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  • Next item on the agenda? make it a crime to criticise the government and draw attention to the similarity of the laws to those passed by National Socialists in Germany.

    Might I add.

    At present any criticism of the government that is not wanted is dealt with by referring the ‘issue’ to mental health services. My complaint about being ‘spiked’ with benzos before being interrogated/kidnapped (though they did go to the trouble of exploiting the “inherent in or incidental to lawful sanction clause of the convention against the use of Torture) to the Attorney General gets referred to the Minister for Mental Health who calls the act of complaining about such treatment an ‘illness’ that requires ‘treatment’. I do like the use of euphemisms though, the unintended negative outcomes achieved by removing the evidence of a motive by police, who can’t seem to locate their copy of the Criminal Code (which is a shame when people are being murdered while they look).

    Making it lawful for police to arrest anyone not praising our leaders and then dropping them off for ‘treatments’ in our Emergency Depts will no doubt result in some popular politicians. And a decrease in the numbers of mentally ill people (surely they wouldn’t be so mad as to dare speak truth to power such as this?). And with the new ‘home delivery’ systems in place, they won’t even need to clog the Emergency Depts, the ‘treatments’ could be delivered at home (‘spike’ them and ‘plant’ a knife on them when they collapse. legal narrative “edited’ before lawyers get to see it). The ‘marriage’ of mental health services and police complete now they have a Mental Health Professional in every station, with zero accountability and carte blanche to deal with this threat to law and order.

    Our Chief Psychiatrist who provides protection to “consumers, carers and the community” not even capable of recognising a burden of proof (suspect on reasonable grounds becomes suspect. Suss laws for arbitrary detentions and forced drugging by removing the “Criteria” from the Act without parliamentary approval. Care to see the letter?) despite him providing “expert legal advice to the Minister”. Seems difficult to me to protect citizens when you don’t even know what the protections afforded by the law are.

    Lawyers provided three letters showing the application for documents under the MHA, huge bold black font at the top of the page. Now despite these letters being provided to the Chief Psychiatrist he writes “I am of the opinion that the documents were requested under the FOI Act, and as such …….” gee I hope he checks the ‘charts’ of his patients a bit more thoroughly. And consider what he was claiming by this, that it’s okay to provided “edited” [aka fraudulent documents with the ‘spiking’ removed and other documents inserted to create the appearance I had been a “patient” for ten plus years] documents under the FOI Act? Still, they were under the impression that the police had retrieved the real set of documents and that my family had been threatened to shut their mouths about what they had done to conceal their torture and kidnapping. Interesting that mock executions and threats of rape only fall into the category of ‘soft torture’ isn’t it Ben? Coercive methods, which are deemed a “poor choice of words” according to our Police Commissioner. That is, if you record the exchange and it goes public. Otherwise it’s your “hallucination” that they refer to mental health services for silencing.

    How positively poisonous that they retrieve the proof of the ‘spiking’ and then begin slandering me as being a paranoid delusional for speaking the truth about what was done to me (victim of stupefying with intent to commit an indictable offence, namely kidnapping becomes paranoid delusional requiring copious amounts of tranquillizers and ECTs until he can no longer remember his name). It really became an issue when I provided police with the documented proof, when it’s no longer my “hallucination” but their act of torture.

    They have ‘friends’ though. Me, I don’t even get to see my family so they can conceal their crimes. 9 years now for complaining about public sector misconduct. Who knew that was such a crime.

  • Can’t say I agree with your presumtion about the existence of “mental illness” Ben but …..I hope you will allow me to hold such views without considering them to be an illness that requires me to be ‘spiked’ with benzos, have items ‘planted’ on me to obtain a police referral, and then start force drugging me for complaining about being snatched from my bed and delivered to a locked ward for ‘assessment’ before I even get the chance to speak to a psychiatrist. Still, I live in Australia, not the US.

    “Most troublingly, it was revealed in 2015 that the APA effectively participated in and bolstered the Bush administration’s ethical horror of systematic psychological torture against detainees who were denied legal representation and fair trial in secret prisons around the globe. For an institution still struggling to overcome the aftermath of having committed such a profound ethical crime, very much against its own standards and regulations, we should sincerely hope for, if not demand, more humility, atonement, and consensus building.”

    For some obvious reasons my interest in the enhanced coercive methods used at Guanatamo Bay has me wondering why someone isn’t setting up an ‘ethical’ organisation that people who ‘don’t have the stomach’ for the ‘treatments’ can leave and go to? I was subjected to 7 hours interrogation whilst ‘spiked’ with a date rape drug and not informed, and then denied access to legal representation when I complained about this act of ‘hard torture’ (in fact you might be surprised how far some of your colleagues will go to maintain their ‘good’ reputation).

    I draw your attention to a scene from an old movie about the Nuremburg trials.

    [thanks Lametamor] We are not asking what everyone did Dr Ben, we are asking what YOU did?

    Anyway, despite the huge differences of our opinions based on my ‘treatment’ by one of your colleagues, thanks for the information about the descent into Mordor by the APA.

    [Take into account the failed attempt by my government to pass forced sterilization of children without parental consent clause in the Mental Health Act 2016. Thankyou to the International community for their ‘intervention’ as there is no way a ‘citizen’ in my State would dare speak out against anything that psychiatrists request of our ‘elected representatives’. Shame they got the Euthanasia Act through. Next item on the agenda? make it a crime to criticise the government and draw attention to the similarity of the laws to those passed by National Socialists in Germany]

  • Gee I hope Bashar al Assad doesn’t get any ideas from our ‘democracy’.

    Which leaves me wondering if it is any easier to get access to a psychiatrist in places where the claim is that human rights abuses’ are occurring? It would obviously be a ‘go to’ method of subjecting people to torture, arbitrary detentions (aka State sanctioned kidnappings) and convenience killings. Maybe the reason we are so short of psychiatrists is that there is so much money to be made in places where their services are appreciated and remunerated at a rate consistent with the difficulty of the work they perform?

    No, certainly the opening up of ECTs (for use on mainly teenage girls) by my government means that huge sums of money can be extracted from the Medicare system for plugging people in to the wall socket.

    And I guess what i’m saying must sound totally insane. I invite that slander to be honest. There are those that have checked and know the truth and conceal it, and then there are those afraid of the truth that simply don’t bother checking.

    Calling Noah mad didn’t stop it raining. Calling me mad doesn’t mean I’m not speaking the truth, but it’s a slander that is being used to great effect by the current Minister (and his ‘colleagues’). And of course once the State starts killing people for speaking the truth???? I would find it difficult to call that a democracy or a Nation that values a Rule of Law. You people are going to need to spend some time learning how to do effective cover ups if you wish to continue torturing and kidnapping citizens. This was really sloppy work if you ask me. The sin lies in being caught, not the fact your torturing, kidnapping and killing.

    Repent, repent I say ……. and then in a few weeks you can go back to doing it and no one will be any wiser. Oh, you did.

  • Not if it was considered a “noble lie”.

    “Patients” don’t have the cognitive ability to understand the science involved, we psychiatrists on the other hand have been trained, and simply don’t have the time to explain to them the intricacies of what is being done to their brains. And lets be honest, they can’t afford to purchase the time that would take.

    First do no harm doesn’t mean that you can do no harm. A heart surgeon needs to gain access to the ‘problem’ with their “patient”, and needs to cut the chest in that pursuit. Now while it may be argued that the “patient” was put under knowing the risks, there is also times when a decision needs to be made on the spur of the moment, and they are not in any position to make such decisions (being non compus mentis). Psychiatrists find themselves in the awful position of having their “patients” walking around among humans, and not on operating tables where they can be easily restrained. Thus the use of ‘chemical restraints’ is of vital importance in providing a tool with which to ensure the “patient” is not capable of doing themselves harm. So there are times when we need to do a little harm for a great benefit to the community. And if we turn a dollar in the process? Well, it’s not like we’re living an exorbitant life, have you seen the conditions we’re expected to live in. My Porsche is nearly a year old now and has 5000 Miles on the odometer. I’m the laughing stock of the Yacht Club. Which reminds me I must get my psychologist to make a few more referrals for ECTs. That should see me cashed up for the COVID lockdowns. Surely she can come up with a few sad people who need a bit of a buzz? And with the changes to the MHA it can be teenagers, now we have “added protections” from litigation for brain damage caused by our ‘treatments’.

    “They admit to withholding facts and lying to people in order to manipulate them into buying their addicting deadly drugs”

    Noble Lies, just don’t check the definition because the noble lie means everyone gains, and well, that’s not entirely true with psychiatry unless you consider that there is a God and they are going to a better place, and then ……. see, everyone benefits.

    “If a group violates the doctors oath and standard medical principles doesn’t that mean they aren’t medical professionals?”

    It might, but it does make them a lot smarter and a lot richer than the rest of us. I’d call it a breach of trust and confidence but with the State ensuring that no one is getting access to enforce their rights with legal remedy, what are you going to do? I know in my case, lawyers were threatened along with my family and friends and well, they understand that they will be ‘fuking destroyed’ if they speak up.

    The State has been quite open about that (promoting the people who are fuking destroying any citizens who dare speak about the misconduct of public officers. And let me say with the resources of the State at their disposal, they never lose). Pointing out that the hospital is engaging in acts of torture and kidnapping will get you “fuking destroyed” should you dare suggest that it would be a crime to NOT report these matters to the relevant authorities. Whilst that report may not result in the victim being treated in any other way than being unintentionally negatively outcomed (cover ups in the public interest. Best they don’t know about what is being done in the name of medicine. Some people don’t have the stomach for it they tell me), at least the Corruption an Crime Commission could keep an eye on the doctors doing these convenience killings rather than have them operating without supervision, or under the thumb of organised criminals. Not what the Operations Manager wanted apparently, and there are how many people dead as a result? OmG, that many? How fortunate their negligence can not be pursued by those who were harmed. I assume the truth would require further “editing” before outcoming the victims?

    Quite a clever model when you think about it. Pretend there is nothing to see once you have identified the offences via a ‘formal investigation’ (that produces NO DOCUMENTS), “edit” the documents that do exist to conceal any motive (destroying documents a definite no no, though I do note the disposal of the Complaint Form [alleging misconduct] was thrown in the bin. And no you can’t have a copy of my copy to conceal your offending), and then have the complainant murdered in an Emergency Dept with an ‘accidental’ overdose. The public aware of how dangerous it is to work in this environment and so will fully support the ‘restraint’ of anyone who dares use the word “no”. And this then justifies the ‘hotshot’ chemical cocktail to silence the truth, while police look the other way and can’t find their copy of the Criminal Code should the family complain. Gee I hope Bashar al Assad doesn’t get any ideas from our ‘democracy’.

  • “If they do well off the drugs psychiatry claims they must not really have the “illness”.”

    If they take the drugs and commit a terrible act, they were not receiving enough of the drugs.

    If they don’t take the drugs and commit a terrible act they were untreated for their “illness”.

    It a confidence trick using attribution theory as it’s base. All positive is attributed to the drugs and the psychiatrist/doctor, and all negatives are attributed to the victim …. I mean “patient”, “client”, “meal tickets” or whatever term is in current use.

    The guy whose work was used to ‘induce’ a sense of helplessness/hopelessness (read torture) in the detainees at Guantanamo Bay pretty much has it covered. Martin Seligmans work with electro shocking dogs (not to the head mind you, that would have been considered unethical even all those years ago) shows exactly the methods being used to exacerbate the problems of people considered to be mentally ill, and why so very few recover, and many commit suicide (or acts of violence towards others).

    But we don’t like that narrative, so were “editing” it out of existence, slandering the victims, and remaining silent on the truth. And it’s working a treat.

  • We are undergoing a transitional phase in my State. Leaving people permanently unemployable is way too much of a burden on taxpayers, so we have begun unintentionally negatively outcoming any inconvenient truths in the Emergency Dept. What the hell, we know no one will make any complaints anyway, because they will simply be put on the ‘list’, and like Jamal Kashoggi, when they do turn up in one of our ‘centres’, they will be ‘treated’ with the care and respect they deserve for pointing out the misconduct of our overlords.

  • “A child could never say that “I am agitated because of the drug, or removal of drug”. The child remains a rat to be done to what they want.”

    When they say a Cat Food is “New and Tastier” who told them? Maybe they want it to be that way and in their echo chambers …… I mean the Queen thinks the world smells like fresh paint. Any wonder psychiatrists see patients getting better the more drugs they prescribe? Any anyone who is not compliant is ‘prepared’ for the next meeting with their doctor by staff (in much the same way detainees at Abu Ghraib were prepared for interrogations). Human depravity never ceases to amaze me.

  • “None of us can know what went on with these terribly paranoid brainwashed people to get them into such a fascist state”

    Too true Nijinsky, but it’s a question i’ve pondered for some time. But they certainly are paranoid about having the truth exposed.

    I don’t live with the fear they do, though they have certainly tried to make me live that way. They wish to control everything around them, and yet isn’t that a form of insanity?

    I’ve found so many times that what has been recorded in medical records is much more telling about the author, than their subject. The fact that the author is prepared to openly lie on such documents much more revealing of character, than the lies they pointed at others to have them drugged. They are much more poisonous to our communities that the person they have harmed, and then that they deny any responsibility for. See for example the high profile cases where ‘shooters’ have been under the influence, though it could not possibly have had anything to do with the violence they have been subjected to by mental health services. If we had just got to them earlier…… more money please.

    I know in my instance the fact they feel the need to kill people to conceal their acts of torture and kidnapping (which would be lawful had I actually been a “patient”) is telling. They know the ‘treatment’ of these people who have been labelled “patient” goes so close to the line in terms of human rights abuses, that they move the lines further to ease the paranoia, and in the process actually make bigger abuses possible. It must of course all come crashing down at some point, the victims bulldozed into pits and the tutt tutts this should never have happened will be uttered ….again.

    I know I just watched the link to Judgement at Nuremburg posted in another article by Lametamor. It really made me appreciate that I’m not an aboriginal living in this land given the way human rights legislation is being dismantled. When we are attempting to pass clauses in the Mental Health Act for the forced sterilization of children without parental consent, and actually passing a Euthanasia Act with legal protections that will be ignored by those with a duty to enforce them. I’d be running. The ‘targets’ of these legislative changes are fairly obvious, land rights will need to be stopped at some point (particularly when one considers the consequences of the “Terra Nullius” lie on which this Nation has been built). It’s theirs, but we are going to ensure they are never in a position to take it back. Our Prime Minister lied when he said we are a Nation of people who value a Rule of Law, because if we ever did, we would recognise our theft, and return what was stolen.

    And how much does that theft play on the minds of people in power who are becoming increasingly paranoid? I know I had a discussion with someone yesterday regarding the claim by our Premier that he had been “ambushed” by our Prime Minister. Using the same reasoning that was weaponized against me, without any proof that he was “ambushed” all he has is his paranoid delusion of persecution. The Prime Minister is way too busy to be worried about having an email to all Premiers delivered at specific times to embarrass them. I wonder if anyone has noticed he may be losing the plot.

    Habius Corpus Premier before making such allegations. Without the proof, you’ve got nothing. In as much as if the police had managed to retrieve the proof I had been spiked, tortured and kidnapped, then I could have been drugged for speaking the truth. As it stands all we have is a list of crimes as long as my arm being ignored by a police force that is doing more ‘planting’ that the Forestry Dept.

  • Wow, lametamor. Good find. What an all star cast too.

    “Dr Wieck, did you ever swear to the Civil Servant Loyalty Oath of 1934?

    Everyone did, it was mandatory.

    We are not interested in what everyone did Dr Weick, we are interested in what you did.”

    They will take their oaths as a cover. And their ‘intercessors’ will leave them in the lurch. They will be judged alone. This way please, crucifixion is it? Line on the left, one cross each…..

    I don’t suppose that “they were worse than us” is going to be of much use to them on the Day of Judgement.

  • “Looking back, I should have filed a police report for assault on my son I guess. I don’t know.”

    Police are fully aware that the ‘staff’ will not testify due to the issue of ‘joint enterprise’. If they testify they may be incriminating themselves, and so will be advised to remain silent.

    Video evidence (according to the large volume of documentation I have from our authorities) can be “edited” to remove any criminal acts before being provided to your legal representative, and so even if the proof exists, they will be allowed to mislead the courts into false conclusions. See for example in my instance the request for documents relating to my ‘detention’ by lawyers resulted in them being provided with documents that had the fact I was ‘spiked’ with benzodiazepines without my knowledge removed, and the ‘police referral’ obtained under s. 195 of the Mental Health Act was changed to make me look like I had been a “patient” of this hospital for more than 10 years.

    I consider the changing of legal narrative in this manner to be criminal fraud, the Clinical Director of the hospital calls it “editing”.

    “And the doctor should be liable for overdosing my son and not stopping his death. She just had him held in isolation as he slowly suffered a slow death. Awful suffering. I knew he was almost dead and I am not a medical professional!”

    In my State there is “no National standard as to what constitutes a ‘chemical restraint'” thus allowing doctors to take anyone who uses the word “no” (considered justification for the invocation of ’emergency provisions’) to deaths door. I was surprised to learn that your right to consent ended when you say “no” but ….. there it is. That constitutes an emergency and they then do whatever they wish to you. The ‘dinner with a rapist scenario’ I call it. You are fine as long as you go along with them, it’s when you say no and they decide to use the force available to them that problems for the victim arise. You asked for ‘help’, you got it.

    “People with “psych” labels are not even viewed as human beings.”

    That’s the reason they change your status to “patient”, you can do all sorts of things to people defined as “patients” that would be unlawful if they were considered human. It worked for a lot of years in Australia until the indigenous people of the Nation were made human in 1967. You should see how they were treated before that. Not that much has changed, we just need to be a little more covert in our violence towards them these days.

    I guess gay people must have felt so liberated when they were removed from the DSM and were therefore no longer automatic “patients” for their sexual preference. No more ‘poofter bashings’ by police, no more ‘chemical castrations’ and ECTs to ‘cure’ them of their ‘illness’. Still, it looks to me like they slowed the gravy train down long enough to get on, and left others behind to be harmed (to quote Desmond Tutu speaking about the ANC in South Africa)

    So who is it that is being given status ‘outside the law’ in our current times? Inconvenient truths? And who is it making these designated changes to status and how? All done with a telephone call to police by a doctor in my State, though our politicians won’t allow you to publish that fact (mainly because it’s criminal but getting ‘healthcare’ to people complaining about your conduct is seen as being in the ‘public interest’, so turning a blind eye and denying access to remedy is the only real method of enabling these criminals). In fact according to the current Minister for Health complaining about being tortured and kidnapped is an ‘illness’ you should be treated for, especially in a State where having the proof of the crime is a crime.

    I note in my instance the lack of any defense due to the fact that the fraud is all that is maintaining their position of enabling these criminals. The breach of the Privacy Act in releasing my medical records to support the false narrative still not enough to maintain the fraud. I was not anyones “patient” (by definition of the MH Act) and thus, like the person who has a knife being plunged into their heart, was not being ‘operated’ on by a cardiologist without consent due to incapacitation [aka ‘spiked’]. These were criminals concealing their crimes through the procurement of police, and any claim otherwise is a lie, and a known lie being supported with the uttering of fraud Minister.

    Not that this is an issue where the Attorney General is referring inconvenient questions of law (torture) to mental health for “actioning”. And should they never return…….. oh well, must not have been torture then. I’m guessing most of them stop complaining with the mock executions by police which is an excellent coercive measure (though only reaches the status of ‘soft torture’ unlike the ‘spiking’ which is an actual physical assault and constitutes ‘hard torture’).

  • “the current state doesn’t protect citizens out of altruism, but because its support among the people includes an understanding that people’s basic personal security will be protected. NOT doing so would be very bad for business, which is why terrorists and guerillas often attack civilian populations — to demonstrate to people that the government can’t protect them and is not worth supporting.”

    You’ve no idea how much that makes me smile Oldhead. Because this letter from the Chief Psychiatrist points out that he has removed the legal protections afforded the public in our Mental Health Act. Thus enabling arbitrary detentions that we accuse China of doing. NOT doing so (providing protection from arbitrary detentions and torture) has been very bad for the Ministers business, because the enabling of terrorist tactics (arbitrary detentions, torture and kidnappings, and then refoulment of the victims with unintended negative outcomes) being used by mental health services has been exposed, and the government can’t have it known that it was them who were engaged in actively promoting this. They need to be made into ‘bad apples’, and not be the leader of the government in the Upper House.

    Bursting the bubble of the illusion of the public being protected from torture and kidnappings by ‘rogue doctors’ acting with full knowledge of the State, and who is concealing these acts for them a particular problem at election time. Especially when they don’t know who, other than the Opposition, has the documents. Terrible when you don’t know who else knows that your torturing and killing citizens for complaining. Tends to make the ‘leader’ a little, shall we say ‘paranoid’ (subject to the criticism of using the psychiatric narrative lol. You should have seen how ill it made the Boss. He must have lost 20 lbs in a week. Aw cmon, it’s tough at the top. If God didn’t want us to use psychiatry for cover ups, He wouldn’t have invented it)

  • “what is akathisia? Its current clinical definition cites it as an extrapyramidal symptom (EPS) or movement disorder. Other EPS symptoms include tardive dyskinesia, dystonia, parkinsonism, bradykinesia and tremor. Akathisia is characterized by an intense, internal sensation of restlessness and agitation that spurs the sufferer to be in constant motion. It is a grossly underdiagnosed and understudied neuropsychiatric symptom, most often resulting from exposure to and withdrawal from psychiatric drugs.”

    Ah the burning flesh. I note you are quite correct with your wording there Chris, underdiagnosed and understudied, but NOT misunderstood. Can you imagine the ability to induce this ‘disorder’ in someone, deliberately? I can. I met a young man whose doctor did precisely that, and then eventually changed his ‘treatment’ when that young man put a pistol in his mouth and blew half his face off. He told me that he had to pull the trigger three times, as the first two were misfires.

    Now why his doctor would do this to him, I simply don’t know. I, unlike the people who incarcerated me, do not have the ability to read minds, or travel through time and space. But I will point out that this unspoken, underdiagnosed and understudied response to psychiatric drugging has potential to ‘treat’ certain people who have fallen through the cracks of the justice system. And minus any proof of a motive (aka the good faith defense) that can only be obtained via a confession, this method has potential for aggressive expansion in the field. (perhaps the reason that 40% of psychiatrists left our public hospitals with the introduction of the changes in the new Mental Health Act? They don’t have the stomach for it? Hence the Pinkertons Detective Agency being brought in to deal with ‘drug addicts’?)

    “And God sends upon them a great delusion, that they might believe the lie” 2 Thessalonians countered in your instance with “And yeah shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”.

    I’m sure you will find it easy to ‘see’ what is really being done now as a result of your experience. Though careful what you say, the ‘flag’ on the police system results in changes to your environment that at first are not so obvious. Being made persona non grata as a means to silence only trumped by the unintended negative outcomes being performed in our Emergency Depts.

    Our Head of the AMA said it best when he commented on a doctor who admitted ending the life of a “patient” deliberately. All that is required is a “sophisticated knowledge of the law”. I don’t know that ‘keep your mouth shut’ is that sophisticated, most street hustlers know this but …… I guess it’s the caviar way of saying it. Minus proof of intent (easily retrieved by police) and/or a confession, one must assume good faith (though why this didn’t work for Dr Harold Shipman is a mystery to me. And to him if you look at the case in detail)

  • They see “potentials” Sam.

    Like the Community Nurse who had police drag me out into the street in front of my Father and Mother in law, placed against a police van and searched, and then thrown into that van wrote as his justification for this ‘treatment’, that I had “potential for damage to reputation and meaningful relationships”. This is the equivalent of rapists seeing their victims begging for it, and their ‘followup’ to conceal their misconduct about as pleasant.

    So what happens when “patients” = dollars, and every person who walks through your door is a potential “patient”? Might explain the amount of people getting very sick because of potential poisonings lol

    “Think of it as a loophole big enough to drive through with a bus wrapped in vinyl humping Bioferex.””

    That’s how I see our Mental Health Act (one giant human rights abusing loophole), when the Chief Psychiatrist who is charged with “protecting consumers, carers and the community” and who “provides expert legal advice to the Minister” doesn’t recognise the protection of a burden of proof (“suspect on reasonable grounds” becomes ‘suspect’ for the lawyers among y’all) for incarceration and forced drugging. Citizens being snatched from their beds by police (who will provide a referral to enable ‘remotes’ of potential “patients”) and receiving dribble therapy within the hour for no other reason than a Community Nurse ‘suspects’ that they might have an illness they made up via the corrupt practice of ‘verballing’. Arbitrary detentions and torture now perfectly “reasonable” and combined with the ability to deny access to legal representation, the sky really is the limit.

    It does of course mean that when the Chief Psychiatrist left his previous position (at the Royal College of Psychiatrists) to take up the role of protector of the community, and said he could advance the cause of his profession much better from the role as Chief Psychiatrist, he was right. By ignoring the legal protections afforded the community (in fact, denying the existence of these legal protections in writing) he has provided carte blanche and zero accountability to his colleagues. I guess they all laugh at the fancy dress parties paid for by Big Pharma when he turns up dressed as a pirate with a patch over one eye. Because that eye isn’t the only thing being covered up to maintain the illusion of medicine to the public.

    Consider, in my instance the effects of being ‘spiked’ with their drugs was used to create the illusion of an illness (conceal the proof of the ‘spiking’ and claim it is a delusion if the victim complains about being drugged without their knowledge [and allow the use of a known torture method]) to justify the use of the drugs (disguised as a ‘chemical restraint’) against my will that would have made me very ill before I even had the chance to be ‘assessed’ by a psychiatrist. It’s the equivalent of being incarcerated for life by police for evidence they ‘planted’ and not even having the opportunity to have that evidence tested in a court of law because your in prison and can’t get access. And these same people are pointing fingers at China? lol talk about anasognosic. Still, what can one do when the State is allowing ‘unintended negative outcomes’ in the E.D. of people who have the misfortune of obtaining the proof they were tortured and kidnapped? It’s not like the police are going to be in a hurry to find their copy of the Criminal Code when they are the ones doing the torturing. And these ‘accidental’ overdoses in the E.D. not being looked at too hard (in fact police have done everything they possibly can to NOT look. The documents they don’t want from me may as well be a big steamin pile I put on the counter at the Station. And I can be arrested for having the proof I was ‘spiked’ from my own medical records. Imagine, having proof of crimes becomes a crime? How positively Kafkaesque.)

    Good to know there is an independent publisher who, should I ever manage to obtain asylum, be prepared to publish a truth that is almost stranger than fiction. Amazing how these people are getting away with this right under the shadow of our noses.

  • “According to the United Nations, a refugee is defined as a person outside their country who has a well-founded fear of persecution owing to their race, nationality, religion, political opinion, or membership of a particular social group.”

    Is ‘anti-psychiatrist’ considered to be a “political opinion”, and/or are we considered to be a “particular social group”? Because there is a whole group people called “patients” who have a well founded fear of persecution based on a long history of abuse from people who call themselves doctors. I mean, lets start with a few of their colleagues, Dr Joseph Mengele, Dr Radovan Karadzic, …. I’d say there was “reasonable grounds to suspect” that one might be harmed by people who hold such views about what is and is not considered medicine?

    I guess the litmus test is when someone from a ‘rogue State’ seeks asylum from what is considered torture by those receiving them, and is then provided services for the trauma of that torture, from people who can provide zero assistance to citizens who have been subjected to State sanctioned torture lest we make admissions that we are human rights abusers. I suspect that in such a situation that the rate of suicides associated with the people who are doing the torturing would rise, along with the funding being provided to reduce that number. It would become a self fulfilling prophecy. Money being redirected from stopping the deaths into torturing people to stop the deaths resulting in more deaths.

    Did someone say KFC?

  • Thanks for this article Larry (and thank you to Ms Wagner for the wonderful works depicting some truths about what has been wrongly called ‘health care’). It reminded me of many images of places like Abu Ghraib and Don Dale detention centre where Dylan Voller was ‘incarcerated’ (google “dylan voller detention” and look at the images tab).

    I noticed in the footnotes

    Pamela Spiro Wagner and Carolyn S. Spiro, M.D., Divided Minds: Twin Sisters and Their Journey Through Schizophrenia.

    Ms Wagners’ twin sister is a doctor? If so, I wonder how she feels about the ‘treatment’ documented in these pieces?

    And I wonder about the size of the works and media used by the artist.

  • In my state a mental health worker was placed in every police station, not a police officer placed in every mental health facility. They wish to keep an eye on both the community AND have a ‘reporter’ in every station. Worked really well for the Gestapo too.

    A psychiatrist can call police and request they not take proof of serious criminal offences from their soon to be “patient”. Police can only request that a person be assessed by a mental health practitioner and not use this to ensure they are their soon to be prisoner, well, that is unless you can use the mental health system to torture confessions from people and “they wouldn’t do that” I am told.

  • Terrorism works, and it has been working for white police against the black community in the US for quite some time now. The very public execution of black citizens is not about policing, it’s about obtaining compliance from black citizens in the same way as was demonstrated by Sun Tzu to the Emperor of Wu. Take two heads and the rest will do as they are told, when they are told. If you fail to recognise this then you are not serious about maintaining your State.

    The point made by Oldhead below about police doing both duties, protecting citizens AND Power and capital. Who else is going to keep the ‘staff’ in line should they start talking about ‘fairness and equality’?

    That’s what got Bilal a beating. He refused to flog a man for repeating what Muhammad (saw) said regarding God seeing all men as being like the teeth on a comb. We can’t have people talking about such things.

    I live in a first world Nation and am so ashamed of what is being done to our indigenous population that I feel like I am committing a crime by posting images of it.

    Take a look at the conditions we have left these people in (see 2.00).

    And mental health services are where? Oh wait, there goes one with a carpetbag.

  • And the real kicker, the hypocrites.

    I’ve heard so many times about the ‘advocates’ who want changes to occur in the ‘mental health system’. patients being treated badly and not getting a voice etc.

    Well, I was ‘accidentally’ treated as a “patient” and should still have a voice because I wasn’t actually a “patient”. I can speak for these people who they claim they want to help. Like the guy who wrote the book, Black Like Me. Or Saul of Tarsus as someone once pointed out to me “Yes I am a Christian, but I am also a Roman”. And the magistrates became afraid. The point being that if I can be subjected to torture and kidnapping, then so can the people authorising it. That they would not stand for, the destruction of my life and family is a cost they will bear as a consequence of the need to allow Community Nurses to arbitrarily detain, but not in their homes. I’m sure police would find their copy of the Criminal Code fairly quickly then.

    Unbelievable that these ‘advocates’ don’t actually want the voices heard. They are prepared to assist in throwing people under the bus to ensure they AREN’T heard. They’re not ‘advocates’, they’re hypocrites. I know in my case it was simply a matter of using the fabricated slander to bring them onside. lets not bother checking any facts, rather we will simply go along with the lies they have fabricated and act accordingly. Not unusual with wrongful convictions, though at least with them you get 20 years prison and let out, with mental health services you get tortured into submission with brain damaging chemicals and belts of electricity to your skull and are ‘never to be released’.

    The first knee jerk reaction to someone complaining about mental health services is slander and stick a needle in it to silence it. Make up an illness, just get it done.

    I could go through a list but the two that stand out are the Mental Health Law Centre, and the Council of Official Visitors. Protectors of human rights they are not. They are being used to create the appearance of compliance with International treaties, and they are actively engaging in human rights abuses by ensuring they are part of denying those who have been wronged access to legal representation. They turn and run as soon as instructed to by the authorities. “Yes Your Highness, anything you say Your Highness. Sorry for asking why you rewrote the law to allow kidnappings”.

    Still, they’re the ones living in the big houses with the nice BMWs in the driveways, so who’s the sucker there?

    These people have no intention of doing anything for those being abused in the mental health system, if they did they were presented with the perfect opportunity, and showed who they really are. Al Munafiqoon.

    “They will take their oaths as a cover”

    And so my hope is to live in a place where people do not act in such a manner. Where there are checks and balances on the exercise of power such as not merely suspecting, but having reasonable grounds (such as Criteria (s. 26) set out in the Act that can not be removed by the Chief Psychiatrist because they are inconvenient and merely there for show should anyone from the UN ask what were doing to stop citizens being tortured and calling it medicine like Bashar al Assad does). Or is that where we got the idea from? Is that why our government provides services to people tortured by foreign governments, but provides a slanderous label and forced drugging to victims of State sanctioned torture here? When done by foreign governments they are victims, when done by mental health services they’re “patients”, and meet the “inherent in or incidental to lawful sanction” loophole?

    And consider, they tried to make me into a “patient” post hoc to ensure that my rights were removed, and that they could conspire lawfully and conceal their torture and kidnapping, and failed. So what happens to the ones where they succeed? No, surely the suicide rate is increasing because more chemicals are getting unbalanced these days?

  • Thou shalt not bear false witness.

    So the Community Nurse who has a duty to complete a Form 1 referral before having a citizen incarcerated is required under the Mental Health Act to:

    (e) specify the facts on the basis of which it is suspected that the person should be made an involuntary patient; and

    (f) distinguish from the facts known because of personal observation by the referrer, any of the facts which have been communicated to the referrer.

    The Form is separated into two sections “observed” and “communicated” matters. This a protection from being detained SOLELY on the basis of hearsay. Finger-point detentions could obviously be weaponised against for example a neighbour in a dispute so…….

    So in my instance the Community Nurse has found a way around the requirement to document observed facts, its called the corrupt practice of ‘verballing’. So for example he asks me about a fight I had in school 45 years ago and he has “observed’ me engaging in violent conduct towards others. In fact, he has also ‘observed’ my violent thoughts if you read his poorly ‘verballed’ statutory declaration. The whole document contains absolutely no observations, and the twisting of words from the required literal wording to a figurative wording. “Not sleeping/eating” when what he was informed about was that I had not been sleeping well, and eating snacks. I did ask that he point me to any legislation that specified what I should be eating and how much I must sleep before being jumped in my bed whilst asleep by police but …. hey wait, they woke me up. Not sleeping? his ‘observation’?

    So he has borne witness before God that he observed certain matters. The document does contain an element of truth, for example the people he claims I was paranoid (implied, not explicitly stated) about watching me (my “neigbours”) were actually my in Laws who lived next door. Surely he could see that this might be a bit misleading.

    So I put all these matters to the Chief Psychiatrist in detail (and in writing if anyone cares to examine them). There is a protection in the law called the Oaths, Affidavits and Statutory Declarations Act which states that;

    “The validity of an oath, affirmation or statutory declaration is not affected by the fact that the person taking or making it does not use the exact words required as long as the words actually used do not materially affect the substance of the exact words and are not likely to mislead.”

    Not likely to mislead? This guy actually mislead the Chief Psychiatrist into a false belief that he had “reasonable grounds” to detain. The test was done when the Chief Psychiatrist responded to my letter of complaint, and it failed the test, it was not only likely to mislead, it actually mislead. Fortunately the Chief Psychiatrist doesn’t recognise the “reasonable grounds” aspect of the law (a burden of proof) and is allowing arbitrary detentions based on these ‘verbals’. He writes that I provided “justifiable explanations” for the matters listed ….. etc . No, I was pointing out that it was not possible for the Community Nurse to time travel and read minds. Perhaps psychiatrists have made the breakthrough and have not informed the rest of us?

    It is clear to me that the Community Nurse is fully aware of the laws protecting the public from his misconduct, and has found a way around it, it’s called criminal fraud. The Chief Psychiatrist is enabling his conduct through neglecting his duty, and denying the public a right to remedy as a result of this fraud. This man is literally killing people with his conduct. I have no doubt deaths have occurred as a result of him, and should you question that misconduct, he laughs at you and his Operations Manager fuking destroys you, with authority of both the Chief Psychiatrist AND the Minister.

    That is of course as long as the cover up works. Problems arise when they need to go back and cover their arses, and try and make it look like they did their duty post hoc.

    (2) Subject to subsections (4), (5) and (6), a person to whom this section applies must notify the Commission in writing of any matter —

    (a) which that person suspects on reasonable grounds concerns or may concern serious misconduct; and (it’s an act of serious misconduct to NOT report)

    [serious misconduct defined as 2 years or more prison. Lets start with concealing evidence of a criminal offence, namely intoxication by deception? Or ummmm kidnapping, that’s like 20 years And it is meant to be done “as soon as the person becomes aware of the suspected misconduct” and not when the cover up has been exposed and it looks like trouble. Sorry, didn’t report coz I thought they had knocked the guy, better late than never right?]

    Shame the Chief Psychiatrist doesn’t understand how “reasonable grounds” operates in law. He would no doubt understand the significance of it being “paramount” to report suspected misconduct where public officers are concealing the ‘spiking’ of citizens with date rape drugs before interrogations? Still, if he never suspects, and removes the need for “reasonable grounds” he would never, under any circumstances need to report to the Commission. He simply never suspects any of his colleagues and that’s the end of the matter.

    Thou shalt not bear false witness, except if your a public officer and we will kill anyone who dares complain about your fraud. How dare they question our authority?

    So we know what traveled across the desk of the Chief Psychiatrist and the Minister, and that it was a cover up they went along with (torture, kidnapping, and well, not sure they knew that the clinic psychs husband tried to knock me but a bit sad sending victims of such crimes away from a police station because ‘mental patient’ and we’ll look the other way while they kill him), but ……. did they report to the CCC? Question asked in the Upper House of the Minister, how many reports have you made to the Commission in the past 2 years? Answer…….. see the Hansards.

  • “You mentioned a book”

    Al Qur’an. And I read it every day.

    It also says “Let the people of the injiil (Christian Bible) judge according to what Allah has revealed therein. If they fail to do this, then they are no better than the unbelievers”
    (Al Maidah ayat 47).

    This is important in that our laws are based on the Abrahamic tradition, and that the laws as I understand them are consistent with the principles laid out there. People who are committing acts of fraud, slandering to conceal the truth are no better than unbelievers, and they will be treated as such by Muslims.

    Ie thou shalt not kill. Though in recent times they have passed the Euthanasia Act to insert a loophole in that command. Thou shalt not kill, except when ………

    Personally I see these laws all through our legal system and how they are being resolved according to the prophecies. In my instance the police only failed to retrieve the documents I had as a result of me walking into a Mosque. The State Police fully aware that it is difficult to commit serious offences under the noses of Federal Officers who are keeping a close eye on certain groups in our community. So they had to take the chance that they had been effective in having my wife retrieve the documented proof of the ‘spiking’. They failed, and I attribute that to the fact these types of offences shall be made known to others who then have a choice about what they do with that information. Do they double down, or do they act according to what the law requires? There are ‘tests’ of integrity and failing to perform one duty (ie report the matters to the authorities in preference for a cover up) and then reporting if the cover up is exposed is actually a worse offence than the original offences. Once again reflected in our laws which makes conspiring to pervert the course of justice a serious offence with a mandatory prison term. And of course here lies the ultimate test, do they think they can conceal these matters from God Himself? If they do, then they truly are unbelievers, despite their attendance at church every Sunday. Might I suggest their attendance there is about corrupting others who also attend. I know they also fail to see how easily they are identified as such. Alliances only go as far as we can trust the allied to stand by the agreements they have made. My State has ratified the Convention against the use of Torture, and look at how they are resolving complaints about known acts of torture. Make a mistake, correct yourself immediately AND do what you can to put the situation right. The Chief Psychiatrist sends me a letter AFTER the documents surface admitting his “error” [and is very vague about what that “error’ was] but does nothing (that I have seen) to correct that “error”. And we are to trust this person? Maybe he has reported to others who are failing to act but …….. hence the problem with “concealing the truth when you know what it is”.

    Fraud, slander, conspiring [aka backbiting], intoxication by deception, kidnapping, torture …… these are all matters frowned upon in Islam (references available should they be required), but receive the full support of our State Police despite what our laws say (“we don’t have a copy of the Criminal Code in this Station” while organised criminals sort out their little problem in the Emergency Dept). In fact, as stated I have a letter here from the Chief Psychiatrist (and confirmed as fact by the Minister in writing) that arbitrary detentions by Community Nurses of ANY citizen is lawful. Not only this but that whilst they thought only the hospital had the documentation relating to the ‘spiking’ he writes that what was actually done about that matter wasn’t entirely clear, and he wasn’t going to ask any questions so…….. In fact it is perfectly clear what was done, the Senior Medical Officer has written a fraudulent prescription for the drugs I was ‘spiked’ with and called them my “regular medications” (still, if the documents had been retrieved, and he thought only he had the truth in his hands…… quick look both ways and then lie. The writing of that prescription is a serious criminal offence, and a failure to report that is also a serious offence). I would under no circumstances take these intoxicants, and I suppose that since I was not anyone’s “patient” they couldn’t very well pin me down and force me to take them, so spiking me and then slandering me as paranoid should I complain was quite clever (and consider that the ‘intent’ was not to ‘medicate’ but to incapacitate to allow items to be planted for police and deny me my right to leave). Especially given that complaining about being drugged without your knowledge is THE most common delusion (which leaves me wondering about how often the Chief Psychiatrist is ‘overlooking’ these offences when it comes to “patients”).

    “Also, this may seem a little existential but have you though the answer to justice may lie outside your current thinking patterns?”

    Many, many times James. My thinking on these matters has shifted significantly over the years. It was difficult to go through and identify who it was that had true evil intent, mainly because of the fact that criminals tend to muddy the water and make their offences look like someone elses responsibility. See for example the way the Operations Manager deceived the young girl in the FOI office into accepting an email from the ‘Clinical Director’ authorising the fraudulent documents for the Mental Health Law Centre. This act by the Operations Manager is an act of pure evil, not only committing fraud to conceal torture and kidnapping, but covering her tracks and laying the responsibilty for that fraud at the Clinical Directors feet. I can only imagine his response when Investigators from the Corruption and Crime Commission began asking him questions, and what if he were to end up in prison for those offences? So I have been extremely careful in attributing evil intent. I even recognise that what else was the clinic psychologists husband (the psychiatrist) going to do OTHER than kill me? The State is authorising him to do that, so what if it is for his convenience? I had a job where I delivered pizzas once, and I used to get a few free ones.

    “Please do not take that as a challenge to your current ideas about what happened to you.”

    Funny but I actually want my ideas challenged, tear them to pieces, show me where I am wrong? Isn’t that how it’s meant to be? Isn’t that how we arrive at the ‘truth’? Whatever that may be? It the way authorities have gone about concealing these matters that has been so damaging to me. Backstabbing, fraud, threats to my family to have them manipulate outcomes …. I get it.

    And I get it that the State does not wish citizens to be aware they are torturing, kidnapping, and then killing anyone who dares complain. Okay, like a bad marriage I don’t agree with where they are going with this, and we should part company. But no, like an abuser they are denying me access to my property and my right to leave. We don’t want you leaving the relationship and talking about what happened lol. Go ahead, find someone else to torture and abuse. Plenty of people banging at the door trying to get into the place, I just want out. An Attorney General who refers matters of law to mental health is not what I voted for, and never will. In Opposition he is defending a man tortured by our police on the streets of the city, once in power he is referring a question about where I complain about being tortured to mental health for ‘actioning’. Walter Lindrum changed the rules once he became world champion and I don’t think he ever lost his crown as a result. Writing your own rules makes things easy, for some.

    My heart well and truly tested, and my brothers are aware of this. I will speak my truth, deliver the message and warn of a terrible punishment. I know as a result of police threats how I will make the journey to meet my maker. Not cowering begging them for mercy, but with knowledge that someone was watching, and that no matter what, good will triumph over evil in the end. I’m just sad I won’t be here to see it lol. Certainly not if my State has me outcomed, because they must be sick of covering the truth with falsehoods and having to threaten so many people by now. And they are making all sorts of noise about China here, arbitrary detentions? The raison detre of the Mental Health Act and the changes is about being able to arbitrarily detain citizens. It used to be the case that ‘mental health’ was something they needed to get you to a hospital to deal with, these days it is home delivered via police with tazers and guns handing you over to a filthy ‘verballer’ to give the appearance of “lawful sanction”. They stole your rights and made it look like you wanted it done lol.

    Have a chat to a radiographer or two re the girls. The math can be difficult but ……

  • Wow, mmarti2007

    This reminded me of a young man picked up by police and identified as a missing patient from the hospital. They forced him to accept that he didn’t know he was the missing patient, and then forced him to take that patients ‘medications’ which resulted in him being transferred to the emergency dept dying as a result of taking someone elses drugs.

    I really don’t know what to say. But I know this, we need to start documenting and recording these crimes so that when the time comes (and it will come) when these people are being held to account, their names are not forgotten.

  • For me, the shift has gone from policing by consent (the original idea promoted by Robert Peel) to policing by force (as the system was being corrupted) to policing by terror (as it stands at present). I’d like to see it head back in the other direction.

    In my state the mental health services are so worried about being exposed as the frauds and slanderers they are that they have resorted to the killing of citizens who have a legitimate complaint regarding their treatment.

    It used to be that if you made a complaint regarding public sector misconduct there would be an investigation and then a cover up. In some cases there would actually be action taken and very rarely they would even apologize for what was done. Not anymore. these days pointing out public sector misconduct will get you an overt threat from the State (“we’ll fuking destroy you”) and a chemical cocktail that will unintentionally negatively outcome you in the Emergency Dept whilst police retrieve any incriminating evidence from your home, and threaten your family and witnesses (and I have recently had my claims regarding the types of threats they make confirmed on national television [60 Minutes, threats of rape and assault made against a young woman falsely accused]).

    I guess it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain the illusion of democracy in the face of overt fascism. What better way to maintain your good reputation other than killing anyone who dares say anything you don’t like.

    The symbiotic relationship between police and mental health services is being realised where I live now that they have placed a mental health worker in every police station. This will allow police to engage in acts of torture, subject to it being “inherent in or incidental to lawful sanction”. Mental Health Services will be able to ‘chemically restrain’ pre interrogation as a result of you being referred to them, and they can then hand you back for ‘coercive methods’ to be used (ie threats of pack rape and mock executions) and then have you transported to the locked ward for ‘treatment’ for the mental illness caused by the chemical restraint.

    You might not like it but …….. tough. We need methods to obtain confessions, and these mentally ill people are getting wise to the methods being used. they are failing to attend the confessional, and even when we have forced them to attend the ‘church’ they refuse to maintain their links with their ‘medicators’. Something needs to be done. We need the right to arbitrarily detain and torture under the guise of ‘medicine’. These bleeding hearts and artists are getting away with murder claiming they have human rights. Don’t they understand they are only there for show, and there is no remedy available?

    What I can say is that I was referred to mental health by a Senior Constable for attending a police station with documented proof I had been ‘spiked’ with benzos. When having proof of criminal offences by public officers is justification for a needle full of anti psychotics to treat your truth speaking, there is a problem. Sure they thought they had concealed the torture and kidnapping, ugly, nasty behaviour from these ‘professionals’ that they would prefer went away, and were quite prepared to kill the complainant rather than speak the truth soooooo

    Anyway, it’s not the USA and I hope you guys don’t take the same path my government has chosen.

    Spotted this article looking for the news item about the shooting of the Chief Psychiatrist by a ……. deregistered psychiatrist.

    “SA mental health services reported to ICAC as Chief Psychiatrist intervenes in care” (search for this article)

    “They also rule the court systems, since no lawyer or judge, not even the supreme courts overrule psychiatry.”
    At least on this occasion they overruled a psychiatrist Sam Plover, though it seems more to do with who the victim was, rather than the fact he ‘lead medicated’ someone (an off label use not approved for non aboriginals in South Australia).

    [Dr Gassy, your service stinks lol]

    I did briefly describe the method being used to ensure that criminal matters did not progress. The S.A. Chief Psychiatrist claiming victim status it would seem. It is of course subject to a sophisticated knowledge of the law (not unlike our methods of euthanasing). I may return to this matter soon.

  • I don’t know if my point here is obvious but …….

    By providing a ‘fork in the road’ situation (“I wonder if it may help to think that it isn’t about you, or that at least much of it is not about you.”) are we not limiting the pathways that can be taken by a ‘client’?

    So for example the lawyer is leading me off down a path that suits everybody (minimise the punishment available to the magistrate with a truth he will accept in the absence of evidence to the contrary). I mean, confronting the magistrate with the truth in court would merely result in me being punished for speaking a truth he prefers to not be aware of (the drugs are being provided by police who are not being remunerated according to what they believe they are worth). I can think of similar situations in the ‘therapy’ environment, for example children raped by priests. We don’t like that truth so maybe it is their illness speaking and they have misinterpreted the situation. And of course they have no legal or mental capacity to make such an allegation, perhaps best we shove them off down the well worn path of mental patient, and view the rapist as having a character flaw and hope they get ‘treatment’ for their personality disorder. The other path the difficult one which results in …….. we are, after all creatures who seek the easy way.

    By allowing MY truth to be managed according to the system, when they went back to find the ‘fish’, they found a whole bunch of people had been deliberately harmed. The ‘system’ is the problem when it comes to concealing the truth, and providing pre determined pathways is damaging to people who need the truth to heal (listen carefully to people harmed by ‘psychiatry’ and what do you hear?). In that sense avoiding the system is probably the best thing you can do for your ‘mental health’.

  • “I wonder if it may help to think that it isn’t about you, or that at least much of it is not about you.”

    Bit like the lawyer who said to me (back in the early 1980s) “It might be best before I ask this question that you tell me that you only ever smoked it at parties. Now, how often do you smoke cannabis?” Worked a treat when he said to the Magistrate “My client tells me your Honor …..”

    But what if I had spoken the truth? I smoked it whenever police were making a drop off at the Hotel where I hustled pool? I smoked it whenever Senior Constable came back from the race track with empty pockets and did a ‘bust’ of the young guys in the toilets to take their money, and sell the drugs they were carrying at a reduced rate?

    I mean to this day I watch the television and hear “Police today uncovered a plan to import 5 Million dollars worth of cocaine” and they show the drugs they found. But it means they are paying three times what everyone else is paying for the stuff when you look at their ‘estimate’. Market manipulation if you ask me.

  • “The only acceptable response is to not be too worried about it and assume it will work itself out.”

    and in the process exploit the fears and guilt of those who are suffering from a mental illness. Cmon, there’s money to be made people. lol.

    “what happens if we instead label these potentially revolutionary feelings as pathologies, as brain disorders, as “mental health problems” and “mental illnesses” needing “treatment”?”

    Same as has always happened. Noah, mad, Channel 7 news says sunny for the rest of the week. Lot, totally insane to leave such a great city, Party Town. Moses, he’s got plants talking to him now? And that thing with the stick and the snake? Nebuchadnezzar, eat all the grass you like. Balaam says his donkey is talking to him, think he should see the doctor, but he refuses to take his medications and is non compliant. Beat that ‘patient’ into submission Doc, hit em hard.

  • Who benefits? Who would have obtained a benefit had I been murdered in the E.D.?

    Certainly the party in government at the time. It would have created the image that all was well in mental health, rather than the fact that the laws protecting the public are being totally ignored and citizens are being subjected to arbitrary detentions, torture, and other associated human and civil rights abuses.

    This weapon of a Police State needs to remain concealed in order to be effective. The three card monte exposed means no one wishes to play the game once they know its rigged. So those in Opposition expose only enough to create fear in the current government, and once in power maintain the concealment of the abuses and begin using the very same methods for their own advantage. “Their” corruption now becomes “Our” corruption. And the victims are not only putting their neighbors in, they are sometimes reporting themselves. “Hello, this is the mental health helpline, how can we help you (into an early grave mumbled under their breath)”

    The hospital themselves gains a benefit in a number of ways. Not only do they manage to conceal a large number of serious criminal offences they also create links with corrupt police, test the waters with regards the distribution of fraudulent documents and see how effectively they are being ‘policed’, and begin to corrupt the ‘watchdog’ bodies by luring them into corrupt relationships that can be used to conceal future criminal acts. Their ‘fuking destruction’ of a citizen publically for daring to complain about being tortured and kidnapped an act of terrorism letting other know what will be done to them should they dare make any legitimate complaint about the misconduct of hospital staff. Kill one to scare a thousand.

    The private clinic, and the clinic psychologist obtain a benefit. The passing around of “patients” from private to public systems a problem given the protections afforded both “patients” and citizens by the law. ‘Remotes’ being frowned upon and not prosecuted by police who can’t find their copy of the Criminal Code can be used to the benefit of doctors, particularly those with links to organised crime. Positioning oneself in private clinics with wealthy and influential clients who can be ‘hijacked’ into the public system and then brutalised with impunity an excellent means of turning a dollar. Especially when one considers that the public not only accepts the ‘negative outcomes’ from the public system, they almost demand it. This alternative system of justice allowing punishments that could never be achieved in the prison system. (ever been held in the locked ward people? Take a look from the inside. Ever wonder why they wish to construct a mental health hospital in the centre of a Supermax? The thought of mental health is enough to scare even our hardest criminals. The modifications to the electric chair simply slowing the process down to a crawl, for now.).

    My wife and her prof. friend obtained a benefit. My wife still has everything I ever worked for in her possession. I don’t even have a photograph of my mother (all of my documents Passport, birth certificate, degree, work history etc), never mind all of my tools, my clothes, the money I put into the house etc. All being held for 9 years now and causing me significant disadvantage in being able to obtain legal representation. Was this why it was done? you’d have to ask the people who arranged to ‘fuking destroy’ me with my wife and her co conspirators. And of course the conspiracy to stupefy and commit an indctable offence totally ignored by police because they went to the trouble of procuring the services of police to torture and kidnap me. My wifes doctor friend obtaining a benefit by putting the doctor who was going to outcome me in his pocket for later use (surprised you didn’t wait until post ‘treatment’ to intervene Doc. Dead men tell no tales, whilst the mental patient is simply ignored, though the truths they sometimes speak are sometimes heard by the wise). That’s got to be worth a dollar or two, someone ‘working the system’ and disposing of inconvenient truths without the Coroner noticing.

    And lastly there is a benefit for the Community. They live in ignorance that all this is being done under their noses, and that they are actually paying a lot of money for it. The media who refuse to even consider telling our stories, and the ‘advocates’ who turn their backs on us providing a service to these people to ensure that nothing ever changes. They can speak of a need for ‘reforms’ and the need to keep these human rights abuses concealed to not damage the reputations of the few ‘good’ people in the system rather than expose the truth and allow people to make their own minds up based on facts and truth.

    So I guess in this sense this all fits into what Plato called Noble Corruption. Everyone seems to benefit, and even those being killed by the State are becoming martyrs for the cause of mental health. The Mad Mullahs of Medicine fighting their jihad against those morally corrupt mental patients.

    Maintain your silence. Let what is happening behind the fence remain an unspoken secret. Let the ashes fall on your houses and be washed by the rain into the gutters and into the earth. And once again you can feign shock and horror when the truth is finally exposed, and believe me, it will be exposed. But, we must move forward and what matters is that it wasn’t me or my family that was ‘fuking destroyed’ by the State, and as long as that remains the case, my silence is paid for.

    I can ‘see’ the doctor who has been ‘treating’ this ‘patient’ beating her around the head. It’s not obvious, but if you look carefully it can be seen. Of course we have been conditioned NOT to see. And the Minister speaks of ‘reforms’ and ‘this tragic situation’ not being repeated, people are falling through cracks and blah blah blah.

    What they don’t seem to realise is that the protections afforded the public by the law are being ignored by authorities, and this ‘patient’ in the above article could be them in less than three hours. Want me to show you how?

  • One thing I can say James is that it can’t be that doctors are exempt from prosecution when they break the law. The police do seem to be able to find their copy of the Criminal Code in some instances.

    This guy is actually a doctor and can prescribe benzodiazepines, though it seems his “patient” in this instance managed to convince police that his prescribing practices were actually outside the law.

    The offences he stood trial on were ‘stupefying with intent’ and ‘sexual assault’ (I believe).

    What I noticed form this was that the ‘victim’ suspected that she had been ‘spiked’ and obtained a toxicology report to prove she had the drug in her system. The negligence of the Community Nurse in my instance in not allowing me my human right to not be drugged with stupefying drugs without my knowledge meant that I could not obtain such a report. Though it was documented as a result of the call to the hospital, and then as with other inconvenient information, disappeared, whilst the slander was manufactured.

    None of the people up until I had been kidnapped by police and presented to the Senior Medical Officer in the cage had the right to prescribe these drugs to me, and so he did it post hoc to conceal the offences.

    When reading about the above case I note that one tablet (5mg) was put into a bottle of wine they shared. In my instance I was given 5mg and then another 5mg when the first pill didn’t have the immediate effect desired (eg to deprive me of my liberty and allow items to be planted on me for police once the Community Nurse had confirmed their attendance) So I was given 4 times the amount by people conspiring who had NO PRESCRIBING RIGHTS.

    Ah but Dr Kearsley intended to sexually assault his victim, in my instance they were merely trying to have me transported against my will to a locked cage to be subjected to interrogation whilst stupefied without my knowledge. Oh wait, that’s the definition of torture and kidnapping, can we rewrite that? Yes, with approval of the Clinical Director who would realise the significance of his staff torturing and kidnapping citizens, and then having doctors sign prescriptions for drugging of citizens without their knowledge to enable such acts.

    So 4 times the amount, intent of much more serious offences and ….. I guess what Kearsley should have done was invoked the provisions of the Mental Health Act on his victim and had police hold her down while he ‘treated’ her. I’m sure her anosognosia would have subsided once she realised what a sex god he really was, and her rejections would have become begging. In much the same way as my refusal to cooperate with the forced drugging of em would have been overcome with weeks if not months of dribble therapy.

    So as far as answers go, I believe I have a right to hear why it is I can have these serious offences committed against me. My question to the Minister regarding what drugs I can be ‘spiked’ with, and by whom reasonable I think given they are authorising benzos at large amounts when it is clear these date rape drugs are unlawful in other circumstances.

    Funnily the amount is not specified in the law (for some obvious reasons). Though Kearsley does give an indication of a line where police will act. A defense is available if the person who did it thought the victim wouldn’t mind if they knew [which of course falls as a result of the 6 weeks of conspiring to conceal it from me. So it was a crime, and not medicine. Though it appears that our Minister is more than happy with this method being used on anyone who has been hijacked as “patient” under the Act, and which I was NOT as defined in the Act. major problem which they tried to resolve after the fact with fraud. Shows the respect being shown to “patients” by these ‘good people’ allowing human rights to be abused and then denying any involvement through acts of fraud and slander. Filthy backstabbers.]

    Lets start with why Kearsley gets charged and the two people who conpsired and arranged for me to be ‘spiked’ with drugs that were not mine, and which they knew I would never take willingly didn’t?

    One of them was my wife? Well, they knew the reason she wanted me assessed was because I had told her parents I was leaving her [though the traige notes suggest that she told them this but didn’t know this. aka make it look like i’m still his wife, wouldn’t want his family stepping in when were torturing and kidnapping him. Same goes for a lawyer or a doctor who would know he wasn’t his “patient” anymore).

    One of them was my doctor? Well, actually no. They did try to have me obtain a referral post hoc to make me into the clinic psychs “patient” and thus then allow them to conspire against the “patient” but this failed. And I assume that this was the reason they planned to have me murdered before police noticed I wasn’t actually a “patient” and was really a victim of serious criminal offences. They shouldn’t have worried, 9 years and police still won’t accept the documented proof of the offences, never mind a statement. How bizarre that they will stand and watch while a citizen is murdered to conceal torture and kidnapping. Oh wait, medicine magic. Like Voodoo lol

    So everyone happy with poisoning if you dare tell your wife or husband your leaving? Police will come and assist you with these acts of domestic violence? And then shoot the victim when they find the knife you planted on them?

    Of course I may be lying. I may have got this all wrong or ….. anyone care to check what I’m saying? Not the police, they tell me that when the clinic psychologist and my wife tried to have me attend the ED where the psychs husband was a consultant psychiatrist and deal with my ‘mental illness’ that came about as a result of being tortured and kidnapped it’s best they don’t know about that, and well, if I keep turning up in a police station with the documented proof I will be arrested. Though even lawyers who are politicians can’t seem to tell me what the charge would be.

    All there if anyone ever cares to take a look. And hey, not a lot of people dying (due to outcoming in the ED) in the meantime.

    Seriously? Snatched from your bed after being ‘spiked’ with benzos, and having items planted for police to find. dropped into a locked cage in a mental institution for 7 hours of interrogation whilst not informed I had been drugged without my knowledge with date rape drugs and I get killed for wishing to complain? Ah well, you see Boans there’s things we can’t tell you. like we made you into a “patient” without telling you, and well you were asleep so couldn’t consent, and once you were umped by police in your bed well, the wheels were in motion….. sorry bout that. Anyway, busy, got a Premier to spike in his lunch, and have police make a mental health referral when he falls asleep with his knife and fork in his hand. Were going to chemically restrain him for his delusion of thinking he is the Premier (nothing like being able to drug people for speaking the truth and calling it an illness) and ask him a few questions about his financial dealings that he seems reluctant to answer openly and honestly. then we will start the treatment for the illness he is about to get as a result of that chemical restraint.

    Good for the goose, good for the gander. All there should anyone care to look. And I would ask for ‘real’ help from any government where arbitrary detentions and torture are seen as being human rights abuses, not something to be concealed to maintain your reputation. I ask for asylum from this State government who has been refouling me for 9 years now (and I assume with full knowledge of the Federal govt. Don’t say I haven’t told them).

    The denial of a right to effective legal representation being a method that will no doubt increase in the future given the effectiveness of it in the past. Deny access to the law and refer to mental health for ‘treatment’. It will no longer be about money when lawyers know that the State will target their families if they do not act in the interests of the State, and against the interests of their ‘clients’. Torture away people, your free to do as you wish with zero accountability. No rights without remedy.

  • Thanks James,

    “Has anyone ever given you a good answer as to what should be done for citizens of ‘free’ countries in that situation?”

    Short answer is No. We have a rule of law until we don’t like the outcome of that rule of law, and in that situation we ‘fuking destroy’ the victims of malfeasance in office. I have made what I believe to be legitimate complaints regarding what was done to me to the authorities (in the manner they ask that they are made) and all they have done is use their position to deliberately harm me. I have asked of my own government to assist me, and whether they have or not I don’t know, but what I can say is it sure doesn’t feel like it.

    I have been amazed that people who are not even citizens of this Nation have more rights than myself. people being detained in ‘offshore detention’ allowed access to a lawyer and the right to make complaints to the Aust. Human Rights Commission who tell me, in writing, they don’t take complaints regarding acts of torture by public officers.

    I have asked, and ask again in this forum, for the right to seek asylum from these people who have in the first instance subjected me to acts of torture, and when I made a legitimate complaint regarding those acts, did what is called a cover up and made an attempt to kill me. I’m sure they are embarrassed about this group of public officers operating in the shadows not too dissimilar to the people dealing with issues in a hands off way for Putin or M.B.S.

    Okay, i’m not that important to warrant news items or even the right to life from what I have observed. But really? For complaining about public sector misconduct you get a death sentence? And when they realise the cover up has not been effective, they double down and attempt to conceal their wrongdoing by uttering with the fraud created to do the cover up? They maintain the fraud of the ‘mental patient’ and slander me for speaking the truth.

    I know that there have been things happen that suggest to me that something ha been done regarding these people. And sure I also get it that maybe it’s best I don’t know certain aspects of that. I get the feeling that when the poo hit the fan (I usually measure this as when the police started threatening the psychologist to find out “who else had the documents” realising that what I had been saying all along was true, and that they had assisted in the torture and kidnapping planned by my wife and the clinic psychologist, and that other now had the proof of this also).

    “If we face fascism parading as democracy, what has happened?”

    The Mental Health Act is what has happened. The use of this as a means to redirect any ‘enemies of the States corruption’ and ensure that any action they attempt to take is dealt with via ‘treatments’ “inherent in or incidental to lawful sanction”. Me slipping through the net exposed how it is being done, the sin on the part of the Minister and Principle of the Law Centre was being caught, NOT that they are doing it. And how can they be held to account for what others are doing?

    I do wish there were things I could discuss openly regarding the way these matters have been (I believe) dealt with. Consider if you will that someone interrupted the ‘outcome’ planned for me in the Emergency Dept as a result of not having the stomach for it (good guy, bad guy? Who knows?) But consider also that once that ‘outcome’ was interrupted then they attempted to retrieve the proof I had of what i’m saying, slandered me with the fraud that was provided to the Law Centre, and then a scurrying of activity when I turned up with those documents two years later.

    Of course I expected some support from people who are not fans of torture and kidnappings by the State but they had already gone along with the fraud and well as was the case with the Council of Official Visitors with the letter from the Chief Psychiatrist they asked a question and were quickly put in their place with a threat. How is it possible to trust these people when they can not be open and honest?

    I know that in my Book it speaks often about people who conceal the truth with falsehoods. There is an argument to say they are not concealing the truth, merely allowing people to be lead astray by the fraud of others (eg the Minister saying he is sorry I am still upset about my ‘referral’ and ‘detention’ [kidnapping and torture if one sees these matters for what they are, but by making the false claim that this was ‘medicine’ then my complaining is a symptom of an illness rather than me a victim of crimes. The removal of the documents proving that I was ‘spiked’ and replacing them [editing] with others and then saying that my complaint about being ‘spiked’ was a paranoid delusion shows how these people are operating. It took me some time to resolve that this was how they were denying me access to a lawyer with backstabbing slander. The shock when the divorce lawyer realised I was speaking the truth was …… I guess she doesn’t get to see many people who survive a ‘fuking destruction’ by the State when they are simply killing them] and that I should get some ‘help’ (from the people who tortured and kidnapped me).

    I guess in some ways this is about groups of fascists fighting over the power available and not people who are against the implementation of a fascist State. Both sides simply have differing models of fascism they are trying to implement. Otherwise why would someone not take up with the Chief Psychiatrist his enabling of arbitrary detentions and torture? Okay, so he told the Council of Official Visitors to fuk off and keep their noses out of a cover up, but they are only a State statutory authority put in place to ensure that human rights are not being abused. And if they can’t neglect their statutory duty to allow the Chief Psychiatrist to enable torture and kidnappings for psychiatrists …… what’s the point of having laws that look like they protect citizens if you can’t ignore them? But what about federal bodies? International ones? I guess they simply don’t care. For example Aust. Lawyers for Human Rights don’t give a damn about victims of torture. But if I can’t get a wedding cake made for when I get married to my husband they’re on to it.

    All roads lead to Rome and well, unfortunately my State has found ways of ensuring their torturing is going undetected, and that is not by some accident. I showed them how it is being done only to be kicked in the face by these good moral upstanding people who were glad that it was caught before anyone helped me.

    I’m sure that Jamal Kashoggis wife knocking on the door of the ‘interrogation’ he was subjected to resulted in her not being heard also. When mental health professionals are using police as their personal kidnapping and torture service, and receiving assistance from police to conceal that misconduct their is a problem. When they are being given time to resolve their problems with police misconduct their is a problem. The laws are written with the possibility of these types of abuses in mind. But when those charged with a duty fail to perform that duty (or as was stated outside Parliamentary privilege about our previous Minister “derelict in her duty” [fail to report acts of torture and kidnapping coz …… “you sure you got this covered up Operations Manager?”]) there is a problem.

    The last person I put my faith in to see that something was done about this …… I spoke to with a lawyer who had previously accepted the lies told by the Law Centre and given me the ‘flick’. We went through the ‘facts of the matter’ to the point where we identified what was done to conceal the ‘spiking’ [ie make it my “regular medication” and write a prescription for it 12 hours after it was administered aka conspire to pervert the course of justice, conceal a criminal offence etc]. After that I was pretty much dumped in the street again. I dod of course try and speak to this person but was simply told “I’m not allowed to speak to you” (I assume without my rather ineffective/negligent previous lawyer who was covering her arse in a situation where her negligence had been exposed. Was she appointed my lawyer as someone who was already compromised and could be used to throw me under a bus once they were done questioning me?) and he seemed more concerned about the fact he had “insurance”.

    I’d love to be in a place where I was safe and could be helped to document all of this (I have tried but the people who do start helping become afraid, and as you probably noticed my writing skills are lacking). I notice an asylum seeker who was being tortured by the Australian govt on Manus Island managed to get asylum in N.Z. recently. The fact that he was not safe should he return to Aust territory damning, especially given that these people actually have MORE rights than citizens (ie they have access to legal representation regarding matters of torture, I am denied this right because ….. they have ‘hijacked’ my rights under the guise of ‘medicine’.

    I guess in answer to your question James, all we can do is what the people in Germany did, run while you can. The latest use of the ‘mental health services’ to ‘flag’ as many people as possible as a result of covid very clever when one thinks about it. Why use force when you can have people do what you require with a little coercion. And they are even providing the money for this ’rounding up’ of large groups of people. I wonder if the National Socialists in Germany had a system where people with Jewish backgrounds could call and ask for ‘help’? “Hello Helpline, i’m a little anxious over the fact my Great Grandfather was a Mr Cohen and it may effect my work for the State. Can you help me?”……..”We sure can, and thank you for your call”.

    Is it too late? More than likely. Good news about it all is the only thing left for the State to take from me is my heartbeat. And I am of the opinion that now that I have even been denied assistance from my own government (British) to leave this place, they will be looking at taking that heartbeat some time in the near future.

    “I would really like to hear an honest, plausible and viable answer.”

    Me too James, me too.

    The honest answer didn’t suit them, so they are fabricating them. And now they want us to accept their ‘truths’ when it comes to this pandemic? I think they are beginning to see the results of their repeated lying to us all. trust a finite resource that eventually runs out.

    “Our warrior class is busy upholding the edicts of corruption under the pretense of freedom.”

    Rights paid for in blood (no arbitrary detentions, no torture) written away by the Chief Psychiatrist, and this supported by the ‘human rights advocates’ at the Mental Health Law Centre who lack the courage to point out to the Emperor that his Armani suits are a figment of his imagination. They really do disgust me.

  • One issue I do have is the letter of response from the Chief Psychiatrist to the Mental Health Law Centre, where he removes the protections afforded by the law, and enables arbitrary detentions.

    I have made the suggestion that this letter was forged and then uttered by the Mental Health Law Centre (possibly at the request of the Minister). But this could not be possible for a number of reasons, that;

    I have not been informed by anyone that I was the victim of such an offence. And surely MY lawyers committing such an offence against ME would result in ME being informed?

    the Principle of the Law Centre has run in a Federal Election since this letter was questioned by me (and others such as the Council of Official Visitors). This would not occur had such an offence been detected. People with such a history ending up in our Federal Parliament?

    the Principle is NOT a public officer and therefore is not protected from prosecution for such serious criminal acts. Or is it the case that when public officers involve the public in offences its a ‘get out of jail free’ situation? I think not.

    is she still practicing law since this time?

    Of course my detailed response to this letter pointing out how a burden of proof works in law to the Chief Psychiatrist who provides “expert legal advice to the Minister” did not cover every one of the ‘errors’ made in his letter of response (handed to me from the Law Centre without them being able to read it). It is very difficult to write such responses from the back seat of a car when your left homeless by police. And with such a large amount of ‘errors’ occurring detailing them all when the people responding simply continue to make further errors and ignore questions of law where it suits their purposes becomes even more difficult. Simply making more problems for the victim is highly effective from a position of power (malfeasance in office). In fact I would imagine a large number of suicides occur as a result but when they have the ability to “edit” the facts then we will never become aware of the truth. The whole reason detre of the FOI legislation is subverted with this ability to “edit” the truth and manufacture preferred legal narratives. Australians value a rule of law wahahhahahaha.

    So given that the uttering of this suspected forged letter would have resulted in someone being held to account, and that person has NOT been held to account, I can only assume the Chief Psychiatrist wrote this letter, and is authorising arbitrary detentions and the use on known torture methods in our hospitals. Not only this but he is also aware that documents are being “edited” (aka legal narratives are being changed before distribution to lawyers) to conceal these serious criminal offences and human rights abuses.

    Anyone care to examine these letters I speak of? What about we put two lawyers in different rooms with the two different sets of documents distributed by the hospital and test the hypothesis that the documents are not fraudulent? I mean, I know they are but just to be sure to be sure. How convenient that they didn’t have time to examine this 4 page letter which after all has significant consequences for the whole community if the person responsible for the protection of consumers, carers and the community doesn’t know what those protections are and is allowing citizens to be ‘spiked’, snatched from their beds and delivered to a hospital by police for ‘treatment’ by a doctor they have never even met, for an illness they don’t have, with drugs they don’t want. I can see a problem, but unfortunately i’m the only one who does (am I alone, or are people being threatened to be silent and look the other way?)

  • “Effectively its their only weakness.”

    It has always been my contention that if the world gives you lemons, make lemonade.

    What I know is that in my country it is possible to subject people to acts of torture, and conceal those acts as being “inherent in, or incidental to lawful sanction.” This is achieved via bringing them under the provisions of the Mental Health Act. Plant items for police to find and lawfully detain, and then make referral immediately to a Community Nurse to fabricate the ‘reasonable grounds’ to detain the person and administer a ‘chemical restraint’ to induce what appears to be a mental illness, and from that point take it where you will. The ‘burning flesh’ cocktail seems to be quite effective to get people to talk when they are unwilling.

    Now I know that some people (not as many as I thought) are a little reluctant to use torture methods but ….. here’s the kicker, it isn’t torture if you call them “patients”. And people just don’t realise how easily that is achieved. And you’d be surprised at what can be called medicine, stuff that even Islamic State gets called evil for can be claimed on Medicare lol.

    So we can use these methods to obtain ‘whistleblowers’, and even when they complain about being subjected to ‘coercive’ interrogations we can easily establish that “they’re mental patients, you can’t listen to them” (to quote our Minister for Mental Health speaking about women who were being sexually assaulted in our hospitals).

    So while the total destruction of my life by the clinic psychologist may have been terrible for me to endure, what has come out of it is that there are methods of subjecting people to torture and kidnapping (and a negative outcome or two should it be needed) and concealing it as medicine. And even if the victims obtain the proof of this, the state will ‘fuking destroy’ them for daring to voice their concerns.

    I mean, it’s a ‘technicality’ and what might be called a ‘loophole’ but …… if God didn’t want us to masterbate He would have given us shorter arms right?

    Seriously though, I would never bring myself down to the level of the people who did what they did to me. And while I am certain the community would turn a blind eye (as they did many times before) these criminals will be dealt with most likely by their own hand. My rather naive bumbling around trying to resolve what had been done to me, resulted in the paranoid delusions of these people leading them down a path of evil intent. They will kill people to maintain their reputation and protect their ‘colleagues’. And they honestly believe they have that right. There reputation as torturers and kidnappers concealed through acts of criminal negligence, fraud and slander, and authorities who deny the existence of a Rule of Law in the face of absolute proof of criminality.

    The motto of police used to be “protect and serve”. And whilst I agree that even those who have committed criminal acts deserve to be protected and served until they are convicted in a court of law, the idea of police being used as the personal thugs of criminals posing as doctors leaves me gobsmacked.

    A psychiatrist simply calls police and has someone they wish to kill flagged by police, and then has then delivered to a hospital to unintentionally negatively outcome them? Care to see how the person who is charged with the “protection of consumers, carers and the community” enforces those protections? With ‘suss laws’ by removing the “reasonable grounds” from the Mental Health Act and refusing to question the “reasonable grounds” supplied for incarcerations and forced druggings? And we are concerned about arbitrary detentions in China?

    I was snatched from my bed by public officers after being ‘spiked’ with benzos and interrogated without access to a lawyer, a doctor, a family member for 7 hours. And they concealed this with the signing of a fraudulent prescription for the drugs which became my “regular medication”. And the people who did this obviously felt comfortable enough to not be concerned that anything would be done about it. I was laughed at when I said I would have something done. And rightly so, the system which they claim ‘protects’ the public, does nothing of the sort. It maintains a system of false trust that is being exploited by corrupt officials.

    If they are doing something about it, they sure haven’t made that clear to me. And the idea that they should attempt to right their wrongs, rather than continue to refoul victims of torture is a farce. Push them to suicide seems to be the ‘cure’ (check the data, though as stated above, it isn’t torture if you bring them under “inherent in or incidental to lawful sanction”. So were looking at the increasing numbers of suicides by ‘patients’ produced from the mental health services. Post hoc fraud proves mens rea on the refoulment).

    Anyway, the opportunity is there for someone to set up a “Torture Tourism” business. The ‘precedent’ has been set that all one needs to do is ‘spike’ the target, plant the items to bring them under ‘lawful sanction’ and torture away. Not a soul here prepared to challenge the authorities who are enabling this conduct.

  • “Psychiatry has really put themselves in a sweet spot in that regard and they are well aware they are doing it to their own advantage, i have worked at huge corps and leadership knows exactly how to leverage it.”

    I wonder if the best method may be to play them off against each other. There are advantages to providing information about your competitor. For example a dob in a drug dealer program (dobbing is a slang term for telling on someone here) run by police was used by organised criminals to take out their competition.

    See the scene in Dark Knight where the Joker offers a position in his organisation.

    Perhaps what we need is some Dis-organised crime lol

  • “issues of “malignant narcissism among authoritarian political leaders” in light of the rise of anti-democratic extremism.”

    Wish I could say that quickly with a mouth full of marbles.

    Made me think about how our politicians here are allowing travel exemptions (as a result of COVID) for people to pick up their luxury yachts, but making a family chose which of the 4 children is allowed to see their father before he dies. Football players and girlfriends birthday party, no problem. Want to attend your fathers funeral interstate, not a chance.

    Now consider, we are required to vote so these are not necessarily popular choices, just choices. Of course it must groom their egos to think that half the population voted for them but … (it creates an image of democracy)… these days they are like rock stars handing out back stage passes, and being remunerated at about the same rate due to them being the people who award their increases in salary. Everyone else taking a cut except the politicians.

    And well, lets be honest. The way things are going it will be difficult for most to find time to study Fromm (or anyone else for that matter) between the three jobs they need to work to see that their kids can attend school. Especially if their kids have been unfortunate enough to come under the professional gaze of the “Kiddie Coke” doctors.

    “the girls come easy, and the drugs come cheap, …..everybody got a psychiatrist on speed dial”

  • “When will pharmaceutical companies and medical schools start educating our medical community about the warnings on and side effects of these drugs, the likelihood of withdrawal, and how to taper people safely off them?”

    A quote from a story from PBS on the opioid crisis. The show is called Opioids Inc.

    “When executives go to jail, that sends out a pretty serious message to the wider business and financial community. And certainly with the Insys story, that message will be pretty clear-cut to the rest of the pharmaceutical world.”

    Lets start sending these people to prison, removing the money they have effectively stolen, and get rid of the people they have corrupted in our governments who are dismantling legislation that stop these “Pill Mills” from operating. See for example the concealment by the State of a doctor (psychiatrist) who prescribed ADHD drugs (amphetamines) to 2074 patients in one year from public scrutiny. We can no longer know that this is happening, and thus no questions will be asked. Legalised drug dealing, nothing more.

    Good article Sherry, and one I intend sharing with a friend who is struggling to understand why she is having so much trouble as a result of reducing/ceasing with her anti depressants. Her doctor telling her that the “chemical imbalance” required her to take them for the rest of her life (and attend his office for a $200 hand shake each month).

  • “Normally, my stance is that intention does not matter nearly as much as impact.”

    I find that an interesting statement Megan.

    I was recently out bush walking and came across a graveyard. Funny but it’s a place where I like to think about time healing all wounds. I came across the grave of a 14 year old boy whose name and picture seemed familiar. When I got home I googled his name and then it all came back. This young man had been kidnapped and tortured for hours in the bush, and then brutally murdered by a young man and his girl friend. She has been released and he is due for release back into the community very soon.

    The impact on the parents was as you would expect, devastating. And I think that is directly related to the intent of the people who killed their son.

    I try and compare my torture and kidnapping to what was done to this boy, and find myself wondering how he would have ever healed had he escaped alive. I know that as far as intent goes, the people who tortured and kidnapped me did try and minimize the damage of their conduct (finally deciding that I should be unintentionally negatively outcomed, though not all agreed with that as being a solution to the states problem of my complaining), though 9 years on I still can’t sleep due to the fear of being snatched from my bed and subjected to further torture. So how on earth could this boy ever recover? I’ve no idea where I would start with such a situation. Though what I know is that the people who did these evil deeds were not in a situation where they could tamper with the evidence/proof, and further psychologically harm the victim. Police did not send the parents away telling them “Sorry, we don’t have a copy of the Criminal Code in this Station”. And evidence was gathered rather than turned away when it did not tell the story they desired. Of course there is “insufficient evidence” if you refuse to take the documented proof of serious offences and spend more time telling the victim you are going to arrest them for having the proof they were tortured and kidnapped rather than document their account of what happened. Unlike the people in my situation who have managed to neglect their duty to enable such vile deeds. They both tried to conceal their acts, and both failed (yes I have the proof).

    I visit the graves and think of the line from the movie Full Metal Jacket, “the dead know only one thing, it is better to be living”. Though given the way I feel inside these days, I am among friends there. Betrayed by my whole community, wanting to leave and being denied access to legal representation to retrieve my property because the State is busy committing human rights abuses.

    Good series of articles.

  • Or maybe it was when the Operations Manager said they would ‘fuking destroy’ me for complaining that I started to imply malice? lol. Imagine one of the loons pointing out her criminal conduct, and her with access to all the resources of the State to assist her in her fuking destruction of anyone who dares to question their conduct which after all constituted acts of torture and kidnapping of citizens.

    Probably sits and watches the news and complains about Kim Jong Il, and all the while not even questioning her vile conduct.

  • Ouch Malaika.

    I did try a small dose of this drug after I returned to the hospital that tortured and kidnapped me. No way they were going to allow me to stay on the ward without some form of drug taking. It was when the psychiatrist went on leave and another guy who literally didn’t know what day of the week it was (insisting in front of a half dozen staff it was Wednesday on Tuesday, and no one other than me prepared to challenge his ‘error’. I called him “The Proverbial” from that point on) tried to get me to take it at levels that would have taken my legs out from under me that I needed to leave. I had what I needed by that time anyway.

    “I did pull my medical records, which I received on two USB sticks, but they’re incomplete, mainly indecipherable and are presented (I believe deliberately) as though someone threw all the notes in the air and stapled them together in whatever order they landed.”

    I wrote and thanked the FOI office for the jigsaw puzzle they sent me, which consisted on the redacted sections and left me to figure out where those sections were cut out from the redacted documents they had already sent me. I thought it important to make a note that these people were engaged in an attempt to conceal something (that something being a criminal offence, and that offence carries a mandatory prison sentence). They really upped the stakes at that point and were assuming the ‘lotto’ was fixed in their favor.

    Bit of a worry for the FOI officer that she had me with a knowledge of the FOI process banging at the door, and the lawyers at the Mental Health Law Centre making application for documents that would expose serious criminal offences including acts of torture, and she had been conspiring with my wife to pervert the course of justice on the matters. Pure coincidence that I documented the date on which they finally informed me about the spiking in a letter to the FOI office. Otherwise they could have claimed there was no record of it and ….. not another mistake that assists in concealing their criminal conduct? The luck of some people lol.

    I have taken this matter of fraudulent documents up with our Minister. mainly because it seems to me that if hospitals are allowed to distribute fraudulent documents to citizens legal representatives, then how can the public be assured that we are protected given our new Euthanasia Act? I understand the need for the redaction of certain information to protect people, but there is an Operational Directive in place which allows legal representatives, upon provision of a confidentiality agreement, to be provided with unredacted documents with the confidential information marked and an explanation of why that information is not to be shared with their client. Imagine, in my instance they would have been marking criminal offences an saying don’t inform your client because we don’t want to go to prison, aka asking lawyers to conspire to pervert the curse of justice IN WRITING. That wasn’t going to work for them so they found a way around it, committing further more serious offences, and thinking they would just have me killed in the E.D. (and of course tamper with the paperwork and trick the Coroner. They are allowed to do that from what I have seen given the now ex Minister for Mental Health says they can “edit” legal narratives to manufacture truths).

    End of the day I hope that time heals you enough to allow you to sort out some of their poisonous conduct. These vicious psychological assaults and misconduct being enabled by these people we vote for one of the reasons I see our communities being destroyed. They are being allowed to leave a trail of destruction behind them, and not a lot prepared to hunt them down and deal with them. Shame really coz it can be fun when you see someone who didn’t believe in a God running screaming to that same God they didn’t believe in just a short time before when they think their time is up. One minute he is bearing false witness on statutory declarations before a God he doesn’t believe exists, the next he is running and hiding asking that same God to help him when I ask him about why he concealed the ‘spiking’ from me and allowed police to torture me. Comedy Gold lol. I’m sure they have drugs for his paranoid anxiety.

    He made me into a monster in his mind in order to justify his detention of me, ‘verballed’ the forms and took the victim of domestic violence and made me into a psychotic, knife weilding, drug abusing, wife beating paranoid delusional. Then of course when I approach him to try and resolve why he did this, he runs from me terrified of the monster he created lmao. Surely it makes more sense to drug him, rather than have him drug the whole world? Because as far as he is concerned we’re all sick and in need of his ‘treatment’, and he has found that by defrauding the system he can achieve that end with anyone he wishes..

  • Only one person wants us to be afraid of speaking the truth, the Man of Lawlessness mentioned in 2 Thessalonians. And what I find fascinating is the way he uses others who may be totally unaware they are doing evil deeds until ……. that “Altruistic Evil” we hear about.

    i think about police and mental health being like the driver who doesn’t know they have hit someone with their car in the dark. Sure they may have acted in ‘good faith’, but this does not change the fact they tortured and kidnapped me. The car still injured me whether they were aware of hitting me or not. And it’s not quite as simple as that, the Community Nurse was fully aware of the ‘spiking’ so he had a fair idea that the dent in the bonnet of his car might have something to do with the bang he heard when he was driving home drunk, and the news item describing a hit and run with someone dying in hospital. Fortunately he has ‘friends’ who can pull a few strings for him.

    I guess if I had been aware of the ‘forces’ I was up against, I would have surrendered a long time ago, coward that I am. But as a result of these criminals trying to remain unseen I was simply unaware of how far they would go in order to pervert the course of justice and ensure their preferred outcome was achieved.

    Who would have thought my wife asking this clinic psychologist to help her have me ‘assessed’ when they knew I would resist any such attempts would result in this mess. The one piece missing being the ‘flag’ placed on me by her husband to create the appearance of lawfulness when the Community Nurse called police for assistance with a “patient”. I made police aware of that act of fraud many years back now but ……. like the knife they didn’t find that was planted for them (Man plans, God laughs), they don’t like the look of a psychiatrist using the police service for their own personal torture and kidnapping service (procuring being a crime where I live). And well, the less said about events in the Emergency Dept the better. Police don’t even want to know the methods being used to ‘harvest’ morphine for use in unintentionally negatively outcoming inconvenient truths. (“it might be best I don’t know about that” says Senior Constable who calls mental health services to pick up victims of their crimes and deal with them while they look the other way). Such selective “editing” of evidence corrupting our courts to the point where we can have little faith in the administration of justice. And the idea of holding a psychiatrist to account for anything is laughable, and doesn’t the clinic psychologist know it? (or so they thought, trouble with unbelievers is they really don’t think they are being watched).

    The Criminal Code is quite clear about these matters. If you commit an offence in an attmept to make what would otherwise be unlawful, that does not make everything you do after that offence lawful. It means you have attempted to conceal those offences and done so with malice. It would be easy for anyone with access to check WHEN I was ‘flagged’ on the police system, and by whom. I’m not even claiming that this proves the crimes, but it would lead one to suspect on reasonable grounds that this was a person attempting to make what was unlawful, appear to be lawful. The pattern of telephone calls from my wife to the clinic psychologist holds the key to the truth. They needed this to be done in a specific manner, psychologist obtains the flag, wife now deceives Community Nurse, C.N. deceives Police, Police find planted items and make what appears to be a lawful referral based on false flag……

    Taken me a while but I never was the sharpest tool in the shed, and have often been cheated by people I should be able to trust. And still they maintain the fraud, and deny any response to my allegations. Don’t like the truth, ignore it being the method to conceal it where I live. The Minister with his head up the elephants ass claiming nothing to see here lol

  • “It is a clever workaround of “truth in advertising” laws”

    It reminded me of the three letters sent to me by the FOI officer when she realised that I wasn’t actually anyone’s “patient” and that her refusal to provide me with my medical records (and the conspiring with my wife to conceal criminal offences) was a further offence committed against the whole community.

    One letter asking me “is this what you want?”, the second telling me “this is what you want” and the third requesting a signature from me. I realised later that what was being done was having me sign a document that could be used later to counter any claim that they hadn’t provided me with the information I had requested.

    The truth (in advertising, eg “patients rights”) is that I had a right to those documents, but that the FOI officer had been conspiring to pervert the course of justice with my wife to conceal them from me on the grounds that I was a “patient” and she was my “carer”. Nasty piece of work when you realise they are doing this to people who ARE patients. Committing offences against them and then having them sign documents to conceal their criminality before anyone has the chance to look. Insider trading lol

    When that conspiring didn’t work, she needed a way to conceal her deliberate negligence and deception from others should they take a look and realise what she had been doing (ie concealing the torture and kidnapping of a citizen for her colleagues). Noble corruption if you will.

    They knew all along what documents I had requested. Though by pretending they didn’t, and then after 6 weeks of conspiring and gaslighting having me sign something to give the appearance that I hadn’t asked for them left them in the clear when they removed the other two letters setting up for the signature. Clever, and in all the years I served as a public officer dealing with ‘dodgy’ contractors I’ve never seen this one. Though I guess ‘dodgy’ contractors need to worry about going to prison for such dealings, FOI officers on the other hand are being encouraged in this conduct by the State (given the response from the Minister when she assumed the real set of documents had been retrieved by the police). All good with the fraudulent set sent to the Mental Health Law Centre, and the ‘cover your ass’ fraud by the hospital to conceal their misconduct.

    My failure to sign and allow them the right to extract themselves from these offences probably the reason for the “formal investigation” (‘fuking destruction’) by the Operations Manager, and the distribution of the fraud to the Law Centre (the FOI officer obviously not prepared to go that far with her criminality, best left to someone else to ‘authorise’ the “editing” of the documents. P.S. make it look like a mistake by the indigenous girl in the office will you?).

    I’d love to have been a fly on the wall when they were discussing these matters ‘behind closed doors’. Their mouths showing the contents of their hearts. Not, how do we help this person we have tortured and kidnapped but …. how do we conceal the truth and have him silenced.

    It’s given me significant insight into the way cancer spreads, a gradual poisoning of vulnerable cells, until the whole organ requires removal.

    And I guess given that these people were left in their positions for years after doing this to me, they have most likely done it to a lot of others as well. Many of them probably dead as a result of the chemical imbalance they cause with their gaslighting which tends to result in suicide when they are released from the hospital. Turn their minds inwards and convince them no one will help them (which is true of police who will actually assist these criminals disguised as ‘medical people’ with the right paperwork). The petty thefts of patients belongings etc after ECTs easy cover ups for the Operations Manager who puts the loss of valuable jewelry down to the memory loss from the ‘treatment’ (I like her style to be honest. What good are $2000 gold chains to a mental patient? And the Minister did state on Parliament “you can’t listen to them, they’re patients”).

    I wonder about all the work committing these acts of fraud creates. I remember Billy Connolly speaking about how he always told the truth because he had such a bad memory, and couldn’t remember the lies he had told. Funny, but it was also a comment that had a big effect on me. What I said may not always be right, but it was the truth as I knew it. And of course I documented my truth all the way along, the hospital relies on the manufacture of truths post hoc, with fraudulent documents and selective lies to corrupted others. (have police induce an ‘acute stress reaction’ for me would you? Tactics used in Abu Ghraib standard operating procedure for our Mental Health Services)

    And worst comes to worst, just kill them and be done with it. Who are they going to complain to if we do? Us? Got some bad news people, complaining about being tortured and kidnapped by the State is a mental illness, unless it is a State that we don’t like. You will be ‘flagged’ by your torturers and denied access to remedy, your complaining is a symptom of your illness, not a result of the trauma of being tortured.

    I would simply like to leave, but even that right is being denied me. I’m fine with them torturing and kidnapping etc. I’d just like to live in a place that doesn’t think they should sign agreements (like the Convention against the use of Torture) and then torture and manage ways of concealing those acts rather than implement the protections. I’ve nothing to offer such a government other than my mental illness of not agreeing with them. Tell me i’m delusional for believing that such a place exists. tell me i’m delusional for not believing i’m alone with this thought that there are others out there who do not agree with citizens being ‘spiked’, arbitrarily detained before police interrogations? The use of the Mental Health Act to conceal public sector misconduct is an absolute disgrace.

  • I like to consider what occurs when the values of a psychiatrist come into direct conflict with the values of the State.

    Given a first strike policy who wins if a gay psychiatrist tries to have one of the morality police detained in Iran? Does it depend on where the exchange takes place? A Mexican standoff in an Emergency Dept in a hospital in Tehran lol. Whose ‘lack of insight’ takes precedence?

    The needle or the rope?

    He does have a point Oldhead. We see the same behavious from Islamic State who make the claim that anyone who doesn’t agree with their interpretation of ‘reality’ lacks insight and requires ‘treatment’ to correct their straying from the path. This lack of insight, called jahiliyyah, is what has allowed Muslims to kill other Muslims despite their being a strict prohibition on such action. They don’t even recognise that they are no longer Muslim and therefore can be killed. (they don’t even recognise they are ill and require treatment against their will argument used way before Jaffe came along. See the work of Sayeed Qutb)

  • I just did a google search on Cymbalta as a friend was telling me she has been taking it ‘since it was released’.

    The first two search results contained these little gems

    “This medication works by helping to restore the balance of certain natural substances (serotonin and norepinephrine) in the brain.”

    “Duloxetine affects chemicals in the brain that may be unbalanced in people with depression.”

    I thought this myth had been laid to rest according to Ronald Pies? I get it that the second quote says “may be” but …… really?

  • Ouch, that’s some handshake lol. I wonder if they are still taking the money during covid and not even bothering with the handshake?

    I must admit that I laugh when I watch the news these days SomeoneElse.

    Australian journalists fleeing China because they may be arbitrarily detained and making statements like “It’s good to be back in a country with a Rule of Law”. Really? They should have a look at the grounds considered ‘reasonable’ for detention in my State (nothing more than a suspicion according to our Chief Psychiatrist, fully supported by the Minister). Snatched from my bed because someone went to the trouble of planting items for police. How much more arbitrary does it get when their justification is that the person was collapsed in their bed as a result of being spiked? And then take a look at the fraudulent justification on the Form 1 referral by the Community Nurse. No concern for the Chief Psychiatrist that in order to make his “observations” he needed to travel through time and be able to read minds? And without these observations his detention was based on nothing more than hearsay (something the law supposedly protects us as citizens from).

    I hear complaints about the poisoning of Navalny by Putin. And yet the use of ‘chemical weapons’ by my State a reality when they are allowing citizens to be ‘spiked’ without their knowledge, and concealing this via acts of fraud and slander. They won’t even specify what drugs a person can be spiked with or by whom (and I have asked).

    Amnesty International calling for the release of Assange and claiming he was psychologically tortured. A denial of his rights when he can only speak to his lawyer during his trial. At least he gets to speak to a lawyer, I have even been denied that right. And not only was I subjected to the most vicious psychological torture, I was also subjected to physical torture due to the ‘spiking’ (which is a physical assault on my person, and therefore constitutes ‘hard torture’). So the signs at the protest read “Free Julian, but ‘Fuking Destroy’ Boans”, “Journalism is not a Crime, but complaining about Torture is” lol

    Oh the hypocrisy of it all.

  • I owe you a big thank you SomeoneElse.

    And despite the way I feel about the people who tortured and kidnapped me (though I believe they may have a good faith defense, this does not mean that I was not tortured and kidnapped, just that they were deceived into doing something they thought was lawful) I think your right about taking the victim to police. Just because certain individuals have set up corrupt networks within the mental health system (lookin at you Doc/Father “i’ll sign the script for the ‘spiking’) does not mean police will not look into certain individuals and perhaps provide them with a similar scenario to ‘test’ them. Not unlike the doc who attempted to overdose me being tested. Lets see if he really means it or is a boaster (you a heart breaker, a life taker Doc?).

    The one problem I have with all that has occurred is that I have made it clear to police I was not a “patient” and simply because a flag was placed on me to give the appearance of lawfulness does not mean they get to continue uttering with that fraud for convenience.

    I would suggest that many of the victims of Institutional abuse in this country were silenced via the mental health system. So I agree, take them to police, but also protect them from the slander and fraud of the mental health system.

    My experience when I presented police with proof of the ‘spiking’ and they had (behind my back) called mental health to come pick me up (as they claimed I was ‘hallucinating’) has exposed something rather nasty about our system to me. It really is as simple as paying the right people for a favor to systematically dismantle a persons life. Mind you, the psychologist was never going to get along with me (as I assume you guys would understand given my anti psychiatry beliefs) and her husband being a psychiatrist. So she fixed me up real good, and I guess I should laugh about it in the end.

    The one problem I have is that in my Book it says clearly ‘Do Not conceal the Truth when you know what it is’. Why then do these people in authority continue to conceal the false flag placed on me to enable these criminals? Why have I been denied my human and civil rights for 9 years because the lie suits them?

    I know, and I know that they know what was done. Though they conceal the truth and deny me access to remedy.

  • “So this situation is a problem, its illegal and fraudulent and happens every day.”

    Think it may go as far as being a breach of the “Guidelines for Informed Consent” which, like the ‘Sanity Clause’ sketch by the Marx Bros results in doctor always winning. “Ah c’mon, everybody knows their ain’t no Sanity Clause’ (civil not criminal action)

    I can’t find the actual guidelines at present, but basically the last line is the key to the whole document. It all sounds great….. in theory. But the fact is it is designed to ensure that there is basically zero accountability. I mean, imagine, we have passed a Euthanasia Act here which is a total contradiction in terms of ‘informed consent’. The Catch 22 of you have to be crazy to want to die, but in order to die you can’t be crazy.

    Consider, your right to consent can thus be removed because you ‘lack insight’, and then the person who now has the right to consent for you can also snuff you. Doctors not crazy and he just decided you need some assistance to die. Save the taxpayer and insurance companies some money, that’s for sure.

  • lol Bananas.

    Bit like me, when I said to the hospital “Hey I think you guys might have tortured and kidnapped a citizen and i’d like to make a complaint”, what I really meant was “Thank you for your concern about my welfare and I look forward to being helped by you in the future”.

    Terrible faux pas on my part it seems lol

    I had a guy try and sell me a talking dog last week. When I said “get out of here, a talking dog” the dog spoke up and said “No. It’s true, I can speak. In fact I’m actually quite a good singer and nearly won an episode of Australian Idol. And next month I will be taking a team of huskies to the South Pole and back in record time, and will be entered into the Guinness Book of Records”.

    I looked at the guy and said “Well I never. A talking dog. Why on earth would you want to sell it?” to which he replied “I’m sick of the lies”

    A bit like many of us with psychiatry huh? Or is it that i’m sick of the criminals pretending to be medical people to avoid being held to account?

  • Three people get together and conspire to stupefy and commit an indictable offence namely kidnapping. The plot. Drop him with benzos, procure a police referral by planting a knife and some cannabis on his person (breach of s. 68 e of Criminal Code allowing detention by police) and then lie to police and claim he is a “patient” and obtain a s. 195 Police referral for examination by an Authorised Mental Health Practitioner (on the “reasonable grounds” they suspect the person has a mental illness as a result of the lie they have been told by the very same Community Nurse) who just happens to be waiting in the next room. Hey look, the law doesn’t protect citizens from arbitrary detentions and torture with a little bit of preparation. (cause acute stress reaction whilst stupefied with benzos administered without knowledge, and then force the target to talk lest they be assuaulted by police. The two DO NOTs of acute stress reaction = torture due to the assault with benzos.) [Imagine I had a police officer tell me he couldn’t see why being spiked with benzos was a deprivation of liberty. I mean when your going to plant a knife on someone for police, you can’t have then leaving so the ‘spiking’ was justified. I explained to him it was as good as putting hand cuffs on a person but ….. he threatened to arrest me for complaining so……]

    Community Nurse calls police and lies to create a false belief (crime). Procures the apprehension or detention of a person not suffering from a mental illness (crime) via the production of a fraudulent From 1 (crime) (and Form 3 [crime]). Allows police to torture the person once in their custody by allowing a citizen he knows has been ‘spiked’ with benzos without their knowledge be interrogate (breach of the Convention against the use of Torture acquiescence of duty).

    Once the victim has been transported against their will to the hospital, Community Nurse arranges for the Senior Medical Officer to compound or conceal evidence of a criminal offence (crime) via the production of a fraudulent prescription (crime) and conspire to pervert the course of justice (crime). He knowingly assaults me (crime) when I deny the right to physically examine me, and then disposes of the written complaint I complete and which alleges misconduct and may be required by the Corruption and Crime Commission (crime). They later request a copy of the copy I have to conceal that particular serious offence. The Senior Medical Officer then prescribes a “chemical restraint” to make the victim very ill and allow them to be diagnosed with a mental illness and start treatment with the very same drug that is making them sick.

    Okay, I get it that they would have looked and decided that providing thew documents of these events to lawyers might not be such a goof look, so ….. they pretended that I was someones “patient” (because I certainly wasn’t theirs. I had only ever had the status of “referred person”) and conspire to pervert the course of justice by first concealing the evidence/proof of the offences, and then when documents were lawfully requested by the Law Centre, providing fraudulent documents not requested by lawyers, and which gave the impression that I had been a “patient” for ten or more years. They call this fraud “editing”. And of course there was in my instance the problem of me having redacted copies of the documents proving the ‘spiking’ which was rather inconvenient to the torturing police. So they had motive for not finding the Criminal Code while the original conspirators arranged an alternative outcome.

    And how fortunate for them that the police can’t find their copy of the Criminal Code while they do all this.

    These people are extremely dangerous and my community is quite prepared to allow them to engage in this criminal conduct because …….? Because if you don’t, they will neglect their duty to report the matters while they kill you in an Emergency Dept and there isn’t a thing the police can do about it. They can’t find their copy of the Criminal Code so …. and of course we can’t start holding one doctor to account. What next?

    Long and the short of it Oldhead, there is only one preferred outcome, and they simply don’t care how that is achieved. The person who has the finger pointed at them is going to swing.

    And when I was told by the Operations Manager who threatened me for pointing out her duty to report (lest she add to the offences), her claim was they were trying to save my marriage. Now I laughed when I heard that because imagine that the concealment of all these crimes was done with such a “good faith” defense.

    We tortured and kidnapped you Boans, but your lack of insight and complaining needed to be dealt with, so we arranged to retrieve the documented proof you had and then kill you to save your marriage. And to do that we needed to engage in further conspiracy with your wife to have her assist in gaslighting you to suicide. Not our fault she started wavering and sought advice from someone who doesn’t have the stomach for it.

  • “If (as alleged) Jaffee encouraged family members to upend the furniture to help get the cops to commit their relatives, this would constitute conspiracy to falsely imprison, surely a felony. Hard to see many “sides” to that.”

    Oh I don’t know oldhead. I’ve seen a video on youtube of a Private Investigator instructing women to pour pasta sauce all over themselves when making domestic complaints to police to ‘enhance’ the image (ie it looks a lot like blood and gets the pulse rate of officers up).

    In my instance the planting of a knife for police to find is being encouraged to enable the ‘weaknesses’ of our Mental Health Act (read legal protections for citizens) to be overcome. I know when I spoke to a friend about the knife I found in my pocket (surprise Boans) my wife was listening intently to find out what actually happened in the bedroom when her little plan was put into effect (she would be aware that police didn’t find the knife, but not aware the police lied on the record and I now have ‘history’ Still, not like our police to accept any proof when it doesn’t suit the false narrative they prefer). If anyone ever wished to find proof of the knife being planted, there’s the witness right there. But for now they prefer to utter with what they know to be fraudulent documents, and neglect their duties under various laws. 9 years seems a long time to be sitting on ones hands, particularly when I have offered to show them how they are doing these killings (perhaps they think that is an illness too? Not unlike the illness fabricated by the hospital by retrieving the proof of the ‘spiking’? Quite clever calling speaking the truth an illness when it’s a truth you don’t like due to your criminality)

    Police where I live prefer set ups in many ways. This confirmed by the large number of people who have been wrongly convicted of murders etc they haven’t committed.

    The Machiavellian attitude of the ends justify the means primary with mental health services. They really have no idea of the damage they are doing to families, and honestly believe that they are helping (which it is best to have them believe, because you wouldn’t want them ‘helping’ to repair any damage they do. As i stated to Dr Hickey, it’s a bit like being shot in the face by a shop keeper for asking if they have given you the correct change)

    The issue with the conspiracy would be the need for the person to admit that they turned the furniture over to create a false belief, and linking that to the reasons the police made referral to mental health. I know in my instance the knife they didn’t actually find was documented by police as justification for ‘lawful detain’ and then the fact that i was asleep was seen as being “reasonable grounds” to suspect I had a mental illness (and nothing to do with the Community Nurse lying to them. THAT would be a crime of “Create a False Belief” [like shouting Fire in a crowded theatre]). Of course they are not going to do anything about a guy who is allowing them to torture citizens and then have a doctor sign prescriptions for the ‘spikings’ post hoc to pervert the course of justice on their conspiring to torture and kidnap. They have support in these offences.

    For example, a police officer kicked a young man to death in the cells here, and the dozen witnesses to that killing refused to testify on the grounds that they would incriminate themselves [aka not doing anything to stop the killing] (fair enough it’s a right) but, this has had a flow on effect. When people are being assaulted in our hospitals, police know that they will maintain their silence and not testify and so never bother to investigate these assaults. You need to bring civil action and of course your lawyers family can be threatened by police soooooooo. You can be assaulted and have 20 witnesses to that assault, and even make application for the video via FOI but that evidence will be destroyed as soon as you apply (they can “edit” documents and any other evidence that doesn’t suit, see the “memo” I have authorising fraud to conceal torture), and your witnesses will not testify as to what they witnessed. case closed.

    Shame really that for 9 years now I still haven’t seen my family and all because the State wants to cover up a really bad cover up of the torture and kidnapping of a citizen, and then of course what they tried to do in the ED to conceal those matters. Happy Fathers Day Boans, for doing what would be considered the right thing [what does one do when you come across public officers torturing citizens? I now know the last thing you do is show them the proof, they simply send out police to retrieve it before committing serious criminal offences that will be authorised post hoc by the Minister [through a dereliction of duty], you get ‘fuking destroyed’.

    Hope they all enjoyed their time with their families, especially the Operations Manager and her supporters in their ‘fuking destroying’ me for nothing more than proving public sector misconduct with our police and mental health getting together and torturing, kidnapping and well negatively outcoming citizens.

    Here’s me thinking they would want to know about public officers getting involved in such conduct but ……. what they care about is ensuring no one knows what they are doing to conceal it. Distributing fraudulent documents despite the public right to access their medical records under the FOI Act, and having police threaten and intimidate peoples families.

    They have no defence so (I have a large number of nonsense letters form police and mental health where they simple don’t address the allegation of torture and kidnapping, and of course that means their criminal negligence that resulted in deaths will never be addressed whew)…. well they have been literally killing anyone who dared complain about their misconduct till now. Why change a model that works?

    And I wish them good luck with that. They say those that fail to learn from history are destined to repeat it, so lets hope they learned from the National Socialist forefathers. Their failure may be the reason they succeed this time around.

  • I sometimes wonder Karin.

    What was done to me was criminal. Now if the State and doctors are going to allow the use of the medical system to conceal acts of torture and kidnapping, and then kill anyone with a legitimate complaint ……? Maybe some time in the future when those who are enabling the abuse to occur now, will be living it up in the Bahamas with the money they made, and someone else will come along and say ….. hey look at this.

    These were people who simply lacked insight into their conduct. They didn’t even notice they had regressed to the behaviour of Nite Club rapists, all the while thinking they were good people. And of course other good people were of the opinion that the ‘character flaws’ of these good people should not be punished. Though the truth is that they were committing crimes against the whole community by enabling these criminals (acts of fraud, conspiring to pervert etc).

    This is how things get out of hand. The poison spreads, and it normalises acts of torture for us. All of a sudden police are torturing on a regular basis because no one said anything, and well, they must approve of it. Some people did ask a few questions, though were then told to shut their mouths lest their families be targeted but ….. in general most turn their backs and pretend not to see.

    Me? I just want to leave this place. Because when an Attorney General starts referring allegations of torture to the Minister for Mental Health for “actioning”, I see a problem. When that Minister then denies any wrongdoing and slanders the victim with mental health hate speech and denies the truth there is a problem. Not for me, but for the whole community.

    However, they have, as was stated clearly by the Operations Manager who dd the “Formal Investigation” of these matters said ‘fuking destroyed’ me. And the ‘Party of the Downtrodden’ now in power, has pulled on the boots of that power and is kicking the downtrodden in the face. Problem with a two party system when both sides recognise the advantages of ‘cover ups’ using the medical system. Patently obvious that these methods are known about, the protections supposedly offered by the Convention against the use of Torture a quick example. My State may as well tear that document up on the steps of Parliament (as I have suggested they do given what they d to conceal torture) and at least let the public who votes for them know where they stand, rather than be lured into a false sense of security that they have ‘protections’. They don’t as a result of criminal negligence by public officers.

    Though ‘running’ with two narratives (the truth and then the fabricated narrative presented to the public) always a recipe for disaster. hard to keep track of the lies they tell, and in the end they will be exposed.

    It must be difficult for the people who entered the field with good intent to see these criminals using that system for their own purposes. The knife (scalpel) that could be used to heal, instead used to commit crimes against humanity. It’s not the first time it’s been done, and I’ve no doubt it won’t be the last.

    The ‘Evil succeeds when good people do nothing’ particularly appropriate in my circumstance. I can’t even get assistance from my own government (British) to provide me refuge despite having the proof of what i’m saying. So the corruption really does run deep. Or are they simply STILL using me as the goat tied to a stake (without my consent) while they wait for more wolves to appear?

  • Yes Dr Hickey.

    The psychiatric situation much, much worse.

    The complaints procedure is equivalent to being shot in the face by a shop keeper because you dared to question the change you were given for the transaction.

    The level of criminality that is being enabled to cover up wrongdoing absolutely atrocious where I live. And I cringe when I think about the “formal investigations” being done when a 13 year old girl walks in front of traffic and dies after being ‘helped’ by the good people at the Adolescent Unit. God help her mother if she dares to complain, she will be ‘fuking destroyed’ by a vicious psychological attack from people who will exploit her own daughters death.

    And I can say with certainty that the ‘advocates’ will assist the hospital in that regard. Quid pro quo

  • fascinating.

    Consider that in my State it is lawful for mental health workers to conspire to ‘spike’ people with date rape drugs and, not unlike the Nite Club rapist, remove their ABILITY to consent.

    In the case of the Nite Club rapist police can find their copy of the criminal code. In the case of the mental health professional they simply slander the victim nut job and ‘refer’ the victim to mental health for ‘treatment’ of their paranoid delusion of complaining that they were being ‘spiked’ without their knowledge. Retrieve the proof of the ‘spiking’ and the slander will take care of itself.

    I was fascinated by the use of ‘implied consent’ by a doctor who failed to inform me he wasn’t a psychiatrist and requested that I remove my clothes so he could physically examine me. I had been referred for an examination by a psychiatrist, not for every person who knew I had been ‘spiked’ to have me remove my clothes and insert objects into my mouth or anus when I had expressly denied my consent to examine me. And under our law, I had a ‘referred person’ status, and was NOT a ‘patient’, thus had every right to refuse to be ‘examined’. (this is of course a means to extend the time they can ‘hold’ a police referral and give time to bait them and then ‘chemically restrain’ to conceal any and all wrongdoing).

    Though is the fact you have been ‘spiked’ a justification to remove your right to consent? Because if it is, then there are some people in prison who shouldn’t be there, including

    This guys a doctor and can prescribe these drugs. I got given 4 times that dose (same drug, never had a prescription for it) and by a bus driver and all they needed to do was lie and make the false claim I was someones “patient” which of course is not true. A doctor signed a prescription for the ‘spiking’ 12 hours AFTER it was done (conceal evidence of an offence, attempt to pervert, possible conspire with police). I had never even met this doctor until he assaulted me as described above.

    So is this incapacitating people a means of overcoming the right to consent? Certainly the police are enjoying being able to subject citizens to interrogations whilst stupefied without their knowledge, and then being able to use the Mental Health Act to conceal that fact.

    I know one politician was confused as to why I was not placed in an ambulance as a result of being spiked, and instead thrown into the back of a police van for delivery to the locked ward. Of course when your victimising the victim of a crime as a public officer providing them with some form of ‘help’ is self defeating.

    And then meet the Operations Manager who is concealing these serious acts of public sector misconduct for these abusers. When it is pointed out to her that she has a duty to report the matters (mandatory reporting of suspected [on reasonable grounds] offences, she instead engages in further criminal conduct to ‘fuking destroy’ their victims, and neglects her duty under the CCC Act.)

    The situation before surgery is that you are informed of what is going to be done before your ‘knocked out’. Room there for variation should the procedure require it but…… the claim in my situation is that all they need to do is incapacitate you first, and then appoint someone who will make decisions they want made. I was denied access to a lawyer, my family members (other than the person who ‘spiked’ me), or a doctor who knew my history. And instead was appointed a filthy verballing public servant Community Nurse, two police who subjected me to an act of torture (whether they knew or not is not an issue, it was torture), and then dropped at a hospital where a doctor signed a fraudulent prescription for the ‘spiking’, assaulted me and then authorisied a ‘chemical restraint’ to make me sick and allow them to treat me for the sickness they had induced.

    Nice work if you can get it. Don’t ever wonder about how these people are enriching themselves. Who said crime doesn’t pay?

    And imagine. A State that can torture citizens into confessions and then use proceeds of crime legislation to empty their bank accounts? And then torture you to ‘treat’ the trauma of being tortured.

    Not really a bother because they are ‘refouling’ victims in the Emergency Dept under the euphamism of unintended negative outcomes. Great way to conceal public sector misconduct before authorities find time between lunches to check complaints. And of course once they have been outcomed well, whats the point of stirring up a nest of hornets with those pinko human rights people? Just do a cover up and have police threaten their families

  • Speaking of “criteria”, our Chief Psychiatrist didn’t like the existence of s. 26 of the Mental Health Act “Criteria” (for detention) so removed that section with a subtle misrepresentation of the law.

    Suspect on Reasonable Grounds was changed to Suspect on Grounds we believe to be Reasonable. The “Reasonable Grounds” set out in s. 26 Criteria of the person needing to have a “mental illness” (4 criteria in all required by definition of the Act) removed by someone with the duty to “protect consumers, carers and the community”. How could that be possible when he has writtent the protection contained within the law out of existence and has enabled arbitrary detentions in doing so? And all without the need to even ask Parliament if he is allowed to change the law?

    That’s REAL power. When our politicians can pass laws the Chief Psychiatrist rewrites to suit the purposes of his colleagues and remove the legal and human rights of citizens without anyone’s approval. And the Minister then says, when you explain how a burden of proof acts as a protection that to rewrite the law in this manner is “not a misrepresentation”. Luckily there isn’t a lawyer in town who will point out the Emperor has no clothes, and thus are complicit in the human rights abuses occurring in my State.

    I have the letter here where he says “The Authorized Mental Health Practitioner need only ‘suspect'” and that is enough grounds for police to drag you from your bed and should you open your mouth you can be “chemically restrained”. Sound fair?

    Still, that was all it took for old Adolf to stomp all over a bunch of people, no one standing up and challenging what they were saying. Even the ‘advocates’ who noticed what I was saying was correct, soon turned and run when they asked C.P. about his letter of response authorising arbitrary detentions of citizens (thanks for nothing Council of Official Visitors, your contribution to the enabling of human rights abuses has been duly noted). Or maybe he noticed the large number of criminal offences committed and that they hadn’t retrieved the documents? Because the law doesn’t actually allow Community Nurses to engage in torture and kidnappings unless the person is a “patient” (by definition of the Act) and unfortunately, that wasn’t me (well, unless you utter with the fraudulent set of documents sent to the Law Centre, then I was a “patient” of this hospital for more than ten years but …. depends which story you prefer with the authorities here where ‘planting’ of evidence is the preferred method of manipulating narratives).

  • Like the meeting to create the Fast Action Response Team. Glad they decided against the use of sniffer dogs.

    Actually they do have a PAD here. Psychiatric Assistance Dogs. The website has these pictures of cute puppies (a little dachshund with the cutest eyes) but the dogs they are using in the regional areas of the State are Rhodesian Ridgebacks more at home in the hands of Belgian Police in the Congo. I don’t know why but I got that image from Abu Ghraib in my head where they ‘exploit the phobias’ of inmates.

    Psychiatric Attack Dogs maybe? Because there is a significant fear of dogs among our indigenous population. All part of the Coercive Assistance Techniques or CATs lol

  • Do you know what I find really interesting is that in order to be released by my kidnappers I had to agree to do the exact opposite of what I was told to do by the psychiatrist who wrote the report.

    I have one of the best psychiatrists in the State tell me to do something, and then I am ‘spiked’ with benzos, have a knife planted on me to obtain a police referral and give the appearance of lawfulness, kidnapped and locked in a cage for 7 hours of interrogation only to be told that if I don’t do the opposite of what the clinic psychiatrist told me, they will pin me down and force me to do what he told me not to do. He was of course no longer my psychiatrist and I was therefore not actually a “patient” and all this was criminal but … point that out to public officers and they will ‘fuking destroy’ you and your family.

    Amazing the things you can get people to do with the slander of mental illness as a weapon. Tortured, kidnapped and when you complain about it they unintentionally negatively outcome you. Or was this the ‘Abraham test’? Lets see if he will really kill him if we (the gods we are) ask him to. Check, Dr “i’m the boss around here’ is a killer.

  • “I found myself served up to ‘psychiatry and psychology’ (for insurance purposes related to my injuries).”

    “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave”.

    I required a report for insurance purposes and have had my life literally ripped to shreds for no other reason than disagreeing with an abuser. I had no idea that I could now be snatched out of my bed, tortured and kidnapped and that this was all lawful because ‘mental patient’. And this can occur each and every time I disagree with someone. They call it assessment and referral.

    Nice work Karin. Timely reminder as I sit with a friend who is in tears whilst undergoing cancer treatment. I feel so helpless, and yet know I have done all I can and must accept rather than do.

  • “Jaffe’s utter obsession with anosognosia: the theory that people who experience psychosis are so unable to know their own minds as to make them unreliable narrators of their own existence to the point where they deny their “illness” and therefore must be treated as hostile, unaware, and volatile in that defensive unawareness.”

    Exquisitely poisonous.

    “Mr. President, it is not only possible, it is essential. That is the whole idea of this machine, you know. Deterrence is the art of producing in the mind of the enemy… the fear to attack.” Dr Strangelove.

    Not only this but also creating in the minds of enforcers the fear of being attacked. Work their paranoia with horror stories, shoot first, tamper with evidence later. Hey, wasn’t it Jaffe who suggested ‘setting up your loved ones’ by turning the furniture over before calling the cops? Which in my State has got to them enabling ‘spikings’ with benzos [which later becomes your regular medication with a bit of fraud from a doctor] and the planting of knives on ‘targets’. Not really necessary as the person charged with protecting the public doesn’t know what the protections are, and is allowing citizens to be referred for being asleep as a result of being ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs. I suppose it saves the ‘suicide by cops’ narrative from the planted knife if they can arbitrarily detain any citizen because they ‘suspect’ (and require no reasonable grounds to be met aka suss laws with forced drugging).

  • Yes, I did visit one of your Churches (nice new building by the way) but they tell me all work for the CCHR is being done from another State. Probably a good idea given that arbitrary detentions and forced treatment based on a bad reaction to a ‘chemical restraint’ are more than likely for anyone who dares speak out against what is being done.

    When police can refer citizens for ‘psychiatric assessment’ for being asleep in their bed well……… time for me to leave.

    And we are pointing fingers at China passing laws that MIGHT allow arbitrary detentions. A doctor can have anyone they like dribbling in a cell within the hour given that the person who has been charged with the protection of “consumers, carers and the community” doesn’t know what those protections actually are.

    Got the letter proving it but …….. nobody seems to care about Mr Cohen again lol. Despite all the talk about the nasty Nazis.

  • When it takes a legal representative 3 months to get access to a ‘clients’ records to ensure that the rules and procedures were followed, and in the meantime the ‘client’ can be “chemically restrained” and then ‘treated’ with the same drugs used to chemically restrain for the illness caused by those drugs what chance do you have?

    There is an Operational Directive put in place to protect citizens from being denied access to legal representation in this manner, while doctor does a little brain damage to silence them, but unfortunately the Chief Psychiatrist who is responsible for that protection, simply doesn’t enforce it.

    Imagine if police could lock you away for unspecified crimes and then torture confessions out of you for months before you were even allowed access to a lawyer? Oh wait, they can if they use the mental health system.

    Sounds unbelievable? Ask me to prove it.

    Application for documents relating to my detention on the 30 Sept made in Oct.

    “edited” (fraudulent) documents provided to Law Centre end of Jan next year. “spiking’ with benzodiazepines removed along with the procured police referral (criminal offence under s. 336 of the Criminal Code). This attempt to pervert the course of justice by the Clinical Director clear in the Memo authorising the fraudulent documents provided to the Law Centre.

    Three months of drugging into unconciousness before they are even allowed to check if it was lawful, and then they provide fraudulent documents to conceal that it wasn’t? (this is more than possible given the way these people neglect their duty to conceal criminal offences for their colleagues. And when I explained to them that they had a duty to report? I was told by the operations Manager I would be “fuking destroyed” and they did, and continue to do so for nothing more than reporting misconduct by public officers kidnapping and torturing citizens) And look at the people who supported them in that criminal conspiracy. You’d be shocked but …… your family would also be in danger.

    Imagine providing criminals with months to tamper with evidence, threaten and intimidate witnesses, distribute fraudulent documents (including peoples medical records which were NOT requested by the lawyers, and which were both misleading AND slanderous), and have a little ‘accident’ in an Emergency Dept because police were assisting in the process of getting the victim the help they didn’t need for an illness they didn’t have.

    Imagine they handed a victim back to Jeffrey Dahmer too. Only difference was he didn’t have a licence to practice.

  • HIV and Ebola are mental illnesses now? Guess it just depends how you think about it really lol

    Seriously though, what ever happened to the right to bodily integrity? It’s a major concern for certain groups who seem to get slandered if they even mention that they might not agree with doctors. See for example the JWs and their refusal of blood transfusions. Or my people who do not wish to be intoxicated being ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs without their knowledge and having prescriptions written for the drugs hours after they were administered by doctors they hadn’t even met. A drug my brother went through Hell with now my “Regular Medication” without me even knowing.

    What I know from observation is that if the amount of mistakes that were made in my instance (and which resulted in what I believe to be a large number of unnecessary deaths) it is a wonder anyone comes out of their hospitals alive. The 26 “mistakes” or “errors” I documented and which ALL resulted in these matters going unnoticed (plausible deniability contained within acts of negligence) is statistically 26 X 25 X 24 X …….. its a rather large number. And yet I have met so many others who meet such a statistical anomaly. Still when your busy counting your money, you’ve no time to count the dead.

    It would seem Stormin Norman and The Chief Psychiatrist have something in common, they don’t do body counts of the enemy.

  • “Are you sure it is not practiced in Australia or the United States?”

    Our politicians gave us “added protections” in the new Mental Health Act. Usually means a con that provides doctors with the powers to use ECTs on kids without the worry of litigation. Everyone wants added protections right?

    Not only do these people have ‘work arounds’ with regards the laws, they actually change the laws to make the ‘work arounds’ possible, while providing the appearance of added protections.

    From what I have seen, the answer is no, it’s not practiced in Australia. But, like the banned practice of psychosurgery, I didn’t think that still happened until I met a guy with a nasty scar across the side of his head who was acting not too unlike someone who had been lobotomised. These podiatrists sure do have some funny ways of dealing with ingrown toenails these days lol.

    There are a lot of things being done we are not being allowed to know about. Legislation allowing the public to know what doctors are prescribing the ADHD drugs (aka licenced drug dealers), dismantled by our current Minister for Health. Euthanasia laws that do not collect data, passed without a murmur. A Chief Psychiatrist authorising arbitrary detentions in writing, not a problem. Spiking citizens with stupefying/intoxicating drugs before police interrogations, no worries. Any inconvenient questions of law to the Attorney General, referral to mental health for ‘treatment’ (eg where do I make a complaint regarding the use of torture methods by police, other than the doctor dispatching me with an overdose in an Emergency Dept?).

  • l_e_cox, there have been some developments in my State over the past few years (basically since 2014) which give some clues as to what is being done. I live in hope that someone has noticed, though as was the case in National Socialist Germany these things take time.

    The first was the stigmatizing of the ‘mentally ill’ through the media, and very little discussion of the UN report into the human rights violations occurring under the Mental Health Acts. Pointing that report out to our politicians was like throwing Holy Water at a vampire. They have come to rely on those human rights violations to maintain their positions (even our Treasurer not exempt from the use of the Mental Health Act to ensure his silence)

    So the UN report results in the Mental Health Act receiving some ‘treatment’ which is described as “added protections” by our politicians. Those protections which allow doctors to perform ECT on teenagers without fear of litigation the most obvious. (and I have since thought a lot about why they are targeting young females, and when you think about it a little the reason becomes obvious). So with those ‘protections’ provided there is a crisis meeting of psychiatrists, and 40% of them walk away from our public system as a result of the changes. Whatever it was the State wished them to do was obviously distasteful to many of them (some I assume couldn’t afford to walk away for private practice).

    And now we see a 195% increase in the administration of ECTs? And 13 year old girls walking out of the Adolescent Unit turning towards their mother, smiling and then walking into traffic.

    Of course it has been shown to me how they deal with any acts of misconduct that might result in such unintended negative outcomes. With intimidation, threats, fraud, negligence and slander. A barrage of misconduct and criminal offences which are justified because …… mental health. And they receive quite some support in these attempts to pervert the course of justice.

    It is of course best they make it look like the “patients” volunteered and provided their consent. Then if anything goes wrong they can claim good faith. Though twisting the arm of a teenage girl to have her consent to ‘treatment’ that will see you profit handsomely hardly the act of a ‘doctor’ (in the true sense of the term).

    Point being I can see the reward for those who are engaging in this experimentation, and the links to those who have enabled in with legislation, but ……. and here’s the kicker. They are going to use this situation as proof that this works, and push politicians in other places to go through the same enabling act.

    So I do nothing more than warn. This is happening right now in my State, and it will spread as a result. Failure to do anything about these ‘spot fires’ will result in a large scale bushfire later. And I get it, my home has been destroyed by these peoples need to try a few things out on some teenage girls who are damaged anyway. Nothing can be done about that but …… and I am more than happy to be proven wrong. But denying evidence/proof, and accepting the word of people who are known frauds and slanderers will not stop them targeting your loved ones as well.

    Mark my words. These lawful experiments that are being done right now will be used to justify the removal of human rights protections against the use of this brutal and inhumane treatment elsewhere in the world.

  • ” Why must a trauma survivor be given some nasty name, rather than perpetrators?”

    Like the children in institutions labelled “Liars” and the people raping them “character flawed”? Surely the people who knew about the ‘character flaws’ were aware the children were also not Liars? Blessed are the peacemakers huh? I had no idea these people concealing these offences were such good people.

    Who is the Saint of the Cover Up? lol “Holy Fraud Batman, The Penguins have been in on it the whole time”

  • “Parents are forced to administer chemo to children with cancer for 2-4 years AFTER they are in remission, (or risk children being taken away).”

    There was a case like this here where the child was dying and his parents wished to take him home, but doctors wanted to try experiments on him. I can’t seem to find any of the information on the internet anymore. Winston Smith in the Ministry of Truth may be able to help lol

    Point I wanted to make was that the parents get a choice, give the drugs or lose the child. Thus it is coercion, not force. Should they chose not to give the drugs, then force would be used but ……… most of them make the correct choice. I shuddeer when I think of how these people use the term ‘implied consent’. The odd fool like me needs to be ‘fuking destroyed’ publicly as a deterrent. Who said terrorism doesn’t work? Not Sun Tzu, see his demonstration about obtaining compliance for the Emperor of Wu.

    And they are at War with the public. A quick look at what has become of our Police who are dressed ready for armed conflict and no longer police by consent but by force. Not wearing a bicycle helmet will get you pack raped in the cells lol. Let the punishment fit the crime eh?

  • I had this image of all the people at Looney Gas (Standard Oil Refinery) being treated with the latest anti psychotics for years BCHarris. The insurance doesn’t pay out for ‘pre existing conditions’ which it would seem they brought with them to the Company lol Fortunately some real science was used in that instance and the genetic flaw in the employees established and they were sacked …… oh wait , that’s not what happened.

  • Yeah, I noticed the original comment hadn’t been understood there too Caroline.

    And the gamble? That’s the point with an ‘unregulated industry’ (which has means of ensuring that abusers are not dealt with but rather enabled). At least in Vegas the odds are published. They didn’t even give me the chance to roll a pair of dice when they ‘set me up’ with a ‘spiking’ and planting items to procure a police referral and make kidnapping and torture appear lawful.

    A bit like the people running the three card monte can now force you to play the game, even if your aware of the con. You WILL bet your human rights, and you WILL pick a card, if not, this nice police officer is going to shoot you. We call that coercion, and we win every time. And the ‘sore loser’ will not be listened to.

    Goffman covered it in Cooling the Mark Out where he wrote something along the lines of “the street hustler needs to use his poise to con, the white collar criminal uses position”. Hence the Community Nurse need only rely on other criminals (public officers) supporting him to enable his use of torture and kidnapping, and the police can then be used to facilitate a ‘cooling out’ of the marks, if not, shoot them (or drop them at an ED for a doctor to outcome them)

    They are old cons repackaged for the social media generation.

  • “Right now we are just trying to hold back these depraved beings.”

    Interesting conversation I had with a career oncology nurse. When I explained about the enabling act with ECT by our State government she said “I thought that had been banned”. That comment from someone who has two children who are both doctors and still has close links with the ‘industry’?

    Consider that carefully. If the facts can be hidden from someone that close to the coalface …….

  • Interlude.

    Office Space is funny but ……

    Notice the assumption that someone who is speaking the truth a psychiatrist doesn’t like is going to be violent? “That chair is screwed down with large screws isn’t it?”

    Puras lives in a place most of us think of as science fiction. So far out of touch with reality he may as well be on a space ship. I say we simply stop listening when the Generals talk. It’s worked for them with ‘us’.

    And since when did being anti psychiatry become the equivalent of ‘Aryan diluted’? They need a way within the ‘Party’ to describe people whose purity is in question? They might even start thinking for themselves Mr Orwell? And consider that what is being discussed is supposed to be a ‘field of medicine’ and yet it sounds suspiciously like a totalitarian political Party meeting. And as gatekeepers of ‘therapy’ and ‘medicine’ they wield precisely the sort of power we have seen in the past turn really sour, really quick.

    Boans wanders off into the bush singing along with John Lennon’s Gimme Some Truth and realises the One thing I can’t hide is that I’ve been crippled inside……. deliberately. That’s real power when the State can afford to do that to it’s citizens.

  • “Psychiatry and psychology haul in the wrong people.”

    Money in the bank, or insurance that pays for $200 hand shakes? Haul em in.

    Nope, they got the right people. lol

    The ‘confessional’ is still a place where the eavesdropper can obtain information to discern truth from untruth, though I have questions regarding the ethics of this method. “Would you spy on your brother? Would you eat your dead brothers flesh? Nay, yea would abhor it” (Al Hujurat Ayat 12).

    For example “Who else has got the documents?” from a psychologist to obtain information for police who, wish to have their criminal negligence in regards certain matters concealed from public view. Not a good look, though as is the case with many abuse victims, you find yourself surrounded by abusers enabling each other in their time of need.

    Consider the child who (as an adult) reported to the Royal Commission that he escaped from the Institution where he was being repeatedly raped, only to have the police he complained to return him to the same Institution where he was locked in a cage the size of a tea chest and repeatedly assaulted over days for daring to think police would assist him. It would seem Sargent “we don’t have a copy of the Criminal Code in this Station” gets around and has been in the ‘job’ for some time.

  • “It’s almost like escaping domestic abuse. You need a new identity in order to escape the abuser hunting you down. Very distressing!”

    I’d go as far as to say it IS escaping domestic abuse. These people can invade your home at a time convenient to them, snatch you from your bed and subject you to assaults that are concealed as medicine. The law of no consequence to them, and their pride and narcissism proof that they believe they ARE gods. Community Treatment Orders allowing them to move in with you and start abusing you in your home. That’s domestic abuse all enabled by our Politicians who claim they are doing what they can to reduce it, and then kicking in our doors to get access to victims lol.

    I look at my situation and realise that when my wifes abuse wasn’t getting her what she wanted, she called in reinforcements. The need to break the law in that regard of little consequence, these people are in that sense terrorists in that they want you to fear them. (of course I have no fear of them, it’s my God I fear. He doesn’t do magic tricks to conceal wrongdoing. Their fraud the equivalent of a three card monte)The law of no consequence to them, and their pride and narcissism proof that they believe they ARE gods. Police prepared to neglect their duty and enable them for their own benefit. Torture and kidnapping concealed with negligence, fraud and slander, and a public too afraid to even speak up. Public sector misconduct and police corruption being referred to oragnised criminals in the mental health system? I can see how that might work, for a while at least. And now, with a mental health professional in every station, police are free to torture citizens and have then immediately taken away for treatment of the trauma that causes. It will save the taxpayer police taxi service fees lol

    And of course the prophesy has been show true to me. Look at them scurry and blame one another when their vile conduct is exposed for what it is. They beg for mercy and relief from the fire, and none will be given.

    KateL, I’ve no idea if your a believer or not but I heard a very wise thing said about the four men in the furnace. They didn’t ask their God to take them out, they invited Him in to the furnace with them. Got no idea if it will work but have you asked?

  • My personal observations of this type of corruption have resulted in the following.

    Police don’t have a copy of the Criminal Code.

    Police don’t take documented proof of the crimes, and then respond with a letter stating that there is “insufficient evidence”.

    Police make threats to oneself and ones family, though these ‘coercive methods’ are simply called “a poor choice of words” should they be recorded making threats to have you pack raped in the police lock up. And it is a known fact that they are allowed to lie to people in order to get them to comply with their ‘instructions’ (shut up while were busy committing offences)

    Lawyers and medical people can breach their codes of conduct and be actively used as ‘informants’ (see the case of Nicola Gobbo who was a lawyer, and a paid police informant. Conduct it is claimed could not happen again. Reason being the High Court made it lawful) Breaches of Privacy Act etc are never prosecuted on the grounds that the “extraordinary’ exclusions applied. For example, drop the target with a ‘spiking’ and they can no longer give consent to the release, and we can “imply” consent. Certainly one argument used in my instance to muddy the waters some more.

    Ministerial authorisation means no accountability due to the Ombudsman not being allowed to investigate misconduct by a Member of Parliament. Kept that one quiet till the last minute.

    A simple question of law is referred by our Attorney General to the Minister for Mental Health for “actioning”.

    Complaining is proof that the target is suffering from a mental illness, and thus the questions of law remain unanswered.

    Unlike yourself Mr Kavanagh I was simply too stupid to bow to the threats and intimidation and became an ‘accidental’ whistleblower. I posed a question to you above. Would you do it again if you had your time over? I now also ask. What can people outside the US do, as we are suffering the ‘flow on’ effects of this blatant corruption?

  • mmmm I dunno that it is.

    I can suggest to my motor mechanic that the Indicator fluid has run out and that’s why the tail lights are not working on my car, but …… it is up to the trained mechanic to ‘diagnose’ and ‘treat’ the car before handing it back to me for use. My incorrect diagnosis, if he accepted it and did not ‘treat’ according to established protocols (ie change the bulb) could result in him being sued should I have an accident as a result.

    Of course my mechanic is not in a position to have police jump me in my bed and have me dropped at an Emergency Dept to be murdered should I try and get access to legal representation to have his negligence brought before the courts but …..

    I assume you see my point?

  • Not what you know but who.

    I do hope the large increase in the use of ECT since the introduction of our ‘new’ “added protection” Mental Health Act has been noted. Experimental subjects, (especially young ones) difficult to obtain in certain places, unless of course you have a ‘friendly’ government on hand.

    This would also explain why certain people are provided with an escape route by those charged with a duty to protect ‘us’. Who tipped them off I wonder?

  • Dr Hickey,

    I wonder what you think about the ‘new and improved’ ECTs where people are sedated before the ‘treatment’ is administered. Is this not what Harry Bailey was doing? Sedating before treatment? Though obviously on a much bigger scale? And was the ‘new and improved’ form of ECTs a result of his ground breaking research?

    Bailey wrote in his suicide note
    “Let it be known that the Scientologists and the forces of madness have won”.

    It would seem not, had the forces of madness won, we wouldn’t be asking the questions we are now.

    Could something like this happen today?

    There has been a complaint lodged regarding this program,

    “Australia’s peak mental health consumer bodies have called for an apology from the producers of ABC’s Four Corners episode “Don’t Judge Us”.

    The episode has not only demoralised mental health consumers but has demonised and discriminated against people with a lived experience of mental health distress – something the consumer movement has fought for decades to abolish.”

    Imagine, a lawyer arguing that people should be denied the right to access the courts? Logic and reason replaced with opinion and speculation?

    So the producers achieved exactly what they were trying to, a stigmatisation of the ‘mentally ill’ and no doubt have assisted McGorry in his systematic dismantling of ANY protections afforded the public, never mind the ones that the ‘mentally ill’ used to have (they are simply no longer considered human in Australia). So your question is answered in the affirmative, not only could it happen, it never stopped happening.

    Thank you for your continued attempts at clawing back these rights that are disappearing faster than the sands on our beaches, with every wave of assaults like the one done by our public broadcaster on Monday. With the protections of the law being neglected by the person charged with the duty to enforce them (Chief Psychiatrist), is there any wonder psychiatrists are enjoying carte blanche with zero accountability? Your family is not safe should you speak out in my country, and that even applies to psychologists who attempt to assist the abused. So the nurse Rose Nicholson (?) was a brave woman.

    In my own participant observation at the hospital that tortured and kidnapped me, I met a man whose doctor refused to change his medication when he complained about akathesia, until he put gun into his mouth and blew away half his face. Then they decided that maybe it was time to try another approach. I wonder if one had evil intent, would it be possible to do this deliberately, and then deny that intent? You may have means and opportunity, but unless one could establish motive to harm ……. “they wouldn’t do that”, and even if they did, noting would ever be done about it. The Man of Lawlessness would simply cast the Great Delusion upon you and have you ‘treated’ for your ‘illness’ of not agreeing with him, god that he is (2 Thessalonians).

    Once again, thanks.

  • “the delivery of ECT as an intervention is constrained by some well-thought-out legislation. The law insists all other avenues are tried before enforced electric shocks are given.”

    Absolute rubbish. I have a memorandum here authorising the “editing” of documents to remove criminal offences before providing them to human rights lawyers. That well thought out legislation means absolutely nothing when they can defraud the people who are trying to protect your rights.

    The law insists on nothing, and when those with a duty to protect your rights deny a knowledge of the protections of the law, then they will do whatever the fuk they want. Anyone care to examine this letter from the Chief Psychiatrist removing the protections of the law and enabling arbitrary detentions and the ‘spiking’ of citizens before police interrogations?

    Consider the “all other avenues were tried” in regards the protection of involuntary admission? “you coming to the hospital, or do we bash you senseless and then drag you there?” Protection provided, check. The use of the word “no” means that the protection from forced drugging with enough anti psychotics to lay an elephant out for a week is overcome easily. We say take this, you say “no” we say “emergency” and “chemical restraint” (with no National Standard) and you are then drugged into a coma.

    And you think your protected by the law? If you were, the rampant abuses we do hear about (never mind the ones silenced with unintended negative outcomes) would not be occurring. That is the measure of the “protections”.

  • “No one believes me”

    I do too.

    “so I’ve walled myself off from the few people who still deigned to speak to me.”

    Me too post being tortured and kidnapped, and having the ‘good faith’ defense applied via fraud, slander and psychological torture by people who have excuses ready for anything they wish to force on other humans without their consent.

    “stop going to that mad in America website. It only feed your anger and despair.”

    That comment got me thinking about false hope. Ever start getting the feeling that there are people out there that DO care? Don’t.

    “I have no faith left in humanity.”

    Me neither, though I do have faith in my God, who has come into the fire with me and has shown me why I should have no faith in humanity. They simply don’t give a shit. When people will openly stand and watch as the State tortures and kills citizens for complaining about public sector misconduct, we have made the transition to the point where there is no humanity left to have faith in.

    Not unusual where there is a lot of money to be ‘appropriated’ by those in positions of power. I often consider the wave of popularity our Premier is enjoying at present and think ‘Hitler was a popular man at one time too’. And he used that popularity in much the same way, to pass inhumane laws that allowed he and his henchmen to enrich themselves at the cost of others. Any wonder they are considering laws that would deny anyone the right to make the comparison? And imagine, they have denied a wealthy man the right to access to court to seek remedy, and the public is cheering them on in this removal of a human right. Deny the person you hate the most their human rights, and you have denied yourself those same rights.

    That is something I always think about too, that those who say that what was done to me was lawful, fine and dandy, are opening themselves up to being ‘spiked’ and having items planted on them for police to find and start off the cycle where they can be tortured and kidnapped by police. One in, all in. Or will the copy of the Criminal Code be found if it is certain Party members? It seems our ‘hard border’ closure (which still allows thousands to enter) depends on who you know, not what. Like back stage passes being handed out by our rock star politicians.

  • “I wish that this information was given to people before they accept the drugs.”

    Where I live you don’t even get the right to accept the drugs, they get ‘administered ‘ without your knowledge when it is known you would not take them willingly. This would of course be a crime if the people who had a duty to ensure that the law was applied could find their copy of the Criminal Code, and did not use the mental health system as a means to deny anyone who is the victim of public sector misconduct the right to justice.

    They simply slander away and don’t even need to apply the laws they pass. An Attorney General who will not answer a question of law (who deals with allegations of State sanctioned torture other than the people who are doing the torturing?), and instead refers matters to the Minister for Health for “actioning”? Personally I can see a problem with that but ……., strange these people don’t.

    And who knew that these drugs could be prescribed AFTER they have been administered without knowledge, by a doctor you never even met? Another bonus to being able to make a person a “patient” after the fact (in fact you don’t even need to do that, simply have them ‘flagged’ on the police system falsely). What types of situations might there be a need to ‘spike’ people with date rape drugs and then have a doctor write a prescription for the persons “regular medications” which they have never taken in their life, 12 hours after they were administered? That would constitute a serious criminal offence of attempting to pervert the course of justice, compound or conceal evidence of a criminal offence, but ……. no Criminal Code, these people can literally kill and nothing will be done. Ask me how.

    Public Sector Management Act means you can’t sit on the crimes forever. Or can they? When a hospital Clinical Director can call criminal fraud “editing” of documents, and provide that fraud to lawyers, anything is possible. Particularly when those with a duty to act utter with the fraud.

  • Actually, just on this issue of hacking, and in case anyone has doubts about my sanity regarding the interception of my communications by the hospital concerned with my torture and kidnapping I provide the following information. And I accept my sanity being questioned, I was after all subjected to some of the most vicious abuse by people in a position of trust. However.

    The hospital had my wife (and her boyfriend with 20 plus years of working as a computer technician [he even set up a business called (*&^ Computer repairs at my home 2 weeks after I had been evicted by police]) install what is commonly referred to as a keylogger on my system. easily achieved when you realise they had my wife acting against our interests as a married couple, and her believing these criminals knew what they were doing.

    I always liked the way Bugs Bunny played the damsel and got Yosemite Sam to do the work for him. Not unlike my wife having holidays at wineries with her ‘new man’ while the hospital and the clinic psychologist are trying to sort out the crimes they now found themselves trying to conceal lol. I still luv ya Dear, you really were quite the manipulator 🙂 And you do still have all my money.

    Thus the password to my emails, bank accounts etc were ALL compromised. Now, instead of changing my password completely from what it was (lets say abc17536984278BC) I simply added a single letter to the front of it (to Xabc17536984278BC). Knowledge of how a keylogger works means that anyone looking at the string of text provided would only see the long old password, and ignore the first letter added to change that password. So you then wait, while the ‘hacker’ tries to use the old password assuming it to still be relevant, and you receive a message showing who it is that is trying to access your emails.

    This was particularly useful when I had been sitting on the documents for two years with no activity, and then ‘triggered’ a response from the people who were engaged in the conspiracy (ie the police who tried to refer me back to mental health for “hallucinating” when they had been provided with the proof that I had been ‘spiked’. Who didn’t get the documents back before sending out the fraudulent set? That person should be sacked. Look at all the work you have made for police to conceal their torture and kidnapping methods. The Community Nurse making promises he simply couldn’t keep regarding drug fuking me to cover his kidnapping and torture session). They had moved on since that time and were now desperate to get up to date with who I was communicating with. And sure enough, my wifes boyfriend was in another State (thanks Facebook) and the attempted ‘hack’ of my email account from the same State. Had I changed my password completely he would have noticed in the keylog text. It should be a crime to do that when your doing it to commit other offences but …… police can’t find their copy of the Criminal Code and well, these are not your average everyday criminals, they are organised criminals who are also public officers. And I guess as long as the police are not going to do anything about any crimes you commit, well they are free to hack anyones system.

    Always the simple stuff that catches them out though.

    Keep it in mind

  • Thanks Kindred Spirit

    “Ronald Kavanagh sacrificed his career for the greater good, and we need to be clear about what we are really asking of those who stand up to the current power structure.”

    I would like to ask him if he had his time over if he would do it again?

    I know the interview I saw with Snowden he stated that the founding fathers were called traitors in their day. And yet now?

  • “Know your enemy, know yourself, and in 100 battles you will not be in peril.” Sun Tzu.

    Certainly my “normal precautions” were of no use when the Operations Manager put my wife in her pocket and began using her to keep a short leash on me. Not only did they hack into my communications, they actually made sure I knew they had done it to enable the use of my suspicion as a weapon against me. I believe the same was true of Hemmingway (something ot lost on these psychological abusers being employed by my State). I like this Operations Manager in a way, in fact she would be of great use to some of my colleagues in Afghanistan, which is I hope where she will end up working for our government.

    Such vicious psychological assaults on vulnerable people in our community (of which I do not consider myself to be one, most people she is doing this to would have committed suicide which is demonstrated by the rates of deaths at this particular hospital no doubt) seems such a waste when she could be involved in a much grander theater. The rewards so much greater than anything she will achieve ‘fuking destroying’ pitiful “patients” in some back water mental hospital. Lets have her take on an enemy that does not have their hands tied and being held down when she is kicking them in the face, and having their families assist in holding them down eh? And we know she has the stomach for torture, it’s what she is being paid for in her current position (psychological torture and ‘gaslighting’ of anyone with a valid complaint about her colleagues), though it is not expressly stated in her job description.

    And imagine, people trust her while she is preparing to defraud both them, AND the community when she distributes these fraudulent sets of documents and releases confidential information from peoples medical records to allow them to be slandered. I had no idea to be honest. I thought the enemy was the Taliban lol. They are an enemy within, those who would conceal public sector misconduct even from the relevant authorities who they have a duty to report to. It’s how we identify who is and isn’t corrupt and protect the public from organised criminals like ….. her.

    Instead she is identifying people who have been tortured and kidnapped and ‘sorting it out’ before the authorties have been informed. And of course as long as they believe it has been ‘covered up’ they will frown on her conduct, but will, as I have proof of here, support that corruption. They were happy with her fraud until they found out I still had the documents, and of course the legislation says that you are to report “as soon as you become aware that an offence carrying a penalty of more than 2 years prison has occurred”, though I’m certain the Chief Psychiatrist can rewrite that to read “or if you get caught doing a cover up, you can then do your duty and leave it on someone elses desk after the fact”. What do you mean he is still alive and running around with the documents? Thanks a fuking heap guys.

  • “Hooking people on mass diets (with a few variations) not only benefits food corporations, but the ensuing disease is exploited by the medical industry. Profits all around. Plus a trimmer more manageable population.”

    And the chicken farmer obviously doesn’t want his chickens to be sick, but will also cut corners to maintain large profits. Despite the long term consequences.

  • Mind you, thinking through it, had this lawyer actually done her duty rather than simply accept the lies told by the Mental Health Law Centre, the State would have been aware that I still had the documents much, much sooner, and thus they would not have acted as if their fraudulent documents and attempt to pervert the course of justice had succeeded. So in that sense she owed them one, because her negligence allowed those fraudulent documents to be used to respond to the Law Centre and show that they were aware of the torture and kidnapping, but were PRETENDING they weren’t.

    Pretty ugly when you realise the person charged with the duty of protecting the public is not doing what they are paid for and simply going along with the cover ups done by the likes of the Operations Manager.

    So thanks for not telling the Mental Health Law Centre that I still had the “proof”, and allowing them to maintain the fraud all the way to the Ministers desk. I had no idea that lawyers were not acting in the interest of their clients when the time came for them to make a complaint regarding human rights abuses such as torture and kidnapping. I do now, and thanks to another politician who spent the time looking at the two sets of documents and understood the significance of the fraud (note not “editing”). I appreciated his time when police couldn’t look due to a conflict of interest (ie they are the torturers and should not be the ones investigating their acts of torture, OR for that matter, referring the victim to mental health services for an ‘unintended negative outcome’. Don’t believe me, ask the psychologist who is afraid for the safety of his family for NOT accepting their referral, and was concerned when he found out for them “who else has got the documents”. This type of fraud only effective for the State when they have had police retrieve the real set, and THEN distributed the fraudulent set. No good leaving the proof around to walk into a police station and leave some poor copper with the job of ‘stitching’ the victim up for you all. ie referral fails, then I get told I am going to be arrested for having my own medical records obtained via FOI, though they still can not tell me what the charge would be. Still does it matter with a State Chief Psychiatrist that is authorising arbitrary detentions, and chemical restraints to silence witnesses? A police corruption waste basket).

    Hard copies in the post, and at least three sim cards and two phones please 🙂

    Any smart cookies here know what the charge would be for a “Mental Patient” with documented proof they were being abused by a doctor? And is the same charge possible with a “citizen” who actually has some human rights (though easily removed when all you need to do is ‘spike’ them and plant stuff for police to find and start the ‘trick cycle’ off)? Or was this copper making an assumption about the widow licker he assumed I was? And how many victims of crime are turned away because mental health? Is this turning away based on things like the color of your skin? (eg they find the copy of the Criminal Code if your white? And probably do things like take copies of the documented proof of the crimes before writing their is “insufficient evidence” and ask nothing other than ….. well, nothing to be honest. 1 Senior Constable who doesn’t take the proof of such serious crimes, and we wonder why our homes aren’t safe while we are at work lol. Can’t even put it right under their noses without them not wanting it to be true.) And for what crimes if kidnapping and torture are fair game for a Senior Constable? Discretionary powers abound these days.

  • “I haven’t followed it all, but it seems a bit complex.”

    Yes, I did try to resolve the matter early when it wasn’t….. “complex”, but then they sent out fraudulent documents and attempted to murder me before police needed to do their duty, which of course would mean an admission that they tortured me so …… they looked the other way while doctor arranged a little accident.

    And imagine now they have made the water nice and muddy, people have the justification of not acting on torture and kidnapping because its’ “complex”. Not really, I just have difficulty explaining it because of the trauma of being tortured and kidnapped by procured police (and the gaslighted by my family who were being threatened by hospital administrators). The documents make it all very clear, but the threats from the State to lawyers make the matter “complex”.

    The Minister and people pretending to be my legal representatives made an agreement to do a cover up and pervert the course of justice. They are now gone, but still people will not assist me due to the threats and intimidation BEFORE these criminals were removed from their positions.

    Once again I offer the proof to anyone who claims to be an ‘advocate’ and who does not agree with police being enabled in the use of known torture methods, and then handing their victims over to mental health services to conceal the use of torture. Because there are people here who make that claim, but as I can show, they are also hypocrites.

    “I know the main website gives people the opportunity to report their case in some detail if they wish.”

    I’m sure my case isn’t that bad in the scheme of things really. Most of these cover ups would actually work. I mean who is a family of a dead man going to complain to, police who don’t have a copy of the criminal code? A Chief Psychiatrist who doesn’t even know the basic legal protections of the mental Health Act and is enabling ‘suss laws’ with forced treatment as a consequence?

    I just find it strange that people who say look at what psychiatry has done in the past, are then presented with absolute proof of the crimes then turn away? Or do they have so many people with the proof of psychiatric torture and kidnapping that one more is of little to no use? Or is the state sanctioned intimidation and threats stopping them? aka they will ‘fuking destroy’ you. How much more direct does it get? And it is not only me who knows, there are many other witnesses who have been silenced. And why? To ensure no one finds out police are torturing citizens, making false referrals of citizens that DO NOT meet the required standard, and then doctors are signing prescriptions for the drugs they were ‘spiked’ with?

    And not a soul prepared to look because ……..? I know there have been people who looked and then needed to ‘unlook’ and deny my existence. More of the same turning blind eyes.

    And all I really want is what belongs to me so I can leave. I get it, torture away, kidnap, and kill anyone they like. No point complaining to our police when they are providing material support to these criminals. In fact, they have made referrals to people they KNEW had motive to harm me, whilst deliberately failing to perform their duty and refusing to take the documented proof of the ‘spiking’ with benzos, because they interrogated me whilst I was under the influence of that ‘spiking’, and the Community Nurse told them he would conceal their torture for them and he failed.

    I’m sure others are aware, though they have got to the point where, like the people who ignored the systematic raping of children, they can claim they did their duty and ….. you mean there were that many? Shock horror at a later date. Well, until it is one of their own, then I’m sure the Criminal Code will be used like the old telephone books were, as a coercive means of extracting a confession via bruising to the brain.

    Offer is there should anyone care to check what i’m saying. Though the lack of concern from ‘advocates’ leads me to wonder how much ‘advocating’ they are doing in between lunches with the criminals. I would offer the exchange of emails with the Council of Official Visitors who offered to help, approached the Chief Psychiatrist with his letter enabling ‘arbitrary detentions’ and then high tailed it out of town, leaving me in a pile of dust, but no one even wishes to examine the letter they got all scared about having read. Wouldn’t want to upset someone with the power to remove the legal protections afforded by the Mental Health Act without even needing to pass it through Parliament. They are right to shut their mouths when told, despite it making them hypocrites, at least they’re ALIVE hypocrites, and not DEAD advocates.

    “I know the main website gives people the opportunity to report their case in some detail if they wish. I don’t know how many cases they are able to assist on an individual level.”

    Two points, you believe the site is secure? You KNOW it is? And the answer to the second comment where I live is none, unless the State allows them to. This was demonstrated by the State being able to use my legal representatives to deny me access to the law. The truth is whatever fraud they want, despite me now having the documented proof. Not a lawyer will touch it knowing the consequences for their career if they do. Nicola Gobbo is not alone. The State is using legal representatives as informants and to conceal public sector misconduct, and they are breaching their code of ethics and conduct knowing there will be no consequences (other than ending up in someone elses pocket).

    I have a story about how a lawyer who accepted lies from the Mental Health Law Centre and gave me the ‘run around’, later found herself being used to throw me under a bus. Very clever and well worth knowing how to do it if you should ever need a corrupt lawyer to serve a purpose. They wriggle around a lot when you actually catch them out in an act of negligence, and make a great foil as ‘insurance’. She will keep her mouth shut knowing it is in her best interest, and not of course, mine. You keep right on seeking out vulnerable people to exploit Ms *, you certainly fooled me into thinking you were working for the money my Union was paying you. And such a prestigious law firm too, I wonder if your Principles are aware of your conduct.

    The wheels of justice grind slowly but …….

  • “While the organization remained safe, well protected, and avoided fear of future litigation”

    And of course when you engage in cover ups for colleagues “character flaws” and to remain ‘safe, well protected and litigation free’ we don’t see the outcomes of the abuses that occur for some time (in Aust some 40 years and hundreds of victims later). Wouldn’t it be nice to see these organisations be ‘open, protected by truth, and living in fear of litigation for enabling abuses via negligence, fraud and slander’? Though that wouldn’t suit abusers.