Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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  • Call it for what it is. Its the fucking governments fucking aide to expedite the 1984 fucking machine to create the Superstate. How could we question Big Brother if over half of us (the 48% mentioned in the article) are “mentally ill?” Its easy to install with quantum computing as well as political lockdowns only further fostered with more totalitarian agendas seen in the Left and exacerbated with endless crises stemming from our collapsing civilization. The End.

  • We need to eliminate the P Value in statistical/clinical research. Thats the only way to debunk all of these worthless psycho babel bullsh*t a*s fu*king pseudo “illnesses.” And the drug companies who profit off of making drugs that seemingly claim to work but never actually do. And only end up causing more harm than good. And not to mention would be one step closer to thoroughly debunking, retiring and burying all of the moral/social deviancy labels only meant to enslave, corral and otherwise control people. Most especially given the fact that these “illnesses,” have never even measured up let alone even been able to achieve even statistical significance. Atop the fact that they literally went off and made their own criteria as to what they think is “clinically significant.” Dear Jesus, Lord Help Us All.