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  • “Finally, knowing more about the music of the brain may lead us toward ways of enhancing mood, memory, and behavior.”

    This Is Serious Mum
    He’ll never be (an old man River) or I’m on the drugs that killed River Phoenix.

    I saw his body thrashing round.
    I saw his pulse rate going down.
    I saw him in convulsive throes.
    I said “I’ll have one of those”.

    Now I’m bored and there’s no stopping;
    I need another celeb to fill a coffin;
    Where’ll I get my next drug action?
    Odds on it’ll be Michael Jackson.

    Symphony of the Brain my arse lol (is that Dr Pies crowd surfing at the show? From a Beethoven symphony to Punk Rock with a pill? If only it was a choice as to what we played on our own CD players but …… it’s them picking the tunes. And when you’ve got a copyright on certain tracks, guess what your gunna play?)

  • I’m anti “ethnic cleansing”, which would seem I wish to leave the place in a mess. It’s only when you look at what the term actually means that you get the idea of why I might be against it.

    Thanks for that Dr Karadzic.

    And I would ask, given what we here know about the ‘voluntary’ nature of ‘treatments’, how voluntary are our ‘voluntary assisted dying laws’? Do they rely on legal protections such as “suspect on reasonable grounds” or “suspect on grounds doctor believes to be reasonable”? I know which I’d prefer, and I know which is being enabled. The law need only LOOK like it protects, and then simply ignore it and do whatever you like.

    How can those who do wrong be held to account, when the person charged with holding them to account claims they don’t know what the rules even are? It does however provide what is called a “window of opportunity” to deal with your little problems, and have the documents “edited” to present the preferred legal narrative to waiting lawyers [if that’s the correct term for someone conspiring to pervert the course of justice with organised criminals and conceal acts of torture and kidnapping. Or does the interests of the State come before their duty as legal representatives? My question was answered when they were all ‘restructured’].

  • “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it” Adolf Hitler (of course he said it in German, and with much better skills than I have but …. you see my point)

    “It’s medicine” Dr Strangelove

    Just a question. If a ‘mental patient’ were to become Prime Minister, does this mean that their psychiatrist is now running the country?

  • It takes a brave man to speak up when the authorities are in a position to conceal their wrongdoing by “editing” realities, and eventually place themselves above the law.

    Our Chief Psychiatrist has placed himself above the law by removing the protections afforded the community by the law. I have the letter here should you, or anyone with the ability to understand the significance of what has been done to remove the protection of “suspect on reasonable grounds” , the ‘spiking’ of citizens and use of police to create an “acute stress reaction” before interrogations, the use of ‘throw downs’ and the corrupt practice of ‘verballing ‘ to enable carte blanche for ‘political reasons’ (I consider anti psychiatry to be a political belief as it relates to matters of power. If I chose not to speak to a psychiatrist this is a right unless a burden of proof [suspect on reasonable grounds] is met by those making the accusation. Not so says our C.P. We ‘spike’ and have police snatch you from your bed anytime we like, any complaints we fuking destroy you and your family. And not a chance you will get ‘legal representation’, their funding and families are at risk).

    You may refuse to answer questions by police, but that means they then hand you over to mental health services to incarcerate you and force drug you until you answer the questions police want answered. [we spoke some time back regarding the refusal to answer questions posed by a Community Nurse and how that might be interpreted as being a ‘symptom’ rather than the exercising of a right] I think there’s a term for that but these people prefer euphemisms (‘unintended negative outcomes’, ‘referral and assessment’, ‘acute stress reaction’ to be caused by police restraint and detention)

    It seems that it is becoming “accepted practice” that where the government can not break the law, they simply transfer the matters to ‘medicine’ (in the form of psychiatry. Use of a ‘throw down’ to obtain a police referral and the citizen is now a ‘mental patient’. It’s as easy as that, confirmed by the Chief Psychiatrist and the Minister in writing) and now they are ‘above the law’ and ….. well, as I have explained before no matter what you say our Minister for Mental Health says “You can’t listen to them, they’re mental patients”. The same was said about the ‘inmates’ at Dachau until Himmler managed to convince Hitler to make his “preventative arrests” lawful (‘Potential for damage to reputation and meaningful relationships grounds for incarceration and forced drugging’. See the letter).

    Care to see how our Chief Psychiatrist deals with the same matters Dr Hickey? “Suspect on reasonable grounds” (criteria not met, detention unlawful) becomes “suspect on grounds we [mental health professionals] believe reasonable”. Objective legal standard becomes subjective interpretation which can not be tested using logic and reasoning. Only a couple of letters, which I feel sure you would find ‘disturbing’. It would certainloy be ‘disturbing’ if the Chinese were doing it, but we call it ‘medicine’.

    I am, and always will be ANTI psychiatry in as much as I will always stand against the brutalising of citizens for political and financial gain.

  • Just a taste of what to expect if you do engage legal representation.

    I went to a large law firm associated with a woman who had a movie made about her, and who claims to ‘help the little guy’ (aka me).

    I provided them with the unredacted documentation showing that I was ‘spiked’ with benzos and then ‘verballed up’ on a Form after being unlawfully detained and referred by police to the Community Nurse. I went to great lengths to explain the situation to these lawyers in the hope that I may, just may, stop someone else from being harmed by these people.

    After a short period of time I received a phone call explaining that they could not assist me and that the ‘spiking’ had been authorised by my doctor. I asked who this doctor was, and was told they could not tell me who my doctor was because of confidentiality. It is patently obvious on the documentation from Triage that I was NOT a “patient” and therefore HAD NO DOCTOR. Such negligence when the first item on the agenda for a lawyer should be to establish my status and who my doctor was. Of course the truth in this situation is not the preferred one, and if the Chief Psychiatrist actually knew what a burden of proof was (and was not authorising ‘spikings’ of citizens and arbitrary detentions using unlawful police referrals [they do not meet the “reasonable grounds standard set out in the MH Act] A letter I am pleased to have, and one that even the defenders of the mentally ill have had to ‘unread’ to ensure that these arbitrary detentions and torture can continue without interruption. Care to see the letters?) he would also have recognised the crimes before anyone else got hurt but ……..

    So I can’t know who my doctor is? Why on earth would that be the case? Of course none of this put in writing because well, the fact is that they had documented proof of crimes right under their noses, but did not wish to actually do anything that would see the criminals held to account. They must of course have been shaking their heads at the incompetence of the State sanctioned cover up. They usually remove the crimes before telling law firms to throw their clients under a bus given that the action is no ‘civil’ rather than criminal as a result of the “editing” (read criminal fraud. Note that the documents are to be provided to my legal representative unredacted to protect human rights, and yet the Chief Psychiatrist despite the procedure being followed fails to recognise that his own “Operational Directive” is being breached to conceal torture and kidnapping) of the truth.

    Plausibly deniable? No, and in fact they have provided assistance to people who have gone on to harm others. But gee they sure had me convinced that they cared about the little guy there for a moment. And well, as I say not prepared to put anything in writing, and the lawyer I spoke to no longer works at this law firm they tell me. Of course this also creates more work for me, someone they are fully aware of being already traumatised from being subjected to torture and kidnapping. Only assistance these people are giving the ‘little guy’ is to kick them in the face while they are down. They are acting according to what they are told to do by the very people who are committing the offences.

    Keep it in mind should you chose this path. I get the feeling they actually enjoy the gaslighting, the feeling of being on the side that never loses a much needed boost to their ego. Because when the State can “edit” torture and kidnapping out of legal narrative and then ‘dispose’ of the complainant, believe me, they never lose. The unintended negative outcomes become another cover up of their cover up. Remove the motive and the rest falls into place. And with a Minister who says “You can’t listen to them, they’re mental patients” what chance do you have once falsely ‘flagged’ as a nut job or window licker by police [their DSM only has two diagnoses at the Police Station, and No copy of the Criminal Code once your diagnosed]. They are now protecting and serving the interests of organised criminals, and your well…. outcomed.

    Note that the original legal represenatives gave the State the opportunity to retrieve the documents I had before submitting the fraudulent set to them, so they could then ensure the outcome the State wanted to be true. The other law firm were presented with the ‘real’ set of documents and thus didn’t get the chance to have the ‘fraudulent’ set of documents submitted to them before ensuring the States outcome [hence the need to fabricate a reason to not render assistance aka my non-existent doctor]. They actually saw the crimes, the Law Centre ensured they didn’t once they engaged in a conspiracy to conceal the torture and kidnapping with the State (for their funding being increased, or was that just a coincidence?)

  • And the bit that really gets to me is that the Minister and the Principle of the Law Centre (who conspired to pervert and do a cover up while the original criminals made ‘alternative arrangements’ for me) cheated not just me, but the whole International Community who are trying to actually help people who are suffering from the effects of trauma. And they continue to conceal the truth and allow the cancer to spread rather than face the facts. Disgraceful.

    A human rights organisation, and a ‘protection’ from human rights abuses is engaging in cover ups of torture and kidnappings? Sure, sounds too good to be true (aka they wouldn’t do that), but I note not a soul bothered to check if what I am saying is the truth or not, and those that have soon turned their backs and ran. Advocates or hypocrites?

  • “I have yet to figure out what can be done… a lot of dead ends and no one willing to help in the professional community.”

    Couple of points to consider James.

    Lawyer X in Australia has revealed the corrupt nature of our court system. A high profile criminal lawyer acting as a police informant, resulting in more than a 1000 criminal convictions that need to be overturned. I note this is common practice when the State finds itself in breach of the Convention against the use of Torture or doing arbitrary detentions. The people charged with ‘protecting’ the public work and collude with the State to ensure that no action can be taken. They “edit” documents and threaten people to obtain silence. And of course what lawyer is going to advise you to continue down a path where you will be taking on a mafia? I would suggest they will want payment up front before you are unintentionally negatively outcomed. (not unlike the psychiatrist who when I said I was having suicidal thoughts, said I would need to pay in advance)

    My suggestion. Admire the cancerous growth within ‘medicine’ for what it is. It’s a beautiful thing that will ultimately destroy it’s host and thus itself. You can’t stop it, but you can profit from it. Sure it is ugly to see people being enslaved and harmed deliberately, but if you have the stomach for it there is money to be made.

    Forget looking to the law for a solution. Too late, the cancer has spread there long ago. My ‘legal representatives’ were nothing more than informants for the State to ensure their human rights abuses went unnoticed by providing the State with information to conceal their vile acts, and then use the mental patient to [truth removed to stop the messenger being shot] Police not able to find their copy of the Criminal Code and prepared to arrest and refer the victim of State sanctioned torture to the people who tortured me for ‘treatment’. And yet I watch as a Serial Killer is sentenced to life in prison, though he can refuse to speak to a psychiatrist and his rights are respected (unlike mine which resulted in me being drugged, snatched from my bed, kidnapped and ‘verballed’ before a Doctor signed a prescription to conceal the Police and Community Nurses vile deeds). I feel certain Police may find grounds they consider to be reasonable (as opposed to the legal protection ignored by the Chief Psychiatrist of “suspect on reasonable grounds”) to make a referral of such criminal accused to ‘friendly’ doctors [see for example the Senior Medical Officer who signed a prescription 12 hours after I was ‘spiked’ and made them my “regular medications” to conceal the criminal offences and torture by police who subjected me to ‘coercive interrogation at my home before dropping me off for a ‘chemical restraint’) given the letter I have here from the Minister for Mental Health authorizing arbitrary detentions and torture? You may refuse to answer questions from police, but that is grounds for a referral to mental health services and they will begin ‘treatment’ until you do answer the questions. So much for your right to silence lol

    Ten years on and they were open about the threat to ‘fuking destroy’ me for complaining. Still haven’t seen my daughter or grandchildren (though I note some complain about not seeing their families for months because of COVID and may possibly have all that is needed to snatch them from their beds and force drug and electrocute them). But the idea of the justice system taking it’s course is a joke. Not a soul could defend these “edited” documents as not being an act of criminal fraud by a public officer so……. simply deny access to the justice system. What criminal code…… and thus what lawyer would dare touch something the State has shat all over to conceal the fact they are using the hospital as a franchised torture centre?

    Learn to love it I say. Encourage their corruption, because if they are punished then they may just be forgiven (though I can not see how God would forgive the systematic ‘outcoming’ of vulnerable individuals, but not my decision to make, it’s the States)

    I saw an Australian man stuck in China as a result of COVID speaking about his terror at the fact the government could simply come to his home, take his temperature and if it was too high, he could be dragged away to a hospital and forced to be among sick people. I didn’t even have a temperature the day I was snatched from my bed by police, I was simply asleep as a result of being ‘spiked’ with a date rape drug, evidence fabricated, kidnapped and then when I complained????? Though I guess that it is such a common event here the ‘system’ knows how to deal with the victims, “edit” the reality and then use them for gain.

  • “And thanks for this insight into criminal con-artists.”

    I guess like the way the definition of torture according to the Convention against it’s use, the ‘switch’ can be flicked.

    “Inherent in or incidental to lawful sanction” making what these people do appear lawful, and therefore not defined as acts of torture.

    And as such they may also appear to be doctors, though many know this not to be the case. My State has a need for people who can deal with those who expose acts of State sanctioned misconduct and human rights abuses, and being able to have police drop citizens at an Emergency Dept for ‘treatment’ fits the bill nicely. With a simple change of status (“citizen” with human rights becomes “patient” without any rights), also means that criminal torturers and kidnappers become doctors with severe side effects, and police will look the other way while the negative outcomes are concealed. What else would a doctor think when police drop a truth speakers at the hospital for ‘treatment’ but that they wanted them negatively outcomed? It is after all for the State, their employer.

    I guess my point is Doc that you need to know what it is your looking at. A white coat does not a doctor make.

    “Or say they: There is a madness in him? Nay, but he bringeth them the Truth; and most of them are haters of the Truth.” (23:70)

    Especially when the truth means they are engaging in acts of torture and ‘medical kidnapping’ (like the preferred term for their “verballing” of ‘noble corruption’. The adjective to soften the offence. It is after all simply corrupt and a mean to subvert the legal protections afforded the public via the negligence of those with a duty to protect. Care to see the letter from our Chief Psychiatrist authorising arbitrary detentions [of ‘citizens’ later to be “edited” into “patients”] under the Mental Health Act?) and trying to conceal it from public view. What better way to conceal it than slandering the victim as mad……. that is until the documented truth they failed to retrieve turns up in one of their stations eh? Now they have the problem of not only the torture and kidnapping, but also the “edited” (read criminal fraud and conspire to pervert) documents being presented to a Federal Court?

    Do you do your duty? Or do you inform those who have failed to conceal their criminal conduct and assist them in burying the truth with further misconduct (and watch where they run with it)? I know what was done in my instance.

  • “The authors state that the deterioration of a patient’s mental health was automatically assumed to be the result of non-compliance around medication:”

    This assumption is the equivalent of police who hear the words “I can’t breathe” and assume it means they are not standing on your neck hard enough.

    The efforts to have the “patient” comply is the problem, NOT the solution, and is highly likely the cause of many acts of violence. Still, from my experience, many of them know this and use that situation to have “patients” dealt with harshly by police. Nothing like poking a snake to justify killing it when it strikes back. Especially when you have it drugged and in a very confused state.

    “How the UK Mental Health Act Uses Psychiatric Discourse to Justify Rights Restrictions” or more correctly, how to use sophisticated slander (hate speech) to justify human rights abuses.

  • “system sponsored and coopted entities” aka ‘coolers’.

    In fact, I find that using the argot of the criminal world when speaking about psychiatry really shows what a racket it really is.

    They’re not “patients” but “marks”, the “chemical imbalance” nothing but a sleight of hand (and a lazy one at that), and one that at times requires the services of a “cooler” to silence the person whose brain has been damaged and has figured out they have been “taken”.

    Imagine being given the ability to have police snatch citizens from their homes and force them into a three card monte. A con mans wet dream.

  • I assume you have read Goffmans work “On cooling the mark out” Dr Hickey?

    “the cooler has the job of handling persons who have been caught out on a limb‑persons whose expectations and self‑conceptions have been built up and then shattered. The mark is a person who has compromised himself, in his own eyes if not in the eyes of others.

    Although the term, mark, is commonly applied to a person who is given short-lived expectations by operators who have intentionally misrepresented the facts, a less restricted definition is desirable in analyzing the larger social scene.”

    “Misrepresented facts”, “expectations and self-conceptions shattered”?

    These guys are operating as ‘coolers’ in the interview you have torn to shreds. You recognise as much in your comment:

    “But they haven’t done so, because the deception served, and continues to serve, their interests. It created the impression that they were real doctors; it legitimized the rampant prescribing of mood-altering drugs and destructive electric shocks; it enhanced the psychiatrists’ prestige, and improved their earning power. And psychiatry is drawing down the benefits of this hoax to this very day.”

    (to quote John Lydon, “ever get the feelin you’ve been cheated?”)

    The aim of ‘cooling’ is to ensure the ‘operators’ are not exposed, and the ‘game’ can continue on any street corner out of view of the authorities who could put an end to it any any moment. It has been quite a feat to ensure that those ‘squawkers’ (of which there are many, and more each day) have been effectively silenced.

    I’ll copy my comment to your website …… just in case your expose of the ‘con’ (and the attempted ‘cooling’) is removed.

    Once again, thank you Dr Hickey.

  • “Charlatans can prosper only in a world of people who don’t think.”

    People have been aware that the three card monte is a con for many years now, and yet they still enter the ‘game’ thinking they can win.

    In my situation I was forced to ‘play’ (at the point of a weapon, my right to liberty and bodily integrity the bet) despite me being fully aware of the con, and knowing that I would lose. You can’t put words into someones mouth if they don’t open it. My refusal to talk to these people resulted in me being ‘spiked’ with benzos and being roughed up by police to force me to talk. And when I refused, that refusal used as justification for further acts of torture by the State. Complaints result in you being “fucking destroyed” (to quote the person who investigated the human rights abuses and found them to be correct, and then engaged in criminal acts for the State to ensure these human rights abuses were concealed, with fraud and an attempt to kill in an Emergency Dept (see my article How to ‘hotshot’ in the E.D.; and have the Coroner sign it off). How dare I question their authority to drug me without my knowledge, have police snatch me from my bed and deliver me to a hospital for treatment for an illness they were about to make up with the twisting of words and a lie that I was their “patient”?

    Charlatans can prosper in a world where they can use force to make the victims appear to have entered the ‘game’ with full consent, and then use whatever means necessary to ‘cool out the mark’ (to use Erving Goffmans term. “the street hustler uses poise, the white collar criminal position”). Threaten their families, commit acts of fraud, slander them, and if necessary ‘unintentionally negatively outcome’ them. And to think that they are paying for it is the biggest joke of all among those ‘in the know’.

    Charlatans can prosper where they can put a gun to your head and make you sign, and then deny the use of unnecessary force to have you consent. Especially where this ‘noble corruption’ is being enabled by the State authorities. (anyone care to see the letter yet?)

    In fact, I have prepared a proposal for my government to show them how to torture citizens into confessions using the provisions of Mental Health Act, and then using the Proceeds of Crime legislation to empty their bank accounts. And there isn’t a damn thing the victims could do about it, given that they would need to complain to the same people doing it. Credit to the National Socialists in Germany for the idea, and many thanks to the State government here for making it all possible. Thinking or not isn’t going to help.

  • Wow Robin, Welcome to the Machine.

    I’m reminded of the words of Pink Floyd in The Wall.

    “Good morning Worm Your Honor, the Crown will plainly show the prisoner who now stands before you, was caught red handed showing feelings. Showing feelings of an almost human nature. This will not do.”

    So you have now met the Mental Health Jihadis. I was reading an interesting quote earlier regarding the ‘morality police’ from a character in a movie called Timbuktu.

    “In town, the people suffer, powerless, from the regime of terror imposed by the Jihadists determined to control their faith.” (or in our case, our ‘mental health’ or ‘feelings’). “Every day, the new improvised courts issue tragic and absurd sentences.” (not unlike the psychiatric Tribunals)

    The quote that interested me though came from an Imam who watches as the Jihadis do whatever they like and justify their atrocious behaviour based on the fact they are on ‘jihad’ (had you been a criminal, police would have treated you much better, but a ‘mental patient’? See how I. S. deals with kuffar). He asks;

    “[to a jihadist] Stop this. You cause harm to Islam and Muslims. You put children in danger in front of their poor mother. You even hit the mother of two children without any good reason. Before you came, a woman was here to complain that you forced her to wear gloves– here they are– without convincing her of their usefulness, as is prescribed by Allah and His prophet. Remember the words of Allah the Almighty: “So pardon them. Consult them in the matter. Speak with them. Once you’ve made a decision, put your trust in Allah, for He loves those who rely upon Him.” Where’s leniency? Where’s forgiveness? Where’s piety? Where’s exchange… exchange? Where is God in all this?”

    So they simply enforce rules without even bothering to explain why, as is prescribed. They snatch you from your home, no consultation, no exchange…. they slander with “crazy ones” and some are even more sophisticated with their slander (see the DSM for a list of the sophisticated slanders), and they mock God with their claim that what they are doing is “for the best”. Take these drugs because I say so, and if not we will force you. Not unlike the woman forced to wear the gloves with no explanation.

    Such a shame our governments are allowing this ‘Psychiatric State’ to grow unrestrained, and that they are failing to recognise the danger from within, whilst trying to deal with the threat in other places using the same methods, and in the end for the same purpose, absolute power.

  • “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you” — Friedrich Nietzsche.

    This possibly explains why the comments by Justice John Paul Stevens could quite easily apply to the criminals who covered up acts of torture and kidnapping for the State. The ‘advocates’ are working with the abusers and neglecting their duty via conspiracies’ to pervert the course of justice and to conceal wrongdoing by the State……..for a price.

    They “have diminished capacities to understand and process information, to communicate, to abstract from mistakes and learn from experience, to engage in logical reasoning, to control impulses, and to understand the reactions of others…

    [care to look at the letter from our Chief Psychiatrist in this regard? Time travel and the reading of minds a skill to be used by a Community Nurse in justifying their actions on statutory declarations logical? And an inability to understand why anyone might be upset about being drugged with a date rape drug without their knowledge and snatched from their bed by police because “tomato”. The burden of proof of “reasonable grounds” removed from the law to make what were crimes appear lawful?]

    “…they often act on impulse rather than pursuant to a premeditated plan, and that in group settings they are followers rather than leaders. Their deficiencies do not warrant an exemption from criminal sanctions, but they do diminish their personal culpability.”

    The plan and open threat by the State to ‘fuking destroy’ someone they knew had been subjected to human rights abuses cobbled together after the fact and in a group manner where those charged with a duty to protect turned a blind eye to further vile deeds to conceal the truth. Human rights, accountability and a rule of law mocked by those who consider themselves above the law, and for very good reason. The ‘advocates’ are working with the abusers to conceal human rights abuses for the State by neglecting their duty and conspiring to pervert the course of justice, for a price.

  • “These drugs have been on the market for decades. After all this time, can anyone point to any convincing evidence that they produce meaningful long-term benefits for children or adults?”

    Yes, I can.

    There was a doctor in my State who prescribed ADHD drugs to 2075 “patients” over a calendar year. The publication of this data obviously a problem, so the current Minister for Health has dismantled the legislation which allows the public to know about these prescribing practices. If it looks ‘dirty’, make sure the public can’t see it.

    And my “convincing evidence” for “meaningful long term benefits”? The doctor concerned Real Estate portfolio says it all. The benefits have been immense.

  • “The referrer, in this case, a mental health clinician who has undergone training as an Authorised Mental Health Practitioner (AMHP), has only to ‘suspect’ on grounds they believe to be reasonable that the person requires an examination by a psychiatrist. The reasons listed on the Form 1 are considered to be reasonable grounds at the time of referral including the potential for damage to reputation and meaningful relationships. lt is noted Boans provides justifiable explanations for what was listed. The presence of potential individual explanations regarding certain behaviours does not diminish the capacity of an AMHP to consider the broader clinical picture which may give grounds to suspect mental illness. Of importance is the observed behaviours of the patient which can represent a risk to the person or other however justifiable the reasons for behaviours may be.”

    (1) note the change of the burden of proof? No longer is the AMHP required to “suspect on reasonable grounds” that the ‘referred person’ (NOT “patient”) requires to be an “involuntary patient”. They need only ‘suspect’. The Mental Health Act s. 29 states;

    “an authorised mental health practitioner who suspects on reasonable grounds that a person should be made an involuntary patient may refer the person for examination by a psychiatrist.”

    So the Chief Psychiatrist removes the protection of the law of “reasonable grounds” and enables “suss laws” with forced drugging’s as consequences. No longer does the AMHP need to believe that the person needs to meet the Criteria set out in s. 26 of the MHA, they only need to believe the person needs a chat with a psychiatrist. And when did the Chief Psychiatrist get to rewrite the laws to remove human rights protections?

    (2) The reasons listed on the Form 1 are what is called the corrupt practice of “verballing”, and even a cursory examination of what is claimed to have been “observed” could not possibly have occurred. I had been “spiked” with benzodiazepines and the AMHP wrote in his notes that I was collapsed in my bed, how then could he possibly have “observed” me “not sleeping” for the past two days? My “thoughts of harming others” observed? He would have had to have travelled back in time three weeks to have “observed” that, and well changing my right to defend my home should I be attacked as had been suggested by my wifes nephew, into a “threat to kill” was quite an “observation” to make. I’m sure muggers consider victims who try to defend themselves to be mentally disturbed killers too.

    So these important “observed behaviours” that could not possibly have been “observed” become the basis for incarceration and forced drugging?

    And consider the words “potential individual explanations regarding certain behaviours”. I mean lets be honest, it seems a little unfair that he was aware of the fact I had been ‘spiked’ with benzos, he then asks me about drug use for police who are standing either side of me, and when I refuse to self incriminate and ask to be allowed to speak to a lawyer before answering his quesion, he writes as an “observed behaviour” “refused to answer re substance abuse”. I’d have to know what substances I was being abused with before I could answer that question surely?

    This Form 1 statutory declaration is to meet a standard of ;
    Non-compliance with form or procedure, effect of
    (1) The validity of an oath, affirmation or statutory declaration is not affected by the fact that the person taking or making it does not use the exact words required as long as the words actually used do not materially affect the substance of the exact words and are not likely to mislead.

    Not only has this Form been prepared using the corrupt practice of “verballing”, it has been proven to breach the standard as it is not only “likely to mislead” it actually MISLED the Chief Psychiatrist into making the above false statement. The grounds were not “reasonable” and the only way these offences can be overlooked is to remove “reasonable grounds” from the Act and make anything the AMHP wants to be “reasonable”. So that is precisely what the Chief Psychiatrist does in the above statement, he removes any ‘reasonableness’ from the Law.

    Logic tells me that my “potential for damage to reputation and meaningful relationships” (observed behaviour, how do you observe a potential?) requires me to be dragged off by police in front of my mother and father in law and to inform them that no I have not committed any crime, but an being taken to a locked ward of a mental institution for some ‘dribble therapy’. I’m sure they would agree as i had said I was going to leave their daughter, and that is of course surely a mental illness, or at least grounds to ‘suspect’, and thus meets the standard set out by the Chief Psychiatrist above. “need only ‘suspect'” before making referral (shame it is allowing all of these human rights abuses while he is asleep at the wheel, maybe he is being ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs too?)

    Still, he went on to have a great career torturing and kidnapping people with police, and all the people that have been harmed in the 14 months it took the Chief Psychiatrist to respond to my complaint (“sorry for the delay in responding the manager was away over the Christmas break”) in a manner which demonstrates an understanding of the Law that could be expected of a high school student, when he provides “expert legal advice to the Minister”. Citizens being ‘spiked’ and snatched from their beds on police referrals because “tomato” perfectly “reasonable” according to the person who is charged under the Act with protecting “consumers, carers and the community”?

    You write Mr Timmimi that;

    “It’s troubling when doctors use a descriptive category like depression to explain and cannot see this problem of tautological circularity. ”

    It is even more troubling when that type of reasoning is being used to conceal what ARE criminal acts. Care to take a look at this letter from our Chief Psychiatrist and see if you can unravel the ‘poison pen letter’ sent to a victim of State sanctioned torture and kidnapping? How a “referred person” under the Mental Health Act who has maintained their right to consent becomes a “patient” before the AMHP even leaves the hospital? One telephone call and your now a “patient”, it’s just a matter of having police hand you over, despite this being a crime under our Criminal Code of “procuring”. Such a shame the “expert legal” knowledge claimed by our Chief Psychiatrist doesn’t extend to AMHP lying to police and telling them they need help with a “patient”.

    And the things you can do to people once they have had their status changed. My complaint about these matters resulting in me being told I would be “fuking destroyed”, and sure enough that’s exactly what they have done to me and my family. I would have thought the Chief Psychiatrist would be interested in such matters but ……..”accepted practice” apparently. No worries ‘spiking’ “patients” and having police rough em up ready for interrogations by doctors (with police at arms length and providing the questions).

    Still, I guess my “observed behaviours” mean what I am saying could not be the truth right? My question being what does my “behaviour” have to do with the issue of these people engaging in acts of torture and kidnapping citizens? The two seem mutually exclusive to me, but by slandering me after removing the proof of the ‘spiking’ I can now be ignored and discriminated against to conceal these human rights abuses.

    Why on earth would the State wish to remove the ability to “fuking destroy” citizens who complain about public sector misconduct and human rights abuses including acts of torture, kidnapping and to use a euphemism preferred by the C.P. “unintended negative outcomes”?

    And not a soul prepared to look, and when they have they run away afraid for their families.

    “Of importance is the observed behaviours of the patient which can represent a risk to the person or other however justifiable the reasons for behaviours may be.” A bit like police and their standing on peoples necks being resisting arrest while they thrash around trying to breathe, and then when they expire they are ‘passively resisting arrest’.

  • In fact, and I quote from the letter by the Chief Psychiatrist, these types of ‘medical examinations’ are “accepted practice”.

    The Community Nurse has the power, upon receiving someone from police for an ‘assessment’ to make a referral to an authorised hospital for an examination by a psychiatrist. Nowhere in the Act does it say anything about an examination by anyone who wishes to examine the person. Now as a ‘referred person’ you retain your right to consent, and I had expressly refused.

    So if it is “accepted practice” for doctors to medically examine people here without their consent, why not Qatar? Designation and authority? He had none, and was merely tricking me into allowing him to examine me so he could write a prescription for the ‘spiking’ and conceal the acts of torture and kidnapping for police and his colleague the Community Nurse. All very serious crimes but an attitude of we are unaccountable runs right through it all, and rightly so given police will assist in the concealment of the conspiring to pervert the course of justice.

    His three minute interview where he established I lived with my wife and had a degree grounds for him giving me a “provisional diagnosis” of three serious mental illnesses and prescribing a ‘chemical restraint’ I have been told would have made me very very ill before I was even examined by the psychiatrist.

    I can’t help but wonder if these types of organised criminals are allowed to run rampant in Qatar. Torturing, kidnapping and then outcoming anyone who dares to complain. 9 years later I still get a letter from our current Minister telling me they consider this ‘treatment’ to be perfectly fine and they are sorry I am still upset about my ‘referral and assessment’ (read torture and kidnapping if the police could just find their copy of the criminal code), and I should get some ‘help’ from the people who tortured and kidnapped me and well…… lets just forget about that thing in the Emergency Dept.

  • “It is not something that I have ever heard of occurring in my life, in any context. We have made our views very clear to Qatari authorities on this matter,” Payne said.”

    Obviously the Minister for Foreign Affairs’ doesn’t have a good understanding of our Mental Health Laws. Is she aware that she could be ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs and then snatched from her bed by police and delivered to a mental institution where if she refuses to undergo a ‘medical examination’ she will be ‘chemically restrained’ with a shot of anti psychotics large enough to lay an elephant out for a week?

    No, this is not limited to “patients” but anyone on a police referral which can occur when a Community Nurse calls police and askes them to assist him with a ‘Home Visit’. That’s right, it could be YOUR home he visits. Police hand you over to him, he makes up reasons for locking you up and force drugging you until you answer the questions police want answered. In fact, they can administer drugs to you without your knowledge and have a doctor write a prescription for them 12 hours later when he finally gets to meet his new “patient”.

    “She said it had been taken up with the Qatari ambassador in Canberra and she expected to see the local authorities’ report on what happened at the airport.”

    i wonder if the Qatari government changes legal narratives with “editing” of documents and proof? I know Australia does. Person ‘spiked’ and snatched from their bed and tortured for 7 hours becomes long term mental patient who is a paranoid delusional complaining about being ‘spiked’ with a date rape drug. Amazing what you can do by swapping a few documents in the chronology of events eh? especially when lawyers will assist in ensuring the victim receives no assistance with these human rights abuses. They simply look the other way while the State outcomes them.

    “Asked whether the earlier statement on “free and informed consent” meant she was suggesting the women had been sexually assaulted, Payne said: “No, I am not suggesting that because I have not seen the detailed report of the events.””

    As I have stated in other places the issue is one of “intent and purpose” and as long as the doctor remains silent on the issue then no action can be taken. As I have also said, the ‘con’ used in our hospitals here is to deceive the person by claiming authority they do not have. You are approached by a ‘doctor’ and assume it is the psychiatrist and by not informing you of their designation and authority, any complaint can be concealed with the claim that consent was implied. You were told to get on the table and remove your clothes and you did it. Okay so you thought the police with weapons pointed at you was a threat but …. sorry, you thought wrong. We call that ‘coercion’, and rightly so, it does not constitute torture minus an assault (like ‘spiking’ someone) Certainly how it works in Australia.

    In my instance I was informed that the ‘doctor’ was NOT a psychiatrist, and only a Senior Medical Officer, hence my statement that “you do not have my consent to conduct this examination, and if you do it will constitute an assault”. Still, with thugs available to him, what choice did I have but to remove my clothes and allow him to insert objects into me?

    I even wrote back to the Chief Psychiatrist and explained that the reason the SMO didn’t explain his “designation and authority” to me was because he didn’t actually have any, and that as a referred person I had every right to refuse my consent. The documents of the ‘medical examination’ proof that the assault occurred. ‘Fuk off nutjob [I wonder how that’s written in Arabic? Perhaps the Minister can tell me when the Qatari ‘local authorities’ respond to her lol], you got no lawyer’ basically the response. Human rights when the State can ensure you get no legal representation, and the authority charged with your protection simply neglects their duty?

  • I’d agree Gene, but to say such a thing in Australia might result in you being put into prison. It is a criminal offence to suggest any interference with the electoral process and people HAVE been put into prison for publishing articles showing to how to render your compulsory vote “null and void” (ie ensure it doesn’t end up being a vote for one of the two majors by default).

    A ‘donkey vote’ (having your name checked off to avoid being fined and then depositing the blank form into the Ballot Box) is effectively a vote for the party currently in power.

    They really want to look like they were voted into power by popular vote. And if people start making it look like we don’t want one of the majors then ….. they are going to look like Augusto Pinochet rather than Nelson Mandela.

    Of course no problem if you own a lot of media and you engage in a process of manipulating the outcomes of elections for ‘foreign investors’. Mates rates and all that.

  • “The Australian government has said it is “deeply concerned” at the “offensive, grossly inappropriate treatment” of female passengers on a Qatar Airways flight to Sydney, who were ordered to disembark the plane in Doha and were subjected to a strip search and a medical examination”

    Implied consent? They did as they were told, so it would be fair to assume consent.

    And yet they have no concerns about me being ‘spiked’, snatched out of my bed by police and delivered to a hospital where I was subjected to a strip search and medical examination without my consent (in fact I ensured I told the doctor who was pretending to be a psychiatrist he was breaking the law [okay breaching my human rights]).

    “human rights breaches of two of the articles” I hear being shouted on the radio, “a grossly, grossly disturbing, offensive, concerning set of events”, which had been reported to the Australian federal police. At least they haven’t tried to unintentionally negatively outcome them for complaining, as is done when you complain about being tortured and kidnapped in my State.

    Now I know the doctor who forced me to remove my clothes under threat of restraint, and then inserted objects into me was not allowed to do so. The fact he was shaking when he did it kind of proves it. I had both my mental AND legal capacity at that point, and only had the status of a “referred person”. So Australia complains about conduct they ignore when it is done here.

    Not for a moment am I condoning the conduct, I know how they feel having a doctor force you to do something you do not wish to do such as take your clothes’ off when he knows you have been ‘spiked’ with a date rape drug, and you don’t. But lets be honest about the way this matter was dealt with by my government, they have openly threatened to ‘fuking destroy’ me for complaining. And NOW this is gross and offensive? Ignored the facts in preference for the false legal narrative set out in “edited” documents?

    They should hardly be surprised when the Qatari govt simply ignores them. It’s the first step in how they resolve any complaints regarding human rights abuses, ensure there is no avenue for remedy. Conceal the proof of the violations, and then dispose of the victim via an unintended negative outcome? Oh, you mean these people will get access to legal representation? Wow, what a unique concept for a State that denies any right to representation when it is their own human rights violations. Even my OWN government refusing to provide me any assistance.

    According to our Chief Psychiatrist they need only “suspect” that these women required an examination (no need for the “reasonable grounds” standard to be met) and they could then use any amount of force to conduct that examination, even ‘spike’ them if required. Care to see his letter? In which case, drop the complaint.

  • Completely different situation where I live. They issue fines to people who have NOT voted, usually a small amount. And then when that fine, which may be delivered to an address where the person no longer lives remains unpaid, it turns into a fine of thousands of dollars, which can result in the person being put in prison. Of course it is never said that they are being put in prison for not voting, but for not paying their fines. And this of course effects people who have ‘mental health issues’ much more than others in the community.

    I actually tried to have my name taken OFF the electoral role. My argument being that I would not vote for a government that would turn a blind eye to people being tortured and kidnapped, and then unintended negatively outcomed for complaining in places they wrongly call ‘hospitals’.

    It creates a false impression when people are forced into voting for two parties that both want the same thing, more repressive laws, and more corrupt police to enforce those laws. It looks like we got the government we voted for, when in reality we got the best choice out of two bad choices.

    I’ll vote when there is a party that will uphold our rights to protections from being snatched from our beds and interrogated by police after being ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs, and then “edits” the documents to enable the ‘fuking destrution’ of the person who complains. The laws that they are writing are being ignored by the authorities charged with enforcing them anyway (our Chief Psychiatrist has rewritten the Mental Health Act to enable arbitrary detentions and torture, care to see the letter?). So it seems that these ‘elected representatives’ are there for show anyway, and the State will do whatever it wants despite laws that are designed to protect the community.

    I’ll vote when the issues they intend passing laws about are discussed before an election, and not presented after they have won power and then pass laws that have never been openly discussed by the community. We were told that 90% of the public wants Euthanasia Laws after our election (zero proof of this well published statement, along with the media told to not draw attention to the similarities of the laws to those passed by National Socialists in Germany). Not a word about it before the election, I assume because the game is to tell people what they want to hear until you get the job, and then do whatever you want after.

    I envy you people having a democratic process and a rule of law where these issues are discussed without someone being dragged off to a mental institution for ‘treatment’, or slandered by a government Minister for speaking a truth they don’t like. Allegations of documented torture by police are justification for ‘treatment’ at a mental health facility? And these people are pointing the finger at China for arbitrary detentions? Hang on to it, because you really have no idea what it is like without it.

    Our smoke and mirrors act regarding human rights abuses will no doubt be exposed at some point in time. There are reasons that so many people are making complaints despite the fact they have some serious methods of silencing victims of their abuses here. Imagine an Operations Manager being able to use her position as a representative of the State to push people to suicide, and then use those deaths as a means to ask for more funding? I wonder how many people she ‘fuking destroys’ in a week when they may complain about their ‘treatment (which includes ‘spikings’ with date rape drugs, and lying to police about “patients”)? And then goes for lunch with the Clinical Director on the taxpayers dollar while they “edit” the documents.

    What good is a right to vote in a Police State? Ice cream in Hell lol

  • I can’t help but wonder if the attempt by our current government to provide our elected representatives from immunity from prosecution is as a direct result of being made aware of the crimes being committed under the guise of psychiatry.

    Consider the effect of being forced into reporting to the ‘watchdog’ authority, and receiving a report back about the levels of criminal misconduct in the ‘industry’? A failure to act on such information would, under our laws, mean that they would now be complicit in the offences by compounding or concealing them, and failing to perform their duty. Hence the need for an Attorney General to make complaints regarding acts of torture a question of the sanity of the victim, rather than a question of law.

    This may mean that they need to conceal any criminality they are aware of until they can ensure there is no judicial oversight of their role, and that the failure to act on crimes which have been concealed as ‘medicine’ using the Mental Health Act can continue to be concealed from the public. This would allow police to continue to deny access to the courts for crimes by passing criminal matters over to the civil arena and ensure that no action over these matters is ever allowed to see the light of day in the courts. They continue to discriminate (against the ‘disabled’ which is what psychiatry actually does, disable citizens) using the fact they don’t have a copy of the criminal code in the police station, thus making what they know to be crimes to be passed over to the civil lawyers, and then threaten them into inaction and the “editing” of documented crimes. Thus these human rights abuses could then be used to conceal human rights abuses, which is effectively what is being done here.

    Something the National Socialists thought would work too. By placing the Office of Jewish Affairs under the secrecy of the Gestapo, any actions they then took became lawful only because of the fact that they could conceal any criminality from the public? They effectively become unaccountable.

    Similarly any acts of State sanctioned torture (etc) is to be reported to our ‘watchdog’, but could be concealed by that body after they made report to our Parliament. The ball is then in their court as to whether they maintain the silence over the matters (which could be considered criminal, hence the need for immunity ie place themselves outside the law) or hold these people who they rely on to maintain power to account for their crimes.

    No more unintended negative outcomes that require civil non action if they are required to act on the ‘accidents’ that are being enabled in our Emergency Depts. Hence the current need to “edit” documents showing criminal acts requested under FOI. Who is authorising these “editing’s”? (if your with me, check the fact that the only person who could actually do this without being held to account is the Minister due to them not being held to scrutiny under the Ombudsman Act. The Operations Manager is a criminal, but if the Minister checks her ‘work’ and is prepared to sign off on it, then they are good to go unless it ends up in the Federal arena, ie Family Court etc)

    This would of course require an ‘agreement’ on both sides of the House so that they could never be held to account under law. Lest one side use the MHA for purposes of, for example, the forced sterilization of children without parental consent, and when the other side take the reigns they bring these crimes to the attention of the public.

    Thus they need both immunity AND an agreement from the opposition to maintain silence.

  • “The so-called lack of capacity is itself used to deny legal capacity, specifically when a person refuses treatment or there is a perception of danger to self or to others (Bartlett, 2003;Glover-Thomas, 2011;McSherry and Wilson, 2011). It is also worth noting that mental and legal capacity are notions often muddled in many professionals’ minds.”

    This quote from one of the articles linked to above seems to explain some of what I am saying.

    The claim that my ‘mental capacity’ was insufficient (ie I disagreed with my wife and thus lack mental capacity [which seems strange, she is the one with the milk crate full of psychiatric drugs]) means that any legal right to bodily integrity or right to liberty no longer exists. So at that point I can be ‘spiked’ with benzos and subjected to hours of torture and kidnapped because I no longer maintain my legal capacity (ie police can’t find their copy of the Criminal Code and these serious criminal offences are now considered ‘civil matters’ because a psychologists name is in the mix somewhere) Not that I was a “patient” or anything, we didn’t even know if my ‘mental capacity’ was actually affected. I was simply transported (kidnapped) to find out if it was (ie asssessment by a psychiatrist finds no mental illness) and …… phew, it wasn’t. Shame my life had to be ‘fuking destroyed’ for that though.

    So my legal capacity has not actually been removed, these were of course crimes, and my mental capacity was deemed fine and dandy once they tortured and kidnapped me. Unfortunately police find their involvement by providing the Community Nurse with a referral a little embarrassing because of their interrogation of me whilst I was stupefied without my knowledge with a date rape drug and so………they find it much more convenient to work with the criminals (we can call them public officers if you will but their actions are those of criminals) ad openly discriminate against me whilst I am murdered in an Emergency Dept.

    Even more fortunate are the levels of threats and intimidation that witnesses and the victim can be subjected to (despite this being refoulment under the Convention).

    The actions of police in these matters is possibly more disgusting than anything done by mental health services, the equivalent of the cop who handed back a victim to Jeffrey Dahmer, or the way that Jamal Kashoggi received his ‘paperwork’ at the Saudi Consulate in Turkey. But where do you turn when you have been tortured by police and mental health services? Not the Attorney General, he hands you back to the torturers and suggests your a nutjob. Not the Human Rights Commission, the discrimination by police denying you your rights nowhere near as important than ensuring that a gay person can have a wedding cake baked by a discriminatory baker. Sorry, they’re way too busy to worry about citizens (especially disabled ones) being killed in hospitals for convenience.

    The documents I have show I had both my mental and legal capacity, neither ever removed from me. These criminals set me up to create the appearance I had no legal capacity, and then tried to have my mental capacity removed. When I pointed out that I actually had a legal right to not be treated in this manner, they doubled down and began a process of ‘fuking destroying’ me using the fraud and slander of mental health services, DESPITE being fully aware that what they were doing was criminal.

    I wonder how many others have been murdered in this manner. I do hope someone had the ability to recognise that what I am saying could be true, despite the slander I have been subjected to. The two are not necessarily related, and my mental capacity has certainly been affected by being subjected to years of psychological torture (commonly referred to as gaslighting) by State sanctioned actors.

  • “During the past two years they kept repeating a new one ‘there’s no stigma in having a mental illness’. Good luck getting that one through to the keeper.”

    How delusional do people have to be to think that if they say something then it’s true? Oh wait, were talking about psychiatry not cricket lol These are people who have manufactured a reality for the public that is resulting in significant damage to the health of a large number of people. The similarity to the “Torches of Freedom” campaign by Eddie Bernays is striking (pun intended lol).

    Old Iron Gloves Marsh would have been out of a job if he were waiting for that one to come through.

    Yes the tattoos have been replaced with modern technology. I think people would be shocked if they knew how much their privacy is actually being violated, and they will be slandered with labels if they even speak about it. The Surveillance Devices Act got more holes than TPC Malaysia lol

  • There is something about this article which just doesn’t sit right with me. I’ll do my best to explain why, and hopefully someone can explain what it is I am not seeing.

    The article speaks about “persons with disabilities” (PwDs) but then takes it as given that these PwDs are engaged in a doctor/patient relationship.

    I can be a PwD but NOT be a “patient”? Surely just because I am in a wheelchair does not mean I am engaged in a doctor/patient relationship? I can be blind but not require the services of a doctor?

    So here lies my problem. I get it that if I were a PwD in a wheelchair AND in a doctor/patient relationship that the doctor could take me to a cliff face and wheel me off and call it ‘medical care’ or ‘help’, and that my recourse in the law would be civil action (because of the doctor/patient relationship the matter is NOT a criminal one. See above). He could defend his actions by claiming that just because I can’t walk, maybe if they throw me at the ground and I miss, I can fly. Fairly recognizable logic for anyone who has been exposed to psychiatric services.

    But what about the situation where I am wheeling myself down the street and a doctor notices my ‘disability’ and takes me to a cliff face and wheels me off? I AM a PwD, but I had not entered a relationship with this doctor other than to be unfortunate enough to pass him/her in the street, and therefore the matter is a criminal one where there has been an assault on my person.

    Of course in my State the police recognising that you are in a wheelchair would also know that this means they can not find their copy of the Criminal Code, and that they will give doctor time to go and tamper with the paperwork and make you into a “patient” so that the matter becomes a civil one.

    This discrimination by police allowing doctors the ability to unintentionally negatively outcome people in the Emergency Dept before anyone notices that the matters were criminal and NOT civil.

    This was of course the problem faced by the people who tortured and kidnapped me, I was NOT a “patient” by definition of the Mental Health Act, and therefore the means used to get me the ‘help’ I didn’t require, for an illness I didn’t have were criminal matters. Police by retrieving the proof of the crimes and allowing them time to make some ‘alternative arrangements’ and “edit” the legal narrative to suit made the matters become ‘civil matters’. Murdering someone on the street a crime, doing it in the Emergency Dept it becomes something police find that it “might be best they don’t know about” and is a ‘civil matter’.

    So basically, and I ask this in all sincerity, the situation is one where PwDs can be slaughtered despite not being in the care of a doctor/patient relationship and police will look the other way because these are ‘civil matters’? Or at least as I have explained on numerous occasions the documents can be “edited” to take the matters outside the criminal realm and made into ‘civil matters’ post hoc? (care to see the “edited” documents and the ‘legal protection’ being afforded by our Chief Psychiatrist? Contact me).

    I guess my point relates to the fact that I may have been considered a PwD but was NOT a “patient”. Does this mean that any member of the community can then engage in what ARE criminal acts against me, and police will deny me my rights as a citizen (Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities requires states parties to ensure that persons with disabilities “enjoy legal capacity on an equal basis with others in all aspects of life”. For example not being ‘spiked’ with benzos and tortured for refusing to speak to a psychologist or murdered in a hospital and calling it an unintended negative outcome because they won’t get a lawyer to bring civil action against a doctor, and police will look the other way, nay in fact will assist by delivering the person for the ‘treatment’).

    This makes the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist look like the Office of Jewish Affairs under Adolf Eichmann. Surely we haven’t regressed to that state yet? Perhaps some clever person here would care to go through the complaint lodged with the Chief Psychiatrist and his response? Because to me if the person who is charged with protecting our human rights doesn’t know what the protections are, there is a serious problem. Protecting psychologists who are arranging ‘spikings’ and kidnappings by allowing the “editing” of legal narratives seems a little …….. discriminatory and arbitrary.

    And do keep in mind that it is difficult to bring civil action (lower burden of proof, but not a chance you will find any assistance) for a ‘mistake’ under the Assisted Dying Act, especially when your outcomed, and the documents can be “edited” post hoc. Not a lawyer in town would provide any assistance bringing action against a doctor. They would be ‘fuking destroyed’.

    And I also note that with mental health services the drugs actually cause the disability. Imagine, I can show you how to disable someone before they even get the chance to be assessed by a psychiatrist (see the use of a ‘chemical restraint’ by an Authorised Mental Health Practitioner in a police station to ‘coerce’), and then once in their ‘care’ well….. the sky really is the limit.

  • Their tactics are known about, and are precisely what I was subjected to as well. “We’ll fuking destroy you” I was told by the operations Manager who did a ‘formal investigation” of my complaint about being kidnapped (I was unaware for 6 weeks aftet the kidnapping that I had been ‘spiked’ as well, so that part of my complaint had not been fully formulated at that time). Interesting that an FOI application identified 1 document relating to the investigation, and they must inform you of any other documents that exist even if they do not provide them to you. It was as a result of this ‘formal investigation’ that they knew which documents needed to be retrieved before sending the fraudulent set to the Mental Health Law Center. And well, I won’t even begin to talk about what happened in the ED, even police are of the opinion that “it might be best we don’t know about that”.

    Not that anyone is providing any protection or help for those who dare even mention there might be something amiss at these places. I wonder how many victims of church abusers were dealt with by this guy who was acting as Senior Medical Officer, because he was well positioned to target anyone who dared talk about his ‘colleagues’ misbehavior towards children. Ensuring they were labelled and drugged to conceal any inconvenient truth would be an ideal way of ensuring they were silenced. Like who is going to look anyway. Collateral damage.

    Still, he has an Order of Australia medal and is in good company with the likes of Rolf Harris (the octopus) and I wonder about other ‘clubs’ he may be involved with.

  • Now keep in mind this is the same Senior Medical Officer who has written a prescription for the date rape drugs he knew I had been ‘spiked’ with hours before he even met me. His concealment of criminal conduct by doing this fairly obvious (how aware of the method used to kidnap me is unclear). This and his three minute interview which resulted in me obtaining a ‘provisional diagnosis’ of three major metal illness’ (later found to have been cured once the real psychiatrist examined me properly). He was clearly aware I was not a “patient” as he needed to obtain a file from “archives” before demonstrating his confusion in his notes.

    This is not looking good.

    Luckily he spends most of his time in the Adolescent Unit so at least he prefers his drugged with date rape clients younger than me.

    And really fortunate that no one seems to care about his conduct, or is it that his ability to dispose of any formal complaints made about his conduct is ensuring that he gets to do whatever he likes, and the Operations Manager will ‘fuking destroy’ anyone who dares even raise the issue?

    Thanks for your help guys. You keep right on slandering me. It saves you having to look and see what the Operations Manager saw before destroying my family using her position as a representative of the State. “go along to get along” huh?

  • “After reading up on the Act when I left hospital I saw that several provisions in the law are routinely circumvented by staff and It’s done with impunity”

    I know I saw a number of ways used to get around the problem of patients rights. Having the nurse call whoever the doctor couldn’t approach and then putting the call through to them meant that the direction of the call made what would be considered unethical appear fine.

    One of the greatest exploits used is to not inform people of certain things and then use that as a justification for any actions taken. For example the doctor who assaulted me didn’t inform me that he wasn’t a psychiatrist and therefore had no right to be forcing me to remove my clothes and then insert objects into my mouth or anus without consent (I was after all a ‘referred person’ and not a ‘patient’ and still had my right to consent [though not my right to liberty] until that may be removed by a psychiatrist). By not informing me of his role and designated authority he could claim that he had ‘implied consent’ as I had gone along with his request when he asked me to go to a little room with him while he assaulted me. The problem was that I had been informed by a “patient” that this man was NOT a psychiatrist (he is however a priest) but simply a Senior Medical Officer. Thus I stated clearly to him that he did not have any right to be touching me and that any such conduct would constitute an assault. He started shaking, and then under threat of restraint he continued with the examination. The documents prove the assault [my complaint form that was thrown into the bin my proof I refused to consent along with the witnessing nurses notes], though there is the issue of intent and purpose regarding the sexual nature of it, ie the insertion of objects into my person when I had expressly denied that right. So the sexual assault proving he is a rapist difficult, the physical assault easy. (awww that’s right police can’t find their copy of the Criminal Code so…… I guess he gets away with it too)

    It’s an exploit that is used all the time, and of course your at a distinct disadvantage when they have people who will stomp on your head to have you ‘comply’ with their desires. Get your gear off, I’d like to have a little touch.

    I guess like other institutions where abuses run rampant for many years with no one ever really being held to account, these places attract abusers like a magnet. They tend to shuffle them around here rather than dealing directly with the issue. Staff, even poor ones, difficult to come by I suppose. Mental patient molestation sabbaticals and a Minister who says “you can’t listen to them, they’re mental patients” lol

  • Hi again Bill

    “Nobody has any rights within psychiatry whatsoever.”

    This is of course not such a bad thing. I get it that you and I might feel bad about it from our perspective but … consider that it really is a means to stop any whistleblowers from speaking up against our Great Leaders who provide us with protection from the bogey man waiting to kill us at every turn. Imagine what would happen if people were allowed to leave the police and tell us what sort of activities are being concealed from the public? Better they are ‘treated’ before speaking up, and we can ensure that their delusional beliefs are silenced at every turn. Also very important this is done to ensure that it is seen by others to ensure they get the message.

    I just read over a couple of articles relating to the ‘mental health’ of police after a number of self inflicted gun shot wounds, and notice the lack of the use of any reference to ‘mental health’, though they do seem to use the term ‘services’ a lot. I note when they stomp on “patients” heads and run them down with cars to get them the ‘services’ they need there is always mention of the ‘mental illness’ of the “patient”.

    From the Union

    “We are satisfied that the services are available for members out there when they require them, but what we want to do is encourage members and their colleagues, if they see any signs, if they think that there is a problem or they do need help, to actually put up their hand and ask for that assistance”

    See “signs” of what? Mental ill health? And of course police are ideally positioned to see what happens to people who “access services” lol It’d be like saying “Can I spend my long service leave in a SuperMax? The food looks delicious.”

    I find the way these matters are presented to be more than interesting. They can’t quite remove the stigma but do try to make it appear that the trauma suffered by these officers results in a different type of ….. need for services, where the MH and MI words are not uttered.

    “Even checks and balances mandated under the Act are summarily ignored if requested.”

    Isn’t it great to hear ScoMo talking about how Australians value a Rule of Law and then being subject to a system where the law is totally ignored? The ‘protections’ afforded the public by the law totally ignored by those charged with ensuring those protections? A Chief Psychiatrist putting in writing that he doesn’t understand a simple burden of proof in the Act, and yet he boasts that he provides “expert legal advice to the Minister”? A first year law student would know better, and would cost us significantly less. In fact the Community Nurse who tortured and kidnapped me is certainly aware of the protections afforded by the Act, because he knows how to commit serious offences to get around them. It is fortunate for him that the levels of negligence ensure his criminal conduct goes unpunished, and that the large numbers of his victims end up being ‘fuking destroyed’ should they dare complain about his misconduct. The boldness of these organised criminals really does show how far the State has regressed in their duty to protect the public from abusers. They are prepared to engage in acts to pervert the course of justice to ensure that these criminals are enabled, and now seek to be excused judicial oversight lest their complicity ion these offences results in them being imprisoned should a moral and ethical leader ever turn up.

    Covering up for criminals when it can be shown you knew of the offences obviously a worry for those doing the concealment of the crimes. So rather than do their statutory duty, they instead attempt to be derelict in their duty with plausible deniability. Unintended negative outcomes being one good example. The proverbial blind eye. This of course requires a level of trust among the co conspirators which may include senior police and other ‘pillars pf protections’. And trust is not a resource these people have a lot of, given that they are regular exploiters of the trust of others. Et tu Brute?

    “They do as they please, even using ‘treatment’ as punishment.”

    I actually completed a Complaint Form alleging serious misconduct and a breach of the Convention against the use of Torture whilst in the locked ward, when I had the status of “referred person” (note the significance of the status). I fortunately have a copy of the Complaint because the doctor who I made the complaint about ‘reviewed’ my complaint and then disposed of it in the rubbish bin. The importance of this should not escape the reader. Not only is is a serious criminal offence under the Corruption and Crime Commission Act (dispose of document that may be required by the Commission) but it is also one I would find very easy to prove. Bad news is that the respect for the Rule of Law is a little sub standard despite the claim by our Prime Minister, and our police would arrest someone for having proof they were the victims of crime, or refer them to mental health services for the ‘punishment’ you speak of. Not unlike the children returned to institutions for complaining to police about being raped, only to be locked in very small cages and repeatedly assaulted by the very rapists they complained about. Good news is the truth did eventually come out, an that is what these people are afraid of. It’s not the present that worries them, they feel secure in their abusing as a result of the protection of their colleagues via negligence. Untouchables, but not forever.

    So I ask you to keep documenting your history with ‘services’ given your ability to do so, and that you know of so many who do not. Those who are being left in agonizing pain while the nurse who set them up sits in the safety of the station smiling about the pain they have caused the ‘patient’.

    It’s not all doom and gloom, there were some “Happy Nazis”.

    Important we study the psychology of perpetrators? It would seem they beat us to it, and they find themselves once again being led astray. It was always bound to happen. Only in a great country could an unemployed house painter and draft dodger become leader lol. There is hope yet.

  • Interesting that our government is trying to remove any judicial oversight of their actions. Not surprising given the laws they are passing knowing they are human rights violations and not wanting to be held to account for the deaths and destruction somewhere down the track when they are ‘holidaying’ on their new yachts on the Mediterranean.

    Heaven forbid that their cover ups are exposed and the joint enterprise be seen for what it is. If nothing else I at least hope we learned enough from the Royal Commission into Child Abuse to recognise the need for keeping good records about our experiences, in spite of the “editing” of realities to conceal their human rights abuses, and the claims of “insufficient evidence” when they refuse to examine the proof of these crimes.

    What kind of fools do they take us for? Is there more than one kind?

    I guess they have resolved the issue of what to do when someone expresses a wish to commit suicide, pass an “assisted dying” law. Why fight the flow of the water, as Sun Tzu says. It will always settle at the lowest point, so use that power. And if they want drugs? Give them drugs, and plenty of them.

  • I was considering the way news items are presented to the public “Police stomp on Mentally Ill Mans Head” etc. Like somehow the fact that it is a mentally ill person changes the situation.

    Police Stomp on Patients Head?

    Funny how we don’t seem to hear a lot of complaining from German mental patients about their treatment. This could mean a number of things of course.

    And speaking about “there’s safety in numbers”. As Jimmy Carr once said “Tell that to the millions of people who didn’t make it out of the camps in Germany”

  • These are the people my government is ‘recruiting’, and it explains why our system is being corrupted at a rate the public is going to be shocked by. I guess they have to go somewhere when the UK government is dealing with them, and so hello sunny Australia.

    I sat considering the recruiting of an extra 800 police as a campaign strategy last night. Pictures on the tv of old people being beaten in their homes followed by our politicians telling us how they will make money available for more police. The problem being that those 800 police don’t go far when they are being used as foot servants of the politicians to provide them with ‘security’ for their paranoid delusions that everyone is out to get them, and not to provide protection for these people left to be targets of the thugs who are being dealt drugs by doctors. But it does all sound ‘reasonable’ when they put it like that huh?

    Numbers do not equal quality of service, and in fact may have the opposite effect when human rights abuses are being enabled via the negligence of those charged with protecting the public.

    800 extra police is 800 police to be used to snatch people from their beds and torture them because a doctor wants it done. And the negligence of those charged with protecting the public will ensure that is the task they will be put to.

    Good speech by Ms Reeves there streetphotobeing.

  • “We have a duty as psychiatrists not to brush over these inconvenient episodes, but to face them, understand them, and learn from them, so we never repeat those horrors.”

    This from your last article.

    Now my question relates to where in the above you mention the brutality of forced treatment. It seems you talk about ‘products’ and ‘market forces’, but where among that is the boot to the back of your head if you refuse to eat the Big Mac instead of the Whopper? Why have you ‘brushed over’ this rather inconvenient truth about the use of terrorist tactics to enforce this ideology on the community when the grooming of ‘product placements’ fails?

    Of course I don’t expect an answer, your writing your own history here. Sure people have for the most part stopped smoking these days as a result of the facts being known, and I hope the same can be said of these drugs that are doing significant damage some day too. Marlboro Man replaced by Prozac Pete as a symbol of the money made by charlatans and frauds at the expense of the health of others. Though I never saw people being gang tackled and forced to light up because they wished to maintain their health when others could profit from their addictions. No lawsuits for my passive Prozac use as a result of being around others using the ‘products’. (though perhaps the fact I can be ‘spiked’ with benzodiazepines without my knowledge before State sanctioned interrogations a means to have me consume the drugs? Especially when the State is allowing doctors to prescribe these drugs 12 hours after they were administered without knowledge to ‘patient’s they haven’t even met? Why not start forcing people into drinking alcohol too by putting into their ‘consumables’ without their knowledge?).

    Our Prime Minister describing the concealing of items in peoples food as being disgraceful and toughening up on the criminal offence, and yet then on the other hand allowing doctors the right authorise [post hoc I might add] the ‘spiking’ of citizens with date rape drugs to allow them to be subjected to acts of torture on the other? “Editing” the documents to slander the victims as being paranoid delusional having the precise effect you mention of doing psychological harm to the victims of these mental health professionals who are after all not being held to account for their criminal conduct.

    We have got to the stage in my country where citizens can be snatched from their beds by police after being ‘spiked’ and made into mental patients before anyone even leaves the hospital. My documents show my status changed from citizen to “outpatient” as a result of a telephone call, police summoned to assist in detaining a ‘mental patient’ with a knife (hence the need to drop me with the ‘spiking’ because it is difficult to plant items on someone who is conscious) and the appropriate fraud on the sworn statements manufactured to ensure anyone who looked falsely believed there were “reasonable grounds” for detention and forced drugging. So i’m with you in some sense, I can’t see the public putting up with this sort of conduct for too long. The National Socialists in Germany didn’t last too long, and they were a little better at it than the government we have, so I hope for some rapid changes once their arbitrary detentions, torture and ‘unintentional negative outcoming’ of whistleblowers is exposed. They will of course double down at first by increasing significantly the numbers of police with false claims of a need, with the intention of what use they will be put to concealed from the public. The ‘added protections’ method of putting more boots on more necks.

    Seems the duty you spoke of in part 1 got lost somewhere in translation Doc.

  • “Psychiatry failed us; it nearly killed us, and vocal ex-patients are a small minority of psychiatry’s abject failure.”

    Yes, most of the unintended negative outcomes no longer have a voice……. or a heart beat for that matter. And whilst means and opportunity may be easily identified, any copper will tell you that you’ll never establish motive (particularly when police will retrieve any documented proof of a motive. Documented torture and kidnapping? We’ll have them back thanks) unless they confess. And with that “sophisticated knowledge of the law” that isn’t going to happen. And even when it has, prosecution of someone who does confess to ending the life of a “patient” is “not in the public interest” (see the case of Dr Alida Lancee). Sad that a citizen can be made into a “patient” with “edited” documents post hoc, well it is for the “edited patient” not the doctor, and police will actively assist in the process of ensuring no action is taken. Amazing what can be done by a doctor (nay, even a Community Nurse) who calls police and requests assistance with their “patient” who just happens to have collapsed as a result of being ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs, and had a knife planted on them for police to find. Set Ups being authorised by the Minister in the name of getting citizens the ‘help’ they don’t need for ‘illnesses’ they don’t have. And we have allowed these people to pass legislation allowing them to administer lethal injections? Combine that with the ability to “edit” documents post hoc (Just a not, “editing” legal narrative to conceal crimes is not really by definition “editing” but these are people who prefer euphemisms such as unintended negative outcomes rather than they killed the person by snapping their neck during a ‘restraint’.)

  • And in a country with arbitrary detentions it could all start again at any time. Might be safer in China, at least they have to watch what they’re doing in regard human rights abuses, not a soul prepared to stand up and say anything regarding abuses in this country. They’d end up being unintentionally negatively outcomed.

    I laughed when I heard that 2 journalists had left China fearing that they could be arbitrarily detained for their political beliefs. Take a look at what was done to me for mine. No not my preference for a political party but my beliefs about Electric Shock Therapy being ‘medicine’. These journalists realise they could be ‘medicated’ without their knowledge and then have items ‘planted’ on them to obtain a police referral and render moot the protections against the use of torture? If not they should come and speak …. oh wait, they have families that can be threatened by police, should they dare to speak the truth regarding the uses the Mental Health Act is being put to by the State.

    You will answerer the question, maybe not for police, but they have given you to us, and your refusal will require an injection of the burning flesh until you do answer their questions, and they can stand and wait until you do. All done in the station before delivery to the ‘clean up service’ where they authorise the ‘spikings’ post hoc and distribute the fraudulent documents. No need for a psychiatrist, you have demonstrated a need for a ‘chemical restraint’ by your aggressive looks, and your thoughts of harming others which we noticed when we read your mind. And of course what choice does this leave a psychiatrist when he/she does finally get to ‘assess’ you? Your illness should be obvious to them by this point after you have been subjected to hours of torture at the hands of the preparation team.

    You didn’t realise you were a “patient”? That’s fine, we just said that to get police to attack you and ‘soften you up’ for the interrogation. And well, we can’t have anyone noticing that you weren’t so here’s a set of documents we “edited” to make it look like you have been a “patient” for ten years, try getting any help from your former friends now traumatised mental patient? What friends? Here, let us just wipe a bit more of the stink of mental health services to you before they call us and we explain your ‘issues’.

    It was all a terrible accident, after an accident, after an accident, after an accident, …… and well, the public is aware of how incompetent mental health services are. They simply need more money and they promise the ‘accidents’ will stop.

  • “How do these people who have no conscience and act so dark and sinister manage to work in health care.”

    By taking copious amounts of drugs? Drinking themselves into a stupor each night (which was patently apparent with the Community Nurse who tortured and kidnapped me. They had to ‘spike’ me, his was self inflicted).

    Or maybe like this guy who liked to ‘assist’ in putting people into prison wrongly and no one noticed for 27 years that he wasn’t even qualified for the job, spend a bit of time with Ms Lash to punish you for your wrongdoing? Good to see he finally did the right thing and married her. And was she cheaper than a psychiatrist I wonder?

  • “Sadly, I had rescinded my authorization for doctors to share medical information with my family,”

    Boans sits and ponders living in a place where such rights are respected. My medical records were “edited” and then distributed without my consent and as a means to slander someone they knew had been subjected to an act of torture and kidnapped. The ‘weapons’ available to these people to conceal their misconduct are quite possibly an explanation for the large number of suicides their ‘services’ are correlated with.

    “Since when do someone’s side effects invalidate his or her human rights?”

    Since the moment you enter into a doctor patient relationship, and provided ‘implied consent’? (you asked for ‘help’, sorry if your of the opinion this isn’t helpful. Your opinion simply doesn’t count) You just lost your right to consent and are unlikely to notice until you use the word “no”. Then your about to get a lesson in the psychological trauma of ‘coercion’ (drugged without your knowledge [with date rape drugs] and threatened with weapons until you say yes). Of course it’s not torture because of the “inherent in or incidental to lawful sanction” loophole in the Convention against the use of Torture. As a “patient” what would be considered torture becomes an act of kindness to you. Not unlike cutting your chest open to do an operation on your heart, but without the lawful need for consent because the patient is unconscious. To a psychiatrist we are all non compus mentis with our eyes open.

    Now consider the effect this could have if you had the ability to make a citizen into a “patient” AFTER you have subjected them to acts of torture? It conceals the torture and allows you to slander the victims as anosognosic ‘mental patients’. And we all know from the Minister that no matter how much they complain, “you can’t listen to them, they’re mental patients”.

    So in my State when the police use torture, they simply ‘flag’ anyone who complains for immediate referral to mental health services for ‘refoulment’ with an unintended negative outcome. We provide services to people from other countries who have been traumatised by acts of torture, and provide a label and copious amounts of drugs to anyone we subject to acts of torture and call them “patients” to conceal our human rights abuses. It creates the appearance that ‘they’ torture and ‘we’ don’t. Well we do, but under normal circumstances the victims don’t ever get the chance to be heard. In many cases they can be Stockholmed and will assist in their destruction by taking the drugs willingly.

    Consider your use of the term “side effect” for example. It’s a verbal trap. Your assuming something to be using that term, that the unwanted effect was not doctors intention. How would you prove it if a doctor was injecting you with a cocktail that was intended to make your skin feel like it was burning and they claimed it was a side effect? And you had no choice but to take the drugs? And he/she simply smiled at you when you suggested to them that they were deliberately harming you? Police don’t even bother asking because they know they would need a confession that the intent was to harm, which they would not obtain. In fact your complaint would be considered grounds for referral to mental health services for ‘treatment’ And I met one young man who resorted to putting a pistol in his mouth and pulling the trigger, taking a big piece of his face in the process, just to have the forced drugging stopped.

    Things haven’t been this good since the Inquisition lol Even Mengele had a burden of proof placed on him by the National Socialists (hence the need for “editing” the documents with a match when someone from outside wanted to look). In my State they simply “edit” the documents after the fact and make the complainant a “patient” requiring ‘treatment’. Cover ups provide the State with the ability to violate human rights and turn away anyone who dares question their authority.

    You have the right to remain silent, but quite possibly not he ability to when being subjected to ‘treatment’ for exercising that right. The ‘side effects’ will stop when you answer the questions, maybe.

  • The “edited” documents provided to the Mental Health Law Centre make the protections really easy to understand. I mean the hospital wasn’t exactly going to provide the unredacted documents showing that I had been tortured and kidnapped to people who have a good understanding of mental health law. Even if it meant calling an act of criminal fraud “editing”.

    A ‘citizen’ ‘spiked’ with benzos is jumped by police in his bed as a result of a Community Nurse lying to them and falsely claiming he requires assistance with his “patient”. Police conveniently find the knife and cannabis that has been ‘planted’ for them to find and make it lawful to take the ‘citizen’ into custody and then make immediate referral to the waiting Community Nurse. Kind of clever really because the Community Nurse couldn’t just turn up at my home and start interrogating me because he wanted to, he would need a reason. And the Stooge Police provided him with that reason.

    Though the documents that my legal representatives had a right to view were of course not provided. Instead they got a set showing a “patient” of ten years who is obviously a paranoid delusional complaining about being drugged without his knowledge is making false claims about a highly trained and ethical Community Nurse who did his duty to the community and put this dangerous drug abusing wife beating nut job behind bars (amazing what can be achieved with a ‘verbal’ eh? A life of service to my community destroyed by some criminal who has been in the country no time at all and is setting up criminal links from his public sector position).

    So the Law Centre makes a complaint to the Chief Psychiatrist based on those fraudulent documents, and the Chief Psychiatrist responds. Though the Law Centre doesn’t have time to read the response of the Chief Psychiatrist which is really lucky because they would certainly recognise that he was negligent in his duty, and had rewritten the protections of the Act, wouldn’t they?

    I have a suspicion that the Chief Psychiatrist didn’t write that letter at all but …… it was written as a poison pen letter by my very own human rights legal representative seeking favor with the Minister. That would certainly explain why the “third pillar” unread the letter and ran away. They have been pretending to be the Chief Psychiatrist and running a fixed game to throw anyone who complains about being tortured and kidnapped under a bus.

    Lure with bait, strike with chaos.

    People go to the Law Centre thinking they will be assisted when they have been the victims of public sector misconduct. The Law Centre finds out “what they got” and then works with the State to ensure that their client is denied any right to remedy. They then hand over a letter they prepare themselves and psychologically gaslight the victims with poison. The Minister then ensures that the matter is referred to her office and ensures the fraud is not unearthed ( “I got this one C.P. A real problem when police failed to retrieve the documents I have and I start turning up in a police station with proof I was tortured and kidnapped. Knee jerk referral of victims of crimes to the criminals for ‘treatments’) And in the process they start slandering their now ex client (sorry we can’t help you, hope the knife in the back doesn’t hurt too much. Like my new BMW?) with the “edited” documents that have been provided by their co conspirators (the hospital concerned).

    Of course I’m mad and they would do no such thing right?

    Care to look at the documents just in case?

    Gee I’d be angry if I were the Chief Psychiatrist and people were sending out letters like that and putting my name to them. He might even start having “thoughts of harming others” and be a candidate for the Community Nurse to ‘spike’ him and obtain a police referral. “yeah sure your the Chief Psychiatrist, and I’m Prince Charming, now shaddup and drop your drawers, we going to give you a little medicine now”. Your the one that said it was fine lol

  • Okay I’ll do my best to keep it brief.

    In my State there are laws which provide protections for the public and which have been fairly well drafted. The problem being the people charged with fulfilling the role of the watchdogs simply neglect that role, and this ensures that abuses can run rampant and the systemic failures can be used as a call for more funds to fix what they are breaking.

    Our Chief Psychiatrist who provides “expert legal advice to the Minister” and who is charged with the “protection of consumers, carers and the community” doesn’t even know what a burden of proof in law is (“suspect on reasonable grounds”). My question to the Minister was, how could he possibly be protecting “consumers, carers and the community” when he isn’t even aware of what the protections of the law are?

    So I wrote to one of the other “pillars of protection” (there are 3. Council of Official Visitors) and provided his letter to them, along with an explanation of why he was enabling arbitrary detention and torture, and they wrote back saying they would take the issue up with him at their weekly meeting. They then returned my letters and made the claim they had unread them and sorry your not a “patient” so we can’t provide you with any assistance. Basically we will look the other way while they kick you to death.

    Okay, so I get snatched from my bed by police and then have a mental health worker (Community Nurse) fill out a fraudulent statutory declaration and am then delivered to a locked ward, and interrogated for 7 hours and not informed I have been ‘spiked’ with benzos without my knowledge. I consider myself to have a right to complain. Not so the people who provide protections against this sort of thing say, they tell me they will “fucking destroy” me for complaining, and believe me, that they did, with the full assistance of the people who are supposed to be protecting me and my family.

    So what would having rules/laws by Federal authorities change about this situation? Just another layer of negligence to ensure that the victims of these people are fuking destroyed? I felt ‘protected’ by the laws we have, and when I tried to speak to the Community Nurse about his vile conduct and said I would have something done about it, he laughed. he finds it funny that someone might have something done about his torture sessions and kidnappings. And he is right to find it funny, because the ‘protections’ are a joke.

    I understand that my comments about the law must seem confusing, that has been done deliberately. I have had human rights lawyers psychologically attack me in their assisting the State to conceal their acts of torture and kidnapping. They simply deny that the law even exists and have left me trying to explain the protections of the MHA to the people who wrote it.

    Seems simple to me now.

    If a public officer “suspects on reasonable grounds” that a person should be an “involuntary patient” then they can make a referral to a psychiatrist for an examination.

    Who should be an “involuntary patient”? That is set out in s. 26 of the Act and called Criteria. If the person meets the Criteria [there are 4] then a referral can be made, if not your kidnapping that person. I did not meet the Criteria, but they refuse to examine the details of the fraudulent documents used to create the appearance that I did. Criteria 1 is that the person “must have a mental illness” (defined in the Act). I did not meet that definition, I was not a “patient” but ….. who cares, someone went to the trouble of ‘spiking’ me, and planting a knife on me for police to find, who then provide a referral to mental health services. All very …. criminal but police tell me they can’t find their copy of the Criminal Code and thus I will be arrested for having the documents proving what I am saying.

    Of course the Chief Psychiatrist has rewritten the burden to “need only ‘suspect’ on grounds he believes to be reasonable that a person requires an assessment by a psychiatrist”. These are commonly called “suss laws” and are a violation of human rights, but don’t usually involve incarceration and forced drugging as a consequence, it’s usually the area of ‘stop and search’ which only results in brain damage from the boots of police and not being ‘spiked’ with drugs.

    I’m sure that you would know someone at Harvard who knows what burden of proof in law is? You know, like a first year law student? I mean it really shouldn’t be that difficult for our Chief Psychiatrist but …. hey maybe he was just trying to psychologically harm me with his letter? How nasty would that be? Lets see if anyone dares to tell the Emperor that he has no clothes. Big fail from the psychiatric sycophants’ who tell me that my complaining about being tortured, kidnapped and having my family destroyed is an illness that I need treatment for.

    Yes, it’s complicated, criminals tend to do that when they are concealing their crimes. And claiming no time to examine the details an even better method of ensuring they continue to harm others. And I assume my claim that these people deliberately tried to psychological harm me and push me to suicide is my issue, and not theirs? Not examining my claim may be resulting in deaths, though what would be done if they DID examine my claim and realised what their negligence had resulted in? More cover ups. They spend more time concealing the truth than they do in pursuit of it.

  • “The question of how to respond when people are really out of control and not amenable to reason is a really difficult one that I do not think we have yet resolved.”

    Put them in a room with a chair each and call it Parliament? lol

    I’d consider drugging me without my knowledge and snatching me out of my bed and taking me against my will to a locked ward being out of control and unreasonable. Especially when I question the ability of a Community Nurse to travel through time and space and read minds as his “reasons” for doing so. Not so our Chief Psychiatrist tells me, logic and reasoning not required, and my “justifiable explanations” for the “observed behaviours” accepted as being “reasonable grounds”. The guy is a filthy corrupt verballer who is completing fraudulent statutory declarations, and harming a lot of people in the process.

    I wasn’t offering “justifiable explainations” I was saying that what he had written could not possibly have occurred if one used a process of logic and reasoning. For example “Not sleeping” (an “observed behaviour”) seems a little rich for someone who knew I had been ‘spiked’ with benzos, was collapsed in my bed and had police jump me with their weapons drawn, thinking what he had said about needing assistance with his “patient” was actually true. Of course I was going to become his “patient” I guess when he had police make a referral to him through his fraud and slander but ….. in the mean time just lie. Okay, a little figurative language in stead of the literal goes a long way when your defrauding the Chief Psychiatrist but …… the whole document could not possibly be defended, so ignore the complaint. They simply don’t like the protections afforded by the Mental Health Act so neglect their duty to examine the burden placed on the filthy scab verballer. mainly because it’s not their lives being destroyed.

    How does one reason with that? Our Chief Psychiatrist thinks the Community Nurse is Dr Who? Care to read his letter?

  • Great article Caroline,

    I once heard a method of dealing with debt collectors who are putting pressure on people to ‘pay up’. Simply tell them that you have a bucket with pieces of paper with the names of all the people you owe money to in it. Each week when your paid, you take names out of the bucket and pay until there is no money left. Then explain to them that if they keep harassing you, you will take their name out of the bucket, and their chances of getting paid will be reduced to zero.

    Seriously though, I have been doing it tough lately and wonder why I am being left in this place where the State is authorising arbitrary detentions, torture, unintended negative outcomes for complaining about public sector misconduct, and they tell me that it is fine that legal narratives are “edited” to ensure that human rights abuses in hospitals are concealed from the public to maintain a good reputation. I’ve no idea how many people are being subjected to these vile acts but ….. I know it is happening and that those charged with ‘protecting’ the public are neglecting their duty. (the amount of breaches of the Convention I can prove is astounding, though the tactic of simply ignoring the victim is highly effective when you have the power to threaten witnesses, and “edit” documents)

    I think about it and wish I could obtain legal representation to have my property returned as I am simply sick and tired of trying to have anyone do something about these abusers they are enabling. Like anyone was going to take action over what was occurring in the ‘camps’ in Germany. Though I then think well, it was the people with the money to bribe that got out, the poor left to suffer the consequences of the insanity. I question if it is Gods will that I be kept in this place while I am continually subjected to abuse for no other reason that trying to ensure these abusers hurt no one else. They (the State) made it very clear they would ‘fuking destroy’ me, and that included my family. Why I have stayed when the jail door has been open I really don’t think I will ever know.

    I think in the end it might be best I sell my gold teeth and use that money to leave, rather than wait for them to unintentionally negatively outcome me and take the teeth anyway. These ‘good people’ know the truth, that was how they managed to conceal it with the fraud. And I live in the hope that there is some place God has in mind for me where those who claim to be ‘health workers’ do not spend their days plotting the fuking destrution of people they have already harmed, and try to deceive others that what they are doing is ‘medicine’.

    I look at the two sets of documents I have showing very different legal narratives, and think about the boasting of our Health Minister about the ‘protections’ of his Euthanasia Act. What I can say is that when the State can go back and “edit” legal narratives to make what was criminal into a lawful act, it’s time for me to leave. Their ‘delousing’ program seems to be having some serious side effects.

    All sounds crazy, and oh how I wish it had been some illness I was suffering from. I would willingly accept their drugs if that had been the case but…… what a disgraceful bunch of people they are. I can’t even begin to think what sort of person investigates a complaint of torture and kidnapping, finds that it’s true, and then goes about psychologically destroying the victim and pushing them to suicide. I say I can’t think of the sort of person, but I met some who were ‘pleasing to the eye’, though had hearts as black as pitch.

    Thanks again Caroline. In as much as I don’t believe God wants anyone to commit suicide, I also don’t think He wants us to be silly enough to put our lives into the hands of abusers. And when they refuse to deal with the abusers within their ranks, the best thing to do is avoid them.

  • “Psychiatry has a dark history that embroiled it with some of the worst human rights atrocities, including active collusion with the eugenics movement and then the Nazis, where it was psychiatrists who first built and operated gas chambers to eliminate lives they deemed were not worth living.

    We have a duty as psychiatrists not to brush over these inconvenient episodes, but to face them, understand them, and learn from them, so we never repeat those horrors.”

    Glossing over the present a bit there Doc? Times were terrible all those years ago, and whilst nowadays things are not perfect…… I don’t think so. The history that is being created currently may not be so ‘pretty’ when we look back and the concealments and cover ups by various States are no longer a matter of political reality.

    A duty not to brush over them?

    After being ‘spiked’ with benzos, having items planted on me for police to find to obtain a police referral and make an act of torture and kidnapping appear lawful, you might be surprised how some of your colleagues react to a complaint, when the facts and documents support what I am saying.

    “Standing outside or refusing to turn in the same direction as the other cogs can cause personal suffering, criticism, and even risk your career and livelihood.”

    In fact it can result in unintended negative outcomes when these people who have become desensitized to the value of human life and do have the stomach for these negative outcomes, threaten to “fucking destroy” you for complaining. Sad that it takes someone from another medical specialty to notice the damage that occurs to the heart from a ‘hotshot’, and who doesn’t have the stomach for it.

    I have been pondering the Inquisition a lot lately, and I guess you say it much better than I do above. But I just can’t help seeing the fact that when your paid by the piece for witches, it makes good sense to lower the standards of what constitutes a witch. Providing the people of the ‘village’ a list of very loosely defined ‘symptoms’ (warts, long noses, made of wood, etc) and the ability to ‘spike’ suspects and plant items on them to have the witch hunters ‘assess’ them (and hopefully not waste their time NOT finding a witch) should work quite well. I’m sure they will notice they have lost their minds at some point (and we can count the loses at some point in the future and talk about the past for now)? The levels of ‘paranoia’ about mental health in my community plain for all to see. And as a silencing mechanism well, ask the Minister for Health who considers any opinions or facts that do not fit with his preferred reality as being worthy of ‘treatment’, and the “editing” of documents to ensure the truth is not made public. Never mind the negligence of those charged with the duty to protect “consumers, carers and the community”. You claim they are rare, care to look at a couple of letters I have here from those charged with the duty? These are not a few ‘bad apples’, the system is rotten to the core.

    The similarity between my ‘experience’ and this short video would be funny if it weren’t so true. And the complaints process isn’t that far off either. Burn the complainant, while the authorities turn a blind eye.

    So yeah, lets talk about it openly and honestly until…… well until we don’t like the truth that is told, then we will conceal the truth with falsehoods, and hope that our hypocrisy isn’t noticed until we get out of town.

    Refuse to talk to the police? No problem, we have ‘treatments’ for that, and you CAN be injected with drugs (akathisia being considered a ‘side effect’. Consider the use of “chemical restraints” as a pre assessment preparation, not unlike the nose placed on the witch in the video. And what does the psychiatrist now have to ‘assess’ other than someone naked and dribbling on the floor of a cell?) for refusing to answer a question with mental health services, and police simply stand and wait for their questions to be asked by a Community Nurse. And they claim to have respect for your Constitution, while they violate your human rights? Whatever you do though, don’t complain. You would be surprised at how many people will support the use of torture when their families are being ‘fuking destroyed’ despite the claims of a ‘few bad apples’.

  • No problems Ted,

    “All US states have Protection and Advocacy programs who could advise you, and I urge you to contact them.”

    I’m not in the US which is probably why such human rights abuses are rampant where I live. As far as ‘advocacy’ goes, the legal representatives who advocate for “patients” don’t even wish to point out to our Chief Psychiatrist (who is one of the pillars of protections) that he is not actually allowed to remove a burden of proof from our Mental Health Act without parliamentary approval.

    He has changed the wording from “suspect on reasonable grounds that a person be made an involuntary patient” to “need only ‘suspect’ that a person be referred for an examination by a psychiatrist”. This removes the s. 26 Criteria from the Act, and means anyone can be referred because “tomato”. To me these are two very different burdens, though it did mean he didn’t need to act on what he would have known was a torture and kidnapping of a citizen (thinking the documents had been retrieved by police, and that no one would know what he saw when writing his response. Not unlike police baiting to enable harsh beatings of citizens. These guys do it to “patients”).

    I assume you can see the enabling of ‘suss laws’ for incarceration and forced drugging by these changes? because our highly trained mental health human rights lawyers (Senior Counsel no less) can’t. They don’t wish to tell the Emperor he has no clothes. And of course if the person charged with the protection of “consumers, carers and the community” doesn’t know what protections are afforded the community by the law, how could he possibly enact them? Though I get the feeling it was all done because of a belief that police had retrieved the evidence/proof of the ‘spiking’ and kidnapping, and to further dehumanise a victim of State sanctioned torture. Nice guy huh? Knows I was tortured and kidnapped and tells the Law Centre to hand over his poison pen letter without reading it, leaving the victim to be psychologically harmed by the ‘gaslighting’. Likes to put the boot into victims when they are at their lowest point.

    So these ‘advocates’ in my State are not really ‘advocates’. Their attitude is that as long as they are getting paid they will accept fraudulent documents and throw their clients under a bus at a time most likely to harm them.

    “I can’t quite follow your question and the events behind it.”

    That’s understandable, they did say they would fuking destroy me for complaining about being tortured and kidnapped, and they really went to town on me so I was kind of hoping to have a legal representative speak for me but ……. not a soul prepared to stand up and take a few notes because their families would not be safe if they did. The Law Cnetre did until the asked for the unredacted documents from the hospital and were told in no i=uncertain terms to fuk off. No way they were going to be given documents showing human rights abuses, or that the hospital was going to put in writing why they couldn’t have the real set. “please accept these documents and our request that you join with us in perverting the course of justice. Have a nice day”

    So I sit here with proof of what I’m saying, and no one to assist me in ensuring that no one else gets hurt as a result of these organised criminals operating in our hospitals. It all just got a bit out of hand with them thinking the police might actually notice they arranged to use police as their own personal kidnapping service and …… embarrassment all round really, so get the documented proof back and well. …. you’d probably refer me for speaking the truth anyway. If you’d have seen the face of the lawyer who figured out what the documents meant when she said “But I thought you were mad, but you’ve got the proof” lol. Woops, and the government doesn’t know and is pretending that …… ooooh this can’t look good. You got life insurance Boans, your going to need it. And yes they already tried, and failed. And what sort of lawyer charges you thousands of dollars to tell you how expensive their time is knowing they can’t help you, because the State isn’t going to allow you access to the Courts because of the fraudulent set of documents?

    Whilst I’m not asking for your assistance as a lawyer (or for ‘legal advice’ per se) you might want to consider the last article by Jim Gottstein on MiA.

    Anyway Ted keep up the good fight, you and I share one thing in common, we both want to see the harm being done to people stopped. And whilst I have been outnumbers and hit over the head from behind before being kicked senseless, I don’t give up that easy.

    Our Premier claims that being asked a question by the media who have more information that him is an “ambush”. He should try being ‘spiked’ with benzos and having a knife planted on him before being jumped in his bed by police with weapons drawn and dragged off to a mental institution because “tomato” (medical kidnappings appear lawful and the authorities cover them up). I think his definition of an ambush is a little soft, and the unintended negative outcomes are not really unintended, they just keep their mouths shut and you can’t prove motive.

    Know how much you can get for every person you can ‘hijack’ (or is the term Shanghai) and provide forced ECTs to on the taxpayers dollar? And all you need to do is ‘flag’ them on the system and then have police pick them up and deliver them for ‘treatment’. No right to remedy, no ‘advocates’ prepared to speak up, police can’t find their copy of the Criminal Code because your no longer human and they’re just doing their job, and any complaint is your illness speaking according to the Minister, despite having the documented proof.

  • Just a point of interest.

    In my State it is illegal to record telephone conversations unless one party is aware that the conversation is being recorded.

    I was wondering if that as a result of my wife and her ‘new man’ tampering with my communications, and her being aware that the telephone was being recorded, this would then release another party from any liability if they happened to have recordings of her conversations with hospital administrators planning on the procurement of suicide? The point being that she was aware that the communications were being recorded, they had conspired to do this, just not aware of WHO it was that was recording?

    288. Procuring etc. suicide
    Any person who —
    (1) Procures another to kill himself; or
    (2) Counsels another to kill himself and thereby induces him to do so; or
    (3) Aids another in killing himself;
    is guilty of a crime, and is liable to imprisonment for life.

    Imagine the “we’ll fuking destroy you” statement in this context? Did they try and push me to suicide? You bet your life they did. Can I prove it?

    Call me paranoid but just because your paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. They were, after all trying to conceal torture and kidnapping, and had police resources available because of the fraud making me a ‘mental patient’ which is a great help when fuking destroying people.

    Given the large numbers of suicides associated with failed mental health ‘treatments’, I wonder if there may at times be cause of action regarding the negligent procurement of suicide. The Operations Manager who I dealt with has a ‘history’ of pushing people who complain in a certain direction, commonly referred to as ‘gaslighting’ which results in deaths. Of course the benefits to the hospital not necessarily noticeable given their ability to “edit” legal narratives before allowing the victims lawyers the right to access unredacted documents.

  • In fact I was just thinking about this “removed from my medical record and replaced with brief reactive psychosis”

    That is basically what my State allows the hospital to do when they come across human rights abuses, they “edit” the documents before sending them out to legal representatives. So in the first instance when the hospital examined my documents it showed a ‘citizen’ being ‘spiked’ with benzos, having the police told he was a ‘dangerous psycho’ to get them to jump him in his bed and hand him over and make it all look like police wanted the citizen locked up and force drugged.

    Then when they “edited” the documents before handing them over to my lawyers they removed those documents showing that and inserted some other ones making it look like I had been a “patient” of the hospital for 10 years, and that my complaining about being ‘spiked’ became a paranoid delusion because the documents proving the offences disappeared.

    So basically they removed all of their criminal conduct from the set of documents and replaced them with a narrative they preferred and which was no longer a breach of the Convention against the use of Torture, or the Declaration of Human Rights.

    And I didn’t even need to ask them to do that, they did it all for free, and without even telling me or my legal representatives.

    Of course I think it created a bit of a problem when those documents were needed for the Courts, because I don’t think the Federal Courts call that type of tampering with evidence “editing” but ……. what’s a little bit of criminal fraud between friend’s eh? And when the Courts are prepared to work with the people who commit such acts to pervert the course of justice there really is a problem. Though they do need to consider they have families who can have their documents “edited” too, and may find themselves being ‘spiked’ and dribbling in a cell within the hour because “tomato” [a justification for incarceration and forced drugging when the burden of proof protection is removed from the law, as was done by our Chief Psychiatrist, the person charged with protecting the community unaware of what those protections actually are]

  • Mental illness, defined
    (1) For the purposes of this Act a person has a mental illness if the person suffers from a disturbance of thought, mood, volition, perception, orientation or memory that impairs judgment or behaviour to a significant extent.

    (2) However a person does not have a mental illness by reason only of one or more of the following, that is, that the person —
    (a) holds, or refuses to hold, a particular religious, philosophical, or political belief or opinion;
    (b) is sexually promiscuous, or has a particular sexual preference;
    (c) engages in immoral or indecent conduct;
    (d) has an intellectual disability;
    (e) takes drugs or alcohol;
    (f) demonstrates anti-social behaviour.

    This requires a twisting of words to make the exclusions into the illness you want it to be. By this definition a person who sneezes has a mental illness, and thus any protections afforded by the law can be removed at any time. Possibly the reason the UN said our Mental Health Laws were a violation of human rights (arbitrary detentions something done in China, not here), and well, lets not talk about ‘treatments’ being torture. Torture is defined as something they do, what we do is medicine.

    The exclusions in a way are simply a remainder to mental health professionals of what not to attribute the made up illness to. If you don’t like a homosexual but want to lock them up and force drug them, whatever you do don’t write that down as your ‘reasons’, make something else up like oh……… “thoughts of harming others” that you observed with your ability to read minds. This poofter wants to hit me for hating poofters, that’s a mental illness. This black guy hates me for being a member of the Klan, which is my right, and not an illness because its my political belief [see exclusions]. Drug him Danno (Hawaii Five O fans will get it lol)

    And I guess when you examine the definition it disappears in a puff of smoke. It’s a rubber ruler that can be stretched to fit anyone you want it to fit, and made to not fit anyone you don’t. Legally formalised discrimination.

  • “I consider “Mental Health” to be a law unto itself”

    A brief review of the “three pillars of legal protections” (Tribunal, Chief Psychiatrist and Mental Health Advocacy Service [the later being an oxymoron]) in my State reveals this to be so. No matter what, the pea under the three shells always disappears. It’s an old con and if people keep playing the game then they only have themselves to blame, but ….. when the criminals can force you to place a bet on a fixed game???? Different matter entirely.

    Mandatory reporting of public setor misconduct may be a means to hold them accountable, but be sure you don’t ‘show your hand’ too early. They will knife each other in the back if there is a need for a scapegoat. A ‘united front’ with cover ups until…… police ask “who else has got the documents?”

    “..I have full confidence that Dr xxx has not engaged in shoplifting in the past six months..”

    lol and if they did it would be considered kleptomania and not a matter for the courts. A quick ‘sheep dip’ and business as usual.

  • “They can’t portray a two-year-old as a potential mass murderer needing to be “treated.””

    “Potential for damage to reputation and meaningful relationships” AND “potential for violence, though no clear intent or actual history” (actual quotes).

    We have done the genetic testing on the child and ………. C’mon Steve you know how these people work. Inside every child is a mass murderer, it has just been ‘undiagnosed’ lol. My advice to them is to ‘seek professional help’.

  • “Sexual abuse at places like this is very common.”

    When our Minister for Mental Health was informed of this fact in Parliament she replied, and I quote “You can’t listen to them, they’re mental patients” (to howls from the other members in opposition).

    I find myself at times trying to reconcile the money I hear being directed to the ‘problems’, and what it is we are actually receiving for that money. Maybe the Beatles were right? “Can’t buy me love”? But it can buy a lot of beatings into submission, via some very creative methods disguised as ‘medicine’.

    I guess at least these kids are receiving some ‘advocacy’, which is not available where I live. The State has provided funding for a ‘throw them under a bus service’ called the Mental Health Law Centre who listen to you until they have what they need to ensure you can have your legs taken out form under you, and then dispose of you in a back alley for a beating by the State authorities (isn’t the Venus Fly Trap an interesting plant? It lures the victims in with the hope of sustenance when it is hungry, and then feeds of it after capturing it. Not unlike these ‘legal representatives’ I dealt with who worked with the hospital based on “edited” documents provided concealing the torture and kidnapping. Assist the hospital in removing their human rights being the ‘capture’ and then use that captured individual to obtain further funding. The concealment of the serious public sector misconduct much appreciated by the Minister, and ….. nice new offices. Where is all this money coming from?) . They then join in on the slander to ensure a competent legal representative provides you with no assistance. Not a problem when the ends justify the means, and lawyers can be used as ‘informants’ to conceal acts of torture and kidnapping in the ‘public interest’.

    Good work Ted, and thanks for keeping it real. There are still people being harmed unnecessarily while we talk.

    After becoming involved with mental health services for two months a 13 year old girl

    “stopped at the curb and she turned around to look at us [mother], and she smiled, and she leapt in front of a car, and she hasn’t woken up since,” She has since passed away.

    Any guesses as to what the behaviour was attributed to? A clue. Nothing to do with the ‘treatment’. And our Chef Psychiatrist who doesn’t recognise a burden of proof is to ‘investigate’. Care to see the letter of response regarding my “edited” legal narrative, what he had access to, and what he thought others had access to [two very different stories in the “edited” and the real set of documents]? Of course a need to change tack once they realised police hadn’t retrieved the documents I had showing the ‘spiking’ and use of police to detain a ‘mental patient’ who wasn’t actually a mental patient (s. 336 of the Criminal Code makes it an offense to procure the apprehension or detention of a person not suffering from a mental illness, ie lie to the police. Shame police haven’t got a copy of the Criminal Code)

  • Hi Nihil, you write;

    “The psychiatrist and cpn were said to be reliable witnesses, who had both gone out of their way to lie to secure the cto, even completely fabricating a delusion which I apparantly held, that I heard nothing about until the tribunal.”

    Another victim of a ‘verballer’ eh?

    “Verballing is the false attribution of a confession or admission to a suspect. On the evidence before the Royal Commission, the practice of verballing ranged in degree between the fabrication of an entire record of interview or statement, in which a full confession is made, to a subtle change of words to cast greater suspicion on a suspect. Ultimately, if the verbal were contested in court, the police officer involved might commit perjury in support of the false statement.”

    “It was explained to the Royal Commission that an officer might verbal a suspect whom he believed was guilty in order to secure a conviction and that, on other occasions, an officer might verbal a suspect in order to disguise a breach of policing procedures or a failure to take adequate notes of a conversation.”

    “The practice of verballing has some serious implications for the administration of justice. An accused may be convicted wholly or in part on the basis of fabricated evidence, bypassing the checks and balances of the law designed to ensure that each accused has a fair trial.”

    It’s a disgusting practice and the people who engage in it are a danger to themselves and others. It is unfortunately considered to be “noble corruption” by those in authority and is provided support by ensuring that the victims do not get access to legal representation, or if they do that it is compromised. Or in my instance via the negligence of the Chief Psychiatrist who pretends to be asleep at the wheel , and fails to recognise the protection of the laws he has been charged with administering.

    The above quotes (from Vol. 1 Part 1 of the Kennedy Royal Commission) deals with the practice in policing. If they were ever to take a look at the use of the practice in mental health, AND God forbid see the consequences of the corruption (ie brain damage) there would be an outcry. Fortunately for some there is no avenue for this to occur, and if you complain about being verballed you are accused of trying to offer “justifiable explanations” (letter of response by the Chief Psychiatrist detailing why the events listed as being “observed matter” would require the ability to time travel and read minds. Copies available on request) for behaviours which could not possibly have been “observed” or which actually occurred (i’m sure from your description you know what I am saying)

    It’s a shame that the authorities charged with the “protection of consumers, carers and the community” allow this practice to occur with their negligence, because there is a significant amount of damage occurring as a result. No one in my community trusts these filthy verballing bastards as a result, and they thus need to be a little more ‘aggressive’ with their interrogation techniques (eg they torture people where I live by having police ‘rough em up a bit’ before interrogations and then ‘verbal em up’)

    This methods provides a means to enable arbitrary detentions and the use of torture for both mental health AND police. The protections afforded by the law of “reasonable grounds” undermined by the corrupt practice, which allows the fabrication of the grounds to remove the burden of proof for incarceration and forced drugging. (careful who you do it to though, easier to do to black people than whites for sure)

    Still, I guess they do not believe in a God and that they will ever be held accountable for their “bearing of false witness”. Which should protect them from the fear of what they are about to be faced with for their human rights abuses. Because while people like our Chief Psychiatrist and Minister may be prepared to conspire with criminals to ensure a lack of accountability (and only do their mandatory duty when they find out the ‘cover up’ has failed and police didn’t retrieve the proof of the misconduct). God doesn’t.

    At some point someone is going to start to unravel the lies and see these corrupt public officers for what they are, and the damage they are doing. And aren’t they in for a surprise when they find out complaining about public sector misconduct results in you and your family being ‘fuking destroyed’, and an ‘unintended negative outcome’ in the Emergency Dept with a ‘hotshot’ (negligence a tool that can be used in a number of ways. Especially with a public that has been ‘groomed’ to expect their failures, and make false attributions regarding those failures). THATS how desperate they are to ensure they are not exposed with their ‘help’.

  • “If individuals are ever in danger of coerced mental health treatments, they can potentially trigger MFI to look into issuing a human rights alert, similar to Amnesty International.”

    Similar in the same way that Amnesty Int. turns a blind eye to certain governments who allow them to fundraise? Similar to the Amnesty Int. who took the documents I had proving I had been subjected to acts of torture and then left me for dead?

    Not suggesting for a moment that your organisation would act in such a manner David, in fact I hope that this system takes off, because the “three pillars of protection for consumers” in my State is an absolute farce. Their knee jerk reaction to being exposed is to ‘fuking destroy’ complainants and their families, and do second rate cover ups to ensure they maintain the levels of terror in the community that stop anyone form complaining as they go about their ‘work’.

    With our elections coming up I hear the two parties boasting about the extra police numbers they will make available. That will be 800 more people to ‘treat’ the ‘mentally ill’ like this?

    They should be careful what they wish for, because they just might get it. I’d have hoped they might have seen that police got access to a copy of the criminal Code so that when victims of crime turned up in their stations with proof they had been ‘spiked’ before interrogation, they weren’t referring them to mental health services for ‘treatment’, or arresting them for having the proof of the ‘spiking’ but rather performed the duties they are being paid for.

    Any written stories of success of the Shield program been published here or elsewhere?

    “I like to make the joke, which often falls flat, that there are silver linings in disasters — even breaking your neck. For instance, finding parking is way easier.”

    Except at the Paralympics right? “What, only two parking bays?”

  • Thanks H.S.

    there are laws in my country that are supposed to protect our privacy but …… [looks both ways] just between you and me, it’s a trick they use to exploit peoples trust. Never been a prosecution of anyone for handing out a persons medical records. And I doubt very much if that is because it has never happened.

    My records from a private clinic as a result of a need for a report turn up in a public hospital as a result of someone asking for help to have me locked up. The death of a thousand cuts from that point on, the slander made public by someone who doesn’t like my political views.

    I doubt that there would be a need for having records expunged and replaced in my State, because the act of complaining would result in a unintended negative outcome. Just the way National Socialists tend to work I guess.

  • Maybe part of Finance and Treasury?

    When the new Mental Health Act was proposed here there was a provision for the forced sterilization of children without parental consent. The draft Act was written by an epidemiologist and it was fairly obvious that he was taking into consideration the fact that there were a whole bunch of aboriginal children that were going to cost the State a whole lot of money. This due to the increases in Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FASD).

    So I am wondering if the bean counters do the numbers and decide that certain groups of people are no longer economically viable in a cost benefits kind of way, then those groups could be ‘flagged’ for treatments and dealt with in the most humane way possible. Perhaps we could even make some ‘tweaks’ to our new Euthanasia Act that might be of use? Rather than hospitals having to rely on “editing” legal narratives to conceal what it is they are really up to.

    And given the ability of the State to use mental health services to extract confessions and then use the proceeds of crime legislation to remove their property and rights (where have I seen this before?) the ability to fill the coffers of the State in this time of need may be of great benefit to us all (that is “us” as in those who have not achieved the legal status of “mental patient”. Which was a little easier than I thought, a telephone call? You know, humans).

    All said tongue in cheek Dr Moncrieff, though there is an element of truth in what I am saying. The attempt to force sterilize here was based on an economic decision alone, the Hansards show this. Glad to say that 40% of our psychiatrists have left the public system as a result of being requested to perform the dirty work of the State. Some of them simply don’t have the stomach for it. (I got the impression that it was mainly the removal of the drug addiction exclusion, shuffling the problems of drug addiction from police to mental health services. You want drugs? We got drugs lol)

    As economic decisions the methods of dealing with these issues could be ‘farmed out’ to the various bodies. Sterilized, snuffed, given a tent to live under a bridge, ‘medicated’ or electro shocked into compliance, subjected to arbitrary detentions and torture, imprisoned in your own home [if you have one left by the time they ‘fuking destroy’ you] for eternity …. etc.

    In fact, may I suggest a really good paper about the use of Psychiatric Diagnosis as Political Device to you? (Loved the article, disappointed you didn’t cover the ability to use it as a Criminal Device. eg ‘flagging’ citizens on the system to use police as a personal kidnapping service) The ‘pathways’ available are left or right as you step off the train. Arbiet Macht Frei

  • “1. Q. Do you have a suicide plan”

    Yes, I have 50 pounds of C4 strapped to my torso and plan on taking you with me. Any suggestions as to how I stop the suicidal thoughts?

    “2. DO NOT JOKE OR USE SARCASM-*it is incomprehensible and will be used against you*”

    BOOM, oh you thought I was kidding?

    “3. Q. Do you see or hear things that others do not?”

    (on the way to heaven) Gee that was a really loud bang huh? Did you hear that too?

    5th Amendment right to not self incriminate? Refuse to answer police questions, hand them over to mental health services with a list of the questions you want answered. They can then inject with ‘chemical restraints’ until they cause akathisia (no psychiatrist required. Spikings authorized by Community Nurse who has no prescribing rights, and concealed later by Senior Medical Officer with a fraudulent prescription), or ECT until the person DOES answer the questions in front of police. Try getting around that in a court of law. Credible witnesses to your confession, it becomes two against one and …. you lose.

    Mental health law removes your human rights which may be a good thing if we could only start torturing the right people.

    I was subjected to an interrogation (whilst ‘spiked’ with a date rape drug) in front of Police by a Community Nurse who asked me about illicit drugs. When I asked to speak to a lawyer regarding my right to not answer the question I was denied, and the deferring of the question until I could seek legal advice was used as a justification for incarceration and forced drugging.

    “refused to answer re substance abuse” listed on the Form 1. Aka torture until an admission is made. Standard practice where I live, and has the full support of the authorities.

    All in my latest book, Torture for Dummies. Published by Shaft Em Books $29.95. at all good book stores, unlike copies of the Criminal Code which can not be found by the hypocrites.

  • “How lucky are someone threatened me a broken bottle at the train station”

    No copy of the Criminal Code, left to threaten citizens with broken bottles for not having tickets for the train, what has policing come to lol. The lack of resources surely to be discussed at public forums before the election?

    Seriously though, matters seem to be deteriorating at a rapid rate. The hospitals now dumping grounds that are nowhere near as safe as they used to be (and that was a stretch at the best of times)

  • Thanks Lametamor.

    I find the refusal to respond to a complaint worse than the criminal fraud used to conceal the torture and kidnapping.

    I mean there is no denying that this is what was done. Or they would simply say, ‘sorry but…. it’s not torture because …..’. What they are doing is simply refusing to respond as a result of knowing they have no defense, and that the conduct of their representatives has been beyond disgraceful. So they simply refuse to act according to what they swore they would do (ie the Articles of the Convention).

    I mean the idea that I have a right to have my complaint “promptly and impartially examined”? 9 years because they thought they had covered it up, and well, best we don’t let anyone see what we actually do regarding complaints of torture, too many bodies.

    And the notion that you can be rehabilitated by the same organisation that tortured you? Sure it wasn’t all of them but I just don’t know that I really want to walk into the clutches of these people who have a reputation for vicious assaults on people who disagree with their world view.

    So consider it has taken me 9 years of asking who I make my complaint to regarding what is KNOWN to be an act of torture. No doubt about it, documents, witnesses,….. all there. And I am expected to pay to speak to a psychologist about being subjected to State sanctioned torture, while to Attorney General who assisted a victim of police torture can’t tell me where it is I make my complaint (minus any legal representation. I will do it myself due to the gutless hypocrites who turn and run in fear, or actually assist the State in the concealment of acts of torture like the Mental Health Law Centre.)

    The good news in that word gets around about such matters. If they had behaved in an honorable manner, then there would have been no need for continued psychological abuse of the victim. But they didn’t, and thus they must attempt to maintain the falsehoods through acts of uttering and fraud.

    And once again I ask for assistance in these matters. Sure let them maintain the silence and allow the criminals to go on torturing (I can see why they might need such services given what they are doing requires a method to conceal their abuses). I really do not care anymore. They have shown themselves for what they are, and that is enough in the end.

    I simply want out before they start to ramp up their sterilizations and euthanasia programs. And believe me, they are going to ramp them up. They have closed off any avenue for remedy, and can now push forward knowing that they will not have any issues with complaints. Even the human rights lawyers are in cahoots, gathering information from victims for the State before throwing them under a bus.

    Got some really bad news for these people though. No worries as far as I’m concerned but

    Thou shalt not kill.

    Thou shalt not bear false witness

    I can’t wait to see how my government is going to get around those laws. Oh wait, they already have. Euthanasia Act and the “editing” of legal narrative. I can’t help but wonder about how many peoples documents have been “edited” before being sent to their lawyers. And of course no one prepared to speak about that issue either. Consider this fact alone, that they removed the documents showing the ‘spiking’ and that police were of the false belief that I was a ‘mental patient’ before jumping me in my bed? Would you (or anyone for that matter) consider that to be “editing” documents? Never mind the misleading ones they inserted (without my consent to do so I might add, the Law Centre had permission to access documents relating to my detention on the 30th Sept only)

    What good are human rights protections when the State is going to identify their human rights abuses, edit the legal narrative and then kill the complainant? It’s the same argument I put to police regarding them getting together with the criminals operating in the hospital. If they knew police weren’t going to do anything about their kidnapping and torture, then they wouldn’t feel the need to use the ED as their own personal slaughterhouse.

  • “Take the example of benzodiazepines. We understand the mechanism of action of benzodiazepines better than most drugs. They produce their relaxing effects through modifying the actions of the natural neurotransmitter known as GABA. But we do not know exactly how they affect the GABA system, nor how these or other actions produce the range of disabling withdrawal effects that can occur.”

    The two DO NOTs of “acute stress reaction”

    DO NOT prescribe benzodiazepines
    Do NOT force the person to talk

    Let me say that there was nothing ‘relaxing’ about being ‘spiked’ with this drug without my knowledge, and then being jumped in my bed by police to cause an ‘acute stress reaction’. I assume I am supported by the victims of Nite Club rapists in this assertion, that the ‘spiking’ does exactly the opposite.

    We could perhaps set up an experiment where we ‘spike’ people in Police Stations before interrogations and then put a gun to their heads and pretend we are going to execute them if they don’t answer the questions, and see if they remain calm and relaxed? And don’t give me that torture rubbish, if we are not actually going to shoot, it is simply a coercive method because police are allowed to lie to suspects during interrogations (okay, so the ‘spiking’ is a physical assault on the person which does actually meet the standard of ‘hard torture’, but we can get doctors to sign off on the ‘spiking’ after it is done and then slander the victim if they complain about being drugged without their knowledge. Send them off on a police referral to mental health services to be ‘treated’ for their “hallucinations”). It would be at best “a poor choice of words” to quote our Police Commissioner.

    Maybe the dosage was a little low in my instance, and of course I had never taken these drugs before. Though the prescription written to conceal the ‘spiking’ (12 hours after it was done) did make them into my “Regular Medications”. Who’d a thought eh? How fortunate police can conspire with criminals (disguised as doctors) to pervert the course of justice.

    The way you get ‘treated’ for not wanting to speak to a psychologist (note a psychologist, not MY psychologist). The lie that I was a “patient” simply a trick of the light to enable me to be ‘cared for’. 9 years and I hope my daughter and grandchildren are safe, and the threats to harm them weren’t carried out. Because when the State threatens to ‘fuking destroy’ you for complaining about the standard of care, they really mean it.

    Interesting though that the four intoxicating drugs (Benzos, ketamine, GHB and Rohypnol) are considered ‘medicine’ if they are prescribed by a doctor and you take them of your own volition, but are ‘stupefying drugs’ if you are ‘spiked’ with them on instructions from a psychologist with no prescribing rights [my husband is a psychiatrist and i’ll do whatever I want, any problems and it’s off to the E.D. for a ‘hotshot’ unintended negative outcome for you] (though I didn’t know doctors could write prescriptions for them administered to people they didn’t know, and 12 hours after they were administered Something new every day huh?).

    Well, in a place where police can find their copy of the Criminal Code that is.

  • Article 14

    1. Each State Party shall ensure in its legal system that the victim of an act of torture obtains redress and has an enforceable right to fair and adequate compensation, including the means for as full rehabilitation as possible. In the event of the death of the victim as a result of an act of torture, his dependants shall be entitled to compensation.

    The denial of any wrongdoing, in spite of the documented facts that I was tortured, the State is ensuring that no legal representation is available. Not only can you be denied access to your right to “fair and adequate compensation”, you can be denied access to your own property which would allow you to escape the state sanctioned torturers.

    Full rehabilitation? This is done by referring you to mental health services for what everyone here understands as ‘treatment.’ They simply do not care about this document which they agreed to, and ratified. I have sent a copy to one of our politicians (in case it has been lost along with the copy of the criminal Code) and asked that he stand on the steps of Parliament and tear it up for the media to show the public how they feel about having signed it.

    They may as well. Because once they breach Article 1, the rest goes out the window because the document is a weapon to use against other governments, and not to be applied to ours. The Alinsky tactics of making your enemy work to unreasonable standards, while you break the rules constantly and deny any responsibility.

    Australia complains about Ghana ‘spiking’ “patients” without their knowledge, while I have here a prescription by a doctor for a ‘spiking’ of a “citizen” to enable an act of torture and aid in the kidnapping (arbitrary detention) of that person. But we don’t like that truth, so have “edited” the documents to make it appear lawful, move along nothing to see here……. any complaints take the line on the left, one cross each.

    Sure we don’t want to be seen as a Nation that abuses human rights, so to maintain our good reputation we kill the complainants in the Emergency Dept where police will say “it might be better we don’t know about that”, and the public will remain silent because, like the psychologist who heard my complaint and saw the documents before police realised their “error”, they are afraid for their families..

  • I get it, in my instance the Chief Psychiatrist and the Police thought they had retrieved the proof of the crimes, and the criminals could be excused a little bit of torture and kidnapping. That didn’t occur, though when presented with the documented proof, they now need to conceal their misconduct in not acting when they had a duty to.

    What’s the best way to stop a snowball? When it is small. These people chose to make it larger, and then use that to justify their inaction. great, and it works…..and in the meantime a whole bunch of other people are harmed as a result of that negligence and cover up.

    So I assume that given the trauma which comes about as a result of being raped does not mean police then go about ensuring the DNA evidence is lost and they can write “Insufficient evidence”? Then why should they be allowed to do this with acts of torture and kidnapping? And they did, and continue to do so, despite the proof being available and viewed by a number of people.

    The juggernaut of justice will take its path, and I have faith that at some point these criminals will be held to account, and the disgraceful hypocrites who concealed their vile conduct for them will be dragged past the corpses left in their wake. I hope the suicides they are causing come back to haunt them in the night. Swallow your own poisons to block your chemically imbalanced conscience, if you have one.

  • As long as the public is aware that our legislators are using this type of slanderous hate speech to conceal their criminal conduct. It shouldn’t take too long before they recognise what they are.

    Of course there will be ‘illness’ as a result of being tortured. The two are separate entities. Still, these are the same people who saw child rape as being a “character flaw” rather than something to be dealt with by the law. And now tutt tutt over the conduct of people who behaved exactly how they now find themselves behaving. Slandering the victims as ‘mental patients’ to ensure their negligence went unnoticed. At least Mullah Omar had an excuse for turning a blind eye.

    “But once you’re labeled “mentally ill,” anything you say can be ignored or attributed to “your illness.””

    So where are the ‘advocates’ who speak for those being abused with impunity? Take a look at the fraudulent documents used to conceal this abuse, and how these ‘advocates’ respond to these crimes against the community (because these are no longer crime’s against a person, but against the administration of justice [the whole community]. There should be at least some concerns about that, while you may wish to look the other way over matters you don’t have the stomach for [eg fuking destroying people who complain about public sector misconduct, and their families], these are crimes poisoning YOUR community.) Happy with State sanctioned fraud? “editing” legal narratives to conceal torture, kidnapping and convenience killings? No problem, i’ll be seeing ya.

    Call me what you will, but the facts speak for themselves. Our Minister for Mental Health used the same method regarding the large numbers of sexual assaults against women in our hospitals. “You can’t listen to them, they’re mental patients”. That’s 20% of her electorate not being heard. So who do we listen to?

    And people are walking into these places expecting to be ‘cared’ for? My, aren’t they in for a surprise.

    Point being in my case is that they have tried to conceal the criminal matters AFTER they occurred using the Mental Health Act. Doing so is also a criminal offense, and like murder it is not up to the victim of those offenses to bring action against the criminals, it’s the duty of the community.

    A catch 22? A dead person makes no complaint, but we still prosecute murderers. It is not up to the victims, but the duty of the community to see that this is done. Our ‘protectors’ are negligent in their duty otherwise, and should be removed.

  • “Laws governing “involuntary commitment” are made by the states and differ from state to state. Setting a different standard in a particular state and proving that it worked better is one very legitimate approach to handling the problem.”

    I realise the differences in our systems Steve but

    The “standards” that have been set on our Mental Health Act for involuntary commitment are the s. 26 “Criteria”. They are (in brief);

    (a) The person MUST have a mental illness (defined in s.4 Terms of the MHA).
    (b) there must be a significant risk (the wife beater slander is enough, and then tell the victim that their own wife said they’re a wife beater lol. Quite a poisonous act really when you see what happens as a result)
    (c) the illness must be treatable
    (d) the least coercive method to get the person that treatment MUST be used.

    I did not meet that first ‘hurdle’ (I was not a “patient”) and so a police referral (s. 195 of the MHA) was procured by committing serious criminal offenses. “Spiked’, plant knife and cannabis to put in breach of s. 68 (e) of the Criminal Code and bring into police custody, and then lie to police and claim ‘mental patient’ to allow them to “suspect on reasonable grounds” that the person needs referral under s. 195 of the MHA. Simple, kidnapping and torture made easy. And as long as the public are too afraid to say anything, it will continue.

    When I questioned my torture and kidnapping with the Chief Psychiatrist he effectively removed the “Criteria” from the MHA by claiming that all that is required by a Community Nurse is a ‘suspicion’, and that the “reasonable grounds” protection from arbitrary detentions (aka Criteria) do not even exist in our law.

    Of course he was pretending that he hadn’t seen certain documents because well…… if he had seen them, and police hadn’t retrieved them he would know what was done to make an act of torture and kidnapping appear to be lawful. Trick the coppers into thinking the citizen is you patient and they will beat them up for you and kidnap them. Then when you get the victim back to your hospital tell your colleagues that you were asked by the coppers to do an assessment of the wife beater.

    Awww that old one, the ‘man in the middle’ con. Police wouldn’t fall for that surely? Any 8 year old kid on a housing estate would tell you how to do this, so the idea of highly trained police falling for it…….

    So I get tortured and kidnapped, the Chief Psychiatrist knows it, but pretends coz he thinks police got the proof back, and he goes along with the threat to ‘fuking destroy’ me, and our legislators (the Minister) tells us that he is NOT misrepresenting the MHA by removing the legal protection of “reasonable grounds”.

    Where your legislators won’t even recognise the ‘standards’ they themselves enacted, turning to them for “added protections” might be a big waste of time. Passing laws that are totally ignored by the persons charged with enforcing them (eg Chief Psychiatrist or Police who can’t find their copy of the Criminal Code) is a waste of taxpayers money. It’d be cheaper to send them to Bali to eat magic mushrooms while the carte blanche and zero accountability model we have is seen for what it is. Lets stop pretending we value a rule of law, and let citizens be tortured, maimed and killed when the good people in our public service ‘suspect’ it should be done.

    “They will take their oaths as a cover” an then neglect their duty and commit acts of fraud to manipulate legal narrative and conceal their own wrongdoing. The law means nothing when you are ruled by hypocrites. The good news is that the people who have said this was all “reasonable” will not be heard when it is done to them.

  • I appreciate your comment Lametamor, and sorry my comment doesn’t consist of one or two lines. Criminal do tend to complicate matters deliberately, and of course this provide a means of them not being held to account by people who ‘don’t have the time’ to unravel the truth, and prefer the short form lies.

    “Laws mean everything because declaratively everything happens in ac-cordance with the law. The state is ruled by law.”

    Our Prime Minister has said “Australians are a people who value a Rule of Law” and yet we have the mental Health Acts which have been declared a “violation of human rights”. I assume you can see the contradiction that creates. Everything that happened in national Socialist Germany was “in accordance with the laws” (the defense put forward by those on trial at Nueremburg)

    “The prosecutor cannot substitute psychiatry for law. In sense, he has no right to do this. By carrying out such a substitution, he himself commits a crime. And it is very easy to prove this crime. To do this, it is enough to appeal to the very foundations of the law.”

    The Attorney general can do whatever he likes if they manage to pass laws that provide immunity from prosecution for criminal acts. I have asked the same question of a large number of people regarding where I make a complaint about an act of torture by public officers. I do not believe that there is any question that I was subjected to an act of torture (if there was, then surely a simple explaination as to why it was not torture to interrogate me whilst under the influence of a date rape drug without my knowledge would suffice. Problem being Australia has made formal complaints about this method of torture being used by other Nations, so how can they claim it is not known?) The Convention states

    Article 4

    1. Each State Party shall ensure that all acts of torture are offences under its criminal law. The same shall apply to an attempt to commit torture and to an act by any person which constitutes complicity or participation in torture.

    2. Each State Party shall make these offences punishable by appropriate penalties which take into account their grave nature.

    Okay, so they made the torturers resign their positions. I don’t consider that “taking into account the grave nature” of the acts.

    Article 12

    Each State Party shall ensure that its competent authorities proceed to a prompt and impartial investigation, wherever there is reasonable ground to believe that an act of torture has been committed in any territory under its jurisdiction.

    9 years and I am still asking where it is I can make my complaint? Prompt and impartial? they sent fraudulent documents to the mental health Law Centre and that makes what were acts of torture lawful because I have been made into a ‘mental patient’ via the changing of legal narrative? (aka criminal fraud by the Clinical Director of a State run hospital?)

    Article 13

    Each State Party shall ensure that any individual who alleges he has been subjected to torture in any territory under its jurisdiction has the right to complain to, and to have his case promptly and impartially examined by, its competent authorities. Steps shall be taken to ensure that the complainant and witnesses are protected against all ill-treatment or intimidation as a consequence of his complaint or any evidence given.

    This becomes laughable at this point. I have made the allegation, have been threatened and intimidated with mock execution, my family has been threatened, witnesses including public officers who were present while I was being tortured remain silent, police have attempted to retrieve documented proof of the offences and refuse to accept what one lawyer has called the “proof”, returning the complaint as having “insufficient evidence” while they try and make referrals to mental health for “treatment” of my “hallucinations” (it is not a hallucination when I have the documents they failed to retreive), and once again 9 years and I am being denied access to legal representation or the right to complain while they have an ‘accident’ with a chemical cocktail in an Emergency Dept.

    The Chief Psychiatrist has had to rewrite the law to make what was torture and kidnapping fall within the provisions of the Mental health Act (though he does look a little silly given a first year law student wouldn’t fall for ‘suss laws’ being passed to allow citizens to be snatched from their beds and incarcerated and force drugged/ECT’d because a nurse ‘suspected’ it needed to be done. He is PRETENDING to be asleep at the wheel in his duty to protect our human rights. care to see his letter of response to the complaint by the Mental Health Law Centre? It would make a great resource for law students to see how acts of torture are being enabled by the authorities charged with protecting “consumers, carers and the community” with their “expert legal advice”)

    Don’t misunderstand me. Our legislators are “getting tough on crime” so having them enable acts of torture through the provisions of the Mental Health Act may be the perfect way of achieving that. But surely the community should be informed of HOW they are achieving that, and not simply told about the “added protections” that actually remove their human right not be be subjected to torture by police and mental health, who are the real beneficiaries of those “added protections”.

    So my question of law to the Attorney General was, Where is it that I make my allegation of being tortured? Hios response was to send the matter to the Minister for Mental Health for “actioning”. The Minister for MH has already stated that he sorry that I am still concerned about my “referral” and “assessment” and I should get some therapy. Of course I do not accept his slanderous hate speech, and nor do I accept that if he has examined the documents that relate to these matters that he can simply call acts of torture and kidnapping “referral” and “detention”. he would be uttering with the fraudulent documents in order to make such a statement.

    I was NOT a “patient” by definition of the MH Act, and this makes these matters criminal. (Intoxication by deception, Stupefying with intent, conspire to kidnap, attempt to pervert, procuring the apprehension or detention of a person not suffering from a mental illness …. lets start there) Applying the provisions of the Mental Health Act to them and tampering with the documented evidence/proof and witnesses is of course not appropriate for criminal matters.

    It’s ugly, and of course if others who have been victims of these organised criminals operating with immunity in our hospitals were to get wind of their own victim status. Oh that’s right, they’ve been ‘unintentionally negatively outcoming’ them in the E.D. so they won’t be ‘demanding’ their human rights anytime soon. Kind of difficult when your heart has had it’s ability to function reduced to a level beyond which the citizen can be given the right to complain.

    But I appreciate what your saying. I have had enough of being slandered by these people for their convenience in concealing their acts of torture and kidnapping. And denying me access to an ‘effective’ legal representative with threats and intimidation has worked, and well, when a State government is openly telling victims of torture and kidnapping that they will “fuking destroy” them for complaining, all really is lost.

    I’d like to leave and go somewhere that is at least trying to provide protections from public sector misconduct such as acts of torture. I’m sure I am not alone in wanting to live in such a place, policing by consent NOT by terrorism. Health care for people in need, not beatings for anyone who steps outside a moral code of people who don’t meet their own standards. The right to silence removed by ‘treating’ a refusal to answer police questions with akathisia and ECT until you DO answer their questions and provide a confession to whatever it is they wish to accuse you of. Slandered as wife beater to create a risk, and then tortured until you start to believe that their false allegation against you it true. I defy anyone to ask my wife if what they said was true. I realise it became quite a weapon once they began assaulting me for complaining, but …… she, and I, know the truth. And that bearing of false witness will be used to harm others, and those who have neglected their duty will have that blood on their hands, one more reason to maintain the fraud, utter with the lies, and ensure their negligence is not seen by the public who trust them unfortunately.

  • Point being that the people who consider this sort of treatment of someone who needs to be taken to the church of psychiatry for forced treatment ‘reasonable’, consider ISIL brutal for beating people for not attending Friday prayers.

    Is it any wonder our Treasurer fled the State when police attended his home and were possibly going to have him ‘treated’ for his bi polar disorder? Does he know something that is being kept from the rest of us? Because surely we have a doctor here capable of treating such an ‘illness’?

    He did fortunately manage to hang on to his human rights, though only by a matter of minutes. Always good to hear of a Great Escape. Our very own Cool Hand Luke (“I got ma head right baws”) lol

    What was interesting about the situation was the fact that politicians start using this weapon against each other in breach of the unwritten agreement, it starts to get messy. Really messy. There’s a story there that will never be told.

  • “so we lost situational and social-environmental stressors almost at the stroke of a pen. That’s also one explanation, incidentally, for how the “biological model” and ontologized brain states became predominant, particularly in the U.S. in those decades and really ever since.”

    It also explains how the Inquisitors came to believe that witches were made of wood. They subject you to acts of torture, and call your response a mental illness, and then refer you to the people who tortured you. If people were only aware that the images from Abu Ghraib could be obtained in our local ‘hospitals’ would they still consider the ‘patients’ ill? I’ve seen worse done to ‘patients’ here, though it is the case that Mr Obama decided not to release ALL the photos of the types of ‘treatments’ available.

    Garth Daniels might give you a clue.

  • Just a point of interest, I have just been speaking with a doctor at one of our hospitals about the Forms used for patients. Always good to know what the State will and will not cover up for you as a public servant. So he is now aware that he can make anyone he likes into his “patient” with a pen, and police can then be used to have them delivered to him for ‘treatments’ they may or may not want.

    Consider my situation where I was made into a “patient” by the Community Nurse before he even left the hospital. He has completed forms titled “Outpatient Case Notes” which is an official document. Surely a Community Nurse would know who is and is not a “patient” at his hospital? And I, as was shown on one of the documents concealed from my lawyers was NOT a “patient” before he left to meet up with police and ‘verbal’ me up.

    Of course they had received a call saying “Hi he won’t talk to a psychologist so I’ve ‘spiked’ him with benzos and when you tell me that police are prepared to jump him in bed, i’ll plant a knife and some cannabis on him. So I was going to become a “patient” but as yet I wasn’t actually a “patient”, police not able to force drug and incarcerate me for not speaking to a psychologist, but …. with a little bit of fraud.

    So this Community Nurse just fabricates a reality and then uses police as his own personal kidnapping service by pretending that a citizen is actually his “patient” before he does the ‘assessment’ that police are about to request from him as a result of the knife and the cannabis. And should they refuse to talk? We have ‘treatments’ for that.

    And not a soul prepared to speak up about it. That’s REAL power when the whole community is so afraid of you that you can literally kidnap and torture citizens in front of their loved ones and threaten them to remain silent about it. I guess the concern being that your name is next on the “Outpatient Case Notes” and the 90 plus ECTs, and akathisia from chemical cocktails your about to receive will not be stopped because the hospital will (a) not provide the documents to your lawyers for 3 months and, (b) when they do, they will be “edited” to create a false legal narrative which gives the appearance that you have been a “patient” of the hospital for ten or more years.

    And that was the least of my concerns when one takes into account the unintended negative outcomes occurring in the Emergency Dept as a result of complaining about public sector misconduct. Something police tell me “it might be best they don’t know about”. What?

    Care to see the documents?

  • “Ambushed”?

    The Prime Minister sends out an email that coincidentally is the same time as our Premier is attending to the Media. They have the email , and he doesn’t. And he is asked what he thinks about the content of said email and claims he was “ambushed”.

    Mate, your lucky the clinic psychologist didn’t want to ask you a question or two because if you refuse to answer they will ‘spike’ you into unconsciousness, plant items on you for police to find, and the have you jumped in your own bed now ready for 7 hours of interrogation.

    That’s “Ambushed”. And you people have the Gaul to slander me as paranoid for complaining about it?

    You want the right to be allowed to prepare for questions? You obviously haven’t been keeping up with the ‘advances’ being made in the area of mental health. They have crossed over from ‘coercive methods’ to acts of torture.

    Oh, and you don’t need to be too concerned about having words put in your mouth via the corrupt practice of ‘verballing’ on sworn statements. Or the “editing” of documents to create false legal narratives for lawyers which will see you life ‘fuking destroyed’.

  • “In that action, or inaction, he’s left the door open to uneven and various levels of control, depending on relative levels of insanity of these governors”

    Same here, all left to the State Premiers. Which is a worry because the stress of it all has our Premier claiming that he is being “ambushed” by the Prime Minister. Why on Earth the Prime Minster would do such a thing is beyond me, and i have concerns for his mental health. His delusions of persecution not immediately apparent to the community who are going along with his “fortress” plan lol.

    The Prime Minister acting in the best interests of the Nation, which is more than can be said of the State authorities who ‘fuking destroy’ citizens who complain about public sector misconduct and have the misfortune of having the proof.

    Maybe he wants a golf shot named after him. An Adolf Hitler, two shots in a bunker. A Princess Premier, The trees are out to get me lol

    I assume police would find their copy of the Criminal Code if he was ‘spiked’ and snatched from his bed and dropped to a locked ward for interrogation. And the Chief Psychiatrist might require more than a ‘suspicion’ for him to be force drugged and incarcerated by a Community Nurse. Not what you know but who in my Town.

  • Wow farmor,

    “Of course, when those such as I write screeds such as this or try to talk to others about the malpractice of the psychiatric profession, we are mostly dismissed.”

    As a lawyer farmor does it make sense to you when I say that by changing the burden of proof in our law from “an authorized mental health practitioner who suspects on reasonable grounds that a person needs to made an involuntary patient (with criteria set out in s.26 Criteria of the Mental Health Act) to “the authorised mental health practitioner need only ‘suspect’ on grounds he believes to be reasonable that a person requires an examination by a psychiatrist” that our Chief Psychiatrist is misrepresenting the law and allowing arbitrary detentions?

    To me the first can be tested in a court of law using logic and reasoning (objective standards set out in Criteria), the second is whatever the AMHP wants the grounds to be (subjective), and there is a difference between a belief that the person should be locked in a cage (1st) as opposed to a nice little chat with a psychiatrist (2nd).

    My questioning of this rewriting of the burden of proof places on an AMHP and the fact that I was ‘spiked’ with benzos before being subjected to 7 hours interrogation is I am told not a question of law, but a question of my sanity.

    I have asked where I make a complaint regarding the use of a known method of torture by public officers only to be “dismissed”. A right to remain silent with police can mean that you are handed over to mental health services for them to put the police questions to you in front of police, and where your refusal means you can be subjected to 90 plus rounds of ECT and forced drugging causing akathisia without consent. I would imagine that usually has the ‘suspect’ ready to confess to anything they wish.

    Combine this with “proceeds of crime” legislation where the coffers of the State can be filled once the ‘suspect’ confesses and is it any wonder the government is trying to pass laws to stop people making comparisons to the National Socialists in Germany?

    So as a lawyer can you see why I might be trying to have the Chief Psychiatrist recognise the protection of a burden of proof? Particularly when he is the preson charged with the “protection of consumers, carers and the community”, and provides “expert legal advice to the Minister”? And yet he doesn’t know what a burden of proof is, and is allowing citizens to be snatched out of their beds by police, and subjected to interrogation whilst intoxicated by deception (I have the documented proof that police failed to retrieve) because someone wants it done?

    Might I add that we do have a section of the Criminal Code which makes it a crime to “Procure the Apprehension or Detention of a Person not suffering from a Mental Illness” (defined in the MHA).

    I get the feeling that our elected representatives and the authorities charged with protecting our human rights are PRETENDING to be asleep at the wheel, while the laws are simply ignored.

    Similarly not a soul can tell me who I make complaint to regarding acts of torture by public officers, other than to refer you back to the people doing their torturing for unintentional negative outcomes (also known as ‘refouling’). As Jim Gottstien (quoting someone else I think) said that ‘rights without remedy are no rights at all’. I have been tortured, kidnapped and when I complained about these matters to the relevant authorities who had a lawful duty to report the matters to our corruption watchdog, I was told I would be ‘fuking destroyed’ and fraudulent documents sent to my legal representatives at the Mental Health Law Centre.

    Care to examine the letter of complaint and the response by our Chief Psychiatrist where he authorises arbitrary detentions? And Australia is complaining about it being possible in China? Drugged without my knowledge, snatched from my bed by police because of items planted on me (which coincidentally they didn’t even find on my person) and locked in a cage where I could have been injected with a ‘chemical restraint’ leaving me dribbling on the floor of a cell for months on end with no access to a lawyer, family or my own G.P. and they are pointing the finger at others? Even if it were April Fools Day I still wouldn’t consider it funny.

  • “I certainly agree that it will require mass numbers of complaints to the people who make our laws.”

    The laws count for nothing when an Attorney General considers matters of law to be matters of mental health. Don’t like the question, send it to the Minister for Mental Health for “actioning”. The medicalizing of complaining will ensure that nothing is ever done, even if the ‘masses’ get together. It will only be seen as justification for more removal of legal protections and human rights abuses.

    “Perhaps local or state governments might be an easier starting point, as they are representing fewer people at a time.”

    New concept to me, elected representatives. The people we have ‘representing’ us are engaged in a process of removing protections for the public (called “added protections” they just don’t tell you who is being ‘protected’) and providing the environment for the community to be used for the extraction of wealth. Local and State government seems to be the point where the cancer is growing, at some point I assume the whole nation will begin to suffer from the growths.

    “Or perhaps a candidate can be put on the slate who already understands what is going on!”

    And who will be quickly dispatched along with any legislation they have managed to pass allowing for some accountability.

    Boom time again for ADHD industry as Minister weakens amphetamine prescribing controls. One doctor, 2075 ‘patients’ requiring ADHD drugs in a year and they want to conceal that fact rather than see it for what it is. What the public doesn’t know, they can’t complain about right? And less complaints means less mental illness in the community. What doctor wants, doctor gets where I live, and unfortunately at this point in time there seems to be no end to their greed. The things some people will do for money really astounds me at times.

    It says something to me when the State legislators are trying to pass laws that give them immunity from prosecution for criminal conduct. Are they doing something they are worried might be noticed somewhere down the track when Honest Joe takes over the reigns? I hope I’ll never know because I won’t be here, as Auntie said “all is lost” where I live.

  • “So if thinking of death on a daily basis is bad for “mental health”, how bad is it for you to think of yourself as a “mentally unwell” person?”

    In some ancient cultures thinking of death was a duty.

    “The Way of the Samurai is found in death. Meditation on inevitable death should be performed daily. Every day when one’s body and mind are at peace, one should meditate upon being ripped apart by arrows, rifles, spears, and swords. Being carried away by surging waves. Being thrown into the midst of a great fire. Being struck by lightning, being shaken to death by a great earthquake. Falling from thousand-foot cliffs, dying of disease, or committing seppuku at the death of one’s master. And every day, without fail, one should consider himself as dead. This is the substance of the Way of the Samurai.” (from the Hagakure)

    I guess that’s why they went the way of the dinosaurs lol.

    Or is it as God said to Boab in Acid House? “They c*#t Nietzsche was wide o they mark when he said I was Deed. I’m no deed, I just dinne gee a F*%k”

    Language warning, rude words.

    Just goes to show there are worse things than dying, could be turned into an insect by God lol

  • And this

    “Ms de Jong said Australians were “being brain washed”. “The so-called ‘cures’ – curfews, lockdowns and border closures – are destroying us as individuals and our country as a whole,” she said.”

    “The women said the media had been “one-sided”. “We are relentlessly subjected to fearmongering spin and those who dare to voice an opinion questioning the existing narrative are considered pariahs,” Ms de Jong said.”

    Brain washed pariahs? Sounds like something from a fishing boat off the Galapagos lol

    Hey Skipper, what’s the legal length for a Brain Washed Pariah?

  • “His perspective was shared by some psychoanalysts willing to use psychotropics and psychostimulants to accelerate talk therapy, on the basis that they might “promot[e] verbalization of repressed and subconscious material,””

    Same as ‘spiking’ a suspect with benzos and then putting a gun to their head and telling them your going to execute them? They start to verbalise the repressed and subconscious confession you need fairly quickly. Any complaints about the ‘spiking’ gets called a “hallucination” and becomes a paranoid delusion that requires further ‘treatment’. Do three or four and show that the ‘treatment’ works and it can be rolled out in no time. Don’t ya love medicine 🙂

    And the really good news is, no one dares to look at the proof.

  • 1. If somebody is depressed given everything is good in their life – you give them antidepressants – they get better.

    Placebo effect? Platos “noble lie”?

    2. Somebody thinks the CIA is spying on him (and nobody is really spying on them) – you give them antipsychotics – they kind of stop thinking that CIA is following them.

    Mmmmm Ernest Hemmingway comes to mind. Nobody was spying on him until they released the documents showing that his paranoid delusions that were treated with ECTs until he committed suicide. Then with the proof, we have a completely different story. His truth speaking was considered delusional as a result of a lack of proof. It seems there’s a conflation there with your statement. If someone is spying on you, but you don’t have the proof, is no one spying on you?

    Let me say this, I was slandered a paranoid delusion by police for making the claim I had been ‘spiked’ without my knowledge, and was referred to mental health services for my “hallucinations”. Mental health services had seen the documents I had presented to police proving I had been ‘spiked’ with a date rape drug and explained to police that it is not a “hallucination” to claim you have been ‘spiked’ when you have the proof.

    There is a reality, and there is sometimes a manipulated reality. Just because you don’t have the proof doesn’t mean it’s not true. The hospital that tortured and kidnapped me knew that if they had police retrieve the documents I had proving I had been ‘spiked’ they could then use my truth speaking as a justification for damaging my brain with anti psychotics. Quite clever when you think about it.

    So how would you know with 100% certainty that a person making a claim the CIA was spying on them was delusional? You asked the CIA and they said they weren’t?

    I had a very good friend who worked ‘Intelligence’ during Vietnam. It can sometimes be worth letting people know your spying on them, so that they start making the claim they are being spied on. Ask my wifes “new man” who was provided access to my computer to do just that.

    Claims he is being drugged without his knowledge, claims someone is spying on his communications, claims he is “being observed by neighbors” True, true, and well, the third one was what the Community Nurse wrote on his statutory declaration about me telling him that my In Laws lived next door to my wife and I. Of course they were watching the property, but it does sound kind of paranoid when you put it in writing as your justification for incarcerating and force drugging someone.

    People who are trying to conceal torture and kidnapping are going to spy on your communications, they’d be dumb not to. They ‘headed me off at the pass’ a number of times with this method. One call from a psychiatrist who lies to police (and claims you are a “patient”) and all of a sudden they can’t find their copy of the Criminal Code while they sort their little problem out with a ‘hotshot’ in the Emergency Dept. And doesn’t my State love the way people treat someone who speaks such a truth.

    Their negligence goes unnoticed, and they simply slander the truth speaker. Care to look at the proof? Nor did the police. After seeing the documents showing I was not the paranoid delusional they were slandering me as, I was told “It might be best I don’t know about that” when I explained the unintentional negative outcome that was planned, and so rudely interrupted. Refusing to accept proof of the crimes makes what are matters of law, into matters of mental health. Police in my State are referring their own corruption to mental health to be silenced. Don’t like that truth, stick a needle in it for me Doc. So many human resources going to waste.

    Consider the doctors comments about “potential for violence but no clear intent or actual history”. So what’s he got to justify his incarceration and forced drugging other than his paranoid delusion? No verbal threat to harm anyone, no history of violence?

  • I tried to resolve my matters with the hospital concerned, in a peaceful manner.

    Procedural fairness, I approached the Community Nurse who arranged for police to snatch me from my bed after I had been ‘spiked’ with benzos and had a knife planted on me. I asked him about the lies he had written on his Form 1 statutory declaration, and he admitted they were lies, so what? (it is after all the equivalent of sworn court testimony, basically perjury) I tell him I am going to make a complaint about his conduct and he laughs, literally laughs in my face. (I guess he knows how it works with his colleagues who are quite prepared to commit further serious offences to enable him)

    So I move one step up the ladder. Now a ‘formal investigation’ is done, and what this actually consists of is finding out what the victim knows, and how to ‘fuking destroy’ them. In my case it meant removing the documents proving the crimes, and inserting others that created an appearance of me being a “patient” of this hospital for more than ten years. They call it “editing” I call it criminal fraud. Changing legal narrative in the chronology of documents is not “editing”.

    So I point out to the Operations Manager who did this that she has a duty to report the matters to the ‘watchdog’ authority, which of course she does not wish to do. A bit like asking a bank robber to attend a police station and tell them what they did, he could (a) do as you request, or (b) ensure that you don’t show anyone else that you have the proof he robbed the bank. She chose (b), and by maintaining the illusion that I was “mental patient” they really went to town on me.

    9 years later I still haven’t seen my family because of the threats and intimidation by police and the hospital.

    “I’m literally frightened as a psych survivor myself.”

    I’m sorry if I have contributed to that feeling Anita. I have pondered my truth for some time now and am of the opinion that this truth exposes a ‘con’ that is being used against many people by those we should be able to trust. I think the only way to protect oneself from confidence tricksters is to understand how they operate. If I were to tell you about a phone scam operating would you be afraid to answer your phone? I hope not, but I do hope you would gain enough information to protect yourself when you realised it was all a means to trick you and steal from you. I had my right to liberty and my right to bodily integrity stolen by a fraud and a slanderer. I hope that this is not done to anyone else by this person. Though I note that the people who authorise the prescribing of drugs (AHPRA) don’t care that this Nurse with no prescribing rights is arranging the concealment of ‘spikings’ with date rape drugs. And this is the regulatory body who would know he has no right to be prescribing ‘spikings’. Is it any wonder the system is in a mess with such ‘thorough investigations’ being done by their Board?

    These organised criminals within the system need to be dealt with for people to be able to trust. And they are being provided with protection from other criminals who are prepared to go to some extreme lengths to ensure any misconduct is concealed and the victims destroyed. The claim seems to be it is “not in the public interest”, and yet they informed us when someone was putting needles into strawberries in the supermarkets. terrible crimes to put items in peoples food without their knowledge. So why is it not in the public interest to know mental health services are authorising the ‘spiking’ of citizens with date rape drugs to make planting items for police to obtain referrals when arbitrary detentions are not available? To force them to ‘confess’ when a person may chose t exercise their right to silence?

    Not in the public interest? I get it that it is ugly what can be concealed as medicine by changing the legal status of citizen to ‘mental patient’. In my instance that simple change post hoc denies me the right to make a complaint about being tortured and kidnapped. And of course this then exposes the fact of why others are traumatised by their ‘interventions’, due to the exploitation of the “inherent in or incidental to lawful sanction” loophole of the Convention. We simply can’t have the public recognising the link as to what these ‘treatments’ are if you do not have lawful sanction (aka drop em with benzos and plant a knife on them for police to get a referral). It’s all lawful if you can have police hand the “patient” over to you, you can then begin the ‘treatments’. I lived in a delusional place where I thought the Chief Psychiatrist stopped these sorts of things happening, but he doesn’t even recognise the protections afforded the public in the Mental Health Act, so how could he possibly protect the community? They need absolutely no reasonable grounds to snatch you from your home, only a ‘suspicion’ he writes in his letter of response to the Mental Health Law Centre. Suss laws, that result in incarceration and forced drugging for o other reason than a Community Nurse wants it done to someone he doesn’t even know, and lied to police about being a “patient”.

    I’d really like to be made aware of who can ‘spike’ me and with what drugs. Especially given that the results of the ‘spiking’ can be used as proof that I am in need of forced drugging and incarceration. And the fact of the matter is that the Minister considers complaining about such matters an illness that you should be treated for. I see a problem when matters of law become illnesses to be treated, he sees an illness to be treated when public servants have no respect for the law.

    I hope you see my point. Many more will be harmed if these people are not exposed. And believe me with the powers they have, it is highly unlikely that anyone who they decide to ‘fuking destroy’ would escape unharmed. They poke the snake and then use it’s response as justification for their vile conduct, and turn witnesses away with claims that what they are doing is ‘medicine’.

  • Actually, what really makes me laugh is that these corrupt public officers were prepared to go to such lengths to not report to the watchdog (Corruption and Crime Commission). They were so afraid of them that they used police resources to retrieve documents before sending the fraudulent set to the Mental Health Law Centre, and then attempting to have me unintentionally negatively outcomed. Just so that they didn’t have to do their duty and report under mandatory reporting clause of the CCC Act. If you can tamper with the evidence and threaten any witness the Commission might speak to then you have carte blanche. So they obviously think the Commission is acting on public sector misconduct, and the use of known torture methods and kidnappings by police.

    And you know what? The Corruption and Crime Commission doesn’t give a damn lol. I provided them with the absolute proof and they refused to even speak to me (anyone care to see the letter of response while they thought the cover up had been effective? And the documents that police thought they had retrieved provided to the Commission? The crimes were obvious unless of course you accept the rewritten version of the Law allowing ‘spikings’ by public officers before interrogations by the Chief Psychiatrist), assuming that it had all been covered up by the corrupt public officers. They really should get together and let public officers know that the watchdog not only doesn’t have any teeth, but that it has been ‘spiked’ with benzos and is virtually unconscious when it comes to performing the duties it was tasked with.

    Really embarrassing when they found out about the events in the E.D. I assume. Happy with the cover up and unintentional negative outcome until they realised woops, he still has the proof. They really didn’t want to report these matters because …. well, snatching citizens out of their beds and taking them to ‘selection’ centers seems a bit National Socialist even for a Police State. Best we pass laws providing immunity from criminal prosecutions for politicians and make it a crime to draw the comparison to the Nasties. Because they have no intention of enforcing the legal protections afforded the public by the law. Police don’t even have a copy of the Criminal Code when it comes to crimes they don’t want to be crimes (intoxication by deception for example aka ‘spiking’). Which might explain the racial imbalance in the people who end up in prisons, the color of your skin being the determinate of whether police can find the copy of the Code. Black, there it is. White , nope someone must be using it to beat a black guy over the head and coerce a confession for the moment. When they speak about throwing the book at you here, they mean it literally lol

  • “By the end of that session, my bipolar diagnosis had been officially revoked, establishing that there was never—and I quote—“clear evidence” to justify it. My past psychiatric experience now lives under the designation of “brief reactive psychosis”—a condition one can recover from without lifelong treatment with psychiatric drugs, as my experience and those of so many others abundantly prove.”

    Hi H. S.

    What do you mean by having a psychiatric diagnosis “officially revoked”?

    I ask because I have been subjected to a whole bunch of abuse as a result of having my medical records distributed without my consent, and as a means to deliberately ‘fuking destroy’ me. (So it’s not a ‘delusion’ I have, but I was actually threatened by the State [or more correctly a corrupt public officer] that they would do this to me for making a complaint about what I told them needed to be reported to authorities [Corruption and Crime Commission]. Easier to retrieve the evidence, threaten witnesses and dispose of the victim). These records would not have been a bother if they had no breached my trust and confidence by releasing them once I had been incapacitated by ‘spiking’ me into unconsciousness. Even then I do not believe the “extra ordinary circumstances’ clause standards of the Privacy Act was met.

    And I understand that your obviously not from the US, so systems can be very different if you live in a place that doesn’t have arbitrary detentions and the use of torture available to public officers, like we do in Australia.

    Imagine if your “brief reactive psychosis” could have been deliberately induced by ‘spiking’ you with benzos, and then pointing weapons at you to create an “acute stress reaction” and force you to talk to a Community Nurse asking questions for the police (while they stood and ‘assisted’).

    I guess the idea of a right to not self incriminate must be a bother to many public officers, so being able to have that ‘illness’ treated (sometimes with 90 plus rounds of ECT) must make their difficult task a little easier.

    It can also provide a bit of practice in techniques not available when cage fighting when ensuring the bi polar gets the treatment they need. Ie kicking the back of the head with boots not allowed.

    I’ll quote the Police Minister regarding this matter “There are some concerning aspects to this arrest” [the attempted suicide by traffic, and assault on the bottom of a police officers boot?] Which will no doubt be buried for years in the “Professional Standards” investigation, and will result in “are you still complaining about that?” and “insufficient evidence” because they refuse to take any proof of offences. That is if they’re lucky to not become the victim of an unintended negative outcome in the E.D. while police look the other way. Always a doctor prepared to assist the dying when you have Euthanasia laws.

    And who are these people who are releasing these videos without first speaking to police, and giving them the opportunity to ensure that the public are not made aware of mental health treatments? It makes it difficult for our politicians when they have to turn a blind eye while cover ups are done on their watch. Do your duty to your State people and stop videoing the police doing their jobs, it’ll make it much easier.

    And for a Nation that has less than 1/10th the population of the US, these types of videos sure do seem to be common. Lucky the remote indigenous communities haven’t gained access to the technologies yet, or there would be a whole lot more. They’re lucky to gain access to clean running water or electricity lol

    Good luck with your future.

  • “You’ve Got to Be Crazy to Go to a Psychiatrist”

    That’s why they needed to be able to have people picked up and transported against their will for ‘treatment’. For example, bi polar disorder may require the “patient” to be coerced into attending a hospital, and we may even need to ensure their attendance by injuring them a little first.

    Confronting images but …… we need to get people the help they need.

    People become accustomed to “brutality disguised as treatment”.

    Oh, and if you think the behavior of police is bad, you should see the ‘kick to the head’ delivered by the doctor in the Emergency Dept with a needle full of ‘chemical restraint’.

    Imagine my surprise when going from a clinic where the wealthiest man in Australia is being treated to this type of scenario after being ‘spiked’, a Community Nurse lying to police and requesting assistance with a “patient”, and having a knife planted on me for police to find. Lucky I have a sense of humor guys or I might not see the funny side lol.

  • And consider, these are people who hate your Nation so much they have found ways of perverting your Constitution, and are being allowed to do so by others ensuring that the Rule of Law is not applied to these people. (think about questions of law being referred from an Attorney General to a Minister for Health. They can not possibly allow these questions to be subjected to logic and reasoning, in as much as the National Socialists couldn’t. The flawed logic would not allow a “just doing my job” attitude)

    Police can’t lock you up or charge you for refusing to answer a question, your Miranda warning and 5th Amendment rights see to that. Not so with psychiatry, your refusal to answer a question is seen as justification for locking you up and force drugging you with chemicals with little or no medicinal benefit until you DO answer the question.

    Consider, in my State they now have a means to have you forced into a confession (psychiatric interrogations with police present) which can then be used to remove all of your property. Not that it is being used on wealthy individuals who can afford to access legal services when subjected to vexatious and frivolous litigation…… for now. They started small in other places too, but the big bucks have got to be like blood in the water to a shark.

    And I thought Americans would have been upset about that great document being thrown into the trash, No flag burning but …… tear the Constitution up and you can be

    “the doctor making a 7 digit income off those like you, driving his luxury car off to one of his million dollar mansions. After successfully destroying your livelihood, adult independence, ability to feel happy, and all your ability to have ordinary human relationships.”

    and all done in direct opposition to the values of the Nation. By ensuring that the courts and legal system can not be accessed, lawyers are complicit in these crimes against humanity. Though I do think there is some merit in the way it is being run like a mafia (outlaws) to at least ensure some controls over the rampant abuses.

    God bless America.

  • The other most humorous matter listed on the Form 1 was my “potential for damage to reputation and meaningful relationships”.

    This written by a man (Community Nurse) who has had police jump me in my bed (he must have lied to them and created a false belief [a crime in my State, one that he documented, and ‘receipted’ by police # ] by telling them I was a “patient”), and then had police who have parked on my Father and Mother in laws garden, take me out and throw me into the back of a police van in front of them, and then inform them that, no I was not being arrested, merely being taken against my will to the locked ward of a mental hospital. So I am being locked up for having the potential to do what he is actually doing. And they claim there is something disordered about MY thinking? lol

    “To the psychiatrist that was “concretism” ”

    Maybe we need to be more ‘cementy’?

    I loved the comment “potential for violence but no clear intent, or history” Now consider that statement carefully, It consists of a paranoid delusion of the person writing it, but is used to ‘chemically restrain’ the person it is written about. Imagine people being treated for your illness?

    Personally I think that procuring the services of police to snatch citizens from their beds after they have been spiked, and drop them to a locked ward actually creates the “potential for violence” but once again the circular reasoning applies. If she floats, she’s made of wood and is a witch…….. we burn her. If she drowns well, we needed to apply the test right? Lets just “edit” the paperwork and be done with the matter.

  • 171 . Destroying evidence
    A person who, knowing that a document or other thing is or may be required by the Commission or Parliamentary Inspector, wilfully destroys it or renders it illegible or undecipherable or incapable of identification, with the intention of preventing it from being effectively used in evidence, is guilty of an offence.

    Penalty: Imprisonment for 3 years and a fine of $60 000.

    Whilst in the locked ward I managed to obtain a pen and a Complaint Form. I wrote out my complaint about being physically assaulted and listed the section on the Form that related to Public Sector misconduct. I handed the Complaint Form to the Nurse and requested a copy, which I was provided. The Complaint Form was handed to the doctor who the complaint related to, who threw it into the trash.

    I have a copy, they don’t.

    I am released from the hospital locked ward and make enquiry as to what is being done regarding my written complaint. The ‘complaints officer’ (who usually deals with complaints about the quality of the jello provided for dinner) does an investigation of what may be a serious act of misconduct. She claims to have spoken to the Nurse I provided the complaint to, and he says that he knows nothing about it. (which is strange because he said something entirely different to me when I interviewed him and took a statement, post release and with my suit and tie on instead of my pajamas and drugged without my knowledge).

    I receive a letter from the complaints officer stating that they take complaints seriously and the nursing staff have been told to ensure that Complaint Forms are placed in the correct tray for actioning. So she lied to me, in writing, ummmm mah. But, they also asked for a copy of my copy of the Complaint Form alleging serious misconduct. I assume they were going to ensure that if and when the Commission investigated, they could conceal the destruction of evidence that may be required by the Commission.

    It was a serious criminal act by the same person who signed a prescription for the drugs he knew I had been ‘spiked’ with to conceal that offence. Perhaps he might consider having a toxicology report produced for the victims being stupefied with date rape drugs? Or does he find it easier to silence them, and dispose of any inconvenient evidence/proof of misconduct/malfeasance?

    The Nurse who was appointed to me tells me “We don’t get a lot like you in here”. And I’m assuming that they don’t WANT a lot like me in there. And I do hope they have acted on the Occupational Health and Safety issues I identified in my building report whilst I was being detained.

    Keep it in mind streetphotobeing. I hope it is of assistance. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the same methods used by corrupt police are being enabled by these so called mental institutions (only one of the cons I hadn’t seen before). At least with a police assault you will likely recover from the broken jaw or leg, though I do still to this day find myself wondering about the 8 year old boy I witnessed being subjected to a mock execution (we did vote to make these people human you know, in 1968. Didn’t police get the memo?). I wonder how his mental illness is being chemically balanced these days.

  • “Psychiatry can not live without it’s closed cultures of abuse, lies and systems it’s calls ‘complaints procedures’ to cover up.”

    I don’t know that people who have not been subjected to psychiatric abuse would understand the significance of your comment in this regard streetphotobeing.

    I think back to the ‘process’ and providing ‘procedural fairness’ by following the rules. I advance to speaking with legal representatives at the Mental Health Law Centre who take the ‘facts’ from me, engage in an ‘agreement’ with the people who tortured and kidnapped me to accept fraudulent documents and then find a way of providing me with no assistance and ensuring that no other legal representative in the State does either.

    An absolute freeze on anyone getting access to the courts which would allow the lies to be exposed to the public. Are they even aware that should they refuse to speak to police, they can be handed over to a ‘mental health professional’ and their refusal to confess will be seen as a symptom for which they can be ‘treated’ until they do? Combine this with “proceeds of crime’ legislation and you have a system implemented against the Jews (and others) by the National Socialist’s. Refuse to confess to police to a crime which will allow the State to remove all your property? You are handed over to mental health and tortured until you do confess. Then they can remove your property. See the problem? The public don’t.

    My “refuses to answer re substance abuse” a question if police had asked I would be allowed to refuse to answer on the grounds that I might self incriminate. So police have the Community Nurse ask it, and should I refuse to answer in police presence, that refusal is then used to have me incarcerated and force drugged against my will until I do? And consider this Community Nurse knew more about the substances I was abusing than I did, he knew I had been ‘spiked’ with a date rape drug.

    When the question was asked by the Community Nurse (re illicit substances) I ask that I be allowed to speak to a lawyer, which of course they would not allow me to do, because they were subjecting me to an interrogation whilst I was ‘spiked’ without my knowledge. Would they need to inform my lawyer of this fact? They certainly made sure they didn’t find out later by providing them with fraudulent documents. And I believe that this was done so that they didn’t have to perform their duty, and could then take the information they had obtained from me to assist the hospital in their ‘fuking destrution’ of me. Imagine that sort of betrayal from your own legal representative.

    Think that’s bad? Take a look at what was done when their attempt to pervert the course of justice was exposed, …….and then cover up …….again.

    Imagine, the psychologist who I had explained to, over a period of a year and a half, about what had been done, becomes an informant for the police to assist in the further concealment of these crimes. “Who else has got the documents?” he asks me after I have gone to police and shown them they had not retrieved the real set of documents showing the ‘spiking’, and when I tell him who else? He becomes afraid for his family and finds a means to throw me under the bus (I appreciated the tip off my beige cardigan wearing friend lol). The amount of buses I am being thrown under you would think I would be dead by now. Seems someone is watching over me.

    Point being that in Australia your right to ‘priviliged communications’ with doctors is not being respected, and they can (lawfully) be coerced by police into providing them with confidential information. There’s a little fact that slipped under the radar in the news. (see ACC v Stoddart High Court of Aust HCA 47 of 2010. where the decision provides “No spousal privilege in common law in Aust”, and if that falls, ALL privileged communications fall, and can be subjected to coercive methods to extract information, aka they can threaten your doctor, LAWYER or priest to obtain information who may become afraid for their family)

    Haha, too late once you have walked into the Venus Fly Trap and made the mistake of trusting.

  • And one might consider what my disagreement with these people who “edited” these documents was.

    (1) I do not believe that if I chose to not speak to a psychologist about a decision I have made regarding my safety (and the safety of others) that this opens up the right to assault me, or lie to police to obtain “lawful excuse” to kidnap and torture me. ‘Spiking’ with benzos is the act of a night club rapist not a Community Nurse ‘treating’ a person he considers will be his patient within an hour as a result of him completing a fraudulent statutory declaration. Though it is a position of trust that could be exploited in such a manner. Australia, stop pointing the finger at China and arbitrary detentions, you know for a fact you have enabled such acts to be lawful in the Mental Health Act. Any citizen can be snatched out of their bed by police at the point of a finger from an authorised mental health practitioner. calling it medicine doesn’t change the reality.

    (2) I do not believe that should I chose to make a complaint that this means the matters are ‘formally investigated’ to identify where the serious criminal offences occurred and how to “edit” documents and which witnesses to threaten to attempt to pervert the course of justice.

    (3) I do not believe that anyone who is charged with a duty to protect consumers, carers and the community should investigate such matters, ensure that the offences have been covered up, and then engage in a process of ‘gaslighting’ a person they know has been subjected to an act of torture and kidnapped, and then ‘fuking destroyed’ by an Operations Manager committing serious acts of misconduct. Nothing like putting the boots into someone on the ground eh Chief Psychiatrist?

    (4) I really do not believe that the State should be turning a blind eye to doctors dealing with their little problems with overdoses (commonly referred to as ‘hot shots’) in the Emergency Dept, and then claiming this is being done to protect the public interest.

    (5) I do not believe that people who claim to be ‘advocates’ who are prepared to accept fraudulent documents and then find ‘loopholes’ to excuse themselves from any responsibility should be considered ‘people of good standing’ in our community. The Mental Health Law Centre backing away and providing assistance to people engaging in acts of torture and kidnapping when requested by the Chief Psychiatrist/Minister. “You are not considered to be a “patient” under the MHA, and therefore we can not provide you any assistance”. And of course if they recognise I was NOT a “patient”? These are criminals acts. Though police will do nothing more than make referral to mental health or arrest you for having the documented proof of the crimes.

    (6) I can’t help but wonder about the person (or persons) who are aware of what I am saying being the truth, and watching as my mind is poisoned by State authorities refusing me my right to legal representation, and my own property so that I can leave this vile place. They did the same with the victims of the child raping priests, sat on their hands despite being fully aware of the damage that had been, and continued to be done. A lack of a conscience must be helpful in such positions.

    And the only help I have received in 9 years from these people has been to metaphorically take me down a dark alley and repeatedly assault me, while the public watches and lives in the hope that they’re not next. Cowards.

    I don’t believe they are within their right to do these things, and they obviously KNOW they are not within their rights to do these things, and so are prepared to commit serious criminal offences to conceal their conduct. And they have the support of ????? who in that conduct? Care to take a look anyone?

  • Hi again Paula, in the page linked is written

    “Radical honesty. The system should be changed so that insurance companies stop requiring a psychiatric diagnosis. Instead, anyone who is licensed to give labels should be told the following: describe the problem or the symptoms. . .not the label. Ask the client if the problem is subsiding. Tell the insurance company you expect you will need x number of sessions in order to help. If the client is not better after that number of sessions, don’t change the narrative, just tell what has been tried and ask for y (number of) more sessions.”

    I think back over what was done to me with a ‘label’ which was used by a psychiatrist in order to resolve my issues with my employer. They deliberately create a toxic environment for me, I start to get ill as a result and then I end up with a label (which was concealed from me with the intent of at least minimizing the harm that can be caused by the label), and the matter is settled out of court.

    My real problem came when a psychologist (whose husband makes good money from ECTs) didn’t like my response to her suggestion that I give them most of the money I had been given to rebuild my life. She saw an opportunity and released the slanderous label to the public system, had me ‘flagged’ by police and then arranged to have me tortured and kidnapped. Sounds crazy I know, but i’m sick of paying to have people call me crazy for speaking the truth ….. anyway.

    My problem becomes this. I actually agree with the way the matters were handled in the court system by the psychiatrists I spoke with. The matters were meant to remain confidential, and I would have been able to move forward with my life with very little effect as a result of the need to ‘label’ me, and find a path through the court system.

    The psychologist at the private clinic on the other hand recognizes the way in which these labels which are supposed to be strictly confidential can be weaponised, and then used to destroy people she simply doesn’t like for their political beliefs (especially Scientologists or anti psychiatrists, given her husband is a shock doc).

    So having access to medical records at the private clinic of one of the most eminent psychiatrists in the State, and by breaching the Privacy Act she is causing some issues for people. Had my right to privacy been respected, there would not have been a problem for me. But once the psychologist engaged in a conspiracy to kidnap with my wife, I was being severely disadvantaged by the police being used to commit serious offences because “patient” (which of course it became increasingly apparent I wasn’t, but too late once you have tortured and kidnapped a citizen, you simply have to snuff them lest your good reputation be harmed).

    This to me creates a dilemma for people in the public service (and no doubt the military). Talking to these people is like deliberately putting your foot in a bear trap and hoping it fails to trigger. The people who are acting in an ethical manner are not the ones who are the problem, but others are taking their work and weaponizing it, for their own purposes.

    Like a leech, this psychologist obtains ‘clients’ from a private clinic, and uses the information she has become privvy to in order to coerce and manipulate them into the hands of her husband. Plug them into the wall socket and lots of money follows.

    Another example is that many years ago I revealed some very personal information to a Social Worker which I felt was important for her to know in trying to help me get through a bad time in my life. 12 years pass, and then I get snatched from my bed (etc) and my lawyers request the documents relating to the day I was snatched out of my bed. They have a lawful right to examine the unredacted documents relating to the way I was treated (to protect the communities human rights). Instead of providing the documents relating to my ‘detention’ (it really was wronglful imprisonment but ..) the hospital administrators took the documents of the Social Worker (who was acting in good faith) and created the appearance that what I had said to her was actually true (it related to a false allegation), and handed this information to the lawyers representing me. I’ve no doubt this had a major effect on how they dealt with me, and well, the State calls this type of conduct “editing” of documents. Surely taking the documents proving I was ‘spiked’ with benzos out and replacing them was bad enough, but inserting such private information to slander the character of people into the mix ……. still, our Chief Psychiatrist and Minister are the ones supporting this type of conduct, so I assume it must be lawful, though the suffering which has been inflicted on me tells me otherwise (along with the letter from the Chief Psychiatrist deliberately muddying the water where he writes that despite all of the procedures being followed, and him being provided with copies of the applications, he forms an opinion that suits, rather than one based on the documented facts placed before him The application was made under the provisions of the Mental Health Act and NOT the FOI Act, and I dispute his suggestion that the FOI Act allows what IS criminal fraud to be relabeled “editing”. His response? Fuk off nut, you got no legal anymore, and police got the proof of the ‘spiking’ back so your now delusional for even speaking the truth. Ummmm would it make a difference if they didn’t? And are we going to put both sets into a Federal Court? And that little incident at the E.D. ……. are you sure you know what Dr “i’m the boss around here” was going to inject me with? Thanks for checking [Targeted review of E.D. admissions]. Shame a few had already been ‘processed’. Your a bit too trusting Doc, never ‘suspecting’ even on “reasonable grounds” if you knew how the law worked that is).

    So I wonder if people who serve in the military are being subjected to this “editing” of realities?

    There was a program on televsion a few nights ago and a mother of a sailor who had committed suicide asked, quite forcefully of our Minister for Veterans Affairs “what is it your hiding Minister?”, because they will not examine any of the suicides that occurred before a certain date. They surely are hiding information, I know this for a fact. But when they are being given permission to manufacture slander against people (who they also coerce into taking drugs they are fully aware cause suicide) they disagree with and deliberately push them to suicide, I think our trust (and votes) should be withdrawn, and we should start demanding some Radical Honesty.

  • “I just received the results from an MRI my neurologist ordered as RI Hospital failed to send her the medical records she needed.”

    “edited” huh? Legal defense being prepared. Persist with pushing the issue your family will most likely be targeted. The worst possible position to be in is actually having the proof of their negligence, because then they will fuking destroy you. These are well resourced people who will do whatever it takes to ensure you can not bring action against them. This will include criminal fraud, threats to your current physician, setting you up, …. all the usual stuff you probably won’t expect from people you should be able to trust. Still I’m spoiling the fun.

    Weekend at Bernies? Mine was more like a Weekend with Ariel Castro. Give him a license and he would have been seen by authorities where I live as a ‘fit and competent’ person to be running a C class hostel.

  • You have been heard, and answered in my State Lametamor. Whilst doctors failed on eradicating the third generation of alcohol induced imbecility via sterilization, they succeeded in getting protections for “assisted suicide” (aka ‘wild’ or decentralized euthanasia). Now the public thinks this euthanasia has some protections via ‘informed consent’. Many of the people who have been subjected to this ‘informed consent’ here, know how that works, and why those protections are pretty much not worth the paper they are written on. You say no, we don’t care, we say yes. And keep in mind I have proof here that the State is authorising the distribution to the ‘protectors’ of “edited” (aka fraudulent) documents to conceal any public sector misconduct. And no possibility of anyone being punished for that crime. Asking about it is considered to be an illness requiring treatment. And not a soul prepared to even examine what I am saying to check if it is true or false, the State tells the tale.

    I like that the politicians who passed those laws are now trying to pass laws that would provide them with total immunity from criminal prosecution (and make any criticism of them a crime). I’m sure they are looking to the bright future they have and ensuring that any Nuremburg style trials will not interfere with the shopping in Paris. Trouble being that they have protected us so well from COVID (for now) that the public would let them do pretty much whatever they want. Drunk with power, stripping citizens of their possessions via ‘proceeds of crime legislation’ with confessions extracted via the use of torture, polie dragging people from their homes for ‘treatments’ against their will for no other reason than a Party member wants it done…… we’ve seen these people before i’m sure.

    “You can’t bill for drugs administered to a dead person.”

    The Banking Royal Commission recently found that there were people being charged for financial services provided to dead people.

    I’m sure the way our ‘protections’ are being enforced (ie they’re not), we can find a way Steve. Which reminds me of the way “patients” valuable belongings are stolen during ECT ‘treatments’ and the claim of theft is concealed by referring to the loss of memory from the ‘treatment’. Careful if you have any gold teeth people.