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  • Aren’t the “signs of akathesia” the means to ensure that the maximum amount of damage to the brain is being done, whilst remaining undetected? For example, one doctor I am aware of takes his ‘patients’ to the point of shaking uncontrollably with lithium, and then backs it off a notch. A bit like a welder who blows holes in the metal and then turns the amps down by 5. Nothing magical about that.
    The real magic lies in the motive for wanting to blow holes in the metal, and the inability to prove the intent. (you have no idea the problems that were caused when doctor here went into a police station and provided them with the murder weapon, the place the body had been disposed of, and a full and unconditional confession [means, motive and opportunity. Motive not usually present when doctor doesn’t ‘confess’]. The Police had to dig up the wrong body to be able to find “insufficient evidence” lol. The major problem of a joint enterprise (given the decision by the UN that the State IS responsible for the crimes of it’s officers) resolved now with our Euthanasia Laws (and the ability of the State to “edit” legal narrative and deny access to effective legal representation)

    I note Himmler resolved the ‘issue’ he was faced with in Dachau after the report of Hartinger in the same manner. (Führerprinzip)

  • Mind you, I note that the doctor who wrote a fraudulent prescription for the date rape drugs and made them into my “Regular Medications” hours AFTER I was ‘spiked’ and tortured, and thus conspired to pervert the course of justice, was not only afforded his right to silence. He was afforded the services of police to actually retrieve the documents I had proving that he had committed these offences to conceal the fact they had subjected me to acts of torture.

    Police find it best not to take evidence to ensure their claims of “insufficient evidence” can be maintained in such situations, and they can then threaten and intimidate witnesses to perform actions that would be unlawful had they done them. For example get my wife to retrieve the documents whilst they ‘detained’ me for a ‘welfare check’ and then ignore any claims that I had the proof as being an ‘illness’ requiring ‘treatment’.

    Big problem once they had run with the conspiracy and the documents they thought had been retrieved turned up. Need to maintain your silence at that point, and how difficult it must be to do so KNOWING you can be tortured eh Constable Cottonmouth?.

    “Might be best I don’t know about that” isn’t going to cut it if they think you know something. Not unlike the Community Nurse subjecting me to torture for something I couldn’t confess to (so he fabricated it on his statutory declarations), your refusal to act when you knew you had a duty may arouse ‘suspicions’. Particularly your interest in the officers who originally detained me (Police, acting on a tip off ….. that their conspiring to torture and kidnap may have been noticed lol). Utter with the fraudulent Form 3 Senior Constable, and once delivered to the Locked Ward, very few emerge with their faculties intact eh? He wants him kidnapped, and you get to torture me by questioning me whilst drugged without my knowledge with date rape drugs at my home before they ‘treat’ me at the hospital. Your very clever, and I hope they pay you well for your ‘service’ to their community (I no longer consider such a place MY community when police are torturing and then providing windows of opportunity for corrupt officials to ‘outcome’ victims in the Emergency Dept.)

    Fascinating the way this corruption spreads.

    And then there is the problem created by the failure to perform duty, particularly when the State IS responsible for the corrupt actions of its Officers (Corrina Horvath at the UN). Thus, faced with the Josef Hartinger dilemma, the State needed to pass Euthanasia Laws, lest their joint enterprise become an issue.

  • “And it’s time young people are told to either not divulge or simply keep their mouth closed. Yes it will be used against them too but so will any information they give.”

    In Australia this opens up the right of the State to use torture. Not speaking to A psychologist (not necessarily YOUR psychologist) is justification to have you drugged with date rape drugs, and then a lie told to police to have them ‘rough you up’ to cause an “acute stress reaction” and force you to talk. Should this fail, then the words they want you to speak will be documented on a statutory declaration, and they can then utter with that fraud to justify whatever actions they wish against you (usually the injection of a ‘chemical restraint to leave you appearing to need their ‘assistance’).

    Try and access the protections of the law and you will be told by police that they don’t have a copy of the Criminal Code whilst they call your new ‘carers’ and inform them that you are “hallucinating” by thinking you have any human rights. They can then ‘treat’ you for daring to complaint to police about being tortured and kidnapped, which may result in a negative outcome for you (try proving the intent when your no longer breathing).

    So these days rather than go through the process and have my sanity tampered with, I simply confess to anything they would like me to, knowing that if I don’t they will subject me to ‘treatments’ which will only result in me signing confessions which are fraudulent (what they call “edited”), and which will achieve their desired outcomes.

    Exercise your right to silence? You don’t have one in Australia given the means to enable torture opened up by the Mental Health Act. Article 1 of the Convention against the use of Torture states that it is NOT torture if it is “inherent in or incidental to lawful sanction”. Thus making someone an “outpatient” with a lie to police means that it is still torture, but that they have no means to access the protection of the law (the lie removes your human rights, and they simply deny you access to legal representation to have them exercised). And they simply start doubling down on the ‘dribble therapy’ in much the same way they do with whistleblowers (Martha Mitchell effect). ‘Chemical restraints’ have no National Standard and so they can take you to within an inch of your life and it’s considered ‘treatment’.

    All it takes is one Community Nurse to tell Police that your an “outpatient” (Create false belief, and procure person not suffering from mental illness are the offences, but police don’t have a copy of the Criminal Code, and you are denied access to legal representation while they sort their little problem out by releasing your personal details unlawfully and use that to slander you, and then ‘outcome’ you with the assistance they receive from the negligence of police) and they will provide ‘assistance’ in having you talk.

    What proof did these police have that the man was a “patient” before they engaged in this conduct? A telephone call from someone claiming to be a nurse asking them to pick up a ‘patient’ (and possibly a request to ensure his compliance in future by inducing an ‘acute stress reaction’. Show him whose the Boss). Now that’s power, when a mental health nurse can change the status of a citizen to have such ‘treatment’ administered for a failure to comply with their instructions (ie sit there for 24 hours plus because we haven’t got any beds)

    I think the comment about “dangerous” needs to be examined with the notion of ‘potential’ for damage in mind. To be dangerous, one would need to demonstrate a history of harm to others. I note that in Australia the line is drawn by paranoid delusional doctors who write such comments as “potential for violence, but no clear intent or actually history”. This way you can subject citizens to torture for their “potential” for harm to self or other, or damage to their significant relationships etc. What was designed by law to be limited (suspect on reasonable grounds with criteria to be met with more than a ‘verbal’) now becomes every citizen in the State who are considered ‘mental patients’ and a danger to our community should a nurse decide they wish to have police snatch them from their bed for any reason they like. Your “potential” is the justification.

    I smile when I think about the way these people who make up illnesses and treatments for their fabrications, are also of the opinion that they can make up the laws they WANT to be true, rather than be held to account under the laws that politicians design to protect those who actually elect them.

    Where’s the proof that MiA has a history of dangerousness? or are they playing by ‘doctors’ rules rather than logic and reason and claiming the potential is enough?

  • Additional.

    Isn’t it this sort of attitude that allowed slavery to be maintained for years? Deny a self evident truth despite all evidence to the contrary being available? The people beating others into submission quite prepared to maintain a lie (and “edit” realities) rather than have their privilege disrupted?

    Not sure about the US but in Australia the process is that anyone who dares speak a truth the State doesn’t like, they are ‘processed’ via labeling and a ‘snow job’ (see Fanons’ Wretched of the Earth for the modus operandi. Human rights lawyers making ‘complaints’ [based on fraudulent legal narrative supplied by the State] and forging responses from ‘authorities’ to ensure the victims can be silenced). “your going to require a report from a psychiatrist” possibly the last words your going to be capable of processing in the way you used to think. All roads lead to Rome and ……… Lasciate ogne speranza, Voi in’chintrate

    What chance would one have even if your own ‘legal representative’ wasn’t assisting the State to conceal acts of torture and kidnappings, by forging letters of response from the Chief Psychiatrist? Never mind the ‘outcomings’? It’s not like there aren’t plenty of people who are prepared to ‘look the other way’ despite the proof being available.

    And I consider the deaths that are resulting from this ‘processing’ something which will eventually be exposed for what it is. Sure there are people who struggle with the abuse they have been subjected to, but the exploitation of the system people have tried to design to help them for ‘other purposes’ is a disgrace. And this despite laws designed to protect the public from such exploitation.

    Silencing victims of child raping priests (or whatever other despicable conduct that is engaged in by public officers, eg torture and kidnappings) with such labels and forced drugging into a state where they are incapable of functioning (or they are ‘unintentionally negatively outcomed’) is NOT medicine. But it’s easy to make it look that way unfortunately.

    The ability to ‘chemically restrain’ should be considered the use of chemical weapons when it is done for political purposes. And these are the people who have the gall to criticize other Nations for their ‘potential’ to abuse human rights under their laws? White Phosphorous over Fallujah, or the forced drugging of many with drugs known to shorten life expectancy and quality? Not unlike the ability to overlook enhanced scholastic performance, whilst abhorring enhanced athletic performance?

  • I see what your saying Steve.

    “The reason I bring it up is because most people would find such an idea disturbing, but when it is for academic performance, they’re OK with it. They don’t get that it’s the exact same kind of activity, just with a different focus.”

    I wonder if many of them are actually aware that this is what is occurring though. I note the way that the ‘supplements’ were supplied to the footballers at Essendon was done so that they were ignorant of what it was they were being injected with, thus creating a defense should they be ‘caught’. In fact, isn’t this the precise situation that is created in the ‘academic’ arena you speak of? When you look at it, they were trying to create a situation where they could exploit ignorance in much the same way as those who fail to examine what it is that is being given to their children.

    I am reminded of the Senior Constable who found it best that he didn’t know about the events in the Emergency Dept when my reaction to being tortured and kidnapped was ‘misdiagnosed’ as being an ‘illness’. The ability to deny reality and replace it with one that others prefer opens up opportunities galore for those with the power to ‘manufacture’ realities.

    I do though appreciate what your saying and will be asking a few questions of some people with your comment in mind. Happy for your kids to take ‘kiddie coke’ but you’d never let them be injected with steroids to bulk them up a bit for footy? lol

  • “I think they know this on an intuitive level and so they don’t try that play.”

    Oh they’re trying, and it’s only when the International body steps in and appeals decisions that anything is done. The newspapers and media quite prepared to run with ‘soft’ narrative such as “supplements” not “doping” and “medications” not “drugs”

    A local football team hiring a Pharmacist as a coach, and all of a sudden they win three Premierships? Knowledge of how to ‘work’ the system a key factor in treating “athletic deficiency disorder”.

    And how long is it since you went to a Gym Steve? The amount of people on steroids pumping themselves up like the Michelin Man is incredible. More space for tattoos I guess lol

  • “…a psychiatrist is allowed to manufacture their own version of reality” –
    Isn’t this where the problems start?


    “Sooner or later, the truth gets out.”

    I think there are times when some of us seem to forget the price that is paid for such ‘wrongdoing’.

    “And say, “The truth is from your Lord, so whoever wills – let him believe; and whoever wills – let him disbelieve.” Indeed, We have prepared for the wrongdoers a fire whose walls will surround them. And if they call for relief, they will be relieved with water like murky oil, which scalds [their] faces. Wretched is the drink, and evil is the resting place.”
    (al Kahf ;29)

    So I would encourage ‘them’ to enjoy the fruits of their wrongdoing, …….. while they can. Because wretched is the drink that waits for them on the other side, when as you say, the truth gets out.

  • Hi sandgroper,

    “(I suspect you meant S159 not S195 of the WAMHA (AUS))”

    I was working with the old MHA (1995) s. 195, Division 2 Police Powers; Taking Mentally Ill Person into Protective Custody

    “To just round up people who the Police think have a mental illness and commence involuntary treatment in total denial of the international human right to refuse it, is a blatant violation of that human right.”

    Always glad to hear a confirmation that Australia is a wholesale abuser of human rights. But what can be done when to make a complaint means your family will be targeted, you life and career destroyed, and your brain damaged by ‘forced treatments’ which you may have a right to refuse, but which you will not be capable of asserting due to the boot smashing your face in for complaining? Might be best to just walk into the showers basically (as we have found with the use of ‘coercive methods’ during COVID. “You can refuse vaccination, but your life is going to become very difficult” To quote our Premier)

    “The criteria (in S25 below) is what a wholesale abuse of the right to refuse medical treatment looks like, and the only thing missing from it that would make it right is this:

    (4) The person has not asserted their right to refuse the medical treatment.”

    i’ve seen the workaround for this. For instance, I was taken to the locked ward, stupefied without my knowledge, and the Senior Medical Officer wanted to do an examination of me (so that he could extend my stay and provide the opportunity to ‘bait’ and then inject me with a chemical restraint). He knew he had no right to examine me, as I was not a “patient” and had not actually been referred by police, but simply kidnapped by them based on a lie by the Community Nurse. (Yes I understand his role in the criminal conspiracy now, authorising the ‘spiking’ of people by police before interrogations post hoc. Pretty hard to say no when they have already tortured the person right? And whose going to do anything about his fraudulent prescriptions which conceal acts of torture for Police?)

    Faced with this problem, he pretended to be a Consultant Psychiatrist and deceived me into speaking with him, until I expressly denied my consent for him to force me to remove my clothes and allow him to insert objects into my mouth or anus. At that point he started shaking, and then decided that as there was only the nurse as a witness, he would do it anyway.

    So the idea is to play a bluff, and see if the victim goes along with it. (see the similarity to date rapes? “spiked’ and then your inability to consent to the …. uheemmm ‘treatment’, is taken as consent) And once they do, they can then be locked up for a further period, providing plenty of time to have them injected with chemical restraints.

    Simply pretend you didn’t hear them assert their right to refuse treatment, and well, by the time they get out of the locked ward (if ever) they will certainly be in no state to ever make a complaint about their unlawful ‘treatment’. And the idea of the people at the Mental Health Law Centre providing them with effective legal representation? waaahahahhaha they are part of a system of human rights abuses, not a protection form them. the Venus Fly Trap. You will receive a forged letter from the Chief psychiatrist telling you that he has rewritten the Mental Health Act and removed the legal protections afforded the community, and that he is prepared to utter with a known fraudulent statutory declaration to enable arbitrary detentions of any citizens a medical professional (no longer a doctor even needed to diagnose a mental illness, a Community Nurse is now authorised to give a diagnosis to enable the ‘patient’ to be taken into custody) would like.

    I wonder what “reasonable grounds” police require to suspect that a person has a mental illness? Or is it as the forged letter i have states, the burden of proof has been changed to “grounds they consider to be reasonable”, rather than the “Criteria” set out in the Law?

    I note the criteria set out in the s. 25 you quote.

    “(1) A person is in need of an inpatient treatment order only if all of these criteria are satisfied —

    (a) that the person has a mental illness for which the person is in need of treatment;”

    This was the issue with me, I had no psychiatrist, and thus by definition of the old Act, I did NOT have a mental illness. The Community Nurse thought that by having police torture me I would confess to having a psychiatrist, and therefore meet the criteria for a s. 26 referral. How could I confess to something I didn’t have? So he simply made it up on the Forms, signed the ‘death warrant’ and had police kidnap me. His colleague at the hospital then called a clinic I had been to for a legal medico report, spoke to the person who had conspired to have me tortured (‘spiked’ with benzos, ‘acute stress reaction’) and kidnapped, and she released my confidential information to him from my file at the clinic. He then signed a fraudulent prescription making the drugs I had been ‘spiked’ with into my “Regular Medications”, thus concealing the torture of me by Community Nurse and the Police..

    All perfectly criminal but what right have you got about complaining your lipstick is being smudged when your being pack raped? I did everything within my power to ensure that I documented the abuses I was subjected to, but the doctor simply threw my written complaint about his misconduct in the bin, and signed the form for me to be injected with large amounts of anti psychotics to make me “very sick” (not my words, but those of an ‘expert’ in the field). And with the Mental Health Law Centre providing assistance with perverting the course of justice, no worries eh Doc?

    Apologies to those people who work in the filed who think they are ‘delousing’; people in the ‘showers’. I know, just doing your job right?

  • In my State, public officers commit the offences, fabricate the evidence and forge sworn statements, and then rely on their colleagues to “edit” the legal narrative, and then knowingly utter with the fraud by presenting it to ‘civil rights lawyers’, who then pretend to make a complaint to authorities, and forge a response from that authority, and provide that forged response to their ‘client’.

    This ensures that the human rights record of the State remains excellent (and they can point fingers at others), and the acts of arbitrary detentions, torture and ‘unintended negative outcoming’ of ‘citizens’ is only seen by those who understand why these methods are necessary. It also explains why people are saying that this is a government “totally obsessed with secrecy”. (“Do not conceal the truth when ye know what it is”. “They will conceal the truth with falsehoods”)

    The ability to breach trust and confidence in ‘professional relationships’ is possible the best tool this Police State has in it’s favor (“They will take their oaths as a cover”). Something noted by Frantz Fanon in Wretched of the Earth, where those who trusted their lawyer and psychiatrist ALL found themselves being separated from their heads by the guillotine (with much laughter on the part of those who sent them to their end.)

    Trust in haste, regret at leisure. The only right you have in my State is the same as that experienced in National Socialist Germany, “right this way”. Right to privacy is an absolute joke, right to legal representation, not a chance of that happening when it is the States misconduct your complaining about…… somebody make a referral, preferably Police to ensure the protection of the law is not available…… and the right to not be tortured? Well, lets call it medicine and “edit” the documents to make the ‘citizen’ an “outpatient”. ‘Woops, there’s been a terrible accident.’ Quick, “edit” the documents to meet the standards set in the Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation before the lawyers get to look. (“over a hundred protections” we were told when these laws were passed without discussion before an election. Not one of those protections worth anything if the State is enabling acts of fraud when legal representatives with a right to examine documents can be corrupted to not ask any questions, or perform their duty. Care to examine the “editing” Police were so concerned about me having the proof of? So concerned they tried top refer me, and then threatened to arrest me for having my medical records.)

    Ever wonder why they are constantly producing reports that point out the “abysmal” treatment people are receiving, often resulting in deaths? And then in the same breath tell people that should they require assistance as a result of anything heard in the report, to call the very people whose abysmal treatment resulted in the story?

  • “Victims of crime ending up in unlawful involuntary psychiatric treatment as a way of concealing the original crime. And it can cascade into third and forth or ongoing criminal acts to prevent the prior crimes from being discovered.”

    And oh how easy it is when the State is enabling acts of torture to elicit ‘confessions’ of an ‘illness’ (via the corrupt practice of ‘verballing’ statutory declarations), and then uttering with the fraudulent documents produced to avoid the human rights legislation and protections of the law. In the meantime the victim can be subjected to ‘treatments’. And these are the same people who complained about Jamal Kashoggis ‘treatment’ at the hands of a team of ‘professionals’?

    And what a mess when you turn up in the Police Station with documented proof of the offending, but where they have no copy of the Criminal Code, and simply make a call to the criminals to come and pick you up on a s. 195 Police referral for your “hallucination” that you are protected by the law, and tell them to get the proof back and “edit” the legal narrative. All based on a lie told to police to allow their thug services to be procured in the commission of offences. Benefits all round when mental health services can be provided with a list of questions police want answered, but can not subject the ‘client’ to the brutality of physical assaults with electricity (well, not always, tazers being used whilst questioning is a practice that has been shown on television, the screams as a result of the use of electricity something which haunts torturers apparently. See Frantz Fanon, so make them loud people) and the likes of the ‘burning flesh’ (a ‘side effect’ of the chemical cocktails administered without consent. It is in fact the main effect desired, but without an admission of intent, you’ve got nothing)

    Imagine as a Community Nurse being able to call Police and “request assistance” with his/her “outpatient” (a known lie) and have police prepare your victim for interrogation (and a ‘verbal’) with treatment such as this?

    This man was actually a ‘patient’ of course, but the State is allowing this to be done arbitrarily if the Community Nurse “suspects, on grounds he considers to be reasonable” (note the misrepresentation of the legal protection?). So the State can now have anyone snatched from their homes and subjected to this sort of treatment for a Community Nurse to ask a few questions. while police stand and listen of course. Noooo, not torture, it’s health care.

    Add to this the ‘spiking’ of the targets with date rape drugs (benzos combined with an ‘acute stress reaction’ the code for a request to torture where I live) and the later concealment with a fraudulent prescription making them their “Regular Medications” and the sky is the limit. Accountability when police simply refuse to take proof and find “insufficient evidence” of their own acts of torture and kidnappings?

    The ‘treatment’ you are about to receive something Police tell me “it might be best I don’t know about that” (the unintended negative outcome). This sort of criminal negligence in the failure to perform duty one of the reasons that child raping priests were enabled for more than 40 years. And then of course the Royal Commission not able to identify the way that ‘spotters’ [those whose role is to identify potential threats to institutions and inform their superiors, thus breaching their duty of confidentiality. “They will take their oaths as a cover”] were being used to sidetrack victims into mental health services for silencing? The inability to recognise the difference between a criminal offence (the sexual assault of a child) and a “character flaw” that required a ‘sabbatical’ something which would need talking about openly by the press……..but we don’t have a first amendment, nor a right to effective legal representation (lawyers even forging letters of response from authorities as a means to conceal human rights abuses for the State).

    The good news for me is that it does seem to be a free for all, and a ‘first strike policy’ would seem to be in order when the crap looks like hitting the fan. Get in quick, because it might be you laying in a cell dribbling from the mouth as a result of the ‘chemical restraint’ that was necessary due to your “potential for violence, with no clear intent or history” (is this not people being drugged for the paranoid delusions of the ‘doctor’?)

  • Ho Tom,

    you write,

    “Eight months of treatment with rTMS and a titration up to 800 mcg of levothyroxine has restored my brain to its original equilibrium, which, after the obliteration of virtually every neurotransmitter and chemical is, quite frankly, a miraculous achievement!”

    A chemically balanced brain again huh?

    In fact, lets back up a para….

    “The progression to full remission was steady and took longer than usual because of the damage caused by the failed treatments”

    And the proof of this delay being caused by ……. damage caused by failed treatments is an anecdote? Or is there some sort of scan and blood test showing this is the case? You know, scientific proof?

    Seems to me your making attributions that may or may not be true.

    Funny but there was a band many years ago called the Tom Robinson Band who played a song called “Too good to be true”. James Hall wrote an article back in 2020 about the damage that can be caused by rTMS, which was published on this site.

    Don’t want to burst that attribution bubble but ….,.maybe have a read and see what you think. James is a clever fellow who may like to discuss this success with you.

  • Hi Anthony, How did they find out?

    I know that since discovering that the lawyers at the Mental Health Law Centre have been acting as representatives of the State and NOT their clients (forging letters from the Chief psychiatrist after making flawed complaints based on “edited” legal narratives, and then handing the forged letters on to unsuspecting victims of psych services to conceal criminal misconduct) I am reluctant to trust any of the people who make claims to be acting in my interest (you would understand about the use of Nicola Gobbo as an informant? The reason it can’t happen again is because it is now lawful for lawyers to provide information to public officers which is detrimental to their clients).

    It is of course disgraceful that these people are ‘taking their oaths’ and then breaching the trust of the people who they represent, but it does explain why none of them are EVER held to account. A simple act of negligence on the part of the person meant to represent your interests in such matters can see people do long periods of incarceration (and suffer brain damage disguised as ‘health care’, unintentionally of course) which they neither want nor deserve. And the ability of the State to deny access to effective legal representation is no doubt a violation of human rights under the Declaration. But minus an effective mechanism to make complaint…. what ya gunna do huh? Democracy? Yeah right.

    I guess it’s a bit like the people who are selling weapons to Ukraine, and who have stockpiles of oil which has tripled in value as a result of the war (you know, the Chinese right?), that are encouraging them to fight a battle they can not win. We will pretend to be their friends until the place is wrecked, and then I guess tutt tutt about Sadda…. I mean Vladimir bin Laden being a war criminal.

    The hypocrisy would no doubt elude our American friends who would not be hearing about the defamation trial of R-S, and the way Australians conduct themselves in ‘theatre’. A culture of cover ups, and a government “totally obsessed with secrecy” has destroyed this place. And where oh where would such a government turn to do such covering up? ‘Stick a needle in that for me would ya Doc, consider it an issue of National Security’.

    This will no doubt allow us to identify who will blow the whistle, and who will keep their mouths shut when push comes to shove. The whistleblowers no doubt in need of ‘treatment’ for their ‘illness’ and ‘stress disorder’ (which can be caused with a little spiking with benzos and a couple of cops eager to get at their ‘referral’ [“Outpatient” lie told by Community Nurse to get the ball rolling, and provide a ‘good faith defense’ for the torture and kidnapping] who has had an ‘offensive weapon’ planted on them). “If you should go skating on the thin ice of modern life…….”

    Trust in haste, regret at leisure.

    Take care, and feel free to contact me if I can help.

  • “somehow when I said Psychiatry it was taken down as Scientology”

    ‘somehow when I said Socialism, it was taken down as Communism’ (which was of no use explaining to Joe McCarthy when he questioned me).

    I’m just reading your latest comment Anthony, about being incarcerated again. Is there anything which might be of assistance to you?

    I can’t help but wonder if it is sometimes best to run with the Scientology ‘myth’ given that the ‘staff’ would be aware of the consequences of detaining and force drugging someone for their religious beliefs (and the Scientologists seem quite prepared to take care of their own, unlike the lawyers at the Mental Health Law Centre here, who are prepared to forge letters purporting to be from the Chief Psychiatrist to conceal acts of State sanctioned torture and kidnappings. The proof is in. Careful who you trust in that regard). In as much as being an anti psychiatrist is a political belief and NOT justification for brain damage. They obviously can’t be believers as the consequences of such actions would be obvious, whereas the infidel care not about their afterlife. (Funny how many of them wear the torture implement of the Romans around their necks and claim to be Christians really).

    On a brighter note, I said to my psychiatrist that I had been hearing voices, and he said “You don’t have a psychiatrist” 🙂

  • “Diagnosis offers a shared language for service users and providers, and it allows service users to name their suffering. It can also give service users access to specialized services and help determine what psychiatric interventions may work best to help alleviate their suffering.”

    And if there were some way the government could force those with a diagnosis to wear some form of external ‘marker’ so we could identify these people who sneak into places with humans…… we could ensure that they receive the ‘specialised services’ and ‘help’ they so desperately need. It would save having to use police to torture them into ‘confessions’. (see videos I have posted elsewhere to conform this reality)

    I note the use of the same methods of having the public act as ‘proxy police’ in regards the enforcement of covid mandates passed by the government is not a unique idea. It has been used before, so nothing new there. Report suspected mental health problems to your local ‘dob in a nutjob’ helpline has been greatly expanded as a result of the pandemic. Were are now doing their ‘morality policing’ for them (and by them I speak of those genetically superior people who rule over us. Isn’t the fact that they have achieved such high places in our community proof enough of their genetic superiority? I’m sure their argument from authority says as much)

    The public identification, humiliation and isolation of the unvaccinated in my state where coercion is seen as consent, and the media is ensuring that the isolation is used to deceive parts of the community into thinking they are alone has worked extremely well. Though I guess it was kind of obvious the methods which were to be used were going to be borrowed from National Socialism, given they also talked about passing laws making it illegal to make comparisons of what they have been doing to the ‘Nazis’.

    So accept your ‘yellow star’ as a means to ‘name your suffering’, and the ‘specialised services’ it gives you access to (and the rights it removes from you are not mentioned? Only right left is as George Carlin said “right this way”). And keep in mind that when they speak of ‘alleviating your suffering’ they have after all passed Euthanasia laws in a State where the hospitals are “editing” documented realities to conceal their misconduct and fucking destroying the victims of their crimes, having police threaten witnesses and fail to perform their duty (“insufficient evidence” when they refuse to take proof of public officer misconduct. Mock executions and threats of pack rape as a means to coerce [is that your illness making you anxious? A chemical imbalance the cause? Because we know ‘they wouldn’t do that’ right?] Knowing they are unaccountable) and have the full support of their ‘colleagues’ (which include your doctor, lawyer and priest as a mean to break down ‘resistance’ See Frantz Fanon quote re breach of trust and confidence in this regard. Or the ex Principle of the Mental Health Law Centre) in the concealment of human rights abuses, that include the ‘unintentional negative outcomes’ occurring in the Emergency Dept should the truth not be preferred.

  • I don’t know that it is up to the ‘system’ to acknowledge anything really Larry.

    The ‘system’ is a means to an end, and your right about it being toxic. It is individuals within that system who are using the ‘loopholes’ to ensure that they never admit to their wrongdoing (both intended and unintended. Concealing motive being one of the very best ‘loopholes’ for doctors. Means and opportunity, but if they keep their mouths shut, you can’t prove the motive).

    True repentance?

    Imam ar-Redha (s) had said, ‘He, who asks for forgiveness with his tongue and does not repent with his heart, mocks himself.’
    “In fact, it is ridiculous or regrettable that man throws himself into disease hoping that he may find the medicine! How much man loses because of this false hope of repenting and how much he commits crimes and sins while he talks with himself that the door of repentance is always open and that he can commit sins now and then he repents!”

    I guess these people who gather together and conspire to ensure that they are never held to account within this flawed system are of the belief that there is safety in numbers. In fact, the fear of that ‘system’ turning against them is what keeps them in their place (as I have found out since my ‘experience’ in observing what happens to whistleblowing police officers who are directed for ‘treatment’. Here was me thinking they had it easy lol And more resources are needed because of the increasing suicide rate?).

    The breach of trust and ‘spying on the confessional’ to overcome ‘resistance’ by ‘mental health services’ and ‘legal representatives’ only works as long as the con is not known by the victims. Those people who were abused by the ‘Church’ only finding out how they had been deceived when it was all too late. The ‘seal of the confessional’ breached to provide warning to the perpetrators, and to ensure that the victims received the ‘treatment’ they required via electricity and forced drugging. This became apparent during the Royal Commission when it was shown that child rape was viewed by the Senior members of the clergy as being a “character flaw” and not a criminal offence. Not the case for those who confessed their sins who were not members of the ‘club’. Only finding out too late about the use of ‘eavesdroppers’.

    And without any proof? I could be called a paranoid as I was when the state “edited” my medical records, and removed the proof of me being ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs before being interrogated for 7 hours. See how that works? Speaking the truth becomes a mental illness requiring ‘treatment’ with just a little bit of fraud? Treatment with the very drug that caused the symptoms they called an illness to start the process? And they call me mad?

    I had “potential for violence, but no clear intent or history”. So people are being force drugged and ‘chemically restrained’ for doctors paranoid delusions? Because without any history what has he got? Only the fabricated evidence that was forged to justify my kidnapping and torture.

    The good news in all of this is that my State representatives have made it very clear what they will do to anyone who dares complain about such treatment. They will “edit” reality, and then “fucking destroy” you and your family should you try and access legal representation or the law (Police actually providing material support to ensure that their offending is not prosecuted. You scratch my back, we’ll scratch yours).

    I think the attempt to ‘unintentionally negatively outcome’ me was seen by some as going a little too far. Why do that when you can gaslight victims to suicide with the assistance of the people they put their trust in (family, lawyers, public sector authorities etc)? Flagged on the police system for ‘referral’ should you try and report their offending, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy with all roads leading to Rome.

    I must say I do admire the way our Politicians have set the community up in this manner. Denying access to legal representation where matters of torture are concerned despite the articles of the Convention. (they didn’t really mean it when they signed those agreements did they? Of course not, the aim was to create an appearance, and then breach the trust as described in the quote above.) The ‘protections’ of the law (human rights) simply ignored by the authorities (Chief Psychiatrist) while they sort the matters out with “edited” documents and ‘negative outcomes’ (without being able to peer into the heart, one cannot confirm the unintended nature of the ‘accident’s which are occurring. “5 children and 114 adults’ killed by hospital mistakes” our newspapers tell us. That’s the ‘mistakes’ that can be identified mind you, the ones that were “edited” before anyone got to look [as is required by agreements such as the Convention against the use of Torture etc, though ignored when the law is rewritten by the Chief Psychiatrist to remove the legal protections afforded the community by Parliament*] are obviously not included in those numbers)

    * arbitrary detentions and forced drugging’s enabled by allowing mental health services to call police and request assistance with an “Outpatient” (a simple lie to tell). Subject beaten into confession via acute stress reaction, ‘verballed’ and “edited”, and then ‘treated’ for the illness they confessed to.

    ‘We’re here to help’

  • When all you’ve got is a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail.

    And thus when people come looking for ‘help’, they are vulnerable. From that point on does it look anything like a cult doing ‘exorcisms’? I think they collectively loose their minds in thinking that what they are doing is helping from that point onwards.

    When all you’ve got is electricity and drugs, the whole world looks like ……… their wallets can be easily extracted once in your ‘care’.

  • There’s more? lol

    Just considering the ‘consent’ provided to the Law Centre in regards the access to my medical records. They requested documents relating to my ‘referral’ on a specific date, and received “edited’ documents which removed the proof of the offenses, and had documents inserted from a ten year old file (particularly misleading and slanderous documents I note). You know, “edited” documents. Not criminal fraud when the State does it to conceal their human rights abuses.

    But given that consent does not mean I am authorising these lawyers to conspire to pervert the course of justice with said hospital. Though this does seem to be the way the lawyers there were interpreting that ‘consent’. And I have no doubt they have do so with many other ‘patients’. But who is going to look? See discussion above lol

    I suppose that the other victims of the Law Centre never got to see the light of day again anyway. People who were tortured, kidnapped, or who had any sort of legitimate complaint against the Health Dept (or a doctor) would have found themselves dribbling in a cell pretty quick (chemically restrained with “no National Standard”, forced dribble therapy which can now be combined with ECTs. Chelmsford’s Dr Harry Bailey is alive and well in Australia), and the only avenue for assistance being the people who were conspiring with the criminals (that is the lawyers at the Law Centre).

    At present I find myself being denied access to ANY legal representation because the truth keeps rearing it’s ugly head, and those in positions to maintain the perverting of the course of justice are ‘out to lunch’. Such human rights abuses not surprising, though a warning to anyone who was considering a visit to Australia if you hold views not consistent with the present dictatorship (our One Party system not even close to resembling a democracy).

    I find myself wondering if the same was true in National Socilalist Germany. That is, those trying to escape their persecutors going and seeking ‘legal advice’ only to have their wallets stripped bare and then thrown under a bus by people claiming to be their ‘representatives’. (yeah yeah, you were cheated, Tell it to the hand. Get on the fuking train.) It’s a real shame that people not only don’t look, but actively ensure that the truth is concealed to allow such human rights violations to continue. One scammer organisation getting caught shouldn’t mean the whole con gets shut down, they simply replace all the lawyers in the Law Centre and start again (as I have since found out, is exactly what they have done.)

  • Copied from my comment above.

    Now consider what might happen if he lied to police in that regard? That means that any person in our community can be subjected to such ‘treatment’ based on nothing more than a lie by a public officer. And the response of the ‘authorities’? “editing” of the facts, and then uttering with known fraud to conceal the acts of torture. And those charged with protecting our human and civil rights at the Law Centre, the lawyers? They conspire with corrupt public officers to actively conceal the offending (for an increase in funding of course, nothing for free these days).


    There is of course an offense listed in our Criminal Code for a Community Nurse who does this, its’s called “Procuring the apprehension or detention of a Person not suffering from a Mental Illness” and carries a three year prison term. (if the person is NOT a ‘patient’, they do not meet the requirement of being a person with a mental illness. Which creates problems when mental health want to snatch people from their bed and force drug them. So use police stooges by lying to them, and the embarrassment of torturing and kidnapping people will mean they assist in cover up)

    The Law Centre tells us that this offence has never been prosecuted though, and I guess when they are “editing” the documents before the persons lawyers get to examine them, threatening witnesses, and then ‘outcoming’ the person who complains, how would it ever be prosecuted? So the protection afforded by the law is worthless, and the Chief Psychiatrist knows it, but it does look good in regards the Convention against the use of Torture. Like a Clockwork Orange, it is there, but it serves no function

    Bit like the Police handing people who complain about the Mafia back to the Mafia. and saving a whole bunch of time on the paperwork. Which is effectively what they tried to do when I went and put the documents they thought had been retrieved under their noses (referral of me failed, tried to arrest me for the ‘verbal’ which the Community Nurse made up [eg threat to harm became a threat to kill. Just fluff it up a bit and make him sound dangerous], and then tried to arrest me for having my medical records.)

    And then we find out that the psychologist who had examined the documents and who realised why the police were trying to refer me for “hallucinating” (not a hallucination when I have the proof of the ‘spiking’, it’s a crime they didn’t want exposed because they tortured me too) became afraid for his family when asked to exploit my trust and find out who else knew they were torturing citizens using mental health services.

    So it does leave me wondering who it was that wrote that letter from the C.P. because I get the impression that the people who claimed to be my ‘legal representatives’ weren’t actually trying to help me. They were providing information about how to ensure that I, and they didn’t obtain the proof of me being tortured and kidnapped.

    My wife and her ‘new man’ once again procure police to have me ‘restrained’ whilst they retrieve the documents I had for the hospital. They then send the fraudulent set of documents to the Law Centre, who make a complaint to the Chief Psychiatrist based on that fraud.

    Let me speculate that the Chief psychiatrist never actually received that letter of complaint (it was done for ‘show’ and only given to me). They then forged a letter purporting to be from the Chief Psychiatrist which contains some bizarre claims, and which I have called a ‘poison pen letter’. I say this as it is designed to do severe psychological harm to the victim, and hopefully push them to suicide.

    The Minister, fully aware that the lawyers at the Law Centre are doing this, can act as ‘foil’ should there be any issues.

    The real problem was that I still had the proof of the ‘spiking’ and the ‘procuring’, and wasn’t aware that the Law Centre had been provided with fraud. So I couldn’t inform them that I still had the proof, and therefore they couldn’t inform the Minister (ie stab me in the back). It is an offense for ANY public officer who “suspects on reasonable grounds that an offense carrying a penalty of two or more years prison has occurred” to NOT report the matter to the corruption watchdog. So were these matters which were clearly offenses reported under these mandatory reporting laws? Not according to Hansards.

    I tell ya, I wouldn’t want to be someone forging letters claiming to be from the Chief Psychiatrist to conceal such serious criminal offences, even if it was to push a nutjob to suicide. Pretty vicious if you ask me, but these are ‘good people’ because they told us so, and given they are killing anyone who dares question that well…… I guess we will have to go along with that.

    Some of it really makes me laugh. the psychologist going along thinking ‘this guys nuts, they don’t snuff people in the E.D. for complaining about ‘patients’ being referred. Oh wait, I see, he wasn’t actually a …… they drugged him and then signed a fraudulent prescription…. and now police are calling me a wanting to know who else has seen what I have seen? You mean he has been speaking the truth all along?’ The look of absolute terror in his eyes when he had to lie to me and pretend that Police never tried to refer me, and that “it never happened” (sorry but the Social Worker that was with me at the Police Station confirmed in an email the next day the events he denied. I’ve got written proof and KNOW he is a liar. Took police a little time to put a ‘plan’ into effect I’m afraid. In the meantime I had documented events. Not that evidence or proof matters when the State is “editing” realities for criminals within their ranks) . Dog act of course but …. I assume he will now be quite a resource for corrupt police. Such informants difficult to come by with codes of conduct and ethics etc. Really have to admire some of the work of the Devil, who it seems has quite a sense of humour.

    Trust in haste, regret at leisure.
    Don’t suspect a friend, report them
    Suspicion breeds confidence

    My three favorite signs from the movie Brazil

  • Hi Lisa,

    “I would love to see the letter you speak of… not for “proof” because I believe you. I have seen it first hand. More about solidarity.”

    Will be in touch with a link very soon.

    “I watched the J. Peterson YouTube and he nailed it too. The sad truth, about how society has terribly put “systems and rules” before human beings is sickening.”

    Didn’t he hit the mark? The loss of liberties more of a concern than the virus. I’m watching carefully as our ‘vaccine passports’ are brought into effect and waiting for people to be denied access to places of worship. “Those who would sacrifice essential liberties for temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety” (Ben Franklin). How ironic that this quote was on the back of the t shirt of our now Attorney General (speaking about the torture with electricity of an aboriginal man by Police in 2010), who is dismantling our liberties at a rate that makes Speedy Gonzales look like Slow Poke Rodrigues. Terrible accident with the law which was to protect peoples information when they signed in to track and trace covid outbreaks. A loophole which allows police to use that data for any purpose they see fit, and of course they won’t be charging themselves even if there were consequences under law (“insufficient evidence” mainly because they refuse to take anything which doesn’t suit their preferred “edited” narratives)

    “And lastly I watched the video with that poor man being abused by police. A “mentally ill man” being treated so inhumanly to actually cause a mental illness. ugh”

    Yes, the inducing of an ‘acute stress reaction’ (this is the ‘code’ used by mental health services for police bashing to loosen the lips. Just don’t call it torture and it isn’t. seen that before? It’s ‘medicine’ not drugs. Unintended negative outcomes not convenience killings). Couple of points about this event. When you examine the letter from the Chief Psychiatrist note that such beatings by police can be done for no other reason that a Community Nurse has called them and requested assistance with his “Outpatient” (he need only ‘suspect’, and the reasonable grounds legal protection is removed. This then allows the uttering with a known fraudulent document to occur. Quite an exercise in ‘verbal gymnastics’ by the Chief Psychiatrist to conceal these crimes. I note that the people who do figure out what he has done, tend to run away very quickly, the Law Centre claiming that arbitrary detentions under ‘suss laws’ and torture are “in the spirit of the Act”) Now consider what might happen if he lied to police in that regard? That means that any person in our community can be subjected to such ‘treatment’ based on nothing more than a lie by a public officer. And the response of the ‘authorities’? “editing” of the facts, and then uttering with known fraud to conceal the acts of torture. And those charged with protecting our human and civil rights at the Law Centre, the lawyers? They conspire with corrupt public officers to actively conceal the offending (for an increase in funding of course, nothing for free these days). Anyway, you’ll see if you examine the documents.

    The other point is the comments by the Minister in that video. The woman who said there were “some concerning aspects in the arrest”, and that the matter had been referred to Police Standards. What she KNOWS is that police are unaccountable, and that even if the corruption watchdog makes a negative finding against them, they simply ignore anything that is said. See the case of Corrina Horvath which went to the U.N. and recognised that the States are responsible for police officers who break the law. Took 20 years after her beating of course, and police simply ignored the findings, and the police who beat her are still actively employed. To the public though, it sounds like the ‘process’ is taking place and something might be done. Those ‘in the know’ such as the Minister are fully aware this is a dead end, and these types of beatings can and are being done on a regular basis. But as long as she makes it sound as if something is being done ….. and then identify any ‘troublemakers’ for their mental illnesses of speaking up….. and arrange them to be ‘treated’ of course, as is her duty of care to ensure that such ‘public health issues’ are referred. Martha Mitchell would recognise the pattern.

    Woops, there’s another. Though I note these two people actually were “patients”, whereas in my instance the Community Nurse simply lied to Police to have them beat me into a confession so he could start the ‘treatment’. even going so far as to document what I needed to be tortured into confessing. Still, why would we be surprised. A brief examination of the system makes it obvious it is wide open to abuses.

    Given what I knew about ‘mental health services’, was it any wonder that I was going to refuse to speak to them? A right I had, or so I thought, until of course I find out the state (via the Chief Psychiatrist and Law Centers negligence) is authorising torture and kidnappings, and then doing ‘cover ups’ with fraudulent documents and uttering should there be a problem. ‘Spiked’, jumped in my bed, ‘acute stress reaction’, and then ‘verbal’ the victim on fraudulent Forms. Too easy. And those boastful human rights protectors…….. look the other way. Hi to Amnesty Int. Oh that’s right, they only look if it’s China locking up petrol bomb throwing anarchists who are being ‘arbitrarily detained’. The Chief Psychiatrist in Australia, in writing, authorises arbitrary detentions and forced treatment based on fraud, and they look the other way. Must be good money in it, or is it the ability to operate as a charity that is at stake?

    Police kicking the shit out of ‘mental patients’, so all you need to do it trick them into a false belief that a citizen is a ‘mental patient’, then torture then until they ‘confess’ to their ‘illness’. In 1940s Germany, they would have ‘spiked’ me and planted a copy of the Torah under my pillow, and placed a menora next to the bed. Then call the einsattsgruppen for ‘assistance’ with a ‘public health problem’. They’re the same people, the clock has simply done a few turns is all.

    Be in touch soon.

  • Just noticed this in your C.V. Dr Ruby

    “Executive Director of the International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry (ISEPP)”

    How ethical would it be for a psychologist who was informed of the events I mention above, to be used by Police to find out “who else has the documents?” for them, and to conceal an attempt by police to refer me to mental health services for complaining about being ‘spiked’ before being interrogated. ie this particular psychologist spent quite some time going over the documents they State thought they had retrieved from the nutjob, before sending the fraudulent set to my legal representatives. Questions the ‘client’ would never answer to police spoken about under the false belief that the matters were confidential? same as the use of criminal lawyers by police as informants? (see Nicola Gobbo lawyer X) Clever really, though quite a breach of trust and confidence in my opinion.

    Police were of course concerned when I turned up with those documents wanting to make a complaint about being tortured by them, and so threatened this psychologists family to ensure his silence, and to have him use his position of trust with me to find out who else was aware of their misconduct that had been ‘covered up’ by the State government.

    I get it that he was threatened, but it seems a bit misleading to have someone you claim to be trying to help with therapy, only to exploit their trust to obtain information for police to enable the concealment of acts of torture and kidnapping. Which is exactly the sort of thing you would expect from a government that is enabling torture methods via the Mental Health Act. (the loophole of “inherent in or incidental to lawful sanction” combined with arbitrary detentions making torture available to public officers at ‘street level’)

  • “Professional vs. Patient” “I suggest we abandon it”.

    I think that Philip Zimbardo might agree with you, and I guess if we abandon the role of Prison Guard versus Prisoner in our “Correctional Facilities’ much of the violence suffered due to ‘role confusion’ might go away? I note that my brother who worked in the prison system for 25 years, was also at one stage early in his life actually held in one such place.

    I think trying to ignore the power imbalance in such ‘relationships’ (particualrly the more abuse ones) is a bad idea. I suggest we abandon it.

    “My focus is on the problems that are diagnosed as mental disorders, but that do not have any underlying physiological dysfunction – the great majority of so-called mental patients.”

    Don’t you mean ‘any IDENTIFIABLE underlying physiological dysfunction’? The inability of doctor to identify the root cause of the issue, does not mean one does not exist. In fact, I think you point to the ‘problem’ with your following sentences.

    “The effects of psychiatric drugs, ECT, and psychosurgery can be disabling. But they do not cause mental disorder or mental disability.”

    In fact, you may find that many ‘mental patients’ are subjected to these so called ‘treatments’ as a means to cause mental disorder or disability. Side effect if you must, but I think Frantz Fanon makes it very clear that the use of electricity during interrogations was not to cause the physiological harm you speak of, but to use the psychological distress caused by that harm to advantage (what he called ‘psychological services’ of the French government in Algeria). Is the same not true when waterboarding? Little harm physically, but the psychological harm of ‘near death experience’ great for overcoming ‘resistance’ to confess?

    Haven’t got much time so have to leave my comments there. Bit busy trying to over come the trauma of being deliberately ‘fuking destroyed’ by an Operations Manager (as representative of the State) at a mental institution where they subjected me to 7 hours of interrogation whilst drugged with date rape drugs without my knowledge, and with Police weapons pointed at me forcing me to ‘confess’ to my ‘disability’ or ‘disorder’.

  • “Why do people want to look away from the horror show that is the mental health industry?”

    Why did people look away from what was occurring in Auschwitz? The victims had been stigmatised by the State, and the public were ‘disgusted’ by those who they saw as being ‘unclean’.

    A public health issue.

    I note J. Peterson covers a topic very similar in this interview (starts at about 22:00 – 27:00)

    Public health and the Nazis (National Socialists).
    They acted according to some high ethical standards eg; ‘I’m going to protect you because you deserve to be protected. Your health is paramount. Even one life is too many”. Yes but ….. that becomes an absolute in some sense. “IT’S HARD TO SAY WHAT THAT DOESN’T JUSTIFY”

    His discussion on the reason we have human rights follows. Now the legal protections he speaks of to protect those human rights are simply ignored by those with a duty to enforce them. See for example the letter I have from the Chief Psychiatrist who denies any legal protections for the community if the Community Nurse wishes to call police, call citizens his “Outpatient” falsely, and have ANYONE snatched form their bed and tortured into a ‘confession’ of a mental illness. (happy to share the letter by the way).
    If the Community Nurse for whatever reason thinks someone should be incarcerated and force drugged, then he simply calls police and has it done. All he needs is to “suspect”, and the “reasonable grounds” (the legal protection of standards to be met, ie a burden of proof) he simply makes up to create the appearance that the protection of the law actually exists. I mean those protections in law do exist, but the people who are supposed to enforce then simply deny they exist to the now ‘mental patient’ who is denied access to effective legal representation, while they sort the ‘problem’ out in the E.D. with a little ‘accident’.

    Put the community outside the law as the Chief Psychiatrist has done in his letter to the Law Centre and there is literally nothing that can’t be done by the State. Especially when the Law Centre who supposedly protect our human rights ‘don’t look’ at the negligence of the C.P. Carte blanche as far as human rights abuses go in that situation.

    Speaking of the Mental Health Law Centre, these are lawyers being paid to protect human rights, and they are the very people who look the other way while they occur. Befriending their ‘clients’ for the benefit of identifying any problems that may be encountered by the State when they subject citizens to torture, kidnappings and ….. well, some people don’t have the stomach for the ‘outcomes’. ‘Sorry, due to limited resources at the Law Centre, your torture and kidnapping will have to be covered up by the State while we look away, because we rely on their funding to survive with just a Porsche. Here’s a letter from the Chief Psychiatrist who has rewritten the law to ensure that arbitrary detentions and torture are now lawful. Good luck sorting that out nutjob. P. S. don’t bother contacting the witnesses or your family, because they are afraid of being ‘fuking destroyed’ in the same manner we have done you. Terrorism is just so effective when done by the State with their ample resources’

    Mind you, this is Australia I am talking about. The place where this is considered ‘mental health care’.

    See what happens when a Community Nurse LIES to police and requests ‘assistance’ with his “Outpatient”? If you weren’t ill before their ‘intervention’, you sure as Hell will be after. Early intervention is best of course, that is before the patient gets ill.

  • “I’m talking about sudden and senseless acts of horrifying violence with no apparent motive.”

    Oh, like Afghanistan lol. Seriously though, the way these narratives are “edited” by the State where I live, one would have zero possibility of understanding the ‘motives’. For example, there was a man who set fire to his children who claimed he had been ‘spiked’ with benzos (possibly by his wife) who was sent to prison for his offenses. The claim that he had been ‘spiked’ lacking any proof. And lawyers in Australia can be paid informants of Police (see Nicola Gobbo Lawyer X), or may simply ‘find out what ya got’ and then throw you under the bus once police have retrieved the ‘problematic’ evidence/documents. Sounds insane until one slips the net and they have to cover up their really bad cover up.

    Point being I KNOW from personal experience that such ‘spikings’ are concealed by the State via the “editing” of documents (and threatening of witnesses) before the lawyers have the opportunity to examine the facts which means that his defense is removed for the sake of ensuring he goes to prison.

    So this violence engaged in by this particular individual which may have been the result of the drugs, is actually attributed to his biology (untampered with via ‘spiking’).
    I note a similar story published just recently on MiA where the author claimed to know that their psychotic episode was NOT the result of a ‘spiking’ How could one be so certain without having had tests done post the ‘experience’? I think here of the situation with Prof. John Kearsley whose ‘victim’ was allowed to have a blood test done after the event, something the people who ‘cared’ for me denied me the right to, instead making the drugs I had been ‘spiked’ with my ‘regular medications’ after I had been subjected to interrogations by mental health and Police. Conceal the truth regarding the ‘spiking’ and then slander the victim for complaining about the covert drugging, making a victim of public officer misconduct and human rights abuses a paranoid delusional who needs ‘treatment’. Works a treat.

    Torture in Australia is a little more culturally accepted due to our history with our native population, police use of electricity still occurring to this day. I note the method of making ‘referrals’ to mental health services by police when their corruption and human rights abuses for ‘snowing’ seems a little more common than I at first thought. See above for the method of ‘police referral’ and use of mental health services to ‘snow’ Spratt, while the corruption watchdog conceals the evidence from the public.

    In fact Police put forward an “edited” version of events to the media in the case of Spratt, which was later identified as being false/fraudulent. Releasing his records to the media unlawfully (not unlike my medical records being released to slander when they ‘fuking destroyed’ me and my family for complaining about torture)

    I wonder how many of the officers who assaulted Spratt are taking ‘medications’ as a result of the trauma of their work, thus increasing the violence they are dishing out to the people they have a duty of care towards? (see Fanons European Policeman who tortured his wife and children in Wretched of the Earth)

  • Hi Lisa,

    I gained a lot from the comment you make in your art. “From this side of the cage only half of the puzzle at best is revealed so withhold judgement”.

    The words which held me back form passing judgement were “It is better to forgive”. And I say this in a manner which means you do not HAVE to forgive (as many people don’t).

    But I find myself considering the Hell you have been put through, and then the punishment that is to be faced by those who took you down that path with their evil intent, and those who neglected their duty to provide you with the help you so obviously requested. I have had the benefit of being shown the eyes of someone who has done such evil as they were being thrown into the fire (seen more than I should of the other side of the cage so to speak). And that moment will go on for eternity for that person. My soul I hope will leave this place in peace, with knowledge that I have asked forgiveness for any wrong I have done, and that I feel I have no evil intent in any of my actions these days.

    A good friend once said to me that those who have evil in their hearts need to have their souls ripped from them like a wire brush dragging wool from a sheep (how could they possibly leave their wealth behind?). The aim is to have the soul slip from the body like a drop of water leaving the hand.

    Your words provide me with comfort, and perhaps that’s the whole point of your suffering? I don’t know, but stay with us for as long as you can bear. Please.

  • Hi Patrick, you write;

    “I have to say these cases of cannabis-associated violence sound eerily like the cases of antidepressant-associated violence I have been collating.”

    Is there something specific about these cases which you associate with one another that stands out? That is over and above the cases of alcohol related violence, or perhaps some of the racially motivated violence by the likes of Police etc?

    I’ve heard a little about ‘spellbinding’ and what a psychiatrist I spoke to calls ‘disinhibition’ as a result of drug consumption but….. I remain a skeptic on the causal type relationship between drug consumption and violence.

    I’d also like further information about the marriage between Bog Dope, Big Pharma and Tobacco. And where does Bog Booze fit into all of that? I just can’t see Ricky from Trailer Park Boys in an Armani suit buying and selling shares on the NY Stock Exchange lol

  • Of even greater concern is the fact that the Form 1 referral was KNOWN to be a fraudulent statutory declaration by Dec. 2011. The only way that it could not be seen as being fraud was if you removed the other related documentation stating the facts from the legal narrative. Which was precisely what the Operations Manager did before providing that fraud to the Law Centre. Police were then procured to retrieve the partial documents I had showing the ‘spiking’, and to ensure that the fraud could not be seen by anyone other than those who had prepared the fraud.

    So Boans is sitting on documents which demonstrate the fraud, and the hospital is of the belief that they have retrieved them and that their fraud can only be noticed by those in authority. Enter the Chief Psychiatrist who, two years after the fraud is known about, writes “The Form 1 is considered to be reasonable grounds”. Now to me the use of a statutory declaration that you KNOW is fraudulent is called uttering …. but haha you can’t prove it because you don’t have the documents anymore, and your lawyers are actually helping the State rather than their client so……..go fuk yourself.

    Except, I then walk into a police station with proof that the Chief Psychiatrist is uttering with fraud? Or maybe he didn’t actually write that letter, given that these people have gotten involved in some heavy weight offending by this point, so having the Law Centre forge a letter purporting to be from the Chief Psychiatrist to “fucking destroy” their client who went to them for help and trusted them isn’t out of the question.

    But surely the Chief Psychiatrist would have said that he didn’t write that letter, and you would think that such serious misconduct might result in some action? But it does explain why no one seems to want to touch that letter if it was forged by criminals (see the response by the Council of Official Visitors for example). Imagine, forging a letter from the Chief Psychiatrist as a lawyer, and then sending it to someone thinking they couldn’t prove it was forged, and they could?

    And then the guy turns up in a Police station, and triggers the ‘flag’ for referral to ‘psychological services’ to ensure he is silenced rather than treated as a victim of crime?

    Makes not seeing my family for more than ten years and loosing everything I ever worked for pale to insignificance really. Might be nice driving the Porsche they get for committing such offenses for the State, but they really don’t like such sloppy work. Get your shit together if your going to torture and snuff anyone that complains people. It’s not a good look.

  • This matter of my privacy (records held at the Private Clinic which did a report for a workers comp. claim. They also do a lot of Legal Medico reports for the courts).

    I realise now why my wife and the hospital FOI officer were so desperate to have me sign my medical records over to my wife.

    Lure with bait, strike with chaos.

    The FOI officer was telling me that I could have copies of documents relating to my ‘referral’ if I would simply sign my medical records over to my wife. This really confused me, why do I need the permission of my wife to access my medical records? I get what I want for simply signing that little piece of paper?

    What the FOI officer knew was that my medical records had been unlawfully released from the Private Clinic (after a meeting with my wife to discuss my FOI application. My wife prepared for the meeting by the clinic psychologist. ‘Houston, we got a problem’), and that she was concealing the offending by my wife and the clinic psychologist. He is someone’s ‘patient’ right? They were his benzos right? And of course when my wife and the clinic psychologist who knew I wasn’t a ‘patient’ were asked to prove what they had said about me being a ‘patient’ they couldn’t. Which then meant that the FOI officer was quite clearly providing material assistance in the commission of serious criminal offences.

    So how do we get around that? By ‘plugging’ the gap’ and making my wife into my ‘carer’ post hoc. Must admit that the ‘three letter’ confidence trick attempted by the FOI officer is one of the better ‘cons’ I have seen in all my time as a public officer dealing with contracts. They needed me to be made into a ‘patient’ before the police or anyone else (for example my legal representatives) had time to go through what had occurred, and figured out I had been tortured and kidnapped. And unfortunately they failed to obtain the document they could defraud others with, so had to resort to having me dealt with by someone in the Emergency Dept (which also failed). Ewww that’s kind of yucky that the State is doing that to people who pay them their wages.

    So at this point the police are fully aware of the fact that they were deceived into a false belief by the Community Nurse but…… they don’t actually like the facts. Because that would mean that the people they are relying on to torture and kidnap (and provide them with the opportunity to ‘interrogate’ people drugged without their knowledge or consent) might actually be subjected to the law. And we simply can’t have that, and okay it got a little out of hand with the thing at the E.D. and slipping a few past the Coroner who isn’t looking to hard anyway…….c’mon. Just business right?

    Knowing a psychiatrist who is providing what Fanon calls ‘psychological services’ to the State is a distinct advantage though. And of course such people need the ‘space’ to conduct their work, especially when people are being ‘Shanghaied’ from a Private Clinic and elite University counselling services for electricity treatments (with their ‘consent’ of course. Which we have become acutely aware of the methods of ‘coercion’ which the State is using now with COVID. You have a choice, not much of a choice but a choice none the less).

    So getting me to the Church on Time for an ‘unintended negative outcome’ was a rational decision as far as I can see, and not some …. well, there was an element of paranoia involved, given that the Police won’t actually do anything about doctors committing serious criminal offences (or their wives for that matter) So is there really a need for ‘outcoming’ their little problems in the E.D.?

    I did explain this to a Police officer that it would be best if they let these organised criminals operating in our hospitals know they do not intend doing their duty where they are concerned, and that lives could be saved. No motive to ‘outcome’ if the police aren’t going to act on the torture and kidnappings.

    Mind you, this did raise the same issues faced by people when they saw the report of Josef Hartinger, that is this could be viewed as being a “joint enterprise” with the State being responsible for the criminal conduct of public officers [see UN report on Corrina Horvath beating by Police]. And the State has since rectified that issue by passing “Voluntary Assisted Dying” legislation, which concerns me given the way that official documents can be “edited” before examination by a persons legal representatives. The Attorney General not prepared to put my concerns to rest though. The ‘protections’ afforded under the Mental Health Act which are denied by the Chief Psychiatrist, are the same legal protections boasted about by our legislators as proving protection with the Euthanasia Laws they have passed. They simply ignore them and point to them as being ‘protections’ See the letter I have posted from the Chief Psychiatrist regarding the “suspect on reasonable grounds” protection. What good are the laws when the person charged with enforcing them doesn’t even understand how they work. Care to see the letter? Thought not.

    These documents I have, removed information demonstrating kidnapping and torture (and numerous other offenses) and replaced them with misleading and slanderous information for my lawyers, and they call that “editing”? I think the correct term is criminal fraud, and can see how doctors could easily provide ‘assistance’ to people who have ‘volunteered’ to die, and then change the legal narrative once they had been …. well, no real nice way of putting it, killed.

    Thought for the Day: “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”

  • I think back to the Private Clinic psychologist who, when I expressed that I had no need for her services as a ‘marriage counselor’, simply ignored my instructions that she was not to speak with my wife, sat with her and conspired to have me ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs (benzodiazepines), and then explained a method of overcoming the protections of the law to have me kidnapped and tortured (once incapacitated, have a Community Nurse call police and tell them he is an “Outpatient” and he requires assistance in obtaining an ‘interrogation’, then plant a knife on him for police to find when they jump the victim in his bed. Arbitrary detentions and torture made easy). And this was done as I had refused my wifes request to speak with this Private Clinic psychologist who obviously wanted the right to force her ‘marriage guidance counselling’ onto me. Personally I think this basically confirmed my suspicion that this psychologist was trouble, something I told my wife before she left to speak with her but ……. seems I don’t have a right to privacy (my medical records from the Private Clinic shared with the hospital that did the kidnapping once I was locked in their ‘care’. I guess such breaches of the Federal Privacy Act with court sealed records when someone refuses to talk to a ‘marriage counselor’ when they don’t want one saves time. All criminal of course but the law is funny like that, it doesn’t apply when your justification for torture and kidnapping is to “save a marriage”. The ‘good faith defense’ lmao. See Article 2:2 of the Convention against the use of Torture, “no emergency provisions” and “no superior authority” ergo, no ‘good faith’ acts of torture?

    Best $200 of my money my ex wife ever spent, because when the hospital that did the kidnapping and torture found out what the Community Nurse (and co conspirators) had done, they decided it was easier to “fucking destroy” me (having gone to the trouble of slandering me with their fraud already made it easy. The offense of “Create false belief” used to have police cause an “acute stress reaction” can then be used to ensure that Police provide no assistance to the victim [who they falsely believe is an ‘Outpatient’, and so have a little ‘fun’ with them. Sadistic filth that they are. Video proof available on request] whilst they go about “fucking destroying” them, police in fact providing material support to these criminals to retrieve evidence of the offending). This, rather than doing their mandatory duty and reporting the large number of serious criminal offenses that had been committed to the Corruption and Crime Commission. Which I note was made perfectly clear to the Operations Manager who “edited” the documents for my ‘legal representatives’ to conceal the crimes. It was when I pointed out that what she was doing was attempting to pervert the course of justice, and that this carried a mandatory prison term, that she explained that her employers (the State) path was going to be to “fucking destroy” me and my family. And the whole community has provided her with their support, preferring the slander fabricated to justify my incarceration and torture, rather than examine the facts which are ‘distasteful’. (thanks guys).

    So does any good come from therapy, best not ask me, but my ex wife might answer in the affirmative, given that she still has everything I ever worked for, whilst I still suffer the trauma of being tortured, and then gaslighted for complaining.

  • I pay a golf professional for my therapy. He’s much cheaper, much more effective, doesn’t call me names for my weaknesses, isn’t trying to constantly talk me into using ‘performance enhancing substances’, and actually wants me to get better at the game so I don’t need him. And whilst the world is still a shit place, at least I can say my handicap is coming down slowly so I’m actually getting something for my money.

    Unlike the psychologist who, when I said I was suffering from suicidal ideation due to missing putts to the left (short game inconsistency syndrome, with persecution delusions requiring a cocktail of drugs washed down with my cocktail at the 19th) said “I’m going to have to ask you to pay in advance”.

  • “Truth doesn’t bring money”

    I quote

    “In Algeria, military doctors and psychiatrists have found a wide field for experiment in police quarters. For if in cases of neurosis pentothal sweeps away the barriers which bar the way to bringing to light an interior conflict, it ought equally in the case of Algerian patriots to serve to break down the political barrier and make confession easier for the prisoner without having recourse to electricity; medical tradition lays down that suffering should be avoided. This is the medical form that ‘subversive war’ takes.
    The scenario is as follows. First, ‘I am a doctor, I am not a policeman. I am here to help you.’ In this way, after a few days the confidence of the prisoner is won. *
    After that, ‘I am going to give you a few injections, for your badly shaken’. For a few days, treatment of any kind at all is given – vitamins, treatment for heart disease, sugar serums. On the fourth or fifth day the intra-venous injection of pentothal is given. The interrogation begins.” (Fanon; Wretched of the Earth. p. 229)

    * We can cite in the same way the case of psychiatrists who were prime movers on ‘presence francaise’ who when they were told off to give an expert opinion on a prisoner had the habit from the very first of proclaiming their great friendship with the defending lawyer, and of assuring the prisoner that the two of them (the barrister and the psychiatrist) would get him out of there. All the prisoners who had the benefit of expert opinions were guillotined. These psychiatrists boasted in front of us of their elegant method of overcoming ‘resistance’.

    Good money in truth, if you have the stomach for extracting it for the State. Confidentiality? Privacy Act? wahahahha …. as George Carlin said “you got no f*^%king rights, ….. they only care about their power”.

    I quote from the Quran;

    “They will take their oaths as a cover…..” (58:16)

    Hi to Auntie.

  • Hi Louise,

    “As the Dalai Lama says: “Love is the absence of judgment.””

    I’d have $5 on the Dalai Lama if I were a Tibetan man. Seriously though…… you write; “Some assumed it was a drug-induced psychosis. I took no drugs at Woodford.” How can you be sure you weren’t ‘spiked’ with something? My ‘history’ which I won’t go into here makes me wonder about how often people are ‘misdiagnosed’ based on ‘spikings’ which are then concealed by ‘mental health services’, the symptoms of the ‘spiking’ used to justify the forced drugging and incarceration of individuals with the very drugs that caused the problems in the first place. In my instance it was benzos which where put into my drink, and a doctor then concealed this offence by writing a fraudulent prescription for what were now my “regular medications” ( a doctor I might add that had no idea of my existence when the drugs were administered without my knowledge, and who wrote the fraudulent prescription AFTER I had been subjected to interrogations by police and a Community Nurse. A compounding of offences)

    So, I guess I have to ask. Perhaps you too have a doctor who you are not allowed to be informed of (Shine Lawyers. “We can’t tell you who your doctor is for reasons of confidentiality” [mainly because it was patently obvious from the documents I didn’t actually have a doctor, and thus they would need to look further and recognise the offending by these people, preferring instead to not see acts of torture and kidnapping], who is writing prescriptions for drugs to be administered without your knowledge that you would otherwise reject based on your religious belief system? (ie in Islam, intoxicants are strictly forbidden. Benzos being one of four stupefying/intoxicating drugs often misrepresented as being ‘medicine’).

    Quite clever when you consider that with the concealment of one single fact (the ‘spiking’) a person goes from being the victim of serious criminal offending, to a mental patient requiring incarceration and forced drugging with the very drug which laid them out in the first instance (for their ‘paranoid delusion’ of believing they have been drugged without their knowledge. The cover up by mental health means police can now be procured as co conspirators in the offending.).

    Consider your situation if it were to emerge today that someone had ‘spiked’ your drink with LSD for instance, what would change about the way you view the events described above? The lack of proof of a drug that caused the psychosis, does not mean that it wasn’t present.

  • There is a brief mention in my Book about two angels named Harut and Marut. The story caught my eye on my very first reading, mainly due to the fact they were teaching people how to cause separation between a man and his wife (you know, the oldest trick in the Book? Apple Adam? Hence the reason mental health services get loved ones to poison their targets/victims. Just put a bit of this in his drink, and we’ll sort the paperwork and “editing” out later. Then describe the effects of the poisoning, and claim it is an illlness, and conceal the act of poisoning. Maybe they don’t do this in the U.S. but it’s certainly being done in Australia).

    The thing about Harut and Marut is that they actually warned people BEFORE they taught them this ‘magic’. Translated the words are “We are only a Fitnah (trial), so do not disbelieve”.

    It then goes on to say ” And they learn that which harms them and profits them not. And indeed they knew that the buyers of it (magic) would have no share in the Ākhirah (Hereafter). And how bad indeed was that for which they sold their own selves, if they but knew!”

    I guess what I am wondering about is the people who falsely believe in the ‘magic’ practiced by these frauds, who will take advantage of anyone who fails to hold onto their belief, and who can be used to make a material gain in this world?

    Which always seems to bring me back to “they will take their oaths as a cover”. The loophole of “First do no harm [to your own bank balance]”. Isn’t this the job of the ‘Public Torturers’? Try and tempt them, and if and when that fails, see if you can’t intimidate, threaten and force them into non belief? Very few seem to come through that ‘trial’, though I have been fortunate enough to know a few. Bilal ibn Rabah (as) a great example.

  • Heya Rachel, good to see your article here.

    I heard a song on the radio last week which made me smile. (I guess given the topic it shouldn’t but …..

    Interesting that they didn’t make the claim that her ‘illness made her do it’? My how times have changed, plant a bit of evidence, “edit” a few documents and you have a NGRI plea bargain I do believe lol. Did she even do it?

    Hey, my wife likes to attack while people are on the couch, and then arrange the scene for Police (with some assistance from mental health services) to ensure they are misdirected away from the truth. There was some confusion about the cut to my shoes as well lol (classic defensive wound).

    To the tune from the above;

    Oh ya can knife your husband while he’s laying prostrate, especially if police are compromised. Oh ya can knife your husband while he’s laying prostrate, mental health services will help when they arrive. [with some document “editing” that is].

    In fact, consider that they were aware of the attempt to plunge a carving knife into my heart whilst I lay on the couch, and were prepared to allow my wife to ‘spike’ me which would slow my reflexes and stop me from deflecting the blow with the knife next time? Let’s not tell him he is being drugged with date rape drugs without his knowledge…. and what would they have done when the knife went in? Woops, more document “editing” I suggest. A right to know your being ‘spiked’? Not in Australia, especially when it suits public officers.

    Anyway, hope to see more of your work here and elsewhere.

  • “It seems that in America and many other countries white people tend to take it for granted that they have rights of which Black people are routinely deprived.”

    How true is that of a Nation which had a “White Australia policy” for so many years? And I guess my focus on the color of my skin should provoke some thought for me. In fact, I realise that it was possibly more the fact that I was a man that allowed what was done to me to be done. My wifes’ domestic violence (tried to plunge a carving knife into my heart whilst I lay on the couch for daring to suggest I was leaving her) provided support by a clinic psychologist (go home and ‘spike’ him with benzos, and then call mental health services and plant a knife and some cannabis on him. little ‘trick’ to make it all appear lawful tehe), a Community Nurse (a woman is in distress, quick call the police and have that man beaten into submission, and have him ‘chemically restrained’), and well, Police on hearing about the attempt to kill me with the knife ……crickets. They provided kidnapping services to the Community Nurse in exchange for the right to torture me too. Not like you should let the opportunity of someone being incapacitated with a date rape drug to pass right? And then have a Senior Medical Officer cover it up with a fraudulent prescription and a ‘snow job’.

    Of course, my anger over these matters might be interpreted as being domestic abuse (I, unlike my wife, did not physically assault). Something the hospital upon investigation of their kidnapping and torture were torn over (do they double down and fuking destroy the victim? Someone already having produced the fraud making me a wife beater…. lets just run with that known fraud huh? Or do they provide assistance to him knowing what he has been subjected to? So I was subjected to further gaslighting and criminal conduct in the form of fraudulent documents being sent to my legal representatives. The Chief Psychiatrist then uttering with that fraud and denying that the whole community had any human rights or legal protections under the Mental Health Act (care to see the letter? Possibly the reason that our Aboriginal population needed a legal service of their own, being thrown under the bus by whitey lawyers for years?).

    So my poverty? Well, it wasn’t until I was threatened by the hospital Operations Manager and my family was fuking destroyed that I actually became poor. My wife keeping everything except the clothes I left in and the documents which proved the fraud to the lawyers (even procuring the services of Police to try and have those documents retrieved before they sent out the fraudulent set. They failed and went through thinking that I no longer had them). The domestic violence? well, my wife it seems had the right to procure the services of the Police to assist her in that regard (her drama training awfully helpful in ‘flipping the script’ and playing the victim), and ensuring that I have been denied my property for ten years. And childhood abuse? Well, that’s a little more complex, and I guess the insertion of documents not requested, regarding my confidential communications in the fraudulent set of documents for my lawyers (who then release that information for no other purpose than to slander [they really meant it when the State threatened to fuking destroy me]) gives new meaning to the assumption of a right to privacy (under the Federal Privacy Act provisions). Digging for dirt to distribute unlawfully of course only a crime if the Police actually do their duty…… and well, they find “insufficient evidence” because they refuse to take the documented proof. How easy are these rights to pervert and deny?

    Torture, kidnappings, and well the Chief Psychiatrist prefers the use of euphemisms when he speaks about “unintended negative outcomes” which seems to be correlated with anyone who makes a legitimate complaint about their ‘treatment’ by mental health services which may be considered unlawful. Not a lot of them being done of course, though a few more than the likes of Jamal Kashoggi, which journalists seem prepared to publish.

    I guess the reason I make the comparison to waking up black was due to my ignorance of the way these ‘services’ are being employed by public officers and Private Clinic psychologists. That is to procure citizens who have human rights to not be arbitrarily detained and tortured, to make them into ‘Outpatients” post hoc and conceal the human rights abuses with negligence, fraud and slander (along with a little negative outcoming in the E.D. before police are seen to have been negligent and have provided material support for a killing).

    All sounds crazy, and I assume I have a lot in common with Martha Mitchell (an effect for a start). But yes, your right, there was more than the color of my skin at play here, and my gender was no doubt exploited by those who wished to have me kidnapped and tortured (wife and the clinic psychologist). Amazing transformation from the documented call to mental health. Boans tried to sort the conflict out with family [ie peacemaker], and has been ‘spiked’ to deprive of liberty, to the interrogation done via an act of torture to me being ‘violent, psychotic, drug abusing wife beater” all achieved with a corrupt practice called “verballing” (a common practice in the Dept of Mental Health it seems). Even my wife surprised that she had called me a wife beater (both of us aware it simply wasn’t true but …. the Community Nurse needed a risk and a slander to have others ‘chemically restrain’ me. I wonder homw many men are being subjected to such slander by public officers who then go on to kill their children as a result of the injustice and gaslighting? I suppose i’ll never know, and those that do know, simply don’t care. They “edit” the legal narrative for the lawyers anyway).

    “However, there are also other kinds of oppression which affect people of all skin colours, including poverty, domestic violence and childhood abuse.”

    So yes, there are other types of oppression. It’s just that with psychiatric services it seems that it’s like being raped, and the cure for the trauma is more rape. The lack of right to consent due to incapacitation with date rape drugs allowing them to pass you around and ensure that your aware they will fuking destroy you should you dare complain. Basically what our Minister for Health claims anyway. Got a complaint about mental health? Get treated.

    I’d suggest that the Community Nurse who tortured me has only three basic narratives he uses on his Forms. The wife beater if he wants to lock up and drug the man, the child abuser if he wants to lock up the woman, and the ADHD kid if he wants to lock up the child. There’s a little variation, and of course he will ask you about ‘drug abuse’ and when you refuse to answer he will write “refused to answer re substance abuse”. Not answering a question no justification for incarceration but tell that to police as they load you into the van for the trip to the Ariel Castro Memorial Hospital. What was interesting in my instance was that his crimes were documented………. but the State being responsible for his offending (see the UN decision re Corrina Horvath) they prefer that the complainant is ‘treated’ for complaining rather than being allowed access to legal representation (another human right that whitey expected and was denied).

  • It is quite shocking that some publishers and literary agents believe that there is “no market for books about Africa and Africans”.

    They said the same to Frantz Fanon.

    I note the comments made in the preface to The Wretched of the Earth by Jean paul Satre who writes about “universal humanism”;

    “In the case of forced labour, it is quite the contrary. There is no contract; moreover there must be intimidation and thus oppression grows. Our soldiers overseas, rejecting the universalism of the mother country, apply the ‘numerous clausus’ to the human race: since none may enslave. rob or kill his fellow man without committing a crime, they lay down the principle that the native is not one of our fellow men. Our striking-power has been given mission of changing this abstract certainty into reality; the order is given to reduce the inhabitants of the annexed country to the level of superior monkeys in order to justify the settler’s treatment of them as beasts of burden. Violence in the colonies does not only have for it’s aim the keeping of these enslaved men at arms length; it seeks to dehumanise them. Everything will be done to wipe out their traditions, to substitute our language for theirs and to destroy their culture without giving them ours. Sheer physical fatigue will stupefy them. Starved and ill, if they have any spirit left , fear will finish the job; guns are levelled at the peasant; civilians come to take over his land and force him by dint of flogging to till the land for them. If he shows fight, the soldiers fire and he’s a dead man; if he gives in, he degrades himself and he is no longer a man at all; shame and fear will split up his character and make his innermost self fall to pieces. The business is conducted with flying colors and by experts; the ‘psychological services’ weren’t established yesterday; nor was brain washing. And yet, in spite of all their efforts, their ends are nowhere achieved; neither in the Congo, where Negroes’ hands were cut off, nor in Angola, where until very recently malcontents’ lips were pierced in order to shut them with padlocks. I do not say it is impossible to change a man into an animal; I simply say that you won’t get there without weakening him considerably. Blow will never suffice; you have to push the starvation further, and that’s the trouble with slavery.”

    I can see the role for psychiatry in such a system. The overuse of the executioner only leads to a loss of output, as suggested by Sartre. But the man who has been waterboarded beyond the point of ‘no return’ can be made into a compliant worker who values his opportunity to contribute to his ’employers’ wealth. “how many fingers do you see Winston?”

    Anyway, good article Ms MacFarlane.

    I find myself wondering about a place for a book about White Skin, Black Labels. I know I found my transformation from citizen who had human rights to being an “Outpaient” (based on a lie told by a Community Nurse to Police) being tortured by Police and Mental Health Services like I had woken up as a black man in some strange sort of dream (quite possibly a result of being ‘spiked’ with benzodiazepines without my knowledge. Standard operating procedure with a Chief Psychiatrist who denies any legal protections for the community I am led to believe). All that pent up hatred by police for blacks vented on the white man who has had their right to complain taken from them via a label applied by a community nurse? Wow. No need for a psychiatrist (and the doctor only needed post hoc to conceal the torture with a fraudulent prescription for the drugs the victim is ‘spiked’ with, and to complete the ‘chemical restraint’ often referred to by those on the know as a ‘snowing’), simply tell police you need assistance with a “patient” and let the stigma do the rest.

    Problem being when Police find out they have been ‘stooged’ their embarrassment means they need to “fuking destroy” the victims (and their families) rather than deal with their ‘colleague’ who is corrupting the very system they claim to value and protect. Having documented proof of Police misconduct justification for referral and ‘treatment’ (at the hands of a ‘friendly’)

  • If you take your car to the mechanic, and he says, “You’re engine is too complex,” you’re going to know he means, “I don’t know what the fuck is going on.”

    That’s why it would be best if the mechanic thought ‘I’ll take your money and have a tinker with it. If it works out I’ll attribute the success to my work, if it fails and your car is destroyed, I’ll attribute the failure to the designer and refer you to a car salesman friend who will screw you on a new one.’

    “Cash or credit?”

    Never did get an answer to whether it is lawful for a psychologist to obtain employment at a Private Clinic to Shanghai clients for her psychiatrist husband. In the manner that car salesmen use ‘spotters’.

    And I just love this term Kevin Smith; “pedagogically calcified psychotherapist”.

  • I quote a letter from the Aust. Fed. of Islamic Councils to the Fed. Attorney General.

    “There is a real danger when we empower children to openly explore curious thoughts and meanderings about sexual practices that are an athema to their faith. Under normal circumstances, such conversations would be tempered by appropriately trained cousellors to help impressionable children appreciate their faith guidance on such matters.

    Unfortunately the Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Bill 2020 awaiting Royal ascent in Victoria, makes it impossible for faith schools to appropriately address such issues without severe recriminations. We note that the Religious Discrimination Bill is silent on this Victorian law. It is wrong to introduce the proposed changes at the federal level without repealing the proposed Victorian law. To do so would make curious children very vulnerable to exploitation.”

    Personally, i’m no fan of what I have heard described as being ‘treatment’ via Conversion therapy. But I will be interested in the way these ‘competing laws’ play out. I just can’t see books about kids with two dads being popular reading material in an Islamic school for some reason. Might be a good way of introducing to the kiddies about the history of psychiatry though…… here’s some of the things they used to do to these people and call it medicine. Any complaints and the Police would beat them up and deny them access to the law (poofter bashing as it was called).

    Funny how sometimes people seem to loose their way when they have god on their side. What was once an ill person who required treatment with electric shocks and chemical castration, is now the Minister for Mental Health? Illness by fiat children. Go figure.

  • My argument to a local Politician was that they should tear up the agreements made with the U.N (on behalf of citizens) on the steps of Parliament. Better we know where we stand rather than living this lie that we are being protected from abuses, when they are simply ignoring the agreements and have found ‘loopholes’. Isn’t that causing the very problem they claim to be fixing? The whole community delusional in their thinking that they are protected from being snatched from their beds and force drugged to death for complaining about it? Because let me say, I can easily demonstrate how it is possible, AND that it is actually occurring.

    Chief Psychiatrist was simply playing tricks on me with his letter of response to the Law Centre? (who I note couldn’t find the time to read his response. Which was lucky because they are pretty smart people who might notice he had rewritten the law without asking Parliament for permission right?).

    Seems a bit …… cruel to be sending poison pen letters to people you know have been targeted by corrupt public officers for daring to complain about being tortured (Operations manager threatened to fuking destroy me and my family for daring to complain. Breach of Article 13. Oh lets just throw this document away, no one cares what it says anyway. Torture, maim and kill and cover it up with further offending, obfuscation, “editing” and threats to witnesses. What are they going to do about it anyway?).

    And I think that what I have seen written about true repentance is the ‘test’ of whether these people were actually aware of the offences they were committing. Ten years of my life being deliberately destroyed (and counting) and they continue to deny any wrongdoing (despite the proof being available). And the right to complain about acts of torture simply ignored. I wrote to the Attorney General and Minister regarding my ‘right to complain’ and got told basically to fuk off and get treated. They simply do not care about any of these agreements and laws, and rightly so. Why would they when they know they are applied on discriminatory grounds. I don’t see the torturers being tortured into confessions right? Though what a dilemma should they think their Master would be displeased if they confessed under ‘coercive measures’. They ALL confess in the end. Ask General Fouad Allam, Interrogator Interior Ministry, Egypt.

    (13:15 – )

    The question then becomes NOT “Did they do it?” but “Do we want them to be the person who did it?” And when operating from a perspective of high ethical standards (ie we need to help this person to save them from themselves) then there is basically nothing that can not be justified as being necessary.

    And the ability to deny access to legal representation (or providing you with a lawyer they KNOW is compromised and who then throws you under a bus) makes such abuses so much easier to enable. My imaginary umbrella is great in nice weather, but isn’t very effective in a thunderstorm.

  • “But despite the UN’s strong stance against involuntary treatment, all European countries, as well as the US, Australia, and others, continue to uphold legislation that allows for involuntary treatment and placement of people with mental health difficulties. There are usually two criteria for involuntary treatment and placement: the presence of a so-called “mental disorder” and the existence of a threat to oneself or others due to that “disorder”. How “threat” is defined and interpreted varies from country to country. Common threats include those to life, health, and safety.”

    Two Criteria for Involuntary Treatment in Australia? WRONG.

    Let me explain, our Chief Psychiatrist has removed ANY AND ALL Criteria from the Mental Health Act as a means to allow arbitrary detentions.

    The law provided a protection of “The referrer, needs to suspect on reasonable grounds that the person needed to be an involuntary patient”. Thus the person referring the individual would be required to meet the Criteria set out in s. 26 of the MHA. (1) the person MUST have a mental illness (ie must be being treated by a psychiatrist, ie a “patient”) (2) a Risk (3) the illness must be treatable and (4) the lest restrictive method of getting the individual that treatment must be used.

    Our Chief Psychiatrist writes in a letter to the Mental Health Law Centre that he has changed those legal protections, and the law now reads that “the referrer need only ‘suspect’ on grounds they believe to be reasonable that the person requires an examination by a psychiatrist”.

    Commonly referred to as ‘suss laws’. This means that the protections afforded the community of “reasonable grounds” no longer exists, and the Criteria you speak of as being required in Australia are no longer there. Especially if the person who is charged with enforcing those protections, doesn’t even acknowledge their existence. Putting Dracula in charge of the Blood Bank was NOT a good idea.

    The reasonableness of a referral defined by the individual (subjective) rather than the objective use of logic and reasoning in the courts.

    Also note that the requirement of forming the opinion that the person should be an “involuntary patient” (incarcerated and force drugged against their will) is changed to “requires an examination by a psychiatrist” (nice little chat with a pleasant doctor? I’m afraid the image is far from the reality. 15 thugs holding you down [not a lot of necks being broken, but….,. it is a possibility that such a negative outcome might occur] while your told “I’m the Boss around here” and injected with a chemical restraint. Note their is no standard as to what constitutes a chemical restraint so I wonder what would occur if someone had their heart stopped as a side effect of this administration? These ‘unintended negative outcomes’ may be of some benefit to the State).

    And then we have the corrupt practice of ‘verballing’ being used to produce fraudulent “reasonable grounds” while citizens are subjected to acts of torture. I note that the method used here to enable uttering with such fraud is to have police retrieve any and all proof of the ‘verbal’, and to subject witnesses to threats and intimidation. Verballing means that ALL of the laws designed to protect human rights legislation can be subverted, ….. especially when the Chief Psychiatrist is aware of the practice being used, and who then claims that pointing out the breach of the laws relating to Oaths Affidavits and Statutory Declarations is simply offering “Justifiable explanations”. Really? Pointing out that it is not possible that a Community Nurse can travel through time and space, and read minds is offering “justifiable explanations” for the matters he “observed”?

    Of course they were reasonable grounds, there would be little use in committing an act of fraud which didn’t result in what appear to be “reasonable grounds”. The confirmation by the Chief Psychiatrist that they were reasonable grounds simply proving that the fraud has worked and nothing more, and that s. 16 of the Oaths Affidavits and Stat. Dec. Act has been breached.

    And then we have the problem of the document being produced using a known method of torture (Article 15 of the Convention against Torture). The Chief Psychiatrist putting this document forward as justification for incarceration and forced drugging? Not that anyone would dare look at the proof I have…….. got families that will be fuking destroyed. Best they help out by throwing victims under a bus (hotshots in the E.D. being the preferred method of disposal. Police can quite easily look the other way in that regard. “Might be best I don’t know about that” right Senior Constable?).

    So your wrong about Australia in your assertion that we have Criteria. Don’t believe me? Care to see the letter?

    I did respond tot his letter and it was confirmed by the Chief Psychiatrist that he was the author (accepting that he had made an error in saying a doctor who worked at the hospital no longer worked there. Not bothering to actually ask him why he signed a fraudulent prescription for the date rape drug administered without knowledge of course. Shame such errors allow others to be harmed, but…. the argument form authority is quite convincing when your grandchildren are being threatened)

    In a State where documents can be “edited” to conceal human rights abuses while the victim is ‘outcomed’ using the mental health system…, difficult to believe anything. Mind you, having such abuses at your fingertips is certainly beneficial for corrupt Police (and many others who do have the stomach for what needs to be done). One telephone call and unpreferred truths are now dribbling in a cell for their “hallucinating” in the belief they have rights.

  • I tend to agree rebel.

    I know that when the United Nations reported that Australia’s mental health laws were a violation of human rights and that the treatments may constitute torture, the laws were rather quickly changed by our State Parliament. The mantra of our politicians for these change was that we had “added protections”, and who could argue with that? Isn’t that what we all want? Added protections?

    What they failed to mention was who the recipients of those “added protections” were, and it certainly wasn’t the patients. Doctors had been concerned about the administration of ECTs to teenagers (and the inability to force/coerce sterilisation without parental consent), and had been reluctant to do them for fear of being sued. With the “added protections” of the law, the number of children being given shock treatments went through the roof (195% increase). Community Treatment Orders? I haven’t looked at the numbers for my State but …… in another State where it was said in Parliament that this was the closing of a loophole which would effect approximately 80 or so people, then within months of the laws passing there were more than 3000 ‘patients’ being force drugged in their homes.

    So what it looked like to me was that the U.N. condemns the human rights abuses occurring in Australia, and the States invalidate their statement (which took a long time to make) with “added protections” and make what were laws that violated human rights agreements even worse than they were. For patients that is. as as the situation deteriorates, (more suicides, more deaths, sicker people on welfare for eternity) they need more money to fix the problem they are creating. Ever hear talk of a ‘fix’ (always from a doctor) without a demand for large sums of money?

    Of course it’s all talk, like the quote attributed to Marie Antoinette (then let them eat cake). People are being tortured and killed, then let them have MORE human rights. Human rights with butter and eggs (added protections).

    Until these breaches of human rights start effecting those who are passing and neglecting to enforce the laws associated with human rights, I doubt very much that anything said by the U.N. will be heard. But I note with interest that there are those who are specifically targeting wealthy members of our community for wealth extraction using the mental health system. One they have enslaved your child, is their anything you wouldn’t sell to have them made ‘well’? (ie, stop the ‘treatments’….. please?)

    “Added protections”, just don’t mention that they don’t provide protections of human rights, but protect doctors who are engaging in barbaric practices from being sued. That and the ability to “edit” legal narratives in documents before providing them to legal representatives (called criminal fraud in most democracies). Passing laws that meet the requirements of Human Rights agreements which are then ignored by those charged with the enforcement of to protect the vulnerable community does NOT meet the conditions of the agreement. It’s smoke and mirrors.

  • Good point RainbowBradzstar.

    Not like we weren’t warned by Ezekiel (22; 23-31).

    “The worst hypocrites are the religious leaders and the politicians”

    Interesting who the ‘leaders’ chose to break bread with when given a choice. I guess there must be a loophole that I just can’t seem to identify lol Unless of course it was lost in the translation.

    “More wine, women and song Jesus?”

    “Maybe one more Julius, then I must hit the road. Got a big talk to give on a hill tomorrow.”

  • “The CRPD requires that member states promote and protect the rights of persons with disabilities, such as the right to education, employment, health, living independently, equal recognition before the law, and freedom from torture. The CRPD also has an ‘Optional Protocol’ ratified by 96 member states, which allows individuals or groups to bring a complaint before the Committee when one of their CRPD rights has been violated.”

    Not if they’re unintentionally negatively outcomed first.

    ‘My’ government has ratified both the CRPD and the O.P. and they simply deny you access to any legal representation via threats and intimidation, and breach virtually every one of the Articles of the Convention against the use of Torture to ensure that the individual can NOT make a complaint about being subjected to acts of State sanctioned torture. (refouler, in for a penny, ……)

    Not that anyone would listen to what I am saying, never mind look at the letter I have from our ‘great protector’, who denies any knowledge of the legal protections afforded the community, whilst doctor sorts out his ‘little problem’ with a snow job or unintended negative outcome. Lot of good your ‘rights’ are when your being surrounded by 15 thugs and injected with a ‘hotshot’ for daring to attempt to exercise your ‘right’ to complain about being tortured huh?

    Hi, i’d like to make a complaint about my ‘treatment’. “We’ll fuking destroy you” is the response from the State, who, after examining the documented proof realises they simply can’t provide the documents to your legal representatives because ……. they prefer the “edited” version of reality.

    Their ‘high ethical standards’ and need for ‘mental hygiene’ basically justifying anything they wish to call ‘medicine’. Not that such “justifiable explanations” for ethnic cleansing haven’t been seen before. “we were trying to save your marriage” being justification for ‘spiking’ with date rape drugs and lying to police to have them cause an acute stress reaction (can you beat the mental patient for me, because he is reluctant to talk. And if he doesn’t open his mouth, I can’t put words into it and make him sound insane. Chief Psychiatrist can then use that fraudulent document [produced via an act of torture] to utter with and defend these unlawful actions. We’re here to ‘help’, and we call this ‘care’, and the laws designed to protect your human and civil rights get in the way of the provision of that ‘help’ and ‘care’).

    I have been denied access to legal representation, and am being denied the right to even be allowed to complain to any Committee. When the State can slander you with labels which can be made up by the bearing of false witness, and you can be forced treated against your will for that slander, and the truth can be “edited” out of existence while you are snowed or outcomed, what good are such noble words?

    I have written on numerous occasions to these people, and they don’t even have the decency to acknowledge my existence, never mind bother to look at the documented proof I have.

    Still, when ‘health care’ is matched by the words of George Orwell (want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stomping on a human face).

    I don’t suppose looking is warranted. More a case of a blind eye is best if you don’t want your family threatened by the State. The Minister smirks when telling us that the matter has been referred to “professional standards” KNOWING that this is a dead end (Corrina Horvath and the U.N. can fuk off when it comes to police. See the report by Senator Marshall), and that the victim now in an ‘induced coma’ (snowed) has got no means of making a complaint.

    Happy Human Rights Day by the way. Qu’ils mangent de la brioche?

  • Hi Fiona,

    the issue of evidence was one that I wished to ask a little more about, along with the relationship with Dawn. The evening meal which Mr Sutherland ate before going to the bar (though it seems there was quite some time between the meal and the drink from my reading of the essay).

    “When Mr Sutherland was arrested he said he repeatedly asked for his attorney and then the police brought him before the court. He must have had an attorney at this point or been offered one and refused. Or else it was a useless attorney. This I find quite difficult: if there was a lawyer what did he say or do about the alleged crime? Surely he demanded proof about the fire being started by his client.”

    I know in my instance I asked to speak to my lawyer whilst being detained and questioned by both police and the Community Nurse. This request, and my request to call the Doctor who the Community Nurse was falsely claiming was MY doctor were both simply ignored. As you would expect nothing documented about anything that didn’t suit the false narrative being forged during the interrogations. I also note nothing documented about the attempt to plunge a carving knife into my chest as i lay on the couch (though the Police and all three mental health workers looked to my wife when she confirmed her assault as a result of me saying I was leaving her. Consider, they were also aware of her assault with the ‘spiking’ and call me a danger? And then released me to go home and what…. what was going to become my next “regular medication”, rat poison?)

    “One of the lessons to be learnt from this is to always get a lawyer when in trouble with the law and have them ask lots of questions.”

    One of the lessons I leant was that the lawyers are actually prepared to neglect their duty in order to ensure that criminals operating within the public system are enabled, and that if they aren’t, then their families become targets as well as the victims they have been trying to ‘assist’.

    I would have thought that after the years it took me to identify the fraudulent documents (and the uttering by others with that known fraud) that a lawyer would have been able to provide me with some assistance to do something about the offending. Not so in Australia where I now find out you can be denied access to legal representation whilst the State commits further offences against you.

    Human rights in this country? Not a chance. they simply boast about their human rights record which is managed via ensuring that anyone who does complain about violations is given the Deterte ‘treatment’. That and the fact that the Human Rights Commission doesn’t deal with acts of State sanctioned torture, but will ensure that a baker is forced into making a wedding cake for two men should they refuse on religious grounds. I’m sure history will remember their contribution and turning a blind eye to human rights violations right under their noses in places wrongly called hospitals to fondly

    I imagine that President Xi laughs when hearing about Australian politicians complaining about the human rights abuses in China. Where do you think the doctors doing the organ harvesting are being trained?

  • Wow, you get legal representation?

    “You are also hereby advised that the Mental Hygiene Legal Service, which is an agency of the Supreme Court in the State of New York has been established to provide you with assistance and information as to your rights under the law and procedures governing your legal relationship with the New York Office of Mental Health”

    We have an ‘agency’ called the Mental Health Law Centre, which has a right under the law (Mental Health Act and Operational Directive issued by the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist) to be allowed to examine unredacted documents on behalf of their clients on provision of a confidentiality agreement. On provision of the confidentiality agreement, the hospital concerned should provide the documents with the matters which they wish to be kept confidential highlighted, and reasons given as to why these matters should not be disclosed to their client.

    The issue in my situation was that the public officers concerned had committed some serious criminal offences.

    My refusal to speak to A psychologist (note; not MY psychologist) when my wife did not like my decision to leave her, meant they had to find a means to force me to talk (such noble intentions justifying acts of torture and kidnapping. Confirmed by the Operations Manager who claimed they had been “trying to save your marriage”, and that was the reason she hadn’t done her duty and reported the offences to the Corruption watchdog, choosing instead to attempt to pervert the course of justice. My insistence that my rights be observed requiring me to be ‘unintentionally negatively outcomed’ and the truth “edited” out of the legal narrative in the documents)

    The method settled on the night before I was jumped in my bed was to ‘spike’ me with benzodiazepines, and then have Police used as a means to induce an acute stress reaction, and force me to talk to a Community Nurse. This being an act of torture, though it was concealed by the Community Nurse lying to Police and calling them for assistance with his “Outpatient”.

    In my State this is a criminal offence listed in the Criminal Code as s. 336 Procure the apprehension or detention of a person not suffering from a Mental Illness, and carries a penalty of three years prison. By telling the Police that I was a mental patient (offence of create false belief), and that he required assistance due to me being in possession of a knife and some cannabis (which were ‘planted’ after I was incapacitated with the benzos, and to make the police detention appear lawful, and create the appearance for others at the hospital that I was a referral under s. 195 of the MHA [Police Powers]).

    A simple man in the middle confidence trick basically, Police think i’m an “Outpatient” and beat me into talking to the Community Nurse who then ‘verbals’ me on the Forms and has them transport me to his hospital, where a Senior Medical Officer then writes a prescription for the drugs I was ‘spiked’ with, and validates the false information listed on the fraudulent Form by the Community Nurse, and disappears the lie to the Police to have them attend and cause the acute stress reaction. Kidnapping complete, and given that the Senior Medical Officer signed off on enough drugs to lay me out for a month and make me very sick, I dare say I was lucky someone at the hospital actually noticed that I had been fuked over by others.

    Now, the problem lay in this all being demonstrable in the documentation which accompanied my ‘referral’ (that’s the term they would prefer, but the actions don’t actually meet that legal definition), and the fact that I, and the lawyers at the Law Centre had asked to examine these documents. I made application under the Freedom of Information Act (which as a citizen and NOT an “Outpatient” I had a right to access my medical records) and the Law Centre made application under s. 160/1 of the Mental Health Act which has provisions of them to examine unredacted documents with the confidential matters to be highlighted and explaination as to why.

    I was provided with some ‘redacted’ documents. The lie to police removed to conceal the offences that related to the request for assistance with an “Outpatient”, but the concealment of the ‘spiking’ by the Senior Medical Officer was provided due to the FOI Officer being of the opinion that benzodiazepines were my “Regular Medications”. No need to hide my ‘medicines’ from me…. (the fraudulent prescription deceiving even the FOI Officer who must come across quite a bit of ‘spiking’ of “patients” done in ‘good faith’. Great weapon in the arsenal of mental health services to ‘spike’ people and then call their response an illness)…. well, until the conspiring between my wife and the FOI Officer identified the issue with me now being made aware of the ‘spiking’ with someone else’s drugs. Before distributing the fraudulent set of documents, these particular documents needed to be retrieved. No problem really when you can get the Police to provide ‘assistance’ with your offending, and have the victim removed while you retrieve the proof of the other offences.

    Compound or conceal evidence of a criminal offence? Attempt to pervert the course of justice? Probable cause which would mean the lawyers would like a little closer look? And at this point there was an attempt to have someone other than the Community Nurse demonstrate that I was someone’s “outpatient”. Virtually nothing that can’t be achieved by an FOI Officer who can “edit” documents really. So attempts to have me sign away my rights were made on more than one occasion. (Lure with bait, strike with chaos). These attempts failed, and the lawyers were making increasing noise about the months of delays in providing the documents they had a right to examine.

    The hospital unable to provide the documents, and a written request to lawyers to conceal the offences which had been committed against me instead provided the Law Centre with a set of fraudulent documents. The ‘spiking’ and the lie to police removed, and the fraudulent Form provided minus any context or means to demonstrate that it was a ‘verbal’ that had been forged via an act of torture. The physical assault of the ‘spiking’ taking the ‘coercive method’ of pointing weapons at people to have them talk one step beyond (most 8 year old aboriginal children can explain how police use mock executions to have ‘suspects’ talk. The addition of ‘spiking’s before interrogations would appear to meet the standards set out in the Convention against the use of Torture Article 1. Particularly with no lawful sanction other than the offences committed to invoke that loophole. These are compounded offences with no superior authority. And yet the State is allowing those at a Senior Constable level to authorise acts of torture, knowing that the Police are unaccountable under the current system. So when our politicians say “the matter has been referred to Police professional standards” what they really mean is fuk off, and i’ve got a way out)

    See this video and imagine that this guy may not actually be a “patient”, but a citizen who a Community Nurse has called police and requested ‘assistance’ with because they refused to come out of their home and speak to him so he could pout words into their mouth?

    And the Minister can’t talk about the ‘concerning aspects of the arrest” because ….. she knows that as time passes and the victim comes out of the “induced coma” (no standards as to what constitutes a ‘chemical restraint’ in Australia fortunately) Police will find nothing (after threatening witnesses) and the victim will be drugged by doctors until he shuts up.

    Imagine that this is what can be done to you by Police should you refuse to ‘confess’ to a mental illness to a Community Nurse who simply knocks on your door? All he needs to do is ask Police to ‘assist’ with his “Outpatient”, and while that is a crime, no one is prepared to listen to you because in the years it takes for the Chief Psychiatrist to get around to not knowing anything, your being electrocuted to the head and drug fukd in a cell for complaining?

    So the hospital in my instance couldn’t provide documents to my lawyers, who as a result couldn’t do their job and represent me. Now consider that a complaint was lodged with our Chief Psychiatrist by the lawyers in regards to my ‘treatment’ on that day AND the non provision of documents (or the provision in “edited” form despite the laws to protect human rights)

    I’d really like to have someone with a little legal knowledge examine his response to that letter of complaint, but the lawyers provided that letter (which I call a poison pen letter designed to push the victim to suicide) and claimed they didn’t have the resources to even read the response. Which was a shame because the Chief Psychiatrist managed to change the laws protecting the public and enable arbitrary detentions [without parliamentary approval mind you], allow people to be ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs before Police interrogations, and then have a doctor sign a prescription (and make the drugs their “regular medications”) AFTER they had ‘confessed’ and been incarcerated, and claimed that the application made by the Law Centre for documents which were all clearly marked as being “APPLICATION FOR DOCUMENTS UNDER S. 160/1 OF THE MENTAL HEALTH ACT”, and provided in the letter of complaint to the C.P. was actually made under the Freedom of Information Act (despite the proof being before his eyes in three letters, any wonder torture and kidnapping is slipping through his net?).

    It’s been difficult to have anyone examine this particular document which demonstrates a level of incompetence which should be a major concern for the whole community. The person who provides “expert legal advice to the Minister” doesn’t know what a burden of proof is? is rewriting the Mental Health Act to enable arbitrary detentions (‘suss’ laws), and the lawyers at the Law Centre are not interested in taking the matter up with him? Claiming that detention and forced drugging can be done on the basis of a suspicion alone? Calling this “the spirit of the Act”? I don’t know which is worse, not being allowed legal representation, or having someone who is that incompetent representing you (first question, is it plausibly deniable? Second question, how much will our funding increase? enough for the new Porsche? And third, you got our backs on this Minister? No need to report to the Corruption watchdog because it is mandatory reporting of offences carrying a prison term of two or more years and well….. this is torture and kidnapping). Mind you, truth be known they are a ‘Venus fly trap’ in a manner of speaking, only offering assistance until the facts are known and then “edited” before the victim of public officer misconduct become known. Co conspirators in the concealment of human rights abuses. The Nicola Gobbo’s of the Mental Health world, only much more dangerous.

    Really, you get legal representation?

  • A second reading reveals to me the following.

    You write;

    “One of my first interviews was with the forensic psychologist, Dr. Lieberghaul. During our first interview, he read a statement that the Buffalo Police attributed to me when I was in the back of their squad car.”

    Testing the ‘verbal’. “The method adopted by L5 (corrupt police officer) was to sit with the suspect and have a general conversation, after which he made notes on the mannerisms of speech, other idiosyncrasies and general points about the suspects life. These details were blended into a verballed statement to make them seem plausible in court” (Kennedy R.C. posted above).

    You then find out about the ‘threatening phone call’ for eviction proceedings you are alleged to have made? Let’s just put this here for later use, and now the ‘card’ is played.

    You then write;

    “My self-talk at the time was: “Well, these guys (state hospitals) are professionals, they will know that I am not crazy, and they will let me go. They just don’t want involuntary intoxication to be a viable defense strategy, or anyone could do anything and get away with it.”” (and you are correct that your mind does play tricks on you in such environments, this is not accidental)

    It is NOT because they do not want anyone using involuntary intoxication as a viable defense strategy to get away with anything. Your being ‘buried’ by people who know that should the matter go to trial, they have only got a confession extracted via an act of torture, a verbal, which wouldn’t hold water. And which may result in some serious repercussions for them. It may look like they are unaccountable when they commit acts of perjury to cover ‘verbals’, but believe me they can be dealt with quite severely in other ways once their corruption is identified. Lets see where they run with it shall we?

    Your kind of lucky to be in the U.S where Police will allow mental health services to allocate money to such concealment of breaches of Policing procedures (as you point out, the cost of ‘housing’ you was quite expensive to taxpayers, but profitable to shareholders). In my State they tend to save the taxpayers money by ‘unintentionally negatively outcoming’ such ‘technical issues’. Even having to pass laws to ensure that the link between the ‘outcomings’ and those with a duty to act on such matters is broken. The U.N. making it clear that the State IS responsible for corrupt acts by public officers (see the case of Corrina Horvath). And if Police are turning a blind eye (“it might be best I don’t know about that”) to these unintended negative outcomes being done to save the taxpayers money? The ‘buck’ would have to stop somewhere right? And where oh where would you find someone with the stomach for it? I got a Mate who will do it for a Box of Beer as we say here in Australia.

    I know, I know……. “they wouldn’t do that”. Heard that too, and yep if you refuse to look you can maintain that reality for quite some time. Up until the Police have the proof put before them and they need to find out “who else has the documents?” Then their relationship with the likes of Dr Lieberghaul comes to the fore. ‘Flagged’ on the Police system like Jamal Kashoggi for automatic referral for ‘treatment’ for the illness they will make up, depending on what ‘stream’ they want you put down. In fact, it was at the point where the ‘flagged’ referral failed that my ‘Dr Lieberghaul’ became afraid for his family, and tried to use his position of trust and confidence to find out for Police, who else was aware of their corrupt actions.

    Glad you haven’t remained silent regarding these matters. I get it that certain people don’t like the truth (in fact some hate it) but……. just because they don’t have the stomach for what needs to be done, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be done right?

    I also note you haven’t responded to any comments, so doubt that you will even read any of what I have written. Shame really because I have a couple of questions I’d like to ask you personally.

  • “He [independent examiner] went on to say that it would be totally unprecedented in the history of psychiatry to see a complete and total mitigation of symptoms upon entrance into a corrections facility without medications.”

    Ever seen this documentary called “Madness in the Fast Lane”?

    They have actual footage of someone who ran into traffic on camera, and then a matter of an hour later is seen in a Police station showing no symptoms of an ‘illness’ at all.

    Particularly relevant to NGRIs, and what you discuss in your essay Mr Sutherland.

    Folie a deux or Bouffee dilerante? Quite a dilemma for the Courts.

    I too was the victim of speaking the truth. I was ‘spiked’ with a date rape drug, and then ‘verballed’ into a confession of a ‘mental illness. (your ‘confession’ to police is a common practice here called verballing.

    See Kennedy Royal Commission;

    References Final Report Vol 1 Part 1 pp 96 – 101 for a description of the corrupt practice.

    I found it fascinating that in my instance, the Senior Medical Officer at the hospital wrote a fraudulent prescription for the date rape drug (a drug I had never taken,was now my “Regular Medication”), didn’t inform me that it had been administered, and they then concealed that document from my legal representatives and began slandering me with the ‘paranoid delusional’ label for speaking what they KNEW to be the truth. How positively poisonous huh?

    Do you have any ‘suspicions’ (on reasonable grounds) as to which of the date rape drugs you were ‘spiked’ with? There are 4 listed as being related to the offence of “Intoxication by Deception” in our Criminal Code (Rohypnol, Ketamine, GHB and Benzodiazepines).

    I don’t know about you, but I look back over what has been done to me and actually I admire the way these criminals have gotten the Police and Mental Helath Services to ‘fuking destroy’ someones family, career, …….. for making a complaint about being subjected to torture. These are the same people who boast about their signing the Convention against the use of Torture, and who use their positions to breach virtually every Article of that document the agreed to. (I don’t know if the U.S. is a signatory, but the document is virtually worthless when the people charged with enforcing the conditions and ensuring that abuses do not occur, engage in criminal conspiracies to ‘cover up’ such abuses using the mental health laws). Our Chief Psychiatrist preferring to utter with a known fraudulent document upon being informed that the legal narrative had been “edited” (if you can’t prove the ‘confession’ is fraudulent, then the document which has been produced using a known torture method and ‘verballed’ can now be used as a defence of the actions). These practices basically subvert every single human right that is enshrined in our laws, and our Great Protector simply turns his back on victims and uses an argument from authority claiming your challenging of the fraud is providing “justifiable explanations” of what was written. Not when it couldn’t possibly have happened right? [Read my mind, and travelled back through time three weeks to make ‘observations’?] Oh that’s right, that bit was “edited” out before the lawyers saw)

    I’d really be interested in reading anything else you have written about your ordeal.

    I may write some more if I get time to re read your essay.

    Just a question, did you express your concerns to Police about being ‘spiked’? You should have been medically assessed for such a claim by having a blood test taken to confirm or dismiss your claim [no matter how distressed you may have been]. It would also raise the issue of your ‘confession’ being as a result of an act of torture (interrogation whilst stupefied with intoxicants without knowledge). Still, I guess you have described fairly accurately what happens when you have been thrown into the quicksand of mental health services.

    In regards to the ‘spiking’, see the case of Prof John Kearsley, who went to prison for administering 1/4 the amount of the same drug I got ‘spiked’ with. I guess he didn’t have the advantage of having a Senior Medical Officer who could make it her “Regular Medications” and then conceal his offending for him with such fraud, and then ‘treating’ her for her Delusional Disorder when she claimed to have been drugged without her knowledge. The victim in that instance having to get her own blood tests done based on her suspicions. No point asking people who have an end in mind to enact their duty of care, when their negligence will ensure their preferred truth.

    I have seen a documentary where the opposite is true though, and Police actually followed up on someone being ‘spiked’ by family members, rather than throwing the victim under a bus. This was in England though, and the difference seems to be that Police have resources (such as a copy of the Criminal Code) there. And they are aware of how dangerous ‘spiking’ people with date rape drugs before interrogations actually is.

    “Kidnapped and drugged for family honor” the doco is called. Perhaps the issue of me not being an ‘Ethnic’ was the reasoning behind police providing assistance with the perverting the course of justice? Because other than that, the situations are strikingly similar.

  • So staff could and are subjected to the unlawful release of confidential information for ‘political’ reasons, just as much as ‘patients’ I would suggest.

    And the ways of achieving this are many and varied.

    Incapacitating someone by ‘spiking’ their drink with date rape drugs, thus they are not capable of consenting to the release of their confidential records, and that decision can now be made by someone with a conflict of interest, the self appointed ‘carer’. And once in custody, a prescription can be written to make the drugs used to ‘spike’ them with their “regular medications”. Compounding of offences (trick cycling in criminal argot) basically.

    So my medical records which were court sealed, end up being handed on to the Senior Medical Officer (from the Private Clinic) who wrote the prescription for the date rape drugs which had been used to incapacitate me. “looks like a criminal conspiracy” said one Senior Constable, who then tried to arrest me for having my medical records and the proof.

    In the other direction, it is also possible to commit criminal offences to conceal medical records from people who have a right to access them. So for example, the FOI Officer did not want me (or God forbid the Law Centre) to gain access to the crimes committed by the Community Nurse (create false belief, procure person not suffering from mental illness). So she pretended that I was a “patient” and maintained that she was therefore permitted to conspire with my ‘carer’ to deny access to my documents, whilst they arranged to have me sign documents that would make what they wanted to be true, a reality. ie have me made into a “patient’ post hoc, which then allows them to conspire to conceal their conspiring.

    Sounds confusing right? And it’s fascinating observing whilst the ‘watchdog’ authorities look like a 5 year old trying to put together a life size replica of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Instead preferring to do cover ups, and fuking destroy victims. Which to me is a fairly good explanation as to why our hospital system is in the absolute mess it is in, and why career criminals would be better getting medical degrees, and save the money being paid for legal advice.

    Mind you, I make it sound easy and it isn’t. You need to be really careful if anyone who understands the ‘system’ actually spots what your doing, and lets you run with it. And then just at the critical moment …….. Possible to drive people absolutely insane? When the ‘world’ starts collapsing in on them? You just deal with one cover up, and another appears to be dealt with? And another? And another? And all the while your fearful fo being exposed because ……. they simply wouldn’t understand why you needed to do what you’ve done right? It all seemed so easy at the start, commit the offence, and make it look like it was someone else.

    My heart goes out to such people, who, lacking a heart couldn’t possibly have any empathy for my plight.

    So who is worse off? The ‘patient’ who is fully aware that they have no human or civil rights? Or the person being targeted by the organised criminals who are being enabled in ‘working the system’? Don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone, or living in fear of losing what you think you have. The old adage about terrorism seems appropriate, kill one to scare a thousand (see the story about Sun Tzu and the Emperor of Wu). Hardly effective if the results are not seen by those who need to be ‘coerced’ into behaving in a certain manner. Though it does need to be ‘coded’ by the use of euphemisms etc.

    “political language has to consist largely of euphemism, question-begging and sheer cloudy vagueness. Defenceless villages are bombarded from the air, the inhabitants driven out into the countryside, the cattle machine-gunned, the huts set on fire with incendiary bullets: this is called pacification. Millions of peasants are robbed of their farms and sent trudging along the roads with no more than they can carry: this is called transfer of population or rectification of frontiers. People are imprisoned for years without trial, or shot in the back of the neck or sent to die of scurvy in Arctic lumber camps: this is called elimination of unreliable elements. Such phraseology is needed if one wants to name things without calling up mental pictures of them.”

    (Orwell on Political Language)

    Hence we have reports of “unintended negative outcomes” in the forensic unit, rather than “his neck was snapped during a restraint by staff”.

  • Additional

    You write;

    “Furthermore, the privacy of information enshrined in the Health Insurers Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) will be largely irrelevant in these so-called hospitals.

    You will quickly see how important the free flow of certain “private” information is for the maintenance of an artificial culture, especially for a liaison. Fortunately, as you will have the perspective of an inmate, HIPAA will not apply to you, as it only applies to staff. As I give you a guided tour of a forensic psychiatric DC, I will use privacy in accordance with how a liaison and the staff would use it. That is, when it is strategic to conceal information, privacy can be invoked in a micro-narrative. However, if it is strategic to share otherwise private information, then I will do so.”

    “Only applies to staff”? This is not correct. I can give you a number of means to breach these types of laws which are not worth the paper they are written on. For example, a psychologist married to a psychiatrist obtains employment at a Private Clinic, accesses private and confidential medical records at that establishment, and then through ‘pillow talk’ releases that private information, which is now public knowledge. (protection of ‘spousal privilege’ means the law can not be applied. Information released and the two parties will refuse to testify on the grounds of self incrimination. Not worth the paper they are written on, but a really good way to get people to say things they otherwise wouldn’t [respect for your privacy? “Trust in haste, regret at leisure”]. And then combined with the way such documents are often ‘verballed’ anything becomes the truth. Amazing to find out that your 12 year old child who committed suicide was accusing you of sexual abuse when you get access to the documents. And it does mean your reluctant to make any further complaint because …. well, you wouldn’t want that coming out at trial would you? Ever seen such ‘coercive measures’ used Mr G? I’d be surprised if you hadn’t. Not that it’s true, just that they put that there in case it should be needed at a later time. eg should you complain about the ‘treatment’ that resulted in the death.)

    Similarly, lawyers make application for documents they have a right to access, and instead receive documents which have been “edited”, and which include documents not requested, and which have been included for the sole purpose of character assassination.

    What people think is covered under our Privacy Act can be easily breached, and hardly ever is anything done about these Federal offences. The good thing about it is that should the person who has been the victim of such confidentiality breaches complain, they actually spread the poison of the breach even further. The slander and back biting will take care of the rest.

    Staff are protected by law? Not if the State wishes to ‘fuking destroy’ them and their families. Their “edited” medical records will be distributed far and wide. I found something particularly painful which I had discussed more than ten years earlier with a Social Worker included in documents provided when the lawyers had requested ONLY documents from a certain date included in the “edited” legal narrative. And they were fully aware that I was not a “patient” and had every right to be asked if I consented to the release….. but slandering people with such information given in confidence (and taken in good faith by others with no evil intent) is just so effective when you are given the authority by the State to fuking destroy a victim of torture, who is pointing out your duty to report public sector misconduct.

    Best you keep silent when the State is enabling torture and arbitrary detentions, or even as staff (or someone with human rights) your medical records will be released…….. sorry, there was a terrible mistake, we will try harder…honest.

    And those defenders of our rights? Well, i’m sure we can go through their records and dig up some dirt. Surely they have said something during the ‘confessional’? And they are witness to the fuking destrution of others which I feel sure they do not wish to be subjected to themselves, so ……I guess you would hear the words I heard of “it never happened” from someone who personally witnessed the truth. Self preservation is paramount when police are threatening your family. Not so easy for staff in the real world either. And here comes the bus to run you over ….. (shove)

  • The Ghosts of the Civil Dead.

    “Aye, i’m talkin ta you. Now ya put us in a cage, a cage for an animal. Don’t you know that a long period of incarceration, without proper medical diet, breeds psychosis. Ya know what psychosis is? It makes one become predatory, compulsive. Do ya know what your doing here? Do Ya? You are creating a lot of angry men is what you are doing. And one day, those men are going to go out there, and that day, those people out there are going to pay for what your doing in here. You remember that. That day you are going to pay”

    Don’t know if you’ve seen the movie Mr Gunderson, but well worth the effort.

    There was some ‘debate’ (is it really a debate when it’s a doctor versus anyone else? Your anosognosia means your wrong) on this site in a previous article regarding the comparison of “liasons” with “capos”, some taking offence at the comparison. Eat herring, expect bones (an old cat saying from Red Dwarf).

    Part of me is of the opinion that the people who actually suffer the most from such environments are actually those who are free to leave. At first their attitude to the place seems to be ‘it’s a good job’ etc. But whilst the inmates have no choice, imagine looking back over a 20 year career and saying that you had spent all that time in the place of your own volition? Whose insane now? In a similar manner to those who subject people to torture actually coming out of the situation worse than their victims. (see Frantz Fanon in this regard? As a victim of State sanctioned torture and cover up, the thought has been part of why I survived to this point)

    Opinion, not fact. Lots to be learned though for what is about to come into our lives on a global scale it would seem. Survival skills of this type may become a little more important than people actually realise. Given that in our communities, what was once seen as being desirable (we’ve got your back) is now a situation which is to be exploited (a knife in your back). Trust being one of the values in short supply.

    I wonder if you can see the changes since the time when you were incarcerated to now?

    Anyway, I look forward to more of your writing. Good luck.

  • And you know what I find humorous about all this?

    These are the people who are wandering the corridors of their ‘hospital’ calling the likes of Mr Whitakker a ‘menace to society’.

    I wonder if they feel a little misunderstood. I guess when you can use police to stomp on the heads of anyone who dares question anything you say, why on earth would you feel otherwise? Simply have a Community Nurse tell Police they’re your “Outpatient”, and they will comply no doubt.

    “And when you see them, their forms please you, and if they speak, you listen to their speech. [They are] as if they were pieces of wood propped up – they think that every shout is against them. They are the enemy, so beware of them. May Allah destroy them; how are they deluded?” Qur’an Surah Al Munafiqun (the Hypocrites) ayat 4.

    With regards to the legal protections not recognised by the Chief Psychiatrist in his letter (the “reasonable grounds” standards set out in the Mental Health Act s. 26 Criteria, which becomes “grounds they believe to be reasonable” which has no standards at all) it does seem that someone is aware of the legal protections afforded the community, or they wouldn’t have known how to “edit” the documents for the lawyers to conceal the human rights abuses. Just not the person charged with that duty. Maybe the Community Nurse should be acting as the protector of the community, because he (the FOI Officer and Operations Manager) is fully aware of what fraud to commit to subvert the laws protecting ‘us’ from arbitrary detention and torture.

  • “If you are not getting better, change Psychiatrists. It really can be that simple. God Bless America.”

    I realise that we are in different countries but ……. change psychiatrist? I can’t even be told who my Doctor is by legal representatives (Shine Lawyers) for reasons of confidentiality.

    I gave them the documents showing that I had been ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs, and that a Community Nurse had simply lied to police and told them I was an “Outpatient” of his hospital. This before Police jumped me in my bed pointing weapons at me. (acute stress reaction spiked with benzos = you going to talk to mental health services now right? At least until they forge the statutory declaration to justify arbitrarily detaining you).

    So I ask the lawyers if they can possibly help me, and provide them with the documents. They tell me regarding the ‘spiking’ with benzos that “your Doctor authorised it”. My obvious response knowing I didn’t actually have a doctor (and therefore wasn’t considered a “patient” and that I was actually kidnapped and tortured, not ‘referred’) was “and who is my Doctor?” to which they responded with “we can’t tell you that for reasons of confidentiality”.

    Now it seems to me that the burden of proving that I didn’t have a Doctor (and that the prescription for my “Regular Medications” which was forged to conceal the State sanctioned acts of torture) leaves me having t prove I didn’t have a Doctor, rather than they having to prove I did.

    Such gaslighting does tend to push people to suicide (Hi Ms Brokovich by the way, still the peoples champion I see) but it does provide assistance to the State in regards their human rights abuses.

    Change Doctors? These guys are snatching people they didn’t even know existed from their beds, prescribing date rape drugs administered without knowledge to people they don’t even know post hoc, and making the false claim that they are their “Outpatients” to conceal their criminal conduct (the lie to Police quite handy in that regard, because Police will maintain the falsehood while they sort the matter out in the E.D….. woops sorry, little accident. Someone call the document ‘editor’ before the Coroner looks).

    There is a system in place here where Doctors are free to Shanghai anyone they wish using these methods (the laws protecting the public not understood by the Chief Psychiatrist and so they are worth nothing. Justification for such ‘treatment’ done on the basis that what Doctor wouldn’t be acting in good faith. What if they thought they were to be held accountable for such criminal conduct?)

    ‘High ethical standards’ used to justify virtually anything. We needed to get him the help he required.

    And what if this guy didn’t have a doctor……. yet. I’m sure they can “edit” the legal narrative and change all that while he is in an ‘induced coma’ in the E.D. of course. It’s what they did with my documents before providing them to my legal representatives. And then the Chief Psychiatrist uses the statutory declaration produced via and act of torture, and the corrupt practice of ‘verballing’ as justification for the ‘referral’ (having had the documents “edited” to ensure that the ‘verbal’ can not be proved. Make it so the fraud can be used as proof of justification, commonly referred to as uttering)

    If your not allowed to know who is and isn’t your Doctor, how on earth are you going to change them? Solves the problem of informed consent of course if you can drug people with date rape drugs to incapacitate them and then claim they didn’t have the ability to consent. Nothing the local football team pack rapist isn’t doing (‘spiking’ with date rape drugs and using the ‘gang’ to threaten with weapons that is. Informed consent? Goes a little beyond ‘coercive interrogations’ methinks).

    I know, I know, report it to the Police. They tell me they don’t have a copy of the Criminal Code and refuse to take the documented proof (in fact threaten to arrest me for having my medical records), and instead make an automatic referral to the people who did this in the first place, mental health services. Seems they are flagging their corruption on the system for ‘treatment’ by ‘friendlies’, so that option is out. Especially when the witnesses are being threatened by Police to say “It never happened”. All part of the “editing” and perverting the course of justice which …. no copy of the Criminal Code so no accountability see?

    Lets start with the lie to Police. Create false belief and procuring the apprehension or detention of a person not suffering from a mental illness. Bit of prison time there, and the documents alone prove the offending. Lets add in the ‘spiking’, intoxication by deception, and the conspiring to stupefy and commit an indictable offence, namely kidnapping and the fraudulent prescription written to conceal the original offence of ‘spiking’ hours after it occurred…….. wow, were up in to some big double figures there. Then we have the ‘cover up’ offences…….

    And the explanation given for this occurring? “We were trying to save your marriage” (the Operations Manager after her ‘formal investigation’ and “editing” of documents for the Law Centre). And that justifies it all. I had no idea they provided such a service. I thought they were running a hospital, not a torture and kidnap facility.

    The Ariel Castro Memorial Hospital lol. Such a shame they are hiding behind people who are actually trying to do good. And the ‘pillars of protection’ (ie Chief Psychiatrist, Council of Official Visitors) turn their backs and pretend they don’t have a duty because they are neglecting it. Ensure the fraud and product of torture can not be proven and run with the lies. Such a document can only be used as proof that the torture occurred, and nothing more(Convention against the use of Torture Article 13?)….unless you can remove the documents showing the ‘verbal’ and ‘spiking’ before anyone else gets to see the facts that is.

  • Precisely Steve.

    I can see parallels in other current discussions, with regards the people who are being called something similar to a ‘menace to society’. You know, the ‘conspiracy theorists’? (‘Healthcare’ based on politics and profit, not on science and facts. Familiar?)

    Our Premier tells us last week that he spoke to an ‘aboriginal person’ and that this person tells him that right wing extremists are spreading anti vax information in the aboriginal community in an attempt to eradicate these people from our communities. (resort to authority. Anecdote presented as proof)

    The same Premier who is concerned about the conspiracy theories spreading in our community.

    If I were an aboriginal person i would be more concerned about the people who have a ‘history’ of trying to eradicate them from our communities……. the government. You know, the slightly right wing mildists who are dismantling our human and civil rights at present? Might this not be the reason for the lack of trust in the information they are being provided? There are still people alive who remember having to ‘cheek’ the poisoned candy which was given to them as children. Lest We Forget huh?

    How ironic that our now Attorney General, when speaking about the torture of an aboriginal man by Police back in 2010 was wearing a t shirt with a quote from Ben Franklin on it.

    “Those who would sacrifice liberty for temporary security deserve neither liberty nor security”

    and like magic, those words have come to haunt us.

  • There is something that ‘niggles’ at me when I think about the link between abuse and these so called ‘illnesses’.

    I heard that guy Petersen speaking about the link between hatred and what was done in National Socialist Germany recently. He added that the issue also contained an element of “disgust”, and that what was done to the Jews, homosexuals, communists etc was a result of the disgust that was felt towards them. It’s one thing to hate someone, but quite another to feel disgust for them.

    This of course would not be documented either? A simple label would speak for itself with such people who had been conditioned to feel that level of disgust for others? Label – treatment would keep all of the emotions out of the ‘transaction’.

    This being the question raised in the issue of the Camp Prison Guard. How could they do such terrible things and still remain human? Easy, just don’t get bogged down in the reasons for your disgust of the individual who presents before you, and process them according to the way the system has been set up.

    How dare you say such things about Harvey? Bill would NEVER do anything of the sort. And Jimmy? He has been Knighted so that speaks for itself. The system is set up to ‘fuking destroy’ truths which are not preferred by those in positions of power.

    Orwell once wrote “If the Party could thrust its hand into the past and say of this or that event, it never happened—that, surely, was more terrifying than mere torture and death?”. It is certainly true for victims of abuse, the “editing” of reality much more damaging than any torture or death, and possibly why torturing them simply doesn’t have the desired effect (okay, call it medicine if you must, but that’s only because they are called ‘patients’, otherwise it’s considered torture [“inherent in or incidental to lawful sanction” means that the label “patient’ justifies acts of torture as medicine]), and quite possibly why many of ‘us’ chose to die at our own hands. The gaslighting from these people with such ‘high ethical standards’ who are disgusted by our truth too much to bear.

    I feel certain that the deaths being caused by the Operations Manager who is arranging the “editing” of legal narratives before she “fucking destroys” anyone with a legitimate complaint about human rights abuses means that they don’t end up with blood on their hands. But the poison in their hearts is there should you ever care to examine them.

  • Ameen.

    “Lieberman responded, “I’d say that’s absolutely wrong. If you do a controlled study with various illnesses, whether it’s schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and you do a randomized study, assign one group to receive whatever the state of the art is in psychiatry including medication, and you assign the other to some innocuous, non-medical type of supportive therapy or whatever, and you follow the people for a period of time, the outcomes will be extraordinarily superior in the treated group… There’s no doubt about it.””

    And because there is no doubt about it, there is no need to do the controlled study in the first place, because we already know the outcome because Doc L said so. Phew, glad we sorted that out. Now, best we leave Doc L to go and make his rooster crow or the sun won’t come up in the morning.

  • “getting fired for a disability is unquestionably illegal”

    There are some great lawyers where I live who will take a look, inform the people who have broken the law of their problem, wait whilst they retrieve the documented proof of their offences, and then utter with a fraudulent set of documents prepared to ensure that anyone who does look, gets to see the “edited” version of events. The victims ‘flagged’ as ‘pariahs’ (did I mention he has a mental illness?) and the lawyers quite happy to put the boots into someone while they are down (for a fee of course).

    And the law? Well, Police tell me they don’t have a copy of the Criminal Code, and that they can therefore arrest me for having the documented proof of the offences (mainly because their automatic referral to mental health services for “hallucinating”, claiming that you have been ‘spiked’ with benzos before interrogation was supposed to have been retrieved before the fraud was distributed), they refuse to take said documents, and return the complaint as having “insufficient evidence”. In the meantime, you end up trying to argue with your own lawyers about why it is they do not understand the difference between “suspect on reasonable grounds” ( a burden of proof with criteria to be met for ‘referrals’ to be lawful) and “suspect on grounds the ‘officer’ believes to be reasonable” (quoting the Chief Psychiatrist here in his rewriting of the burden to enable arbitrary detentions based on nothing more than a ‘suspicion’) Now this guy provides “expert legal advice to the Minister” and yet doesn’t even recognise the protection offered by the Mental Health Act?

    Might be some great lawyers in the U.S., but in Australia they are being used as Police informants, and a means to ensure that human rights abuse’s are going unnoticed. (see Lawyer X scandal).

    With no privileged communications in common law in Australia, nothing you tell your lawyer, doctor, psychologist, priest, or partner is confidential. The State allowed to use ‘coercive measures’ against them to have them release that information should it be required. So I had a psychologist asking me “who else has the documents?” for police. He then told me he was “afraid for his family” when I explained that there were a large number of people who had been made aware of the Police concealment of acts of torture and kidnapping for mental health services. (Imagine, one one side he has seen proof of police corruption, and knowing he may need to bear witness to the Corruption watchdog, he has police threatening him to say “it never happened” ie the attempt to refer the victim of torture to mental health for treatment and NOT take the documents? What do you do? Use the slander of illness and refer for ‘treatment’ lol)

    Always good to take a look at what ‘good’ people will do when they are put to the test. Kind of ugly though when you realise they are not the people who present themselves as being ‘good’. Fortunate for me someone didn’t have the stomach for the planned resolution.

    But I accept the U.S. I saw had some people who were prepared to stand up and say “this is wrong” without being concerned for the safety of their family from the State, and their ‘elected representatives’. Cheaper to ‘treat’ anyone who has evidence of misconduct in the public service, than actually deal with that corruption? I can see the argument that they are protecting the interests of the community by allowing such people to be ‘unintentionally negatively outcomed’, but isn’t there a conflict of interest?

  • “I searched and didn’t find it. Can you quote the data you referenced?”

    Fairly simple to scroll down the articles by date and go to 14th Oct 2019. Or do a search on the page (ctrl F) for ” Boom time again for Perth’s ADHD Industry as Roger Cook weakens amphetamine prescribing controls”.

  • “To further clarify, the problem isn’t non-compliance with the law. The problem is rather that mental health law itself is a way around what otherwise is the law.”
    Frank B.

    Heir Himmler had a similar problem with the evidence of Josef Hartinger from Dachau. That is he needed a means to get around the law. Allowing people to be ‘treated’ as ‘potential threats’ to the stability of the State made this possible. It allowed them to step over the laws protecting people from arbitrary detentions, and to be punished (or executed) for that ‘potential’.

    So in my State, by allowing anyone the State wishes to incarcerate and ‘treat’ against their will, they simply have a Community Nurse change the status of the citizen to “Outpatient” (no examination/diagnosis necessary, just fill out the paperwork for an Outpatient and then lie to Police) and then have Police ensure their compliance by inducing an “acute stress reaction”.

    Most are ready to comply/confess by this point. And if not mental health services are more than happy to assist with a ‘verbal’ on the Forms, and a ‘chemical restraint’ which has no standards [thus the issue of ‘overmedicating’ being a form of torture is NEVER an issue. See the “induced coma” in the above video, commonly referred to as a ‘snowjob’ by those in the know]. What a joke these supposed legal protections actually are when the State simply begins uttering with the fraud produced by public officers. Have the proof of the ‘verbal’ “edited” out of the legal narrative, and then start slandering the victim as a madman for speaking the truth.

    There are of course laws protecting against this type of conduct [needed to create the appearance they are complying with International agreements regarding human rights], but when Police can’t find their copy of the Criminal Code and simply refer the complainant back to mental health to be, and I quote, “fucking destroyed” well…… Safety in numbers? Tell that to the people who didn’t escape the ‘treatment centers’.

    And the World Court? well, if this was an African Nation we were talking about. Of course being able to ‘spike’ citizens with date rape drugs before State interrogations is a distinct advantage. Especially when you can “edit” the documents and make what was an act of torture into a paranoid delusion by removing the proof of the misconduct. Then start ‘treating’ the victim for speaking the truth.

    I must say I found it fascinating how many people were “just doing their job” when they were fully cognizant of the criminal nature of what it was that was being done. Most quite happy to turn a blind eye, particularly if their funding (for example the Law Centre ‘advocates’, or two of the three ‘pillars of protection’ being derelict in their duty to report under mandatory reporting laws. Why would you? Documents “edited” and the victim ‘outcomed’, witnesses and their families threatened by Police) was increased significantly for their negligence.

    Can’t prove the link of course because of the amount of “editing” the State is doing to legal narratives before anyone is allowed to examine their own medical records. And it being a crime to have your own medical records (“I can arrest you for having these” IO was told by a Police Officer when presenting the proof of the ‘spiking’ to him in a Police Station, before he made a referral for my “hallucinations” [that is being drugged without my knowledge with a date rape drug before interrogation by Police, and having the documented proof that this occurred].

  • Heya Sam,

    “My neighbour has her cats on neuroleptics because one cat started peeing in the house. So now she has nice docile cats, with lethargy.”

    They are no longer defined as cats, they are now considered door mats with a cat theme to them. 🙂

    When does a drug become a medicine and vice versa? I couldn’t even get a sensible answer to that question from a number of pharmacists. When a doctor prescribes it? Because we had one doctor, identified through a register here, who had more than 2000 ‘patient’s’ (in a one year period) he was prescribing stimulants to for ADHD. (a “nice little earner” as Arthur Daly would have it. And the State government dealt with the matter by concealing the register. How clever.)

    Minus the license, he’d be called a ‘pusher’.

    Like glasses for the blind? If LSD opened my ‘third eye’ would it be considered ‘medicine’?

  • Heya James,

    thanks for the reply. Ten years ago today I was snatched out of my bed after some people set me up to be tortured and kidnapped (and then a bunch of public officers have ensured that they will not be held accountable by perverting the course of justice) and it’s been a time to reflect.

    I think your on the money with the projection. I know I certainly projected evil intent onto a lot of people who were, after all, simply trying to ensure that their wrongdoing wasn’t exposed. And I guess when your husband is a psychiatrist, calling the ‘problem’ a ‘patient’ to police to have them delivered to be killed with a little ‘accident’ is not necessarily evil, just practical (if you have the stomach for it that is). Especially once you realise that the State is “editing” documents to ensure that such misconduct goes unchecked, and that human rights abuses may be obvious to a population being brutalised but …. ya can’t prove it with the fraudulent documents hahaha.

    You write; “I think the difference may be character. I think those of us who quest to improve themselves and not others are likely to determine the true nature of reality. As we are really only able to understand the world through the lens of things we have observed and understood for ourselves. If we spend time reflecting on that it can be great, if not it will likely be very little. What are your thoughts?”

    I know from where I look now I look back and think about the people who I tried to warn about the way the State was finding ways around the protections afforded by our laws (or supposed protections. When the person who has a duty to protect human rights is uttering with fraudulent documents to ensure they DON’T do their job, and the legal representatives of those having their human rights abused are prepared to accept fraudulent documents and then turn a blind eye at the request of the State while they ‘tidy up their little mess’ using psychiatry as a justification (is it really psychiatry if they are using it to kill and maim? Or is the intention of the profession something a little more honorable? [Hi to the people at the Mental Health Law Centre by the way, and whoever wrote that letter purporting to be from the Chief Psychiatrist]). Point being, there are many people now complaining about the loss of their human rights while police simply batter them in the streets to ensure their compliance until they can change the laws to make their criminal conduct lawful. I delivered the message and warned, as was my duty. Not for me to project and predict COVID and the resulting rise of National Socialism (strangely this State passed laws in 2016 allowing the forced vaccination of ANYONE a doctor signed a ‘warrant’ for, allowing them to be stripped naked and injected without their consent. See s. 158 of the Public Health Act)

    I think looking at the documentary I posted as a whole, I started to realise that like the politicians Curtis describes losing their relevance due to not being able to provide the dreams they had been promising in the 1950s etc, they turned to the power of nightmares, to have the populations turn to them for ‘protections’. have doctors not taken the same path? Where is the cure for cancer? Diabetes? Asthma? Watch the documentary carefully and consider that question. They have made a grab at power with a nightmare……. covid19. People who were ‘health managers’ are now thrust into the spotlight, the public now needs them, and will pull grannys gold teeth out with rusty pliers to pay them.

    And of course what I see is that with the nightmare that has returned power to the medical fraternity, is that the increase in the levels of fear has resulted in a bonus for ‘mental health’. Maybe they won’t need to be calling police and lying that people are their ‘Outpatients’ to have them subjected to ‘acute stress reactions because no one wants to talk to the ‘public torturers’ at that place they try to call a hospital. It’s more like a silencing unit for the State (and other ‘associated’ professionals see for example the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. How many of their victims ended up being drugged and slandered every time they tried to speak the truth?). Consider that these child rapists were not held to account, or reported (well, I suppose their was “insufficient evidence” which is the term used here when police fail to act and are cutting some slack for a mate) because their crimes were seen as being “character flaws”.

    I digress, but I hope I’ve answered at least part of your question. Others here do it so much better than a tired worn out torture victim.

    I like that you write; “The lies are for those who weren’t there and don’t know what its like.”

    In my case the lies were done by people who were there, and enjoy watching what it’s like. When it is being done to others that is. Start with that one lie told by the Community Nurse who knew I had been ‘spiked’ with a date rape drug and was unconscious in my bed. “I need some help with a patient Officers”. And the consequences of such a lie and if the ‘target’ isn’t compliant? Consider being able to point a finger at anyone and tell police you would like them prepared for a mental health assessment that was a foregone conclusion, because you WILL confess to your illness (or end un non compos mentis with a ‘chemical restraint’ that is an overmedication aka torture)

    Of course now you have been prepared for an ‘interrogation’ whilst ‘spiked’ you can now be verballed and they can begin ‘overmedicating’ you with a chemical restraint. (overmedicating being an act of torture according to the UN but hey, who cares, the rules don’t apply when the Chief Psychiatrist only examines the “edited” version.

    So for what it’s worth, my character has focused on ensuring that my brothers are aware of what the State is doing to ‘protect’ them from those dangerous Islamophobes lol. By ensuring that they can snatch people from their beds, torture and kidnap them, and then snuff them should they dare complain about the services they are being provided with our universal health care system. And it all looks like ‘medicine’. You guys in the US don’t know what your missing out on.

    P.S. I think your doing a great job getting the information out about the potential for damage with TMS. I wondered about what alternatives there are for people and then realised…….. TMS is the second choice. What’s the first? ANYTHING ELSE lol

  • Hi James,

    I just read the wiki page on Havana syndrome and whilst I understand that your comparing the outcomes, and not the causes, I thought i’d direct your attention to the result of the Team B ‘investigations’ talked about it this documentary.

    The whole thing worth watching but ….see Prof. Pipes talking at about 27 mins about how they simply make shit up and then start believing their own lies. Something along the lines of “the lack of evidence is proof that they have these weapons and are using them” lol.

    Not unlike psychiatric diagnosis really. “potential for violence but no clear intent or actual history” becomes justification for incarceration and forced drugging into a brain damaged state to ensure that their paranoid delusions do not materialise. A ‘first strike’ police by mental health services oughtta work right?

    Anyhow, take a look at the Team B conclusions and compare them to the claims being made with Havana syndrome causes.

  • A point that needs correcting.

    Above I refer to myself as meeting the standard of being a “referred person” under the Mental Health Act, and NOT an “Outpatient”. This is incorrect as on closer examination of the documents it is noted that under the section where it requires a “Referral Source” the answer is written as “Unknown”.

    The whole point of my wife and the Private Clinic Psychologist discussing what items needed to be ‘planted’ on me (to meet the requirements of s. 68 e of the Criminal Code [in possession of a weapon and illicit drugs]) once I was incapacitated with the ‘spiking’ with benzos was to provide police with justification to make a referral post hoc (ie once I had been ‘verballed’ on the statutory declaration).

    THEY DID NOT DO THIS. And thus the Community Nurse was simply going to need to run with the lie that I was his “outpatient” and create the appearance that I was a Police referral (under s. 196 of the MHA) for his colleagues when police delivered me to the locked ward.

    So if I wasn’t an “outpatient”, and I wasn’t a “referred person” what was I? Well, and I know this is a little inconvenient for some people, I was actually being kidnapped after being tortured. A victim of crimes, but it just didn’t look like it (which is kind of clever really).

    Now one of the problems I am faced with is that I wanted to get a divorce, and was concerned about the lawyers providing the fraudulent set of documents to the Federal Court. I mean I get it that they find it easy to “edit” the legal narrative and fool me (and of course by threatening the lawyers and witnesses, they are quite happy to look the other way) but …… a Federal Court judge might just notice. I doubt they would appreciate being put in such a compromising situation myself. But nice move on the part of the hospital to get others to utter with their fraud, and leave a trail back to the Clinical Director of the hospital who I believe was unaware that he had authorised the fraud to be distributed (it’s not really “editing” when you change legal narrative to conceal such serious offences is it?).

    One other point I should note for anyone following up on the Josef Hartinger ‘link’. Consider the situation when a doctor went into a police station here and admitted killing a terminally ill patient (the State being responsible for any corrupt actions by it’s officers. see Corrina Horvath comments by the U.N.). What would Himmler do? well, we were told that more than 90% of the public wanted Euthanasia Laws (no proof of the figure provided. And if were going to pass laws based on public support, more people actually support Capital Punishment, but I don’t see that being promoted by Politicians in the media) and the laws were pushed through Parliament with little ‘opposition’ (one guy I think, the rest went to the football while the matter was ‘debated’. See Facebook photos of the party). [still no answer on the ability to “edit” documents relating to the ‘treating’ of patients wishing to access this legislation]. However, the laws have now been passed and killing is a form of treatment for the terminally ill (amendments soon to follow allowing access for the mentally ill no doubt).

    A question I have is; Do they swab the persons arm with alcohol to ensure that they do not get an infection from the lethal injection? And would they be neglecting their duty of care if they didn’t?

  • I guess what is different about the situation with the man whose brain chemicals were unbalanced by a police officers boot, and the man who was dragged from his home to check his welfare [“we’re concerned for your welfare” are words you do not want to hear from police here. They are rightly concerned because they know they are going to kick the shit out of you once they get their hands on you] because his psychologist was concerned about him not wishing to speak to him/her, is that I wasn’t actually a “patient”.

    The requirement that the person be a “patient” before they are subjected to the inducing of an “acute stress reaction” a legal requirement. In both cases this requirement appears to have been met. The first man had asked for assistance in an Emergency Dept, and the second was we are led to believe had spoken to a psychologist within the previous 48 hours. This “Time Limit” (s. 32. Time Limit for referral under s. 29 ) on lawful referral necessary before the psychologist can have the ‘treatment’ administered by police to the mans legs and face.

    This issue in my instance became a problem because the psychologist who was claiming to be MY psychologist didn’t actually have a referral for me, and was therefore NOT my psychologist, and I was NOT a “patient” by definition of the Mental Health Act. Easily remedied, just have the victim sign something making them into a patient, and thus remove any and all of their human rights. Failing that, just “edit” the documents for their legal representatives and tell them to look the other way on this one and they can be rewarded with extra State funding next time around.

    Better do it quick though, because someone might notice that she was using her position to have people tortured and kidnapped. Police can only pretentd they haven’t got a copy of the Criminal Code for so long. And providing resources to retrieve documents showing the crimes is awfully tricky, because getting their family members to commit the offences (Compound and Conceal Evidence, Conspire to Pervert the Course of Justice) and using your ‘discretionary’ is always a bit dodgy. Well, not really but ……

    So consider that what is done to the “patients” in the above videos is being authorised by our Chief Psychiatrist as being lawful for any citizen when he writes that the Authorised Mental Health Practitioner “need only ‘suspect’, on grounds they believe to be reasonable that the person requires an examination by a psychiatrist” rather than the s. 29 standard of “suspect on reasonable grounds that the person should be an involuntary patient [and thus meet the criteria of s. 26 of the Act]”. Logic and reason removed and therefore authorising arbitrary detentions, and the changing of the belief that the person (who MUST HAVE a mental illness, not be suspected of having) requires being an involuntary patient to a nice little chat with a psychiatrist.

    All minor details that can be “edited” and threaten anyone who dares suggest that anything was done wrong. Police can ensure that the victim is arrested and referred should they turn up in a police station (a practice called ‘stitching’ here. A bit like putting kittens into a bag and stitching the sack closed before throwing it into a pond. See the young woman who escaped the serial killers Katherine and David Burnie who was nearly ‘stitched’ after attending a police station when she finally broke free of her captives who had kidnapped, raped and murdered a number of women already. ‘Stitching’. I note that people tend to feel empathy for the kittens, not so much for the ‘mental patients’ being bashed by police? Might explain why our laws are stacked the way they are protecting animals but not ‘mental patients’?)

    Point being, watch the videos of the inducing of “acute stress reactions” to assist mental health professionals have citizens who do not recognise that they need to have their wallets emptied for damaging their brains with chemicals and electricity (ie refusing to consent) and why the method is so effective in having them consent. I understand that the law allows such conduct when the target has been defined as “patient”, but what if all that was done was that a Community Nurse simply lied to Police and said “patient” to enable the citizen to be ‘verballed’?

    This is of course the very definition of arbitrary detentions. And what interests me most is the way the authorities charged with ensuring that the community is protected go about ensuring that they can simply ignore citizens who have been tortured and kidnapped, and simply refer them for ‘treatment’ should they complain. But it sure is a great way to ensure that human rights abuses are concealed, especially when the legal representatives of the victims can be used to slander the victims should they seek effective legal representation elsewhere. Uttering with the fraud prepared by the hospital, and claiming ‘plausible deniability’. Of course such people never go to prison for such conspiring to pervert etc. Our prisons are full of aboriginals who stole a packet of pencils from Piggly Wiggly (well maybe in Tasmania there is room in the prisons because they don’t have any Aboriginals left to imprison. Did you see what the Chinese are doing in Xinjiang to Uighers? “Australia should get on the right side of history” Charlie Pickering tells us. We have a long ‘history’ of such conduct that goes back a long way on such behaviour, and the hypocrisy of ‘getting on the right side of history’ might be noticed. Though I note the anosognosia emanating from our Parliaments regarding such conduct).

    And well, the truth is such matters can be delayed, frustrated and obstructed for years. ‘Insufficient evidence’ after police send emails that never arrive and then close matters when you don’t respond. There is insufficient evidence, when you assist in the retrieval of the evidence and then refuse to accept it because it exposes the fraud and uttering by Public Officers. (and I feel certain the Senior Constable who threatened to arrest me for having my medical records showing that I had been ‘spiked’ with benzos before being interrogated for 7 hours would drop the charges before it got to court [stitching]. Or that his failed attempt to refer me to the people who arranged my ‘spiking’ for “hallucinating” about being drugged without my knowledge [not a hallucination if you have documented proof] “never happened” once the witnesses had been contacted and informed of the danger their families now found themselves in. Just following the orders on the police system, don’t take the proof of the torture and kidnapping if this guy turns up in a police station, were running with a false narrative that he is a “patient” until we can arrange an ‘unintended negative outcome’. So like Jamal Kashoggi they simply ‘flag’ victims and ensure they are silenced with assistance form the Police should they try and make a compliant about the criminal conduct. Warm up the ECT machine would you nurse, i’d like to extract some Medicare money from this ‘patient’ before they are outcomed.

  • “If what Jorge Rafael Videla said is true”

    Trouble is it isn’t true. It was a justification for ‘disappearing’ (these days called ‘treatment’) anyone who was a threat to his leadership.

    “terrorists”, like ‘mental patients’ need to be defined in such a way that makes what ‘we’ do ‘good’ and what ‘they’ do, bad. So a Catholic Priest who was also a Senior Medical Officer at the hospital where I was tortured and kidnapped gets to call me ‘mentally ill’ as a direct result of his own paranoid delusions [aren’t ALL Muslims a threat to Christianity?] (ie he writes that I had “potential for violence but no clear intent or actual history”. Consider that comment carefully, his paranoid delusion becomes my symptom of an ‘illness’. Because based on this he authorised a ‘snow job’ list of chemicals to be administered. See the above video regarding the ‘induced coma’ [or ask Someone Else about how ‘snow jobs’ operate).

    And consider the changes to the laws brought about as a result of the investigation by Josef Hartinger at Dachau. That was the point at which the National Socialists moved to a ‘pre emptive’ means of dealing with their political opponents. Himmler had a problem in that he wanted to continue with the killings, but knew they were unlawful. But what if you could do it based on someone having ‘potential’? They were a ‘potential threat’ to the National Socialist’s State?

    A quote from my verballed Form 1.

    “Potential for damage to reputation and meaningful relationships”

    Written by a man who has arranged to have police drag me from my bed, subject me to acts of torture, slander me and then have me kidnapped. I am then placed up against a Police van parked on my mother and father in laws garden, and then thrown into the back of the Police van whilst they watch. Good news is that when they wondered what I was being arrested for, they could be told I wasn’t actually being arrested but taken to the locked ward of a mental institution for my potential to do damage to my reputation and meaningful relationships. We call this “healthcare”, and when I asked for some form of documentation he provided me with a “With Compliments” slip. He’s a funny guy huh? I wonder how many other lives he has destroyed in this manner for no other reason than someone asked him to?

    Hey, did you hear that people are being arbitrarily detained in Hong Kong by police who are stopping them from throwing petrol bombs and exercising their human rights to protest peacefully? Bloody human rights abusing Chinese huh?

    “This is because both Western and Christian civilization are the absolute, exact opposite of psychiatry; which is nothing but pure evil.”

    This got me thinking about the Catholic Priest who used to be a psychiatrist (working in the role of Senior Medical Officer and pretending to be a psychiatrist the day I met him. made it easy to claim I had provided consent when asked to remove my clothes and allow him to insert objects into my mouth. Well, my comment about me knowing he wasn’t a psychiatrist and that if he did he would be assaulting me of no concern when your victims are at such a disadvantage. (Under s. 36 of the act I was considered a ‘referred person’, and had lost my right to liberty but significantly NOT my right to consent. [though he knew I had been ‘spiked’ with a date rape drug, and I didn’t] Exercising the right to detain beyond the statutory requirement not a problem when you can ‘chemically restrain’ anyone who wishes to leave your control. Sure would be handy if victims of Institutional abuse turned up telling inconvenient truths about your colleagues too right? Might go some way to explaining how some of these Priests racked up more than 300 victims without anyone ‘noticing’)

  • Referring back to the video of the man who left the hospital because he had been waiting for 24 hours.

    Look carefully and consider that the hospital has asked police to induce an “acute stress reaction” in this man to have him comply with the nurses wishes. This is something that is being done on a regular basis in my State.

    Here’s another example of what happen if you refuse to speak to your ‘doctor’.

    Two points I would make.

    (1) I wasn’t actually anyone’s “patient” but this doesn’t seem to be an issue because our Chief Psychiatrist doesn’t recognise ANY protections from being arbitrarily detained. A Community Nurse has the power to make any citizen into his “Outpatient” based on a telephone call from a ‘concerned citizen’ (read someone who doesn’t like what another is saying).
    (2) Given that acts of torture are being redefined using the euphemism of “acute stress reaction” (ie the hospital staff are fully aware that police can be used to induce such reactions with head stomping etc) and that in order to ‘enhance’ this practice, targets can be ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs which can be concealed later by having a doctor sign a prescription for the ’emergency treatment’, why is there not a Form to request such a response from Police?

    So the Community Nurse wants a citizen who will likely refuse to speak to him subjected to an “acute stress reaction” and has arranged to have them ‘spiked’ with benzos calls police and requests assistance with his “Outpatient”. Police then stomp on the targets head a few times (variety of options here, we could get really creative) and now they are quite willing to talk, and can easily be ‘verballed’ on the statutory declarations. These fraudulent documents now become a rock solid defense against the acts of torture and kidnapping (and with the ability to “edit” documents for the targets legal representatives?)…… this is just too easy if you ask me.

    So given the bureaucratic nature of our State, where’s the request Form for the “acute stress reactions”? Oh wait, I see it, it’s listed as being a “Job Number” provided by Police to the Community Nurse when he called them and LIED about me being his “Outpatient”. One formal request for a head stomping to ensure he has the opportunity to ‘verbal’ someone and conceal his criminal conspiracy to torture and kidnap. (and consider that the Senior Constable has ‘discretionary powers’ over such serious offences. Nothing that can’t be “insufficient evidenced” away at a later time).

    “What brings you back to these parts Boans? Sorry we’ve been out of touch, it’s a long miserable summer here.”

    I remember seeing Doc Whitely in a waiting room of a hospital with a young man who was obviously being abused by a psychiatrist. I got the impression that he was going to advocate for the man to try and have at least some of his human right returned. It impressed me because as you can see, in my State daring to say anything out of order can get you ‘snuffed’ (“edit” to documents and Police will ensure witnesses are threatened and proof retrieved. I know, I know, :it never happened” and “they wouldn’t do that” and that narrative can be maintained if no one ever looks :)).

    I was replying to another much older article and saw this review, sooooo.

  • “Would you say that psychiatry-mental health, are part of an authoritarian political order in society today?”

    “A terrorist is not just someone with a gun or a bomb, but also someone who spreads ideas that are contrary to Western and Christian civilization.”

    — Jorge Rafael Videla

    ie someone who holds ideas contrary to established medical beliefs such as anti psychiatrists. So I understand the need to silence me, and this is something others who hold similar beliefs need to be made aware of (ie that the State is allowing such political beliefs to be redefined as an ‘illness’ and ‘treated’ by force if necessary. Call the Police and request assistance with your “Outpatient”).

    Of course there are times when the facts contradict existing ‘medical advice’, and so there needs to be political means to ensure that the choir is singing the same song.

    How ironic that he died of an infection that came from a beating in a mental institution? Almost as ironic as a Premier whose TicToc video shows him removing his mask (strip tease fashion) to the tune of Thus Spake Zarathustra? The irony lost on a public who worship their Safe and Strong Leader. Ubermensch anyone? lol

    [from a government that failed to pass Forced Sterilisation without Parental Consent Laws, but succeeded with a Euthanasia Act]

  • “Would you say that psychiatry-mental health, are part of an authoritarian political order in society today?”

    I think you may be surprised at my long answer to that question. My short answer is whatever the ‘verballing’ Community Nurse wants it to be lol. I mean he is being allowed to torture people to complete fraudulent statutory declarations for the authorities to utter with, and conceal his human rights abuses so……. I say whatever I am told to say by the voices that come from the locked ward lol.

    Strangely after much soul searching and trying to understand who are the ‘good guys’ and the ‘bad guys’ I have come to realise that there is a battle occurring within psychiatry between those that would have it as an authoritarian political tool, and then those who realise the dangers of that occurring.

    i consider the people who were arranging to have me ‘snuffed’ to conceal their wrongdoing in the E.D. the former, and those who ‘don’t have the stomach for it’ and interrupted the ‘unintended negative outcome’ the latter.

    There are of course those who consider themselves clever enough to fool the authorities into committing offences for them. Imagine being able to get a corrupt Community Nurse (Authorised Mental Health Practitioner) to procure the services of police to enable the torture and kidnapping of citizens after you have arranged to have them ‘spiked’ and plant items for police to find and provide a referral source post hoc? (simply tell Police the target is your “Outpatient” and then conceal that from your colleagues making the target look like a police referral. Come on Constable, you found the knife and the bong right? So can I use you as my referral source? Thanks. I still get searched for the knife they have me as having a ‘history’ for, and risk being shot every time I have an interaction with police for a knife that was ‘planted’ on me to enable them to make what appeared to be a lawful referral.) It really is pretty clever, and the Police then find themselves providing material support to organised criminals by proxy (even having to commit offences because applying for search warrants to retrieve documented proof of their being ‘stooged’ becomes more important than the victims, who can of course now be ‘treated’ for their truth speaking.
    Claiming to have been interrogated for 7 hours whilst drugged with a date rape drug without your knowledge a ‘paranoid delusion’ should the State wish to “edit” the documented reality, and have a doctor sign a prescription AFTER the police and Community Nurse have subjected a citizen to acts of torture.

    But having watched as these people were ‘tested’ by something that they clearly do not understand, I get the feeling that there is someone with a sense of humour watching and laughing at their feeble attempts to conceal the truth when they know what it is. Perhaps that person or persons is a psychiatrist with a knowledge of the prophesies, and knows just which strings to pull and when?

    We are close to Eid al Adha which of course relates to the testing of Abraham. Would these people have gone through with their planned evil actions, and if so we thus know what was in their hearts. Information not readily available except to those who know the tests to be applied. (see Harut and Marut).

    I do however have concerns about the corruption within mental health services, and within the Police. And of course having witnessed their corruption first hand (and had my family and life “fuking destroyed” by the State for daring to complain about it [see the Operations Manager who investigated the matters and then “edited” the documents for others to utter with and had my family threatened]) I know that they have demonstrated mens rea as a direct result of their concealment of their offending. Of course their usual victims tend to end up with a rope round their necks or a chemically unbalanced brain due to a small lead pill. The stigma that can be generated by these corrupt individuals, and the ability to have police provide material support in their offending put the victims at a distinct disadvantage (or so they think te he).

    I guess what I am saying is that mental health services could be used in such a manner. In much the same way a knife could be used to prepare your evening meal, or to murder. I just don’t want to be making it too easy for people who plunge carving knives into peoples chests to be able to say ‘i’m a doctor, and therefore it’s medicine’. Mind you, maybe they would prefer ending up in jail when they finally become aware of how these matters are dealt with (the look on their faces when they finally realise they were being watched the whole time lol. I understand now the reason it is best to not look into their eyes. It’s positively intoxicating).

    One of my heroes is a man called Bilal ibn Rabah (as) who was tortured by his slave master, and who I will rely on for my answer to your question. There is only ONE authority in my life. Ahad. And I will not recant that truth despite the tortures I have been subjected to. Bow down to people who are nothing more than demonstrable hypocrites, frauds and slanderers? No thanks, and I am glad that there was a community of people who recognised the truth, and acted on that truth to ensure that no further harm came to anyone else in this community.

    We hear a lot about the large sums of money that are to be allocated to ‘mental health’ in this Nation. You can’t buy good deeds, they are done by people who know the true meaning of charity. And I get the feeling that once God leads people astray, little can be done other than warn them. Something that they sometime would prefer to say they never heard, and thus attack the messenger rather than alter their own conduct (Oh the power the Operations Manager must feel every time one of her gaslighting victims kills themselves. I am reminded of the track Dogs by Pink Floyd on Animals. “After a while, you can work on points for style….”)

    Are there people sitting around conspiring over these matters? You bet your life there are, though if you can label one of them “patient” it is no longer conspiring but considered ‘help’. Imagine being able to make people into “patients” post hoc. Care to see how that’s done? And care to see how those charged with defending the community from such conduct respond to such acts? Not how you would imagine.

    I wonder how you (and others) feel about the way that man was treated by police. It reminds me of footage I have seen of Jews being dragged from their homes during Hitlers time. The ‘stigma’ being the driving force, which in my case was done with one simple lie to the police. And the people doing it fully aware of the consequences of what they were doing. refuse to talk to us so we can ‘verbal’ you. You can refuse to talk to police, but they can kick your head in if you refuse to talk to a Community Nurse? Wow, and our Politicians have worked so hard to protect us? Yeah right.

    We need to be aware of the Josef Hartingers and not allow these people to create legal loopholes to be exploited (imagine the ability to “edit” documents to conceal criminal conduct in regard our new Euthanasia Laws? can’t have the lawyers looking at those documents so here’s some we prepared earlier).

    Still, when the Chief Psychiatrist who provides “expert legal advice to the Minister” doesn’t even recognise a burden of proof (suspect on reasonable grounds. And who gave him the ability to remove legal protections from the Law anyway? care to see the letter the Law Centre didn’t have time to read?) before having people snatched from their beds for ‘treatment’ for an ‘illness’ made up on the spot by a Community Nurse, we can hardly go pointing fingers at China.

    But don’t ask me, ask my wife or the witnesses….. oh that’s right, they have a right to silence (and will maintain that silence due to being threatened by Public Officers). I get spiked with benzos and subjected to an ‘acute stress reaction’ (see the head stomping) before being interrogated for 7 hours, and then that gets called medical care because I was slandered as being an “Outpatient” and my medical records tampered with before being released. That “editing” is so disgraceful I still feel like vomiting when I realised what the intention of releasing that confidential information was about. I’d be very careful what you tell these people, because whilst the person you speak to may be acting in good faith when documenting the reasons for your ‘pain’, the Operations Manager isn’t so nice when it comes to “editing” those documents and slandering you to your legal representatives to have them assist in concealing acts of torture and human rights abuses.

  • Something that was covered quite well by Viktor Frankl I think Steve McCrea.

    There’s always this hope that somehow people are going to recognise that your a human and you will be released for Christmas. Too late of course once your incarcerated, you should have gotten out earlier. And now all you have is what your wearing because the parasites have stripped you of your belongings and you can not access remedy to have your property returned. even your own government is prepared to look away whilst your ‘outcomed’ (being a foreign National that is) because you would only be a burden now that your ‘treatment’ has started.

    I note that Conversion Therapy has been banned in one of our States recently. Some comments from a ‘media personality’;
    “Conversion Therapy itself has ranged from exorcism to lobotomies to chemical castration and forcing victims to have sex with people of the opposite gender……
    some maintain practicing Conversion Therapy is their religious freedom, the U.N. calls it torture.
    What’s certain is that even after the Royal Commission (into institutional responses to child sexual abuse) it remains one last form of child abuse that Churches want to practice out in the open”

    Strange really when you think about that comment. The Churches are attacked for their use of psychiatry as a weapon (and to torture people not conforming to their idea of ‘normal’) but not a word said about the continued use of psychiatry by the State for the very same purposes? The ‘treatments’ haven’t changed, only the ‘targets’.

    Meet the new bosses, same as the old bosses.

    “What was not so out in the open was the abstentions on the vote to ban. “The closet nays. Maybe some were just experimenting with being nays. They were nay curious. But we can still convert them, because remember, even if they are nay, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just the Devil inside them. We could pray away their nay. And if that doesn’t work there’s always electro shock treatments and chemical castration.
    Now if that sounds a little too much like torture, don’t worry. It’s just therapy” (The Weekly with Charlie Pickering S 7 E 2 2:25-4:25).

    The ‘weapon’ is being recalibrated by the State. See for example the changes removing ‘exclusions’ and placing of ‘mental health professionals’ into every Police station to accept referrals of people who start acting a little strangely when they are subjected to ‘enhanced coercive interrogations’

    I’m sure they can balance the chemicals in his brain once he comes out of the coma. And of course with no accountability measures AT ALL, there will no doubt be “insufficient evidence” for any action over the ‘concerning aspects’ of this ‘treatment’.

    I won’t even raise the issue of semantics, because I’d possibly be accused of being anti semantic. Bad enough I’m still being slandered as a result of having items planted on me for police to find TEN YEARS LATER. Such power provided to Community Nurses to change the status of a person to allow Police to arbitrarily detain, and then fix the paperwork up later with “editing”.

    I’d “leave town” tomorrow if I had the chance. Though even my own government will provide zero assistance to someone who was tortured and kidnapped (depending on the Nation that is abusing the human rights of course. The 5 eyes appear to have an ‘arrangement’ in place where they ignore the ‘indiscretions’ of their fellow ‘peepers’) But like an abusers is going to allow their victims to leave? And what, start talking outside of the ‘cult’?

    I never really wanted to live in a place where the State is “editing” their human rights abuses before having ‘advocates’ (euphemisms for backstabbing conspiring legal representatives) throw their victims under a bus at their most vulnerable time (for payments in state funding). It starts to look like a Military Junta disguised as a democracy when people are being ‘disappeared’ while the ‘mechanism’ of the State gets the paperwork in order.

    I note the recent use of the COVID tracking data (which we were promised was for tracking of COVID cases only) by Police has resulted in penalties for misuse being passed (why there was no penalty until the media exposed the breaches one can only speculate. Especially given that the government knew about the breaches for some time before it was exposed.). Which is really strange when you consider that the Police are the ones who are abusing the system, and will find “insufficient evidence” to prosecute their own misconduct in regards the data breaches. It’s like the laws ‘protecting’ mental patients that have NEVER been used. Good news for animals though, the laws protecting them have been strengthened, and have actually been prosecuted. We can but hope.

    One the surface though, it all looks fine. As I am sure was the case in Germany. The envy of other Nations at the time. You just need a few people who ‘have the stomach for it’ apparently.

    “my karma tells me, you’ve been screwed again. If ya let them do it to ya, you’ve got yourself to blame. It’s you who feels the pain, it’s you who takes the shame”

  • “Why do so many, agree to ‘appease’ authority figures in this way?
    Where do many people first learn to appease authority figures, by suppressing , repressing and denying their rightful and sane, painful emotions and feelings?”

    Good question.

    I note the arbitrary detentions being enabled by our Mental Health Acts (label someone an “outpatient” and then call police to provide assistance in having them ‘comply’ with treatment)

    seems to mirror the tactics of the Gestapo; ie terrorise the public and be brutal about it. ( I wonder how many people who refuse the ‘help’ get treated like this as a result? Especially when the Community Nurse can simply lie to police and call anyone their “outpatient” and “edit” the documents later. Flip the script and make them a ‘police referral’ for their colleagues once the citizen has been convinced to ‘confess’ to their illness. ie ‘verbal’ them and then utter with the fraudulent statutory declaration)

    As you would be aware Magdalene, the Police are totally unaccountable in Australia (see the comments by Senator Marshall re the Corrina Horvath case and the ignoring of ANY recommendations by Royal Commissions) and thus such a situation provides those charged with ensuring our communities are “mental healthy” carte blanche. How many time do we need to hear that there is “insufficient evidence” after Police refuse to take the proof of offences by ‘Party Members’, and are openly being allowed to pervert the course of justice and undermine totally our mythical rule of law?

    Simply have police provide you with unaccountability by using them as your go to when a ‘citizens’ political beliefs are deviating from ‘community standards’ (ie those of the Morality Police). So a Private Clinic psychologist calls a Community Nurse to have a citizen snatched form their home and delivered for ‘forced treatment’ by having the Community Nurse lie to Police and ‘detain’ the target as in the video above.

    “Why do so many, agree to ‘appease’ authority figures in this way?”

    Because if you don’t, the State will fuking destroy you (and your family).

    We point fingers at Chinas “Vocational Training Centres” and their “students” who are receiving “voluntary re education” and call them human rights abuses. But how many people are prepared to actually look at these “mental hospitals” and their “patients” and really see what is actually occurring with “informed consent”? But we have no concerns about the “unintended negative outcomes” occurring while police refuse to take evidence of the criminal conduct of doctors? (a joint enterprise? If only Police had a copy of the Criminal Code, and Australians really valued a rule of law)

    A brief look at history with a critical eye will reveal that following the US isn’t actually the problem. The ‘problem’ appears to lie in the regression to a place where there are people who are unaccountable, can arbitrarily detain and force drug and electro shock (and call it medicine), can “edit” documents to conceal human rights abuses (and I note are provided assistance in that process of fraud and slander by legal ‘advocates’), and can simply ignore the truth and claim there is “insufficient evidence” due to their own criminal negligence.

    I’d be looking at a history of the laws in National Socialist Germany for clues as to where we are heading. A ‘gestapo’ is forming, and is being accepted by the community based on their fears (One psychologist telling me after he was threatened by Police that he was afraid for his family, and thus what he knew to be true “never happened”) A group of people who are unaccountable to the law, who are literally snatching people from their homes and subjecting them to incarceration and torture, and who when faced with facts simply “edit” the reality and then start uttering with that fraud.

    And worst of all are the hypocrites. Those who claim to despise such conduct (those nasty Nazis) and who then turn their backs on the victims while they are loaded into the ‘showers’. Words issuing from their mouths such as “well, you must have done something wrong” or “they wouldn’t do that [but I won’t check just in case they did. Woops, shouldn’t have looked]”

    Closet Nazis seem to be the real problem, not taking on the ‘American model’. In a free market the guy in the video wouldn’t need to have his head stomped to get him to buy the ‘product’. I can only assume that the guys “distress and fear” was a result of his chemically unbalanced brain and nothing to do with the ‘concerning aspects’ of his detention? (which of course can simply be ignored even when the Professional Standards Committee investigates. Police simply tell them to Argo)

  • What else do I have other than my personal experience? And had the States plan to ‘unintentionally negatively outcome’ me gone ahead rather than be rudely interrupted I would NOT be writing on this website. Like the so many who were not so lucky to have someone who ‘doesn’t have the stomach for it’ notice what was being done to people who are being falsely labelled “outpatients” and then snatched from their homes by police.

    And given that our Chief Psychiatrist has, in writing, authorised arbitrary detentions and acts of torture, what other Nations should I compare our ‘situation’ to? I mean okay I get it no one cares to actually examine the proof, and prefers the “edited” version of reality and the slander which has been unlawfully released in the form of my medical records, but ….. it’s like the laws written to protect the community from misconduct by public officers NEVER being used (though it does create the appearance of compliance with the agreements that have been ratified with no intention of standing by them. The mouth does not say what is demonstrated by the actions to conceal human rights abuses *), and then claiming that the human rights record is good because no one gets to even make a complaint without being ‘referred’ to mental health services for ‘treatment’ should they be subjected to acts of torture.

    How easy is that when you can simply call police and tell them that any citizen is an “outpatient” and then arrange to have them ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs which now with a bit of document “editing” becomes their “Regular Medication” and can interrogate them for 7 hours at the point of a weapon? Luckily the State has a way of threatening and intimating witnesses to ensure that “it never happened”. Care to take a look?

    Free world my arse.

    * Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give the appearance of solidity to pure wind. George Orwell.

    “Whatever my personal experience is”? Try telling that to Viktor Frankl.

  • “Given the fact that their internet is censored, God knows what hell they go through because no information apart from what their mental health systems tell them reaches them, nor can they communicate with the outside world.”

    You mean ours isn’t?

    I was listening recently to a report from the UN stating that Muslims are suffering a “Dystopian Hellhole” in certain areas of China. I assume they are referring to the situation with Uigher (an ethnic group), and note that they are making appeals to the Australian government who have been treating Aboriginal people in a similar way for nearly two centuries now. Check the history of the people your asking for help maybe? Of course ‘their’ ability to communicate with the outside world has been limited to the myth of the ‘noble savage’ etc, rather than being allowed to have a voice to tell people about the way they have been ‘treated’.

    I note the same sort of censorship with the “editing” of human rights abuses before providing documents to legal representatives and ‘advocates’ in this State I live in. And the lack of a rule of law, where police simply ‘refer’ their misconduct (aka torture victims) for ‘treatment’ with no “reasonable grounds” means that their ‘outstanding’ human rights record has been fabricated with the defrauding of the community.

    ‘Suss laws’ with the chemical kosh and ECTs instead of the night stick? And they call that “added protections” and ‘advancement’?

  • Hi again James

    “There seems to be a really large amount of misconception about it and even more misplaced confidence.”

    They said the same about National Socialism in the 1940s lol.

    “It seems the legal system is another mechanism that can be paid for to do terrible things and in contrast has to be paid for to do the right thing as well and if you don’t have the money up front, you cannot afford justice or fair treatment.”

    39. No free man shall be seized or imprisoned, or stripped of his rights or possessions, or outlawed or exiled, or deprived of his standing in any other way, nor will we
    proceed with force against him, or send others to do so, except by the lawful judgement of his equals or by the law of the land
    40. To no one will we sell, to no one deny or delay right or justice

    This from the Magna Carta. Though I must note that the people that write documents such as this or your Constitution tend to be EXCEPTIONAL people, and not those who stand by and watch the ‘showers’ in operation (or people enslaved), or who hear of such deeds and ensure the matters are ‘buried’.

    “In your situation, those with control, motive and means could fairly easy torture and control you with no repercussions, I don’t really see my situation as being fundamentally much different, I just wasn’t trying to be controlled, I was just a bystander in the way of profits, and once they profited from my harm(the definition of fraud in the US) I had no recourse for justice or compensation.”

    I don’t know that my community (not the State where I live which is gradually regressing from a place where they police with consent, to policing with terrorism) would easily accept what was done. They just plain don’t have the intellectual capacity to see it, and those that do ensure that nothing is done as a result of their negligence. A brief look at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse explains a lot, where the systematic raping of children was seen by the ‘authorities’ as being a “character flaw” (and thus dealt with ‘in house’ by moving the perpetrators around) and not a matter for criminal law. Much the same is being done with people such as Dr Selwyn Leeks.

    I know that my faith doesn’t allow me to see that there will be no repercussions for these people. They are being tested and may be of the delusional belief that they have ‘got away with it’ or that they are so powerful they can simply ignore the law (our current Minister for Health so delusional that he simply creates his own realities despite being provided with proof that he is uttering with fraud. But to be fair in such an environment who is going to tell him otherwise? Given he has refused to answer my question regarding the “editing” of legal narratives before the provision of documents to lawyers. Imagine changing the legal narrative of someone who had accessed the Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation to ensure that a ‘minor error’ (you killed the wrong guy. Woops) in procedure was concealed from legal rep.?) But yes, there was a time when the National Socialists had in the sun, and things were going really well, just like a Hawaiian holiday.

    I note that yesterday the government introduced Bills to Parliament to (a) stop people having ‘offensive’ material on their vehicles (eg no slogans that do not fit with the Party line), and (b) stop cruelty to animals by ending ‘puppy farms’. Imagine that the crime of abusing an animal had a penalty double what was listed for the abuse of a ‘mental patient’ (and there have actually been prosecutions for abusing animals, whereas…… mental patients not so lucky to have ‘advocates’ who don’t throw them under the bus for the State). Another match when we examine the laws passed by the National Socialist’s, who actually banned round fish bowls because it was cruel to not allow the fish a corner to hide in when it was anxious. Imagine this is the same people who passed the “life unfit for living’ Bill and saw it as being humane?

    Though I must also note it will quite possibly be illegal for me to make these comments in the near future (due to laws being passed not allowing such criticism of our illustrious leaders who are more popular than Bashar al Assad, but didn’t cheat in the elections. We have a one Party system with only 5 ‘opposition members’ [3 Greens, 2 ‘Republicans’] in the Lower House).

    “I recently cited the UN definition of torture when i wrote to several parties about the Court ordered ECT of Charles Helmer.”

    I wrote to my local Member and asked that they arrange to tear the Convention against the use of Torture up on the steps of Parliament for the media to report. At least that way the public would be aware of where they stand on the matter. All this finding ways of concealing acts of torture as ‘medicine’ is stupid really. They know we now have a police State and there can be no opposition to them, so why waste the time hiding it?

    2016 the Police handed over responsibility for ‘domestic violence’ and ‘drug abuse and addictions’ over to ‘Mental Health Services’. These once ‘exclusions’ taken out of the Mental Health Act to enable this to occur (I feel sure that political beliefs have also been quietly overlooked and wouldn’t want to be a Scientologist in my State, or someone who dares to speak out against the ‘treatments’ being offered as ‘medicine’).

    The ‘crisis’ which has been caused by mismanagement and corruption in our health system now being ‘blamed’ on ‘mental patients’ blocking up the Emergency Depts (good use of stigma by our Premier despite that lack of any evidence, and in fact his claim being contradicted by the facts).

    Point being you want your ‘streets’ cleaned up, best it is someone other than the Police that do it. As my situation showed, they make great Uber drivers for mental health, but it is others who tend to have the stomach for what needs to be done.

    I hope God has mercy on the poor souls who are going to be caught up in what is about to occur.

    “I will gladly keep you informed, I am still gathering my thoughts and the details of how it plays out but I plan on allowing our community to be able to learn everything they can from my efforts.”

    Wonderful, but don’t forget how dangerous this can actually be. “Trust in haste, regret at leisure”, “Suspicion breeds confidence”, and “Don’t suspect a friend, REPORT THEM” lol.

    I note that Police have been given a place on the Board of our primary ‘critical psychiatry’ organisation. That ought to ensure that any Police ‘misconduct’ is known about before it makes the papers. With no copy of the Criminal Code in our Police stations, and the ability to “edit” legal narratives by retrieving documents and threatening witnesses and their families…… And lets be honest, where are they going to go with their complaints anyway? MiA?

  • Hi ang,
    “In Australia now, all you need is the government software, follow their directions only.”

    Who needs vaccines when you have the COVID Safe app lol. My antibodies are being produced by my iPhone.

    “I mean they spend a fortune on study, they get paid heaps for drug trials, they are told they have to vaccinate babies to death, by the government health ministers (who have no medical training, but do own pharma shares). First do no harm?”

    Well, as with the “editing” being allowed by the State government with regards the human rights abuses being concealed as ‘medicine’ (and I note not being spoken about by many of these so called ‘professionals’, though I do understand how effective the threats and intimidation can be), this “First do no harm” actually reads “First do no harm to your bottom line”, but for the sake of keeping it simple for the plebs they have shortened it.

    “No doctors are puppets, they dont want to lose their medical licence, there charade as healers is worth more money to them”

    True, worth much more. But to be fair it has been the people laying down the laws who have enabled the situation to get to what it is. For example change the Mental Health Act to enable Shock Docs to start belting away at teenagers heads with electricity and no liability, call the changes “added protections” and repeat the mantra to the mushrooms who vote for them, and you will have Shock Docs flooding into your State from everywhere. Because most places are doing away with this barbaric practice, and would be reluctant to allow children to be exposed to such risks, except where there is a few bucks to be syphoned off from the Medicare system.

    Why do I get this image of Patrick McGorry walking into the Royal College of Psychiatrists Annual General to do the Keynote to this tune?

    “I said High, …… I said HIGH VOLTAGE……”

  • I really have to laugh about the person who “provides expert legal advice to the Minister in matters of Mental Health Law” the Chief Psychiatrist

    Consider, if I were a Community Nurse I have the power to have ANYONE I like taken to a hospital and force drugged should they show any signs of anxiety (a ‘chemical restraint’ with “No National Standard”). So how is this possible?

    Okay, first I arrange to have the ‘target’ incapacitated by arranging to have them ‘spiked’ with a date rape drug. Once they collapse I can then call the Police and tell them that I need assistance with my “Outpatient” (they’re not really anyone’s “patient” I just want the police to think they are). Police will then raise the target from their slumber in a fairly confused state, and immediately hand my “Outpatient” over to me to do a ‘pencil fuking’ (I think was the term you used). There are of course laws against this type of conduct but they have never been enforced due to Police not having a copy of the Criminal Code.

    So now I have the person in my custody, drugged without their knowledge, I can hand them over to Police on a fraudulent Transport Order (keep em in the dark about the “Outpatient” thing) and they can then subject the citizen to an interrogation whilst they are drugged without their knowledge. Once they are done torturing the victim (with a good faith defense because my acquiescence in not telling them that the person actually has human rights [ie not an “outpatient” but a real life person] Police can then drop their ‘referred person’ (Penn and Teller would be impressed at the sleight of hand there) to the hospital to be ‘chemically restrained’ before being examined by a psychiatrist who is basically a rubber stamp due to the person laying on the floor naked and dribbling from the mouth.

    Now what I know as a Community Nurse is that what I have just done is a little ‘unethical’, but the great news is that the person providing the community with ‘protections’ of the law, doesn’t even know that anything I have done is unlawful. Or at least he doesn’t once the documents showing that this is what was done have been “edited”.

    See to me, what I have done is conspire to stupefy and commit an indictable offense, namely kidnaping and torture (the “acute stress reaction,” forced into interrogations to ‘verbal’ and ‘spiking’). I have procured the Police to apprehend a person not suffering from a mental illness as defined by the mental Health Act, penalty 3 years prison (which the Police actually have the documented PROOF of, ie the phone call asking for their assistance), and then conspired to pervert the course of justice over the ‘spiking’ with date rape drugs with which the torture was enabled.

    Well, this is a brief list of some of the offenses that are easily identified, but which can not be prosecuted because it’s just so much easier to “edit” the reality.

    So in the end, the Community Nurse knows more about the law that the Chief Psychiatrist who is defending ‘our’ rights as humans to not be tortured and kidnapped by exploiting the Mental Health Act. I say he knows more because I have a letter from the Chief Psychiatrist saying that he can’t see a problem with anything I have described above….. well as long as the police retrieved the documents I had proving what I am suggesting, and we can then run with the “edited” narrative of “Outpatient” of ten years was ‘medicated’ with his “Regular Medications” (the fraudulent prescription for drugs I have never taken willingly) and became a violent psychotic drug abusing wife beater for 7 hours, until a psychiatrist realised that maybe he was just having a bad day as a result of being jumped in his bed and dragged off to a mental asylum in front of his mother and father in law. That’ll teach me to have “Potential for damage to reputation and meaningful relationships” and to allow my mind to be read when the Community Nurse travelled back through time and space to make his ‘observations’. And the Chief Psychiatrist, the leading legal expert in the State simply doesn’t have a question to ask about any of this, not one (well, he must have asked what the hospital had done about this matter and was informed that police had been procurred to retrieve the documents I had, “edited” ones had been provided to the Law Centre, and they had ‘fuking destroyed’ me and my family. So he was free to put the boots in further to someone he KNEW was a victim of torture. Nice fella huh? Nothing like kicking the teeth in of someone who has been laid out by someone else. I should be thankful, at least they are very expensive boots, leather, Italian, noice). His response to the Law Centre….. I dunno, they didn’t write it down (and what they did has been “edited” so you don’t get to see it).

    So my faith in the legal profession here at least is one of skepticism, and in fact I think they are actively engaging in concealing human rights abuses by conspiring with State authorities to throw those who have been tortured under the bus (for an increase in State funding of course) and spreading slander and fraud further should the victims seek alternate legal representation.

  • Heya James,

    It was so cold here last week I actually saw a lawyer with his hands in his OWN Pockets.

    I have been reading your comments and appreciate them very much, particularly the comment above about ethics.

    I wonder sometimes if we don’t recognise that what we have is a legal system that is being manipulated to pervert the course of justice. The two are very separate. Lawyers work the system, the perversion happens as a consequence. Knowing what to ‘plant’ on a victim for police, and when to do it crucial in procuring the services of Police in offending. And made so much easier when the ‘target’ can be ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs, and a ‘doctor’ who they never met will sign a fraudulent prescription making them their “Regular Medications” post hoc to conceal the acts of torture. Amazing what can be achieved in such an environment, and I no longer ask questions about why our system is in crisis.

    My example is that the forged documents produced in my instance (the ‘verballed’ Form 1) are usually uttered with by State authorities as a means to ensure that public sector misconduct is concealed. So I have a letter from the Chief Psychiatrist using what is a known fraudulent Form as a defense of the Community Nurse who forged it.

    The major problem in this is that they failed to recognoise that the Form was forged as a direct result of an act of torture (ie they ‘spiked’ me with date rape drugs and then basically put a gun to my head to force me to ‘confess’)

    Article 15 (Convention against Torture)

    Each State Party shall ensure that any statement which is established to have been made as a result of torture shall not be invoked as evidence in any proceedings, except against a person accused of torture as evidence that the statement was made.

    So now they find themselves in breach of this Article of the Convention, using a KNOWN forged statutory declaration, which was produced as a direct result of a KNOWN act of torture. The Minister now using the fraud produced by torture to defend the acts of torture, and claim it was ‘referral’ and ‘assessment’. The ONLY document that could make that true being the Form 1, and they investigated that Form and needed to defraud my lawyers to ensure it could NOT be tested (and then realise how it was obtained, ie as a result of torture).

    Not that it matters. They are ‘unintentionally negatively outcoming’ anyone who dares question their arguments from authority, and using their own legal representatives to utter with the fraud produced by the State. They call this criminal fraud “editing” (despite legislation to ensure that human rights are protected by allowing legal reps. to examine unredacted documents. Putting into writing a request for them to conspire with the state to pervert the course of justice a step too far, so they “edit”, and then allow others to utter on their behalf)

    “Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” George Orwell.

    “Unintended negative outcomes” lol Seemed a funny thing to call snapping peoples necks in a place they call a hospital. Josef Hartinger’s report is forthcoming.

    Keep us informed please.

    Many thanks

  • I will once again make a public appeal for Consular assistance from the British government (or any other government which would accept an appeal from a person who has been tortured and then had the Articles of the Convention repeatedly breached to conceal acts of State sanctioned torture) as a result of years of refoulment by the Australian government which is a Nation with a history of “gross flagrant and repeated human rights violations” (the large numbers of unaccounted Black deaths in Custody speaks to this ‘history’)

    The ability to deny me my right to effective legal representation and retrieve my own property to leave this place a testament to the lengths these abusers will go, and use their positions of power to silence their victims.

    Article 3

    1. No State Party shall expel, return (“refouler”) or extradite a person to another State where there are substantial grounds for believing that he would be in danger of being subjected to torture.

    2. For the purpose of determining whether there are such grounds, the competent authorities shall take into account all relevant considerations including, where applicable, the existence in the State concerned of a consistent pattern of gross, flagrant or mass violations of human rights.

    Was it not the United Nations that made a statement pointing out that Australia’s Mental Health Laws ARE a violation of human rights? And that the ‘treatments’ MAY constitute torture? How much more mass can one get when the whole country is being subjected to such laws and violations? And let me say that the documents were not “edited” because they have not done anything wrong. this was done to conceal their human rights violations and acts of State sanctioned torture.

    Though I understand if the British government is prepared to ignore such requests because of these abusers hiding behind the authority of the Crown. Perhaps another Nation iis prepared to take what is left of a good man now they have ‘fuking destroyed’ him for speaking the truth and exposing their crimes. And with the State having such a rock solid defense of “they wouldn’t do that” then what need is there for documented proof of what I am saying. Police simply denying the ability to even make a complaint (refuse to take the proof and return the complaint as “insufficient evidence”) while others sort the problem out with an ‘unintended negative outcome’ in the Emergency Dept.

    I would have thought that British subjects being given the ‘Jamal Kashoggi treatment’ by people acting as Officers of the Crown might have been able to have a right of appeal to the Crown. (Acts 16:37) I was NOT an “outpatient” of this hospital and was tortured to obtain the ability to put words in my mouth and conceal their criminal conduct. And I was ‘fuking destroyed’ by the State for daring to complain about their conduct.

  • Consider.
    I wrote to the Attorney General and the current Minister for Health regarding this practice of “editing” legal narratives to conceal human rights violations and defraud legal representatives. This surely can not be described as “editing” to defend what is clearly criminal fraud? Unless of course Police provide material support to the criminals by referring the complainant for ‘treatment’ which I know for a fact they do. How simple is the concealment of Public Sector misconduct with mental health services as a weapon?

    The response I received was that the Minster was “sorry” that I was still upset about my ‘referral’ and ‘assessment’. Okay, enough of the slanderous hate speech and failure to address a reasonable question but (reason having been removed from the law by the current Chief Psychiatrist who prefers human rights violating ‘suss laws’ for mental health ‘assessments’. Rather than the laws he is charged with protecting with the “Criteria” required to be met and a burden of “reasonable grounds” placed on mental health workers who wish to snatch persons from their homes by lying to police regarding their status as “outpatients”. Care to examine his letter?) ……….

    The point being for his claim to be valid that I was ‘referred’ and ‘assessed’ would require a reliance on a document which is KNOWN to have been produced via the corrupt practice of ‘verballing’ AND as a direct result of a known act of torture (the ‘spiking’ and lie to police regarding me being an “outpatient” to have them cause an acute stress reaction and thus force me into an interrogation to allow words to be put into my mouth by the Community Nurse. I wonder how our Politicians might feel about being asked a few questions after being ‘spiked’ with a date rape drug and having a gun put to their heads demanding answers? It’s okay, that bit can be “edited” out at a later time should a need arise, which leaves me wondering about the “editing” of legal narratives where our new “Voluntary Assisted Dying” laws are concerned. Can breaches of the law there be “edited” too?).

    What else could they possibly have than this known fraudulent Form 1 statutory declaration which was produced from the interrogation whilst I was stupefied without my knowledge to make such a claim?

    And thus the Minister for Health is in breach of the Convention against the use of Torture by using this document with which to defend his falsehood that I was lawfully ‘referred’ and ‘assessed’. This is simply NOT the case, and they were aware of this FACT when they sent the fraudulent set of documents to the Law Centre. (removed the ‘spiking’ and the lack of a referral to conceal the lie to police that I was their “Outpatient”)

    Article 15

    Each State Party shall ensure that any statement which is established to have been made as a result of torture shall not be invoked as evidence in any proceedings, except against a person accused of torture as evidence that the statement was made.

    The Minister is using a statement which is known to have been made as a result of me being tortured (and as a result of fraud), and cares not one iota about the way in which the legal narrative was “edited’ to conceal that act of torture and lie to police regarding my status to have them force me into an interrogation so he could produce a ‘verballed’ Form 1 minus any valid referral source (ie I was NOT a “patient” as defined by the Mental Health Act, though telling Police that I was his “outpatient” and then requesting a ‘referral’ from them after he had ‘verballed’ me seems to be the method of obtaining arbitrary detentions by mental health services. Quite clever having Police brutalise someone who is unaware the Police think they are a ‘mental patient’. I’m sure many here understand the significance of the slander associated with the term ‘mental patient’).

    So on what grounds is the Minter basing his claim that I was ‘referred’ and ‘assessed’, rather than ‘tortured’ and ‘kidnapped’?

    Amazing what can be achieved when you care nought about the Convention against the use of Torture huh? Using the results of torture to defend the acts of torture is a DIRECT BREACH of the Convention.

    More than happy to debate the validity of the Form 1 and the reasons it was obtained via an act of torture with anyone. It appears that it is only those with something to hide that prefer to simply utter with the fraud and maintain a lie with an argument from authority. And a few ‘unintended negative outcomes’ rather than rely on the facts as established by a “Formal Investigation”, threats and intimidation from Police of witnesses, and some “editing” of realities for legal representatives seems to be the order of the day.

  • I can’t say I know exactly what was discussed between the Chief Psychiatrist and the Operations Manager, but I do know that they had a conversation before he responded with a rather bizarre letter.

    The Operations Manager was the person who did the Formal Investigation and was thus aware of the torture and arbitrary detention, otherwise she wouldn’t have known how to conceal it with the fraud sent to the Law Centre. Now why she would not explain to the Chief Psychiatrist how she had ‘resolved’ the little problems she was faced with? Ie I have removed the evidence of the torture and false statutory declaration, and you are now free to utter with the fraud would be one way of describing the conversation. Police have retrieved the documents showing the ‘spiking’ so there is now no probable cause for them to investigate, and in fact they are going to refer or arrest the victim should he try and make a complaint to police. So he will be back on our hands for complaining about being tortured and kidnapped, and can then be ‘unintentionally negatively outcomed’.

    Mind you no one seems to want to even look at the documents I have, and the letter of response by the Chief Psychiatrist was read by the Council of Official Visitors who said they would take the matter up with him. They then returned my email and ‘unread’ the letter. So much for these ‘courageous’ ‘advocates’ for the mentally ill.

    I’m kind of guessing that the ‘outcomes’ that came about as a result of this criminal negligence may have something to do with the poor cover up of a poor cover up. No need for accountability when you have mental health services, and ‘advocates’ who run from the Jack Boots.

    I mean I get it that the Police look kind of stupid being stooged to do a torture and kidnap for organised criminals operating from a Private Clinic. And well, if you’ve got the stomach for it, there are ways to have the matter resolved in ‘doctors’ favour.

    I also had no idea that an FOI Officer was to provide information to organised criminals as to what they need to do to conceal their criminal offending but ……. ask my wife about that one. “you’ll need to bring him under the provisions of the Mental Health Act and then we can ‘treat’ him for speaking the truth, until he speaks a truth we prefer” And those that die in the process can be used to claim there is a need for more money and more power to snatch citizens from their beds and torture them till they see that they need to be ‘helped’. I mean consider that the Chief Psychiatrist rewrote the Mental Health Act removing “reasonable grounds” required for Involuntary admission and forced treatment? How much more power do they need? A Community Nurse need only ‘suspect’ (called suss laws in Nations like this one that has a history of gross and flagrant human rights violations)

    Not unlike a Magistrate knowing that a conviction is going to be obtained as a result of Police torture, ensuring that the torture goes unnoticed rather than throwing the case out of court and holding the torturers to account. Can’t ask questions of law in my state, that’s considered a mental illness. The law now ‘private property’ in Australia.

    Anyone here know a good journalist who might want to look at the proof I have? Not when police are threatening families and making mental health referrals of witnesses I guess.

  • I note Bananas that the letter of response from our Chief Psychiatrist uses the Form 1 produced by the Community Nurse as his defense for my incarceration.

    “The reasons listed on the Form 1 are considered to be reasonable grounds at the time of referral”

    Two points should be noted about this;

    (1) the documents was known to be fraudulent as a result of the “Formal Investigation” by the hospital concerned, which resulted in the need for “edited” documents to be provided to my legal representatives. It was what is known as a ‘verbal’ and to be valid would require the Community Nurse to have the ability to travel through time and space and be capable of reading minds.

    The only way they could ‘validate’ this document was to remove the information that was available to the Community Nurse in his associated notes (ie remove the context). So the ‘spiking’ with benzos removed, and the lie to police about me being his “Outpatient” needed to be concealed. Such methods of having citizens snatched from their beds by telling Police that someone is an “outpatient” to have them brutalise them into ‘confessions’ obviously something best kept out of the public arena.

    (2) the document was produced as a result of an act of known torture by the Community Nurse.

    Article 15 (of the Convention against the use of Torture)

    Each State Party shall ensure that any statement which is established to have been made as a result of torture shall not be invoked as evidence in any proceedings, except against a person accused of torture as evidence that the statement was made.

    And yet here is our Chief Psychiatrist using the results of an act of torture as a defense against those acts of torture. Though to be fair, he was also of the belief that the fraudulent documents that had been provided to my legal representatives had been accepted, and that therefore he was free to utter with the ‘confession’ extracted using those acts of torture. Gee how clever is that? The person who is supposed to be providing you protection from being tortured, is working with the torturers to ensure they are not held to account, and using the result of torture as his defense of the conduct.

  • Hi Bananas,

    I’m glad you can see it. The ‘authorities’ did of course have to act once these people who were conspiring were exposed. But I have no doubt that (a) they were doing this long before I came along and ‘slipped through the net’, and (b) a lot of people were harmed AFTER I came along and ‘slipped through the net’. So their criminal negligence that resulted in harm may determine how they respond to these crimes. Ie they have motive (and means ie Police threatening peoples families) to cover up.

    And they will no doubt be left to gain employment in other areas where they can exploit the trust the community puts in them. Accountability is at about the same levels as was applied to Priests who were raping children for 30 plus years, they get moved somewhere else to set up shop.

    I find it almost amusing the explanations I have received for the negligence of lawyers. For example, I had no idea that when I was told that the ‘spiking’ with a date rape drug had been authorised by my doctor that they were not allowed to tell me who my doctor was. Which is a shame because what I KNOW to be true is that (a) I had no doctor, and (b) the Senior Medical Officer who signed a fraudulent prescription for the ‘spiking’ only did so hours AFTER I had been ‘spiked’ and interrogated by police. So the prescription was only written to conceal the acts of torture by the Community Nurse and Police. And it’s not like they are going to find ‘probable cause’ when they are torturing people right? In fact a Senior Sargent tells me they don’t even have a copy of the Criminal Code, and a Superintendent says that if a complainant doesn’t answer an email they didn’t receive within two weeks, then matters such as kidnapping and torture will not proceed any further. (Got this is writing if anyone doesn’t believe me). Refuse to accept the evidence/proof, and then ensure nothing is done as a result. And who are you going to complaint to? Especially when even the Attorney General can not tell you where a complaint should be made. I feel sure they have ‘insurance’.

    But it is clever, for the State to use the victims own legal representatives and the Chief Psychiatrist to utter with the fraud they distribute as “editing”. And then deny access to effective legal representation by ‘flagging’ the victim and then slandering them behind their backs. Not the sort of conduct one would expect from the legal fraternity but ….. that’s precisely why it is so effective. Because “They wouldn’t do that”. And not a soul, even these so called ‘advocates’ who will even bother to check.

    And now they can say, as a direct result of the criminal negligence of my own Union lawyer, that the time to bring action against these people has passed. So the victim suffers for the negligence of the lawyer I approached well before the time had passed. In fact I can even demonstrate her ‘stalling methods’, achieved with lies. I have no doubt that such criminal negligence is being rewarded.

    Take care and consider what I am saying carefully. I am not the only victim of these criminals no doubt. Though I do believe that many of their victims do not live to tell the tale.

  • Bananas,
    I realised later that I have been looking at this issue of HIPPA from a very different perspective than yourself.

    If the State were abiding by the laws, then they may find themselves being subject to lawsuits that would discourage acts of torture and abuse. The victims (or their legal representatives) being allowed access to their medical records and then being able to bring action for wrongdoing the ideal situation. Public officers making reports to the watchdog authorities (under mandatory reporting laws) to remove abusers rather than snuffing the victims of their misconduct and relying on the authorities to cover up should anyone notice (ie police not having a copy of the criminal code when a victim of State sanctioned torture has the proof).

    What is being done in my State is that the documents that SHOULD be made available to identify abuses and human rights violations, are instead being used as a mean to distribute slander and defame the victims with their own medical records. Make any complaint and they will have the lawyers who have been provided with the fraud and slander distribute that fraud even further.

    In fact, I have a letter here from our Chief Psychiatrist doing precisely this, taking what was known to be a fraudulent document used to procure the apprehension or detention of a person not suffering from a mental illness, and using it to defend the actions of the Community Nurse who tortured me. Can’t say he didn’t know, it was just that he made the assumption that the fraud could not be exposed because police had been procured to retrieve the documents that would allow that exposure.

    It’s a clever use of the laws designed to protect the community, to actually turn them around and use them to fuking destroy victims of State sanctioned torture really. I mean who would believe that the Operations Manager would have the balls to send fraudulent documents to the Law Centre, never mind that the Chief Psychiatrist would then utter with that same fraud to ensure that human rights abuses and ‘outcomings’ that have been interrupted in the ED are concealed.

    And the legal fraternity so accepting of the rock solid defense of “they wouldn’t do that”.

    Anyone care to check yet?

    You write;
    “Use of HIPPA, denying the right to view the medical record, hides the crime.”

    They are not denying the right to view documents, but using the system to distribute and utter with fraud. And they are using the victims own lawyers to aid in the commission of these offences.

    It’s particularly nasty given that this is poisoning the relationship one should have with ones legal representative. Ie you should be able to trust them. Nothing that the National Socialists didn’t use though, spread mistrust among the ‘enemy’ and ensure that they can not even trust each other. That’s mental health services at their best, fuking destroying families with their poisonous conspiring.

    Consider what I am saying carefully please. even if they do release the documents, they can be “edited” (which would be called criminal fraud if police could find their copy of the criminal code but …….) so your chances of success are zero.

    They remove the crimes from the legal narrative, and leave what looks like the possibility of a civil action to lure the unsuspecting in and reward the parasite ‘legal representatives’ who will strip you of the shirt on your back.

    That’s so much more effective than simply not releasing the documents. Who said the Roman colosseum was dead, were still feeding ‘Christians” to the ‘Lions’. And not a soul will provide any assistance other than to keep throwing you under a bus. Though I’m sure they justify it in their own minds with their “they wouldn’t do that’s” and not bothering to check.

    well, some people with a duty did check, taking the uttering to the Chief Psychiatrist and then returning my email after they ‘unread’ it. Put well and truly in their place they were. ‘Advocates’? I think not. Quislings I think is the correct term.

  • Protection from personal liability
    (1) An action in tort does not lie against a person for an act done in good faith and without negligence in the performance or purported performance of a function under this Act.

    (4) This section does not relieve the Crown from any liability that it might have for an act done by a person against whom this section provides that an action does not lie.

    (5) In this section references to an act done include an omission.

    The recent death of a 7 year old child in my State as a direct result of negligence should be quite revealing. I am yet to hear of the “Standard of Care” defense being put forward, only our Minister for Health going to the home of the parents, and visiting the hospital in the middle of the night. (I find myself wondering if the Operations Manager might be telling them that they will be ‘fuking destroyed’ if they keep complaining about the excellent service their family received from the hospital, and the documents relating to the childs death being “edited” before being ‘leaked’ to the media. Being able to deny access to legal representation a distinct advantage for the State)

    As you say Jan Carol the problem with proving psych damage is particularly difficult. And in my case, the ‘attorneys’ were doing what they were told to do by the State, the people providing them with funding to act as an ‘early warning system’ regarding human rights abuses, and when there was a need to “edit” realities and ensure that victims of State sanctioned torture were ‘outcomed’ before anyone noticed the ‘error’ lol

    I think in Australia the case of Corrina Horvath may be of interest, particularly where acts of criminal negligence by public hospitals are concerned. Though I note from experience, the hospitals “editing” involves removing the proof of crimes, providing the fraud to legal representatives to be uttered with to other attorneys, and then ensuring that civil action for tort is not possible. Not if the attorney values their families safety that is. And being allowed to empty their ‘clients’ bank account before throwing them under a bus due reward for such ‘collusion’ with the authorities. (worked for Nicola Gobbo so well, and for others who are yet to have been named in a Royal Commission, which is unlikely to happen in our lifetimes)

    Using the methods they are ensures that it leaves Hollys success rate of 98% for dead. The dead tell no tales. Literally. And with police claiming “insufficient evidence” and telling me that “it might be best I don’t know about that” (referring to the ‘alternative arrangements’ that were made to conceal the acts of torture) then their excellent human rights record is understandable. With no effective legal mechanism (the Convention against the use of Torture Articles simply ignored by the Authorities as a joke. As the witnesses who have been threatened by Police) for victims of torture to use, and an Attorney General who doesn’t accept complaints or even know where they should be made, what chance have citizens got? And it does explain why this

    and this

    is considered “Standard of Care”

    Always a Shock and Horror from the Ministers concerned. Though I get the feeling they are more shocked as to how one slipped through their net that ensures these sorts of matters never see the light of day rather than being offended by the acts which they should ‘have the stomach for’ when they take the job. I mean come on, when you have someones lawyer providing you with information that allows you to “edit” your legal narrative before providing it to them, surely none should even slip through the net? And the increase in funding to the Law Centre as a result? Paid for from the tax of the victims, nice, very nice.

  • Yes Bananas,

    “many countries do have laws against the workers’ bad acts.”

    “Procuring apprehension or detention of person not suffering from mental illness or impairment
    Any person who, by the production of a false certificate or other document, knowingly and wilfully, procures any person, not suffering from mental illness (as defined in the Mental Health Act 2014 section 4) or mental impairment, to be apprehended or detained, pursuant to that Act or any law relating to mental impairment, upon insufficient or unreasonable grounds, is guilty of a crime and is liable to imprisonment for 3 years.”

    Problem being that a Community Nurse calls Police and lies to them that a citizen is his “Outpatient” (the very reason for the offense being listed in the Criminal Code). The conversation recorded and documented (ie Job Number from Police provided). The offense is known to have occurred, but …….. when police are prepared to commit further offenses to pervert the course of justice and refusing to perform their duty, then what good are these laws?

    In fact, the only way the Community Nurse could fabricate the “reasonable grounds” was through an act of torture (ie ‘spike’ with benzos and create “acute stress reaction” via the use of police brutality). With his fraudulent Forms fabricated, the State is now free to torture further and the authorities will utter with that fraud to obstruct and pervert the course of justice.

    Once he has ‘verballed’ the Forms, he can then later claim that it was police who requested HIM to do an ‘assessment’ of the victim of his torture (ie flip the script), and it enables arbitrary detentions and torture to both Police AND Mental Health Services. And I imagine from my experience, most of the victims end up dead.

    Of course the problem in my situation was that police had subjected me to an act of torture as a result of the LIE told by the Community Nurse (so there is a good faith defense unless…….. they knew I had been ‘spiked’, and then well, their negligence and criminality arising from that becomes obvious), and the concealment of that trumps any offending committed by mental health services. In fact, police more than happy to provide material assistance and advice on how to ensure that the ‘unintended negative outcomings’ that are occurring from which they benefit are NOT investigated or, more importantly, REPORTED to the Public Sector watchdog.

    The mandatory reporting an issue should their cover ups ever be exposed (thus a need for further cover ups by the people who claim to be the protection from such abuses). Because why would you bother reporting the misconduct if the documents have been “edited”, the witnesses silenced, and the victim of State sanctioned torture ‘outcomed’? Sure it would be an act of misconduct in and of itself but who would dare do anything about it? I mean someone might lose their job, the sin being caught in the act, and not the offending.

    Problem with cover ups is as you suggest that it allows the misdeed to remain unknown to the ‘General Public’ (the State concealing these vile deeds under the false claim that its not in the public interest to know that they are using hospitals and associated laws to torture, maim and ‘outcome’ anyone who speaks truths they do not prefer). And it enables these people to threaten families and ‘outcome’ others while the public lives with the defense of “they wouldn’t do that”. I don’t know how to say that in German, but feel sure a lot of people uttered those words for some time during the war years.

    Imagine if the public were aware of this “editing” practice, and the fact that they do not have the right to confidentiality with lawyers, doctors, priests, or even their own partners?

    Still, I think a wise man once exposed the practice of spying on people to entrap them at every turn, whilst ensuring that ones own vile deeds went unnoticed. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. I think they are leading one another astray with their criminal conspiracies and exploitation of their positions of power.

  • “They are hiding criminal activity “for the patient’s own good”. Who decides this? It is a setup protecting the malicious activity of unethical workers.”

    I came to the conclusion that if they are ‘fuking destroying’ complainants (of human rights abuses) with ‘hot shots’ in the Emergency Dept, then this concealment of criminal conduct and human rights abuses may be “in the interest of the ‘patient'”. As Pte Joker said in Full Metal Jacket, “the dead know only one thing, it is better to be alive”. It also explains the lack of a ‘mechanism’ for making a complaint regarding acts of State sanctioned torture, when the victims do not survive the complaint process, due to ‘unintended negative outcomes’. A violation of the Convention, but from my personal observations they do not care one iota about this agreement they have ratified with the United nations, and are ‘fuking destroying’ anyone with a legitimate complaint before it is allowed to see the light of day.

    “Well, that credibility ends with hard copy evidence and recordings. Recording must be made according to law. We must do this by the book.”

    True, I note that when the child raping priests were being enabled, even they needed to ensure that witnesses were silenced, though their credibility was no doubt being damaged in the process. I note that the witnesses who have been threatened have no doubt had quiet conversations with others. On the surface Police and others may be of the belief that the matters are now dead in the water, but ……. we talk among ourselves, and know who they really are.

    Even the recordings are of little use when police can simply state they do not have a copy of the Criminal Code, and simply refuse to take any documented proof of the offending (an offense in and of itself). I have much more than they have been provided, and in fact I have been told by Police that in some instances “it might be better they don’t know about that” (ie doctors ‘outcoming’ citizens who the State has tortured), and they then ensure they DONT take the documented proof and rerurn the complaint as having “insufficient evidence” while doctor sorts it out on the E.D.

    Personally I don’t really have a problem with this, and I do have the stomach for it. I just find it strange that it is being done to someone who did nothing more than disagree with a psychologist. Maybe if I were a serious villain or ????? I don’t really agree with the death penalty but certainly wouldn’t enable it because someone doesn’t like what your saying because it’s true.

    “It can lawfully hide its deeds.”

    On this one we disagree. “It” is a reification of a group of people acting together who claim to be health care professionals. And the law does not allow them under any circumstances to hide their criminal conduct. This was an argument presented by National Socialists at the Nuremburg Trial, that they could lawfully deal with their ‘internal problems’ as they wished.

    I disagree with such assertions vehemently. Whilst the State may wish to enable ‘unintentional negative outcomes’ and disassociate themselves with unconstitutional laws passed for specific purposes, their time will come.

    I look at the methods used in my State which come straight from the playbook of the National Socialists and the problems they experienced at Dachau with Josef Hartinger. Sure they hid his report and the killings started again fairly quickly as a result of the enabling by Hitler of Himmler and his SS. We see a similar pattern where I live in the Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation allowing the ‘unintended negative outcomes’ to not be linked via ‘joint enterprise’ laws to our Legislators. their negligence a problem should someone such as Dr Lancee ever get the police to perform the duty they have been charged with.

    I am reminded of our Chief Psychiatrists written assertion that he has the power to amend the Mental Health Act without parliamentary approval (and remove the human rights protections afforded the community), and the Enabling Act passed by the National Socialists which allowed the precise same type of behaviour (ie No need for laws, just do it and we will silence any complaints). Of course the Emperor is wrong, he has no such power, but are YOU going to question his delusional belief? I found myself having to explain what a burden of proof is to someone whose duty is to “provide expert legal advice to the Minister” AND the Minister herself. One would expect such people to understand the meaning and protection afforded by the words “suspect on REASONABLE GROUNDS”, and yet, they prefer the rewritten term of suspect on grounds we believe to be reasonable, thus removing the need for s. 26 Criteria from the law and enabling arbitrary detentions (terrible the things they are doing in China right?).

    A land that values a rule of law? Well, only when they can “edit” the truth before the rule of law is allowed to be applied. The law perverted can not result in any semblance of justice. Ask any good Nazi.

  • Just to clarify how it works here in Australia

    I make an application for my medical records under the Freedom of Information Act to the hospital concerned.

    The FOI Officer calls my wife and arranges a meeting with her. At that meeting my wife is threatened and told that she is to deny me access to “third party comments” (which can be done lawfully, though the FOI officer SHOULD inform the applicant of what they require to access these comments, a signed release from the person who provided the comments documented by the hospital. Oh sorry, did we not tell you that? [Duty under the FOI Act]) showing that I had been ‘spiked’ with benzos. My wife is also requested to obtain some form of documented proof that I am someones “patient” to enable them to conceal that what they are doing is actually conspiring to pervert the course of justice. Doesn’t matter if it is done post hoc as it allows conspiring to be concealed as ‘care’.

    This denial of access to “third party comments” is then used to remove the documented proof that the Community Nurse has called police and requested assistance with one of his “Outpatients” (a criminal offense). Thus some documents are provided to the “patient” in an agreement made with the “patients” ‘carer’. It makes them feel like they have rights and is good for their psychological health I am told. Also a great way to conceal human rights abuses.

    So what happens when legal representatives (experts in Mental Health Law) then make an application for documents under the Mental Health Act which allows them to see the unredacted documents on provision of a “confidentiality agreement”? Surely they would understand the significance of citizens having their status changed to “Outpatient” and then calling police and requesting assistance with a non compliant “patient” to force a citizen into an interrogation, and then asking Police to act as a “referral source” once the target has been brought under the provisions of the Mental Health Act with a fraudulent statutory declaration. Surely these same legal representatives would also understand the significance of a citizen being ‘spiked’ with benzos without their knowledge before being interrogated by a Community Nurse and Police, and then arranging a doctor to write a prescription for the ‘spiking’ hours after these acts of torture occurred?

    Well of course they would, and it wouldn’t be possible to provide them with the unredacted documents with these areas highlighted and ask them to keep this information from their client would it? I mean that would be putting your request for conspiring to pervert the course of justice to lawyers in writing. So they provide them with “edited” documents with the crimes removed and replaced with other documents making it look like the citizen had been a “patient” of the hospital for more than 10 years, and that the claim that they have been ‘spiked’ is nothing more than an paranoid delusion, you know “edited” documents.

    The legal representatives make a complaint to the Chief Psychiatrist who goes along with the “edited” version of reality (uttering) and makes the false claim t hat he “forms the impression that the documents were applied for and provided under the Freedom of Information Act” despite there being three documents stating otherwise in the letter of complaint to him (Oh sorry did we make another mistake?) and then does absolutely nothing to rectify the ‘error’. The lawyers are then provided with a ‘poison pen’ letter to hand to me and NOT read due to the ‘errors’ contained therein (allowing them plausible deniability should the matters be exposed when the target is snuffed), and then utter with the fraud they have been provided with should any other lawyer decide to provide me with any assistance.

    Of course it should have worked except that I still had the documents the hospital thought police had retrieved for them showing the ‘spiking’, but NOT the lie to Police by the Community Nurse to procure their services (but I note NOT a referral). It has become patently obvious that the hospital FOI Officer has made the false assumption that the benzos were mine, and that therefore the conspiracy to conceal this offense was nothing more than the sort of vicious psychological attack they do to ‘mental patients’ every day. As it became clear to her that this was not the case, not only did they need to continue to conceal the procuring of police for kidnapping, but they needed to retrieve the documents showing the ‘spiking’ as this now demonstrated acts of torture by both the Community Nurse AND Police, and then the fraudulent prescription written by the Senior Medical Officer at the hospital once I had been kidnapped and delivered to the Locked Ward.

    One telephone call and the SMO was provided with my medical records from the Private Clinic by the clinic psychologist who had conspired with my wife to stupefy and commit an indictable offense, ie have me kidnapped. He then writes a prescription for the drugs I was ‘spiked’ with to conceal the acts of torture used to complete the fraudulent statutory declaration by the Community Nurse, AND the interrogation whilst stupefied without knowledge by Police.

    Pretty clever really, and now it’s just a matter of silencing the complainant by ‘fuking destroying’ him and his family for daring to complain about the standard of their medical care. Easy when you can lie to police and have them provide material support to you in your criminal conduct. And particularly easy when they are aware that they have actually been ‘stooged’ into torturing a citizen by a Community Nurse who has lied and acquiesced his duty in regards the ‘spiking’ (see Article 1 of the Convention against the use of Torture).

    So much for the respect for the law and human rights by this Nation. They should have sent Jamal Kashoggi here for ‘treatment’ because not a chance anything would be done even if his fingers turned up in the sewer system. “Insufficient evidence” and witnesses prepared to say “it never happened” once police have issued threats to them.

    It’s actually quite a shock to ones psyche to collapse as a result of being ‘spiked’ and wake up to people in authority slandering you as being a violent psychotic drug abusing wife beater for doing nothing more than disagreeing with someone who happens to know a psychologist, and has knowledge of how to ‘work’ the system (having a husband who is a Shock Doc also helps should the victims complain to police, who will turn a blind eye to the ‘unintended negative outcomes’ that were occurring in the E.D. Pleased to announce they left the State the minute the documents they thought had been retrieved turned up in a Police Station. Unfortunate that Police have a knee jerk reaction to cover up rather than investigate matters. How many? …… double figures you say? That’s an awful lot of “editing” to be done.)

  • “Can someone tell me how something as destructive as the alliance between Big Pharma, psychiatry and state’s power to take your rights away has not yet destroyed itself with its own poison?”

    2 Thessolonians 2
    “Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction. He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God.”

    “The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie,”

    “For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.”

    Nothing more wicked that using the revelations for personal gain and profit. And it is certainly delusional that the inevitable Day of Judgement can be avoided. Ask Dr Mengele.

  • Know how easy it is to turn a human into less than an animal? Call them a “mental patient”.

    The penalty for harming an animal in my State is double what it is for abuse of a mental patient. And the laws relating to harming an animal have actually been used in the Courts, unlike the laws relating to abuse of mental patients which with the ability to “edit” legal narratives before examination by the victims lawyers, simply “never happened” (woman has her prosthetic legs removed and left in her own faeces for hours as ‘punishment’ is ‘care’ apparently). Even with the documented proof, police will return the complaint as having “insufficient evidence”, because they simply refuse to log the proof, and leave a ‘cold trail’ for anyone who follows the matter up. Innat right Superintendent?

    Emergency services solidarity I’ve heard this called. In a land with a rule of law it’s called corruption and misconduct.

  • “A complication of concern in the USA are statutes of liability. A harmed person is unable to file any actio0n while harmed. Time runs out. There are provisions for tolling the statute, but representation may be out of reach when the case had this factor.”

    My ‘legal representatives’ made application for the unredacted documents showing I was the victim of serious criminal misconduct by the Community Nurse (Procuring the apprehension or detention of a person not suffering from a mental illness, penalty 3 years prison) and acts of torture (knowingly by the Community Nurse and it is unknown if the police were aware I had been ‘spiked’ as they already had been lied to and told I was a “patient” of this hospital so DID torture me, though it may have been as a result of the acquiescence of the Community Nurse).

    The legal representatives made complaint regarding the provision of documents in “edited” form, but were told that they had applied for the documents under FOI provision (what, another ‘error’? The application was made by a Q.C. and was done according to the book) and ….. some other clap trap fob by the Chief Psychiatrist (Basically he was aware of the fraud they had received, and wasn’t going to allow them access to my documents despite them having a RIGHT to examine them).

    It was three years and nine months after that I was finally provided with the unredacted documents that I had a right to within days of being tortured and kidnapped but …. the delays now man that these so called ‘advocates’ can turn me away because “it was so long ago”.

    Glad MOSSAD didn’t take that attitude about the likes of Dr Mengele. Though I do see my States problem of their deliberate negligence resulting in harm to others being THEIR responsibility. AFTER they checked my delusional claim that someone had tried to harm me in the Emergency Dept, and I can only assume found other ‘unintended negative outcomes’

    Once they have concealed for these people they can’t very well allow their neglect in that instance to surface with the next (300) victims. Ask the people at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. Once in for a penny, they’re in for a pound.

    In my instance the uttering once the State thought that Police had retrieved the proof of the ‘spiking’ had been effective, and that they could then slander me with the paranoid delusional label to gaslight me to suicide would work, they could move on to their next victims. What a problem once they had played ‘lets pretend he was a “patient”‘ was exposed, and the conspiring to pervert the course of justice between the ‘human rights advocates’ and the State became apparent.

    Best we refer this one the the Ministry of Ugliness. Because the Minister for Health, despite having access to the truth, continues to utter with the fraud, and the Attorney General doesn’t know where else to refer complaints regarding State sanctioned torture than to mental health services for ‘treatment’ (my questions are ones of law, and refer to the ability of the State to “edit” documents to conceal human rights abuses, and NOT a question of my sanity. I know i’m insane as a result of being ‘fuking destroyed’ by my own family at the request [threats by] of the State, but this doesn’t mean it wasn’t torture that caused that).

    Making admissions and saying sorry not likely for some time, ask the Aboriginal population of this Nation.

  • As stated, the person you appoint can be subjected to threats and intimidation (“coercive measures” such as mock execution or threats of pack rape. See HCA decision 47 2010; ACC v Stoddart. No spousal privilege in common law in Australia, coercive measures can be used to obtain information from spouse [and this thus also includes other privileged conversations with doctors, lawyers, psychologists, priests. The dominoes fall, but don’t inform the public]) to have them act in the interests of the State where I live.

    And as stated I had someone appointed to me without me even signing anything who was chosen by the hospital concerned when they knew that my chosen “next of kin”, lawyer, or my personal doctor would have made decisions that didn’t suit them in the circumstances (ie they probably wouldn’t have wanted me tortured, whereas the person who ‘spiked’ me did).

    You’ve no idea how lucky you are to be a US citizen. I thought being British meant I would at least receive some support from my own government but ….. they too have been ‘duped’ by the fraud and uttering, and prefer to turn a blind eye for the sake of ‘friendship’ over the safety of their own citizens.

  • In my State there is the ‘protection’ that a legal representative , on provision of a confidentiality agreement, can be provided with unredacted documents (with non disclosure information highlighted and a reason for the non disclosure to be provided) to ensure that human rights abuses do not go unnoticed. However, when public officers commit serious crimes and they have documented them, the State provides the ability to hospitals/police/ social workers etc to “edit” the documents before providing these fraudulent documents to the legal representative.

    These ‘legal representatives’ then become unwitting utterers for the State and ensure that the victim of their human rights abuses and fraud is “fuking destroyed”.

    Point out to anyone (such as a Member of Parliament) that the authorities are producing such fraud and “editing” their human rights abuses and criminal misconduct out of documents and the Police tell me that they can (a) refer you to mental health for your “hallucination” that police accept documented proof of crimes such as acts of torture by a Community Nurse, and (b) they can arrest you for having the real copies of your medical records, thus proving that the authorities are uttering with the fraud to other potential legal representatives.

    What good is it me having the documents showing that I was made into an “Outpatient” by a Community Nurse (with a lie) so he could procure the services of police and have me snatched from my bed and tortured, if all it gets me is a ‘hot shot’ in the Emergency Dept for providing the proof of these offences to Police? And the legal fraternity quite happy to go along with the “edited” version of reality while this is done?

    And with regards client confidentiality, my medical records were handed over from a Private Clinic to a Public Hospital AFTER I had been tortured and kidnapped as a means to conceal the human rights abuses. Simply a matter of doing whatever they want, and filling in the gaps with “editing” after should the victims survive to tell the tale.

    “There is no “confidentiality” of one’s on records from oneself. It is a contradiction in terms!”

    What they do here Steve is lead the “patient” astray by having them falsely believe they have a right to their documents, and then they call their ‘carer’ or ‘guardian’ and make suggestions about how to deny access to those documents. For example to deny me access to the documents showing I had been subjected to “procuring” (ie lie to Police about a citizens status and have them detained as a “patient” before ‘verballing them up’ and creating the appearance that you got your ‘referral’ FROM Police.) and was ‘spiked’ before being interrogated by Community Nurse AND Police, the FOI Officer of the Hospital concerned appointed my wife as my carer, and then told her that it might be best she not sign a release for my documents. The major problem was that the FOI Officer had NO EVIDENCE that I was anyones “patient” and thus was aware that she was conspiring to pervert the course of justice… but, nothing that can’t be fixed with some criminal fraud and some ‘chemical restraining’ of a citizen who can be made into a “patient” post hoc. Know how easy it is to make the response to being tortured appear to be a mental illness on Forms? I got one here should you care to examine it.

    So my advice is to be very careful what you sign with these people. In my instance they made numerous attempts to have me sign documents that would have allowed them to have me ‘treated’ against my will for speaking a truth that they did not prefer (ie the “unedited” version of reality).

    And this letter I have from our Chief Psychiatrist who it is patently obvious is uttering with the known fraud distributed from the hospital concerned? Not an issue, double down and keep maintaining the slander and gaslighting I have already been subjected to ….. for ten years now. Not a lawyer in the State that would touch it knowing what they are doing to anyone who dares question their “edited” version of reality. Believe me, i’ve tried (as many here would be aware). What does one do when the ‘mental health advocates’ are working with the human rights abusers to conceal the truth with fraud and uttering?

    Know how many lawyers will use the defense of “They wouldn’t do that”, but don’t have the courage to actually look? Knowing that Police will threaten the safety of their families? Knowing that mental health services will “fuking destroy” them for even making a complaint?

  • “Finally, knowing more about the music of the brain may lead us toward ways of enhancing mood, memory, and behavior.”

    This Is Serious Mum
    He’ll never be (an old man River) or I’m on the drugs that killed River Phoenix.

    I saw his body thrashing round.
    I saw his pulse rate going down.
    I saw him in convulsive throes.
    I said “I’ll have one of those”.

    Now I’m bored and there’s no stopping;
    I need another celeb to fill a coffin;
    Where’ll I get my next drug action?
    Odds on it’ll be Michael Jackson.

    Symphony of the Brain my arse lol (is that Dr Pies crowd surfing at the show? From a Beethoven symphony to Punk Rock with a pill? If only it was a choice as to what we played on our own CD players but …… it’s them picking the tunes. And when you’ve got a copyright on certain tracks, guess what your gunna play?)

  • I’m anti “ethnic cleansing”, which would seem I wish to leave the place in a mess. It’s only when you look at what the term actually means that you get the idea of why I might be against it.

    Thanks for that Dr Karadzic.

    And I would ask, given what we here know about the ‘voluntary’ nature of ‘treatments’, how voluntary are our ‘voluntary assisted dying laws’? Do they rely on legal protections such as “suspect on reasonable grounds” or “suspect on grounds doctor believes to be reasonable”? I know which I’d prefer, and I know which is being enabled. The law need only LOOK like it protects, and then simply ignore it and do whatever you like.

    How can those who do wrong be held to account, when the person charged with holding them to account claims they don’t know what the rules even are? It does however provide what is called a “window of opportunity” to deal with your little problems, and have the documents “edited” to present the preferred legal narrative to waiting lawyers [if that’s the correct term for someone conspiring to pervert the course of justice with organised criminals and conceal acts of torture and kidnapping. Or does the interests of the State come before their duty as legal representatives? My question was answered when they were all ‘restructured’].

  • “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it” Adolf Hitler (of course he said it in German, and with much better skills than I have but …. you see my point)

    “It’s medicine” Dr Strangelove

    Just a question. If a ‘mental patient’ were to become Prime Minister, does this mean that their psychiatrist is now running the country?