Friday, July 23, 2021

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  • Hi Maria, and others,

    I agree that there are crappy psychiatrists out there. In fact, the doctrine in all of medicine until about 20 years ago was to care for patients in a paternalistic, dismissive fashion because “doctors know best.” I completely understand your sentiments. I believe there are “bad-seeds” in all walks of life, but I’d be hard-pressed to narrow-in on one profession who makes it their life’s work to cause suffering and anguish to the sick and vulnerable. Perhaps in ignorance, yes, but intentionally?

    It’s tragic on so many levels that you and others are painting all psychiatrists with the same evil brush – “sociopaths, con-artists, abusers, non-scientists…” Whoa. Do you really believe that someone would spend 14 years of their life studying and working 80 hours a week with no pay, so that they can manipulate and control people and be “bought” by drug companies? That is faulty logic, folks. True sociopaths are exploitive and poor planners. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen; I’m just saying that it’s irrational to believe that a single profession specifically selects for delusional sociopaths, for example, who are taught to lie and mistreat sick people so that they gain what? These sentiments are similar to “police-bashing,” “doctor-bashing,” and “gay-bashing!” It’s a cruel argument to make, actually. Bully-style.

    What makes it so difficult for people to believe that brain illnesses exist? Every other organ system in the body can break down; why not the brain? It’s exactly this “pull up your socks” attitude that perpetuates the stigma of mental illness, inferring that there is some weakness or “emotional distress” that one just has to change their attitude about. God forbid that they should get sucked-in to the evil vortex of psychiatrists and their wares, and, oh yeah, they should get jobs and stop sleeping on the streets, too.

    Psychiatric illnesses are for the most part invisible and I think that tosses them up in the air for discussion, judgment, and assumptions. There are no laboratory tests for Alzheimer’s or other neurological conditions like Lou Gehrig’s disease either, but do we tell these people to change their attitudes and get jobs? Check out Daniel Amen’s website on the use of SPECT scans to diagnose psychiatric illnesses.

    If you are truly angry about the lot of those with mental illness, and believe me, I’m one of them, lobby government to provide decent, respectful healthcare for the mentally ill, with their god-forsaken lives of misery, poverty, homelessness, and marginalization. Government relies on the fact that the mentally ill cannot advocate for themselves. They call it “autonomy.” Get angry about the suffering, anguish and tragedy that we as a society condone. Turn your anger into something rational, like accepting that mental illness exists and the way it’s treated and judged is a travesty. Stop perpetuating the “pull up your socks” myth and stop saying it doesn’t exist. Suicide is the number two cause for mortality in youth, for God’s sake. Does our society condone treating people with cancer or heart disease this way? Hell no, those are perfectly respectable illnesses that are treated by respectable doctors. Do you really think that all oncologists and cardiologists are saintly and are not influenced by the pharmaceutical industry?

    Psychiatrists don’t make this stuff up. Yes there are alternative therapies, of course, but if you are talking about severe, life threatening psychiatric illnesses with very real mortality rates, psychiatrists save the lives of people every single day with medications. Just like cardiologists and oncologists do. Yes Virginia, there are nasty psychiatrists out there and God help those who are at their mercy. I understand that. Just be rational about it.