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  • There was a case here Rachel777 where doctors managed to have a child taken from his parents so that they could use him for an experiment . The boy had a type of cancer and his parents wanted him to return home and be allowed to die. Doctor wanted to try an experimental treatment and well, I’m guessing you know how that all went in the courts.
    They actually used the Family Court because that way they could silence any reporting of what decisions were made. Some of the absolutely disgraceful decisions made in that place are fortunately not available to our public, and doctors are finding it a convenient place to keep the public in the dark.
    I’ve no doubt that the ‘mental health’ of the parents was taken into consideration, in fact I think that issue was actually made public (not that it could be considered slander).

  • Psychiatry comes to the attention of the Emperors of our State.

    (See first part describing the ‘interview’)

    It takes very little to have a population fall into line if one has the stomach for what is needed to exercise power. Funnily enough the person who interrupted the attempt to kill me in the Emergency Dept tells me he doesn’t have the stomach for these types of convenience killings. But he most certainly put someone in his pocket who does. Why would the Emperor watch when he can get someone else to do the dirty work? Nice pick up Prof.
    Psychiatrists are little more than modern day Sun Tzus’ touting their wares to the highest bidder. Need someone silenced to cover up your little indiscretions with alter boys? Who ya gunna call? Certainly not the Ghostbusters lol
    I note the lack of ‘evidence’ presented at the Royal Commission about how mental health services had been used to ‘cover up’ many of the victims testimonies. Difficult to expose that little weapon as long as it is still being used my the government for whistleblowers. One would imagine police may have cause for concern, especially given the push to have them regularly screened and placing mental health professionals in every station. Always good to have an SS officer keeping an eye on what the local constabulary is up to, lest they start thinking for themselves.
    And of course once ‘flagged’ by police for ‘treatment’ deemed worthy by the State? Is it any wonder our ex treasurer needed to flee the State when police were sent to collect him and make a referral to Mental Health Services? I think he might have been aware of how it works in reality lol

  • You don’t look crazy to me……..I have been told I am a good judge of crazy….keep up your spirits…

    That was pretty much what the psychiatrist who did my ‘assessment’ told me, minus the keep up the alcohol thing coz I don’t drink and don’t take drugs but …… Sorry we had to destroy your life by torturing and kidnapping you to get you here for me to say this to you but …… you know how the State works. Police and Mental Health professionals do whatever they want, and then we cover up with fraudulent documents, threats and intimidation. Where else other than a mental health facility would one hear an Operations Manger of a hospital threatening to “fuking destroy” someone for complaining, and being given access to police resources to actually do it? Same person looking after your loved ones.
    Still, for what its worth Micheal I don’t think you look crazy either, but I don’t have a license from the State to practice heresy.

  • The ‘trick’ (if it can be considered one) is to have legislation passed under the guise of being about “compassion” and “care” and all that nice stuff people wish they had time to feel. Then once you have the legislation passed it can be ‘tweaked’ and used for purposes that were never intended.
    I look at our current legislation (passed yesterday) for “Assisted Dying” (don’t call it Euthanasia, people will start thinking about the Nazis those wanting it passed told the newspapers). This striking similarity to “life unworthy of living” and how easily our legislation can be “amended” (the Chief Psychiatrist has written to me telling me that he has the power to amend Mental Health Act without any involvement of Parliament effectively removing ‘legal protections’ and authorising arbitrary detentions and torture [think i’m joking? Ask me to prove it. Email from the Minister confirming this]) should allow the ‘delousing’ (with some serious side effects) of anyone who is a problem to our Government. Why only last month our Treasurer was bemoaning the cost Mental Illness and Old Age was having on our economy.
    Opening up areas to make legal what would normally be criminal is something that psychiatrists are experts at. No need to look back to National Socialist Germany, take a look at Western Australia 2019. (Lets make forced sterilization of children without parental consent legal, woops the world is looking, lets not) 2021 let the killings begin.
    I am reminded of Pte Joker in Full Metal Jacket looking at those citizens ‘reeducated’ by the Viet Cong. “The dead know only one thing, it is better to be living.”
    There are no “bad apples” in my country Steve, they kill anyone who complains and thus none of their colleagues are ever held to account. Sun Tzu explained this method of terrorising citizens 2000 years ago in his demonstration to the Emperor of Wu. If you are serious about maintaining control of a population then these methods are tested and work in a highly effective manner.
    Consider, psychiatrists acting as Sun Tzu did all those years ago? Touting his wares to those who wished to maintain control of their ‘property’? The external threats created and maintained by one group, and the internal threat dealt with by another. See the Power of Nightmares and the consequences on the populations “Mental Health” and how to generate a profit from that? Politicians creating an ‘enemy’ who is coming to get us to maintain fear and thus their power, but what happens when that fear results in the rumblings within from an anxious population? Nothing any drug dealer wouldn’t know how to generate a profit from.

  • Hi JanCarol
    I support your choice on the matter. It’s the “voluntary” issue that concerns me.

    The use of coercion is an issue, but is being denied by those discussing the matter. And of course they can not at any cost draw attention to the voluntary nature of psychiatric ‘treatment’ lest they open a can of worms. Imagine the public being exposed to that debate?

    I don’t need some politician writing rules about when I can put a gun into my mouth and pull the trigger, thats a choice I make. And using legislation to give the false illusion of “protections” (see the way the Mental Health Act protections are ignored by our Chief Psychiatrist) can only be dangerous. As Jim Gottstein pointed out at one stage, rules without remedy are worse than no rules.

    It’s a choice we already have, and the few who do make a mess of it should not be used by politicians to usher in laws that they will ignore anyway.

    I also note the Victorian laws do not have provisons for collecting data on who has been snuffed. Was there a reason for this non collection of data?

  • Means, motive and opportunity.
    Means to torture are available. We know which drugs and what amounts cause psychological and physical pain. Any doubts let me get my prescription pad. Take lithium until signs of tardive dyskinesia appear then drop it back a ‘notch’. Maximum damage with minimum signs.
    Opportunity to torture comes when a distressed person enters into a doctor patient relationship. Dinner with a rapist I call it. If he is paying for dinner, your putting out. You just consented by agreeing to dinner right? And you anasognosia is getting in the way of you having a good time. Not even necessary in my State, drug em with benzos without their knowledge, and then have police jump them and provide a referral. They are consenting before you know it. Simply call them “patient” and police will do the work for you.
    Motive to torture. This is where it all gets difficult if doctor decides to keep their mouth shut about their motive to torture. You can’t prove it and minus a confession well, sorry police are going to turn you away. So doctor can sit back smug in their position and bait you while they know nothing can be done about their conduct. And the angrier you get, the more money is made by the doctor and the pharma companies :).
    It’s a win/win situation. As long as “patient” is excluded from the equation.

  • Thanks for the info Fiachra.
    In my instance I was ‘spiked’ with benzos for which I

    (A) had no prescription, and they are drugs which I would never take willingly. That was okay because the ‘mental health professional’ (a community nurse) was in a position to conspire to conceal the evidence of a criminal offense and attempt to pervert the course of justice over the matter.
    (B) any complaints regarding being ‘spiked’ with benzos without my knowledge was documented as a ‘delusion’ and could then be used to justify further forced drugging with the same drugs that were causing the symptoms they claimed were an illness.
    (C) by drrugging individuals without their knowledge with benzos and then planting a knife on the individual when they collapse one can use police resources to cause an “acute stress reaction” and then subject the individual to a form of ”’hard’ torture which is not available to interrogators in Guantanamo Bay. See the two DO NOTS associated with “acute stress reaction” and Article 1.1 of the Convention against the use of Torture.
    (D) any complaints about the use of torture (or kidnapping) bring the person under the powers of the Mental Health Act by making them into a “patient” post hoc with fraudulent documents. Watch as the ‘poison’ takes effect and they run around seeking help from a community that would rather they were dead, than face the truth that folk are being tortured. Eventually they will likely commit suicide and can be used as a call for more resources.

    Given the way the community nurse and then the staff at the hospital responded to their criminality regarding these matters I have no doubt that many people are being covertly drugged and the ‘negative consequences’ that arise from this “abhorrent and extremely dangerous conduct” are being covered up with acts of criminal fraud. Want me to prove it?

    I stand against the use of State sanctioned torture, but it would appear that many in my community support it, as long as it isn’t them being tortured it would seem.
    How wonderful for our politicians that they can authorise the use of torture and kidnapping and call it ‘healthcare’, and then allow complaints to be ‘unintentionally negatively outcomed’ in Emergency Depts if anyone should complain because this conduct is reserved for “mental patients”.

    But with a police department that doesn’t know how to spell due diligence one could hardly expect them to check if the person actually met the definition of “patient” given in the Mental Helath Act. A nurse said “patient” it must be true, and if it isn’t there’s always fraud and slander available. Works a treat.

    Imagine a tool available to a government that would allow evidence of their corruption to be ‘treated’. What would it look like? Quite possibly like a cancerous growth on a person who is in denial. No need to be going back in history, or travel to exotic places. But they do need to stop turning a blind eye.

  • I saw a guy do a ‘bunk’ while i was in hospital here, and he headed off to another State with assistance from some ‘friendlies’.

    Know your enemy, know yourself.

    So I watched the staff to see what they did about this prisoner absconding. It seems that there is a National database that is activated when this occurs and they detain and transport people back, no matter where they are in the country. And of course you are not going to be using you passport to get out, this place is an Alcatraz in that sense. But a bit like Cool Hand Luke I hope the guy is living it up in a casino somewhere rather than being force drugged in a filthy cell they call a hospital.

  • Another rinse, lather, repeat I believe JanCarol.

    Though I think a decision was made to ensure that the prawn cocktails at the meetings regarding the implementation of the recommendations came from a quality restaurant. But somewhere the recommendations got lost in the rush to the trough and nothing actually got done.
    Seriously though, these maters get talked about and nothing changes, it.s a cycle of abuse, and we will see this happening again and again until there are people being charged, convicted and imprisoned. I think then you will find people might start considering their conduct towards “patients”.
    It is the case that where I live the penalties for abuse of an animal are double what they are for abuse of a mental patient and if your a dog you have the chance that charges will be brought against the abuser, unlike the laws protecting “mental patients” which have never been used since they were passed, despite cases like the one described above. “Good faith” is like the defense of “diplomatic immunity” of the 70s in London lol. It covers a multitude of sins and most folk wouldn’t know the limitations of the legal concept and seem to accept criminal conduct as being okay because a nurse or doctor did it.

    So swept under the rug, and i’m just taking a look under the rug and letting the MiA people get an idea of what occurs in our system. Worlds Best Practice I believe its called.

  • I must admit that I wonder about the diffusion of responsibility where thse matters have been concerned. No one wants to deal with the organised criminals operating in our hospitals and they hand ball resposibility to any othe rbody they can. The Office of the Chief Psychiatrist passes to AHPRA and HaDSCO. AHPRA says its out of their brief and well fortunately the guy at HaDSCO was an ex police officer and actually knew some of the police who had been assisting these criminals. Biut of a laugh his ex colleagues handing someone over to criminals to be killed lol. He recommends going to police integrity, but they just hand ball back to ‘medical’ authorites. And in the confusion I am almost murdered in an ED and they still haven’t figured out whats going on. Too busy making it someone elses business.
    And the public are simply too afraid of our government these days given the amount of police corruption and enabaling of organised criminals in our hospitals to dare stand up and say anything. They’ll do your family.
    So the crooks are on a good wicket, and a bit like to folk who stood and watched Kitty Genovese murdered they stand and watch assuming someone else will do something about it. Anyway, i’m off to lunch lol.
    Lucky that one person recognised what they were going to do to me and was waiting in the next cubicle in the ED. Should have seen that doctors face caught in the middle of attempting to murder someone lmao. Shame you have to rely on that though because the authorities don’t give a damn and are asleep at the wheel.

  • Documents
    My legal representative writes to the Chief Psychiatrist
    “We submit that the time taken to provide access to our clients medical records was unreasonable, and prevented Mr Boans from obtaining legal advice and assistance from the Mental Health Law Centre” and “The copies of the medical records were provided to the Mental Health Law Centre in “edited form” with sections blacked out”.
    Not only were sections blacked out the documents that demonstrated that I had been subjected to torture and kidnapped were removed and other documents put in their place. It took some time to figure that out. So whilst the government has procedures in place to ensure your human rights are observed (ie provision of docs to lawyers in a timely manner) they have managed to delay me obtaining these documents for 5 years. And in the meantime distributed fraudulent documents and released confidential information to the public. How nasty do these people get.

    I’m assuming those who know the system would understand why 5 years to obtain access to your file by a lawyer might be a problem?

    I am told by a lawyer at S+G that its too late now. They won’t assist and sorry but its like with the child raping priests, we sit on our hands and deny access to legal rep while they rack up the victims. I’m sure their consciences are clean. And well, the conflict of interest regarding the legal/medico report wouldn’t have had an influence, i’m sure no favour will be sought from the Private Clinic Psychiatrist.

    Letter from the Chief Psychiatrist says he gets the impression that the documents were applied for under thew FOI Act, despite having been provided with the letters of application bolded with Application for documents under the MHA Act s. 160/1. It did however once again ensure this torturer was enabled for well, another 8 years now. I’d call that criminal negligence but police don’t have a copy of the criminal code and threaten peoples families so ……

    The problem was always with the hospital having to write to the lawyers and ask them to engage in a criminal conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Got to be careful putting that sort of thing in writing. “Hi, we can’t give you these documents unless you swear to not tell anyone we are torturing and kidnapping cirtizens and using police resources to do it, agreed?” Especially with regards offences such as torture and kidnapping and no good faith defense. Mind you killing people who complain seems a bit rich. Or “unintended negative outcoming” as the Chief Psychiatrist prefers to call them.

  • You might think that lawyers would take up such an issue given the serious nature of not being provided with documents regarding people detained against their will and force drugged. It’s worse than being held with no charge and therefore in my opinion vital that the provisions protecting citizens rights be observed.

    I only had to wait 5 years for them to be provided, and the lawyers gave up once they received a fraudulent set from the hospital. I assume the Chief Psychiatrist has let them know in no uncertain terms that he did not want them looking at the documents demonstrating State sanctioned torture and kidnapping. And the lawyers had every reason not to tell the Emperor that he had no clothes because he rewrote the grounds for detention from “suspect on reasonable grounds that the person needs to be an involuntary patient” to “the mental health practitioner need only ‘suspect’ that the person be referred for an examination by a psychiatrist”.
    I had no idea he could rewrite the Law and remove the protections of the Mental Health Act. This effectively means arbitrary detentions are now lawful and by using the corrupt practice of ‘verballing’ anyone can be dribbling in a cell within an hour.
    Who would have thought eh? The Chief Psychiatrist has more power than our Prime Minister by being able to rewrite the law to suit his purposes and doesn’t even need to have it passed through parliament. Of course the Council of Official Visitors did take the issue up with him, and ran away with their tail between their legs. Ever had someone return emails and tell you “we didn’t read them, honest” lol
    And the business about mental health professionals being able to time travel and read minds was just bizarre. If I had the power to I’d refer him for an examination by a psychiatrist. Maybe we could ‘spike’ his drink with benzodiazepines and when he collapses plant a knife on him and then call the cops and tell them he is a “mental patient”? We then have a lawful referral and can begin his ‘treatment’. All lawful according to his letter. If it’s written down it is the truth, and anything they fail to write down (like criminal offences) is not worth his time looking at. So fraudulent statutory declarations are fine with him, they can not be questioned despite being patently “false or wreckless as to the truth”.

    Because all these mental health ‘activists’ are too scared to even take the issue up with him. Mainly because it’s obvious they are committing offences and well, you want to end up getting treated the way Ms Merten did? Because the Chief Psychiatrist is the one who will be asked to investigate it. His “expert legal advice” not even recognising a standard burden of proof.
    The Council of Official Visitors is a statutory body set up to ensure the protection of rights of persons detained involuntarily. They need to be fully aware of the protections of the Mental Health Act and have powers to enter locked wards and examine documentation without appointment. So the bizarre claims made by the Chief Psychiatrist in his letter of response to lawyers (who didn’t have the time to read it they tell me) would have been obvious. And of course this poison pen letter was designed to gaslight the victim of State sanctioned torture and kidnapping, and not for examination by people who know the law. The things you can do when you can threaten lawyers is just amazing. The world is your oyster basically.
    Still, I should have listened to the Operations Manager at the hospital. “We’ll fuking destroy you” for complaining about torture. I had no idea so many people supported it’s use.
    Contact me if you don’t.
    Where does one go when the person charged with the duty to protect you from being tortured is providing material support (see the letter) to the persons doing the torturing?

  • Nice article Jessica

    I had a friend I used to play soccer with who used to keep us entertained with his stories about his work as a psych nurse. Things like the Jewish man with the tattoo from the camps who they would ‘bum rush’ and push into the showers and make the sound of gas entering his cubicle. They would laugh as he tried to escape holding him in the cubicle until he was exhausted and collapsed. At that time I thought he was kidding, and then I got a visit from the Staff at the Ariel Castro Memorial.
    Having witnessed first hand what is done to people in these places leaves me with no doubt about the community I share with others. I agree with oldheads statement above that hospitals do not get sick, merely oppressive. And thats where my community is heading. Bit of luck I will be out of this place as soon as possible, because people who would behave in such a manner and call it ‘health care’ have got to be insane.

    Note that in the article posted above the Minister finds herself surpirised that this stuff is going on? How difficult did you say it was for you to find out this was going on? I think she might be spending a bit too much time on the $5000 lunches at tax payers expense rather than doing some spot checks on her ‘turf’. Outcome? They are going to have some $5000 lunches at tax payers expense and tut tut about how terrible it is and how underfunded these places are.

    Note that the Chief Psychiatrist is to do an investigation. I have a letter here from our Chief Psychiatrist who was provided with three letters headed in bold typeface “Application for documents under s. 160/1 of the Mental Health Act” After investigating the concerns that lawyers had about the provision of documents he writes that “I am of the impression that the documents were applied for and provided under the freedom of Information Act” Say what??? I’m glad he isn’t my doctor with that sort of incompetence. Still, it did mean that the serious breach of human rights was not identified and nothing was done about it 🙂 Anyone want to see the letter?

    Anyhow, good article.

  • Hey Francesca, you write

    “I’m not sure exactly what is the “right” emotion to exhibit when one is dragged out of the safety of one’s home for no reason by the police. My justified anger was pathologized, and I was hauled off to the seclusion room by security goons.”

    On the sworn testimony of a Community Nurse (your friendly ACT team) I was told I was to be snatched from my bed and transported against my will to a locked ward for …. wait for it, being “agitated and pacing”. Now let me say this I was surrounded at the time this “observation” was made and in no position to be pacing. I was joking with the Community Nurse until he told me I was being dragged off by police in front of my in laws so how agitated could I have been? (and he tells me in his sworn testimony that I had “potential for damage to reputation and meaningful relationships”? Does he not recognise the stink he spreads everywhere he goes? His ‘verballing’ technique means that everyone he comes across has a mental illness and is going to be hauled of for examination. A 100% record using this corrupt practice. Not to mention the damage he does to reputations and meaningful relationships). So my response to being detained is used as justification for detaining me. They teach flipping the script in Medical School? And these people are trusted? Or so they believe in their delusional state. We talk about them behind their backs and that’s gotta hurt because they know if they mention it their ill, seriously ill lmao.
    I must be honest I’m so glad to not have to be putting up with these frauds and slanderers visiting me on a regular basis. I guess it’s one way for them to make friends, because I don’t think anyone would be their friends willingly. It might explain the high rate of alcoholism among them them also. So they have the courts order them some ‘companions’ lol
    Best cure for mental health issues, stay away from mental health services.

    I note that in Australia today the Government is going to “restrict the use of chemical restraints” in aged care facilities. A recognition that they are damaging and a violation of human and civil rights maybe? Shhhh not too loud people will be looking at the interim report and using the information and claiming it might be best they are restricted in other areas too. And we don’t want the idea catching on.

  • Yes Rachel, I”ve been shocked by how many of them are Islamophobes. Which brings me back to Karadzic and his treatment of those young men. I mean our own Prime Minister said that Islam is a “death cult”, and so wasn’t Karadzic merely helping them along their way? One lead pill is all thats required and treatment is over.
    Slandering people as “mad” has been used for an awfully long time, and it is as shown by Dr Moncrieff a political act. Nothing to do with medicine, its about power. The analogy to rape is valid though avoided like the plague by these professionals. A bit like our government not wanting the association with National Socialists when they present a Euthanasia Bill that has basically been translated from German to our Parliament. (Surely ALL of their ideas couldn’t have been bad?).
    Take away the status of “patient” and what have you got? A victim of some serious criminal offences that is denied any remedy for the damage that is done to them.
    I mean consider, the Community Nurse knew I wasn’t going to consent so he arranges for me to be ‘spiked’ with a date rape drug and then has police point weapons at me to obtain my consent. Where did he learn that technique? Medical School or the football club?
    Eight years later and the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency is defending his ‘treatment’ of his “patient” (shows a level of ignorance beyond imbecility. I specifically showed them why I was NOT a patient and pointed to the section of the Act but they prefer the false narrative as its then back to the donuts) and saying by not informing doctors of the spiking his duty of care was met. Nothing like diligence when investigating complaints and enuring the safety of the public huh? A Kangaroo Court in Australia, who’d have thought lol

  • “HUGS, NOT DRUGS” Trouble with the Mental Health Professionals I met is that they would interpret this in their unique way and think that it could be perverted into strangling someone in a cell and calling it a HUG. In fact, let me dig out that report into the people who had their necks snapped during restraints, the one about the unintended negative outcomes. Oh I see, Humane Undersupply of Gas for Service-users – HUGS lol.

    One of the biggest problems I see, and i’m unsure if this is the same in America, but that the Minister is immune from prosecution. Thus if they give the green light to something, for example the use of torture, then basically that immunity runs all the way down to the cleaner beating the “patient” with a broom in the seclusion area. Not a damn thing you can do about it because the immunity is seen as being part of the ‘clinical team’. Mind you the use of torture does have the clause which says there is “no superiour authority” but ineffective investigation and cover ups are just so cheap and easy to do with hot shots in EDs

  • Short answer is No.
    In fact when reading this I thought to myself Americans are fortunate that they haven’t ratified this document because it creates a false sense of security. My country has ratified the Convention against the use of Torture but despite ther being a clause requiring the setting up of a body to examine complaints, its simple ensure that you catch any complaints via making the person complaining about the torture complain to the torturer. This allows the refoulment of the victims and ensures we look like the good guys when pointing fingers at other countries doing what were doing. Witnesses threatened to silence, fraudulent documents to lawyers (who I might add were quite prepared to accept them and act as if nothing had occurred, funding from the State tends to do that) and an attempt to do some serious damage to my heartbeat were the methods employed to deal with my legitimate complaint. And now it’s been exposed they sit in silence and deny me access to legal representation while they ensure that justice is denied and obstructed.
    Still, there’s loopholes that let them do that, like the “inherent in or incidental to lawful sanction” loophole in the Convention against Torture. It’s actually very easy to torture people and make it look like medicine, call them “Mental Patient” and have police pick em up and off you go, torture away and no one will look. You’ve got your “lawful sanction” and if they suffer from akathesia thats what we call a side effect right? Prove the intent. They think these folk are doctors lmao

    If I were a refugee who had been tortured in Syria, no problem my government wants to know, but its a different path for victims of our State sanctioned torture. The government for obvious reasons doesn’t provide money to investigate their own torture.That’d be silly.

    Eight years of research asking bodies such as the Human Right Commission, Australian Lawyers for Human Rights, Amnesty International etc etc about where I should go with the proof I was tortured and ……… crickets. And of course once they find out about the unintentional negative outcoming …… lets see who can run the fastest. Watch an “activist’ show their hypocrisy in a moment.

    So the long answer is also No.

    Good interview Leah, and Celia. Take a look at the suicide rate among the Aboriginal youth in my country. Appauling is the term i’d use. It would serve as a great starting point for anyone wishing to identify what factors are involved. But given they were only made into humans in the late 1960s it might be best we give it some time.

    With regards a solution, my government is attempting to pass a Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill before Christmas. They would have to make some significant changes to the mental health system to allow thoughts of wanting to die right? No more people bashing in doors to get you the help you don’t need and which has been proven to not work?
    Coercion? Not an issue in the Mental Health system. Consent is a guaranteed outcome with anasognosia at their disposal

  • I thank Sandra to this day for pointing out to me how broad the interpretation of the term “emergency” can be in an environment where you wish to over ride a persons human and civil rights. You don’t want to take drugs willingly? That constitutes and emergency and we need to have 15 thugs pin you down and force this down your throat. You lack insight and “i’m the boss around here” lol
    But this also applies to the term “help”, i mean technically this guy, a psychiatrist was helping some peopležić

    Well, until they decided that it might not constitute help, and may even be war crimes but …. definitional issues. Ain’t war Hell?
    Seems he is suffering from a dissociative disorder these days, ie his colleagues have dissociated themselves from him. Still, tall poppy syndrome.
    Our newspapers told to not call it a Euthanasia Bill (too many negative associations with the National Socialists in Germany they tell me), it’s “Voluntary Assisted Dying” . Anyone here want to talk about the “voluntary” nature of treatment when it comes to mental health? Not a mental health issue wanting to die? Luckily the guy who is ignoring the protections of the Mental Health Act tells us he will observe the protections in his Euthanaisa Bill. And our Treasurer bemoaning the cost of care for the elderly and mentally ill. Saw a poster they could use in government offices, it just needs translating from German.

  • I mean imagine, what sort of place would allow a private clinic psychologist to arrange the torture and kidnapping of an ex client (note not a “patient”) and allow the use of police resources to achieve this end and then when a complaint is made, access to legal representation is denied whilst they arrange to have the victim unintentionally negatively outcomed.
    Seems that whilst our laws contain ‘protections’ they are easily overcome with negligence, fraud and slander. And then our Minister for Health tells us that whilst he ignores the protections in the Mental Health Act, he promises this won’t be the case with his Euthanasia Bill if they pass it for him.
    Don’t believe me about the denialof legal representation? Think I haven’t tried over 8 years to have someone look at the proof? And all I have is a long list of the most incompetent claims i’ve ever seen. My doctor authorised the ‘spiking’ but when I ask what doctor I am not allowed to be told for reasons of National Security lol. And nothing more disgraceful than Police being so under resourced they don’t even have a copy of the Criminal Code.
    A land of Sweeping Plains? I’d be real careful visiting this place if your of a mind that psychiatry shouldn’t have the powers it does, find yourself food poisoned and shipped of for ‘treatment’ before you get out of the airport. And there aint no lawyer going to help, they can threaten them to inaction with a telephone call.
    A State that is acquiescing their duty to citizens (human and civil rights) and allowing the most vile conduct to be passed off as ‘medicine’.

    Absolutely right they are not letting go of that without a fight Richard. Police have been given instructions to do what they are told by doctors and excercise their ‘discretionary’ regarding criminal conduct and well, I can’t see that ending well. But there is a War on against that sneaky mental illness which as was show in my case is there one minute and has disappeared when the drugs i’d been spiked with wore off. Luckily their attempts to have me injected with enough for an elephant failed, though I note in most cases they suceed in this endeavour. Ask the patients, oh wait, Minister says “you can’t listen to them, they’re mental patients”.

  • “Psychiatry, Big Pharma, and its related “genetic theories of original sin,” and its increasing role in society as a form of social control, has become TOO BIG AND IMPORTANT to the POWERS THAT BE, to be allowed to fail.”

    Hey Richard, good to see your still pointing out such truths. I received a letter from our current Minister fo Health stating that he was saddened that I was still upset about my detention and referral after such a long time, and that I should seek professional help. I replied and told him that the greatest difficulty had been in having folk recognise that I had not been referred and detained, but tortured and kidnapped. Making me into a “patient” post hoc via fraudulent documents and threateneing witnesses doesn’t change the truth. But where would he be without the dog whistle slandering of folk who say things he doesn’t want to be true. Seek professional help, from who? The people who tortured and kidnapped me? Yeah right. Talk about false narratives? “Cover not the truth with falsehoods”

    Problem for me has been all these folk who claim to want this to change are not prepared to take these matters on even when a win would be a forgone conclusion, precisely because of what you state. They run away from the fear of the ‘morality police’ who can snatch you from your bed and for no other reason than they want to leave you dribbling in a cell and call it medicine. Can’t say I blame them, history shows this as being how humans respond to such periods of National Socialism and Democracy (oh how I laugh after what I’ve seen the State do when I hear I live in one). The failure of folk to stand up when required is our greatest enemy I think. And enter MiA at that point.

    As far as MiA goes, great work. Can’t say I agree with everything I’ve seen here but at least the area is open for discussion, which can not be said about most places where any deviation from the mantra will be dealt with more swiftly than a gay person in Raqqa. And let’s not forget some of the purposes psychiatry has been seen as ‘fit for’.

  • News just in, a man has been repeatedly stabbed in the back and killed. Police are in attendance and it would appear to be the result of a targeted attack by the killer. We are waiting for a response from the police as to who they are seeking in connection with this crime …… oh wait, police have just had a call from a doctor and it would appear that this is now a “patient” and the stab wounds are the result of surgery. Police are now collecting the evidence and tampering with it, and intimidating anyone who saw these events unfold. If you have any information call crime stoppers on 1600 &&& &&&.

    Funny isn’t it, i’ve noticed that anything my government doesn’t want to be a crime gets throw into the “patient” basket for ‘treatment’. It’s allowing organised criminals to run rampant in our system, they are using police services to commit offences and laughing about the fact. Right under the shadow of their big noses lol
    I note the head of the AMA even stated on the front page of the newspapers that for doctors to kill required a “sophisticated knowledge of the law”. I don’t know that keep your mouth shut and the cops can do nothing is really that “sophisticated” but ….. he’s the doctor. Without a confession one can’t prove the motive. And thus the killing remains in the realm of ‘treatment’.

    They will even look at the wrong body if one does provide them with a confession.

  • You know someone else I often wonder about the role the abuse my wife was subjected to played in her being able to use the Mental Health System to fuking destroy me.
    The Community Nurse would have seen her milk crate full of ‘medications’ but might have assumed they were mine. She did explain to me how over a number of years she had abused a young woman from a school she worked at for ‘troubled’ young girls. Having her detained against her will on many occasions. She was well practiced at using this system to get her point of view across. The “you just have to know what to tell them” comment. The drink spiking with her benzodiazepines, not a drug I would touch willingly. And then the rather bizarre relationship with her family.
    Like I said to Dr Steingard, maybe I just have to accept that these people are receiving support and I was asking for it. Imagine living in a world were your so delusional you think you can trust others in your community? Nah,, this is about getting the knife into their backs before they do it to you.
    Pink Floyd said it best “you have to be trusted, by the people that you lie to. So that when they turn their backs on you, you’ll get the chance to put the knife in”. I wonder if that might be the knife that the Community Nurse is having planted on his “patients” before he leaves the hospital to torture and kidnap another citizen.
    Rogue elements I hear them cry, bad apples. No, they did an investigation and what they found must have made them sick to the stomach, because they have continued to cover the truth with falsehoods.
    I feel sure that they honestly believe its just a matter of forcing it into them until they realise how good it is for them.

    Oh Voltaire, oh vanity, oh imbecility eh?

    My offer has been that if they will allow me access to a lawyer I will have my share of the property returned and leave this vile place. I get it that the paranoids are concerned about the wholesale theft of public monies and are using the Mental Health system and police to ensure compliance with a totalitarian model. Its a Police State. Fine i’ll leave y’all to it and wish you luck even, but count me out when it comes to convenience killings in Emergency Departments because you complain about some corrupt public servant who is torturing “mental patients” and receiving the support of his colleagues at some run down dump of a hospital.
    Still, better to reward my wife for her silence with my property than have to use the resources of the state to pay her off. And the disgraceful lawyer who was prepared to take money off a ‘nutjob’ but runs away when it turns out the nutjob has the proof. What sort of people are these?
    A corrupt Community Nurse who lies and tells police he needs assistance with his “patients” and then uses them to kidnap citizens, then lies to his colleagues and tells then he has obtained a police referral, for pats on the head from a psychiatrist? Like some sort of Oliver Twist tale where citizens are being delivered to Ariel Castro for treats lol. It’d be funny if it weren’t true.

  • Article 1

    1. For the purposes of this Convention, the term “torture” means any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him or a third person information or a confession, punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a third person, or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind, when such pain or suffering is inflicted by or at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity. It does not include pain or suffering arising only from, inherent in or incidental to lawful sanctions.

    Just in case. The “soft tortures” are the ones that involve the psychological realm and are both diffiult to prove and may or may not involve damage to the individual. So for example there wouldn’t be an 8 year old Aboriginal boy in my State that doesn’t know about the use of mock executions by police. I’ve witnessed it being done. Similarly the threats of having someone raped in the cells to have them comply is another common use of ‘soft torture’.

    However, it is when there is also an actual physical assault that we step up into the realm of ‘hard tortures’. And it has been difficult for me to have being ‘spiked’ with a date rape drug as being an “assault on my person” despite it being an offeence under the “Assault on Persons” division of the Criminal Code.

    We regularly see the police beating up mental patients to have them comply with doctors wishes,

    This of course is “inherent in or incidental to lawful sanction” and thus not considered worthy of any attention. But in my instance the administration of benzodiazepines without knowledge occurred before I was taken into custody, and then the Community Nurse has conspired to conceal evidence of the ‘spiking’ from both police and the doctors at the hospital. He lies to police to have them attend and find the planted evidence, and then lies to his colleagues that he has a referral from police that he has had transported back to the hospital.

    This is his acquiescence, the concealment of the ‘spiking’.

    Why is it torture? The two do nots associated with acute stress reaction, do not force the person to talk, and do not administer benzodiazepines. Both are present in that he has requested police assistance to rough up his “patient” (a lie) and force them to talk, and the covert administration of benzos. One of the problems with walking so close to the line and using police to beat up patients to have them comply is it can be easy to cross the line.

    I’m assuming that iinformation such as the person has been spiked with benzodiazepines without knowledge might be information you would require when doing an assessment Dr Steingard? And this Community Nurse is concealing that information and documenting such important information as “damage to photograph” (not that it cost me 20 cents to repair but it did give me some explaining to do to the Consultant Psychiatrist)

    I’d put him down for conspiring to compound or conceal evidence of a criminal offence as well as attempt to pervert the course of justice but given that he managed to get police to assist him torturing and kidnapping is it any wonder they can’t find their copy of the criminal code?

    Still, refouling victims of torture using the services of Mental Health is easy. They are well versed in the use of gaslighting and soft tortures that often result in the death of their victims. And after a “formal investigation” I was told if I didn’t stop complaining they would fuking destroy me (not an idle threat from the very nice Operations Manager who arranged the fraudulent documents for the Law Centre. Nice touch putting the Clinical Directors name to it too Louise). Witnessed that too, though fortunately the public are so afraid they tend to turn a blind eye to what is being done in the name of medicine.

    I know the Minister telling my lawyers what they should do with the fraudulent documents they had has caused no end of problems. I mean they’re meant to be MY lawyers and here they are pretending to be the Chief Psychiatrist and writing letters to me from him telling me some of the most bizarre stuff. Mental Helath ppractitoners are time travellers and mind readers, he doesn’t even know what a burden of proof is…… made him look rather silly when Prof. Of Psychology read the rubbish they tried to ‘poison’ me with. Poison pen letters eh? From frauds pretending to be the Chief Psychiatrist no less. Where does the principle of the Mental Health Law Centre get off on covering up tortures and kidnappings for the Government?

    I would assume such things wouldn’t happen in America, least not the America I saw. Good news is that there’s been some people watching the whole time, just seeing where they will run with this. 8 years and the police still haven’t caught up lol. They’re still providing material support for the criminals. People are funny when they think they are above the law. Oh well, might find themselves being ‘referred’ for ‘treatment’.

  • I was just writing about the way that the slanderiing by these people works and realised something that should have been so obvious.

    Me being in my bed asleep after being spiked sounds like nothing at all. But if you call me “mental patient” and start writing down about the large volume of knives (in the kitchen drawer which would be in any home) and the “stockpile of heavy objects” which consisted of the items that I had around the garden such as pot plants and some old car parts, it becomes apparent that the “Mental Patient” can not live in the world with “normals”. How can I when objects of use to normals are all of a sudden a weapon due to my presence, nothing that I have done other than trigger the paranoia of the normal.
    This paranoid Community Nurse who was deliberately making me sound dangerous with his ‘verballing’ technique has made it impossible for me to live. I want to live in a house with a knife and fork to eat my dinner. I’d like to be able to have a hammer to build items with timber. But I can’t because I run the gauntlet of being detained and force drugged for trying to live like a normal person. And all because some fraud turned up at my home and decided to commit crimes s against me, and he has the support (and embarrasssment) of the police.
    “Do you have a knife?”
    “Yes, I have a drawer full of them, with forks and spoons”
    “What do you use them for?”
    “All sorts of tasks”
    “Could you use them to protect yourself?”
    “Don’t be silly, of course one could”
    On the Form used to detain me, “Has a knife for self protection”. Such quality work by the people who are caring for our community. And this guy writes that I’M a danger to self or other, and yet hides the ‘spiking’ with benzos from doctors and police?

    And he has support in his quality assured work. People who will commit further serious offences to ensure he gets to continue harming others in our community. Mind you I could certainly find uses for someone who has a method of torturing and kidnapping and not being detected by police. As i’m sure those who are covering for him have found also 🙂
    Got a little job for you Community Nurse, you still in touch with Curly and Larry down at the police station?

  • Altruistic Evil Sam.

    Your comment brought back to me the way I responded to being slandered by a Community Nurse as “mental patient”. I mean he had to lie to police in order to make his kidnapping appear lawful but ….. I was wondering why people who I had trusted before (even worked with police) were treating me the way they were. I learned something that day, what it would have been like to have someone in Nationalist Socialist Germany mark your file Juden. Nothing about me had changed, but the way people treated me changed significantly, and of course, my response began to change as a result.

    Pretty clever of the Community Nurse to figure out that if he lies to police and slanders someone as “mental patient” he can then arbitrarily detain anyone in the community. I know there is supposed to be laws protecting the public but like the ones being touted by our current Minister regarding his Euthanasia Bill, they simply ignore them. This is probably why the Community Nurse laughed when I said I’d have something done about his torture and kidnapping. He knows once labelled “patient” your off to the camps and …..bwaaaahahahahah. Its not about having protections for the public, but giving the appearance of protections for the public, ask Japanese Americans during the 1940s.

    Still I must admit I admire the guy in the end, he committed torture and kidnapping right under the noses of not one but TWO police officers. That takes some nutz. And I know he knew what he was doing, because he specifically guided me away from any conversation about a psychiatrist, and the fact I didn’t have one and was therefore not a “patient”. What if the police notice and realise what he was doing? And of course he needed to lie and request assistance with “patient” to obtain police attendance to find the stuff they planted on me after I collapsed from the ‘spiking’ with benzos.

    A country that respects a rule of Law? The police are helping organised criminals operating in our hospitals with kidnappings, torture and killings lol

    And of course they think that what they are doing is “for their own good”.

  • ‘The Hopper paper, on the other hand, is describing a program that embraces a profound shift in how we think about the problems of those who seek our help; ”

    That stings to someone who was ‘spiked’ with benzos and had a knife planted on them for police to be able to create an acute stress reaction to have them talk and be ‘verballed’ up (I assume you understand the ‘hard torture’ nature of what was done here), kidnapped and then subjected to 7 hours of interrogation. Still I guess the people who were seeking help are not to be held to account for their criminal conduct, despite the fact they have destroyed a persons life in the process. I suppose at some point I will have to accept the reasoning that I was asking for it. The short skirt, the ‘come get me’ eyes……..hey I know how we can obtain consent, spike em with benzos and have thugs hold them down while we do it. At what point did these people loose their minds and think they were able to act like rapists and claim good faith?
    Not all are ‘seeking’ this supposed help Dr Stiengard.

  • Funny how history gets rewritten in Wikipedia.

    I know our Treasurer who was a bit of a character found himself in a little bit of trouble when he got really drunk and crashed into a few cars on his way home. Police went to his house and were highly likely to arrest him so he didn’t answer the door. He then fled the State and was receiving treatment for ‘bipolar’ disorder in another State, before returning and resigning his position as Transport Minister.
    Its always made me wonder why he had to get out of the State in such a hurry to receive treatment for this ‘bipolar’ disorder. Surely when police went to his home they could have done a referral and dropped him off at an Emergency Dept for ‘treatment’? Or don’t we have any doctors capable of dealing with that disorder here? Or might it be that he made an enemy of the Minister for Mental Health by sniffing her chair and grinding his hips in a sexual manner at a parliamentary party, and he knew the sort of purposes our Mental Health System was being put to? Might have found himself dribbling in a cell for some time if he had fallen into the hands of the wrong psychiatrist here.
    Still, it didn’t happen and no one asked and ……. he is receiving treatment from far away. Looks to me like these services are being used in some very creative manners. Still, I wonder if he realises that his human rights have now been removed and he is a “mental patient” forever more, or so the Chief Psychiatrist tells us. If you have ever spoken to a mental health professional, your a “patient” and can be snatched from your bed at any time the government wishes. So we all need to think back carefully about who we spoke to in school etc. Mind you, these sort of arbitrary detentions aren’t too bad, its the torture thats associated with it and the unintended negative outcomes that bother me. Not so much the general public, mainly because they’re being kept in the dark about it. News papers and media are not allowed to publish anything but “seek professional help” mantra.

  • I watch with interest the issues that certain governments are having with groups such as the yellow vests etc. Might there come a time for the storming of the Bastille again? Will our Policitcians make the mistake of telling us to eat anti psychotics?
    I wouldn’t hold out any hope for Julian Assange, he is an Australian and well, our government is a bit like the puppy that follows the big dog around yapping about how tough the big dog is. They will claim victory if he is released and do as their told otherwise. Not unlike a psychiatrist who claims victory if the “patient” becomes well, and blames the “illness” if they die from the treatment. Snowden and Manning are different, they are Americans and as such do have human and civil rights, sort of (I’m thinking of Anwar al Awlaki here).

  • You know Rachel some years back there was a young man who had smoked a bit of pot as a teen. His mom referred him to psych services and he was subjected to 20 years of forced drugging and random incarcerations at the whim of his ‘carer/loved ones’. Eventually he took a frying pan and beat his mothers head to a pulp, claiming that they had been poisoning him all these years. Someone said to me see he was mad believing they had been poisoning him. Really? Wasn’t that exactly what they had been doing to him? I got the feeling that his sister might have wanted her inheritance a little early and might have been gaslighting him a little to speed the process along a bit ( the Devil in his ear, see for example The Young Poisoners Handbook) but, she presented her boohoo story to the media and called for more mental health services so paid her dues. Someone made dangerous with the drugs is used as a reason to make people dangerous with the drugs. Excellent use of the resources available though, worthy of the best of the psychopaths.
    But you know what they say, where there’s a will, there’s relatives.

  • Funny you should say that Sam Ruck. One of the things that haunts me to this day is me saying the words to my wife “Do not speak to that woman (a psychologist), she is trouble” before she attended a meeting with said psychologist and was told to spike my drink, plant a knife on me and call Mental Health Services. I’m sure she understands what I meant now that she has been through what we have both been subjected to. I feel certain that she understands what conspiring to commit an indictable offence namely kidnapping is, and what it means to pervert the course of justice. Oh to have friends that would overlook such serious criminal matters for one.
    Eight years on and I’m still having to deal with corrupt police lying to my face. One point though is they are doing themselves no end of reputational damage, as they are having to follow up on their corruption with intimidation and threats to other members of the public. Not that they seem to care their mock executions and threats of pack rape seem to obtain the desired results, for now at least. Though I do note they have been given kill orders with the mentally ill who are probably aware that they have been threatening till now.
    So in the last instance I have a police officer who I explain that I now have the documented proof of serious criminal offences who claims to have reopened an Incident report. I follow up this with two separate letters to him that appear to have been lost. Along with his failure to do what he lied that he had done. One of my statements to him was that it would be better if the police got together with the organised criminals operating in our hospitals because when they sent me away refusing to take my complaint about being ‘spiked’ with a date rape drug, they attempted to have me killed. Fortunate that someone noticed and interupted the killing. He stated that “it might be best he didn’t know about that”. So what have I been paying taxes for all these years? For this criminal negligence by police? And it is criminal to not take a report when someone turns up in a police station with proof of crimes. Not that he cares, they will just threaten my grandchildren again.
    If only I were allowed a lawyer who would assist in having my property returned, I could leave this country that has been totally corrupted by public officers from the UK who have been identified as corrupt and dumped on us. Shame really because my family has worked so hard over many years and now the corrupt public officers from another country simply move in and take over the place. Like a cancer they will destroy their host and be looking for another in no time.
    Interesting that police handed one of Jeffrey Dahmers victims back to him. Saved handing him over to some brutal psychiatrist for ‘treatment’ I suppose. The psychologist who arranged the torture and kidnapping in my instance, her husband was a psychiatrist in the hospital where they attempted to hot shot me. But once again police won’t even take a look, preferring the lies that were told to them in the first instance that I was someones “patient”. Shame one can’t have them check things like that, because i’ve no doubt I wasn’t the only person these people arranged to have killed, and their negligence is what they use to conceal their criminality. With police that stupid it really wouldn’t be hard to use them as stooges for kidnapping and torture, and well, have them drop victims at the hospital for you. They will even assist in covering up the crimes should it be necessary. For example ask my wife about how they used police to (unsuccessfully) retrieve the documents proving I was ‘spiked’. Not that having proof of crimes will get you anything but arrested by police. Looking after their local organised criminals.
    Good people gone bad? Nope, they are rotten to the core. I guess they really never see it coming huh.

  • Similarly we can’t have vicious bastards running around loose on the streets either so give them degrees and let them call themselves doctors or Mental Health Professionals. Anything as long as the rest of the community doesn’t have to interact with them on a daily basis. Get them into the locked wards and desensitize them for when they eventually need to be locked up and drugged for their crimes against humanity. A bit of luck they will eventually realise they are ill and get the ‘treatment’ they require, a bit like the doctor in Chekovs Ward 6.
    I’m reminded of the Eureka moment that the Operations Manager had when it was pointed out what she was doing was criminal and she came to her senses and spoke the truth. Rather than lying and saying “were here to help” she told me “we’ll fuking destroy you”. See, there is hope for these people, they just need to recognise their true inner feelings, and how to use their positions to abuse, torture, maim and kill. And as for Doctor “i’m the Boss around here” with his hot shots, an absolute psychotic, see it in his eyes while he is killing “patients”. Get some help Doc. Your conduct is more befitting the local football team pack rapist than a doctor.

  • “Would she not have been better off at home?”
    Problem being that in Australia all that is required for a citizen to become an “Involuntary Outpatient” is for someone to call the Mental Health Emergency Response Line and Police and a Community Nurse are despatched to snatch the person (who has been duly prepared earlier with a ‘spiking’ and a planted knife) from their home for ‘treatment’.
    I know some people like our Politicians say there are protections for the public but those charged with the duty to enforce those protections claim they don’t even know what they are. So I get told Police don’t have a copy of the Criminal Code and the Chief Psychiatrist writes he doesn’t know what a burden of proof is (suspect on reasonable grounds, he doesn’t like the reasonable bit so has rewritten the law). Bit strange for someone charged with providing “expert legal advice to the Minister” huh?
    Of course admitting I wasn’t a “patient” means that what was done was criminal and these folk hate the truth so they do cover ups. And its highly effective, I came so close to being unintentionally negatively outcomed they had the hole dug ready for me. Some even thought I’d been buried and were most shocked when I turned up in a police station with the proof of the crimes (they thought the documents had been retrieved).
    So I don’t know about being better off at home, because these days I simply wonder when the State is going to snatch me from my home for nothing more than they don’t like what I’m saying. The anxiety that comes from being tortured and kidnapped being symptoms of an ‘illness’ requiring ‘treatment’.
    Fortunate that there is no effective mechanism for complaint, they allow you to have pro bono legal representation till they find out what documentation and witnesses you have, and your then thrown under a bus and the evidence you have is retrieved by a little known evidence retrieval unit of police, and witnesses intimidated and threatened with the same ‘treatment’ they have just seen metted out to their other victims.
    Its working an absolute treat. For now anyway. Any whistleblowers who approach the media will be exposed because Police are raiding their offices and homes to identify what they have and who is blowing the whistle. And with the ability to abuse human and civil rights via the Mental Health Act they had better do as they’re told. The last thing they want is the media keeping the public informed of what is being done in their name.
    I really struggle to see how you keep your good reputation by torturing, maiming and killing anyone who doesn’t see the world the way you do, but ….. God leads astray who he will.


    And they say they have no idea this type of thing is going on? Then they are too lazy to even walk to their local hospital and take a look. And as a Minister/Shadow? A chemical baseball bat by a doctor killed this woman, if you look really carefully in the video you can see his ghost.

    Seems to confirm what you have written John. And all of a sudden there are people who are “concerned” when it appears in the papers. No media coverage they turn their blind eye.

  • What I fund interesting in my situation was how the people who were conspiring to torture and kidnap whipped up a frenzy with the authorities in order to have them act on the spur of the moment. By planting a weapon and admitting to spiking me with benzos there was a need for immediate action. And the fools fell for it. I guess it used to be that they would plant a copy of the Torah on a person to whip up this type of frenzy during the rise of National Socialism.
    What I find most disgusting is that those with a duty to put these matters right find it so much easier to target the victims of these criminals because they have already been kicked to the ground, how easy is it for them to then sink the boot in.
    The 5 minute Hate.
    I wonder no more about how a person wrongly convicted needs to spend a lifetime in prison for the negligence, fraud and slander of others. They might need to face their own ‘illness’ of being something less than human and devoid of the emotions they wish to drug in others.

  • Think about the way that ECT has been repackaged to make it palatable to the general public again.

    Leopard Oil (formerly known as Snake Oil) guaranteed to cure baldness, skin disorders, alcoholism, and a range of other uses.

    I actually met a guy who had a lobotomy done, though he didn’t call it that. In fact I don’t think he knew much about anything tbh lol. “Medication time, medication time”.

  • They speak different languages? The German psychiatrist would be really old now? The German psychiatrist would laugh if you said “there’s safety in numbers”?
    Actually the Germans from what i’ve heard have been trying to do something about the resurgence of National Socialism understanding the problems that come with that. In Australia were going the other way and seem to be encouraging race hatred and Islamophobia, to the point where we are even exporting it to other places. See for example the mass shooting in NZ, oh wait they shut down the ability to see that, along with your right to know a lot of other things the government doesn’t want you to know they are doing. Never mind you don’t have a sophisticated knowledge of the law and would simply not understand what is good for you.
    So they obtain power via an election. Then put matters such as a Euthanasia Bill on the table (shouldn’t they have discussed this before the election?). Then they tell us 80% of the population wants Euthanasia (though don’t call it that it has too many negative associations with the National Socialists) Then they don’t tell us that more than 80% of the population wants the death penalty but were not getting that. Then they say we need to get this through Parliament really quickly because Santa wants something in his sack for Doctors Christmas.
    What a shame they have been allowed to do this to what was once a great place. Still, there are still places where one can live without fear of being snatched from your bed, tortured, kidnapped and then killed for complaining. And all the government needs to do is distribute fraudulent documents and make you a “patient” post hoc. What makes me laugh is the faces on the people who figure out what i’m saying is true, they are so much more comfortable with believing the lie that “they wouldn’t do that”. Their faux shock and horror will be apparent once this regime has ended, and it will end, they always do.
    I thought there would be concerns but ….. the Minister continues with the “patient” slander and nothing gets done. His mental health police that act a lot like the Einsattsgruppen march on. We now have mental health police attached to our actual police. Didn’t the politicial police get attached to the actual police in Germany? Good move Minister, good move. Anyone who becomes a political problem can be immediately brought under the powers of the Mental Health Act and ‘treatment’ can begin immediately. No need to inform their families or lawyers or anyone really. I mean I was denied access to my telephone to call my daughter, denied access to a competent lawyer, and had my phone calls listened to (yes the nurse stood there while i was on the phone and documented what I was discussing with legal rep if you could call a throw them under a bus service that).
    And should there be an unintentional negative outcome i’m sure that the family will be directed to the highly effective refoulment, i mean complaints process.
    Whats really dumb is they think that refugees won’t recognise this stuff. They are more attuned to torture and kidnappings/killings by governments. Its why they got out of the frying pan. Still, the jack boots are nice and shiny and they will remain silent for fear of once again having nowhere safe to go.

  • Can’t help but wonder if this isn’t an idea that came from a Chinese student who was food poisoned and ended up being shipped off to a Mental Health facility for injection with the ‘burning flesh’ till he spilled the beans on his invention. Knowing what I know about Sun Tzu and the chapter on ‘agents’ one might send such a person that has a bad idea that sounds like a good idea and watch while they try to get it to work and fail miserably. I like the way the Chinese think 🙂

    Chelmsford wasn’t that long ago either Dr Scull.

  • I had no idea what a vicious bunch of pricks these people at the hospital are. Once they got their hooks into my family they used them to ‘gaslight’ me in the hope I would commit suicide, and they could wash their hands of their little torture and kidnapping problem. Or maybe the Operations Manager meant something different when she told me they would “fuking destroy” me for continuing with my complaint regarding their use of a known torture method and kidnapping? She’s done this before folk 🙂 And has no doubt done it since.

    The things they can do to a person who has been ‘hijacked’ via having someone self appoint their ‘carer’ is disgusting and disgraceful. A total removal of a persons human and civil rights. They are now enabled to lie to you, and have you running around in circles chasing your own tail. Police say things like “we don’t have a copy of the Criminal Code” and persons with a duty to perform are aware that there are no consequences for NOT doing their duty. It’s a “patient”.
    And the families would go along with it thinking “they’re medical people and are trying to help” till they find their loved one at the end of a rope and watch as these filth bags walk away laughing.
    And believe me they think it is funny, ask the Community Nurse who laughed out loud when I said I’d have something done about his kidnapping.
    The terrorists within our system would appear to be more of an issue than any external threat i’ve seen. Public officers becoming so delusional that they are somehow enabled in any conduct they deem fit and that it will be concealed from public view out of a need to maintain reputation? And how has that worked out for the Catholic Church?
    Think it isnt true? Got the stomach to look at what was done to me? And how easy is the ‘cover up’ for the Government? Simply make the person into a “patient” post hoc via fraudulent documents and then refuse to even engage in discussions where you have to maintain the fraud lest the criminals be exposed.

    My argument, prove I was a “patient”. I’m certain the person who is obstructing justice has been identified by now, and a bit like Cardinal Pell is of the opinion that they are ‘untouchable’. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Ghosts of the Civil Dead.

  • I saw a woman in the hospital whose behaviour confused me. I realised that she had Angelmans Syndrome (or what used to be called Happy Puppets Syndrome). I mentioned this to the staff and they laughed at me. Anyway, i ended up discussing it with her psychiatrist and he had a vague recollection of the syndrome (its genetic). What i realised later was that it didn’t matter what the cause of the behaviours was to these people, they were taking her off down the same path anyway, drugs and incarceration.
    So even when the science is done, it makes no difference anyway. The predetermined outcome is drug em and drop em.

  • Cheers Frank

    “You do what mental health law allows you to do to a mental patient to anybody who is not so labeled and you’re breaking the law.”

    So where do you go when the person is not a :patient”? I would have thought the police but ….. so I’ve ended up with the folk who broke the law knowing they broke the law, but the law won’t do the law because they prefer that the law wasn’t the law and that the false narrative that I was someones “patient”. I wasn’t, full stop, not true.

    I know that someone has figured this out. I also know that there is something causing an obstruction of justice because these folk who tried to murder me have still not been held to account. In fact they have the Minister for Health still running with a false narrative and misdirecting a legitimate complaint to a kangaroo court to ensure they are enabled. I can only assume he has them on a very short leash while they do a few ‘jobs’ for him.

  • I struggled to understand why under our law Ketamine, Rohypnol, GHB and Benzodiazepines are considered to be stupefying/intoxicating drugs if administered without knowledge or consent. And yet if you can convince someone to take them willingly its seen as being medicine.
    Not that you can have anything done about a medical person like a nurse authorising the spiking of peoples food and drink with these drugs, the Australian Health Practitoners Regulation Agency is authorising anyone who they provide regulation for with the power to do this. Despite knowing that they don’t have any prescribing rights. They just refuse to look and let you complain about the way your complaint was handled. And the negligence results in a hospital system that is literally killing people. If only i’d known you could get paid for that. Human rights abuses? No problem, AHPRA will cover that one up for us with their negligent investigations and predetermined outcomes.
    Just make sure the complaint is directed away from police with the slanderous “patient” label and redirected to their kangaroo court medical complaint system that ensures these organised criminals are enabled eh Minister?

    In fact, how negligent must our Minister for Health be to think that spiking people with benzodaizepines is a ‘medical issue’? Because there is a whole bunch of nite club rapists who should be seeking his support to be freed from incarceration. I mean their stupefying with intent was to sexually assault, this Community Nurse is doing it to kidnap. And yet they are somehow different? Lucky the Minister is such an effective slanderer and can obstruct if not pervert the course of justice.

  • I like your comment fnert777.

    One of the issues that has amazed me regarding my situation is how a Community Nurse lies to police and certain things happen as a result, and yet they continue to maintain that lie despite their being no evidence to support the straw man, and only a preference for the lie.
    Okay, so because i’m not a “patient” this guy has effectively used police to torture and kidnap me, I get that. Now one might imagine that when they figured that out they might have done some stuff to conceal these facts. I get that too. But police telling me that “it might be best I don’t know about that” when I explain they tried to murder me? Okay, the attempt to murder I get too, I mean its what criminals put in a corner tend to do, but where else do they obtain assistance from police to do this?

    And yeah, I get it i’ve been slandered as a nutjob and what i’m saying might not be true, but ya might want to check first?

    Simple, all I need is proof that I was someones “patient” on the day I was spiked and snatched from my bed. I know it doesn’t exist and in which case I am the victim of some serious organised criminals. Not that the reputation of Mental Health Services can suffer as a result of the negligence, fraud and slandering. The Operations Manager tells me that they fuking destroy anyone who has a valid complaint, And they have the authority of our Minister to do so. He, despite zero proof prefers the false narrative and has reinforced it with his stamp of approval, and a need to totally ignore the protections of our Mental Health Act. And he wants support for his Euthanasia Bill with all those protections? Ones that he has demonstrated will not be observed despite knowledge of their existence?
    These are the same people who were ‘overlooking’ CSA in the Church for years using the same methods. Isn’t it about time we moved a little quicker on these negligent abusers?

    Mind you the standing of our Politicians is only just above that of car salesmen. A shame because in some countries they are seen as being trustworthy and may not have a need to torture, maim and kill and disguise it as ‘medicine’.

  • Coercion is one of the issues being discussed about our very rushed Euthanasia Bill.

    I’ve got a funny feeling that the coercion exercised to ‘volunteer’ to be killed might be proportional to the time that Doctor has before he has to tee off at the Country Club and how much can be claimed for the ‘procedure’ on Medicare. Still, there won’t be any interviews being done to find out, nor any data kept as to how many are being done apparently.

    Cover your tracks.

  • A survey?
    They did a survey of “patients” from the previous year and it was found that 45% of the females claimed they had been subjected to sexual assaults. Okay there were some issues with this survey but it was what our, at the time, Minister for Mental Health said about the survey that interested me. “You can’t listen to them, they’re patients”.
    Yes please do the surveys but understand that there are some people who have made thier minds up before any data is collated. In fact, I think if they did a survey on what was to be for lunch at the annual Royal College meeting I feel that the (ex) Minister might say “You have to listen to them, they’re doctors”.

    Imagine how dangerous that attitude is for “patients”. Imagine being one of the respondents who may be being abused only to have the person charged with your care say such a thing? I know it takes time, but it just might be worth checking if it is happening before dismissing the claims because they’re patients. Not an uncommon attitude though from what i’ve observed over the years.

  • It fascinates me listening to the latest sports star who is in need of mental health services. We hear vague descriptions of their diagnosis and when the ’emerge’ (note they emerge, not drag themselves out with little if any of their life in tatters) they are seen as poster children for seeking assistance if you need it.
    Oh how far all that is from the truth. I mean it’s like they fly to Paris for lunch at Maxims and return feeling satisfied, when what the average Joe gets is scraps that have been dragged out of the dumpster and left to rot for a week and will be lucky if it doesn’t result in a trip to the Emergency Dept. Oh, and if you don’t like the look of what they dish up on the plate, they’re going to have 12 thugs pin you down and shove that muck down your throat.
    Still, sports people used to get folk smoking too. So the idea of them luring young folk into something that will damage their health for life is not unheard of.

  • Nazi Party never formed. National Socialists. Many of the first prisoners were Jehovah Witnesses. Why one might ask when Hitler is quoted as saying “We tolerate no one in our ranks who attack the ideas of Chritianity. Our movement is Christian” 1928. Of course the Jehovah Witnesses refused to give the ‘salute’ and so, off you go to prison if you don’t support the Fuhrer. I guess the similarity to not doing as one is told by your local Community Nurse who demands you speak to him when spoken to lest you be hospitalised may be a bit much for the modern day fascists to tolerate. I mean I have seen a young woman locked up for not doing her dishes when it came time for home inspection by the Community Nurse ffs. At what point do these people get off the controlling band wagon?
    The particular Community Nurse who had me jumped by police obviously hates Muslims because it was basically what his “reasons” for believing that I needed to be an involuntary patient were, islamophobia. And he has obviouly read the Qur’an, because he also knows as a result of 4:34 we are all wife beaters, and it’s a given on his Forms. Which went down really well with the Catholic Priest and Senior Medical Officer who he handed me off to without telling him I had been spiked with bezodiazepines.
    Should see the list of ‘chemical restraints’ he had me down for. He obviously hadn’t read the Qur’an because he didnt know about 5:90 which makes these stupefying/intoxicating drugs prohibited. Not that he would consider the cultural/religious aspects of my belief system of any significance. Perhaps he can loan me his copy of The Arab Mind? Because his attitude seemed to consist of the only thing these people understand is humiliation.
    He even had me believing he was a psychiatrist until one of the other detainees pointed out he was “only a doctor”. Still, it did get him the opportunity to have my clothes removed and stick objects into my mouth or anus when I had expressly denied him consent. Not that anyone is going to say anything, as police and everyone else who works in these environments knows “i refuse to testify on the grounds I may incriminate myself”. As was done when 12 police officers watched a young man beaten to death in the cells all did. 12 witnesses and nothing can be done, what a shame.

  • An end to “mass suffering”? Its being passed through our Parliament as we speak in the form of a Euthanasia Bill. Plenty to go around, not a lot willing to share.
    Got a Minister for Health telling us that there are “protections” in the Bill for the vulnerable. And yet I’ve got an email from him refusing to even recognise the protections afforded the public in the Mental Health Act. With zero evidence he calls anyone he disagrees with a “mental patient” and thus the slander means he wins everytime yay. One has to wonder how these protections are to be enforced once he gets this rushed legislation through the Parliament. And it will happen because Santa has made the kiddies a promise for Christmas.
    Sounds like a good book Megan but given that my State has taken to snatching folk from their beds, torturing and kidnapping them and then calling them “patient” via fraudulent documents distributed to lawyers, and threatening and intimidating citizens families and witnesses to conceal their human rights abuses I might not get the chance to read it.
    But good luck ending the suffering, My governments plan seems to be a little different to those who have a more humane approach to these matters.

  • Its interesting where some stories take a person. I haven’t read all the articles relating to your story Marci but …….
    There was a man who was convicted here of setting his children on fire during a domestic dispute. He later claimed that he had been ‘spiked’ by someone during his trial and that he would never have hurt his children otherwise. His defense was rejected and he is serving a long prison term now.
    What gets me wondering is that I know the State has been allowing people to ‘spike’ others with date rape drugs, and then concealing this fact and slandering the victims as paranoid delusionals. It was done to me. In fact, the symptoms of the ‘spiking’ were written down as being symptoms of a mental illness by a doctor who was not informed I had been ‘spiked’. This of course has me wondering if this man is speaking the truth about being drugged without his knowledge and if so would this have changed the outcome of his trial? This is one of the problems raised by governments that allow people to use date rape drugs to assist with interrogations, one simply can not predict what the outcomes might be. I know in my case there was some concerns about whether by ‘spiking’, planting a knife on me and then lying to police and claiming I was “mental patient” they might shoot me during their restraint. Not a great concern because they went through with it anyway, and phew I didn’t get shot, just slandered and destroyed.
    Drink spiking with these date rape drugs has been described by our politicians as being “abhorrent and extremely dangerous” and yet I have a letter from the National Regulatory Authority stating they have no problem with a nurse (with no prescribing rights) authorising this be done and concealing it from police and doctors. Seems that they know better than our community, and I can only assume they are ‘medical people’ and are above our laws.

    Can you imagine though, an experiment conducted where a doctor is presented with a person who has nothing wrong with them other than being ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs is seen as being mentally ill and in need of more of the drugs that are causing the symptoms? That can’t work out well. And the regulatory body who investigate the nurse who concealed the ‘spiking’ from police and the doctors is given a glowing report for his adherence to a duty of care. SHAMe they don’t know the law, or they would be aware this is called conspiring to pervert the course of justice and has a mandatory prison term. It seems some people are receiving favours through acts of criminal negligence.
    Anyhow, good luck in your fight for justice, and I enjoyed reading your poem.

  • With a Prime Minister who is basically dismantling any human rights in the country, and telling us that we need to be “independent” of International interference (globalists) I can’t really hear what it is that’s being said here.

    The UN wants us to what? I mean we did rewrite the Mental Health Acts when it was pointed out that they were a violation of human rights and the treatments may constitute torture (but lets not mention we made them easier to abuse human rights and enabled the widespread use of torture in the process, it did invalidate the UNs statement). What next? They will be wanting to undermine our Euthanasia Acts for “lives unworthy of living” and we will need to spend how much on adequate aged/disability care? And where oh where do they think that sort of money is coming from? Do the math folks,

  • There’s something that makes me smile.

    Mental Health Services can’t deal with meth users who are beating women in front of their children, and arranging home invasions when people dont pay them when blackmailed. But Mental Health Services are prepared to arrange a kidnapping and torture to deal with the person being threatened by meth users with a history of home invasion to deal with the anxiety being caused by the very real threats being issued. Talk about making a square peg fit a round hole.
    No way my wifes family was going to have their little family secret exposed. Young Ben was never to be held accountable for his conduct, even if it meant the death of that young woman in front of her children.
    And the police? They prefer it when people are spiked with benzos and have weapons planted on them rather than dealing with the real threats. Makes the job easier and one doesn’t have to worry so much about things like the truth or ….. you know these meth heads are dangerous, much easier when the victims have been prepared for you by Mental Health Services.
    In the meantime, they too can claim the domestic violence and deaths that are resulting require more funding and extra ordinary powers to deal with.
    I don’t know that treating angry people unjustly can really end with positive results. The mischief makers do seem to benefit from it though. And as long as it yeilds a profit it will continue.
    Just a note on the divorce lawyer I approached. She was quite happy to take money from a person she believed was “mad” (to use her term). But was not prepared to assist a person who had the proof of what he had stated (regarding the drugging without knowledge) when it was put on the table.
    Do they really sit in wait for vulnerable people to charge thousands of dollars when they think they are mad for advice that consists of “my time is really expensive”?
    I quote, “but I thought you were mad, but you’ve got the proof” Not helping you anymore, that narrative doesn’t suit me, and here was me thinking it was easy money from a nutjob.

  • It never ceases to amaze me how different our systems can be. In my country all my wife (a white woman) has to do is make one phone call and police dressed ready for combat in Afghanistan will turn up at my home and evict me for however many days she would like. Which worked really well for her when her boyfriend was in town and she didn’t wish to waste my money on motel rooms.
    I did ask her at one stage how she managed to have police turn up and with zero evidence throw me out of my own home and her response was “it did all seem a bit too easy”. I think her advice to anyone wishing to access this service is to slander the victim as being a “mental patient” and this will prime police ready to kill.
    Still, Joseph did spend 10 years down a well because of a false accuser so I guess i got off lightly. Or did I, as a result of the slander by a Community Nurse telling police a lie to make his torture and kidnapping appear lawful I haven’t seen my grand children for 8 years now. Because now police can’t ‘put the record straight’ because they assisted this guy with his torture and kidnapping and will be embarrassed about that. Much better to assist the criminals at that point and turn a blind eye while they kill the victim. Fortunate for me some don’t have the stomach for our hospital emergency departments being used as personal slaughterhouses.
    P.S. I don’t think this is a service available to women of color.

    Actually its funny because it was me trying to have my wifes nephew stop beating his girlfriend in front of her children that created the conflict with her family. Every time he got on the meth he was breaking into her home and well, the kids were falling asleep at school, and she was being told if she didn’t stop him they would take her kids. So I think your husband may be right about not getting involved because the real wife beaters are receiving support from authorities. They take a womans kids away if she doesn’t let it happen here. This was my “thoughts of harming others” noted by the Community Nurse when he travelled back in time three weeks to make his observations. So he arranged 3 other meth heads to come and home invade, but i’m being paranoid if I worry about his threats.

  • I wonder about that sam. For example when my wife spiked my drink with benzos to make it easy to plant a knife on me and obtain a police referral, i’m sure it all seemed like a good plan at the time. However, after 6 weeks of being run around and the FOI officer at the hospital telling my wife what she needed to ensure I couldn’t get the proof (ie a back dated referral making me a “patient”) they caved and handed over the documents (redacted).
    So I asked my wife “Why didn’t you just tell me the truth about the spiking?”. Her response was that the FOI officer had threatened her because if I knew about that then their criminal conduct would also be exposed. And they didn’t want that, because conspiring to pervert the course of justice carries a mandatory prison term. And i’m sure they were not aware that police don’t have a copy of the criminal code so are only arresting people based on the color of their skin and whatever they think might be crimes (eg loitering near a crosswalk with the intention of using it).
    What if the person doing the watching believed something false? What if the person who was doing the beating said it was because the person deserved it. What if the person being beaten had been slandered as “patient”and then beaten under lawful sanction? Which is what surprised me about the police not only standing by while the community nurse did a kidnapping and torture, but why they actually assisted him. Then with his fraud exposed it becomes obvious to anyone who cares to look. Unfortunate that the police are allowed to refuse to perform their duty because they must be terribly embarrassed about being used to kidnap and torture citizens.
    It really came as a shock to me to find out that what was being done in the locked ward did not constitute torture. I mean it sure as Hell looked like it. But then I found out about the loophole being exploited in the Convention (Article 1.1) that it was “inherent in or incidental to lawful sanction” and all one needs to torture your citizens is a corrupt psychiatrist. And well,,, we know how easy that would be with a fist full of cash. So good people stand and watch with the personal justification that the person is being beaten with lawful sanction and thus they do nothing. Bit like the guards at Auschwitz had no qualms about their duty being lawful and would not even question the ethics of it all. Just doing my job. Altruistic evil i’ve heard it called.
    Put them to the integrity test though and ensure that they know what they are doing is evil, and don’t allow them to later claim they didn’t know. At least Ned Kelly accepted his fate when they hung him (Such is Life), unlike the National Socialists who denied any wrongdoing until they got to shake hands with Albert Pierrepoint.

  • “Hello, Is there anybody out there?” Pink Floyd.

    I don’t know but are there any other mental health professionals using the methods of this Community Nurse that I came across? Maybe it’s seen as a ‘trade secret’?

    Basically have the person you want to torture and kidnap spiked with benzos and plant a knife on them and then run with two narratives. You call the police and request assistance with a “patient” and they oblige by coming and detaining the target for you (thinking that you have the lawful authority to have the target detained), and causing an acute stress reaction (combined with the spiking with benzos which you fail to inform police, or the doctors at the hospital about). You then interrogate the target and verbal them up on Forms and refer for an examination by a psychiatrist and run with the narrative at the hospital that your referral was from the police. The police are now doing your kidnapping for you and if their is any complaint to police they won’t even touch it because it’s a complaint from a “mental patient” and will simply send them back to the kidnappers to be dealt with. There is of course that little problem with the thing called the law, but fortunately our police tell me they don’t have a copy of the Criminal Code in their stations anymore. Because lying to police, procuring, uttering, kidnapping, intoxication by deception, stupefying with intent are all listed in there as crimes.

    Don’t think it can be done? I can prove it despite the best efforts of my government to cover this up. No harm done, lost my home, my marriage, my grand children my career, my sanity and the Community Nurse was off to do another one that afternoon. What was he supposed to do? And the whole community supports him. Perhaps because they don’t understand that what he is doing is criminal? No, they know alright. I checked.
    More importantly, there is no avenue for complaint regarding the use of known torture methods in my country, despite this being a requirement under the Convention. So the ratification of that document may make the community feel a little safer, but the folk who signed it never intended to honor that document, in any way. Refoulment is their solution to any complaints, and they are using the Mental Health Act to refoul any legitimate complaints. And they are pointing fingers at other countries about human rights abuses? Its not that we are not doing them, we have simply passed laws that make it easy to cover them up as being ‘medicine’.
    I’m guessing that the reason the Chief Psychiatrist needed to rewrite the law and make arbitrary detentions lawful was because he couldn’t admit that one of his chosen people would commit such serious offences. And being the god that he is with the power to have citizens unintentionally negatively outcomed to resolve any little issues of torture and kidnapping why would he worry? I mean I was under the impression that parliament wrote the laws and he simply had a duty to enact what they passed, not he rewites what they pass to suit his colleagues and nobody bothers to look at what is being done to citizens and called ‘medicine’. Go figure. Sure has changed fast since they got the ability to travel through time and space.

  • The right to consent.

    Okay Boans we have found out that there are some people who want to do you harm (if you’d stop complaining about the torture and kidnapping), but we don’t know exactly how they are going to do it. What we do know is that they have asked your wife to get you to attend the ED at a particular hospital. You wife has given me a copy of one of your favorite books and i’m going to call you and make friends and ask that you go along with us to find out what they intend doing to you.
    My response, fuk off professor.
    So it gets done without my consent, and yeah okay so they are hotshotting folk in the ED. I still think I had a right to know what they were using me for. A stakeout, and I still laugh to this day at the look on that doctors face when they snatched him right in the middle of trying to kill someone. He really did think he was god.

    Still, keep talking like that Boans and they will have reason to drug you into a stupour. Because that’s what they have always done when the truth doesn’t suit them If it were a problem the guy doing the hot shots wouldn’t be getting promoted to head of the doctors union right? Might be of more use in that position than rotting in a jail for killing people.
    And let me say the police obviously know its going on because they tell me “it might be best they don’t know about it” when you turn up with the proof. They make referral behind your back to the people doing the nasty.
    Oh it just got a little out of hand. Really? I get spiked with a date rape drug to plant a knife on me and have police rough me up to get me to talk to a Mental Health Professional? One who knew he was committing serious criminal offences by lying to police and claiming I was his “patient” and they can’t see how this might turn out bad?
    Okay, so a bit of stupefying to commit and indictable offence namely kidnapping (40 years) we might want to call in a favour from the Doc. Means, motive and opportunity, but with the hospital removing the motive via fraudulent documents the killing can be done with impunity. Not that i’d expect our police to get this, they’re too busy beating up on mental patients and aboriginals to be concerned about the top end of town.

  • No doubt there are concerns Sam.

    They had to make sure that the age of consent for ECTs was made explicit in our new MHA. Doctors were getting worried that someone might bring action over the use of it on young teenagers. Not that there is a lawyer in my State who would dare think of bringing action against the gods of psychiatry, there families would be targeted immediately (as mine was). Still, the public seems happy with this medical mafia running our State so who am I to complain.

  • “So called mentally ill”
    Always important to keep an eye on the shifts with regards legislation. The “drug addiction” exclusion was removed from the new Act. Perhaps they can remove the religious beliefs exclusion next time. Our government has a bit of a problem with the use of methylamhetamines at present. Police have been ineffective in dealing with the problem mainly due to the levels of organised criminals who have protection from police. Big money involved and we can’t have certain people be held to account.
    So blame is being put on the folk who are taking the drugs and they have become the responsibility of mental health services, who claim to have ‘treatments’ for them. I’m sure that ‘treatments’ will be developed to deal with these folk and ensure that the large amounts of money from the meth dealing is not interferred with. In the meantime the regular users of services are afraid to even go near the hospitals because their modus operandii has changed. I’m sure that some valuable information can be obtained from many of these criminals given what can be done to them under the “lawful sanction” loophole in the Convention. Mind you, one would have to be motivated by stopping the illegal drug trade, not ensuring its continuance via witness/evidence tampering. Oh well, another missed opportunity.
    RIP Andrew Petrelis.

  • Intresting point dfk. Might explain why I managed to survive being tortured and kidnapped by mental health services (and the ensuing ‘gaslighting’ as a result of complaining) I mean it seemed bizarre to me that these people were surprised at the reaction of a man who had been ‘spiked’ with benzos and had a knife planted on him for police to find and obtain an “acute stress reaction” to loosen the lips knowing I wouldn’t talk to a filthy verballing public officer. Because it does constitute the use of a known torture method, and lying to police and saying a citizen is your “patient” to have them transported against their will to your place of work is kidnapping.
    Still, i’ve sent letters to many people who simply don’t wish to know, in fact AHPRA are so incompetent they send you out a complaint form to complain about how your complaint was dealt with. I think many of these people have adopted the methods used by the child raping priests to ensure no action is taken, ie that criminality is viewed as “character flaw”. They are happy with nurses arranging ‘spikings’ with date rape drugs and concealing evidence from both the police and doctors.
    The chronology of documents shows the Senior Medical Officer writing down the effect of being spiked with benzos as symptoms of a mental illness requiring the administration of enough anti psychotics to lay an elephant out for a week.
    I just can’t help but wonder how many folk have died as a result of this criminal who is receiving support from others prepared to commit serious offences to enable him. Anybody want to see the documents sent to the Mental Health Law Centre that they called “editing”? I dont know that taking documents out that show ‘spiking’ with benzos and give the appearance that a citizen has been their “patient” for more than ten years is “editing”. I’d call it fraud, authorised by the Clinical Director. Can’t prove the intent? I could if they stopped threatening witnesses, and of course continuing with the ‘refoulment’ under the Convention against the use of Torture. There are folk who know why these fraudulent documents were sent to the Law Centre, and I hope the new cars and offices they obtained were worth it. Take your 30 pieces of silver Judas.
    And what they attempt to do once they have ensured assistance is no longer available? Some tell me they don’t have the stomach for it, but obviously there are those who do

  • In my State when the Unions started organising the Government passed an amendment to the Criminal Code called 54 (b). This meant that if three or more persons wished to gather in a public place they required a permit from the Government. Now people who were going for coffee with friends were not the target of this amendment, the Unions who were asking for a fair days pay for a fair days work were. Police moved in with horses and big stcks and beat them sensless.
    The Media is to Democracy what the Bludgeon is to the Totalitarian State said Noam Chomsky.
    What I have found is that when it comes time to sand up for what is known to be right, most people believe it is better to live on their knees. Should have seen what the ‘activists’ did when they were told by police that what they knew had happened, “never happened”.
    54 (b) was repealed by our High Court after 11 years. Enough time to smach the Unions and ensure the public knew that our Politicians would pass unconstitutional laws to get their way.
    I also find the quote from Dr Moncrieff interesting when looked at regarding our Euthanasia Bill that is being rushed through Parliament at present. Doctors have made their Christmas wish list known and the Minister is quite prepared to provide it. People are being abused in institutions, then lets find a way of having them volunteer to be assisted in dying. Life not worth living huh? (Where have I heard that before?) Imagine that with a system that encourages the ‘verballing’ by public officers to achieve outcomes and ‘destroying’ anyone who complains about their organised criminality. Unless of course there is an explaination for spiking citizens with date rape drugs before interrogations? The reaction to me having the proof is the pudding, and it tastes foul.

  • In my State when the Unions started organising the Government passed an amendment to the Criminal Code called 54 (b). This meant that if three or more persons wished to gather in a public place they required a permit from the Government. Now people who were going for coffee with friends were not the target of this amendment, the Unions who were asking for a fair days pay for a fair days work were. Police moved in with horses and big stcks and beat them sensless.

    The Media is to Democracy what the Bludgeon is to the Totalitarian State said Noam Chomsky.

    What I have found is that when it comes time to stand up for what is known to be right, most people believe it is better to live on their knees. Should have seen what the ‘activists’ did when they were told by police that what they knew had happened, “never happened”.

    54 (b) was repealed by our High Court after 11 years. Enough time to smash the Unions and ensure the public knew that our Politicians would pass unconstitutional laws to get their way.

    I also find the quote from Dr Moncrieff interesting when looked at regarding our Euthanasia Bill that is being rushed through Parliament at present. Doctors have made their Christmas wish list known and the Minister is quite prepared to provide it. People are being abused in institutions, then lets find a way of having them volunteer to be assisted in dying. Life not worth living huh? (Where have I heard that before?) Imagine that with a system that encourages the ‘verballing’ by public officers to achieve outcomes and ‘destroying’ anyone who complains about their organised criminality. Unless of course there is an explaination for spiking citizens with date rape drugs before interrogations? The reaction to me having the proof is the pudding, and it tastes foul.

    The protection of the Law? Our Chief Psychiatrist doesn’t even know what a burden of proof is, or at least thats what his letter states. Along with some of the most bizarre claims i’ve ever heard. Community Nurses can travel through time and space to make “observations”? They can these days read minds? Maybe he thought I was one of their victims being drugged into a stupour and wouldn’t find any assistance to contest this? Well, he did know about the spiking with benzos, and was shocked to find out I had the documents. Probably because concealing evidence is an offence.
    Oh wait he was right about not receiving any assistance, the Mental Health Law Centre assisted the State by accepting fraudulent documents and slandering me rather than admit I was not a “patient” and was therefore kidnapped and tortured, It’s a Venus Fly Trap people. Nice to know you can rely on your pro bono lawyers to throw you under a bus in times of need. Scabs
    Probably consider themselves ‘advocates’ which could not be further from the truth. But a failure to examine and act on the truth results in preferred outcomes, and the wheels of the bus go round and around. Still they sacked them and filled the place with the next lot to take care of business. Can’t be seen not to have acted, that would be further negligence. Getting caught perverting being the sin, not that they’re doing it on Ministers instructions. Did she mention your funding?

  • I saw some good documentaries by a guy named Adam Curtis Noel. One, the Century of the Self (2002) particularly relevant to what your describing above. An analysis of the Trump era being Hypernormalization (2016).

    Well worth watching if you have time.

    I think it might be worth updating this to Century of the Selfie. And is Greta Thunberg mentally ill as our Politicians seem to be claiming?

  • Yes streetphotobeing, An interesting progression during boom times for Germany.
    We have been through a bit of a boom time ourselves lately, lots of money from the mining industry and major deals being done with our neighbours in China.
    I did notice when they started discussing our new Mental Health Act that approximately 40% of the psychiatrists during a crisis meeting left the public system to practice privately.
    The system is still in crisis though they did fill some of the spots with overseas doctors who are being paid for doing what the locals wouldn’t. And I mean they did take the forced sterilization of children without parental consent clause out so I don’t really know why they all ran away (though I have my suspicions despite this being a symptom of illness).
    And now we are getting to see the footage of old people and the mentally ill being abused in institutions via our media.
    Life unworthy of living? Sure but I didn’t realise that the underfunding was going to create the situation.
    I was aware of the desensitization of emergency workers and first responders to the value of life, but I had no idea it had got to the situation where organised criminals operating in our hospitals were seen as being like shoplifters. An inconveniece not worth pursuing for a few convenience killings. That just seemed a bit cold to me looking from the outside, but I’m not a doctor and don’t understand the difficulties of juggling healthcaare with selecting my preferred model of Audi.
    Anyway, thanks for the info and given the “climate emergency” which has been declared they may have left it too late to cull a few million and enjoy the fruits of others labour. I’ve always got a smile from the saying Man plans, God laughs.

  • Euthanasia Bill, mass killings?

    I like how this Minister for Health/Mental Health manages to ignore his duty and pretend that the protections afforded the public in the Mental Health Act don’t exist, and then tells us that the protections afforded the public in his Euthanasia Bill will protect the public. Why on earth would the protections be any good when we know that the person who has a duty to enforce them does not do his duty when it matters?
    There is of course that little problem of abuse with old people and the mentally ill. And restraining them with anti psychotics isn’t going to last forever. Where were you when they started loading people into the camps in 1940s?

  • I can’t help but smile reading the article and comments here after what I’ve been put through.

    Civil and human rights? In my State all that is required for police to snatch you from your bed and hand you over to mental health services is a suspicion. In my instance that “suspicion” consisted of a lie from a mental health ‘professional’, a drink spiked with benzos, and a knife planted in my pocket when I collapsed. Off we go to a hospital of choice despite there being a protection in the Act against ‘remotes’.
    If police had documented their suspicion (on reasonable grounds is the bit they don’t like) it would consist of “man collapsed in bed”. Which part of that suggests a person suffering from a mental illness I ask? Or was the suspicion based on the lie from the mental health professional perhaps? That of course would constitute a crime under s. 336 of the Criminal Code Procurring. Still police aren’t given much training with regards dealing with the ‘mentally ill’ beyond where to point the gun these days. And the idea of expecting them to notice they were actually assisting a criminal operating right under their noses? Community Nurse and citizens getting together and conspiring to ‘spike’ people with benzos before interrogations? So what is it I was expecting? On one hand we have our politicians stating that drink spiking is “abhorrent and extrememly dangerous” and on the other we have a nurse authorising spikings to make his job easy and concealing this information from police and doctors.
    And combine the spiking with benzos with the ‘acute stress reaction’? That’ll get em talking eh? Ignore the Convention against the use of Torture too. Nut with knife sounds so much easier to deal with than all that law stuff.
    And the Civil libertarians are where? Nowhere when police are intimidating and threatening witnesses because they’re embarrassed that they’re being used by ‘medical people’ to do their kidnapping and assist in the torture of citizens who do not wish to speak with these mental health professionals who have a reputation as ‘verballers’.
    You people are lucky to be talking about loosing your rights. I mean, we have some coded into our laws, but the authorities simply ignore them and do what they want anyway, and not a soul prepared to hold them to account. Coz they’re the ones with the guns.
    8 years on and i’m still being slandered as “patient” by the Minister for Health who, despite his duty, ignores the facts and pretends that the burden of proving I wasn’t a “patient” is mine. Bit busy with his Euthanasia Bill he promised doctors before the public gets a chance to vote on it in an election. They want it done by Christmas. Won’t he be Santa at the AMA Christmas party.

  • Not sure about the US ingridejohnson, but there have been moves here in Australia to make it a crime to report to the United Nations. Details on the Lawyers for Human Rights website was where I read about it. (
    The torturers don’t want anyone escaping the system that is set up to ensure any complaints are not dealt with by anyone except the State governments via ‘refoulment’ of the victims. Even our Prime Minister has pointed out how the rort is working via the kangaroo courts of corruption watchdogs. (His words not mine) We have a tourism industry to protect and having people who wish to cuddle Koalas know that they might be subjected to torture in our hospitals is a no no lol

  • We saw the same sort of things occurring during the Royal Commission into Institutional responses to Child Sexual Abuse streetphotobeing. A young boy who had been repeatedly sexually assaulted escaped and went to police, only to be returned to his abusers and be locked in a cage he couldn’t stand up in for a week and repeatedly assaulted.
    These “character flaws” of the individuals doing the assaulting were not seen as being criminal offences by police. Thus they exercise their discretionary powers and choose (important word in this context) not to take any further action. Thus certain individuals find themselves above the law, and are free to use police services in their criminal conduct.
    I’ve been threatened with arrest for having documents that prove I was tortured and kidnapped. And it has been positively amazing how many people turn their backs on you for fear of being targeted by our police. “It never happened” i’ve heard from witnesses threatened by police, when they know they are lying to my face. What goes around comes around though. We know who they are and they are now compromised.

  • I read that
    “Scientists have developed a way to detect schizophrenia – by testing human hairs.
    Japanese researchers said levels of the enzyme MPST was linked to people having the severe mental illness, symptoms of which can include hallucinations, delusions and disorganised thinking. They looked at MPST levels in post mortem brain samples from patients who had schizophrenia and compared them to unaffected people. The levels correlated with the severity of symptoms. Blah blah blah and if you havent figured out the problem with this research yet, take a pill.
    But then this
    “Drug treatments focus on two brain chemicals- dopamine and serotonin. But the study suggests there may be scope for designing a drug that would work on hydrogen sulphide levels in the brain.”
    Is it any wonder the “chemical imbalance” myth continues with newspapers publishing this stuff? Why not at least mention that the “drug treatments that focus on dopamine and serotonin” don’t actually work? Instead they feed right back into the myth. Giving the impression that there are chemical treatments available to balance the dopamine and serotonin, but that they are trying to ‘tweak’ the current treatments. Another oft quoted lie told in these fine establishments of ‘healing’.
    Mind you, this particular article was a couple of pages on from a call for our Treasurer to become involved in the cost of mental illness to our community. Reinforcing the popular myths and lending weight to those nodding their heads that ‘something needs to be done about these nut jobs running around the streets creating havoc’. It won’t be long before the posters telling how much these folk are costing your honest to goodness taxpayer and how we have treatments for these greedy eaters available via our Volutary Assisted Dying legislation that was rushed through Parliament and seems to contain a loophole that doesn’t provide human rights for these ‘patients’.
    I mean 80 percent of the community wanted it right? Yes, they also want the death penalty but I don’t see that being given an express ticket through both Houses with a level of negligence hardly seen before.
    Debate has consisted of discussions between politicians and doctors, with the newspapers unable to even identify any other stakeholders with an interest in the Bill. Talk about silenced. Makes one wonder why we bother with Royal Commissions into the abuse in Aged Care. Oh wait, nooooo they wouldn’t would they?

  • You know Doc, I became really fixated by the second letter written by Saul of Tarsus to the Thessalonians.

    (2) The Man of Lawlessness.

    And God sends upon them a great delusion, that they might believe the lie.

    And let me say some of them really do believe they are god. So is this the delusion that God sends? And is there appropriate medication for this delusion? Worth a read if you have the time.

  • “Now that my son isn’t human, do you think some of the things recommended for humans might help him anyway?”

    It’s the truth in that statement that struck home for me Will. Now that your not human. I was shocked after being drugged without my knowledge with benzos ( a criminal offence called intoxication by deception) to find that Police don’t have a copy of the Criminal Code and therefore it’s not a crime. How can this be?
    Well, I was headed off at the pass so to speak because a doctor (not my doctor) called them and said a “patient” was coming to speak to them and don’t take the evidence he has lest you have to do your duty. Now what does this all mean? That I can have serious criminal offences committed against me and unless my self appointed doctor wants me to be allowed acces to the Criminal Code I can be denied my human and civil rights. With a damn phone call.
    Its really lucky the police told me that it was best they didn’t know about what this self appointed doctor and her psychiatrist husband tried to do to me in an Emergency Dept because they might find out I wasn’t a “patient” and therefore actually fit the description of “victim”. Still, lots of folk being silenced with these unintended negative outcomes round here, or so we found when they took a look.
    So yeah, with a phone call the question must be asked, now I’m not a human what drugs can I be ‘spiked” with, and who can do the ‘spiking’ (questions i’ve put to our Minister for Health who simply slanders me as “patient” and it all goes away). Because now that I am not covered by the Criminal Code I’m going to have to find ways of protecting myself from State sanctioned thugs and bullies (who I note suffer no sanctions for Failing to Perform their Duty, see Criminal Code that is still lost after 8 years)

  • Taking the Church out of the State required someone to do the Morality Policing. Psychiatrists stepped up and have been duly rewarded for their services. Problem being without an Overseer (ie God) they become god and suffer from delusions they fail to recognise. Hence the high levels of unintentional negative outcoming being done with no one being held to account. They can’t hold them to account because they wrote the Mental Health Act to allow this conduct. God leads astray whom He will, and they have been tested and failed miserably.

    No animal shall kill another animal
    Ammended by decree (1984)
    (without cause).

    Thus with the ability to plant evidence for police and use their services to kidnap and torture folk and exploit the “lawful sanction’ clause of the Convention? We have a winner.

    Or so they thought. Still, I am nothing more than a messenger and a warner.

  • Hear Hear Oldhead lol.

    I get the lure of the ‘Venus Fly Trap’ because many fall victim to this every day, but one can’t forget those who do not wish to partake of this mass drugging program who need to be ‘spiked’ with benzos and have a knife planted on them to obtain a police referral to Mental Health Services. All good for the well being of their ‘patients’.
    The good news here is that there are laws that still protect the public from these abusers, its just that those with a duty to ensure compliance have also read the chapter regarding the turning of a blind eye. Thus our Police do not have a copy of the Criminal Code in large Stations. Hence the need to do this ‘psychiatry’ well away from the gaze of the public. Much like the ‘coercion’ being done in Abu Ghraib. Accountability being the Satanic Verses to these tin gods.

  • Hi Dorothy,
    Thanks for continuing to speak out about the abuses that are being disguised as ‘medicine’. I remember reading one of your articles some time back now regarding your access to documents, and the struggle I was having in understanding the ones I had at that time (redacted).
    I like the comments made above about hatred of the truth. It was when I tracked my documents back after being confused about why ‘my’ lawyers could not assist me that I found out the hospital had supplied them with a fraudulent set. Unless of course taking the documents that contain the fact that I had been ‘spiked’ with benzodiazepines without my knowledge out, and replacing them with others creating the appearance that I was a “patient” of this hospital for more than ten years is considered “editing”. I think the correct term is fraud given the flustered response from authorities when I turned up in a police station with the documented truth. Not that it helped, they were going to arrest me for having them despite not being able to tell me what the charge would be. Once its a crime to report the crimes of your government the way I figure it it’s hard to call it a democracy anymore. More a totalitarian dictatorship, but they did call fraud editing too sooo. And as long as they are selling off our National assets to purchase weapons I guess they will maintain their control.
    Anyway, the ‘update’ is that they have been brought the truth, but they hate it and so continue to conceal it with falsehoods. I read that “Men can not settle the high affairs of the Universe. If they plot against the Truth, the Truth will destroy them, just as if they accept the Truth it will make them free.” Okay, so I haven’t seen my daughter or grandchildren for 8 years as a result of these frauds and slanderers. Thats a short time when I consider how long they will be tasting the fire in Hell.

    Their secrets and private counsels have been recorded in these documents, and will bear witness to their crimes on the day of Judgement. Your posters should make certain people very afraid. Bearing false witness is a serious matter, and knowing it has been done and not correcting the error stands right alongside it.
    Still, these are the same people who saw the systematic abuse of children in institutions as being “character flaws” rather than criminal offences and allowed hundreds of children to be sexually assaulted. And I expect them to do something about me being abused? I see what they mean about my need for ‘treatment’ lol. It saves them having to face the truth that they are torturers and kidnappers (unless they can prove I was actually a “patient” which is impossible given that it is not true and has only been achieved via fraud Note they even tried to have me go to a doctor and get a referral backdated to make me into a “patient” post hoc)

    This would have continued if it weren’t for people telling their stories, and someone with morals ensuring it wasn’t buried by putting pressure on politicians to keep their promises. Keep telling your story Dorothy.

  • Pride meet Vainglory, Vainglory, Pride.

    I dunno Doc, I mean i’m not going to mess with the 7 deadlies. It’s not the sin in and of itself, but the fact that it leads one astray and likely to commit others. So yeah I dabble a bit with pride and get to like it, but it becomes ripples in the pond. My healthy pride now becomes something I need like a hit of heroin, and i’m willing to hurt others to get it by for example slandering them. I might even get good at slandering them and get a degree to do it with style, for example use the slanderous labels in the DSM.

    Nah, not falling for the Devil in my ear i’m afraid, its a deadly sin.

  • True Pacific Dawn.

    I have an email here that serves as a classic example of a dog whistle slandering that comes directly from the desk of our Minister for Health. He notes on my file that I have not sought any ‘assistance’ from mental health services. I did reply and explain that in order to ‘treat’ me they would first need to recognise that I was a victim of torture, and that calling it “referral” and “detention” might be the preferred narrative, but it was also a false narrative. The facts show kidnapping and torture.
    When a Government is authorising the distribution of fraudulent documents to conceal torture though, it’s hardly surprising that the Minister finds himself badly informed. Its a wonder he gets through his days having expensive lunches with sports stars at an unknown cost to the taxpayer.
    I also asked if it was as a result of his psychologist sister being good friends (and work colleague) with the ‘spiker’ had anything to do with the covering up of these offences.
    Haven’t heard back though. Guess once he has slandered people with fraudulent documents no need to respond to any questions.
    Bit busy getting his Euthanasia Bill through. Cover ups will be easy once that is achieved. Because we all know how ‘consensual’ medical treatment is where psychiatry is involved. Take the Voluntary out of Voluntary Assisted Dying and what have you got? Another one of the Ministers word games, Because ‘coercion’ is a method available to our public officers. In fact, consider that the use of coercion is available for use on ‘partners’ as a result of HCA decision 47 (2010). So appoint partner as ‘carer’ and coerce as required. It would all appear lawful from that point on.

    Rage against the Machine 🙂

  • A bit like the one day they are chemically castrating and ECTing homosexuals and the next day they are cured and no longer require ‘treatment’, my government is going to allow people to be euthanased given certain conditions are met (ie that they fill out the forms with a ‘verbal’, and we know what will be done about that, nothing). I am assuming that one will need to obtain the stamp from a psychiatrist in order to have the ‘prescription’ filled.
    I did ask a few pharmacists about how they were going to get around the supply of chemicals used for killing people and was told the ‘blind eye’ method. Pretty much standard fare for government here anyway. Torture people and then turn away from anyone who complains.

  • Two points regarding the website you link to fnert77

    (1) it refers people to a “Blue Knot Foundation” for counselling services. For what? To be labelled and subjected to further abuses for complaining? I was told by a public officer that I would be ‘fuking destroyed’ for making a valid complaint. And let me tell you, she meant it.
    (2) It states in bold typeface that if you are suffering from any form of abuse or violence to contact police. Police do not have a copy of the Criminal Code when it comes to “patients”. How else could the rampant abuses continue? In fact you can be arrested for having documented proof of the abuse they tell me (and my daughter who was equally as flabbergasted as I). Which means that the laws relating to procurement or abuse of patients can be simply ignored, and quite possibly explains why these legal protections have never been prosecuted. One of the Commissioners should try calling police as a “patient” and see first hand where it gets them. I will post bail for them, but i’m not paying the medical bills lol

    I’m sure you saw the “Do you like that” video of police doing a ‘welfare check’ on a ‘mental patient’ attempting to withdraw from his drugs

    I would like to communicate further with you regarding some of your comments if at all possible.

  • Thanks IngrideJohnson. Good to know some countries are at least trying to provide avenues for remedy.
    I would have thought our Commission for Human Rights would have been the avenue for complaints regarding Torture, but apparently not. They tell me they don’t deal with it and refer back to the State bodies, ie the people who authorised the Torture in the first instance (“no emergency provisions”, “no superior authority”). And significantly those State bodies can not investigate where certain individuals are involved (for example a Minister). Thus if a Minister authorises the use of Torture then the complaint is effectively buried (and in some cases quite literally).
    Quite clever and i’m glad I can’t be forced into playing cards with these cheats. Oh wait, I can when they plant a knife on me. It is of course a breach of the Convention but who is looking? The UN? Took them 20 years to condemn our previous MHA as a “violation of human rights”, see you in another 20 years. A bit hypocritical criticising Saudi over Jamal Khashoggi when we are doing the same thing, only bringing people under the Mental Health Act with ‘set ups’ to make it “inherent in or incidental to lawful sanction” (Article 1.1).
    I did hear that there was one of the Commissioners on the Human Rights Commission rocking the boat some time back but she has been removed now. Best they appoint someone prepared to poke themselves in the eye if they think about doing their job lol.
    Once again thanks for the info.

  • Oxymoronic language like “virtually spotless”, “light yet filling” and “military intelligence” have become standards. Phrases are redefined like “recession” to “necessary downturn”, “crude oil on a beach” to “moose”, “civilian death” to “collateral damages” and “being killed by your own army” is now called “Friendly Fire”. (Disposable Heroes of HipHoprisy Television, the drug of the Nation).
    Good point Oldhead. The language being used is important. “Unintended Negative Outcomes” lol. They were snapping peoples necks during ‘restraints’ Doc. One i’ll add to my list.

  • Missed the edit time.

    Questions I have. Where does one make a complaint about human rights abuses, in particular the use of torture? What I have found is that the State Government has no mechanism despite it being required under the Convention to resolve complaints on matters of torture. Instead they rely on the ‘refoulment’ of anyone who has been tortured. Where does one go with issues of refoulment?
    How many people are being tortured by the exploitation of the loophole of not torture if it is “inherent in or incidental to lawful sanction”? So for example in my instance ‘spiking’ my drink with benzodiazepines and planting a knife for police to find is enough to overcome this protection against the use of torture. Off we go (the techniques used at Guantanamo are now lawful and seen as ‘coercive’ rather than torture) and any complaints drive them insane with gaslighting (their families will assist in this once you threaten them). Further refoulment but hey, in for a penny, in for a pound it would seem. And believe me when the government starts torturing people don’t rely on your friends or the frauds who claim they will stand up for human rights, they run like Hell. Hypocrites they are described as in my Book. They will use their oaths as a cover.
    What good are these Conventions and Human Rights if there is no access to a remedy (cheers Jim:) and the people with a duty to perform keep chanting the words “insufficient evidence” despite the burden of proof being easily met? This criminal negligence will of course come back to bite them eventually when a ‘favour’ is needed by another corrupt public official wishing to lay blame elsewhere. But they don’t seem to see that far ahead.

  • Thankyou Jann,
    One of my fellow countrymen suggested that I look at what was occurring in Germany because in his opinion they were getting it right. So as you can imagine I am surprised to hear what your saying. I thought perhaps history had resulted in people realising how things can get out of control very quickly.
    I’m glad to hear you encourage criticism. I note that one way of testing the integrity of persons who would abuse positions of power is identifying when they make mistakes, and how they act to resolve them.
    In my instance the people who “made the mistake” of identifying me as having the status of “patient” knew what they were doing was criminal, otherwise they would not have known which documents to conceal, and how to send fraudulent documents to lawyers and have them slander me to my whole community. This is very easily proved by allowing my lawyers to tell me who they think my doctor was, something they claim they can not do for reasons of confidentiality (What? I can’t know who my doctor is? Or what drugs I can be ‘spiked’ with and by whom?)This demonstrates an evil of the heart, not just the mind (and therefore not your area of expertise). And it gets even worse when one examines what was done and by whom when those fraudulent documents were identified and exposed. My don’t the rats run for cover when you lift the lid and expose them.
    Still we can’t have the public knowing that while the Cat was away, the mice turned to Rats. The Chief Psychiatrist and Minister totally derelict in their duty to protect the public from Organised Criminals operating in our hospitals. This is the issue with the cost of cover ups being cheaper that litigation (how much for a hot shot in an Emergency Department versus compensation for torture and kidnapping?) And 8 years later the new Minister still using the same fraudulent and slanderous documents to ensure I am denied any access to effective legal representation.
    It says in the Hagakure that if one makes a mistake it is best that one corrects themselves as quickly as possible when it is demonstrated to them. This way if anyone else comes to you and says you made a mistake, you can reply by telling them, yes, and I have done all I can to correct my error what else is there to say? Behaving ethically and with honor has not been their strong point to say the least. In my instance as I state 8 years on and they are still concealing the truth with falsehoods. And the public are not aware and continue to vote for these frauds?
    Still, I wish you well with your endeavours, as i’m sure you do me in my search for a place where truth is preferred to lies, and healing rather than torture and maiming/killing to maintain a falsehood for profit.

  • This sounds a lot like the posters on the walls at the hospital who subjected me to 7 hours of torture after lying to police and having me snatched from my bed after I was drugged without my knowledge. “We Value” and “Mission Statements” such as showing dignity to “patients” and having processes in place for complaints.
    And then when you make a complaint, it’s investigated and found that the complainant was wronged your told by the Operations Manager that they will Fuking Destroy you if you keep complaining. Then they begin with slandering you with fraudulent documents which 8 years later are still being relied on by the current Minister for Health to further slander you in order to ensure their reputation is not harmed by exposing their criminal conduct and human rights abuses. What reputation? If it weren’t for the fact they are terrorizing our community they would know what is being said behind their backs. Mock executions and threats of pack rape seen as being ‘coercive methods’ and ‘poor choice of words’ by our police. “We don’t have a copy of the Criminal Code” at a large metropolitan police station. (And i’m supposed to believe that Sargent?). Though it does ensure that the organised criminals giving instructions to police are enabled. Call him a doctor if you like Sargent but you might want to check the documents before doing what your told. Save having to say later when I tell you about the failed attempt to unintetionally negatively outcome me that “it might be best you don’t know about that”. With no Criminal Code though failing to perform your duty might not be a crime either? Pervert? Nah, off to another kangaroo court called the CCC
    As far as these United Nation declarations and stuff goes my country is throwing them out as we write. The CRPD made a statement that the Mental Health Laws in my country were a violation of human rights and that the treatments may constitute torture. That statement was neutralised by writing new Mental Health Laws that now permit teens to consent to ECTs and whilst they failed with the ability to sterilize children without parental consent, i’m sure they have a loophole they can rely on working.
    Our Prime Minister is currently making the claim that we do not want International bodies telling us what we should do, something that has always been popular rhetoric (and i’m sure those who remember German history would recognise). Enabling human rights abuses and torture always sounds good until its you being subjected to it. Anyway, we should have our Euthanasia Bill rushed through parliament in record time soon. They took longer over the Animal Welfare Act. Still, horse racing is the sport of Kings eh?
    Under our laws the punishment for abusing an animal is double what it is for the abuse of a mental patient. And they have actually prosecuted cases of animal abuse, something that can not be said of abuse of mental patients. This despite people being left in their own faeces for hours on end to punish their ‘bad behaviour’. They even took her leg braces away so she couldn’t get out of the bed. Horror stories galore and not one prosecution.
    Lets hope these are not more empty words

  • They were pretty good with their times in my instance. Mind you I did start making complaints about Occupational health and Safety issues relating to their buildings. A water cooler that was obviously wired up to the electric giving people shocks when they touched it being a bit of a laugh in the smoking area. The things you do for entertainment in these places lol
    What they didn’t do was tell me that they could only hold me for 6 hours once I had asked to leave. A little negligence in their duty goes a long way at times. And I note they stamped my paperwork saying I had been informed of my ‘rights’ (what rights? You don’t really have any with frauds filling out paperwork like that) It was really fortunate that I did that anyway or else I would have been banged up for the weekend and probably had a ‘chemical restraint’ administered to silence me.
    I have seen them discharge people for a day and not tell them and then put them on forms again to be able to hold them for another year. Denies them access to the Tribunal, which in many cases is a kangaroo court anyway.

  • Hi Jim,

    I have looked at our Mental Health Act and find this Section to be relevant to what I am asking.

    S.36 Detaining Referred Person in an Authorised Hospital.

    (3) being received into an authorised hospital under this section (s.29) is not admission for the purposes of this Act.

    A bit like being arrested and charged by police does not make one a “prisoner”. So in my instance I was never admitted to the authorised hospital and therefore NEVER a “patient” and this slander that is being distributed about me should end. Not the case though because then they would have to view the spiking and planting of evidence as criminal offences and they don’t like that narrative. They hate the truth that they are kidnappers and torturers, and by threatening and intimidating witnesses they don’t have to face the truth. One would imagine that given these matters have been investigated by some people with an understanding of the law someone would have noticed?
    That knocks down the “patient” straw man (slander) as far as i’m concerned,

  • I always see this as being a three card monte Eric.

    One of my lecturers at Uni pointed out to us a model that examined Stated and Unstated Aims/Intended and Unintended Consequences. By not stating your real aims and claiming that the negative consequences were unintended one can deceive the general population quite easily.

    More recent experience has shown me that doctors in Emergency Depts are in a position where they have both means and opportunity, and if they can deny motive will not be charged with the killing of citizens. A sophisticated knowledge of the law one of our Heads of the Medical Association calls this. Unintended negative outcomes is what the Coroner calls them. Hot Shots is what they are called to Organised Criminals. Side effects to the General Public. And our newspapers can be charged with criminal offences if they publish anything about it being done. What sort of world is it when speaking the truth is a crime? Which can then be ‘verballed’ and used to slander the person speaking the truth? Can’t say they weren’t warned. Live by the sword, die by it.

    Rushed legislation is bad legislation. But they need to get their Euthanasia Bill through before Christmas. And please don’t let their be an Election before they get it through, we don’t want the public voting on it. They simply don’t understand how difficult a job it is keeping a lid on this level of corruption. And they don’t want Muslim women ‘covering up’?
    Truth makes you Free

  • Actually, above I make the statement

    It is fascinating that once a person becomes a “patient” that this criminal conspriring becomes ‘medicine’ designed to ‘help’ the victim”

    Our Mental Health Act has a clause that means that the “referred person” does not become a “patient” until they are examined by a psychiatrist and it is deemed that they need to be treated in a hospital. This supposed ‘legal protection’ is designed to ensure people are NOT treated as ‘”patients” until they are deemed to meet the criteria. But the folk at the hospital know how much of a rubber stamp process this is that they are into you boots and all before you even see a psychiatrist. It’s like they try to make you as sick as possible to ensure you meet the ‘standards’ (whatever that is). The “referred person” is to be held at the place where the examination can be done, but for the purposes of the Act is “not a patient”. Explicit not implied.
    Further problem for the people who snatched me from my bed, because I was NEVER a “patient”. Psychiatrist released me with no charge. But minus any effective legal representation they can continue to slander me and nothing will be done. Matters nought to me now, my life has been totally demolished (with malicious intent on the part of the hospital Operations Manager who did inform me she would ‘fuking destroy’ me for complaining. Little did I know the Law Centre ‘representing’ me was working with her)but its your families next.
    Patient, and wife beater. I guess i’d rather be falsely accused of being a “patient” and wife beater (with others knowing the truth) than be a fraud and a slanderer (with others knowing the truth).

  • Hi Jam (just kidding),

    Yes, I understand that they need to be examined once delivered to the hospital, but my interest was more regarding the finger point in the first instance.
    So for example a psychologist who has not seen a person for 2 years can not simply call mental health services or police and request that they deliver the person to a hospital for an examination by a psychiatrist because they want it done. They would surely need to meet some form of burden? I know it states a ‘preponderance of evidence’, which in my instance was ‘man asleep in his bed, referred to mental health services’
    This in my instance was the reason for spiking and planting a knife and cannabis, because they were fully aware that they did not meet the burden and would be kidnapping/conspiring if the Community Nurse did their duty and reported the spiking to police. Lucky for them he was corrupt and would prefer to have his targets ‘set up’ with criminal conspiring. Its fascinating that once a person becomes a “patient” that this criminal conspiring becomes ‘medicine’ designed to ‘help’ the victim. Another discussion entirely.
    Glad to hear you don’t have this level of corruption where you are, it gives one hope that there are places where people do their duty and do not conceal the truth with falsehood because they Hate the truth. Quite shocking the things people will do for money to be honest
    I mean I don’t wish to be rude to the frauds given the things i’ve seen them do to people and call it medicine but…… if I wish to leave my wife its a decision I really don’t need to be examined by a psychiatrist for. I’d like to be able to walk out the door before she succeeds in planting the knife into my chest whilst I lay on a couch. She thinks otherwise and considers my decision a ‘mental illness’ that requires ‘treatment’ and hence the spiking and planting of a knife. Now I ask is this the person who should be allowed to make referrals? Or should she be allowed to pay a psychologist 200 to tell her how to ‘arrange’ a police referral? Because I can see a business venture here personally.
    You don’t wish to speak to a ‘mental health professional’ Boans, we are going to make you. Difficult to plant a knife on someone when awake so spike them first. This allows police to cause an ‘acute stress reaction’ by pointing weapons at you and whats the two things you SHOULD NOT DO to a person suffering an ‘acute stress reaction’? Give them benzos and force them to talk. Ie torture them. I did make it clear to the Community Nurse that I did not wish tospeak to him, but he has police to ‘assist’ him make me talk with tazers so ….. a little home delivered ECT loosens the lips.
    Glad the psychiatrist figured out there was nothing wrong with me instead of writing down the effects of the spiking as symptoms (like the SMO did) I would have thought the Community Nurse had a duty to inform the psychiatrist who examined me that I had been spiked with benzos, but he was of course concealing this fact from a number of people. And all of those involved in arranging the spiking not one of them has prescribing rights.
    All very confusing really, and fortunate that people are still falling for three card montes. Police are absolute stooges being used to do kidnappings for this guy effectively.
    AHPRA, no problems with this

  • My Government has got covering up down to a fine art anomie. Oh what i’d give for access to effective legal representation

    As I’ve stated elsewhere they have the right to ‘coerce’ attorneys, doctors and priests in order to have them breach confidentiality. Most seem to be prepared to tell them what they want to know when their families are being threatened. (Ses for example Gobbo a lawyer who was also acting as a paid police informant)
    Then we have the newpapers/journalists who are not allowed to publish anything that the government doesn’t want published lest they be sent to prison. They even collectively printed a blank front page last week protesting their lack of rights to publish information from whistleblowers.
    Our Prime Minister claims we need to strike the right balance. This seems to be that wholesale corruption ion our hospital system is a no go for publication, and they have said that this particular area is one that they are being silenced on.
    The right to know? When it’s completely out of control, and they are doing nothing more than cover ups? It will take some brave journalist to expose that without ending up being unintentionally negatively outcomed, and have his/her family ‘fuking destroyed’.
    So, denied access to legal representation, denied access to a voice, denied access to your own property and family, denied access to your human and civil rights its not looking good.
    I know that the things I have written here sound as if I may be mistaken and in fact i’ve been positively slandered for some of it. But let me say that if you don’t check first you might find that things are a lot worse than you thought.
    The State government has been tying their corruption up in the State watchdog as a means to silence anyone who is the victim of corrupt public officers, Its fairly easy to do. And goes against everything it was set up to do in the first place. Even the PM has labelled them ‘kangaroo courts’.
    What I find disgusting in my instance is that they have even managed to silence the use of a known method of torture. This despite ratifying the Convention which has a clause stating there is “no superior authority” and “no emergency provisions”. The State watchdog would be breaching the Convention by holding up any complaint about the use of torture. Still, not a lot of complaints about the Waffen SS got thorough to the authorities either. The words “insufficient evidence” are the standard outcome despite having what a lawyer called “proof” (note not evidence but proof). You know like the documents that say I was spiked with benzos that the police were set to retrieve? How corrupt does it need to get? Its clever using hospitals to torture and kll any inconvenient truths and it is obviously alluring for governments who find themselves in positions where they might be embarrassed, and with the Devil in your ear that theres a means to silence it all available …… glad it’s not me being tempted.

    Being able to do cover ups by killing people in hospital Emergency Depts is highly effective though. Especially when the reporters are aware it is going on and can’t write a damn word about it. It’s being left to doctors who “don’t have the stomach for it” to pick up on when its going to be done and interrupting the outcoming. It’s quite surreal to explain this stuff to police only to have them tell you “it might be best I don’t know about that”. This because pursuing euthanasing “patients” is “not in the public interest” The proverbial ‘blind eye’.

  • I don’t know how clear my comment above is but the way this works is that in my State police can’t simply turn up at your door and drag you away to a hospital because a psychologist you spoke to 30 years before wants you force drugged and locked in a cage. So this creates a problem if a doctor wants you force drugged and locked in a cage because the law protects you. (Or is this the situation you quote in your paper of a “right without a remedy?”)
    However if you are in police custody they can make a referral to Mental Health Services and if they just happpen t be there when police jump you in your bed well whats the chances of that? So plant what the police require to detain. Problem, target will notice. Render unconscious with benzos. Problem, intoxication by deception. It’s okay, frauds at hospital will conceal evidence of crime, and “fuking destroy” the complainant.
    Of course there is also the protection that the Community Nurse who just happens to be there MUST refer to the treating psychiatrist (this is the evidence that the person has a mental illness under the Act). But what if there is no treating psychiatrist? Then the detention is unlawful. This created a major problem for the people who conspired against me, with them trying to have me ask a doctor for a back dated referral. We need you to be a “patient” to remove your human and civil rights Boans. Otherwise we might be seen as crimminals and our attempt to ‘help’ you by drugging you and subjecting you to 7 hours of interrogation whilst drugged without your knowledge with someone elses drugs and planting a knife on you for police might be seen as ….. vile. I mean they did discuss the possibility of police shooting me and decided that all care (due diligence) had been taken to ensure they were justified in killing me because I had a knife. Credit where credit is due.

    So refusing to speak with a person who is going to fabricate evidence to incarcerate you and force drug you means you can be drugged with a date rape drug without your knowledge and then subjected to an ‘acute stress reaction’ (ie police pointing weapons at you demanding your attention) in order to force you to speak to them during an interrogation. They then conceal the evidence that you have been spiked with a date rape drug and slander you with the ‘paranoid delusional’ label for claiming you have been spiked?
    Might I suggest a quick look at Article 1.1 of the Convention against the use of Torture at this point? The assault being the spiking. Its just so difficult to get people to speak to them when it is known they are ‘verballing’ statements and people are being wrongfully convicted and worse, ending up dribbling in a cell for no other reason that doctor wants it to be so.
    I also assume you know what I mean by ‘verballing’. The corrupt practice of completing sworn statements with 1% of the truth and being wreckless as to the truth knowing that it will mislead anyone examining the document. A breach of s.16 (1) of our Oaths, Affidavits and Statutory Declarations Act. Not that anyone round here has the slightest respect for the law. Its not even an obstacle to overcome anymore, just ignore it and it goes away.

  • Mr Gottstein
    I read with interest your paper posted above, and in particular page 70 regarding Sec 47.30.705 where you state that
    “any peace officer, physician, psychiatrist, or licensed clinical psychologist may cause another person to be taken into custody and delivered to a hospital, without any court involvement at all, if he has “probable cause to believe [the] person is suffering from mental illness and is gravely disabled or is likely to cause serious harm to self or others of such immediate nature that considerations of safety do not allow initiation of involuntary commitment procedures [under section] 47.30.700 [of the Alaska Statutes].”
    Under our old Mental Health Act there was a time limit for referral placed on these peace officers, physicians, psychiatrist or licenced clinical psychologists of having to have personally examined the target within the prior 48 hours. I assume the reasons for this are self explanitory.
    Is this also the case in Alaska?
    The reason I ask is that what is being done to obtain these “Peace Officer referrals” where I live is that they arrange to spike the target with benzos before planting a knife and some cannabis on them and then having police jump them and make referral to Authorised Mental Health Professionals. Ie police detain under s.68e of the Criminal Code and then refer to Mental Health services based on a false allegation by mental health services that the target has a mental illness (police require a suspicion on reasonable grounds that target has a mental illness to refer under s. 98? Of the MHA, and not that they are asleep because of being spiked with benzos and prepped with the use of a ‘throwdown’) They then (MH services) ‘verbal’ statutory declarations and you are then baited until justification for a ‘chemical restraint’ is achieved (a fairly low standard usually consisting of the target saying the word “no”). This overcomes the difficulties created by not having personally examined the target in the previous 48 hours as required by law and subverts the protections afforded the public. It also in my opinion constitutes a number of serious criminal offences (procuring the detention of a person not suffering from a mental illness is a crime in my State) but as long as one can continue to divert the complainant to kangaroo medical boards they’re good to keep snatching citizens from their homes arbitrarily.
    Its just that the way this process is described in your paper it would appear that targets can be snatched with a point of a finger. Hardly the impression one gets of the land of the free.
    I’m not a lawyer but I would have thought that if I got together with another person and planned to spike someones drink with a date rape drug to make it easy to plant evidence for police to find and justify transporting them against their will to a hospital I would be conspiring to stupefy and commit an indictable offence, namely kidnapping. The people who did this to me thought so also. Fortunately the police who seem to appreciate the evidence being planted for them can’t find their copy of the Criminal Code so they are good to go with these offences. Police are not even interested in what they tried to do to resolve this dilemma they found themselves in preferring to tell me “it might be best they didn’t know” about the interupted unintended negative outcome that had been arranged in an Emergency Dept.
    I can not begin to tell you how effective the fraudulent slander contained in the statutory declaration ois to those who prefer not to examine the truth. Mental patient and wife beater all created via false statements which result in no action being taken despite zero evidence to support the claims. Even my own wife stated she said no such thing but that isn’t enough for them to identify the slander and correct their error. If I was allowed access to a lawyer I’d have them put up or shut up but obtaining effective legal representation is impossible when they are knifing their ‘clients’ in the back for authorities

  • “A real advocate”?

    The Mental Health Law Centre where I live conspires with authorities to conceal criminal offences. They are quite prepared to accept fraudulent documents and then throw victims under a bus with claims they don’t know what a burden of proof is. And then of course any attorney you approach gives them a call to further slander you. When they say “there may be things we can’t discuss with you” they’re talking about the fact that they are not actually acting as your advocate but ensuring that when the knife goes in to your back it hits home. Disgraceful people whom i hope sue me for speaking the truth, because I have a defense. And I don’t think the Chief Psychiatrist is too impressed with their uttering of documents purporting to be from his desk. More cover ups, when does it all end?
    I can not believe that the response to my complaint was written by the Chief Psychiatrist, he believes that AMHP s can travel through time and space and read minds? No, this was done on instructions from someone else right? Start with getting his name wrong and head downhill from there. The reason for the delay (of 14 months) was because the manager was on holidays over Christmas. Regarding the drink spiking with benzos I dunno, nobody wrote down what they did so I guess its a mystery forever more. And I’ve rewritten the law to enable arbitrary detentions of citizens because those stupid law makers have got no idea how difficult it can be when citizens need to be shut up. Nah, he isn’t that stupid and nor were the people at the Council of Official Visitors who took his offensive letter to him, and then ran away. Wasn’t your huh Doc? The frauds at the Law Centre acting on instructions?
    Yep, I don’t think anymore, I know. Conspiring to pervert the course of justice. Well, except these people are above the law and will under no circumstances be held to account. They won’t even deal with the Nurse who is authorising the use of known torture methods and kidnapping folk by procuring police services with ‘throw downs’ and ‘spikings’.
    I mean given the way I feel about psychiatry I wish it was the Chief Psychiatrist but ….. credit where credit is due. This was people who were out to conceal crimes, and it was designed to cause me serious harm, by people with an intimate knowledge. They sure have got him a bad name around town though lol. Coz a lot of people have looked at ‘his’ letter and must be thinking “What? This is absolute rubbish” More than thinking it, i’ve heard them say it lol.
    Section 28 of the Corruption and Crime Commission Act. Mandatory reporting of suspected offences carrying a prison term of more than 2 years. Serious misconduct if you don’t report. Procuring the apprehension or detention of a person (ie Me) not suffering from a mental illness, prison tern 3 years. Hmmmm One of these things belongs with the other one Doc.

    If that weren’t bad enough our newspapers are sitting on a bunch of hospital cover ups that have been silenced by the government. Not in the public interest to know whats really going on in our hospitals, despite the fact that its us paying for it.
    I wouldn’t be too quick to place my trust in attorney in my State anytime soon. Because they are not representing their clients but the interests of power and priviledge. Still, by the time folk figure it out they can always claim “it was soooo long ago”

  • I recall hearing a guy talking about terrorism and making the claim that it needs to be defined in a specific way so that when “they” do it it is terrorism, but when “we” do it it’s not. Setting up of double standards.
    And then I look at the wording of the “Assisted Dying Bill” before our Parliament at present. Of course we are not allowed to call it a Euthanasia Bill because of the negative associations with the thing we are not allowed to compare it to. And the propaganda machine (I mean free press) are complying with that request.

    Mind you, when they tried to include the forced sterilization of children without parental consent in our Mental Health Act it did get published. Mainly overseas though and it was outside pressure that had it removed (Thanks to whoever it was that helped) It was fairly obvious that this was to be done on ‘racial’ lines, or would it just be a coincidence that it was indigenous people?

  • I liked the words of Pte Joker in Full Metal Jacket. Standing over a pit full of limed ‘re-educated’ Vietnamese people he thinks to himself “the dead know only one thing, it is better to be living”.
    Hey look at that, i’m getting good with this twisting of language stuff. Brain damage becomes medicine, euthanasia becomes Voluntary Assisted Dying and political killings becomes re-education. My Minister for Health would be proud.