Friday, February 3, 2023

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  • I went on FaceBook and did not add anyone or anything. Every day, two times a day, this bullshit sociopathic media, presents people in far flung africa to be my friends and family. Never anyone I Know. I challenge anyone here to go through the process (and it is one) to delete your Face Book account…. Then come back and make an entirely new account, with out additions. Do You Suddenly Speak ‘Swahili’….. where the fuck did my suggested friends go — ! It’s not like I Want them to know everyone in my life, but at shared last name and language would be and improvement Ha Ha Ha!

  • I have over 40 years of computing experience, with 35 years of professional experience, additionally I have several pieces of toilet paper from “institutions of higher learning” I am a hackers worst enemy, A Systems Administrator… BUT … I can’t find a decent job in any of it. It is not because we are not qualified, papered, or prepped ….. its simply because they are greedy and the system is fucking corrupted.

  • What if Abraham didn’t just go to Sodom to rescue Lot and His Family? What if Abraham bought a lot, next door to Lot, and brought all of his tribal buddies with him from out of the “rural areas”, started a farmers coop and promoted food as medicine and loving committed relationships more profitable than orgasms or inebriation? Plus, additional still drank whine and broke bread? LOL!

  • The are dangerous, they are employees of an employer the exploits them, to enrich itself with power and money! The Police ARE One Of US The only difference is that they are put directly into deadily harms way, given guns and weapons, whilest we are being chemically incarcerated, put on a path through the ghetto, to the nursing home and oven. We all have been lead to believe that if we control others, then we will have a sense of control, and there will be Peace ….

  • You know what, first responders of all uniforms, from paramedics to police and firemen, see and experience Extremely traumatizing experiences, an Entire Career OF IT EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY PUNCH THE TIME CLOCK. They do a remarkable job considering what they experience every single day. But just like the men and women we send over seas to do our dirty work, if they mess up even a little bit, they get their job security, retirement, and lives stolen from them, Permanently, just like US!

    We claim trauma and sometimes rightly so for certain instances of a specific number that happens to us during the course of our lives. Can you imagine, having to leave your house everyday and deal with the worse of human and natural disasters expression, murder and mahem, keep your cool, not loose your shit even once, do everything by the book (even when you know the book is BS too). I can barely handle fielding a CSR position on the telephone, these men and women have to experience shit that would drive me mad in the first 2 hours of the shift. Its not all sitting around eating fucking donuts or watching rom coms at the fire house! It effects them too!

  • A position of “Anti” anything, from the get go creates an averserial, “us vs. them” false dichotomy. It failed with the war on drugs (became about locking up people cycles) it failed with the war on poverty, established ghettos and harm zones, and it has been and is failing with the war against psychiatry. I fully relate to those who have been victimized, addicted, and put on a path towards the ovens, because it is happening To Me. Our object should not to make enemies of people, who probably got into psychiatry to either help themselves or others Initially, INSTEAD we should provide Real, Rational, and Compassionate paths for those professionals to become our Allies. The First Step Is To Recognize, People are not the uniforms they wear or the titles they earn, they are first and formost Fellow Human Beings, and as such in default position from the start as a natural ally. If we go down the Anti-Psychiatry path, what we fear and fight, will rule and destroy us, its feeding a cycle of trauma, which is the basis of most of the problems in our Civilization.

  • I would love to experience a class action lawsuit against for enforcing and lecturing minors and young people that join that website about “the chemical imbalance theory” of schizophrenia. Not only do the moderators and others there lecture they Devoice, Edit, Delete Posts and Ban people that provide evidence to the contrary to their drug company propaganda, then their drug addict trolls stalk the “offenders” all over the “support” circuit of the Internet, libeling and attacking.

  • Just how, exactly, is a Shaman who interacts with the spirit world AND a western atheistic, closed minded skeptic doctor ever going to work together and view each other as “equals”? That’s a pipe dream if you ask me. I have tried to develop and integrate my spiritual perceptions and experiences with those from the medical model and skeptics and the results are always the same — no progress. These people are not amendable, no matter how much you compromise with them. Its like describing the color red to a blind person, they have no experience with it and they just think your mentally ill. I agree with another post, keep your creepy, analytical, spiritually dead crap out of the developing world, hasn’t the west done enough damage there already?

  • This study is flawed and I will attempt to explain to you why.

    First off we need to define terms.
    1) “Psyche: This is a ancient Greek word that when translated means “Soul”. It is also the name of a Greek Goddess.
    2) “Psychosis”: Once again Greek, which when translated means “Soul Illness”.

    See, even within the domain of academia phrases such as “psychotic experience” have lost their initial meaning to accommodate a physicalist or materialistic philosophical bent. It is like in the book 1984 by George Orwell, in which the hierarchal power structure which has become dominate does not invent new words to evolve the conversation, but incorporates old words to applies new meanings to them, what ever benefits the current power structure.

    This is especially useful when you want to define the value and meaning of other peoples lives, especially those you consider an obstacle to your power structure and proliferation of it.

    It should be clear to anyone at this point that a study about the correlation of religiosity and psychosis, is bull shit. The very evolution of religion has happened to deal with soul illness. We are all in fact and in practice, psychotic as a species. Its known as the Human Condition. We have been this way ever since we divorced ourselves from an intimate relationship with first Nature and secondly with Spirituality. The two great divorces have wrecked not only countless human lives, but also one of the greatest extinctions of other species on this this planet, along with destruction of ecological systems which we rely on.

    I challenge everyone here to do an etymological study on the word “psychiatry”. Break the word down to its components and then look up those words and see what they mean in the original tongues they were orginated in. Once you have done that, you will see what is actually going on. One Class of Elites who wish work to supplant and replace another class of elites.

    There has been a power struggle since the break down of tribal societies and the rise of states and strong men and women who rule them.

    I submit for your consideration, that unless those of us who have non-ordinary states of consciousness spontaneously, those of us that are experienced and have been through hell and survived mostly intact, must in some way assert our authority in these matters and not allow any elitist power structure to define, label, or categorize what for us has been for us real experiences. Instead we need to actually understand what we experience and its meaning for ourselves and give that same capability to those of us who still struggle. I am not advocating some new power structure — Quite the opposite. If you give a girl a fish, she will ask you every day for one, but if you teach a girl to fish, she will teach others too.

    I think the biggest problem in our community and also with those who wish to dominate us and control us have, is that all of us are so eager to jump to conclusions. If a voice is being mean to me, then it must be demon, Etc. If a person experiences a non-ordinary experience, then they must be ill.

    In reality I feel and think that were all to quick to label, categorize, and “treat” — its not only the fault of psychiatrists, priests, or politicians. I think this goes right to the core of the human condition, our collective psychosis. Something that defines the struggle and our lack of self reflection, consideration, and thoughtfulness, and feeling for what is actually happening.

  • How am I a weapon of mass destruction, when I have taken communion with you? How, by taking on the flesh and blood of beings of material nature and expressing spiritual quallity, am i, any different than thou? How if with each breath, the same air, share in an ecology, work the same library, use the same dictionary and thesaurus, constantly invent ways to be accepted or approved or have some power over my existence — how am i any different than thou? Because I hear what you do not, nor see only what thou doth and prescribe, my tastes different flavors, my nose smells garbage and perfume and the things well known, things touch me when no flesh is present, I think thoughts that thou should consider mad? WHO are you that persecutes my people so repetitiously? What corner on the market do you share in the hood, I call home? At which point doth thy shadow come to light, like mine, not only express the wounds like mine, but the wrath I have stored for the day of thy appearance? You involve and prosecute like great apes on a pleasant throne of silence and with holding both wrath and salvation. How do you love my children? It seems better yet ask, how do you control my children, you interloper and neglectful anti-christ.