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  • Hi Dr Hickey, great article as usual.

    you write “Psychiatry is nothing more than legalized drug-pushing. There is not one shred of intellectual or scientific validity to their so-called taxonomy. They invent these so-called illnesses to expand their turf, and then liberalize the criteria to expand it further.”

    I’d go even further than this. Drug pushers rely on their ‘clients’ to have an addiction which brings them back time and time again to alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal. Psychiatrists have available the use of force to create the addiction in the first place. And not only do they invent the so called illnesses, it is the case that without any National Standard as to what constitutes a “chemical restraint” people who are attending EDs etc are being injected with chemical cocktails with the primary aim of restraint, and which actually cause the very chemical imbalance that they claim later to be curing.

    Highly effective for those who wish to throw inconvenient truths down the well, never to be seen again.

  • A bit difficult for the courts not to overturn the Evans decision though, when the first thing that is done to anyone who is presented to an Emergency Dept by police is to intoxicate and stupefy them with benzos and anti psychotics. A refusal to consent to this is justification for force to stupefy and intoxicate, and with no National Standard as to what constitutes a ‘chemical restraint’? Consent?

    Imagine giving Evans and MacDonald the power to shove the booze down her throat first. We still going to call it consensual?

    Its working in our EDs.

  • To paraphrase Graham Young (The Young Poisoner’s Handbook).

    ‘In order to be a Great poisoner requires remaining undetected. To be a Famous one requires getting caught’ They eventually caught Mengele, and I assume some of those remaining undetected at this point in time will eventually have their status changed to Famous.

    How interesting that one of Youngs methods was to have his mother take Antimony Sulphide and Thalium in the false belief that it was ‘medicine’ for her illness.

    And with no National Standard as to what constitutes a ‘chemical restraint’, doctors (or those posing as doctors) are free to make people sick and invoke the provisions of the MHA based on the sickness they have caused.

    Thanks for pointing out the great lie Matt.

  • It’s a good point Nomadic. Especially in an arena when collusion and conspiring against family members by those seeking to ‘help’ can have disastrous consequences. A recent example ‘muddied’ by our Courts with suppression orders to maximize the use of illicit drugs by a killer, and removal of the mental health ‘intervention’ and prescribing of anti psychotics before the killing really says a lot to me.

    Dr Hickey I came across this webpage containing information about a drug called Donezepil. On that page it says,

    “Donepezil is used to treat confusion (dementia) related to Alzheimer’s disease. It does not cure Alzheimer’s disease, but it may improve memory, awareness, and the ability to function. This medication is an enzyme blocker that works by restoring the balance of natural substances (neurotransmitters) in the brain.”

    are they really still running with chemically balancing brains?

    I post this question here as I can’t see what happened to the Forums.

    Thanks Doc.

  • “The inmates of the Asylum have broken loose and will have you screaming in sheer terror as they taunt and torture their newest victims.”

    Shouldn’t that read “The inmates of the Asylum have broken loose, got medical degrees, and will have you screaming in sheer terror as they taunt and torture their newest victims”?

    We had a similar situation here, where I believe the outcome was to make the ‘mental patients’ into zombies and that somehow fixed the problem. I guess at least it was a little more accurate when one considers what the drugs being administered by force actually do.

    I also wonder if this sort of display doesn’t bring too much attention to how far psychiatry has actually come in the past 100 years or so, nowhere.

  • Hi Mariel,

    I came back to this article as a result of a search. I remember reading it at the time of publication but didn’t comment at that time.

    After rereading it though I find myself pondering the use of labels and drugs, not as a means to assist someone in distressing circumstances, but as a method of stripping human and civil rights from another with a medical gloss.

    It also made me glad that my mother was a sewing machinist and not a psychiatrist. Imagine being Prince Charles though? Queen Elizabeth could have had him beheaded for not doing his homework properly sooooo

    Anywho, hope your doing well.


  • I guess the point i’m trying to make is that the psychologist (and co conspirator) could have lived with their internal guilt and shame about Stupefying to commit an indictable offense (kidnapping), but public exposure would have a major effect on this. Their pride would have been injured. Much easier to dispose of the person who is seeking assistance from police.

    Find a way of making the citizen into a “patient” (attend an ED) and thus remove any human or civil rights, and a bit of fiddling with the paperwork (restrain and inject in a situation when a little too much is administered, and document it as PRN so it appears consensual) and reputation is saved.

    With no Criminal Code applying to “patients” what are the police to do other than hand the victim back to the criminal? And with fraudulent documents just laying around for the Coroner? Guild interests are protected.

  • I ponder my situation, and these notions of guilt and shame.

    If it wasn’t for the fear of being exposed to the guilt and shame of drugging a person without their knowledge and planting a knife on them to obtain a police referral to Mental Health Services, I don’t believe there would have been any need to arrange a killing in an ED. Do the crimes etc…….

    By me attending a police station with the proof of the crimes though, the possibility of exposure would have been not only an internal feeling of guilt and shame, but public shaming. Reputation on the line. So a conflict arises where you either (a) live with the public guilt and shame or (b) arrange for a woopsie in an ED. Quite a position to be in, and I know what was planned, and how frustrating it must have been when it was thwarted.

    Going to be quite a test for psychiatry when the fraud is exposed publicly.

  • Mental illness jihadis who have much more in common with ISIS (not the mercenary types, but the fundamentalist types) than they would ever be capable of recognizing. The absolute paranoia about Jahiliya (corruption of the soul) which needs to be hunted down and beaten out of the individual by any means necessary.

  • Hi Bruce, you write

    “a commitment to the truth hinders the capacity to bullshit”

    Personally I see the truth as being the Dung Beetle, that stops the spread of maggots and flies which then carry disease to what would otherwise be healthy cattle. The bullshit itself is just covering the known lie, and allowing doctor double think.

    Great article. But isn’t it McLaren and not McClaren? Anyway, nit picking insetead of dung beetleing lol.

    Take care

  • One might wonder how this could be so. It all relies on the medical caste system which trumps our legal system. Doctors get to decide what “schizophrenia” is and is not, and then also get do decide what “medications” are (as opposed to drugs which can do significant harm and hasten the demise of the lower caste “patient”).

    Once labelled “patient” all human and civil rights are now removed (patent rights are an option at the discretion of their treating doctor), and any complaint to police/authorities is dismissed on the grounds that the complainant is not human, and the doctor is charged with their ‘care’.

    I found this out when I placed documents proving that I had been ‘spiked’ with benzos without my knowledge in front of police only to be told that they didn’t have a copy of the Criminal Code in this large station. Of course this is true, there are no crimes which can be committed against anyone with the legal status of “patient”, ask our Minister lol.

  • Thank you Matt,

    and I really should have made it clear i’m not in the US but Australia where the State has made available the use of police to ensure any and all dissent from the ‘medical model’ of distress is crushed.

    Doctors have it within their power to drug people without their knowledge, and have people referred to MHS by planting a knife on them and police will not only take no action, but will assist in retrieving the evidence of any criminality. Sounds mad? Should have seen the response when they found out that they hadn’t managed to get the proof back.

    There is just too much money involved for both State authorities and medical research and pharma to be exposing the lie. And it was when I started to realise the consequences of what occurs when the State is authorising crimes against citizens to conceal the crimes they are committing against citizens, that we no longer have ‘elected representatives’, and are therefore not really a National Socialist Democracy (well maybe in name only lol).

    The Mental Health system here is being used by police to conceal corruption by public officers. The only success stories which come out of that are when the camps are liberated. And I hope someday they are.

  • Hi Matt, you write;
    “It is almost as if they believe that by simply asserting that schizophrenia is a valid, discrete illness over and over again in journals and textbooks, by starting each article with “schizophrenia is a chronic, severe brain disease,” that this magically makes it so.”

    and Dr Goebbels writes;

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    Look forward to reading part 2.

  • I do find it strange though. The penalty for Conspiring to Stupefy to Commit an Indictable Offense (namely Kidnapping) is 30 years. Why would attempting to murder someone to conceal this be a problem? You get less in our legal system lol.

    And with police assistance to ensure that Doc doesn’t have any issues with the paperwork? We have a Doctor running around here at present openly declaring that she killed a patient (hastened her demise is how she put it). Psychiatrists etc are doing that also, sometimes by about 30 years lmao.

    And still nothing is done.

  • And with such solid reasoning as the argument from authority from the Minister and the Chief Psychiatrist as ‘we had reasonable grounds to believe the citizen required incarceration and forced drugging because we went to the trouble of making it up’? What chance has anyone got waaahahahaha

  • Think they would sue me for saying such things outside parliamentary privilege, but the Minister would be aware that police are being used to deny me access to my property, to retrieve the documentary evidence, and to threaten and intimidate anyone who knows the facts relating to these matters.

    Anyone know a good journalist? lol

  • This does not bode well given our Minister for Mental Health is authorising the drugging without knowledge and planting of knives on citizens to obtain police referrals to Mental Health, who then remove any human and civil rights by making the citizen a “patient” and begin treatment.

    Once designated “patient” the sort of ‘treatment’ given to Garth Daniels is ….. therapuetic.

  • And I had the most revealing conversation with a member of Parliament about the new MHA after showing him the quality work being done to bring ‘treatment’ to those in our community who require it.

    Question 1: Given that the grounds required for detention and forced drugging are missing a couple of days sleep and not eating properly, when are we going to start locking up Muslims during Ramadan and ensuring they receive the ‘treatment’ they would not accept willingly. No answer, just a brushing off.

    Question 2: Given that the UN has stated that Australian MH laws are a violation of human and civil rights, and that this statement by the UN has been totally ignored, what is being done to correct this situation? No answer.

    Question 3: the party line about the new MHA is that it has “added protections” might it not be important that the community is aware that these protections are to ensure that doctors have carte blanche to do whatever they deem necessary, with zero legal protections for anyone with the status of “patient”? No answer.

    I can see how mercenaries will work. And the people being brutalised will be forced to pay for it.

  • Hi Fred
    A problem arose in my State with Psychiatrists leaving the public system in large numbers (as a result of the discussions around the introduction of the new Mental Health Act and what it was obvious the aim were, particularly Community Treatment Orders) I got the feeling at the time it was about a claim to high status in our community and that they were not going to be performing the tasks of parole officers who torture and maim with the use of drugs.
    The State responded by changing the definition of who could work as a psychiatrist and started seeking people from overseas. These people, like the Pinkertons Detective Agency have come to town and don’t give a damn about health or welfare, they are just here to do the dirty work the State authorities want done, ie increased incarcerations and forced druggings.
    And there is not a lot of dissenting voices for fear of being targeted so…….. looks like were up for a few cooked frogs where I live.

  • I must say in my ignorance I did not expect a psychologist to be gathering information for police to find out “who else has the documents?”. Difficult to ‘snow’ someone for turning up in a police station with proof of crimes when mental health have seen the proof. So they use the ‘confessional’ to find out how to shut them down. Give us the dirt and we can deal with him 🙂 Sit on their hands for 5 years with full knowledge that I was drugged and kidnapped? Luckily there is a perception in the community that these people can be trusted and “they wouldn’t do that” huh? On the proviso that they maintain their dereliction of duty and just don’t look.

  • I’m with Dylan when he wrote

    “If my thought-dreams could be seen, they’d probably put my head in a guillotine. It’s alright Ma, it’s life and life only.”

    Given there are those within the mental health arena who believe falsely that they can observe these thought dreams, there obvious response with a poisoned ‘confessional’ (confidentiality is a farce and a lie)? Make them a “patient” and off with their heads lol

  • So they might be more aptly named “Near Life Experiences” rasselas?

    I was reminded of my NLE provided by police when they were attempting to retrieve evidence from me of some serious criminal offenses, which they didn’t want to be serious criminal offenses because doctors don’t commit crimes, they do medicine.

    Trigger warning (R)

    One method used to ensure people receive the ‘treatment’ they require (another being threats of pack rape in the cells).

    So I’m with you, these are not NDE but NLE experiences, and there are those in authority who believe it is therapeutic.

  • Senior constable who ‘verbals’ weapons into peoples pockets – English, hadnt been here long enough to know what the name of our biggest prison is. Corrupt.

    Community Nurse who knows how to conceal remote detentions with the use of fraudulent documents – English, few years service to our community.

    Operations Manager who manufactured a fraudulent legal narrative and who openly declared that they would “fuking destroy” me if icontinued to complain about their criminality – English, few years service, and biggest claim to fame having a hospital closed in the UK. Chuck em out on the street andntake the money and run lol

    Im seeing a pattern here 🙂

  • We have been the recipient of a large number of people coming to the colonies as a result of our mining boom. Our police and mental health, social services have quite quickly changed with the introduction of these people who have I believe in many cases left under a cloud, and are now corrupting our already dismal system.
    A shame really because so much could have been done with that large influx of money if it wasnt being misappropriated by these carpetbaggers. And guess who will be left with the mess?
    Might be seeing the person in the article turning up here in Australia for a little time in the sun lol

  • I should clarify that I speak of Australia where Mr Cope would be seen as a person with a history of mental illness, and therefore he could be drugged without his knowledge with benzodiazepines, and have a knife planted on him on compassionate grounds to have police make referral and get him the help he needs. (the things psychologists have to do to get people help these days and not make it look like a ‘remote’)

    Waking to police pointing a tazer at you, drugged without your knowledge, and delivered to a locked ward, “PRN” will be required. More benzos, Olanazapine and Quetiapine forcefully administered you are now lacking insight into your illness. In fact, your non compos mentis, and now are being treated by a psychiatrist.

    Stripped of your human and civil rights, and zero access to any legal representation, ‘treatment’ can proceed.

  • “But it sounded like Dave Cope is no longer being treated by psychiatrists, so he is no longer in danger of being locked up or forcibly drugged”

    No protection at all. Being in the vicinity of a knife is grounds for a police referral to mental health services. Quick ‘verbal’ and your off to the nearest locked ward for some dribble therapy.

  • Dr Boans writes a referral to Chekhov Ward 6 for one public servant from the UK lol. That doesn’t look good at all Fiachra. About to act on the information gathered from the Govt Reviews? Might be best kept in an office in the UK rather than taking in the sun in the Bahamas. Because I think there may be a couple of questions to be asked. Lets hope so anyway.

  • Deemed consent is where the patient says “no” and they get pinned down and injected. This is justified under the grounds that they (a) lack insight into their condition and (b) it is an “emergency”.

    It basically turns a “no” into a “yes” and no one will look because the patient is deemed to have consented, rather than actually given consent.

    Great letter Mr Cope

  • It is oldhead 🙂 “Clinically proven” was one the Gruen team had a bit of a look at. Some of the advertising that is being used with certain products and how they can make such outrageous claims about them.

    Seems an important point from the masters of spin:

    The Gruen Transfer …. is the moment when consumers enter a shopping mall and, surrounded by an intentionally confusing layout, lose track of their original intentions, making consumers more susceptible to make impulse buys.

    Consider that in the context of ‘consumers’ entering the shopping mall of psychiatry?

  • So Dr Frances declares that Trump has no Personality Disorder. My next question would be ‘are his chemicals balanced though? And if so, how is that chemical balance being achieved?’

    I think Trump would treat a remote diagnosis from Frances with about as much credibility as Papa Doc making a voodoo doll and sticking pins in it.

    Good article Dr Hickey.

  • Problem with powerful human rights abusers is that they just double down and dig bigger holes. As long as the evidence is not available, they can continue to run with the “patient” label and justify anything they wish. “Police shoot mentally ill man with history of carrying a weapon”? Hmmmm just don’t mention how he was drugged to produce the symptoms, and to aid in the planting of the referral (knife).

    I wonder what is going to happen though when mental health starts forcing these drugs down the necks of Muslims. They are strictly prohibited and it would be the equivalent of forcing pork down their throats. Justification being that they resisted ‘treatment’. I see problems.

  • To obtain the legal status of “patient” requires only that you have spoken to a Social Worker, Psychologist, Doctor or Psychiatrist in your life. And anyone can self appoint themselves as your “carer” at any time soooo….

    This means that if your in a night club and your “carer” spikes your drink with benzos (knowing that you are a “patient” because you once spoke to the school psychologist), anything that happens after this is called ‘treatment’. A distinct advantage for the local rapist.

    And the lengths these people will go to in order to retrieve the documents proving this…… police threatening to shoot you and dump your body, “they wouldn’t do that” lol

  • Benzos are seen as so safe in my State that the Minister for Mental Health and the Chief Psychiatrist will authorise the drugging of anyone with the legal status of “patient” without their knowledge with them. I can’t seem to obtain the list of drugs or amounts which can be administered to “patients” without their knowledge, but know benzos can, because it was done to me. And I wasn’t actually a “patient” at the time and didn’t have a mental illness but that was soon changed with a knife dropped in my pocket and a ride with police to a locked ward where in three minutes with a doctor who spoke to me like his pet dog, I then had 3 major mental illnesses that required a fistful of benzos lol.

    Cogito ergo sum? Isn’t this to put Descatres before the horse?

    These drugs are having a negative impact in a number of areas which are not being discussed, road trauma comes to mind. Thank you for bringing attention to the problem Richard. If nothing else, they can’t say they weren’t told.

    I saw his body thrashing ’round
    I saw his pulse rate going down
    I saw him in compulsive throws
    I said “I’ll have some of those”

    This Is Serious Mum; I’m on the drug that killed River Phoenix

  • It’s a clever little ‘three card monte’ Ms Welton.

    Means, motive and opportunity = crime. Replace motive with ‘good faith’ and you now have means (drugs, ECT, incarceration) and opportunity (police will deliver the ‘patient’ for you) and without being able to demonstrate motive, torture, maiming and well…. negative outcoming are all within ones power 🙂

  • Just on your comparison about tradespeople and the work of others Julie. What I have found most disturbing and humorous at the same time is the levels of criminality enabled once a person has the legal status of “patient”.

    Drugging without knowledge, no problem, kidnapping, nope not a crime, aggravated assault, no worries, criminal fraud with documents, too easy Clinical Directors says okay, and then their is the unintended negative outcomes which one hopes may someday be discussed along with the euthanasia debate (convenience killings for doctors who, once the motive for wanting the person negative outcomed becomes apparent is concealed). I don’t want to go to prison for kidnapping because we made it look like the person was a patient to enable our crimes so they are a danger to ME as a doctor lol.
    The levels of perversion of language to make this all possible is hilarious at times. ‘Compassionate convenience killings’ sanctioned by the State.

  • How much do these guys sound like 1950s anthropologist speaking about the “natives”? These types of “etic” perspectives are all well and good but they will never truly understand it without an insiders perspective. And I don’t mean what they tell the doctor.

    What about people who actually want the security of the locked ward? In this sense what is oppressive to some, is precisely what the other requires. And I do understand how people are kidnapped and Stockholmed into these places, but if they say without any threats or coercion that it’s what they want?

    I know I don’t like to be locked up, and am thus marked for Degradation and Humiliation therapy until I comply. But I also saw one guy trying to break IN to the locked ward one day when he was refused admission so. I mean really, if you ever needed evidence that someone wasn’t well, trying to break into a mental institution is a big clue lol

  • ….. and from my own personal experience, the very same methods of concealing the crimes of abusive doctors and mental health practitioners is being used to this very day in many of our institutions. These are “character flaws” not crimes and therefore we are justified in concealing them, and gaslighting the victims to suicide.

  • One area where I struggle with this notion of forgiveness. The justification for not reporting paedophile priests during the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses the Chile Abuse was that these were “character flaws”. I struggle to see how raping children can not be seen as crimes but rather character flaws and forgive the perpetrators, and in fact am of the opinion that given the use of negligence to conceal these crimes would make the person who did not do their duty to report as guilty of the crimes as the perpetrators (laws of joint enterprise).

    I think sometimes in a rush to forgive, and save face, we forget what our responsibilities to ALL people are. And it creates dark spaces for those with evil intent to operate with impunity.

    Others may have found ways of forgiving these people, but I certainly haven’t when I realise that the locked hospital wards have a revolving door where these victims have been trapped and silenced for years.

  • …. and the absolute dumbest thing that happened to me was that in order to have me speak to a psychiatrist, my wife, therapist and a Community Nurse felt the need to trick police into believing I was a knife wielding mental patient by drugging me with benzos and dropping a knife in my pocket to get a police referral. If the psychiatrist had of come and knocked on my door, I would have been dressed and ready and paid for his lunch at the Hyatt. The things people will do to get you drugs you don’t want, for an illness you don’t have huh lol

  • lol at psych not getting through the door. I’ve often wondered if mental health interventions might work better if they spoke to the person about their drug of choice and why that has in the past worked for them, but is not working at the moment. I know a lot of the guys I met in the hospital wouldn’t have needed to be chained and fought with to attend the hospital had they been offered a joint and a chat on the grass in the sunshine, and discuss what the issue really is? Instead they ‘muddy the waters’ with unknown drugs (to the person) and chain and restrain and violate, humiliate in ways that are only understood when you have experienced it.

    Guess thinking such things is what makes me nutz lol

  • “The antithesis of respect and the criteria for what is not moral is violating the boundaries of others. Violation is the antithesis of love and respect. It creates the evil in life. The precipitant of violence is violation.”

    Paint that on the wall of the locked ward lol. Seriously though, for me not forgiveness, but the knowledge that it is better to forgive, serves as a policeman who stops me from responding to evil with evil plus a little bit (well, okay a lot). I have not been allowed to mourn the death of the person I was before hearing the words “I am detaining you under S 29. of the MHA”. The killing of that person through being drugged without my knowledge and having a knife dropped in my pocket by my wife (with some assistance from a reputable therapist) was so horrific that there is no one left to mourn. The vacuum of emptiness has left me on the edge of suicide for 5 years now.

    So not forgiveness Dr B, but the knowledge that it is better to forgive? Holds me back, and with mourning, moving forward to a better, more productive life?

  • Hey Julie, I always look forward to reading your work. Ever noticed with street dealers how they have in many cases tried the ‘product’ themselves and can speak from personal experience? Ever had a doctor do the same thing?

    And the other thing I note about street dealers is there is no need for fancy diagnosis, there seems to be a shared experience of the world treating some people like crap.

    But the Mad Mullahs of Medicine are taking it to the extreme. Works for some I guess.

    Hope your doing well.

  • Just something that I personally would keep in mind (and bear in mind that I am in Australia). If any of the information from this thread should happen to turn up in the hands of the hospital, it may constitute a major breach of ethics. I do not believe that it is ethical for teachers to check students facebook pages, and nor should doctors (or anyone of a treatment team) be checking on patients via the internet. In fact, depending on how that information was made available to you by staff, it may also constitute stalking, having the information not being the offense, but the intimidatory or threatening use of the information to coerce or force.

    Might be worth keeping in mind if there is retaliation for publishing.

  • And it is here that the lure of psychiatry is seen. No need for any evidence or facts, no accountability and carte blanche on criminality. And now with the ability to drug prospective patients without their knowledge and give diagnosis over the telephone without even meeting the “patient”? Just have police kidnap people and make them into patients later so that it wasn’t kidnapping? Sky really is the limit.

    Police have in many ways lost the trust of the public now that we have SWAT teams to arrest people for standing near crosswalks with the intention of using it. People want statistics not justice, and those we can manipulate very easily, few plants here, but of arm twisting there ….

    Mental illness, just make it up on the spot.

  • One guy here the police asked him how he thought a murder might have occurred, wrote his response down and said it was his confession (gave him some jewellery from the murder scene too but ….). 12 years before someone worked it out. Now imagine if he was allowed to raise funds to defend himself? Whole bunch of const to make up more stuff to send him to prison for something he didn’t do and …. nah

  • The price of justice would go up if they allowed this, and that would not suit the wealthy. As it stands police find it very easy to separate someone from their resources and crush them via misleading people into Civil actions rather than investigate Criminal actions. Burden of proof is lower, easier to fabricate evidence etc…..

    Start allowing people to fund actions over criminal matters the evidence is going to be examined more closely and …. whole bunch of problems and the end result is more cost to fit poor people up, rather than convict the real criminals.

  • It is particularly risky in my community to speak out about abuses by mental health practitioners. They have the authority to have citizens drugged with benzos without their knowledge, and plant a knife in their pockets to obtain police referrals. Now, in their hands, they can within three minutes diagnose with major mental illnesses, and inject copious amounts of benzos and anti psychotics without consent, though they list it as PRN to give the appearance of consent being given.

    Injected with enough drugs to lay an elephant out for a week, you are now ready for an ‘assessment’ by a psychiatrist who needs to decide if the person in their pyjamas laying on the floor of a cell in their own faeces and urine requires “treatment”.

    Of course it nevers happens because the Clinical Director simply distributes fraudulent documents to lawyers who can find no way of assisting their now “patient”.

    Be careful Ms Beritno

  • That handful of sand was a moment in time when as a Nation, Australia put aside the differences in the colour of our skin and did what was right, and not what would benefit power and privilege. It still brings tears to my eyes today.

    Unfortunately things didn’t go as planned after. Gough Whitlam removed by the CIA, the carpetbaggers moved in on the Commonwealth, and turned it into Private Wealth, and these people are still as badly off today as they ever where under white rule (possibly worse).

    But it gives me hope that it is possible with work to put prejudice aside and do what is right.

    Thanks for the great discussion Iden, and all that have contributed to this comment section.

  • Ghosts of the Civil Dead.

    in my instance, speaking to the administration about their conduct resulted in the documents being ‘edited’. After a formal investigation they decided it may be best that the lawyers didnt know that I had been drugged with benzos without my knowledge, that it had been the police who referred me to MH for a knife which had been planted and they didnt find, and that the psychologist who had falsely claimed I was her patient have her name removed to conceal their remote detentions.

    Government seems to agree that these human and civil rights abuses are best kept to those who are the patients friend.

    Their toolbox consists of negligence, fraud and slander and is highly effective. If that fails then the police will mop it up.

    Take good care Reid. Thoughts are with you.

  • So yeah, I kind of see the Ministers point. There are those times when you have arranged a dinner party and that inconvenient patient is hanging around the house (well there not actually a patient but for $200 a psychologist will say they are). Drug em, drop em, drop a knife in their pocket, and drop a dime on the police, the State will sort the rest.

    Now, have I got enough of those green napkins?

  • Dieu et mon Droit is the very foundation of our legal system. If you can give the person the legal status of patient post hoc, then their Rights can be removed and what were criminal offenses no longer need to be examined. And given that these people obviously do not believe in God as they are prepared to bear false witness against others?

    Consent simply a matter of injecting people with chemical cocktails and writing it down as PRN?


  • Wouldn’t do it here in Australia if the consequences were 5 years in Guantanamo Bay BPD. Might be different in the US, but once marked as a ‘patient’ here, it opens up human rights abuses like you wouldn’t believe, particularly on the part of police.

    FOI officer was attempting to give the appearance that I was a patient, and then it is okay according to our Minister for Mental Health, Chief Psychiatrist and Clinical Director of the hospital to drug patients without their knowledge, and drop knives in their pockets to get police referrals if the ‘patient’ will not attend a doctor. Not that it’s okay, but rather than have the community know that these human rights abuses are being enabled by the State, they have police retrieve the documents demonstrating the crimes, and then through acts of negligence fail to perform their duty.

    Any complaints to police who seem to enjoy gaslighting patients, you are referred back to the human rights abusers for ‘treatment’. Now I get it that they are enabling the drugging of patients without their knowledge (though we complain about it being done in Ghana) in the interests of compassion. And that rather than face up to the human rights abuses we simply retrieve and conceal the evidence from any patient advocates with fraudulent documents.

    Bad enough that ‘patients’ are being subjected to these human and civil rights abuses with full knowledge of the Minister on down, but what if the person wasn’t even a ‘patient’? That’s got to get ugly. No wonder I have police threatening to shoot me and dump me in the bush lol.

  • “no one is entitled to your medical history except you”

    I was threatened with arrest by a Senior Constable for having documents from my medical records. No idea what the charge was actually going to be, maybe walking into a police station with proof of crimes but…..

    I have been struggling to understand why an FOI officer would offer me access to my medical records only on the condition that I sign them over to another person, when that other person was responsible for drugging me without my knowledge and dropping a knife in my pocket to obtain a police referral. Do they not hand over your medical records if criminals don’t want them to?

    Any assistance here would be appreciated.

  • One other point I would make about obtaining consent. It seems that the method of doing this in the locked wards is to inject the person with a cocktail of these stupefying drugs by having security and staff pin them down while you do it, and then write up the list of drugs on a Form titled “PRN”. Now I don’t know that if you need to pin someone down to inject them with it that they are ‘consenting’ but ….. does making it appear that they did with the paperwork change that?

  • Maybe you can answer a question for me Dr Blatt. In law, if I were to administer benzodiazepines to someone without their knowledge, this is called Intoxication by deception (spiking). There are 4 drugs classed as stupefying drugs that relate to this law, benzos, rohypnol, ketamine and GHB. How does obtaining consent from the person make these stupefying drugs not stupefying but medicinal?

    I liked what Dr Moncrieff has to say about the issue in her lecture The Myth of the Chemical Cure.

  • “House vote was 422-2.”

    Isn’t this just a means of placing a moratorium on the Bill without exposing the silent dissenting voices? If they knew as a result of an open vote who did not agree with the Bill, might not pressure be brought to bear on those people? So I don’t know that it is as grim as that vote would have people believe.

    It may be that there is a silent majority who want to hear the arguments before showing their hands against.

    I hope so anyway.

  • Something became obvious to me though the other night when I was going through police training manuals. How to break bones and influence people, Creative writing; the Perjurers Way, and they even have a library for books to read to kiddies, like Tom Thumbscrews and …….

    Do something about the rampant corruption and things may begin to change.

  • In other words, they document their own paranoid delusions rather than facts as justification for their actions.

    “potential for violence, but no actual history”. This about a person sitting in a chair? And it is justification for surrounding them and injecting them with a cocktail of drugs?

    Well aware of the stigma, they do everything they can to smear the person before anyone else gets to look at their ‘quality’ 3 minute ‘assessments’.

  • Mental health professionals (along with police and CPS) use the corrupt practice of ‘verballing’ to deliberately CREATE fear in their colleagues. It is not unknown for the to ‘fluff’ the facts a little in order to make their vile actions justified in the eyes of others.

    A biref example from my personal experience. Known facts, drugged with benzos without knowledge, no psychiatric medications, does not drink alcohol, no illicit drugs (smoked pot on occasions). Documented facts passed on to next persons in the line? “refused to answer re substance abuse”. It deliberately creates suspicion in the next person who feels there is a need to ‘extract’ this information from the victim.

    And let me say that when this is done by police with for example a knife, and the victim doesn’t know they have done this (no access to documents) it sows a seed which has a major effect on any future interactions with other officers. You begin to wonder why when stopped by police you are face down on the street with a gun at the back of your head, unaware of the false flag which is contained in the system records. Think it might be being done on racial lines myself but ….. without the evidence lmao.

  • And this is something I believe is worthy of deep consideration by those who believe Black Lives Matter. In a country where Murphy type laws already exist, it isn’t rich white neighborhoods where the new police needle squads are patrolling. And with the Minister authorising the drugging of suspects without their knowledge and the planting of knives on those suspected of having a mental illness? Well, looks like they have us surrounded lol

  • “I brought up this case because imagine being so afraid to protect yourself that you allow a mob to threaten you and your family, brandish weapons, threaten your lives, and invade your home to get to you…”

    30th Sept 2011 I found out that this is the role of our government. All in the ‘hunt’ for mental illnesses which seem to be hiding in peoples bed rooms, and we need to ensure it has nowhere to hide.

  • Outsiders opinion, for what it’s worth.

    Every time there are one of these instances of a blatant use of excessive force by police, anyone who is of the belief that Black Lives Matter take the day off work and attend the funeral with a piece of duct tape over your mouth (peacefully). If Black Lives Matter then the sacrifice of a days wages shouldn’t be to much to contribute to them mattering. If those to whom Black Lives Don’t Matter are being hit in the wallet, they may reconsider their position when it does.

  • Different set of circumstances here in Australia. No good making advertisments for white folk in this place, we trashed the joint. Only made the people who were doing a pretty good job of looking after the place into humans in 1968. So we have a long way to go but ….

    Iden, if you can throw a brick of logic at some of the insanity of psychiatry as far as i’m concerned, yer in.


  • And this does relate to having a voice.

    I have stood and watched public officer after public officer commit serious criminal offenses against both me and my community, safe in the false belief that I was someones patient. They may have pandered to my delusional belief that I had some rights, but they all seemed to be aware that at the end of the day they had an Ace up their sleeve and that they could do anything they liked to me because it is not possible to commit an offense against someone with a label.

    It’s ugly to watch, because these are people acting in good faith? Good faith crimes? Really difficult to reconcile what it is like to be treated as a ‘patient’ when you believe you are human.

    I must read Black Like Me someday

  • Not much chance it will ever come to light though.

    The State, now convinced that you are someones patient look the other way whilst the psychologist arranges an unintended negative outcome in an ED.

    Traumatised by the drugging/kidnapping one might even walk into such a place with a little prompting. You then find yourself being restrained for saying no to drugs which are prohibited to you (its an emergency) and effectively threatened with a large needle (sorry bout your known phobia). Woopsie, …. got a free bed here 🙂

  • I mean, when the Chief Psychiatrist can re write the MHA (law) to remove the protections contained therein, and make what were criminal offenses perfectly lawful, what chance has the community or any individuals got?

    “suspect on reasonable grounds” an objective legal standard and protection became “suspect on grounds the believe to be reasonable”, a subjective interpretation which can not be legally tested? And just never report any offenses to the appropriate authorities because that standard “suspect on reasonable grounds that an offense with a prison term of more than 2 years” is mandatory is never met because he is never suspicious of doctors, only patients.

  • Hi Steve,

    good comment.

    “Does the fact that a person is acting in a way that isn’t considered socially acceptable give the community license to do whatever they want to them?”

    The answer to this in my State is yes, and I have the letters from the Chief Psychiatrist and Minister to prove it. It appears that they thought that when they turned a blind eye to the fact that I could be drugged without my knowledge and have a knife planted in my pocket to obtain a police referral, and conceal the ‘remote’ detention, that I was actually designated someones “patient”. Problems arise enabling this sort of behaviour on compassionate grounds when they later find out the person was no ones patient, and they have conspired to kidnap etc.

    Patient? Anything goes, literally, spike them if you like, we don’t care and in fact we will thank you for it. Plant knifes and yell mental illness? yep, no probs our police are not very good shoots and usually miss anyway lol.

    They have enables carte blanche and zero accountability. Mental Health here is lawlessness.

  • You know one way of having your voice heard would be to wear a white coat and stethoscope. Eddie Berneys explained the power of this to Letterman at one stage I believe. Dressed as ‘patients’ no one listens but ….. dressed as doctors, we now have a voice.

    140 doctors with signs saying things like “Sedate the Schizos”, “Bash the Bi Polars” and “Dungeons not Doctors”? Something the community can rally around sort of thing lol

    I was reminded of our Chaser team delivering ‘Osama bin Laden” to within 10 meters of George W Bushes hotel at APEC. Once your voice has authority ya can pretty much say anything and the choir will sing right along

  • See, as a doctor, psych, mental health nurse all one needs to do is arrange for a trusted famliy member to drug the person who you disagree with and put a referral in their pocket in the form of a knife. Call the hospital and say they are your patient, and a wife beater and a Community Nurse and police will attend the persons home.

    Police find the knife, hand you over to Community Nurse, who then orders you to a hospital where a doctor knowing your a ‘patient’ now acts in good faith and gives you the wife beater ‘treatment’. No need for any facts, we know the drill and the State takes over and does the bashing for you.

    Person now agrees with whatever their new ‘patient’ says lol. I like the new MHA 🙂

  • And I must say that in my case where I was interrogated by police via a Mental Health proxy ‘assessment’ I get. The real worry for me is the enabling of drugging suspects without their knowledge before doing so, and then disappearing the proof of this and slandering the victim as paranoid delusional. All those ‘just between you and me conversations’ used to be criminal, not anymore.

  • Hi Sera,

    First let me say thank you to everyone of the people who had the courage to stand up out front of the Bustin Glob to protest their failure to listen and report facts. Shame on them.

    However, I also believe their are some subtle forces at work here which ensure that they are not in a position to, they are in many ways painted into a corner. This they share with those diagnoses as ‘mentally ill’. They are not free to speak truth to power for a number of reasons which I won’t go into here.

    To me though it seems that (certainly from my experience) there is a need to recognise what actually occurs with the application of a label of ‘mental illness’. The person no longer has a voice (doctor now speaks for you) and human and civil rights are an option at the discretion of the labelling doctor. It’s a horrible realisation when for example in my case you provide proof of criminal offenses to police, and a doctor has claimed you are their patient and have a mental illness depsite the fact that this is untrue. The whole State mechanism now turns it’s back on you, not bothering to check if you are a patient or not. Doctor said it, it must be true. Police can’t find their copy of the Criminal Code, Chief Psychiatrist doesn’t know the MHA, or what a burden of proof is….and on it goes.

    Good news in among this? Police here have been having trouble with cases of domestic violence. They have earmarked about 700 people who are serial offendeder who in the past they could do nothing about, despite their wishes to give them a few knee drops to the head and break all their fingers. It’s a tough job finding places out of camera view these days. So the State government has made domestic violence into mental illness and the police are now free to drop people off at hospitals and we get to bash their skull in with chemicals and if necessary, kill them.

    Though to be doing that when you have a whole bunch of people willingly participating in ‘treatment’ and they notice that the brain damage they are dishing out to wife beaters is the same stuff they are taking ‘voluntarily’. There are other ‘target’ groups, mainly that addictions/dependence is also being handed over for human rights removal to enable ‘treatments’ (lotts of information about known drug dealers should become available to police with the assistance of drugging suspects before interrogation).

    Tough though if the Bustin Glob starts making this too obvious to those not already in the know right?

    So yeah, I hope the victims of this system which will allow police to deliver anyone who has a legitimate complaint about police conduct to a hospital for human and civil rights removal and ‘treatment’ actually get a voice. But it won’t be as a result of a rag toeing the party line.

    More power to ya for speaking truth to power.

    It’s all a legal card trick, and ya just make sure the ‘marks’ never figure it out until their money is out of their pockets and into yours.

  • Understand the reasoning behind not looking at graphic videos.

    No I don’t live in Nth America, in Australia. And yes, I have personally placed proof of serious criminal offenses in front of police, and been referred to Merntal Health Services for “hallucinating”, and when this failed threatened with arrest for serious offenses which wouldn’t ever make it to court, but would sure be useful to slander my character. And the witnesses to these events? “It never happened”. Police literally just call mental health if you should have proof of crimes or corruption by public officers.

    Maintaining law and order lol.

    Think my question for you has been answered