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  • I just dug out the documents to fully identify how they are getting around this use of neuroleptics for torturing people. They call it an “Agitation and Arousal Medication Chart”. So the aim would be for staff to bait the target and then begin injections based on the notion that what is being done is ‘chemically restraining’ patients. Thus it isn’t actually treatment, and therefore not subject to scrutiny and the amounts need not be limited as there is No National Standard. Imagine police being given handcuffs with razor blades on the inside that they can tighten anytime they like? Letter to the Minister for Police with a suggestion.

    As stated above I had one doctor look at the list of chemicals I was to be injected with and state emphatically that it would have made me extremely ill (in the case of Tristan Dimer it nearly killed him). Of course that was the unstated aim of the chemical restraint that isn’t treatment. And with ‘evidence’ that the restraint method is effective???? Just keep on truckin Doc.

    Let me say this, the Community Nurse who verballed me up was fully aware of this method of silencing any issues. Now if a low level like him is aware that all he needs to do is to ask Doc (not even a psychatrist) to do a ‘snow job’ for him, how far through the system does this actually go? I get it that this particular doctor was also a Catholic Priest and may have been using this silencing method over some years. Certainly it was another day at the office for him, having me remove my clothing when I had expressly denied him the right to physically examine me ( a right we both knew I had) but he had his thugs ready to restrain me and then his chemicals to make me sick so, what does one do but provide what he calls ‘implied consent’. She didn’t say ‘no’ so she meant ‘yes’. Well, that is if you ignore my clearly stating “you do not have the right to do this examination, and if you do it will constitute an assault”. The documents that the examination was done, proof that I was assaulted. Fortunate police can’t find their copy of the criminal code so he’s good to go with other assaults on anyone he wishes. Well, maybe 40 years something might be said but for now he is being enabled.

    Shame that the hospitals don’t keep any data on these things really, a bit like the Euthanasia Act means no counting how many people access the legislation. No wonder this industry is attracting sadists at a phenomenal rate.

  • I note this statement from the Special Rapportuer for Torture

    “Forced and non-consensual administration of psychiatric drugs, and in particular of neuroleptics, for the treatment of a mental condition needs to be closely scrutinized. Depending on the circumstances of the case, the suffering inflicted and the effects upon the individual’s health may constitute a form of torture or ill-treatment.”

    Is this why our Chief Psychiatrist writes that the use of neuroleptics as a “chemical restraint” has no National Standard? In that way they are not being used as a form of ‘treatment’ and come under virtually no scrutiny?

    Hey, just don’t call it ‘treatment’ and the statement is invalidated. And now they can inject anyone with any amount and are free from the sins of being a torturer. My “potential for violence with no clear intent or actual history” (thus this is the paranoid delusions of the doctor, not some ‘symptom’ I actually have) is seen as justification for injecting me with a large amount of chemicals which according to another doctor would have made me extremely ill. They spike you with benzos, then write down the effects of that as symptoms and use that to justify injecting you with neuroleptics then write down the effects of that and hey presto your a mental patient.

    Loophole identified and staff informed. Its a chemical restraint not treatment. Much like they’re not killings but unintended negative outcomes.

    I really don’t know how our politicians can stand up and make statements about the legal protections afforded the community with a straight face. Both the Mental Health Act and it’s ‘Sister Act’ the Euthanasia Act have zero protections for the public. They would know they are lying through their teeth and are fully aware that those with a duty to protect the public are being deliberately derelict in their duty.

  • Just on this issue of ‘verballing:

    16 . Non-compliance with form or procedure, effect of
    (1) The validity of an oath, affirmation or statutory declaration is not affected by the fact that the person taking or making it does not use the exact words required as long as the words actually used do not materially affect the substance of the exact words and are not likely to mislead.

    The document used to lock me up was not only likely to mislead, it actually MISLED the Chief Psychiatrist into the false belief this Community Nurse had “reasonable grounds”. That is of course because the Chief Psychiatrist believed that he travelled back through time and space to make “observations” of my “thoughts of harming others”. Of course this “other” (singular) was the nephew attempting to blackmail my wife three weeks earlier but, lets not let facts get in the way of a good kidnapping. Is there a difference between being angry, and being angry because someone is threatening your wife? Is it signficant that he made it an “observation” when he could not possibly have observed it? Is that really a mental illness? Or was this simply a ‘verbal’? Remove the context and the behaviour sounds unreasonable, as this filthy unaccountable ‘verballer’ can explain.

    Hey I was “guarded but concerned about being observed by neighbours” Don’t mention they were my in laws, significant other becomes generalised others, and rational concern becomes irrational paranoia. He’s good…..

    The test applied in court was that the author did not necessarily outright lie, but that they had been “wreckless as to the truth”. How fortunate for this Community Nurse who is filing fraudulent documents that the police can’t find their copy of the criminal code. Because they would not link the suicides that are resulting from his vile conduct.

    If anyone ever wished to do something to save lives, they should be acting on this type of corruption IMMEDIATELY. Not sitting on their hands and doing cover ups while the body count rises to double figures. Of course I know we’re all very busy and I should get some help from the people who tortured and kidnapped me, that way they don’t need to look at their negligence, fraud and slanderous conduct and instead can call me names while destroying my family for complaining.

    The opportunity to do something arises and they turn their backs. Bah, lets go beat Balaams Donkey.

  • “psychiatrists can become transformative people in their communities and in the world, and make things different. But psychiatrists are not that important except when they’re in power; when psychiatrists run things, it becomes problematic.”

    I read this and wonder Doc if your not missing something. Maybe you need to recognise what it means to NOT be a psychiatrist for a day or two. Being the transformative person in the community might mean precisely that, not being what you are (or have become as a result of your ‘training’).

    I like what you say about your time as Clinical Director and think that’s what i’m trying to point to, not doing what psychiatrists do means your no longer a psychiatrist. And if I ever get my human and civil rights back we might even meet in the middle as human beings and find ways of making the world a better place.

    “I know it’s possible, but I’m not sure that it’s likely”. It sounds so much more convincing when it comes from a psychiatrist 🙂

    “People should refuse to put their signature on documents that cause people to be locked up. That would be my hope for the near future.”

    I’d like to see an end to the corrupt practice of ‘verballing’ which has been identified by Commissioner Kennedy as being a poisonous practice that is resulting in serious miscarriages of justice in our courts, and while he did not state it in his report (it was of course outside his scope) is resulting in people being thrown into the mental health system unnecessarily and no doubt resulting in deaths. Bearing false witness should be a crime (particularly on statutory declarations), not being encouraged by the Chief Psychiatrist as “noble corruption”, and allowing arbitrary detentions for the convenience of the lazy and unethical Community Nurse etc.

  • I wonder if he already said it Steve in Beyond Good and Evil, We Scholars?

    Mind you it’s been a long time since I had access to my books, or anything else for that matter. Birth of Tragedy and Geneology of Morals was one of my favorite ‘pick up’ books way back when I had ‘stuff’. But mental health services and police soon fixed that with a ‘verbal’.

    I sometimes ponder what it must be like to go to work and leave waves of chaos behind you, destroying lives and leaving a mess for others to try and resolve, and all the while thinking that your a good person and what your doing might on the surface appear as criminal but in the end it will, in some Machiavellian formula, work out for the best. Doing things that is resulting in the death of people can’t surely be seen as ‘good’? Unless of course they know something we don’t? And then the killings might be justified?

    I mean try as I may I have wondered how this mental health practitioner managed to make observations of my thoughts that occurred three weeks before I even met him. I did study psychology and this is a new development for me, though not for the Chief Psychiatrist who supports this guys claim to thought reading and time travel, in writing. And this then provides justification for incarceration and forced drugging. Luckily they are not relying on any science to justify their position, nor anything that might be called “reasonable”, because they would fail miserably. They are simply snatching anyone that has the misfortune of having a finger pointed at them from their beds and fabricating evidence to support their position. Perhaps a reading of another German authors book The Trial (Franz Kafka) may be in order? How prophetic was that when we look back at the shape of things to come?

  • Wow, we cocacolarised them and now we want to psychiatrise them. The aim with coca cola was to put a can of coke in the hands of every one on the planet. Now they want to put an anti psychotic in their hand that can be washed down with a coke.
    Seems that they may be running out of experimental subjects in the West given their abject failure to demonstrate even the slightest gain in a scientific sense. Moving in on other less fortunate countries for these experimental subjects who can be exposed to the damages of psychiatric research minus any real ethical considerations was an obvious move.

    Perhaps the traditional healers may require forced treatment if they disagree with what doctor wishes to do? I’d be real careful speaking to any mental health practitioner after being ‘verballed’ by one. The truth is anything they want it to be and has no basis in reality.

  • How much role play goes on in the wards? People pretending to be ‘medical’ people, others pretending to be patients who are either getting better or not depending on which direction they wish to take with this system of abuse.

    I think you might enjoy this book by Yukio Mishima, Confessions of a Mask. I read it many years ago now. It must have been 15 BCD (Before my Civil Death).

    Good to know some people get knocked down and get back up within this system, because when I got told I would be fuking destroyed for complaining about being kidnapped and tortured (yes I can prove it) they literally smashed my life to pieces. It did mean that others were harmed but the government has ways of ensuring the public doesn’t see their mistakes. Maybe they’re just knocking you down to toughen you up for the real world, and with me they wanted me dead because of speaking the truth? I don’t really know anymore, and to be honest care even less after 9 years of not seeing my family or being allowed access to even my personal belongings because of a government cover up. And I am now certain my community doesn’t care either, they no longer look at the ‘mask’, just turn to the wall for the Dead Man Walking.

    I thank you all.

    They prefer the narrative of the fraudulent documents sent to the Mental Health Law Centre to the Truth, the one where I was a mental patient and could lawfully be tortured and kidnapped. And consider how flimsy that protection from torture is, simply a matter of legal status that can be changed via fraudulent documents distributed by a Clinical Director (who I might add can afford to smile being paid $300K plus for committing serious offences against the community, though considered to be in their “best interest”). Exposing the ‘mechanism’ of psychiatry to the public of course would mean they may no longer consent to treatment (hey wait, they don’t) and well, that would require extra ordinary powers to ensure they public could be treated.

    Torturing and brain damaging citizens is not a medical procedure, it is human and civil rights abuses. Confronting these delusional doctors with the truth is going to be a dangerous thing to do, the psychotic can react very badly to being confronted directly with the truth. Perhaps this is why the medical fraternity is allowing these people to think they’re doctors, so they can break it to them slowly that they’re not?

  • Chomsky said that left and right were both wings of the same party, the Business Party. I even heard one of our radio announcers going on about how long the election campaign takes in the US (gee imagine democracy at work taking time). Ours lasts about 5 weeks, and he claims we’re sick of it after that. Yes but …… our parties don’t put forward what they intend doing once they achieve power before elections, they ‘spring’ that on us later when it’s too late to say but it’s not what the community wants (but it is what doctors want). The other thing is our system is a farce designed to look like fair and democratic elections, not to actually be one. Making people vote in a two horse race is not what I’d call elections, either way your betting on a horse (and thus can be considered to be a gambler). Still the country is young and we have only just begun to recognise people of color as humans recently.
    No left and right in my State, just a bunch of elites that know that they get power with or without the consent of the people. The Mental Health Act is part of ensuring that this situation continues.

  • If you can’t blind them with science, baffle them with bulls*it.

    By the time you have checked the claim of evidence based, the thief has been through your belongings and is heading to the pawn shop with your jewellry.

    Our politicians here make these types of false claims all the time. 85% of the community wants these Euthanasia laws (but were not going to allow the community to vote on it, or provide you with any evidence to support that claim of 85%. You will have to trust us). More people want the death penalty so I look forward to that legislation being rushed through before an election.

    I’ve also heard ‘verballing’ being called ‘noble corruption’. Tell that to the people who have served 12 years in prison for something they didn’t do, and all because some police officer knew their corrupt conduct would receive support from their superiors and the courts.

    And let me say after receiving a letter from a police superintendent who refuses to accept ‘evidence’/proof of serious criminal offences I do not put much faith in what they claim to be evidence based. Turning people away who have inconvenient truths does not make for sound decisions in our courts, in fact it is possibly the very essence of corruption. However when you have falsehoods to maintain the truth can be very inconvenient.

    And they wonder why they have the reputation they do? We had a police officer sharing a pornographic image of a woman she had photographed (revenge porn) telling the court she would not lie because she was a police officer (evidence based of course). She did not delete the image and was sharing it with other officers because she didn’t want anyone to think she was deleting ‘evidence’. Funny but they can send me away with documents proving I was spiked with benzos becuase their is “insufficient evidence” (like 5 witnesses and documents stating when and where it was done). Frauds and slanderers who are providing material support for criminals via their own criminal negligence.

  • Police here simply call a psychologist and tell them what information they require, and the psychologists will provide that information. What’s the point of having people trust you unless your going to exploit that trust and make some money from it.

    Police tell me that because they didn’t receive a complaint form the psychologist concerned regarding his family being threatened they will take no action. Imagine that, the psychologist who was threatened by police didn’t report that threat to police.

    I will never, under any circumstances trust a psychologist again. It was fortunate that I explained to him before we spoke that I would lie to him to ensure that if he were approached by police for information he would not know what information was true and what was false.

    It was the “who else has got the documents?” question that revealed that police wanted to know who else I had shown the documented proof of the torture and kidnapping to. They thought the documents had been retrieved, and here I was sitting in a psychologists office with the proof. Very poor attempt at a cover up, but the idea of using mental health services as an ‘information retrieval service’ really did leave me “shocked and outraged”.

    The ability to ‘coerce’ people who one would imagine you could share confidential information with was swept away in Australia back in 2010 with the High Court decision in ACC v Stoddart which flushed confidentiality down the toilet with “no spousal privilege in common law in Australia”. If a spouse can be ‘coerced’ to reveal information regarding their partner, then of course the dominoes fall.

    This is important because the case of Nicola Gobbo a lawyer who was acting as a police informant with confidential information from her ‘clients’ was breaking the law at the time. Police have since said “it can’t happen again” but have failed to tell us why. The reason is that they now have the law to allow them to threaten doctors, lawyers and partners to provide them with the information they want, and no avenue for complaint for those who find their confidential information being shared in this manner.

    So as it stands we find ourselves paying lawyers and doctors to act as snitches for police. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. With this and the ability to use mental institutions to torture and kidnap citizens we should have the place cleaned up in no time. Don’t like the facts, insufficient evidence, and here’s what we want to be the truth. Not that any of this fabrication of evidence is new to our police (there’s a long history of it) but the ease with which it can be done now is astounding. The belief that computers and cameras was going to make policing and justice balanced was a fallacy. All its done is create the space for corruption to flourish.

    It is more than the therapy sessions that has been weaponised in Australia.

  • Something I wonder about the movie Gaslight.

    (Spoiler Alert) It seemed to me that the gas light brightening and dimming was not done by Charles Boyer as a deliberate ploy to drive his wife insane. It was an unintended consequence of his overall plot to drive her mad. If that’s the case it’s interesting to me that all one needs to do is set the cycle in motion and it gathers speed of its own accord.

    For example, the removal of the documents proving I was ‘spiked’ with benzos, and the use of my claim that I had been spiked as being a delusion I was suffering from (It’s a common delusion among ‘mental patients’ that they are being drugged without their knowledge, in fact THE most common delusion). The truth becomes a weapon as a result of the fraud by the hospital Operations Manager. Clever when you think about it. Exquisitly poisonous was how I described it to the Chief Psychiatrist. Of course he was in with the gaslighters so probably didn’t appreciate exactly how poisonous such conduct can be. These people have a tendency to justify their vile conduct in their own delusional way.

    The good news is it is fairly easy to recognise someone who is being gaslighted, and then move in on the perpetrator who is usually a psychopath who thinks they are much cleverer than they are. (What’s up Doc? And you went in to medicine to save lives huh? Oh well, someone with the stomach for it gotta do it I guess. And you got the short straw so to speak)

  • “He highlights modern-day, “American Psychosis,” best exemplified in the election and presidency of Donald Trump. He also discusses how the concept of collective neurosis can enable recognition of these delusions, which have perpetuated violence upon those deemed “different.” This, in turn, opens the possibility for the development and application of postcolonial strategies to refute these delusions.”

    You guys like my new red cap? “Make America Psychotic Again” lol.

    “Community mental health care provides an alternative to institutionalization, and the initiative is grounded in the anti-psychiatry movement, in that it critiques institutionalization, the coercive and hierarchical relationship between psychiatrist and patient, and the pathologizing of social issues.”

    I’d question this statement also. Community Mental Health care is prison without bars, an abuse of human rights, and if anyone cares to go through it with me is resulting in some of the most vile conduct i’ve ever witnessed. The home delivery of drugs with police, and the constant threat of being incarcerated (in a place where your highly likely to be subjected to further abuses) because you haven’t done your dishes like the nice Community Nurse wants. And the authorities charged with protecting the community ignoring the very laws put in place to protect because Pappa (Community Nurse) knows best. I don’t believe that ‘anti psychiatrists’ would claim a victory for this metamorphosis of abuse from psychiatry. Perhaps the reformists/apologists may claim it a victory?

  • “To hate injustice and stand on righteousness is a difficult thing. Furthermore, to think that being righteous is the best one can do and to do one’s utmost to be righteous will, on the contrary, bring many mistakes. The Way is in a higher place than righteousness. This is very difficult to discover, but it is the highest wisdom.”

    “It is said that one should not hesitate to correct himself when he has made a mistake. If he corrects himself without the least bit of delay, his mistakes will quickly disappear. But when he tries to cover up a mistake, it will become all the more unbecoming and painful. When words that one should not use slip out, if one will speak his mind quickly and clearly, those words will have no effect and he will not be obstructed by worry. If there is, however, someone who blames a person for such a thing, one should be prepared to say something like, “I have explained the reason for my careless speech. There is nothing else to be done if you will not listen to reason. Since I said it unwittingly, it should be the same as if you didn’t hear it. No one can evade blame.”

    These two quotes from the Hagakure come to mind. It also makes it very easy to identify ‘mistakes’ and ‘evil intent’.

    I also note you consider ‘the movement’ as people who wish to “reform psychiatry” so i’m not a member. I do not believe that something that has become this corrupt can be reformed. Out with the baby, the bathwater and the tub in my humble opinion.

    In my belief system when God gets tired of the corruption He wipes people off the face of the earth and replaces them with something better. Ask Lut.

  • Pilliavin and Pilliavin wasn’t it?

    Cops here are certainly not doctors, they think it’s okay to spike people with stupefying/intoxicating drugs which would actually be a crime if only they could find their copy of the criminal code. Mind you I guess the public is happy with them doing this because the Minister says she considers this conduct “reasonable”. And yet in the next breath they are saying it is “abhorrent and extremely dangerous”. I do wish these hypocrites would have their feet put to the fire over this matter. Because on one hand we have a Dr Kearsley going to prison for it (when he can actually prescribe these drugs) and a bus driver being given the right to do it if it means police get to interrogate people who have been spiked.
    I think this type of ‘con’ was shown in the movie Se7en when Brad Pitt wants to enter the home of a suspect without a warrant.
    Doctors they are not, in fact it would be difficult to call what i’ve seen police.

  • I’m assuming last “reply” button gets me to the bottom of the list.
    What needs to be realised Oldhead is that our Prime Minister has made it clear that we as a Nation need to separate ourselves from outside interference from the likes of the UN. It is precisely these sorts of documents that he does not want people discussing. We know what is needed here and if we want to torture, maim and kill our citizens keep your noses out of our business.
    Now let me say that Australia has a history with apathy. They show protests on the nightly news here from different countries and the people here think it doesn’t happen here because we have nothing to protest. Well, there was that time the unions started organising and they State government passed 54(b) of the Criminal Code which made it unlawful for three or more people to congregate in a public place without a permit from the State. Not that it was enforced on anyone other than the unions, and it only took 11 years to have the High Court remove it as unconstitutional.
    I sometimes ponder what may happen in the 11 years it takes to have these unconstitutional laws overturned. I mean in that instance they smashed the unions to pieces. But what about these Euthanasia Laws? What if some clever doctor or lets say Epidemiologist (like the guy who wrote the draft of our new Mental Health Act with a clause for steralizing children without parental consent included) found a bit of a loophole and ………. 11 years? I mean the Germans are notoriously efficient so they got a lot done in less than 11 years, but still…..

    What bothers me is the total capitulation of people here who claim to be ‘advocates’ for those deemed ‘mentally ill’. It has at times literally made me sick to think about it.

  • Consider, we have the Minister for Health who has the facts in front of him. And he has said he does not have a problem with citizens being ‘spiked’ with benzos so they collapse, and when they do, plant items on them for police to find and make a referral to a Community Nurse. This Community Nurse then fabricates the ‘reasonable grounds’ for transporting the person against their will to a locked ward of a mental institution where, because of the lack of resources all they can do is drop them with enough anti psychotics to lay an elephant out for a week. Seems a bit convoluted and riddled with issues to simply get someone to a hospital for treatment they don’t need for illnesses they don’t have don’t you think?

    I mean, I really don’t know if its me but what was done seems totally unreasonable, but when your dealing with a Minister who doesn’t understand reason what would you expect.

    And of course with the slander being applied the Minister finds it very easy to pass the buck as the complaint is a result of some fabricated illness now that requires drugging.

    I mean I get it that his sister, the psychologist, was quite possibly involved given her friendship with the person doing the spiking, but surely he can put his family issues aside from his duties as Minister? Is Nepotism listed in the DSM?

    Am I being unreasonable thinking that I shouldn’t be allowed to be ‘spiked; and have items planted on me to obtain a police referral and exploit the loophole in the Convention against the use of Torture? I mean if it’s me then i’ll wear the loss of my family and career and home and well, literally everything. Otherwise I ask that these criminals be brought to justice as it should be.

  • There is and never has been a need to suffer until the bitter end Sam. There is no State authority that is going after people who have taken their lives sucessfully.

    My concern, as I have noted, is that in my State, the protections afforded the community under the law (Mental Health Act) are being ignored by the very authorities charged with ensuring their enforcement due to them wishing to have carte blanche, and no one is willing to stand up and say anything about it.

    Apply that attitude to Euthanasia laws and what have we got? Oh but our politicians who have passed both sets of laws ignore one set of protections, and yet claim they will ensure the others? And we believe them? And I don’t for a moment expect anyone to believe what i’m saying about the Chief Psychiatrists dereliction of duty, and the Minister not liking the protections and therefore rewriting the law to enable arbitrary detentions for mental health workers, but I do believe it important that someone who actually understands the law checks. Rather than have some incompetent lawyer tell us that if people are being snatched from the street for absolutely no reason that it is “the spirit of the Act”. And what is the spirit of the Euthanasia Act? To ensure doctor isn’t late for his tee time at the Country Club?

    The very same person (Minister for Health) who boasts about the legal protections in the Euthanasia Act has deliberately overlooked the protections afforded in the Mental Health Act because if he were to recognise them then it would mean people are being kidnapped and tortured, and he doesn’t like the sound of that and prefers to call citizens (with protection) “patients” (without protection), and then kidnap and torture is detain and refer. We should call him Houdini. Consider the power of being able to make a citizen into a patient AFTER you have done an operation on them. No plunging a knife into someones chest isn’t unlawfully killing, it was an operation done in a back alley by a medical professional. And given that they have shown me that they distribute fraudulent documents to lawyers they can make anything a reality. Fact, authorised by the Clinical Director of the hospital in a memorandum which was ‘accidentally’ included in the documents for the lawyers. Someone who doesn’t want to be identified obviously doesn’t agree with the torture program they are running, shame they are so afraid of loosing their job though.

    Making ’emotions’ illnesses and trying to treat them is wrong, but making dying a medical procedure steps over a line in my opinion. And especially when the State is not prepared to respect the legal protections they claim to be affording the community. If the way my matters were dealt with by the State were applied to the Euthanasia Act they could kill arbitrarily and not a damn thing anyone could do about it (other than rely on the medical mafia to deal with those who are deemed to be going beyond what would be considered reasonable). The doctor who suspected on reasonable grounds that the patient would be dead within 6 months, and had their consent to end their life would become the doctor who suspected on grounds he believed to be reasonable (ie their a bucks to be made) has completed a fraudulent consent form and sent it to the families lawyers and ended the citizens life.

    I challenge anyone who has examined my documents to show me how or why it could not be done. Because if it were, the authorities would do a cover up here, and ensure that no action were taken to protect their already tainted reputation. Better they use their positions of trust to fuking destroy peoples families than be seen for what they are, frauds and slanderers.

    The only way they would gain the trust of the public would be to ensure that the community was made aware that if something was done that was illegal, they would act swiftly and according to the law, not have police tell people that they don’t have a copy of the criminal code and that the Authority that deals with licencing of doctors doesn’t know its a crime to ‘spike’ peoples drinks with benzodiazepines. Thats the sort of attitude you get in a Police State not a supposed democratic society. Still, as i’ve said before the world gives you lemons, make lemonade and well, a torture tourism program seems to be more than on the cards. Come Kuddle a Koala in Kakadu lol Throw another tourist into the Locked Ward would ya Mr Hogan.

    Speaking of which I actually met a guy who was from Canada who they eventually deported. Interesting that his government (via their consulate) was regularly calling in to ensure his safety. Guess they have reason to be concerned about their citizens given the way we are treating our own people here. Well done Canada.

  • I found this aspect of my interrogation by my local Community Nurse verballer particularly interesting. His justification for incarceration and forced drugging being “not eating/sleeping”. Now of course as this ‘assessment’ (if you can call being tortured that) involved me being ‘set up’ he had some prior information provided by the person who had ‘spiked’ me and planted a knife and some cannabis for police to find. This was that I was not sleeping or eating for the past two days. The information was provided in the figurative sense, and not the literal.

    So the friendly verballer asks me about my eating, and I explain that I have not been eating as well as I usually do, but that if he could provide me with reference to any legislation which had passed without me knowing that required a certain caloric intake on a daily basis, I would ensure that I would fulfill my requirements for the State, and save him some time having police jump me in my bed. Of course he couldn’t provide such reference because I don’t believe it exists, however……. he uses the figurative language on his statutory declaration to mislead anyone reading his justification for incarceration and forced drugging because ‘disturbed eating and sleeping’ is hardly reasonable grounds for locking someone up, whereas NOT sleeping and eating may well be seen as being justification.

    Funny, maybe he could actually see the future because whilst two days of disturbed sleep and eating has now turned into nine years of not sleeping or eating properly. I say its because of the torture and kidnapping by public officers, but they seem to think its because of some illness I have, despite the psychiatrist who examined me that day stating emphatically that there was nothing wrong with me other than I was extremely angry about being snatched out of my bed (after being ‘spiked’ with benzos) and ‘verballed up’ by some fraud and slanderer who had lied to police about me being a ‘patient’ of his hospital to have them point weapons at me whilst he tortured me into a ‘confession’.

    I can’t see how without some form of legislation stating how much we are required to eat a person can be locked up for not eating. Its a rubber ruler used to justify arbitrary detentions otherwise. I mean personally I would have been more concerned about the Community Nurses alcoholism (drunk before 10 in the morning?) and the weight he had put on as a result of that, but he’s the one pointing the finger at people for police to brutalize for him before his interrogations. And I guess his ‘illness’ is a result of being a fraud and slanderer for the State soooo. Verballing being a form of ‘noble corruption’ the people who engage in this corrupt practice like to call it. Not so the people who spend years wrongly incarcerated and force drugged as a result of the practice, to them corrupt is enough. And of course the dead know only one thing, it is better to be living.
    Still, he’s getting the job done. And well I guess anyone who can have a young woman locked up in a mental institution (where it is highly likely she will be sexually assaulted. Our Minister tells us “you can’t listen to them they’re mental patients”) for not doing her dishes and make it sound ‘reasonable’ on a Statutory Declaration should be writing fiction novels, not swearing false court testimony on Mental Health Forms. A frustrated writer trying to get out there methinks.
    And he has the full support of his Operations Manger who is destroying anyone who has a valid complaint. She is the really nasty bit of work here, because it is my firm belief that she knowingly pushes people to violence and suicide with her gaslighting, and then has her colleagues justify their forced drugging and incarceration. Machiavelli would be proud.

  • That paragraph jumped off the page for me John, and I can’t quite put my finger on exactly why.

    I think it’s the failure to recognise that psychiatry is being used by law enforcement as a means to get around the Convention against the use of Torture. ie the exploitation of the “inherent in or incidental to lawful sanction”.
    In my State police can detain and make referral to mental health who can start ‘treatments’ without the knowledge of the ‘referred person’, and then hand them back to police for interrogations. Police can then interrogate the ‘referred person’ who has been ‘spiked’ and then hand them back to mental health so that a doctor can then give a diagnosis (in my case this took three minutes of a doctors day) and inject them with enough anti psychotics and benzos to lay an elephant out for a week.

    In fact this ‘system’ is working so well our new Mental Health Act has placed a Mental Health worker in every large police station in the State. Personally I don’t like the look of it myself and consider it to be a State sanctioned torture program, but now that my government has also made the killing of ‘patients’ a form of lawful medical procedure I might be best to keep my thoughts to myself, rather than be responsible for training public officers in the use of known torture methods, and how flimsy the notion of consent to such procedures in the medical area really is. Anasognosia anyone?

    I guess their must be some psychiatrists who know what’s going down, because they say about 40% of them have left our public system to begin practice in the private sector. Some people apparently just don’t have the stomach for it.

    Anyway, good article if your reading Bruce.

  • These “reasonable grounds” I speak of are even set out in the Mental Health Act under s.26. They are that a person
    – has a mental illness (thus not me, as I was not a patient as defined in the Act)
    – their illness is treatable –
    – the person has refused tretment
    -the least coercive method of getting the person treatment is used.

    Basically. However, the way the Chief Psychiatrist has misrepresented the protections of s. 26 of the Act it may as well be thrown out along with s. 4 the defintion of what a mental illness is.
    Suspect on reasonable grounds (see section 26) becomes suspect on grounds he believes to be reasonable, which has no standards set and could constitute tomato which could not be contested in a court. Thus he has enabled arbitrary detentions without even removing the protections of the MH Act. The good news about this is that the public actually thinks they are protected, while there are mental health workers running around drugging people without their knowledge and snatching them from their beds using police resources, and then any complaints they will be, according to the Operations manager who examined my complaint “fuking destroyed” if they don’t stop pointing out that what they did was actually kidnapping and torture. They are trying so hard to make it look like medicine and dont need the public noticing that its actually criminal conduct disguised as ‘medicine’.

    These claims I am making are not even in contention. The letters are there along with some other ‘evidence’ which the police do not seem to want to take into their posession. the witnesses have been threatened, the fraudulent documents distributed to lawyers and the slandering of my person complete to the point where I have no friends left. they’re really good at this I must admit, and I understand why there is fear of these people, especially when I found out about the State giving them not only the power to kidnap and torture citizens, but that they can unintentionally negatively outcome them while police turn a blind eye. It saves all that stuff with ‘evidence’ and you know these guys went to some trouble to ‘verbal’ stat decs and spike people and then cause ‘acute stress reactions’.
    They can’t even remove the bad apple because it would expose their negligence in regards the other victims who came after I had made my complaint. I mean they were told, and failed to listen because of the effectiveness of the system of slandering people they have created.
    And I am still to this day being slandered by the Minister for Health who also doesn’t like the protections of the law, and prefers to give carte blanche and zero accountability to these organised criminals operating in our hospitals.

    Nine years of torture and they continue with refoulment and not a soul will step up and say “this is wrong”. Still, i’m in good company, this sort of thing has been seen before if one cares to look at history.

  • “You got this one wrong, JC and Boans. CRPD is a potentially revolutionary document. Don’t be stymied by the bureaucratic/legalistic tone. And read Tina’s response carefully. She’s on OUR side.”

    Never doubted that for a moment Oldhead. Its not unlike the government here making our aboriginal people into humans in 1968, a momentous act. If only we could get people to start acting like they were humans is the issue.

    And of course the legalistic/bureaucratic tone is of course an issue for me. I’m sick of trying to explain what a burden of proof is to people who should have a thorough understanding of what that is. The Minister for Mental Health doesn’t know what a “suspect on reasonable grounds” legal protection is? The Chief Psychiatrist wants the law to read “suspect on grounds he believes to be reasonable” and of course if this is true then the torture and kidnapping I was subjected to goes away. The principle of the mental Health aw Centre doesn’t know what “suspect on reasonable grounds” actually does in law. Wow, imagine that, all that trouble to write laws that protect the public and then the people charged with protecting the public don’t know what they are.

    Of course if they would just come out and state their case of Well sometimes we want to torture people and we need to overlook the law, i’m fine with that. Torture away people, just let the public that is forced to vote for you know this is where you stand, stop hiding behind your claims of plausible deniability and negligence. Of course these cowards won’t do that, they use thugs to do their dirty work and claim the moral high ground. Leave the children of others to die for rights they overlook when it comes to the community they have a duty to protect.

    Tell me what good would this document be to our Minister, Chief Psychiatrist or the Principle of the mental Health Law Centre who haven’t the knowledge to pass a first year law course? And sure that sounds silly doesn’t it? Want to see the letter I have from them stating they do not like the protections of the law so they have removed them for the convenience of some organised criminals acting as doctors? “Suspect on reasonable grounds” becomes “suspect on grounds he believes reasonable”?

    I’ve heard it said that this is a low bar set by the State. It is also the standard set for mandatory reporting of suspected crimes by public officers in s. 28 of the Corruption and Crime Commission Act. The crime of Procurring the apprehension or detention of a person not suffering from a Mental Illness carries a 2 year prison term, and yet the Minister and C.P. simply never suspect that this crime has occurred despite having the documented proof? We know I wasn’t suffering from a mental illness as I was ‘assessed’ on that day and cleared of all charges, no mental illness. And of course the Community Nurse lied to police to have them detain me by claiming I was a “mental patient” of his hospital, thus creating a false belief. And then there’s the conspiring to pervert the course of justice over the concealment of the drink spiking with benzos. and the list goes. Though it doesn’t matter it went through to the same people who deal with priests who have been molesting children so expect no action.

    Its a burden that is low when applied to me, but beyond reach when applied to a public officer who is ‘verballing’ mental patients and having them unlawfully detained by police. Of course we know where the complaints about their crimes goes. A needle full of drugs and weeks of dribble therapy for the complainant, and if necessary fraudulent documents to lawyers who have a duty to protect their human rights. Then there is the conversations between the Minister and said lawyers regarding funding for the Mental Health Law Centre and how it might be best they drop this one. Just look the other way while we have an unintentional negative outcome with your client who you have failed in your duty to represent.
    Start throwing people who have been tortured under a bus for what? Some political leverage? You just lost any leverage you had with the corruption. No wonder these abuses in our institutions abound, the people charged with protecting US have been compromised and are looking the other way. The odd one slips through yes but only to give the appearance of fairness. It allows the places like the MHLC to act as ‘venus fly traps’ to catch anyone who has evidence of criminal conduct to be ‘neutralised’.
    Don’t believe me? Like to view the proof? Thought not.

  • Altruistic Evil I’ve heard it called.

    They say that some of the workers at the concentration camps could take babies from mothers arms and kill them, and then go home to their families and eat dinner. I’m a bit like the guy who interrupted my killing in the ED in that sense, I don’t have the stomach for it. But the people who were plotting to murder me were actually quite nice folk who simply found themselves in a tricky situation, and like most people didn’t want to go to prison, so they used their position of trust to kill a few folk. And you can’t blame them for calling in a few favours from police for that.

    I think the Milgram, Zimbardo and Asch experiments tell us a little more than we need to know in some regards. I mean the politicians telling us that “more than 85% of the public wants Euthanasia to be legal” is a classic example of how to exploit social pressure to enact laws that politicians want, but do not want the community discussion surrounding them. Make them believe their in the minority if they don’t agree with your policies, when the reality (for me at least) was that not a soul I spoke to actually agreed with the legislation (Euthanasia), maybe because of the conservative people I mix with but …. our voices were not heard during the debate.

  • I’ll make an assumption that you recognise the methods of exploiting the “inherent in or incidental to lawful sanction” part of Article 1.1 of the Convention against the use of Torture.

    By ‘spiking’ citizens and planting items for police to find and then obtaining “lawful sanction” to ‘treat’ citizens the whole community can now be subjected to the use of known torture methods and have no means of remedy as a result of this ‘hack’. With the dereliction of duty by our Chief Psychiatrist they have carte blanche and zero accountability with regards arbitrary detentions and thus the use of known torture methods (which we will now call ‘medicine’).

    Good news, bad news. it;s going to be awfully useful for ex public officers to ensure their silence on matters of “National Security” such as we have seen lately with the use of corporate credit cards for prostitutes. Careful what you wish for, because you just might get it. Even our Treasurer had to flee the State for treatment for his bipolar lest he be ensnared in the State mental health system. The Premier calling for his privacy to be respected (in other words no questions while we do a cover up and a ‘sheep dip’).

    And I can’t imagine it’s too difficult to figure out if a mug like me knows all about it.

    From little things big things grow. Surely the progression from torturing a few vulnerable individuals to a wholesale torture program sanctioned by the State is not surprising? When the CRPD criticised Australias mental health laws as being “a violation of human rights” and that the “treatments may constitute torture” you would think that the new Act would provide better protections. Instead they invalidated the statement with the rewrite and made the situation a whole lot worse by making human rights abuses even easier. And will we have to wait another 20 years before a statement is made regarding the human rights abuses enabled by the current Act? Because the expansion of the ‘industry’ and the abuse of powers is difficult to deny. They have used and manipulated the situation to double down.

    “Added protections” was the line being spouted by our Politicians about the new Act. What they didn’t tell anyone was that these protections were not for the community, and well if the community made the mistake of thinking they were being protected by these protections, caveat emptor. Truth is doctors were getting worried about being sued over ECTs on children, and so they received protections under the new Act and now our ECTS have increased by a whopping 194%, mostly kids.

    Added protections. They need colostomy bags attached to their cheeks.

    And now we have a Euthanasia Act with “more than a 100 protections”. It seems these people have found a model that works, simply tell the public they are being protected and they will go along with anything. because everyone wants to be protected right? Try exercising your rights to these protections though and well……. your in for a shock.

  • Ms Minkowitz,

    in the paper you link to you write:

    “Many people with psychosocial disabilities are still placed under the civil death of plenary guardianship, or deprived of legal capacity in broad areas of life (typically, finances and personal care).”

    Could you tell me how I might find out if I have been subjected to the ‘civil death’ you speak of? It seems that in my instance I was ‘flagged’ for death after making a complaint about being ‘spiked’ and having a knife and some cannabis planted on me to obtain a police referral to a Community Nurse, who could then ‘verbal’ me on Forms and have me treated for an illness I didn’t have.

    Since making my complaint regarding this method of obtaining police referrals for mental health workers (necessary because of the protections in the law which mean a person needs to actually be a “patient” before they can be brutalised and call it ‘medicine’. If I had been “patient” there was no need for the planting of items on me for police to find and make immediate referral to the waiting whack team) it appears that my life has been very different, for example the police tell me they don’t have a copy of the criminal code in a large metro police station, and it feels like my right to make decisions on my own behalf has been hijacked without anyone informing me as to why. It is my firm belief that this has been done to conceal the original criminal offences that were committed against me by these mental health workers. It seems bizarre to me that the lawyers who claimed to be assisting me have to contact some unnamed person who claims to be my ‘guardian’ to ask if I have permission to complain about their criminal conduct towards me (ie the assault on me by ‘spiking’).

    In what other areas do police call the alleged perpetrator and ask if the victim should be given the right to make complaint? And refuse to accept the documented proof of the crimes because the criminals don’t want the evidence to be admissible? To me, conspiring to stupefy and commit an indictable offence namely kidnapping are serious matters, and yet they disappear if police are deceived into the false belief that I was someones “patient” and they will actively assist these criminals)

    I was no ones “patient” and yet found myself being subjected to the sort of ‘care’ they receive, and have now fallen prey to criminal frauds and slanderers. They even sent a set of fraudulent documents to the Mental Health Law Centre. I showed these to a Member of Parliament because I had no idea that hospitals had carte blanche to conceal their misconduct with criminal fraud. The police turning me away with the documented proof resulted in the hospital attempting to retrieve the documents I had with the assistance of my self appointed guardian. They were in no hurry to have proof of whether the claim was true or not, they simply wanted me to be someones “patient” so they could act in such a disgraceful manner and call it ‘care’. Such an ’emergency’ requires special powers to act before anyone notices the crimes you’re committing, and wow how effective is the slander they use? “oh the claim he has been spiked is a common delusion, we call that mental illness” while they hide the truth with fraudulent documents.

    Anyway, direction on how I might go about finding out how these criminals have had me ‘flagged’ as sub human to conceal their crimes would be greatly appreciated. I’d like to go back to the good old days where I was speaking for myself and was a loved father/grandfather with a home.

    I even had Shine lawyers tell me that my ‘doctor’ had authorised the ‘spiking’ but that they couldn’t tell me who my doctor was for reasons of confidentiality. Maybe it’s my illness but that seemed a bit bizarre. Especially considering as far as I was aware I didn’t have a doctor (all referrals had expired and thus i was a free man under our law).

    Perhaps they were referring to the doctor who wrote a prescription for the drugs I was spiked with 12 hours after they were covertly administered, and 12 hours before he even knew of my existence? He writes prescriptions for ‘spikings’ post hoc? I see a problem there but ….. he’s the doctor. maybe he had a premonition that I was going to become his “patient” or something? Because his colleague made claims that he could read minds and travel through time and space to make the “observations” required by law before engaging police to transport me against my will to a cage they call a hospital.

  • This is Serious Mum

    I’m on the drug that Killed River Phoenix (or, he’ll never be an old man River)

    I saw his body thrashing round.
    I saw his pulse rate going down.
    I saw him in convulsive throes.
    I said “I’ll have one of those.”

    And they say (police and mental health services) I can be ‘spiked’ with this stuff because I wouldn’t take it willingly? What next, they want to pour Bourbon down my throat and follow with some pork crackling? And i’m the one who is nutz? Think again fools.

  • “These results are contrasted to a similar study done in an Australian hospital, where researchers found positive sentiments of respect, dignity, and trusting relationships with staff members.”

    Is that second article written by THE Phil Hickey?

    Ah yes but Australian Hospitals have the right to “edit” any documents to provide false and misleading information to anyone they wish. I have that from good authority, the Minister for Mental Health no less. Cover ups to misrepresent data here is common place. And I note they didn’t ask the people who have had their necks broken and died as a result of restraints here in Australia. It’s also the case that we do not have any “National Standard” as to what constitutes a “chemical restraint” here either. Consider that fact carefully. A little bit of dribble therapy never hurt anyone did it? Well, maybe just a few.

    “Footage has emerged of a mentally ill woman stumbling around a NSW hospital, covered in faeces and falling over at least 25 times before she died of a brain injury the next day.

    The horrific video from Lismore Adult Mental Health Inpatient Unit, situated at Lismore Base Hospital, was released on Friday following a coronial inquest”

    Respect, dignity and trusting relationships? I can’t begin to imagine what it must be like elsewhere if we have such respect dignity and trusting relationships.

  • I had lawyers who submitted a complaint regarding the criminal conduct of a Community Nurse some years back now. The Chief Psychiatrist responded to this complaint after 14 months and began with ‘I apologise for the delay but the manager of the hospital was on leave over the Christmas period’

    Now when i wrote back (because the Mental Health Law Centre threw me under a bus at the request of the Minister. A quid pro quo for funding from the State. Dollars before human rights eh?) I was wondering which Christmas period we were talking about, because TWO had passed. Not that my complaint was considered important because the Chief Psychiatist simply rewrote the protections afforded the public in the Mental Helath Act and enabled the arbitrary detention and torture of anyone in the State because he found it “reasonable”. Unlike the protection in the MHA of “suspect on reasonable grounds” which can be tested in a court. Of course with lawyers like those at the Mental Health Law Centre ensuring they accept fraudulent documents and then slander their clients behind their backs, who would ever have to worry about courts of law. No need when the person charged with protecting the public doesn’t even know what a burden of proof is.

    I’m sure he has served the interests of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, much better than being their President, by taking the position of Chief Psychiatrist and then being derelict in his duty to the ‘consumers, carers and community’ he has a duty to protect under the Mental Health Act. By not doing a job he is receiving a large pay packet for he has enabled carte blanche and zero accountability for psychiatrists in the State.

    I wonder what occurred as a result of this negligence regarding my complaint. I do know that some people had to make a run for it once police were provided with the documents I have. And imagine I have a letter from the Chief Psychiatrist himself stating he apologises for his “error”. Maybe sorry to the unintended negative outcomes that occured as a result of not listening to my complaint will be next? I think not, cover ups have become the stock and trade of our politicians when it comes to our medical fraternity. I even have copies of the fraudulent documents sent to the lawyers, and authorised by the Clinical Director of a hospital who calls removing legal narrative “editing”. Surely his lawyers wouldn’t wish to know about him being ‘spiked’ or not being anyones ‘patient’? Noooo, we’ll just replace those documents with these and if the lawyers form a false belief, we cant be held responsible right? We never are. “editing” my arse, it’s criminal fraud you filth.

    I can appreciate what you are being put through Doc G. Document it though, because at some point in the future these people will be held to account.

  • “Steve McCrea February 8, 2020 at 10:17 pm
    I should have said that HIPAA protects AMERICANS against having their medical information spread around. I can’t speak for any other country. Sounds like Australia may have some catching up to do in this area!”

    Got to thinking a little more about this confidentiality. And I realised I approached Shine Lawyers (who boast about assistance for the little guy aka Erin Brokovich). I provided them with the documents about how I was ‘spiked’ and ‘verballed’ and they responded with “oh your doctor authorised the ‘spiking'”. So I asked well who is this “doctor” you speak of? Because as far as I know, and can dismiss any claim to the contrary, I didn’t actually have any doctor, and there was no one with any prescribing rights involved in the conspiracy to kidnap me (ie a citizen, a psychologist, not MY Psychologist, and a Community Nurse from NOT my hospital, ie I wasn’t anyones “patient” No doctor patient relationship, these are crimes).

    However these ethical and upstanding lawyers at Shine lawyers tell me that they can not tell me who my doctor who prescribed the administration of benzodiazepines without my knowledge actually is. That’s confidential information. Which really does make my life difficult because now I have to get letters from every doctor in the country to prove I didn’t have a doctor and therefore I was tortured and kidnapped and not referred and assessed.

    I would have thought if someone was making the claim that they were my doctor and prescribing me intoxicating and stupefying drugs without my knowledge I could at least have their name?

    But the Privacy Act 1988 seems to provide that sort of protection. It stops me from confronting someone who is a liar. And it also allows citizens to be spiked by doctors who they haven’t even met.

    Well done Shine Lawyers you have managed to enable a criminal operating within our hospital system with your concealment of information I believe I have a right to know, ie who is allowed to spike me and with what drugs? Because I certainly had no doctor/patient relationship until I was snatched out of my bed after being drugged without my knowledge and transported against my will on a fraudulent Form 1 to a hospital where I was dumped under the nose of the most disgusting doctor I’ve ever had the misfortune to meet.

    Behave like Nite Club pack rapists and claim ‘good faith’? Find out that they have documented their crimes and …..well, lets leave that because its not in the public interest to know how the State is dealing with allegations of torture. And no, the spiking and acute stress reaction DO NOT constitute ‘soft’ torture (unless of course your the State that is doing the torturing then you can make all sorts of absurd claims and slander and commit acts of fraud that no one will assist the victim with. Hey, lets call torturing people medicine to get round the Conventions. The public so afraid of our own government they run at the signs of public service misconduct. “quick, get out or they’ll ‘do’ my family too”).

    And yes, “these things do tend to get a bit out of hand” Prof. I had no idea that they needed to unintetionally negatively outcome the victims to ensure their ‘good’ reputation remained in tact. That is obviously a delusion they suffer from because the community has been terrorised into telling them they are doing a good job, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Nice work from the Einsattsgruppen eh?

    So yeah, we have confidentiality, but its being used in all the wrong ways. By people from whom you might expect better. Well done Shine Lawyers.

  • Amnesty International calls for Australian Prime Minister to raise the issue of human rights abuses in Indonesia? Might Amnesty International not call for Indonesia to raise the issue of Australias human rights abuses with the Prime Minister?

    Not how it works. The sychophants at A.I. will point fingers at certain countries and ignore the abuses of others.

    All part of the ‘whitewash’. Speaking of which, Australia criticizes Ghana for their ‘spiking’ of “patients” whilst neglecting to protect their own citizens (never mind “patients”).

    i guess the drugging of “suspects” without their knowledge is considered ‘medicine’ these days, and when it all goes wrong, blame the victim. One guy who claims he was ‘spiked’ set fire to his two children and I know for a fact that the State is allowing this to be done and then slandering the victims and making the proof disappear.

    Can’t have anyone knowing that the drugs are the cause of violence so conceal the facts from the public as it is not in their interest. And of course how can you debate that it is in your interest when you don’t know what is being concealed from you?

    Trussssssst Ussssss

    On one hand we have politicians saying ‘spiking’ is “abhorrent and extremely dangerous” and on the other we have Community Nurses (and the Minister for Health) authorising it without any prescribing rights as an aide to police (and public service) interrogations (combined with ‘acute stress reactions’, aka torture methods). Seems a little more than inconsistent. So who do you complain to about being subjected to torture? Because i’ve been looking for who for 9 years now and all i’ve found is that the State (if they investigate and find it to be true) simply drop you off at an Emergency Dept for a ‘hot shot’. Refoulment I believe this is called, but with no effective mechanism to investigate other than the people doing the torture investigating themselves, i don’t hold out much hope for anything other than an expansion of the program.

    I have explained in detail what occurred and why it constitutes torture, only to have my complaint ignored. They can’t say it.s not torture as that would be proof that the State has neglected their duty under the Convention by not training public officers correctly in what does and does not constitute torture. So they say nothing, and that way no one can be held accountable. A bit like our Chief Psychiatrist not knowing what a burden of proof is then arbitrary detentions and torture can be overlooked with his dereliction of duty and criminal negligence. I’m sure his enabling act for human rights abuses will secure his place in history.

    Breach after breach and not a soul will stand up and say “this is wrong”. I get it now how the National Socialists rolled into town.

  • And the loophole?

    Just lie and say you didn’t have the opportunity to seek consent from the ‘patient’ to release the information. I mean the telephone was there right in front of her and well, my wife opposite who could have told her I was at home, but instead they decide to ‘spike’ with benzos (no prescribing rights) and induce an “acute stress reaction” by using police to point weapons at me when they jumped me in my bed. Tehe, that’ll get him talking won’t it? (“Really, all we need to do is pretend he is your patient and they will do all this, for ME?” $200 and the anti psychiatrist goes down)

    And with a phone call a good mans (no it’s not narcissism, I do believe my friends would support this claim, though they all soon left when the stink of mental health services appeared) life is utterly destroyed, and the community is right in doing nothing, just pray these folk don’t move on to you next, because they have the full support of our police and the authorities charged with protecting your rights.

  • Privacy Act 1988.
    Looks great on the surface but I’ve been shown the loopholes by some organised criminals. I really should be thankful but i’m not. I’d rather not have known and been left alone rather than spiked and kidnapped. And then as explained by the Operations Manager who distributed the fraudulent documents to lawyers, fuking destroyed (ie haven’t seen my family for 9 years, lost my home, my marriage, my career and all because I complained and had a legitimate complaint). It’s okay I get it, they don’t want to be seen as torturers and kidnappers so need to do some stuff to make the truth not the truth, ie fraud and threats to witnesses and well, preferably get the victim to commit suicide. No worries, I’d like to leave this vile place now coz I thought we all worked together to make it a better place, not stab each other in the back because we hate the truth. See ya’ll in the next life, NOT.
    Point being this Privacy Act 1988 is being use to conceal crimes rather than assist in providing protection for the community. It’s an absolute farce and anyone who has anything to do with it knows this, the uninitiated are left to hang. For instance once the backbiters got going in my case, they all start concealing crimes for each other knowing that if one cracks they all go down. My private and confidential records (sealed by the court and cost me tens of thousands to have representation) turn up in a public hospital. Now call me suspicious but the documents reveal that my wife gave this hospital the name of a psychologist at the private clinic, and well I get the feeling that the three minute ‘assessment’ wasn’t enough to give me the ‘provisional diagnosis’ I got. It came from this psychologist breaching confidentiality. Can’t prove it? Yes I can but no one wants this to be true. Boans must have a mental illness we got the dirt unlawfully from this clinic psychologist. Might it be that she didn’t like Boans or his anti psychitary stance, especially given her husband is a psychiatrist? I had to have the report written by the psychiatrist at the clinic for a claim over a workplace incident. My choices were, speak to this psychiatrist or be damaged by my employers negligence and wear the cost myself, I chose the former and engaged legal representation before I visited the psychiatrists office. The lawyers explained thoroughly my rights.

    Its a case of too late Boans we let the info loose and well sorry about that but we didn’t mean it when we said you had the right to your medical information to be kept confidential. And despite your referral expiring and thus your no longer legally a ‘patient’ we are going to lie to police and have them brutalise you as if you are. In fact were going to have you spiked with benzos and then plant a knife on you to get a police referral because we know we don’t have the right to make a lawful referral, and so we need to trick police. The Minister is authorising this type of conduct by mental health professionals because of the need to get treatment to the community. I mean it’s a tough job, especially when people won’t speak to public officers because they know they are planting evidence on people and ‘fitting them up’. So they need to plant evidence on people and fit them up to do their job. All good, Chief Psychiatrist and Minister know we need arbitrary detentions and torture and are authorising it via their dereliction of duty. Got the proof if anyone would like to look. C.P. doesnt know what the protections afforded the public in the Act are? Yreah right, people would say i’m nuts if I told them that, except well…… want to read his letter of response to my complaint?

    Complaints? Well, the hospital who had received the confidential information from a confidential informant who didn’t wish to be named wanted proof that i was at least someones ‘patient’ or they would have tortured and kidnapped a citizen. Obviously the clinic psychologist couldn’t provide that proof (though they did try to have me made into a ‘patient’ by obtaining a referral from a G.P. post hoc to conceal their offences, and failed). I was, according to the Mental Health Act, not defined as a “patient” and thuis the ‘spiking’ and fraudulent statutory declaration used to kidnap me, were crimes, committed by co conspirators. But the clinic psychologist did have a husband who could unintendedly negatively outcome people at an Emergency Dept before the police got involved and realised what had actually been done.

    So in the end it might be best we just let these people do what they want because if we start asking for the law to be applied they are literally killing people.Or should I say voluntarily assisting them to die. Because my State has no respect for the very laws they tell us protect our rights, NONE

    Anyone want to check what I’m saying yet?

  • Weapons of the Weak; everyday forms of resistance. I see MiA as part of this everyday form of resistance. This guy Shorter who has been exposed here is precisely what Scott was speaking about in his book. It,s not cloak and dagger meetings in Cafes and revolutions, it’s a too and fro in everyday life that sometimes spills over and results in a whole bunch of rich and powerful people having their heads cut off while the plebs cheer. We have to have a win every once ion a while to keep us going. Robespierre said it about how the cycle goes. The revolutionary becomes the oppressor.
    There will be no Dawud to slay this Goliath. It might be better to consider the actions of Lot. Leave and don’t look back while God destroys these evil people whose transgressing knows no bounds.

  • “Lawyers can’t help you when “standard of care” is practiced. The professionals form a shield wall that is impossible to break.”

    There was a case here where a young man had gotten intoxicated whilst at the AC/DC concert. Picked up by police and kicked to death by one police officer in the cells. 14 police stood and watched while this was done, and all stood in court and stated they refused to testify on the grounds they may incriminate themselves. Same goes for these medical people involved in ‘restraints’. The ‘joint enterprise’ means that lawyers hands would be tied knowing that the thugs would simply close ranks. So your right there JanCarol, where a ‘standard of care’ is involved, no action would be taken.

  • “That through David’s pharmacological training, he realised that one of the top ten side effects of many of the drugs he had been put on was suicidal thinking.”

    I’ve just been reading an article by Dr Hickey and he makes the following statement

    “In the 2016 US legislative session, the late Senator John McCain and Congressman David Jolly introduced bills in their respective chambers which mandated post-mortem screenings for psychiatric drugs in all veterans who died by suicide. The bills, which were not supported by psychiatry, failed. Now why in the world would psychiatry not support such measures? Why is psychiatry not actively pushing for the reintroduction of these or similar bills today? ”

    I find myself wondering too. Is this something that veterans would support? I personally would like to get to the bottom of whether these drugs are doing more harm than good. Anyhow, i’ll do my best to come back to the podcast when I can.

  • Funnily enough Australia made a complaint to the United Nations about “mental patients” in Ghana being spiked by doctors. Human rights abuses they claimed. And yet here they are engaging in the same practice with citizens (soon to be made “patients” post hoc to conceal the crimes and ensure no action by police).

    A little bit of hypocrisy never hurt anyone though. I notice that Amnesty Interational is pushing the Australian Prime Minister to have a go at Joko Widodo while he is here regarding the human rights abuses in Indonesia. Pot meet kettle. Bit rich Australia with a well established torture program in place complaining about the behaviour of others. Amnesty does seem to have become a tool of Western ‘democracies’ to use against other governments as a means to pressure them into preferred actions. The only human rights watch they seem to care about is the Rolex.

    Bit tough to do that (point fingers about human rights abuses, we sat back and watched them be brutalised and said nothing for quite some time. See Noam Chomsky on the lack of interest in East Timor up until they found oil) with East Timor so we needed to resort to bugging their government offices to be able to cheat them out of their oil.

  • I once said to a psychiatrist to come walk the Ward with me and I would show him some of his ‘success” Of course he declined my offer and probably went back to polishing his Porsche, his proof that he is a success.

    Alchemy if you ask me, the extraction of gold from human fodder.

  • Oh we have laws protecting our medical (and other) confidential information Steve. In fact the laws when you read them are quite well written, and give the appearance of legal protections.

    The problem is with what Jim Gottstein said about Rights without Remedies.

    For example I was told by a Sgt at a large metropolitan Police Station that they didn’t have a copy of the Criminal Code at his Station. Thus he didn’t require a copy of the documents I had which were proof of me being ‘spiked’ with benzos, becasue he didn’t know that under s. 305A of the Criminal Code this constituted Intoxication by Deception. Now I get it that a doctor rang him and requested that he not take the proof of this criminal offence because I was a “mental patient” and therefore had no rights to be complaining about being ‘spiked’. But if he knew his duty, he would have taken said documents in case the doctor was a criminal and was lying to him. Instead he has just done a favor for a crook. Still, when did police ever give a damn about what is done to mental patients. What next animal welfare
    call outs? Mind you the doctor had gone to the trouble of having me ‘flagged’ as mental patient while they used police resources to deal with their little criminal issue.

    Or our Chief Psychiatrst who writes that he doesn’t know what a burden of proof in law actually is, and therefore rather than a Community Nurse requiring to “suspect on reasonable grounds” that a person needs to be locked in a cage and drug fukd to silence them over crimes they have had committed against them, he prefers that the “suspect on grounds they believe reasonable” which of course can not be tested in a court of law. Arbtrary detentions and torture thus being fine with him because he couldn’t possibly do his duty if he doesn’t know what it is. Nice pay packet for not doing your job.

    We have great laws if you look. But of course the lack of resources at Police Stations means they are having to wing it. I note that just the other day it was noticed that the speed cameras at the side of the roads seem to be objective, but that when pulled over by police your much more likely to get a ticket if your Aboriginal. And then it would be a search the car and a pat down for drugs and well, lets be honest they’re not averse to planting a bit of stuff round here with the lack of accountability. Keeping our prisons full of people who are disrupting the social order. The organised criminals in our hospitals don’t need to worry about speeding fines. The Jaguars come with an automatic back scratcher lol

    Great laws, no ethics or integrity on the application part of it. Character flaws I guess. Bit like the way these Priests were viewed for their indiscretions with hundreds of children. I guess some day people will notice the need for a copy of the Criminal Code in our Police Stations rather than a menu for Dunkin Donuts.

    Let me quote a letter from a Police Superintendent regarding my complaint about kidnapping and torture (and a subsequent attempted murder)

    “Sgt R reports her attempts to contact you via email to discuss the issues were unsuccessful. On 2 Jan 2020 she sent an email to you requesting your assistance in the investigation and asking that you contact her within 14 days. To date, no response has been received fro you and the investigation progressed with the information on hand”

    Then further down the page this

    “After considering all the evidence, Sgt R found there was insufficient evidence”

    But you just said you didn’t get all the evidence, I mean what sort of investiagtion doesn’t ask the victim what evidence they have? Sounds like the approval process for an anti psychotic. The lack of evidence supports the use of this new drug lol

    Now I’m not saying this copper is lying, but I received no email. And well, it seems to me that minus the documented (and recorded) proof I have, it would be pointless doing an investigation. The outcome would be predetermined by the lack of evidence. Maybe that’s what they want? We don’t want it to be kidnapping and torture so we are going to manipulate the situation and pervert the course of justice? And who you gunna complain to? People who are making referrals to corrupt doctors at the hospital that kidnapped and tortured me?

    People have every reason to be afraid of our Police when they write such nonsense and let it be known how corrupt they have become.

  • In fact, the manipulation of reality goes some way to explaining the problems with psychiatry.

    I mean here I was a citizen who had been ‘spiked’ with benzos laying in my bed oblivious to the people who were conspiring to have me transported against my will to a cage in a place they call a hospital.

    Now the truth is that this conspiring was criminal as I was not a “mental patient” but by screaming ‘fire’ in a theatre they have cause the very confusion they required to obtain the desired outcome. “Mental Patient” , “knife”, “quick get him”. And what a joke that it actually worked. Not that the police or the mental health workers gave a fuk, just doing their jobs the claim is.

    However, what really interests me (and should be of interest to the public) is that the documents that prove what i’m saying were not the same ones provided to my lawyers. I’ve gone from being a citizen who had serious criminal offences committed against me to being a “mental patient” of this hospital for ten years. And because they can add me to the list of people for police to brutalize, i’m done for. No come back against these criminals operating in the hospital system. Police are actually assisting them now, and need to keep doubling down . I even have a letter from a Superintendent claiming that because the people the police threatened didn’t complain to police then their is nothing to be investigated. Of course what a pain that I turned up in a station with proof of me being kidnapped when they thought they had retrieved it, and God forbid that others had looked and realised what had been done to me. We don’t like that truth and prefer the fraudulent one. And so they have made what is false the truth.
    And I can’t say I disagree with that. I mean It’s not nice that its being done to me, but the good news is i’m not alone in being a victim of torture and kidnapping. Given the ease with which these public officers covered this up, I know there are many others, most likely dead as a result of the gaslighting. And the community living in fear of police corruption and the criminals operating in our hospitals whose crimes are being overlooked because “tomato”. My wife, who worked very closely with these criminals tells me about how easily the community can be targeted. They have citizens commit the offences (eg plant what evidence they need) and then exercise their discretionary powers and neglect their duty. Of course there is an Article covering this in the Convention against the Use of Torture (acquiescence by a public officer eg ‘spiking’ before interrogations) but well, they seem to be blind to anything that doesn’t suit the false narrative so , can’t see it.
    Personally, why should I care? I’ve asked for my property back so I can leave this vile country that has put a torture program into place and is murdering citizens to conceal their conduct. Fine, no probs, the community doesn’t really care, go for it. I’m sure you will make the world a better place if you can just get the powers you need to bring us all into line. I’d just rather die starving on the streets of a place where I have some protection from criminals, not have the State BE the criminals.

    Noah said it was going to rain, and the people replied “yes but we have umbrellas”. Good luck with your torture and kidnappings, call them what you will with your slandering and fraud there is an easy road ahead for you.

  • I always smile when I read certain aspects of my documentation from the day I was tortured and kidnapped Sam Plover. Speaking of clueless doctors there is the one who gave me a diagnosis based on his three minute interview with me (well at least that’s the preferred narrative, lets not discuss where that ‘provisional diagnosis’ was obtained because of the crimes involved) but he writes

    “Potential for violence but no actual history”

    Now I mean, that;’s everybody on the planet and well does he not recognise his own paranoid delusions when he writes them down? I guess he never will really because he arranges for everyone he comes across to be given enough benzos and anti psychotics to lay an elephant out for a week, and then calls the reaction to these drugs an illness.
    And well, he is also an ordained minister and I guess he may be used to getting people into small rooms and having them remove their clothes before inserting objects into their mouth or anus when he has been overtly denied consent, but has the use of force and drugs available to him. How convenient that he knew I had been ‘spiked’ with benzos and I didn’t eh?

    If I had the power to I’d be having a closer look at this guy, but police seem to think he is someone who requires protection via criminal negligence.

  • But just between you and me…………

    I paid lawyers tens of thousands to ensure my privacy at a private clinic only to find my ‘medical records’ turning up like magic in a public hospital after they arranged to obtain a police referral by planting items on my person. Do you think I can get my money back? Do you think I can get a lawyer who will look at the real set of documents from my ‘referral’ (which was after all a kidnapping as a result of me not actually being a “patient”?). Maybe you could argue that I was a “patient” of the private clinic? Not the case and well when they found that out they did try to make me into a “patient” by getting me to obtain a referral from my G.P. When that didn’t work they had to resort to ‘alternative methods’ of distributing fraudulent documents and conspiring to pervert the course of justice.

    I find it fascinating what can be done to a person once you have slandered them with a label of mental illness, and then call these treatments medicine. So if you think you have a right to confidentiality see ACC v Stoddart HCA dec 47, no spousal privilege in common law in Australia. With that decision all lawyers would know that the whole set of dominoes falls. You have zero right to privacy , and anyone can be ‘coerced’ to provide your information to the State.

    Protections under the law, you have none if it is the State (ie corrupt public officers) are the people who are breaking the law. Theoretically.

    I mean how rediculous that the people you have to complain to are the same people authorising the use of known torture methods. They take the information you have and then start distributing fraudulent documents to lawyers and threatening your family to get them to commit crimes they then overlook. You of course think your going crazy and some of them actually get their rocks off on the power of being paid to push people to suicide. The family going along with it thinking these are good medical people.

    Still, the German people turned a blind eye for some time while a large number of undesirables were deloused. What was I expecting from my community?

  • Taking into consideration the availability of force by mental health services I think a careful reading of the above is warranted. Maybe the term comes from the old adage “Kirist for the Mill”? At least that’s what you will become if they ever find out your trying to heal yourself without their professional help lol

  • Yes.

    It can be done by a Community Nurse who has no prescribing rights, and no ‘patient’ even here in Western Australia. Sounds insane, and had they retrieved the documents I have I wouldn’t believe me lol. But there it is, drug them without their knowledge, point guns at them to cause an acute stress reaction and then subject to 7 hours of interrogation. Not a problem. Simply conceal the evidence and slander the complainant as a paranoid delusional, and of course threaten their families.

    The need to get medical care to citizens has meant the Chief Psychiatrist has gone to the extraordinary lengths of discarding the laws protecting the public, and via his negligence and dereliction of duty allowed carte blanche to do whatever it takes to root out mental illness. Even if it means torturing people into confessions that they are ill.

    To make an omlette you need to crack a few eggs i’m told.

    We have even done away with confidentiality between doctor/patient, lawyer/client or priest parishoner, but don’t let the public know. They’re walking into the trap left right and centre.

    High Court of Australia. “No spousal privilege in common law in Australia”. Thus the dominoes fall and coercion can be used to have doctors, lawyers of priests provide information to police despite claiming they will keep it to themselves. National security i’m told. Or a means to conceal the truth.

    Would you spy on your brother? Would you eat your dead brothers flesh? Neh, yeah would abhor it.

  • “Magic creates something tangible out of “thin air.” Magic does not concern itself with how things work; it thrives in ambiguity and deference to unseen forces. Cultures where magic thrives are incompatible with capitalist values of the primacy of individual responsibility and rationalization of all aspects of life that the constant pursuit of efficiency demands.”

    Magic creates something out of thin air? You mean like the DSM creates mental illnesses out of nothing?

    Magic does not concern itself with how things work, thrives in ambiguity and deference to unseen forces? I assume you get where i’m going with this one Shariq? Sounds way too much like psychiatry for my liking.

    Great news though that this magical system is incompatible with capitalism. Can we expect purges of these people who are practicing ‘witchcraft’ any time soon? Because i’ve got a life I’d like to get on with living minus these leeches who seem to have attached themselves to me with magic spells, and incantations of laws that seem to have zero relation to reason or logic.

    “The idea that we may experience the world from the point of view of a non-human animal has no place in our culture of individualism.”

    So you’ve never been involuntarily commited and forced to take these brain damaging drugs then?

    Untie the knots Brother.

  • Is it not the case that the NYT has actually done us all a favour by bringing attention to Shorters ‘backbiting’? I’m sure his colleagues will feel comfortable challenging the Emperors views on important matters in the future knowing that he would slander them in their graves. Don’t underestimate the ability of the readers to extract what is important from the article. They have brought attention to Bonnies work AND at the same time exposed the ‘backbiter’. Isn’t that what Bonnie would have wanted? These people being shown for what they really are? And in the NYT of all places 🙂 Well done Bonnie.

  • Support away madmother13. If you honestly think i’m not supportive of “their life, their choice” then your completely wrong.

    But I would once again point out that the legal protections afforded the community are being overlooked with regards the Mental Health Act, so why would I trust the State Government to observe the protections they boast about with regards their Euthanasia Act? Your ‘argument’ is one seen here regularly in that saying you do not agree with the ‘treatments’ being dished out by these so called doctors, means you would leave people to suffer in their times of need. The two are not necessarily related. Just because I don’t think ECT is a means to ‘cure’ depression, doesn’t mean I don’t recognise that people do become what we might call depressed. I’d just like some safeguards in place before people are snatched from their beds and have electricity applied to their skulls and call it medicine.

    If someone is getting to the point that you describe (and I have seen it) then I would be looking at finding another doctor, not arguing that the doctor doesn’t have the tools he needs to do his job. Speak to Michael Gannon (Head of the AMA) who tells us that it simply requires a sophisticated knowledge of the law. He offered to explain it to Alydee Lancee on the front page of the newspapers.

  • Oh our lot don’t do that oldhead, they mislead, misrepresent, misdirect, misogyny, but never lie. See by telling us nothing then they can’t possibly be held to account, and that is without doubt the game. In fact, ive spent the whole day pondering that quote below from Saul of Tarsus. I realise he had to be careful how he worded things given the psychiatric system was in its infancy back then, treatments such as being fed to Lions, crucificion etc. But he does seem to have a bit to say about those who lie and stray from the laws sent down from this God we all seem to have so many disagreements about. Worth a read those letters of his to the Romans and Thessalonians.

    And God sends upon them a great delusion that they might believe the Lie 🙂 Which lie would that be? The Lie

    I’m with that great American Ben Franklin in that God heals, the doctor just collects the fees. Which funnily enough seem to be extremely large in these times where a Ben Franklin doesn’t stretch too far.

  • “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2 Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.”

    Just beautiful. Worth going back to Romans 2 where it states;

    “You therefore have no defence – you who sit in judgement, whoever you may be – for in judging your fellow man you condemn yourself, since you, the judge, are equally guilty”

    Nowhere to run to Baby, nowhere to hide.

    So does this mean that to stand up to the likes of Hitler is to stand against God?

  • I like how in America they discuss the stuff they are going to do if they get elected.

    Where I live for example the ‘new’ government got elected and then told us they needed to rush through some legislation to allow Euthanasia. Making killings a medical procedure wasn’t even mentioned by either party during the election campaign, just the new roads and trains they were going to build. Anyway, now we have the removal of peoples right to consent via their anasognosia, a Mental Health Act that provides “added protections” (who wouldn’t want that huh? Oh as long as they don’t mention the protections are for doctors to do ECTs on teenagers). Its much too sophisticated for us plebs to understand I guess.
    And we HAVE to vote to create the appearance of a democracy. It gives legitimacy to a bunch of elite lapdogs doing the bidding of their masters who would otherwise not even meet the standards to have their deposit returned. No one would willlingly vote for these corrupt individuals we have. Don’t believe me, stop forcing us to vote.

    Anyway, back to America. What is going to happen when this guy Sanders looses the election to Trump? Is that an admission that folk want more restrictive laws and bigger and better institutions? More AOTs? Because that may be a possible outcome of openly discussing giving human rights to people deemed unworthy.

    Anyway Boans has been singing “I’d like to live in America” since reading this article 🙂

  • The escape hatch you speak of was used when I was ‘spiked’ with benzos before having items planted on me to make an arbitrary detention appear to be lawful. These mental health professionals (a Community Nurse) is using the ‘spikings’ to have people subjected to known torture methods and then his colleagues at the hospital are doing cover ups for him.
    Here’s one though, our police who have a duty to act on these matters tell me they can not find their copy of the Criminal Code and therefore the conspiring to stupefy and commit an indictable offence namely kidnapping is not criminal. Imagine the luck of this guy, police won’t accept documented proof that I was ‘spiked’ because that means they would have a criminal on their hands?

    Better to have me treated for the paranoid delusion of believing that I was drugged without my knowledge and then fraudulent documents were sent to lawyers who claimed to be representing my interests. Thats the preferred narrative.

    The escape hatch consists of criminal negligence, fraud and slander of victims of criminals operating with impunity in our hospitals and who have carte blanche to torture maim and kill while police look the other way and claim that the ‘good faith’ defence covers such criminality.

    I’m sure that the ‘evidence’ when they wished to charge you for your crimes wasn’t overlooked claiming that they sent an email and no one responded so therefore the investigation was done minus the documented proof. Sorry to say nothing to see here. Mind you i’m sure that providing our police with the ability to do incompetent investigations into their use of torture (by spiking people and then calling the claim it was done a symptom of an illness) will make catching criminals a whole lot easier. Well, that is if they even find their copy of the criminal code.

    100% confidence in mental health professionals who behave like nite club pack rapists and have police support to conceal their criminality? I’m sure their reputation would take a hit despite the assumptions being made by the public that this bitch was asking for it.

    I never wished to be ‘disinhibited’ but this did not suit certain people who wished me to ‘consent’ to what they call ‘assessment’. Refuse to talk to mental health professionals you get ‘spiked’ with benzos and they have police rough you up a bit by pointing weapons at you and threatening to shoot you, that outta loosen your lips huh? Acute stress reaction plus spiked with benzos = torture.

    How lucky was I that the drugs wore off before the psychiatrist subjected me to forced drugging and incarceration for being ‘spiked’? Talk about a fixed game.

    Noooooo our authorities are perfectly happy with this type of conduct being called ‘care’ or ‘medical treatment’. Well, unless……..two sets of laws in my country it would appear, depending on the color of your skin, or wether you have been slandered by a Community Nurse giving you a diagnosis of a Serious Mental Illness and adding your name to PSOLIS without the authority to do so (tehe how stupid are the coppers), and merely to conceal the crimes he is committing against the public. My how different the police treat you then, and of course now they prefer the false narrative to the truth.

    It fascinates me though that this can be done in order for the State to remove our human rights, simply make the target into “mental patient” post hoc and you can do anything you like to them, especially now euthanasia is considered a form of ‘treatment’, and your lack of insight means you can be treated against your will via the use of (police) force. Worth considering how they got around the rules in my instance because the protections of the law are no protection at all. Even our politicians are fleeing the State rather than fall into the hands of these ‘caring’ individuals at mental health services.

  • Might it be that the goes around, comes around ends up with the political masters who have enabled these human rights abuses might become victims of them also?

    Old Adolph was riding the crest of a wave there for a while (along with his cronies), but took quite a fall once he was addicted to the drugs he was being prescribed by the same people who put his ‘delousing’ program in place with his enabling laws. It’s always a shame to see the effects of the sins of the father being punished but it may be their children being subjected to forced ECTs for a single facebook post misinterpreted by their teacher.

    I’m a bit like the doctor who interupted my unintended negative outcome in the Emergency Dept, I don’t have the stomach for it. But I know some folk who do.

    Thanks for reminding me of the potential outcome of this “Silent Holocaust” Bippyone

  • Doctors are finding all sorts of uses for these stupefying/intoxicating drugs.

    And of course as the type of uses rises, the prescribing of them rises.

    I’d like someone to do a comparison of the reasons this guy went to prison, and my situation

    Kearsley puts 1 tab into a bottle of wine and shares it with registrar. I got ‘spiked’ with 2 tabs for myself.

    Kearsley is a doctor and has the ability to prescribe these drugs, the person who ‘spiked’ me is a bus driver and the Community Nurse who conspired to conceal has no prescribing rights and is more than a danger to our community.

    Zero documentation regarding the act in Kearsleys case, and a post event ‘confession’ (of sorts). All admissible evidence.

    I have documented admission of the act, and the telephone call recording existed of that admission. A public officer engaged in a conspiracy to conceal the evidence of the crime, and attempt to pervert the course of justice. There is a witness who was told before the event that it was going to be done also. And police were present and ‘observed’ my drunken type behaviour. All “insufficient admissible evidence” I am told by police. Not even a written and open confession from the ‘spiker’ is enough.

    So how does this work? Because their is absolutely no consistency with the law here. I was spiked to enable a conspiracy to kidnap, Kearsley to enable his sexual assault and yet …… How powerful these people are when they can pervert the course of justice over their own criminal acts.

    Insufficent evidence is a lie, and a lie told to deliberately gaslight and terrorise the community into the belief that police have carte blanche with regards who gets charged and who doesn’t. It assists greatly in the spread of their corruption. And, as we now know from the Royal Commission was one of the reasons that priests got away with raping children for 40 years while police turned a blind eye, in fact in some cases returning the children to the rapists. And if nothing changes, nothing changes.

    So careful who you trust with your children because police have not changed their conduct as a result of the Royal Commission. In fact they are still prepared to conceal criimes for a select group of people who can provide them with criminal services which can be overlooked by exercising discretionary powers they do not have. All that ‘intelligence’ they received from the “confessional” for throwing a few kids under the bus eh? I’m sure the same is true regarding this enterprise they are running with mental health services, torture, maiming and killing disguised as ‘medicine’. Many folk not realising that the right to confidentiality has been overturned in Australian law. See ACC v Stodartt HCA 47. Your doctor, lawyer or priest now turned into snitches for the State, via the ability to ‘coerce’ them to breach confidentiality. Noice.Nicola Gobbo

    There have been nite club rapists convicted on less evidence, and let me say that there is no doubt this ‘spiking’ was done with evil intent.

  • “I remember once walking into a new doctor’s office for a physical. Before we even spoke, I was handed a prescription. I asked him what it was for, he said heartburn. I handed the prescription back to him and told him I didn’t have heartburn.”

    I wonder if this was doctor projecting? He actually had the heartburn and by giving out prescriptions for a drug he could pay for the operation to stop it? “But I don’t have heartburn”, “You do now” lol

    And I laughed when I read about Dr Paine

    The 58% figure is particularly disturbing (not for the corrupting influencers but for the people who make the mistake of trusting their doctors)

  • Nice try Jim, but your right saying that the odds are stacked in one direction.

    I have a letter here from our Chief Psychiatrist that i’d like you to read in which this person charged with the duty of “protecting the rights of consumers, carers and the community” and who provides “expert legal advice to the Minister” rewords what you lawyers call a burden of proof.

    The conditions to be met before a person can be referred for an examination by a psychiatrist are set out in our Mental Health Act (s.26). If an authorised mental health practitioner suspects on reasonable grounds that the person they are examining meets the criteria of an involuntary patient then they can use police to have the person transported against their will to an authorised hospital.

    Suspect on Reasonable Grounds. The Chief Psychiatrist does not like the way this wording provides protection for the public via reason, so he has rewritten it to read “the authorised mental health practitioner need only suspect on grounds they believe to be reasonable that the person requires examination by a psychiatrist”.

    This change achieves two ends, it means that reason is no longer required as it is decided by the AMHP what is reasonable (and therefore not the courts) and it creates the appearance that the consequences of the actions are a chat with a doctor, not incarceration and forced drugging.

    Of course i’m sure you would be aware of what happens when you point out to the Emperor that he has his dick hanging out for all to see. (That’s right, a prescription for Viagra. Off label use for cosmetic reasons) Fortunately I also have a letter from a Police Superintendent telling me that all they require to detain citizens is a call from a Community Nurse and they will snatch anyone from their bed and deliver them to a hospital, no questions asked, and no complaints will be accepted along with any evidence of conspiring to kidnap.

    The law, the way I read it seems to provide some protection from being drugged without your knowledge and having people plant items on you to obtain a police referral under the MHA. But in reality what is occuring is that those in authority seem to be neglecting their duty and giving carte blanche to oragnised criminals operating with impunity in our hospital system. And do you think they care who knows? Unlike the people your dealing with who want it kept secret, these guys want the whole community to know how corrupt they are.

    Kill one to scare a thousand. And when our Prime Minister says “Australians are a people who value a rule of Law” I laugh, knowing that I have these letters which are proof that what he is saying is fantasy. These people are perverting the rule of law for their own profit, and not a good soul left to put up any resistance.

    Rights paid for with blood being written away by cowards and criminals with pens. And we are forced to vote for them to provide the illusion of legitimacy.

    I’ve no doubt that when the current Chief Psychiatrist left the Royal College of Psychiatrists for the post stating that he could be much more effective from this position, he was right in that by subverting the rule of law and neglecting his duty to the public, he could enable his fellow psychiatrists to achieve lawlessness. And we know what happens once that occurs (see 2 Thessalonians)

  • Forgot to mention the ‘hot shots’ being dished out in Emergency Depts for dissenters. That tends to shut them up and ensure that any one else who is considering criticising ‘Doc’ from speaking up.

    Load em up with benzos and tip them over the edge with some other patients morphine I say. Then watch as the Coroner writes “death from morphine from an unknown source” on the paperwork.

    Boans sings, “They smile to your face, but all the time they want to take your place, Backstabbers” 🙂

  • “improperly calling police to help with mental health patients.”

    What about the situation where the mental health services are calling police to improperly deal with citizens?

    Police tell me that should they receive a call from a Community Nurse who requires their assistance to kidnap a citizen (look at the law folks, they only have the power to use police resources with people who have been diagnosed with a serious MI) they will willingly oblige. And this also allows the Community Nurse to authorise the ‘spiking’ of their newly found mental paitent with stupefying/intoxicating drugs before police subject them to interrogations.

    It’s the perfect symbiotic relationship which allows arbitrary detentions and the use of known torture methods.

    And do you think there is a soul who will stand up to these thugs and say “You know what. This is wrong”? Not where I live, they will all do as they are told and turn their backs on the victims of these human rights abusers. I mean why would they rock the boat, it’s never going to be them who is affected by the use of torture right?

    I wonder if there is just one police officer left who agrees that using torture methods is actually detrimental to our community, or that arbitrary detentions may actually result in the further corruption of an already damaged system. Because if you wish to become a career criminal these days you would be better off studying medicine as it will provide you with safe haven from any prosecution for acts of torture, kidnapping and killing.

    I have letters from senior police and the Chief Psychiatrist proving they have given carte blanche to doctors (neh, even a Community Nurse can authorise the spiking of citizens without knowledge minus any prescribing rights when police exercise their disretionary powers to allow his criminal conduct) with negligence resulting in zero accountability.

    On one hand we have politicians saying the conduct is “abhorrent and extremely dangerous” and on the other we have a police superintendent saying “go for it, spike em before we put a gun to their heads and threaten to shoot them if they don’t confess”. A confession obtained using these methods perfectly acceptable in our courts, but documented proof that you have been ‘spiked’ is considered “insufficient admissible evidence”.

    Those who would pervert the course of justice deserve to be imprisoned, not paid for the crimes they are enabling.

    I saw one young mans video when he was being threatened with pack rape by a police officer being described by our Police Commissioner as being a “poor choice of words”. I mean I get it that these are considered ‘coercive methods’ but …… seriously?

    I’ve heard it said that you get what you pay for, and these criminals who are running rampant in our hospital system are costing us more than a few taxpayer dollars. And the newspapers are worried about our politicians using corporate credit cards for prostitutes, so they have started sexually assaulting the staff to keep costs down? I think a serious look at the way money is being spent in mental health services for corruption management might result in better cost savings.

  • “92. Global trends indicate a proliferation of policies and practices in which universal human rights principles are actively undermined or human rights are applied in a selective way…”

    The undermining of human rights principles where I live is complete. I have received a letter from a Police Superintedent that states that if police receive a call from a metal health service they will attend any property and take the person who has been fingered in for treatment. No reason required, no nothing, a Community Nurse who has arranged for their target to be spiked with benzodiazenpines doesn’t even need to plant evidence on their target for police to find. Someone you have never met wants you delivered to a hospital and thus it is done. Not even a doctor, a Commnity Nurse mind you. No powers to diagnose, no ability to prescribe intoxicating/stupefying drugs. Just I want them taken to the hospital because. And the legal fraternity is happy with this it can only be assumed, because not a peep despite them being fully aware of this being done.

    Arbitrary detentions and the use of known torture methods all lawful according to this police superintendent. And not a soul prepared to dispute this, despite their being laws designed to protect the public from such conduct by authorities. What happened folk? They have guns and we don’t? A vote for either party is support for these abuses?

    Seriously? I mean I get it that I was thrown under the bus, but its the rights of every citizen in this State that is being ignored by those in authority (Chief Psychiatrist and Police Superintendent who deny the existence of the law?). They are not just gaslighting me in an attempt to silence me anymore, they are saying that no one has any human or civil right to fall asleep without being labelled mentally ill and requiring treatment. And as euthanasia is now considered treatment?

    Never mind, don’t look and you won’t see. I’m not asking that my rights be observed anymore, it’s your rights they have removed. And unless they are informed of their duty it would appear they are quite prepared to neglect it, and allow all to be kidnapped and tortured with no means of remedy.

    And don’t let your assumptions get in the way of the facts. I’ve heard all the “they wouldn’t do that” excuses, and “you must have done something for them to snatch you from your bed”. I disagreed with someone over a threat that was made to harm me by some meth users with a history of home invasion, nothing more. If thats a mental illness then there’s more than an issue. So for this I am to be locked in a cage and injected with enough chemicals to incapacitate an elephant for a week? That’s got to be good news for meth users and anyone who wishes to have an enemy harmed by folk acting in a manner consistent with altruistic evil.

  • I’m taken back to a statement made by one of my lecturers at College.

    If you can’t see it, how do you know it’s there?

    Do you “suspect on reasonable grounds” or “suspect on grounds you believe to be reasonable”?

    Oh if only I had the ability to convey the absurdity of how our police and mental health services deal with what they call “evidence”. Still, by perverting the course of justice and not finding the evidence of their own crimes they have enabled the use of known torture methods, kidnapping, maiming and killing.

    If they don’t like the law, they simply ignore it, and not a soul would dare hold them to account. As I was told they will fuking destroy you. This for speaking the truth.

    I’d be careful when a police superintendent writes to me they have zero problem with a Community Nurse calling them and requesting assistance to snatch a person from their bed who has been ‘spiked’ with benzos to subject them to 7 hours of interrogation. Lucky they can authorise their use of torture and the public is supporting them in that. Can’t see it happening in a democracy mind you but …… I guess we were never that.

    Telling the public the truth Till? What a unique concept it is you have there. I can’t see it working for the corrupt individuals who have obtained power in my State. They have found a need to legalise the killing of citizens for convenience just recently to ensure they never find out the truth sooo.

    Imagine how our “Voluntary Assisted Dying’ laws are going to work regards the ‘protections’ when I have absolute proof that our authorities simply ignore the protections afforded the public in our laws. “Insufficient evidence” they claim and yet citizens can be drugged into unconciousness and then snatched from their bed and locked in a cage for forced drugging because they suspected that a sleeping man had some fictional illness that was literally made up on the spot by a Nurse no less. Authorise the spiking too, and the police will do nothing other than assist these organised criminals in our hospital system, and then if exposed double down and threaten and kill witnesses.

    Good people were watching fortunately and while they can not do anything about these criminals because of the police providing material support, they are becoming aware of how corrupted our police and mental health services are. So they’re not really paranoid, we are talking about them behind their backs lol.

  • Verbal gymnastics from a bunch of frauds and slanderers? Who would have thought. I wonder where it originated though, our Minister for Health here tells me in a letter that he prefers the terms “referral” and “detention” rather than the factual terms “torture” and “kidnapping” for what is being done by his charges at our hospitals. This despite having the documented proof placed on his desk. Perhaps he is under the influence of some of these “medications” not “drugs” his buddies are peddling to a captive audience?

    Quite a clever chap is our Minister. Likes to suggest that anyone who has been subjected to violations of their human rights requires medical treatment from the very same people who violate their human rights. A dog whistle slanderer he is.

  • The UN already stated that Australias Mental Health Laws ARE a violation of human rights and that the treatments MAY constitute torture back in 2010. Or respective State governments have enacted new Mental Health Laws which enable even more vile human rights abuses and in the process have invalidated that statement by the UN.

    Fairly easily demonstrated, we now have mental health professionals appointed to police stations. Why you might ask.

    From the last Annual Report of the Council of Official Visitors.

    Ongoing Issues
    29. Police interviews with Involuntary Patients and concerns about Natural Justice (see P.26)
    This issue is ongoing.

    Now when you return to p. 26 to see what is written, there is nothing. The new Mental Health Act has married law enforcement and mental health services and provided carte blanche for the arbitrary detention, torture, maiming and killing of citizens as long as you call the target “patient”. And our authorities are fully aware of this fact. Of course they are well versed in cover ups and making false claims in defense of such acts as “they wouldn’t do that” or “we don’t know where the criminal code is” and therefore there is no need to look etc.

    I hear complaints about the system in the US and ponder what might be if we ever had a system where something that resembled a health care system existed. Dealing with these folk and they simply smirk at you knowing that with a telephone call they can have you murdered in an Emergency Dept., though the preferred method is to move in on your family. There is no pretending even anymore. Why would they? They have achieved a level of power that has our politicians living in fear. Ask Troy Buswell who fled the State rather than fall into the clutches of our mental health system.

  • Just to clarify.

    The Community Nurse commits the offences of conspiring to stupefy to commit an indictable offence, namely kidnapping. Police provide themselves with the discretionary power to overlook his criminal conduct and in return he provides the authority to spike someone with stupefying intoxicating drugs, though in both instances neither has the power to do this. Police are required to report such matters to their superiours and the Community Nurse doesn’t have the ability to prescribe benzos even with knowledge, never mind authorise the spiking of people he has never even met.

    And of course when we examine the Convention against the use of torture it is the “acquiescence” of public officers who are trained in what does and does not constitute torture that is the problem here, with no “emergency provisions” and “no superiour authority”. Still, they threatened my family and what ya gunna do? They threatened lawyers and a psychologist who actually listened to me too. Even asked him to use his position of trust to find out “who else has the documents” proving what i’m saying. These documents created problems when compared to the fraudulent set provided to the Mental Health Law Centre. Should have seen the Member of Parliaments face when he realised what had been done with the “edited” documents. Of course he did tell me he had to work with police (even if they are engaged in corrupt conduct I suppose) And then that business in the Emergency Dept?

    Lucky the Chief Psychiatrist doesn’t understand law or he might be expected to understand what “refoulment” of torture victims means. I still wonder how he can do his duty under the Act of “protecting the community, consumers and carers” and “provide expert legal advice to the Minister” when he doesn’t even know what the protections that are afforded these people in the Act are. I did ask the Minister but she claims that he is allowed to misrepresent the law in order to allow arbitrary detentions, its a power imbalance kinda thing. Shut up or we will ‘do’ your family stuff. That seems a little strange to me. How about you?

  • I wonder if those overseas would realise the direction being taken by our Prime Minister on the UN Dr McLaren?

    “The Prime Minister said he did not want to see global organisations like the UN getting overly involved in the governance of independent nations.”

    From this article

    Keep your noses out of our human rights abuses.

    I find myself wondering about your offer of an “experiment”.

    “It is easy for somebody sitting on a mountain of power and privilege to tell those at the bottom of the pile that these things don’t count. If, however, Hickie and his friends disagree, I can easily set up a little experiment to ram home to them that, in mental health practice, power asymmetry is a brutal and omnipresent reality, if not the very essence of institutional psychiatry.”

    After being spiked with benzos and having a knife and some cannabis planted on me to bring me under the control of police, who then handed me over to mental health services to be ‘verballed’ and in effect remove my human and civil rights and allow me to be tortured, I wouldn’t mind being involved in some such experiment. Because given the fact that I now know how to effect arbitrary detentions and torture, and have letters from our Chief Psychiatrist and Minister saying nothing to see here, I think I could easily demonstrate how Australia is violating human rights and torturing citizens. And once “lawful sanction” applies, what would constitute torture is now considered to be ‘medical care’. And police will provide some extreme assistance to ensure that the “patient” has no avenue of resolution via criminal negligence and conspiring to pervert the course of justice.

    How easy is it when a Community Nurse can use the methods of a nite Club rapist to spike a citizen with stupefying/intoxicating drugs and plant the evidence on them to obtain a police referral? And then with the power to read minds and travel through time and space to make ‘valid observations’ to document on the statutory declaration required to detain and force drug a person? And further, a Chief Psychiatrist who doesn’t even understand a burden of proof (suspect on reasonable grounds). I’d love you to read his letter of response to the Mental Health Law Centre, it’s an absolute farce that was designed to do psychological damage to someone he knew had been tortured and kidnapped.

    I assume you know the method of ‘spiking’ with benzodiazpines and then causing an ‘acute stress reaction’ by having police threaten to shoot the target you intend to torture into a confession. And then disappearing the documented evidence of the ‘spiking’ and slandering the victim as a paranoid delusional should they complain about being drugged without their knowledge. Its certainly working an absolute treat where I live. Police get to interrogate people who have been drugged without their knowledge after using ‘coercive methods’ on them (eg mock execution) and then mental health services mop up the mess by ‘treating’ the victim and calling it ‘medicine’. I can do an introduction to the Operations Manager who is “fuking destroying” anyone who complains about this conduct if you like? She might enjoy being part of the experiment too.

    Anyway, good article and I hope you keep us informed of any reponse from these critics of the Special Rapportuer.

  • Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.

    Yep, we need to recognise that our respective communities hate us. When they look at me they see their failure to behave in a manner befitting a human. They don’t want to be seen as people who would torture and kidnap, and then try to murder to conceal the truth. They are desperate to do good deeds, so much so they will impose their reality on others via the use of force. Not unlike a rapist.

    Given the authors name I wondered about his approach to these questions and found myself reading Al Qalam (the pen) or Nun. In the introduction to the surah is written

    “Our Prophet was the sanest and wisest of men: those who could not understand him called him mad or possessed. So, in every age, it is the habit of the world to call Truth Falsehood and Wisdom Madness, and on the other hand, to exalt Selfishness as Planning, and Arrogance as Power. The contrast is shown up between the two kinds of men and their inner worth.
    Let the good carry on their work, in spite of the abuse of the Companions of Evil: let all remember Allah, before Whom all men are on trial”

    I think Rashed is possibly trying to bring these Companions of Evil back to the path, and recognise that their actions will be seen for what they are. Watch as they try to destroy what they do not understand.
    I thin k there might also be a recognition of the levels of fraud and slander in his chosen profession as a result of the Arrogance and Selfishness of the people attracted to it.

  • Yes, I get what you mean about “full functioning” Steve.

    I mean I get it, I was used for what is commonly called a ‘stakeout’. Some criminals within our system have been using their positions to kill a few folk and call it medicine. The State is letting them do that because they can’t speak the whole truth about this industry of death. Another doctor spots what they are going to do to resolve their little problem of kidnapping and torturing someone who didn’t have the status of “patient”. We can’t have these people being put in prison for a few killings, they are highly trained individuals. So they snatch the guy in the middle of him attempting to murder someone and put him on a short leash (along with his ‘crew’). They get the documents I have back demonstrating the kidnapping and torture and begin a process fo slandering and defaming me. Got a few friends in the police department has Prof, so tell them to turn a blind eye should I turn up with the documents.

    Of course this didn’t take into consideration that I would spot the fraudulent set at the Mental Health Law Centre, nor show them to a Member of Parliament. All fine while its the low level police committing criminal offences with their superiors support, but …..waaaa he has dragged an MP into the fray.
    “Who else has got the documents” the police wish to know by threatening a psychologist. Is there still time to put a lid on this, maybe kill a few witnesses or something? Too late.
    This the sort of corruption you see in your system, a medical mafia being given free reign to do whatever they want to whomever they want? And law enforcement with zero respect for the law?

    My government has gone from “full functioning” to comatose in 1.4 seconds flat lol. I do now understand what the head of the AMA was saying regarding the euthanasia of “patients” requiring a sophisticated knowledge of the law. Like me, you just set people up and meet the requirements of the law and finish them off in an Emergency Dept. Police are quite happy to act on evidence that has been planted on persons to manipulate outcomes. Ask my wife, or the psychologist who is releasing confidential information about peoples medical records from a private clinic. They certainly know how its done. Have the public system lackies think they are priviliged to be obtaining such confidential information and we’ll just keep that little secret between us eh? No need to have the “patient” aware we are conspiring to commit offences against them, we’ll just drug them into oblivion should they complain.

    Is there a point of paying thousands of dollars to have your medical records distributed unlawfully by a private clinic to the public system? And shouldn’t the public be made aware that they have no right to confidentiality of their medical records? A loophole one could drive a Mack truck through?

  • That explains why in my State the penalties for abuse of a “mental patient” are half what they are for abuse of an animal. And while there have been cases of animal abuse put through the courts, there has never been anyone charged and convicted of abuse of a mental patient, despite plenty of cases where the public have been outraged by what has been done to certain individuals.

    Of course when you start torturing citizens and concealing these programs from the public by doing cover ups were in a different league. I notice that the video recordings of Abu Zubayahs’ waterboarding have been erased. I’m sure this will stop any future President making promises like those made by Obama to release all of the Abu Ghraib images and then realising what the consequences would be once in power.

    I assume the “we” you speak of is the American people? Because I want it known publically that the torture and convenience killings being engaged in by my government is not being done with my support. And the criminal fraud and negligence being used to conceal the human and civil rights abuses being done under the disguise of ‘medicine’ is possibly the most disgusting thing i’ve seen done by virtually any government i’ve had the privilige to live under. Mainly because it is getting people with good hearts a bad name.

    I mean lets be honest that these people have stood and watched while I am told by a hospital manager that she will “fuking destroy” me for making a complaint about them allowing citizens to be spiked with date rape drugs and then slandered to police by lying and saying the person is one of their patients. Okay, so they are engaging in kidnapping and torture, but killing the person for complaining? When did they pass that law? It doesn’t seem to fit with their “Mission Statement” or “Code of Conduct”? And yet 9 years on and they still sit on their hands and exclaim “we’ll what do you want us to do?” (Police asking me if I want to make a complaint after I have been subjected to gaslighting by them for 8 years being told they don’t know where their copy of the criminal code is and they best not be informed about the attempt to murder me in the Emergency Dept? I get it, it sounds insane, but what about the evidence and the proof? You know the documents they have been threatening to arrest me for having? And how can they, they can’t find their copy of the Criminal Code? So whats the offence?)

    Once they started committing these offences the State really has no choice but to continue down the path of ignoring the rule of law and conspiring to pervert the course of justice. They have a reputation to maintain (or so they falsely believe in their delusional state) And in the process exposes the frauds and hypocrites for all to see fortunately. They are now pretending that they are the good guys and dealing with the bad apples. Better do so before those bad apples tell us how they had your support not so long ago

  • Anasognosia – to be ignorant or too stupid to recognise the god (doctor) you stand before. All efforts will be made to bring you too your knees and worship those who have your best interests at heart, and minus any human or civil rights to defend yourself you can be subjected to some ‘treatments’ that seem to do precisely this. Every once in a while they come across a Bilal ibn Rabah (a.s.), but put him out in the sun with a boulder on his chest and surely eventually he will come round to our way of thinking? Statistics show it’s a highly effective treatment.
    Or he will die. An unintended negative outcome

    Given what is written in the above article, I think there is a case to answer as to who it is that is suffering from being ignorant of the facts.

  • “Instead, I encourage people to ask themselves this: Would you recoil in horror if you saw the same things done to a dog? If you saw a dog strapped to a board and nearly drowned, again and again, would it make you cringe and wince? Would you turn away and demand that it stop? If so, then it is torture, and we should call it what it is.’”

    I think the term used in the defintion of torture is “extreme” physical or psychological suffering. Which if course is subjective.

    That’s why they do it in locked wards with no cameras and ensure that the staff are desensitized to the ‘treatments’. I can bear witness to the indifference of the public regarding my governments use of known torture methods. Having the proof means the whole community turns their back on you while they deal with their little problem. And of course with hindsight I get why you all turned your back on me, because you don’t want to be next.

    So weep not for me but for yourselves.

    I know I had nothing to confess, which was figured out eventually but …. in the meantime they need to keep torturing until they can justify the torture. And should you complain about it, you will be subjected to negligence by authorities charged with protecting the public, fraudulent documents being distributed and then slandered with stigmatising labels while they systematically “fuking destroy” you (to quote the Operations Manager who investigated my complaint and then distributed the fraudulent documents that no one seems to want to address. Really, you people are happy to allow this type of fraud to occur?)

    Abu Zubayah underwent 83 sessions of waterboarding and I don’t believe any useful information was obtained. Unless of course one considers the information obtained from others who were afraid of being subjected to this ‘treatment’ counting. Is terrorizing suspected terrorists terrorism? Lol

  • “Most of the psychologists I know, probably all that I know, came into psychology to do good.”

    Most of the bank robbers I know went into the industry to do good too, as long as you don’t start defining how they’re doing good and for whom it all seems fine.

    I also noticed the “bad apple” reasoning behind the ‘colleagues’ who designed a torture program for Guantanamo. Not that their ideas will be picked up by others and used with evil intent. So what has been done to ensure this doesn’t happen? Nothing? This is of course how people are lead astray, like the Community Nurse who finds it easier to use known torture methods to obtain referrals knowing that the authorities will conceal his criminal conduct for him to maintain reputation. Thus normalising the conduct and well before you know it, it will be your door he is knocking on as a result of your ‘deviance’ from the psychiatric dogma.

    Good comment Someone Else and whilst I know from experience these sychophants do not respond to questions from the people being oppressed by their ‘doing good’, at some point they will be on their knees begging for mercy which will come in the form of fire.

  • “Fortunately, today much of the old thinking has faded away, and we know that much more can be done! ”

    Unfortunately not where I live Mr Sturman. Our new Mental Health Act has resulted in an increase of 192% in the administration of ECTs. And it is my belief that much of this increase was in administration to teenagers (check the last article by Niall McLaren on this site for exact details). The increase is I believe a result of two factors, the first being a clarification by the State as to whom can be subjected to ECTs (and thus allowing teenagers to consent at 14 without parents being involved has opened this up) and the amount of money that can be scammed from our Medicare system as a result of this “highly effective treatment that is saving lives”. I’ve no doubt that this is the line being offered to our indigenous population whose children are killing themselves at alarming rates. In one town they realised that more than 90% of the school aged children had at some point been sexually abused. Not that this is realted to the genetic disease they have of course. And with such effective treatments available????

    I do hope that you may be able to bring some attention to this disgrace we call ‘health care’.

  • Our new Mental Health Act placed an “authorised mental health professional” in every major police station in the State. The potential for abuses is massive. I think I mentioned speaking to a MH nurse recently and he tells me that the system is “working well”, which is great coming from someone who is a believer in the methods being used by Deterte where police are judge, jury and executioner.
    One of my complaints regarding my treatment was that I walk into a police station after being spiked with a date rape drug (and have the documented proof) only to be referred to mental health services for treatment for my “hallucinations”? Now I only got kidnapped after being ‘spiked’ so what are they doing with people whoi are being sexually assaulted after being ‘spiked’? Are they ending up being ‘treated’ to silence them, rather than do all that paperwork and stuff? Does it depend on who is doing the complaining (ie the bi$%h was asking for it, refer for brain damage. My friends daughter, refer to Public Prosecutor?). Because from what i’ve been told police dont have a copy of the criminal code for anyone they deem to have a mental illness, which means you can literally abuse them to death and not a thing will be done. They will assist in restraining people to be treated by human rights abusers.

    Our ‘system’ opens up a fast track for perverting the course of justice. In fact consider this. Given what was done to me our police can now have people ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs before interrogations and have this authorised by the AMHPs. We’ve made torture lawful 🙂

  • The ‘watchdogs’ in my country are sychophants. They do exactly what they are told if and when they come across human and civil rights abuses. Because what we are dealing with is effectively a reign by terrorists in much the same way that the National Socialists terrorised certain sections of the communtity in Germany ala 1940s

    I dont know that I would have wanted a ‘watchdog’ then who saw ensuring that the removal of gold teeth from their victims was done with dignity and humanely as a success and that they were being ‘effective’ I’m with oldhead on this one, shut these places down, remove their powers and march them past the corpses.

    These things simply don’t happen overnight, but are a gradual regression into a collective insanity. Were going mad folks, not us as individuals but us as a society. And the ‘medications’ were trying are making things worse not better.

  • The only thing my lawyer was interested in was never getting so cold that she had to put her hands in her own pockets.

    This dual system is a means of ensuring that a rule of law does not prevail. A black person in my country steals a packet of pencils from Walmart and they go to prison under mandatory sentencing laws, a white woman does it and they call it kleptomania and she gets psychotherapy in a clinic.

    Seems fair?

  • “The speaker might do well to wear a white coat, hold a surgery knife in one hand and a bottle of pills in another.”

    The Speaker is now in breach of Section 68e of the Criminal Code by having ready access to drugs and a weapon simultaneously. They can now be referred to a ‘mental health professional’ under s. 195 Police Powers of the Mental Health Act, who can have them ‘chemically restrained’ and call the effects of those chemicals a ‘mental illness’.
    Now that we have you under legal custody the Convention against the use of Torture no longer applies because we can inject you with stuff that makes you feel like your skin is on fire, and this ‘effect’ is “inherent in or incidental to lawful sanction”.

    You going to do as we ask now? You going to tell us what we want to know? You going to try and complain? Because any lawyer would turn their back on you knowing all about this little loophole being exploited by human rights abusers.

    This was the method employed by the people at the Ariel Castro Memorial hospital that snatched me from my bed. Spiked me with benzos and when I collapsed I had a knife and some cannabis planted on me. Woke up to my life being destroyed as a result of some criminals who are receiving some significant support from the State government. How do you make conspiring to stupefy with intent to commit an indictable offence namely kidnapping disappear? Call the victim a “mental patient” and provide fraudulent documents to their lawyers.

    I hope your Speaker isn’t a Speaker of Truth Sam because they just found themselves in a bit of bother that will last their whole life, they are now INVOLUNTARY MENTAL PATIENT

    Oh and the protections afforded the public by the Law? The people charged with enforcing those laws don’t even know what they are or how they operate. Our Chief Psychiatrist doesn’t even know what a burden of proof is, so how he can offer “expert legal advice” to our Minister is a puzzle to me. And the Minister writes that the Chief Psychiatrists claim that his rewritten version of “suspect on reasonable grounds” to “suspect on grounds we believe to be reasonable” is “not a misrepresentation” should be the joke of any Law Faculty on the planet. This enables aribitrary detentions to anyone who spends a couple of minutes thiinking about it. And our Chief Psychiatrist doesn’t know this? How can he possibly perform his duty of “protecting consumers, carers and the community”? Not a question the Minister or the C.P. have time to answer for the public i’m afraid.