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  • “Despite frequent brushes with the law, I was fortunate to be placed in mental health facilities instead of jails.”

    I’d be having a serious think about that statement Larry.

    “Who knows why we were taught to fear witches, but not the people who burned them alive” (author unknown)

    That one too if you have the time.

  • Just so I am clear about all this ‘confidentiality’ issue. (and keep in mind I speak in the Australian context)

    A Private Clinic where psychiatrists produce legal-medico reports for the Courts, (and has clients that include the wealthiest man in the country, and politicians accused of corruption) can employ a psychologist (with a Masters degree no less) who, in a situation where they have arranged to have the person who has had a report written by the clinic psychiatrist ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs (to incapacitate the ‘client’, though even this would be a misuse of the term given I wasn’t even a client) can then, if a Community Nurse calls her (as opposed to her calling the Community Nurse and requesting a ‘police referral’ with an “acute stress reaction” via the use of a ‘throw down’ knife and some cannabis planted once the ‘client’ has collapsed from the date rape drugs) release their medical records to the Community Nurse because the ‘client’ is not capable of consenting to that release of their confidential medical records?

    The Community Nurse can now justify any and all actions against his “Outpatient” (see what I did there? Chief Psychiatrist does it too, that is anyone snatched from their bed by mental health services automatically becomes an “Outpatient” even before being examined and then ‘verballed up’) because he has forged the Forms to enable Police to transport the person they have just beaten senseless because an “Outpatient” (or as a result of a ‘verbal’ a ‘violent psychotic drug abusing wife beater in possession of a knife’) needed an ‘assessment’ by a psychiatrist?

    One issue being that the Community Nurse is supposed to make the referral to the ‘treating psychiatrist’ of the ‘client’ at the Private Clinic (but that is just part of the smoke and mirrors), and not his own hospital where the Senior Medical Officer can sort the paperwork out and make the drugs use to ‘spike’ the ‘client’ into their “Regular Medications” and hopefully have them hit over the head with a chemical kosh before they are asked any questions by the Consultant Psychiatrist (questions such as’ How did you get here?’, and ‘Who is your doctor?’ or ‘What drugs are you taking?’….. as opposed to writing down the ‘billing codes’ released unlawfully by the clinic psychologist with a Masters degree no less, before silencing the complaints of the ‘client’. SMO writes in email to the Office of Chief Psychiatrist “He was breathing threats of litigation before I even spoke to him” No shit Einstein, I had just been tortured and kidnapped, and now he wants me to remove my clothes to insert objects into my mouth or anus without my consent? And is prepared to use force if necessary?)

    It’s much easier on the paperwork if the ‘client’ is dribbling in a cell when they are ‘assessed’. It saves having to pass on those written complaints, which can be thrown into the trash. (‘You want access to a pen? No can do, because the information about where they are kept is confidential’. Fortunate I kept my copy of a serious allegation of misconduct, whilst the hospital tried to cover their lack of records by asking me for a copy of the document they had disposed of and which may be required by the Commission, making it a serious offence to dispose of it. More ‘after the fact due process’ via “editing”)

    I’d have thought with such ‘confidential’ information, the Private Clinic would have been a little more careful about the methods being used to release that to the general public via the public hospital system….. especially given that this was one report of three, which were never tested in the courts for validity.

    So my ‘diagnosis for a purpose’ was unlawfully released for another purpose…… to smash my head in with chemicals and electricity for shit they made up on the spot.

    Nice, and I’m so glad I’m probably not the only one they have done this to. Because it just doesn’t seem to fit with the law. Well, unless you accept the rewritten version produced by the Chief Psychiatrist for the Law Centre, where he makes everyone into an ‘inpatient’ or an ‘outpatient’….. which means no-one has any human or civil rights……. which the lawyers I have approached seem to be quite content with (well there was that one who was concerned about me having the documents police failed to retrieve, who said “but I thought you were mad, but you’ve got the proof”….. which then became ‘that’ll be $3500 for telling you how expensive my time is, pay in advance’…… Which reminds me of the psychiatrist when I said these matters have made me suicidal….. ‘I’ll have to ask you to pay in advance’ “First, do no harm…….. to your bank balance”)

    Seriously though, the claim above is that psychologists are not bound by the rules of confidentiality, but to me this release of medical records from a Private Clinic which writes such legal-medico reports is lawful? We have a Federal Privacy Act which certainly has some issues but …….. psychiatric reports handed over because a Community Nurse called and asked for access?

    I know as matters progressed, and ‘alternative arrangements’ were being made for my ‘health care’, my wife did say there had been some problems at the Clinic she attended for a means to have me ‘talk’ (ie Torture for Dummies). But I had no idea it was a ‘library’ for anyone claiming to be a ‘mental health professional’ to access with a phone call. The Private Clinic psychologist even taking my medical records to her day job at the University counselling service in anticipation of the call from the hospital, once I had been ‘detained’.

    Anyone see the problem I can with this? They would if I said it was done in China. Not so much in a place with Euthanasia Laws and ‘after the fact due process’ via “editing” of legal narratives, and denial of access to effective legal representation.

    Australians value a Rule of Law ……… ?

  • It might explain though why a ‘therapist’ (with a Masters degree no less) is advising citizens to ‘spike’ others with date rape drugs and plant specific items for Police to find once they are called to ‘assist’ with causing ‘acute stress reactions’. Only ‘law enforcement’ would be aware of (as it was put to me) “what to tell them” (and what to plant to overcome the legal protections from acts of torture) The issue of changing citizens status to “Outpatient” before leaving the hospital still a problem, though one the State is prepared to ignore despite being presented with the proof of both the forging AND uttering by public officers.

    The more recent development of ‘mental health professionals’ available at every Police station no doubt a bonus. That will fix the problems of people exercising their rights to silence, bodily integrity etc…… Especially when they have a colleague at the hospital (like a real doctor) to write prescriptions for drugs administered without knowledge and minus any right to do so.

    The post hoc concealment of their offending will of course never be prosecuted because police will no doubt refuse to take the proof and find “insufficient evidence”, and the documents will be “edited” before
    being examined by anyone else, especially ‘legal representatives’. We did see this with one aboriginal man who was tortured by police and then taken to the E.D. for ‘treatment’ once they had broken his ribs whilst restraining him, and tazered him in the lower spine 15(?) times during ‘questioning’? The Corruption watchdog only releasing the video after significant pressure was put on them to do so ‘in the public interest’. (and they present matters of the same nature occurring in Ukraine as being ‘atrocities’? It’s different when the questions are asked in Russian apparently, a ‘cultural’ thing)

    It’s a shame our Police are not held to the same standards as our Football Clubs.

    Interesting question regarding the use of ‘therapists’ in law firms above. Clever way of getting around a certain set of issues cause by ethical requirements. Especially given the list of ‘exclusions’ in Mr Gottsteins article.

    It really does seem that ‘confidentiality’ is being so weaponized that it is difficult to even imagine a situation where the laws relating to “privacy” are even worth the paper they have been written on (and then rewritten without Parliamentary approval for convenience ala Chief Psychiatrist style of “suspect on reasonable grounds” becomes “‘suspect’ on grounds we believe to be reasonable”). Simply incapacitate the person you want to gain access to the records of, and then ‘reverse’ the direction of the telephone calls for a “they called me” defense. Worst case scenario, “edit” the documentation.

    What do you do when public officers and the victims legal representatives are the only ones who are aware of the existence of proof of human rights abuses? Slandering the person attempting to make a complaint is one method used in this State (Police releasing the criminal record of the aboriginal man they tortured before the release of the video causing significant damage to his reputation). They can deny their clients access to that proof and work with the public officers concealing their human rights abuses, and the ‘client’ would never know the proof was there……… and it could all be justified through a claim of confidentiality (you did after all sign the agreement…. allowing your ‘legal representative’ to conspire against you and conceal the torture you were subjected to right?).

    Conspiring to pervert the course of justice knowing the ‘client’ will never get access to the proof, and they trusted their legal representatives? Fools.

  • “It seems like the jest of the “myth” is what is diagnosed as “mental illness” according to current methodologies is nothing more than non-conformist, anti-social, immoral behavior according to Szaszism?”

    Mmmm I don’t think so, but there are people here who know his work much better that me who will no doubt respond.

    But speaking of ‘morality policing’ (justified because someone may have something we wished were an illness and would like to ‘treat’ them for it) I note a backlash against the ‘morality police’ (Gašt-e Eršād) in Iran as a result of a ‘death in custody’ of Mahsa Amini.


    Oh wait, wrong news article. This one escaped any real public scrutiny because the Minister was ‘shocked’ to hear such things were occurring. Probably like our Minister, “you can’t listen to them, they’re mental patients”.

    Though the idea of protesting about such matters in this place seems …….. well, the use of microwave weapons by our police at protests to ‘burn’ people is discouraging to say the least (see the questions asked, and a refusal to answer by police at the Parliamentary Inquiry into protests about covid lockdowns)

    Talking about such matters enough grounds for an “Outpatient” to be ‘referred’ by police for ‘treatment’. And as you can see from the above article, you don’t want to be having your head beaten by mental health services. The ‘side effects’ can be quite severe, and in fact at times constitute the ‘illness’ they claim to be ‘treating’?

    “had been sedated with psychotropic drugs and fallen on at least one occasion, but failed to take appropriate action”

    Not everyone has the stomach for it, and I suppose this being the reason the Minister finds it easier to look away…. and then be ‘shocked’ when someone presents her with the proof which can not be “edited” for legal and public consumption. Be careful though, because making complaints can see you “fucking destroyed” once you have been “edited” and made into an “Outpatient” while the whole community looks away because they are afraid for their families.

    Few people aware of the amount of power handed to ‘mental health services’ by our ‘elected representatives’. Wear your Hijab.

  • “Interestingly, lawyers and clergy are privileged and are not members of law enforcement. But therapists are police. Most clients, I imagine, do not know that.”

    Lawyers? Paid informants for Police? I certainly know of some lawyers who are not being as “zealous” regarding ensuring the human rights of certain people are protected, instead preferring that legal narrative is “edited” before they make what is a ‘flawed complaint’ (with plausible deniability) to the relevant authorities…… and then ensuring that the ‘client’ is left making complaints to their colleagues about their disgraceful and vile conduct…. knowing it will go absolutely nowhere. In fact, our local “access to the law” pro bono program is funded directly by Police. How ‘elegant’. (no conflict of interest there right?)


    As I have said elsewhere, the whole ‘confidentiality’ and ‘privileged communications’ fell in Australia as a direct result of a High Court decision. If you can use “coercive methods” (I hope you understand what is meant by this term) on a persons wife/husband to have them testify or provide ‘evidence’ against them, does this not mean there are NO privileged communications? Lets not put it to the test, because it might be best that most ‘clients’ are not aware of that fact?

    The reason Vic Police can say with confidence that the Lawyer X situation will never happen again is because it has been decided that there is no client confidentiality. The reference I gave above to the “elegant method of overcoming ‘resistance'” by Frantz Fanon has been deemed acceptable in Australia (despite the comments by the Appeals Court Judges) regarding the “fundamental and appalling breaches of EF’s obligations as counsel to her clients and of EF’s duties to the court.”

    This Machiavellian approach to these matters reminiscent of the ‘war’ waged by the French govt against their ‘enemies’ in Algeria. The paranoia of our ‘elected representatives’ being seen in the enabling of means of arbitrary detentions and torture under the Mental Health Act, and the problems associated with that concealed via ‘after the fact due process’ and “editing” of legal narrative ignored by ‘legal representatives’ whilst ‘alternative arrangements’ are made. (police telling me “it might be best I don’t know about that”) The refusal to take evidence/proof of criminal misconduct by public officers, and return complaints as having “insufficient evidence”? And doing ‘mental health referrals’ of anyone who has such proof? But things are terrible in China.

    And I don’t know that the ‘eavesdropping’ on the ‘confessional’ was invented by therapists. “Would you spy on your brother? Would you eat your dead brothers flesh? Nay, yeah would abhor it” The breach of trust and confidence known about some time ago (though quite a revelation, as you suggest)

    In fact, isn’t that why it’s called ‘the oldest trick in the Book?’? Getting someone they trust to poison them, because they would hardly ‘eat’ the ‘apple’ if it were offered by Satan himself?

  • I suppose in some ways it’s a rather crude means of enabling State sanctioned arbitrary detentions and torture.

    I note the mention of a similar technique in the writings of Frantz Fanon, that is the “psychiatrists who boasted in front of us of their elegant method of overcoming ‘resistance'” (of the prisoners who had ‘confessed’ and all of whom were then guillotined p. 229 Wretched of the Earth).

    The victim is ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs (later to become their “Regular Medications”) and when they collapse, Police assistance is sought from a Community Nurse who tells them that the person who has collapsed as a result of the ‘spiking’ is his “Outpatient”.

    Once Police assistance has been procured, the victim can then have the knife and cannabis planted on them for police to find, much to the shock of the person who is now about to be woken at the point of a weapon, and acutely stressed.

    Police can then cause the required “acute stress reaction” with a vicious beating, and then immediately hand the victim over to the Community Nurse for a mental health ‘assessment’. This could consist of the questions police would like answered, but that they can’t ask because of the ‘spiking’ and ‘acute stress reaction’ actually constituting an act of torture. Though if it looks like ‘medical care’ we could then ……?

    So they have the Community Nurse ask the questions, and it appears to be part of some form of ‘medical assessment’. (where did you get the drugs? Did you make threats to harm so and so? Examples of such questions unrelated to any form of psychological assessment common, though done to obtain ‘leverage’ with the victims) The Community Nurse in my instance trying a number of tacks to have me confess to something in front of police, and then shifting when I asked to speak to a lawyer or my doctor or family member (even ensuring I could not get access to my daughters telephone number while they ‘cared’ for me.)

    Police can remain present whilst the questions are asked because they are merely ensuring the safety of the Authorised Mental Health Practitioner (from the violent, psychotic, drug abusing, wife beater, mental patient….. or at least they will be once the ‘verbal’ has been done), and not part of the ‘assessment’ process.

    Though police can rough the victims up a bit at certain points of the interrogation should the critical questions not get answered. Mock execution or a threat to have them pack raped in the cells both techniques considered ‘coercive’ and NOT acts of torture, but merely a “poor choice of words” to quote the Police Commissioner, and rightly so. One party aware they aren’t really going to do it, the other in a more vulnerable position not so sure…… and therefore a little acutely stressed.

    Once Police have the answers they wish, the Community Nurse can then ‘verbal’ the necessary Forms (that is fabricate a statutory declaration with vague statements which don’t meet the standard set out in the Oaths, Affidavits and Statutory Declarations Act), and have Police transport the victim to a hospital where a waiting Doctor can observe their response to being subjected to torture, and have them ‘chemically restrained’ for their ‘agitation’.

    The only real problem is concealing the ‘spiking’ and the lie to Police regarding the status of the citizen contained in the documents (this is where the ‘confidentiality’ of the citizen becomes important to the hospital administrators). Both of these offences easily concealed from someone who is now being ‘treated’ as a ‘patient’ (despite the law clearly stating they are a “referred person” until the psychiatrist removes their right to consent. Like your going to complain in the locked ward and risk the blow to the head with the chemicals? That and the 4 weeks of dribble therapy and incarceration which follows?)

    This same doctor can also write a prescription for the date rape drugs administered without the victims knowledge 12 hours before their interrogation by the Community Nurse and Police. It doesn’t matter that they had no knowledge of the victim before the drugs were administered covertly, they would have given permission for them to be administered anyway, a mere formality. Police, nurses and bus drivers now preferred prescribers for covert administration of date rape drugs.

    Should the victim actually not end up being given the ‘dribble therapy’ (chemical kosh) ordered by the doctor before they are ‘assessed’ (“Agitation and Arousal” medication sheet) by the Consultant Psychiatrist (who in most cases would be examining someone unconscious with enough anti psychotics to lay an elephant out for a week) and released because there was never anything wrong with them other than the result of the ‘spiking’ and the ‘acute stress reaction’ then the documents can be “edited” before they are examined by the victims ‘legal representative’.

    As I say, it’s crude but effective. The ability to make any citizen into an “Outpatient” after they have been incapacitated with the date rape drugs, and then use police to cause the ‘acute stress reaction’ to have the victims talk when they might otherwise (a) not take the stupefying/intoxicating drugs willingly, and (b) would not answer any questions without having effective legal representation (or a family member acting in their interests, ie next of kin) present is effective in a number of ways.

    Police can claim that all they were aware of was that they were to ‘restrain’ a mental patient in possession of a knife and illicit drugs, and the Community Nurse can then use Police to have the victim delivered to his hospital and claim to his colleagues that he has merely done a ‘police referral’ (rather than have them become aware of his means of torturing and kidnapping citizens, and fabricating the justification on his Forms with the corrupt practice of ‘verballing’).

    The FOI Officer did pick it up what the Community Nurse had don when I made application for the documents. She then called the person who had ‘spiked’ me and they began conspiring to have me sign documents that would make me into a ‘patient’ post hoc, and concealed the evidence/ proof of the offending. Their “editing” of legal narrative and trying to retrieve the documents I had already obtained via FOI showing the ‘spiking’ and that I had been made an “Outpatient” before they even left the hospital (though I note concealing the fact they had no referral source, and that their ‘preferred guardian/next of kin wasn’t actually the person who had ‘spiked’ me for their convenience).

    The response to these matters by the Chief Psychiatrist in his letter are very interesting. I mean given the availability of such methods when asking questions of our Politicians in Parliamentary inquiries etc (they totally unaware they are “Outpatients” or what their “regular medications” are that is put into their food or drink without their knowledge……… and that the Chief Psychiatrist is oblivious to the criminal nature of such conduct…… removing the protections of “reasonable grounds” , and requiring only a ‘suspicion’ for detention by a Community Nurse (and his chosen ‘police’)

    So whilst they only wanted to ask me some questions about the family conflict which had upset my wife, and was resulting in me leaving my home due to the threats from her family, this could be put to some better uses with people who have a tendency to not want to answer the questions they are asked (see for example the avoidance of a question to the Minister for Health when I asked him about the possibility of this document “editing” ‘after the fact due process’ and his new Euthanasia Law ‘protections’).

    I mean it’s not like those who have been ‘assisted’ under such laws are going to be in any position to be making complaints, and their chosen ‘legal representatives’ and family members are not going to even see the documents before they are “edited” to create the preferred legal narrative so…….? Where there’s a will,…….. there’s relatives.

    Note that one of the benefits of commissioning these offences is that the medical records of the person who has been incapacitated can now be released because they can’t consent to their release, and it is an ’emergency’. The law does cover such situations in that you can’t commit an offence (intoxication by deception. stupefy with intent) to make what was unlawful appear to be lawful but …….. whose going to complain? The person who is now being ‘treated’ for their complaining with unwanted brain damaging chemicals and electricity 3 times a week?

  • Nice Mr Gottstein,

    Confidentiality is a farce in Australia, and there are those that know it, and those that don’t.

    An example; I attempt to access documentation showing criminal misconduct by a Community Nurse……. and a Law Centre makes an application for unredacted documents which they have a right to inspect upon provision of a ‘confidentiality agreement’ (the documents are to be provided unredacted with the areas not to be released to their client highlighted and a reason given. In my instance the two areas were that I had been labelled an “Outpatient” before the Community Nurse called the Police to ‘assist’ him in causing an ‘acute stress reaction’ [a crime under our criminal code. Procure the apprehension or detention of a person not suffering from a mental illness 3 years prison.] AND that I had been ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs to incapacitate me, and enable a weapon and some cannabis to be planted on me for police to find. Long story, but they wanted it to look like a Police referral due to a lack of a right to make a lawful referral) As you can imagine putting in writing that they would like my ‘legal representatives’ to remain silent on these offences would……. you get the picture, careful what you put in writing.

    So the hospital did what they called “editing” which consisted of changing the legal narrative to suit the story they wanted the documents to tell. Included in these documents was some particularly embarrassing information which had been dragged out of an archived file, and included in such a way as to release that information for no other reason that to character assassinate. Not that this wasn’t expected, when I pointed out to the person who did the “editing” that what she was doing was criminals she made it clear that the State would “fucking destroy” me and my family….. which they have.

    This all water under the bridge though….. I manage to survive the vicious psychological assault on me, and still happen to have the documents which Police were charged with retrieving before the “edited” set were sent to the Law Centre. A bit silly leaving someone with documents demonstrating that you have provided fraudulent legal narrative to a lawyer (unless……. long story too).

    However, in that time between me escaping the Police chasing me for the documents and me then turning up in a Police station with them….. (“your not meant to have these” “I could arrest you for having them” and a failed referral to mental health for my “hallucinations” because a psychologist had seen the documents and it isn’t a “hallucination” to claim you have been ‘spiked’ when you have documented proof of the event)….. major problem because the ‘cover up’ had already been done and here am I with proof of the cover up trying to access the protection of the law, while they are trying to hand me over to mental health to finish the ‘job’ of silencing me.

    Point being that the psychologist who has told police when I turned up in their station with the documented proof of the ‘spiking’ (and arbitrary detention) and they had tried to have me referred, later claimed that the telephone call I had with him from the station “never happened” (it was obvious he was lying and we both knew it, mainly because he said he was afraid for his family. A favorite tactic here to go after peoples families).

    The significant point here though was that this psychologist then began asking me questions for the police “Who else has got the documents?” Now I understand from your article that there are many varied situations where these people are breaching the trust and confidence of their clients’ (in fact in Australia I think that as a result of Lawyer X/Nicola Gobbo and High Court decision 47 of 2010 ACC v Stoddart “no spousal privilege in common law” the whole confidentiality notion is an absolute myth believed by the public, and known by others to be fantasy), but is it the case that the Police in pursuit of perverting the course of justice, and obstructing justice (ie covering up for ‘doctors’ up to mischief in the hospitals) should be allowed to use such therapeutic relationships to gain access to information they would otherwise not gain access to? I mean I get it that they are falsely calling people “Outpatients” and this opens up a world of opportunities for them in regards what can be done to citizens and concealed as ‘medical care’ (the chemical kosh, electricity, and well, sadly many don’t survive. Need more money for mental health and more legal powers for ‘early interventions’)

    I ask this because they also had to have someone break into my ‘home’ and steal my laptop to find out who else I had been communicating with and who may also have viewed the documents which were of such concern to certain individuals, the people who are “editing” legal narratives and creating after the fact due process document sets, and concealing human rights abuses and criminal conduct by public officers..

    The Police would have found it difficult to apply for a warrant to search my property given they were concealing crimes for criminals, and assisting to make it look like ‘medicine’. Not leaving a paper trail when your providing material assistance to criminals a fairly good idea, given the difficulties caused when your “editing” goes awry.

    So not only is confidentiality being breached in ‘good faith’ situations (as in your article), it is being used to obtain information to conceal public sector misconduct, and criminal offences by police when they are asked for assistance with an “Outpatient” (that is anyone who a Community Nurse calls them and says is an “Outpatient”. No need for a psychiatrist, a diagnosis, or anything else, just he wants the person snatched out of their bed and interrogated whilst stupefied without their knowledge with date rape drugs [later to become their “Regular Medications”. Once the documents are “edited” it all looks legit and the victims are being “fucking destroyed” for complaining)

    I understand that the UN Convention against the use of Torture hasn’t been ratified by the US so you may not be familiar with the Articles. There is meant to be a mechanism whereby citizens can make a complaint about being tortured without reprisals against them their families or witnesses. This mechanism doesn’t work because the ‘treatment’ for complaining about being arbitrarily detained and tortured is to be ‘treated’ by the people who arbitrarily detained and tortured you. See the above re the Police flagging’ complainants for referral should they attempt to access the protection of the law.

    Have you ever heard of such things? I know it sounds crazy and well, there are criminals who have tried to make it look that way, and in some ways they’ve done a good job. Police using psychologists to obtain information to conceal crimes for criminals? If you’d have seen the Senior Constable go pale when he realised what he had on his hands lol…….. a ‘restructuring’ for him, and another failed ‘unintended negative outcome’ for me.

  • How on earth do you sleep at night?

    I’d be really careful saying such things about these ‘inquisitors’ knowing that they can order a “Home visit with Police” (arbitrary detention with forged documents [‘verballed] for others to utter with should their be any problems) and an “acute stress reaction” (torture to have you open your mouth to put words into it). And the complaints process which results in an “unintended negative outcome” would ensure your “observable behaviour” (which is all that matters according to our Chief Psychiatrist, despite it not being possible for the ‘referrer’ to observe; ie it would require time travel and the ability to read minds) of publishing ceases.

    Really appreciate the article Doc. It has ‘cracked’ something for me with regards the ‘diagnosis’ I received from a Private Clinic to allow the Insurance Company to pay the bills. This ‘diagnosis for a reason’ then released unlawfully (Federal Privacy Act) to the people who kidnapped and tortured me, and who then used that ‘diagnosis’ as a justification for their “observable behaviours” and their “after the fact due process” fraud presented to the Law Centre with their “edited” documents. It’s quite a con, to Shanghai (Blackbirding) ‘patients’ you know have received large sums of money from a report done by the Private Clinic into the hands of a waiting Shock Doc for wallet and wealth extraction. Mugging them on their way out the door, and with State resources used to aid and abet? Police dispatched to retrieve the documents proving what I am saying, to ensue the “editing” could also not be proven. That and the little ‘woopsie’ that was rudely interrupted in the E.D. by someone who “doesn’t have the stomach for it”. Sounds insane? It’s meant to Martha Mitchell……

    The Minister for Health not having any concerns about this type of “editing” to make what was clearly criminal misconduct into what he would like to believe was a ‘lawful referral’ (I did ask if this type of “editing” would be possible with the Euthanasia Act he had just bulldozed through Parliament, his response was ‘get treated’) This type of criminal uttering with known fraudulent documents difficult to have anything done about when you are denied access to effective legal representation based on the fraudulent narrative that you are someone’s “Outpatient” (but we can’t tell you who your doctor is because of confidentiality [Shine Lawyers])

    I might just quote you on some of this;

    As Szasz stated for many decades, “mental illness” is the ideology used to justify a myriad of crimes against humanity in which people who have not been afforded due process and convicted in a court of law for a specific offense and imprisoned for years, tortured against their will, and released only if they agree to continue to take “chemical straitjackets” once they are out.

    My crime? Being an anti psychiatrist (having read Szasz in the early 1990s) and speaking to a ‘therapist’ whose husband is a Shock Doc. My claim, when she tried to ‘groom’ me into the ‘treatment’ knowing I had been ‘paid out’, that I could do the same to a ‘patient’ with a ball peen hammer, but it just looks a little more brutal drawing the response of “my husband is a psychiatrist”, AND refusing to pay the ‘fee’ for ‘treatments’ once I had been paid by the Insurance Company (Money no doubt the ‘therapist’ considered her husbands right to extract from me with electricity after I had been ‘referred’….. that is arbitrarily detained requiring torture due to my refusal to speak to her [a right I actually had given she was not MY ‘therapist])

    As you can imagine such blatant abuses need to be concealed from the public as it is not in their interest to know what forms of abuses are being enabled by the negligence, fraud and slander of ‘mental health services’ (most of the abuses I suffered coming not from psychiatrists, who could find nothing wrong with me, but from others concealing their abuses with the ‘diagnosis’ which had been unlawfully released from the Private Clinic).

    The ability to label anyone in the community an “Outpatient” after they have been incapacitated with date rape drugs (which become their “Regular Medications” post hoc), and then request the assistance of Police with your “Outpatient” to have them open their mouth and put words into it to produce the forged documents with which to utter resulting in this type of conduct often called ‘care’


    Imagine the power that comes with being able to drug him without his knowledge with date rape drugs BEFORE inducing an ‘acute stress reaction’ (resulting in a need to hit him with the chemical kosh [induced coma]) in this fashion, and then make him into an “Outpatient” whose “Regular Medications” were prescribed by a doctor who he had never met until 12 hours after he was drugged?

    “If the Party could thrust its hand into the past and say of this or that event, it never happened—that, surely, was more terrifying than mere torture and death?” Orwell in 1984.

    The ‘after the fact due process’ via “editing” of legal narrative makes this more than possible. The ‘complaints process’ little more than a means to identify what needs to be “edited” in my State, with the denial of effective legal representation, or access to the protection of the law easily denied.

    So be really careful if you ever come to Australia. I know they claim people are not ‘treated’ for their political views but ……… it’s fairly easy to ‘verbal’ the Forms and forge a fraudulent narrative which would justify you being returned in the same condition as Otto Warmbier…… that is ‘cared for’.

    And I note that there were more than 27 identifiable ‘errors’ that occurred in the processing of my FOI application…. all with a negative consequence for me. Imagine the statistical probability of that? 27 X 26 X 25 X …….. and then I find out I’m not the only one? I’d be suspicious (as opposed to the “suspect on reasonable grounds” standard removed from law by our Chief Psychiatrist. Care to see the letter?) if that wasn’t the justification for incarceration and forced drugging/electricity.

  • Hi Gilbert

    “Benzos and non-benzos like Zolpedim cut a persons life span by at least 10 years- so that is calculated in issuing a policy.”

    So these are similar to the ‘real estate cancer maps’ held by the insurance companies? Obviously access would not be made easy, but such ‘evidence’ of the shortening of life would cause some significant problems for those claiming they are ‘first doing no harm [caveat; to their own bank balances]’

  • Actually, I think i’ve figured it out.

    Given that the Chief Psychiatrist has made everyone in the community into a “patient” (either an Inpatient or and Outpatient) this means that all of our Politicians are by definition “Outpatients” and therefore lack insight into their own conduct.

    Thus, the Chief Psychiatrist can rewrite the laws they have passed without their approval, remove any and all protections afforded by those laws, and has no need to inform them that he has done so. Should they complain they will be ‘treated’ for their ‘illness’.

    The situation was similar when I failed to recognise me not being an “Outpatient” of the hospital who arranged for police to snatch me out of my bed after I had been ‘spiked’ with my “Regular Medications”. Drugs I didn’t even know I had been prescribed, by a doctor which my lawyers can’t tell me the name of because of ‘confidentiality’ (so much for Erin Brockovich’s Law Firm)

    Whilst the laws create the appearance that I had a right to access the documentation relating to these events, and a right to effective legal representation, this is simply not the case, because the laws passed by our Outpatients in Parliament don’t really count.

    What matters are the “observed behaviours” of the ‘patients’ when they are being beaten by police, and then documented on the Forms which don’t really matter either, despite them being the equivalent of sworn court testimony. There is no need for ‘reasonable grounds’ because those grounds are whatever the Chief Psychiatrist says is reasonable. And that can be “tomato”.

    Hence there is no need for him to report suspected misconduct either (despite it being mandatory), because he simply never sees any ‘reason’ to actually report to the Outpatients at the Corruption watchdog. The bar now set so high he never has a need to report to those ‘patients’ who wouldn’t understand the law anyway because he has rewritten it without informing them.

    Who would have thought that the One Eyed man would be King huh? Our Chief Psychiatrist has usurped our government by making everyone “patients” due to their lack of insight.

    I note that the hospital FOI Officer plays little games (gaslights) with the “patients” by providing them with “edited” documents and conspiring with their ‘guardians’ to conceal criminal misconduct in much the same manner. The law simply of no consequence when you can deny access to effective legal representation, and force treat anyone who disagrees with your “edited” reality.

    Best they don’t allow the “Outpatients” in the Courts to examine the evidence/proof of their criminal misconduct, given their inability and lack of insight into the world of their unelected Emperor. How could they possibly be perverting the course of justice when it has been dismantled and replaced? “You can’t listen to them, they’re “Outpatients”.

  • “There’s not much you can do about people who insist on calling you “mentally ill”, especially those who work in the “mental illness” system; it’s all they know, so trying to convince them otherwise is a waste of time.”

    This made me smile given the way the Chief Psychiatrist considers the whole community to be “mentally ill”. They’re either people who are in the hospital for their ‘illness’ (Inpatients), or those who aren’t in the hospital for their ‘illness’ (Outpatients). This saves having to worry about the subtleties of the law which actually allows people to retain their human rights when NOT being treated by a psychiatrist. Sometimes called ‘citizens’ in places like North Korea or Iran.

    Being able to dispatch police to ‘bring in’ an “Outpatient” at your leisure a comfort enjoyed by our ‘mental health professionals’ (including nurses). And who said that the Chief Psychiatrist was leaving his service of the Royal College of Psychiatrists behind when he left as their President?

    I’m sure psychiatrists have gained more from his neglecting his new duties (that is protecting “consumers, carers and the community”) than they ever did from him as President of their guild. The removal of legal protections from the Mental Health Act (without Parliamentary approval, something one would expect in a ‘democracy’) instrumental in enabling arbitrary detentions and forced drugging with after the fact due process via document “editing”. Something not possible in his previous role.

    Unless he didn’t actually write that letter, which would mean……. someone forged it? Might explain why nothing gets done because ………they prefer the forged legal narrative and went with that, meaning their uttering would be exposed. And we simply can’t have that when it is easier to maintain the lies.

  • “I found your defense of psychiatric drugs smug and self-serving.”

    You’d have loved our ex Minister for Mental Health then Ann.

    When asked about a report where nearly 50% of women who had been in mental hospitals claimed they had been sexually assaulted, she stated that “You can’t listen to them, they’re mental patients” (in the Hansards).

    Quite a different response to allegations made in the Parliamentary environment though.

  • I return to this article after doing my obligatory reading on Friday (al Kahf, The Cave)

    I was interested to read about some of the ‘rules’ relating to ‘guardianship’ in that Chapter.

    The story relating to the education of Moses by Al Khidr;

    77. “So they moved on until they came to the people of a town. They asked them for food, but the people refused to give them hospitality. There they found a wall ready to collapse, so the man set it right. Moses protested, “If you wanted, you could have demanded a fee for this.””

    and on the parting of their ways, the explanation of the conduct is provided;

    82. “And as for the wall, it belonged to two orphan boys in the city, and under the wall was a treasure that belonged to them, and their father had been a righteous man. So your Lord willed that these children should come of age and retrieve their treasure, as a mercy from your Lord. I did not do it ˹all˺ on my own. This is the explanation of what you could not bear patiently.”

    It seems that the wall may be ready to collapse once again, as a result of the grubs who are digging under it to remove what is not theirs to take. Note the refusal by al Khidr to charge a ‘fee’ despite having a right to? There are a few such references I can find, and those who find means of whittling away the ‘treasure’ owned by others will no doubt be dealt with in due course.

    I think that there is a saying about such ‘guardians’ which seems quite appropriate in the absence of an effective legal barrier (the wall).

    “While the Cats away, the Mice turn to Rats”

    Good luck in having someone honorable rebuilding the wall and protecting the assets of those who are at present being subjected to such legal abuses.

    After being charged thousands of dollars by a lawyer (who thought I was mad) for telling me how expensive her time was (and little else), I can appreciate how such abuses can occur. The ‘complaints process’ likely to get you ‘referred’ to a ‘friendly’ psychiatrist for ‘treatments’ against your will. Which can also see you charged a ‘fee’ incurred without your consent I note, though usually only until the insurance runs out or your wallet is empty.

  • “Before they even start their training to become psychiatrists, they will have had to come to terms with the fact that unavoidably negative outcomes will occur in the practice of medicine.”

    What I had one Prof. describe to me as not ‘having the stomach for it’? Or did he mean the more deliberate type of ‘accidents’ which tend to happen to people wandering around with proof of offending by public officers which the police conveniently refuse to take, and deny access to the protection of the law whilst ‘alternative arrangements’ are made by ‘doctor’? Conceal your crimes by making the victim an “Outpatient” then ‘negatively outcome’ them in the E.D.

    Yes, my ‘paranoid delusions’ which were patently apparent once the documentation relating to my ‘referral’ had been “edited” and the fact that I had been ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs removed, and the problem of me not actually being an “Outpatient” when police were called for ‘assistance’ with the person who had a knife planted on them to cause an ‘acute stress reaction’ had magically disappeared.

    Nothing like telling police that a mental patient with a knife needs to be restrained to get them on edge huh? And it is a really good way of getting people to open their mouths so you can put words into it. Nobody really concerned about the means to an end…… that is a chemcial kosh and years of forced treatments based on the sickness caused by the drugs, which cause the symptoms required to justify the forced treatment.


    And further, that such “negative outcomes” can be arranged, and the State will enable ‘after the fact due process’ via document “editing” of legal narrative to occur to conceal any motive for harm, and ensure that no one is ever held accountable for anything…… even ‘intended, unintended negative outcomes’ (you can’t prove the motive, and have no way of making us talk, so police will not pursue the matter as it is not in the public interest….. or more correctly not in the interest of the people using the ‘outcoming’ service).

    “A good end can not sanctify evil means [ie lying, even the noble type of lying such as ‘verballing’ See Plato], nor must we ever do evil, that good may come of it” W Penn. My addition in brackets

    Your quote from Luke interesting if you consider the Islamic perspective on what he is talking about, and add a “tehe” to the end (Those silly Romans). And to quote another of the SciFi writers Robert Heinlein;

    “When any government, or any church for that matter, undertakes to say to it’s subjects, This you may not read; This you must not see; This you are forbidden to know, the end result is tyranny and oppression no matter how holy the motives.”

    It is good to see the authors ‘taking it up’ to some of the more blatant ‘zealots’ in the ‘industry’.

  • You know Ms Holzman,

    THE most validating statement made to me about all of this came from a psychiatrist.

    I had explained to her over a period of a year what had occurred and we had some ‘stouches’.

    In one instance I had pointed out the way the lie about me being a wife beater had been fabricated to create the risk required by the Community Nurse (as required under the “Persons who should be made involuntary patients” clause. The “reasonable grounds” removed by the Chief Psychiatrist).

    Now I admit my wife may have lied about this to the ‘hospital’. But it was known to me that the Community Nurse was a ‘verballer’ who had put words into my mouth to defraud with his statutory declaration, so why would he not put words into her mouth also?

    I know it wasn’t true, and I know my wife vehemently denied the claim (the hospital only releasing the information when it would cause problems in our marriage).

    The psychiatrist though, said my wife was so afraid of me that she couldn’t tell me. I mean how poisonous is that? Here was me living with someone who I had adored for years, and now I am being told that all that love we shared was only as a result of the terrorist tactics I had inflicted on my wife, whilst living right next door to my in laws.

    The point being that I think she realised what a poisonous statement it was to make.

    The validation came from me suggesting that her colleagues were not necessarily being as honest as they perhaps should be. She pointed out that they weren’t her “colleagues”. And the statement was made in such a manner that made me realise that she recognised that these were abusers who were using the cover of her profession to conceal their abuses.

    Though I guess from what I have observed that the removal of such people is not possible…… they need to embrace the cancerous growths within their own organisation, and allow it to spread to other areas. They put a band aid over the skin cancer and move on, preferring the power of prayer to the pain of having the surgery to remove the growth.

    And I suppose I should admire such faith that the “character flaws” of these abusers will correct itself….. eventually…… after a lot of others have been harmed, or maybe even suffered a serious side effect such as their heart stopping.

    Truth and recognition of that truth is what I feel is needed to ease the trauma inflicted deliberately by the State (or more correctly their representatives). But the imbalance of power means they simply don’t have to speak the truth…. and can tell anyone who does to “get treated” (this being the response by the Minister to my attempt to access my right under Article 13 of the Convention against the use of Torture)

    The ‘Church’ will survive no doubt, and they will no doubt need to find better means of concealing the abuses they are enabling with their threats, negligence and fraud. Honesty and integrity not their strong points.

    And it is when the possibility of abuses is present and they think no one else is looking that the test of their hypocrisy is strongest.

    I say put a band aid over the cancerous growth, and ignore it. The denial with “they wouldn’t do that” and “It never happened” will no doubt contribute to the demise of the professional standing of the good people within the ‘industry’.

    So busy checking the right of people to live their own lives and make their own mistakes and learn from them (Morality Policing), they have forgotten all about the Folie a Deux they have clearly regressed into.


    Librium, Valium, anti depressants and a Barbiturate……

  • Permission denied.

    Part of the process of the State authorities is to isolate anyone who does have a valid complaint, and as I was told quite openly, they will ‘fuking destroy’ you.

    I must say I find it quite a test that THEY have actually been put through.

    Has no one ever wondered what their own State would do if they found out that a small group had got together and found a means to subject citizens to arbitrary detentions and torture?

    Then disguise it as being ‘medicine’ with a little bit of document “editing” and ensure that their lawyers act as informants to allow them to be gaslighted? (see ACC v Stoddart HCA decision 47 2012? No spousal privilege in common law in Australia. Use of ‘coercive methods’ on partners enabled. Legal and other qualified privilege fall as a result? Lets not test it and inform the public, and just assume. “Lawyer X Nicola Gobbo can not happen again’ …. because now it’s been decided it’s lawful. Which explains the police using the psychologist to find out “who else has the documents?” They’re being used as informants for the State to do cover ups. And calling anyone who finds out ‘paranoid’. Very clever as E Hemmingway found out. The truth becomes an illness as in the Martha Mitchell effect.)

    I know what they did do in my instance, and it isn’t very pretty……. in fact obscene is the term I would use.

    Friends and family? I think my friends and family were more likely to stand by me in National Socialist Germany had I been Jewish. And I think many of the people here at MiA can attest to the power of being slandered by these labels that justify what would otherwise be rightly called acts of torture (the U.N. actually supporting this is some ways with their report into Mental Health Laws in Australia)

    So is it any surprise that a State which has subjected citizens to human rights abuses would seek to bring their victims within the powers of the Mental Health Act and then ‘fuking destroy’ them? And who would stand up for such persons? Their families? Friends? They could ALL be made into “Outpatients” with a telephone call and subjected to forced treatments…….. how do we know this? It was done to me.

    Advocates? They are part of the problem, throwing their ‘clients’ under a bus for material gains and promotions (did you know the Chief Psychiatrist doesn’t need to be a psychiatrist? They could be a ‘Human Rights Lawyer’ Minister. Thank Christ she didn’t get appointed to that role, imagine the human rights abuses enabled by such a person who neglects her duty and enables document “editing” to pass ‘unnoticed’)

    How easy has it been for the State to change the legal narrative from ‘man spiked with date rape drugs, snatched from bed by police, and documents “edited” to make the matters appear lawful’ to ‘mental patient of 10 years claims to be being spiked with date rape drugs claims he was arbitrarily detained and tortured, and then someone rudely interrupted when they tried to sort it out in the ED after police refused to take documented proof’?

    There are laws to protect the whole community from such abuses (it actually part of the Articles in the Convention against the use of Torture, and the laws reflect those protections), but I can show you how and why they don’t work…… and it’s mainly down to the State enabling a compounding of offences and the ‘unintentional negative outcoming’ of anyone who complains, whilst their ‘support network’ is systematically dismantled.

    I did try and talk with friends and family……. and everyone was good with that, until it was found out I actually still had the documents proving what I am saying……. then the narrative that Boans was insane was no longer totally valid, and there was a need to keep ‘witnesses’ separated. Sure I had become ‘ill’ as a result of being subjected to these State sanctioned abuses, but the narrative is completely different once you recognise that this was as a result of the vicious attack on me and not the preferred narrative of some ‘genetic flaw’ (though the threats to harm my grandson based on that ‘genetic link’ to me, very effective in ensuring my daughter no longer supported me)

    Consider the situation where for example the divorce lawyer I had been speaking to, who thought I was mad, suddenly realised I actually had the proof of what I was alleging? (“I thought you were mad, but you’ve got the proof”) Woops, does ummm anyone know he still has these documents? And wasn’t his wife supposed to retrieve them before they sent out the fraudulent set to the Law Centre, who then acted based on that fraud?

    You really think the State is going to allow me to get together with the witnesses to all of this and start figuring out the means they have used to deceive all of the people who were actively involved? People who, in good faith, were trying to get me to attend the E.D. so that those concerned about the facts could arrange a little accident for me, and then tell my ‘family’ that they did their best but unfortunately….. and they saw my decline which they tried so hard to save me from.

    If i’m mad, then there is no need to look and you can maintain the “they wouldn’t do that” and “It never happened” defense…… but with the documents I personally think it might be best someone looks and checks because ummmmmmm….. how many had they actually done? Woops. And sure they looked alright, but can’t actually admit their negligence and cover ups….. they just do further covering up by uttering. And I mean, who is going to question people who have now passed Euthanasia Laws which allow document “editing” post ‘treatment’?

    If a psychiatrist can’t arrange a few ‘remotes’ to deal with personal problems caused by the criminal conduct of his partner…….and pick up a few bucks in the process……

    Personally I don’t need the gaslighting from ‘friends’ and ‘family’ to be honest. They simply did what they were told by the ‘authorities’ in the commission of their abusing of my human rights and defrauding of the community with their document “editing” to fabricate the false narrative they now continue to utter with.

    I’d prefer to die alone than participate in the systematic torture and murder of people based on some flimsy labelling such as ‘communist’, ‘homosexual’ ‘Jew’ or ‘mental patient’…. and whilst I understand that some of these ‘labels’ have been subjected to restrictions, there are means to get around the legal protections afforded these people who think they have rights.

    I think you might want to have a look at what a poisonous effect ‘mental health services’ has on the family structure, particularly when they get it wrong. They are ideally positioned to use the work of the ‘attribution theorists’ to maintain falsehoods which do more damage than good.

    In some cases allowing the likes of the Operations Manager to deliberately push people to suicide, and use their deaths to make claims for more funding due to their ‘failures’.

    Though I think that like the myth that the ‘allies’ went into Germany to save those in the ‘concentration camps’, the abuses which are occurring in these places they wrongly call hospitals are being enabled as a direct result of the profits which can be generated from the processing of humans considered disposable. The rather callous attack on me for not being the ‘patient’ they wanted me to be, and the total disregard for the laws designed to protect citizens from the well known abuses available to these ‘mental health professionals’ more than a concern for me anymore.

    I can’t even speak to a doctor in a place where I have paid taxes and worked hard all my life because of some corrupt public officers who prefer the forged legal narrative which has been exposed. So I can’t imagine my ‘health issues’ are going to be resolved. And denied access to help from my consulate, denied access to effective legal representation, and all of my property…… because I’d leave this place tomorrow given what I know about their ‘dirty little secret’ and the place I thought I lived in being a fantasy. Help each other in times of need? What sort of a sucker are you?

    You become an enemy of the State for having proof that there are criminals operating within the hospital system? Who would have thought. Minus the documents I would accept the slander they have targeted me with…… but with the documents there is probable cause, and it is only with criminal negligence that certain truths can be denied.

    MY friends and family wouldn’t have turned their backs on Jews in Germany….. so I guess that was all part of my ‘delusions’ that they actually were my friends and family.

    It does however appear that people are more than happy with these known abusers ‘caring’ for their vulnerable loved ones……… which does make me wonder every time I hear of another death, and how the documents will have to be “edited” to provide the legal narrative preferred by the State, and ensure that no one is EVER held to account.

    “Cash from Chaos”

  • Interesting Nick Drury.

    “Foucault cites panopticism as the turning point when we went from “sovereign power” to “disciplinary power” – [In the former the source of power is highly visible and the subjects of power highly invisible. In the latter the source of power is highly invisible and the subjects of power highly visible.]”

    Looking at our ‘political system’ you might think our Fuhrer has us in a ‘sovereign power’ type situation but…….. thanks to a High Court case revealing texts he shared with a media mogul, his exchange of laws for positive media has been exposed. The ‘guard’, and his colleagues, are being monitored in their roles.

    The ‘media’ having access to the information that the ‘guards’ do not wish to be published, can then hold that information over their heads in the manner of the sword of Damocles. One wrong move and ……….. there goes all the money you made from your ‘share portfolio’ and pay rises awarded by yourself. And the ‘guards’ in a position where they are “editing” reality before it escapes the ‘prison’.

    The abuses of human rights met with a denial they even exists should you try and access what was agreed to in the Convention (see the letter from the Chief Psychiatrist). It’s not torture when WE do it. And effective legal representation denied due to career opportunities available for throwing your clients under a bus and forging documents with which to utter.

    I often wondered what the next chapter of The Century of the Self (Adamm Curtis) would look like. I think ‘diabolical’ may be an accurate descriptor….. for now at least. I suppose at some point we will be hearing from Col. Walter Kurtz again……… “the horror, the horror” I don’t envy the kiddies who will have to take up arms in this type of environment.

  • “I am not, and never have been a Scientologist. I am not and never have been a fellow traveler. I am not, and never have been a supporter of, a member of or a sympathizer with any organization known to me to be, or suspected by me of being controlled or dominated by Scientologists”

    “Looking for an issue that would get him re elected, he seized on the fears of millions and launched the squalid campaign that became known as …….[anti Scientology]

    Its tactic, reckless and undocumented accusations against government employees.

    Intimidation bred audacity, and audacity fed upon itself”

    And when audacity means taking bold risks with fraud which harms the lives of others……..and the State finds the concealment of such acts of fraud simple because they can utter with forged documents and deny access to legal representation and “fucking destroy” anyone who dares speak the truth……….

    ‘They are the ones who have lost their souls, and what they have forged will leave them in the lurch’

    It’s a strange sort of slander though. Because no Scientologist ever slandered me with a mental illness label and then ‘fucking destroyed’ my life with the use of State resources for pointing out the way their offending and misconduct had enabled arbitrary detentions and torture. That and the “after the fact due process” (thanks to a recent MiA article) “editing” of legal narrative to conceal these human rights abuses.

    And in my State the current government is “totally obsessed with secrecy” which tends to be a symptom of tyranny and oppression. Their recruitment of thugs as police seems to be more about their own security, rather than defending the rule of law which the Chief Psychiatrist simply writes out of existence to enable human rights abuses.

    Once in a position where you can deny the community the protections afforded by the law, your going to need ‘staff’ to do the arbitrary detaining and torture (disguised as ‘medicine’), and the administrators to do the “editing” to maintain your good reputation against Scientologists.

    Did you know they are arbitrarily detaining people who throw petrol bombs at protests in China? Isn’t that a human right? You would know this if you read the Australian newspapers, though very little about the way people are being ‘treated’ in facilities they call ‘hospitals’ once their status is changed from ‘citizen’ to “outpatient” by a nurse, before calling police for ‘assistance’ with their now “Outpatient” who needs to be taken into ‘care’.


    And I guess I’m just envious of the way you are being silenced. In my country the methods of silencing are a little more vicious (‘spiked’ with date rape drugs and snatched from your bed by thugs with weapons for transportation to a locked ward for ‘treatment’ with a chemical kosh and electricity against your will because ….. made up illness and anasognosia/elutheromania), and tend to result in what are euphemistically called ‘unintended negative outcomes’. Care to examine the ‘raw data’?

    I might just take out a subscription to JAD just so I can cancel it.

  • “the panopticon was a prison designed by Jeremy Bentham in which the guards could see into the cells, but the prisoners could not see the guards. After a while the prisoners developed a habit of assuming the guards were watching.”

    Like Facebook you mean? That was Mark Zuckerberg.

    “As you correctly point out it makes for selfish narcissistic individuals.”

    Doesn’t matter what my character flaws are, as long as my ‘selfies’ are looking good for the ‘guards’. If not, i’m cancelled.

  • 009 – a License to Pill

    The Police were doing raids on Church services to check vaccination status and mask wearing here. All forgotten about now, though a policeman who tried to take his employer to court for discriminating against him for not being vaccinated failed…… setting such a legal precedent would mean the inability of the State to use force if the situation arises again. That is, with no real evidence or proof of efficacy, the drug companies want us all ‘jabbed’ (at a cost to the taxpayer yet to be determined).

    “One must wonder if the public will ever start listening to us, well researched, long time pharmaceutical ‘canaries in the coal mine’ … who’ve been warning about the criminality of big Pharma for decades?”

    I seem to have come across one of those Priest/Psychiatrist combos who have been doing a little institutional silencing Someone Else. Any advice you would give in having such a person appropriately ‘referred’ for his ‘character flaws’, and snow jobs for others who are providing protections to ensure he is kept well positioned to deal with any ‘complaints’?

  • It became “after-the-fact due process.”

    And here was me thinking that the “editing” of legal narratives after the fact to remove a persons human and civil rights was a uniquely Australian idea.

    Being able to make a citizen into an “Outpatient” to conceal arbitrary detentions and acts of torture is no doubt a favorite tool of the State where I live. ‘Spiking’ citizens with date rape drugs (later to become their “regular medications” once taken into custody and hit over the head with the chemical kosh and electricity) and then having police cause an ‘acute stress reaction’


    a means to ensure that no accountability is ever possible. Would you answer the questions of the people providing you with ‘care’ after this sort of ‘treatment’? And keep in mind this is available for ALL citizens, who can be ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs and made “Outpatients” with some document “editing” to make what your looking at ‘care’ or ‘assistance’. The “induced coma” being the ‘chemical kosh’ to ensure the ‘authorities’ have time to get the legal narrative sorted. And not a soul prepared to say “this is wrong” because …. well, their family will be “fucking destroyed” by the same State representatives who destroyed mine for having the proof of their misconduct.

    I note that the ‘extra judicials’ being enabled by the State became a problem as a result of our equivalent of RICO laws (joint enterprise) and this required the bulldozing through of a Euthanasia Act as a supplement to the Mental Hygiene Act.

    The problem faced by Himmler as a result of the report of Josef Hartinger into two deaths of ‘prisoners’ at Dachau resolved in the same manner as the State I now live in. If it wasn’t lawful to kill the Jewish prisoners, make it so it IS lawful.

    There is no joint enterprise when a public officer is doing something lawful, and the legal narrative can be “edited” post hoc to make it lawful with “after the fact due process” (commonly referred to as criminal fraud but the preferred term where I live is “editing” and the lawyers know what this means. Nudge nudge wink wink, say no more.).

    The problem was that as a result of the case of Corrina Horvath at the U.N. the crimes of public officers were seen as being the responsibility of the State, and not as put forward by the State the sole responsibility of the individuals. And what if public officers were committing acts of criminal negligence and fraud to cover up such crimes? For example refusing to take evidence/proof of offending and then finding “insufficient evidence”? There’s your RICO link.

    Consider the situation if a doctor came forward and made admissions to Police regarding ending the life of a patient (providing the murder weapon, the place the body was disposed, and a full and unconditional confession [usually the missing link for prosecution])….. the Police had to literally dig up the wrong body to ensure they found “insufficient evidence”, while they passed the Euthanasia Act (never discussed before the election, though we were told 87% of the public wanted the laws, though the evidence for that figure was never produced either. Solomon Asch conformity experiments says a lot about this method of having people believe others want something).

    Personally I’d like to live in a place where people aren’t being subjected to arbitrary detentions and torture which is later “edited” to be ‘mental health care’, and the ‘unintended negative outcomes’ are seen for what they really are, intended. But it seems even the US is having some issues in this regard?

    As a wise man once said to me;

    “Where there’ a will,……… there’s relatives”.

    And if doctors are being enabled to dispose of ‘family problems’ for a fee? And the documents will be “edited” by the State before any legal representative is allowed to examine the facts, and the courts simply accept the fraud? And Police are dispatched to retrieve any documents, and arrest people for having the proof of misconduct…….. I guess I really stand as proof that they have got all the bases covered. lawyers forging letters of response from the Chief Psychiatrist making the most bizarre claims that he can rewrite the protections afforded by the law and remove them? Authorising the administration of date rape drugs before interrogations by police and other public officers, and then make them the victims “regular medications” with a fraudulent prescription “after the fact due process style?

    And the defense of “they wouldn’t do that” and “it never happened” is rock solid when the public are living in fear of their ‘elected representatives’ and their hired thugs ensuring carte blanche and zero accountability.

    “Australians value a rule of law” (ex Prime Minister ScoMo) except when it doesn’t work for certain people, then they value changing it. or at least that’s what 87% of the public thinks, and no I won’t provide the data to prove that.

    Good article though, and a warning to anyone who may think the US is a place which doesn’t enable such human rights abuses. My wife and a clinic psychologist pulling each others hair out over who was getting my property and money, once the legal narrative was fabircated.

  • “I believe he ended his life in a mental institution.”

    Always sketchy when these places are “editing” realities but,….. from what I remember, he died as a result of an infection caused after a beating by the staff of a mental institution.

    “Does that sound familiar to any of us?”

    Maybe, as long as I’m not going to be drugged and snatched out of my bed if I DO say I recognise the pattern lol A ‘conditional’ yes.

    Kind of bizarre looking back, that if I disagreed with my wife I had to go and have my decision confirmed at a cost of $200 a time, every time (she did want me to speak to the psychiatrist at $600 a time, but I said he was the pill man and what the fuk does he care about my decision to dislike broccoli for dinner? All that business was over when I left the service).

    Mind you, the family disagreement was about the right of the nephew to beat his girlfriend senseless in front of her children (after a night or two on the meth and gambling his, and his fathers, money away), and make threats to my wife. On these issues we disagreed. And there was nothing about the ‘assessment’ which wasn’t related to these issues, and why the fuk I have to be dragged out of my bed to speak to a psychiatrist about them still to this day eludes me. And there is nothing else in the documentation except the fabrications for others to utter with to conceal the offending.

    It must have been quite a blow to the ego of a psychologist with a Masters degree to know that my opinion of her was that she was like most of the 2nd year College students I had met. But with a psychiatrist as a husband, I guess taking no for an answer didn’t really enter the equation. The methods of arbitrarily detaining and torturing citizens exposed, and what they actually do when it is, even more interesting. Not just the “editing”.

    I’m not paying someone $200 a time to discuss if my decisions regarding how I live my life are correct. I didn’t survive this long by making reckless decisions.

  • True KateL,

    I had a friend who was released from the two hundred dollar hand shakers the day his insurance ran out. Sent home dribbling from the mouth with a bottle of anti psychotics, incapable of caring for himself. His sister threw the drugs away and he got better within a few weeks (though the long term effects seemed to stay with him)

    He cancelled all of his health insurances and was never taken captive again.

  • “I, myself, accept the Teachings of the Quran, but I don’t accept Islam.”

    “Islam is SUBMISSION to Allah. It’s not about CONTROLLING OTHER PEOPLE. It’s about CONTROLLING ONESELF.”

    You will then understand the ways in which they will try and draw individuals back to ‘their’ religion? I chose not to take drugs or drink alcohol, or eat meat from the swine…. so they put it into my food of drink without my knowledge. That failing, then perhaps torture will work?

    My own spiritual journey was never even discussed with the clinic psychologist, and I am unsure that even my wife was aware of what I was going through. I looked at the pictures of those people being ‘coerced’ at Abu Ghraib and found myself bringing years of self development together….. only to have it deliberately “fucking destroyed” for speaking the truth. Once again i refer back to the Book, they hate the truth.

    I don’t envy them their Day. Though the States maintenance of falsehoods means I remain imprisoned, unlike Bilal who was purchased and released from his torture by his ‘Master’.

    Beautiful music, it reminds me very much of the West African kora music.

    Wa alaykum Salaam Dan.

  • I find it fascinating the way that these ‘mental health professionals’ fabricate and manufacture a ‘good faith defense’ for much of their vile conduct.

    So for example, the Community Nurse in my situation is fully aware that I was NOT and “Outpatient”, though he had no valid referral source, so matters were arranged to create the appearance that he had obtained a police referral under the MH Act. I would suggest that knowing someone does not have a status of “Outpatient” but then lying to police regarding that fact makes the ‘good faith defense’ unavailable.

    In fact, I think that the FOI Officer was fully aware of that fact when she found a need to deny my lawful access to the documents showing that this defense was not available to the Community Nurse, and then further when they had a need to “edit” the legal narrative to conceal the relevant facts.

    And the prescription for my “Regular Mediations”? I think that it would have been quite simple for the Senior Medical Officer to establish what were my “Regular Medications” had I actually been an “Outpatient”. I think my medical records would have shown him that I was being prescribed these date rape drugs? Though I wasn’t actually an “Outpatient” and had he asked me about my medication regime he would have been provided with facts he preferred not to have. Is this someone attempting to defraud others who examined his fraudulent prescription for the drugs which had been administered without my knowledge in the commission of other offenses? If so, there is no ‘good faith defense’ available to him either.

    And the torture? Was this done in ‘good faith’? In the pursuit of a ‘good’ which was only obvious to those who felt a need to torture?

    It’s amazing how easily people with a motive to conceal criminal offending and human rights abuses can accept this ‘good faith defense’ when it isn’t actually available. With a little bit of “editing” it becomes available though, in the manner of compounding offences that is……… fraud to conceal acts of fraud, to conceal acts of fraud.

    I am assuming that the FOI Officer and the Operations Manager are fully aware of the damage they are doing to people with their compounding of offences, given the confidence in the threat to myself and my family made by the Operations Manager to “fucking destroy”. They have done this before, and have personally witnessed the damage they are doing with their acts of fraud with intent (aka minus any ‘good faith defense’)

    But “you can’t prove it Boans”…. and when I can, they send out police to retrieve the documents and rectify that situation, which results in the Law Centre then jumping in on the act…… “you can’t prove it Boans” well, actually I have some bad news there too, though fortunately Police are providing material assistance and ensuring that they don’t take the proof to find “insufficient evidence” and doing arbitrary detentions under the Mental Health Act rather than perform their duty….. though I’m sure that their fraud was in ‘good faith’ also? Oh that’s right, the person they did the ‘referral’ to, now claims “It never happened” as a direct result of threats to his family.

    Demonstrate the intent to defraud, and there is NO GOOD FAITH DEFENSE. But keep in mind that these people have the ability to “edit” documents that relate to any ‘little woopsie’ they have with your health, and which they can force on your as a result of their fraud in making you their “Outpatient” in good faith to enable the commission of the offences relating to your ‘outcoming’.

    It is clear to me now how the hospital administrators have attempted to fabricate a good faith defense with their own acts of fraud, using the fraudulent legal narrative fabricated by the Community Nurse and the Senior Medial Officer as their weapon. Police refusing to act based on a known fraudulent statement made to them regarding my status, and providing an opportunity for the criminals to sort their little problem out in the E.D.

    There are some pretty good defense lawyers around, but few who would be able to mount a defense based on the facts in this matter…. hence the need for “editing”, and denial of access to effective legal representation which has been given the full sanction of the State to conceal what was an arbitrary detention and acts of torture by both mental heath services AND police (though were police aware of the ‘spiking’ with date rape drugs? The Community Nurse could answer that question easily, and demonstrate his ‘good faith’ in the process? Criminal negligence now a must in perverting the course of justice)

    Though do keep in mind that if what I am saying regarding the original matters is correct, then the State would need to examine my claims regarding the events at the E.D. and ……. they really don’t want people knowing they are enabling such methods to resolve problematic legal narratives which become difficult to “edit” out of existence.

    I must say I admire the absolutely filthy methods employed by the FOI Officer and the Operations Manager in laying their fraud at the feet of others. Not only did they conceal the criminal conduct of the Community Nurse and Senior Medical Officer, but they managed to create the appearance that their own fraud was the responsibility of the Clinical Director of the hospital. That fraud then handed on to the Law Centre who provided as much assistance as they could without documenting their criminal negligence, and forging of a letter from the Chief Psychiatrist.

    And there are questions being asked as to why these ‘mental health professionals’ are failing our community? Given these facts, I think you should be referred for an examination by a psychiatrist for even asking the question.

    And I guess we could take a vote on whether being ‘spiked’ and having Police cause an “acute stress reaction” is torture or not. Hands up those who say it isn’t……… and then be very careful about what you eat or drink in future, because the test is when it is done to you, THEN you can say that it isn’t torture.

    This concealment of human rights abuses as being in the best interest of the individual is clearly ridiculous. In fact I don’t even think such ‘treatment’ of individuals is in the best interests of the community either. These people are particularly dangerous, though it is highly unlikely they will ever be held to account because they are also a valued resource for the State. people who can torture and arbitrarily detain and then ‘outcome’ anyone who complains? And the State can deny any involvement via acts of fraud and the “editing” of legal narrative and deny access to legal representations? They’d be happy with such a system in North Korea AND it seems in Australia too. The Minister holding on to the falsehood that this was all lawful. Only if you maintain the uttering with the fraud.

  • References

    Surah al Mutaffifin (Those who deal in Fraud)

    Surah al Humazah (the Slanderers)

    Surah al Munafiqun (the Hypocrites)

    Various ayat (verses) relating to the concealment of truth with falsehoods etc)

    Whilst I can find Sections of our Criminal Code that deal with fraud and other various offences such as putting date rape drugs into peoples food or drink, these laws are of no concern when the documents which prove the offences can be “edited” by the State to protect criminals and keep them in positions where their offending may be of benefit to those within the State systems. Once “edited” more senior public servants then simply utter with the known fraud, and deny access to legal representation.

    So for example, whilst Australia has ratified the Convention against the use of Torture (and the Optional Protocols), the hypocrisy is that they are “editing” legal narratives and denying access to legal representation and intimidating and threatening witnesses DESPITE the Articles of the Convention strictly prohibiting such refoulment of victims. “They will take their oaths as a cover” 63:2, “They have made their ˹false˺ oaths as a shield, hindering ˹others˺ from the cause of Allah” 58:16

    In regards slander, the documents which were “edited” included some personal information I had provided in the strictest of confidence to a Social Worker, and other misleading documents which was highly likely to create a false belief in the reader. All released without my consent, though I have no doubt that other forged documents have also created the belief that I was an “Outpatient” when this is demonstrably false. And all done with the sole intent of doing severe damage to my character…. but no access to legal representation, a benefit to the State and their criminal colleagues.

    I can not begin to imagine any Imam being enabled in such acts when the Quran strictly prohibits such vile, punishable, conduct.

    Not a very good reference for the people at the Ariel Castro Memorial Hospital is it? Frauds, slanderers and hypocrites……. luckily people can be snatched from their beds after being ‘spiked’, because I doubt many of their ‘clients’ are willing participants in their abuses.

    Though I also note they tried to lock me OUT of the hospital when I turned up in my prayer garments (rather than my ‘pyjamas’ and delivered by Police stupefied without my knowledge)…… their paranoid delusions regarding Muslims possibly a result of the “gratuitous Islamophobia” being spouted by our Premier? Two Christian boys post on Facebook they are going to behead his family and they are acting like “Fundamentalist Muslims”?

    I also note the value placed on protecting his family, whilst my family are subjected to overt threats and intimidation to conceal human rights abuses and public sector misconduct (though I concede that there is a difference between threats of “fucking destroying” and beheadings. Both however threats, and those issued by the State more likely to be carried out I would suggest. Especially given the proof is there for all to see in regards my “fucking destruction” and that of my family. Without fear or favor huh?)

  • It can make it difficult to remember your name if you happen across a doctor whose motive may not be entirely ethical. Though I suppose with no ‘Chop Square’ like Jeddah, what else are you going to do with someone who has a propensity for violence towards others, and who has shown little possibility of rehabilitation? Or who is complaining about your criminal conduct and who can be picked up by police (who will provide a window of opportunity by refusing documented proof of offending) if you tell them that the person is your “Outpatient”?

    But then there is; an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind…… or the one eyed man King?

  • Hi again Dan,

    “Those guys, Boans and Dan, are really CRAZY to think that Psychiatry is like Boko Haram. Psychiatric is based on Science. It has NOTHING to do with Religion at all!”

    Opinions aren’t facts. So let them think you and I are crazy.

    I would draw your attention to the parallels made by Adamm Curtis in his Power of Nightmares (the Rise of the Politics of Fear)


    The comparison between the Islamist ideology of Sayeed Qutb and the economic theories of Milton Friedman are striking. The use of the ‘School of the Americas’ in Chile making Boko Haram look like a Punch and Judy show. This then running through to the neo conservatives and what has been called al Qaeda (which was a fabrication to bring charges against Usama bin Laden in abstentia for the 1998 bombing in Nairobi. The use of RICO laws wasn’t possible without an organisation.).

    It never existed, and yet despite this fact there are still people to this day who think there is an organisation called al Qaeda.

    Islamic State on the other hand does exist, and there is a very good movie called “Timbuktu” which gives an idea of how it works. And it works very much like psychiatry, with people who are straying from the ‘path’ (sunnah) being coerced to behave in a specific manner. There are no hard and fast rules per se, just a varying interpretation of the Quran and Hadiths. Not unlike ‘psychiatric diagnosis’, where the ‘ill’ person is never really sure of what it is that is wrong with them.

    There is a scene where a ‘liberal’ Imam confronts some of the Jihadis walking through the Mosque who have forced women to wear gloves to cover themselves. The Imam points out that they are enforcing these rules with severe punishments but it says in Quran that one should give explanation as to WHY one should be doing such things. The Islamic State fighters simply justify their behaviour with the claim they are on Jihad. This means they can now walk through the Mosque wearing boots and carrying weapons. The rules don’t apply to them.

    In much the same way as the Form filled out by the Community Nurse could be applied to anyone on the planet, though the claim is that there are legal protections from arbitrary detentions, but he is on a Jihad against ‘mental illness’ and therefore his war on the ‘enemy’ allows him to operate outside the law. Those who support him in this simply utter with the fraud he produces, and deny access to effective legal representation.

    There is a significant difference though. The Islamists are bound by the Quran, which can not be changed. So acts of fraud if demonstrated create a dilemma for the senior Islamists, and there may be serious consequences for them for acts of fraud and uttering, slander, and hypocrisy. Unlike the ‘psychiatric quran’ which allows the “editing” of legal narratives to fabricate outcomes preferred by those in power (fraud), which makes use of slander as a ‘diagnostic system’, and a total disregard for the truth in the face of absolute proof that criminal offences have occurred (hypocrisy).

    Not that the Islamists haven’t found what they believe to be ‘loopholes’, it’s just that the Quran is not a moving set of goal posts, and is the Primary source of truth.

    I was really pleased to hear that you have a safe place, and are being influenced by the power of prayers. This place is temporary.

    I had someone tell me today about a cartoon they are working on. It is two panels, one with President Biden and Mohammed bin Salman fist bumping, and the other panel is at the Gates of Heaven with Julian Assange fist bumping Jamal Kashoggi.

    Take care Dan. Try and watch the above documentary if you have time (and consider the similarities between jahiliyyah and anosognosia. The lack of insight the justification for force in both instances), there are THREE of us that are mad it would seem, it’s just that Adamm Curtis is so much better at communicating than me.

    I can’t even make a complaint about being tortured and be heard, despite having the documented proof. Mind you I don’t think i’d be much more effective with the Taliban, who after all would possibly not bother having me delivered to an E.D. for an ‘unintended negative outcome’, and I doubt very much that they would be rudely interrupted if they did. They don’t seem to be big on documenting things, so the idea of a need for “editing” of legal narrative ….. you get the picture. Same people, different faces.

  • I think taking stuff that makes you sick is proof you need to be given stuff that makes you sick, If the choice is yours Dan, choose. In my instance, my choice to not take intoxicants didn’t suit the purposes of certain individuals, so they thought they were justified in putting it into my drink to have me consume the poison I would otherwise refuse.

    Our ex Prime Minister had something to say about such people when there was someone putting needles into food in supermarkets. Though it seems once again, these comments did not apply to anyone who had the cover of ‘mental health professional’ as protection.

    The comments about the high levels of sexual assaults being reported by ‘patient’s made by our Minister for mental Health that “you can’t listen to them, they’re mental patients” really struck home for me. I know there was a staff member (why does that make me smile) whose willful exposure to the female patients was well known about, even among other staff but……… nothing ever done about it because “you can’t listen to them………

    I suppose enabling his abuses makes it easier to conceal other more serious human rights abuses because those captured within the system realise that resistance is useless. Show them how brutal you are as they get off the trains being the orders that are given, it will make your task easier

    And I agree with you Dan, I think that the ‘mental health system’ radicalises people, quite rapidly. Though like police they ensure they are ‘on site’ when they do to put down any possible response as quickly as possible. This should change significantly with Community Treatment Orders. Radicalised, but not contained? Expect MORE rampages, with more calls for more powers to restrain within the home. I don’t even like to imagine what a community of that sort will look like. I guess we are about to find out.

    In fact, it makes an interesting hypothesis……. is it the case that mental health services, like Islamic State, are radicalising individuals and the results of this radicalisation are contributing to the rise in rampages and mass shootings? Because in many societies where the ‘radicals’ have instilled their beliefs through acts of force and violence, we see a response of acts of violence from the non compliant against their own communities……. see for example Afghanistan and the attacks on Mosques during Taliban rule.

  • Just pondering these ‘disappearances’ being done by the State government.

    You would think that given I had been ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs without my knowledge, and was being transported against my will by police to a locked ward of a ‘mental institution’ (I note it is serving more than one purpose for the State, though the term is applied in much the same way as Auschwitz was considered a ‘work camp’), that I would have been allowed to contact my ‘next of kin’, a lawyer, or my doctor?

    Not a chance, in fact they ensured that I could not contact my daughter by denying me access to her telephone number, when I asked about speaking to a lawyer this request was denied, and my doctor? Well, they definitely couldn’t have that occur, because they knew I didn’t actually have a psychiatrist and were breaking the law by completing fraudulent Forms to create the appearance I was an “Outpatient”. Police did not provide a referral source, as they had been called and asked to assist with a violent psychotic drug abusing wife beater who was an “outpatient” in possession of a knife, and refusing to talk to his ‘carer’. Though I note the ‘switch’ was made to create the appearance I was a Police referral once back at Ariel Castro Memorial Hospital. Hey look how easy kidnapping is in my State 🙂

    I did make a phone call eventually, though I also see that the contents of that call (to a lawyer at the Law Centre) were documented by a nurse to ensure that the ‘doctor’ (who was conspiring with the Private Clinic psychologist to conceal the offending) was informed of what I had discussed with ‘outsiders’. Documents adjusted accordingly (see the email to the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist where my ‘threats of litigation’ were used to justify my ill treatment, and denial of ‘due process’). Look out, he has talked to a lawyer, someone get a needle full of the chemical kosh into him asap.

    I did actually manage to get a receipt for my person, in the form of a “with complements’ slip with a comment about me being put on Forms by the Community Nurse. Quite a funny guy when you think about that, tortured, kidnapped and he says “with compliments”. Note the deception of creating the appearance of being a Police referral before even leaving the scene of his crimes?

    I suppose the problem with contacting my next of kin was that they would then have had to inform my daughter of me being ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs, and they were actively concealing the offences related to that fact….. intoxication by deception ( 3 years), stupefying with intent to commit an indictable offence (20 years), etc etc. And that was all going to be resolved once they ‘chemically restrained’ me for wearing a loud shirt in a public place (that would be considered “reasonable” right?).

    You really have to love Australia though. They have the rest of the world convinced this is a democracy, when in fact it has regressed into a Police State where arbitrary detentions, torture, ‘refouler’ are sorted out with document “editing”.

    The only person the State would allow to act as my ‘next of kin’ being the person who had arranged to have me ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs and who then planted a knife for police to find. Hardly someone who could be considered to be ‘acting in my interests’ right? Glad she didn’t request that I be ‘assisted to die’ under the new laws given the ease with which my right to consent was passed by the State to the person who ‘spiked’ me with date rape drugs to incapacitate me.

    Still, I guess when your acting like a pack of rapists, why wouldn’t you try and isolate your victim and make sure you got rid of any evidence, and got your story straight in case anyone bothered to ask.

    All sorted now though, the documents have been released showing the offending and everyone simply ignores the documented facts. How humiliating for the victims is that? To be showing the offences which are as plain as the nose on my face, to be denied with bare faced lies?

    Personally I think that my wifes close personal friendship with the Ministers psychologist sister, and her ‘advice’ to my wife, may have something to do with his response of ‘get treated’ to my allegation of acts of torture, despite the facts showing he may be uttering with what are fraudulent documents. Decide for yourself.

  • Yes KateL, it is chilling.

    I read a book some years ago that was 4 reports about the issues being faced by the National Socialists during the processing of a part of their population, and the production of items for the war effort. That too was chilling, the way these Public Officers were suggesting a slowing down of the killing of particular ‘skill sets’ due to the need for their particular skills. One that comes to mind was those who made truck seats, which as you can imagine a truck is not much use without. Comfort for the driver delivering the Einsatzgruppen to a town for ‘purging’ important.

    What the Doc here is talking about is true of all areas of medicine. In fact, I think that in some ways the introduction of this corruption has come from other areas, and into psychiatry/mental health. Though the effect of that corrupting seems to have different behavioural outcomes.

    I know that what I have observed about the State enabling the “editing” of documented legal narratives to conceal criminal conduct may be why any research coming out of Australia would receive such scrutiny. The wholesale “editing” of legal narratives to do cover ups a common occurrence, and the refusal of any authorities to pursue the matters quite easily identified (Try and make a complaint about being tortured (or point out the duty of a public officer to report suspected misconduct)? “We’ll fucking destroy you” the response. Not really fitting with the Convention Australia ratified but …. who cares)

    Moving frauds sideways in your ‘industry’ is not really a good solution when your word is your honor. In fact, I think that providing such ‘institutional protections’ actually attracts a certain type of person, who being aware there are no negative consequences for serious criminal conduct will take on a Machiavellian type of ‘character flaw’.

    Unauthorised experiments on patients contributed to studies easily “edited” out of existence should things not turn out the way you might have expected…….. and with police available to retrieve any documents proving the offending, arbitrary detentions authorised by our Chief Psychiatrist based on the “observed behaviours suggesting a mental illness” once the “Outpatient” has been beaten senseless by police? And lets not mention the ‘spiking’ with date rape drugs which “never happened” because “edited” (wasn’t that a problem me still having the proof?)

    Chilling? I doubt very much the public in Australia is even aware of how chilling it has become. The ‘unintended negative outcomes’ requiring the passing of a Euthanasia Act because the Mental Health Act covers a lot of human rights abuses and concealment of criminal conduct…… but didn’t actually go that far, and the ‘joint enterprise’ nature of the offending needed to be ‘cut’.

    Himmler had the same problem with the report of Josef Hartinger and required laws to enable the ‘outcomings’ at Dachau to continue, and resolved it in the same manner.

    But what else would one expect for a State where torture and disappearances are methods of discipline? Snatched from your bed by police after being ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs and never to see your family again because ….. they were witnesses to it all and need to comply with the “edited” version of reality. How dare you question our authority to do this to citizens?. Especially when the Chief Psychiatrist has rewritten the law to allow it to occur, and removed the protections afforded the community.

    “If the party could thrust its hand into the past and say of this or that event, it never happened–that, surely, was more terrifying than mere torture and death.” Orwell 1984.

    The government we now have has been described as “being totally obsessed with secrecy”. And given the way they are enabling “editing” of reality, no wonder. But what matters is that you get your research published……. and if that takes a bit of “editing” or fabrication of data, so be it.

    Integrity could be restored to the ‘system’ quite rapidly, though unlike the Emperor of Wu, you would need to have the stomach for what needs to be done to achieve that end.

  • I can see what your saying Denver Dan.

    I wrote a comment regarding the way that these abusers actively seek out the institutional protections afforded them in much the same way that the child rapists sought out the protections afforded by the Churches for 40 years.

    I was speaking with a lawyer at golf yesterday, and he was explaining how the Head of one Church who had actively participated in the concealment of the offending, and who was in the role as Head of the Church for 10 months, now receives more than $800,000 (indexed) a year for the rest of his life. While many of the victims who may not have been victimised but for his negligence and cover ups, got how much in a one off payment? Oh that’s right, it wasn’t much use putting the money on many of the graves. The “Ellis Defense” ensuring they basically got nothing.

    Personally I think retaliating in kind is wrong.

    I have told a story before about a Samurai who came home from war to find his family had been slaughtered, his home burned to the ground and everything destroyed. He tracked down the man responsible and fought him, beat him to the ground, and was about to cut his head off when the man spat in his face. The samurai put away his sword and walked away.

    The people who watched the events asked him, “After all that this man has done to you, why did you not kill him?”

    The Samurai responded “Because I was angry”.

    They will turn on themselves, and ‘we’ need to be in a place where we are protecting our own from their abuses. There are historical examples, the flight of the Muslims to Medina being mine. Leave them in their own corruption, and live according to a set of rules where each member of the community can place a level of trust in the other….. as opposed to this enabling of human rights abuses and criminality by the current State system.

    Acts of fraud, slander and hypocrisy are classed as serious offenses in Islam, in my State they are seen as a ‘business model’ provided money by the State, and called ‘mental health services’. Why on earth anyone would walk in to there offices willingly leaves me gobsmacked….. though once you realise what ‘coercive’ methods are available, you begin to understand how the ‘showers’ are getting filled, and the art collections in the homes of those benefiting are getting bigger. The extraction of labour power these days done minus the work camps. The trough of State money unending when it comes to having the people the State is at war with ‘treated’.


  • I’ve got a letter that caused me some extreme trauma. And this, I believe, was the intent of the author. Taking something I held to be a truth, and changing what was done to me from criminal to being lawful….. by rewriting the legal protections afforded my whole community, and enabling arbitrary detentions.

    Perhaps you, as a ‘letter writer’ can see a difference between;

    “suspect on reasonable grounds that the person should be made an involuntary patient” With the Criteria for what constitutes an “involuntary patient” set out in a section of the Mental Health Act (Must have an illness, must be a risk, illness must be treatable, and least coercive method used)


    “The Authorised Mental Health Practitioner need only ‘suspect’ on grounds they believe to be reasonable that the person requires an examination by a psychiatrist”

    This second misrepresentation of the law removes the protection afforded the community by removing the “reasonable grounds” and leaving only a suspicion (commonly called ‘suss laws’ which enable arbitrary detentions) AND changing the consequences of the referral from the belief that the person needs to be an involuntary patient (ie incarcerated and force drugged) to a nice little chat with a psychiatrist.

    This effectively makes the Criteria set out in the law which ARE the “reasonable grounds” totally moot.

    I’m obviously not very good at communicating in English because I have been told that this rewriting of the law which to me makes substantive changes to the protections afforded the community against human rights abuses is “not a misrepresentation” (to quote the Minister for Mental Health)

    Now whilst these matters may not be important to the Minister or the Chief Psychiatrist, they are important to me because if this is a misrepresentation , then criminal offenses have occurred and I have been subjected to human rights abuses. And their negligence in not dealing with the matters they received a complaint about, may mean others are being harmed.

    So I have spent some time looking at the statements and wondering why the people charged with protecting the community, don’t even recognise the laws that are designed to protect ‘us’. Seems a bit strange really…….

    So can you see what I am saying Ms Holzman?

    “When one is writing a letter, he should think that the recipient will make it into a hanging scroll.” Yamamoto Tsunetomo, Hagakure.

    I have made the letter of response from our Chief Psychiatrist into a ‘hanging scroll’, and live in the hope that someone will recognise how his misrepresentations and refusal to correct his ‘error’ is resulting in the enabling of arbitrary detentions and the concealment of acts of torture in facilities wrongly called ‘hospitals’.

    I mean, I simply had no idea that the Chief Psychiatrist could actually rewrite the law and remove the legal protections afforded the community, and then lay claim to providing ‘protection to consumers, carers and the community’ with his “expert legal advice to the Minister”.

    Looks more like criminal negligence enabling cover ups of crimes and human rights abuses to me. Don’t like the laws protecting the public? Rewrite them, and then deny access to effective legal representation and ‘suspect’ that the ‘complainant’ requires ‘treatments’.

    I can only begin to imagine how the Chief Psychiatrist would rewrite the Articles of the Convention against the use of Torture. Oh wait, given what he has already written, that document doesn’t even exist anymore. The “editing” of legal narratives he has enabled means that whatever ‘they’ want to be true, can be achieved with such “editing”.


    “The Operational Directive allows for release of the unredacted medical records to the legal practitioner upon signed confidentiality, but there is still a formal requirement for the service to identify those otherwise redacted areas first, to appropriately advise the lawyer”.

    This is the response by the C.P. to a complaint by the lawyers about receiving “edited” documents. That is, the documents showing I had been ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs (this is a criminal offence in my State), and that the Community Nurse has called Police and requested assistance with his “Outpatient” (this being a criminal offence in my State) who was in possession of a knife (this too a criminal offence, not having a knife that was planted on you, but creating a false belief for Police). All the documents showing these facts removed and other documents making me a long term ‘patient’ of this hospital inserted in their place….. you know “edited”.

    I find myself wondering what kind of ‘advice’ the hospital was going to give my ‘legal representatives’ regarding their offending? The provision of these documents unredacted upon provision of the confidentiality agreement is to protect human rights, but it clearly doesn’t work when they simply “edit” reality, and the lawyers ‘play along’.

    Pointing these facts out to the Chief Psychiatrist and Minister (who thought the documents I had showing the differences to legal narrative done by “editing” had been retrieved by police) means….. crickets. Not only do they “edit” reality, even when they fail to retrieve the documents I had and the facts are exposed, they maintain their uttering with the fraud and deny the reality they clearly knew they were denying despite being aware of the truth.

    Do you have any ‘developmental’ suggestions for our Chief Psychiatrist and the Minister? Perhaps they might get some training in basic law and at least come to understand how a burden of proof operates to protect the community? Perhaps they can find a ‘new way’ of not “editing” human rights abuses out of legal narratives to conceal acts of torture and arbitrary detentions? Because their hypocrisy when pointing fingers at China seems a little…. rich (which given the money they are being paid you would expect at least some semblance of reasonableness…. though once they have removed reason from the laws, it really does come crumbling down)

    If they knew the laws they were charged with enforcing, they might actually not get so many people they have to silence because they don’t like the truth and have to “edit” reality to ensure their preferred outcome is achieved every time.

    Not to mention the ‘unintended negative outcomes’ the Coroner is having to turn a blind eye to.

    Anyway, hope you can respond in some meaningful way other than some of the more bizarre gaslighting responses I have gotten from people who call themselves ‘lawyers’, though appear to be closer to what are called criminally negligent sycophant’s

  • “Beans says, “Trust in haste, regret at leisure””

    The quote is from a poster on the wall in the 1985 movie Brazil.

    The other two I liked from the same movie were “Suspicion Breeds Confidence” and “Don’t suspect a friend, Report them”.

    Fascinating movie, with the Michael Palin character Jack Lint, the public torturer modelled on a psychiatrist. (“utterly and totally unscrupulous”. to quote the wiki page)

    “if you or someone you know is suffering metal health concerns call this number and report them”
    We really are getting to this stage of becoming totally paranoid about the mental stability of those around us…… not unlike the prying eyes (was that a song by the Eagles?) of the National Socialist’s in Germany.

    I also found it kind of strange that the people who arranged to have me tortured so that I would talk, quite quickly had to make ‘other arrangements’ to have me silenced. Clever of the Chief Psychiatrist to make the “observable behaviours” produced by acts of torture and arbitrary detentions justification for forced drugging and incarceration. No need for the Convention against the use of Torture, because those who have been tortured get ‘treated’, and would never be in a position to access the protections afforded by the law. Their reality is “edited” out of existence by the State, and no one dare look.

    The way the Community Nurse had to avoid the truth and facts in his documentation is hilarious when you realise what he is doing with his fraudulent documents, being uttered with by other more senior public officers to defend the indefensible. Hi to the Minister for Health. Can’t be easy maintaining know lies with the truth on your desk, hence the need for “editing” when the inevitable does occur. I guess he will be long gone by the time the ‘authorities’ stop throwing the ball between themselves as an obstruction tactic.

    I guess the State needs to be careful enabling torture when they may not like what they hear….. ask Umayyah ibn Khalaf.

  • Sorry, can’t edit the comment above.

    Oh wow, I’ve just figured out a way to bypass the confidentiality afforded by the Federal Privacy Act. Who’d have thought it was that easy?

    All those ‘great legal minds’ and there is a loophole the size of a Mack Truck. Well, you have to commit a series of offences for the situation to occur where you can appear to have released the ‘medical records’ lawfully but …… it’s not like police are going to do anything about an “Outpatient” making complaints when they are intoxicated by deception with date rape drugs to stupefy and commit an indictable offence right?

    Once incapacitated and in the hands of the people in the locked ward, your now “Regular Medications” (the benzos you were ‘spiked’ with to incapacitate) means you can’t consent to the release of your ‘medical records’, and it’s simply a matter of the SMO making a telephone call to the clinic psych and she can now release your records because a doctor (someone who CAN prescribe drugs for you to be ‘spiked’ with 12 hours before he even met you) has requested them, and you lost your right to consent…….. or you will, once they have ‘chemically restrained’ you, and your dribbling in a cell.

    In fact, given I was NOT an “Outpatient” and whilst I concede that I had been placed on a Form 1 and therefore may have been considered a “referred person” (only a psychiatrist can remove your right to consent, and up to that point, I had no psychiatrist) under the MH Act, I had only lost my right to liberty and significantly NOT my right to consent.

  • Yeah, me too.

    I think Ms Hartman has an article here on MiA answering that question.

    I just realised thinking about your question, that my “dx” was unlawfully released to the ‘hospital’ from the Private Clinic which had written a report for the courts relating to an injury I sustained at my work.

    But it was only ever listed as a “Provisional Diagnosis” by the Senior Medical Officer who also wrote the fraudulent prescription to conceal the ‘spiking’ with benzos.

    The significance of which is????? I was never made into a “patient” because the Consultant Psychiatrist wrote that he could find no evidence of a ‘mental illness’.

    So the idea of me having the “dx” expunged from the records is ludicrous. The State is simply uttering with the known fraud to maintain a falsehood.

    That particular “dx” which was released, was one of three reports written by psychiatrists. The second report not preferred by my employer so they then had one produced by someone who has a reputation for ‘hatchet jobs’ (ie minimizing ‘insurance claims’ for companies prepared to pay the ‘fee’)

    The Federal Privacy Act should provide legal protection form the release of such information from a Private Clinic, but the problem being that this psychologist (with a Masters degree) had arranged to have me incapacitated with benzos put into my drink without my knowledge….. and then unlawfully detained by police (told I was an “Outpatient” of a hospital) before being locked in a cage. The “provisional Diagnosis” was done based on a three minute interview by the SMO where he found out I had studied psychology, and had a wife…….. and he then made ‘his’ diagnosis? fact is, that diagnosis is proof of the offending under the Federal Privacy Act, and was part of a large number of other offenses committed against me and the community on that day.

    They can’t expunge something that doesn’t exist, thought the State is maintaining the lie to conceal the offending.

    “Provisional Diagnosis”? If I think I have lost a golf ball off the tee, I hit a ‘provisional’, is this what this SMO is relying on to justify his ‘snow jobs’ and torture for Police?

  • I think your right Denver Dan, John Hogget does make some important points.

    “Do the staff in an Inpatient Psychiatric Ward have the RIGHT to ASSAULT a patient who is refusing to take medication EVEN IF he or she has an INJURY?”

    There were a number of deaths at one of our ‘facilities’ about 10 years back. Patients who were being ‘gangtackled’ were also having their necks snapped. These “unintentional negative outcomes” were stopped it seems with some staff training sessions in how to do restraints.

    There was an association between our Police and a ‘physical training company’ around that particular time, which the Police Dept had difficulty stopping their members from attending for ‘personal training’.

    I have witnessed one nurse who liked to practice his Mixed Martial Arts training on patients, at one point trying to threaten me for going to the hospital to obtain documentation via FOI. He did like to fight some of the bigger, fitter patients, but would probably last about 15 minutes in Helmand province methinks.

    There isn’t a lot the State can do about these ‘rogue’ elements who may wish to practice the techniques that they are learning from these ‘private personal trainers’ which may involve methods of snapping necks once the ‘patient’ is in a vulnerable position. That is, with ‘mental health professionals’ holding them face down, and open to a bit of thumb pressure in the right place.

    It is known that none of them would testify given the precedent set when 14 police watched a young man kicked to death in the cells, though refused to testify on the grounds of self incrimination. The same precedent is set for other areas of ‘containment’, with nurses also aware of their right of refusal to bear witness to the crimes of others (see joint enterprise laws)

    So the deaths and serious assaults aren’t even investigated really, knowing that those who watched it occur, will refuse to testify….. ergo you have no case to answer. A good reason for ensuring that there are no ‘credible’ witnesses to these assaults. Would anything have been done about George Floyd without the video of him being murdered? I’m surprised police didn’t have the ‘evidence retrieval unit’, and ‘witness family threats unit’ go into action as they would have done here.

    I assume your aware of the ways they are set up by staff, and why your ‘confidentiality’ is being ‘protected’ by not allowing cameras on the facility? That is, do it when all the other ‘patients’ are present to watch the ‘take down’, so for example one I witnessed done at the breakfast kitchen window while the only others present were staff and patients’. The good old terrorist methods of kill one to scare a thousand. Sun Tzu was right, it works a treat.

  • I was pondering the use of the corrupt practice of “verballing” earlier. It has been called “noble corruption” by those who would like it to continue being part of our public officers means of corrupting our court system. Technically it is just corruption and nothing more. The adding of an adjective merely ‘softens’ what should be seen as a practice worthy of imprisonment.

    Then I realised how the use of the term “psychiatric abuse” works. By drawing the abuse into the institution, it makes the abuse somehow different, and allows the enablers to conceal and obfuscate the abuse.

    During the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, we didn’t hear Counsel Assisting speak about ‘religious child rapists’, or ‘Catholic child rapists’, we heard about the “character flaws” of individuals which were not seen as worthy of being reported to police. How one could look at the ‘repairs’ done to the anus of an 8 year old boy by a doctor and NOT think of these types of injuries as being ‘reportable offences’ eludes me, but, that’s what happened….. for nearly 40 years.

    I guess the point being that it is when the offences are being concealed by the ‘institution’ that perpetrators will find ways of making their abuse (and it is simply abuse and NOT religious abuse, or psychiatric abuse) appear to be part of an institution. They join Church groups to gain access to children for example.

    So I find in my situation I was subjected to human rights abuses and criminal conduct, but the perpetrators have done the smart thing and dressed it up as being ‘psychiatric abuse’ and received all the protections afforded by that ‘repackaging’. Does it change anything if one rapes a child as a Priest as opposed to being a layperson? It certainly used to. Does it change anything if you abuse someone as a ‘mental health professional’?

    I think the analogy is a valid one. In both situations it is the ‘institution’ which is responding to the allegations, and providing protection once the perpetrators have created the illusion that it is the ‘institution’ which is at fault….. and the knee jerk reaction is there for all to see. The State was quite open with me that their response to me complaining about their colleagues abuses would be to “fucking destroy” me.

    And with the ability to “edit” legal narrative and make citizens into “Outpatients” post hoc to conceal their offending, and use of arbitrary detentions and torture (and worse)…. the sky really is the limit.

    I must say that the psychiatrists I have dealt with have been honorable people (save one who had motive to do me harm. That is, the concealment of criminal conduct). But the people who did the document “editing” to conceal the facts from my legal representatives, and those who forged the letter of response from the Chief Psychiatrist……absolutely vicious abusers who are using the resources of police in their misconduct (I assume the ‘favors’ are being returned via breaches of ‘confidentiality’)

    I got the same feeling when hearing the testimony of the mother whose son had been abused by a Priest for years, and when he committed suicide by hanging himself on his bedroom door, the local Church authorities went straight to her home to ensure he hadn’t left a suicide note detailing the abuse by their colleague. Once satisfied there was no evidence, they left the mother in her own grief for others to deal with.

    I guess in a way I have been throwing my compliant against the ‘psychiatric abuse’ wall, when what was done was NOT ‘psychiatric abuse’ at all. It has simply been made to APPEAR to be psychiatric abuse to use the protections afforded by the ‘institution’ and their enablers.

    There were no ‘religious child rapes’ in as much as there is no ‘psychiatric abuses’……. they are just abuses.

    And I am assuming that at some point there will be a reckoning. Those who have been enablers and have silenced the abuses of others may be held up in public for their evil deeds. Perhaps their “character flaws” can be drugged and electrocuted from them? In a ‘medicinal’ kind of way of course, once they are made “Outpatients” with a little “editing” of documents.

    Such a shame that the ‘institution’ continues to provide the protections it does, despite being aware of how it is being done. The proof of the harms here at MiA for all to see….. if only they would look. I know, it takes time…. which is cold comfort to the growing list of victims of this ‘psychiatric abuse’.

  • Our Minister for MH was presented with a report showing that nearly 50% of women had reported being sexually assaulted in the locked wards, to which she replied “You can’t listen to them, they’re mental patients”.

    But putting your silencing methods aside, let me run something past your legal mind.

    171. Creating false belief
    (1) In this section —
    belief means a belief or suspicion that —
    (a) an offence has been or is about to be committed;
    (b) human safety is or may be endangered;
    (c) human life has or may have been lost;
    (d) property is or may be endangered;
    (e) property has or may have been destroyed;
    (f) there is a fire that needs to be put out,
    and that is of such a nature as would reasonably call for action by the Police Force or by emergency services.
    (2) A person who does or omits to do any act with the intention of creating a false belief is guilty of a crime and is liable to imprisonment for 2 years.


    Any person who, by the production of a false certificate or other document, knowingly and wilfully, procures any person, not suffering from mental illness (as defined in the Mental Health Act) or mental impairment, to be apprehended or detained, pursuant to that Act or any law relating to mental impairment, upon insufficient or unreasonable grounds, is guilty of a crime and is liable to imprisonment for 3 years.

    These are two offences listed in the Criminal Code. Now I don’t expect you to believe me for a moment but…. I have documents here which show that (a) I was NOT an “Outpatient” of ANY hospital or facility. Though a Community Nurse has completed a Form titled “Outpatient Case Notes” and has then called police informing them that he will require assistance with his “Outpatient”, and there is a receipt number from Police for this request. The Community Nurse was fully aware that what he was doing was criminal but …….and that (b) he was also aware that I had been ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs AND that police were going to find a knife on his “Outpatient” (mainly because others had arranged for that to occur once I collapsed).

    I have the documents showing both the creation of a false belief AND the “false certificate or document”. You would think it would be fairly easy to obtain legal assistance or at least an explanation as to why it wasn’t an offence to do these things? But this isn’t what happened…….because the hospital knew police now thought I was a knife wielding, drug abusing, mental patient and they were refusing to even examine the documents I have…… and the lawyers I did have? Well, they preferred the “edited” version of events, despite their right to examine unredacted documents to protect human rights.

    What do I mean by “edited” version of events? Well, instead of me not being anyone’s “Outpatient”, the legal narrative changed with the removal of certain documents, and the insertion of others from an old file. I became an “Outpatient” of more than ten years….. and the date rape drugs which had been administered without my knowledge? Drugs which I have never had a prescription for, and would never take willingly as they are intoxicants. Well, I have a prescription for my “Regular Medications” signed by a doctor I had never met until more than 12 hours after they were administered …. I’m sure your legal knowledge would take you to “Compounding or concealing a criminal offence” with that fraudulent prescription? And lets go back a bit to before I became an “Outpatient” as a result of a telephone call and a diagnosis of a Serious Mental Illness by a Community Nurse (no psychiatrists required where I live, despite what the law says)….. oh wait, lets not…. the forged legal narrative is now the preferred one.

    Of course I have had confirmation that these matters were “human rights violations” and that the letter from the Chief Psychiatrist (based on the “edited” version of events) was a “cover up” (I won’t reference the source of those statements, but the person was well qualified to make them)

    Now that we have established that, can we take a look at what happened when I was ‘admitted’ to the E.D after trying to access the protection of the law?. Because there were some people who were desperately trying to make me into a ‘patient’ with forged documents due to their concerns about plotting to ‘spike’ me with date rape drugs and have me unlawfully transported against my will to a locked cage, where the intent was to do me further harm for no other reason than I had a disagreement with my wifes family, and was going to leave because of the threats they had issued to home invade and bash me senseless.

    “These things tend to get a bit out of hand”, no kidding Einstein.

    Especially when I had the documented proof and was going to the Police and attempting to make a complaint…, about a psychiatrists wife who is a psychologist at a Private Clinic, and who had provided information to my wife as to how to procure the services of a Community Nurse and Police to have me ‘arbitrarily detained’ (though I think the correct term is kidnapped given the police seem to have been unaware that the Community Nurse was lying to have them cause an ‘acute stress reaction’, combined with the ‘spiking’ this then becomes an act of torture See Article 1 of the Convention).

    Anyway Perry Mason, what ya think? Should I sue?

    With only the “edited” version there was no chance. With the redacted version the proof was there, but it was obscured. With the unredacted ones everyone is afraid for their families given the way police have provided assistance to the criminals to cover up their crimes and human rights abuses. I did have to ask a Member of Parliament which set of documents the State was going to provide to the Federal Court after showing him the two narratives. Particularly given the Chief Psychiatrist had responded to the “edited” version of events (despite admitting having sighted the complete set of unredacted documents), I assume thinking that the offending documents had been retrieved, so no one would know about the “editing” tehe. And well, Police had been told to ensure they didn’t take the proof of the crimes because ……. best ask the people ordering police around in that regard, you know, the criminals.

    Police failing to retrieve the documents I have (despite chasing me half way around the State with my wife to have her retrieve them and keep their hands off) showing the offences AND much more significantly, the cover up.

    Having the proof of these matters more a problem for the victim than the people arranging little accidents, and rearranging legal narratives and calling it “editing”.

    So ya still think you know what’s really going on there? Because i’ve personally witnessed people of the same opinion virtually deficate themselves once they realised what I was saying was true. They were all good as long as the story was I was mad, but that doesn’t mean that what I’m saying isn’t true, it just makes it worth of closer examination …. which results in people shitting themselves. And they simply find it easier to gaslight the victim (and sell out their souls in the process, the hypocrites.)

    And why the fear of a psychiatrist? It’s not like they believe me when I tell them about the plan to resolve the matters in the E.D. It was all on camera, and I can take them through it if they like. If they wouldn’t do that, then no problem raising the issue rather than this “keep our names out of it” thing? or does making yourself a target cause that fear in people because they instinctively know what I am saying is occurring, they just chose to not look?

  • “Don’t listen to boans or anyone else who tells you everyone is conspiring against you—I think it’s clear what’s really going on there.”

    I’m not sure that’s what I’ve actually said but …… your comment, not mine.

    And I wouldn’t deny that it’s quite clear there is something going on for me, being subjected to arbitrary detention and acts of torture tends to do something to most who are subjected to it……. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone.

    But I don’t think that this something going on diminishes my claim for one moment. All I have ever asked is that the documented proof of what I am alleging be examined BEFORE passing judgement on my state of mental health. The two are separate.

    Keep in mind with the benefit of State resources and the threat to ‘fuking destroy’ me and my family for attempting to make a complaint when the documents support my claim of being arbitrarily detained and tortured, and thus the need to “edit” reality before denying me access to legal representation.

    But don’t look, and I guess with statements such as this;

    “Many of your reported side effects are not listed for Gabapentin, which means you have standing to sue.”

    you really don’t seem to understand for a moment what is required in order the bring action in the courts. I eat an ice cream and break out in a rash does NOT provide me with grounds to bring an action in tort because the side effects were not listed on the cone. And in fact, what I am suggesting (and borne out by the facts I believe) is that having valid grounds for a complaint can actually put your life in danger…….. but, walk into it blind if you will. I’m sure there are no longer people who would exploit their positions to do harm to someone trying to sue them. Trust in haste, regret at leisure.

    Still, I’m sure all will be revealed in good time. Enjoy the rain.

  • Holy Crap, the elephant in the room just sat on me……… No discussion of the use of force? Of course not, no one would want to be THAT critical.

    I think the ‘pub test’ for the use of ECT lies in the way it can be used to deliberately harm someone who you may want harmed (but can arrange the narrative in such a way as it looks like ‘medicine’). For example, I have examined a timeline of drawings as someone’s brain was deliberately damaged (I know, you can’t prove it because “edited”), and whilst you might argue that he was given ‘informed consent’, I would also suggest there was quite a bit of coercion involved. Especially after you have been belted with the ‘chemical kosh’ a few times, people tend to ‘comply’ a little easier.

    My experience was one of crossing paths with organised criminals operating under the carte blanche and zero accountability model put forward by our Chief Psychiatrist in his letter of response to the Law Centre. When citizens can be ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs (benzos), and then have police told that the ‘target’ is an “outpatient” of a hospital (falsely, a crime under our Criminal Code) and then plant a knife on them for police to find….. we could have ANYONE detained in this manner;


    and then the documents are “edited” post hoc to make the citizen into a “patient” before their lawyers are allowed to examine the documents, and make a complaint based on facts rather than fabrications. The provisions of the law (and other associated legal mechanisms) provide the appearance that such things couldn’t happen. And in fact, this is possibly the best defense put forward in my instance ….. that is “they wouldn’t do that” (and by denying reality this defense is rock solid).

    The problem being that should anyone see the documented proof, then they might also examine what the intent behind having me ‘referred’ to the E.D. before the lawyers got to examine the documents, and police refusing to perform their duty actually was. (Kind of funny the way they were trying to nail Bugs, who kept slipping through their fingers because someone didn’t have the stomach for what they had planned to silence me) A rather delicate situation having police retrieve documented proof of human rights abuses and crimes before distributing slander and fraud and calling it “editing”.

    Though psychiatry, like a knife, it can be used for good or evil. Whilst I understand the need for the ‘invisible hand’ when dealing with the people who would use it for evil, I am firmly of the belief that concealing the truth with falsehood is an offense possibly worse than the crimes being committed and being disguised as ‘medicine’.

    Can you imagine, I have a set of documents here that show how to ‘spike’ someone with date rape drugs, and then fabricate the evidence/justification for the use of the ‘chemical kosh’, and then start force drugging them with the very same drug they were ‘spiked’ with that caused the “observable behaviours” that the Chief Psychiatrists says warrants the use of force to medicate? The guy getting his head stomped in the above video would have the ‘treatment’ he received from police completely ignored, and his response to that ‘treatment’ becomes his ‘illness’ which justifies his forced treatment? Claiming that your behaviour was as a direct result of the beating would be offering “justifiable explanations for the behaviour and does not diminish the capacity of the AMHP from considering the broader clinical picture which may give cause to suspect mental illness” according to our C.P.

    Consider that; you are mown down by a motor vehicle, then beaten senseless by a gang of thugs, and your response should be one of calm lest you be ‘suspected’ of having a mental illness that will require you to be placed in an induced coma against your will, ….. and be treated for the next thirty years under a CTO? Because the alternative is to charge the thugs?

    Maybe the letter from the Chief Psychiatrist was forged? By the Law Centre once the hospital had retrieved the documents showing the facts, and had replaced them with the “edited” legal narrative? That would make sense given the bizarre claims made by the Chief Psychiatrist in the letter that he can rewrite the legal protections out of the Mental Health Act and authorise arbitrary detentions and torture? Or does it explain why the system is an absolute mess and being used for purposes other than designed? That is human rights abuses which are “edited” post hoc? With police receiving a benefit for their negligence from such a ‘weapon’.

    “The one who is silent on the truth is a dumb devil”.

    So would speaking the truth mean that others who have been harmed recognise the pattern? It certainly seems to be the case when they are informed of the dangers of these drugs, though to inform them might result in a claim your ‘dangerous’ (as opposed to ; your a scammer, and the game is up). Or informing the community that the Chief Psychiatrist is totally unaware of the protections afforded the community by the law, despite him providing “expert legal advice to the Minister on matters of mental health law”? or do they have so little respect for the people they are forcing to take drugs that they ‘lack insight’ so much as to not recognise their human rights to NOT be tortured? Fairly easy to silence them with some drugs and electricity anyway, so why would you show any respect?

    Our Minister for Mental Health asked about a report showing that nearly 50% of women in locked facilities reported being sexually assaulted. Her response, documented in the Hansards…….” “You can’t listen to them, they’re mental patients”. Is it any wonder it is the environment of choice for abusers? And consider the savings for the Church in having someone in a position to ensure their ‘liabilities’ which resulted from their treatment of some children in their ‘care’ had their “observable behaviours” silenced with ‘major tranquillizers’. I do hope someone has the courage to look someday. Someone prepared to sign fraudulent prescriptions making date rape drugs into a persons “Regular Medications” to conceal offenses perhaps?

  • “Statute of limitations regarding medical error, medical malpractice needs to go away”.

    Yes, I find it amazing that it took a Community Nurse just over an hour to arrange to have me arbitrarily detained and tortured, but the authorities who are meant to ensure the safety of the community can’t do anything about the offending in ten years (despite the documented proof) because they are so busy trying to cover it all up.

    The negligence of the lawyers I approached, and who ensured that the statute of limitations expired as a direct result of their negligence should be rewarded for their efforts in maintaining these people in positions where they can harm others. Their only concern? That it isn’t them being shoved into the showers at the point of a bayonette.

    The “editing” of legal narrative most certainly delayed matters for years, when I had a right to access the unedited/unredacted documents showing the crimes and human rights abuses I had been subjected to. Now that the State has issued threats to peoples families and witnesses, it becomes difficult for them to unthreaten them, and that means despite the matters being exposed, not a soul will step up and provide assistance. In fact, some find ways of kicking the injured and stealing from their wallet…… Hi to the divorce lawyer who thought I was mad, but ran when she realised I had the documented proof of what I was alleging. Still charging people thousands for telling them how expensive your time is? Or is that just the people you call nutjobs behind their backs?

    Personally I’d be happy to leave this place if I could have my property returned, but that was awarded to the criminals for their assistance with the concealment of the State sanctioned torture (quite a business model).

    I mean how low does it get? A private clinic psychologist conspiring with a persons wife to ‘spike’ someone with date rape drugs and then ‘plant’ items (a knife and some cannabis) on them for police to find AFTER they have been lied to that the person is a violent mental patient?

    It would be funny if it weren’t for the Chief Psychiatrist considering such conduct worthy of material support (and enabling the “editing” of legal narrative), rather than doing his duty and reporting the misconduct to the authorities under the mandatory reporting laws.

    But until there are journalists who are prepared to be more than channelers and echoers of what Orwell called the “Official Truth”, and who simply cipher and transmit lies (to paraphrase John Pilger) then I can’t see much ever changing in the enabling of arbitrary detentions and torture being “edited” out of existence by the State.

    Refusing to look, or worse looking and turning away, making them nothing more than the ‘dumb devils’ I spoke about in another comment.

    I’m sure they will come out of the woodwork when the ‘camps’ are liberated, and be boasting about their bravery in helping those who were being targeted by these abusers. Polish yer boots Mr Hitler?

  • I had no idea I had no idea that our human rights had been removed by a ‘Chief Psychiatrist’ removing legal protections from our laws to enable arbitrary detentions and torture. But there it is in black and white in a letter from his desk (should anyone ever care to look and not simply deny reality).

    Hey I was wondering what the collective term is for a group of hypocrites? The best I could come up with was a hysterical of hypocrites. It kind of describes the behaviour of these people when I turned up with the documents they thought had been retrieved by police, before they “edited” the human rights abuses and crimes out of the legal narrative.

    Major panic exposing the methods being used to conceal acts of State sanctioned torture and arbitrary detentions. ‘We’ want to point fingers at China, and our hypocrisy would be obvious if people knew how ‘we’ were doing it and concealing it from public view. “Who else has the documents?”

    They really do take their oaths as a cover.

    If there isn’t a collective noun, i’d like to put that one forward as a potential descriptor based on experience.

  • “If a cancer patient suddenly decides that he or she does not want any more chemo and stops treatment that is allowable, but not so with patients labeled with MI. The “health expert” has a legal requirement and obligation to drag a MI person to a psychiatric ward and force treatment on the person if they are deemed a danger to themselves or unable to make decisions for themselves.”

    In fact Gilbert, certainly in my State, it is as simple as a Nurse making the ‘cancer patient’, or anyone for that matter, into an “Outpatient” and police can be dispatched to go pick them up.


    The Chief Psychiatrist writing that should any citizen have a ‘reaction’ to this type of treatment, then the “observable behaviours” are what matters and NOT the cause. He is also in support of the “editing” of documents to remove such “concerning aspects” from the legal narrative, and running with the fraud in the legal system.

    So the idea that ‘cancer patients’ or anyone else has some sort of ‘protections’ that those labelled Mentally Ill is simply wrong. You can pay $200 to a psychologist (with a Masters degree) to have them provide access to the ‘system’ and arrange to have anyone you like “fucking destroyed”. Simply have a Community Nurse tell Police that the person is an “Outpatient” and the wheels start a rollin…..,

    And the ‘authorities’ will ensure that absolutely nothing is done about the breaches of the law and human rights because they find it quite easy to “edit” documents post hoc, threaten families and witnesses, and arrange a little ‘accident’ for the person who had the audacity to complain.

    They have tried other ‘methods’ but it’s just so much cheaper for the State to dispose of them in this manner. Human life of little value once you become desensitized to the processing of ‘units’ in such ‘facilities’.

    And the community would only be concerned if it were they who were being subjected to such ‘treatments’, totally unaware that their human and civil rights have been removed without their knowledge. The Chief Psychiatrist and lawyers simply ignoring the facts or truth in favor of a fantasy fabricated by those “editors” of documents at the ‘hospitals’ concerned.

    I went from being a citizen who had been ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs, and then snatched by Police who thought I was an “Outpatient” with a knife (planted when I collapsed) to an10 year “outpatient” of the hospital. I was a violent psychotic drug abusing wife beater (instead of the victim of some serious criminal conduct by the Community Nurse) with the “editing” of the documents for my legal representatives.

    I believe that they had a need to “fuking destroy” my family because if we ever got together and spoke about these matters it would become obvious that not only was I defrauded, but they too had words put into their mouths for the concealment of the offending. y wife telling me she had said no such thing regarding me beating her (consistent with the truth, though I was certainly shocked to see they had quoted her on that ‘fact’ in a statutory declaration. Putting words into her mouth as well as mine to forge the risk required by the Act)

    I note the way the ‘honoring’ (by politicians) of our soldiers who died for these protections from oppression, is these days used to do ‘deals’ over weapons of mass destruction, for the benefit of large weapons manufacturers. Turn in their graves? They’re being bulldozed out of them, at the very monuments dedicated to their bravery. It seems these soldiers died for the right of our politicians, to remove ‘our’ rights, no questions asked (by a lame propaganda machine called ‘the press’).

    The Dogs of War. (Dealing in death is the nature of the Beast)

    Imagine what can be achieved with Euthanasia Laws and the ability to “edit” legal narrative in secret before anyone has the right to examine documents related to the ‘treatment’? It was what the public wanted our politicians who didn’t even raise the issue before the election tell us. Or perhaps it was more a case of it was what THEY wanted?

  • “I have lost friendships, thousands of dollars of income, and my health. I had to spend five weeks in intensive outpatient therapy to restore some of my mental health. I have never been through anything this traumatic before in my 34 years.”

    Let me be the first to say; ‘Welcome to mental health services’


    You need to be careful trying to taper without doctors approval in Australia. The type of ‘care’ available can mean many more years of trauma. I think police have been warned about not asking question when issuing such beatings to people in need of ‘care’. Spraying pepper spray into someone’s eyes and asking “Do you like that?” cutting it close to the line regarding acts of torture. Don’t ask the questions during the beatings.

    This is not really much of an issue though, given the lack of any human rights for anyone considered an “Outpatient” and that this is the whole community given the State provides the ability for documents to be “edited” post hoc to conceal any and all human rights abuses and crimes by public officers. Forget the Articles of the Convention. “They will take their oaths as a cover”.

    To quote Saul of Tarsus in 2 Thessalonians “And God sends upon them a Great Delusion that they might believe the Lie”. It’s always good to see people being brought back to God though, and nothing like a little bit of torture to assist in that regard. Most of them calling out for His help in their time of need.

    I heard about a man who was late for his tee time at an exclusive golf club. He couldn’t find a parking spot and eventually said “God, if you find me a parking spot I will never get drunk again, and will go to church every Sunday”….. at that point a parking spot appeared right in front of him. He looked to the sky and said “Never mind, I found one”.

    I think the deliberate withholding of the facts relating to these drugs is summed up in an old Islamic saying;

    “The one who is silent about the truth is a dumb devil”

    It’s worth considering that saying very carefully.

  • Hi mariamangicaro,

    yes, my brother worked as a manger of the sex offender treatment unit for more than 25 years, so i’ve sort of kept up with the methods of ‘treatment’.

    I did actually speak at some lenght to the Speaker of the Lower House outside some offices in the city regarding the fact I had been kidnapped and tortured. His advice was to have a ‘one pager’.

    It seems that i’m pretty much at that point.

    Two people (one a psychologist with a Masters degree, the other my estranged wife) conspired to have me tortured and kidnapped. And they basically succeeded in this by having mental health services believe I was someone ‘patient’, and all they needed to do was to get me to talk (via an act of torture) and then have me transported unlawfully by police on a forged Form to the hospital. At that point the Senior Medical Officer could call the psychologist and she would release my medical records which she had access to at a Private Clinic (unlawful but, try doing something when your dribbling in a cell). Together they came up with a means of making my referral appear lawful.

    I was then examined by a consultant psychiatrist who could find nothing wrong with me and released me after 7 hours.

    The documents showed that I had been subjected to human rights abuses, and criminal conduct on the part of the Community Nurse, Senior Medical Officer. So they needed to be concealed form me and any legal representation I may have.

    I spoke to lawyers and they attempted to obtain the unredacted documents they were entitled to, and I make an FOI application (which I had dealt with as a public officer) and received some ‘redacted documents. Only after it appeared that the lawyers were going to be informed of the ‘spiking’ did I actually obtain that part of the documentation (the procurement by police as a result of the lie told about me being an “Outpatient” remained concealed. A known offense under our Criminal Code)

    As you can imagine, there was some concern on the part of the clinic psych regarding her involvement in the human rights abuses (advising my wife to ‘spike’ me with drugs she knew I didn’t take) and the criminal conduct such as conspiring to stupefy and commit an indictable offence etc. And me wandering around with the documents trying to have police do something about these offenses.

    What she wasn’t aware of was that the police were never going to take the evidence/proof of their own involvement in acts of torture and kidnapping. But she was obviously concerned enough to have her husband (a psychiatrist) arrange to have me snuffed in the E.D. Dead men tell no tales.

    Problem being my wife had spoken to someone who realised what they were likely to do, and he was waiting when they were about to inject me with what is called a ‘hotshot’ (cocktail which results in the side effect of stopping someones heart)

    Once interrupted in that little bit of naughty, with police holding off on the taking of the proof of the offending, those who had arranged the ‘sting’ could then have police retrieve the documents I had, and complete the cover up by providing the lawyers with a set of fraudulent documents and what they call an “edited” legal narrative.

    This being the point that the State here is concealing acts of torture with “editing” of legal narratives, and the production of forged documents to create the illusion of lawfulness (see for example the forged prescription for the drugs I had been ‘spiked’ with to conceal a known criminal offence, and enable acts of torture).

    Whilst the attempt to have me killed in the E.D. may seem a serious matter, personally I’d be more concerned that there are people “editing” documents to conceal not only the original human rights abuses and crimes, but other offences which they have allowed to go to the critical point and then interrupted.

    It is noted in the Criminal Code that just because there was no chance of a crime succeeding, doesn’t meant the offence hasn’t occurred. They knew they would be interrupting the attempt…… but then left the people who committed such serious offences to maintain their positions in our ‘healthcare’ system?

    That is, until I turned up in a Police Station with the documents they thought had been retrieved, and they then weren’t sure as to who else had the documents, and paranoia struck deep (considering there may be consequences for the concealment of such matters given “no superior authority” where matters of torture are concerned)

    What it has exposed is that the State is enabling the “editing” of legal narratives to conceal some serious criminal matters, AND human rights abuses. And that those with a duty to ensure that something is done about those matters (lawyers, ‘advocates’) can be told to actively attack their own clients for the benefit of the State. Who after all would find replacing a psychiatrist who has the stomach for the stuff they are “editing” out of existence with their fraud, difficult. He shouldn’t have to worry about his wife (with a Masters degree no less) doing ‘remote’ detentions and arranging for citizens (and clients of the Private Clinic and University) to be tortured and referred once they open their mouths to be ‘verballed’.

    It’s not that they aren’t torturing people in my State, they are just getting it done with assistance of mental health services and then concealing the vile acts as being ‘healthcare’. And if you read Article 1 of the Convention against the use of Torture, this is as simple as a Community Nurse lying to Police and telling them that a citizen is his/her “Outpatient”. Then “Anything Goes”. And access to the protection of the law is denied because ‘patient’.

    It should be a concern for the whole community but …… crickets. Even the Statutory body whose role under the Act is to protect human rights will ‘unread’ documents to ‘unsee’ what they don’t want to see. I don’t suppose they would want Police knowing that they were on the list of people who HAD seen the documents.

    Profit maybe (not that any of these criminals will ever see inside a cell with police providing material assistance with their offending. Those places held for aboriginal children who stole a packet of colouring pencils from Piggly Wiggly), but in this instance it was more ‘political’. My anti psychiatry views and thoughts on ECT expressed to a Private Clinic psychologist whose husband is a Shock Doc also had a lot to do with it. Might be best that anyone who refuses such ‘treatment’ (at great cost) due to valid arguments be taken out. And with a State government prepared to “edit” documents relating to arbitrary detentions and torture (never mind the events at the E.D.) I don’t think the “added protections” are really functioning the way they suggested to the community.

    Without the documents, there would be no reason to even consider what I am saying. The fraud sent to the Law Centre would stand, and I would be a nutjob. With them there is a clear motive for what I am alleging, and probable cause to investigate but …….. would police want to investigate the little arrangement they have had with mental health services which has enabled them to obtain information via human rights abuses such as torture? Might be best they don’t take the evidence/proof and claim there was “insufficient evidence” and the “it might be best I don’t know about that”.

    The Human Rights Commission doesn’t deal with allegations of torture, and Lawyers for Human Rights don’t actually do anything to help anyone who has been tortured……and given the ‘system’ you wouldn’t normally get to make a complaint, mainly because you’d be receiving ‘forced treatment’ for your ‘illness’ or become another ‘unintended negative outcome’.

    The whole Convention worth absolutely nothing to these people. No threatening of witnesses? Police had the psychologist I spoke to afraid for the lives of his family, and trying to find out who else had the documents so they could then threaten them also. Threatening my wife to retrieve the documents so they could send the fraud to the lawyers? ‘refouler’ in the E.D.?

    I’ll close with a quote from Marcus Aurelius which I hold to be true. It has been the concealment of truth, or the pursuit of that concealment which has done untold harm to me and my family. Thus possibly the reason the ‘authorities’ care so little about the value of my life and would allow it to be taken for political convenience.

    “If anyone can show me and prove to me, that I am wrong in thought or deed, I will gladly change. I seek truth, which never yet hurt anybody. It is only persistence in self-delusion and ignorance which does harm”

  • Hi mariamangicaro,

    you seem to have quite a grip on the legal aspects related to these drugs.

    In Australia the State governments are enabling the covert drugging of citizens to incapacitate them and make taking them into custody easier. The ability to ‘plant’ items on them once icapacutated making the arbitrary detentions appear lawful….. however.

    There was a case of a man who claimed to have been ‘spiked’ in this manner (known to be being authorised by the State by allowing fraudulent documents to be prepared post hoc to conceal the criminal nature of the offending) who then poured gasoline over his children and set them on fire.

    There would be a defense for his action if he were allowed access to unedited documents showing that he had been drugged without his knowledge. Obviously such access would be denied by the State and the documents “edited” to ensure his conviction.

    One of the issues I see with the matters you describe above is that there is no consideration of those people (later to become ‘patients’ after the documents are “edited”) who are being drugged without their knowledge with these date rape drugs for the convenience of public officers. Later concealed by a doctor writing a prescription for them and making them their “Regular Medications”.

    And maybe the U.S. isn’t as ‘progressive’ in these matters as Australia, after all as was shown in the Kennedy Royal Commission, we had the ‘advanced coercive techniques’ being used in Guantanamo Bay available to the most junior of police back in the 1980s. Cattle prods and simulated drownings greasing the wheels of justice.

    Police being forced into ‘medical supervision’ with ‘referrals’ done to mental health to extract information the obvious solution to satisfy the bleeding heart liberals who don’t have the stomach for what needs to be done. These days it’s the ‘spiking’ with date rape drugs and causing ‘acute stress reactions’ that are clearing the path to ‘confessions’ and ‘justice’ (along with the use of lawyers as paid informants. See Lawyer X, Nicola Gobbo The breaching of confidentiality at mental health services after chemically koshing citizens a concern though not one ever being voiced by anyone other than the victims)

    So what about those being drugged without their knowledge? Or doesn’t it happen? (the famous defense offered by the community here when they refuse to examine the proof. “they wouldn’t do that”)

  • “If the Party could thrust its hand into the past and say of this or that event, it never happened—that, surely, was more terrifying than mere torture and death.”

    I spoke to a psychologist (one with a PhD) for more than a year about what I had been through. he helped me a lot……. at first.

    I managed to get back on my feet and went and spoke to a number of people regarding the “editing” of documents (one being a Member of Parliament who examined the two sets of documents in detail). But when I went to the Police and tried to make a complaint, they then rang mental health servies and asked that they come and pick me up because I was “hallucinating”.

    (I have since come to realise that this is how police deal with unwanted complaints, arbitrarily detain and refer to mental health for a chemical kosh, rather than take a complaint. called ‘stitching’ where I live.)

    So after police realised that the psychologist had seen the documents they thought had been retrieved to conceal the human rights abuses, they then had to take a different tack with me. Trying to arrest me for having my medical records (which I explained I had obtained via FOI). Sot hey had to get me out of the Police Station without taking the documented proof of the offenses…… so they pretended to copy them and sent me on my way with an Incident Report Number (came back “insufficient evidence” mainly due to their willful negligence).

    So I go back to the psychologist and we have a laugh about the police calling him and trying to have me referred for “hallucinating”. The Social Worker who was with me at the Police Station confirmed in an email to us that I gave no such appearance.

    As you would expect, they must have wondered about the ‘flag’ placed on me to not take the documents, and reported back to the source of that ‘flag’………..

    So then I go back to the psychologist and as a result of my laptop being stolen and other ‘strange’ occurrences……and I make mention of the Police trying to refer me to him (I had also told him about the meeting with the Member of Parliament).

    Without being able to look me in the eye, the psychologist tells me “it never happened” (reread that Orwell quote again). Something we both knew had happened, he was now denying to my face. This and his questioning of me with regards “who else has the documents?”

    I explained that I had provided them to a large number of people, Members of Parliament, MH Commissioner, Corruption watchdog, …. a homeless guy at the traffic lights with a sign (“edited”) saying “need food for family”. At that point he sort of panicked, and said he was afraid for his family (and given what I had told him about what they had done to mine, I don’t really blame him)

    But I had no idea Police were using psychologists at mental health as a means to access information they would otherwise not get access to. That is, who else had the documents showing their use of torture and kidnaping of me for a Community Nurse…. which was then “edited” for my legal representatives. That and the theft of my laptop because well….. I was chatting with you guys here and …….had spoken to some people who might have recognised a ‘pattern’. The bucket was leaking really badly, and police weren’t sure who knew, and who they could trust with their covering up. Honest, it was all Adolf’s idea.

    Not that any help has been forthcoming, double down again and cover up the bad cover up of the cover up. I did try my Consulate but it seems that they too find looking the other way the best policy when it comes to these sorts of matters…. human rights abuses that is. they too have families.

    I guess what I’m saying is that a lot of people talk tough. The ‘i’d have stood up for the Jews had I been there in Germany’. the fact is they will willingly throw you under the bus at the first sign of trouble. They are hypocrites, and will do exactly nothing to help anyone but themselves. I’m assuming that most of the survivors of the camps are fully aware of this, and it’s a horrible reality to find out that this is the government you offered your life to protect…… only to be knifed in the back with a fountain pen.

    But I assume things are different in America, and that when people say “they wouldn’t do that” it is because there are people who will actually do something about such corruption and human rights abuses. See for example “Betraying the Badge” where Federal Officers ensure the integrity of the Police rather than actively corrupt it for gain.

    So good luck with the lawsuit. But just keep in mind that there are people who will use their positions to “fucking destroy” you and your families, and they have the full support of the State in that regard. See, they have one advantage over you, you didn’t even know your an “Outpatient”…. but you will be with a little bit of “editing” post forced drugging and electricity for your ‘hallucinating’

  • LSD can help with that. And it would then be correcting the chemical imbalance causing the disorder. Which would please my local drug dealer no end, because his function in society would take a step in the right direction. Having police deliver his ‘clients’ to him handcuffed and being able to force them to take their ‘medicine’…. for a fee.

  • I know that I weep when I see parents whose children have died, attempting to get some redress via the court system.

    I fear that they are simply not aware of what the State means by “edited” documentation.

    So for example, as a means of meeting the Articles of the Convention against the use of torture, the Chief Psychiatrist has opened a path for legal representatives, on provision of a confidentiality agreement, to have access to unredacted documents (no hiding acts of torture that way). Problem being that the hospitals are then in a position where they don’t really want to hand over the documents showing acts of torture and arbitrary detentions, or any other criminality that their colleagues may have been involved in.

    They are then in a position where they would need to request the lawyers to engage in a criminal conspiracy to pervert the course of justice (which they obviously wouldn’t want to do in writing, bad enough they are doing it on the telephone)

    So, knowing that the parents or guardians wouldn’t know what the lawyers had been provided with, they “edit” the legal narrative.

    In my instance that “editing” changed the facts that I had been ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs to them being my “Regular Medications” (fraudulent prescription), AND that I had been an “Outpatient” of the hospital concerned for more than ten years, rather than someone who was NOT a ‘patient’ of anyone (remove the documents showing no valid referral source for someone Police were told was an “Outpatient” with a knife, collapsed in his bed after being ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs, and insert other misleading documents creating the appearance of an “Outpatient”)

    Any further complaining about the matter and the people complaining are now poisoning their character with the fraud prepared for precisely that purpose, to slander them, and have them do it t themselves. Those who know what the ‘coding’ of the documents means will no doubt assist in that slandering. In my instance complaining about being ‘spiked’ was my paranoid delusions and not a fact because they had retrieved the evidence……. well, so they thought. Did I mention he carries a knife? Or so police told me, …… well, they didn’t actually find it but it was planted for them to find…… as good as finding it right? So I am now ‘flagged’ with police as a mental patient who carries a weapon, not bad for someone starting with nothing but a phone call.

    This sort of “editing” compounds the offending, and when you add to this the forging of a letter of response from the Chief Psychiatrists by the Law Centre to complete the cover up of such human rights abuses…… there could not possibly be a ‘fair’ outcome for anyone other than ‘mental health services’ who are quite adamant that they will “fucking destroy” you and your family should you decide to proceed where they know they have a need to conceal their abuses. And they have quite the support network in place to ensure their success, with police able to retrieve any offending evidence/proof of their misconduct, and threaten and intimidate anyone who was a witness to the violations.

    So the laws appear to provide protections from such human rights abuses, but it is a literal death sentence to try and access those protections should there be a need to conceal their offending by compounding the offences.

    Not a lot of options other than obstructing justice once there are a whole bunch of ‘eyes’ on the matter, and Police are wondering “who else has got the documents”. Okay, caught but there is nowhere for you to go with a complaint because the State doesn’t torture, they merely “edit” documents post hoc to forge the narrative they want to be true.

    I’m sure there are many here who have personally witnessed, and in fact even participated in such “editing”. And ‘we’ understand your silence. Plenty of room at the Hotel California.

    So I weep along with the doctors who have no choice in remaining silent over the death of a 7 year old girl, knowing that the legal narrative being presented to the Coroner is likely to have been “edited”.

    Orwell wrote in 1984 that “If the Party could thrust its hand into the past and say of this or that event, it never happened—that, surely, was more terrifying than mere torture and death.”. And from personal experience, I know he was right.

    I read an old comment I had made in 2018 this morning, someone wondering what I had done to deserve what had been done to me. Beyond the victim blaming, it’s an interesting question. My first mistake calling the use of electricity a “barbaric practice” to the wife of a shock Doc working in a private clinic as a psychologist, and who had knowledge of how to do ‘remotes’ and access the State sanctioned kidnapping and torture program. Though I’m sure that being an anti psychiatrist was NOT why they justified my ‘treatment’ (no political ‘outcomings’ and all that rubbish), and the fabricated lie about my wife saying I was an abuser? Interesting the uses that ‘mental health services’ can be put to in that regard. Though I think that the drugging of such abusers may actually increase the likelihood of intimate partner violence and homicide. See the guy who was also possibly ‘spiked’ and who then set his own children on fire …. legal narrative changed to “Regular Medications”?

    A song for all those who are aware of what it is the State is doing to conceal their human rights abuses disguised as ‘medicine’.


  • I agree with you Joshua.

    My own situation has exposed the way the State has been enabling the “editing” of legal narratives to conceal the human rights abuses they are enabling with their negligence. Public Officers being allowed to arbitrarily detain and torture using the mental health facilities no doubt producing valuable information for the State.

    There are of course those who would also recognise an opportunity in that ‘dark place’ created to enable such evil deeds. Political advantage of being able to silence anyone who disagrees with your view of the world.

    And what if those using that place for their own nefarious ends actually exposed the whole kit and caboodle? The State literally caught with their pants down, despite having the resources of police and mental health services to find out “who else has the documents?”

    I know the Shadow Minister for Mental Health found it extremely amusing. Though unable to outright say what it was he found so amusing. I think the statement he made outside of Parliamentary privilege that “the Minister has been derelict in her duty” (ie committed an act of serious misconduct) gave a clue.

    With such power it would be easy to assume that covering up human rights abuses (police and mental health torturing citizens) for a few political favors may be of benefit. I’m sure the ‘opposition’ would have had some concerns though given their vulnerable position in being snatched from their beds and ‘unintentionally negatively outcomed’.

    Particularly given I had sat next to a Politician in the clinic waiting to see the same ‘doctor’. Careful where you step there ‘Minister’, they’re doing ‘remotes’. You might wake up in a cell dribbling from the mouth waiting for your next ‘shock treatment’ until you ‘confess’ your ‘sins’ (any wonder the Treasurer fled the State when Police were looking for him to do a ‘referral’ for ‘treatment’? All got a bit difficult to explain and his ‘confidentiality’ needed to be observed by the media. Don’t ask, or else……)

    Best not expose it though, because once IN power, it’s a valuable tool to have access to. So threaten to expose the ‘little network’ and watch as the government dismantles itself with the paranoia caused by that threat. Nothing like honor among thieves huh? They couldn’t wait to spill the beans on each other once they knew the game was up.

    Worked a treat, and we now have a government which makes the grip on power that the CCP has in China look like a democracy. The now ‘opposition’ holding 2 seats in our lower house (fair enough, they tried the Nazi thing and it failed). The Right side of politics absolutely gutted for years to come.

    “They will take their oaths as a cover” (exploitation of trust and ‘confidentiality’)

    “Do not conceal truth with falsehood, nor conceal the truth when you know what it is” (“editing” of legal narratives to conceal human rights abuses by ‘mental health facilities’ Obviously a knife can be used to cut your meal, or as a weapon. Disguising the real purpose of the weapon as being for good quite an advantage over a trusting community. Especially when they get zero time to respond to being snatched and force drugged, documents being unlawfully held back while they arrange the narrative for the courts. And ‘advocates’ wander aimlessly saying ‘If the Chief Psychiatrist wants to rewrite the law, and remove the protections afforded the community, who are we to complain?’)

    Both ‘sides’ obviously content with the use of these facilities for these purposes. And both wanting to relax the rules around the protections afforded the community, mainly because it seems the only people not getting mentally ill these days are them? There ‘enemies’ are all around them, and only need to be asked for their votes every once in a while. And they do have to vote, to create the illusion of a democracy.

  • If this article has caused you any concerns call NoLifeline on 1800 eat shit.

    Seriously though, you make a good point with your questions

    “What impact does this have on the culture at large and people’s thinking? Does it give people the idea that they can just apply some technique or simply sift the data, think rationally and be different to how they have been, probably for most of their lives?

    The illusion of the quick fix and radical individual transformation is everywhere – We also seem to be losing the ability to think of ourselves outside of medicalised language, we’re all mentally ill now it seems.

    This also seems to be useful for power because it de-contextualises and depoliticises distress.Why bother making the world fit for human thriving when its all between your ears.”

    The mass herding of people into ‘mental health services’ seems to be a stage of progression with National Socialism. This is no mean feat to take people from thinking about those few people who have some serious biologically based mental issues (the “mentally ill”), to having them think of their fellow citizens as being one step away from a mass shooting.

    The rise of the politics of fear.

    With this shift there needs to be a mechanism for screening large numbers of people for processing. Ensuring that when it goes wrong, that it becomes justification for the removal of more rights, and more money to be put into ‘research’ (Ever see a kid benefit from the large amounts of money going into childhood cancer research? I know I’ve seen the nice cars being bought with the money, but the kids don’t have licenses to drive them).

    “we’re all mentally ill now it seems.”

    In fact, in Australia this is a true statement, our Chief Psychiatrist has made anyone who isn’t an “Inpatient” into an “Outpatient”. We have all had our rights removed and they can simply call police and have us arbitrarily detained at any time, and delivered for the ‘treatments’, no right to consent or bodily autonomy.

    Sounds crazy I know, and well, the people who have looked had to unlook. No point making noise when you can be ‘assisted’ to voluntarily die, and the legal narrative “edited” by the State for convenience. So much for the protections afforded by the law that our politicians (who need to work with the corrupt networks which are forming) so often boast about. Those “added protections” who they never identify the beneficiaries of to the community.


    The “concerning aspects” of this detention requiring “added protections” for those doing the ‘detaining’ for mental health services. And the quid pro quo in the ‘induced coma’ while the legal narrative is “edited” (and witnesses threatened) ensuring that politicians aren’t lying to us when we are told “there are added protections”.

    And who is going to stand up and provide legal services to this man, instead of turning a blind eye and throwing him under a bus when the media no longer gets any clicks from the matter?

    It’s quite clever, and highly effective, relying on psychological techniques used by the National Socialists all those years ago. In fact, there is a myth in this country that people have a right to confidentiality (easily proven false). The methods being employed are the exploitation of trust, necessary in the war against the people who elect our politicians.

    The medical fraternity providing information which is offered to them (but would be denied to police) to ‘authorities’ as a means of breaking down resistance (see Franz Fanon Wretched of the Earth for the method used by lawyers and psychiatrists to have their ‘clients’ sent ot the guillotine in Algeria). And in fact, given no means to make a complaint regarding your ‘treatment’ those who are presented with opportunities to extract information using the more aggressive coercive techniques, would do well to take them. And I note the screams that haunted the torturers seeking help from Fanon. has been removed by sedating the victims first. “added protections” ….. for those administering the treatments, not so much for those on the receiving end. Though I’m sure the community appreciates the “added protections”.

    Money from snake oil, and power in the form of the dismantling of the rights paid for in blood by our forefathers (and mothers in some instances) with a pen.

    “suspect on reasonable grounds that the person be made an INVOLUNTARY PATIENT” (with Criteria set out plainly in the Mental Health Act as to who this is referring to, and an offence punishable by prison to NOT meet those criteria) becomes “need only ‘suspect’ that the person requires examination by a psychiatrist” (which is NOT set out in the Mental Health Act, and which are commonly called human rights abuses and ‘suss laws’).

    Now this misrepresentation was written by our Chief psychiatrist, the person who gives “expert legal advice to the Minister” and who is charged with protecting “consumers, carers and the community”, and yet he isn’t aware of the protections he should be affording? Isn’t aware he doesn’t actually have the power to rewrite our laws without Parliamentary approval?

    Even Himmler had to ask Hitler to have the laws changed after Josef Hartinger pointed out the ‘little issue’ with the political killings being done at Dachau. Imagine the problem for the State when the United Nations made it clear that the State IS responsible for crimes committed by public officers? (Corrina Horvath) No washing your hands of them as being bad apples now, and enacting “added protections” that the ‘public’ wants (based on a opinions of our ‘elected representatives’, though don’t tell the public before an election what they want).

    If this were the case they should have passed laws brining back executions, as most of the public wants that more than euthanasia laws. Though with the “editing” of legal narrative being allowed by the State is it really necessary when it could be done in facilities other than prisons?

    And do you think I can get a lawyer to take a look at what the State calls “editing”? Mind you, no one really wants the Shutzstaffel breaking down your door to retrieve documents that would be an embarrassment showing that human rights abuses are being “edited” out of legal narratives before being provided to the ‘legal representatives’ of victims of those abuses. Think the situation with Lawyer X/Nicola Gobbo was bad? You should see what is being done with the marriage of police and mental health services in this State. Though they do have the “added protection” of it not being torture if it is “inherent in or incidental to lawful sanction”.

    And I note our government needed to follow suit from Himmlers diaries, and pass Euthanasia Laws. No discussion in the lead up to the election, we were simply told that 87% of the public wants these laws (and they refused to release the proof of this statement). The laws bulldozed through, and police dug up the wrong corpse to ensure that the laws could be applied retrospectively.

    So what impact does it have on a culture? I look forward to seeing the progression into full scale fascism. I’m sure this time they will get it right.

    To paraphrase a famous Jewish political commentator ‘Not only does the population not know what’s going on, they don’t even know they don’t know what’s going on’ Simply walking into the showers thinking “they wouldn’t do that, the rumors’ can’t be true”. If I had a dollar for every time I’d heard that rock solid defense.

    Look away people, it will never happen to you or your loved ones. You have the “added protections”. The same ones afforded Japanese Americans in 1940.

  • Holy Moses, psychiatry’s relationship with Police on display.

    Not sure if police are using mental health services to extract information from ‘citizens’ (who are easily made “Outpatients” for the purpose of ‘coercing’ and well….. torturing if you consider the unlawful detention a means to exploits the loophole of the Convention. Not applicable in the US hence possibly a lack of understanding of how to do this).

    As you can imagine, the ability to use doctors such as Selwyn Leeks for the ‘treatment’ of ‘patients’, and of course providing the doctor with a list of questions you would like answered is of great benefit to the State. In fact, so much that they are enabling the “editing” of legal narratives and the concealment of crimes committed by public officers to get people the ‘treatment’ they need ……….to have them ‘confess’ or provide the information required by police.

    I sort of accidentally came across this when the Police thought they had retrieved documents showing them doing arbitrary detentions for mental health, who in turn torture and then conceal that torture with “editing” of legal narrative. “inherent in or incidental to lawful sanction” makes it NOT torture, hence the “edited” narrative changes the act post hoc.

    Denial of access to legal representation, and the most bizarre letter of response from the Chief Psychiatrist (yeah, we know …… it’s sometimes necessary to torture, and we will look the other way while you enable it) doing a cover up.

    Problem being that I still had the documents showing the crimes….. so police concealing the ‘little arrangement’ they have with mental health services to exploit the unique position they find themselves in (in return for some assistance with arbitrary detentions) being exposed? So then they had to steal my laptop, and threaten the psychologist I had been speaking to and have him find out “Who else has got the documents?”

    I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ve got no real problem with police torturing people, and in fact no real problem with the ….ehem…… ‘unintended negative outcomes’ being done by the State to ensure their reputation isn’t tarnished. I mean people are not going to willingly attend these services if they are aware of their real function (thinking of the shower trick here, always leave them with that faint glimmer of hope that “They wouldn’t do that”).

    But I do have a problem with a Private Clinic psychologist with a Masters degree selling information to the public as to how they can use the little ‘coercion program’ being run by police and mental health to have someone kidnapped and subjected to torture. The State then responsible for mopping up the mess with their “editing”.

    And then there is the problems caused by what to do with the ‘complainant’, given that police are now looking the other way while ‘doctor’ extracts the information with the chemical kosh or electricity. Thankfully someone interrupted that little accident that was arranged but …….. then they had to cover up because the State can’t have these people being held to account…… they’re enabling them in their human rights abusing (and setting up plausible deniability as a means of defending their positions) In the case of the Chief Psychiatrist actually removing the protections afforded the community by the law (care to see the letter anyone?)

    If police are arbitrarily detaining and using mental health to torture, and mental health are then “editing” the documents and police refuse to take evidence of that “editing” and identify the offences?

    Yeah I get it why y’all are not looking at the documents.

    Wander in the desert for 40 years with your ‘chemical imbalance’ myth. Worshiping the golden calf?

    They’ve been covering up police using mental health for purposes other than designed. That really is disgraceful when you think about it, and no wonder they simply ignore the facts ….. because the truth would expose their cognitive dissonance regarding their outward claim of honor, and their inward belief that sometimes a little torture can be for good right?

    $200, and a little bit of preparation for access to the State sanctioned kidnapping and torture program? Bargain if you ask me, because they took everything, and I mean everything. And now, despite being fully aware of the level of offending, they simply ignore the truth.

    Still imagine if police didn’t have access to a means of torturing citizens using mental health services as ‘informants’ and some of the more zealous ‘practitioners’ who will actively harm to obtain information?

    The police sure will miss Selwyn Leeks. The use of an ECT machine on the testicles of a 12 year old boy?


  • Funny, but they had the same trouble with the identification and treatment of ‘witches’.

    In the end I suppose it’s an individual thing, and leaving it to the experts to devise ‘tests’ would seem to result in a bunch of people driving themselves insane, and having exclusive conferences where they demonstrate the levels of their insanity to each other.

    All the while good witches are dying whilst hoping for the promised breakthrough.


    As someone who was diagnosed with a serious mental illness by a Community Nurse as a result of a phone call between him and my wife, later to be undiagnosed by a consultant psychiatrist after I had been delivered by police for treatment of the illness I was diagnosed with by the Nurse over the phone, I find all this diagnosing and undiagnosing confusing.

    One minute I have it, and then a few hours later it’s gone. Might it have had to do with the need to have an ‘illness’ to conceal the crimes the Community Nurse was committing? Can he really make me an “Outpatient” of his hospital as a result of a phone call from a bus driver who has ‘spiked’ me with date rape drugs, and would like me subjected to an ‘acute stress reaction’ by police to force me to talk?

    And my what a ‘weapon’ when you consider the uses this can be put to by making any citizen into an “Outpatient” with zero accountability, and then being able to have police beat them into confessions, while the mental health professional watches proceedings, labelling the resulting behaviours an ‘illness’. (see the quote from the Chief Psychiatrist stating that the observable behaviours are what matters, the beatings and forced covert drugging’s are just the ‘patient’ offering “justifiable explanations” for the behaviour, and do not matter in the “clinical picture”. Meaning it is simply a matter of torturing citizens and the resulting behaviour can then justify their ‘treatment’. And this guy is our Chief Psychiatrist?)

    And I can give the verbatim quote if you like but what he is saying is that this man;


    would be offering “justifiable explanations” for the illness he was diagnosed with as a result of the way he was ‘treated’. He was actng like a nut after they beat him up, so he does have an ‘illness’ right? His chemicals are unbalanced now. Forget about the “concerning aspects” of his detention, he needed treatment, shown by his “observable behaviours”.

    Personally I don’t think he would have behaved in the manner he did, nor require putting into an induced coma (Chemically koshed at the E.D. to allow the legal narrative to be sorted out before he was allowed access to any legal representation) if it wasn’t for police running him down with a motor vehicle, and then stomping on his head with their boots. Just a matter of where to “edit” the legal narrative and start with the story you want to determine your outcome. In my case, the Chief Psychiatrist didn’t like the law so he rewrote it, and started with me being an “Outpatient” before the Community Nurse left the hospital, with police believing I was a ‘mental patient’ in possession of a knife he had arranged to have planted on me when I had collapsed from the ‘spiking’ with benzos..

    Oh….. and someone send police out to my home to retrieve the documents proving what i’m saying would they please? It wouldn’t look good someone having the proof of the uttering with the forged documents produced to conceal human rights abuses. The community might realise what is REALLY going on in these places over the barbed wire fences.

    Not a lot new under the sun

  • Ah yes, I remember the scene when Cool Hand Luke was digging his own grave.

    You know, the ‘collaborative process’ between prisoner and prison guards?

    Our police have only been given ‘shoot to kill’ orders recently, you think they are going to take a step backwards now they have that? Though I think the powers to “edit” legal narratives for the courts, to deny access to effective legal representation, and remove protections afforded by our laws with misrepresentations are much more dangerous.

    There can be no ‘collaboration’ when the provisions of the Mental Health Act are being exploited to enable acts of torture and arbitrary detentions, concealed by making anyone whose human rights they wish to abuse an “Outpatient”.

    I suppose I wouldn’t mind if they had a cure for the reaction to their acts of torture and arbitrary detentions, but the chemical kosh could hardly be called a ‘cure’.

    Collaboration in my State consists of ‘Hi, i’d like to make a complaint regarding being tortured, and I have the proof here in these documents’…. Minister for Health ‘Get treated’.

    Any wonder they can point fingers at other Nations, when there is no effective means to make a complaint DESPITE the provisions of the Convention? All roads lead to Rome, and the torturers make a decision as to what constitutes torture, and have the power to deny access to legal representation and “edit” documents should they not like what they see.

  • Glad to see some ‘good news’ being published.

    My ‘family’ was deliberately “fucking destroyed” due to me trying to make a complaint about a hospital which falsely labelled me their “Outpatient” and then had police torture and arbitrarily detain me after ‘spiking’ me with date rape drugs.

    I find it positively amazing what you can make ‘medical care’ with a little bit of document “editing” (commonly called criminal fraud unless you have the full support of corrupt police, Which is no doubt returned in kind via corrupt mental health workers)

    “A good end cannot sanctify evil means, nor must we ever do evil, that good may come of it” W. Penn.

    The vicious slander of labelling me an “Outpatient” to enable the police to cause an ‘acute stress reaction’ in someone who had been ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs has done no end of harm to my life and family. The maintaining of that fraud and the uttering with known forged documents produced via a corrupt practice of ‘verballing’ and acts of torture bringing about no good for anyone other than criminals. Criminals who have gone on to harm others while those uttering with the fraud to conceal the human rights abuses and crimes simply ignore the facts in the face of their own gross criminal negligence.

    Zero accountability a promise from our elected representatives for corrupt police and mental health workers to get the job done, and fuck anyone who dares complain. (a Member of Parliament telling me after examining the documents police thought had been retrieved…. “I have to work with police”. Despite the fact they are torturing, and then concealing the facts via “editing” and negligence, the people who elect you? Hmmmm went to bed in Australia and woke up to the junta in Myanmar)

    The public too afraid for the safety of their own families to even raise the issue with the likes of our Chief Psychiatrist, who has rewritten the Mental Health Act to remove the protections afforded the community by the law, and enabled arbitrary detentions and acts of torture in the process. Of course, there is the possibility that this letter too was forged, given the way the legal representatives have been throwing their clients under a bus for material gain in the form of State funding. With nowhere to go to access the legal protections, is it any wonder Police and mental health are of the opinion that accountability where acts of torture is concerned is to be laughed about?

    Glad to hear you still have a family Sascha. Your lucky to not be living in a place where your ‘history’ would enable someone to take that all from you with a telephone call to a corrupt mental health practitioner supported by corrupt police in his vile deeds.

    I know the psychologist who did actually provide me with some assistance became afraid for his family once he realised that my claims were actually true, and he had seen the documented proof. I’ve no doubt he now provides police with information they would otherwise not get access to via breaches of trust of his clients (“who else has got the documents?”). So your ‘personal information’ is not really personal when police start threatening and intimidating anyone who has examined documented proof of their corruption.

    You want to thank your lucky stars you live in a place where your legal representation is protected, and your right to make a complaint doesn’t result in public officers viciously attacking you and your family to “fucking destroy” you. All this while Police utter with known fraudulent documents to enable the abuses of mental health services in doing so.

    And they all but a few turn their backs on you, preferring lies to the truth.

    I haven’t seen my daughter or grandchildren in more than 10 years as a result of the crimes committed by this Community Nurse (concealed by others with further offending). And not a soul prepared to correct his lie due to the consequences of the truth they worked so hard to conceal. So much for Australians valuing a rule of law. “standing by their mates….”.

    All it takes for evil to conquer is for good people to do nothing. Which wouldn’t be difficult in a place where there are so few good people.

    I suppose that the community being aware that Police are using mental health services to torture might mean resistance from those they deliver to the locked ward for ‘treatments’. Might be best they are not aware of the real purpose of their ‘treatments’? A psychological technique used quite effectively by the National Socialists.

  • “but those in power have had their bases covered for a long time.”

    How true. The ability to “edit” legal narrative” to fit the desired outcome a major benefit to the State. The current Coronial Inquiry into the death of a child one example. S light change in the documentation, a few threats to the staff (“it never happened”) and there isn’t a chance that anyone would be held accountable.

    And with the lie that their ‘treatments are effective’ and that ‘your chemicals have become imbalanced’, they can subject people to the most vile abuses, and then have them ‘referred’ for ‘treatment’ when they break down.

    I’m sure the grief of the parents will no doubt justify electricity to their heads should they spot the “editing” during proceedings and ask their shills…… I mean lawyers to do something about it. Show the video again and make them leave the court for this bit.

    When the cure for torture is torture, and they can’t see why there might be a problem, best they are left to their own ‘devices’.

    And how easy is it for ‘them’ to simply ignore the facts and evidence? Simple, ‘flag’ the ‘problem’ as an “Outpatient” and give them the ‘treatment’.

    And what worked best of all in my situation (and I’ve no doubt in many others) was to maintain the lie. DESPITE knowing it was a lie. Commonly called uttering, except when the outcome depends on the lie.

    Spending the forged $100 note despite knowing it was a forgery? Using a forged statutory declaration produced via an act of torture and then writing “The reasons listed on the Form 1 are considered to be reasonable grounds”? Same offense (though the consequences are much more serious when the Chief Psychiatrist is doing it and people are being harmed as a direct result), but when you are above the law (and in fact actually rewriting it to remove the protections afforded the community with no need for Parliamentary approval), not a lot anyone can do about your gross criminal negligence right? The concealment of the other offences by the failure to do due diligence, and check the facts. See for example the way the failure to provide unedited documents to the Law Centre was dealt with in ‘his’ letter.

    Which would explain the reasons no one wants anything done about the ‘pathway’ to the ‘unintended negative outcomes’ (a Euthanasia Act “with more than a 100 protections” Non eof which are effective once the documents are “edited” before an independent legal representative can examine them.).

    Minus the ability to ‘outcome’ your mistakes, there would be a shift in power back to the people. And we can’t have the ‘Outpatients’ (that is anyone who isn’t an Inpatient) being protected by the law. Where would they be if they couldn’t ‘spike’ people and subject them to acts of torture, belt them over the head with the chemical kosh and electricity, empty their wallets and destroy their families, and then “edit” the documents and call it medicine?

    People might start asking inconvenient questions and expecting answers. Such people need treatments and there needs to be ways to get them that treatment when they need it which is……. when they try and access the protection of the law from criminals and corrupt public officers.

    The response to trying to make a complaint about torture from the State? “get treated’. Yeah, they have a lot of respect for the Conventions they ratified (including the Optional Protocols). There is no means to make a complaint, even when the attempt to “edit” the documents and remove the problem from existence has failed. “Who else has got the documents?”….. and knows the State is covering up arbitrary detentions and acts of torture with ‘outcomings’? Like the bird said “Ewwww That can’t look good”

    The door to a complaint has been welded shut, and no one ever gets the opportunity despite the Articles of the Convention. You will be swallowed up by ‘mental health services’ and be like the children who were being raped by Priests……. silenced for 40 years to ensure the perpetrators “character flaws” aren’t seen as crimes.

    And once the lie has been told that you are an “Outpatient” despite the facts showing otherwise, it simply becomes a matter of how to get you to ‘take your medicine’. Makes a nice little training exercise for some of the young uns.

  • The Chief Psychiatrist quote from above;

    “lt is noted Mr Boans provides justifiable explanations for what was listed. The presence of potential individual explanations regarding certain behaviours does not diminish the capacity of an AMHP to consider the broader clinical picture which may give grounds to suspect mental illness. Of importance is the observed behaviours of the patient which can represent a risk to the person or other however justifiable the reasons for behaviours may be.”

    Of importance are the observed behaviours of the PATIENT? Now it was pretty easy to see from the documents that I wasn’t anyone’s PATIENT, and that in fact the Community Nurse had simply LIED to police in that regard to have them cause an ‘acute stress reaction’ (usually a bashing for the ‘patient’, a few knee drops to the head and neck during restraint).

    And there is provision for those people who are referred by police under the relevant section to be considered “referred persons” (who have not yet been examined by a psychiatrist, but who police “suspect on reasonable grounds should be made an involuntary patient”.

    The Chief Psychiatrist is kind of jumping the gun here a bit by allowing a Community Nurse to make someone a ‘patient’ before they even assess them?

    Okay, so maybe the C.P. should back up a bit and examine the documents with that FACT in mind? Or maybe not, because then what he is looking at are a series of criminal matters which is not the preferred reality, and his “justifiable explanations” of why these criminals are not being held to account might not be accepted by a public being terrorised by arbitrary detentions and torture concealed by the Mental Health Act.

    Best he simply ignores the facts, and runs with the “edited” documents? Okay, now there’s a need to fabricate a justification for the Community Nurse…….oh the poor man was simply trying to help, and he felt so strongly about that he was prepared to commit offences to help. Offences he was warned about carrying a long prison term when he became an AMHP, but which he believes as a result of years of successful cover ups, he will never be held to account for.

    What an absolute disgrace, and such a shame that no one will even take a look because …. well, they are sure that the people who failed to cover it up, have done a much better job this time around. Must be nice to bury your mistakes, and then bury them again when they rise from the dead? And not a soul to check that there has been some form of fairness and justice in the ‘resolution’ (as opposed to “editing” realities you prefer no one looked at. Why conceal something you thought wasn’t wrong? Because you knew it was wrong? Mens rea. What was in the heart exposed.)

    Still, I suppose that keeping me imprisoned by denying me my property saves them having to cut off my fingers and flush me down the toilet after a hydrofluoric acid bath as ‘treatment’ should I ever get the right to speak to anyone ‘outside’ this vile place. Possibly the best $200 my wife ever spent of my money, considering the ‘profit’ made by denying me the right to a lawyer because the fraud was going to end up in the Federal Courts. Is this the new area of “Divorce Coaching” they are advertising on the tv? How to have your partner ‘fuking destroyed’ with a telephone call? Your brother, your son.) The use of ‘plausible deniability’ quite a good defense when people are neglecting their duty. Ask the Operations Manager who fuking destroyed me and my family. She was quite good at setting up scenarios. Many a patient committing suicide after one of her ‘operations’.

    And I don’t suppose the Community Nurse shows anyone asking him questions that he finds subjecting ‘patients’ to acts of torture funny. Though he does find time to laugh at anyone he has tortured, and who thinks that there is a system in place enabling them to make a complaint. Because there isn’t, despite the Articles of the Convention. His failure to recognise torture (if that’s their false claim…. possibly the “edited” version), a failure of the State under the Articles.

  • An don’t misunderstand me here.

    It’s not like there was any sort of ‘medicine’ going on. Looking back it was fairly obvious that the psychologist was merely positioning herself as a ‘spotter’. Identify people with ‘secrets’ to keep, and wallets to be emptied. Make referrals to someone who can ‘assist ‘ in that regard.

    Car Salesmen have a similar system in place, though they can’t use an electrical chord plugged into the 240 volt to make you sign to purchase the car. And then have police make you come back in a months time for another trade in.

    But how do you get such people into ‘treatment’ in the first instance? Having a corrupt Community Nurse in your pocket who will make people into an “Outpatient” before calling police and lying would be handy. Especially if they then knew a doctor who would sign for the ‘spiking’ with date rape drugs post hoc and conceal the offending. In fact, use the effects of the ‘spiking’ as symptoms of the illness that needs to be ‘treated’ with the date rape drugs? And I can confirm it works very well. The description of my reaction to the ‘spiking’ used as evidence I needed to be ‘spiked’….. and the Chief Psychiatrist writes’

    “lt is noted Mr Boans provides justifiable explanations for what was listed. The presence of potential individual explanations regarding certain behaviours does not diminish the capacity of an AMHP to consider the broader clinical picture which may give grounds to suspect mental illness. Of importance is the observed behaviours of the patient which can represent a risk to the person or other however justifiable the reasons for behaviours may be.”

    So if your ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs, and it looks like a mental illness, you will be taken by police to a locked ward where the drugs you were ‘spiked’ with will be made into your “Regular Medications” and you will be injected with that drug and a cocktail of other drugs for the symptoms your exhibiting?

    Is it me, or does anyone else see a problem with this ‘model of care’? And keep in mind, the AMHP had made me into an “Outpatient” before he even left the hospital to meet with police, so the idea of “observed behaviours” seems a bit rich given the decision that I was going to be bashed by police to force me to talk and then ‘verballed’ in his Forms to make it appear lawful to detain me? This guy hadn’t even laid eyes on me yet, and he had me diagnosed with a mental illness and I was now his “Outpatient”. A Nurse doing diagnoses and prescribing covert drugging’s? They really are short staffed huh?

    I wasn’t offering “justifiable explanations” I was suggesting this guy was a criminal, and that the Chief Psychiatrist was uttering with his fraudulent documents which were fabricated using an act of torture.

    But then the Chief Psychiatrist trumped me by removing the protections afforded the community by the law, and denying me access to any legal representation, who would have had a right to examine unredacted documents, but which he (the C.P.) would ensure did not occur via his negligence and obstruction of human rights protections (while they sorted the little problem out)

    Funny really when you think about it. “justifiable explanations” well, what I was saying was that it would have been impossible for the “Observed behaviour” to have been observed, because (a) I don’t believe my “thoughts” can be observed, and (b) the AMHP would have needed to travel back in time 4 weeks to actually make such observations. (cue the theme music from Dr Who)

    So I disagree with the C.P. on the advances in psychiatry in that regard also.

    And please consider carefully that we have here absolute proof that the effects of these drugs actually causes the symptoms they describe as being a ‘mental illness’. In fact, they are weaponising such information and using it to incarcerate people unlawfully. Their “justifiable explanation” that the ‘illness’ was caused by the intoxicant administered without their knowledge, is justification enough to incarcerate and force drug. And once laid out with the ‘chemical kosh’, you won’t be waking up for about 4 weeks. Maybe some dribbling in the ‘cage’ and then gradual release to the open wards.

    Commit the crime and they will provide you with assistance in concealing it (and others will do the “editing” and make false claims of ‘good faith’ crimes). I don’t really think that this is ‘medicine’ but by maintaining the LIE of “Outpatient”, despite being aware it is uttering, one can deny access to the protection of the law. And police will assist in the fucking destruction of the complainant. Showing how much they respect the Charter of Health Care Rights, and of course the human rights they so often boast about being “worlds best practice” at.

    The only thing they are good at is cover ups and threats and intimidation, fraud, slander and the hypocrisy which is clear for all to see.

    There is of course a narrative that may run through this of “Oh the Community Nurse did what he thought was for the best, given the situation”. And that narrative would be wrong, and would fall apart should anyone even try and put it forward. He KNEW what he was doing was criminal, and did it anyway, knowing that others would simpy close ranks and continue offending until the problem was resolved (in a rather ugly manner it would seem. Though with “edited” documents such ‘assisted dying’ would now be lawful). And the damage done? Well, only to me and my family…… and I assume a lot of other families given his ten years of respite from accountability by the negligence of authorities.

  • “Clients must have the savvy to avoid this type of treatment”

    Yeah, one can try.

    I make mention during ‘therapy’ of the problem my wifes family was having with her nephew. He had been removing tiles from the roof of his ‘girlfriends’ home to gain entry to the property. Then beating and choking her after smashing the door to the bathroom to get to her (“demolished” the term she used when describing this event). The kids who are watching this are falling asleep at school, and mother is being threatened with the kids being taken from her as a result. The father of the young man (brother in law) then goes and repairs the damage being done by his son whose methamphetamine problem is getting worse. Looks like he was on a path to a homicide but …. he’s just a little misunderstood I am told.

    Now, the ‘nephew’ has been causing some problems for a number of people, and in fact has caused some issues for drug dealers, and he then heads home to mom and dads and is spending his days there.

    So I speak to the ‘therapist’ about this issue, and she suggests that I tell the parents that the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang who has been effected by his ‘snitching’ has a code of honor which ‘punishes’ the closing of a meth lab. It will result in their home being firebombed.

    So the Therapist suggested that I inform the father and mother of the danger they were in. Whilst they may have been upset with my disgust with their sons conduct, and had started threatening me as a result of me ensuring he stayed away from our home, that they be told “Your place will be firebombed should your son be allowed to stay there”.

    Personally I found such advice a little …. I don’t really know what I’d call it. Anyway, I just find such advice not really helpful.

    So when my ‘referral’ to this ‘therapist’ expired I really had no reason to be returning to her for $200 pieces of ‘wisdom’ from the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang members she was ‘counselling’. Doing a few ‘remotes’ maybe? A few ‘cashies’ referred to hubby for ECT? Where’s your ‘witnesses’ now Copper? lmao

    Shame that the therapist and my wife thought otherwise, and were prepared to ‘spike’ me with date rape drugs (a psychologist with a Masters degree doesn’t have any prescribing rights in my State, and is NOT a doctor) and plant items on me to ensure that my ‘illness’ was ‘assessed’ after I was made an “Outpatient” by a Community Nurse and then Police used to point weapons at me and force me to talk (called torture if it is done in Ghana, but called referral after document “editing” in Australia).

    See, before my wife attended the appointment she had made in my name at this Private Clinic, I had said to her “Do not speak with that woman, she is trouble”, thinking I had a right to not speak with her given she no longer had any rights over me (referral to clinic expired, no means of making a lawful referral, hence the need to commit serious criminal offences to have me talk to someone about my decision to leave my home. The threats which had been issued as a result of her ‘advice’).

    Nothing to do with any ‘illness’ I had, the therapist just exercising her power to have anyone she chose to be drugged and snatched from their bed by police because they had refused to speak to her. How dare they? My husband is a psychiatrist, and I’ll have you ‘treated’ with electricity should you disagree with me.

    Anyway, good to know that the Chief Psychiatrist has rewritten the law to ensure that she is never held to account for such criminal conspiring (care to see the letter?), and that arbitrary detentions and torture have been enabled by the State, who simply “edit” the legal narrative, deny access to legal representation, and “fucking destroy” anyone who dares complain.

    How can I perhaps ‘avoid’ such ‘referral’ in future I wonder? Especially when I can’t even be told what my “Regular Medications” are when they are being administered to me via my food or drink, and then a doctor I have never met (until Police deliver me to him after fraudulent Forms are completed) writes a prescription for them hours after I was ‘spiked’ with them?

    Looking back I don’t think that telling people that their home will be firebombed was such good advice, but I did pay $200 for it. And if I had known I would be forced into taking such advice, i’d have never gone to the clinic for a report in the first place.

    And this document “editing” by the State. I watch as the parents of a child who died in a hospital attend the Coroners Court, not aware that any wrongdoing by the hospital would have been “edited” to fabricate the legal narrative required to obtain the outcome preferred by the State. Such a shame because they seem like people who have already been hurt by the death of their child, and are about to find out how the State “fucking destroys” anyone who disagrees with the standard of ‘care’. The Minister attending the hospital in the middle of the night (snapped by a journo) to ensure everyone was on the same page with regards the “editing” no doubt. And even if you show the “editing” for what it actually is, all they do is simply ignore you, as they got the result they wanted from the Courts with their “editing”, and you no need ‘treatment’ for you ‘illness’ of speaking the truth, and will be delivered for that ‘treatment’ if you don’t shut up.

    It’s not like you could expect any honor from people with ‘history’.

  • Some of those states use archaic language like “idiots” or “insane persons” in their statutes.

    And that’s ‘archaic’ language? These would be considered respectful terms by any ‘patient’ who had the misfortune to have been dealt with by OUR police. Some of the terms they use not really technically included in the DSM, but we know what they mean by the terms “window lickers”, “nut jobs” and “psychos”. The nuances and subtleties of the language can be sorted out by the wordsmiths doing the ‘verballing’ at the ‘hospital’.

  • “It is said that one should not hesitate to correct himself when he has made a mistake. If he corrects himself without the least bit of delay, his mistakes will quickly disappear. But when he tries to cover up a mistake, it will become all the more unbecoming and painful. When words that one should not use slip out, if one will speak his mind quickly and clearly, those words will have no effect and he will not be obstructed to worry. If there is, however, someone who blames a person for such a thing, one should be prepared to say something like, “I have explained the reason for my careless speech. There is nothing else to be done if you will not listen to reason. Since I said it unwittingly, it should be the same as if you didn’t hear it. No one can evade blame.”

    Hagakure, Yamamoto (did I spell that right?)

    Speaking of cover up of mistakes, and the consequences……. how unbecoming and painful must it be to continue flogging the dead horse while people watch?

    Why does Balaams Donkey come to mind?
    Balaam played by ‘the psychiatrist’
    Donkey played by ‘the patients’
    Balak played by ‘the drug companies’

    Are you sure we can’t pay to to forgo “First do no harm” and tell a “noble lie”? A little bit of snake oil never hurt nobody right?

  • I have been gobsmacked by the ability to deny victims of crimes the right to legal representation.

    Consider that the Community Nurse who made me into an “Outpatient” before calling Police to have them force me into a forgone conclusion interrogation (a ‘verballed’ confession) was clearly committing an offence.

    The hospital becomes aware of the long list of offending that followed and they then have Police retrieve the documents proving those offences (and human rights abuses including acts of torture), and the legal representation I did have is removed to make things a little more difficult for me.

    The “edited” documents now show the narrative that the hospital wants to be true, and everybody goes about their business.

    I mean I get it if this was what our politicians were complaining about in North Korea (see Otto Warmbier) but to find out that it is being done in your own back yard AND that the ‘legal representatives’ who are supposed to be a protections against these abuses’ are nothing more than SHILLS?

    Turning up with the proof that police failed to retrieve only makes matters worse in the end, because the long list of people who have been negligent after contacting the SHILLS now have something to worry about. They might get marched past the piles of corpses left behind in the wake of their negligence.

    Not that they ever seem to think they will be held to account. How could they when witnesses are threatened and the hypocrites who claim to be ‘defenders of our rights’ turn and run at the first sign of trouble?

    Don’t look, then what you don’t know can’t hurt you. And if you do look, you can always turn your back on the ‘Jew’ because no one else is actually going to help them anyway right? Not when the police tell you to say “It never happened”

    So whilst I admire the legal system and the right to representation in other places, the States where I live have the ability to rewrite the laws which appear to provide protections (without Parliamentary approval. And i’m sure there are doubters about this, who maintain their doubt rather than examine the documents) , to ensure that any criminal or human right abuse’s “never happened”.

    I was glad to read that the situation is very similar to the time spent by Frantz Fanon (the Wretched of the Earth) in Algeria where the very same mechanisms allowed the systematic torture and murder of ‘activists’. Psychiatrists boasting of their method of working with ‘legal representatives’ to “overcome resistance” (ie breach the trust people place in them. Defense lawyers working as paid police informants? Both sides of the bread being buttered in Australia )

    It may go some way to explaining why our hospital system has been rapidly degrading to providing third world ‘care’. Reports commissioned to find out who needs threatening, and what documents to “edit” rather than holding those responsible to account. Unaccountability tends to attract a certain type of person, who can see the benefits of such an environment. The possibilities for emptying wallets while police provide assistance holding the victims down and ensuring nowhere to go to complain? Yeah, I can see how that might work.

    Unfortunate that even if we had RICO laws, they could be rewritten by the Commissioner to ensure that no action could be taken. Our politicians completely redundant these days, providing the smoke and mirrors for criminals, as even the flimsy legal protections the community IS provided in our laws, don’t count when you try and access them.

  • “flatulent babbling about “fragile truths?””


    “[Psychiatry] has fragile truths to defend & to provide care to those who depend on the services in an era of unprecedented need.”

    Psychiatry where I live allows the State to label anyone they wish as an “Outpatient” (sight unseen) and have police deliver them to a locked cage and do whatever they like to them and call it medicine.

    Denying people access to the protection of the law in this manner can be extremely beneficial for the State. particularly when they can “edit” the documented legal narratives, to make whatever they have done to citizens into a ‘medical procedure’ conducted on a ‘patient’. And then deny them access to legal representation [or at best provide them with a shill from the Law Centre] And believe me, you really don’t want to try and make a complaint to Police…… once placed outside the protection of the law by a Community Nurse lying and calling you an “Outpatient” ….. the video of that man in Kansas (?) getting his ‘medicine’ administered? They run ‘patients’ over with vehicles here before stomping on their heads with boots. Video available on request.

    Not a “fragile truth to defend” It’s a bare faced lie they cover up with fraud and slander. And the ‘care’ they are providing would be called torture if it weren’t for the “inherent in or incidental to lawful sanction” loophole in the Convention. Hence being able to make any citizen an “Outpatient” by telephone means all human and civil right s can be removed immediately, and the Chief Psychiatrist has rewritten the protections in the MHA to enable this. Not that anyone would dare look, let alone actually say something to him about his arbitrary detentions would they?

    The “unprecedented need” has possibly been brought about by the paranoid delusions of the ‘elites’. The recent marriage of mental health services and police meaning that doctor can simply call the local station, and dispatch police to bring in anyone they might have an issue with. The “added protections” of the MHA ensuring that anyone who is a threat to their power (you know, anyone complaining about their misconduct, ……. ‘mental patients’) can be snatched from their beds and ‘treated’ for their “hallucinations” against their will and despite the damage to their brains.

    “hallucinations”, according to police, is the belief that you have a right to the protection of the law. And I am not kidding about that. Of course as a result of the psychologist they tried to have ‘snow’ me, and the threats to his family as a result of him saying no, “it never happened”.

    “flatulent babbling about “fragile truths?”” wahahahhaha Fart jokes always make me laugh.

  • mister-lister. Sounds like most of the hospital ‘programs’ designed to ‘help’ the ‘patients’ with their ‘social skills’. I was involved with a discussion with a group of patients one day at a coffee shop outing. We got around to the issue of drugs versus medicines, and one young lady said her doctor called them “products”. Long story short, I was told in no uncertain terms that such discussions was counter to the aims of the group, which was to ensure that these people followed the orders they had been given by their doctors.

    Seriously? They are infantilised so much that they can’t even speak about their ‘treatments’ to others (their friends) for fear of……wanting to not take the drugs or products? And this ‘program’ was meant to help them?

    I think such ‘closed shops’ as you describe are best left to their own devices. Not like they haven’t warned you that it is a delusional zone lol. They just want to drag people down to their level.

    I once went to a premature ejaculators group for support, but found I was a day early.

  • Yes, that is kind of scary.

    And it is the case I believe that in Australia the idea of such a lawsuit would be laughed about. I know for a fact that the medical fraternity was provided with immunity from any lawsuit relating to the vaccinations, and the same is basically true with any other form of ‘medicine’ You could literally run a Unit 731 experiments in this Nation and nothing could or would be done about it. (see for example the lack of action in the case of Garth Daniels who we watched basically being killed)

    I suppose that in some ways, it works against the State to leave such matters festering. For example I play golf with a Consul General of a large Asian country with a Consulate here in the State capital. He goes back to his country and tells them that they are taking a risk by coming here and being tourists or sending their kids as students because the State simply ignores the human and civil rights legislation? They are ‘at risk’ in such a place that refuses to right wrongs, and abuses human rights and then “edits” the facts with fraud. Maybe the reason the Canadian Embassy is so quick onto their citizens ending up in one of our ‘hospitals’? Something they know, that others don’t? I was impressed I must say.

    Same goes for me sitting with the Grand Mufti and the President of our National Islamic Councils who understand the right to bodily integrity as a direct result of intoxicants being Haram. I’m sure they have a right to be informed of the risks they are being exposed to by the gross criminal negligence of those with a duty to act on such matters. The Chief Psychiatrist doesn’t recognize the protections afforded the community in the law, and removes them with a misrepresentation? Allowing not only me but also them to be ‘spiked’ should the need arise. I felt at ease sitting sharing food with these people, as we share some values in regard the tampering with peoples food and drink without their knowledge.

    Even the unfair Treaty of Huddabiyah wasn’t distorted beyond recognition by the people of Mecca. Imagine them going to the Muslims in Medina and lying about the status of citizens to have them wrongfully detained and returned for ‘treatments’.

    So whilst they may have “fucking destroyed” me, I think that the people watching as Bilal ibn Rabbah was tortured realised that the person who was doing the torturing wasn’t the good person they actually claimed to be. I even have a “With Compliments” slip provided as a receipt for my body by the Community Nurse as he had police throw me into a police van in front of my mother and father in law for my “potential for damage to reputation and meaningful relationships”. Glad they ensured that my potential didn’t actuate.

    This not being a reason to scrap the whole Treaty, and it was after all agreed to by Muhammad (saw) who received some resistance when he stood by the agreement he had made, and returned Muslims to the people of Mecca to be incarcerated and tortured (see the Day of Abu Jandal).

    So as you can see, it may be that the Muslims hearing that our ‘medical fraternity’ is enabling the ‘spiking’ of citizens with intoxicants and the lying to police regarding their status actually has a history within Islam. And whilst we have a social contract that will be honored, it might just be the case that cooperation will depend on the very black letter of the law.

    Personally I would have thought resolving the matter with truth and justice foremost may have been best. But as noted in the Quran, there are many who prefer the means of fraud and slander, and who think they can conceal the truth from God. They scheme, and He schemes, and Allah is the best of schemers.

    I think that KNOWING that you can rely on the people you have contracts with to perform their duty according to that contract (and it is seen that they have done so) is the best way for friendly relations to remain in place. The refusal of the Chief Psychiatrist to even recognise the terms of our ‘contract’ by misrepresenting them, is an offense to all of our people. Leaving these people in positions where they can harm others (for more than ten years now) is not really what on would expect given the serious nature of what they did, AND that they were aware that what they did was criminal. And such a shame that in more than 8 years he has simply refused to even acknowledge the facts or the truth. Or is he being ‘obstructed’ by others who stand to loose something by acknowledging the truth?

    The documents are there should ANYONE care to examine them.

    Thanks for the information Skeetbeet.

    A side note, the “added protections” inserted into our MHA in 2014 are basically protections from those nutjob mental patients out in the community. You know, anyone that isn’t ‘them’. “Outpatients” who the Community Nurse used to have to lie to police about to arbitrarily detain and torture. That has changed, and these days Police have been procured by having a Community Nurse in the Police Station who can be called by doctor to go and get his ‘potential’ “Outpatients” for delivery to the locked ward, pre drugged and ready for interrogations.

    It’s much easier to do what was done to me these days, and the community never got the Memo.

    That’s what they call “added protections”. Added protections from YOU. ‘A mentally ill man was arrested today for walking through a car park where the Minister for Mental Health was. He was admitted to hospital for his injuries inflicted by police when they tried to ensure that he didn’t breathe in her general direction, and for wearing a loud shirt in a public place (what you get when police haven’t got a copy of the Criminal Code I’m afraid)…. part of the new ‘added protections’ in the MHA. Condolences have been offered to the family, and the documents “edited” to ensure clarity for the legal representatives of the man and his family. Police have stated that “it never happened” and any further enquires will result in harm to journalists families’

  • “what are the odds of “remission/cure” if they receive no “treatment” at all?”

    I think that question is answered partly by studies in places where they either can’t afford the drugs, or don’t want them because they are ‘intoxicants’ and therefore considered “prohibited”.

    The two situations shouldn’t be confused, it isn’t necessarily the case that because people are not taking the drugs is because they can’t afford them. They simply don’t want them. But creating the illusion that if they had the money……..

    Geez those ‘radical Islamists’ denying people access to drugs and treatments that work. (and interfering with expansion and profits from untapped markets). Wasting good money on unnecessary items such as food and clean water, when they could have these drugs.

  • “As a preteen they had me confused with another patient and would argue with me when I resisted being given his treatments.”

    Police here delivered an aboriginal man to the hospital, and they insisted that his refusal to answer to the name of an escaped patient was his illness. They then force drugged him with that patients drugs and he ended up on life support in the E.D.

    But, as our Minister said when asked about the report regarding the nearly 50% of women reporting being sexuality’s assaulted in the locked wards……”You can’t listen to them, they’re mental patients”.

    If they tell you your Jesus, you’d better bloody accept that lol.

    Obviously not a problem when the hospitals can “edit” the documents relating to his ‘treatment’, and threaten and intimidate the witnesses. And as discussed, i have made note of the ability of the Chief Psychiatrist to rewrite the law as required. He will end up owing them the price of a new Porsche for his treatment by the time they’re finished lol

  • Love the name George lol

    I’d post the link to Dr Hickeys article, but given that it was removed by the editors here, I assume i’d be in breach of posting policy.

    In one State here, they made the claim in Parliament that they needed the AOTs to deal with approximately 80 people who were ‘falling through the cracks’. And then in no time there were 3000 ‘patients’ being ‘treated’ in the community………………. a slight miscalculation. Especially when the threat of beating people over the head with the big stick in their own homes was enabled.

    Violent assault was looking into the eyes of the person ‘verballing’ the statements. Consider the comment written about my “Potential for violence, but no clear intent or actual history”. Documenting his own paranoid delusions is MY ‘illness’?

    Still it is a fact that if our Police are writing accurate reports and statements, they are sent for creative writing classes to be taught how to ‘verbal’ statements and keep them vague for wriggle room when perjuring themselves in our courts. Why would mental health services who are notoriously worse, be any different? And the 12 years of prison done by some of the victims of police ‘verballing’ seems insignificant when you consider the response of these people to complaints about their criminal and corrupt conduct…. that is “we’ll fucking destroy you”. And with drugs and electricity at hand, and zero accountability, they really mean it. It really seems to suggest that the State is not serious about the Charter of Health Care Rights huh?

    Our MHA used to define Mental Illness (or technically what they weren’t allowed to write down as being their reasons for forced druggings and incarcerations. ie your religious beliefs should be avoided on the paperwork, but were seen as being perfectly fine reasons for ‘taking you in for questioning’). The exclusion of drug addiction removed in the last writing, moving the problem of drug addicts from police to mental health for forced treatments. Many ways to extract wealth from the Medicare system.

  • And you guys think you’ve got problems with ‘misrepresentations’? We have a Chief Psychiatrist who rewrites the law to remove the legal protections afforded the community. And when we speak about ‘killing the messenger’ …….. ‘no harm, no foul’? Only because they were rudely interrupted.

    From the Mental Health Act
    29 .         Referring potential involuntary patients for psychiatric examination
            (1)         Subject to section 194, a medical practitioner or an authorised mental health practitioner who suspects on reasonable grounds that a person should be made an involuntary patient may refer the person for examination by a psychiatrist.

    Who should be an “involuntary patient” is set out in s. 26 Persons who should be involuntary patients of the MHA 1996

    The Chief Psychiatrist in his letter of response to the Law Centre writes;

    “The referrer, in this case, a mental health clinician who has undergone training as an Authorised Mental Health Practitioner (AMHP), has only to ‘suspect’ on grounds they believe to be reasonable that the person requires an examination by a psychiatrist.”  

    Firstly, the “reasonable grounds ” standard has been removed, thus authorising arbitrary detentions based on nothing more than a suspicion.

    Secondly, the criteria for detention has been removed by changing the belief that must be formed by the AMHP from “the person should be made into an involuntary patient” to “requires an examination by a psychiatrist”.

    The MHA clearly sets out “who should be an involuntary patient” whereas, the Act has nothing to say about who should be referred for an examination by a psychiatrist. Possibly because it is quite easy to make a decision that someone ‘needs their head examined’.

    The issue was that this was someone attempting to conceal KNOWN criminal offenses and human rights abuses, and the only way to achieve that was with such acts of gross negligence, and a belief that the Chief Psychiatrist has the right to change the law and remove the protections afforded the community by our lawmakers.

    The Community Nurse had not met the burden placed on him by the Mental Health Act, so have the Chief Psychiatrist remove the burden with the above misrepresentation of the law and what was criminal, now becomes lawful. Having police retrieve the documents showing that the Chief Psychiatrist was fully aware of the offending before distributing the fraudulent and slanderous set of documents (the “edited” set) will be of benefit before sending out the letter of response.

    Quite a three card monte, and such a shame that there were people harmed as a direct result of the deliberate delays and obstrutions and the overt threats and attempt to “fucking destroy” me by the State.

    I find it fascinating that despite looking, that people simply can’t see what I’m saying. A large number of lawyers…. though do they obtain a benefit by NOT looking? Lawyers who deliberately don’t look at what they’re told to not look at by the State? I can see how that might make a mess of the justice system. But in this instance we are talking about people being deliberately brain damaged as a result of the ‘Fatwah’ that is issued against them by psychiatrists. Or the Community Nurse who makes you an “Outpatient” before calling for police assistance, and then has a knife planted on you for them to find. A risk being one of the criteria for referral.

    Glad that at least someone is prepared to stand up and be counted on this issue of ‘anti depressants’. I wish the community where I lived felt as strongly about the person who is charged with protecting their human rights removing them from the law with his misrepresentation. The Minister telling me that the above is “not a misrepresentation”? What is it then? A delusional state brought about by no one telling the Emperor has no clothes, and that the public interest is to know that the Chief Psychiatrist is enabling arbitrary detentions and acts of torture by simply ignoring the law and changing it to suit the purposes of those who have a burden placed on them?

    It IS an offense in my State to produce false documents as a means to procure a person not suffering from a mental illness. That offense is concealed by the misrepresentation of the law quoted above. The burden removed, and the ‘criteria’ setting out when a Authorised MH Professional can have police detain someone and have them transported for assessment changed. All the need do is call police and ask for ‘assistance’ with their “Outpatient” and forge the Forms for others to utter with

    “assistance” from police where an “Outpatient” is concerned?


    Okay, you weren’t actually a ‘patient’ before being snatched form your bed, and the ‘diagnosis’ was done by a Community Nurse who hadn’t actually met you yet, and had done the ‘diagnosis’ on the basis of a telephone call but …….. Chief Psychiatrist is good with this. And they wonder why the statistics don’t match their beliefs that they’re doing a great job? A little more money would always help.

    Good luck with your ‘law suit’ but given the power of psychiatrists to rewrite the law without the need for Parliament, I think you might be pushing crap uphill. What are y’all going to do when you find out you have no right to legal representation……. because your Bill of Rights has been “edited” by the APA?

    And believe me, no one is prepared to confront the C.P. with his letter. Perhaps the cognitive dissonance it caused resulted in the lawyers and ‘advocates’ claim to have ‘unread’ the letter, rather than demand that ‘our’ rights be upheld, and the obstruction of justice cease?

  • “Know the enemy and know yourself in a hundred battles you will never be in peril”

    This seems to be nothing more than a means to identify anyone who may be a threat to the existing power structure.

    Doesn’t Doctor Aftab have a ‘history’ here at MiA? Wasn’t there a ‘problem’ with Dr Hickeys critique of some of his work? Or has that been ‘removed for moderation’? If my memory serves me correctly you have to go to Doc Hickeys website to access the ‘offending’ article.

    “Journalism is publishing something someone else doesn’t want published. Everything else is Public Relations” George Orwell.

  • I guess the ‘problem’ can change significantly if and when the person does come to trust you? I would imagine from my limited experience that it becomes like a life raft where you can at least take a break and get some breath. And you tend to return to the well where the water is good.

    I know also from experience that the psychologist who ‘turned’ on me and started asking questions for police (“Who else has got the documents?” and the bold faced lie [“it never happened”] that police hadn’t tried to make a referral when I turned up with the proof they thought had been retrieved). Needing to steal my laptop to find out who else I had been communicating with and who may have figured out what was actually done, rather than the “edited” version of events presented to the Law Centre to slander me with.

    I could see he was torn between his duty to his patient, and the police who were threatening his family to have him get the information they wanted, so they could ‘bury’ the truth surrounding my torture and kidnaping by their fellow officers.

    And the poor psychologist knowing I had already reported to the corruption watchdog, and had spoken for an hour and a half with a Member of Parliament, and that in all likelihood they were watching to see where police ran with what was now THEIR little problem.

    Still, it’s a dog act to breach the trust of someone you had originally helped with their trust issues. And I get it that he tried to have me referred to a police ‘friendly’ psychiatrist, and left an ‘escape route’ for me. Which I took, or I wouldn’t be writing this …. or maybe someone without the stomach for it would have ‘intervened’ again?

    I still laugh about the look on the face of the doctor who was about to inject me in the E.D. when he was rudely interrupted. It reminded me of the look on Wiley Coyotes face just before the 100Lb Anvil dropped on his head lol

    And I have no doubt the psychologist thought I was mad…… until the police started threatening him, and he possibly realised I had been speaking the truth the whole time. Not unlike the lawyer “I thought you were mad, but you’ve got the proof”. First to turn on their colleagues gets the best deal from the prosecutors.

    Kudos to him for getting me to the point where I could face Goliath and hit him between the eyes. Shame he tried to hold him up when he started to fall.

    “Your information is strictly confidential”. Yeah right, until police start making threats, or the Operations Manager wants to fucking destroy you, then you’ll find your ‘personal information’ becomes public knowledge fairly easily. So careful what you tell these people, beyond what they fabricate about you, or torture you into ‘confessing’.

    And consider, a Social Worker had documented some highly sensitive information about me some 10 years earlier, all in good faith. However, it was fairly easy for the Operations Manager to weaponise that information (after digging for dirt with which to carry out her overt threat to fucking destroy me and my family), and use it in the “editing” of the documents for the Law Centre. Complaining now means your most personal information is being handed around ….. like poisoning yourself. She seemed like such a nice lady too, for such a vicious cant say that on MiA

  • Nurse Beverly Allitt

    Yes, I remember hearing about this case from the media.

    And the ‘don’t want to get involved’ was the response from police when I turned up with the documented proof of the original offences.

    Thing is that with knowledge of those original offenses, it was easy to see that the people involved might have had some concerns about Police actually doing their job (given the many years of prison for the offenses possible to prove with these documents on their own), unaware that police don’t have a copy of the Criminal Code and that the Chief Psychiatrist has rewritten the law to remove protections for the community from acts of torture and arbitrary detentions.

    So I stand with a friend and explain to a Senior Constable how to ‘harvest’ morphine from another patient and then use that to tip someone over the edge and have an ‘unintended negative outcome’ A posteriori knowledge….. but he found it best that he didn’t know about that. And I guess his immediate problem was the means to ensure he didn’t take the documented proof and made a referral to mental health. He has no probable cause if he doesn’t take the documents, and then he doesn’t have to investigate the attempted ‘outcoming’ in the E.D. Nor even report it to his superiors, who would be upset about being informed when they have worked so hard to NOT see.

    Sure, I get it, they let them run with their ‘little problem’ to see where they would go…… found out how they were dealing with such ‘little problems (and didn’t have the stomach for it) …… had a few harsh words with them about the ones they had already done, and told them naughty naughty, don’t do it again. Saves having to pay the compensation to the people who lost family members………. a saving to the State, and in the public interest.

    Of course me turning up with the proof of the original offenses AND the ‘cover up’ after they had let them run, and ensured police neglected their duty……. what a mess Mr Hart.

    So they had to ‘tip off’ the criminals to get out of Dodge, and pretend that there was nothing wrong with the Chief Psychiatrist rewriting the law and ……..the “editing” of legal narrative and ……. you know, they weren’t outcoming a lot of people for the State (and a few ‘cashies’ for Private clinics I assume).

    Luckily they can pretend to be the ‘good guys’ and no one will actually check that they are doing their duty. A bit like the Feds finding out about Police corruption, and jumping into bed with them, knowing that leaves the community absolutely nowhere to go. Especially given they are denying citizens access to legal representation by claiming they are ‘investigating’ the matters….. for the next 40 years.

    I’ve never heard of fluphenazine Fiachra (had to ask an Irish friend how to pronounce that, your name that is :). I’ve not had a lot to do with these drugs, which may have bothered the people who found it necessary to ‘spike’ me with them. Imagine people getting a choice where ‘mental health professionals’ are concerned?

    The simple fact that you disagree with them is proof there is something wrong with you……. not unlike the Taliban really. You WILL attend Friday prayers or be whipped in public. Aren’t the Muslim population of this State going to be shocked to find out they can be ‘spiked’ with intoxicants by anyone who thinks they need to have their heads looked at. Maybe they can even force the women into wearing bikinis once they drug them without their knowledge? Use ‘coercion’ and call it ‘liberating’ them lol

    I mean, what are they going to do? Complain? To people and ‘authorities’ that feign ignorance and enable human rights abuses with their gross criminal negligence? I can tell them how that works, but they prefer to think “they wouldn’t do that”, thus meaning they don’t need to even check the facts.

    Honestly, I’ve seen the pictures of the place they are taking the Jews, and it looks really nice. I don’t have to go there to KNOW that. Because I trust the people telling me that.

  • “Clearly, the most helpful thing for such a person is to a) acknowledge that their sense of trust has been systematically violated and that difficulties with trust would be totally normal under the circumstances, and b) help the person to re-learn how to trust and act on their own gut-level instinct that has so thoroughly been invalidated, so that they learn that while not everyone is untrustworthy, it makes good sense to keep one’s boundaries up and to listen to and respect our intuition.

    The idea of teaching such a person to automatically “give the benefit of the doubt” is quite outrageous. It’s the very last thing in the entire world you’d want to teach them!”

    Valuable information Steve. And dare I say that it may just be that there is misunderstanding about what it means to ‘give the benefit of the doubt’. Where you say there is a need to learn how to trust with their own gut level instinct, that can’t be done without first trusting in some small way. And sure the radars are all finely tuned to set off a reaction that will result in withdrawal from social situations etc…… I’m thinking of Seligmans dogs here, who were trained to be ‘learned helpless’ and then needed to be ‘forced’ to see that the floor was no longer electrified. What if the use of force then becomes the reinforcer for the helplessness?

    I know in my situation the knowledge of such ‘psychology’ was deliberately used to cause harm…… yeah yeah, “they wouldn’t do that’, they’re doctors”. Of course they would do that to avoid going to prison.

    Point being your right in what your saying, and it is much more of an art form. Shame I couldn’t find someone such as yourself in this shithole where I live. Even the Army psychologist who trains people in the art of torture (though keep it between you and me) couldn’t put Humpty together again.

  • I also make note here of the dilemma for the State caused by Article 10 of the Convention against the use of Torture.

    It may be claimed that the Community Nurse wasn’t aware that what he was doing was enabling acts of torture?

    In which case the State has been negligent in their ‘training’ of him under that particular Article which states that;

    1. Each State Party shall ensure that education and information regarding the prohibition against torture are fully included in the training of law enforcement personnel, civil or military, medical personnel, public officials and other persons who may be involved in the custody, interrogation or treatment of any individual subjected to any form of arrest, detention or imprisonment.

    2. Each State Party shall include this prohibition in the rules or instructions issued in regard to the duties and functions of any such person.

    How many public officers believe they can ‘spike’ citizens with date rape drugs and then subject them to hours of interrogations and ‘acute stress reactions’ (ie beatings, and ‘mock executions’ which are considered ‘coercive methods’ where I live as they are not ACTUALLY going to execute you, just they make you think that, ergo not torture by definition (Combined with the ‘spiking’ which is a physical assault, different matter. Hence the need to conceal the crime) See Article 1 for the ‘loophole’) and it doesn’t break the rules?

    I know 1 that does. And he is providing ‘care’ for the families of others to this day. Glad y’all are happy with that. And they do reports as to why people are killing themselves after walking out of this ‘hospital’? Why bother, it’s kind of obvious, but I guess someone has to do the “editing”.

    Now the “guidelines” do seem to cover these acts of torture, and I would suggest that the State has a defense in that they have made it very clear to this Community Nurse that he isn’t allowed to torture citizens.

    But what if he were to inform us that they are actually enabling him in the acts and that was why he felt he could laugh at me when I said I was going to have something done about his vile conduct? Perhaps the reason the Operations Manager felt she was justified in threatening my family and “fucking destroying” me? Not like anyone was going to step up and say “this is wrong”…… though I note someone said they didn’t have the stomach for the ‘resolution’ and rudely interrupted that in the E.D. Though a need to retrieve the documents proving what I am saying was necessary before providing the Law Centre with the fraudulent set….. and then the letter from C.P.

    Consider the consequences of them thinking the documents had been retrieved, and then they turn up in a Police Station, showing the cover up? Of acts of torture and well….. the other stuff no one believes anyway because “they wouldn’t do that”. Rock solid defense that is.

    Knowing the State was ‘protecting’ the Community Nurse from any form of prosecution for his acts of torture, and criminal conduct in the production of false documents? I mean, who would have thought police would be out trying to retrieve documented proof of such vile acts to ensure that the criminal wasn’t prosecuted? Placing a ‘flag’ on the complainant for an automatic referral to the criminals so they could resolve their ‘little problem’ with a needle full of ‘care’? Such mercy being shown by these people huh? Particularly considering they were the cause of the damage in the first place with their unlawful use of force.

    Class action lawsuit. I’ve got the documented proof of the wrongdoing of these people, and putting it in front of a lawyer is like throwing Holy Water over Dracula, and tying him to a sunbed. They wouldn’t touch it, and their life depends on that in Australia. They have been well told not to be ‘zealous’ when it comes to mental health claims, given the ‘benefits’ to the State from such human rights abuses. Ask our ex Treasurer why he had to flee the State when Police were chasing him to do a ‘referral’. Seems some people were ‘in the know’ as to what the consequences of upsetting the wrong people was (ie the Minister for Mental Health)

  • When the Chief Psychiatrist can rewrite the laws to cover up what were criminal offences, and fail to report to the Corruption watchdog because ….. well, we covered it up so why bother?

    Significant to note that since this time, the laws have been ‘amended’ to give ‘us’ “added protections”. Now, best you don’t look at what they mean by “added protections” but in brief;

    teenagers can ‘consent’ to ECT, and doctors can not be held accountable for any damage done. ie no litigation threat which was a concern…… so they got ‘protected’.

    The ‘little problem’ with arbitrary detentions, that is, the protections afforded the community by the law under s. 26 of the MHA has now been removed. Any Community Nurse now using police to have people snatched form their beds has been resolved. In fact, these guys are now working from Police Stations, where the ‘treatment’ and ‘coercive methods’ being used which tend to result in the need for the trauma to be ‘treated’ can be made ‘on the run’. No need for those pesky “reasonable grounds” given their paranoid delusions (or ‘suspicions’ if you like) are all the grounds they need. Consider the use of “suss laws” with the ability to force drug anyone you are ‘suspicious’ of? They’re bad enough when police get such powers, but with a needle full of brain damage, for an incompetent the likes of the ‘verballer’ I met? It really does bring psychiatry down a notch when Community Nurses are giving ‘diagnoses’ and prescribing the drugs before they even leave the hospital to meet their “Outpatient”.


    The “concerning aspects” of this detention, no longer a concern given it is the ‘illness’ of the man which is now the issue, and not the cause of that ‘illness’. Formed by the waiting Community Nurse and off to the E.D. to be put into an induced coma until he stops whining.

    Added protections for Police by making their ‘referrals’ not based on anything other than a ‘suspicion’ (as opposed to the one where they need a reason other than I want him to stop screaming when I crush his fingers, or apply the tazer to his testicles).

    And then there is the subtle changes to the laws relating to mandatory reporting to the corruption watchdog. That really was a problem for those doing cover ups as ‘principle authorities’, not wanting their ‘internal problems’ being examined by an outside ‘independent observers’. Having to report torture and kidnappings in writing must have made them cringe. No longer necessary, and the prison term for such non reporting has been removed I believe. Given the comments by our previous ‘leader’ (whose concealment of acts of police torture was part of his downfall once the video was released) that the Corruption watchdog was now “redundant” and shouldn’t be investigating public officers………has come to fruition with the rather long winded amendments to the Act. A ‘paper trail’ showing a removal of accountability, and “added protections” for those engaging in human rights abuses.

    A “zero tolerance” policy if you like, that is zero tolerance of anyone trying to access their human rights or the protections afforded by the law…… which, as we know, the Chief Psychiatrists rewrites according to his requirements WITHOUT THE NEED FOR PARLIAMENT. Is the community aware they have no right to legal representation when public officers commit offences against the community? I’d suggest this is a bigger myth than the ‘chemical imbalance lie, that you have a right to legal representation.

    They can ‘patch’ the problems later by invalidating the report of the U.N. which stated quite clearly that Australia’s mental health laws ARE a violation of human rights, and MAY constitute acts of torture (without a confession, it could never be proven… so keep your mouths shut doc). The benefits two fold, because the public is stripped of their rights and legal protections, and they think they have received “added protections”. No need for acts of gross criminal negligence by public officers coming across acts of torture and kidnappings (not to mention the ‘unintended negative outcomes’) having to report anymore.

    Euthanasia Act?

    This is straight form Himmler’s diaries (see the problem caused by Josef Hartingers report into the deaths at Dachau, and the ‘governments response to their ‘problem’. Bury the facts and change the laws to make it lawful…….and then the killings started again), and the public blissfully unaware that it has been done. The stealth model has actually been quite effective.

    At last, carte blanche, and they should be able to ‘get the job done’. Which unfortunately seems to be taking a little longer than expected……and it looks like our hospital system is in an absolute mess but ……. maybe added powers?

    I mean really, what is there beyond carte blanche and zero accountability? And a public more afraid of their local police than any ‘terrorist’ or ‘mental patient’. The obvious justification for the removal of ‘our’ rights.

    Can’t defend these rights on my own, and these people obviously place no value in them…… until the boot is on their heads, and it’s their families being “fucking destroyed” for trying to exercise what they no longer have, that is a right to complain about being tortured (article 13). And I note the use of a document KNOWN to have been produced using an act of torture being used by the C.P. to defend the unlawful detention (Article 15)….who cares about such bits of paper when your being waterboarded, they scream for their mothers not the United Nations. Ask the Community Nurse who I note is STILL torturing people to this very day as a direct result of the negligence of others.

    This then becomes STATE SANCTIONED TORTURE.

    So my refusal to speak to a private clinic psychologist (with a Masters degree no less) about a family conflict results in the exposing of the State sanctioned torture program ….. and i’m surprised that none of y’all want to look? I really have lost my mind, of course you wouldn’t look, you’d end up in the ‘cells’ with the rest of ‘us’.

  • “The left does not care about mental patients. They believe in human rights for everyone, except those who’ve been diagnosed as mentally ill.”

    Which is everyone who doesn’t think the way they do. My ‘Union’ quite prepared to support the use of ‘mental health services’ as a means to attack any whistleblowers, and run back to their ‘slavemasters’ with information for a pat on the head and a few ‘hush puppies’. Sychophants.

  • “We need to ditch the left-right axis. We need to replace it with the greed – integrity axis. People on the greed end of the axis should not be supported by anyone, regardless of party. Unfortunately, that doesn’t leave a whole lot of representatives left on the integrity end!”

    This reminded me of a picture I saw once of a ‘panhandler’ sitting with a sign saying “Why lie, it’s for Beer”. Now THAT’s integrity lol

  • I like the quote from Chomsky, I have no idea what is in his heart. I still singalong to Michael Jackson on the radio, but have no idea if the allegations are true or not.

    Hypocrisy IS the greatest luxury.

    “The problem has never been our political logic
    But the way we enact it
    We can imagine a perfect society
    But can’t maintain a decent relationship
    The failure found in the luxury, not in the hardship”

    Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy

  • Hi skeetbeet.

    ‘spiked’ is when you put drugs into someone’s drink or food without their knowledge with the intention of stupefying them. Do it with the intent to commit further offenses (such as kidnapping, or sexual assault) and you can be in serious trouble…….. If police have a copy of the Criminal Code in the particular station where you try and report the offences. Otherwise they call mental health services and try and have you hit over the head with the ‘chemical kosh’ and removed from their fine establishment.

    There are four ‘date rape drugs’ called ‘intoxicants’ (unless administered by a doctor who can write prescriptions [even then there can be problems, see the case of Prof John Kearsley] at which point they are ‘medicine’) and which are used by many rapists in nite clubs in particular.


    There is a defense in law;
    “to prove that the accused person had reasonable cause to believe that each person who was likely to consume the drink or food would not have objected to consuming the drink or food if the person had been aware of the presence and quantity of the intoxicating substance in the drink or food.”

    In my situation the fact that the people who KNEW that I had been intoxicated by deception conspired to conceal the offence……… so they obviously thought I would object. And in fact, I have NEVER been prescribed these drugs, and when a nurse in the locked ward offered them to me, I suggested he use them as a suppository (ie stick em up your …… ).

    So I wasn’t informed until it was apparent that my legal representatives were to be provided with unredacted documents showing the offenses, 6 weeks after. They had tried all sorts of deceptions to ensure I didn’t find out. Trying to have me sign documents to make me into someone’s ‘patient’ after the fact to enable their conspiring to be ‘medical care’.

    The Senior Medical Officer who I had never met, writing a prescription for the administration of these date rape drugs hours AFTER they had been administered, and despite knowing I had been subjected to interrogations by a Community Nurse AND Police. How easy is it to conceal acts of torture in my State, who have actually complained about this being done in African Nations. Torturers that they are, but when ‘we’ do it, it’s ‘medicine’

    I have the letter in PDF form, and have redacted the names. I feel sure that the way the law has been rewritten to remove the protections afforded the community is clear for all to see, but have had lawyers ‘unread’ the letter to ‘unsee’ what they are instructed to not see by the State. And hey, it’s only the family of a mental patient that has been ‘fucking destroyed’, not like it was someone that matters. Well, okay I wasn’t a mental patient when this was done, unless you consider the Community Nurse lying to police and saying I was an “Outpatient” of his hospital to procure the thug services of police to force me to talk whilst stupefied without my knowledge…… you know, receiving ‘care’.

    One might suggest that this is because they were dealing with the matter in a ‘quiet’ manner…. but why was this person who did these vile deeds still harming people TWO YEARS AFTER he should have been reported to the Corruption watchdog under the MANDATORY reporting provisions? (lest the person not reporting suspected misconduct commit an offense).

    There is no need to report when the documents have been “edited”, the legal representatives have thrown the victim under a bus, and the victim is delivered to an E.D. for ‘treatment’ (which is a great way to terrorise others into silence I note. You wouldn’t want what was done to me done to your family kind of thing.)

    The Operations Manager was quite open about her offending (as a representative of the State). Telling me when I ensured she was aware of her duty to report that “we’ll fucking destroy you”. And with the Chief Psychiatrist able to remove legal protections from the Mental Health Act (is this what they call “grandiose”? That’s what I got called for suggesting I had human rights to the Senior Medical Officer. That and whatever other slander he could fabricate with words without too much effort in his “three minute diagnosis”).

    Anyway, quite happy to share the letter, from the person who “provides expert legal advice on matters of Mental Health law to the Minister”. But, I might add, who would fail a first year law course at the Mahatma Ghandi Online School of Law lol

    The letter was FORGED by the Law Centre and handed to someone they KNEW had been viciously attacked and gaslighted, to cause significant psychological problems……. and let me tell you, that letter almost contributed to my death. I’m sure they feel no shame over the matter though (just following orders), the author going on to run for Federal Parliament despite these facts being known to our ‘authorities’. Just what we need, forgers and utterers in Federal Parliament instead of ‘providing access to the law to the vulnerable of our community’ with her offending..

    ‘Sorry, we haven’t got the resources to assist people who have been subjected to human rights abuses by the State, we’re too busy at the Audi dealership picking a colour for our new cars with the increased funding were getting from the State for NOT looking at these abuses’ You could try seeking ‘help’ from the people that did this to you? Because the “edited” documents make you into a violent psychotic drug abusing wife beater, and now that police have ensured your homeless….. well, things aren’t looking too good for you. Nothing that cant be achieved with a little bit of “editing” and gross criminal negligence.

    Might be time to redo some ‘exams’ in the place our aboriginal population calls ‘University’ (ie Prison)

  • This reminded me of me being told byt he psychologist who conspired with my wife, about my complaining regarding being drugged without my knowledge, tortured and kidnapped, that I wasn’t being “morally relative”.

    Morally relative? Is that like when a rapists says, ‘well I thought eventually you’d like it, and it isn’t my fault you didn’t’?

    Glad to hear that the Chief Psychiatrist can’t ACTUALLY remove the legal protections afforded the community in that area of law……… or can he? The removal of the Criteria from the Mental Health Act an act of gross negligence, and the only means to make what were crimes, into ‘medicine’. Quite clever, and I’m sure such vicious psychological attacks on people who have already been harmed are in many cases quite effective.

    The ability of the State to deny citizens access to legal representation can be demonstrated (democracy?), and the letter showing this significant power of our Great Protector is there for all to see……. if only someone would actually look. Then again, not a lot of people looked at the photos of the physical damage done to those kids who were being repeatedly raped in institutions for 40 years either.

    Where were the journalists and ‘the public interest’ then?

  • A note on confidentiality.

    I had someone who looked at these documents who was an ‘advocate’ for the organisation which was brought into effect by the MH Act, and as someone who was being paid to protect the vulnerable people being taken into custody and force drugged and electrocuted. You’d expect him to be aware of the protections but …… he seems to think that the Chief Psychiatrist response was ‘thorough’, and that it was just ‘sour grapes’ on the mental patients part.

    However, what I noticed was that he offered to keep all of the information ‘confidential’ and on a ‘just between you an me’ basis.

    So I wrote back and said, “Please don’t”, because that’s exactly what the criminals want. They don’t want people knowing that they’re doing this sort of thing and the Chief Psychiatrist is covering it up for them. The ‘squealer’ is the biggest problem these people can have, going around wanting the protection of the law, when they have a rigged game of ‘find the lady’ going on, and police being paid off? (Police telling me they didn’t have a copy of the Criminal Code when presented with the documents. Later sent to retrieve them before the fraudulent set was sent to the Law Centre, and a ‘flag’ placed on me for immediate referral should I turn up in a Station with the proof)

    Classis Erving Goffman in cooling out the ‘mark’.

    I’m sure the people whose children were being raped by priests were told their information would be kept ‘strictly confidential’ and that it would do damage to the child if it were talked about…… and how did that all work out?

    So my attitude is that the vicious slander done by releasing my “edited” medical records to the public has resulted in me being harmed anyway. So why not show the public the proof of what is being done and called ‘medicine’? Not a day of my life has been worth living since I was introduced to the Community Nurse who told police I was his “Outpatient” (and was in possession of the knife he had arranged to have planted on me, along with the cannabis). Just in case they had to shoot me, me being ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs without my knowledge being a risk, and requiring the protection of a ‘throw down’. bang, bang, put down the knife…… (edit)…… Put down the knife bang, bang.

    So why on earth should I feel the shame of being tortured and kidnapped, and only to have a psychiatrist ask, ‘why is this man even here?’.

    Because they meant well? I’d like to see them defend that position. A bank robber means well, he just has to hurt a few people for others to benefit, so lets “edit” the evidence and ensure he isn’t held to account for his crimes eh? Hey look, a man sticks a gun in a tellers face becomes a legitimate withdrawal if we forge this withdrawal slip, and retrieve the video evidence……. a few threats to the families of the tellers won’t go astray either. “they wouldn’t do that”

    Silence and ‘confidentiality’ is the dark shadows where these people are actively operating.

    “And cover not Truth with falsehood, nor conceal the Truth when ye know (what it is)” (al Baqarah 42)

    It’s not a falsehood (or criminal fraud) if you call it “editing” and everyone knows their families safety is at risk if they dare look. And those who fail to learn from history…..have probably lost their memory due to drugs and electricity.

    I actually liked this quote form Orwell about Journalism.

    “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is Public Relations”.

    I don’t know about ‘selective’ publishing, he doesn’t seem to cover that scenario.

  • “Many if not most will be denied as I was. They are legally allowed to deny psychiatric patients access to treatment notes because doctors are afraid of retribution for what they write about their patients.”

    This it true kindredspirit. In my State there is a legal protection allowing a legal representative the right to examine unredacted documents on provision of a confidentiality agreement.

    The hospital identifies the information they do not want disclosed, and provides a reason for the non disclosure.

    This creates problems when the hospital wants to conceal criminal offenses and human rights abuses, because the lawyers have a right to the documents, and the hospital doesn’t want to ask them in writing to conspire to pervert the course of justice.

    Knowing that the ‘client’ will not be allowed to see what they, the lawyers. have done, they are free to conspire with the hospitals over such matters (eg acts of torture). There is nobody watching the watchers, or so they think.

    Tends to be that the hospital will arrange an ‘unintended negative outcome’ while they put the lawyers on ‘hold’ with “edited” documents.

    Once a mental health fatwah (diagnosis) has been issued by the Mullahs, it really is forever. The idea of getting access to the legal system, when the legal system has ordered you ‘treated’ is ludicrous.

    The lawyers are fully aware of the vulnerability faced by their ‘clients’, and will take full advantage of that situation by throwing them under a bus, for an increase in their State funding to provide ‘access to the law’ (yep, it’s a joke they play on the community). And the general public will say “they wouldn’t do that” while they refuse to examine the facts.

    Consider this for example.

    From the Mental Health Act 1996
    29 .         Referring potential involuntary patients for psychiatric examination
            (1)         Subject to section 194, a medical practitioner or an authorised mental health practitioner who suspects on reasonable grounds that a person should be made an involuntary patient may refer the person for examination by a psychiatrist.

     Who should be an “involuntary patient” is set out in s. 26 Persons who should be involuntary patients of the MHA 1996

    The Chief Psychiatrist in his letter of response to the Law Centre writes 
    “The referrer, in this case, a mental health clinician who has undergone training as an Authorised Mental Health Practitioner (AMHP), has only to ‘suspect’ on grounds they believe to be reasonable that the person requires an examination by a psychiatrist.”  

    Firstly, the “reasonable grounds ” standard has been removed, thus authorising arbitrary detentions based on nothing more than a suspicion. Secondly, the criteria for detention has been removed by changing the belief that must be formed by the AMHP from “the person should be made into an involuntary patient” to “requires an examination by a psychiatrist”. The MHA clearly sets out “who should be an involuntary patient” whereas, the Act has nothing to say about who should be referred for an examination by a psychiatrist. Possibly because it is quite easy to make a decision that someone ‘needs their head examined’.

    The issue was that this was someone attempting to conceal KNOWN criminal offenses and human rights abuses, and the only way to achieve that was with such acts of gross negligence, and a belief that the Chief Psychiatrist has the right to change the law and remove the protections afforded the community by our lawmakers.

    The Community Nurse had not met the burden placed on him by the Mental Health Act, so have the Chief Psychiatrist remove the burden with the above misrepresentation of the law and what was criminal, now becomes lawful. Having police retrieve the documents showing that the Chief Psychiatrist was fully aware of the offending before distributing the fraudulent and slanderous set of documents (the “edited” set) will be of benefit before sending out the letter of response. 

    Quite a three card monte, and such a shame that there were people harmed as a direct result of the deliberate delays and the overt threats and attempt to “fucking destroy” me by the State. For trying to exercise my human and civil rights, and the protection of the law?

    I find it fascinating that despite looking, that people simply can’t see what I’m saying. A large number of lawyers…. though do they obtain a benefit by NOT looking? Lawyers who deliberately don’t look at what they’re told to not look at by the State? Emergency torture provisions? (whispers of ‘did I mention he’s related to the Cohens?’)

    I can see how this “editing” of legal narratives for legal representatives might make a mess of the justice system. But in this instance we are talking about people being deliberately brain damaged as a result of the ‘Fatwah’ that is issued against them by psychiatrists. One would have thought the legal protections would have been stricter (as opposed to the Chief Psychiatrists removal of protections creating carte blanche) given the damage that can be done with drugs and electricity based on a ‘suspicion’. Particularly when the paranoia caused by concealing your criminal offending may cloud the decision making process.

    You’d think someone with an interest in making the ‘system’ better might want to take a look at such a document, where the Chief Psychiatrist removes ALL legal protections from the law that he is charged with enforcing but……… seems that ‘advocates’ is code for throw them under a bus service because they pay better than the victims who are being loaded onto carriages. Always the stragglers who will pull the gold teeth of course but ….. to be expected I guess. Hi to the lawyer who said “I thought you were mad, but you’ve got the proof”…. look out for that number 27 Bus….. Bang.

    One lawyer even ‘unreading’ the letter. lol

  • I used to have a coffee mug which said “Harold and Fred, they make women Dead” Referring to Fred West of course.

    I think that in many ways Shipman was a victim of a system that didn’t protect him when he needed it most. he was unrepentant to the very end, knowing that all he needed to do to be found not guilty was to never confess.

    The three elements for prosecution? Means (okay access to morphine), Opportunity (yep, they were his ‘patients’ and trusted him, but what about the motive? The ONLY way to prove that is if he confesses, and maybe he was just a really bad doctor.

    So, as most know, keep your mouth shut, never go to the ‘confessional’, and you can never be held accountable ….. or so it seems.

    There are of course other means of dealing with such people, and doctors particularly psychiatrists, tend to be pretty good at playing with such people the same way that a cat plays with a ‘trapped’ mouse.

    “But this doesn’t seem to happen in Mental Health even though the unexpected death rate can be quite high.”

    In my State they don’t keep such data, the Euthanasia Act specifically makes sure such data is not kept.

    There was one situation where a number of snapped necks during ‘restraints’ were reported, and I assume someone got their wrist slapped for trying out their MMA ‘techniques’ on the ‘patients’, but were having difficulty procuring and keeping staff. So a bit of “editing” and a ‘verbal’ would ensure no one was responsible.

    And even if you did slip through the net and could actually prove the crimes, there is literally no one who cares about the cover ups the government does. Police finding out “who else has the documents”, and stealing your laptop to fond out who you have been communicating with …. because the concealment and the harm done as a result of the negligence mean they can’t possibly make any admissions. They’ve already jumped into bed with the criminals, and the photos of that are kind of embarrassing. So the idea of justice? Nah, never going to happen in a system that is perverted beyond recognition.

    “Australians Value a Rule of Law” Was that Rodney Rude who said that? Because it is a joke, given the State is concealing human rights abuses and denying access to legal representation under the guise of doing ‘investigations’. The Corruption watchdog is actually used to obstruct justice when it comes to certain people

  • “I am disgusted, disheartened and furious that this is still accepted as being just the way things are, as if a status quo of extreme suffering and early death is acceptable.”

    I think the turning point for me was the passing of a Euthanasia Act. There was something about the way it was done (after failing to have forced sterilizations of children without parental consent passed) and which appears to be a defense against what is about to occur.

    Of course it is an ‘internal matter’ and like the Chinese, keep your noses out of our business. Only ‘we’ understand the problem, and ‘we’ can’t discuss it with the plebs because they wouldn’t agree to what needs to be done.

    The bleeding liberals in the United Nations making the crimes of public officers the responsibility of the State? (and all the while allowing the sexual assaults’ of women to be covered up, and whistleblowers destroyed) There’s going to have to be a ‘wall’ between the people doing the ‘assisted dying’ and those turning a blind eye. We do of course have Himmler’s diaries as a ‘play book’, and the problem created by Josef Hartinger and the ‘assisted dyings’ at Dachau. How did they get around the same problem?

    Must admit, I hope I’m never in a position to say “i told you so”. and if it wasn’t for a doctor without the stomach for it rudely interrupting my ‘outcoming’ (and then “editing” of the documents) I wouldn’t be around to not say “I told you so”…… if that makes sense lol

    You get desensitized to it from what I’ve seen in the locked ward. Abu Ghraib being a good example of how quickly you can turn humans into animals with a little ‘role confusion’. Hence the chaotic and always a crisis situations which seem standard for mental institutions. They are deliberately designed to be that way, in a Gruen Effect kind of way. It sort of looks like a hospital, but there’s something about it which ……..

  • “What would that organized resistance look like?”

    I know what it won’t look like. Like one of the advertisments for their drugs lol

    Mind you, this age of ignorance we seem to be going through, where the public is being increasingly stripped of resources by those who have usurped the power of the vote, and where our elected representatives are simply put in place by media moguls to do their bidding.

    It’s simply not going to hold water for long. They’ve neglected the fire fighting equipment, and once a spark turns into a blaze, …… and they think the futures so bright, they gotta wear shades.

    “God will remind us what we already know, that the human race is about to reap what it’s sown” The The. Armageddon Days are Here (Again)

  • ‘Es got a point.

    I’ve never heard of Tucker Carlson, and in fact thought it was a food additive but …. had a listen and he does make some very good points.

    Particularly about the spend on advertising versus research and development.

    The media is to democracy what the bludgeon is to the totalitarian State (Chomsky) huh? The laws are in place to use force should there ever be a crisis as a result of the drugs being cut off. In fact, people where I live are just coming to terms with how many of their rights have been removed by stealth…. see the loss of housing rights for example.

    I guess the one question I have about it though is why is it a gender specific thing? Should we ban access to the drugs for males?

    I can see an expansion of the ‘industry’ if they can come up with a drug for people withdrawing from the drugs that does the opposite of what they say it does. That is, makes the withdrawal symptoms worse rather than better. But i’d be getting some of the guns back first. Either that or take a sabbatical in one of the properties bought with the money form the drugs….. you know, the Bahamas or some such tax haven. Come back when the shooting is over sort of thing. And someone pleeeeeease make sure the Nuclear Power plants are secured before they head off on holidays.

    I’ve been giving financial advice to the people at the Golf Club. Buy shares in guns and drugs. No need to get involved in Colombian cartels, you can do it on the stock exchange. Some guys get a license to do it, and some don’t. So you get people like Manuel Noriega trying to set up shop. Or the likes of Ariel Castro trying to get in on the psychiatric hostel business without a license.

    Stay legal I say, and get your accountant to help out with the drug distribution and gun sales.

    Seriously though, the guys got a point, and like the gun situation, it looks like it’ll end in tears.

  • Man plans, God laughs.

    I agree with a lot of what your suggesting JamesHillmandownwiththereligionofscientism. An ‘artificial’ housing crisis is being caused in my place right now. Properties acquired some time back by a select few, and then calls for “skilled migration” resulting in the immigration of skilled workers such as Uber drivers and Shopping Trolley Collectors has resulted in a deficit of housing. Upward pressure and calls for landlords to be able to put rents up on a monthly basis and evict anyone who is ‘behind’.

    Hey, I’d do it if I had the resources. It’s just sour grapes on my part that I’m not one of the select few.

    Thing is though, at some point one of them is going to make the ‘let them eat cake’ comment and ……… “if this is your first night at Fight Club, you have to fight”.

    And isn’t the paranoia of the people who are stripping the world of resources becoming obvious? State funded police departments being used by Private Clinics for torture and kidnappings of citizens? Yeah, okay threats from Police to peoples families means “it never happened” but ….. I saw it with my own eyes, along with the cowardly psychologist and social worker. But they are prepared to see what they are told to see.

    History tells us of many occasions where people have thought they were in total control and then…….. where the Hell did those Huns come from? I wonder sometimes if these people pray that there is no God, because the consequences for them if there is are not looking good.


  • “Start by asking for your medical records from your own doctor and you may be surprised that it contains evidence of incompetence and negligence.”

    Not sure about the ‘system’ in the US Gilbert, but in Australia they do what they call “editing”. In my case this meant removing the documents that showed I had been ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs, and that a Community Nurse had lied to police telling them I was his “Outpatient”, and have them use a little rough stuff to make me talk to him This is the sort of ‘treatment’ that may be necessary to get you the ‘help’ you need.


    Now that your ‘willing’ to talk to him (because you did actually have the right to silence when you weren’t his “Outpatient”) he could put words in your mouth and produce a false statutory declaration for others to utter with (including our Chief Psychiatrist).

    Now, a legal representative on provision of a confidentiality agreement actually gets to examine unredacted documents, with the hospital identifying areas which are not to be disclosed to their clients highlighted, and a reason for the non disclosure to be given (in writing). This is a protection of human rights, that someone with your interest at heart gets to look and check if you’ve been abused.

    However, in my instance the documents provided to my ‘legal representatives’ was also “edited”, and the documented crimes removed, other documents containing sensitive information inserted in their place. I went from being the victim of serious criminal offending to a violent psychotic mental patient who had been being treated for more than 10 years by the hospital, and who was delusional about being ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs.

    Sure they can deny me access to the documents, or parts of. But I had no idea they were concealing human rights abuses from legal representatives, who then actively conspire to “fucking destroy” the person who has been abused.

    Given the power by the State to do this type of “editing”, and the removal of legal protections from the Mental Health Act by the Chief Psychiatrist rewriting our Act (care to see the letter?), and enabling arbitrary detention and torture of citizens, I think my concerns about the ‘legal protections’ contained in our new Euthanasia Act are legitimate.

    The State does the crimes (human rights abuses), and the ‘legal representatives’ set up their ‘clients’ for a fall. Drafting complaints and then forging and uttering the responses from the Chief Psychiatrist. It worked a treat….. for a long while anyway. Next…….