come to be realized about it. There is no before or after scans either, which is hard to do because technology currently disallows quantum copying and storage of the brain. The level of damage is at the subatomic, atomic, and molecular levels, into the magnetic and electromagnetic and particle levels and ultimately into the physical structure and misgrowth and loss in the brain.

    Once your memories and inbuilt functions are damaged you are damaged for good, like a piece of wood that rots and gets beat around, the original young structure gone, the structure that took since conception to grow and form, cannot be put back into place..

    Damn. . but people can try to recognize what they have lost, they feel it and experience it over time, and at that point the focus is in just not losing any more, by not using the drugs at all even to try them to see if they fix the problems (you merely begin to damage the damaged parts again, if you use drugs again). What you can try is living a life like someone who just took a bullet hole in the head and doesn’t even remember what is gone, and use of physical and neurological rehab to try to rebuild and repair is useful. You have become a new split identity and you have to accept the loss, that you aren’t the same and never will be, but can become a new person living with the damage trying to pick up what’s left..

    I recommend physical excersise, massage, whole body vibration, mental excersises and steam room and hot / cold therapy. And living a stress free healthy life with proper diet.

    No drug and no surgery is ever going to mend it. If quantum physics allows reshaping the brain into completely new structure that might to it, otherwise you accept it and live till death. Same as you would any other loss.

  • Generally you cannot undo physical damage to the brain that is why no one can expect to be whole after a drug has been administered. The tardive symptoms are forms of chronic traumatic encephalopathy and the whole structure and function of the brain has been modified.

    People often cannot even tell they have been hurt because there is no error correction or checksum code in the brain. There is no before or after scans either, which is hard to do because technology currently disallows quantum copying of the brain. The level of damage is at the subatomic, atomic, and molecular levels, into the magnetic and electromagnetic and particle levels and ultimately into the physical structure and misgrowth and loss in the brain.

    Once your memories and inbuilt functions are damaged you are damaged for good, like a piece of wood that rots and gets beat around, the original young structure can, the structure that took since conception to grow and form, cannot be put back into place..

    Damn. . but people can try to recognize what they have lost, they feel it and experience nice it over time, and at that point the focus is in just not losing any more, by not using Tue drugs at all even to try them to see if they fix the problems. What yo can try is living a life like someone who just took a bullet hole in the head and doesn’t even remember what is gone, and use of physical and neurological rehab to try to rebuild and repair is useful. You have become a new split identity and you have to accept the loss, that you aren’t the same and never will be, but can become a new person living with the damage trying to pick up what’s left.

  • If you’ve used drugs before then I recommend then you go try to rebuild yourself instead of using drugs for management of the damage. People who have used pharmaceuticals are suffering brain injury, and the only thing that might be helpful for that is functional neurology, and neuro-rehab. People with brain injury DO NOT recover very well without receiving years of neuro-rehab, and that is what most insured TBI sufferers receive. EXCEPT for drug TBI users, which is one reason people don’t recover from the damage or tend to relapse after drug discontinuation.

  • Of course Seroquel works for sleep; it’s a freaking major tranquilizer/neuron activity inhibitor, which basically means it causes various neurotransmitters to bounce off the receptor site randomly as the neurons try to regulate one another. As connections are cut, it’s also like a concussion in a pill, resulting in you being put to sleep, just like someone who got knocked out from a head injury.

    This is why you never use drugs for anything, period, because it just ruins a very delicate process. What I recommend is any kind of treatment that focuses on functional retraining of behavior and mental function, like functional neurology, psychotherapy, and mental excercises to stablize and gain control of physiological and neurological functioning like you were a freaking tibetin monk or something that could meditate 12 hours straight, not eat for weeks on end, and induce any mental or physical process he wanted through thought alone, pleasure, pain, etc. Part of being human is to have control like this, but the typical person is never taught how to do it. Instead, its all left up to chance and random impulse control development, with no focus on self regulation.