Thursday, December 1, 2022

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  • I don’t think my parents are trying to force their goals on me. I think they are trying to help me but they don’t seem to realize how bad the drugs are to my mental health. I am not against most occupations, I just seem to have a problem with what money and economic trade seem to do to the soul.

    “You’ll find your way.”

    I appreciate that. I often wonder if I will find my way. It can easily get depressing.

  • I have Aspergers and a diagnoses of bipolar. I am beginning to believe that my psychotic symptoms and bipolar probably come from a feeling of alienation from society. I would get psychotherapy but the vast majority of therapists seem to try to get people to stay on there medication when all the while I knew in my gut that something wasn’t right about the medication I was taking. I almost bought the lies of the Mental health system but my body never did. Thanks to MIA and other resources I now know that these medications are slowly killing me and probably making my mental health worse. But progress toward weaning my self off medication seems hopeless at times. It is an uphill battle convincing my parents and nurse practitioner that these medications are more harmful than helpful. I try to stay away from money and I don’t like economic trade, It’s part of what is wrong in this world. Some see it as a necessary evil, but it is evil none the less. Being economically unmotivated I am stuck in a system that is destroying my health in many ways in the name of helping me. These medications at times have been real hell and the withdraw symptoms aren’t that glamorous either. People like me need more psychiatrists and mental health professionals to stand up and speak truth to power. Thank you.