Tuesday, September 29, 2020

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  • Just posted this in another ECT group…looks like it belongs here.

    Sorry it has been so long since I have put anything down. I have been dealing with some major swings. I have stopped the ECT. Let me see if I can this all correct. Writing has become a chore. Amazing…I think I used to love to write. I was reading my last post and am somewhat amazed at what is written. I am still at home with the spouse and kids. I had a total of 13 ECTs before I fired the Dr. If my memory serves me correctly, and that is a long shot these days, I saw the Dr. that prescribed my ECT a total of 2 times. The first time was to convince me to do the ECT and the second time was right before I was knocked out for my ECT. I am pretty sure I told the nurse I wanted to talk to my Dr. that day. I sort of recall I was waiting for her to show up when the anesthetist guy showed up. I remember telling anesthesia “Oh here it comes.” Then looking up, seeing the Dr., and saying, “oh Dr. Aznurova.” Then I was waking up and being loaded in the wheel chair to go home. I am pretty sure I was out before any conversation was had. We , the spouse and I, spent the next day trying to get a hold of the dr. Come to find out she was getting ready to leave for holiday and would not be back until after Jan 6. My work papers ended on Dec 29th. I am sure there was a back up plan for me to get a release but I sort of panicked and we said I needed a release. She signed the release paper work. Sending me back to work with no restrictions in 2 days from the sign date. Wow, I was magically cured and get right back in the swing of things……NOT!!!!! Thank God my work is understanding of my situation. I have been back for 1/2 days and I see my new dr. today. He is 70yrs old and Menniger trained. I am sure my spelling on that is not correct. Mennigers used to be located here in Topeka, KS but has moved to TX. It is world renowned for there treatment of mental and addictions. I was told the new Dr. is not a fan of ECT. What else can I tell you. My memory stinks. I have days that I feel like I am in somebody else’s body. I flip words alot. I have started stuttering again. I loose focus frequently. My mood swings are constant and extreme.