Tuesday, May 11, 2021

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  • Yeah, we have been abandoned by both right and left. The right because they have sided with their cronies at Big Pharma (there was talk that Mitch Daniels, of Prozac and Zyprexa fame, was going to be their VP nominee). The left because the psychiatric establishment is a big constituency of Democrats and have convinced them that “access to psychiatric treatment”, even “ramming through involuntary treatment” is a right to every citizen. So we are pretty much screwed. So, here were are. If I ever become wealthy, I will create a foundation to fight psychiatry in all fronts.

  • Malene, sorry if I didn’t explain myself better. Of course I would not give Scientology the power to incarcerate anybody. What I said, is that given that psychiatry HAS the power to incarcerate people, I rather have a world without it. Implicit in that statement is that Scientology would remain without power to incarcerate anybody. And to make myself clear, I wouldn’t complain about psychiatry either if it lost all ability to incarcerate/drug people against their will. Ie, if psychiatry were to have the legal status of astrology or homeopathy, I wouldn’t complain either.
    With the current legal framework, Scientology is our friend in our fight against psychiatry, not our enemy. That’s what I meant.

  • Whatever; there is a big difference. The Church of Scientology doesn’t have laws in the legal system that allow it to incarcerate/drug, legally, people against their will. The Church of Psychiatry does have that power. So, if you give me an option of a world without Psychiatry (but with Scientology) vs a world without Scientology (but with Psychiatry), I take the first option anytime. I am aware that associating oneself with somebody just because one has a common enemy is not a good strategy but, even FDR made an alliance with Stalin in order to get rid of Hitler. So, while I am aware of the destructive nature of Scientology, I fear the destructive power of Psychiatry more. I have been damaged by psychiatry but I have yet to be damaged by Scientology.

  • Hi Ted,

    Thank you for sharing this story with us. Indeed, I wasn’t born when this thing began :D. I want to add a couple of things. First, I don’t know why you didn’t mention CCHR. They were founded in 1969 by Thomas Szasz. I dislike their association with Scientology as much as the next person, but one has to recognize that they have won very important battles on our behalf and they have been the avant garde of the anti psychiatry movement for a long time. In fact, I truly believe that for our movement to be successful, we need a CCHR-like model on steroids, with more funding and the same level of commitment and organization. Of course, it should not have any association to Scientology or any other religion for that matter.

    Second, it’s nice to hear that Jerry Brown was once our friend. I am afraid no more. He gladly signed the extension of Lawra’s Law earlier this year. So!

  • They’ll come up with something else. If there is something that has been a constant with the psychiatric establishment is their ability to fabricate scams that supersede the old ones. Typically, the evilness of their new quackeries is always an order of magnitude worse than that of the older ones. So while I find relief in that some voices within the establishment are calling for a end to pharmacopsychiatry I am fearful about their next scam.

  • I side with Dr Healy’s analysis. Anonymous is just offering a caricature of Dr Healy’s argument. All Dr Healy is saying is that there is more than anecdotal evidence that antidepressants make people more prone to violence. I explore the topic here http://endpsychiatry.blogspot.com/2012/07/should-all-gays-be-civilly-committed.html and I mention this data http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/mad-in-america/201101/psychiatric-drugs-and-violence-review-fda-data-finds-link . Does this mean that there is cause-effect 1-1 relationship between prescription of psychotropic drugs and suicide/violence? No, and I didn’t read that Dr Healy was making that point either. After all, there is free will. And there is also the fact that there might be also other factors involved as well. As in all things about human behavior, trying to find a single indicator that has 100% predictive power is a mistake. That said, psychiatry is all too willing to give drugs credit when it gets positive results, even though those results are no better than those obtained by placebos or homeopathy for that matter, but it ignores the very real fact that those drugs not only don’t work but they might play a role in pushing people to do horrible things. Psychiatry is an evil endeavor, period.

  • Correct. My former psychiatrist tricked my ex-wife into going to NAMI meetings. Things began to go South very quickly with her. All that was discussed there is how moms had a hard time in California getting their children committed and getting ways to workaround that (like having the kids’ therapists lie). NAMI is a pathetic pro Big Pharma, pro psychiatric establishment group. I don’t think this appointment will change much. Either they would have Keris Jan Myrick converted to their Big Pharma religion or she will resign from her position once she realizes that change is impossible. I see little hope here.

  • Unless, and until, I see NAMI stop its efforts to promote atrocities such as Laura’s Law in California, I won’t believe anything. NAMI has been during many decades nothing more than a front group for Big Pharma lobbying for having everybody in America medicated for some mental issue. It’s hard to believe that they will stop being that out of the blue.