Monday, March 27, 2023

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  • This year I’ve been dealing with a chronic recurring infection that keeps coming back. I kept having to going to see doctors in the ER and whatnot because I was having some of the severe symptoms. I would tell them my symptoms and initially they would be open-minded but then they would pull up my electronic health record. Suddenly they would stop being open-minded to trying to help me with what I thought to be a severe dissemated infection.

    They had seen on my electronic health record I would presume that I had a hospitalization for being psychotic. I wasn’t psychotic I was just pissed off and decided I wouldn’t cooperate with them in my confinement. But yeah long story short I have now been diagnosed with a very bad parasitic infection. Despite my having very real physical symptoms which was dismissed by one ER doctor as a somatoform disorder.

    But coming back to my main point psychiatrists are actually even worse nowadays than they have been historically because they can inflict damage in almost universally in every aspect of one’s life.

    I think we need to remove any power of doctors to be able to forcibly commit someone right off the bat and make it totally a judge’s decision from now. And we need a much higher standard than a scattershot of different review boards and commissions in different places. We should be given the same rights as someone as if they were being charged with a crime because the effects of commitment are the same: having our rights taken away