Thursday, July 7, 2022

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  • Darby, I love that you pointed that out. I call it ‘work with our symptoms’. Though I do not want to say it is a symptom however, due to the lack of understanding by others I have to frame my words in a certain ‘conformity’. Although, I realized by after doing that, they could see beyond the symptoms (especially if they did not have a background in psychology). I often have a difficult time explaining it to those within the practice or who have just graduated.

  • Hi Sandra,
    I just read your article but the comment section was closed.
    I’ve been off my meds for quite a while now and my relapses haven’t been as traumatic as they were while being on the meds. The side effects were a lot more than my benefits and kept me more numb, though I was still hearing voices and seeing things but couldn’t respond to them.
    Thankfully my only support person turned out to be my psychiatrist and the one person I could trust during those periods of relapse given I had substance abuse issues too.
    Thank the universe for those like you who see us more than just an object to be flooded with medications and kept locked away.

  • Hi Tina,

    This made such a great read for me firstly because of the fact that when it concerns legal capacity in incapacity laws it is the same all over the world.
    At the moment I am trying to frame my thoughts into ‘correct’ sentences in reply to some of the Bills here in India and it is such a blessing that I decided to read your article today! It’s given me an understanding to my first thoughts on the issues here and how I should frame them.
    In terms of reform – I see India as perhaps a possibility to be able to create that or maybe I am the ever all hopeful just hoping that would be the case here since we are not a developed nation. But irrespective of being developed or not – the issues back in my home country (which is a developed country) are way behind the issues in India!
    Leave aside the big pharma and the existence of mental illness- even in the comparison of depression and schizophrenia people there think it is one and the same.