Saturday, December 10, 2022

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  • Hello there Reid Bertino…
    I’m not 100% sure what lead me to your article here on this website ❓ but whatever did lead me here I feel did so intentionally!!! For a reason!
    First off i want to begin by sharing how incredibly sorry I am for all you are/have been subjected to at the hands of those employed to “help” you… Its NOT right nor is it just! There is absolutely NO EXCUSE to treat someone/anyone the way you and all patients living with in a mental health hospital have been treated… Regardless of what someone has done or hasn’t done, in no way will violence ever be solved with violence! The thing that gets to me the most is how those who have willingly taken or applied directly themselves for such positions to “take care of” and “help” rehabilitate patients in these “hospitals”, who have vowed to help better the lives of their patients, have repeatedly declared theyre own intentions for working in such field/position being to again “help” those who need it most and blah blah blah blah blah, are the exact ones inflicting the emotional, mental, physically and even at times spiritual abuse!!! It is DISGUSTING to say the very least and though I know it won’t make anything better I cant help but feel the intense need to declare out loud my deepest sympathy and apology for their actions that have only aided in worsening an already messed up system…
    Secondly I felt i just had to reach out to you and prove to you that you are definitely NOT ALONE! Not that knowing others are, have and will continue to be subjected to the same terrible “treatment” as you would make you feel better but at the same time it does help because truly being alone in anything makes whatever it is so much worse…
    As I read through this article my mind immediately began to go all over the place at a very ridiculously fast pace! I couldn’t stop myself from attempting to come up with any and all possible solutions for this nightmare situation many face on the daily basis… And then the intense feeling of powerlessness rushed over me just as fast… Then as I began typing this reply out and rereading what I typed i realized that just as you are NOT ALONE, neither am I and that made all the difference I needed to take action! Remaining silent makes one just as guilty! To be fully aware and do nothing was and is NOT an option for me! So with that I want you to know that someone (myself) is in your corner! Someone has not only HEARD YOUR VOICE but has listened to YOUR VOICE as well! Im not totally sure what I can do or how to go about doing whatever it is I can just yet but I WILL figure it out and when I do I will take immediate action not only for you but for everyone, myself included because THIS CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE, ANYWHERE! Even to the sanest of people can easily, with in a split second turn victim to this horrible excuse for a system and those employed by it or a person’s loved one could easily as well end up a victim in a similar situation to this and be completely powerless to stop and/or change it… That is UNLESS INDIVIDUALS like myself COME TOGETHER AND DEMAND A MASSIVE CHANGE TO BE MADE AND THAT ACCOUNTABILITY BE TAKEN IN REGARDS TO THOSE PATIENTS WHO HAVE ALREADY FALLEN VICTIM AND THEYRE FAMILIES!
    WE MUST BECOME THE CHANGE WE WISH TO SEE IN THIS WORLD! We must self educate ourselves on any and all subjects that we wish to see change in so that we aid in the best changes possible for everyone the change would have direct impact upon! We must put our voices TOGETHER to make them as loud as possible!

    “Sure, alone we can do some things BUT TOGETHER WE CAN DO SO MUCH MORE!!!”
    – InsanelySane111