Monday, May 17, 2021

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  • It is disgusting what these psychiatrists do to human beings, as I recall electric shocks are used to anesthetize animals before slaughter. All that psychiatry does is destroy brain physical, chemical, electrical and conceptual.It is all that it does folks, its their panacea. Forget about all that chemical neurotransmitter imbalance, genetics , atypical antipsychotic, anxiolytic and other funny words, every treatment in psychiatry is meant to DESTROY BRAIN every kind of pill is a chemical lawnmower it is that simple.DESTROY it is all it does.

  • ect is working by destroing the brain, disabling it just like the antipsychotic drugs do.So there is an apparent ”improvement”
    in the behavior and mood of the ”patient” because it renders that person completly incapable of thought, emotion and higher brain function.And rather than helping the
    person deal with and digest the harsh realities of his predicament; this excrement called treatment robs him of any chance at gaining independence and living a worthy life.