Wednesday, April 8, 2020

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  • I beg to differ.

    If anyone knows the truth about the “we’re in this together’ it is survivors who have been left out in the cold for the wolves by people who were in it together. And i’ve no doubt that many will fall into line and ‘pull together’ only to be stabbed in the back (again) as soon as things are back to normal.

    I think it perhaps better to take the attitude of many of our elite that we’re in this for what we can get out of it and exploit those who are struggling and finding themselves in need. It’s been working up to now, and I can see no reason for that to change any time soon.

    I was no longer in this together after having my whole community turn their backs on me after I was subjected to 7 hours of torture and kidnapped. And then to have hospital administrators distribute fraudulent documents to lawyers to ‘cover up’ their criminality? I’d be careful who I trusted when they are engaging in that sort of conduct. And all because someone thought that not thinking the same way as them must be some form of an illness, and was prepared to ‘spike’ me with benzos and plant a knife on me to obtain a police referral (to try and conceal the torture and kidnapping as being “inherent in or incidental to lawful sanction”).

    And to this day 9 years later they continue to utter with the fraudulent documents despite me presenting them with the truth. They prefer the false narrative and simply continue with the slander and threats to my family. Trust us, says the man throwing around cash like a drunken sailor, knowing that it will be retrieved via tax increases as soon as we’re not all in it together again.

    The three white sheep feed the black sheep to the wolf. Now they are only three when the threat returns, and they have knowledge of the way they conspired against the black sheep last time. I don’t know that they will be hearing “we’re all in this together” again. Though they are sheep, and the herd mentality will last till there is one. The ‘get in first’ principle still applies, despite what the people touting for your mental health dollar tell you.

    “You have to be trusted
    by the people that you lie to
    so that when they turn their backs on you
    you get the chance to put the knife in”

    Pink Floyd; Dogs (from Animals)

    Vulpes pilum mutat non mores

  • Unless you could make common sense an illness and force drugs on the ‘sufferer’ and charge lots for the service your providing?

    In a land where you can be arrested and fined for going out for a run (lawful) and stop to eat a kebab on a park bench (unlawful) it shouldn’t be too hard for the public to accept that common sense requires incarceration and forced drugging. If you go out for exercise, you better keep exercising while you consume your kebab.

  • Yes, I found that when I had a knife planted on me after being ‘dropped’ with benzos and having the ‘helpful’ people at mental health services lie to police and claim that I was a “patient” (when they knew I wasn’t) most detrimental to my ability to deal with my stress.

    In fact, it was after this slander that I found that my complaining about being ‘spiked’ and having a weapon planted on me to police became a ‘symptom’ of the fabricated illness. I am to live with the knowledge that I have been ‘flagged’ on the police records as a mental patient who carries a weapon, and can not have that removed as this would mean that they assisted a public officer in torture and kidnapping a citizen. So I live also with the slanderous conduct of our Minister for Health who can not reveal the truth, and continues to utter with fraudulent records based on the need to conceal what is being done and called ‘medicine’.

    What pleases me most is that there are actually people out there who value the truth, and are aware of what has been done and by whom. Not only the criminals but their enablers. It must be difficult for the Minister to be running with all these false narratives, and keep a straight face.

    They are going to need to throw the current crop of people who have been damaged by the drugging and ECTs onto the street now they have a new batch coming through. Though I can’t imagine that will be reported accurately by the media. It will just be more mental patient with weapon shot by police. ‘Throw downs’ and ‘verbals’ the weapons of choice, enabled by a corrupt State government who have been using the watchdog as a means to cover up their misconduct. Isn’t the homelessness problem terrible Beryl?

    Am I being paranoid by wanting that false accusation used to justify my ‘assessment’ removed form the records? Or must I learn to live with being treated by police like a rabid dog as a result of this nastiness? Perhaps I should seek professional help to resolve the issue. Though I note they tend to not wish to discuss the crimes that were committed to have me ‘referred’, and prefer to not look at the documentation. These ‘good people’ who tell us ‘were all in it together’ seem to not be in it together when it comes to the human rights abuses being enabled in our hospitals and called medicine. In that case, as most ‘patients’ will tell you, your on your own. Particularly when your legal representatives are taking their instructions from the State rather than their client.

    I would have thought my wish to not be drugged without my knowledge and have a weapon planted on me for trigger happy police to find, as a means to obtain a ‘referral’ for a Community Nurse would be ‘normal’. Apparently not, business as usual according to the Operations Manager who fuking destroys anyone who complains about being ‘treated’ in such a manner. Its a tough job and you need the stomach for the unintended negative outcoming of any legitimate complainants. I’m sure the destruction of my family, career and loss of everything I ever worked for was a small price to pay to enable a corrupt public official who is kidnapping and torturing citizens. And despite the evidence not being retrieved by police, they ignore the facts and run with the falsehoods. Is this possibly the reason the public has virtually no faith in our court system? Planting items preferred to actual investigations? Any wonder we see people walking from prison after unreliable convictions are repeatedly exposed?

  • I make a connection between the moving of public executions to private places and the closing of the asylums to the public in the 18th Century.

    Certainly my government has found benefits in concealing what they are doing from the people who elect them. Covering up has become quite the art form these days. Is it not better to terrorise the public with the ‘unseen’ horrors, rather than expose your methods to public scrutiny?

    I note my government recently passed a Euthanasia Act as a result of it being what the public wanted (more than 85% was the claim, though no data ever put forward for the claim). Given this line of reasoning, surely we will be returning to public executions really soon, because it is the case that this is what the public always wanted. Or is it the case that they were just “pulling our legs”?

    I have on many occasions offered to show ‘human rights activists’ that they don’t need to travel to Syria to observe human rights abuses, they need only visit their local mental institution. For some reason they prefer not to, and maintain their false belief that these abuses are committed only by people ‘over there’. I can only assume this was the attitude of the German people when the National Socialists began with their ‘delousing’ program. The “it might be best I don’t know about that” attitude taken by our police in these times of great change.

    The nurses notes are nothing more than gossip and slander, and should be viewed as such. They are twisting their own palm fiber for later use.

    Thanks for the glimpse inside though Ekatarina.

  • I was fascinated by the investigation into the causes of madness (and negative outcomes) at the “looney gas building” by Norris and Gettler.

    Tetraethyllead ending up being ‘blamed’. What struck me though was the use of a scientific method to identify the culprit which has no politics, its a chemical and nothing more. The company didn’t want it to be the cause of the insanity in the workers and did everything they could to conceal the fact.

    Does the mental health industry not find themselves in a similar position these days? Where the science is saying one thing, but the ‘industry’ is denying the facts and playing politics to lay the ‘blame’ on those who are having toxins shoved down their throats as a result of a loophole in the law? (the Mental Health Act).

    They did end up removing lead from petrol in 1978. I guess I won’t live to see the day when they finally show these drugs to be more dangerous than lead or smoking, but I sure am glad I was one of the first to know 🙂

    Remove the politics and encourage the use of a scientific method rather than corrupting the regulatory authorities, the media and politicians. They are using the ‘psychology of religion’ to corrupt scientific endeavors.

  • I loved the movie “The Young Poisoners Handbook”.

    When Graham Young started poisoning his step mother, the illness it produced was used to increase the ‘medication’ he was putting the poison in. Leading to her ultimate negative outcome. Interesting that Young managed to convince psychiatrists that he was ‘cured’, and was released from Broadmoor. And then went on poisoning his work colleagues before finally being caught, again.

    I think as the movie suggested he would have made a good doctor, and quite possibly might have specialized in psychiatry.

    Psychiatry learning from the “global south”? Vulpes pilum mutat non mores.

  • One point regarding the process of referral.

    I had a knife and cannabis planted on me after I was incapacitated via the ‘spiking’, and after being roughed up by police and referred to the waiting Community Nurse for ‘assessment’. He placed me on a Form 1 Referral for an examination by a psychiatrist and I then became a “referred person” and significantly NOT a “patient”. One can only become a “patient” after being examined by a psychiatrist and the decision being taken that the referred person needs to be made an involuntary patient.

    This was not done in my instance, and thus my status never went beyond referred person who maintains their human and civil rights other than the right to liberty until the examination has taken place. So I was released and never obtained the status of “patient” and yet Police maintain that status for me to this day out of a need to utter with false information and deny their use of known methods of torture. Because they did interrogate me in the driveway of my home, this was documented by the Community Nurse who I was referred to. It must be nice to be in such a position to tamper with evidence before presenting it to the courts, or ensure it never sees the light of day via the use of the medical system to do cover ups.

    I was never a “patient” but this truth has not suited the authorities and so they have, as was explained to me by the Operations Manager who did the cover up, needed to fuking destroy me (and by proxy my family). My wife being threatened by the hospital administrators and making attempts to have me made into a “patient” post hoc to deny me any of my rights, and have my self appointed ‘carer’ make decisions in line with the requests of the hospital (eg get him to sign this document, get him to obtain a referral from a General Practitioner for us to be able to conspire against him with you lawfully) Trust in haste, regret at leisure is my warning to the public of Western Australia.

    The ‘mental health system’ is being used for purposes other than what it was designed for. And it’s the enablers that concern me more than the vicious gaslighting criminals operating at the lower levels of this system of abuse. The similarities to the child raping priests and their covering up of their ‘character flaws’ chilling. And it is precisely the covering up that demonstrates the mens rea concerning the offences as far as i’m concerned.

    Did you know that offences had occurred Minister? And what was your response to that knowledge, given the provisions under s.28 of the Corruption and Crimes Commission Act of mandatory reporting, as soon as you became aware of suspected offences carrying a prison term of more than 2 years? (What? The Operations Manger told you they got the documents back? She was wrong, or should I say she has ‘misrepresented’ the information she provided you with. Much like the rewritten burden of proof form the Chief Psychiatrist from “suspect on reasonable grounds” to “suspect on grounds we believe to be reasonable” is not, according to you a ‘misrepresentation’ and does not open the path for arbitrary detentions for mental health workers. I’d have expected better.)

    Certainly not reported, see the Parliamentary Hansards.

    Still, who is going to listen to a person who has been slandered “mental patient” against a Cabinet Minister? Better to ‘dispose’ of the evidence when your above the law.

  • Dr Di Nicola “argues that the fields of psychiatry and psychology have neglected the knowledge and practices of the Global South, leading to misguided assumptions and problematic treatments.”

    Not only have they neglected the knowledge and practices of the Global South, they have ignored a lot of evidence and inconvenient facts along the way. Identifying methods of infiltrating these markets with dodgy science (and opening up the over the counter drug markets) seems to be the motive rather than any search for “effective treatments” for made up illnesses.

  • Hi Tina,

    you write regarding the appeal case

    “The facts of this case should alert us to the problematic misuse of defenses and mitigation based on emotional distress”

    I understand the differences in cases can lead the legal system in some very different directions but we had a case here where a man had poured petrol on his children during a domestic dispute and set fire to them. He later claimed in court that he had been ‘spiked’ with drugs by a person unknown (or at least that’s what I gathered from the newspapers) and that under normal conditions he would never have committed such an act. His defense was rejected and he went to prison.

    However, what concerns me is that I found myself in a situation where I had been ‘spiked’ with benzodiazepines, and Police and a Community Nurse then conspired to conceal the evidence of that spiking from me using the false claim that I was already a “patient” and therefore had no rights. This of course could not be true as the police referred me to mental health based on a s. 195 Police Powers referral, and NOT a ‘home visit’ to a “patient” of the hospital concerned. The benzos were used to incapacitate me to plant a knife and some cannabis to enable lawful referral using those Police Powers, and combined with a deliberate acute stress reaction (roughing up by police) to have me talk when it was known I would maintain my right to silence. (I personally consider this to be torture and a conspiracy to stupefy and commit an indictable offence namely kidnapping, but police can’t find their copy of the Criminal Code so its not criminal they tell me, and in fact I can be arrested for having the documented proof of what I’m claiming). And with no avenue of complaint, and being denied access to legal representation …….

    I have been thinking through this defendants claims and wonder about the State concealing ‘spikings’ from citizens and the legal consequences of that. Particularly in regards the use of ‘spikings’ before police interrogations which as my paper trail shows is being enabled by my State government, and then concealed via cover ups. For example the fraudulent set of documents sent to my legal representatives where the documents proving the spiking were removed and others inserted to give the appearance that I was a long term “patient” of the hospital that kidnapped me. Anyone looking was told that my claim that I was ‘spiked’ was evidence of my paranoid delusions (slander) and not as a result of the crimes of public officers. This particular Community Nurse simply setting up citizens to be referred by police to him, and then having them jump them with the false claim they are “mental patients with a weapon” and presenting them at his hospital as such (police referrals and not as “patients”. A classic three card monte. Police think patient, his colleagues think police referral. At stake your human rights, and no choice about the bet)

    I’ve often thought through the different opinions that would come about if two lawyers were given the different sets of documents and placed in separate rooms. One sees the torture and kidnapping, the other nothing to see here lawful Police referral to Mental Health Services. Quite clever of them and of course then they started threatening any witnesses, and attempted to retrieve the documents I have and failed. Not that it matters when police are of the opinion that “it might be best I don’t know about that” before neglecting their duty to take evidence and make mental health referrals based on a person “hallucinating” regarding a ‘spiking’ they have seen the proof of, but would prefer they hadn’t. And of course a Doctor knowing of the offences committed by his ‘colleagues’ waiting at the other end of the chain to ‘treat’ the victim of the crimes.

    Is mens rea absent if one is intoxicated by deception? And if so, should the State be allowed to conceal that evidence from defendants and the Courts to ensure convictions? Or is this as I have claimed compounding or concealing evidence of a criminal offence and an attempt to pervert the course of justice?

    I’ll look through the resources you link to because whilst i’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, these matters interest me.

  • So if someone says to me they are a feminist, but they support psychiatry (or the reformation of psychiatry) then they are not “true feminists”? And if not, what are they then? because I know a lot of people who call themselves feminists who don’t know they’re not, because they are quite happy to work in the hospitals, as social workers, government agencies that work in the area of mental health……

    Are you sure they’re not just wearing the Che Guevara t shirts and wouldn’t really participate in the armed overthrow of a government if they were provided with the opportunity? I’m disappointed now lol. Because let me say that the ‘patriarchy’ is quite prepared to use extreme violence to maintain their position, and may not wish to hand that over based on logic and reason, or anything else anyone might consider.

    # WereAllInThisTogether

  • “An ELCA Lutheran hospital utilized a lady who comes in a name meaning “honorific title denoting people accepted as descendants of the Islamic prophet Muhammad” to misdiagnose the God believers of their own religion, for profit.”

    Just a point of interest SomeoneElse, the name Saiyed is a male defined name (gender specific) and is a bit like our version of King or such. For example the daughter of Larry King might be called Melissa King. It’s no guarantee that it is a marker of direct lineage to the Prophet Muhammad (saw). In the same way that Larry King is not related to Queen Elizabeth 2 lol.

    Gee she gets some horrible reviews on that site, and it does seem she might be involved in a bit of ‘dirty work’ for some people. I wonder who? In someones pocket for not ending up in prison?

  • I had to look up what ‘abnegating’ was oldhead. I thought it might be some new weird form of ‘treatment’ dreamed up by psychiatrists that involved …… might be best I keep that thought to myself lol.

    Seriously though, the true feminist wouldn’t necessarily be fighting psychiatry, in fact I’ve met psychiatrists who are feminists who have no intention of renouncing their position any time soon. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

    A reformist in a revolutionaries clothes? The Che Guevara t shirt with the Gordon Gekko attitude?

  • I too have a problem with the “damaging themselves” line in the sand Sam.

    It’s a blank check, much like the concept of an “emergency” being used to remove the right to consent to ‘treatment’.

    I quite often run through the lack of consent in the area of medicine with friends explaining that if I, as a doctor, wished to drill a hole in their head and pour acid into that hole and they didn’t want me to do this, I would simply declare an emergency, state that they were anasognosic and have police restrain them while I went ahead with my ‘treatment’. The only reason that Jeffrey Dahmer wasn’t allowed to do this was that he didn’t actually have a licence to do it lol. The people down at administration not prepared to do a cover up of his administrative error lol.

    My “potential for damage to reputation or meaningful relationships” (ie that I was going to leave my abusive wife/family) grounds for having police snatch me from my bed and throw me into a Police van in front of my in laws and neighbours who I feel sure were informed that I had committed no crime but was merely being transported against my will to a locked mental institution. Oh how I miss the days when I could manage my own reputation and relationships rather than have a Community Nurse who had never met me do it for me based on the instructions of people who were prepared to drug me without my knowledge and plant weapons on me for police to find.

    It’s a tough job though, and so much easier now they are being enabled in setting people up. Much like our Court system which seems to be operating on what has been planted on ‘suspects’ by police rather than facts and evidence (see the case of Scott Austic and the ‘crumb trail’ of evidence to his home). I guess the threat by the Operations Manager to “fuking destroy” me was based on this knowledge that the State government is encouraging the manipulation of outcomes via fraud (particularly the corrupt practice of verballing). Plant whatever you need to obtain whatever outcome you like, any complaints fuking destroy them. Machiavelli would be pleased to see his ideas being adopted in such a manner.

  • “Notice, no mention of offering gratitude to God, by the “mental health” researchers?”

    I sure did SomeoneElse. And I realised that, like the psychiatrists who are having their “patients” leave the hospital in a state much worse than they came in, it would be a bit rich to ask that people have gratitude towards doctor/MH workers who see themselves AS god.

    I know the doctor who ‘interupted’ the group of people who were arranging my ‘unintended negative outcome’ tried to make it appear as if it fitted with Biblical prophesy (as one would expect from a professor). But what it really came down to was one gang picking up resources from another gang in our medical fraternity. Fight fire with fire? No, this was about taking the fire and burning down other peoples houses for profit. Though I must say I admire the way the situation was manipulated to achieve this end. The look on that doctors face when he was interrupted right in the middle of murdering someone :). And the look on the faces of police who know there’s not a damn thing they can do about him as a result of protection provided by the law. They step up and their families will suffer as a consequence. They are corrupted with their need to provide support to known criminals. The proverbial blind eye ordered by their masters in Parliament.

    I watch them during this time of crisis associating themselves with ‘good news’ and hiding when the tough decisions need to be taken. Image before truth, ego before community.

    I finished watching the first episode of Revelation, the Children have been used by the Devil. And the explanation that the Catholic Church sees the child victims of rape as being capable of understanding that they were doing wrong by participating in sexual acts with priests at the age of 7. Why are they not requesting that our legislators change the laws and age of consent given their position? These evil children tempting these good men.

    I think back to the threat issued by the Operations Manager who investigated my claim of torture and kidnapping. I’m sure the authorities would now claim they were not in support of her commission of criminal acts, but they find it easier to ignore the truth despite knowing that she was responsible for the distribution of the fraudulent documents to the Law Centre.

    I also feel sure that the threats issued by the Church (not just the rapists) to the families of victims have been systematically ignored. My government and this organisation still seem to have much in common. They use the exact same methods to conceal their misconduct. Negligence, fraud, slander and threats and intimidation of witnesses. And a Minister (and Chief Psychiatrist) who ignore the very laws they are writing that supposedly provide legal protections to the carers, consumers and community. And a community that is prepared to allow them to do whatever they want and are too afraid to question the Emperors choice of fashion. (a Police State where complaints regarding torture are dealt with via an overdose in an Emergency Dept)

    For that I give thanks to God. Because He has also warned them of what will result from their concealment of the truth with falsehoods.

  • Just a comment about gratitude and a comment you made in another article Sam (cost of being psychotic)

    I watched half of a documentary last night regarding the group of child raping priests that formed in the Maitland – Newcastle area here in Australia. Nasty bunch of people who were enabled for a fairly long time (claim being that it started back in the late 1950s). There was a moment that sent shivers down my spine when a young boy (12 i think) had hung himself on his bedroom door and his mother had found him. Within an hour there were three (abusing) priests including his personal abuser at the home asking if the boy had left a note. Once it had been established that he had not made any allegations that could be proven, they left. It reminded me so much of the police chasing me to retrieve the documents I have in an attempt to ensure that the initial abuse was concealed, and as a secondary consequence that their enabling of that abuse was also concealed. What concerns me more is that the rather bad cover up resulted in a further cover up. Retrieve the documented proof of torture and kidnapping before we gaslight him to suicide. Sounds like an illness till you examine the proof, though that’s difficult now the State has threatened the witnesses.

    The good news for us in this is that it seems important that we document and leave a paper trail back to these enablers. Yes the priests who anally raped large numbers of boys for many years are now in prison. But what I noted about this program last night was that the journalist (Sarah Ferguson) was prepared to openly state that the people who obviously knew, and found ways of neglecting their duty were exposed. “Here’s a picture of these enablers shaking hands with the Pontiff only last year”.

    Better late than never I say. And I would add, ensure you document and leave a paper trail to the highest authorities possible regarding this vile abuse that is being mislabeled ‘medicine’. Because like the Catholic Church, psychiatry (and psychiatrists) will find themselves in a position where exposure will damage both their “moral and political power”. It can’t come too soon for my liking, though I feel sure tha large number of deaths in the meantime with make Corona Virus seem insignificant.

    My gratitude that someone is prepared to attempt to expose the enablers of these criminals.

    I am certain that anyone looking back at this letter I have from the Chief Psychiatrist will recognise an enabler when they see one in black and white. His rewriting of the law and denial of access to a legal representative a telling tale for those who are yet to come with some courage and compassion, rather than the profit seeking sycophants I have met to this point.

    I have no doubt that his move from being the principle of the Royal College of Psychiatrists where he represented the interests of psychiatrists, to the Chief Psychiatrist where his negligence would achieve a much better result for psychiatrists was no accident (the duty is to consumers, carers and the community under s.4). The failure to even recognise the most basic legal protection in the Mental Health Act provides the ability to arbitrarily detain and force drug any citizen a doctor would like, and call it medicine. Not that the Minister or anyone else seems in the slightest concerned about, do what you want and we will cover for you is the model being employed here.

    And let me openly state here that the words “formal investigation” from the authorities is code for “show us what evidence you have so we can do a cover up”. Record everything in detail. They will not accept it at a police station because they tell me “we don’t have a copy of the criminal code at this station” and from another officer “it might be best I don’t know about that”, but it has been recorded. In my Book it states that the ‘frauds’ are subjected to a process of ‘crushing’. It takes time but God moves in mysterious ways 🙂

  • Something is not right ThereAreFourLights.

    There are, as Donald Rumsfeld said, known knowns,…….

    I know that they (the State) knows that I was subjected to torture. How do I know this? As I explained to the Member of Parliament when I showed him the fraudulent set of documents “this could only have been done by someone who KNEW what crimes had occurred”, fact.

    From that point on I have some evidence of certain things occurring, but not a soul has approached me and said yep, your right, they were committing crimes against you and your family and we have dealt with them now. Instead there has been a ‘shut down’ of information from the State and what appears to be a cover up of a rather pathetic cover up. That of course means further criminal acts by public officers in failing to perform their duty and perverting the course of justice with authorisation from who? Certainly not the Premier (akin to an American Govenor) because the Convention against the use of Torture provides no superior authority. And let me say that there have been people who did step forward and take a look, and then run away because …… well, they never actually state why they are running away, but based on evidence it appears the police are threatening people/witnesses.

    They are even using supposed confidential situations to obtain information (eg doctor/patient relationship can be breached if they respond to ‘coercive measures’. See ACC v Stoddart High Court of Australia decision 47 of 2010) If there is “no spousal privilege in common law” then the dominoes fall and thus your doctor, lawyer or priest is now a State informant if the State so chooses, they are. (a psychologist did vaguely refer me to that fact his family was being threatened for him to provide information about “who else has the documents” after I exposed this to the M.P. Police trying to ensure no one knew they were looking I am assuming, then they can’t be held responsible for their negligence and the deaths that occurred as a result. Maybe the original Sgt should have looked for his criminal code a little harder, rather than ensure his fingerprints didn’t end up on the documents I placed on the desk [my daughter was more than confused as to why he was acting in such a bizarre manner]) Aren’t the public going to be shocked when that is finally explained to the plebs. It also explains why police can rightly claim that the Nicola Gobbo situation can not occur again, because these days it would be lawful for a criminal lawyer to be a police informant in Australia.

    I mean I’ve even written to the Minister for Police explaining that the police do not even want the proof of the attempt to murder me in the ED. Now I get it that they are covering up but …. are they really that afraid of these organised criminals that they don’t even wish to know HOW they are doing this? It’s really not that complicated in the end, call a citizen and “patient” and that change of status opens up a lot of ‘treatment’ that would otherwise be unlawful. Especially now with the Euthansia Act making killing a medical procedure.

    I’ve no doubt that one of pour politicians is aware of how the mental health system is being used. He fled the State when police turned up at his hime to make a ‘referral’ for an examination by a psychiatrist if him to be ‘treated’ (read ‘sheep dipped’) in another State for Bi Polar disorder. Call shoplifting kleptomania and you can avoid the court system, and with a ‘friendly’ psychiatrist your back in business within weeks.

    I was no ones “patient” and that simple lie to police has allowed serious criminal offences to be committed, and my complaint and resulting investigation that identified what documents to conceal and which people to threaten and have them commit offences that one exercises discretionary powers over (eg with my wife, you call us and yell “help”, and then we [police] can come and remove him while you get the documents back for us).

    I guess when I think about it, it’s like the children raped by priests. They kept them ‘bottled up’ for 40 years in the mental health system where most of them were silenced with slander, fraud and drugs. And where eventually most of them committed suicide or went on to prison, while the priests were shaking hands with the pope (eg Cardinal Pell).

    Nothing new under the sun huh?

    Once again though, thanks for your thoughts, and maybe after this virus situation passes I might be allowed access to my property and leave where I can speak my truth without fear of being “unintentionally negatively outcomed” in an Emergency dept for complaining about public officers who have been provided with methods to torture, kidnap maim and kill anyone who gets in their way. The acts of gross criminal negligence committed by public officers making carte blanche and zero accountability a real danger to the public who elects these ‘people’.

  • Good news just in, 1.1 billion dollars for mental health services. bad news is it’s for a whole bunch of people who were until now undiagnosed, not those who have already been disabled by the ‘system’. The “hoarding, doomsaying, reclusive, bigoted freaks” without a tag from the DSM.

    The State of Emergency which has been declared has highlighted a few truths though. Close all gun shops, restrict access to booze, and increase access to mental health services/domestic violence hotlines. It needs to be a relatively fast choke, justified under the guise of “it’s your own faults for not doing as you were told” kinda line. Avoid any direct responsibility for the draconian measures that is. Blame the victim? Not new to anyone who has been touched by the gods of psychiatry.

    Without a gun and some Dutch courage, how on earth am I going to get access to some toilet paper? lol

  • “Emergency powers, exercised in this conservative way, have long been thought to be a vital and, perhaps, even an essential component of a liberal constitutional— that is, a rights-protecting—government.” (from The law of the exception: A typology of emergency powers)

    Unfortunately any governments that have enacted Mental Health Acts to open up the legal possibility of torturing, maiming and killing of citizens could not really be considered “rights protecting governments” (totalitarian regimes disguised as liberal constitutions, human rights abuses disguised as ‘medicine’) and we should not expect them to act as such. Rights paid for in blood, written away by frauds with a pen.

  • There’s always that dilemma Rachel777 of the need to make people sound dangerous to enable the vile conduct towards them. The “suspect on reasonable grounds” standard which has been removed due to a need for carte blanche in my State has resulted in groups of ‘carers’ sharing information about how to set up ‘loved ones’. I’ve seen websites promoting the turning over of furniture and spilling tomato paste on oneself to heighten the stress caused for public officers during ‘interventions’. And of course with mental health services enabling the ‘spiking’ of citizens via conspiring to pervert the course of justice, the problems will grow exponentially. There are those mischief makers who are being rewarded for their vile conduct by causing chaos when what is needed is calm.

    I often wonder if the man who went to prison for setting his children on fire who claimed he had been ‘spiked’ before acting in such a manner was telling the truth, and the State concealed the fact from him in the same manner they did with me. With fraudulent documents provided to his legal representatives. I guess we will never know when the truth is something manufactured rather than spoken openly in the interests of justice.

  • Tmely reminder when our Health system ‘protections’ are being gutted by the Minister for Health. I just finished reading this article and, combined with the opening up (and massive increase in) involuntary ECTs for teenagers I can see a disaster looming. Not for those profiting from the ‘treatments’ but for the community in general.

    Our government has given up on accountability it would seem, and has preferred providing methods to conceal any unwanted truths from the public. And the Mental Health Act has been critical in ensuring voices of dissent are silenced. Complaints are met from the Minister with dog whistle slander that you need ‘treatment’ for disagreeing with anything he does for his ‘handlers’.

    The four stage plan of my government (from Yes, Prime Minister)

    Stage 1 Nothing is going to happen

    Stage 2 Something may be going to happen, but we should do nothing about it

    Stage 3 Maybe we should do something about it but there’s nothing we can do

    Stage 4 Maybe there’s something we could have done but it’s too late now.

    I wish you luck with your work Reverend.

  • I really don’t know that people understand what it is like to have a person be enabled by the State to ‘spike’ you with stupefying/intoxicating drugs and then plant a weapon on you for police to find. There are some trust issues involved.

    I’ve had a couple of people offer to go and collect some of my property, but once they realise that it may be the case that they are being set up bu my wife and the police, they tend to change their minds about helping.

    I once explained to a psychologist that I was going to leave the room and he was then going to get a knock on the door by some police who were going to find the cocaine in his desk drawer which I had put there for them to find, and which I was now going to tell them tat he tried to sell to me. I don’t want to call him paranoid, but I feel sure he checked his desk when I left lol.

    It took me more than a year to even check my emails after what I was subjected to by my wifes ‘new man’ who moved in basically the day I was evicted by police when she and her doctor friend wished to retrieve the documents for the hospital administrators who were all ready to send the fraudulent set to the Mental Health Law Centre.

    Her ‘new man’ being given access to my computer in our home to ensure they were fully informed about who I was speaking with regarding the torture and kidnapping. They had two weeks at the wineries in our Tourist district while I was being subjected to a vicious psychological assault by State authorities. I think the only reason I was offered my clothes was that they didn’t fit the ‘new man’. Though everything else I feel sure met his standards.

    I note that the business which my money set up was rather quickly identified as being half his on the business website, and then suddenly disappeared when the documents I had which were assumed retrieved before distributing the fraudulent set, surfaced. I do still of course have a ‘capture’ of this information. Might appear a bit insensitive to be using police to assist in the wholesale theft of my belongings. Still, what the Hell, mental patient, any complaints just shoot him and throw down a knife, he has ‘history’ as a result of the one my wife planted. Amazing how quickly a citizens life can be destroyed with a phone call and a couple of lies. I went from being a loved father and grandfather to violent psychotic drug abusing wife beater with a history of mental illness going back ten years and a documented history of carrying a weapon by police based on absolutely nothing more than fraud by a Community Nurse (the police didn’t even find the knife which was planted on me, and yet the Community Nurse was asking questions about it, making an assumption that the ‘plant’ had been found. If police didn’t figure out this was a set up at that point…….). You could check when my new identity emerged, but I can also save some time by telling you it was 30th Sept 2011, not that the truth matters to these people, they prefer to utter with the fraud. Points available for the number of lives they can destroy in a day . And its just so much easier to set people up and be off to the pub for lunch.

  • If I were allowed access to legal representation I might be able to have my share of the property returned, and everything I ever worked for. Things like my birth certificate, passport, degree, employment history etc would be handy.

    But of course denying me access to these items has left me homeless and unable to move forward in any way with my life. This has been a deliberate act done by someone who has been acting in conjunction with State authorities to ensure that what has been done to me is not exposed. My wife has been rewarded for her assistance with the concealment of the torture and kidnapping with everything. I guess I would have done the same if the deal had been offered to me, but it wasn’t so we will never know.

    I would leave this place tomorrow ThereAreFourLights. I’d drive to the airport with a bag and leave if it were possible. Because once the State becomes the criminals then the end result would seem inevitable. They threatened my family to assist in the concealment of torture and kidnapping, and when I exposed their fraudulent documents and someone bothered to check, yep, the nut job was speaking the truth, but we don’t like that truth. I’m sure they will do well working with organised criminals and silencing anyone who speaks out against their criminality.

    But this doesn’t help me obtain legal representation to have my property returned, and of course it seems important to me that I mention these criminal acts to any legal rep I have tried to obtain, before they take what money I have and turn their backs on me. I feel sure there is an element of this that the Jews were subjected to in Germany. Ostracize, stigmatize, remove rights and property ….. its an old model really, and one i’m sure the legal fraternity recognises for what it is.

    Funny but I just can’t seem to shake the belief that a good person will stand up and say “this is wrong”. Possibly a remnant of the illness created by the vicious gaslighting by the hospital administrators, because for whatever reason the slanderous tag of “mental patient” may as well be a death sentence.

    Canada would be nice, in fact I think Helmund Provice would be nice after what I’ve been subjected to by a government that prefers to conceal their wrongdoing, and breach the trust of the community.

    If anyone ever wished to check what I’m saying, provide immunity to my wife and ask her for the truth, because minus the threats and intimidation from the State to coerce her into assisting in “fuking destroying” me for complaining about the torture and kidnapping, the truth would be exposed.

    Of course I think there was a point at which she recognised that what had been done was criminal (the psychologist who had her plant the knife and spike me knew from the start but was so used to doing these remote detentions with the assistance of her psychiatrist husband it was just another day at the office for her). Don’t know that i’d call it fortunate, but she did approach another doctor when the psychologist wanted me to attend the Emergency Dept where her husband was a consultant psychiatrist. I assume you can imagine what the outcome would have been minus someone noticing what the intent was.

    And how embarrassing for our Government that they really were assisting in that, and their negligence has quite possibly resulted in a whole lot of people being ‘railroaded’. Luckily they figured out I was speaking the truth and gave them time to conceal all those other ‘little mistakes’ that had occurred while they were covering for these criminals.

    I really would leave tomorrow if the chance arose because it might be one of those situations like with the child raping priests where they need to conceal the crimes for them, nay in fact provide active assistance to them until 40 years or so passes and a whole bunch of people get hurt.

    I guess I look at the contribution of my family to this place and think about the corrupt public officers who came here from the UK quite possibly as a result of their misconduct there and have settled right into destroying my community with their poison.

    Yes, I’d like to leave, and allow me my property and passport and i’m out, immediately. At some point the covering up of human rights abuses will be exposed, but I’d like to be somewhere that at least tries to respect not only humans, but mental patients as well. The Mental Health Act is nothing more than a massive human rights abusing loophole, and its being used for precisely that purpose here.

    The three white sheep who handed over the one black sheep to the wolf are now making calls that “we’re all in this together”. Not we’re not, you turned your backs on your brother and now their is no trust among the three remaining with knowledge that they stabbed the other in the back. Your in this for yourselves, it’s dog eat dog folk. Cryptic I know, but thise who know the story will understand.

    Thanks for noticing what I’ve been saying ThereAreForLights. It means more than you can know. Particularly when I have been ignored by those who are charged with a duty to act on what I have made complaint regarding. The Convention against the use of Torture should be torn up, it is doing damage leaving the population thinking they have rights and protections when they don’t.

  • “At this point I might begin to sound like one of my patients—someone who has beliefs that are not shared by others.”

    Sounds like a line from Chekovs’ Ward 6 Dr Steingard. I found your extended concerns regarding Industrial Agriculture interesting given this might be contributing to the expansion of the need for psychiatric services.

    “The pharmaceutical industry sells drugs to farmers, allowing them to raise livestock in horrific conditions so that they can produce more food that makes people sick, bolstering the market for still more drugs.”

    The pharmaceutical industry sells drugs to the State (distributed by psychiatrists), allowing them to raise workers in horrific conditions so they can produce profit and in the process make people sick, bolstering the market for more drugs?

    I note that the cruelty to animals and the cruelty to humans seems to be part of a desensitisation process one undergoes. Starting to feel like you “sound like one of your patients” is a symptom that should be checked before intervention is required. Don’t ever start feeling empathy, it’s not good for your mental health

    It’ll end in tears as my mother in law always used to say.

  • “[T]he most common type of killing: An individual enters a mental health crisis, acquires a weapon (from firearms to household implements or tools), and is shot by law enforcement…A report by the Portland Press Herald found 42% of all killings between 2000 and 2011 involved mental illness.”

    In my State mental health professionals who wish to have ‘citizens’ detained, referred and assessed by a psychiatrist have the right to ‘spike’ citizens with benzodiaxepines and then plant a weapon on them for police to find and make lawful referral. Simply snatching them from their beds obviously not allowed under our laws (which I might add are not respected by the authorities given they can simply negatively outcome anyone who complains about human rights abuses) And should they shoot the ‘target’ of such set ups they will distribute fraudulent documents that makes the dead citizen into a ‘mental patient’ post hoc, thus using the stigma of illness to justify the killings.

    This of course means that the data might not actually be very accurate, given the levels of fraud involved with making inconvenient truths into mental patients after the fact. Many of these killings may actually constitute executions and are being concealed with the use of ‘throw downs’.

    I know the Community Nurse who interrogated me after I was spiked had an unhealthy obsession with the knives in my kitchen drawer, though he was not as interested in the forks and spoons. Still he was of course in the process of subjecting me to a ‘verbal’ and needed to make me sound dangerous, which then allowed him to call police and yell “help help mental patient, knife” when he knew this was untrue. Oh well, luckily it was only my life that was destroyed that day. Well, at least I hope it was because I haven’t seen my daughter or grandchildren for 9 years now as a result of the need to conceal this corrupt and human rights violating ‘treatment’ we are being subjected to in my State. And the authorities look, tut tut and then ignore the facts in preference for the fabricated false narrative created by a fraud Clinical Director of a hospital. Hopefully he is now working on a cure for corona virus given his ability to make serious criminal conduct by his staff disappear with the tampering of documents provided to lawyers.

    Above you mention the costs Syrena, but I mention the gains for the criminals within our public service. Those who are being enabled with the negligence fraud and slander of what is being disguised as ‘medicine’.

    If the Romans had mental health services all those years ago, we probably wouldn’t be celebrating Easter. They certainly had the slander and stigma, but the ‘safe and effective treatments’ (that these good medical people would give to their own families) were simply not available.

    Machiavelli had a little to say about the destruction of ‘leaders’. Something along the lines of destroy bloodlines so that the public doesn’t ever think they can be restored to the throne, whilst you publicly humiliate and degrade popular leaders. What a great way of achieving that end by creating a false belief that a person who speaks the truth is in fact insane and needs to be poisoned. And the poisoning creates the justification for the ‘treatment’. No wonder they wished to conceal the ‘spiking’ with fraudulent documents. What disgraceful vile people they are.

    Still, hardly surprising when police are working with known criminals to conceal their use of torture and kidnapping. Hardly want anyone to look, and of course once our politicians did look, too late. They need to make it appear they have done their duty without actually doing their duty, and protect their ‘interests’. And then of course, why worry when you have the power of mental health services at your command. And with one lie, the whole State is now under your thumb. Citizen becomes “patient” any time you wish to torture maim or kill.

    Invite the Devil in for coffee, and he’s leaving with everything you own. In my case I didn’t even get the right to make the invite, like night club rapists they ‘spiked’ me with benzos, planted a knife on me and then did what they wanted without my consent. I’m sure they see a good person when they look in the mirror and go about planning their days. I mean my wife and the psychologist who planned this for me did discuss the possibility of me being shot by police, and provided them with an ‘out’ by planting a knife for them to use should they get a little trigger happy over the false cry for “HELP”.

    They won’t even clean up their own mess, and subjected me to a long period of serious gaslighting in the hope I’d commit suicide. They even had my lawyers assist in that process. Shame on the Mental Health Law Centre, your a disgraceful bunch of criminals, not lawyers. Your assistance in the concealment of human rights abuses has been duly noted, and good riddance to the Principle. Though how many other victims there are is anyone’s guess.

  • Yes, and we will be waiting behind the curtain 🙂 Opportunities galore in such times for those who have the stomach for it.

    I assume our Minister for Health is a little disappointed that his Euthanasia Act hasn’t been fully implemented at this point in time. And I wouldn’t suggest he was expecting this virus situation to arise and present the opportunity to reduce the stress on the aged care facilities. But it does show the rather weak ‘protections’ provided in that legislation, particularly when your anasognosia can override your ability to ‘volunteer’ to be assisted to die.

    Oh well, there will be other flu seasons. Turn, turn, turn.

  • “Put the word out that 10 people are about to come to psychiatry, in disguise, to prove that everyone walks out with labels.
    I bet for the next while, no labels would be given.”

    From Wiki
    “Rosenhan used a well-known research and teaching hospital, whose staff had heard of the results of the initial study but claimed that similar errors could not be made at their institution. Rosenhan arranged with them that during a three-month period, one or more pseudopatients would attempt to gain admission and the staff would rate every incoming patient as to the likelihood they were an impostor. Out of 193 patients, 41 were considered to be impostors and a further 42 were considered suspect. In reality, Rosenhan had sent no pseudopatients; all patients suspected as impostors by the hospital staff were ordinary patients. This led to a conclusion that “any diagnostic process that lends itself too readily to massive errors of this sort cannot be a very reliable one”

    Reliability would destroy the uses that psychiatry is being put to. It’s main uses depend on it not being valid or reliable, and then the claim can be legitimately made that they’re not very good at what they do, sorry for the mistakes.

  • “People want to believe in doctors, but they also want to believe they ave rights which can’t be violated willy-nilly. How we can connect the abuse of rights of the psychiatrized with the rights of people who haven’t yet had that experience is a bigger challenge, but one that I think eventually can be overcome.”

    Steve I wonder about this in the sense that the false belief that the community has rights is the real issue. We can’t connect the abuse of rights with the rights of people who haven’t been abused yet because they don’t exist. One of the biggest psychological issues for me was that citizens can have items ‘planted’ on them for police to find and they will go along with the set up to enable torture and kidnapping was a big wake up for me. (obtaining referral from police stooges being enabled to subvert those rights we supposedly have makes them criminals but with no remedy because they investigate their own criminality? Good faith does not stretch to the use of torture by the State) And then to find out they have absolutely no respect for the law and will commit acts of fraud and utter false records and attempt to pervert the course of justice(and be aided by a Cabinet Minister no less) to ensure their assistance they are providing to criminals is not prosecuted …… where am I living?

    Yes people want to believe in doctors but since when were they placed above the law? When police decided to engage in criminal conduct and ensure that no action is possible against them. At precisely that point. And giving the hospital administrators the ability to ‘fuking destroy’ anyone who complains about their criminal conduct is causing deaths. Of this I have no doubt. And thus the organised criminals in our system spread their poison. Once the State IS the criminals the goodbye to your community. Of course they can not at any cost allow the public to become aware of the truth, that would be the connection your speaking about.

    I have made it clear for all to see here in my State that given the letter I have from the Chief Psychiatrist and Minister that we HAVE NO RIGHTS and that they have rewritten the law to enable arbitrary detentions, and the forced drugging of any citizen by allowing people to have their legal status changed post hoc from ‘citizen’ to “patient”. The person charged with protecting the “rights of carers, consumers and the community” (Chief Psychiatrist) doesn’t even know what a burden of proof is, so how could he protect our rights under the Mental Health Act? Anyone with the most basic understanding of the law would recognise the consequences of the State being allowed to do this. Though they tend to look the other way when I put the proof before them, preferring the human rights abuses continue, and leave the public to falsely believe they have rights such as ‘no arbitrary detentions’.

    I would like to be given asylum from my State which is not only torturing citizens but refouling anyone who makes a valid complaint. Though the idea of anyone providing assistance against these human rights abusers seems hopeless as a result of their criminal fraud (don’t believe me, check the documents that were sent to the Law Centre and then the real set that I have). The preferred truth has been manufactured via those documents, and I have been made a “patient” post hoc to make what was torture and kidnapping lawful, FACT.

  • If there is a group of people who recognise what is occurring with psychiatry in ‘Western’ countries it should be those who have been through the process Sam.
    This is not ‘new’ or ‘unique’, it’s been done before.
    And as far as pathologising the statement I’ve seen what can be done with the corrupt practice of verballing being enabled by my State government. And I can prove that they needed to torture me to have me speak to their ‘public officer’ to be able to misrepresent what I had said and justify their further torture.
    When did speaking the truth become a criminal offence? When the police here lost their copy of the Criminal Code and began assisting these organised criminals with their systematic abuse of the community they are being paid to protect from such abuses. And our elected representatives become so afraid of speaking out about it that they sit in silence. Yes, this has all been seen before.

    And consider Sam, Mr Cohen did get his legal action eventually, at the Nuremberg Trials. Perhaps some day we too will get ours.

  • It is staggering Someone Else.

    “It’s a tremendous shame the lawyers are not taking malpractice cases against these criminal psychiatrists and doctors.”

    I find myself wondering at times why this is the case. Then I go through where we are in history and realise there were times when it might not have been viable to hire a lawyer and say “Hi I’m Ezra Cohen and I’d like to bring a malpractice action against Dr Joseph Mengele”. Ummmm, insufficient evidence lol We can’t find our copy of the Criminal Code.

    Somehow we seem to have lost our way and have become the very thing we stood against. The people who I knew that put their lives on the line did not do so for what is being shoved down our throats as being a ‘community’.

    “God save the decent, and judge all fairly, is my prayer at this point.” I have this as a promise, though for now they are being tested, and oh so many failing miserably.

  • “danger to oneself or others” – is deliberately left undefined in legislation, with guidelines suggesting it includes danger to your finances, reputation or relationships.

    Yes, by writing such things as “damage to expensive photography equipment” on the statutory declaration under the section for “communicated matters” makes it sound important. I actually took the three mental health workers and two police back into my home and showed them the 20 cents worth of damage to the photograph, so writing it down as a communicated matter seemed wrong. It was actually an “observed matter” but I guess there wasn’t much room left in the observed matters sections as a result of the Community Nurse travelling back through time and space to make observations three weeks before he met me. Still, frauds are people that cause mischief for many people and those who conceal truths for them are no better. They are in fact also criminals.

    “That’s how the NSW Mental Health Act protects the reputation and relationships of those with a mental illness label.”

    In WA you don’t even need a “mental illness label”, just a couple of people prepared to lie, conspire to kidnap and torture, and a couple of stupid police who don’t give a damn who they snatch from their homes. Plant the evidence they require to detain and refer and hey presto you can have anyone you like locked up and dribbling in a cell within three hours should you wish. Not too dissimilar to the methods being used to execute Afghani citizens and then using ‘throw downs’ to conceal the war crimes. The same AK 47 turning up on various bodies in different situations.

    Is it any wonder the Federal Police needed to raid the offices of the ABC and identify the whistleblowers. I know the hospital did the same in my instance where they found out who knew the truth and then began threatening and intimidating them, which is fairly easy when your murdering people in hospital Emergency dept and calling them unintentional negative outcomes. Tough job and some people have the stomach for it.

    And it will take the victim years to have it sorted out as a result of a State that prefers refoulment of victims of human rights abuses as opposed to the ‘map’ set out in the Conventions.

    I do see the opportunity for ‘torture tourism’ though with the right team of corrupt public officials. Imagine what could be done to unsuspecting tourists whose own governments found their hands tied by human rights. Fact is in Australia there is only an illusion of human rights. And thus torturing other Nations citizens is more than possible. Try and find out where you make complaint regarding being tortured by the State and you soon realise there is no avenue as required under the Convention. Hardly any need to ‘rendition’ people, have them come here of their own volition and we can pick them up at the airport and send them back ‘treated’. And you’d be surprised how many people respond to any complaint with “they wouldn’t do that” and engage in slandering the victim.

    Absolutely beautiful, and you just need the ‘bottle’ to go through with it. I think back to the Community Nurse who knew what he was doing was torture and kidnapping, and was doing it right under the noses of two police officers lol. Well done mate, if it wasn’t for the fact I haven’t seen my grandkids for 9 years as a result of your criminality i’d smile with you. You must be destroying peoples lives on a daily basis and have good people assisting you in that process. You ever ask your boss “you want me to drop this c&^%t?” before shooting an unarmed citizen in the face at point blank range? Because your use of ‘throw downs’ is a well known fact by those in authority who are protecting you from prosecution for your human rights abuses. Thus they are encouraging your vile conduct.

    Is it any wonder that our ‘allies’ (like Canada) keep a close watch on their citizens when they fall prey to Australian mental health services? I think their reputation is preceding them these days.

  • Hey, you can’t blame the devil for doing his job. I mean he was sent here to mislead and run a whole bunch of people into Hell. And that is precisely what these devils are doing, and then leaving them in the lurch when they say, but you promised me that …….. ouch that’s Hot.

    The Man of Lawlessness. And the gods in parliament are providing them with that lawlessness by denying remedy to wrong.

  • As you are probably aware Anthony they have difficulty locking people up for ‘exclusions’ such as religious beliefs. So how do they do that and not make it look like they do that? Simply don’t mention it in the critical documents (ie the statutory declarations) and slander the individual in the ‘personal opinion’ pieces of paper. So for example I would write of your “diagnostic category” in the legally biding documents and then write of your Scientology beliefs in other documents like “Outpatient Case Notes” which have no real legal standing. They will however influence other mental health workers in their treatment of you. And if they happen to dislike Scientologists then …….. you in for some ‘treatment’. It’s important to be able to ‘decode’ some of this stuff, for example “acute stress reaction” can be used for ‘torture this guy or he won’t talk’ etc.

    I often wonder why my religious beliefs were not included in my documents, my praying 5 times a day and my constant reading of the Qur’an etc. Of course slander and fraud in Islam are serious offences and these people make a living from it so…. there’s a bit of a conflict going on there. Along with the prohibition against the use of intoxicating/stupefying drugs (eg 4:43 do not approach prayers with a mind befogged).

    ‘Why don’t you want to take your medication?’

    Because I have been instructed by Allah (aw) not to. You got an issue with that?

  • In my country your information is ‘confidential’ until it’s not. If the State wants information from a doctor or your lawyer they can threaten and intimidate them using ‘coercive methods’. If they should believe that the State means it when they tell you they will “fuking destroy” you and your family, then that’s seen as their problem. They didn’t really mean it but because you breached your promise well……. I know for a fact that police used a psychologist to obtain information regarding “who else had the documents” in my instance.
    So this rubbish about pointing the finger at China for what we are doing in our own back yards seems a little rich. They’re just a little better at it is all.

  • “I fear the day the EMR system becomes popular here. Most individuals have no idea about what it could do.”

    and so you should registeredforthissite. I know my government is prepared to forge records and then utter with them in order to conceal their involvement with organised criminals.

    The EMR system has been introduced here with claims it will be good for all, and it was done with an ‘opt out’ provision meaning that if you didn’t inform them that you did not want a record created, one was made for you. Civil libertarians pointing out that of course it would make sense that it should be that you ask that a record be created for you. But of course that would not have allowed a whole bunch of misinformed people to be swept up into the net by their ignorance of what it actually meant. And once in, there was no way of getting out.

  • “Your family gave up, which is what doctors love. They do not like families that fight them.”

    Something that was exploited by the Jehovah Witnesses with regards blood transfusions I believe. Doctors looking down the barrel of the ‘families’ lawyers tended to act a little more conservatively. I also believe they had recommendations prepared to ‘assist’ doctors on treating people according to their wishes, rather than “i’ll do what I want and we can commit acts of fraud with the paperwork later” method being used on most of the community.

    It might be worth considering this method for our own community. Though it would require REAL advocates rather than these back stabbing sycophants we currently have representing our ‘interests’.

  • I remember reading a book of reports by some Senior National Socialist party members as the ‘delousing’ program began to reduce the numbers of workers available to the German State during the war. It is difficult to describe how those reports were viewed with some knowledge of the what happened AFTER they were written. They seemed somehow ‘cold hearted’ in the manner in which the effect on peoples lives were ignored, but the effect on the ‘war effort’ was paramount. Not unexpected I guess if you can put yourself in the boots of some of these Senior State officials.

    I get a similar feeling about these types of reports. We basically don’t care what you do with them, but don’t let it have an effect on the bottom line.

  • The good faith defense.

    It says in my Book that they will take their oaths as a cover. “First do no harm”. And all that is necessary to breach that oath is to exercise ones right to silence and not a soul can hold you to account for anything you chose to do to someone labelled ‘patient’.

    Of course when I tried to exercise MY right to silence with a psychologist (note not MY psychologist) I was ‘spiked’ with benzodiazepines and had a knife planted on me to allow police to point weapons and deliberately cause an “acute stress reaction” (ie the use of a known torture method). It is so fortunate for these criminals that these methods are only being enabled by the Minister for people who the have labelled “mental patient” and thus can break the covenant of the Convention against the use of Torture by calling torture “medicine”.

    Oh wait, that was the point of involving police, to bring the person under the control of mental health services and allow the kidnapping and torture of any citizen in the State. Can’t ‘treat’ a citizen against their will, have police make referral to you by spiking a target and planting a knife on them for police to find and make referral to people prepared to commit acts of fraud on statutory declarations (ie a Community Nurse dispatched to snatch people from their homes).

    And the really good news is that even if this can be proved the State will simply commit further acts of fraud to make the target appear to be ‘mental patient’ and slander them before subjecting them to ‘treatment’ for complaining about being kidnapped and tortured, because that of course is a mental illness if the ‘good’ doctor says so right?

    “Psychiatry means never having to say you’re sorry.”

    I do have a letter from our Chief Psychiatrist saying he apologizes for his “error” in my instance Rachel777. What I found most interesting is that he then did nothing to assist the victim of these criminals (that I was made aware of). What was his “error”? Not noticing that they were arranging an unintended negative outcome in the E.D. for me (and how many others before [and more significantly after] me).

    It was a rather vague letter and I assume he wasn’t going to make any admissions when the standard operating procedure of Australian governments is to do cover ups, and violate their oaths and any agreements they have made with International bodies such as the United Nations. We can’t have people knowing we’re using our hospitals for such evil purposes, it’d get us a bad name, so we should just exploit the trust given to us and kill anyone who has a valid complaint. Then of course we can hear the mumbling in Parliament about the need for whistle blower protections, and sit on our hands. And of course it did mean they could ensure that any other missed ‘outcomes’ could be well concealed just in case anyone, despite the threats, did actually look.

    But really, why would you bother saying sorry when you can kill anyone who disagrees with you and call it medicine. And those charged with a duty to ensure the protections of the law are enforced look the other way, nah in fact give ‘the nod’.

  • Just wow.

    I found this statement interesting

    “Valium was extremely problematic for me. I experienced an immediate adverse reaction to it with increased agitation and pacing on the very first dose.”

    I got ‘spiked’ with benzos and then the Community Nurse wrote down as part of his justification for locking me up and having me force drugged that I was “agitated and pacing”. So they ‘spike’ you with the drugs and then use the effects of that spiking to remove your human rights and start forcing the drugs down your throat. And by conspiring to pervert the course of justice over the ‘spiking’ they can slander a person as mentally ill too. Perhaps if they didn’t need to plant a knife on me for police to find they wouldn’t have needed to spike me in the first place, and then the risk of police shooting me for having a knife that was panted on me and my ‘agitation’ when they jumped me with their tazers ready …….and then they claim i’m the one that’s insane and requires drugs?

    What goes through these peoples heads when they see that list of drugs you were put on Laurie? I mean something as simple as Cladosporium in the Air Conditioning unit at your workplace might have been the ’cause’, though the immediate knee jerk reaction is Depression? I’m at a loss to understand how something like this can happen. Though I too find myself without any family, home, career……. as a result of the need to ‘fuking destroy’ me to conceal the truth with falsehoods. And don’t be expecting anyone to stand up and say this is wrong anytime soon, it’s just so much easier to blame the victim.

    One of your Doctors wasn’t called Graham Young by any chance? (see the Young Poisoners Handbook)

  • “I was attacked by Illinois “mental health” workers”

    I’m going to quote Jake Blues here Someone Else

    “I hate Illinois Nazis”

    Seriously though, the recent claims that if your concerned about ‘climate inaction’ or ‘coronavirus’ to seek professional help from ‘mental health services’ should keep them rather busy filtering out who has the money to pay for their release, and who needs the negative outcomes.

    Yeah, I don’t need to quote Jake Blues, I hate Nazis full stop. And a quick look at what these people are doing with their hate speech and whittling away of human rights shows them for what they really are. Writing it in English rather than German doesn’t really change the content.

  • Thanks Tina, yes I did get the report from your link. Interesting reading indeed.

    I did at one point send a copy of the Convention against the Use of Torture to a Member of Parliament and requested that he tear it up for cameras/media on the steps of Parliament given that they have demonstrated that they didn’t really mean it when they signed it.

    My point being that at least the public would not be fooled into the false belief that we have some sort of protection from torture when we don’t.

    A rather powerful statement I read from Jim G. saying “rights without remedies are no rights at all” (or something similar). There really is no avenue to pursue any claim of torture here, and they are refouling anyone who has a legitimate complaint, fact. A clear breach of the Convention (article 12 and 13)

    I also note that they can not deny that I was subjected to torture as a result of Article 10

    Article 10

    “1. Each State Party shall ensure that education and information regarding the prohibition against torture are fully included in the training of law enforcement personnel, civil or military, medical personnel, public officials and other persons who may be involved in the custody, interrogation or treatment of any individual subjected to any form of arrest, detention or imprisonment.”

    Denial of the facts would mean a breach of this Article by the State. ie saying it’s not torture when they know it is would accept they have not been trained properly, so they simply ignore my complaint (as stated earlier).

    In fact any examination of what I have been subjected to constitutes so many breaches it make me wonder if anyone even cares about this document in my State. It just seems cheaper to have complainants dropped at a hospital ED for an overdose and be done with it. Reputation in tact. They can always later claim it was organised criminals and no link to the State, and well minus any legal representation and the fact they are distributing fraudulent documents means they can manufacture anything they wish to be the truth. Of course someone had to turn a blind eye while these criminals did the dirty for the State, and well we can’t have the guilty parties being exposed. They have found methods of placing themselves above the law. ‘Contracting out’ their dirty work , threatening witnesses, and ensuring the police can’t find their copy of the Criminal Code seems to be highly effective in ensuring zero accountability.

    I sure am glad God knows (and a few others who bothered to look before turning their backs on me), because it will thus be revealed to a person of understanding at some point in time, and these hypocrites, frauds and negative outcomers will be exposed for exactly what they are.

    Hasn’t this always been the case though with these ‘dark spaces’ created by the law? I can see a form of ‘bracket creep’ occurring in my State which is expanding with the Euthanasia Act they have passed recently. Put that together with the new Mental Health Act which was rewritten as a result of the UN comments about human rights abuses and I see problems. Strangely the rewriting of the MHA actually made the situation regarding human rights worse for citizens, but did allow our politicians to neutralize the statement of the UN and expand the powers of doctors. “There are added protections” we are told, they just don’t provide detail about who is protected by those protections, shock docs who wish to ‘treat’ teenagers.

  • Hi madmother13,

    I read with interest that you have obtained documents via FOI (and assume you know that there are two paths to obtaining those documents? FOI Act and M.H.Act). I know for a fact (and have proved this to a Member of Parliament) that hospital administrators are being allowed to distribute fraudulent documents to lawyers and anyone else that may become involved where a hospital has been negligent (or acted in a criminal manner).

    In my instance even when the hospital figured out that they had been deceived, they engaged with those criminals in an attempt to cover up. I guess this relates to what Tina has mentioned above regarding States that do not wish to have black marks placed against them, they will continue to double down rather than admit their ‘error’ to the point where they will engage with organised criminals to silence any dissent. This includes with the assistance of the Minister who, as was shown in my instance has ensured I was denied access to effective legal representation. I was surprised at how easy that was to achieve, and how willing the community is to turn a blind eye to these abuses.

    “The minister in the same state as boans explained that other people’s sons had been four pointed on a trolley for longer than mine at 97 hours and thus we should consider ourselves “lucky “..who is the madperson here?”

    The person you speak of has recently found himself “appalled” at the manner in which people are being treated in car parks, but note, that is where it ends for him. He is more interested in self promotion and expensive lunches with Roger Federrer than any mental patient. I have often wondered if my wife’s close friendship with his psychologist sister has something to do with the blatant slandering of me and the uttering with forged records to ensure the human rights abuses I have been subjected to are concealed. I would certainly not be turning to him for any resolution, the man is a puppet for the medical fraternity, and cares little about the community other than at election time when he requires their tick in a ballot paper.

    I personally think that some of the Federal members may be interested to know some of what is actually occurring in the State system, mainly because it’s a good measure of how out of control matters are getting because of the negligence in dealing with corruption in the system. Every once on a while they will pluck the eyes out of some of the more predatory animals feeding off the livestock.

  • I’ve found that torturing people to heal them from their trauma totally ineffective.

    I mean I get it that they don’t actually call it torture but ….. lets be honest about it, oh wait lets not.

    What your suggesting Noel contains great wisdom, but unfortunately those with the ability to enact that wisdom will not do so for some reasons that may or may not be obvious. You can beat a person and get them to say anything you want (in 99% of cases, the other one needs to be unintentionally negatively outcomed but …) but to obtain the truth from them takes wisdom in ones questioning of them. Beating them, cheap, easy and looks like it’s effective coz you get the answers you want. Getting the truth takes wisdom, time and might get you information you don’t want to hear, but it’s the truth.

    The cheap easy method being used is, as you have said, not so cheap and easy in the end. Imagine if all those resources were going into healing people? We couldn’t accept their truths, that’s why we drug them, slander them, ‘gaslight’ (psychologically torture) and well, as was explained to me by an Operations Manager at one hospital “fuking destroy” them. What sort of health care professional says such things? One that had something serious to hide.

    Lots of wisdom in what you say, and I do have a glimmer of hope in among the darkness that has been forced on me by my State for nothing more than complaining about being kidnapped and tortured. It’s amazing what one can conceal by forging records and making a citizen into a “mental patient” post hoc. And now we have passed a Euthanasia Act to make killing a medical procedure, the sky really is the limit.

  • “Mental illness, according to the World Health Organization, will become the planet’s most common illness in the next two decades, meaning it is crucial to recognize the history of how women and feminism have impacted current debates and can continue to do so in the future.”

    I’d have thought it crucial that the World Health Organisation recognised that there is no such thing as “mental illness”, it’s a metaphor. Or are the changing climate conditions that are resulting in it raining cats and dogs going to impact the amount of veterinary services the world requires?

    Lets hope there’s someone there smart enough to figure out the difference between drug dealing/human rights abuses and real medicine, with illnesses and disease.

  • We’ve been having some trouble with shoplifters here, a few too many unintentional negative outcomes disappearing from the shelves with no effective accounting system to show where and when they’re flying out the door. Though the wrappers are being found in the morgue.

    I guess its just one of the costs of doing business and surely covered by insurance. Fortunately with legislation the way it is supply is plentiful, send out the Community Nurse to snatch a few from their homes.

  • “Most patients select HOPE as there CORE VALUE and when asked to reflect on this most comment they hope there treatment starts to be affective
    there usually in titration up Or changing medications or both along with ECT or TMS .
    My observation is they start to feel improvement after there distress or hope is dissolved after reassurance from the Drs there treatment will make them better.
    To a very weakened mind this works very well and is commonly known as a placebo.
    Sadly most relapse .”

    Maybe they could hang a sign out the front with a ‘motivational saying’ on it? I did see one in my travels that said “Arbiet Macht Frie” that seemed to provide false hope to some people.

    Of course you may be aware that in Australia they are currently trying to pass laws to make any criticism of the place a crime. So even if one were to have the proof of human rights abuses, it’d be a crime to talk about them. In fact they have found ways to ensure that any complaints are completely silenced altogether, though its way too late for you once you find out this fact, your listed as an unintentional negative outcome.

    Rights without remedies are no rights at all.

  • Exactly, I wish I had a way with words to be able to put it in those terms.

    I am reminded of the previous Minister who when asked in Parliament about a survey which suggested that nearly 45% of female patients who had been hospitalised in the previous year claimed to have been sexually assaulted, stated openly in the Parliamentary Hansards that “You can’t listen to them, they’re patients”. It brought a roar from the Upper House I believe, though was not published in our newspapers to my knowledge. I think your comment sums up what was being done by our previous Minister in that statement, their complaining about being assaulted is medicalised and dismissed as invalid. It’s a tactic I need to be more aware of.

  • “What we can learn from asylums is that torture centers tended to have nice architecture.”

    A “Gruen Transfer”

    In shopping mall design, the Gruen transfer (also known as the Gruen effect) is the moment when consumers enter a shopping mall or store and, surrounded by an intentionally confusing layout, lose track of their original intentions, making consumers more susceptible to make impulse buys. It is named for Austrian architect Victor Gruen, who disavowed such manipulative techniques. (from wiki)

    Imagine being able to force drug people to disorient them even more, and make impulse ‘purchases’. “Would you like to add a personality disorder to your Schizophrenia today madam?”

  • Yes, I reference the quote in the sense that it is used by those in the mental health industry towards those who have potential for violence but no history or clear intent (a paranoid delusion written by a doctor who ‘examined’ [assaulted is the correct term] me).

    They want us to fear THEIR enemies. And their enemies just happen to be US. If I were doing what they are doing to us, i’d be a bit concerned about the possibility of reprisal too. Critical mass will be reached, though I doubt it will be in my lifetime. The illnesses being caused by the destruction of the planet by psychotic corporations can only lead to the need for more drugging and more restrictions on liberties and freedoms. All that anger and violence will need to be directed at a chosen enemy, never at the people responsible. Our Treasurer raises the issue of how much these ‘mentally ill’ people are costing our economy already, and our youthful immigrants i’ve no doubt, in the future, will be adding to the burden already on our aged care facilities, drug addicts everywhere costing tax payers money. These are the ‘enemy’ they will target.

  • Thank you for this information Tina.

    I note “Examples of psychological methods of torture named in the report that may speak to our experiences include”

    This reads like a ‘play book’ for the Operations Manager who stated she would ‘fuking destroy’ me for complaining about being ‘spiked’ and ‘verballed’.

    When I took the set of fraudulent documents that were sent to our Mental Health Law Centre, and the real set to show Member of Parliament I mentioned some of the comments made about Australias mental health laws being a violation of human rights, and that the treatments may constitute torture to him. It was like throwing Holy water at a Vampire lol. They simply continue to call a spade a shovel, and I believe will continue to do so as long as this system of abuse allows them to exercise power over victims. Even legitimate complaints to our Minister are responded with by suggesting the complainant seek help from mental health services. Dog whistle slander (and a veiled threat) I consider this to be, i’m sure he sees it as care and concern. He has been made fully aware that the “patient” status given to me was as a result of fabrication of a record by a fraud, and yet continues to utter with that false record.

    Though I do wonder now he has stated in writing that he has no problem with citizens being spiked with date rape drugs and ‘verballed’ on statutory declarations to enable arbitrary detentions, how he might feel when he is the target of such vile conduct. I know one of his colleagues found it necesasary to flee the State rather than be subjected to an ‘assessment’ by mental health services here.

  • So true Alex,

    My ‘faith’ has wavered much over the past 9 years, going from absolute to wondering why my God would allow such things to occur. And yet then I realise it is a test of integrity that is being applied to these people, and they are failing miserably. What will be the eventual consequence of that failure? Another attempted genocide? It’s certainly on the cards given the unspoken history of this Nation. And only someone who has been subjected to abuse by people with power would know the true meaning of the words “they wouldn’t do that”.

    I found myself absolutely dumbfounded that a hospital Clinical Director is given the authority to conceal serious criminal conduct by his staff with acts of criminal fraud. There is no doubt that the documents are fraudulent, no need to ask me, ask the Member of Parliament I showed them to. And what do they do about that? They double down and commit further criminal acts. The comparison I make is the Priest who rapes a child and then forgives himself.

    I’ve no doubt there have been actions which I am not aware of, but concealing the truth merely allows those ‘in the know’ to abuse others who find themselves vulnerable. A few checks on some of these people and I uncovered a whole bunch of people who have possibly been subjected to the very same crimes, though the concealment had to this point been effective. And I’m certain that they went through and ensured a better job had been done with the cover ups than had been with mine. For that they thanked me. Hardly want the public knowing hospital administrators are concealing offences for organised criminals operating in our hospitals.

    And I guess there is the crux of the matter, the “best left for them to deal with”. Problem being “them” can not be trusted. I have as a result of this ‘process’ become aware of how the State has taken the Corruption watchdog, made it positively vicious and then turned it on it’s owner. Great for corrupt politicians etc, not so good for the public who are simply unaware that their elected representatives are destroying our community for their own gain (and claiming whats good for them is good for us).

    Personally when I’m watching the place fall apart from a distance I really won’t care much anymore. Caveat emptor and all that. I delivered the message and gave the warning, and was ‘fuking destroyed’ for speaking the truth by my own government, who can no longer bear the truth of what they have become, torturers.

    That path to integrity lies in admitting wrongdoing and correcting the damage as much as possible in the least amount of time. This is reflected in documents such as the Convention against the use of Torture, but they were never signed with good intent, merely as a means to exploit those who trust.

    It says in my Book, “they will take their oaths as a cover”. I know who it is speaking about when it says “they”, and I fear for their future now “we” know who “they” are. Not because of anything “we” can do to them, but because they do not see the consequences of their own actions. The methods being used to silence unwanted truths is a breach of a very old set of rules, that only someone who thinks they ARE god would breach.

  • The con has been around a long time.

    its the added benefit of being able to force people into a rigged game that is somewhat unique in these times we live in. And of course it is this ability to use force that keeps others at bay, knowing they too can be forced into the rigged game and “fuking detroyed” as it was described to me by the Operations Manager of one of these facilities. I guess at least she was not trying to deceive anyone that what they were actually at this place was ‘medicine’, they’re just destroying anyone who doesn’t agree with them, and has the audacity to complain about being ‘spiked’ and ‘verballed’.

    From what I’ve observed family members are being used as ‘shills’ in these short cons, and quite prepared to go along with the ‘dealer’ (how appropriate lol) for a perceived benefit. The backstabbing not considered conspiring if the ‘mark’ is labelled “patient” prior to running the con.

    I half wondered if this article was a ‘bait’ and watch the nut jobs respond.

  • Acute drapetomiania Doctor? Olanzapine, Qetiapine, a benzodiaepine and some SSRI should fix that.

    Seriously though Alfie there seems to be a correlation between the insurance running out and the need for treatment with psychiatrists. And with the issue of Corona Virus they don’t even want to shake hands for the $300 anymore.

    But I do wish you luck.

  • The problem with numbers here Sam is that we are forced to vote. I know the claim is that it’s a small fine if you don’t but …. they take that small fine and turn it into a large fine by a process of ‘jacking’. You can find yourself doing a long period in prison as a result of not paying the fine.

    So the numbers go to the reds or the blues, and they know this and find themselves cozying up to one another on legislation that suits them and their business buddies basically.

    What doctor wants, doctor gets here, no doubt about that. Mind you a lot of psychiatrists did leave the public system with the introduction of the new Mental Health Act which removed the exlusion of drug addiction being a ‘treatable illness’ (police don’t want the druggies and its so much easier to damage their brains and call it medicine) and of course we have now had a Euthanasia Bill shoved through parliament at record speed.

    So numbers for Politicians is not an issue here. They have a captive audience and if anyone looks they can rightly claim we voted for them. The Will of the People lol.

  • It really is an empowering statement. “trust the path of integrity”.

    I’ve been watching some of the news and realised I made some comments a while back (years in fact) about how rape victims could be thrown under the bus by someone in authority (I had in mind a Community Nurse but .. was more interested in the way police turn their back on people flagged as “patients”) and then this

    Police have told me that they don’t have a copy of the Criminal Code and therefore if you attend a police station and make the claim you were drugged without your knowledge you get referred to mental health services, and then they MUST give you a label and well, forced drugging and incarceration is pretty much a given beyond that.

    What piques my interest is that has this police officer used his position to ‘flag’ his victims and use the slander of mental health to silence them? And police expect people to come forward given they would risk a referral to mental health services for ‘treatment’?

    This guy from what I can see has been enabled by a system for ten years. And I am sure that the fact he was a police officer has stopped some people from reporting, someone has said something.

    What I know is that the ‘referral’ that was made for me behind my back when I did attend a police station with the proof of the ‘spiking’ was a knee jerk reaction and one that is obviously being used to silence and ensure no action is taken over serious criminal offences. And then ten years on we are cleaning up the mess left as a result of the negligence of others.

    Enough, I walk and find somewhere that people actually care about one another. “trust the path of integrity”. I’ve spoken up and no one wishes to listen here. They turned me away because someone went to the trouble of fabricating false records, and no one wishes to check them because they prefer the lies.

    And I hope they spit at my back as I walk away.

  • Such a study would be of little use in my State where the ‘spiking’ of citizens is being authorised by the State, and then concealed with fraudulent documents.

    “Researchers examined intent of patients’ benzodiazepine use”

    How could these researchers consider my intent when I ingested these drugs without my knowledge? Maybe they could consider the intent of the people who arranged the ‘spiking’? Kidnapping? No, we don’t like that story so here’s one we prepared in the FOI office earlier.

    And where on the database would the ‘cover up’ show up? So working with a whole bunch of false data is going to give some biased results. This is the problems with this type of medical fraud, people can go on being hurt for years without anyone other than those doing the cover ups knowing what is actually occurring.

    On one hand we have the government passing laws regarding the tampering with food and on the other they’re enabling the conduct because it makes it easy for public officers to obtain ‘confessions’ from people who have been ‘spiked’ with intoxicating/stupefying drugs. Go figure.

  • I’ve got a lot of respect for what you write here Alex. I have to bite my tongue to not be absolutely consumed with my rage over being tortured by my own government, but can see clearly what your saying. I’m going to print that comment out and place it on my fridge which is quite a compliment lol. Mainly because I don’t have a building to have it chiseled into.

    Thanks for the insight.

  • Thanks for the reply Leo

    “On the note of self-diagnostics and the “system”, it’s almost impossible to have them take you seriously unless injury or crime was involved.”

    It is a crime to spike someones drink with a date rape drug of course, intoxication by deception. And even further if it is done with the intention of committing further offences eg sexual assault or kidnapping, stupefying with intent to commit an indictable offence.

    This is where our Mental Health system can help out by appointing a doctor to you 12 hours after you were spiked by a bus driver with no prescribing rights. They can slander you as being mentally ill and call the ‘spiking’ part of the ‘treatment’. And in my instance when I managed to get the documented proof of this criminal conduct, the criminals worked together to retrieve the documents and then began distributing fraudulent documents to lawyers. I must say I was shocked that hospitals are doing this but ….. given their abject failures in these mental institutions is it really any wonder? Fraud being so much easier than ethical conduct. And with State sanction the sky is truly their limit.

    All sounds crazy and of course the final line of defence has been to not look and then they don’t see. I’ve even had the police commit acts of uttering and attempt to pervert the course of justice rather than face the truth that they assisted in torture and kidnapping.

    However, denied access to legal representation and all of my property because the Operations Manager at the hospital has made it clear I am marked for destruction, and she has the full support of the Minister, I guess i’ll just have to sit and watch whilst they carry our their threats.

    What I find really strange is the lack of people prepared to step up and say “this is wrong”, and instead turn a blind eye while the State commits offences against the people who elect them (or at least elect some of them). I guess the real power lies in the likes of the Chief Psychiatrist who can simply ignore the law and enable carte blanche and zero accountability with negligence, fraud and slander.

    I was only kidding about the taste of benzodiazepines. I’ve never taken them willingly, and I would under no circumstances provide them covertly to anyone, not even a sub human labelled “patient”. I’ve seen the damage this type of conduct can do, for example I haven’t seen my daughter or grandchildren for 9 years as a result of the need of the State to ‘cover up’ their little torture and kidnapping ‘set ups’.

    Still, God leads astray who He will. I hope to leave this place soon, like Lot, and never look back. A community that treats citizens as human beings first would be high on my list. Because this slander they call mental illness is becoming a ‘go to’ in my State to conceal all sorts of governmental corruption.

    Anyhow, good luck to you brother.

  • Too true Sam

    Not torture if the conduct is “inherent in or incidental to lawful sanction”. I think a study of the emergence of Mental Health Acts which are, after all, a means to exploit that statement in the Convention against the use of Torture (and enable human rights abuses) would be more valuable than the above. When did governments decide they needed to be able to torture their citizens and which ones went in boots and all. Certainly Australia’s willingness has been noted by the United Nations. But then again if one were to look at our relationship with our indigenous peoples it could hardly be called surprising.
    I do hope that if Nations can be seen as being mentally ill that someone recognises a need for ‘intervention’ soon. I think perhaps an enema to remove the blockage in our political system might be a good start, and will not require the use of drugs lol.

  • I need to be careful what I drink these days as a result of being ‘spiked’ with benzodiazepines without my knowledge. I have asked my government for a list of drugs that I can be spiked with, and who can authorize these spikings but they do not answer such questions, merely turn a blind eye to the practice. (so far I have ‘date rape drugs’ and a bus driver can authorise). It makes it so much easier when people can be ‘spiked’ before interrogations (and then public officers acquiesce their duty), so I don’t see the government acting to close this loophole anytime soon. Well, in fact there is no loophole, simply negligence, fraud and slander on the part of those charged with a duty to perform. How easy is it to get round these Human Rights declarations? And I, like your family will need to flee my home as a result. Because any complaints are being dealt with by refoulment, usually referred to as “unintended negative outcomes”.

    Person thinks they are being drugged without their knowledge = paranoid delusion? Problem being I have the documents showing it was done, and who was aware it was done. Though the hospital sending documents to lawyers minus that proof did allow them to slander me as being a paranoid delusional. “Oh a lot of our “patients” make that claim, it’s their illness talking”. Second issue, I was not a “patient” but lets not let the truth get in the way of a torture and kidnapping.

    But if I ever get beyond the trust issues I might try a cup of tea. Anything you can recommend that will cover the taste of benzodiazepines? lol

  • Imagine having me tell a therapist what I thought about ECT being a vicious assault on the brain and then finding out later that her husband is a shock doc lol.

    I note that Slaying the Dragon mentions a “funnel” below and this is precisely what is occurring. So despite Dr Breggins claims that social workers, therapists etc can be trusted, all roads seem to lead to Rome. By having a “therapist” in an exclusive private clinic, and a shock doc in the public system I think there may have been advantages in ‘hijacking’ clients from the private sector to the public.

    And yes it is a dangerous thing to see a psychiatrist, something I was aware of before doing so (requiring a report for my employer). I even hired lawyers at great expense only to find that it was a waste of money, mainly because I assume their families can be subjected to threats and intimidation also. So they will work with the criminals rather than rock the boat. Much more money in assisting them than trying to represent people being subjected to human rights abuses. Ask any lawyer who tried that in National Socialist Germany. Bad career move.

    “The risk of being physically locked up” I note describes why organised crime is using the services of psychiatrists regularly. A simple ‘set up’ (‘spike’ and plant a knife and cannabis, torture and kidnap becomes refer and detain) is all that is required to be able to use police resources to detain and then drug and shock citizens to death. A valuable commodity in the criminal world. And with incompetent authorities who don’t even know there are legal protections from this conduct, they have carte blanche and zero accontability. Your only hope is that the ‘gangs’ in the medical mafia are fighting it out and you can slip the net. There is a reason that other real doctors tolerate this medical fraud, it can be very useful if you know how to work the system, and have some friends in the ‘business’. Once they no longer serve that purpose, the tower will crumble and fall. But for now, it’s business as usual.

    I was described as having the “potential for damage to reputation and meaningful relationships” by a Community Nurse who had police drag me from my home in front of my mother and father in law and well, fortunately he was there to explain that I wasn’t going to prison, merely to a locked mental institution. And this for no other reason than I had a disagreement with my wife and a ‘therapist’. This of course not seen as affecting my reputation or relationships.

    Be very careful of not just psychiatrists but their associated sycophants.

    I have no doubt that eventually this massive State sanctioned torture program will be exposed, and a lot of wringing of hands will take place. Cries from the public of “it was all done right under our noses” etc. It’s been quite a swindle, and our elected representatives have aided and abetted in the crime. They must really think they are untouchable to be as blatant about what is being done. As were the people who got to shake hands with Albert Pierrepoint after the war.

  • That was what struck me about this article. The corrupt practice of verballing used to justify courses of action was alluded to by Dr Moncrieff in her paper Psychiatric Diagnosis as Political Device. This almost seems a step back from that article, when in fact what is needed is an analysis of the use of psychiatric diagnosis as a Criminal Device.

    Take for example this quote

    “Over subsequent years she became “excited and violent” and required seclusion, yet she was discharged “recovered” five years after admission.”

    Was that what they stamped on the coffin? “Recovered”? I know from personal experience that my State government is authorizing the distribution of fraudulent documents in order to do ‘cover ups’, FACT. With that sort of environment nothing is real and you can’t trust anyone or anything in this system.
    When they start calling convenience killings “unintended negative outcomes” to soften the language of what is really occurring, what use is such an analysis that is presented above? It might be worthwhile in understanding how they were ‘verballing’ then as opposed to now but ……

    “We found no evidence that people were admitted for “social deviance” such as having illegitimate children, political activity, or petty crime.”

    I’m sure if you looked at records where I live you wouldn’t find people being locked up and force drugged for any of the “exclusions” in the MH Act either. That just demonstrates an ability to conceal the fact that people are being locked up for being ‘social deviants’, not that it isn’t being done.

    A belief in God is enough to detain and force drug someone in my State, you just need to make it sound like an illness first. “Patient believes they are being watched”, “believes the dead can be brought back to life”,.

    I’ve a really good example of a ‘verbal’ here, something that is being given the full support of our government, despite a well known Commissioner stating that it will have dire consequences for the administration of justice (and I would add, the health and well being of people labelled falsely ‘mental patients’).

    Negligence, fraud and slander has no place in medicine. And as this article shows, they have a hundred plus years of hiding the facts. Why are we surprised.

  • “How do we get the general public to understand the true horror and criminality of psychiatry and just how dangerous it is to go to these people?”

    There’s a reason they need the law to provide them with the use of force. No one in their right mind would speak to a psychiatrist, and of course the assumption is that when you do go to one your nutz.
    It has been noted that one of the greatest threats to our community are these right wing extremists who at present have the laws protecting them. Of course when one thinks of a right wing extremist it’s usually a skin head with a swastika tattooed on his forehead that comes to mind, not some thug hiding behind a mask of legitimacy provided by good doctors.

    “Who so ever dig the pit, shall fall in it.” I’m sure that the usefulness of our politicians and police will at some point expire and they might find themselves being subjected to what they considered ‘treatment’ when dished out to vulnerable individuals. In fact if they weren’t tampering so much with the data, we might notice that it is already happening. Our ex Treasurer being ‘roped in’ for ‘treatment’ that should see him ‘healthy’ very soon. Good luck Troy.

  • Woops, let me just step over that dead one and move to someone with a positive story to tell about how therapy helped them………….. Was it Orwell who said Ignorance is Bliss?

    I guess the facts that this ‘therapist’ who did this to me (and by proxy my family) didn’t really like my anti psychiatry sentiments, her husband being a psychiatrist. So she saw an opportunity and put more than the boot in.

    I would be extremely careful sharing anything with these people. Let me say that when this all ‘blew up’ they went through my old records and released some very private and sensitive information which was taken out of context. Handed that confidential information over to ……anyone who would spread the slander.

    The person who documented that information (a social worker) did so completely without malice. But once they realized someone might listen to me about what had been done, then they went to town on me. 10 years on and that information was being used not for ‘therapy’ but to completely dismantle my life. “fuking destroy” me was the quote from the Operations Manager who dealt with the complaint.

    Weaponising I believe is the term for this type of conduct. And don’t think your going to get any assistance from police, there’s a symbiotic relationship going on there. Mental Health are service users of police with an running account. Rent a thug.

    Complaining to police about crimes committed by mental health services is like trying to complain about being raped by a football star. “We don’t have a copy of the Criminal Code in this Station”, and let me just make a call and have a nice doctor remove your human and civil rights. And the self regulating system means that such vicious attacks on ‘clients’ is put down to “character flaws” rather than what it really is, criminality.

    Might not have been Orwell, oh well, Trust in Haste, Regret at Leisure

  • Actually, this ‘product’ (and I did get the whole package for just $200 inc.) was good value really. I mean when I look back I realize that I was subjected to that 7 hours of interrogation whilst ‘hallucinating’ from the benzos (i’ve never taken these drugs before and was given 4 times the amount given by Dr Kearsley to his victim which he did 2 years prison for but). What is really interesting is I was released by the psychiatrist who could find “no evidence” of a mental illness, and yet my wife was able to go round all my friends and family and slander me rotten. “oh he’s been in a mental institution only last week” to all the people at the Cricket Club. “oh he’s been acting a bit strange since being released from the mental institution, it must be his illness returning”.

    Great value that $200, and not a soul will stand up and say you know what, that’s wrong.

    It should be criminal, oh wait, it is. It’s just that police like having the ability to ‘spike’ people before interrogations and using their ‘coercive’ methods, makes the job much easier. Especially when you have people prepared to plant items on the target when they collapse from the ‘spiking’. So maybe not being able to find their copy of the Criminal Code isn’t just about a lack of resources? Might it be a benefit they obtain? Because the Community Nurse who received a referral from police, and knew I had been ‘spiked’ was quite happy to hand me over to them for further interrogation before they dropped me off for some dribble therapy.

    Terrible the things that are happening here in Libya since Muammar Ghadaffi was despatched. Oh wait, it’s Australia i’m in. They look so much alike to me these days.

  • “I think all of us—we, the therapists, and our clients—experience a kind of craving for a moral of the story, a solution, a product, that everyone can take home with them.”

    Can’t say I thought much of the ‘product’ my wife returned home from a psychologist with (He said what? He’s leaving you?). Spike him with benzos, we’ll forge a record that he is a patient (“active client”), and then obtain a police referral by planting a knife and some cannabis on him when he collapses. If were lucky police won’t shoot him and you can have him ‘assessed’ before you go on your holiday next week. Mind you these sorts of interventions tend to run into months of dribble therapy so maybe your new man can fill in for the holiday? Strange but people seem to react badly to being snatched out of their bed and thrown into a police van and dropped at a hospital for treatment when they don’t even have a doctor. All that blah blah I have human rights and this is torture, it’s medicine because were calling you a “patient” from this point on. But someone wants it done, and did invest $200 in a ‘therapy’ session so, ya get what ya pay for.

    I should have studied drama like my wife, and maybe I could turn on the tears and make people feel sorry for me when I want something done.

    7 hours of being locked in a cage with people who were being subjected to some vile abuse they call medicine, interrogated and not being informed that you have been ‘spiked’ is not what i’d call a good ‘product’. But then again, i’m the one who hasn’t seen my grandkids for 9 years and had to live on the street until I walked in front on a truck. And all this because I disagreed with my wife. And I must say that the slander is very effectively used by our current Minister, anyone who disagrees with him is in obvious need of some ‘product’. Even I can hear that dog whistle Minister.

    But I get where your coming from.

  • True, I know I certainly do. I have been subjected to a ‘mock execution’ (it’s a fine line between torture and ‘coercion’ huh?) and had my wife, daughter and grandchildren threatened by a couple of hospital administrators and police for daring to complain about their practice of “spiking” their soon to be “patients” before subjecting them to 7 hours of interrogation.
    They even attempted to unintended negatively outcome me in an Emergency Dept and failed, not because the authorities gave a damn, but because another doctor saw an opportunity to put a ‘crew’ in his pocket for later use. Personally he doesn’t have the stomach for it he tells me.

    Will I back down? Not after hearing the stories of the “patients” I met on my journey. Sure they can be fine lines, but when hospital staff believe they have carte blanche and are distributing fraudulent documents about their conduct to lawyers AND BEING GIVEN MINISTERIAL PERMISSION TO DO SO, then the levels of abuse rise exponentially.

    So much for the ‘protections’ in the Euthanasia Act. With fraud anything is possible.

    I don’t know at what point this caring will stop and my life begin again. Maybe I need drugs to numb this excruciating psychological pain? A solution, let me take my care to some place it’s wanted? You mean I can have my passport back and leave? Honest I won’t tell anyone about what y’all are doing here. I’ll give y’all a written reference if ya like. Put it with the testimonies you have coerced from your ‘clients’.

  • Ah the good old “unintended negative outcome”. It’s a three card monte.

    I may have the means and opportunity, but minus a confession of motive you can not demonstrate that I meant to harm you. Thus what was a deliberate act to cause harm becomes an unintended negative outcome. And why would anyone be looking to provide extra attention to mental patients when thy spend so much time and effort NOT providing any attention to mental patients, and in fact turning their backs on them? Seems counterproductive if you ask me.

    “The most common type of preventable harm was diagnostic error, in which doctors missed or misdiagnosed cases of physical illness. The majority of the psychiatric diagnoses were depression and anxiety.”

    And of course it could not have been diagnostic error in the case of psychiatric diagnoses because they are made up illnesses and can neither be proven or disproven. Pretty easy to show that a doctor misdiagnosed Athletes Foot as being Syphilis and rang your wife a little earlier than he should have. Whereas with mental illnesses I was given a diagnosis of three serious ones and within two hours had been cured according to the documents I have. Thus it wasn’t a mistake or error but really good doctoring (or maybe it was the fact that the benzos from being “spiked” without my knowledge had worn off? The things one has to do to plant evidence and obtain a police referral these days huh)

  • If it bleeds, it leads.

    Unfortunately all the stuff were talking about is lawful. Police making referral to a Community Nurse because they “suspect on reasonable grounds” that the person asleep in their bed is mentally ill and requires incarceration and forced drugging. Some young woman didn’t do her dishes and therefore needs to be locked in a cage and drugged until she does.

    Nothing to see here. It’d be like reporting on cars going through green lights and nothing happening. Not a lot of reporting in the German newspapers when raids were conducted to extract Jews from hiding places either. No point giving advance notice that your coming. Best to catch them with their pants down so to speak, that’s what was so good about me being drugged and then having a knife planted on me, back in those days it would have been a copy of the Torah that they planted to have me detained and ‘treated’ for disagreeing with them.

    A man was today caught with a copy of the Torah under his pillow when the Gestapo attended a home to do a welfare check. As a result the man was to be transported to a reeducation camp for treatment by the esteemed Dr Joseph Mengele.

  • “and where I live New Mexico psychiatrists are dropping like flies.” Could you expand on this please ?

    Yeah, coz here in Australia I think it might mean something different to what it means in the US. Though New Mexico reminded me of home a lot, not coz of the flies but the scenery. And if psychiatrists are dropping like flies, I’d like to order a couple of cans of the spray your using?

  • To be fair Sam, most of these journalists want to feed their families and pay their mortgages, not be part of a revolution. I mean if doctor is knocking a few inconvenient truths or witnesses that are going to interrupt ‘business’ in the Emergency Dept are they really going to report on it?

    So what if they load patients up with ‘chemical restraints’ and then tip them over the edge with another patients morphine. The Coroner is writing them off as being “death from morphine from an unknown source” and everyone is sweet. I once had a job at a pizza bar delivering pizzas and used to get a few on the cheap, why should doctors be satisfied with a few drug company pens? Porsches aren’t cheap you know lol

    There are so few investigative journalists these days willing to speak truth to power they’ve gone the way of the Dodo bird. Julian Assange can’t even get legal council without being spied on, lawyers in Australia working as police informants and as I can prove are quite prepared to forgo their duty to their clients and assist in the concealment of the use of torture (for a bit of government funding of course).

    So I guess it’s all going according to plan.

    In a time of universal deceit, speaking the truth is a revolutionary act. Don’t know who said it but I wonder did they add, so keep your mouth shut and you can make a living from journalism lol

  • “Once you’ve started abusing the power you’ve arrogated to yourself, it’s hard to stop.”

    Nice article Jack. I was just looking back at some ‘history’ regarding Julian Assange given what has been exposed in the past couple of days. Spying on the confidential communications between lawyer and client? It is of course a way to turn a buck in Australia, but such a fundamental breach really does bring the house of cards (justice) crashing down.

    Maybe i’m being a bit of a chicken little but after having the lawyers I approached to assist with me being subjected to torture stabbing me in the back and assisting the State who tortured me to do a cover up, the world really does look like its gong to Hell in a handbasket. And yes, now I know they are abusing the powers given by a trusting public.

    Anyway, good read.

  • A lie told often enough becomes the truth.

    We can hardly be surprised that there is an attempt to have journalists spread the lies in good faith to the public. And I would hope that some of them might actually see through this propaganda training and become critical of this ‘industry’ that is doing a lot of concealed harm to our communities.

    I watch as the reporting of a tragic set of circumstances unfolds in my country, and note the lack of questioning by journalists as to the ’cause’ of these events. As long as the narrative follows that of the people who benefit from the harm being done surely nothing is going to change, and can only become worse? Is there an issue with asking what psychiatric ‘medications’ may have been involved with such tragedies? The attributions from journalists follows a distinct pattern, do not mention the prescription drugs.

    Always good to know how these articles are being put together using a format. Thanks

  • They did have some activities at the Ariel Castro Memorial Hospital but I think it was more about training the staff into the belief that the patients were hopeless cases. Anyone with ideas like this soon ended up thinking “why bother”. A bit like those captured soon realise there is no way of escaping.

    Food is a great way of getting captive animals to trust you. Bite the hand that feeds you bbq? Given that the Minister and Chief Psychiatrist in my State do not have any issues with the ‘spiking’ of citizens (and certainly not patients) i’d be careful what I ate and drank in these environments.

    The issue with my ‘spiking’ after all was that if I were a “patient” all was fine, but because I was actually a citizen then they needed to make me into a “patient’ lest they be seen for what they are, criminals. Ergo, drugging patients without their knowledge, fine with them.

    My newly self appointed ‘guardian/carer’ was quite prepared to authorise anything they wished to do, under threat of course but all of that is inadmissible they tell me. Imagine that, hospital commits offences against a person and they then appoint someone as their carer so that they can not complain and can then conspire to commit offences against the victim of their crimes.

    I had no idea I even had a carer who was being threatened by the hospital staff to get me to sign documents that would ensure their criminal conduct could not be exposed. “Get him to obtain a referral from a G.P. and then he is a “patient” and we can go to town on him”. Lucky no one is interested in what was done huh, until it’s their families being fuking destroyed I guess.

    I suppose it all spiralled out of control and i’m sort of glad someone did actually notice when they were going to overdose me in the Emergency Dept. Takes a thief to catch a thief I guess. And how effective is their slander in getting people to turn their backs while they do this sh*t. I must say I have great admiration for the Operations Manager who is fuking destroying peoples lives because they make legitimate complaints. I’ve no doubt her actions have resulted in many deaths from suicide, and well I have ex army friends who did three tours in Vietnam who have killed less people. And she’s getting family members to help her while she does this, by threatening them if necessary.

  • Yes, that was what surprised me was that one young woman had been locked in a cage and force drugged because she was visited by a Community Nurse and hadn’t done her dishes. So in order to demonstrate to her why it was important that she did, he ‘verballed’ her up and had police deliver her to the locked ward where she was sexually assaulted by one of the patients.

    Seemed a bit harsh to me but in these days of coronavirus maybe he was right and we need to ensure public safety by enforcing some sort of standard regarding hygiene?

    I saw some pictures of this young woman before they started force drugging her and surely the obesity caused by the drugs is going to make it more difficult for her to do her dishes though. But what an embarrassment to her mum she was, and well this particular Community Nurse does like to do a few favours for the little ladies. I mean he even managed to have a doctor sign a prescription for the spiking of a citizen with benzos without their knowledge. I’m unsure what my wife did for him in return. though feel sure there’s a few rapists in prison would be interested in some favours from this guy.

  • I just dug out the documents to fully identify how they are getting around this use of neuroleptics for torturing people. They call it an “Agitation and Arousal Medication Chart”. So the aim would be for staff to bait the target and then begin injections based on the notion that what is being done is ‘chemically restraining’ patients. Thus it isn’t actually treatment, and therefore not subject to scrutiny and the amounts need not be limited as there is No National Standard. Imagine police being given handcuffs with razor blades on the inside that they can tighten anytime they like? Letter to the Minister for Police with a suggestion.

    As stated above I had one doctor look at the list of chemicals I was to be injected with and state emphatically that it would have made me extremely ill (in the case of Tristan Dimer it nearly killed him). Of course that was the unstated aim of the chemical restraint that isn’t treatment. And with ‘evidence’ that the restraint method is effective???? Just keep on truckin Doc.

    Let me say this, the Community Nurse who verballed me up was fully aware of this method of silencing any issues. Now if a low level like him is aware that all he needs to do is to ask Doc (not even a psychatrist) to do a ‘snow job’ for him, how far through the system does this actually go? I get it that this particular doctor was also a Catholic Priest and may have been using this silencing method over some years. Certainly it was another day at the office for him, having me remove my clothing when I had expressly denied him the right to physically examine me ( a right we both knew I had) but he had his thugs ready to restrain me and then his chemicals to make me sick so, what does one do but provide what he calls ‘implied consent’. She didn’t say ‘no’ so she meant ‘yes’. Well, that is if you ignore my clearly stating “you do not have the right to do this examination, and if you do it will constitute an assault”. The documents that the examination was done, proof that I was assaulted. Fortunate police can’t find their copy of the criminal code so he’s good to go with other assaults on anyone he wishes. Well, maybe 40 years something might be said but for now he is being enabled.

    Shame that the hospitals don’t keep any data on these things really, a bit like the Euthanasia Act means no counting how many people access the legislation. No wonder this industry is attracting sadists at a phenomenal rate.

  • I note this statement from the Special Rapportuer for Torture

    “Forced and non-consensual administration of psychiatric drugs, and in particular of neuroleptics, for the treatment of a mental condition needs to be closely scrutinized. Depending on the circumstances of the case, the suffering inflicted and the effects upon the individual’s health may constitute a form of torture or ill-treatment.”

    Is this why our Chief Psychiatrist writes that the use of neuroleptics as a “chemical restraint” has no National Standard? In that way they are not being used as a form of ‘treatment’ and come under virtually no scrutiny?

    Hey, just don’t call it ‘treatment’ and the statement is invalidated. And now they can inject anyone with any amount and are free from the sins of being a torturer. My “potential for violence with no clear intent or actual history” (thus this is the paranoid delusions of the doctor, not some ‘symptom’ I actually have) is seen as justification for injecting me with a large amount of chemicals which according to another doctor would have made me extremely ill. They spike you with benzos, then write down the effects of that as symptoms and use that to justify injecting you with neuroleptics then write down the effects of that and hey presto your a mental patient.

    Loophole identified and staff informed. Its a chemical restraint not treatment. Much like they’re not killings but unintended negative outcomes.

    I really don’t know how our politicians can stand up and make statements about the legal protections afforded the community with a straight face. Both the Mental Health Act and it’s ‘Sister Act’ the Euthanasia Act have zero protections for the public. They would know they are lying through their teeth and are fully aware that those with a duty to protect the public are being deliberately derelict in their duty.

  • Just on this issue of ‘verballing:

    16 . Non-compliance with form or procedure, effect of
    (1) The validity of an oath, affirmation or statutory declaration is not affected by the fact that the person taking or making it does not use the exact words required as long as the words actually used do not materially affect the substance of the exact words and are not likely to mislead.

    The document used to lock me up was not only likely to mislead, it actually MISLED the Chief Psychiatrist into the false belief this Community Nurse had “reasonable grounds”. That is of course because the Chief Psychiatrist believed that he travelled back through time and space to make “observations” of my “thoughts of harming others”. Of course this “other” (singular) was the nephew attempting to blackmail my wife three weeks earlier but, lets not let facts get in the way of a good kidnapping. Is there a difference between being angry, and being angry because someone is threatening your wife? Is it signficant that he made it an “observation” when he could not possibly have observed it? Is that really a mental illness? Or was this simply a ‘verbal’? Remove the context and the behaviour sounds unreasonable, as this filthy unaccountable ‘verballer’ can explain.

    Hey I was “guarded but concerned about being observed by neighbours” Don’t mention they were my in laws, significant other becomes generalised others, and rational concern becomes irrational paranoia. He’s good…..

    The test applied in court was that the author did not necessarily outright lie, but that they had been “wreckless as to the truth”. How fortunate for this Community Nurse who is filing fraudulent documents that the police can’t find their copy of the criminal code. Because they would not link the suicides that are resulting from his vile conduct.

    If anyone ever wished to do something to save lives, they should be acting on this type of corruption IMMEDIATELY. Not sitting on their hands and doing cover ups while the body count rises to double figures. Of course I know we’re all very busy and I should get some help from the people who tortured and kidnapped me, that way they don’t need to look at their negligence, fraud and slanderous conduct and instead can call me names while destroying my family for complaining.

    The opportunity to do something arises and they turn their backs. Bah, lets go beat Balaams Donkey.

  • “psychiatrists can become transformative people in their communities and in the world, and make things different. But psychiatrists are not that important except when they’re in power; when psychiatrists run things, it becomes problematic.”

    I read this and wonder Doc if your not missing something. Maybe you need to recognise what it means to NOT be a psychiatrist for a day or two. Being the transformative person in the community might mean precisely that, not being what you are (or have become as a result of your ‘training’).

    I like what you say about your time as Clinical Director and think that’s what i’m trying to point to, not doing what psychiatrists do means your no longer a psychiatrist. And if I ever get my human and civil rights back we might even meet in the middle as human beings and find ways of making the world a better place.

    “I know it’s possible, but I’m not sure that it’s likely”. It sounds so much more convincing when it comes from a psychiatrist 🙂

    “People should refuse to put their signature on documents that cause people to be locked up. That would be my hope for the near future.”

    I’d like to see an end to the corrupt practice of ‘verballing’ which has been identified by Commissioner Kennedy as being a poisonous practice that is resulting in serious miscarriages of justice in our courts, and while he did not state it in his report (it was of course outside his scope) is resulting in people being thrown into the mental health system unnecessarily and no doubt resulting in deaths. Bearing false witness should be a crime (particularly on statutory declarations), not being encouraged by the Chief Psychiatrist as “noble corruption”, and allowing arbitrary detentions for the convenience of the lazy and unethical Community Nurse etc.

  • I wonder if he already said it Steve in Beyond Good and Evil, We Scholars?

    Mind you it’s been a long time since I had access to my books, or anything else for that matter. Birth of Tragedy and Geneology of Morals was one of my favorite ‘pick up’ books way back when I had ‘stuff’. But mental health services and police soon fixed that with a ‘verbal’.

    I sometimes ponder what it must be like to go to work and leave waves of chaos behind you, destroying lives and leaving a mess for others to try and resolve, and all the while thinking that your a good person and what your doing might on the surface appear as criminal but in the end it will, in some Machiavellian formula, work out for the best. Doing things that is resulting in the death of people can’t surely be seen as ‘good’? Unless of course they know something we don’t? And then the killings might be justified?

    I mean try as I may I have wondered how this mental health practitioner managed to make observations of my thoughts that occurred three weeks before I even met him. I did study psychology and this is a new development for me, though not for the Chief Psychiatrist who supports this guys claim to thought reading and time travel, in writing. And this then provides justification for incarceration and forced drugging. Luckily they are not relying on any science to justify their position, nor anything that might be called “reasonable”, because they would fail miserably. They are simply snatching anyone that has the misfortune of having a finger pointed at them from their beds and fabricating evidence to support their position. Perhaps a reading of another German authors book The Trial (Franz Kafka) may be in order? How prophetic was that when we look back at the shape of things to come?

  • Wow, we cocacolarised them and now we want to psychiatrise them. The aim with coca cola was to put a can of coke in the hands of every one on the planet. Now they want to put an anti psychotic in their hand that can be washed down with a coke.
    Seems that they may be running out of experimental subjects in the West given their abject failure to demonstrate even the slightest gain in a scientific sense. Moving in on other less fortunate countries for these experimental subjects who can be exposed to the damages of psychiatric research minus any real ethical considerations was an obvious move.

    Perhaps the traditional healers may require forced treatment if they disagree with what doctor wishes to do? I’d be real careful speaking to any mental health practitioner after being ‘verballed’ by one. The truth is anything they want it to be and has no basis in reality.

  • How much role play goes on in the wards? People pretending to be ‘medical’ people, others pretending to be patients who are either getting better or not depending on which direction they wish to take with this system of abuse.

    I think you might enjoy this book by Yukio Mishima, Confessions of a Mask. I read it many years ago now. It must have been 15 BCD (Before my Civil Death).

    Good to know some people get knocked down and get back up within this system, because when I got told I would be fuking destroyed for complaining about being kidnapped and tortured (yes I can prove it) they literally smashed my life to pieces. It did mean that others were harmed but the government has ways of ensuring the public doesn’t see their mistakes. Maybe they’re just knocking you down to toughen you up for the real world, and with me they wanted me dead because of speaking the truth? I don’t really know anymore, and to be honest care even less after 9 years of not seeing my family or being allowed access to even my personal belongings because of a government cover up. And I am now certain my community doesn’t care either, they no longer look at the ‘mask’, just turn to the wall for the Dead Man Walking.

    I thank you all.

    They prefer the narrative of the fraudulent documents sent to the Mental Health Law Centre to the Truth, the one where I was a mental patient and could lawfully be tortured and kidnapped. And consider how flimsy that protection from torture is, simply a matter of legal status that can be changed via fraudulent documents distributed by a Clinical Director (who I might add can afford to smile being paid $300K plus for committing serious offences against the community, though considered to be in their “best interest”). Exposing the ‘mechanism’ of psychiatry to the public of course would mean they may no longer consent to treatment (hey wait, they don’t) and well, that would require extra ordinary powers to ensure they public could be treated.

    Torturing and brain damaging citizens is not a medical procedure, it is human and civil rights abuses. Confronting these delusional doctors with the truth is going to be a dangerous thing to do, the psychotic can react very badly to being confronted directly with the truth. Perhaps this is why the medical fraternity is allowing these people to think they’re doctors, so they can break it to them slowly that they’re not?

  • Chomsky said that left and right were both wings of the same party, the Business Party. I even heard one of our radio announcers going on about how long the election campaign takes in the US (gee imagine democracy at work taking time). Ours lasts about 5 weeks, and he claims we’re sick of it after that. Yes but …… our parties don’t put forward what they intend doing once they achieve power before elections, they ‘spring’ that on us later when it’s too late to say but it’s not what the community wants (but it is what doctors want). The other thing is our system is a farce designed to look like fair and democratic elections, not to actually be one. Making people vote in a two horse race is not what I’d call elections, either way your betting on a horse (and thus can be considered to be a gambler). Still the country is young and we have only just begun to recognise people of color as humans recently.
    No left and right in my State, just a bunch of elites that know that they get power with or without the consent of the people. The Mental Health Act is part of ensuring that this situation continues.

  • If you can’t blind them with science, baffle them with bulls*it.

    By the time you have checked the claim of evidence based, the thief has been through your belongings and is heading to the pawn shop with your jewellry.

    Our politicians here make these types of false claims all the time. 85% of the community wants these Euthanasia laws (but were not going to allow the community to vote on it, or provide you with any evidence to support that claim of 85%. You will have to trust us). More people want the death penalty so I look forward to that legislation being rushed through before an election.

    I’ve also heard ‘verballing’ being called ‘noble corruption’. Tell that to the people who have served 12 years in prison for something they didn’t do, and all because some police officer knew their corrupt conduct would receive support from their superiors and the courts.

    And let me say after receiving a letter from a police superintendent who refuses to accept ‘evidence’/proof of serious criminal offences I do not put much faith in what they claim to be evidence based. Turning people away who have inconvenient truths does not make for sound decisions in our courts, in fact it is possibly the very essence of corruption. However when you have falsehoods to maintain the truth can be very inconvenient.

    And they wonder why they have the reputation they do? We had a police officer sharing a pornographic image of a woman she had photographed (revenge porn) telling the court she would not lie because she was a police officer (evidence based of course). She did not delete the image and was sharing it with other officers because she didn’t want anyone to think she was deleting ‘evidence’. Funny but they can send me away with documents proving I was spiked with benzos becuase their is “insufficient evidence” (like 5 witnesses and documents stating when and where it was done). Frauds and slanderers who are providing material support for criminals via their own criminal negligence.

  • Police here simply call a psychologist and tell them what information they require, and the psychologists will provide that information. What’s the point of having people trust you unless your going to exploit that trust and make some money from it.

    Police tell me that because they didn’t receive a complaint form the psychologist concerned regarding his family being threatened they will take no action. Imagine that, the psychologist who was threatened by police didn’t report that threat to police.

    I will never, under any circumstances trust a psychologist again. It was fortunate that I explained to him before we spoke that I would lie to him to ensure that if he were approached by police for information he would not know what information was true and what was false.

    It was the “who else has got the documents?” question that revealed that police wanted to know who else I had shown the documented proof of the torture and kidnapping to. They thought the documents had been retrieved, and here I was sitting in a psychologists office with the proof. Very poor attempt at a cover up, but the idea of using mental health services as an ‘information retrieval service’ really did leave me “shocked and outraged”.

    The ability to ‘coerce’ people who one would imagine you could share confidential information with was swept away in Australia back in 2010 with the High Court decision in ACC v Stoddart which flushed confidentiality down the toilet with “no spousal privilege in common law in Australia”. If a spouse can be ‘coerced’ to reveal information regarding their partner, then of course the dominoes fall.

    This is important because the case of Nicola Gobbo a lawyer who was acting as a police informant with confidential information from her ‘clients’ was breaking the law at the time. Police have since said “it can’t happen again” but have failed to tell us why. The reason is that they now have the law to allow them to threaten doctors, lawyers and partners to provide them with the information they want, and no avenue for complaint for those who find their confidential information being shared in this manner.

    So as it stands we find ourselves paying lawyers and doctors to act as snitches for police. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. With this and the ability to use mental institutions to torture and kidnap citizens we should have the place cleaned up in no time. Don’t like the facts, insufficient evidence, and here’s what we want to be the truth. Not that any of this fabrication of evidence is new to our police (there’s a long history of it) but the ease with which it can be done now is astounding. The belief that computers and cameras was going to make policing and justice balanced was a fallacy. All its done is create the space for corruption to flourish.

    It is more than the therapy sessions that has been weaponised in Australia.