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  • A solution suggested back in 1984 from the head of “the most successful private company ever in Australian history”


    Jump forward to 2016 and the State government was suggesting the forced sterilization of children without parental consent in the Mental Health Act. Not that it was going to be done based on race, that was just going to be coincidental.

    Mind you, if you read the Kennedy Royal Commission into Police corruption we had the methods psychologists developed for Guantanamo Bay long before they started ‘coercing’ suspects at Camp X Ray. I’ve been wondering lately about ‘chemical waterboarding’ given the way people have been being involuntarily euthanised using a cocktail of benzos and morphine (along with blanket Do Not Resuscitate orders)? And in these times of environmental responsibility saving water is a good thing right?

    There may be some subtleties to be worked out regarding dosages etc, but that shouldn’t be difficult given the ability to have police snatch test subjects from the community (just tell them they’re “Outpatients” and to prepare them by causing an “acute stress reaction”).

    And of course there would be no avenue for complaint given the Police don’t have a copy of the criminal code and will return the complainant to the people who tortur…. I mean provided them with ‘healthcare’.

    Even better that the Chief Psychiatrist is enabling arbitrary detentions by ignoring the protections afforded by the law, and considers the whole community “Outpatients” (care to see his letter?)…. the silly Community Nurse forging documents for him to utter with when the laws don’t even count? That’s taxpayers money he is wasting committing offences the police have to waste time covering up for him. The Community Nurse obviously aware of the legal protections that the Chief Psychiatrist is ignoring and thus neglecting his duty to the community on?

    Still, it’s a young country. A place where the criminals get rehoused, and their victims get a lethal dose in an Emergency Dept, and get called crazy when someone rudely interrupts the process, and most importantly has Police retrieve the documented motive for the attempt to euthanise.

    Big mistake that (not actually retrieving the documents before sending the “edited” version to the Law Centre. Never leave the victim with the proof of the “editing”), though not a real concern given they have methods of finding out “who else has seen the documents” and can steal your laptop to find out who you have communicated with….. and might have figured out what you’ve been saying isn’t an illness but the truth. They can then have their families threatened by police too (as they did to the psychologist who refused the police referral’ when I turned up with the documents a second time…. “your not meant to have these. I can arrest you for that [my own medical records Senior Constable?] And then refer you for nothing more than attempting to access the protection of the law…. that’s called a “hallucination” and requires ‘treatment’)

    We can’t have the community knowing people are being snatched out of their bed by Police thinking they are “Outpatients” when they (a) haven’t got a psychiatrist or (b) haven’t been referred by police on “reasonable grounds” (though the Community Nurse did ask police to conceal his kidnapping for him with a referral POST HOC, and was declined by a cop with integrity. Is that the funniest thing you’ve heard this week? lol) Poor guy had gone to the trouble of torturing me to forge his statutory Form and then the cop refuses to make it all lawful for him?

    Though when any complaints are being snuffed while police look the other way, why worry now? Euthanasia, even involuntary, is a ‘good death’.


    waaaaaa If you’d have seen his face when they interrupted him….. still, it really was the only way to know how they were doing these ‘jobs’. The ‘Abraham test’. And well, he is good at his job AND has the stomach for it, just requires some training in being a little more restrained in who he is snuffing in the E.D. No ‘jobs’ for cartons of beer okay?

  • I need to be a little careful at the moment.

    I think it important that we keep alive the names of some of these ‘butchers’ who are impersonating doctors though. At some point they may actually be held to account….. perhaps a Jiang Qing will come to power and seek to have them shown the beauty of the saying of Confucius about “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

    Wouldn’t they look silly with signs round their necks saying “Fraud” or “Slanderer” before being ‘reeducated’ and “will undergo immediately a series of intensive shock and drug treatments”?

    “If you look at some of the other stories in the exhibit, people experienced some pretty horrific things in the psych system and still came out the other end.”

    Not many of them ‘better’ for the experience though right? Though the State doesn’t keep data on their success/failure rate, merely “edits” legal narratives to suit their purposes.

  • Oh I think there’s a clue to what might have happened to Ben Riley in the article you post below Sera.

    “Dr Bethea said he had ordered Riley segregated from the other patients. He will be confined in a 24 hour solitary lockup and will undergo immediately a series of intensive shock and drug treatments”

    So I guess it would be fair to assume he walked free to live a happy life as an accountant, with a wife and three kids in a two story modest home in the suburbs of Dallas?

    “Psychiatric expert testimony; mendacity masquerading as medicine”? (As Szasz once said)

    Judge, jury and executioner (or as close as the law will allow minus Euthanasia laws and the ability to “edit” legal narratives post hoc).

    I mean do we really need to read between the lines as to what was to be done with Mr Riley? Dr was going to kill him, and we weren’t even given the opportunity to get tickets.

  • I guess there is always going to be a few teething problems when they are introducing new innovations such as ‘involuntary marriage counselling’.

    My wife wanting me to speak to a psychologist, and not having any authority to have me forced into talking…….. I mean really Boans? Do you not understand the powers being provided by the State to these people to ensure your happiness?

    Good news is there are people who do understand that there is a need for a means to have anyone they wish snatched from their bed by police, tortured and if they complain, snuff them.

    The laws matter zero to such people who have the support of their ‘superiors’, who will forgive their little indiscretions depending on whose family needs to be ‘fuking destroyed’ for daring to try and access the protection of the law.

    I guess the people ‘coercing’ Jews into the ‘showers’ could justify their actions with such ignorance…… their ‘service to the service’ worth more than their service to humanity. Which would explain the enabling act over the killing of anyone with a valid complaint about acts of State sanctioned torture.

    Still, if y’all don’t check, then you can claim that you didn’t believe me and …….. yeah, we seen you before.


  • Update:

    The Community Nurse (Authorised Mental Health Practitioner) couldn’t get a ‘Police referral’ (s. 195 Police Powers of MHA) after he had subjected me to an interrogation whilst stupefied without my knowledge on benzos, and significantly AFTER I had been taken into custody by Police.

    This means he lacked the “inherent in or incidental to lawful sanction” defense (Article 1 of the Convention against the use of Torture) of his conduct. The Police referral would have concealed these offences.

    He had NO VALID REFERRAL SOURCE, and as such the documents showed he was a criminal. No Doctor, no police no nothing other than a desire to snatch me out of my bed and torture me so he could forge the Forms for the Chief Psychiatrist to utter with should their be any problems or complaints.

    I bet he didn’t expect the police to refuse to provide him with the referral source though. I’m fairly certain the Senior Constable smelled a rat……

    Okay folk, issue resolved. We now know why the hospital was “editing” the documents and conspiring with the Law Centre to ensure they didn’t look and see what was actually done to me…….. whilst some other people arranged to have me ‘involuntarily euthanised’ in the E.D.

    Just goes to show how fragile psychiatry really is…….. without a valid referral source what it’s called is torture. And whilst God doesn’t provide ‘doctor’ with the right to snuff people because they hate the truth, the State does with the right to “edit” legal narrative, and ignore the laws (dereliction of duty) protecting the community from such abusers.

    So lets start there….. no valid referral source and the dominoes tumble. Unless like my State does, you ‘euthanise’ the person making the complaint and “edit” the documents before getting the Chief Psychiatrist to write a note or two about why the law isn’t the law anymore.

    Interesting that the Community Nurse is fully aware of the law, as he knows which documents to forge to conceal his misconduct….. the Chief Psychiatrist doesn’t even recognise the laws passed by our Parliament to protect the community, and instead prefers his version of them (which enable arbitrary detentions and torture, with a little bit of “ediitng” for the more intellectual types who prefer we have the appearance of a rule of law)

  • “More than race or Judaism, the one common denominator of Holocaust victims was COMPLIANCE…..about 99%, I’d say…..Current compliance to mask mandates, vaxx mandates, etc., in the Covid1984 Plandemic, are only in the maybe 40 – 60/70% range AT MOST…..Looks to me that the 4th Reich is LESS successful at forcing compliance than the 3rd Reich was during 1933 – 1945…” (Bradford)

    To give you an idea of the sort of ‘regime’ we’re living under, my State government achieved a 96.5% single dose vaccination rate, and 92% for 2 doses. The ‘coercive measures’ put into place worked quite well I would suggest.

    It should also be kept in mind that the ‘opposition’ has only two seats in the lower House, so bulldozing Euthanasia Laws through wasn’t much of an issue either.

    “Looks to me that the 4th Reich is LESS successful at forcing compliance than the 3rd Reich was during 1933 – 1945…..” (Bradford)

    Not where I live….. and in fact, there was talk during the ‘debate’ over Snuff Laws that the State was considering making it a crime to make the comparison between their Bill, and the one presented by the National Socialist’s in Germany. There was a HUGE difference….. theirs was written in German…..

    “A psychiatric “diagnosis” is the medical equivalent of a six-pointed yellow star pinned on your clothing….” (Bradford)

    As the video I have posted on numerous occasions of Police stomping the head of a ‘mentally ill’ man which is considered ‘care’ quite clearly shows. The only real difference of that video and the footage I have seen of Jews being beaten as they are removed from their homes by the SS being that it was in black and white…. these days were in colour.

    The bad news is that it didn’t bother people then, and it really doesn’t bother them now. My attempts to have the Chief Psychiatrist recognise the laws that protect the community fall on deaf ears, and that simple act of dereliction of duty enables these sorts of abuses to occur.

    And like Morgan Freeman says to the guy who tries to blackmail Bruce Wayne in the Dark Knight……. your going to tell the Chief Psychiatrist that he can’t rewrite the laws passed by Parliament to enable arbitrary detentions and torture? Good luck with that.

    The people benefitting from such abuses are hardly going to act against their own interests….. despite the laws they are breaking. I mean it’s clear from his letter the Chief Psychiatrist is uttering with documents known to be forged and produced as a result of acts of State sanctioned torture but ……. even having the proof isn’t going to help. Because of hypocrites who claim to be ‘advocates’, who will throw you under a bus for a few sheckles.

  • So Boans is all set up, he’s been spiked with date rape drugs, has collapsed in his bed, the Community Nurse has called Police and requested ‘assistance’ with his “Outpatient” (usually a beating by police), and the knife and cannabis have been planted.

    Boans is tortured and ‘verballed’ on the Forms, loaded into a Police van in front of his in laws (Police parked on their lawn), and the Community Nurse now needs a referral from Police to make his detention appear to be lawful.

    Now I know police aren’t that bright (some may say they’re about 40 watts) but this senior Constable must have smelled a ‘rat’ during my ‘interrogation’. I’m being asked about a knife that the police didn’t actually find, so how did the Community Nurse know about it? Cannabis left on the bedside table and my wife knew police were on their way? Might she have wanted them to find it?

    And now Boans is locked in the Police Van and the Community Nurse is asking the senior Constable to do a referral for him (post hoc)?

    Imagine that, a Police Officer with integrity? She has refused to conspire with the Community Nurse to conceal his offending….. which left him where?


    And this is what the FOI Officer has concealed for him… removing any and all reference to the “home visit with Police”…. because the Community Nurse calling police and requesting ‘assistance’ with his “Outpatient” is a crime, not only that but the forging of the statutory declarations is another two crimes. And then uttering with them? Oh Dear, we are getting in deep……

    So Police didn’t want to be involved because they had a suspicion (on reasonable grounds) that what was being done wasn’t exactly Kosher. Still, these guys are “editing” and have the ability to arrange involuntary euthanasia…… though you do need to conceal the source of the morphine to get it past the Coroner but…… fairly easy really. And Police should have just conspired to conceal the offending in the first place and then there wouldn’t be a need for these killings disguised as medicine. Don’t they understand that the Community Nurse knows a Doctor? One that can write prescriptions post hoc should they ever wish to ‘spike’ people with date rape drugs?

    Who would have thought that a Police Officer with integrity would cause so much pain and grief for a victim of crime? She should just help out with arbitrary detentions and torture instead of this taking the high horse ‘I’m not getting involved in your criminal conduct Mister’.

    Leaving the poor hospital staff to worry about anyone noticing how they are doing these kidnappings and torturing people as a favor for a Private Clinic psychologist.

    Still, I gotta be honest, I’ve learned a whole bunch from that pair. And their ‘lecture tour’ here to instruct the locals ion such organised criminal methods will no doubt cause significant harm to many… not that there are many who will figure it out, because they don’t have a “sophisticated knowledge of the law”, and the victims tend to end up dead or seriously disabled….. but one persons loss is another’s gain.

    Obviously there were some who knew of these methods (they did after all rudely interrupt them), though I think they wanted to see just exactly how they were going to achieve their preferred outcome. There can be some subtleties in killing that only those with the stomach for it would truly understand.

    So it was all a three card Monte, with the Community Nurse never having the lady in the deck. And the lack of that lady meant they needed to arrange to have me killed because the truth was just too ugly to face. Still, they haven’t missed a day with their families, but then again, they weren’t too worried about arranging to have me killed either so……..

    So it’s understandable why they ight be seeking carte blanche and zero accountability in these matters, and it is being provided by a negligent Chief Psychiatrist…. because surely I’m wrong about that letter being forged by the Law Centre right?

  • “It’s easy to forget why those laws were put on the books. It was because of serious and repetitive and unapologetic abuse. It is always very dangerous to afford one person power over another, especially with the façade of “helping” the person we have the power to control.”

    Especially when your ‘helping’ them to end their lives when that wasn’t the choice they actually made, but that doctor made for them. Well, they weren’t even my doctor unless this idea that they can make anyone their “Outpatient” (and write prescriptions for drugs administered without knowledge and before they even know of the existence of their “patient”) to get around the laws stopping mental health services to be delivered to people who don’t want or need it.

    “Procuring apprehension or detention of person not suffering from mental illness or impairment
    Any person who, by the production of a false certificate or other document, knowingly and wilfully, procures any person, not suffering from mental illness (as defined in the Mental Health Act) or mental impairment, to be apprehended or detained, pursuant to that Act or any law relating to mental impairment, upon insufficient or unreasonable grounds, is guilty of a crime and is liable to imprisonment for 3 years.”

    See, it might be that they forgot why this offense was put “on the books”……… oh wait, police in my State have forgotten there was even a Book……. same goes for the Chief Psychiatrist……. and anyone who does remember gets snuffed for bringing it up. Because how inconvenient is it that people can’t be ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs and then interrogated in front of police at the point of a gun?

    They care.

    I also note that Shine Lawyers have a motto of “Right Wrong”….. in the interest of truth in advertising, could they perhaps change that to “Right selective Wrongs”? Because despite their claims, they’ll turn their backs on you should they be asked for ‘assistance’.

  • Yeah yeah, I get it…… it’s obvious what’s going on with Boans…… and i’m pleased that those lacking the intelligence to figure out what I have been saying is true.

    The concealment of the attempt to snuff me by “editing” the events leading up to that attempt, and by acts of gross criminal negligence leaving the people involved in positions to continue to unlawful kill citizens (though the Euthanasia Act does provide an avenue to deny joint enterprise these days, and of course the ‘after the fact’ “editing” of legal narrative makes it look like ‘medical care’)

  • And consider that this Law Centre boasts about their ‘advocacy’ for the mentally ill. And all the while they have been involved in the most appalling breaches of their obligations to their clients and the courts (Mental Health Review Tribunal etc)

    What an absolute disgrace that there are people aware of what they have been doing (and have been doing for many years) and they do not wish to hold them to account because ……….. just following orders while the State arranges to involuntarily euthanize people with valid complaints regarding acts of torture?

  • I have just been over the review the Law Centre did of their actions with regards my ‘matters’.

    I notice that the L.C. closed the file once I had been evicted from my home (so my wife could retrieve the documents for the hospital before they sent the “edited” version to the Law Centre).

    After I was hospitalized for trying to take my life over these matters, I approached them and asked them to continue with the complaint to the Chief Psychiatrist.

    Now stay with me here…… the cards move pretty quickly.

    The Law Centre made a SECOND application for documents from the hospital….. this time they asked for “redacted documents” (instead of the unredacted documents they have a right to examine to protect against human rights abuses)….. and get this……. they requested ALL DOCUMENTS from the day AFTER I was snatched from my bed and tortured.

    Why might they make such basic mistakes? And consider what it was that was being achieved by this gross criminal negligence? The enabling of arbitrary detentions, torture and involuntary euthanizing of people with a valid complaint regarding human rights abuse’s?

    They then made the bizarre claim regarding the rights (or lack of them) for legal representatives to be given access to their own documents (keep in mind these are lawyers who would be aware that the hospital maintains the records ON BEHALF of the person. They do not own them).

    It’s a strange ‘review’ of their actions, as it shows how they were trying to avoid what they had already stepped into. I mean, what would be the first item for a legal representative? Perhaps establish what the status of your client was before anything actually occurred? Oh, that’s right, they were aware I had been made into an “Outpatient” to use police as their own personal thugs and cause an “acute stress reaction” in someone who had been ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs…….can’t imagine why that might be an embarrassment to their hospitals reputation.

    So “edit” the documents, euthanize the complainant, and have the lawyers make a plausible narrative for the TWO files they are in possession of. Certainly don’t want anyone knowing they took a peep before conspiring with the hospital to pervert the course of justice?

    Still no edit function Steve, nor is there a means to “subscribe” to articles such as this one?

  • Certainly the name Dr Tariq Latif would suggest a Muslim background, though his actions are NOT Islamic.

    Surah an Nisa 75

    “And what is [the matter] with you that you fight not in the cause of Allah and [for] the oppressed among men, women, and children who say, “Our Lord, take us out of this city of oppressive people and appoint for us from Yourself a protector and appoint for us from Yourself a helper?””

    The forced administration of stupefying/intoxicating drugs is about as far as you could get from a Muslim (these drugs being prohibited), unless…….. it may be considered a hate crime. Perhaps he considers Mr Flannery to be a ‘kuffar’ and is treating him in this manner purely for that reason?

    It may be worth finding out if Dr Latif is a ‘practicing Muslim’, as his taking of an oath (Do no harm) may demonstrate his hypocrisy.

    No edit function, no means of subscribing to articles anymore?

  • And aren’t euthanasia laws the ultimate inversion? Our politicians noticing that their ‘joint enterprise’ with such unlawful killings may become a problem should a rule of law ever gain traction in the public service?

    So lets do what has been done with arbitrary detentions and torture and create a situation where it can be called “medical care”, and subvert the rule of law by willful neglect and ignorance?

    And it isn’t that the public haven’t noticed, they’re simply so afraid to say anything about it, lest they too be snatched form their beds and given the ‘treatment’ (with “editing”) at a place wrongly called a hospital.

  • “We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion; the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.” Ayn Rand.

    Our last Prime Minister once said “Australians value a rule of law”. That may be the case ex Prime Minister, but our governments have failed to deliver on that rule of law by enabling the subversion of the laws being passed in favor of the Fuhrerprinzip. When police can be procured by ‘medical people’ as their own persona thugs, to torture, maim and kill anyone who may be a problem to their ‘career paths’, something has gone drastically wrong.

    Isn’t it about time our Politicians got some balls and took back what belongs to the people who elected them?

  • So the situation in Australia at present is;

    There are written laws which on examination provide legal protections to the community from arbitrary detention, torture and involuntary euthanasia. These are consistent with agreements made with the United Nation on behalf of all citizens.

    The Police however refuse to take documented proof of the breaches of these laws, falsely claim that there is “insufficient evidence”, thus enabling human rights violations. Police have claimed that they do not have a copy of the Criminal Code, and will provide material assistance to those who have broken the laws to retrieve any documented proof of their offending. Any complaints will be referred to the ‘corruption watchdog’ and is unlikely to result in even a question being asked of the victims.

    The hospitals where these arbitrary detentions , torture and involuntary euthanasia’s are taking place ARE subject to the laws, policies and procedures which protect the community from such human rights abuse’s. However, they are being enabled in ‘after the fact document “editing”‘ and the intimidation and threatening of victims/witnesses along the lines of what would be expected of organised criminals. If contacted by a persons legal representatives, and the “prompt and impartial investigation” identifies a legitimate complaint, the legal narrative can be “edited”, a Do Not Resusitate Order issued against the victim, and their ‘end of life “care” plan brought forward. Police can assist with the provision of a ‘referral’ and transport of the victim to a hospital for this to occur.

    Authorities such as the Chief Psychiatrist who provides “expert legal advice to the Minster” on matters of Mental Health Law does not recognise ANY of the legal protections afforded the community. I have a letter here in which he claims that all that is required for a citizen to be detained is for an Authorised Mental Health Practitioner to suspect that a citizen has a mental illness. Treatments (such as date rape drugs) can be started before the person is even examined (a prescription can be completed by a doctor post hoc) by a doctor or psychiatrist.

    The Chief Psychiatrist has rewritten the legal protections by removing the “reasonable grounds” protection afforded the community in the Mental Health Act. No requirement by Parliament for him to do this, he simply makes the law whatever he wishes it to be. By removing the Criteria which are to be met by an AMHP there is no longer any need for the statutory declarations that are being completed by them. There are no longer any grounds needed for detention and referral, other than a suspicion (often called “suss laws” though much more dangerous with mental health due to the ‘treatments’ often causing the very symptoms they claim are the illness).

    There is an inconsistency within the Dept. The AMHP are forging the documents required to create the illusion that their referrals are lawful. These forged documents are then uttered y the hospital administrators upon receiving a complaint (may require “editing”). The Chief Psychiatrists rewriting of the law means that such forging and uttering is not actually required, as there are NO protections afforded the public by his misrepresentations of the laws.

    This becomes consistent with the gross criminal negligence displayed by police while the hospital retrieves any evidence which would demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that offences have occurred.

    In fact, last night in an episode of Four Corners titled “Do NO Harm” is was shown how a doctor had vaginally and anally raped an 11 year old girl in an Emergency Dept and 17 years later the ‘authorities’ are considering doing something about it…. a psychiatrist telling the mother and father of the now dead girl (suicide) after 4 minutes that ” a doctor wouldn’t do that”…. the authorities now realising that Police, and the medical regulator had been negligent in their ‘investigation’ of the matter. I can sort of relate to the ‘treatment’ this family received….. having been slandered, threatened and intimidated, told they (the State) would “fuking destroy” me and my family for having a legitimate complaint, and subjected to criminal conduct and cover up for more than 10 years now…. despite having the documented proof of these abuses.

    Those who stand and watch while they do this just as culpable in my eyes.

    Though the regulator CEO tells us that this was the old model, the new and improved model is much better…….. until you try and have something done about an abusive medial practitioner. The you find out he lied.

    By being the people who hold themselves to account, these people have created a ‘system’ which would allow doctors who rape 11 year old girls’ to continue to work…… sometimes with a ‘chaperone’, and no one checking that they are complying with the restrictions. In most cases the complaints aren’t even heard.

    Anyone care to check what I am alleging regarding police and the Chief Psychiatrist neglecting their duty to hold abusers to account? oh that’s right, someone did look, and the system does what it always does, protects the abusers and fuking destroys the victims for complaining……. while the numbers of victims climbs at alarming rates.

  • There are of course some humorous aspects to all of this.

    I have a friend who owns a large law firm in South Africa who I play golf with. I’ve explained what happened to him, and how his family isn’t actually safe in this place he wishes to call home (unless of course he does exactly what the police want him to, ie provide them with information from ‘clients’ etc See Nicola Gobbo, or the “elegant method of overcoming ‘resistance'”).

    But he said to me “these things take time”. Well, it took the State around 3 hours to get me to a point where I was incarcerated and should have been laying dribbling in a cell for nothing more that a telephone call from my “distressed wife” who was upset about my decision to leave her (as a result of her domestic violence. ie she tried to plunge a large carving knife into my heart as I lay on a couch. Abandonment issues.)

    Now this was done minus ANY evidence/proof. That was fabricated ‘on the fly’ so to speak. I was ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs and the effects of that were used to describe the ‘illness’ I didn’t have, which would then justify more of the drugs which had caused the effect they were locking me up for.

    Not that they’re very good at any of this. Take a look at the ‘results’ they are achieving. It might sound good in the journals, but take a walk through the wards in your local Torture Centre franchise. It’s just that they’re in a position to describe the brain damage they are doing to their clients as the ‘illness’ they were trying to treat. And there are major benefits to police (and other State authorities) in enabling this loophole to allow citizens to be arbitrarily detained and tortured (and “unintentionally negatively outcomed” should they try and access the protection of the law. Your own lawyer will ensure that doesn’t occur).

    These things take time? No wonder they’re looking for a fast track method to torture confessions from people. And Mental Health Services is the ideal candidate, especially when you understand how to implement the political structures of the National Socilaists….. I note our Euthanasia Act, passed to avoid accountability under “joint enterprise laws [RICO in the U.S.] was passed using the methods which came straight out of Himmler’s diaries. The State even discussing passing laws making it criminal to make comparisons between the ‘Nazis’ and our own Government. Our intent with Euthanasia is apparently different to theirs……. Thou shalt not kill…… except in certain circumstances, and when the documents can be “edited” to suit the ‘exclusions’ to Gods law.

    Still, once again the people think they got “more than a 100 legal protections”, like the “added protections” of the Mental Health Act I discussed above. And all that really occurred was our Politicians wiped their hands of the responsibility of doctors ending peoples lives in certain situations….. that is, when there was money in it or for convenience.

    I can’t begin to imagine the problems faced by Police when a Doctor walked into Police Headquarters and provided them with the murder weapon, the place she had disposed of the body, and a full and unconditional confession. In order to find “insufficient evidence” they needed to dig up the wrong body…. because the other option of doing their duty meant????? U.N. case of Corrina Horvath, the State IS responsible for the criminal conduct of public officers.

    So just like Himmler and Josef Hartinger there needed to be laws passed to enable places like Dachau to run without concerns for the law. Killing (or ‘treating’ them if you must. Isn’t that what Euthanasia Laws do? Make killing into a medical procedure?) people for their ‘potential’ to do harm to the State, rather than anything they had actually done. Like my “potential for damage to reputation and meaningful relationships” which is everybody on the planet, but also a means to enable arbitrary detention and torture of citizens.

  • Legal protections.

    In my State there is a legal protection from arbitrary detention and acts of torture……. it’s S. 336 of the Criminal Code.

    “Any person who, by the production of a false certificate or other document, knowingly and wilfully, procures any person, not suffering from mental illness (as defined in the Mental Health Act) or mental impairment, to be apprehended or detained, pursuant to that Act or any law relating to mental impairment, upon insufficient or unreasonable grounds, is guilty of a crime and is liable to imprisonment for 3 years.”

    Excellent you might think.

    Well, not so fast. I have documents which demonstrate that I was subjected to this offense to a standard called “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt”. Documents that show that an Authorised Mental Health Practitioner called Police and told them I was his “Outpatient” when it is clear he knew this was a LIE. Documents were forged as a result of me being snatched out of my bed at the point of a Police weapon and subjected to an interrogation (and then being ‘verballed’ on the statutory declarations)

    And should you wish to have something done about the person who subjected you to this offense, and the resulting acts of torture? Your going to find that the Police don’t have a copy of the Criminal Code, and will not only refuse to provide you with the protection of the law, but will aid and abet the criminals to retrieve the documented proof of the offending.

    This is nothing that the National Socialist’s didn’t do, they operated on the Fuhrerprinzip (the Fuhrers word is above written law). So I have a letter from our Chief Psychiatrist where he has removed all of the legal protections afforded the community by our laws, and enabled the arbitrary detention and torture of ANY citizens based on a ‘suspicion’.

    What is really of concern are the people who turn their backs on this removal of our legal protections DESPITE it being patently obvious. Though I have noticed that in many cases the police have threatened their families……… as you would expect in a community where the Chief Psychiatrist is a demonstrable ‘political fascist’…… or is my ‘suspicion’ regarding the forging of the letter from him by the Mental Health Law Centre correct?

    I have found that legal protections are worth very little when police are assisting with delivering citizens to places wrongly called hospitals to be ‘snuffed’ for daring to present documented proof of public sector misconduct and human rights abuses on their desk. When even the Police are afraid of their own organisation because “it might be better I don’t know about that” becomes a defense for the gross criminal negligence engaged in to provide material support to organised criminals.

    Where the State is “editing” legal narratives after exploiting the trust people place in them to do a “prompt and impartial investigation” of suspected criminal conduct, and then deliberately and willfully destroying peoples lives.

    And to be honest, they aren’t really the bother. It’s the folk who stand and say nothing that are the real concern….. those backstabbers who claim to be ‘advocates’ who provide material assistance in delivering the ‘Jew’ trying to escape the Shutzstaffel to the ‘authorities’. Who else has got the documents huh?

    In other words, who else knows they are arbitrarily detaining and torturing, and simply neglecting to prosecute when the proof of the offending is available? And what can be done about it? In my State you need to be careful speaking up, because your ‘after the fact’ Do Not Resusitate order, and your ‘end of life “care” program can be instigated once you, as “Outpatient” are snatched form your bed and delivered for ‘treatment’ to your local hospital.

    No, they wouldn’t do that. And as long as your of the mind that “it might be best I don’t know about that”, then your conscience should be clear.

    The legal protections you are asking not be removed, don’t really even exist where I live. Our Law makers were wise in providing those legal protections, but police are ensuring that they are dismantling our Justice system with what looks like a malignant cancerous growth.

    Any wonder they are of the belief they can simply kick people to death and nothing will be done about it? In fact, there are good reasons they are of that belief. because they know the laws passed by our Parliament are not worth the paper they are written on……… when they can actively assist criminals in the concealment of their offending.

  • There is the possibility of a Quid Pro Quo between the State and the Shock Docs, one which would be of concern if anyone ever got the opportunity to provide the evidence of.

    I can’t imagine that these ‘treatments’ are being done for free on very many occasions except……

    An example, I met a guy who had been a particularly violent man, especially towards women. I am unsure how he fell into the hands of a psychiatrist, but he had ‘consented’ (can’t prove the coercion) to having ECT’s last time I spoke to him his brain was pretty much like Jello…… and as stated above, there would be no admission by the Doctor that this was the intention….. you’ve described the ‘excuse giving above anyway.

    I don’t know how often this sort of ‘extra judicial’ justice is going on, but I also met a man who put a pistol into his mouth and blew half his face away as a result of a doctor refusing to change the medication which was making his skin feel like it was burning. Court ordered forced treatment. An aside, he had to pull the trigger three times as the first two were misfires…. I’ve often thought about what would have gone through his head before the bullet.

    I also would like to make mention of an adult woman who I saw crawling on the floor holding a teddy bear in fear of the ECT ‘treatment’ she was about to receive. The ‘staff’ ensuring that she knew WHY she was receiving the treatment before it occurred.

    Fanon describes the screams that were elicited from the victims of the ‘treatments’ issued by his ‘machine’ as being the thing which affected the police who came to him for therapy the most. They merely wanted to PTSD to go away so they could get back to their jobs….. of torturing people. Consider that scenario carefully.


  • Wish I could edit my comments the way I used to….

    “The Private Clinic psychologist would have to work for 7 full working weeks (doing therapy) to obtain the same amount of money her Shock Doc husband could extract for less than 6 hours work? And once the ‘treatments’ start, there is NO ESCAPE.”

    Any wonder she is suggesting the ‘treatments’ to ‘clients’ of the Private Clinic once she knowns they have received a large sum of money from their court process? Could she perhaps suggest a particular doctor who can provide such ‘treatments’?

  • I like the way you have assumed ‘good faith’ on the part of those forcing others to have ECT.

    Which brings me to the point you have made regarding the U.N.

    “Note that in more recent years the United Nations has even described forced ECT and other involuntary psychiatric treatments as torture”

    What was actually said was that the treatments MAY constitute torture. There is a subtle difference.

    I realised why the statement needed to be made in this manner when I considered the exploitation of the loophole contained in the Convention against the use of Torture.

    “It does not include pain or suffering arising only from, inherent in or incidental to lawful sanctions.” (Article 1 of the Convention.)

    So it is as simple as making the person you wish to torture subject to lawful sanctions. In my instance this involved a simply LIE to police and telling them that I was an “Outpatient” of a hospital, and police and the hospital could then lawfully engage in acts of torture. Documents were forged, and later “edited” to fabricate the legal narrative required post hoc, and my life was deliberately and systematically destroyed by the State for attempting to access the protection of the law.

    The means and opportunity exist to use ECT as a method of torture (see for example Franz Fanon, and the use by police of his ECT machine to do just this. That and his ‘therapy’ for police and torture victims) but you can not prove MOTIVE if Doctor keeps his mouth shut ( a “sophisticated knowledge of the law” helps in this regard. The circuit breaker being the lack of a confession…… and police will not pursue the matter).

    I really like your article. I admire the way you have dealt with the issue of the CCHR, open and honest. I am of the opinion that, like Muhammad Ali and his comments about “No Viet Cong ever called me N*&^%r”, that No Scientologist ever called me ‘Mental Patient’ (a slander and nothing more…..

    I would also note that when the State had an issue with Doctors not prepared to ECT young women (some as young as 14 years old) for fear of being sued, they passed laws providing legal protections for theses Shock Docs. The new and improved Mental Health Act was then presented to the community as having “added protections”…. something that everybody wants right? What they didn’t do was explain that these added protections were for doctors wishing to carry out this barbaric practice on children, and NOT for those who were the forced recipients of the ‘treatments’.

    I found myself wondering about a young girl (just coming of ECT age) who after attending an appointment at an adolescent facility, turned and waved her mother goodbye, and stepped into traffic. Was she being ‘coerced’ into having these ‘treatments’? We’ll never know, because that particular hospital is “editing” documents before allowing legal representatives to examine the narrative. Who cares about human rights when money is at stake.

    I also have some information about the way ‘clients’ from Private Clinics where reports are prepared for the Courts are being Shag hai-ed once they receive their insurance compensation payments.

    It’s basically a method of ‘mugging’ old ladies as they leave the ATM with their pocket books full of money….. and police will provide material assistance in concealing the offences by handing complainants back to the thugs robbing them. Anyway, whilst it isn’t actually lawful, the paperwork can be “edited” after the fact to create the appearance it is.

    Good luck Mr Dubey, and please don’t stop speaking your truth, which is I note a truth shared by many others. Not just those who have been unfortunate to have been snared by the Shock Docs. Please consider including an analysis of the ‘economics’ involved with these ‘treatments’.

    The Private Clinic psychologist would have to work for 7 full working weeks (doing therapy) to obtain the same amount of money her Shock Doc husband could extract for less than 6 hours work? And once the ‘treatments’ start, there is NO ESCAPE.

  • Speaking of “obliterating”……

    Worth a listen. The Language of Violence by Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy.


    But dehumanizing the victim makes things simpler
    It’s like breathing with a respirator
    It eases the conscience of even the most conscious
    And calculating violator
    Words can reduce a person to an object
    Something more easy to hate
    An inanimate entity, completely disposable
    No problem to obliterate
    But death is the silence
    In this language of violence

    I can’t begin to imagine what it must be like to be a black male in the U.S. these days.

  • I was at least glad that the meetings between my wife and her Prof friend about the reasons the clinic psychologist (and her husband) might want me in the E.D. were billed to Medicare.

    Must be nice to charge your criminal plotting and scheming to the taxpayer. No wonder these guys have a different coloured Porsche for each day of the week.

    In the scheme of things though, and given they were plotting to murder me I suppose whining about a few hundred dollars Medicare fraud is a little petty of me.

  • Mind you, speaking of bills form your lover…… in my situation my wife has used Police and the courts to strip me of everything I ever worked for (and I mean everything including my papers [passport, birth certificate, degrees, history…] ….. including my family who were mine a long time before I even met her.

    Amazing what can be achieved once you get the ball rolling on public sector criminality…. which in the end is extremely valuable information to have.

    P.S. will the edit function be returning to comments Steve?

  • Oh, and I note that the ‘referral’ from my G.P. to the Private Clinic had expired some time before (ie I was not a ‘patient’)……. so how could I be being provided ‘services’ when there was no mandatory ‘plan’ in place? Especially given the fact that I wasn’t even at the appointment I was expected to pay for….. how on earth could I be receiving the ‘service’?

  • “I was abused by psychotherapists and psychiatrists and by my lover. But at least, after we broke up, I didn’t get an invoice in my inbox from my EX!”

    Isn’t that the pits? Can you believe I got the bill for the meeting between my wife and the psychologist when they conspired to have me ‘spiked’, arbitrarily detained and tortured?

    I believe that they are supposed to detail what the services were actually for on the Invoice but…….. lets call it Healthcare.

  • “Air hunger”

    Bilals’ Boulder.

    Yeah, we’ve met these people before.

    Now all you need to know is how to ‘harvest’ the morphine for the ‘treatment’, and make sure the books balance for the Coroner.

    Must be quite an embarrassment for the people providing material support (police and the hospital “editors”) and looking the other way while they got rid of their ‘little problem’?

  • Oh, and if your ever in doubt about abuse causing ‘schizophrenia’, take a look at the deterioration of inmates in Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo Bay as a result of their ‘treatment’.

    I was also wondering about a ‘chemical waterboard’ after hearing recently from a brother (Maajid Nazem) about the use of a medazolam and morphine cocktail being used on people after issuing blanket Do Not Resusitate orders.

    One Dr Stuart Wilkie describing the process as a feeling that your drowning….. though unlike waterboarding, the ‘patient’ doesn’t actually survive. The possibility of resuscitation with flumazenil always an option if the intention is to torment (or what’s the term? “enhanced coercive techniques”?), and obtain the answers the State wants. And at present, they want the gene thing to be true, so I’d be careful questioning their delusional reality.

  • It must be nice to come up with these ideas whilst having the freedom to pick the fluff out of your navel. But the idea of actually bothering to look when someone makes an allegation AND has the documented proof…….. crickets.

    “Although the Convention on the Rights for Persons with Disabilities is a major improvement from past formulations and conceptualizations of disability and mental illness, the guidelines are only legally enforceable if adopted by individual nation-states”

    These ‘agreements’ have been adopted by Australia but aren’t worth the paper they are written on. Our Chief Psychiatrist doesn’t even recognise the legal protections afforded by the laws passed by our Parliament, and instead rewrites the law and utters with documents known to have been forged and produced as a direct result of acts of torture. The Fuhrerprinzip (Der Fuhrer Hat Immer Recht. The Fuhrers word is above all written Law)

    “They wouldn’t do that” I hear you say….. have you bothered to look? I’m happy to share the letter where the Chief Psychiatrist removes the protection of “reasonable grounds” and enables arbitrary detentions….. and these are much worse than mere prison.

    “In addition, research has reported that countries frequently invoke the CRPD in their mental health legislation and then push measures that run contrary to the intention of the legislation, like prohibiting involuntary commitment and forced treatment.”

    I think you should include “involuntary euthanasia” in the list that runs contrary to the intention of the legislation. Such ‘treatments’ seem to be invoked for daring to complain about human rights abuses (“We’ll fuking destroy you”), and resolve the issue of the laws protecting the community being rewritten by our Chief Psychiatrist.

    Don’t like the laws protecting the community? “edit” the documents after the fact, and start the ‘treatments’ on the victims complaining about being arbitrarily detained and tortured….. why bother, just snuff them. It’s not like anyone’s watching.

  • Hi Gordon W Stewart

    “In 2001 I was denied my legal right to lawyer after police had taken me for a mental health evaluation against my will. I was detained and drugged and denied Due Process for 11 days!”

    On what “reasonable grounds” were you referred for an ‘evaluation’?

    “I was threatened by a Dr in 2001 who stated to me that should I complain about the Drs involved, or attempt to correct the misinformation in the medical records that I could be institutionalized for a very long long time.”

    Interesting how times have changed. Certainly in my State they wouldn’t bother wasting resources on you, and would simply ‘drop’ you (in the military sense of the term). The John the Baptist days of holding someone due to Gods law no longer an issue.

    “…citizens detained under the BC mental health act have no Right to contact a lawyer. Criminals have more rights than citizens being treated as mentally ill.”

    They most certainly do, in fact the criminals operating in our hospitals are fully aware of this fact…… though if you think about it, situations where a ‘first strike’ policy exists tends to make for a lot of tension. Honor among thieves? I think not.

    I know that the criminals who tried to “unintentionally negatively outcome” me for speaking the truth had two good years of operating within our system….. and then had to flee the State because they knew they couldn’t trust their ‘colleagues’ who had to create the appearance that they had done at least something about their demonstrable offending. Not believing they would continue to obstruct and pervert the course of justice for them.

    It’s all good when your riding the wave, not so good when the Juggernaut of Justice bears down on them…. and in some very subtle ways I might add. It’s amazing to watch the paranoid delusions caused by the need to conceal their offending destroy them, though I note they also tend to refuse ‘treatments’. I think of this as being ‘the crushing’.

    “My advice is to tell as many people about any threats and court action, then they may back down.”

    Good advice from someone who has fought for 20 years. My attitude has always been that the more people know about the scam, the less likely they are to fall for it. The consequences will be the need for more force, as people hardly trust our ‘doctors’ these days anyway. Having about as much credibility as Encyclopedia salesmen, and about as much relevance.

    But I must say I have also considered sociopathy. It would be a great disguise to infiltrate their organisations. And the pats on the back for ‘fuking destroying’ people and their families may open up arenas not otherwise available? Because these are people who have no respect for the law, and are being supported by those following the Fuhrerprinzip…. black man beaten to death by police is not a crime because ….. well, we don’t even need to answer that question because we’ll fuking beat you and your family too. Not that such things would happen in the U.S. but they are certainly happening in Australia while our ‘advocates’ look the other way…. nay in fact they assist with concealing such human rights abuses.

  • Oh the law is a beautiful thing, it’s such a shame that it has been subverted by the Chef Psychiatrist with his Fuhrerprinzip (his word IS law)

    I am looking at the Form 1 (referral for an examination by a psychiatrist) statutory declaration which IS a document that was produced as a direct result of an act of torture, AND was forged using the corrupt practice of ‘verballing’.

    That would be fine had the hospital actually retrieved the surrounding documents completed by the Community Nurse… the “Outpatient Case Notes” and “Client Triage Sheets”. Without these documents available, his forged documents could not possibly be tested using logic and reason…. with them, his fraud is exposed quite easily.

    So what would happen if a person were to falsely believe that the documents proving the forged document (produced via an act of torture) could not be tested? It would be easy to make the claim that any counter arguments put forward were “justifiable explanations” and that what was sworn testimony on the part of the Community Nurse were his “observed behaviours”……..as the Chief Psychiatrist has done in his letter of response to the Mental Health Law Centre.

    Problem being; (and I realise the U.S. is NOT a signatory of the Convention against the use of torture [or other cruel, inhuman, degrading treatment r punishment])

    Article 15
    Each State Party shall ensure that any statement which is established to have been made as a result of torture shall not be invoked as evidence in any proceedings, except against a person accused of torture as evidence that the statement was made.

    The Chief Psychiatrist is using a Form as a defense of that very act of torture I was subjected to? Thinking that the documents surrounding the ‘verbal’ had been retrieved, he then utters with a known forged document?

    Still, when your having police drop people off at the E.D. to be “unintentionally negatively outcomed”….

    Now call me suspicious, but why hasn’t anyone bothered to check what I’m saying? The Chief psychiatrist is committing criminal offences and acts of misconduct and nobody gives a fuk?

    Because I have it all right here in writing? You don’t even need to speak to the nutjob writing this stuff, just examine the documents…. or is it just like with the Nazis, just pretend you didn’t notice?

    Allies for Human Rights?


  • “I couldn’t get anyone to listen or take me seriously.
    There is no oversight of this profession. The profession “polices” itself, and does a terrible job of it, allowing abusive therapists to continue harmful practices.”

    Yeah, that’s what I thought until I saw the photo of the guy on the front page of the newspaper because he had been eaten by a Great White shark. Waaaahahaha they ‘perfumed’ his wet suit (with blood) and got him to go snorkelling with a Great White? Okay, so there was a little bit of setting up, but in the end it was Gods will. The look in his eyes, when he realised we had known all along what he had been up to.

  • You know, I’ve had to think carefully about what occurred in the E.D. to truly understand it.

    I mean, what if the ending of peoples lives for convenience is actually lawful given the sort of rules that apply in an ‘Emergency’? Maybe, like psychiatry, they can do damage to people and call it medicine, and you can’t prove otherwise because you can’t prove the motive to do harm without a confession….. a confession which the perpetrator KNOWS is what would allow the matter to move forward?

    This was what occurred with the Doctor who went to Police and confessed to killing a terminal patient of hers. The Head of the AMA then speaking about the “sophisticated knowledge of the law” with regards the ending of life. It’s not really that sophisticated….. it’s just shut your mouth, and whilst they may have the means and opportunity, the motive can not be proven as the doctor patient relationship assumes a good faith….. confessing to having the motive provides what is needed for a prosecution to move forward.

    Similar with the U.N. stating that Australias Mental Health Law ARE a violation of human rights and that the treatments MAY constitute torture. The human rights violations obvious to anyone who lives here,….. snatched from your bed based on a ‘suspicion’ (forget the need for “reasonable grounds”, a legal protection afforded by the written law) and the laws protecting you are simply ignored. ut the torture? MAY constitute torture? This is because one would need a confession from a doctor that they INTENDED to use the ‘medication’ or electricity as a means to torture……minus that confession, the best the U.N. can say is MAY. And all doctor has to do is deny, and good faith will be assumed.

    But, back to the E.D…….. if it were the case that they could simply end peoples lives for the convenience of the State (ie whistleblowers) then the doctor would not have needed to ‘harvest’ the morphine for the ‘job’ from another patient. It would be supplied by the State as part of his work.

    Oh, and I realised why I was placed alongside the ‘patient’ who the morphine was harvested from….. it was much easier to keep an eye on us both with one camera. Two cameras would increase the likelihood of a mistake occurring.

    So the morphine is ‘harvested’ and the books for that product being used in the E.D. balance. The guy with the bad back who slipped in the shower, and who was a large consumer of oxycodone was still in a lot of pain after being administered a lot of morphine (mainly because it wasn’t morphine).

    Simply a matter of having the victim take a lot of benzodiazepines orally, and then ‘bait’ them into a need to restrain and inject them with some more of that product AND the ‘harvested’ morphine. Do Not Resuscitate document at the end of the bed, disappears once the ‘patient’ has been “unintentionally negatively outcomed” (is this even really necessary?), and the little problem is delivered to the morgue.

    The matter would stall if the Coroner investigated because the doctor would simply have to deny any knowledge of where the morphine came from…. the injection with a ‘chemical restraint’ as a result of the ‘baiting’ MAY be the source…. but ya can’t prove it.

    And if you can’t prove it…….. you’ve got nothing.

    So I’m of the opinion that this could not be concealed lawfully. The need to conceal the source of the morphine to stall any investigation by the Coroner demonstrates that fact. With or without the disposal of the DNR order. I could have shown them on the video, but the delays and stalling by police etc meant ….. sorry too late.

    Mind you, the same is true of the Community Nurses crimes, but he is still working in the same place more than ten years later…. despite it being known he is a person prepared to torture not only the ‘patients’ but anyone else he is requested to subject to such vile behaviour. I guess they must really be short of nurses….. and probably wonder why they are short of people, when you would be working alongside such disgraceful specimens of human beings.

    So the need to conceal demonstrates mens rea, and the reason for placing me alongside the patient who the morphine was harvested from was for convenience of observation. Two ‘birds’, one ‘stone’. My wife still tagging along at that point, whilst the preparations for the final scene were being made.

  • One of the biggest problems I have had has been the fact that when the word “diagnosis” is mentioned, they all become amateur psychiatrists….. the discussion revolves around whether the diagnosis is the correct one or not.

    Personally I’d prefer the discussion takes the path of …..okay we have established I am not a witch, there are no witches, and was burning me alive for being a witch lawful?

    Okay, we have established that I was not an “Outpatient”, that the “Provisional Diagnosis” was in fact fabricated, and was arbitrarily detaining and torturing me lawful?

    But for some reason the ‘glasses’ go on and ‘they’ start discussing the subtleties of the “Provisional Diagnosis” despite it having absolutely nothing to do with whether what was done was lawful. Like if they look hard enough at that they will find proof I was a witch…. because the alternative is to admit they’re wrong, and have always been wrong.

  • P.S. and don’t worry, I realise that the mock executions and threats to rape are just police methods of coercion.

    The example of where a young man caught a Police officer on camera threatening to have him raped in the cells for not wearing a bicycle helmet was put down to a “Poor choice of words” by the Police Commissioner.

    I guess he was meaning that the Officer concerned wasn’t really making the punishment fit the crime?

    These ‘coercive methods’ are quite effective though. I know it got my heart pumping and my mind ready to meet my maker when I thought they were going to shoot me and dump my body in the bush.

  • I’d like to return to the comment I made above about being ‘sold out’ like the ‘Jew’ hiding in the basement.

    The process was that I was arbitrarily detained and tortured by the State, and they were aware that the documents produced (and forged for uttering with should there be any problems) actually proved what I am alleging.

    I obtained redacted version of those documents, but there was enough there to show that I had been made into an “Outpatient” to procure the services of police to cause an “acute stress reaction”, and to combine this with the ‘spiking’ with date rape drugs to enable acts of torture to occur.

    A problem for the people who conspired to have this occur, that is my wife and the Private Clinic psychologist……

    Boans now has these documents and is going to the Police, who are of the false belief that he is an “Outpatient” as a direct result of the lies they have been told by the Community Nurse. They are asked to NOT take the documented proof while the ‘hospital’ sorts out their little issue with the facts/truth being available to anyone who looked.

    Boans has also approached the Law Centre, but they have an ‘agreement’ with the State to not take documents from their ‘clients’, and to wait while the State “edits” the legal narrative. That way they can ensure that the ‘outcome’ is the one preferred by the State, and can use their position of trust to throw their ‘clients’ under a bus once it has been established they no longer have the proof of the State sanctioned torture and arbitrary detentions.

    So, whilst the State is concealing the original arbitrary detention and torture, they are also concealing what it was the Private Clinic psychologist and her psychiatrist husband were trying to do about the issue of me going to police….. that is, attempt to have me murdered in the E.D.

    The plot was, as I have said, rudely interrupted, and after that the ‘hold’ placed on retrieving the documents and fulfilling the FOI requirements by sending the Law Centre the fraudulent set with the “edited” legal narrative then moved forward.

    Boans no longer had the documents to prove he was arbitrarily detained and tortured, and any claim he makes about the attempt to murder him sounds insane. “They wouldn’t do that”

    Police are now gaslighting him by doing such things as catching him in isolated places and threatening to execute him, threatening his family, and ensuring that everything he says sounds like the madness he was tortured into confessing to…. or ‘verballed’ into to be completely accurate.

    So two years pass, …… and after coming out of hospital after walking in front of a truck, Boans goes back to where he left off with the Law Centre. That is, they were drafting a complaint for the Chief Psychiatrist for me. Now consider carefully here, I still have the documents the hospital thought had been retrieved by my wife (under threat), but I was told by the Law Centre they already had the documents (though in “edited” form). So why would they need the documents I had, they had been provided to the Law Centre two days after I have been evicted from my home by police (4 months after the Law Centre had made a request for them). So I didn’t need to tell them I still had the documents proving the arbitrary detention and torture, I thought they had them.

    So they draft the complaint to the Chief Psychiatrist, and feeling certain that I no longer had the proof of the misconduct, they then forge the response to their own complaint, attach a cover letter and claim they can no longer provide me with any assistance….. but here’s a copy of the letter of response from the Chief Psychiatrist which we haven’t had time to read. Which was lucky, because he is rewriting the law to remove the protections he is charged with enforcing under the Mental Health Act and uttering with KNOWN forged documents, in writing.

    Not that it mattered, Boans minus the proof of the arbitrary detention and torture is sounding completely insane. What? They’re killing people in the E.D. and it was only because a friend of your wife interrupted that your alive? So my divorce lawyer listens to what I have to say, and eventually I place the documented proof on the desk……ever seen a Great White shark when you put a bucket of blood in the water? “I thought you were mad,……. but you’ve got the proof”. That’s right, removing the documented proof of the ‘spiking’ with date rape drugs turns the truth into a paranoid delusion………. I wonder if the State knows this guy is wandering around to lawyers with these documents?

    Not only to lawyers but a whole bunch of other people including Members of Parliament….. it was a long list. And of course one of the last groups on that list were the Police…. who still had me ‘flagged’ for an automatic referral to mental health services to have me ‘treated’ for speaking the truth.

    So I put the documents on the desk at the Police Station, and they call mental health and ask them to come get their ‘patient’ who is “hallucinating” in their station (I had a Social Worker with me as witness/support person). They are put through to a psychologist I had been speaking to for more than a year… and he refuses their ‘referral’ based on speaking to me over the phone, and knowing that I had been ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs as a result of seeing the documents.

    To cut a long story short, this was NOT what the Police wanted to occur…… that is, me turning up with the proof of these offences….. and so they had to play ‘lets pretend’ with the nutjob (Me), and ensure that they didn’t get their fingerprints on the documents….. because they had refused before and I nearly got killed as a direct result of the window of opportunity they left for the criminals ….. I mean mental health professionals. The Social Worker and psychologist needed to be threatened because they had seen the documents AND that police were doing referrals of victims of State sanctioned torture to mental health for ‘treatments’…. and they have families too. Which was why I parted company with the psychologist when he made it clear he was trying to find out “who else has the documents?” during our ‘sessions’ for Police…. eventually explaining that he was afraid for the safety of his family, and he could no longer ‘help’ me.

    So the bucket was not only leaking water by this time, it was falling apart. Especially as a result of me speaking to someone I had been contacted through here. As explained I had provided the documents to this person, with an agreement that they would be returned, no questions asked, should I request them to be returned.

    So now I have the proof of the original arbitrary detention, the attempt to murder me AND the subsequent cover up by the Law Centre…. the forged letter of response from the Chief Psychiatrist. With the redacted documents the hospital thought had been returned befoe distributing the fraudulent set, the letter from the C.P. is easily deconstructed and he has clearly committed an offense (a number of offenses when you dig a little deeper, but no lawyers are going to look right? I’ve been ‘flagged’ for ‘treatment’ by police, and they will “fuking do your family” should you dare assist this victim we are “fuking destroying” for our brothers and sisters at mental health…. who are dropping a few for us when we have a little problem with corruption being exposed. Anyway, the evidence/proof of that is all there for anyone with access to their system to see.

    But the point I was trying to make was that I was like a ‘Jew’ hiding in a basement WITH PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE INSIDE OF AUSCHWITZ…… and the person who claimed they were going to help’ me, has simply contacted the ‘authorities’ and put me in.

    The opportunity has been missed to do anything about what they have been doing…… the proof exists, but your going to have to ask the Nazis for it. And well, I think that means your family is at risk too.

    I get it, I mean they have slandered me and subjected me to the most disgraceful conduct, threatened my family and friends, and maintain lies in the face of truth. ‘They’ couldn’t possibly have me see my family, because they went to a whole lot of trouble to ensure we didn’t get together and understand what and why they were tearing us apart with their lies and forgeries. Imagine if my family realised WHY I was acting the way I was……that I had been tortured, and was being subjected to mock executions, and threats to rape my grand children, and it wasn’t the chemicals in my brain or just my “observed behaviours”…. there were “justifiable explanations” but they were being concealed.

    So yes, I have the proof of the arbitrary detention and torture, but the ‘authorities’ simply don’t care…. they have the power to ignore your complaint should you actually ‘break through’ their vicious cover up methods. That proof opens up the question of my allegations about what occurred in the E.D, the attempt to murder me……. but as the Police said “It might be best I don’t know about that”. Okay Senior Constable, then who should I inform? And please don’t say the Corruption Watchdog, care to see their letters regarding their early involvement? Hardly worthy of confidence, or leading to a belief in integrity. Let them sort ot out among themselves seems to be the attitude, knowing who has the ‘resources’ to deal with the ‘complainant’.

    I say opportunity missed, not really…… just the people who did see the pictures from inside Auschwitz had better keep their mouths shut for now…. until they can make themselves out to be heroes when the danger has passed….. and benefitting from putting the ‘Jews’ they find in to the authorities, and ensuring that no more slip through the cracks.

    How many others were dropped off by police for ‘end of life “care”‘ in the E.D. for having documented proof of public sector misconduct? How many other arbitrary detentions are being done by these Community Nurses acting for organised criminals? Torturing citizens into confessions in front of police? Concealing the ‘spiking’ of citizens with date rape drugs with forged and uttered documents? And has the Chief Psychiatrist realised that his grandiose delusions that he has a right to change the law without Parliamentary approval makes him a “danger to self or other”?

    So yes, I do hope the Prof got a good price for the ‘Jew’ he found hiding in the basement with the proof of what’s going on ‘over the fence’. Maybe they can drop off the gold teeth taken from my mouth as I am being ‘processed’ and you can keep them with the documents you claim to no longer have. Still, your not the first, and no doubt won’t be the last person to exploit the trust of vulnerable people.

  • “To determine the true rulers of any society, all you must do is ask yourself this question: Who is it that I am not permitted to criticize?” Kevin Alfred Strom

    “I will not be silenced, though. I am planning to open a foundation for people with depression and schizophrenia”

    Great, i’m sure their metaphors will benefit from the foundations work.

    I don’t know that you won’t be silenced, mainly because you possibly have very little idea of what powers are available to these people you have clearly upset. Even the U.N. is using mental health services to silence critics/whistleblowers these days….. abusing human rights whilst claiming to be defenders of human rights.

    See The Whistleblowers Inside the U.N.

  • I must say Benedetto if you have travelled into the Occupied Territories and worked in ‘mental health’…… respect.
    The state of mental health in Australia means it has become a place for police to torture individuals, and a place to send them for ‘treatments’ once they are done with them. The Chief Psychiatrist implementing a Fuhrerprizip where the laws protecting the community are ignored, and his word IS law. And as he has written, that complaining about the torture is merely a “justifiable explanation” and what matters are the “observed behaviours” So if police induce an “acute stress reaction” with beatings and electricity to the testicles for example, complaining that you are being drugged for your reaction to that ‘treatment’ is of no account…. we saw your mental illness in your reaction, and do not consider it to be ‘normal’

    We call them ‘snow jobs’ here…. the deliberate harming of individuals to ensure they have no access to human rights. The ability to have citizens arbitrarily detained as they are all “Outpatients” a bonus for such a State.

    There are laws which do actually provide protections form the community, but I think they are just for show for Champagne sipping sycophant’s at the U.N. and such places…….. the real deal is that the Police don’t have a copy of the Criminal Code and any complaining about being tortured will move your ‘end of life “care” plan’ forward a bit.

    But, like the National Socialist’s in Germany, it isn’t all doom and gloom…. many of the ‘mental health professionals’ have a lot of property etc…… it’s tough work, and someone has to have the stomach for it.

    Hey, we even have something in common, I too have grand children. I haven’t seen them for more than ten years now for complaining about being tortured by mental health because apparently trying to access the protection of the law, and your ‘Healthcare rights” will get you and your family “fuking destroyed”. If only that was in the brochure huh?

    I’m not a big fan of dialogue with the ‘enemy’, though I think of such people who do seek dialogue as perpetrators who are trying to mend their ways……. possibly.

    “O you who have believed, do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies. They are [in fact] allies of one another. And whoever is an ally to them among you – then indeed, he is [one] of them. Indeed, Allāh guides not the wrongdoing people.” (al Mai’dah 51)

    Still, give the people what they want, I hope everybody gets what they deserve.

    I like the idea of a Memorial…..burned at the stake huh? Can you tell me why it is we were taught to fear witches, and not the people who burned them alive?

  • Keep in mind that the SMO had expressly been denied the right to touch me, and had ignored my right to not be touched (I had pointed out that he was NOT the psychiatrist, and therefore did not have any right to even be examining me [I had been “referred for an examination by a psychiatrist” by law, and as a “referred person” I had NOT lost my right to consent]) But he had me at what he thought was a disadvantage, and so forced me to remove my clothes’ and assaulted me.

    It’s not like they care about peoples rights, just abuse them and they’ll sort the paperwork out in the FOI Office with their “editing”

    But I’m not one for having Catholic Priests/ Senior Medial Officers getting me into small rooms, forcing me to remove my clothes when they know I have been ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs, and then inserting objects into my mouth or anus when I have every right to refuse my consent, and did so.

    Can I prove that he ejaculated as a result of it? I don’t need to, lets use the same method of reversing the burden of proof…. up to him to prove he didn’t get off on the assault.

    Gee, that doesn’t sound too good when I put it like that…….. blanket statement healthcare of mental patient. A bit like calling child rape a “character flaw”…. as the Church did.

  • I reviewed the Mental Health Assessment of the Senior Medical Officer today.

    Funny how time changes your perception of matters.

    What became very clear was that he thought that the Community Nurse had gone for a “Home Visit” with Police, and had done a referral based on that request by Police.

    Not realising that the Community Nurse had called Police and requested ‘assistance’ with his “Outpatient”.

    (an aside, funny how people use the word “apparently” when they suspect a lie?)

    So the Senior Medical Officer is waiting for an archived file for an “Outpatient” of the hospital? Surely if the person was on “Outpatient” there file would be on hand?

    My “alcohol” and “poor anger control” noted from the old file…….. shame I had given up drinking more than ten years earlier, and well, let me say I was in a position to snap the SMOs neck and have him dead before he hit the floor…… given that I had just been arbitrarily detained and tortured I’d say my anger control was pretty good.

    Not so good when intoxicated…… oh wait I was intoxicated, I was the only one who didn’t know.

    Need proof they arbitrarily detained and tortured me, it’s there.

    What’s much more interesting is how the State is enabling these State sanctioned involuntary euthanasia’s for concealment of public sector misconduct and human rights abuses….. “refouler” I believe the “sophisticated” call it.

  • Edit function not working again.

    I’m being a little unfair to journalists there really.

    I mean Jamal Kashoggi had some guts….. and they cut his fingers off, threw him into Hydroflouric acid and flushed him down the toilet.

    Seems the same is going to happen to Julian Assange once he is delivered for the predetermined court decision and execution.

    Speaking the truth becomes a crime when the Police are making the laws up…. truth is they just following orders…..

    No complaints from Australia…. we’re ready to “edit” Assange’s paperwork and he will be a Russian citizen.

    Just as Sun Tzu said….. kill two to scare a thousand. And terrorism works a treat for the State ……. a fascist State operating on the Fuhrerprinzip.

    I mean how difficult would it be for them to give me my property and allow me to leave? My passport and birth certificate would be a start……… but that would mean a loss of control of the narrative…… and ‘they’ can’t have that.

  • I did try Lori. the person who stepped forward to assist me with writing it all up, took a good look……. stated openly “these are human rights abuses”…. had a meeting with a (then) Queens Counsel, and then waved me goodbye.

    A betrayal of the worst order. I made it very clear that documents I had shared with him were to be returned should I ask for them (given that they were “edited” to destroy my character and slander me). No problem, they are here in this envelope in this drawer…… and once the ‘authorities started threatening people……. “What documents?”……

    Serious though, I get it. People are looking out for themselves these days, and if he can obtain a benefit by throwing victims of State sanctioned arbitrary detentions and torture under the bus when they manage to slip through the net and keep the proof of said abuses?

    I just hope he got a good price for the ‘Jew’ that was hiding in the basement.

    I don’t have the ability to put this all together, and I have requested assistance on a number of occasions but ….. maybe there’s a D Notice on the matter? (Order given to people not to publish certain facts because National Security? And arbitrary detention and torture are matters of National Security even if done for a Private Clinic psychologist whose husband is a psychiatrist…. if not, they can “edit” the narrative and make it so)

    Journalists are gutless fks these days anyway. They will publish what they are told to, and the idea of looking and seeing public sector misconduct puts your family at risk.

    But I appreciate the information I have gleaned from this place….. no doubt some people here recognise that what I am alleging may be true…. or I wouldn’t have been contacted and had my trust exploited…… again.

    caveat emptor huh?

  • It was all very simple in the end.

    My wife and the Private Clinic psychologist have conspired with a Community Nurse to create the appearance that the Community Nurse has obtained a Police Referral to have me delivered to the locked ward of his hospital.

    My wife calls the hospital and tells them she has ‘spiked’ me, and requests an “acute stress reaction”. Tells them that I have been seeing a psychologist and provides a place to call her, at the University counselling service.

    The Community Nurse then calls the psychologist who provides him with the method of deceiving hos colleagues into thinking he has obtained a Police Referral.

    He calls Police and requests assistance with his “Outpatient”, has police cause an “acute stress reaction” to enable the torture of me (combined with the ‘spiking’ = torture by definition), and allow him to forge the Forms to ‘refer for an examination by a psychiatrist’ AND a Police Transport Order.

    The Transport of me by police, rather than having me transported by ambulance as should have occurred with someone who has been poisoned, makes it appear that he has been requested to attend BY the Police, and has done an assessment on their request.

    This is clear in the documents of the next person in the line of ‘mental health professionals’ who abused me that day (though they do have a ‘good faith defense’ available), the Senior Medical Officer.

    It’s criminal…. not a doubt about it. Where is the referral source of the Community Nurse? he didn’t have one, and thus KNEW what he was doing was criminal. excuses? The psychologist said I was her ‘patient’? Gee what a flimsy legal protection our State provides the community from arbitrary detention and torture huh? Someone tricked him, told a lie.

    But it worked, and as a result of my insistence that the matter be looked at, someone had to try and murder me in the E.D. All purely ‘medical’ in nature….. DNR and a ‘hotshot’ containing morphine from an unknown source ( the “sophisticated knowledge of the law” huh?).

    We just have to get Boans into the E.D. before police realise that his complaint is legitimate….. tehe, they already knew, and were letting them run with it (my wife getting suspicious about why the clinic psychologist wanted me in the E.D. after I had gone to Police) …. lets see where they go huh?

    And then the filth of the Mental Health Law Centre drafting a letter of complaint, and the forging a response from the Chief Psychiatrist. Still, like the rest of them, just following orders…. while the victim is …. best we don’t talk too much about how they’re doing those State sanctioned involuntary euthanasia’s. people start making comparisons to those nasty Nazis and shit. And this is nothing like that….. it’s to protect the system.

    Australians value a rule of law? Some of them do….. I truly believe that now. But those who are obstructing justice and attempting to pervert it to protect KNOWN criminals will be standing alongside them when they are delivered into Hell…. because conspiracy to murder can not be concealed as an ‘end of life “care” program’ with a little bit of preparation and “editing”.

    Sure I understand the psychiatrists wife was in a bit of trouble…. would you have someone murdered to protect her from prison? Of course you would, and I mean this is a guy who is torturing people for the State…… so we owe him one or two right?

    His wife takes the Community Nusre through an arbitrary detain and torture, and then he takes the Head of the E.D. through a convenience snuff.

    Yeah, I get it.

  • https://justiceaction.org.au/death-of-miriam-merten/

    “I read an essay here once defending leaving a woman unmedicated to the point that she was lying down on a bridge in rush hour traffic. That’s, um, insane.”

    I read an essay defending medicating a woman and neglecting her so badly that she died as a result of the trauma to her head caused by the falls and beating her head against hard objects.

    If this is the sort of ‘treatment’ the woman on the bridge was to receive, I suggest they simply throw her over the bridge and save the time and effort (and faux concern) of transporting her to a ‘hospital’.

  • Why isn’t there a hashtag on “State sanctioned involuntary euthanasia”?

    Well, I gave a quote a while back.

    “If anyone can show me and prove to me that I am wrong in thought or deed, I will gladly change. I seek truth, which never yet hurt anybody. It is only persistence in self delusion and ignorance which causes harm” Marcus Aurelius.

    I was wrong.

    Whilst I was right about being arbitrarily detained and tortured under the definitions of our written law, I failed to take into account the Fuhereprizip of the Chief Psychiatrist in removing the protections of the law, and in line with his “political fascist” approach to mental health care.

    I now realise how it is that I can be taken from a police station for trying to access the protection of the law, delivered to a hospital where I can be put on a Do Not Resusitate order and then given ‘end of life’ care….. I was of course going to die at some point in time right?

    Or even better, have a Community Nurse call police and tell them I am his “Outpatient” in order to have me snatched out of my bed and forced into an interrogation…….

    I suppose the industrial nature of the ‘Australian method’ which has been put into place in the U.K. (the NHS National Homicide Service) means that the State disposing of people with legitimate complaints about human rights abuses will increase due to the lack of any opposition to it.

    The “sophisticated knowledge of the law” required to understand the methods being used would conceal these ‘extra judicials’ from most of the population. Though I note that the person who interrupted my end of life care plan “didn’t have the stomach for it”, which does leave us hope that hurrying the process along …. by twenty or thirty years may be frowned upon.

    But I was wrong….. and the need to rush a Euthanasia Act through Parliament without any real discussion to act as a ‘circuit breaker’ for accountability/responsibility will now ensure that when the truth is exposed to the public, they will have no means of holding anyone to account.

    The Three Card Monte…… what the lady, and where oh where did the morphine come from? The books are balanced and the Coroner is none the wiser.

    I must congratulate these people because they have managed to avoid any real consequences for their conduct, even receiving material support from the police to ensure that their original offences were not exposed.

    Personally I’d be concerned about living in a State where you can be snatched out of your bed, tortured into a ‘confession’ and then delivered to a hospital for your ‘end of life care’ with a Do Not Resusitate order issued after the fact, and not a soul would do anything to stop that process…… I got lucky. Many didn’t.

  • True story (at least the first part is)

    I’ve been playing golf with a Jewish friend who is convinced that the colour shirt I wear makes a difference to how well I play. Black means bad, lighter means better.

    I had to laugh when I explained to him that he should be aware of the story of the golden calf.

    How easy is it for people to take matters of little if any significance, and attribute powers not possible to them?

    Anyway, i’ve thrown out my black shirts because the guy is also a psychiatrist and to disagree with him means i will be incarcerated and force drugged ECTed……. which has thrown new light on the story of the golden calf for me 🙂

    I don’t know what I’m going to tell my brother Musa when he gets back from the Dakar Rally.

  • Hi Sam,

    a Private Clinic psychologist working with people who will be awarded large sums of money for the reports provided to the Courts by the psychiatrists at the Private Clinic.

    She wants to know “How much did you get?”, and then suggests you may benefit from ECTs which coincidentally just happens to be her psychiatrist husbands specialist area.

    Talk about walking down a dark alley and getting belted over the head with a kosh for your wallet?

    The problem being that the police will actually provide material support to ensure that any misconduct/unlawful conduct is actively suppressed for these criminals.

    The Fuhereprizip adopted by our Chief Psychiatrist (a “Political fascist”) means that such conduct may be unlawful, until he speaks (Der Fuhrer Hat Immer Recht)…. and now his word is greater than the written law….. and you will be fuking destroyed for complaining about their misconduct.

    This is more about money, and how to beat up old ladies when they leave the ATM with their pensions, and split the proceeds with police. Their a gang of gutless thugs who will at some point be held to account with a rope …. just the way their colleagues were in Nuremburg.

    They’re just riding the wave of exploiting the hopelessness in our communities, and the fact that ‘political fascism’ has been disguised as ‘democracy’ by those who are benefitting form the lack of a rule of law.

    In that sense it’s a “character flaw”… a bit like the priests raping children was a “character flaw” and NOT a criminal offence requiring reporting to ‘authorities’ (who would then have to ignore written law….. ) They’re the same people.

  • I mean, at least the National Socialist’s in Germany had a means of ‘scientifically’ identifying the people they wished to take out of the gene pool. These guys in my State are so random they are simply making stuff up at the moment……seriously. Take a look at this Form 1 as to how they are making up ‘mental illnesses’ and the Chief Psychiatrist claims that it doesn’t matter if the person is being burned with cigarettes, what matters are the “observed behaviours”?

  • The Fuhrerprinzip prescribed the fundamental basis for political authority of the government of National Socilaist Germany. “Der Fuhrer Hat Immer Recht”. The Fuhrers words are above written law.

    “In actual political usage, it refers mainly to the practice of dictatorship within the ranks of a political party itself, and as such, it has become an earmark of political fascism”

    I sit and look at the rewriting of the written law by our Chief Psychiatrist and can not help but be struck by the way his words are seen as being above the written law of this land. A “political fascist” as Chief Psychiatrist?

    What do I mean?

    The law provides a protection from arbitrary detentions by stating that the Authorised Mental Health Practitioner who “suspects on reasonable grounds that a person needs to be made an involuntary patient may refer that person for an examination by a psychiatrist”

    The “reasonable grounds” are set out in the Subdivision1 s. 26 Criteria of “who should be an involuntary patient”. There are basically 4 criteria to be met, for a referral to be considered lawful.

    However, the Chief Psychiatrist writes that

    “The referrer, in this case, a mental health clinician who has undergone
    training as an Authorised Mental Health Practitioner (AMHP), has only to ‘suspect’ on grounds they believe to be reasonable that the person requires an examination by a psychiatrist.”

    “reasonable grounds” burden removed, and person no longer needs to be seen as an “involuntary patient” but simply as needing a nice chat with a doctor. Thus, the criteria are now moot.

    He then goes on to use a known forged document as justification for the referral (falsely believing that police have retrieved the documents showing the context of the forged document, making it impossible to test it with logic and reason using the law), claiming that any proof that the document was forged (ie the referrer could not possibly have observed my thoughts) as being “justifiable explanations”

    This rewriting of the written law, removes the protection of the “reasonable grounds” criteria. We go from an objective legal standard, to a subjective interpretation which removes the protection of the law for the community, and places the power to refer anyone for any reason squarely in the hands of the Authorised Mental Health Practitioner.

    If you ever needed a good example of the Fuhrerprizip, this is it. The legal protections afforded the community in the Mental Health Act are subverted by the Chief Psychiatrist, who is quite clearly a political fascist.

    How dangerous could that be?

    I got to thinking about all this and realised that COVID was our Premiers metaphoric “Night of the Long Knives”…. his political opponents decimated, with only two seats in the Lower House being taken by the Opposition. It looks like the Communist Party of China.

    The motto? “Safe and Strong” Those with a knowledge of National Socialist propaganda would understand. the fear narrative, and the solution of a Great Leader to allay those fears.

    Euthanasia laws anyone? Passed and now looking at ‘tweaking’ them. And done according to Himmler’s diaries I note.

    I feel ashamed that this letter showing such political fascism on the part of our Chief Psychiatrist has been read by many intelligent people, lawyers who would see through the circular reasoning etc….. and yet not a soul prepared to say anything about the implementation of this fascist principle with our Mental Health laws.

    Perhaps they agree with the Chief Psychiatrist that there is a need to be able to arbitrarily detain and force drug/electrocute ‘suspects’ based on the ‘diagnosis’ of a Community Nurse? Perhaps they should enable such ‘treatments’ to be administered whilst police are present and citizens are asked about criminal conduct? Perhaps Police can provide mental health services with th e questions they would like answered during ‘treatments’? As was done to me outside my own front door, after I was snatched from my bed at the point of a police weapon because a Community Nurse wished to interrogate me….. whilst stupefied without my knowledge with date rape drugs (or do they become my “Regular Medications” because of the forged ‘backdated’ prescription?)

    Hands up all those at MiA who think this is okay? And I get it, your not exactly a conservative lot, but there are people here who defend the right of the State to ‘intervene’.

    So my State has regressed to a State of fascism, and the idea that WE value a rule of law is a lie….. a bare faced LIE. We won’t even stand up to those who would openly remove that rule of law, and replace it with the words of a Senior Public Servant who rejects the protections afforded the community by the law.

    Any wonder the police are running people down with motor vehicles and stomping on their heads because they need ‘help’? That police are making ‘referrals’ of victims of State sanctioned acts of torture for ‘treatments’? That public sector misconduct is being resolved by “fuking destroying” people who complain? Targeting their families?

    And think for a moment about what it was that the National Socialist’s actually did with their Fuhrerprizip. Arbitrarily detained and ‘treated’ people for their ‘genetic inferiority’…….. and would that be possible given the above?

    And you stand and watch……

    Once again, thank you for your time.

  • To all my friends here at MiA, I believe I have completed the ‘puzzle’ I was presented with by ‘mental health services’. I know most don’t bother reading my ramblings, and that’s fine. But I post this comment as one of my last. I hope that you will take the time to read my “beyond a reasonable doubt” claim, and try and prove me wrong. I know this stands up to any scrutiny, and that it may be that others you know have been subjected to these arbitrary detentions by the State.

    I clearly have a tort for negligence, though it is tied up with a large amount of criminal misconduct by public officers (and also shows a motive for trying to harm me in the E.D.), and so the State is denying me a right to effective legal representation. The torture possibly being the motivating factor there.


    What gave the Community Nurse the right to invade my home with police?

    1. I had NO ‘treating psychiatrist’ so any power to act under the Mental Health Act because I was a “patient” is not present.

    If ‘they’ had a treating psychiatrist’ I have no doubt that they would have named him/her. This would justify basically anything they did to me.

    2. The Private Clinic psychologist being my ‘treating practitioner’ has provided them with a “referral source”?

    Impossible, as she was NOT my psychologist, AND the “Time Limit” set in the Mental Health Act had expired a long time ago.

    The Triage documents have a section to record the “referral source” and someone has entered the word “UNKNOWN”

    3. Police referral under s. 195 Police Powers of the Mental Health Act?

    Definitely not, though this was what the FOI Officer KNEW to conceal immediately when I applied for my documents. They know HOW to get round the protections afforded by the law, and what to conceal when they do.

    The way these arbitrary detentions have been occurring is to create the appearance that Police have been the “referral source”….. I wonder how easy it is for others to see how this ruse works?

    From the documents it is clear that the Community Nurse has called Police and requested assistance with his “Outpatient”, Police have provided a “job number” for his request. The actions of police when they attended my home are completely consistent with them acting as if I was an “Outpatient” who had refused to speak to my Community Nurse (acting on behalf of my ‘treating psychiatrist’ AT THE HOSPITAL).

    The Community Nurse was made aware I had been ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs…. and yet asked no questions at all about my ‘medications’? He did ask about ‘illicit substances’ but would likely have been aware that I would refuse to answer due to the presence of police? So he could justify his ‘ignorance’ of my ‘medications’ by claiming I had refused to answer…….he was prepared to conceal his negligence in that regard.

    But what came out of the hour and a half I spent with the Member of Parliament, showing him the two sets of documents was that he identified what should have occurred.

    Words to the effect of ‘You should have been put in an ambulance, told that they needed to check your health as a direct result of having been given the drugs without your knowledge’….. and NOT thrown into the back of a police van and delivered via the sally port to the waiting team of thugs. What if I had started having epileptic fits in the van and died as a result of the ‘poisoning’? A death in Police custody…… and the Community Nurse off the hook? [putting aside the State sanctioned “editing” of legal narrative, and denial of effective legal representation] And it is here that a tort for negligence is available….. a clear breach of a duty of care.

    The ‘defense’ offered by the Operations Manager after her “formal investigation” was that ‘they’ were trying to save my marriage (an admission that they conspired to pervert I note). It’s a half decent attempt at finding a ‘good faith defense’ (and I have struggled with it, what if it were actually true?) It wasn’t…..

    The reason for not having me taken by ambulance to the hospital was because the Community Nurse was trying to create the false belief in his colleagues at the hospital that I was being delivered as a s. 195 Police Powers referral. Forge a Form 3 Transport Order, and police will now conceal the lack of a lawful referral source, without even knowing they are uttering with the forged document.

    This is the method he has used to conceal his lack of a lawful “referral source”, and thus the start of the conspiring to pervert the course of justice with the Senior Medical Officer.

    There is no other explanation, no other means of me being ‘treated’ in such a manner lawfully.

    So glad to have this written out and detailed to a point of “beyond a reasonable doubt”. This would have been so much easier without the criminal conduct of others, and with access to my documents for my legal representatives……. but they were conspiring to conceal the offending, not expose it. How nice of them to draft a letter of complaint to the Chief Psychiatrist, and then forge the response once they had confirmed I was no longer in possession of the “proof”.?

    Any thoughts? I value your opinions on these legal matters, as you haven’t been trying to throw spanners into the works to cause me psychological problems. Unlike the gaslighters I have been dealing with within my State. How many victims of the Mental Health Law Centre are there, who approached them only to find themselves in the situation Lori describes above years later? And then there are those who died, and ended their own lives…….. your a very sick woman Ms Principle, though also a very wealthy one I note. (“Human Rights Advocate”? That’s a fuking joke your playing on the community, and no doubt one you and the Minister laughed about at times)

    I’m more than happy to admit if I am wrong anywhere, but the Rubics Cube is now complete, and can be turned over to show that fact.

    Thankyou for your time.

  • “The approval occurred not because of evidence that the drug improved clinical outcomes but because it decreased amyloid in the brain, a surrogate outcome, using the FDA’s Accelerated Approval pathway.”

    Or maybe the share portfolios of the people making the approval would see a significant increase in their share price? The ones they bought just before making the ‘decision’ to approve?

    It’s okay, they have the rock solid defense used by my State government…..”They wouldn’t do that” and that’s the end of the matter…. well, there might be a bit of “editing” to be done but…. even if they did do that, police will threaten their families and it will be a case of “It never happened”. Their pensions depend on it.

    It’s positively frightening that this is going on, and the public is unaware of it, or knowns that there is no mechanism to actually have anything done about it. The right to life (health) no longer being protected by our ‘elected representatives’, and instead being sold to the highest bidder. It’s kind of a natural progression which has been seen before right? Or will I be ‘referred’ as an “Outpatient” for an illness I’m about to have fabricated, and drugged without my knowledge with my “Regular Medications” for saying that?

    It seems he may have contracted ‘involuntary whistleblower disorder’ and will require treatment with our new anti psychotics. The disease is cured 100% but the side effect of a lack of heartbeat after treatment needs to be taken into account by the practitioner. It’s a side effect not noted in the Accelerated Approval process….. and I’m sure we will get round to taking a closer look at some point. Perhaps when I am finished building my new yacht?

  • I smile when I think about the man who was handed back to Dahmer by Police, because like ‘mental health services’, he managed to convince police that he was ‘caring’ for the individual who he took home, tortured, killed and then ate.

    I suppose there must be some sort of cognitive dissonance for police when they are dropping “Outpatients” off at the hospital and they seem quite normal, and then in a matter of weeks sometimes, they are being called by families to come and shoot them because they are acting strange (asleep in their beds) and in possession of a knife. Without the drugs provided by mental health…. fairly normal, with the drugs….. nutjobs, window lickers or psychos (the three diagnoses which police have in their DSM It keeps it simple).

    Keep in mind my wife was using police to have me removed from my home (with a bait and switch) when her boyfriend was in town once the slander of “violent mental patient” had been applied….. she was kind of hoping they would kill me at that point, especially as I was trying to have something done about her offending. Police happy to fabricate the evidence to remove me (claiming I was drunk on sworn statements, which is absolutely absurd, but it seems forging for future uttering is highly effective for public officers), and assist in the building of a false narrative. Even using the court system to issue a “Violence Restraining Order” for the two weeks it took her to go through my documents and retrieve the ones the hospital wanted returned before sending the forgeries to the Law Centre. That means of denying me access to my property makes a mockery of the courts. Providing material assistance to corrupt public officers, and criminals.

    And like my wife discussing with the clinic psychologist the possibility of police shooting me as a result of ‘spiking’ me with date rape drugs and planting a weapon on me (their ‘referral’ method discussion), they may wish to roll the dice on their family members …. who will, after all not get the opportunity to explain to the Coroner that the weapon was actually placed on their person to justify police violence towards them for non compliance with instructions from a psychologist with a Masters degree no less. We call such weapons ‘throw downs’ in my State. And we call the date rape drugs your “Regular Medications” once the prescription for them has been forged. Clever of my wife and the psychologist to provide ‘ready mades’ (Marcel Duchamp) for police

    Bang, bang…. “put down the weapon” gets “edited” and becomes “Put down the weapon” bang, bang.

    Shot through the heart
    And you’re to blame
    Darlin’, you give love (and mental health services) a bad name

    The song that went through my head as I walked in front of a truck


  • I was thinking about what your saying about us all being made of the same ‘stuff’;

    The people who;

    Conspired to stupefy and commit an indictable offence, namely kidnapping

    Who put a date rape drug into my drink to stupefy/intoxicate

    Who lied to police and said I was an “Outpatient” of a hospital to procure their assistance in arbitrarily detaining someone they had no right to, and to cause an “acute stress reaction” to effectively torture

    Who planted a knife (and other items) on me when I collapsed for police to find and justify their violence towards me

    Who forged statutory declarations (sworn court testimony) with foresight for others to utter with

    Who neglected their duty of care towards me by not informing me I had been drugged without my knowledge

    Who forged a prescription to allow others to utter and attempt to pervert the course of justice

    Who unlawfully released my confidential medical records from a Private Clinic in breach of the Federal Privacy Act

    Who physically assaulted me in a locked ward because they knew I was outnumbered and had no mean of obtaining help

    Who denied me access to my own medical records (keep in mind these are MINE, and they are simply charged with protecting them) to conceal the offenses committed against me

    Who conspired to have me sign documents to enable them to compound or conceal criminal offences

    Who provided fraudulent documents to legal representatives to conceal these crimes, misconduct and human rights abuses

    Who obtained material assistance from said legal representatives who drafted a letter of complaint to the Chief Psychiatrist and then FORGED a response in his name, handing it back to me and throwing me under a bus for the State.

    Who attempted to have me attend the Emergency Dept and use the cover of the medical system to conceal an “unintended negative outcome”

    Who openly threatened to ‘fuking destroy’ me (and my family), and carried out that threat, for attempting to access the protection of the law

    Who committed acts of gross criminal negligence and dereliction of duty to enable to covering up of arbitrary detention and acts of torture.

    All this and more because?

    The were concerned that I might have the “potential for damage to reputation and meaningful relationships”

    I’d say that in a matter if a few hours these people have done more damage to our healthcare system, our justice system and the whole community for no other reason that their paranoid delusions and a manufactured ‘witch hunt’ caused by two seriously deranged people who got together and decided to use their power (or lack of it) to destroy someone who had rejected them both.

    I had refused to hand over the six figure compensation from my employer to the clinic psychologist for electric shock ‘treatments’, refused to accept the domestic violence of my wife in attempting to plunge a large carving knife into my heart as I lay on a couch in another room [confirmed by her to Police during my interrogation]. I note this was not documented, but the 20 cents damage to a photograph I had done was? ‘Spiking’ not documented on the statutory declaration, but my refusal to answer a question was? (an incriminating question, in front of police pointing weapons at you, drugged without your knowledge,, and denied access to legal representation or medical assistance before doing so? Think about that for a moment….. it subverts every judicial right you have to not self incriminate. Combine that with the ‘verballing’?)

    Take your pick, but I know who, in that narrative, is the danger to our community. And the failure to deal with the truth and the facts by those with a duty to ensure the safety of the community is possibly the biggest danger to us all…. because they move on to the next victim which may or may not be YOUR family.

    And if you stand and accept this sort of thing as being necessary to protect the community from the potentially mentally ill, don’t start complaining when they get bold enough to start ‘snuffing’ people for convenience…. they think your silence is your approval. Implied consent. You didn’t complain, and it’s not our fault if we didn’t provide you with the facts/truth…. that’s up to you to find out. And this is where the negligence of those with a duty is most effective…. like police when presented with the motive for deliberate harm…. “it might be best I don’t know about that”, and get the people who are trying to harm you to come and pick you up. Police handed one back to Jeffrey Dahmer too.

  • Inside every bad psychiatrist is a Garry Glitter trying to get out Birdsong 🙂

    Clarification; This is a play on the words spoken by the Colonel in Full Metal Jacket to Pte Joker for wearing a peace symbol, and “Born to Kill” on his helmet.
    “Pogue Colonel : Son, all I’ve ever asked of my marines is that they obey my orders as they would the word of God. We are here to help the Vietnamese, because inside every gook there is an American trying to get out. It’s a hardball world, son. We’ve gotta keep our heads until this peace craze blows over.”

    Shouldn’t be long now.

  • I was hoping more of a “Psychiatry Stuck on a Level Crossing” and was about to be hit by a High Speed Bullet Train. There’s a video I could put music to lol.

    I was so tempted to respond to a comment from someone suggesting that Veterans need to be “treated”, and wondered exactly what ‘treatment’ they were thinking about when they said it. I honestly think the ignorance about what that term means (or consists of) when speaking about “mental health” is possibly the biggest problem ‘we’ have. What sort of delusional visions are conjured up when people speak like this? Veterans floating on clouds in raptures of bliss? Playing with their children in the park whilst smiling about the absolute Utopia they find themselves in? A week in a locked facility and I think these people might come to understand why so many are topping themselves….. and it ain’t the PTSD. It’s vicious little controlling grubs the likes of the Operations Manager and her gaslighting colleagues.

  • The FOI Officer and the process were particularly helpful in revealing what the hospital administrators were and were not aware of.

    The concealment of the ‘spiking’ with date rape drugs was part of the original redactions, though once the FOI Officer had it pointed out that I was not anyone’s ‘patient’ and my wife was not my ‘carer’, and that her refusal to hand over my records was a criminal offence, then she did hand over that part of the documentation.

    What she didn’t hand over was the proof that the hospital was aware that I was NOT their “Outpatient” AND the involvement of the police. That little bit of information was of course something they wouldn’t want the public or anyone else being aware of……. that the Community Nurse (on the instructions of others) is calling police and lying to kidnap (arbitrarily detain) anyone in the community they want to.

    It’s a service police are providing gratis, and you know, the law tends to get in the way of allowing people to be tortured in such places, and you guys understand right? Police get something in return…. though you wouldn’t want to look at the success of the ‘treatments’ administered at the request of police. Unless of course you define success in a very loose kind of fashion. Euphemistically, in as much as the ‘delousing’ in Auschwitz was ‘effective’. Extra judicials started back on the very same day as I was tortured and kidnapped, with a fellow called Anwar al Awlaki, killed without trial with a Hellfire missile in Yemen. And it’s just getting worse by the day…… sheep see, the wolves can smell the fear.

    And our Politicians feel certain that the public would support these human rights abuses’ if only they could be told about them…. but they just don’t have a sophisticated knowledge of the issues.

    I got the forged prescription because the FOI Officer thought, as a result of the fraud, that I was the Private Clinic psychologists ‘patient’, and would therefore likely be taking some form of benzodiazepine. My wife encouraged her misunderstanding about me being a ‘patient’ of the psychologist (with a Masters degree no less) and had a meeting with her where they discussed what the FOI Officer required to continue to conspire to pervert the course of justice…… that was proof that I had a ‘treating psychiatrist’ or was a ‘patient’ of the psychologist. That required having me obtain a referral from a G.P. as the psychiatrist who owned the clinic refused to cover her crimes by forging such a referral….. so they tried a number of other avenues, and failed……. hence the need to have me attend the E.D. once I started approaching police with the proof.

    The FOI Officer did try and have me sign another document which would have at least got her off the hook (with a little bit of document “editing” after the fact), but I refused to sign even that.

    Why would I have to sign over my medical records to my wife, for her to provide them to me? Anyone? An explanation of that please? When you think about it, the FOI Officer could then claim that she had done her duty under the FOI Act, and that my wife had been the person who had done the “editing”(ie removed the documents showing the crimes)…seems fair in some ways. I mean she and the psychologist were the ones that dragged the hospital into this torture and kidnapping plot…. and well, she provided as much assistance as she could until she realised I wasn’t your average nut job she usually pushes to suicide with her ‘gaslighting’. This one documented her misconduct all the way along the trail…. and seemed to have a better understanding of the FOI Act (and the Corruption watchdog legislation) than she did.

    But they do like to feign incompetence, given that there were about 26 ‘mistakes’ by the FOI Officer which ALL had a negative effect on my cause of action. Whats the chances? Well, it’s 26 times 25 times 24 times 23 times………… it’s a number too big for my calculator. And then I find out that others have found the same sort of odds when they too had dealing with the same person….. and the State continues to support them? Looks like these ‘mistakes’ might not be ‘mistakes’ after all… especially when it means serious criminal offences and misconduct are going unreported. That’d be a crime.

    So yes, the FOI Officer was aware that the hospital was lying to police to do arbitrary detentions, and she was then concealing the documents showing those human rights abuses from people who made applications for their medical records (especially when they had legal representatives making application). And that was a real problem… how do you ask a lawyer to conspire to pervert the course of justice with you, without putting it in writing? They have a right to examine documents showing human rights abuses to enable the protection of those rights…… but we don’t want them looking at this particular one……. That conspiracy needed to occur at a much higher level…. The Minister and the Principle of the Law Centre…. the hospital exhausted in the crimes they had already engaged in…. the list of offences by this time, particularly long.

    And then we had the attempt to resolve those problems in the E.D. Of course the people doing that were led astray …… thinking the State might actually do their duty and hold someone to account… not realising how corrupt the government they were dealing with actually were. I mean, they weren’t going to allow them to kill me in the E.D….. that’d be a bit much…. but they would cover up the torture, kidnapping, release of medical records (as I said, it’s a long list) for them…. and the attempt to kill? Well, we all make mistakes, don’t be naughty like that without permission from the Minister okay?

    Now, how do we stop Boans from accessing legal representation over these human rights abuses? They were going to need the documents back, and the ‘assistance’ of his ‘legal representatives’ to throw him under a bus. He should think himself lucky we didn’t allow him to be killed first, before ensnaring the psychologist and her psychiatrist husband during their little bit of nasty.

    No wonder they up and ran as soon as I turned up in a Police station with the documents…, and police wanted to know “who else has got the documents?”…. because their gross criminal negligence was on display for all to see.

    Still is, If any of you would like to join the Baghdad Golf and Country Club. The place where it takes real balls to play.

  • I can see how people might be confused about the whole situation. That’s the point of scams…..

    The police jumped you in your bed Boans, that means they referred you to the Community Nurse after ‘patting you down’ and not finding the knife your wife planted on you after being instructed as to when to put it there. That is, when the Community Nurse informed her that police services had been procured.

    Police grabbed me and referred me to the Community Nurse….. gotta be all lawful right?

    Well, if police had made a referral to mental health services under s’ 195 of the Mental Health Act, they would need “reasonable grounds” to do so.

    What did they observe about my behaviour that would constitute “reasonable grounds”? I was collapsed in my bed as a result of being ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs, they woke me up at the point of a weapon, searched me and then told me there were some people that wished to speak to me in my dining room. They thought it was my Community Nurse as a result of …… a lie.

    Reasonable? Perhaps they arrested me for the knife they were told I was in possession of? Well, even then they would still need a reason for referring me for an assessment…. he said he was Jesus or something (he’s not a Christian? Doesn’t matter, no one ever checks our forgeries. The Chief Psychiatrist utters with them in response to complaints)….. but that isn’t what occurred.

    Here’s the kicker. Had the Community Nurse obtained a Police referral under s. 195 of the MHA, I feel certain he would have listed that fact in his documentation. So what is there in his documentation? Apart from the fact he was completing Forms for an “Outpatient” before he even left the hospital? Lets just skip the bit where you are given a diagnosis by a psychiatrist and become a ‘patient’, that will be sorted later…. for now, we want to remove your human rights and have you bashed so you will talk to us so we can help you.

    A call to police for assistance with an “Outpatient” of his hospital. “Job Number XXXXXX” Was he confused perhaps? Did he mistakenly think I was an “Outpatient” of his fine establishment, the Ariel Castro Memorial Hospital? No, the documents clearly show he was fully aware that I was NOT an “Outpatient”, and that what he was doing was criminal (I say this as a result of seeing the training manual from the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist for Authorised Mental Health Practitioners, where they are directed to s. 336 of the Criminal Code and the consequences for committing this particular offence).

    It does of course all appear to be lawful to his colleagues, a man delivered in a Police van would be assumed to be a “police referral”, as opposed to a man who had been ‘poisoned’ by his wife being delivered in an ambulance for a health check as a result of the poisoning.

    And quite clever in it’s simplicity, lie to police to create a false belief that someone with rights is an “Outpatient” with a weapon. Haha, surprise. It provides mental health services with kidnapping and torture capabilities. And Police will actively assist in their offending, even refusing to take the documented proof of it and making referrals back to the criminals.

    And the Minister says, once she has been informed that the legal narrative has been “edited” and your right to legal representation has been denied….. “You better get yourself a lawyer”. I had one Minister, and the hospital sent them fraudulent documents…. which you would be aware of…. though I get it that you think police got the other ones back before that was done. And will you try to ‘shoot the messenger’ for a second time, while others are all watching? And laughing at your exposed dereliction of duty

    Suspect on reasonable grounds that an offence carrying a prison term of more than 2 years should be reported immediately upon becoming aware, to the Corruption watchdog. Failure to do so is an offense And you had the documents I have in my possession in your hands? Suspect? It was patently obvious that the offenses occurred, and we know you didn’t report…. you said so in Parliament. That’s the thing about criminal cover ups, you had better make sure the proof of your offending isn’t still available as a result of police incompetence.

  • I think what is important to understand is that I asked my wife how on earth she had managed to have this done to me, and why she had told ‘them’ that I was a wife beater.

    “You just have to know what to tell them” was the response about how to have it done to someone.

    The key words in the Triage documents completed from her phone call are “Boans has been seeing a psychologist at XXX”

    This directed the hospital to call the psychologist at her day job. A couple of points about this. (1) they had deliberately made sure the hospital didn’t call the psychologist at the Private Clinic where she had taken my confidential medical records from. They knew there was no lawful way to refer me for an examination. (2) a psychologist with a Masters degree, NOT a doctor, had conspired with my wife to administer benzos without my knowledge KNOWING I had never taken such drugs. This was the use of these drugs to commit other more serious offenses. (3) it was the Private Clinic psychologist who started the slander about me being a wife beater to enflame the violence towards me by the police and mental health services. My wife stating that she had categorically not said any such thing. She may have lied to me about that, but given who it was doing the ‘verballing’ the clinic psychologist is the obvious instigator. (4) I was NOT a ‘patient’ of the Private Clinic, and had attended there to obtain a report from a psychiatrist for my lawyer in a compensation claim against my employer. That matter had been settled, and my ‘business’ with the clinic had ended.

    I was free to go as a citizen with full rights.

    And to conspire to procure the apprehension or detention of a person NOT suffering from a mental illness (as defined in the Mental Health Act) is a criminal offence. Did the Private Clinic psychologist know this? Ignorance is no excuse….. and believe me, given what she and her psychiatrist husband tried to arrange for me, they were fully aware these were crimes.

    The other point which is of significance in the Triage documents is the request for an “acute stress reaction”…. this is a ‘coded comment’. It makes my wife sound like my ‘carer’. This is how mental health professionals make a request for someone to be beaten by police. As you can see in the video, the man was suffering from such an “acute stress reaction” after police had detained him. He required treatment for his “observed behaviours” and was thus put into an induced coma for his mental illness, and NOT the beating by police.

    So my wife making such a statement to the mental health professionals would have sounded as though she had a “sophisticated knowledge of the system”. She was letting them know they would need to apply torture to have me speak, though it isn’t actually defined as torture as a result of the loophole in the Convention against the use of Torture…… Torture “does not include pain or suffering arising only from, inherent in or incidental to lawful sanctions.” That lawful sanction comes from the person being defined as ‘mental patient’ under the Mental Health Act. Citizen, it’s torture. Mental patient, it’s not….. “edit” the documents post hoc and like magic, torture becomes ‘treatment’.

    I say torture…. why?

    There are two DO NOTS associated with an “acute stress reaction” (which should be known by psychologists and public officers who have been trained in what does and does not constitute acts of torture)

    DO NOT prescribe benzodiazepines.

    DO NOT force the individual to talk

    Now, I got ‘spiked’ with benzodiazepines, had an “acute stress reaction” induced by police (at the request of someone who KNEW I had been ‘spiked’), and was then forced to talk to the Community Nurse at the point of a weapon so he could forge a document which made his kidnapping appear to be lawful.

    Article 1 of the Convention against the use of Torture?

    Sure you haven’t seen the documents I have, and I might be making this shit up….. but let me tell you the hospital concerned was absolutely vicious in what they tried to do to conceal these facts from public view. Their already bad reputation, and their ‘little arrangement’ with police in jeopardy.

    Now that I was in custody, the Senior Medical Officer could use the information he had obtained unlawfully from the Private Clinic psychologist to justify his arbitrary detention and torture…. concealing the ‘spiking’ with a forged prescription (making drugs I had never taken my “Regular Medications”), and thus concealing the torture by the Community Nurse (and police who also took a turn interrogating me without informing me of my rights, or that I had been ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs). He also took the information he had received unlawfully from the Private Clinic psychologist and presented it as his “Provisional Diagnosis” (a plagiarist), thus concealing that crime from view. It creates the appearance that his actions were justified because I was a ‘mental patient’…… any problems can now be sorted out via slander, uttering with forged documents and forced treatments.

    Disgusting to think that what is defined as torture becomes treatment by calling the victim a patient huh? But it does explain why your search for help has resulted in the damage you describe.

    Though I guess the same is true of a cardiologist who decides to open up someone’s chest in an alley way, and forge the consent to operate when there is an “unintended negative outcome”. It’s no longer murder when the ‘patient’ dies from complications with the surgery. We might consider him a butcher, but the matter gets referred to the AMA and not police, who would find “insufficient evidence” as a result of not taking documents they know are usually forgeries. They are aware of what “editing” means, in as much as they know what a request for an “acute stress reaction” is. Hence they will arrest and refer you for treatment should you turn up in a police station with documented proof of crimes committed by mental health services.

    Who would have thought we would get to a point where doctors can have women they have never met restrained in the street by police to do emergency breast examinations without consent? Their anosognosia justifying the procedure. Anybody else it’d be called sexual assault. “edit” = “patient” = referral.

  • Yes, you get the picture Lori.

    And the point I’d like to make is that the way police are being used to cause “acute stress reactions” in citizens by ‘mental health professionals’.

    I’ve no idea if this man was a “patient” or not. he may have had a ‘treating psychiatrist’ and would therefore constitute by definition of the Mental Health Act a “mental patient”. This would justify the ‘treatment’ and make it all perfectly lawful.

    In fact, the standard of “personal observation” within the last 48 hours would definitely have been met, so a call to police to detain would have been fine. In my situation, the Private Clinic psychologist hadn’t seen me for nearly a month, which makes referral unlawful. Though I understand why they might want to be able to make referrals twenty, thirty years after seeing their ‘client’. Imagine, speak to a psychologist once at school, and be referred by them when your 80 years old? There is a protection in the law (Time limit on Referral of 48 hours after personal observation) against such abuse of position.

    But consider, in my situation I was NOT an “Outpatient” of the hospital concerned ( I had no ‘treating psychiatrist’, so such a call was a criminal offense), but they called the Police and requested their “assistance” with an “Outpatient” when they also knew I had been ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs and was about to have a knife planted on me to justify the use of violence by police…… why would they want police to be violent towards me? Because they KNEW I would refuse to speak to a Community Nurse, and therefore could not be “verballed”. Such actions constitute acts of State sanctioned torture. See Article 1 of the Convention against the use of Torture.

    It’s State sanctioned torture disguised as ‘mental health care’.

    The man in the video? Well, yes, he was placed into an “induced coma”, something which was planned for me to ensure that my ability to make a complaint was limited. I’m certain there are others here who have received the same sort of ‘treatment’ (commonly referred to an ‘snow jobs’). It’s quite a disadvantage to be dribbling on the floor of a cell for weeks on end, with people calling your “observed behaviour” (see the letter from the Chief Psychiatrist stating that the “justifiable explanation” offered that it is the drugs causing the behaviour does not mean that the person is not mentally ill and requires ‘treatment’ with the drugs causing the problem) a mental illness

    The hospital is now in a position to manufacture a legal narrative they would prefer (“editing” is what they call this forge and uttering), in case lets say, the man wasn’t actually a mental patient…. and had not been admitted and was therefore actually free to leave the hospital of his own volition? But once they forge the documents they require for others to utter with. I assume the same is true of the Euthanasia Act, and in fact we know this is the case with a doctor asked to back date a death certificate, for a nurse to utter with. It was always going to be the case in a system where “editing” is the solution to their misconduct….

    In that situation (man was NOT a “patient”) Police would be in a position to be charged with assault, unless of course the forged documents meant that the man was a “patient”, in which case……. And there is the ‘good faith defense’ if they were unaware they had been lied to about the mans status. In that case they should pursue charges against the person who created the false belief….. except they don’t want to because they have an arrangement where they are torturing people with them.

    And the mans lawyer? Best he accepts the forged documents and does exactly what he is told….. because otherwise they will make HIM into an “outpatient” and he will be ‘treated’ for his “hallucinations” as a result of a Police referral. Which just happens to be the very same drugs that put the other man into an “induced coma”.

    Lawyer? Noooooo he’s a ‘mental patient’, and can no longer practice law. I’d be seeing a dentist if I were you.

    So, the hospital is in a position where they can arrange to have citizens ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs (to be concealed with a forged prescription after the citizen is converted to patient), plant a weapon on them when they collapse from the drugs, and then set police on them to ‘treat’ them in this manner to ensure their compliance in opening their mouths to ‘confess’ to the mental illness they are about to be diagnosed with? Any complaining and they are laid out with a ‘chemical kosh’, and slandered with labels, their personal confidential medical records released in a manner to character assassinate………. and my State authorities can’t see why i’m trying to make a complaint?

    What really amazes me is that there isn’t a soul who will stand alongside me and also say ‘This isn’t right’. They’re more than happy with the situation, and in fact have examined the facts and forged a false legal narrative to cover up the truth. And exposing that means ……… further concealment because of the way these ‘methods’ enable acts of State sanctioned arbitrary detention and torture. We couldn’t possibly have the public aware that this is how well ‘protected’ they are from rogue public officers, using known torture methods and concealing it by slandering their victims as ‘mental patients’.

    Police provide mental health with the questions, and they ‘treat’ and then ‘dispose’ of the victims once they get the answers they wish to hear.

    Confidentiality? None of it, in fact I KNOW that a psychologist I was speaking to was asking questions for police when they were concerned about “Who else has the documents?” proving what I am alleging.

    Confidential informant is the claim……. if I were allowed access to a legal representative, i’d ask about how lawful such a breach of trust and confidence actually was…. but I’m being denied legal representation as a direct result of the State not liking the facts/truth.

    It really is what Franz Fanon called an “elegant method of overcoming ‘resistance'”. A fancy way of saying torture. The problem for me was this was done solely because I had a disagreement with my in laws…. seems a bit of an over reaction until you look a little closer at the motives of the conspirators (my wife and the Private Clinic psychologist)….. THEN and only then does it make perfect sense. What would be exposed had anyone taken the time to look? (and someone did, or they wouldn’t have been rudely interrupted in the E.D.)

    The path all the way to the attempt to murder me in the E.D. littered with offending and public sector misconduct. A Prof. saying to me after identifying the cover up “These things tend to get a little out of hand”…… and the State prefers that the complainants are dead so…… gross criminal negligence is the solution. Another “unintended negative outcome” which hardly surprises the community given the complete failure of mental health services. They are highly effective at “editing” legal narratives though, it’s a shame that doesn’t transfer into what they describe as being ‘care’.

  • I just had to share this with the people at MiA.

    One of my friends told me about a powerful lesson in her daughter’s school class recently. They’re learning about the Salem Witch Trials, and their teacher told them they were going to play a game.
    “I’m going to come around and whisper to each of you whether you’re a witch or a regular person. Your goal is to build the largest group possible that does NOT have a witch in it. At the end, any group found to include a witch gets a failing grade.”
    The teens dove into grilling each other. One fairly large group formed, but most of the students broke into small, exclusive groups, turning away anyone they thought gave off even a hint of guilt.
    “Okay,” the teacher said. “You’ve got your groups. Time to find out which ones fail. All witches, please raise your hands.”
    No one raised a hand.
    The kids were confused and told the teacher he’d messed up the game. “Did I? Was anyone in Salem an actual witch? Or did everyone just believe what they’d been told?”
    And that is how you teach kids how easy it is to divide a community.
    Shunning, scapegoating and dividing destroys far more than they protect. There’s plenty of it going around.
    Do not allow the ruling elite to divide and destroy us. We must remain united against those who would do so.!!

    Now, next week the teacher is going to come around and whisper to each student that they’re either a ‘normal’ of a ‘mental patient’ and it’s up to each group to find ways of disposing of the mental patients in the class. Lets watch their paranoid delusions run riot. The clinical gaze huh?

  • “road warriors for mental health”

    Now we’re talking. Not like those big talking small fries (“Death on Two Legs” by Queen) at the Mental Health Law Centre who claim to be ‘advocates’, and all the while are conspiring with the State to throw their victims under a bus or knife them in the back? Or those people who talk about how the Germans would never have gotten away with what they did had they been present when the National Socialist’s took control of the State apparatus?

    Someone who will roll with the blows despite the odds being against them?


    Like this guy. Not gunna let them hold him back, a true ‘road warrior’

    Mind you, I do think there is something to be said about Colonel Giap of the Vietnamese Peoples Army, who, when asked how he was going to defeat the might of the American military said “We are not going to fight in the American way, we will fight in the Vietnamese way”. And didn’t he bring them to their knees?

    They can’t slaughter the truth in the Emergency Dept, only the people speaking it.

  • Good news though.

    Now that COVID has set our hospitals up for dealing with a lot of bodies, would it really matter what the cause of the bodies being presented to the hospital was? I think the timing of the Mayor of New York could be considered ‘impeccable’….. how many are we talking about ‘treating’? 60, 000? Lets get them ‘processed’ and take the flak from those bleeding heart small l liberals………. always room for a few more with a bit of document “editing”. Especially now we are aware that the public will make little if any noise about their rights being violated. Covid has certainly shown our ‘elected representatives’ how far they can go in their use of force. The sheep are ready to be taken to the ‘combing facility’.

    Our Chief Psychiatrist claims that any reasons provided for “observed behaviours” are simply “justifiable explanations”. Consider that with the video of police ‘helping’ the man in my above comment (mental health professionals euphemistically call this police ‘assistance’ with an “acute stress reaction”. It ensures the continuing compliance of the “Outpatients”) .

    I’m sure the documents can be forged and the legal narrative “edited” while he is in an induced coma for his “observed behaviours” which constitute a mental illness. He wasn’t an “Outpatient”, but as with my documents, he can be made into one who has been their “outpatient” for more than ten years with “editing”, and police aren’t exactly going to assist a ‘verballed’ mental patient with access to the law. And nor is their lawyer if they value the safety of their family.

    These ‘political police’ aren’t seen at the desk of your local police station though. They try and remain invisible, as did the Shutzstaffel, only issuing orders through the system, such as ‘flagging’ political problems on the police system to have the victims referred immediately to mental health for ‘treatment’ (and human rights removal) should they turn up in a Police Station….. Hi Superintendent.

    The Minister suggesting there are “some concerning aspects to the arrest”, though not enough to justify the mans “observed behaviours”?

  • Thinking through the plan, I can’t help but see the way in which Police are going to be forcing these people into a corner, and someone with the stomach for what needs to be done, will eventually come across the solution preferred by the people causing the block.

    What do we do with the ones that are worth nothing to us? Well, not for me to suggest but ….. no one is watching.

    In fact our Chief Psychiatrist considers every single person in our State to be an “Outpatient”, and this saves having to worry about the laws protecting “civil liberties”, and people can simply be drugged without their knowledge with date rape drugs (concealed with forged documents) snatched out of their beds and delivered by police to ‘facilities’ for ‘treatment’ (for the injuries sustained during the struggle to ‘coerce ‘ them into ‘treatment’)


    You Americans should be ashamed, when we in Australia have found means of getting people the ‘help’ they require.

    Of course the letter I have from the Chief Psychiatrist was actually forged and uttered with by the Law Centre which provides the smoke screen for the States human rights abuses. They work with their ‘clients’ until the legal narrative has been appropriately “edited”, and then throw them under the bus. By denying “Outpatients” access to legal representation, nothing can ever be done about the types of ‘care’ provided by our Police or ‘mental health professionals’.

    You see, by ensuring that the narrative is “edited”, even when the Chief Psychiatrist is presented with a copy of the letter forged by the Law Centre with his name on it, he can’t even admit the truth then. He must ‘play along’ with the forged documents because to not do so would expose his colleagues to accountability….. something which is a definite no no. The system is set up to ensure only one outcome, nothing to see here…. and the forging of documents to ensure those outcomes can and will be retrieved by police, once they are identified by ‘your’ ‘legal representative’. I mean what better example of forge and utter than this prescription I have here for date rape drugs administered without my knowledge, which became my “Regular Medications” after the fact when a doctor I had never met forged a prescription to conceal the offending? Conspiring to pervert the course of justice is a serious offense, unless Police will get back the proof of the crime for you by viciously attacking your victim, and then referring them back to you for ‘treatment’?

    So the problem in my instance was that I could demonstrate the arbitrary detention and torture, and the State thought they had retrieved the documents demonstrating what I am alleging before handing me the forged letter of response from the Chief Psychiatrist…., so now I had the forged prescription for the ‘spiking’ with date rape drugs, the proof that I was NOT an “Outpatient” of the hospital that called police for ‘assistance’ in causing an “acute stress reaction”, AND the documented proof that the Law Centre had forged a letter purporting to be from the Chief Psychiatrist after pretending to provide me with ‘legal representation’ until they were sure I no longer had the documented proof of the original offending.

    At that point my ‘legal representatives’ could hand me the forged letter of response, claim they no longer had the ‘resources’ to assist me, and that they had not read the bizarre letter from the Chief Psychiatrist…….The Minister conspiring with the Law Centre to pervert the course of justice could intercept any complaint, and feel quite comfortable in the fact she was aware I no longer had the documented proof………

    But what if………? SPLAT. Faeces meet oscillating rotational device used for causing air movement. And police desperate to retrieve the documents after I had been circulating them for nearly two years……..threatening peoples families, stealing my laptop to find out who I had been communicating with………

    Didn’t the National Socialists appropriate the Police in some such manner? Use them as their own personal thugs, rather than upholders of the law? I was most certainly ‘flagged’ on the system for immediate referral should I try and make a complaint to police.

    That fact was tested, and they failed to effect the referral, and were forced to not accept the documented proof from me, while they arranged an ‘alternative solution’. They also needed to silence the two witnesses to that attempt to refer as a result of trying to access the protection of the law (using forged documents to maintain a preferred lie quite effective with the slander distributed by the Operations Manager), given they were concerned about who else had viewed the documents showing their corrupt misconduct. And it wasn’t just me watching as police went about working with organised criminals to conceal torture and kidnapping….. and the other little bit of nasty that failed in the E.D. Having the ‘throw’ it over to the Corruption watchdog as a means to ensure their ‘integrity’. Nothing like doing your duty, when doing your duty doesn’t matter anymore….

    Absolutely disgraceful that lawyers are acting against their clients to conceal human rights abuses whilst conspiring with the State ‘authorities’. I don’t know how many people have died, and been physically and psychologically harmed as a result of this conduct, but I have no doubt that it has occurred. Though I admit, they need ‘work arounds’ because not being able to arbitrarily detain and torture people makes the job difficult (They will take their oaths as a cover……. and sign agreements such as the Convention against the use of Torture KNOWING they will exploit the trust that comes with such agreements).

    To the Chief Psychiatrist whose ‘letter’ has been circulated far and wide…… I’m sorry that these people used your name to conceal their offending from public view. You and I are both victims of these criminals….. and yet you remain silent about their crimes because it might mean holding people who torture, kidnap and attempt to murder accountable? I suppose when you think about it, our prisons are full of aboriginals who committed such serious offences as shoplifting a packet of coloring pencils from Piggly Wiggly (mandatory sentencing laws). Holding these career criminals operating in the ‘public service’ accountable really would create some problems for the State huh Mein Fuhrer?

    What has intrigued me has been the lack of interest from lawyers about not only how the “editing” has been done with documents forged for the specific purpose of concealing human rights abuse, but the escalation of the matters to the Minister engaging in such criminal conspiring to ensure that the preferred outcome of me dead and the hospital claiming they tried so hard to help me was the story coming out of their filthy corrupt mouths. Maybe it’s so rampant they don’t even need to look? And no one even bothered to check what I was alleging because ………. just following orders.

  • You’d have to admit, these ‘mental health professions’ are getting pretty desperate when they are forging their own ‘miracles’.

    Waterboarding will be offered at Lourdes from the 30th of this month.

    Science worshippers model

    Formulate or plagarise a hypothesis
    Construct a model based on preconceived ideas
    Find data that agrees with model
    Discard data that does not align with model

  • They are good examples…… and show that there are two sides to every story…. the real one, and the “edited” version forged by mental health professionals lol. Mine was as a result of a disagreement with my in laws, which makes the need for arbitrary detention and torture seem all the more unnecessary….. but, straight for the jugular when your desensitized to and human rights…… as you would expect from a shock Docs wife. (I often wonder about the fear she must live in, knowing if she blows the whistle on his domestic violence what she will receive in return…. right this way)

    Steve writes;

    “So if you ask a forcibly incarcerated person in a “mental” ward if they were OK with being detained, the smart ones will say, “Oh, yes, BLESS you, I’m SOOO lucky you put me in here, I’m SOOO much better now, can you please unlock the door and let me go home?””

    Not me. My response was to suggest to the nurse that he take the benzos and use them as suppositories. The psychiatrist turned out to be a decent bloke, though I did suggest to him that should I need the services of a psychiatrist I knew one (though keep in mind they were avoiding asking me about whether I was actually being treated by that psychiatrist because that would mean they were aware of the crimes they had committed by lying to police. Ie that I was NOT an “Outpatient” and therefore did not meet the criteria set out in the Act for assessment).

    My comments about the filthy state of the facility, and my ‘property OHS inspection’ were not taken into consideration I don’t believe. A little tip, the water cooler was causing people to receive electric shocks (a short in the wiring I believe, quite dangerous, but the staff didn’t use that cooler in the smoking cage). Barrels of laughs watching people get zapped and then ‘restrained and injected’ for kicking the cooler. Covert ECTs? A bit like their ‘spiking’ people who would refuse their intoxicants?

  • They did when someone hacked into Medibank insurance system and released 9 million peoples confidential medical records. The consequences for those people are not likely to ever be recognised, though I feel certain that there will be many abused as a result of the mental health issues being common knowledge. Some not even aware they were being ‘treated’ for such issues……. mainly due to it being a means to extract money from the insurance company. ‘Tacking on’ a few billing codes the consumer wasn’t aware of?

    I got to thinking about how many religions actually torture, maim and kill their adherents and that sort of thing hasn’t really happened for quite some time in Western cultures. I know many on this site talk about Scientology being a ‘dangerous’ cult…… but when you line it up alongside psychiatry? I don’t see police tracking down people who try to leave and beating them senseless before returning them to their ‘church’. And personally i’d be happy to wear the smear that goes with the label compared with the stench that is associated with any of the ‘mental health’ slanders. Lose your job for being a Scientologist? Lose your family? Lose your human rights?

    You have to go back a long way in history to find any sort of religion that could and did do the sort of damage that psychiatry does.

    Thanks for your concern about me Birdsong…..good news is that it’s what I’ve been through. There are those still trapped in that Hell they wrongly call ‘medicine’.

  • Hi Birdsong.

    “Once upon a time, the only means to absolution were to “confess one’s sins” to church officials. Nowadays people are compelled to confide in people they don’t trust, claim diagnoses they don’t agree with, and take psychiatric “medications” they don’t want.”

    What better way to obtain confessions? The exploitation of trust…….. consider the eavesdropper on the ‘confessional’.

    I was shocked to find that the psychologist I had trusted was asking questions for the police to find out “Who else has got the documents”…. to enable them to conceal their misconduct. I mean, I get it now, understanding what it was they were trying to conceal …… wouldn’t want people knowing their methods of torturing citizens and then handing them over to mental health for ‘snowing’. The Chief Psychiatrist explaining that it doesn’t matter what caused the “observed behaviour”, just that it was observed. People who have been tortured tend to behave in irrational manners……. and they can then be silenced and ‘treated’…. because they ALWAYS confess.

    They are only compelled when they refuse to be coerced though.

    My refusal to speak to a ‘mental health professional’, it was claimed, justified the use of arbitrary detention and torture to get me the help I didn’t need for an illness I didn’t have….. I mean a disagreement with my in laws? Really?

    ‘He won’t talk to a psychologist, so maybe we ‘spike’ him with date rape drugs and have police rough him up a bit and point weapons at him? It’d be okay if he was an “Outpatient” because people will attribute the resulting trauma to the ‘illness’……. lets just lie….. the ends justify the means right?’

    The claim is that the information you share with these people is “confidential”. I know that information that I had provided to a Social Worker 10 years before was unlawfully released by the hospital in a manner to slander and cause me no end of character damage. The idea of obtaining ‘legal representation’ against these organised criminals acting as public officers a joke….. their families wouldn’t be safe.

    They are lying when they claim that what you say is in confidence. Whilst the Social Worker may have maintained the confidence, the documents she completed were then used by the hospital as a means to breach that ‘agreement’. I have little doubt that the Operations Manager smiled thinking that the unlawful release of that information (the Law Centre requested specific documents relating to my detention on a specific date…. not anything the hospital could use to slander with from old files) would push me to suicide….. and she is looking after YOUR loved ones?

    They are worse than the Police in that regard. At least Police warn you that anything you say can be used as evidence…. Mental health services will document your ‘issues’ and have little accidents with your documents …… sorry to tell people who may have shared very personal details with these frauds but …… they are backbiting gossips who will actively elicit information which they can use to “fuking destroy” you and your family, should the need arise. And given the levels of gross criminal negligence I have personally witnessed, that would be quite often.

    “Trust in haste, regret at leisure”

    I have a question. When did our ‘elected representatives’ declare war on the public that elects them?

  • Hi again Gina, you write;

    “People don’t believe our stories because they are too over the top with too many true horrifying details. Frankly, without my own story, I would definitely be inclined to disbelieve yours.”

    I find it amazing that they don’t believe, but refuse to examine the documented facts. I’m not even asking that I be believed……

    Let me stick my neck out here. The documents provided to my ‘legal representatives’ were forged and then uttered with by the hospital administrators.

    Thinking that my wife, with assistance from police, had retrieved the documents showing that these documents had been forged, the Law Centre, at the instructions of the Minister, then drafted a letter of complaint to the Chief Psychiatrist, and then forged a letter of response and handed that letter on to me. Claiming that they did not have the time to read it, which was lucky because the Chief Psychiatrist looks like an absolute plank rewriting the law to enable arbitrary detentions and torture…… but minus the proof that the documents were forged the matter was going nowhere.

    However, I still had the documents not realising what the hospital meant by “editing” AND didn’t realise that the Law Centre was checking to see that I no longer had the documented proof of the ‘spiking’ and the lie to police about me being their “Outpatient”, before they uttered with the forged letter of response from the Chief Psychiatrist.

    My avenue of complaint took me straight to the Minister for Mental Health (also the Leader of the Upper House). Assuming that I no longer had the documented proof, she was more than happy to validate the letter she KNEW was forged by the Law Centre………. and then Boans drops a brick on her toe…… I’ve still got the documents showing the forging of the Forms AND the letter from the Chief Psychiatrist.

    Your right, it does sound “too over the top”, and if what I am alleging is true, it might confirm my allegations about how the State intended to resolve their problem, while they got the paperwork in order.

    So what happens in such situations? Do we go with the claim of the Minister that “you can’t listen to them, they’re mental patients”? Or do we check how they obtained the status of “Outpatient” before dismissing any and all allegations?

    It seems to me that it’s a fairly simple check to make…… was I or wasn’t I an “Outpatient” at the time when the Community Nurse called police for assistance with one of his hospitals outpatients? The unredacted documents confirm 100% that I was NOT an Outpatient, it was a lie told in the commission of a number of offenses…….. and this then starts the dominoes falling.

    So, did they try and murder me in the E.D.? When you can “edit” documents and forge and utter to that sort of level, you would have to believe that snuffing a few complainants in the E.D. to maintain your ‘honor’ would not be an issue…… you just need someone with the stomach for the job….. and the ability to claim they were just following orders……

    So the problem becomes one of while the claims do seem to be ‘over the top’, no one will examine the documented facts because they do not wish to confirm the truth, and prefer to live in the bubble of forged documents and denying reality…. which, when police are threatening and intimidating the families of witnesses is understandable…… just following orders.

    Good news is I know that there are others who had the courage to look, and who are now aware that what I am alleging is the truth….. what they have done with that truth is another matter. Josef Hartinger was told to drop the matters at Dachau, and he did….. and we know where that ended up. The killings stopped while the National Socialist’s passed laws making it lawful to kill people for their ‘potential’ for damage to the State…. and away they went. Just following orders.

    I mean, when the Minister and Leader of the Upper House is conspiring with criminals to conceal such serious offenses, and has the resources of the Police available to ensure that the law is obstructed and perverted? Who’d have thought I had a chance right? The biggest problem for the Minister…… the mandatory reporting of suspected misconduct to the Corruption watchdog…. but why would you report when you had concealed the misconduct? Woops, what do you mean he still has the documents? Not only did they ‘suspect’, they actively commissioned offenses to conceal corruption.

    And now, realising how my government is dealing with the internal corruption by allowing the use of the Mental Health Act to silence victims of State sanctioned arbitrary detentions and torture, and watching as they pass a Euthanasia Act which will allow the “editing” (forge and utter) of legal narrative to subvert the protections afforded the community by the law? There has already been one guy sent to the morgue before he was even declared dead….a doctor was asked to backdate a death certificate lol. Forge and utter with documents to subvert the protections of the Euthanasia Act? They are becoming quite bold with their “editing” and confidence in carte blanche and zero accountability model enabled by the State.

    I’d simply prefer to have my property returned and to leave this shithole. Such hypocrisy, and even when the truth is there to see, they turn their backs and pray that it isn’t their families next.

    I still have the email from the Minister stating that the rewriting of the protections afforded the community by the law was “not a misrepresentation”. Validating the letter that is a demonstrable forgery from the Law Centre. (it took a Prof. one reading of the letter to state “This is rubbish. This is a cover up”. Bingo, glad you noticed.) And at the time of writing, she was fully aware that the letter had been forged by the Law Centre….. for a little increase in their State funding….. never to be connected to the ‘arrangement’ they had to throw their ‘clients’ with legitimate claims of human rights abuses under a bus by not being ‘over zealous’ and demanding the documents they had a right to examine.

    How many dead? Someone kept count, though I feel certain the documents will be “edited” for public consumption.

    ‘God loves not that evil should be voiced abroad EXCEPT where an injustice has been done’. That’s where my protection comes from.

  • Too true Gina.

    I don’t think ‘Australia’ knows how much is actually being discussed behind ‘it’s’ back.

    Other Nations no doubt find the ease of use of their institutionalised arbitrary detention and torture system alluring. In fact, I have met once such victim. He managed to escape with his life…. which I think is the preferred option of the people doing this…… they’re not all insane and want to slaughter people unnecessarily. Some of them ‘don’t have the stomach for it’.

    I think one advantage is that it is good to know exactly what the government will cover up. This it seems is common knowledge among certain ‘professionals’. A call to the police to have them obstruct justice while ‘alternative arrangements’ can be made…… the problem in my instance ? Someone spotted the signs. (which was fairly easy when you realise what my wife was aware of……. the clinic psychologist trying to have her deceive the hospital, and the hospital trying to get her to deceive me. Killing me the only real option once I started going to Police with the documented proof of the crimes…. no hard feelings. I just prefer a fair fight. And we got one in the end.

    What I do find confusing is that once the ‘authorities’ took a look and realised what had been done, then they actually did what they should have done in the first instance….. that is, provide me with the documents I had a right to. It took me some time to unravel what had been done and by whom. There were people who could have assisted with that but ……. they are providing assistance to the criminals with whom they have an agreement to ensure no accountability using our ‘legal system’.

    Not to say there weren’t consequences. But it couldn’t look like the police were just snatching people from their beds and taking them to a hospital to be ‘outcomed’. And there was a need for more than forged documents to be used as justification for their ‘outcoming’….. like confessions. Not too difficult when you have the likes of the Community Nurse who follows orders and enjoys the abuses he is charged with by his superiors…… and he is ‘just following orders’.

    I think when he thought I was there to kill him, he was more than compliant with the ‘authorities’ in providing them with the information they needed to follow through and unravel the mystery.

    Imagine….. Feds going to him and letting him know there was a plot to kill him, and if you just tell us why this guy has a grudge against you……. we can help you.

    ‘Okay, I forged some documents and lied to police to have him detained unlawfully, but honest, I was just following orders………’

    The “elegant method of overcoming ‘resistance'” (Franz Fanon)

    He ‘coughed’. And ‘we’ know who he ‘coughed’ on. The Senior Medical Officer (and his co conspirators), AND the Senior FOI Officer (and her co conspirators)……. and I feel sure none of them knew anything about the plot to murder as a direct result of their criminal misconduct….. we were all just following orders, and doing what ‘mental health services’ do….. that is ‘fuking destroy’ people and their families for attempting to access the protections of the law.

    I guess the fact that this can be done, and the people doing it are aware that it can be done to them, is the biggest fear they have. Like the doctor who was rudely interrupted in the E.D. ….. they have to maintain a ‘dual’ reality…… ‘do they know I was in the middle of killing someone?’……. ‘or was it just a coincidence?…… and how do I communicate this to my ‘colleague’ who requested the ‘outcoming’ for a box of beer? ‘They’ might be listening’…….

    I think drugs may assist in such situations. Luckily these people in such important roles are not drug tested regularly (though our waiters will not be employed without a drug test)…. and in fact one neurosurgeon was found to have been taking $40,000 worth of cocaine in a night (not on his own, the two hookers he was with sharing the drugs with him, one dying and he fleeing to escape any liability issues,….. and he had work the next day [4 Corners Episode “In Their Hands”])

    They’re only human, and there are no mechanisms to do anything about such mischief…. the doctor concerned walked across the street to another hospital and was working the same day….. and the AMA had to provide him with assistance….. rather than see that he never harmed another person again.

    I like to think of it as a market with lots of opportunities. Imagine targeting a Private Clinic where people are receiving large amounts of compensation. Once they have been ‘released’ by their lawyers, a clever psychologist might find a means to have the person ‘involuntarily detained’ and ‘referred’ to her shock Doc husband? Who could find ‘illnesses’ that needed ‘treating’ until the money runs out?

    Yeah, yeah….. heard it before “They wouldn’t do that”…. and taking the documented proof they are doing that to Police means you will be ‘referred’ and ‘treated’ until they aren’t doing that…. it’s a little ‘arrangement’ they have. The benefit to police in getting answers to questions the ‘patient’ may withhold minus injections of the ‘burning flesh’ or electricity make the quid pro quo well worth the efforts (and small risk of the ‘authorities’ doing anything about it).

    I was interested in the difference in the U.S. regarding police corruption when watching Betraying the Badge. Your FBI it seems actually investigate police corruption and prosecute corrupt police? Wow, not where I live….. more ‘arrangements’ t maintain the illusion of honor and integrity……..

    Care to see the response of our Corruption watchdog to my initial complaint? Perhaps they couldn’t see the significance of the documents? Or perhaps another window of opportunity for the Police and ‘mental health services’ to sort their little problem out before anyone had to do something?

    “People don’t beleive our stories because they are too over the top with too many true horrifying details. Frankly, without my own story, I would definitely be inclined to disbelieve yours.”

    And had we escaped from Dachau and told people what was being done in that ‘facility’? I think we would have gotten the very same response Gina. And yet it is so obvious that the ‘system’ is open to these types of abuses……. in fact, the laws making it criminal are designed for that very purpose (Procure the apprehension or detention of a person not suffering from a mental illness [as defined in s. 4 of the MHA] Penalty 3 years prison).

    It’s just such a shame that Police will deny access to the protection of the law for criminals while they kill anyone who tries to complain. It does howvere explain why there are never any complaints about arbitrary detentions and torture getting through to the U.N. (despite the ratifying of the Convention and Optional Protocol)….. they are “editing” the legal narrative, and killing the complainants (okay, “unintentionally negatively outcoming” them. The new Euthanasia laws means they are now actively “assisting’ with their care…. Josef Hartinger caused the same changes for the National Socialist’s) with the assistance of their own ‘legal representatives’ (acting as ‘informants’ to the State).

    The Euthanasia laws are written to ensure that no numbers are kept. I would assume that a government “totally obsessed with secrecy” would do the very same with the amount of ‘referrals’ being done by police of ‘inconvenient truths’ and victims of misconduct. They have dismantled systems which allowed us to know that one doctor was prescribing ADHD drugs to more than 2000 ‘patients’ in one calendar year. What we don’t know, can’t hurt us. Particularly true of the human rights abuses being committed against children incarcerated in some of our ‘facilities’….. I’ve no doubt more will be heard about this in time, the truth is gradually emerging.

    How ironic that the State is subjecting these kids to abuses worse than the abuse they were subjected to in the homes they were removed from by the State.

  • Our city was covered in smoke two days ago….. and someone suggested that it was a result of the BBQ they were having in Hell to greet Cardinal George Pell.

    Interesting that when the Church wanted to protect ‘itself’ they found ways and means of ensuring that KNOWN victims of abuse by clergy were denied access to compensation (the Catholic Church has no money, ergo any attempt to be compensated will fail. The “Ellis Defense”. I can explain the psychiatric equivalent should anyone be interested. Ensure no avenue for cause of action…… easy and cheap.) and the way such abuses were viewed by the Church ….. child rape was not considered a crime, but a “character flaw” to be dealt with ‘internally’ (ie your going to have to move to another town Father. We’ll deal with the rest.)

    I think psychiatry (and psychiatrists) are beneficiaries of the same sort of system……. where they define how their abuses will be viewed by the community, and the worst that can happen is that they might have to move town (see Dr Selwyn Leeks for example). On the whole doctors and ‘mental health services’ can do the cleaning up after the death of individuals in much the same way the Church would send the Local Priest to the home of a child who had hanged himself, and there were concerns about whether he had left a suicide note naming his abuser……. “edit” legal narrative, all clear? ……. Off they go for police to make it look official. 300 victims later and everyone is denying any knowledge of anything.

    The one difference I can see though is that the Catholic Church can’t arrange to have me drugged without my knowledge, and have police point weapons at me to make me get down on my knees before a Catholic Priest…… Oh wait, they DID. The Senior Medical Officer was also a Catholic Priest, used to forging prescriptions for covertly administered date rape drugs and forcing people to remove their clothing while he inserted objects into their mouths or anus when consent had been expressly denied. He had just found a means to make it appear lawful….. called the Mental Health Act. And whilst it isn’t lawful, they found ways of “editing” the documents post hoc to make it look that way….. and police could refuse to perform their duty……. Nothing new under the sun huh?

    And what better place to intercept people who have legitimate complaints about being abused in the Church? A Minister/psychiatrist combo……… ‘taking them out’ (“You can’t listen to them, they’re mental patients” Minister for Mental Health in Parliament) before they even see the light of day, and with legal representatives who forge letters from the Chief Psychiatrist, they have it all wrapped up. The State find no reason for public interest, and what they don’t know can’t hurt them……. chemical imbalances, same same.

    So I agree with Ron Ungers comment above…… except the abusers have found ways of entering the mental health system to facilitate their abuses. Ergo, Catholic Priest becomes Senior Medical Officer……….. role confusion, and he abuses until the victims start to add up and the legal narratives can no longer be “edited” when the FOI Officer knows what she is doing is a crime and ……… in such a situation, is the Church really separate from the State?

    Anyway, music Maestro


    Pass me that lovely little gun
    My dear, my darling one
    The cleaners are coming, one by one
    You don’t even want to let them start
    They’re knocking now upon your door
    They measure the room, they know the score
    They’re mopping up the butcher’s floor
    Of your broken little hearts
    Forgive us now for what we’ve done
    It started out as a bit of fun
    Here, take these before we run away
    The keys to the gulag

    Good article again Dr Levine.

  • I had to smile when I realised that I actually survived NOT as a result of the State being alert to what their ‘hospitals’ are being used for, but because my wife knew a doctor who was more corrupt than the people plotting to murder me. Fire….. meet fire.

    She had told me some years before about her Prof friend (Cardiologist) who had been deliberately driven insane by his estranged wife during an acrimonious divorce. The threat of exposing some of his misconduct and the drip drip drip leaking of information at the hospital eventually gaslighting him into a locked ward. So he would have been aware of what thoughts go through the mind of people afraid of being exposed for their misconduct, AND the resources available to them. He also knew the psychiatrist who owned the Private Clinic personally (telling me to say Hi to him. Mocking him or just letting him know who had gotten their hooks into one of his psychologists? )……. it’s a small town.

    So who better to understand the ways in which psychiatry can be used a s a weapon? And what a psychiatrist might do should his wife be looking down the barrel of a prison term for her conspiring to stupefy and commit an indictable offence (plus all the other criminal conduct AND releasing medical records from a Private Clinic)?

    So my wife gets tied up in this conspiring …. the hospital pissed at her for dragging them into the situation, threatening her to obtain her ‘assistance’ with their misconduct, and the criminal misconduct and human rights abuses slowly unfolding as I attempt to obtain the documented proof of the matters.

    And then when I get the ‘redacted’ set of documents from the FOI Officer 6 weeks after the offences occur (minus the proof that the hospital lied to police about me being their “Outpatient” to procure their thug services) I am going to the police with that proof? I am now fully aware that it was that night that the plot to murder me was hatched……. the bucket was leaking and could spill at any moment…. get him to the E.D.

    It was also at that time that my wife contacted her Prof friend…. who was working his way back into a new Chair (Cardiology now gone) and working as a General Practitioner. He did ask her for a loan of my copy of Sun Tzu The Art of War….. and tried to contact me and strike up a conversation….. I was in no mood to be speaking to ‘medical experts’ (who I already knew were corrupt)….. but he tried. The aim I suppose was to inform me of his need for my ‘assistance’ with a little task he had planned. How about you go to the E.D. as asked to by the clinic psychologist Boans? Lets see where they are going with this? It didn’t work out that way and my failure to do as doctor asked meant he just arranged it so he didn’t have to ask. This was after all someone the State was quite happy to be ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs, and cares very little about the right to consent.

    And well, history shows that just as they were about to inject me with harvested morphine product (and the regular ‘chemical restraint’ anti psychotics) my wifes doctor friend stepped out from behind the curtain in the next bay and asked the doctor in possession of the ‘weapon’ to put it down and go with him …… NOW. Which he did, and I can only imagine what must have been going through his mind getting interrupted right in the middle of murdering someone for a friend.

    Now if it was the ‘authorities’ (ie the State) who had arranged this little ‘sting’, then the Chief Psychiatrist wouldn’t have been surprised to find he had signed that letter of response to the complaint drafted for me by the Law Centre. No surprise that someone is forging your signature on such letters when your part of the conspiracy. But he was surprised.

    Who wasn’t? Well, the Minister wasn’t, and in fact provided written confirmation that the letter was authentic. The Shadow Minister found it a little amusing when I pointed out I still had the documents police thought had been retrieved, and could thus demonstrate not only the crimes and human rights abuses, but also the cover up and forging of a letter from the Chief Psychiatrist by the Law Centre.

    In my State it is a crime to fail to report suspected misconduct to the relevant authority. And I note the Minister was asked about how many reports had been made in the past two years…….. none (see Hansards). And when you think about it, when your having people ‘outcomed’ in the E.D. for complaining about misconduct, there isn’t a need to report really…. it’s a waste of taxpayers money. But, the Shadow Minister then stood outside Parliament and accused the Minister of being “derelict in her duty”….. she was sacked and some important people who don’t have to worry about being drugged without their knowledge and snatched out of their beds by police at the point of a weapon shook my hand. Not that my life matters to them, I just think they were glad it wasn’t their families being ‘fuking destroyed’ by these ‘mental health professionals’. I’m more like an oil rag they would throw away once it has done the job for them.

    My wife? Well, she has friends in high places…….She worked in a Catholic School too actually Gina (Our Lady of the Worthless Miracle? Rodney Dangerfield lol). Her best friend in that place was the school psychologist…. who was also the sister of the guy who took the job as our Minister for Health/Mental Health.

    Funny how these things can seem linked…. my wife does something that sees the Minister sacked, and her friends brother takes the job. And then starts threatening me for attempting to make a complaint about being arbitrarily detained and tortured…. which would be obvious to anyone who examined the facts, and asked a few well placed questions.

    I realised when I thought about the “Death before Dishonor” motto, that most of the people who swear such an oath tend to be hypocrites. The Community Nurse for example would ‘squeal’ at the first sign of trouble….. as do most of them. Some may take a few rounds of ECT before thy confess but we’re getting there with them. The ‘treatment’ seems to be effective.

    And well, whilst the clinic psychologist and her shock Doc husband had to flee the State, I note that my wifes Prof. friend is also working at the same College in the State they fled to. More coincidences. Or is it best that such a dangerous individual has a handler, and is kept on a short leash?

    It all leaves me a little “Disoriented”


    R.I.P. Cardinal George Pell.

  • I wonder about the situation where a child has been diagnosed with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Steve?


    My governments response was to suggest we sterilise the lot of them without their parents consent. Thus we would not be ‘blaming’ them, just recognizing their lack of insight into their conduct? This ‘solution’ was suggested after a study by an epidemiologist showed the cost that would be incurred as a result of the care required by the numbers of children being born with the disorder.

    Far be it for me to suggest a ban on women drinking alcohol when they are pregnant. We’re not the Taliban. And I certainly wouldn’t suggest that it be done on a racial basis. I mean, aboriginal women are already THE most incarcerated people on the planet which might explain why they have turned to alcohol in the first instance? Locking them up for doing something everyone else has a right to do seems a bit ….. abusive?

    And it makes me wonder about the effects of forced drugging (or even with consent) on women who do get pregnant whilst being ‘treated’ with drugs known to do physical harm to the brain…… something I can’t say I’ve seen talked about a lot, even here at MiA. Or do the drugs not cross the placenta into the babies blood stream, and thus no chemical imbalance can be corrected or effected? Can’t say I’ve heard a lot form psychiatrists in this regard….. maybe because it would highlight the weaknesses in their arguments? Or are the children born damaged seen as proof of the genetic nature of these ‘mental illnesses’?

    There was a suggestion by one of our Mining Magnates to put something in the water to sterilise the worst of the aboriginals some years ago. Strange that his daughter (also a multi billionaire) is also good friends with our Premier?


    Move forward to 2014 Mental Health Bill……..

    Woops, did I just voice the unvoiced? That this is about targeting a particular race of people, force sterilising their children, and claiming that it was pure coincidence that they are mostly black? Sorry…… oh wait, we already said that. Isn’t there some sort of double indemnity for future abuses of these people now we have apologized?

  • Hi Gina, you write;

    “My friend the Christian therapist told me to forget about it, like I was dealing with the mafia when I was forced to deal with hostile psychiatry.”

    Personally I think it’s helpful to understand the “Death before Dishonor” motto. That’s what your up against when trying to expose these people. Any suggestion of wrongdoing, and a complaint following will result in extreme violence towards the person complaining.

    Sure a few police might be reprimanded for failing to act, or a nurse might be ‘moved sideways’, but the consequences for the victim of State sanctioned human rights abuses will be extreme.

    What I found was that being aware of what the State is doing in such situations, leaves them predictable, and thus vulnerable. So in my situation, ‘resources’ were obtained by putting the people planning to murder me in a compromising situation [rudely interrupted in the Emergency Dept….. just following orders], and then using the State to ‘cover up’ the original wrongdoing (the motive for the attempt to murder).

    The means of silencing me had already been fabricated, and thus it was simply a matter of authorities uttering with those forged documents. A bit of a problem when I turned up with the proof of the original offences AND the concealment, but these are people who ….. death before dishonor. And sure someone had to take the ‘can’ because the authorising of such convenience killings in hospitals ….. well, it looks about as nice as the ‘treatment’ Jamal Kashoggi got from the Mental Health Emergency Response Team (1800 M HERT), and does little for the ‘honor’ of these ‘professionals’.

    I am reminded of the words of Lt Lockhart in Full Metal Jacket. The tet offensive having just occurred, he said to his staff “it’s one giant shit sandwich, and we’re all going to have to take a bite”. I guess those words were uttered (along with the forged documents) by our Premier when they realised “who else has got the documents”……… all out of their sphere of control at that point, and the fact they are not only arbitrarily detaining and torturing citizens, but they are then killing them should they try and access the protection of the law (with assistance from Police and ‘legal representatives’)

    A mafia? No, this is how our ‘elected representatives’ are doing ‘business’ and claiming it’s not in the public interest for the people electing them to know. Their “death before dishonor’ code of conduct seems to be trumping the oaths they are swearing to uphold the law…… or is it?

    I know that the ‘error’ which was made that allowed me to be killed for speaking the truth (not preferred by the State so they “edited” it), has not yet been ‘corrected’. Yes there have been consequences for some, but I continue to be held against my will by people uttering with known fraudulent documents…. mainly for the purpose of obstructing justice. Those ‘wheels’ grind slowly, but leave very little when done. And there are people who think they have managed to avoid any consequences……. poor souls.

    There are those who do recognise the truth when they hear it though. People who are in positions to ensure that they do not make agreements with hypocrites who have no intention of standing by the agreements they make (see for example the Convention against the use of Torture).

    So, as one would expect from a State turning paranoid, we are in the market to upgrade our weaponry….. ummmmm Two Nuclear submarines and a heap of those missiles capable of attacking small Island Nations in the Pacific please. We’ll show those East Timorese to complain to the ICJ about ‘us’ using listening devices in their government offices….. and we need to deal with the whistleblowers as well.


  • “It’s possible there could be “safety in numbers” if more survivors were regularly speaking out—especially if lots of diverse allies joined them—to help shift the public dialogue.” V Moore.

    I was reminded of the comment made by Jimmy Carr……… “there’s safety in numbers…….. tell that to 6 million Jews”

    Whilst some may take offence at his comment, what I have found is that despite having documented proof of both arbitrary detention and acts of torture (and a lack of evidence of the attempt to snuff me in the E.D. [rudely interrupted by someone who ‘doesn’t have the stomach for it’] for complaining) the State will ensure that nothing is done about the criminal conduct disguised as ‘medical care’. Doctor was “just following orders” and so continues with his ‘career’.

    Why might that be?

    Let me tell you how the National Socialist’s managed to run certain ‘facilities’ which it was later claimed by the citizens that they knew nothing about what was going on over the fence. And you people are surprised that no one is talking openly about it? Walking into a police station with proof of the criminal conduct and human rights abuses of these people is a death sentence where I live. Police will alert the ‘mental health professionals’ to the fact they have a little problem, and provide material assistance in concealing the ‘unintended negative outcoming’ of that problem. How embarrassing that I slipped the net, and managed to hold on to the proof. Not that it would have been much use in National Socilaist Germany either…… the folk didn’t really want to know what was going on over the fence. Seeking ‘help’ from the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave? Sorry, they’re ‘turning the boats back’ at this point in time.

    All of these ‘advocates’ know what is in store should they ‘step out of line’ or speak truths not preferred when the State has “edited” reality…. I have an email personally threatening me with ‘treatments’ for speaking a truth which I can prove to a standard of beyond a reasonable doubt. The Minister simply utters with known forged documents, and slanders should anyone take it up with him…….. and with National Socialist’s they tend to use the Police as their own personal thugs. Precisely what is being done where I live.

    Our ‘justice’ system an absolute joke, with police refusing to take proof of offending, or fabricating anything they wish to be true via the corrupt practice of ‘verballing’ (a practice rampant in ‘mental health’ I note) and fabricating outcomes preferred by the State. Mental health simply calling police and claiming anyone they wish to arbitrarily detain as being an “Outpatient” and using police beatings to extract answers to their questions. Placing the victims into ‘induced comas’ as a result of the trauma they suffer, and ensuring their continued silence…. for years if necessary.

    I must say I was pleased to hear that this was not a situation which was reserved for citizens……… Our Treasurer had to flee the State overnight when Police were dispatched to ‘detain and refer’ him for ‘treatment’. Couldn’t find a doctor to treat him for such a common psychiatric diagnosis? I think he knew he was going to be getting the ‘dribble therapy’ afforded others his government wished to silence, rather than have them expose their corrupt conduct.

    Funny how ‘confidentiality’ was afforded in that situation, due to journalists asking questions…. and yet my medical records “edited” and then handed around like flyers for a Concert……. not their problem if people jump to conclusions about the “edited” documents…. and should that fail, their families can be threated by police. I can imagine the neighbours of the people forced to leave their homes by the Shutzsatffel not asking much more beyond the fact they were going to one of those wonderful places the government had set up, and were showing newsreels of at the movies. Coercion to think in a certain way can be so effective if backed with the use of violence.

  • “I learned that in Minnesota they often tried to provoke patients in order to elicit extreme behavior to use as evidence legally justifying involuntary medication and/or commitment.”

    In my State they simply forge documents, and the ‘authorities’ then utter with those documents. They may need to be “edited” on occasion to fabricate the preferred legal narrative (pervert the course of justice), but who’s watching these ‘democratically elected representatives’ and the people they are working with? National security not in the public interest making our current government “totally obsessed with secrecy” capable of concealing what they are spending taxpayers money on from the taxpayers.

    I met one woman who had her $1000 gold chain taken from her when she went for ECTs. I got to thinking about the staff Christmas party, with people wearing all the valuables of the ‘patients’. “like this diamond ring? Yes, all you need to do is not enter it on the property sheet, slip it into your pocket, and slander the patient as paranoid”

    On the opposite end of the scale I noted when a patient was accused of stealing two gold rings from another patient, police attended for three days to investigate. The roles of the individuals defining what is and isn’t a valid allegation…….

    I think of this type of ‘tipping the scales’ as common in these facilities. It certainly seemed that the patients were well aware of how it worked (once they had been given ‘orientation’). Funny how you meet people who would have been right at home in places like Dachau in this day and age. Take the gold teeth out of your mouth if they could, and quite possibly have in the place I was unfortunate enough to find myself.

  • Elements of the “one true Scotsman” (or Mr Hmimsa*) in this methinks.

    I’m no fan of the use of torture disguised as ‘medicine’ but…… it seems mein Fuhrer is. Passing laws allowing it to be done to these teenage girls who are causing so much pain and suffering to their parents. (What, no one making a lot of noise about this? Bit busy with other things I guess)

    My inability to understand the ‘sophisticated’ nature of the arguments denies me a right to an opinion…….. well, asking questions of the Minister means threats that you require ‘treatment’.

    “But I never been so broke that I couldn’t leave ‘town'”

    I also note that Healy claims he has never ‘treated’ anyone without their consent. Though after having police point weapons at me to force me to speak to a Community Nurse (so I could be ‘verballed’) I often wonder about what ‘consensual’ actually means with these ‘mental health professionals’. Holding a knife to her throat does not really mean she said yes, or does it?

    * Mr Hmimsa had a small group (14) that lived in the mountains in Algeria. He was the holder of the ‘truth’ of the Quran, and was prepared to kill everyone else on the planet who did not agree with his views.

  • Just to add to this.

    Consider if a person has received a diagnosis of cancer, they can actually refuse treatment DESPITE the fact the doctor may be aware that the treatment may have a high possibility of success.

    In the area of mental health, the ‘patient’ has no such right, if the doctor thinks that they are refusing treatments, they can dispatch police and have them incarcerated and force them to take drugs.

    In my situation it was decided that they would start the ‘treatment’ (ie drug me without my knowledge with benzos), had no diagnosis, and would sport that out after I had been ‘chemically restrained’ for complaining about my human rights being violated.

    To put this in perspective, it’s the equivalent of a nurse having police take you to the hospital and starting chemotherapy in the hope that the doctor can find some form of cancer to diagnose you with…… and going through your old medical records to find something which might mislead anyone examining the reasons/justification for your ‘treatment’.

    Did the Community Nurse KNOW I wasn’t an “Outpatient” of his ‘hospital’? You bet your life he did. Was he aware that I had been ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs without my knowledge? You bet your life he did. And during his interrogation of me at the point of police weapons, he deliberately cut me off when I started voicing these facts……..he didn’t want to speak about the Private Clinic psychiatrist who wasn’t MY psychiatrist (because he was legally bound to ‘refer’ me to HIM for an examination, and of course he could do that when he knew I didn’t have a psychiatrist and was deceiving both police AND his colleagues at the hospital).

    Did he ask me about my ‘medications’? Well no, he asked me about illicit drug use in front of police (and then refused me the right to speak to MY lawyer before answering his question.) Note that the “fact” he “personally observed” was that I had “refused to answer re substance abuse” I hadn’t refused, and wished to be advised before possibly incriminating myself in front of police (given they are known filthy ‘verballers’) AND I wasn’t even aware of the drugs I was abusing. The refusal to answer a question is not grounds for referral….. in the same way as refusing to answer questions for police does not make you guilty.

    Consider, that mental heath can arrange the ‘spikings’, police provide them the muscle and the questions, and then mental health can ‘mop up’ by laying you out with a chemical kosh for complaining. And all this before your even examined by a psychiatrist, never mind given a label…. which would be a foregone conclusion given the psychiatrist would be examining someone dribbling in a cell as a result of the kosh. Consider the comments by the Chief Psychiatrist about “Justifiable explanations”, which matter naught, “of Importance are the observed behaviours”….. so the drugs causing the effect count for nothing…….. talk about ‘drunk at the wheel’.

    Then the Community Nurse could write on his statutory declaration that I had “refused to answer re substance abuse”…….. and yet in his own handwriting he had written about me being drugged with benzos without my knowledge? Of course asking questions you don’t want the answers to would be silly, he already had a plan to pervert the course of justice re the offending, and a doctor prepared to assist in that offending. So he did ask my wife about how many benzos she had put into my drink….. and she doubled the amount she had told them over the phone (4 times the amount administered by Dr John Kearsley which he received 2 years prison for. And he IS a doctor with prescribing rights).

    So snatched from your bed and told you are going to be receiving treatment for cancer (but we haven’t found out which one the doctor is going to diagnose you with yet), and ‘chemically restrained’ because you complain that you don’t have cancer, and well, the amount of toxins they inject you with is likely to cause some problems, which might look like you have cancer…….

    I just don’t see how ANYONE could consider that even ‘mental health services’ can get to this point of “early intervention” and consider them sane?

    I get it, someone lied about my status in order to commit these offences. But such criminal negligence on the part of these public officers to avoid their duty of care? What’s the first question you would ask of someone who you KNEW had been drugged with date rape drugs without their knowledge? And it was the Member of Parliament (and a competent lawyer) who pointed out the procedure….. inform the victim they have been ‘spiked’ and then request their attendance at the hospital for further examination. Transport by ambulance in case of emergency medical event.

    What happened? Not informed that I had been ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs (later to be made my “Regular Medications” with a forged prescription), thrown into the back of a police van after being interrogated by them, and then met by a staff of thugs at the hospital for the Community Nurses violent psychotic drug abusing wife beater who police had requested be assessed. He needed to conceal the fact I was NOT an “Outpatient” from his own colleagues, and instead pretend I was a “Police referral” (Hence the need to call police and request ‘assistance’ with his “Outpatient” rather than the ambulance. That and the necessary “acute stress reaction” which was hopefully police smacking my head with big sticks because they fell for the knife that was planted and thought I was a mental patient. An offence as I have pointed out called “Create False Belief”).

    Clever really, and to think this guy is still doing these to this day due to the gross criminal negligence of the Australian Practitioners Health Regulation Agency who could find ….. well, absolutely bizarre their negligence. People make complaints, and they go to lunch and get drunk and order strippers is about what it seems. Their Board not even aware there are laws that govern such ‘detentions’.

  • Hi Tammy

    “I tried to respond to your post last week but when I clicked the link it wasn’t there. I receive another link last night, so I am able to complete my thoughts to you”

    Same situation for me. So I’ll post one more comment minus your comment being present here.

    I’m interested in Mr Ramseys writing, but it seems that my ‘message’ just doesn’t seem to be getting past some form of mental block.

    There is a ‘legal line’ drawn in my State designed to ensure that those who try to use the ‘mental health system’ as a weapon, will go to prison. Whilst such laws may not suit the likes of Fuller, he can go jump. The laws are there, these people are committing offences to deny access to them…. and at some point they WILL be held accountable.

    The facts are that I was not by legal definition a ‘person suffering from a mental illness’ (as defined in the Mental Health Act Section 4), and no amount of ‘exaggerating’ or lying should change that status.

    The situation amounted to a Private Clinic psychologist who KNEW she had no power to make a referral setting the situation up to enable me to be tortured and kidnapped (don’t like the terms? Sorry, that’s what was done)

    Mr Ramsey writes;

    “Families also exaggerate their family member’s symptoms to get the person committed to a hospital. In a 1989 study of 83 families in Philadelphia, 18 percent said they had lied or exaggerated to officials in order to get a relative committed.”

    That’s great, but how many of them committed serious criminal offences to have someone committed? Because consider that this was why the hospital had to “edit” my documents, AND it was also why, given she was unaware of exactly what was contained in those documents, the Private Clinic psychologist and her husband tried to have me murdered.

    Sure, that sounds crazy, and I’m sure that the negligence of those who didn’t look, and preferred that I was a ‘patient’ so was not worthy of listening to, made them look foolish when they realised their “error”. I have the letter from the Chief Psychiatrist in that regard, once he received a copy of the letter the Law Centre forged and pout his name to. And of course they surely would have ‘followed up’ on the rude interruption of the events in the E.D.? Oh dear, how many had they done before someone noticed? Credit to MiA in that regard, some lives may have been saved.

    You might wish to make the claim that I had been ‘labelled’ as you say, but …… that ‘label’ was protected under the Federal Privacy Act. It was part of some legal proceedings and NOT to be circulated. The Private Clinics reputation relies on that confidentiality given they have Politicians and the wealthiest man in the country going to see this particular psychiatrist for legal medico reports. And a psychologist (with a Masters Degree) setting a situation up where the State arbitrarily detains and tortures someone to enable what appears to be a lawful release of the slander is a compounding of offences. All she needs to do is have ‘them’ call her and she can release those medical records without the consent of the citizen? Hence my wife requesting they do just that (documented) That’s a terribly easy loophole to get around? Of course it isn’t, it’s a series of crimes.

    Perhaps Tammy you have become so used to being a ‘patient’ that you can’t imagine what it means to be a citizen? I feel sure it is the same for black people who are subjected to racism by the police…… they become ‘learned helpless’.

    Sure I get it, mental health professionals would love it to be the case that they simply call police and have anyone they like snatched form their home and delivered for assessment….. and there are possibly places in the world where they can do that. China seems to get accused of it. Perhaps North Korea? And if Torrey Fuller wants to live in such a place, maybe we can crowd fund a ticket for him?

    But how about you cut it with trying to have me as being an “Outpatient” as a result of a telephone call to Mental Health from someone I was in conflict with?

    Lets start with Boans the citizen has some rights to chose what drugs he does and doesn’t take, because it suits some people to disadvantage him by intoxicating him before thugs cause an acute stress reaction. How about we allow my legal representatives to examine the documents they have a right to examine to ensure that I was treated fairly and according to the law? Rather than “editing” such documents because we don’t want criminals going to prison. And well, I can see the positive in it…. it showed how far these people will go to conceal their KNOWN wrongdoing….. because if it wasn’t known, they wouldn’t have tried to conceal it.

    Lets start with the FACT that Boans was NOT an “Outpatient”….. 100% demonstrable with the unredacted documents. Now, what was done to get him locked in a cage and have a psychiatrist ask him about why he was going to leave his wife? Because that’s where the documentation ended, with a psychiatrist confused about why I was even there, and saying that my decision (given the violence they were prepared to subject me to) was a perfectly rational one.

    You write;

    “I must first reiterate how awful this situation must have been for you. This had to be very traumatic for you to find this all out. To find out that people have deliberately set out to deceive others about you, a direct character assassination and to literally destroy you. The whole situation must have seemed surreal.”

    Serious Tammy, have a think about your position on being a ‘patient’…. and stop assuming that because the filthy faeces of mental health services has been smeared on others that they too are ‘patients’.

    Or would you be prepared to accept that because you have a great grandfather who was half Jewish, that the State had the right to invade your home and extract labour from you until you were no longer worth anything to them? Because there were a lot of people who went along with such ‘powers’ attributed to a certain State, and maybe a few people ‘exaggerated and lied’? And what if the documentation proving your Jewish heritage had been forged by the ‘authorities’?

    I mean, I don’t really have a problem with that other than it was done to ME….. and so I understand the position of these lawyers etc….. they have their families to think about with a State behaving like National Socialists….. concealing their ‘dirty’ with threats and violence to anyone who dares question their authority (or lack of it). Particularly when you have the proof.

    So, I’ll continue this conversation with you if you will stop with the assumption that I am a ‘patient’. That was achieved via fraud and criminal conduct, and therefore is not valid without some form of actual proof, and not like the letter of the Chief Psychiatrist, an uttering with forged documents….

    Lets work on the fact that the State does not have unlimited powers, and that there are laws which draw lines as to how far they can go. If not, they would be out beating black people to death as there would be no consequences for the ‘Klan’….. and even they now know, as a result of George Floyd that their powers aren’t unlimited. They, along with the public officers in my State, will need to ensure that they manage to conceal (“who else has got the documents?”) the evidence before distributing the “edited” versions of reality. At that point the ‘authorities’ can be sure that there will be no consequences for joining forces with the criminals. As the Minister for Mental Health at first thought. (“You better get yourself a lawyer”, “I had one Minister, but the hospital sent them fraudulent documents” …… what, you can prove it? Who the fuk told me that the police had retrieved the fuking documents? And we can’t get the forged letter from the Chief Psychiatrist back?)


    Certainly surreal.

    And just because a crime cannot succeed, doesn’t mean an offence has not occurred. Plotting needs to be interrupted at the point when the contents of the heart can be seen. Many claim they would do the deed, though how can we know other than the Abraham test? Obtained the weapon, restrained the intended victim, and about to administer the ‘cocktail’? Mens rea. “I was just following orders”

  • Hmmmmmm,

    “The Institute is independent of any government institutions. The information they ask for is purely for following up with you as to upcoming events if you choose to follow up with them. You can unsubscribe at any time.”

    Our State government developed an app for COVID tracking which they said was to be used for the purpose of ensuring the safety of the community. Every place of business you entered, you had to sign in, and the government assured your information was confidential. They had passed laws in that regard…….. well, until the public found out that there was a loophole which allowed police to access that data and use it to track certain individuals who were ‘persons of interest’ to them. All a terrible mistake, and the Attorney General (ex Police Union CEO) was sorry that such an ‘error’ had occurred, and they were going to change the law to make sure it couldn’t happen again, and when it did they could change the law again to ensure it couldn’t happen again,…… because police would ensure that any investigation into their unlawful conduct would result in “insufficient evidence”

    On a side note, this was the claim regarding the alleged rape of a young woman (16) by our Commonwealth Attorney General. Police hadn’t taken the statement from her before she was ‘treated’ by mental health, and returned home to commit suicide….. hence “insufficient evidence”. It’s important as a legal representative to know what evidence needs to be “edited” to ensure the preferred outcomes.


    Bursting the Canberra Bubble.

    “It never happened”. A statement which was put to me by a ‘therapist’ about the attempt to have me ‘referred’ to mental health for having proof of public sector misconduct (consider there were a number of witnesses, my documented emails, and a record of the call….. but lets not check the facts and go with what police want to be true. That they don’t refer victims of crime in possession of the documented proof to mental health for silencing. They also don’t use ‘therapists’ as informants to find out “Who else has the documents” given the victim would smell the rat if they asked him/her). The situation one where we both knew it was a bare faced lie. But, what can you do when the power imbalance means that what you know to be true, will be denied and supported by those with a duty to uphold the law? In fact, the ‘therapist’ has friends he can refer you to, on order to ensure his lie is the truth? They prefer the “edited” version of reality, and will maintain that ‘reality’ despite the facts showing it to be false. The threats by police to his family trumping his duty to his profession and clients.

    So I can empathise with the situation ‘Kate’ found herself in. And were she to meet the likes of the Operations Manager at the Ariel Castro Memorial Hospital I have no doubt that she would have been put under a lot of pressure and gaslighting to have her commit suicide. It’s just what they do here, and it provides a means to call for more resources for the work they are deliberately failing at.

    I understand you may not have time to engage here in the comments section of MiA Dr Polk, but it leaves me wondering if the same will be true at the Zoom meeting….. another of those professionals speak and the victims of psychiatry listen, or are shut down for not joining the ‘choir’. But I’ll see how I’m going and if I can figure it all out, the time differences and all that, I may see you there.


  • “I was just following orders”.

    Article 2 of the Convention against the use of Torture;

    “No emergency provisions”
    “No superior authority”

    That way I could commit the most heinous crimes and someone else will have to resign their position…… and be in a similar one within the week. well, that and a little bit of “editing” of legal narrative.

    Or the State could admit they are being criminally negligent in their training of public officers of what does and does not constitute acts of torture. So they can later claim “I was just following orders”

  • “Franz Fanon practiced electroshock on his oppressed “patients.””

    Is there a suggestion that the ‘Colonial powers’ have sought assistance with ‘treatments’ from Healy?

    I know a lot of the skeptics and apologists would perhaps suggest “they wouldn’t do that”, but I have no doubt that it is occurring having witnessed personally the use of ‘mental health services’ for coercive purposes.

    Keep in mind we had ‘cattle prods’ and simulated drownings being used in police stations back in the 1980s (see Kennedy Royal Commission). So we were way ahead of the U.S in ‘enhanced coercive interrogation techniques’. Fanons comments about treating Police for the trauma they suffered as a result of their ‘work’ makes for interesting reading. The screaming produced by electricity seems to have been quite a trigger for the PTSD…. something avoided I guess with the administration of ‘sedatives’ before the ‘treatments’. Hence the way in which my ‘spiking’ before interrogation was a routine cover up?

    Seems to me that Fanon may have got the ‘treatment’ himself as a result of his whistleblowing (the “elegant method of overcoming ‘resistance'”), having died at such a young age. I once knew a ‘bomber’ (someone who does x rays of welds) who explained a method of dealing with such potential threats to those in power. An ‘ice bullet’ so to speak. Radioactive material with a short half life……it’s not just Putin lol.


    The journalist tells us “There are still unanswered questions about how Kevin Spratt could have ended up with a conviction for an offence he clearly didn’t commit”. That’s the power of electricity, the unlawful release by the Police of confidential records to the media, and the “editing” of the records that were released. Modus Operandii.

    “It is clear Mr Spratt’s plea of guilty was induced by false allegations made by the prosecution” Funny how prosecution rhymes with electrocution huh? I think it was more the volts that made him plead guilty rather than any false allegations.

    Chief Psychiatrist writes “Of importance is the observed behaviours of the patient which can represent a risk to the person or other however justifiable the reasons for the behaviour may be” See, if we observe Mr Spratt’s behaviours and dismiss the fact he was being tazered, simply a justifiable explaination for his “obstructing police”, he has a mental illness that clearly requires treatment. Our observations tell us so once the tazering started.

  • Dr Polk writes;

    “We have to learn how to listen to each other, no matter our differences and to treasure, not dismiss people.”

    My thoughts turn to the “potential for violence, but no actual history or clear intent” which would justify my continued incarceration and forced drugging. Do you see a paranoid delusion in that statement? No evidence other than a doctors opinion and irrational fear of the ‘other’? He being an ex Catholic Priest subjecting a Muslim to ‘treatments’. And he being someone doing violence to people based on nothing more than a ‘potential’.

    “If my thought dreams could be seen, they’d probably put my head in a guillotine” Bob Dylan.

    As someone with the ability to ‘read minds’ (or at least our Chief Psychiatrist says you do, along with the ability to time travel to make “personal observations”) could you explain to all, at what point does the ‘potential’ justify the use of violence against the individual (patient)?

    Certainly I have seen ‘wife beaters’ who police can not deal with using the laws we currently have, electrocuted by psychiatrists till their brains are just mush. In the form of ‘extra judicial’ justice using the Mental Health Act. The problem being the ‘joint enterprise’ nature of such acts, should anyone ever decide that these people should be held to account (not likely given they simply change to law to enable their conduct, and apply the law retrospectively. Eg see Josef Hartinger, Himmler and the deaths at Dachau for ‘potential’ of harm to the State)

    “If the real Jesus Christ were to stand up today, he’d be gunned down cold by the C.I.A.” (The The Armageddon Days). Personally I think he’d be referred to Mental Health and never be heard of again. Nailed to a ‘cross’ with anti psychotics.

    (“And they say, “O you upon whom the message has been sent down, indeed you are mad.” Holy Quran 15:6)


  • Bradford is correct in describing Benzos as “intoxicants”. They are one of four drugs listed in our Criminal Code. Benzos, Rohypnol, GHB, and Ketamine. Putting such drugs into a persons food or drink without their knowledge is an offence. There is the defense that if you thought the person would not mind that you did this then you are not guilty. So why would you continue to conceal the administration of the drug for 6 weeks if you thought the victim wouldn’t mind? (there is a way of fabricating this defense with lies, especially if you have a corrupt police officer on hand who is aware of how to make it that ‘the bitch was asking for it’. Depends who the perpetrator and the victim are as to whether this will be possible. Skin colour and economic status determining factors).

    I’d take issue with your “desired effects” Hayden Hall, that is determined by perspective. These may be the desired effects of your local Nite Club rapist, but not the desired effects for their victims. In fact I can imagine a number of scenarios where the weaponsing of these drugs by ‘mental health professionals’ would be possible. Especially when they have a doctor prepared to forge prescriptions post hoc for the unlawful administration of such drugs.

    Imagine police being able to administer such drugs, subjecting the detainee to hours of interrogation, and then dropping them off at a ‘hospital’ to have the paperwork sorted out? In fact, I know it’s happening, and have the documented proof right here in front of me.

    Though perhaps you are speaking about the administration of Benzos to ‘patients’ in the therapeutic relationship? In which case we have very different situations, as in my State the Chief Psychiatrist has made EVERYONE onto an “Outpatient” who can be ‘spiked’ before interrogations, and a doctor you have never met can approve the ‘spiking’ post hoc. Drugs you have never been prescribed and would never under any circumstances take, can be made your “Regular Medications” with a little bit of fraud….. and having the documents proving it is “insufficient evidence”…. mainly because Police will arrest you (and then refer you to the criminals) for having your medical records.


    Know the difference.

  • Or as I said to the Catholic Priest/Senior Medical Officer who thought he would take advantage of someone in his ‘care’ who had been ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs without their knowledge, and who he forced to remove their clothing before inserting objects into their mouth or anus when consent had been expressly denied…….. “vulpes pilum mutat non mores” (The wolf can change his fur, but not his nature).

    Some people lack the ability to pick up on these ‘deviants’…. me, i’m a little more sensitive to the signs. The Anglican Arch Bishop seeing child rape as being a “character flaw” and not a criminal offence worthy of reporting to the authorities. Amazing what you can do when your working with grounds we consider to be reasonable (as opposed to “reasonable grounds to suspect”). Negligence becomes your friend.

    And what better place to find potential non consenting victims that can be easily silenced than in the Adolescent Unit? No wonder it took him three minutes to do the “Provisional Diagnosis”…. he was in a hurry to get back to the beauty of youth. Still, better he does further damage to already ‘damaged goods’, than target the children of the rich and famous? Not my position on the ‘care’ of vulnerable individuals, but I’m not the person running the ‘show’. Nor am I of the opinion that the non professionals simply wouldn’t understand how difficult the job is.

    And perfectly positioned (as a psychiatrist, or someone bluffing he is to obtain interviews he would have otherwise been denied….. ie “implied consent”, I just didn’t tell them I wasn’t the psychiatrist and they went along with my instructions….. or got ‘smacked’ by the staff.) to ensure than any of the victims of his colleagues (from the Church) never get to see the light of day again until they cease complaining? Who needs an Ellis Defense when you have prison and forced drugging as a defense?

    I note they gave Rolf Harris an Order of Australia too….. despite his well earned nickname of “the octopus”.

    Forging prescriptions for the administration of date rape drugs, conspiring to pervert the course of justice, conspire to kidnap (in collusion with the Community Nurse, just tell police he is our “outpatient”), medical records from a Private Clinic presented as being his ‘work’,……. the list goes on eh Doc? Lucky you have ‘friends’ in High places and can forgive yourself and never…… under any circumstances, EVER confess huh? Eavesdropping another breach of the trust of the community?

  • Hi Hugh, what a surprise to get a reply. Thank you.

    You write;
    “Just to add to what you said, I also think that the ways that people are labeled, not heard and dismissed in ordinary everyday conversations could be thought of as (often not intended) violent acts. WE REALLY HURT EACH OTHER that way”

    I agree, and our Chief Psychiatrist has resolved this problem by defining EVERYONE in my State as being an “Outpatient”. That way he doesn’t need to worry about people complaining when they are snatched form their homes, incarcerated and force drugged for complaining about public sector misconduct.

    As “Outpatients” it is all completely lawful, as citizens they would have the right to the protection of the law, rather than the law booting their heads in for ‘non compliance’.

    See my previous comment regarding the quote about “observed behaviours” by the Chief Psychiatrist here;
    (https://www.madinamerica.com/2020/03/dangerous-thing-psychiatrist/#comment-204738) awaiting moderation.

    There are laws which protect the public from such human rights abuses, but the Chief Psychiatrist has rewritten them to remove those legal protections. (“suspect on reasonable grounds” [with criteria in the law to define what is reasonable] becomes “‘suspect’ on grounds we believe to be reasonable”[ Thus removing the legal criteria and objective standards become subjective interpretation. Ergo arbitrary detentions and torture enabled by the Chief Psychiatrist despite the ratification of human rights agreements, or the law])

    Along with the uttering with forged documents (demonstrable using the real set of documents rather than the “edited” version provided to legal representatives) the violence being done to the community by ‘Mental Health Services’ can be redefined as ‘healthcare’. A Master of euphemisms he even manages to call the deaths occurring in the ‘facilities’ he is charged with overseeing as being “unintended negative outcomes”.

    As it stands I have had a number of attempts made by the State to do me serious physical harm…. though fortunately there has also been someone watching who “doesn’t have the stomach for it”, and also has had the power to ‘intervene’ at strategic moments (the Emergency Dept was a very close call, and wow doesn’t it make you realise what it must have been like for Jamal Kashoggi upsetting someone important like the wife of a shock Doc psychiatrist). Oh well, I’ll never prove it and the people that know aren’t prepared to expose themselves to becoming targets of these organised criminals operating in our hospitals.

    They prefer it to be my family used for their ‘stake outs’ (I assume you understand the hunting method). They even thought about seeking consent at one stage, and realised I was being uncooperative. So as people who would ‘spike’ your food or drink because they know you wouldn’t take intoxicants willingly……. why bother asking, just take what you want and slander afterwards. I would have assumed a right to know there were people attempting to harm me before using me as ‘bait’.

    Point being, are they ways and means of maintaining confidentiality with this Zoom meeting? Or do I have to provide my Birth Certificate and passport to join in? Because the State has denied me access to any of my documentation for attempting to complain about being arbitrarily detained and tortured…. and the other stuff I can’t prove (except between me and God. I assume He witnessed the ones that were done before they interrupted my intended demise too)

    Call me paranoid but I prefer Boans lol. It’d be silly of me given the open threats made by the hospital (and thus the State. See Corrina Horvath) once they had rudely interrupted matters at the E.D. and then started uttering with the forged legal narrative to conceal the motive for attempting to “unintentionally negatively outcome” me. Paranoia I thought was an ‘irrational fear’ of something, these guys tried to snuff me for having the proof they had committed serious criminal offences (and someone ‘spotted’ it) So whilst others may have the knee jerk reaction of “they wouldn’t do that”, I know what it is the State is enabling in regards the covering up of human rights abuses…… AND how they’re doing it. Nothing new or original, and quite beautiful in it’s simplicity……. how effective is the three card Monte after all these years? But who’d have thought the Coroner would fall for such an oldie.

  • I was fascinated by this quote from our Chief Psychiatrist Someone Else.

    “lt is noted Mr Boans provides justifiable explanations for what was listed [on the Form. In fact, I pointed out they couldn’t possibly have been observed but ……]. The presence of potential individual explanations regarding certain behaviours does not diminish the capacity of an AMHP to consider the broader clinical picture which may give grounds to suspect mental illness. Of importance is the observed behaviours of the patient [Funny how I became a ‘patient’ because I was being observed by a Community Nurse huh?] which can represent a risk to the person or other however justifiable the reasons for behaviours may be.”

    Given this line of reasoning, it doesn’t matter what the cause of the behaviours is, merely that they can be “observed”. So if they burn you with cigarettes and you act in a strange manner by screaming and trying to stop the burning, the observation is that you are suffering from a mental illness. Sure they can cure you by stopping the burning, but they are being paid if your ‘sick’ so….. expect more burns.

    The above quote came about as a result of me being given drugs without my knowledge, thus causing the behaviours which were observed, which thus required me to be locked in a cage and given more of the drugs which had caused the observed behaviours.

    Try reasoning with that sort of logic from the most important psychiatrist in the State.

  • The control of language can be a real issue, as I was to find out in one group where the ‘clients’ started discussing the terms “medications”, “drugs” and “products”. That last term has some subtle elements to it worth considering. Anyway, I got told I was being “disruptive” to the group and wasn’t allowed to attend

    Well, that and the fact the Social Worker wet his pants when threatened by police over witnessing them trying to ‘refer’ me for reporting serious criminal conduct……. He had seen the documents which were ‘flagged’ and of concern to police. And our discussion about the failure of the Senior Constable to copy the documents to ensure “insufficient evidence” was the outcome by police not even noticed by such a trusting fool (“they wouldn’t do that”…… he just did, right under your nose J, and you didn’t notice the three card monte. Let me show you how it’s done sucker.). That and our immediate exchange of emails over the days events not allowing the S.W. to go back and “edit” his “observations”. And my how he boasted about his “advocacy” work, the gutless ‘yellerbelly’ that he is.

    But I wouldn’t say all of my interactions with ‘mental health professionals’ has been negative. A similar situation with the guy who did actually have a PhD…. he was most helpful for more than a year. Examined the documents with me, discussed my interaction with the local Member of Parliament where I presented the two sets of documents showing the fraud presented to my legal representatives (and the forged letter from the ‘Chief Psychiatrist’). But after the Police called him when I was with the Social Worker and tried to have me ‘snowed’ (see the ‘flag’ placed on my file in the police records)and then forced him into claiming “it never happened”, well, speaking such a lie directly to my face was the very end of our ‘relationship’. And I get it, his family was being threatened by police to have him use his position to find out “who else has the documents?”……… nothing like using ‘mental health professionals’ as police informants huh? Though I can see an issue when it comes to having ‘unintended negative outcomes’ to cause ‘discomfort’ to people until they confess or answer questions. Particularly ones relating to public sector misconduct. That would open up the possibility of torturing public officers 🙂 And we can’t have that. The eagle comes home to roost huh?

    Nobody going to believe me anyway right? or those that do soon realise the benefits of ensuring their silence for the State…… those brave individuals who value integrity and a rule of law……. except when ‘instructed’ not to.

    My ‘anti psychiatry’ beliefs discussed with the Private Clinic psychiatrist at our very first meeting………. no need to give me the ‘like insulin for diabetes’ sales pitch Doc, I need a report for my legal representatives. Which always left me wondering why he would have ‘referred’ me to a ‘therapist’ whose husband IS a ‘shock Doc’. She keeping that information from me until our last meeting where she tried to test the waters and see if I would spend my ‘compensation’ on ‘treatments’. My response being that I can do the same sort of damage with a ball peen hammer, it just looks a little more brutal…….. and she, purple in the face, responding with …… “my husband is a psychiatrist”. Stick your treatments and your ‘therapy’ (suggesting i threaten my wifes family) up your anus.

    My wife totally unaware of all of this turning up in her office crying over the problems cause by her ‘therapy’, must have been a ‘gift’ knowing she could have her return home and ‘spike’ me with date rape drugs and have her call the Mental Health Emergency response Line and set up a torture session with police …… with her playing the role of ‘they called me and had him in custody, so I was justified in releasing medical records from the Private Clinic’. The conspiring to stupefy and commit an indictable offense not something police want to consider….. in fact, the whole use of police to arbitrarily detain and torture by mental health services not something they want to even examine. Well, at least that’s how they tried to make it look to the casual observer. I say ‘they’, there are some who are interested in how public sector misconduct is being concealed. If you have the stomach for it that is.

    Good news being that the public is there for the taking…….. not an ounce of resistance on their part. Something Hitler had an understanding of, when you have the ability to lay the boots into anyone who resists your preferred reality. The public service having been appropriated by certain sections of the community as their paid for thug services. Private Clinics using Police to do kidnappings and torture? Who’d have thought eh? And as my wife so eloquently put it….. “you just need to know what to tell them” (did I mention he’s related to the Cohens? Call this person at their day job to have it confirmed)

    But on the whole, most of the ‘mental health professionals’ I have interacted with seemed like fairly ‘reasonable’ people. They just need to remain on the ‘right side of the law’, which is shut the fuk up about us arbitrarily detaining and torturing or we’ll do your family, and fuking destroy your reputation with fraudulent documents (I note our Premier spent $2 million of taxpayers money defending his ‘reputation’ in the High Court…… with a finding against him that he is a slanderer). All that while the State “edits” documents to slander peoples character with fraud, and then deny them access to legal representation?

    I was thinking about these documents I have earlier. Funny how they are considered reliable enough to incarcerate and force drug an individual for the term of their natural life…. but when it comes to the fact they are PROOF of public sector misconduct and criminality, police find them to be “insufficient evidence”, and prefer the victim of the crimes is silenced with ‘treatments’ for illnesses fabricated by a filthy corrupt ‘verballer’.

  • So here’s the rub……


    Now the ‘care’ that this man received looks a lot like violence to me. But, we are told by the Minister that there are some “concerning aspects” to his apprehension which does seem to make us feel a little better about the way he was being ‘treated’ by the people with a duty of care to the community.

    He does seem to perhaps need attention to his hip after being mown down by a police motor vehicle, and the ‘knock out game’ played by police done from behind……

    The point being is that the nurse who called police and requested his ‘apprehension’ was lawful given he/she had personally examined him within the prior 48 hours. Thus taking him into custody and ‘chemically restraining’ him in an induced coma all lawful.

    Where the law gets a little murky is in situations like mine;

    I wasn’t actually an “Outpatient” and had no “treating psychiatrist” when police were requested to cause an “acute stress reaction” to force me to talk to a Community Nurse (a legal protection the Chief Psychiatrist doesn’t recognise…. well, he rewrites the law to remove this protection afforded the community by the law) . And the drugs I had been ‘spiked’ with (benzodiazepines) to incapacitate me and allow a knife to be ‘planted’ on me for police to find, weren’t actually my drugs. I’ve never been prescribed these drugs, and would never take them willingly.

    The Community Nurse being aware of the powers being provided to him to arbitrarily detain and torture citizens via the criminal negligence of the ‘authorities’ finds the exercise of such powers amusing. He laughs about your feeble attempts to have something done about his criminal misconduct, knowing what is done to anyone who dares try and complain….. The Charter of Healthcare Rights as effective as the Convention against the use of Torture ratified by the State…… there is no effective mechanism to allow anyone to make a complaint, and your ‘mental illness’ will need to be ‘treated’. You legal representative isn’t actually working to assist you other than ensuring the State doesn’t have a motive for ‘unintentionally negatively outcoming’ you for speaking the truth to power.

    See, the Community Nurse just lies to Police about the status of anyone he wishes to have ‘procured’, and someone he hasn’t even laid eyes on, never mind actually examined, is now his “Outpatient” and will be forced into a foregone ‘assessment’ at the point of a police weapon, and whilst they have been drugged without their knowledge with intoxicants….. later to be made into their “Regular Medications” with documents which have been forged by a Senior Medical Officer, and which can be “edited” to include his forged statutory declarations (produced once the police have induced the “acute stress reaction” to ensure he can put the words into the mouth of his victim…. I mean “Outpatient”).

    You would think there would be laws against such ‘knock out games’ (called ‘remotes’ where I live) but as with the tv game show “Tipping Point” it isn’t over yet.

    Once the Mental Health Law Centre requests the documents demonstrating what I am alleging, there is a problem in the hospital providing the documents and requesting they keep the facts from their client and instead conspire to pervert the course of justice over the matters. They need to create the appearance that they have done their duty, whilst not doing their duty, throwing the victims under a bus, and allowing their criminal negligence to conceal known criminal offences, and failing to report to the Corruption watchdog. And what are you going to do about it? Pay thousands to one of their colleagues (who become aware that this is going nowhere because you will be denied access to the Courts by public officers) to be told how expensive their time is until your wallet is empty?

    The ‘resolution’ lies in the lawyers receiving an “edited” set of documents (remove the ‘spiking’ and the fact that I wasn’t an “Outpatient”, and insert documents making that the “edited” reality), draft a letter of complaint to the Chief Psychiatrist (once they were sure that the documents I had obtained via FOI had been retrieved by the Police….. being able to demonstrate the “editing” a problem), and then forge a response from the Chief Psychiatrist and claim they haven’t got the resources to even read the response to the complaint they ‘assisted’ with. The victim is left with a poison pen letter and the ‘authorities’ now aware they no longer have the proof can turn their attention to defrauding other victims of State sanctioned torture, or wrongful deaths. I was shocked at the response of other legal representatives…….. all roads lead back to Rome (the Law Centre), and they are told to not be ‘over zealous’ with their enquiries……

    The lack of resources at the Law Centre was really lucky because that letter of response from the Chief Psychiatrist is bizarre to say the least. Well it is when you examine the documents he had access to before drafting it…… and not just the “edited” set of documents. It looks like he was knowingly uttering with forged documents…… in fact it doesn’t just look like it, if he was the author of that letter he WAS uttering with a known forged document.

    Not that it matters when police can snatch you from your bed and hospital staff will put you into a ‘permanent induced coma’ and the documents can be “edited” before any legal representative gets the opportunity to examine them. Not that they would do much other than point out the ‘little problem’ to the State and then be afraid for the safety of their family. This being the situation with the ‘therapist’ who first though I was crazy, then received a call from police asking him to find out from me “Who else has got the documents?” (the ones they had failed to retrieve before the forged letter was distributed covering up the way they are arbitrarily detaining and torturing citizens….. that is, spiking them with date rape drugs, calling them “Outpatients”, causing “acute stress reactions” and then forging documents making what they want to be true a reality……. others can then utter with those forged documents to “fuking destroy” the families of the victims should they dare try and access the protection of the law )

    Crazy isn’t it? The violence of the slander and gaslighting would in most circumstances push the victim to suicide (as it nearly did in my instance, not that my family would do much more than call for earlier and more brutal interventions)…… and I have little doubt the Operations Manager obtains great enjoyment out of her “editing” duties and covering up the human rights abuses occurring at the Ariel Castro Memorial Hospital…… and being paid for such vileness by taxpayers unaware of what is actually occurring in the name of ‘care’.

    Accountability? Not when they have the resources to paly the ‘knock out game’ with your family, and the whole community will turn their back and in fact breach their positions of trust to assist in your destruction because the police are busy helping with a cover up…….. nice little relationship can develop when they can conceal arbitrary detentions and torture by making the victims an “Outpatient” and start drugging them before they are even examined by a psychiatrist. People with no prescribing rights arranging ‘spikings’ with date rape drugs and then doctors write prescriptions for that post hoc? I can see a problem for the community there. Particularly rape victims.

    The ‘trauma’ of being detained in such a manner justification for a chemical restraint capable of laying an elephant out for a week…… and as the Chief Psychiatrist says in his letter [the forged one]…. “Of importance is the observed behaviours of the patient which can represent a risk to the person or other however justifiable the reasons for the behaviour may be”. Which was fascinating to me as I had made it very clear that the only way the Community Nurse could have possibly “observed” my thoughts was for him to travel back in time three weeks……. this corrupt practice, called “verballing” is used in my State to obtain wrongful convictions and has resulted in some long prison terms of the victims….. and it makes me wonder how may people have been swallowed up into the ‘mental health system’ and drugged for the rest of their natural lives based on this method of fraud.

    And lets not question the Community Nurses ability to read minds…….. I mean with zero ‘evidence’ he knew I was a wife beater despite my wife claiming she said no such thing…….. must have read her mind too? And documenting such falsehoods really does cause problems when the hospital starts distributing those documents along with other slanderous and misleading documents (breaches of the Federal Privacy Act but the victims are at a distinct disadvantage ….. they have methods of ‘resolution’ at hand to ensure zero accountability and carte blanche. Your now a ‘mental patient’ based on forged documents and guess what? Look out for the blow to the back of the head when your least expecting it. It’s referral time, and the police are helping the perpetrators cover up their abuses.