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  • Yes Rosalee it’s certainly worth looking in to if your interested in how these people are subjecting folk to psychological harm and then claiming that it is something “Internal” causing it.
    I have had something of a revelation myself in the past couple of days. You speak about the lying, twisting of facts and manipulation that goes on. In my Book the question is asked on a number of occasions “why do ye conceal truth with falsehood?”And we are told “not to conceal truth with falsehood” which seems fairly obvious but what do we do about those who do this? Of course the answer was there right under my nose lol Why do these people cover the truth with falsehood? Because they HATE THE TRUTH.
    For example in my instance they have concealed the fact that they have kidnapped and tortured a citizen for no other reason basically than they can. Sound bizarre until you examine the truth but …. They had the truth taken to them by me and they do not like it. So what do they do? They conceal the truth with the falsehood that I was a “patient” which is a highly effective form of slander. As most people here who have been slandered with these labels would know. Note, when they speak about the stigma associated with these labels they are admitting that what they are doing is slanderous. If you want to stop the stigma, stop the slander.

    What to do about it? The Book is very clear on these matters.
    Let me repeat that for all.


    If one had the courage to look at what happened to me they would start minus the assumption that I was a “patient”. This reveals the truth. But they do not like this truth and so have committed acts of negligence, fraud and slander to conceal it. And one would be more than surprised by whom has committed these heinous acts.

    Take the truth to them and place it at their feet and do not let them deny it on their day of judgement. Document it and have faith that someday they will be brought to justice. It is a test of THEIR integrity, not yours as to whether they join forces with those who hate the truth. And it will eat away at those who fail like a cancer.

  • And those who fail to learn from history are destined to repeat it I think I heard some smart guy say sometime.

    “Facile, polemic and inaccurate” Perhaps, but I was given a diagnosis for being “verbose”, and really don’t understand your terms. What I do understand is that in this system you describe as a bit of a mess, they are certainly looking for ways to save money and have they not in some ways adopted a system which looks awfully like the one used by the National Socialists?
    And while I don’t expect anyone to believe me Doc, one of your colleagues did try to knock me in an emergency department. I realise its not on a massive scale but I kinda liked my life the way it was before I was kidnapped, tortured and then they tried to knock me for complaining. Paranoid? You might want to check before slapping a slanderous label on me and drugging me to oblivion. Because once they did look it wasn’t just me who had been lined up for some unintended negative outcoming’. Lets start the count 1, 2, 3, 4, ….. Oh a ‘Bad Apple” an “isolated Incident”. Can’t blame the Doctor, his wife didn’t want to go to prison and ….. what would you do?
    That type of total disregard for the sanctity of life should be dealt with in my Book, not covered up by a Governement that has virtually no control over this industry out of control. And yeah, i’ve heard the excuses that i’m not a doctor and wouldn’t understand. Understand what? Those words that were delivered to Moses, thou shalt not kill? But we’ve found a loophole, were going to call it Voluntary Assisted Dying and make it sound humane. A slippery slope indeed especially with a Chief Psychiatrist who doesn’t even recognise the protections of the Mental Health Act
    From little things big things grow huh?

  • Yes it has been difficult to contain the rage Sarah, especially when that has been the aim of these folk to drive me insane and then justify harming me. Oh well, I guess they just haven’t managed to figure things out yet, i’m certain that with time they will see where my rage has been directed and what effect it has on them. Or maybe they will see out their time in ignorant bliss thinking that what they are doing is actually ‘medicine’ Real doctors of course know otherwise but its best these lunatics are contained somewhere, and for now its mental health services.

    Yesterday I received a response to a complaint to the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) who I have been directed to by people who think that conspiring to torture and kidnap is a ‘medical issue’ because they falsely call me “patient”. No checking mind you we just want that to be the truth and therefore it is. Our politicians have been quoted lately regarding drink spiking as saying it is “abhorrent and extremely dangerous” and a “serious matter”. And yet here I have a letter from AHPRA claiming they have no problem with a Community Nurse who has no prescribing powers authorising the spiking of citizens drinks to make his job a little easier when he wants to help a little lady out. Mind you i’m sure he is doing this for the pack rapists at his football club too so it isn’t a gender specific thing.
    These people really should be upholding community standards and values I think, and yet they simply don’t give a damn about the harm this man is doing with his fraud and slander (till its their family I assume). It is patently apparent that “the Board” who made the decision don’t know anything about the referral process, or what does and does not constitute a “patient”. Big bold letters on the documents I provided pointing this out and yet off they go with the false narrative after trying to muddy the waters a bit. And yet here they are making such important decisions? I’d be concerned if I were relying on these negligent fools personally.
    I must say though that one of their employees I spoke to did say it was a “kangaroo court” and that they are simply a front to give the appearance of complaints being acted upon. Still, its the same health system they have to use too and what goes around comes around. And according to my Book they must be given every opportunity to make ammends before any action is taken against them. Test their integrity so to speak.
    Anyway, thanks for replying and I look forward to reading more of your work..

  • It seems to me that Mental Health Services were designed around the boxes that held Seligmans dogs.

    If one takes a look at the theory he developed around attributions Mental Health Services result in the very attitudes that cause suicide and hopelessness.

    Your illness is “internal”, “uncontrollable” and “global”. These were the factors he identified as resulting in hopelessness. Seemed to me that being spiked and having a knife planted on me for police was “external”, “controllable” and “situational”. The ensuing brutality resulted in what has been labelled “illness”. Clever little trick but also criminal. Not that the law is of any use in my country, perverted beyond recognition.

    Seligman did also help out the ‘interrogators’ at Guantanamo soooo borrow his books, don’t buy them lol

  • In my instance Pacific Dawn, the lawyers were acting as one of the tentacles of the apparatus.

    They claimed to be acting as my representatives, found out what I had and informed the hospital what evidence needed to be retrieved before throwing me under a bus with their slander and criminal conduct. They conspired to pervert the course of justice, and compound or conceal evidence of a criminal offence, namely intoxication by deception, and on….. Do you think the government will hold them to account when it is the government who is benefiting from such unethical and criminal conduct? Not to mention the benefits to Doctors and Insurance companies when access to effective legal representation is denied.

    As far as political activists go, one guy I spoke to who was telling me about how brave he was began telling me about how what he witnessed whilst we were at the police station “never happened”. This despite an email he had sent me weeks before he was told to shut his mouth. I mean I had no idea I could be arrested for having documents that proved I had been spiked with benzos before interrogation. And I guess with the power to threaten and intimidate citizens families it did “never happen”. I’ve found when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.

    So where do we turn when the whole apparatus is corrupted?

  • I just got off the phone with my Union whom I have been paying money to for years. They tell me that they are not interested what happens to their members if it doesn’t involve something at their workplace. Well, it does but they don’t like that they referred me to a lawyer whose conduct has been negligent to put it mildly. So like an insurance company that doesn’t want to pay out when someone has an accident they find a loophole and throw you under the bus. I will never support a Union again.

    Just struck me that when you needed support most Amanda, they really did let you down. Like my Government here in Australia torturing citizens and pointing the finger at other governments for doing the same thing. And the cowards who hide while enabling this conduct disgust me. They expect me to fight and die for their rights, while they ignore mine with their negligence, fraud and slander?

    Hypocrites is what they are, and when needed they turn and run. They take their oaths as a cover, and have no intention of doing their duty when required. They have a disease of the heart.

    Wish you luck with your recovery.

  • It hasn’t always been like this though Sarah.

    I think it was Nietzsche who described us as “insignificant Insects”, an attitude taken up by the National Socialists in Germany during the 1940s. It seems to be resurfacing certainly in our culture here in Australia. We always were a bit right wing trying to commit genocide with our aboriginal population (something that has been put on pause whilst we gain their trust to exploit once again I note). Our White Australia policy is still there though if you scratch the surface a little. Just look at our “unrepresentative swill” in Parliament.
    I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that all this talk about climate change is going to result in the need for some natural selection and culling. Once again humans are going to want to have a method of selecting certain individuals for profit extraction and well …..voluntary assisted dying (Nothing voluntary about medicine in my country, and assisted dying is much longer to say than killing so why do they twist these words?).
    Funny but I had a number of conversations with a psychologist whose husband is a psychiatrist and she seemed so fixated on this genetic testing she was subjecting her children to. Gawd I hope she wasn’t looking for evidence that they had Jewish ancestry. Here we go again.
    Arsenals of weapons that require little manpower, purchased with what aim? Do we intend going to war with others? Or with ourselves?
    While the Cats away ……. the mice turn to Rats.

  • It always confused me why the Law Centre didn’t want the documents I had that proved the ‘spiking’. Of course what they were doing was finding out what I had before working with the hospital Operations Manager to conceal their criminal offences.
    They uncover the fact that I had been kidnapped and tortured and then offer to assist by writing a complaint to the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist. Once this is done it is not sent, but instead they draft a response that is designed to do maximum psychological damage to the victim, and hand it to me and claim “we don’t have the resources to read this letter of response”. Which is lucky because it shows the Chief Psychiatrist doesn’t know what a burden of proof is, and believes that a Community Nurse can travel through time and space and read minds. Happy to share if anyone is interested.
    Once I receive this poison pen letter I respond by asking the Law Centre wtf? But from this point on all roads lead to Rome. Any other lawyers I contact automatically contact the Law Centre and they slander me with the fraudulent documents they have obtained from the hospital.
    Police assist in the retrieval of the documents I have proving the ‘spiking’ and the wound is stitched up and the criminals go free. Oh wait, the attempt to kill me in the ED, of course the Minister and Law Centre weren’t aware of that right? You guys really should get your heads together because their are lives to be saved. No need to kill him we’ve done a cover up. But interesting to see where the person who explained to my wife how to spike me and plant a knife for police to obtain a referral reacted to the possibility that police would do their duty.
    Imagine the luck of her having a husband who was a psychiatrist in the very same hospital where they were rudely interrupted during an unintended negative outcoming. The look on your face Doc waaahahahahah. Still, if I didn’t have the documents then I was a paranoid delusional claiming i’d been drugged without my knowledge. This on top of the vicious psychological attack aided and abetted by my wife …….
    Good medical people? Take a look if you dare.
    I can only imagine what the Chief Psychiatrist thought when his ‘letter of response’ got back to him from the Council of Official Visitors. (I loved their response to me, we’ll take this to the Emperor and tell him he has no clothes. Woops, sorry we didn’t read the documents you sent us and here we are returning them by email lol. Sorry on your own pal.)
    And the Law Centre? I’ve got letters and emails from them showing that their lawyers are beyond incompetent, they are a danger to self or other if they do not understand what a burden of proof is. They should be shut down if what they are doing involves this type of conduct. Families are going to them for assistance with their loved ones only to be subjected to criminal fraud and slander when it suits the hospital? And usually after being subjected to vile treatment from hospital staff. Like the Operations Manager who told me they would fuking destroy me for complaining about being kidnapped and tortured. Such power and supported by our community in her destruction of families. Is it really fair that the public is exposed to such incompetence?
    Would they allow a Doctor to continue to practice if he/she didn’t know what an infection was? Still, at the rate it takes these authorities to act they are good to go for at least the next ten years while they sort it out, and then they are severely limited in the action they can take. No more free pens from the drug companies lol.
    Accountability? There is none. Complaints are misdirected to ensure that no action is taken, and these organised criminals are left to operate in our hospitals at taxpayers expense.

  • I can only imagine that the reason that police find “insufficient evidence” is that it is the only way to obstruct justice and ensure that those who conspired to pervert the course of justice are not held to account. This has required the threatening of a psychologist and his family, and all other witnesses to what have been serious criminal offences all the way along the line.
    Conspire to stupefy and commit an indictable offence namely kidnapping.
    Intoxication by deception.
    Procure the apprehension/detention of person not suffering from mental illness.
    Conspire to compound or conceal evidence of criminal offence.
    Criminal fraud
    Attempt to murder.
    And on………
    And look at that, all you have to do is ignore your duty (another offence) and the first domino doesnt fall and its get out of jail free time. No wonder police were desperate to know who else had the documents. And of course we can’t have criminals who are conspiring to pervert by pretending to be the Chief Psychiatrist (yes I know Ms B) going to jail. You’ve made him look like an idiot Ms B. Only one person I know that had the ability and knowledge to produce that fraudulent letter of response from the Chief Psychiatrist, you. You gaslighting many victims of these organised criminals to suicide Ms B? Talk about exploiting your position as a lawyer. Lucky you have support in doing that from the Government eh?
    Someone must be really concerned that an honest cop might take a look. Whats the chances of that? It’s the torture that is the kicker, no superior authority. The rest of it and they could exercise discretionary. So who is the person doing the obstruction here?
    Minister is misdirecting my complaint to a ‘medical’ authority. Why, it seems fairly obvious to me that spiking someone with benzos is a criminal matter. And I have been told by a lawyer that I have the “proof”. So is the ‘medical’ authority going to investigate and find that the SMO authorised the spiking 12 hours AFTER it was done? That’d be a criminal matter too right? Compund or conceal evidence of a crime? Ah yes but it was so long ago and so many people went to the trouble of fiddling with the documents and making it look like you were a “patient” Boans so that it wasn’t torture and the destruction of your family and life were then justified. No longer torture, we call it subject to lawful sanction after we plant stuff for police to find and get the ball rolling so to speak.
    Protections under the Mental Health Act? A people who value a Rule of Law? I think not.
    I flip the bird to all those who have been backstabbing, and going along with what they know is criminal. You all disgust me, and quite possibly yourselves. Must be difficult to look in the mirror knowing you turned your back on a torture victim. Sure, justify it because they threatened you. Tell it to the Padre people

  • “If this stuff speaks to you and you’re in a lot of pain, you don’t need to wait for the rest of this series to come out”

    If your in a lot of pain my government is going to allow doctors to off you. I’ve not got a lot of confidence in the “legal protections” being offered with regards this Euthanasia Bill, given the failure of authorities to recognise and enforce the ones contained in the Mental Health Act. A little bit of fraud can go a long way, especially in a country that ignores its duties where International Covenants and Conventions go.

    One brief example among many. Did you know that in Australia there is NO avenue for complaints about torture? This despite it being a clause in the Convention. Its got nothing to do with it never happening, its just that complainants are dealt with in other manners (hence the need for a Euthanasia Bill lol). They are giving victims of torture the status of “patient” post hoc and exploiting the loophole in Article 1.1 of the Convention. Not torture if it is subject to lawful sanction, ergo as a patient your human rights are removed and its no longer torture 🙂 How clever. Who said our Politicians werre stupid. Its the public that are idiots allowing them to do this if you ask me.

    Human Rights Commission I hear someone whisper? Try it.

  • Madmom, just wow. Unbelievable that people who do these things are so convinced that what they are doing is ‘right’. And if you raise the comparison to what the National Socialists were doing in Germany it’s considered a sign of illness. Personally I see making that claim as a sign one is dealing with an abuser who is adept at silencing their victims. And after dealing with an Operations Manager who told me she would fuking destroy me for complaining about being tortured and kidnapped, and then watching as people who had a duty to act commit acts of criminal negligence to ensure she was supported I’m more than disgusted.

    Rachel777 My Government is acting. Were about to pass what they have called an “Assisted Dying Bill” through Parliament. There are more than 100 “protections” they tell us. Mind you the fact that the Chief Psychiatrist doesn’t recognise a burden of proof (suspect on reasonable grounds) placed on a Community Nurse before incarcerating and force drugging a citizen has me a little worried. Protections aren’t much good if the person charged with enforcing them doesn’t know they exist. And they really don’t want us calling this a Euthanasia Bill, and the newspapers/journalists have been told in no uncertain terms. Careful, the Federal Police are raiding our journalists for information about whistleblowers these days.
    All those pesky homeless people who are causing problems with the folk who want to come and cuddle a Koala can at least be assisted at last.

    There was a problem with one of our cops shooting himself in a station not long ago oldhead. All those police referrals might come back to haunt them. A sign on police station walls “Mental Health is important. Don’t suspect a colleague, report them” lol. Get in first because once you’ve been slandered theres no going back.

    They have ‘mental health professionals” at every station these days. If they are anything like the Community Nurse who payed me a ‘visit’ the community has a major problem. He/she could be authorising the drugging of citizens without their knowledge, allowing police to interrogate and then handing them over to a psychiatrist to brain damage (no National standard as to what constitutes a chemical restraint). And all with a little bit of ‘verballing’ and some fraud on the part of the doctor who can write prescriptions post hoc. They can’t even do this in Guantanamo (not saying they’re not but the rules don’t allow it). Imagine the use such ‘professionals’ could be put to in a station if interpersonal conflicts became an issue. And with the ability to threaten and intimidate citizens families I think Mr Community Nurse might do a bit of ‘verballing’ for us 🙂

  • Someone on an “involuntary commitment order”? And I would assume that this would be someone with the status of “patient”?
    In my State Doc a “patient” can have their drink spiked with benzos and then have weapons planted on them to obtain police referrals (ie bash em and drag em off in handcuffs). It also demonstrates that those involved had knowledge that the target was not a “patient” otherwise there was no need for the police referral. The benzos and the ‘acute stress reaction’ caused by the police is a great way to have unwilling citizens talk to Community Nurses (don’t even look at the Convention against the use of Torture. They will unintentionally negatively outcome you in the ED for complaining).
    Of course what would happen if you put someone through this and then later found out they weren’t actually a “patient”? I can tell you, and it’s not what you would think. How vile and disgusting peoples behaviour can become has been an eye opener to me (and others who have had the courage to look).
    A lawyer? What a joke that was, they accepted fraudulent documents from the hospital and assisted with the cover up.It would be nice to have legal representation that was working for their client instead of working the victim of torture and kidnapping over and pushing them to suicide.
    I believe these types of crimes are called “remote detentions” in the ‘industry. Though a bit like the convenience killings being done in the ED they are almost never prosecuted because ….. well they did manage to stop Dr Harold Shipman. And I might add stopped counting the bodies at 230 +?
    Know a lawyer who could help out here Doc? I’ve got a letter from our Chief Psychiatrist that shows him to be a disgrace to the office he holds. Doesn’t even recognise a burden of proof, and yet provides “expert legal advice to the Minister”?

  • At times I wonder if they care oldhead, and then I think about the amount of skin cancers that go undetected here in a land where the sun burns you black. Sometimes it’s best you do care about the small spots that seem insignificant, because it can turn into some really bad news for the subject. And whilst our pollies may not seem to be too worried about the small blemish, they will care when their nose is being removed, and not just to spite their face.
    They will care when the methods used are affecting them and theirs. Like our Treasurer fleeing the State when he was about to be referred to a psychiatrist not all of them will escape. And if they have looked at my situation there will be concerns. I sat next to one of our Ministers in the clinic that released my confidential information. Are they aware that this is what is occuring? They had better be for their own sakes .
    Might be best you wash your stockings and suspenders Mr Downer, your closet is going to be opened for all to see what your wardrobe contains (not the person I sat next to) lol

  • It’s good isn’t it Rachel777?

    “I thought the belief that you can read minds or see into the future was a symptom of “severe mental illness” but every good tyrant is above his own laws.”

    I also thought this. When you get banged up over here the person who is exercising that power needs to complete a Form 1 to give the reasons they believe you meet the (non) standards for incarceration and forced drugging. This statutory declaration requires them to state their “observed facts” so that they are not locking people up based solely on communications from others. The Community Nurse who had me snatched from my bed by police made observation that would have required him to travel back in time 3 weeks. He also made the “observation” that I was “having thoughts of harming others” Note others not other after I had an argument with the person who had tried to blackmail my wife, three weeks earlier.
    Now, a person as highly trained as our Chief Psychiatrist you would think would recognise such an illness and yet ……. here he is standing by this ‘verballing’ corrupt public officer. He has no problem with this man travelling through time and space to make his “observations” nor that he is reading my thoughts of harming others. It does however make it easy to abuse the human and civil rights of citizens. Pesky laws getting in the way of arbitrary detentions and giving doctors carte blanche. How to overcome that? Put someone into a position where their negligence means that the rules are not enforced and turn a blind eye to criminals operating within the system.
    Someone like a Chief Psychiatrist who doesn’t know what a burden of proof is, and therefore wouldn’t know a criminal if he tripped over one 30 times a day.
    “Suspect on reasonable grounds” becomes “suspect on grounds he believes to be reasonable”. Thus your failure to report his suspected criminality to the Corruption and Crime Commission under section 28 was because you never suspect? No one ever meets the standard for reporting? Might I suggest that what was done was the apprehension or detention of a person not suffering from a mental illness (s.336 of the Criminal Code with a term of 2 years prison) This meets the standard of mandatory reporting and if not done is an act of Serious Misconduct. Now how could you report if you don’t see the crime? Everyone else can but ….. you can’t.
    Did you write that letter Doc? If so your a disgrace to our community. People paid with their blood for those rights for you to write them away with your negligence. See your duty under the Act. Or is that like our police who can’t find their copy of the criminal code and use negligence to provide support to the criminals operating under your watch? Lucky they’re all so afraid to tell the Emperor he has no clothes and seems to be suffering from some sort of genital rash lol. I’d see a doctor about that Doc.

  • Both good questions zendogbreath.
    The first one seems fairly obvious. I often lay awake at night and wonder why the Doctor who interrupted the attempt to have me murdered in the ED didn’t just let them go one step further before stopping Dr I’m the boss around here. I know the explaination I was given was that he didn’t have the stomach for it, though his history of unauthorised experimentation on his own patients would suggest otherwise. Still, that was all sorted out with a sheep dip in the psychiatric system so…….
    The second question I find a lot more interesting. I guess my first response would be to suggest that in order to ensure that you keep the rights you have, you exercise them when they are being abused. Collectively. The ‘faces of fear’ I have seen when people (like lawyers or doctors) figure out what i’m saying is true are a clue. It shouldn’t be like that unless your government has gone beyond the point of no return. Not that I would compare them to the National Socialists in Germany, those guys showed a lot more intelligence and had nice uniforms. These guys are more a rag tag bunch of terrorists like ISIS. Chasing their own tails and on a date with destiny. But in the meantime they will do a lot of damage.
    Deal with them now or suffer the consequences later I would suggest. Stand up to them when the evidence is there despite the threats and intimidation, lest they become emboldened and enabled by the failure to hold them to account.

  • I liked Dante s’ contrapasso for those who claimed they could look into the future (the Heretics). Their heads were turned around 180 degrees. Perhaps we could overlook the physical effect of doing this as an unintended negative outcome related to the treatment for heresy? A side effect if you will lol

  • How can the authors write that we need to “ensure that the human rights of people with mental health problems are always respected.”. Surely they would be aware that along with the status of “patient” comes a removal of human rights? They simply don’t have any, at all. This is why police will simply do absolutely nothing for a “patient” as they are fully aware that it would need to be approved by their doctor first. And when it is the doctor committing the offences against the “patient”? Sorry, not in the public interest.
    So how can you respect something that doesn’t exist? Meh, anyway I need to go feed my Unicorn. Human rights and mental patients waaaahahahaha Were heading in the other direction in my country. Euthanasia Bill here we come. Want to talk about the coercive practices that might come into play there? Nope, need to keep the public out of that debate altogether. They just wouldn’t understand.
    Not that we haven’t been shown police beating and pepper spraying a man whilst asking “Do you like that?” Before delivering him to his doctor. Perhaps next time he will be a little more cooperative and attend his appointments with his master.

  • Hi Ruth,

    “Also, the issue of patient confidentiality raised many conflicts for these professionals and made it difficult for caregivers and family members to work in partnership with them. Although necessary in some cases, I now believe that the mental health services sometimes use “confidentiality” as a smokescreen that allows them to exert exclusivity and power over patients and service users.”

    I’ve seen this used for much more nefarious purposes than a smoke screen. Of course in Australia we don’t have the benefit of having any confidentiality (just don’t tell the plebs yet, we want to keep this information among those who have a sophisticated knowledge of the law). “No spousal privilege in common law in Australia” ergo there is no privileged communications, but we will not put this to the test, merely continue in ignorance on a path that suits certain people in our community.
    I had my medical records released as soon as I refused to pay $600 to a clinic. Paid good money to have lawyers ensure that those records were confidential and yet here they are turning up in another hospital that has arranged to have me snatched out of my bed after being drugged without my knowledge with someone elses benzos, and having a knife and cannabis planted on me to obtain a police referral. I fail to see how the people who did this to me didn’t recognise that somewhere along the path they took a wrong turn. So delusional that they believe that they are helping people?
    And of course then we have the ‘divide and rule’ tactics I believe your half pointing to above Ruth. Telling your daughter one thing and you another. Gaslighting.
    They got my wife to do all sorts of nasty stuff to me in order to see that I could not access the documents showing their criminality. She did however claim this was done as a result of her being threatened by them. (The FOI officer in particular who denied me access to the evidence and was demanding that my wife provide her with authority to act as my carer, lest they be seen for what they are, kidnappers and torturers. Just get him to go to a doctor and have them backdate a referral, that makes him a patient and we are all clear to do whatever we like to him after that eh?) After 6 weeks of her sneaking around behind my back slandering me to all my friends and associates, even making claims to others that despite the all clear from a Psychiatrist that I had a mental illness and my truthful claims were delusions. Police fell for it hook line and sinker. Even assisting my wife and her co conspirators to retrieve the evidence of the spiking (or so they thought. Should have seen the panic when those docs surfaced. Police now wanting to arrest me for being the victim of crimes. Not allowed to have proof of their crimes, that would not do at all)
    They even sent fraudulent documents to the lawyers. Took out the proof I had been spiked with benzos and started slandering me as a paranoid delusional. All authorised by a Clinical Director and his side kick an Operations Manager who said if I continued with my complaint they would fuking destroy me.
    Good people who just happen to do the odd kidnapping and torture of citizens and who have the support of our Chief Psychiatrist and Minister to do cover ups via unintentional negative outcomes and fraud. One question I have about that situation is were the lawyers threatened, or did they participate in the attempt to pervert the course of justice willingly? Because I don’t believe that the Chief Psychiatrist wrote that letter of response claiming ignorance of the law and that a Community Nurse can travel through time and space. He would look like a complete fool should anyone with a basic legal knowledge read that document, and he sure has. The Minister and the Principle of the Law Centre getting together to commit such serious offences with mandatory prison terms? Wow, imagine that. Lucky they have friends in high places eh?
    I don’t know that people who have not been subjected to the absolute viciousness of these folk would truly understand. They have such nice suits and smiles that would have you leave your loved ones in their care. And then while your not looking subject them to the most vile and brutal treatment you can imagine and call it ‘medicine’.
    I do hope you expand on the above quote because I feel there is more to be said. In your own time though Ruth. Thanks for speaking your truth here.

  • Our politians make claims in todays newspaper regarding the claim by a young woman that she has been ‘spiked’ in a niteclub. They are up in arms and looking to have the licence of the owner removed. “Serious incident” “Completely unacceptable”, “Abhorrent and extremeely dangerous” and “Serious issue”.
    I wonder if these politicains making these statements are aware that they have Community Nurses authorising the spiking of citizens with date rape drugs and doctors signing fraudulent prescriptions to conceal these offences? Are they aware that should this young woman walk into a police station to make a complaint they will explain to her that they do not have a copy of the criminal code and if she does not go away she will be arrested?
    Oh that’s right, they thought I was a “patient” and its perfectly acceptable conduct in that instance. In fact, somebody make this young woman into a patient because she simply doesn’t have any proof that she was spiked and is suffering paranoid delusions. It’s quite a common delusion i’m told.
    So the response of the niteclub owner is consistent with the response of the people who concealed the evidence of the spiking in my case and yet they are somehow different?
    So I will be making a few phone calls to see if these politicians are aware of how our police are dealing with these criminal matters, by simply calling them medical issues and turning a blind eye to them.
    If it is “abhorrent and extremely dangerous” why have they told me I will be arrested for being able to prove that it was done? Is it not offensive that it is done to someone with the status of “patient”? Not that I was but it seems to be a preferred false narrative to conceal criminality.
    Is Doctor going to sign a prescripion for the spiker 12 hours after it was done, and allow his patient he hasn’t met yet to be treated without their knowledge?
    Was it not “abhorrent and extremely dangerous” to spike me with benzos because otherwise it was going to be difficult to get me to talk to a verballing public officer? And it would be so difficult to plant evidence for police if I were not unconscious from the spiking?

  • Personally Rachel777 I believe that psychiatry grew out of the separation of the State and the Christian church. The State required the control mechanism of the church. They needed to be able to use the slander of demon possession, and subject citizens to forced treatment for the slander. Someone Else has written some great comments about how these old professions have managed to survive and thrive in the modern Nation State.
    Aren’t we all still looking for devil worshipers and witches everywhere? These days we call them terrorists and paedophiles but ……. we still need to be able to make what we do lawful and what they do worthy of punishment of the worst kind, and psychiatry can be used to punish despite the claims these folk are doctors. They are still eavesdropping on the confessional and slipping one off the bottom of the deck during communion. Justice served? Only if it is done minus any corruption in the system.
    I mean when you thin k about it what was the difference between what Ariel Castro did and what was done to me? A licence from the State.
    Anyhow, I’m a great believer that laughter is the best medicine. Heres a video of some people at my local church taking someone to mental health services. 🙂

  • Hi Elizabeth,
    I’d love to be able to put this all together for publication. Unfortunately every time I pick myself up and get to the point where I feel capable, i fall down. This was done deliberately by those who tortured and kidnapped me. A forced Learned Helplessness. I ws before these events quite a competent person with what Seligman would have described as a robust personality type. I’d keep going where others would fail. Enough, that person was murdered and no one in my community gives a damn so …..
    I did a lot of writing in the forums under a thread called The Bridge as I tried to unravel the threads of events as I remembered them and also as I tried to have police recognise that I was not a patient and that they were turning away the victim of kidnapping and conspiracy to torture but …… the law being the law they are afraid of doctors and the mafia type organisation they are running.

    My Brain Salad Surgery lol. Lots there that is just my insane ramblings but in amongst it is the truth as I saw it. (Keep in mind if you read it that I documented what occurred when I went to police. I exchanged emails with others who were present about those meetings. And then weeks later they were telling me that “it never happened”. Nothing like a bunch of gaslighters kicking you when your down eh? Police threatening witnesses to criminal offences? Yeah okay I get that but they are also witnesses to breaches of the Convention against the use of Torture. That is about as vile as their behaviour can get. Refoulment. Nothing that Bashar al Assad isn’t doing mind you)
    I’ve come a long way since that time but still find my community lacking in support. And well, were currently discussing convenience killings in our parliament so …… should I really be surprised that the government is authorising torture and kidnappings and calling them medicine?
    As with most cons, this one is fairly simple to perform and leaves the victim totally destroyed because police after being stooged can not possibly admit they were used as tools to kidnap and torture. They re simply too accustomed to having a 100% result in their favour and can literally kill anyone who complains about them. Better just to threaten their families because killing is serious business and some day someone might actually look.

    Still looking at this organised police killing from the 70s. Our Police Minister was not happy about a prostitute who was going to blow the whistle, so he had a police officer put 4 bullets into her head (not that those who know this would dare say it publically)
    Anyhow any questions about this con I can answer (and might I add much more clearly than our previous Minister or Chief Psychiatrist They don’t even like the protections of the Mental health Act so simply ignore them, and then ignore anyone who complains while doctors arrange to have victims killed or “unintentioanlly negatively outcomed”, their referred term). I must add that the Chief Psychiatrist did recognise his “error” but unlike those who have some honor, did not correct the “error” simply recognised it. Someone who had honor would also do everything in their power to correct the effects of their error. I can not say he has done nothing, what I can say is that nothing that I can see has been done to assist the victim, merely conceal for those in power.

    Anyone who has an ability to write or document these crimes for me I’d be happy to hear from. I’d also like to hear from any government who would grant me asylum, cause these human rights abusers have clearly demonstrated that they will keep doubling down on their ‘errors’ until the cover up is complete.
    Happy to answer any questions anyone might have though, despite my rather ineffective ability to communicate. Please keep in mind that this is as a result of the ‘intervention’, because as the psychiatrist who aassessed me that day wrote there was nothing wrong with me until I was drugged, tortured and kidnapped. There bloody well is now though.
    Wow, i just reaised that thread The Bridge is 5 years old. And still not a day of my life worth living since these good mental health professionals decided that I needed them to force their medicine down my throat. Same really coz I did tell them when I was being interrogated after being jumped in my bed.

  • Too true JeffreyC.
    I liked how our politicians and their families spent some time in Paris a few years back for a meeting on climate change,. After much debate and many meals and wines in fancy restaurants they came to a decision that they were going to turn the planets thermostat down a couple of degrees. Guess they will be arranging another meeting soon to discuss where they might find the thermostat dial lol
    Rinse, lather, repeat.

  • It is a good point Someone Else.
    I didn’t know bus drivers could prescribe mind altering psychiatric drugs 8 years ago when I was first prescribed benzos without my knowledge. But there you have it. It just makes getting people to talk so much easier when subjecting them to “actue stress reactions” before interrogations.
    So here in Australia we have gone the other way. Think your child needs Ritalin? No need to waste your time waiting in a Doctors office for a prescription, have a friend supply it and spike their food with it. Any problems and a doctor can sign a prescription for it later to ensure no criminal action can be taken against you. You were after all acting in “good faith” right?
    It’s simply amazing the things you can call ‘medicine’ if you try hard enough and know a doctor who we can call a ‘friendly’. Personally I prefer the term fraudster but in the environment we are in at the moment we have a Minister for Health calling convenience killings “assisted dying” so language is changing at a rate it is difficult to keep up with. And anyone who has been subjected to Mental Health Services knows exactly how “voluntary” services are when it comes to a doctor. Informed consent? This guy is a comedian lol
    Couldn’t agree more regarding the elimination of these drugs altogether.

  • I don’t know how obvious it is but the situation is that my wife did something stupid, and people at the hospital went along with her lies and committed some serious criminal offences. And rather than tell me they have decided that they would appoint my wife as my ‘carer’ and then she could make decisions for me that suited them. Which is what she did. She also at the point where I was about to find out about the spiking (6 weeks after I was snatched from my bed by police) told me she was being threatened by staff at the hospital (the Senior Freedom of Information Officer) I point out that what they have been doing is criminal and i’m told they will fuking destroy me. And they have. The “wife beater” slander created by the Community Nurse is now the truth because my wife has no choice but to assist these criminals. Though I ask that she testify to this before God, because He knows for a fact that this is not true. Strike me down if I am lying. A close examination of the call to MHERL reveals that her claim that she said “no such thing” is supported. It is just such an effective form of slander being used by public officers, and the lynch mob gathers. Though how many deaths are being caused by this conduct will never be known.
    Of course now that thehospital has appointed my wife as my ‘carer’ she can now contact my legal representatives and give them instructions, all the while ensuring that I don’t know about these covert phone calls. She made sure not to attend the lawyers offices with me because well they might ask her about the spiking and what actually occurred in front of me and none of this could be done in front of the victim. Their conspiring to pervert the course of justice needed to be done behind closed door and in the dark. Mandatory prison terms, and how lucky they are that police can not find their copy of the criminal code. No room in our prisons anyway, they’re full of Aboriginals who stole a packet of pencils from Walmart to be putting these types of crooks away. They are above the law in a land that claims Australians value a rule of law.
    Disgusting but …… what do you do? The public were coerced into voting for them. We get fined if we don’t and they have found methods of turning those fines into 1000s of dollars and sending folk to prison for not voting lol Another reason they can’t be sent to prison.
    I would have found it much easier if they had just done their job in the first place and told my wife (and her co-conspirator) sorry but I need to report your drugging without knowledge to the police, because this person is not our patient, and our doctors are not prepared to sign fraudulent prescriptions to conceal criminal offences post hoc.
    Save a whole bunch of trouble arranging to have people killed in an Emergency Dept with a hot shot. Don’t believe me? Thats okay, I know one doctor spotted it because he was there to foil the plan. And I don’t think he is the only person smart enough to figure out what they were going to do, though he did have the advantage of speaking with my wife about what they were asking her to do to me to conceal their crimes sooooo. “You just go along with what they ask and lets see where they go with this :)” Nice one Doc.
    With my wifes boyfriend hacking my email accounts and keeping an eye on who I was communicating with, and using police to retrieve the documented fact that I had been spiked, they could then close this up by slandering me as a paranoid delusional to anyone who asked about these matters. Oh and the claims that my email accounts etc were hacked by my wifes boyfriend? Yes I can prove it. He fell for one of the oldest tricks in the book regarding ‘keyloggers’. I’m identifying him as the weak link because I dont think he would really want to go to prison for simply helping out a damsel in distress.
    It got to the point where my wife was calling police to have me removed from my home because her boyfriend was coming to town for the weekend. She would call them, they turn up and write an order to remove me based on nothing moire than her word and I was on the street. I had no idea we had got to this situation. Still with a Police Service that is doing more planting that our Forestry Dept what would one expect?

  • No Elizabeth, never posted a story except the stuff I wrote in the old forums.

    I did offer to pay someone to assist me with writing this stuff up but they took a look at the documents I have and said that “these are human rights abuses” and that the letter of response from the Chief Psychiatrist was “absolute rubbish” and that there had been a “cover up”. I then had a meeting with a QC who told me that he didn’t want to hear a certain Doctors name, and i’ve had no responses to my follow up. (Sorry your number seems to have disappeared from my phone, sorry can’t talk got a funeral, sorry dog needs washing, sorry can’t talk eating. Don’t be sorry, be honest, you’ve been threatened too)
    So as you can probably tell I have been severly traumatised by these event having people deliberately trying to do me harm and police and public officers assisting in that process. And now police and governement embarrassed by their vicious conduct, i’m left to be homeless and slandered by these criminals who simply deny me access to effective legal representation. (Can’t even retrieve my share of the marital property because my wife has been given legal authority to spike people and plant evidence for police, and is ‘assisting’ them in their cover up with police exercising the ‘discretionary powers’ over serious criminal offences. Kidnapping I get, the torture is a breach of the Convention and I have asked the Premier to tear it up on the steps of Parliament so that the public is aware. Guess thats what our Prime Minister is doing with his latest round of National Socialist politiking) And they are allowed to do that apparently.
    Did they really remove firearms from the public to protect them? Or was it more to do with ensuring a passive vulnerable public who can be silenced about their systematic theft of public monies. Take a look is what I say? Politicians are so out of touch with reality and their paranoia is showing under their silk skirts. (Alexander Downer who started some of this trouble with your President will tell you all about silk skirts lol But lets not look at his private conduct) And the spying on our friends and neighbours? The kneejerk, “they’re doing it too” is a dead giveaway.
    As noted above our Government has done away with most if not all of the protections of the UN Covenants. They are simply for show now, and to fool people into the false belief that they have rights. Makes it easy to knife them in the back.
    Oh what I’d give to be able to write this up and publish. I’d really like to publish the letter of complaint from the MHLC to the Chief Psychiatrist and his response. Even if it were to confirm that it wasn’t him that wrote that poison pen letter. Nothing like a gaslighter exposed in a letter like that (somebody give me the name because the author of that letter is absolutely evil).
    And I guess you would be correct to say it’s a mess over here. UN doesn’t make claims like Australia’s Mental Health Laws ARE a violation of peoples human rights and that the treatments MAY constitute torture lightly. One doesn’t need to travel to exotic places to witness these abuses, merely to their local hospitals. Like those neighbours at Auschwitz didn’t need to be pointing at the Rats of Tobruk as being nasty people. Perhaps these folk should clean up their own act before pointing fingers of righteous scorn.
    If Jesus was a Christian eh?
    Gee I’ve seen some funny women and men
    That think that Christianitys begining and end
    Is to sit up in them old Church pews on a Sunday Morn
    Now there’s 168 hours in any one week
    And one and a half in Church seems pretty weak
    They think there Jesus lives behind those locked Church doors eh?
    Now I’m pretty sure that they taught me right,
    That Jesus was the Truth and Light
    And he condemned all those who were Hypocrites and Liars.(Kev Carmody)
    Where are the good people when you need them?

  • The only thing required for Evil to prevail is for Good men (persons) to do nothing. (Think it was Edmund Burke who said something like this). These people have been tested and many have failed miserably. They have been given the opportunity to correct the errors of their ways, and refuse to do so. For this they are condemned to eternal Hell. They will laugh when reading this and yet …. as I can bear witness…. they cry out to a God they do not believe in when their time comes to be thrown into the fire. The money is no good to them then, the corruption no use, and what is in their hearts will be exposed.
    My sin? The sin of anger. The anger raised from the dead by people who would torture and kidnap and attempt to disguise this as ‘medicine’. So does torture work? Only as a tactic to create an angry man and then justify the killing of that man. What sort of fool would beat a man for speaking the truth and stop when he tells them what they want to hear? 2 Thessolonians 2 “And God sends upon them a great delusion that they might believe the Lie”.
    I’d say more but someone needs to keep the fire burning lol Ezekiel 22 23 -32 says it all anyway.

  • I also note that our Prime Minister is backing away from agreements made with the UN. We need to be “independent” he tells us and do what it is Australians want and not what some busybody internationalist want.
    Things like get rid of the Convention against the use of Torture. As my situation (and that of many others) shows Australians are in agreement that we should be able to torture anyone we like. Can’t have people disagreeing in a democracy.
    And the Euthanasia Bill. We need to get that through quickly. Australians want that too. Just don’t bring it up during the election campaign and then drop it on the table after. The public isn’t sophisticated enough to understand what they are voting on. So lets not give them the opportunity and just tell them that “most people” want it. Most people want the death sentence too but …… oh wait I get it.
    Covenant on human rights down the toilet too. And these politicians are going to claim it’s what Australians want? With 20 percent of the population labelled mentally ill i guess that lot doesn’t count.
    Looks like were in for one Hell of a ride. We’re buying a heap of weapons, removing civil and human rights, and making back room deals with no accountability to a public that is forced to vote for politicians they don’t want?
    Count me out people, i’m looking for a new place to rest my Boans. Whats the process for seeking asylum from a government that allows such abuses? Doesn’t matter really I guess they will fiddle with the documents to make what they want to be true anyway.

  • It was my understanding that once my referral expired (after one year) that I was a free agent and that if I chose not to continue with the service I had received than I did not renew that referral. I was originally referred for a report about a workplace incident. And I assume that those at the service knew this also as when I started going to the police with the documents showing the kidnapping and torture they tried to get me to have a referral from my GP back dated to cover their butts so to speak. (Ie “oh sh*t he isn’t a “patient” anymore, that makes this a kidnapping. Sokay unintended negative outcome to the rescue). This was a great way of testing the integrity of those involved, especially given the pressure of acting before the police smelled a rat. In fact I think they seem to have lost any sense of smell at all given how long it took them to catch up (just over 2 years lol)
    Luckily the police won’t lift a finger to assist anyone who has been called “patient” by a doctor (no checking, they just accept that if a doctor says patient it musty be true) without the doctor first providing the green light. Which when you think about it leaves people in the same situation as the guy who escaped from Jeffrey Dahmer, only to find himself handed back by police because of his ‘illness’. I think he later killed and ate this man but ….. all jokes aside.
    The documents that were sent to the Mental Health Law Centre told a completely different story to what actually occurred. The ‘real’ set showed a man had been ‘spiked’ with benzos, had a Community Nurse lie to police and request assistance with someone he knew was not a “patient” and then let the person who had spiked him know they were on their way and to plant the items police needed to detain and refer immediately to Community Nurse (ie a knife and some cannabis). He then had a Doctor sign a prescription for the benzos that were administered without knowledge to someone he hadn’t even met and wasn’t even a “patient”. This guy would be aof great value to night club rapists. The “edited” (i prefer the real term of fraudulent) set showed a man who had been a “patient” of said hospital for 10 years was not cooperating with his Nurse and therefore police were called to get him and take him to the hospital.

    With the ability to “edit” documents like this no one is safe. And claiming that because you spoke to a psychologist in school that 50 years later you can be subjected to spikings and having evidence planted on you to make referral appear lawful because your still someones “patient”? You would think that in a civilized society I would be able to access legal services and at least have some form of help offered. Not so, in fact these guys tried to have me murdered in an ED (contact me for details should anyone require information about the methods being used, and why police find it impossible to act against these criminals). These are ‘medical ‘ matters and get referred to a toothless watchdog. The wheels on the bus go round and round …….
    There is even a section in the Mental Health Act that makes it quite clear that the time limit for referral is 48 hours after having physically examined the target. And that referral after this time is unlawful. Guess thats why they are having to trick police into making referrals for them. And surely the Minister and Chief Psychiatrist are aware of this and simply turn a blind eye, they of course know how difficult the job is and have no respect for the protections afforded the public by the law. Probably the reason that our Chief Psychiatrist doesn’t do anything about the corrupt practice of ‘verballing’ either. He accepts the Community Nurses ability to travel through time and space to make observations and his ability to read minds unquestioned. My how psychology has advanced since I did my degree.
    So in your situation Elizabeth it might feel like you have found a path out of Psychiatry. But should you ever find yourself in conflict with say your husband, wave goodbye to your human and civil rights immediately. Your always going to be “patient” from this point on. The “identified patient” is the term I’ve found most fitting. I can’t even get a list of who can drug me without knowledge or with what drugs. Despite being able to prove that it is being authorised by the Minister. Imagine that.

  • I can’t help but wonder if you’ve ever been subjected to an involuntary commitment Elizabeth.

    I had struggled to sleep for 2 days because I was packing my property and that was considered enough to justify drugging me with benzos without my knowledge and planting a knife on me to obtain a police referral. Jumped in my bed, not informed I had been ‘spiked’ , and subjected to 7 hours of interrogation in a cage and I haven’t had a decent nights sleep in 8 years.

    Oh and the title Your Path out of Psychiatry. In my country if you have ever spoken to a ‘mental health professional’ in your life, you are considered a “patient” for life. This allows arbitrary detentions for doctors. Make a phone call and have police bring them in for questioning. And along with that label comes the removal of your human rights, something that you don’t recognise until you say something one of your friends or colleagues doesn’t agree with. Then they are free to spike you and see that you receive the ‘treatment’ you don’t recognise that you need. Your anasognosia is getting in the way of my ability to impose my view of the world on others so to speak lol.
    There is no Path Out in my country. Even the UN stated that Australian Mental Health Laws ARE a violation of human rights and that the treatments MAY constitute Torture (difficult to prove intent if Doc keeps his/her mouth shut). And might I say even paying tens of thousands of dollars does not ensure treatment remains confidential. Don’t keep paying and they release the information to the public system and subject you to an ‘intervention’ the likes of which I have described.

    If they weren’t called Doctors they call this extortion. Won’t talk to me and pay the 600, then i’ll arrange for you to talk to someone else by spiking you and having police rough you up a bit first. We call that inducing an ‘acute stress reaction’ and with the spiking to assist us we are now free to torture and exploit the loophole of “having lawful sanction” because we tricked poilce into making referral :). How clever, and they get to call this ‘medicine’. These people are a disgrace to the rest of the folk who are doing their best to help people. A cancerous growth seeking to enrich themselves with no moral compass to guide them. And with the full support of our Chief Psychiatrist and Minister for Mental Health I might add.
    And should ypou complain about psychiatry reopening the path via these methods? Then the slandering of you begins and they release the medical records to the public and claim your illness is back to haunt you. Gaslighting leading to so many suicides, and they don’t even need to wash the blood from their hands, and can claim their is MORE need for their services.
    I’m thinking of the Operations Manager who after doing a formal investigation told me that if I didn’t stop complaining they would “fuking destroy” me. And she was right, she has been given the authority to do this to me and many others.
    So it might appear you have found a path out but its a circular path downwards i’m afraid. Didn’t notice the sign? Abandon hope all yeah who enter?

  • Can’t say i’m a fan of kidnapping Joe. Transporting people against their will without legal authority is a crime and well I would say 30 years seems a bit excessive. Especially given that if you had been a mental health professional (Community Nurse) where I live police wouldn’t be able to find their copy of the criminal code, and thus no prison.
    See I don’t agree with them that by spiking someones drink with benzos and then planting evidence for police to find and make the kidnapping appear lawful that what they are doing is not criminal. Conspiring to kidnap is also a crime. There is a reason so many people claim it feels like being kidnapped. And as your aware there are reasons that the penalty is so severe, because of the damage to the victim.
    However, what we have in my instance is a man who tortures and kidnaps and then calls the victim names (mentally ill) and he receives a massive amount of support from his colleagues who are also prepared to commit serious criminal offences (criminal fraud, conspire to pervert) to ensure he does not face the Beak. And he clocks on for work tomorrow to do it to others. How can they possibly do anything about him now, their own negligence would be exposed.
    So I restate, i’m not a fan but …… at least you get to see your grandchildren. As a result of these criminals I have been the victim of I don’t.
    Anyhow, good luck with your endeavour to have mercy shown.

  • This Mental Health Law Centre I speak of relies on the State Government for funding. So I go in there with proof of human rights abuses and they claim to be assisting their “clients” when what they really do is “find out what ya got” and provide assistance to the criminals in Government doing cover ups.
    Breach of their ethics? I think that anyone who examined what they did would be more than offended. Still, that would open a whole can of worms about how many other “clients” have been subjected to this breach of trust and confidence. And a bit like the Psychiatrist who wasn’t really a Psychiatrist but was ‘treating’ more than 200 “patients” without the authority its better we look the other way and ensure that its “not in the public interest” to know. Same excuse our police use to ensure nobody knows there are organised criminals using our EDs as their own personal slaughterhouses. (Though they have introduced an “Assisted Dying Bill” to at least make it appear like they are doing something. Mind you if they remove the protections of burdens of proof without informing the public were right back were we started eh?).

  • Somebody is going to have to sign off on an attempt to pervert the course of justice in the Federal Courts. Glad it isn’t me. Especially given the amount of people in authority who are aware of these fraudulent documents. Will they really just stand by whilst these types of offences are commiitted? From what I’ve seen so far the answer is a resounding Yes. Nothing that a hot shot in the Emergency Dept can’t fix huh.
    And an even bigger problem. The “no superior authority”, “no Emergency provisions” and “refoulment” clauses of the Convention against the use of Torture. Might have been abl to do it where the kidnapping was concerned but the Torture allegation and threatening my family and attempting to kill me was a big no no.
    Still, like I have said, the Prime Minister claiming Australians value a rule of law is a joke. Jamal Khashoggi had more chance with the Saudis than he did with us.
    Why am I not surprised. US is no longer acting as a global policeman and Australia is spending money hand over fist on weapons. And still our neighbours could take this place by telephone. Human rights abuses are bound to flourish in such an environment, and the people like the Operations Manager who are “fuking destroying” peoples lives are the flavour of the month.
    Wave goodbye to all you have ever known folk. And don’t bother checking what the truth is, it no longer matters.

  • I’m not sure if hospitals have their own in-house lawyers Madgdelene. What I can say is that they certainly have someone who understands the law, else they could not have provided the fraudulent documents to the Mental Health Law Centre in the manner they did. And well by me being denied access to legal advice they are free to committ human rights abuses with no accountability in place at all.
    There is even a law specifically relating to the offences that were committed against me s.336 of the Criminal Code Procuring the apprehension or detention of a person not suffering fro a mental illness. And yet to get round this protection of the law all the hospital is doing is spiking citizens with benzos and planting a knife for police to find, and then requesting assistance with a “patient” (ie lie). How clever huh?
    Still lawyers can’t provide legal advice (thought I note I can be charged 3500 for being told how expensive their time is) and there seems quite a lack of interest in identifying human rights abuses. We just want to point at other nations as proof of how good we are, and what a nasty bunch of folk they are.
    Oh well, worth asking, I guess if biblical prophesy is correct some Good Samarian will hear my moaning eventually.
    Issue being that the State may be able to do this with the fraudulent documents and deny access to legal advice, but they now find themselves in a situation where they will need to provide these documents to the Federal Courts during divorce proceedings (or continue to deny me my human rights and pretend they don’t know they are doing it). That would constitute a serious offence, like they care though. They have about as much respect for the law as they do for the human rights of their “patients”, absolutely none.

  • What I find humorous about the whole situation is that police can not accept that I was nobodys “patient”. Because this means they assisted in kidnapping and torturing a citizen for a mental health professional. Even worse that they sent me away because they don’t have a copy of the criminal code in a large police station, only for me to end up escaping an attempt on my life in an ED. I always was a bit like Bugs Bunny lol.
    My second bite at police results in me being threatened with arrest for having documents proving what i’m saying (after a referral back to the criminals failed). I’ve spent longer with police over a piece of hose than over these matters. My Incident Report comes back as “insufficient evidence” which is strange coz a lawyer called my documents “proof” of a crime. Still, because the Community Nurse conspired to pervert the course of justice, and compound or conceal evidence of a criminal offense (he talked a Doctor into signing off on the spiking by writing a prescription for the benzos, 12 hours after it was done) I guess they can say there is “insufficient evidence”, they should know, they helped to get it back for the hospital (or so they thought whew).
    So whats the chances of them admitting error? About zero because their reputation is at stake and they don’t wish to look like the fools they are. These Organised Crims are running them in rings. Trick cycling i’ve heard it called. Get the police to commit your crimes for you and there no chance of anything being done about it.

  • “God heals, the Doctor just collects the fee” Ben Franklin.

    Hi Magdalene,
    I have been struggling to find a lawyer in Australia who knows what a burden of proof is. Our Chief Psychiatrist has rewritten the protection in our Mental Health Act from “suspect on reasonable grounds that a person requires an assessment by a psychiatrist” to “suspect on grounds the referrer believes to be reasonable” This to me removes the section that identifies what are “reasonable grounds” (s.26) and thus enables arbitrary detentions. This along with the ability to spike citizens drinks with benzodiazepines and then plant weapons on them for police to find and make referral to Mental Health professionals concerns me.
    It also concerns me that the hospital where this was done has sent a set of “edited” documents to the Mental Health Law Centre where they remove the evidence of the criminal offences (conspire to stupefy and commit an indictable offence namely kidnapping) and give the appearance that I had been their patient for more than 10 years. At this point the MHLC threw me under a bus and well, the people worried about what police might do attempted to unintentionally negatively outcome me.

    Anyway, point being do you know any lawyers who know what a burden of proof is? Because they might be able to explain to our Chief Psychiatrist what one is and he can then do his duty and provide expert legal advice to the Minister (who also doesn’t recognise the protections contained in the Act), and protect the rights of citizens, carers and consumers. Something that must be difficult given he doesn’t know what these rights are. Don’t these guys have to pass amendments through parliament before they rewrite the laws these days? Or do they just continue with their negligence and fraud and continue to slander me as being ill for speaking the truth?
    Eight years today and I haven’t seen my daughter and grandkids as a result of these criminals.

  • I’m sure our current Minister for Health has studied the work of Josef Goebbels because he doesn’t seem to be able to stay on track with definitions. His attitude seems to be that if he simply doesn’t refer to the matters as what they are and describes them in nice terms that suit he can enable torture and kidnapping as being ‘referral’ and ‘detention’.Convenience killings become ‘Assisted dying”. Not very original Minister, the National Socialists did the same thing by calling it ‘delousing’ with unintended negative outcomes. Hey look, you guys said the same thing about all those necks that were snapped during restraints at one of our hospitals eh? They were “unintended negative outcomes” and minus a confession from the guy practicing his Martial Arts pressure techniques that’s the way they’ll stay huh.
    Still flick away the insignificant insects complaining Minister, you will never be held to account i’m sure.
    “Sorry Boans that you remain distressed by your referral and detention in 2011”. Well not really Minister I remain upset about being drugged without my knowledge, tortured and kidnapped and then having my community turn their backs for fear of what a government that does cover ups with killings in the ED. And even when the cover up is exposed its business as usual and just go on like we didnt even notice. Because thats just what we do as the Operations Manager of one of your hospitals said if you complain “we’ll fuking destroy you”. Got to be cheaper that lawsuits for wrongful deaths considering how many of them your covering up.

  • Corruption: Issue Intoxication by deception aka spiking.
    You go to police with documents showing that you have been spiked with benzos thinking that they will take a complaint and act. Wrong, they don’t have a copy of the criminal code. Truth is someone claiming to be my doctor had rung them and given instructions not to take a complaint and not accept the documents. And they did what they were told. Now had they taken the documents and looked a little further they would have noticed a conspiracy to kidnap and torture. But they preferred the false “patient” narrative.
    Problem: people who have kidnapped and tortured know I have the proof and am going to police with it. “Hi Sgt Im a doctor and you’re going to do as I say” which provides time to arrange a killing in the ED. However another doctor notices and the killing is interupted. Criminals think they have retrieved the documents and all should be sweet, they have used police resources to destroy a “patient”.
    I go back to police with documents and they still don’t want to act against the people who are claiming that I am their “patient” and now they tell me that its best they dont know about the attempt to murder me in the ED.
    See the thing is that police are really afraid of the organised criminals operating in our hospitals and find it best they do what they are told by them. They are fully aware of what happens legally when you acquire the status of “patient”. I mean they are the ones dishing out the kickings to these said “patients” (shooting the odd one now and then too). You can be killed and not a damn thing the authorities can do about it. This is what is so sinister about the Mental Health Act and the powers given to psychiatrists (and by proxy their psychologist wives).
    So I still find myself being misdirected by our current Minister for Health into a complaints process involving doctors. These may be doctors but in this situation they were acting like criminals and as such should be directed to police.
    Too late, they are way in over their heads now. A pile of bodies as a result of Sgts negligence and well, criminal conduct in failing to perform his duty.
    Anyone here doubt that spiking drinks with intoxicating drugs without knowledge is a medical issue? I get it that its an ugly look for police that they turned me away while the criminals arranged to have me killed in an ED. And still they persist in claiming this is a medical issue. Must use this quite often, for example if a child complains about being drugged and raped by a priest. Call it spreading the love of Jesus (thinking of you Minister) and send them back to the church for referral to Doc (SMO).
    Corruption? Most of them have fallen into this as a result of stupidity or plain old laziness, and now find themselves digging a hole deeper that Krakatoa.

    Lets start with S.C. McK. I sent you some letters pointing out some facts SC. What happened to them? And I know its best you don’t know about that, but now that you do what did you do? “Insufficient evidence” ? You really expect a Commuunity Nurse who is kidnapping and torturing citizens to document his crimes by completing an Incident Report and having toxicology done on the victim of a spiking? The crimes are there for someone with enough intelligence to solve a 5th grade puzzle SC. He’s been overlooking this for the guys at the football club for years when rape victims turn up for ‘assessment’. Still don’t get off your seat SC your donuts will get cold.

  • Just an example of the type of legal represeentation available in my neck of the woods (this is not the worst example, just being used for brevity).
    I approach a large law firm and spend time writing out an application for assistance. I attach the documents that I have clearly showing I was spiked with benzos and that police have been lied to in order to unlawfully detain me. My application is rejected because “my doctor authorised the drugging without knowledge with benzos”. I have no prescription for these drugs, and never have.
    So I call the law firm concerned and explain the situation again. I ask, “Who is my doctor who authorised this spiking?” To which I receive the reply “We can’t tell you that”. Now that just seemed a little more than strange to me. I have provided them with the documents and they would be aware that I did not have a doctor when the offence occurred. Or if they falsely believed I did then why not name that doctor, surely that can’t be a problem …. unless. Unless of course it would mean that I would knock down their preference for these to not be criminal offences and not start the dominoes falling.
    This is the sort of gaslighting one is up against. Doctors who remain in the shadows prescribing drugs to people 12 hours before they even meet their patient. Lawyers appointing doctors to people and not giving anyone the right to respond to their false claims, though I note that they still require payment. I just thought I would have ad the right to know (a) who my doctor is and (b) what types of drugs I can be spiked with and by whom. Not so my government tells me. And lawyers agree. Now maybe if I were a “patient” but these people are fully aware that this was not the case and it was simply a lie told to police to make torture and kidnapping appear lawful. Takes some sort of fool to not see that in the evidence so whats the deal with these legal representatives? Seeking favour with the powers that be? Anyone offended by a government that is kidnapping and torturing citizens? Because I have the proof. And I consider 8 years of obstruction a further breach of the Convention (along with the refoulments already committed eg attempt to kill, threatening my family)
    The reason I was drugged without knowledge to be able to plant a knife and some cannabis on me (along with causing an ‘acute stress reaction’ to force me to talk ie torture) was precicely because I did not have a doctor and thus they required a police referral to the Community Nurse. Had I a doctor they would simply have made a referral if they had the power to do so (ie must have seen patient within 48 hours for lawful referral). And what I know is that these people were desperate for me to go to my doctor and GET a referral after this all blew up in their faces. Now if they werent aware that I wasn’t a “patient” why the desperate need for referral? I know one psychiatrist you asked and who said “no”.
    Bah, just kill him in the ED and be done with it. A hot shot with someone elses morphine on top of a ‘chemical restraint’ and the Coroner will not be able to identify where the morphine came from. My hands are clean eh Doc? Unfortunate someone noticed really, you could have gone on for years. Oh wait, you did. Took them a little while to catch up huh. Chief Psychiatrist smells a rat when he notices that he didn’t write the poison pen letter. Danger, frauds at work.

  • Where oh where would one find a lawyer who would take on such a case? I know that the ones I have spoken to have behaved in a manner that could only be described as bordering on criminal negligence. They run folk around in circles for years and then claim its too late to take action.
    Good news though, the folk who have finally seen some justice with the institutional abuses have shown the way around the “it was so long ago, and nothing can be done now sucker” bunch. And I dare say if people start getting together and brining action despite the immense difficulties there may be more than a few prepared to squeal on their colleagues. I’d be up for a bit of vigorous questioning given the right circumstances.

  • P.S. Sam Dastyari, one of our politicians left his phone out of a conversation with a Chinese businessman. He asked the businessman to do the same. He got hauled over the coals for this. Why is it that the government doesn’t want anyone not having their phones with them during conversations? Might be that they’re worried that they can’t call him if they need him? Shanghai Sam our current Prime Minister was calling him. Racial slurs are just so effective, almost as good as mental health labels. Speaking of which I note ScoMo pointing to Greta Tunbergs possible mental health issues, and the concern for all young Australians who are possibly ill (Eco-anxiety, coming to a DSM near you soon) about climate change. Big bucks in labelling and drugging them all.

  • I’d never really thought of believing that someone is listening is an illness (God, the silent listener to every conversation) until I was snatched from my bed by a Community Nurse who believes all Muslims should be locked in cages and given copious amounts of tranquillizers for it. And unfortunately he has some people helping him. I can’t help but wonder if the need to torture isn’t as a result of paranoids not being able to spy and get the information they want (rather than the truth)
    And given that Australia has been caught spying on the telephones and offices of our friends and neighbours (Indonesias presidents wife, East Timor to steal their oil and gas) I’d be a little careful about NOT believing that your being listened to. Its an Alinsky tactic (see Dr Strangelove re Fear). For example, the hospital that arranged to have me spiked with benzos tried to disappear the evidence of this and then slander me as insane for claiming I had been drugged without my knowledge. And its worked a treat, the government has had to go to some extreme lengths to ensure no one believes me and deny me access to legal representation. The history of protecting abusers within institutions on display for all to see.
    Didn’t Ernest Hemmingway get a few zaps to the head for making “unsubstantiated claims” of being spied on?
    Think the ‘confessional’ is in confidence? Think again. Your doctor, priest, lawyer can have ‘coercive measures’ used to have them release confidential information (HCA 47) Eavesdropping has been around for a loooong time.
    “Would you spy on your brother? Would you eat your dead brothers flesh? Nay, yea would abhor it”
    Still, glad your off the drugs Derek.

  • I hear Albert Pierrepoint is out of work.

    Take a leaf out of our current Minister for Healths book (ie calling torture “referral”) and call it neck manipulation and that way Pierrepoint can claim it on Medicare.
    Even better news, the ability to overlook human rights abuses? Y’all started it 🙂

  • Yes to that last paragraph Steve McCrea.

    It’s okay Stevie, the redness from the spanking will be gone soon enough. Why is it that like our politicians who are not willing to send their own kids to war, Mental Health professionals seem to not want their own families given the ‘treatments’ that are available? See for example a recent episode of Dateline where a mother who was a mental health professional did everything within her power to ensure her son did not get evaluated by a psychiatrist despite being a serious danger to self or others. Though she did recommend the services for all other members of the community.

  • Our current Minister for Health likes to use psychiatry to conceal human rights abuses. He is like the thief who wants his stealing to be an illness called kleptomania. By medicalizing the human rights abuses he knows they can side step all those pesky agreements not to torture and use arbitrary detentions. Mind you who is going to complain about a guy who with a phone call can have you (and your family) fuking destroyed.

    So despite knowing full well that I was kidnapped and tortured he simply relabels this as being ‘referral’ and ‘detention’ and misdirects complaints to a medical watchdog with no teeth, and with a whistle slanders the complainant. They say you get what you pay for and this guy is getting a few too many peanuts for some seriously old cons.

  • Good movie Oldhead. Worth having a look at the documentary “Madness in the Fast Lane” about twin sisters who they found it difficult to stick a label on, and the problems the courts can have with the issue of madness. If it is Bouffee dilerante then surely the individual is no longer mad and should be set free. How can you keep a sane person locked up when they were not responsible for their actions whilst insane. Still, sure you have seen the hypocrisy played out in our courts before.

    And isn’t the judge making a BIG call on causality without any firm ground to stand on?
    Got doctors here using the ED as their own “unintentionally negatively outcoming” centres not even being questioned about the causality of their conduct, they are seen as being ‘realists’. Simply nothing our politicians can do about it apart from pass a Euthanasia Bill and try and limit them to 6 months. No licence and they call it a mental illness. Bizarre if you ask me
    Thanks for the update

  • One of the problems with our system is that people can self appoint as your power of attorney, and then lawyers and doctors don’t need to inform you that your not speaking for yourself anymore. So for example, the person who spikes me rings the lawyers I approach and claims (falsely) that they have power of attorney for me, and then the lawyers simply state to me that there are things they can not tell me.What is it that they can not tell me? That the person who put drugs into my drink without my knowledge doesn’t want to go to prison and so they want no action taken. I would have thought that lawyers and doctors would need some form of evidence that this person was acting on behalf of another before doing this but ….. I mean imagine how this works with rapists. Vicitm contacts police and then police are contacted by the newly appointed power of attorney and told drop the complaint. And that is what happened to me when I complained about the spiking, FACT. No checking if the person claiming to be my doctor actually was, simply prefer that to be true and so it is. FACT
    I would have thought that the admission by my ‘carer’ to attempting to plunge a knife into my chest whilst I was laying on a couch might have been a clue, or the fact she stated she had spiked me with benzos to deprive me of my liberty and make it easy to plant a knife on me but no. Just don’t seem like caring things to do to me, but police obviously see it otherwise. And of course she convinced a Community Nurse to lie to police and that really was the kicker, they were up for beating a mental patient then. Kneejerk action, mental patient get the guns loaded. No checks and when it became apparent during my interrogation that I wasn’t a “patient” the subject was immediately dropped and redirected to me being verballed. Bit like their wrongful convictions, don’t stop when you come up against something that means this person couldn’t have done the criime, just get rid of any inconvenient truth. FACT
    This Community Nurse knew at first he was torturing someone he thought was a patient (note to authorities, he has been doing ‘remotes’ for private clinic psychologists FACT), but step it up when he knew he was torturing a citizen and was about to kidnap them. And let me swear this before God, he knew alright. And wasn’t he worried about the police figuring it out. Got a lot of respect for their intelligence huh Mr Community Nurse, And boy did you think quick on your feet, mind you you werent the one who had been spiked with benzos huh.

  • The Mental Health Law Centre was being used as a ‘venus fly trap’ in my State. Attracting victims in with the hope of receiving effective legal representation, finding out what the victim had by way of evidence, and then throwing them under the bus and going for lunch with the Minister.
    Go ahead deny it you fukn scabs. And haven’t you done a big favour for those who actually do their jobs and represent their clients effectively, rather than pretend they don’t know the law and hand on ‘poison pen’ letters to folk in the hope it will cause their suicide.

  • Someone poisoned my drink and gave it to me and the police bought that it was ‘medicine’, so they never needed to put anything to the courts about me chosing to drink the stuff. Mind you some of the things they do to people labelled “patients’ is disgusting, but they also know that any complaints never go anywhere. In my instancce it was just unfortunate that they treated me like an animal and then found out I wasn’t really a “patient’. Never mind the power of fraud when you need to change someones status eh?

    And yet here we are with penalties for tampering with food being increased by our Federal Government, and police letting the team down with their ‘discretionary powers’ and allowing citizens to be ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs for convenience.Doctors signing prescriptions for the spiking of people they haven’t even met 12 hours after they were spiked. How does that work if someone is harmed? I mean surely the person doing the spiking needs to have more qualifications than being a bus driver? Not exactly a medical degree is it?

  • So, my point is that in the case of Prof. John Kearsley when he spiked the young womans drink with half the amount of benzodiazepines that I was given and she woke to him sucking on her nipple this was not a “medical sexual assault” but rather simply a “sexual assault”. Now this guy has the right to prescribe these date rape drugs. The people who decided to spike me had no such prescribing rights, and were fully aware that I would not take them even if doctor suggested that I do. Still when one needs to plant items for police, the target being conscious can be a problem so my government tells me they are allowing citizens to spike other citizens with benzos if its in a good cause (ie makes police job easier if the evidence is planted). And any complaints and they slander folk with the “theres no evidence of the drugging therefore this is a paranoid delusion and the nutjoib needs drugging”.
    Secondly, this issue of police discretionary powers allows racism to run rampant in our institutions. By being allowed to decide who is and isn’t charged any claim that the numbers of people who are black and in prison is a result of racism can be dismissed easily. Its just a coincidence that black people are charged more often than white folk, and seem to end up with prison sentences for such serious matters as stealing a packet of pencils from Walmart, but a kidnapper can be overlooked because he’s a nice guy and plays on the same football team as me.
    When you think about it though police don’t really have a lot of use for pencils. Whereas someone who can arrange spikings with stupefying drugs and kidnappings and make it look like “medicine” might be handy if you wanted to subject someone to an interrogation and thought they wouldn’t talk. And then just exercise your discretionary afterwards. I mean it does violate the Convention against the use of Torture but …. you gunna complain to police about it? The public? Waaahahahaha they tell me they’ll fuking destroy you if you do.
    Mental Health can even clean up the ‘mess’ afterwards by chemically restraining the victim and calling the resulting behaviours a mental illness with there slandering and fraud. Seen it done and well, have a set of documents that would be a great training resource for anyone wishing to do it. Policegave up trying to retrieve them when it was realised they hd gone too far. Too many eyes watching to keep committing serious offences against the public. Not a good look threatening psychologists to find out “who else has got the documents”. Can put you in touch with a Clinical Director if fine tuning is required.

  • I’m not sure there is such a thing as “medical kidnapping” ToostubborntoDie, its simply kidnapping. (Dr John Kearsley was not doing a breast examination, its actually called sexual assault) Though as a victim of this conduct by someone pretending to have the authority to do it (and who stooged police into helping him) I have found that the embarrassment for our police of being assistants to a kidnapper is just too great for them to want to do anything about it, and so they provide further assistance to compound or conceal evidence of criminal offences, fail to perform their duties, and conspire to pervert the course of justice. All further serious criminal offences but given they are the ones who decide what action is taken against criminals, they decide that none will ever be taken.
    It is an assumption made by those with a duty to act against such kidnappings that the criminal was acting in “good faith” that created problems for me. They are good people who are trying to ‘help’. This was nothing of the sort and was a vicious attack on me by a psychologist who did not like some of the things I had to say, and took the opportunity to exploit her position to harm me, and by proxy my family. Still, she is off doing it to many others while I bang my head against a brick wall and attempt to have her enablers do their duty. Though I have begun to realise that these are the same folk who enabled child raping priests for 30 plus years, and we know how thats worked out. “We viewed these assaults as being the result of ‘character flaws’ and not as ‘criminal offences’. Really? Talk about the proverbial blind eye.
    I’m sure the police/mental health ‘professionals’ frown on the kidnapper in their midst, but reputation rules so they must provide support to corrupt public officers unfortunately. In fact it can be quite handy to have such a person in your pocket.
    Advanced directives are a bit like your human rights, only effective when you don’t need them. I think it was George Carlin who said “think you’ve got human rights? Google Japanese Americans 1940”.

  • Few things I could say, but the one that stands out for me is the idea of the psychiatric industrial complex as being the “helping professions”. I think it would need to be demonstrated that what is being done by these professionals actually helps people first before jumping the gun and calling it help. Surely this claim relies on the perspective that one takes? I know from the perspective of patient it looks nothing like help. Increased risk of suicide, death, biological damage from drugs, poverty from the fraudulent and slanderous labels applied without any scientific basis in fact …..
    Glad to hear there are places in China that lack these services. Might make a good place to do a study of what life is like without these “helping professions”. I also note that the ‘crackdown’ on Uighers resembles quite closely the provisions being used to abuse human rights with our Mental Health Act. Lets just not call it arbitrary detentions and torture, but referral and lawful detention. Andd with a Minister that answers to no one what do we have? Certainly not a democracy.

    Minister, surely your inability to recognise a basic legal protection afforded the public will alow arbitrary detentions by public officers?

    Yes I had crayfish and caviar for my lunch with Roger Federer and no i’m not telling you how much of the taxpayers money that cost.


    It makes me cringe to hear Australias’ media complain about human rights abuses in China and present it on the tv as if it is something exotic and culturally different. I always live in the hope that at the end of these programs they would say something like “If you would like more information about human rights abuses or would like to see them first hand, visit you local Guantanamo Bay franchise at a hospital near you”.

  • These rights they speak of are a crock.Let me tell you this, that if the government here wants to subject citizens to torture and kidnapping all they need to do is to use the powers of the Mental Health Act and this flushes your human rights down the toilet. So how can we do that I hear you ask? Well, have police hand you over to a ‘doctor’ for an ‘assessment’ and now you are subject to “lawful sanction” and can be tortured to death if they wish. Of course as I have so often heard when I have explained this to people that these are good people and “they wouldn’t do that”. And after examining the documents I have they tend to agree that they would do that but best I keep my mouth shut or they will “fuking destroy” me and my family too. I mean how else do you keep your good reputation except by killing anyone who complains about your “service”.
    To all those who looked and ran away, I give you the finger. And when (not if) your human rights are being abused there will be one less person capable of understanding and helping you. Where o where do we get these public officers who cause al this trouble and leave the cover ups to incompetents? Letting the victim away with the documents? You idiot. Make sure before you send the fraudulent ones to lawyers that you have the originals, lest someone turn up in a politicians office with both sets. And don’t let anyone else in on the killing in the ED, that means we are going to be watched and used by others in future.
    Give me a job in the Government, I can lecture police and mental health workers on the use of torture methods and how to do these cover ups properly.
    If the world serves you lemons, make lemonade I say. So what is the potential for a business in torture tourism. People come here to pat the koalas and find themselves referred to our mental health services for treatment. Once we have the required information we can send them home with a prescription for some serious brain damaging chemicals. Hey, North Korea is doing it and well, nobody seems to be doing much about that either?
    And to the criminals that tried to knock me in the ED. Almost like someone was watching wasn’t it? God? Nah, look a little lower down the ladder people. It wasn’t really magic, and I ain’t Lazarus. It wasn’t me in the bag so to speak lol. Best they pass this “Assisted Dying Bill” because from what I’ve seen its a bit too easy to slip a few past the Coroner. Might be best were at least seen to be doing something. Though how it will work with a Chief Psychiatrist and Minister who don’t recognise a “burden of proof” i will never know.

  • Actually I’m a Muslim and there are reasons we do not

    (A) want intoxicating stupefying drugs forced down our throats just as much as we don’t want pork or alcohol.
    (B) committing acts of fraud and slander in Islam are serious offences to God.

    So go and beat up on the Buddists because they’re passifists and you will find that we have a tendency to defend ourselves from those who would assault us, despite the efforts at concealing their methods of assault. Spiking is poisoning. Concealing the facts does not make the poisoned person paranoid (though it does make one concerned about who to trust when it s being authorised by a Cabinet Minister/Chief Psychiatrist), it makes them a victim of organised criminals, liars and frauds.

    Even our current Minister for Health insists on calling kidnapping and torture ‘referral’ and ‘detention’ and then dog whistles a persons sanity for questioning his misrepresentation of crimes as ‘medicine’. How much of this perverting the course of justice you doing Minister? Because unless you have been totally incompetent in your ‘investigation’ you would be aware of the human rights abuses I have been subjected to. Bit busy with lunch at the mo are we? Nothing wrong with spiking citizens and then subjecting them to interrogations? Its okay, we just threaten their legal representatives if they complain.

  • The way it is done in Australia is they have you agree to your medical records being accessible by all doctors (with strict security measures in place) and then tell you theres been a terrible accident and the data has been breached. Sorry about that but we accidentally released your records with our negligence to everyone. Oh well, maybe you shouldnt have listened when we said it was safe.
    Doctors here are breaching peoples confidentiality all the time. They know if they keep their mouths shut no one can do anything about it. My records that were legally bound (at great expense I might add) turned up in a public hospital as a result of a breach of confidence. Do you think I can get a lawyer to have something done about it? And given that this clinic boasts a rather select clientele (the richest man is Australia, some of our politicians) they have cause for concern about what they have discussed with Doc. Especially with a psychologist releasing that information to any one who gives her a call at her other job. She tells me she does quite a lot of this ‘pro bono’ work.

  • So do we have a problem working with Muslims?

    One of our previous Prime Ministers described Islam as a “Death Cult”.

    I’ve got no issue with Scientologists. If they’ve got a brick of logic to throw through the fraudulent and slandeous window of psychiatry, i’m gunna use it. Call me names while your sweeping up the shattered glass.

    Someone once told me coffee would taste better if I put the milk in before hot water, but I can’t use the idea because their a Scientologist and I wouldn’t want people thinking I was becoming one too.

    I wouldn’t be getting too worried about gossips and back biters. They are easily identified and tend to deal with themselves.

  • Yes, Note the staff had a right to feel safe, but not the patients. In fact we are at the point in our system here that staff are being provided with stab vests and more security guards than the US President. I also note that this is not because they are this important but that their attitude to anyone who disagrees with them is that they should be beaten senseless and chemically restrained. No means yes.
    Anger is a precrime. As stated by Sun Tzu all those years ago “the angry man can again be happy, but a city destroyed can not be rebuilt and the dead can not be brought back to life”. Some cultures encourage the expression of anger before it spills over into actual violence, others want it bottled up till it explodes in rage. Dunno which works best to be honest. Profits in drugging them both though.

  • I also note the prohibition against the use of punishment in these type of facilities.
    I was subjected to the use of punishment by a Senior Medical Officer whilst being held against my will. I requested a complaint form and the use of a pen from the nurse who had been appointed to me. I completed the Form which is for all intents and purposes an allegation of a violation of human rights. I then returned the Form to my nurse and requested a copy of it.
    Some time later I made an inquiry about what had been done regarding my complaint. What complaint? An ‘investigation’ was done by the complaints officer and it was found that they couldn’t find any record of my written complaint, and that nurses had been reminded of their duty to ensure that such complaints were actioned correctly. They also requested a copy of my copy.
    Now here’s the thing. I did my own investigation into what occurred and the nurse tells me that he placed the written complaint regarding doctors conduct into the correct tray for actioning. (So the complaints officers ‘investigation’ was nothing of the sort, she simply found a means to lay the blame on a nurse, and conceal what may constitute serious criminal misconduct.) And nurses had not been reminded of their duty to ensure such serious allegations were actioned. No one had asked the nurse concerned about the matter at all. They just make sh&t up.
    The doctor who I was complaining about would have seen this written complaint and instead of allowing others to know of his alleged abuse, had ensured that it went into the bin rather than be actioned. And this is how they deal with allegations of human rights abuses in my State. I guess they are not used to people who they inject with ‘chemical restraints’ asking for copies of important documents. Documents that may be required by such authorties as the Corruption and Crime Commission, and which have large prison terms attached to should one be convicted of destroying or rendering illegible. Still, where doctors concerned i’m sure they can overlook this serious criminal act of misconduct. Why not given the sort of stuff they are calling medicine. Mind you it does compromise those who are obstructing justice on these matters. Careful because changes in power structure might result in someone checking the facts. And now your in someone elses pocket
    This is all very typical of enabled abusers. It’s how people entrusted with the care of children got away with raping hundreds of them over a period of 30 years, and no one noticed.Well, I say no one noticed, they did but they just ensured that any complaints were dealt with via pre determined outcomes. Wonder no more about how it happened people, it was yourselves that allowed these things to occur. Look in the mirror, not to the scapegoats who are now doing a little time in prison.

  • Good article and wow you have lawyers in the US who actually do something about abuses rather than work with the abusers to cover up the problems?
    We had a situation here in my State where they were breaking a few too many necks during restraints. What they didn’t talk about was how staff provoke violence from patients in order to make their conduct meet the standards set before using violence against them. Ie if you can get a patient to use the word “no” then you can justify the use of force for anything. Another example being contradictory instructions sit down/stand up means you can not comply with both requests and your now up for being jumped by 15 security.
    I like the last comment in the article “Having a mental illness is not a crime, but treating someone with a mental illness like a criminal is, in fact, a crime”. Shame our police don’t understand this and regularly exercise their discretionary powers to enable systemic abuses of those labelled patients. Even to the point where you can break someones neck and not be held to account.
    Lawyers that actually speak up about abuses, well ya learn something new every day. Because the folk here in my State at the Mental Health Law Centre tell me they don’t even know what a burden of proof is. And they have put that in writing for me. That level of incompetence is more than just negligent, it is positively dangerous for all concerned. Would you allow these folk to examine if the welfare of your loved one had been violated? Abuses could run rampant and no one would even notice, in fact this explains a number of failures on the part of our community to even notice abuses which have eventually come to light. So who benefits from this type of negligence on the part of these lawyers? And are they rewarded for it in any way?
    Suspect on reasonable grounds, the standard legal protection against arbitrary detentions they tell me has been rewritten (without parliament being involved) to suspect on grounds we believe to be reasonable which means that they can snatch anyone off the street or as in my case from their beds for any reason they like, and this can not be questioned. Now to me the use of arbitrary detentions by public officers is a concern. But one of the lawyers at the MHLC tells me that the public being protected from this is “not in the spirit of the Act”. How could such a lawyer be a protection against human rights abuses when she doesn’t know what the protections afforded are? Still, I guess she is used to abusing her position of trust and throwing a few victims under a bus for authorities. I’m sure her career will be paved with gold. Disgraceful
    In fact, one of the protections under the law is the completion of a statutory declaration to list the reasonable grounds for detaining a person. Now a smart criminal might notiice that they could make it sound like they had reasons to detain when they didn’t. But if lawyers fail to put this sworn testimony to the test then the said crims have a free reign to do these arbitray detentions and no one will be held to account. Which is PRECISELY what is occurring in my State. Want to snatch a citizen from their bed, fill out a fraudulent stat dec and ensure it is not put to the test. The victims lawyers will assist in this matter. Can I prove it, you bet I can. I don’t know how these people sleep at night

  • Ah the Cult of the Curve. If only they fell within the range of us ‘Normal’ people. Sadly they don’t and we will need to exclude them from our definition of human and bring them under control by any means necessary.

    Shocked and saddened when you found out that those defined as mentally ill have no rights? Me too Mike. What made it even worse was how easy a doctor in my country can remove those human rights by drugging people without their knowledge and having police beat them sensless till they comply with your wishes. We have a media that complains when a gay person can not have a cake made for their wedding by a baker who is a Christian, but simply ignore the use of known torture methods being employed in our hospitals and being called medicine.

    I laugh that the discussions surrounding ‘mental illness’ you speak of during lunch times (oh my family member has type 2 bi polar with ….blah blah blah) is reduced to the big three mental illnesses by our police. Window lickers, psychos and nutjobs. At least they are operating with no illusions of what they are actually doing for doctors. And it becomes obvious that they are aware of the lack of human rights of patients given the ‘outcomes’ we see regularly. Not that this would be discussed openly or honestly by those concerned.Its a tough job convincing folk to be subjected to torture disguised as medicine, and if we can’t shoot a few to scare the rest into compliance where will it all end?
    Anyhow, glad you finally got to see what is really going on in these organisations. Lot of folk never grow in stature enough to recognise their hypocrisy.

  • There might have been a time when they may have done that oldhead. And I really don’t know what its like in the US anymore, i was there pre 9/11 but here in Australia the media are in lock step with the government. They are cloaking their propaganda role by claiming they are holding government accountable.
    Whistleblowers are in for some serious trouble here these days. And this because the media are handing over their sources willingly, or as a result of raids by Federal Police. Its also the case that human rights have been placed on hold via some rather slick legal tricksters (you know who you are) who claim to have the public interest at heart.
    Spying (eavesdropping) on the ‘confessional’ is an old trick, but a good one when people are stupid enough to trust you.

  • Might be that I just got a copy of Arthur Millers’ The Crucible to read.

    A strange twist to my story. The Catholic priest who was also a doctor (pretending to be a psychiatrist) and who gave me three mental illnesses based on me living with my wife and having a degree, and wanted me injected with traquillizers, wrote a book. Apparently in that book he tells his tale of being kidnapped by Yemeni tribesmen and held against his will. So I guess he has an understanding of what it is like to be subjected to his sort of treatment, and has quite possibly come to the decision that he is going to pay back every Muslim in town for the way he was treated. This guy wants em on their knees to him. Worship the god you stand before? Good move on the part of the Community Nurse who slanders Muslims as wife beaters though. Lets just up the ante eh? Hands his fraudulent verbal onto this guy to ‘upgrade’ the fraud.
    Good on ya doc, ya stinking fraud and slanderer.

  • When IS get their hands on you they put you to the test to see if you are Sunni or Shia. Lots of Shia try to pretend they are Sunni but are identified fairly quickly and given ‘treatment’ for their illness.
    I think there are a lot of similarities between what IS is trying to achieve, and what those in power in our society are trying to achieve, hence the overlap in the methods being employed.
    Once the mental health lynch mob gets a sniff of a Scientologist, there’s gunna be a showdown

    Posted this before when one of the Authors here was being attacked for her tenuous ‘links’ to Scientology. Monty Python once again hits the nail on the head.

  • In my State a psychiatrist need only call police and they will do exactly what they are told. Even if they know they are breaking the law by doing so. Our politicians?
    Our treasurer who was given some time in the newspapers for sniffing the chair of our Minister for Mental Health in parliament (her sh&t don’t stink) had to flee the State to obtain treatment for his bipolar disorder after he knew where police were going to take him if they got their hands on him. (He had got drunk and had side swiped a few cars on his way home) I always wondered why he couldn’t obtain adequate mental health services for his illness without getting out of town so quickly. But the police had been knocking on his door wanting a word (and were quite possibly going to drop him at a hospital for an ‘assessment’). I think he was aware of where that was going and fled the State.
    If our politiicans are not safe from what are termed “bad faith referrals” and police are basically tools of those who are really pulling the strings, then where do we start?
    Our lawmakers don’t even recognise the protections they put in our Acts of Parliament, they rewrite our laws to suit without any amendments being presented to Parliament, and police don’t even have copies of the Criminal Code in their Stations and simply do whatever Doctor orders, despite the claim by our Prime Minister that Australians are a people who value a rule of law. He should spend a day as an Aboriginal.

  • A good idea to stop these pesky little “activists” and advance the cause of capitalism. I mean who wants their child attending protests about the wholesale destruction of the planet for profit ending up being identified via facial recognition and then ‘selected’ for treatment. Best you go to school today dearie and learn all about the nutritional value of the Big M and Coke.
    Nothing that the Russians don’t have experience with though, given heir treatment of political dissidents in the past.

  • Mental health professionals so desperate to have people forcefully drugged for illnesses people don’t have that they will resort to tactics of spiking and planting knives, and stooging police for referrals.
    So what was it that the Senior Constable found it best that he didn’t know? That the psychologist who came up with this plan with my wife had a husband who is a psychiatrist. At the very same hospital where my wife and the psychologist groomed me to attend. Still, by the look on the face of Dr I’m the Boss around here, they weren’t expecting any interference in their back up plan. Not with police turning their backs on the documents I had proving what I was saying to be true. We prefer to slander folk who come in to police stations with evidence as being nutjobs.
    Motive? Conspire to stupefy and commit an indictable offence, namely kidnapping. Or “patient”dies from overdose in ED as a result of morphine from an unknown source, in combination with ‘chemical restraint’. He did say “no”.
    Yeah, probably best you don’t look Senior Constable.

  • I had one of those bug lights at one stage. Bit too much like ECT for my liking, lil bugs being fried. I’m hoping someday to get the updated version that sedates them before zapping them into oblivion. Same result for the bugs, but I feel so much better watching their demise.

    RIP Kevin Spratt

    Hey I just realised what my wife meant about her and the psychologists plan to spike me with benzos and plant a knife on me ending up being a “suicide by police”. I was lucky I didn’t get shot. Still, everything there for a cover up.

    Ever had police tell you “it might be best I don’t know about that” during an investigation into serious criminal offences? I have.

  • I saw a brief piece on RTNews today regarding what is being called “Eco-Anxiety”. Might be the latest addition to the DSM? Any child who complains about the destruction of the planet for corporate gain is mentally ill, and will be treated for that illness.
    Looks a bit like the trial separation has ended and they’re back from their second honeymoon oldhead lol.

  • Doctor in an Emergency Dept is doing a few killings for organised crims. He does this with confidence that his colleagues will recognise that it is not in the public interest to take action against him. Police will do nothing more than turn anyone complaining away, politicians will refer them to organisations set up to run people in circles, and lawyers will gaslight and feign incompetence to frustrate cause of action and pervert the course of justice.
    Obviously one needs to be a little careful and provide a crumb trail for the Coroner and anyone else who might take a peek. But basically it’s a foregone conclusion that no one will be held accountable. The use of the provisions of the Mental Health Act to procure police assistance, and with the ability to slander victims as ‘mentally ill’ and render any assistance they might obtain worthless. I’m sure anyone who has been ‘treated’ by these folk know what i’m talking about.
    But what about the situation where word gets around that Doc is doing a few extra curriculars? Well, fortunately the system is designed to ensure that the public are not made aware of what is occurring in our hospitals, lest they loose faith in the negligent authorities.
    Chief Psychiatrist has a look (so investigations are done) and finds there have been a number of ‘unintentionaal negative outcomes’ occuring in the EDs. But this can not be made public as there would be calls for someone to be held accountable and we can not have this, not in the public interest to know that authorities are not only allowing organised crims to operate in our hospitals, but are actually doing much of the dirty work for them. Police providing kidnapping and torture services exploiting the loophole in the Convention (article 1.1) and Doctor exploiting the lack of motive for the crime of murder. Means and opportunity, but minus a confession there is no motive.
    How embarrassing to later find out one was acting in good faith but unwittingly doing the dirty work of criminals. Altruistic evil. Cover ups are so common their is a script written for them. I can point you to an Operations Manager who can explain further should anyone require a copy. Negligence with plausible deniability, fraudulent documents, threatening and intimidation of victims family/friends, and slander anyone who makes a complaint via backstabbing and gossip/rumours. Our current Minister for Health likes to use the ‘dog whistle’ method of slandering suggesting that any complainants who don’t ‘get with the program’ might need some medical intervention rather than examining the evidence objectively. Guess he has a copy of the book of cover ups.
    Good business model when you think about it.

  • A ‘science’ that declares Jeffrey Dahmer sane, but the people he was killing and eating ill, and in need of ECT and chemical castration? People who behave like Ariel Castro and call what they do ‘care’ coz they have a license from the State to do it? Going to come aa day when these people are marched past the corpses of the people they have harmed. It just doesn’t feel like that will be anytime soon. It’s actually worth looking at what the National Socialists who were put on trial at Nuremberg did and said. Don’t admit that what you were doing was wrong etc. The mindset is quite striking when compared to what Mr Whitaker states above.

  • I don’t know that I feel invalidated and gaslighted by the psych industry, that only came after being kidnapped and tortured by them. And when I started complaining about them breaking the law they destroyed my family and all aspects of my social life etc. I had no idea of course that they had the level of support to do that but ….
    I note that you say Abena was only in psych for a few days and was then treated in a number of untis and by a number of disciplines. Thus she has seen a number of real doctors who have perhaps ensured she got the treatment she needed. This is not what occurs at the Ariel Castro Memorial that snatched me from my bed. They don’t spend enough time with yu to take more than your age and address before injecting you with enough tranquillizers to lay out an elephant for a month.
    Sad that you feel your lived experience is being denied and invalidated Kitty because I cant say I know much about it.

  • I like it plebtocracy. I’ve been wondering the same thing myself. After reading Viktor Frankls Mans search for Meaning it must have seemed to him that it would never end, and then all of a sudden …….
    Strange that we need a Police State to protect us from an Islamic State. Fighting fire with fire gets everybody burned. Oh well, not like they weren’t warned. A planet without people is a planet without mental illness. Job done.

  • I like it Bruce, a very helpful list.
    I must say I prefer Concrete Blondes version of Everybody Knows but …..
    Speaking of the Scientologists I can not thank them enough for the work they did in my State where the new Mental Health Bill tried to give some powers to psychiatrist that seemed to me (and others) to be open to abuse. Children consenting to ECT and forced sterilization without parental consent.
    Good that much of it had to be put on the backburner or find loopholes. Very little said regarding the possible abuses came from the human rights lawyers who are basically reliant on State government funding and will throw their clients under a bus if requested by the Minister. But it does create the appearance of fairness and equity.
    It seemed a little obvious which section of our community was going to be targeted, and it resulted in a mass walk out of psychiatrists from our public system. This reminds me of another song…… You keep a knockin but you can’t come in. Though i’m sure it won’t be long before they are back tomorrow night to try it again.
    I do hope that someone with an interest in the abuses of psychiatry and indigenous politics keeps a finger on the pulse of what our government is doing here in Australia. Because going by our history, our indigenous population must be feeling a little nervous.
    Thanks again

  • Just regarding the prohibition on these drugs.
    You speak of Muslim alcoholics and Catholics who have abortions. This is of course true, and I have met the same. However, this is a choice that these people make willingly and I assume they have been informed by their community of the dangers associated with such behaviour.
    I had a discussion with one psychiatrist here some time back regarding me being a lot more fun when i’m drunk, but I do not wish to be restrained and have alcohol poured down my throat at a party because others would like me to be partying. And should I turn and become violent as a result of being forced, would they then blame something internal to me (ie my illness) or the disinhibition from the alcohol?
    So the issue of choice is involved. A slippery slope indeed.
    Here in Australia I have come to find out that mental health services have been given the power to drug citizens without their knowledge with date rape drugs. A refusal to speak to a mental health professional could get you a death sentence. I believe if I were in the US this would constitute torture but here in Australia doctors have been given carte blanche on the human rights abuses, not only with those with a status of “patient”but anybody they like who can be made into a “patient” post hoc. Police will not take action against a doctor. In fact they don’t even have copies of the Criminal Code they tell me. This despite our Prime Minister stating that Australians are a people who value a rule of law. Then why place doctors and lawyers above it? Though he did also note the State Corruption bodies were being used as kangaroo courts to conceal the wrongdoing of our politicians etc.
    Still, given this do you think that it is right to drug someone without their informed consent in the hope that they will recognise that it is good for them? Because my issue lies in the fact that whilst being pinned down and having alcohol forced down my throat might let me have a good time at the party, but i’m also the one who has to suffer from the hangover.
    I see a problem for our government using the covert drugging of citizens before interrogations, especially with people who not wish to be stupefied/intoxicated without their knowledge.
    I guess my question would be when do I (or Abena) loose our right to bodily integrity? I know my government says when I don’t agree to discuss a decision I have made to leave my wife with a psychologist. They can then torture and kidnap me to make sure I am making the right decision.
    I also struggle to see how you could have difficulty getting ‘assistance’ for anyone given the system we have here. My wife tells me its just a matter of telling them what they want to hear. Ie I’ve drugged him without his knowledge, he’s collapsed, and I will plant a knife and some cannabis for police when you call them and request assistance with your patient you haven’t met yet. Oh, by the way he’s a needle phobic so bring a large one to hold up and cause a little acute stress reaction, police pointing guns at him in bed might not do the trick.
    Where is my right to choose in this? No liver toxicity, no bizarre conduct, police detained a man who was asleep? Whats their justification for making a referral to a Community Nurse other than he lied and said I was his “patient”?
    Anywho, glad to hear you made Abenas life a little better before she passed Kitty. Because on the other side of the world there’s a man (and his enablers) literally destroying peoples lives and calling himself a nurse while he does it. And receiving support from police to do it.
    Would you have intervened in the health issues of Nebuchadnezzar? Or simply left him to eat grass?

  • Hi Kitty,
    Just wondering if “Abena” and her family were Muslim? And if so how did they get around the prohibition on the use of intoxicants (Khamr)?
    I guess my first thoughts were that Abena was suffering from toxicity related to liver disease, deal with the toxicity and the delusions/hallucinations stop? My second thought was that you described her as being “combative” and well, if you tranquillize someone who is combative they tend to be a little more compliant , but its not really the treating of any disease, its a three card monte. The use of these drugs in nursing homes being an example of how traquillizing folk can be used to make them manageable.

  • The legal definition is basically useless. A disturbance of thought, mood …… etc. This includes such acts as sneezing which disturbs your ability to think. A moment of insanity for which you can now meet the criteria. There are of course the ‘exclusions’ such as sexual preference, political or religious beliefs or being affected by drugs but these are easily overcome by ‘verballing’. For example a belief in God becomes a paranoid delusion because you think you are being watched. This ‘verballing’ is used all the time here in Australia to remove the protections afforded by the law. So basically it comes down to being whatever the doctor you sit in front of wants it to be..
    The recent removal from the Act of the exclusion of drugs was done to shift the drug addiction problem from police to Mental Health. Aren’t all the druggies in for a surprise when they find themselves under the ‘care’ of these vicious bastards who can assault them using drugs. They will be wishing for the good old days of police beatings in no time. And with the addition of a Euthanasia Act our streets should be cleaned up in no time.
    There is and never will be a definition of Mental Illness that works, it a rubber ruler that is used to beat up oin sections of society the way the National Socialists did with mental defectives and Jews during the war.
    Personally I think a mental illness is anyone who doesn’t think like me. Which is basically what was said by the committee that wrote the DSM.

    And lets say we get this Euthanasia Bill through and we have doctors who are snuffing out 30 patients a day, Would they be considered mentally ill, or would these compassionate killings be excluded? Not done out of hate but more to make a few bucks to feed the family.

  • Australia provided financial aid to one of the poorest nations on the planet, East Timor, to help build up their government once they achieved independence. They bugged their offices and used this spying to gain an advantage over them in negotiations surrounding the oil and gas in their territory. Someone thought this was a bit low and let it be known. They are now being prosecuted along with their lawyer because of their treasonous conduct.
    Trust my government with information obtained from spying? How low does it get basically stealing off the poorest Nation on the planet?
    A Land of Corporate Gains

  • If, and that is a big IF, what I have been told by the authorities is true, then the ability to kill anyone that the government does not like what they are saying is quite easy here. Doctor calls police and tells them who to pick up and then has an accident with them in an ED. Coroner puts it down to an overdose of morphine from an unknown source, and Bobs your uncle. Police won’t do anything because its in the public interest that your dead.
    However, I think in my instance that the police sending me away because they didn’t have a copy of the Criminal Code was as a result of a call from a doctor saying not to take the documents I had (He’s a “patient” lie used again) and they then attempted to murder me. Someone interfered in that process and thought they had retrieved the documents I had and began a campaign of slander (eg he’s mentally ill, don’t listen to him. But theres no real need to kill him for complaining doc, we have carte blanche in this State. No one will touch you for a bit of kidnapping and torture. But thanks for showing us how your doing it). When I turned up in a police station 2 years later with the documents and they tried to continue with the slander it backfired on them. Thus they were forced into looking and found …… a pile of bodies. Bit embarrassing because it was their negligence that allowed that pile of bodies to be there. Had they not sent me away from the police station 2 years earlier??? Had they taken the evidence instead of slandering me and gaslighting me? So they need to continue with their psychological attack on me to ensure nobody becomes aware of their negligence. Killing me now is of course still a possibility but with so many people aware of a motive it might not go down so well with my brothers.
    It is also the case that one is not allowed to say anything that would bring our great country into disrepute, so complaining about public officers using torture methods is a crime. And with these extra judicials being done in our hospitals via negligence? No worries about anyone ever getting to bring actions over refoulment under the Convention, there would be zero complaints ever get through. Well, unless you believe in a God that is 🙂 And once they realised they were being watched the whole time???? Repentance of course, till the next time they think no one is watching. Not my worry anymore, Ive nothing left to take. And they’re turning grey over when they are going to loose the Porches and houses and big holidays and God forbid their freedom.

  • Tried to edit but missed the time.
    So Steve the most insulted by the new Euthanasia Bill which would mean Doctors were under the glow of a candle when extinguishing life? The Australian Medical Association. Think there’s something in that for all of us lol.
    Won’t matter, as I stated above they are authorised to distribute fraudulent documents and kill people to do cover ups of their vile conduct sooooo. Not that anyone is going to talk openly about that, whistleblowers in this country have a habit of turning up dead in our Emergency Departments and the Media wouldn’t report on that. They would be raided by the Feds.
    They didn’t used to call it Accident and Emergency for nothing. It’s an Emergency someone is running to police with documented proof of our kidnapping and torture, quick we need to have an Accident. Means and opportunity, but without motive, no investigation, and thus no crime.
    So the fraudulent documents in my case were covering what? A motive for …….? Fairly easy for authorities from that point I’m guessing. Still not in the public interest, despite the need to continue to breach the Convention against the use of Torture and not assist the victim. Just wait long enough and they seem sure to gaslight to a suicide. Negligent frauds and slanderers.
    It really isn’t that sophisticated to be honest. Busy Emergency Dept, take morphine from patient and inject one you have loaded with a ‘chemical restraint’ and tip em over the top. And a government that will do cover ups of their little Accidents. Simple

  • My lawyer (if they could actually be called that) made an application for documents relating to a specific date and what they have termed ‘referral’ and ‘detention’. There are specific rules that allow my lawyers to examine unredacted documents to ensure that a persons human rights are not being violated. A hospital may be able to keep certain information from you, but not your lawyer (for obvious reasons).
    The set of documents received by my legal representative removed documents showing that I had been drugged without my knowledge with benzodiazepines, and that the Community Nurse had lied to police stating I was his “patient”. In thieir place they had taken documents from an old file and gave a legal narrative that meant I had been a “patient” of this hospital for more than 10 years. The memo from the Clinical Director states that he has “edited” the documents for the lawyers. I call it fraud and well, a Member of Parliament became quite concerned when I explained the two different sets to him and that police had failed to retrieve the documents I had. So fraud is “editing”, kidnapping and torture “referral” and “detention” and despite having documented proof they simply persist with the lies. I spent months arguing with the lawyers trying to have them recognise a basic legal protection contained in the Act. Of course what I didn’t know was that they were engaged in a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and were slandering me as a paranoid delusional. A narrative that suits the criminals for the present.
    Point being that it doesn’t matter what the doctors write, say do …… no one is going to do anything about it. Its not in the public interest even if they are slaughtering people wholesale for organised crims. Great for doctors and associated medical professionals, not so good for the victims. Annoying me that I have been paying taxes for police to provide a torture and kidnapping service for them though. As long as they arrange to plant evidence for the police to find, they will snatch anyone from their home and deliver them to the desired address post haste. What doc does from there is up to them.
    Oh how I wish this wasn’t the truth. A doctor here even went in to police and provided the murder weapon, the place where she had put the body and a full and unconditional confession and police embarrasingly still did nothing. The head of the AMA told her to contact him for a “sophisticated” knowledge of the law to avoid going to jail. Ie I’ll tell ya how to kill em and get away with it. Front page of the newspaper.
    She was obviously trying to force a debate, and we are now discussing a Euthanasia Bill in Parliament. Not that there is much discussion, they need it passed without the public knowing why. Getting a little out of hand in our hospitals with the ‘unintended negative outcoming’ i’m afraid.
    So for example in the case of Garth Daniels, even if Doc Katz were to kill him with his ‘treatment’ nothing would be done as it would not be in the “Public Interest”. I think the Public should actually start taking an Interest in what some of these Quacks are actually doing.

  • See to me conspiring to torture and kidnap and doing things that are unlawful to make what you are doing appear lawful is in many ways worse than just doing it. It shows clear intent to deceive.
    So this Community Nurse knows what he was doing was torture BUT he also knows if he lies to police and gives the victim the false status of “patient” he is free to torture and kidnap any citizen he likes.
    Forgive my illness getting in the way of my democracy but I thought the public would be outraged by a public officer knowingly torturing citizens. Here’s the kicker though, who could benefit from such a loophole? And who is turning their back on the victims? No Criminal Code in a large metropolitan police station? Arrested for having the proof of kidnapping and torture? Our Chief Psychiatrist and the Minister for Mental Health don’t even know what a burden of proof is?
    One wonders if it isn’t the case that this has been going on for years and they simply don’t want the work of identifying all the victims of these organised criminals and would rather not look like the fools they have been taken for. Because believe me you really need to be a fool to not see that a Community Nurse isn’t allowed to conspire to drug citizens without their knowledge and arrange to have items planted on them for police to find, and then lie to have police provide him with torture and kidnapping services.Its called procuring, though minus a criminal code he will get away with this for a long time to come.
    Drugging suspects without their knowledge before interrogations, planting evidence and then finding it at convenient times, and the ability to use ‘coercive’ methods to obtain information from doctors, psychologists, priests and lawyers (ACC v Stoddart HCA 47 of 2010) and they really have it covered. Federal Police are now doing raids on journalists who might publish anything they do not want the public to know. Democracy? Strange sort of perversion of it, more a National Socialist Democracy.

  • Glad to hear your on the road to recovery Jane. I’m not a fan of the term Side Effects though, they’re just effects. For example the effect of me not wanting to speak to a Community Nurse was that I was spiked with benzodiazepines and had police point weapons at me to cause an ‘acute stress reaction’ and force me to talk. And this was quite effective, as it resulted in said Community Nurse being able to put words in my mouth and make it look like what he was doing was lawful. Snatched from my bed after being spiked with a date rape drug and thuis guy is having some major side effects on my relationships with others. In fact my ability to trust hasn’t returned in over 8 years (along with my ability to see my family etc). Fortunately after being subjected to 7 hours of interrogation whilst drugged without my knowledge it was found that there was nothing wrong with me and I was released back in to society. With an altered view of how these mental health professionals are caring for our community of course. Its a tough job especially when the public is becoming aware of how they are failing miserably with their mass drugging program. They need police to point weapons at people and covertly drug people with stupefying/intoxicating drugs to obtain compliance. I’m afraid that one of the side effects of being subjected to this type of ‘treatment’ is suicide. It’s the use of a persons loved one as the person to do the spiking for them that is the problem. See they have them do the dirty to you and then exercise their discretionary powers to ignore the criminal acts. Then by appointing your loved one as your ‘carer’ they are free to gaslight you to death basically, because all the while your wondering why they are doing the things they are doing to you. Not knowing that they are working with criminals who are pretending to be public officers/health care professionals. Their true colors are shown when you complain about their conduct though. They make it quite clear how powerful they are, and how they simply destroy anyone who wishes to make a legitimate complaint. And these are not idle threats.
    Fortunately the government is authorising the distribution of fraudulent documents to lawyers to ensure they are not held to account for these side effects. Their slandering of victims is working just fine to ensure the public isn’t made aware of the cause of their effects. And who is going to challenge these people? Easier to just feign shock later when their disgusting conduct is finally exposed, and live in the hope that they don’t come kicking in your door.
    Anywho, wish you luck in your future endeavours.


    Imagine how these “protections” are going to work given the state of Mental Health protections. I can’t even find a lawyer who knows what a burden of proof is. Mind you I get it that the kangaroo court system we have ensures that no complaints about human rights abuses see the light of day. These are something ‘they’ do not us. Can’t say I necessarily disagree with the legislation, just not in the hands of the corrupt criminals I have dealt with over the past years. I guess getting a finger on the pulse might be better than the current carte blanche blind eye system we have.

    Needed the bed i’m afraid.

  • There’s an element of Alinsky tactics about this David Son. Your ‘enemy’ makes moves to protect themselves from you so you label them paranoid and use this as a justification for disarming them. Then you attack them once they have been disarmed.
    I note that in my case police used the fact I claimed to have been drugged without my knowledge as a justification to make a referral to Mental Health, despite me placing documents in front of them that I had been spiked. A psychologist explained that making a claim that you have been drugged with documented proof was not a hallucination, and thus they wouldn’t pick me up and drug me sensless for them.
    This meant I was to be arrested for having the documents that proved I had been spiked. What the charge would be I have no idea, but police tell me they don’t have a copy oif the Criminal Code these days and must therefore be winging it.
    Similarly a doctor used his paranoid delusion to justify using a chemical restraint on me that would lay an elephant out for a month. Apparently I had “potential for violence but no clear intent or actual history”. This after being drugged without my knowledge have police snatch me out of my bed and transport me against my will to a hospital based on a ‘verbal’. Without clear intent or actual history what does he have? A potential? You need treating for a potential these days? Still, a Catholic priest as well as a doctor who has probably done a bit of this silencing of complaints over the years. Funny I saw this guy two days after he tried to have me ‘snowed’. Instead of drugged without my knowledge and roughed up by police in my pyjamas, I had my suit and tie on making application for documents. I said hello to him and he responded “your looking better today” and I said “yes, must have been the ‘treatment’ eh Doc?” Like magic the three mental illnesses he had given me based on a three minute interview were gone, and there I was two days later cured and in the free world again. There really is a God huh.

  • Good question oldhead. Happy for folk to email me but its been quite a ride since my email account was compromised. So I prefer to speak to people face to face these days. Is there some way I can get my email address to folk I would like to speak with without making it public here? I’ve also had some problems with my email since I replied to the Ministers office regarding his rather offensive renaming of the kidnapping and torture I have been subjected to as being ‘referral’ and ‘detention’. I know that calling a rape a ‘good time’ might suit the rapist, but let me tell you as the victim of these criminals it just doesn’t cut it, and offends me deeply. But a simple don’t check the documents and accept the fraud and slander seems to be the method employed by these folk.
    I did spend some time with someone from here (and who was suitably qualified to comment) that yes these were “human rights abuses”, and I believe he did what he could to help but with people who are above the law what can one do? I mean Australia doesn’t want anyone external to the place knowing how they are resolving complaints regarding torture via refoulment of victims. They have a reputation to uphold.
    Couple of folk here who know my phone number.
    And of course once these vicious bastards at the hospital enact their threat to “fuking destroy” you one becomes a little hesitant to enagage with anyone official. How good is that? Like handing back Dahmers victims to him should they escape.
    Had an interesting conversation with a Health Advocate today who tells me she would have no problem with her husband spiking her and planting evidence for police if he believed she needed mental health treatment. And of course if he could have his girlfriend around while she was locked up for the weekend whilst they fabricated reasons to force drugs down her throat?? Maybe things will look a little different from the other side of the fence for her, as so many here can attest to.
    “Many patients speak about the experience like it was kidnapping and torture” she tells me. Ah yes but did you check whether it was or simply make assumptions that lead to criminals being enabled for years and then feign shock when they are finally exposed. All I ask is that these documents and the facts be examined and it is plain for all to see. Keep slandering me for the trauma I have been subjected to and well ….. Not in the public interest to at least remove a corrupt public officer from a role where he is doing untold damage to citizens. The State has a duty under the Convention against Torture to ensure he is trained in what does and does not constitute torture. AND THATS WHY HE USES POLICE TO MAKE REFERRALS TO HIM TO AVOID BREACHING THE CONVENTION. IT EXPLOITS THE LOOPHOLE OF “LAWFUL SANCTION’. TORTURE IS NO LONGER TORTURE. I don’t consider lying to police to enable the use of torture good enough. But i’m surprised by the number of people who do.
    Wonder how the lawyers who threw me under the bus benefited? Coz believe me they didn’t want the documents I had, and were only interested in the fraudulent ones from the hospital. Human rights lawyers? Cowards and frauds more like it. Still after seeing what they did to my family I cant blame them. Best they get on the winning team and exploit their positions of trust.
    Anywho oldhead, let me know what you believe the best way to pass on my contact details to anyone (though not facebook).

  • Great article Laren, flagging the stage of the Crime of the Century we find ourselves among.

    I find myself wondering about the American experience when it comes to laws which are supposed to protect “the public”. Here in Australia there is a conflict when lawyers come across people who have been subjected to torture by the State. They claim to be representing their client but have a duty to the licensing authority the State. So for example in my case they pretended to be helping me while the whole time they were working with the authorities to ensure that the use of known torture methods was not exposed. I believe that this is a breach of the Convention but who does one go to in order to have this examined? There is no avenue other than the torturers.
    I feel sure that this is not lawful as the Minister and the principle of the Law Centre have been removed fromtheir offices, but of course changing the names of these individuals wont stop the conduct, it merely makes it appear that someone has acted. And of course if my reasoning is correct these individuals have committed serious criminal offences carrying mandatory prison terms.
    The protection of the Convention against Torture is easily subverted by bringing a person under the ‘care’ of police and mental health workers. In my instance this was done by ‘spiking’ me with benzos and planting some cannabis and a knife for police to find. At this point the ‘target’ is now subject to lawful sanction and you can torture away and noone will do anything to stop them. And with no avenue of appeal?? Vital that the public is not made aware of this information, because they simply dont understand the difficulties faced by those in power. There is a need for torture and well ‘unintentional negative outcomes’ should their corruption be exposed.
    So where are these human rights lawyers? Coz I’ve got more than a story to tell. I’ve got what one lawyer called “proof”. Not that it has done anything more than have my Government turn a blind eye whilst criminals in our hospital attempted to murder me (in an Emergency Dept of all places. Glad old Prof doesn’t have the stomach for it). See the case of Dr Alyd Lancee re police not prosecuting doctors who kill. In fact they will dig up the wrong body to avoid prosecuting.
    Anywho, if you know anyone, have them contact me please. Amnesty Int. Would be a possibility if I was in a 3rd World country, but alas they too seem to have a splinter in their eyes when it comes to the First World.

  • Just on this point of Police not having a copy of the Criminal Code. Obviously with a Doctor or Mental Health Nurse using slander to police and have citizens detained until they can fabricate the evidence to continue holding them Police need to provide them with a bit of time. It takes at least an hour to have them transported and injected with enough tranquillizers to lay an elephant out for a week. So police pretend that they don’t have the Criminal Code and make a phone call to Mental Health to pick up their victims. I’m sure others can see how this might be exploited by a clever organised criminal who just happens to be a doctor. Anyway …..
    Point being I have provided absolute proof to police that this Community Nurse called them and lied about my status in order to make his kidnapping appear lawful. Even given them the internal police job number. Provided the documents showing I was ‘spiked’ with benzos without my knowledge too. Apparently thats a “hallucination”, and it is also a crime for me to have my medical records showing this (though nobody including one of our lawyer politicians can tell me what the charge would be. No Criminal Code see) Of course only if they actually retrieved the documents for the crims otherwise its an offence. But, alas they insist on failing to perform their duty as public officers, compound or conceal evidence of criminal offences and attempt to pervert the course of justice. Luckily they can’t find the Criminal Code because they might be in a lot of trouble otherwise. Mind you how embarrassing that they did a kidnapping for him. No wonder he laughed about me saying I would have something done about his criminal conduct. Jeffrey Dahmer had that sort of bottle, asking police to return one of his victims to him when he escaped.
    I’m assuming that in a democracy like America that such disgusting actions would be acted upon by good people (I mean thats what makes them good people acting when they see wrong isnt it?) But not in my country yet, they simply misdirect your complaint and obstruct justiice. As long as it isnt their families being subjected to human rights abuses of course. Whats the point of being above the law otherwise huh?

  • I like the sound of rare Sylvain. In Australia prosecutions/convictions are non existent.

    For example we have a section of the Criminal Code (s.336) called procuring the apprehension or detention of a person not suffering from a mental illness. Penalty 2 years prison. However, our police do not have a copy of the Criminal Code an therefore prosecution is not possible. So Mental Health professionals simply ring police and tell them to go and pick up citizens by calling them “patients”. Police go round and give them a kicking before delivering the citizen to the desired hospital where the evidence is fabricated to make them into a patient post hoc. Once their human rights have been legally removed they can now be treated for illnesses they dont have with drugs they dont want.
    And of course any complaint to police is foiled by your newly appointed Care Giver. Its allowing corruption to run rampant through our system.
    And the legal protection of not procuring the police in such a manner? Never been used. its simply there to create the appearance of protection for the public.

    One of our politicians who obviously knew this is being done had to flee the State before he was picked up by police and subjected to “treatment” by a psychiatrist not of his choice. Lucky he had the money to seek refuge elsewhere or he would be in a cell dribbling from the mouth by now lol

  • The Guidelines for Informed Consent sound quite good until you get to the ‘flush” clause, ie any dispute over issues and Doctor is always the winner.
    So there I am with a lawyer whose area of expertise is in Mental Health Law. I explain to him that the Community Nurse has arranged to have me ‘spiked’ with benzos and once he had procured the services of police, to have a weapon (in the form of a pocket knife) and some cannabis planted on my person. Thus he can now claim he was given his referral by the police to his colleagues at the hospital after he has ‘verballed’ me up on the Statutory Declarations. And the lawyer tells me he doesn’t see what the issue is.
    Still I guess when your methods of obtaining consent are the same as the local football team pack rapist it must be difficult to get people to talk to you willingly. So a little spiking of the person who is going to be my patient before I meet them isnt such a bad thing is it? Well, it was for Prof John Kearsley.
    Consent in Australia for Mental Health professionals is just a hurdle to be gotten around by any means necessary. This includes the drugging of citizens without their knowledge and the use of physical violence to have them talk. Any complaints and the Operations Manager tells me they will fuking destroy you, and believe me, they will. I haven’t seen my family in 8 years as a result of complaining about being ‘spiked’ and interrogated by this Community Nurse. And do you think anyone will do anything to help me? Theyre all too afraid of our Government, and the blind eye they are turning to the unintended negative outcomes being done in our Emergency Departments. Might be why they want this Convenience Killing Bill passed quickly. Voluntary Euthanasia? Yeah right, have a look at what our Government means by “voluntary”.

  • They call it “coercion” here in Australia oldhead. An important distinction because if you put an empty pistol to someones head and pretend you are going to shoot them then you are coercing them. And if they tell you what you want to hear then no problem. However, beat them with the same pistol and you are now using torture methods to obtain consent. This being the problem in my instance, the drugging without knowledge is an actual assault, threatening my family is just coercion. Hence they need to coerce me to shut my mouth about being tortured by coercing me and my family. Not a nice look for our Government (if you could call it that).

    When I told my psychiatrist I was suffering from suicidal ideation he told me I would have to pay in advance lol.

    Interesting that you mention 1984 and Animal Farm Vitas. My Government (if you could call it that) has decided to change the Exodus 16 Thou shalt not kill, to Thou shalt not kill unless Doctor is late for his Tee Time at the local golf course. The perversion of the doctrine being effected quickly before the public gets time to examine the Bill.
    “Over a hundred legal protections” we are told. And yet I simply can not find a lawyer who knows what a burden of proof is. Still, how easy when you can “coerce” legal practitioners into throwing their clients under the bus to do a cover up for Doc?

    Have a listen to Lou Reeds’ Kill your Sons. The ‘treatment’ for being gay used to be a whole lot worse in the old days.

  • Chasing our ideological tails? Cogito ergo sum. Isnt this to put Descartes before the horse?
    Come on Dr McLaren, no need for theories, hypotheses, treatments, cures or any of that stuff when the three pillars of psychiatry (negligence, fraud and slander) will keep the plebians in their place for centuries to come. And the rather underdeveloped nature of ethics in our young country sees us in a land of opportunity. Got a signed letter here from the Minister for Health stating that torture and kidnapping are now called referral and detention. Must look pretty stupid to the people who have looked at the documents i have and know what im saying is true. Still, you know the routine, cover up and unintentionally negatively outcome the victim, and threaten their family. The show must go on.